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(Ju?stmas Kept
of Delight
for Debutantes
^iety Also Makes Holi?
days Merry for Young
People .Vino Come From
Their School* to Town
Marion de Kharu Honored
.x Given for Her With
l2TPv-?eni? Cue. ts Go?_??
to Miss Batterman's Dance
.B , as dances were
fl*_i IM? ??"
? . i i rmera, and a
gives for the ?
?la acme fre?r.
?A3JO?5: ?-<? dances were
^ an; ? . Batterman. at
fc ^.. debutante
?Bc .r. ' ce Batterman;
?. and " ' Lusk, at the
:? debutante
; usk, and
ai Mrs C ?? "? Boston, for
tfc(ir del - Misa Kath?
ie Boston, Cosmopolitan ,
p tners xvas given
Jt Mr.? H " ??' Rham, for debu?
ses at ! '?"'' ;''"' daughter, ;
j?iss Mai ? ? ' Beatrice
Ss'.f :"'.??'? dinner and
if??rwar-. ' ? at to the Bap
; -rr.a.'.
Mrs ... red 127
i Priscilla
VI: s s
gnkui . Miss Nina
cistilien. M '. Miss Iris
I, Cutting:. _ham,
L? Dodj ' S. Dodge
ird, Miss
yn Loew,
Norton.. Miss
? ne de F.
fteatic . .' :?? Price, Mrs. Lisa
{ttterson, M ? Reynal, P
?itiijn L. :. ?
?as Gertrudi . .Miss Dor
__?, M Miss -
b_?7 Scl : Tay
i raldine Thompson,
En _e
:>.j M ow, Miss '
LraisB fl . ira Whit
Smart List of Men
_aong he dinner were
_i_s Ap: ??_... mero '.t,
- P. p.
-- ? c mas Car
its:"'! ' Walter L.
__f, H ' . Coul
tt. W ...-. B.
m D
P. Dixon.
e ? ch. W I -
an, U .. 0. V.
D Norman
N'orrie, Walter K.
ne S.
Scot: [ .',: d ew Varlck
__ ..." jr., _ I Spencer.
T__a= Sabh
ijjj A. ... Ingen,
?dward .. A. Van
?amelaer, .. . Nor?
se S. W ..-. Cor
J. Louis
Wib an '
Dance in Main Ballroom
fne guest numbered
?_ut 700. ral at the
. Bat
twin a r..
cilia Ba
The da;: - r
_d a seat
main dining
4 color. .. nd played
taring r . con
Bit_ o poinsettia
''"?eaths an
Mr. and Mr: Howard W. Maxwell
nttre a dinn home, 10 East
Sfhty-fourtl Max?
ell's niece, &3 ''aro!
J?. The >m they af
?"?rd too.-. ? dance, in
g-td Mi
Conway, .
?geline Gari . : dway,
?/_ J. I d Thorne,
' -na?d Busl r, Francis
-ami, Da ird Froth
??_ am. _ .. th-Hutton and
-?gene Maxwi
Dance for Louise Lusk
Mr. and Mrs. Lu foT their
??tighter. M ss Lou
'"?the ballroom of the Colony Club. It
Jlareeeded . including one
?or forty . . 1rs. 1
?-de Forest, ony C ub,
f the debut Urs. de For
?r.y wen
J'&s Maud
*iu Florence Lockv ?orothj
?ran. Daniel E. am T.
???_, broth John
?jMyrfard, lerick
'ieffield, Abbott M
'?"w Lea S. Luquer.
. *r; and a :d Davison en
re the da
t, "?'"?'
'r'''- ? ? numbered
7? "*er ? Colony I
Miss Boston Honored
?Jpter, . took
??ce a; ti ?
j*" .Kener:.. .; the
^"inc and a supper
P ? ?luded
S;. ?"? Joan
pM Thompson, ians,
?? Dorathy Constamce
r,i?' Miss F ram
?!f> M?as Anne
g"a, M?as Elizi ?::-. Misa
?_. ??- !' r
?RMlihceat Ban
? _' *'; ' " * * ^
|? ?lerek ai
: ; ?" ,!'hn "tchi-ff
22r1^.McAiPin Jr., Murraji Taylor,
?*T? DUrBoa i'-"- Reginald Brooks,
g^ Boston. Richard Hall, Herbert
!_?,... ?fln S?ssey. Shenard El
"""?rt Duncan and Bnrdett Lucas
Margaret Fisher Engaged
m ei_?d?-Mrs* * llfnup? TL Fisher> ?f
ib.. an?
