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Murderer Slain
In Rooni Where
He Killed Girl
Rejected Suitor Lnred to
5H*ene of Crime Week Ago
ami Shot hy Avenging
Italian in Asbury Park
Body KiddledWitli Bullets
Lack of Powder Burns Puts
Bind to Belief He Took
Ovn life in Remorse
ASBURY PARK. N. J., Aug. 10.?-To
recto out vengeance to Arica Picone,
who, on August 3, shot and killed his
beautiful -.'i-u.-in, Cammella Maccanico,
after she had announced her engage?
ment to a rival, friends or relatives
of the murdered girl brought the man
back to the scene of th<* shooting yes?
terday an?! rre?i four shots through
his body, he body, riddled with bul?
lets, was fi an I ?n the girl's room.
reman George Jeffr es was pass
? ?f Mrs. Anna Grosso, the
girl's sister, with whom she
?: :ving, when he heard four
shots in rapid succession. The Grosso
home had been closed since the day
te murder, when Mrs. Gros?
so had been taken to Freeport as a
material witness to the crime. Jef?
fries ? ?use, and in the
room where the young Italian girl had
? tot he discovered Picone'a body,
vard, and a Mauser pis?
tol beneath it. There were two bullet
wounds through the heart, and two
others through the right chest.
Reject Suicide Theory
Dr. Jamison, county physician, said
'? 'as a tide. The
pistol ? d out. unlike the Amer?
ican ai ? ? es, does not recjuire *
distil pr? isure of the trigger for
each explosion. Thi* made it possible
for a person thus to indict four such
?? ?on expressed the belief that
haunting memories had
e man hack to *
i him to take his
? '. a***.er a careful examina?
tion, ' reje :t th theory.
learned, wis se?0".
a short time re the pi-?'iceman
marked his
? that there were four
wcui body, any one of which,
ght have causea
that there were no powder
.". the body, led them to be?
ll death a
lit o? a carefully plani
ng has run high :n the Italian
. re Miss Maccanico was
? '. wh o 1 ? with h is ? ister.
Mrs -?. ma B no at l! ?"? 12 Utrecht;
Avenue, Brooklyn, had only met his
nths bi er ar
? it time he
ter t?
Asbury Park,
Rejected Hi ? - '
grounda I con
e a r: ?? h !
exis imuch? Vetrano, a back
f \ .?? -. ,; ?he and ?
V-* to marry.
and I were at the |
( i i me f or dii aight. The
was am and the
* ? " ?ning.
?1 ?
?? . the other .
nigh retired to
i' ? ? ' without a
word and rhot her.
. Then h?
re of all Eastern cities vi I
b? I to b<. ook-out for
but i I i : heen
' :
? ???
? . . '. .
? : of i h i s
had '
' "':? King
tided as Stolen
Detained Alien Another
man \ ows >he Recogniz?es
'??? on Girl's Finger
he arm of
: ?? ' vas 1 lefl
itched for he) : i
? ?
nga*. ?
? '
' the ?
? " ?
. a patr?
: paid
J .
the i g ?'.
est ;? .
Stork Brokers Sne BrindeH
daim Ex-Building Czar- Now
in Prison. Our?. $4,993
filed nth?
Robert P Mar ill & Co ,
?ing for $4,993,
lue fi .'.'? Bri '?
?. he had
* ''"?r.i that on
Jai ? - ' ?i
held for the
? ? >m? Liberty
: : ? ?
? "- ' redited
;ed, ?till
i for the amount th?
fttok*ti lat,
Mr>nt*m*-nt lo V.t ?thoven
to Fi*- Unveiled in Mexico
''? I ./ Mail)
*"* (" Mexico has an
"'*?"*?'"- '?' '?' t ? a monument
,'? B*"1 the f?atar*<J of
"" ' ? ? f, . .
*pUrrr.\?r. 7 wo - German ?? i p
*"* '?*"? ?'?. work.
from Ki?< (if ti |?f?v t?? Owner
Ui?f>. J?m*, .,... . . trola mor? ho
'*? r ? ?tab
2***?t? in l,oi ? ? ..-.- -so-,
?*'?'?*'. ??
