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be out
of town yesterday. Tin* heavy iron
do r ol ? ?' at 20 West Scventy
? as gingerly opened to
tors, ' the non-committal state
was not in was rc
lin. Mr. Tellegen
? ' infold to be motor
ng in try. At the Ritz-Carl
ton ho was declared to be "resting."
Quick Impulses
i am unc? mi : i F the break be?
iger and her husband has
11 rough personal
01 " f the causes of friction
that h cparated the pair.
They a?jre described by intimates as
? ? : ? atally compatible, but
; in tl ?' impulses and prone to
i 'he fact that the hand
-!"?? '-il-. Tellegen swerved from ro?
mantic to other plays was taken by
ion that his wife
bear to see him making love
" :' i tage. There
ever w, any quosl ion of his object
? tic r?les, however
It was recalled by
i nil ? : erday that in 1916 she
rico Caruso so severely
??? ,:? :? - '.he part of (l?rmen that
? reproved her for it by saying:
"Please remember, madam, that you
are not in the movie-;, but in the Mctro
? i Opera House."
"Well, if you don't like my Carmen
? get ! ibody else to play it,"
? the pri mpt ly '? p
??>; i; we wouldn't think of t!oin;r
" ? : Caru ?o. "We can preven?
. ... luch seen? s by gi tting
h p Don ?'"
two weeks njro T\Ii.-is
aid to be choosing Spanish
foi .i plr.y for which Mr. Tellegen
n rehearsing at Lone; Beach
ppeared in Augustus Thomas's
p ; . "The Blue Devil." This did not
? an extended run. The three last
in which husband and wife
red were "The World and Its
Woman," "Flame of the Desert" and
? PulDit."
Holland Trip Delayed
ag both contemplated a trip
d to meet Mr. Tellegen's fam?
ily. His mother fell ili, however, and
oyage was postponed. Mr. Tel
personal belongings still are at
;Vi West Seventy-fourth Street.
Miss Farrar is said to be in an in
it frame of mind over the whole
pi ?ceeding. When a dramatic paper
hinted a year ago that there were dif?
ferences in their home. Mr. Tellegen
sued for $50,000 damages. And Miss
Farrar gavo out the following stato
"Lou and I are exact opposites. He
iristocrat. Ii>? is elegant, proud,
bu1 repressed in manner. I
. ? the rev rse, I am a plebeian,
- onstrative and all that.
mari ed it was agreed that
?ne, and what is
i have always been
the squabbling over
J ' ions. In these
: ? : I husband and wi fe
. re coi there is no
' r it.
arrangement hr.s always been
this: I pay all my own expenses out
? : own pocket. Lou does the same
The choicest leaf alone
U blended to perfecnon in
O? the superb qurlities that ws produce this GOLD LABEL
standard is ihe finest. It is "rare vintage" tea and delights
the most epicurean. $1.00 a novmd.
il Announcement
?and a Tribute to
who made Uptown New York
| he Mercantile Trust Company announces the
: melting of its uptown banking rooms at 45th
Street and Madison Avenue,
With the announcement of this important develop?
ment', this company desires publicly to express an
appreciation of those leaders in business who, through
yean: past, have made uptown New York their ever?
lasting debtor:
The Mercantile here pays tribute to those
men of vision?those men of courage?those
men burdened with responsibility?who pinned
nrfaith to the business possibilities of uptown
York and gave to the development of
this section their utmost of energy and talent.
Look upon these great piles of masonry which line the
What are they? To the unseeing eye they are
buildings, and nothing more.
those with the understanding mind they are
monuments to a living force which has made of uptown
?. York one great city within another?a marvel
for ; i! time.
wepay tribute. May we serve as they have served.
Mombw of
'< I V. ' , VI
UPTOWN OFFICE: 45th Street at Madison Avenue
Discord Breaks Up Their "Perfect Marriage"
1 Mr. and Mrs. Lou Te?legen (G?raldine Farrar) in Their Home
All seemingly was harmony and happiness when the picture v/as
I taken. Now, the actor is taking steps to obtain a separation, charging
! that his wife locked him out of the house. The prima donna's jealousy
and devotion to her art in preference to motherhood are said to be factors
in the break.
with his. Only one experte we settle |
jointly nnd that is the cost of the nc- I
timl running of the household. Each !
week we pay the. household bills fifty
fifty. But if 1 want a now automobile,
or a new dress, or go to the theater,
or hire a new maid, that ?11 comes out
of my pocket. With Lou it is the
Her Views Made
After speaking prophetically, she
"If we ever are divorced, and wo
must all look forward to such a pos?
sibility in these modern times, there
will be no quarreling over alimony, No,
it will be a parting, that is all."