te.!??. '* . laugh
^Ai?s Margaret Crusactu
Miss Beatrice Batter man
One of the largest of ihe Christmas parties teas given for her last
night tchen her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Henry L. Batter m art. enter?
tained with a dance at the Rits-Carlton. It tvas preceded by a large
dinner giren by Mrs. H. Casimir de Rhnrn at Sherry's
Theodor? Babbitt, son of the late Kur
naJ K. Bal I Mrs. Babbitt, of
er was graduated
i hool at Farming
ton. Mr. Babbitt was. graduated from ;
? 1918 and now is at the Harvard !
Law School.
Society Notes
Mr. and Mrs. J. Stewart Barney gave.
a small dinner last night at their home. ;
31 West Thirty-seventh Street, for;
t.heir two sons home from school. The j
guests . attended Miss Robin- i
3 Christmas dance.
Mrs. John H. Frentice will give a
dance to-night for her daughter. Miss
Kate De Forest Prentice, it will take ]
place at the Ritz-Carlton and will be a '.
E . '
Winthrop W. Aldnch will give a
dinner before it at her home, 23 East
Seventy-third Street.
Mrs. Lucien Hamilton Tyng gives a :
dinner for her niece, 2*1 i~ ;- Lucy Hunt,
to-night at her home, 138 East Sixty
fifth Street, and afterward will take
her gue.-ts :o the Prentice dance.
Luncheons will be given to-day by;
Mrs. George E. Blackwell, at the Ritz
. for Miss K. e Blackwell;
by Mrs. Alfred I, r Miss Rob
erta < rordc n Roell?
. Edwii
ig for Miss Elizabeth Strong.
man C gi ret i 1 ia
" ?:?. Mi -:.J 5
' me, 59
and Mrs. Ed- ;
ward L. Ke; g es a similar affair j
aza for Miss Emily i
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Iselin, Mr. and ,
Mrs. Jerome Napoleon Bonaparte and
Mrs. I. Townsend Burden entertained at
lunche ? Pierre'.:.
Mrs. Lindsay Fairfax and her son
and daughter .ivvv^d in the city yes
from Canada and are at the
Hotel St. Regis. They will remain
there several weeks before sailing for
Miss Odette Feder, daughter of Mr.
Joseph F?lle of 978 j
li . was married yesterday at ?
the Chu :: : o Major ;
d McCrind E., M. C, of
The cere
performed by the Rev. Dr. i
l'vv.-y S ickney ?ira?:' in the presence'
of the immediate rela: . a few ?
r McCrindle served under ; 1er
eral Alle.nby in Mesopotamia and for
? years has been a member
of the British delegation to the Council
of Ambassadors in Paris.
Miss Feder is one of last season's
inti e graduated a year ago
from Spi ol and is a member of ;
the Junior League.
Hughes Ranking Guest
Of Prince Tokugawa \
Belgian Delegation and Mem- ;
hers of Embassy Staff Enter?
tained by Baron de Cartier !
From The Tribune's Washington Bureau
WASHINGTON, Dec. 26.?The Presi?
dent and Mrs. Harding, the Vice-Presi- \
dent and Mrs. Coolidge and members
of the Cabinet passed the day without)
formal entertainment of any kind. The i
President and Mrs. Harding will departj
to-morrow for Aiken, S. C, for a brief)
The Secretary of State and Mrs.;
Hughes were the ranking guests this i
evening of Prince Tokugawa. Other;
?ecretary of State '
and Mrs. Henry P. Fletcher, the Assist
the Navy and Mrs.;
Theodor" i- Mr:. Nicholas]
Longworth and members of the Japan?
ese deleg
,' Belgium and,
? : ? e-- le Marchienne
ers i the Belgian
to the conference and the|
members of the embassy staff to-day. ;
Dr. D. H. Andrese and Mme. Andresei
were hosts to-day with Jonkheer F. i
an Blokland and Jonkheer;
an Heersma de With and Mme. i
i gui : .
ant Secretary of War and;
have issued inv?ta?
les en December
iber 29.
