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Curran Stands
* or Fair Plav
In All Boroughs
Coalition Candidate Tells
Women of Brooklyn, if
Elected Mayor. He Will
Give Time to Whole City
Pledges Help to Transit
Better Playgrounds a n d
Home Hule Among the
Reforms He Advocates
Borough President Uv.-.ry :1. Cur
._,. Republican-Coalition candidate for
\-_.,,,-, h an address last night before
i ' Br( ?klyn women at 111"
Remsen Street, Brooklyn, said thai if
! ho would be Mayor of all live
borough.-, serving each to the full ex?
tent of i. - power. He stressed tho
need for improved transit facilities,
better playgrounds and home rule. He
declared that he favored some modl
: form of borough government.
Mr. ( urran was welcomed heartily,
and hi3 speech was interrupted fre
y by applause. He explained at
the outset that he had been serving
the city for ten years and realized that
it was a city most difficult to manage.
City"s Expenses Explained
He called attention to the munici?
pality's erpenditures. "We spend al?
most 81,000,000 every twenty-four
hours," he said, "and we want to get
ouv money's worth. Tt means a go d
deal to g< ' it, because if we do not- the
result ? I be felt in every home.
"If elected, I promise you all that I
will be Mayor not only in the borough
in which I live but will be equally
Mayor of the five boroughs, and I wt-l
report to you in Brooklyn as well as
?he other boroughs and te!! you of my
In commenting on the need for home
rule in this city, the Borough Presi?
dent said the city could n< '. afford to
have two governments- -one in Albany
and one in New York. He asserted
thai the city should have greater pow?
ers than it now possesses, particularly
so far as transit matters are concerned
The five cent fare, he declared, ia
; .::1h';< nt.
Borough Unie Urged
Mr. Curran declared he favored 01 i ?
i form of borough government
that would make the borough presidents
o rectly respi nsibl ? . > to. ? bi r-'>>.< .. .
Thero are fourteen city departments,
he said, which in manj ways duplicate
work, axid changes coul i be made to
prevent such duplication.
The Borough President deplored the
numerous automobile accidents which
ocur here, and added that increased
playground facilities would reduce the
number o?' such fatalities.
"Wo have 100,000 children on part
time in the schools, arid we have inade?
quate playgrounds," he said. "All of
this must be remedied."
At the close of his speech Mr. Curran
was adked many questions by the
Mrs. Beatrice Stevenson, lender of the
? women, was chairman of the meetini;,
and introducing Mr, Curran said that
a change of city government was needed
and that "we must have a man who
knows the job."
Drop Collins,
Run Talley
(Continued from page on*)
from soup to nuts for the next few
Elines Says; He Whipped Bully
"Did yuu ever see a big bully among
tli kids who, on accouni of his size
and vocal powers, was eble to throw ?.
scare into all the little fellows, until
one dnj some chap that couldn't stand
it any longer gave him a bust in the
nose*; And then what happened?
Why, :?]'. the other boys who had been
nursing grievances promptly stepped
up and gave the bully some move
smas tes in the nose?and then tit.
bully and hin family moved out. of t.;."
district because they could not stan !
the disgrace. That's whit is happen?
ing now. I've got the buily on the run,
"Why did he change hi:; mind about
Judge Falley? lie had '? > . -? >i t. hear
from all the districts? that's the an
swer. Murphy used all the power of
I s p rsonal machine to beat me in the
primaries last sear, and he got licked
lineo and a half '?< one. Murphy's:
weakening now on this judgeship mat
loi is a ?uve sign that things are hap
pi i ng in t he Wigwam. 1 1-, iven'l any
i . .? bi feelings of respect for Judge
Talley and Judge Collins. They a"e
line men. ! believe Lha In h -? inmost
hi art Judge Talle - i i feeling \?ry
... Ily toward a district leader by tho
ii?me of [lines for the quick shift thai
?s to put him back on the ticket.