Miss Farrar in other remarks put re?
sponsibility for domestic harmony
largely on the man when one of the
pair is a singer. She said:
"To my mind, the employment of ti e
singing organ is so delicately artilici.nl
and overstimulating that, the question
of dual harmony devolves more upon
the understanding and forbearance of
the man-mate thwn the woman, in tin?
case of necessary tranquility and happy
companionship where the woman is the
professional gifted one, or shares a
musical profession in common with her
husband or artist companion.
"Each woman will doubtless handle
the problem of 'Love Triumphant Ver?
sus Success1 as her individual needs
and instincts order her, but 1 am
rather inclined to believe that, in the
end, nature herself will have much to
say regarding this matter and keep
her, for all her artistic and proie3
sinal peregrinations, moro or less an
adjunct to some male partner as we
are bound to believe the Creator
U. S. Employees' Convention
rTo Back Civil Service Reform
From The Tribune'? Washington Hurrau.
WASHINGTON, Aug. 7. Govern?
ment employees from all over the
United States will attend the fifth an?
nual convention of the National Fed?
eration of Federal Employees at New
Orleans, September 12-?6, according to
an announcement made today at the
headquarters of the federation, This
organization is composed of govern
menl employees in every field from
charwomen and laborers to members
of 'he professions and eminent sci
cn1 st and it reaches into every state
and territory.
["he outstanding feature of the Fed?
eral program is its campaign for the
Lehlbach-Sterling bills, which provide
for reclassification of the entire Civil
Service on a strictly merit, basis, the
elimination of politics from appoint?
ments >hm1 promotions and n standard?
ized pay scale fixed according to the
skill and training required for the job.
The salary scale now in effect is based
on standards of 1854.
Shoots Woman
And Self at Her
Home on Drive!
(Continued (rom uao.! onel
apartment when someone approached '
her. She ran across the street, but
when she recognized McCarthy, she
stopped and said:
"Well, what do you want?"
Without a word she says ." ? rth;.
began firing. She fell stru :k b;
shots and he turned the gun en him?
self, falling near her.
Miss Caswell corroborates the state?
ment that'Mrs. Knur was in the 112th
Street apartment net;! after L o'cl? :k
in the morning. Miss Ca w? 11 d he
usually accompanied Mrs. Kruer part
way home, but did not do o ; esterday.
After th?> shooting a worn m's scream
aroused the residents of the : irtment
house. Colored attendent . the halls
of the Hendrik Hudson ru :ro
the street and, recognizing Mrs. Kruer,
telephoned to her apartment. Mr. Kru?
er, arouse?;, rushed to the side ?
stricken wife and she was carried into ?
the lobby of the Hendrik Hudson while
the hall hoys summoned a cab. Sh<>
assured her husband she was not seri?
ously injured and asked:
"Do you think this wound on my
che.-k will leave a permanent scar?"
Detectives said that two young wom?
en, Carolyn Kunkler and ?rla Frazer,
both of l?t West 174th Street, wit?
nessed the shooting, liiiii; are reported
:o be Btrangers to McCarthy and Mrs.
A' St. Luke's Hospital information
was refused by doctors ;?? nurs?
who would say only that Vira. Kruer
was not. dangerously hurt.
In McCarthy's pock''' the police
found three .38 caliber hui'",-. Phi -
?lid not. fit the .32 caliber revoh
which he. did the shooting.
Miss Caswell s'aid she ? ! i ? ? not 1 now
McCarthy or anything concerning his
acquaintance with Mrs. Kruer, The
police said Mrs. Kruer did not. say un
der what circumstances she had first
met McCarthy, nor the circumstances
of their later meetings. She would only
say that he had annoyed her and that
she dad repulsed him repeatedly until
a year ap;o, when she saw him lust.
To Rehearse "The Her?
?Manager Harris This Week Gets
Kcnii'v for Its Reappearance
Rehearsa Is will begin thi
Sam Harris's production of Gilbert
? Emery's play "The fiero." Richard
i Bennett will be the feal ured mbei
I of .the cast and Robert Ames wi :
: the r?le he created when the plaj was
presented last spring at special matinee
performances at the Longacre "Theater,
Mr, Harris said that an erroneous
impression had prevailed that his
withdrawal of "The Hero" last spring
after four matinee performances ndi
i caled that the play -vas to be shelved.