'ine Children's Country Home ball
at Rauscher's -I inuar^ 2 will be under
charge of Mrs. Joseph Leiter, president
v ho will ?
arri r jr.
?ant enl er-:
tained this evening for her grandchil
acuzene and
Prince Michael and Pr ncess Clarissa
Cartacuzene. The guesta later at;
a ball given by Mrs. Thomas F. Walsh.
Sir John anu Lady Cadman departed !
from Washington to-day for New York.:
Mrs. Niblack, w.fe of Admiral Albert
P. Niblack, ha., arrived in Florence,
At Lenox, Masa,
' to The T'
LENOX, .Masa.. Dec. 2
ined in chorus singing at the
community Christmas tree in front of j
the Lenox Brotherhood Club house to?
night, George C. K. Turnure led a
grand march of 430 Lenox children and ,
afterward distributed candy and gifts.
Among those gathered about the tree
were Mr. and Mrs. Cortlandt Field j
Bishop, Mrs. Raymond T. Baker and i
her sister, Mr3. D. Emerson McVicker, '
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick S. Delafield,
Mrs. Daniel Paine Griswold, the Rev. |
Dr. Latta Griswold, Mrs. Turnure and i
her daughters, Mrs. Rudolph H. Kissel
and Mrs. George Kirchwey Livennore; j
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Astor Bristed ;
and Willard F. Smith.
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Flournoy had a j
company of seventy as guests at a j
Christmas reception this afternoon, j
Mrs. Flournoy was assisted in receiv- j
ing by her mother, Mrs. Miguel R. !
Martinez, who passed three years in ?
Spain, and by Mrs. Edward L. Martinez, j
of Boston.
Coasting, sleighing and skating were !
enjoyed on the BerKshire hills and !
lakes. The thermometer this morning ;
went to 6 below zero.
Dr. George Henry Fox, Dr. Howard
Fox and Alanson G. Fox. of New York. ;
are guests of Mr. and Mrs. Henry R.
Russell at Riverbend, Pittsneid.
Roosevelt Mementos to
Be Shown January 6
Exhibit in Library Will include
Unpublished Spanish War
Letter to Admiral Evan
There will be an exhibition of records
and mementos of Theodore Roosevelt ?
at the New York Public Library begin- j
ning January 6, the third anniversary ?
of his death, according to an announce- j
ment made yesterday by William Boyce !
Thompson, president of the Roosevelt I
Memorial Association. The exhibit;
will be under the joint auspices of the
library and the association and will !
last three months.
Letters, diaries, photographs, car- '
toons, campaign notes, first editions of j
the Colonel's works and manuscripts.
such as his ranch ledger and the min- j
utes of the first meeting of the cattle?
men of western Dakota, will be shown. '
One feature will be cartoons, the ma- |
jority of them originals, covering the j
period of Mr. Roosevelt's public life,
Mrs. Roosevelt has lent the associa- j
tion for the exhibit a collection of j
diaries which her husband kept. Be?
ginning with a journal written as aj
homesick boy in" Europe, this collec?
tion contains his Spanish War diary, j
including an unpublished letter to Ad- ;
mirai Robley Evans ("Fighting Bob''!
Evans), at the outbreak of hostilities, i
and notes relating to most of the im- j
portant periods of his career up to the
?::pedition to South America in 11)14.
Schwab for Near East Fund
Indorses Plan for Adoption of
5,000 Waifs Here
The effort of the Near East relief i
committee to save 200,000 children
from starving to death in Armenia
this winter was indorsed by Charles ;
M. Schwab yesterday in a letter to ;
John Drew, chairman of the national '.
theatrical committee of the organiza- ;
tion. Referring to the campaign in
New York during January to have 5,000
Armenian orphans adopted, Mr. Schwab
wrote that the undertaking had his ;
heartiest, sympathy.
Mr. Drew has gained the co-operation
of the motion picture and theater in?
terests in the effort to bring the plight
of the children to the attention of the
public. Next month the film, "Alice in
Hungerland," will be shown to school
children in auditoriums and motion
picture houses all over New York. A
can of condensed milk will be the ad
mission fee. A recent showing of the .
film in Brooklyn netted more than a
ton of milk to the cause in this way.