"I shall beai Murphy's candidate in
the primarle-, and after that I shall be
elee?ted president of the Borough of]
Manhattan. After ? air. elected it will
ru- ? ioy to all good Democrat:; to at?
tend the first reorganization meeting''
i:i Tammany Hall." !
Parufhu.e Jumper Kil?ott
ROCKFORD, II!., Aug. 18. "Bud"" j
Bridgcns, of Chicago, was instantly'
hilled this afternoon when his par?
chut o failed to op,;i when he leaped
from an airplane ln-re. Bridgens -.fas
practicing for an aerial circus.
West 42nd St.
West 43rd St.
The advantages of having this worr\
attended to now are two-fold:
FIRSTLY You are assured of receiving your
furs without any of the delay occasioned
by the usual Fall demand for !hi> character
of work.
SECONDLY- Orders accepted during die
Summer months are executed at
especially low rates.
M im
i 3
3 i??w
7V?e Story of this
Wc arc one of the largest dis?
tributors of men's shirts and
furnishings in the country.
With our 62 stores from coast
to coast, we hv shirts and
?urmshin?s by the thousand
dozen. We work on narrow
margins of profit and quick
.urnovcrs of stock,
in the past few v/ccks sales all
over the country have slowed
up. We are determined to pre?
vent stagnation in the men's
furnishing field. We are throw?
ing thousands c< dollars in
merchandise on the market to
break up the calm and create
a new buyers' market.
The furnishings wo are selling
now cannot be replaced to sell
r?t these price;,. Sut we believe
the t?nmes male? this action
i mp e r a t i v e, a n ? wo f e e 1 t h ? :
manufacturers will do their
part when these stocks arc soi?.
m I ION?j
31 Park Row
opposite the P. O.
208 Broadway
at Fulton St.
mismg Dane nver
ishing FleM ? Two Shirts
at the Price of One
any Madras, Percale or Silk
Stripe shirt in stock at its regular price
marked on the ticket. Then pay $1.00
for its twin. For example, pick out a
shirt for $3.00, pay another dollar, or a
total of $4.00, and get two shirts that
yesterday sold for $6.00.
Pick cut any silk shirt at the regular
price. Then pay $2.00 for its mate.
You can hny two $7.85 shirts for $9.85,
a saving of $5.85.
And don't forget this: National Shirt
Shops* regular price? have always been
lower for equal quality than you could
get any place else.
Buy any two neckties at the regula:." price
marke:" on the ticket, and thors select for
yourself any third necktie cf the same
price range.
Pick out two neckties ?it $1.50 each. We
will rive you free another *l-50 necktie of
your selection.
If you are any judge of shirt and neck
wear values you cannot afford to miss
this sale. And don't wait ?it cannot
last long.
1476 Broadway
at 42nd St.
1589 Broadway
at 48lh St.
%Hi EST % UT?
?647 Broadwoj
at 51 at St.
847 Broad St.
opposite N. J. C. R. R.
1lsM?mmmme0smem?mmeem^mmmm m mtiy?mitmBSMmeit?^eHM?^^?m???*y*^e9M*mrmm\rt i<*?m*avtvwt-*xx-ji?u" umvKKSmTsmnt&?rjm -* .r.
Umbrella Sale
Sturm Umbrellas for men and women.
Regularly 2.00 Xoi- 1.35
Cent?n L?mbrellas -fine quality with sil1:
cases. Regularly 3.95 ,\o-> 2.50
Si!!c Umfcrellas?belter grades.
Regularly 7J>0?8.00 Soz- 4.95
Cap and Fringe Hair Nets, 1.00 Dozen
Tricolette Silk Sweaters Y
Regular Value i250
Smart, well fitting Tuxedo
model in a lustrous plain weave
hard Id distinguish from pure
silk.. Finished with two roomy
pocket-; and a tailored sash belt.
Priced at 7.95 for immediate
clearance, hence early shopping
ic advised.
?Ves-y rarely have Bathing Sails?
af these qualities been offered at 3,95
At 4.9) and 5.95 they would prove remarkable value?, but in order
not to carry ever a single suit into next season we take a severe lo?s by
pricing them .it 3.95.