"As a matt'M' of fact," said Mr. H: r
ris, "!!:<? four special matinee perform?
ances of 'The Hero' were rewarded
?with such enthusiasm thai I felt the
play was too valuable a piece of prep
erty to be confined to matinee pres?
entation. Immediately alter the open?
ing matinee I began negotiations for a
! heater in which to house 'The Hero.'
Within three weeks the play will begin
a brief out-of-town tour and it will
open iu Nfew Y?>rV al the Belmont
Theater en Labor Way."
pEvcry Fancy-Fabric Three-Piece"!
[$65 and $60 Suit In Our Stockj
$45 Suits ...... now $36*50
$50 Suits.now $42*50
$5$ Suits.ncno $45*50
$75 and $70 Suits . now $59*50
?\(o Charge For ^Alterations
If Inquired
? '
Tacing Greeley Square ? Broadway at 32nd Street
In the Times Square Section ?125 and 127 IVest 42nd Street
In the Borough of Brooklyn ? Court Street corner Montague j|>y
_"LH -;
ana Ke built
lor sale by new car dealers
will be found on Page 9 o?
To-day's New York Tribune
These special announcements appear
every Monday?Wednesday?Friday
Sheriff to Let Governor
?*/Iake Plans for Arrest
Attorneys Say SmalJ, by Going
to Court, Will Hurt Chance
for Change of Venue
Special Dispatch to Tin- Tribuns
CHICAGO, Aug.. 7.-If Governor Ben
Small, who has expressed his intention
of returnng to Springfield, Tuesday, ''
Sheriff Henry Mester has been '
waiting for three weeks with warrants
t t he Gov( rnor's arresl i n c
? ?? ? rnbezzling S2,000,000 i f taxpla; r ?'
iv, ntt? ?-: pi - ' o .V ? . . change
i venue before first going through the :
formality ci submitting to arrest he is
?likely to be disappointed.
[t has been reported that the Gov?
ernor plans to ignore the sheriff with
? 1.71 I ' pi ?;-..- in court tit"
.'? trial in some ether county.
But, in the F
this w .:. ' -
r : change of v< .1 ?? >i - at. s a
submission to the jui .1 the
court which is pi -lie same as
- pi r\ ed wil h d w arri I
Whether the Governor will mn
appointment with the Shi riff an .
him If- read the warrants to '
whether he plans to d
ties ami resist arrest could 1 I '.-?
termined. It is certain
will do nothing to embarrass Mr.
When told of the Governor's plan to
return to Springfield jon Tuesday, the
She-.'::f said that !*.?* was not ?oi:ig to
:n to meet him nor in any way
attempt t ? interfere with his move
\\ anderer Says Mr?. Ryan Erra
CHICAGO, Aug. 6.?Edward Joseph
Kyan was not the "ragged stranger"
for who--:- >n':r<i?'i Car} Wai
awaits execution, Wanderer said to
Ryan's photo
'??' Kyan declared posi
: ' rday that she had id? i
??:??? " ,'s her son.
i cannot s
public opinion
You cannot sec the Law of Gravitation, yet it
controls every action of your life. You cannot
see Public Opinion, but you are influenced by
its force every hour of the day.
The man who does not advertise realizes die
might of Public Opinion in politics, war, ethics,
religion, but he fails to apply this force to his
Yet Public Opinion is so real a thing that we
talk of "moulding" it as though it had three
dimensions like a cake of soap. Advertising is
moulding Public Opinion to a favorable view
of your product.
Public Opinion is as potent a force in the
business world as it is in the moral world. The
organized application of it to business is new
because the multiple printed page and swift
transportation are new. l
In your line of business there are or will be
firms that will continually reap the rewards of
favorable Public Opinion.
Once amonth, or morefrequently, we issue apublication
called Batten's Wedge. Each issue is devoted to a single
editorial on some phase of business. If you are a business
executive and would like to receive conies, write us.
George Batten Company, Inc.
10 State Street
381 Fourth Avenue
New York
r-mick Bldg.
Moulding favorable public opinion for articles or servies that deserve it
?nU?-^ 46t_ and 47?S STS.
"The Paris Shop of America" pAKIS
New Location in the Autumn
Fifth Avenue at 56th and 57th Streets
frastic price reductions in
si or women
rel of Gidding
mere fractions
It is essential that everything must
be sold before moving to our new
are now in e
Considering the fact that many of the styles being
offered are suitable for Autumn wear, the Values
are all the more startling.

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