Diaz Made "*Ouke of Victory"
RO.ME, Dec. 26. (By The Associated
Press).?King Victor Emmanuel to-day
conferred the title of "Duke o?
tory" upon General Armando Diaz. The
title will be hereditary and will be as?
sumed by the first-born son of each
generation of General Diaz's descend?
f gggg Bookstore
For New Year'* Gifts
Sorely there is nothing more
appropriate as a gift to a friend
than a fine edition of a favorite
author, or some rare volume in
dainty and artistic binding.
Big Sisters' Feie
Repeats Success
Achieved Before'
Mrs. Wm. K. Vanderbilt 2d
Is the Chairman of Com?
mittee That rVgnm Pro?
vides Delightful Program
T!ie second of ' i i the group '
of four ben
of the li?
nt Sherry' >. In
?nee it. equalled in nun
liance the openi
night. The the
committee, of which M ? .
Vanderbilt 2d is taincd
I i a .: i . exc on< e ?d
on I he first
Among those who furnished the cr?
tertainment la. : n ,i ?va ? ? a El he!
Levey, who sang a group o i1
midnight in to an in
from Mrs. \ md rb It, Miss ! lorol hy
Clark and Carl Randall oonti
severa! dance i tl ?? wen arl tic and
ind added very materially
to the success of the fete.
There were supper parties, among'
them being those given by Mr, and Mrs.
Frederick H. Prince jr., Mr. and Mrs.
Mortimer Schiff, Mr, and Mrs, Sydney
L. Colford jr., Mr. and Mrs. W. Deering
How-, Mr. and Mrs, Joseph B. Thomas,
Mr. and Mrs. Harry H. Rogers and Mr.
' ( 'eerier.
W ?th the rs' entertainment
as her i Mrs. William K.
? ' a tl inner at the
Plaza, at which she entertained eighte n
an n took them
? the
Hoyt's debul in "The Squaw Man."
After the play the member- of the din?
ner party ? njoyi d her tality -it
the fete at Sherry' . and later were
her guests '>' : ;<i?!'?? :' Mis M?ri 1
-b ilt. had yotu ?? ? ? ? ids at sup?
per, in addition to tho ? in her
mother's partj
Among Mrs Vam dinner
guests were Mr. and Urs. Felix D. l
Doubleday, Mr. and Mrs. Louis C. j
Clark jr., Mr. and Mrs Monroe D. i
Robinson, M Jackson, Miss
Marguerite Doubleday, Miss Adele
Ryan, William Wa .'-son, Albert j
Gould Jenn bert Pulitzer,
Lawrence Waterl vorth Lewis
and Ashbel H. Barney.
Debt on Sergeant York's
Farm Lifted by Santa
Special Dispatch to The : ibune
NASHVILLE, Tenn., Pec. 26
?reant Alvin C. York's greatest, desire
has at last been realized. He owns a
410-acre Fentress County farm. The
last dollar of dei
session has ted by friends and
admirers of the big, ig red?
headed World War here, and it comes
to him as a Christmas present.
When York returned from overseas.
two years a^'o, a movement was
launched to provide him with a farm.
After the fii enth isiasm had died
down it for,r;,i York with the farm,
but abo-:: ?-[\:":l , ? ? y on it.
When friends
recently, however, a ;
butions began to pour in. T
$7? was guaranteed by a Nai
paper as a < ent, and new :
all that awa . deed
to the place is the arriva! of the 1 st
note at 1 he bank.
The Corn er ;ean I
deed that not on hour.- .
daries of h far n, ain a re?
cital of York's achievi in the
war. Especii feal
in the Argonne, when he killed twenty
.?.' im
a majo: and
? nests.
Carious c
: icribed
the tributes if Marshal Foch i
Pershing ai
Metnxikis Plans Seminary
Patriarch Would Establish a
Greek School in Philadelphia
PHILADELPHIA. Dec. 26.- -Plans to
establish a theological seminary here]
for students preparing for the ministry i
of the Greek
ing considered by Rev. Meiet.
taxikis, ecumenical patriarch o
church, it was announced to-night. The
patriarch, it was said, would try
tain the use of one of a group ? bu ld
ings to be ere-',-! P. : delphia
,. School.
Clergy and members of the Russian
and Greek 0 'tho lox chur :hes in Phila
an I New "! ver present at
a dinner gi1 . ' I
by the cJ
pal Church of Phila
The patriarch, following his receni
election at a synod of the Greet-. Church :
in Constantinople, began a movement .
looking toward union with the l'?
an* Eppiscopal Church. He pians to :
tour the United States in tl
of the unity movement.