Wool Jerseys, Poplins and Surf Satins torra an attractive display
that will soon be depleted at this price.
Sale of Leather Goods
SI i . V'l.S Black enameled diuk. with tray, pockets, leather
corner; straps all ?round, two clasps and lock; ** Cf\
handsome cretonne linings. ! clue 10.00. 0.*iU
SUIT CASES?-Dupont's imitation leather; dull grain finish. Looks
ond we?!s like the most expensive suit cases. -s s\ f\f\
I aluc ?6.50. 1U.UU
SILK HAND BAGS?All tr.c newest shapes and styles of the
season in one large assortment. O QJ"
Regular prices 5.50, 6.50, 7S>. 8.50 . O.570
LEATHER VANITY PURSES?Flexible metal edges. Staple
and novelty leathers and shapes; long strap handles, o QC
?ny pockets, compartmenls and fittings. Reg. 5.00
yyv ; ;
latic Reductions
Applied to
that moved rapidly at other special prices will go out \uth a rush
with the new lowered prices now in effect. 1 hey command mtere ! because of
the daintiness and desirability of the styles?the superior quality of the materials
snd the very evident care that has teen used in the finishing of ea'h nioJcl.
Choice ol remaining stock
Reduced to 3.95,4,95 ami g.95
(House Dress Dept.?Second floor)
Drastic Repricings
Entire remaining stock completely
re-arranged afrrl severely marked
down in price to insure immediate
Smart Silk Blouses suitable for
wear with ne*' hall suits?in dark
and light colorings. All sizes in the
assortment but not in every style.
Now 5.00 10.00 15.00
Neretoiore 8.95 to 25.00
Cotton Blouses
Are a poptilar attraction on
the Second Floor
ChoicR 1.85 Each
There are hundreds of styles from
which to choose a suitable Blouse,
every one worth decidedly more
than the quoted clearance price.
To Close
15.00 to 95.00
7.50 to 47.50
Every model in stock without re?
serve. Fully \'j off as indicated by
above prices. Reductions to he
taken as garments are purchased.
All Sales Final
All Linen
Women's Hemstitched Linen
1 landkerchiefs. i ormerl} 6.00. Now
3.60 doiin
Extraordinary Value -
Men's Imported pure Irish
I .'.nen Hemstitched ?nd ?ru
t:a!ed Han; ;crchiefs- -(hand
embroidered) in while only.
While this special lot la-its
Consisting only; of weaves and colorings in greatest
demand. Every yard is of first quality), notwithstanding
the reduced prices. In variety, magnitude and value, a sill?
event entirely out of the ordinary. For instance a few
examples :
Canton Crepe
1 he unexpected sometimes happens.
In this case it w?s the arrival of an
exceptional purchase of the weave
supreme for Fall use just in time for
this sale. But the most important
news is that we are able to offer it for
less than it can be bought at wholesale
most places. 40 inches wide too. In
Navy and Black.
Regularly 4.50-5.50 Yard
Rich Foulards
As soft and light to the touch as
thistle-down but firm as to weave and
silken as to texture. In a rar.pe of
light and car!; figured effects desir?
able lor afternoon dresses or ideal for
rich coat linings. Procured with much
difficulty for this mid-season sale at a
price impossible to duplicate. 36 in.
Regularly 3.75 Yard
Black and. White
Crepe de Chine
[ lore's another all silk extra heavy
weave that has been making "town
talk" for a week. The arrival of
some two thousand additional yards
will be good news to those unable lo
get here for the previous sale. Paris
dictates Black and White, therefore
we have quantities of it, and [or those
who like colors there is. a rich au?
tumnal ran?e. 40 inchc, wide.
Regularly 4.00 Yard
Satin Crepe
An advance hall weave as popular
a-, ? jr.'.on Crepe and preferred by
many because o? its wonderful draping
qualities .-.n:! lovely colorings. lour
or five yards of this ample. 40 inch
width will ma'-.e a frock and the
v.-oney saved will buy another ! One
of the outstanding values in thi< great?
est of all silk sales. In Black, Brown,
Navy and oilier new shades.