??*-?< ?Mi sa g ?feet a? m kit
Things Decidedly
The Far-Famed
"Pauline Case"
has been imported direct from
London by Snks & Company
to show how unbelievably
smart an English bag may
he. Made of genuine Morocco,
it boasts all sorts of clever
conveniences -? innumerable
compartments for change, pow?
der, notes, etc., and a silver gilt
chain which closes and carries
it both at once.
Street Floor 19.75
A Junior Girl's
Froa\ of Imported
The deep richness of its ex?
quisite brown velveteen would
atom, be enough warrant for
this delightful frock?even if
it were not for the distinctive
smartness of its model?and
die tangerine satin pipings
which make it unforgetable.
Second Floor 39.7?)
A Hand-Painted
China Electrical
Perfume Burner
v ill add a rare touch of dis
tinction to your home through
its exqui.sitf. beauty and unique
performance. By a clever elec?
trical arrangement a tiny bit of
your favorite perfume placed in
the bowl will fill your entire
house with a subtle fragrance.
Street Floor 29.75
Women's Kid
Traveling Slippers
?the most convenient of all
important mm <4;-end accessories
m soft and comfortable to
war s<> daintily feminine, and
so delightfully easy to fit into
a cr?,?u?l? d bag! In a leather
ease to match, f olors: Rose,
Blue, Taupe and Brown.
Street Floor 2.95
Cigarette Cases
p 2.95
The newcit cigarette cn?e in
use in the British Isles. Made
of genuine pigskin or Knglfsh
Holds twenty cigarettes com'
fortabt/j! Street Floor
at 34th Street
Hours of Business 9 a. m. to 5:30 p. m.
Three Extraordinary Values Featured for
Thursday in
Handsome Fur Coat
?these beautiful coats were secured by us
during a most unusual but temporary
depression in the fur market. We cannot
possibly replace them to sell at these prices.
At 295.00
1920 Price 475.00
Hudson Seal Coats in 36
inch model with large col?
lar and cuffs of beaver or
squirrel, and elaborately
embroidered or novelty
silk lining.
A saving of 180.00 on
each coat
At 130.00
1920 Price 250.00
Ultra - Smart Caracul
Coats in full flared
models ? 36 and 40
inches long ? with large
shawl collar.
A saving of 100.00 on
each coat
At 125JmT
1920 Pnce 225.50 ?&
Natural Muskrat Coats in smart 3fi inch model
?youthfully belted?made of selected dark
pelts. Beautifully silk lined.
A saving of 100.00 on
each coat
Pay only One Third NOW if you so
desire?the balance when your furs are
taken from our vaults in the Autumn. ,
Sixth Floor
An Exceptionally Fine Collection of
Ultra-Smart Skirts
At 2.50
Formerly 6.95 and 7.95 ? Cotton Gabardine
Skirts in tailored and novelty styles.
At 7.50
Formerly 12.50 and 16.75 ? Linen Skirts in a
splendid assortment of tailored styles in all the
smart Summer colorings and in white.
At 7.50
Formerly 16.50?Blazer Striped Flannel Skirts
in Henna, Gold, Pekin, Navy and Black striped
with white. Also ? Baronette Satin Skirts of
an exceptionally fine quality. In white and all
high shades.
At 11.75
Formerly 16.50 ? Washable Fan-ta-si Skirts
in a striking smart model in black and white plaid.
At 13.95
Formerly 25.00? Flannel and Prunella Cloth
Skirts in pleated and tailored styles in plaids,
stripes and smart variations. Fourth Floor
... 7-^1-,...
! l
"'' . % -'? re\,
? t?
' ??? ? "i f ?!
b i ? ,? ?f> y^
^-^rq ......m % ? .'? ?**
Fine Net Blouses
will be offered Thursday at the temptingly
low price of
The mosl irresistible of all blouses for late
Summer wear arc these cool, adorable little
affairs o? sheer net, fine laces and embroideries.
And styled just as you want them for wear
with sleeveless frocks and sweaters with round
or Peter Pan collars, short sleeves and exquis?
itely trimmed with lace or embroidery. De?
lightfully simple to launder, too, and at the
surprisingly low price of 2.00 trulv opportune!