Homeless Men Get Gifts
Twelve hundred homeless men of the
Bowery sang, laughed and played like :
Children last night around a big Christ
mas tree in Cooper I nion Square. ;
Later they had refreshments, saw a
vaudeville show and met Santa Claus
at an entorta
Union by the Bowery Branch of the
Y. M. C. A. Dow. includ?
ing Wanamaker's and Browning-King's,
helped stage the affair. Each man re?
ceived a bag of candy and some fruit.
The affair was conduct"! by song
leaders who had seen service with the
A. E. F. and they had all the oid boys
from the Bowery singing and
an active part. Cleveland A. Dunn was
chairman, R. F. Woodhull was Santa;
Claus and Sidney F. Cooke obti
operation of .-?1 Bowery wi
organizations. The inv tations were is- j
?y man along the Bowery!
who would accept one. They were done
? n Christmas co or and were treasured
by Borne of the o der men present.
.Music was by the I ? stmen's Sons' Band.
Alma and Mime! Zimmerman, diminu?
tive dancers from Woodhaven, and ?
other acts were on the bill.
Robert Genient, Head of
Vermont Bank, Dies Here
Financier, Who Was Lieutenant
in World ten Ss hile
at Hole! . ?odstock
Roberl Clem <? Gov
? mor Paroi i i
lent ttiona
v Ho :
_ r. Clcmi
VI D ,. .
[., und Ya
In Mai
. ? ??
met Queen, ?
. IB
Whci ?'
?1 .F:
- i. ctor of i
and Globe .-. a
Hotel Company, Bri ito id
i 'ompany and thi I -
ny. He v
Yale, Univer ' : Leagu
of this ci
? ?
Onsville C. Coffin, 78,
Dies at Bav. k!e Home
Fought in Civil War at ^8 and
Later Built First Toll Road
in. Colorado
BATSIDE, I,. !..
Coffin, a vei ran cf ? l-Wa
from pneumonia la bia homo.
He waa born
When eighteen y
te 27tl tfaine unteer rnl
After the
! 1 I I
i ran between
Hawk. He-served in Indian cam ??
Subsequently ic
lived ? nia.
"Mr. Coffin came
?on, J,ime.; ? !
: ISgOOd P(
di aler in Manhal i, A da
Miss Bessii I
Mr. Coffin was a memner of Na
I.yen s Post, C. A. R., of Co
Funeral sei ?. eld ar. :; p. in.,
. >!;ty, at ti e residence,
. R.
M rs. Antoinette Frosl 'tout, v
home, 102 We \ et. She
'.vas well known for r ..?rirai';" ac
?n New York l'uv and :
, N. Y.
Stout was the daughter o
vi n Fr ist, a lawyer. Her
Proal ? i
?ami in the
Among othe
al 'ary. SI e
iliary " I
ami an '
New for
mi ? v at St. Peter's Chu ?
CALI ' ' . ?.?A
W. Harr nt; ?old,
? avenue, Li
member of tl
January 1. I
y. .!.
. re
prii vhen
eral \ fhui
BABYLON, !.. !.. Dec. 26. -Thomas
Island and a lif
interm Ceme
?. D a i I y i
e of
known place n 1
? ? a
m the maria
at Jai
id by three
Charles ... of !
LONDON, Dee. 26. Father Lais, vice
Val can, died to-daj in Rome, according
patch rec
Father Laii wi reel
of the Oratorian ? an : ?
Daugh r
trdi il i
i: ?s Ti puai- ? 'eus ai
St. Ach ?Heus,
Lais's jurisdiction.
The death of Thoma
Volkenburgh occurred <? at :.
home, 16 .est I ? Street. 3
the son of the late
burgh, and is survived by
who -ivas Florence Ba E : fam
I es have
Mr. Van Volkenburgh was a :-....:..
of Yale in the i ' ' ?6, a n
of thi
the Sons of the R<
Colonel James Franklin, i
veteran and an officer c ?
F Cavalry Brigade of the < or
tte Army, died
to-day. He was ninet ,- years
Where 43 th Street crosses Fifth Avenue
Original Price
Sable Coats
Original Price
-4 /"*\ /^k.