Regularly 4.50-5.50 Yard
c B
Silk Crepe de Chine?about fifty colors. Special.?*? ? iCJ
Silk Georgette Crepes in complete ranjc of 8?ia.deo. Special 1.45
Satin Cbcrraeuse?10 inches v.-id;. Regularly 4.CO. Now 2.43
Pure Thread Silk
.95 p
In Black, Cordovan and Russet?
semi-fashioned ? fine, even weave.
(Fibre 8nd pure thread
si?k mixed)
A fine, even weave that is semi
fashioned. In Black or Cray.
\'eiy Special, Q7 Pair
Y2 Price Sale of
All Wool
Dress Serge
An excellent quality bought at a
great pi ire concession and featured
for a limited time only at this price.
Ic58 Y-d
Regularly 3.50 Yard
SI own in Navy. Dark Brown and
Black?54 inches wide; tponged
an i ihi <nk.
Wcol Plaids
3.25 Yard
Regularly 5.50 Yard
ri4 inch.es wide ? in new hall
Plain Black
Silk Velvet
at less than half price
A specially prepared sale of a su?
perior quality 40 inch Black \ elve!
which i:> a truly remarkable value
at the quoted price.
1920 Price Was 9.00
Mark Down Sale of
Men's Furnishings
Shirt Assortment No. 1
tennis or Sport; Shirts, Value
Fancy mercerized Shirts?-sizes 14, 15, 13'^
and 1 7. \ aluc '. i I
Neal r>r,n!e ! Madras Shirts sizes 14 to 17.
Value 2.50
Other good Shirts various odd lets, val?
ue! 2.1 -I and 2.50
A C_
>t. \ alue
Shits. Assortment No.
I Tennis or Sports Shirt: white i
; ?.50
I Y. oven . ladr s ?!.,(. od ! small 1. ;.
Value O ' 4.50
While Madras Shi.ts - excellent quality.
Value 3.50
Shirt Assortment No. 3
Discontinued styles and odd lot! frcm pre
viou: sales- -not all sues in each parti clax
pattern. v allies 1 65-1.0 >
? 1?_
-I o .1 (?_,
Ncckv>cir plain and fancy
Formerly ! 50, How ,95
Underwear- loose athletic styles
Formerly 1.50-1.73, Now CJC
Pajamas plain ind fancy
Formerly ),50, Now 2.45
licit" Hose plain lisies
Formerly .35 and ,50, New OC
Unprecedented Offering of
Wilton Rugs
Ai marked modifications from
the regular scale or prices, includ?
ing an extra 10% disccunt to be
taken off as rugs are purchased.
New Price
19 50
12;? .50
16 x 63 .
4.6 x 7.6
6.9 x 9.0
9.0 >; 10.6
9 y. 12 .
11.3 x i JO
1 I 2 '>? I
.1 17.5 ?
?35 I
Seamless Scotch
Chenille Rugs
. 17.00
9 t
65 00
Ai Sale Prices
! igured ( arpets, including Engli I: and I ' -
Wiltons, Axminstcrs and Wilton Velvets in de
ahlc patterns and colorings.
Formerly Priced at S.75 to i'.30 Yard
Now 4.25 ?o 7.00 Ycrd
Washable Dresses
I/Oh off
Former Sale Prices
ice re-Juc'.ioi t! a! have ', sen made ?fTcrd
ic nvings ni suffi ient importance to induce
' ? ? per to pui i:e a for present and
? . Fall wear. ! ' s e are many warm da;-; during
September lobcr when ;i ceo! Washable
frock is indispensable. An inspection of the fash?
ionable models presented will be an incentive to
make a purchase.
Sale Prices 5.45 to 29.50
To Close 4,36 to 23.60
AH Other Apparei
?or /-/,!:?/ Clearance at
o to I/9 le&s
than former prices

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