Third Floor
Specialists in
Closed ALL DAY Saturdays Up To and Including September 3rd.
Silk Hose, 1.75
The best value in dependable
silk hose for women to be
had. Full fashioned, and to be
had in all colors including black
and white. Street Floor
Tourist Cases
Special 9.50
Very handy for vaca?
tioning. Made of walrus
grain cowhide leather,
and fitted with military
style hair brushes, tooth
brush holder, soap box,
comb, scissors and nail
file. Illustrated.
Street Floor
A?otor Dusters
?broken lots from regu?
lar stock reduced for
prompt clearance
12.50 Mohair
Dusters Now 8.50
15.00 Beach Cloth
Dusters? Now 10.50
Sixth Floor
New Sweaters
of Pure Shetland Wool
Specially Priced at
Nothing is so necessary'
for late Summer and
early Fall wear as a
j amity wool sweater?
and these are just exactly
the thing ? fashioned in
the swagger Tuxedo
model in a stunning
novelty stitch, and
colored in just the shades
you will want for Fall:
Orchid, Jade, Pink,
Buff, Brown, Xav//,
Black (nid White.
Third Floor
Imported Lisle
- made of highly lustrous
mercerized lisle
Special 95C Pair
Very sheer full fashioned
hose that will give most
exceptional sen ice. Each
pair is fully reinforced at
heel and toe, and the
colors include: Black,
white, cordovan, gray and
bisque. Street Floor
A Remarkable Clearance Sale of
Wraps, StreetandSportsCoats
in which are offered values such as few women have seen in several years. The
styles teem with originality?the materials are of a very high order?and work?
manship exceptionally well done individualizes each model.
None Sent C O. D., Exchanged or on Approval
19.75 Sports Coats .
22.50 to 29 50 Sports Coats .
22.50 Knitted Capes
29.50 Knitted Sports Capes .
35,00 to 39.50 Wraps and Coats .
45.00 to 55.00 Wraps and Coats .
65.00 to 75.00 Wraps and Coats .
85.00 to 95.00 Wraps and Coats .
The Saks Luggage Department Announces for Thursday
Important Special Values in
English Made Luggage
at 25.00
Finely constructed cowhide suit cases, in
nut brown color with hand-sewn edges and
hinge. Fitted with double locks and linen
lined. Unequaled value! Pictured.
Cowhide Traveling Bags
Made by one of America's best
makers. The cowhide is of ex?
ceptional quality, and each bag has
a hand-sewn frame and heavy sewed
on corners. Black and brown.
Cowhide Suit Cases
Made to withstand lots of abuse,
in carefully selected cowhide with
all around straps and sewed-on
corners. Lined with durable linen.
Distinctive Summer Apparel
consisting of all remaining lots of
Summer Frocks and Suits?
The Frocks are of gingham, linene. plain and
figured voiles, French organdie and linen.
Frocks formerly 9.75. Reduced to
Frocks formerly 14.50. Reduced to
Frocks formerly 18.50. Reduced to
Frocks formerly 25.00. Reduced to
The Suits are of Wool Jersey, Tricotine.
and Poiret Twill, beautifully tailored.
Suits formerly 29.50.Reduced to
Suits formerly 35.00.Reduced to
Suits formerly 45.00.Reduced to
Suits formerly 65.00.Reduced to
Suits formerly 98.50.Reduced to
Sizes 14 to 18 years. All sales final.
Second Floor
msmmmmmmuiKm. m mvsr vnmmini ???
To Close Out Thursday?
10 0 0 P A 1RS O F W O M E N S
Pumps and Oxfords
that have been selling from 7.50 to 12.50
a? 4.95
White Kid, Buckskin and Linen Footwear of the finest quality ai an extraor?
dinary low price. All the most popular Mid-Summer models to choose from,
too white with tan or black trimmings.or all white, with Cuban, Dolly or Louis
XV heels. All sizes in the collection, but not in every style.
None ( . O. I).
No F vchanpcs
No C 'redit s
Second Floor

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