One Family Mai^aement Since M63
De Mumm Child
?In Court Loses
U. S. Citizenship
Daughter of Amrricaii Moth?
er?, Who H-noune. d Ger
tnan Fortune and Title of
Baroness, so Go to Fa?her
8-Year-Old Girl Affected
; Ordered Returned to Noble.
ni ___W1 o i Ion l rolled Chara
pagu ins by March 1
i I e Tribune
Dec. 2 ' The story :
. :' how an ? ; girl lost her :
.; d b ?came
a German baron
d is contained in a
? lecision mad" public
liaron Walter de j
iand of the late j
n. formerly Miss '
of t ?t : : custody, cus- i
? dy o ' their daughter, Mary de Mumm. ;
the daughter of an ,
: ? chapter of the De Mumm
case, which has remained in the public)
<ye more or leas since 1913, was |
:? tei when the father began action
t > regain po of his daughter, ;
who had been left in care of her ma- !
grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. C. C.
ca, when the mother I
must be returned to '.
her Cerman fathi r by March 1, the :
Jersey decree i ays.
?"lie international romance of Baron
imm and Frances Scoville at- j
. widesprt. I on in 1913. !
. They had m le was j
ind, and the dash
i mg sportsman, who controlled
i tipagne millions, quickly won i
American girl. They
? ? he same year.
the principal
ipl ;r of the ease,
' lermany, in
. : Mm ? d ? fam'j sympathy for
ed :au ?? and her husband
ithi . ed an estrange
loon after the i ighter's birth.,
ind chi id took up their
nee in France. Bur Mme. de
lically an alien erren:; .
le was granted many
. ? ?? itensi ve wi ne pre pi
? ' : ?! and
>?! a share of then:.
ca and
?- Amer
istored. ]
- i up 1 for her
perty, which
rgal separa:
F .
he mother and
. ter ? country for a
, L919. mother re
irope in the hope of find
estored health by traveling the
with the grand
?ents in ?eneca, Mme. de Mumm
. ?
; omatic ri
mai -Fid the United States
resumed the father took up the
:' his child. The
. .
iwell Funeral To-day
'? rett Cald
? ??? -. S c ?- .
? . sages of condo
: .. Bcores of floral tri
- 5 were rec Dis
Ittorn'ey Harry E. Lewis and his
-..::' , he ?ervices.
Leaves 01 Great-Grandchildren
SAGINAW, Mich.. Dec. 26.?Mrs.
hty-six years old,
; leaving 113 direct descendants,
one great-grandchild- [
Coins On To-dav
d \ r
N , ? ar ? History; ad
Mus un of Art ; admission
isic ',: o.
?a I Society; admission
rtlandl Park Museum; admission
ssion ire?.
deration c,C Jewisb
lay, Hotel Astor
delegation 0? the
;...i;::i Hotel Pennsylvania, :
of the Traffic Club, Waldorf- '?
ir?a, s ,i ick.
Lgers, Cafe Boulevard.
.r Broadway
Moses Taylor Promises
Clubhouse to Legion
Building To Be Presented to
Post Named After Son if If
Provide* ?he ^ile
Moses Taylor, of this city and of
Ar.andaie Farm, Mount K
has promised a clubhouse and hall to
Mo :i I Tayior jr. Post of the
ican Legion, at Mount '
known yesterday, provided thi
will buy a suitable piece of pi
for it. raising the funds loca:
and clear ? debt.
The promised building, i i
which already have b
o ? m ire I han $100,000, and ??
in the term of a memorial
Taylor's son. Moses Tay or jr.,
irican offici
the World War, for whom
post of the Legion is named,
? y house, and wi ! have i t
with a seating capacity of
nasiuna and offices for various
charitable organizations.
Provided the
r-s specified, work on the
will begin next spring, wbe
Taylor, who is a n? v i
? ravel ?ng in 1
and his two daughters, has r<
to this country. A con is bei n
appointed by the i] American
Legion post and a drive alxea Iy ;
been launched to obtain funds
Ceremony a? South Ferry
Hylan to Board New Bout on Its
First Trip To-day
The first trip of the new S aten Island
ferryboat Pr?sider.': Roosev
made to-day. With Mayor
Grover A. Whalen. Commi
Plant and Structures i n boa
?'?? ?sei will leave ::<yr ?;
George at noon. Hy an
aboard the Mayor's flag w
and later the Uni1
city flags will be
ted in by the Mayor and ?
Qurr ' svelt Post. Veterans nf
??. Wars. The Msor may speak.
? to make tb* first trip
will b . tbaxm Fristen i<s
? 'a auxiliary of the V
Vf ,,rrd Civic Leag'.-*
i Chamb?r of Com
?-ip th* ferry
: e for the ;.
'Pageant of the Strong'
Give?! by Jewish Soeiety
:ih Por*ray^ Devo?
tion to God, Law, Fate,
? : irity
- - ? " a
' ?. ? tion l
??. f
. ?
' ?
.- .
- .
da ? ?
Birth. En?ajernent. Marri.*?:*,
Death and In Memctriam Notice*
muy be telcphsncd to The: Tribun*
-<tnp time uf> io midnight f?r ii>
lerttan m the next ?ay's ?afiw,
.'" Telefthanc ?ackman 3000.
.niw i m ,...,.
?Jew '"."'
if Interment private
B? KKY ? H;.;::.:
i ?I hurch
BJfecK?Suddenly on
i ' ' - lence.
_ . to?, 228 W st
; : apel oi ? lre< n v.
: .
: ?
'?? ? v ' . uni
??KEWKR On Satur
?Jier h 146 11 ?" li
Y . ida wife : .. ?..
bor -?). 1921, Ever . '
of \e.n-- L.
;? ; his late ?
Fuesd afternoon at 4 o clock.
CI,EM EN'T ? Robi
Woods) >ch Hotel, N v foi
: Ian :. VI . on V,
;ber 28, at 2
DE SEiCXAJTR?Beloved w
? ? Ev -??'
Mary's Hospital, 1 asaaii
literal Moi
ber 26, fron hei
Sa ttcrthwal te av , N'utli
will be celebra
Mary's Ron
st. si train irons
Ister ; :?:
i '. i -. :
FrJuTOST?On Saturday, ;
? he n sider
Dall, -. '. .
Margaret Bmlly Pulton, In her
Funeral services it S .
' Mint on and i 'a rroll sts., Br
Tuesday morning:, Decembi r . Lt 10:3
GRIGGE?Mary Ella, or 25.
-?' ? :ees and interment prl
HAIXOCK?Winthrop A,ver
'rank K. and Ka ? '.
i 'hns: :t:,tt< morning, at his resid
iwcll, Conn., in the bjr
: :. Fu?era I i Lt<
How rs.
Brooklyn, Saturday, December 2i
P., widow
. jey ,ind daughter if in
iabeth H. Bowi
? era I eervici a will be lii . prii i
HAKMA.N ? A i her late
rf-A st ??'-."?
Emilie Barman, widow
3. '.'? an.
HOTAMN'G?"W ?am E., i
:?'?:': L-ai Funers
lato res! len e, Sha ? "
2 p. m.
IRVIN?December 24. Melissa Crvin
Ices Sti phen M :rril I 9 : b,a pi I, 223
av., ? : ?
KKNNfJV- \: North I ainfleld, N J
S!ir.ii.iT- December '.'. 1321, Katharlm
\., beloved wife of : . ? enne: ?
V'ur.i'ru! i'rnm h?r lnt.> nom-. :
View av., on Wednesday. December 28
l Ihurch at 10 a. m. Inte
Ri'df' mer ( ? rael ? rj
' rs.
UIBIER-'T "..Emma
a. Laurier, bell ved ? seph I>au
! ! -
PATT ;'":-'?"??
Pf r.T/
beloved ?lau
W1GTO* _e?
lora Beal ,
".v: :.i i \ _s
vo: vf
3 . at con
"*** <____?_? S2C*0
\ Cota] -1 . ..-ral ij?t-ice
a?a atmosphere _ trc_o_tn__
-' e '? :: _u_ 'it? ??
: .urce" i__
tetm Bif?C?ke?fs
West 42nd St. (Between 5th and 6th Avenues) West 43rd St?
Commencing To-'Day? The oAnnual
onnomr \/\ nira
Presenting comprehensive assortments of high!/ desirabie. supenor quality
merchandise at prices which represent a substantial saving on the regular value.
Household and Decorative Linens
Philippine and Silk Underwear
Blankets and Bed Coverings
?jt ** Corsets <_? <*

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