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? '? ^ast the Truth: News Uaitorials Advertisement*
T H K W E ,\ T 11 K R
Cloudy and ... ,-irnr to-day; *ii"\?.- <>r
min to-night and to-morrow . fruh
aoutherly nindx, increasinff.
(Full Ur|>r,rt on fjW?l f.ijt/- .
li hl. lll
l' Imn*
t.rmtrr \ .- - \
i ii ii. : ( i -v i
tl i h ?? ?.,?, M,lr.
Hylan Sworn
Iii So Band's
Mayor ^ttacks Transit
Commission and Fori
Authority in Speech in
Estimate Board Room
Tammanv Trihr
Crowds City llnll
Hulberi Takcs Office \mi?1
l'li.Mi"*-: Cahill Kisse*
y\Q Women Constituents
I of Mayor John
?-,i I ? trat ion ln ..
? ? ' ?
- '?' '"?
, ?-?.-.?
. th<
?< ., ? ' v ?r: 17 Hill
?. . pTI, jent ol he Bi ard of Mdei
men p -.--.? led meeting
<-...-);;>--- the easl ?? ing of
h< *'
, j^e firsl ' ' " r **~" history of
. B -?<?. ?- M yoi was in
,.-?-?*' ? Board ~f Esti
.,,.,..-?>?---'-?-- i? f " ' dec
anted wi ' ,'-.-?-? flags
snd the ed
--.p floor o1
. .-?',,
? < . - -
- ? -T.r.
wers w "? en into *
-,--e. -. hs, donated by ad
ent.5 c enib
oar Be lides the nov >
'? ? Coi broilot
~r\z- ' " Governoi .'' ed i
lo H. La <'?:, - ?
.,.--? - - ] ?. -
. ? ; rman r ccrcmo
Cheera snd Tears for Miller
. ? -:. '??? r? ugV
in, took u] ? o
' .? ? ? i the Municipal
Bi pception ttended bj
"?? eral 1 lt and offi
" ? ? Rtld kifEC!
f "- Miller's women rela
? by the dc onstra
' Records Mi 7 Annie
' Rcgi :7er of
-.. ed ofTici
' , ? wom^i
The affair bad 1 11
. ?' fnm ? I
... . . | .
_ .'.?,... -
' r - ,
.' !*? 3 t< i
ucc esi
'?'?:? ;-leii7.
? ;? dercd tl
-. inch
eir first : pe iranci
w term
.? all r.i'o
es, .' en
? ' ot* c ty offii
. ? ? v depart
: ? aders and
I I out from
?h - ?
i the
"' and ii
e Dirit
'Itl a< ?? Ry- ?
an-Hear .;,-,-,. 'r\;\d
? y Hal! indi
and ac
? - ;aifl,
' - *r?, "that sl ild
p e's in
of "
' ' ,
' ir lhe
ral add -
t< rruptod
rhc Mavor
? * H d '??
Press \dmonishcd Again
^ r" re tl r p)i ii
ol the city ko-.
witl ? .,.??? ?
: - |{, r, -
. . ' ? '? latic vote of coi ?
' . .. .
lared that it
1 as comn mcni
1 . ? ? :? ldual.
? press for its lacV
ad 1 . ?
. rca? ,,,; .,.,.
, ? ,,. , ti d *?
? , d the*<
? pu ich '-? time
not ea unt.l
? ;.
"-""' ' "' '' - ' '?
'.' ' ' * ' j
ity j ovcrnmen
1 - ?.,- ,,? bli<
? ??? t?S? Jli)
Italian Sailors Attaek
Gobs; Fatally Hurt One
W OUicr Jackics Woundcd
'" Batilf ^ainsl Odds ot
Three to One
rtj^i ' ' By Tho Associ
ible between
"? u v ? ?... . war
. , to-da when a
: ? -? a dozen American '
om caf and thi n went from ,
ittackir ' "'r;'-:'i7 out and !
., 4 ' '-'? group- of Anirricanf:.
ife wounds,
Th, ... ' isly stabbed. ,
tl utgrowth of
"? ??? caf< . following which I
?rfafr 1 the raiding party,
Malre kpives ?nd sev
.aro.; Amencana aru dc- 1
" from the v,ar craft;
"? in cor.sefjuence of i
' '?: investigation ia j
B.J >; e American sailors, '?
" th* gunboat Wilming
* I ? oro hia injuries.j
' OA'SI \VCr ' ' *'1f ' ^n ?"ATI.ANTir j
..' ' ' ?:-> srn lal" anJ
'?*?(,:.'. .1 -?;!..'
- "rfa '? oSSS.?^Advi i
Rodman Wanamaker Rescued
Ry Butler at Fire in !hww
Merchant, Overcome l>v S?,ok, i? Uteru,.
bscape, rouiul on Floor and C.nrrinl
io Safety Over lloof
Rodman Wanamaker was ovcrcome
^ ?moke oarlj yesterda; morning bv
p,1" ,n '"? '?"<' e. at 69 Washington
"*??** llc *V8a rescued and carried
'?'?' "' ? back window and over thc roof
10 thc Rdjoi ' B ' butler
'?* ne ? Sehmidt.
1 ' " 'l?> ": ' ' rtod l . i,. q
'-):"; "Hl ,a '" '" '*'''> and in their
roi uprending Lion
," *-[? vci ! - I Fircinan Jofin Rui
hvan, both oi Hook ind Ladder .
?'" damagC don, tO
? '? !' ' lding and ita furnishings was
? ' imatcd roughly al $ 16,0 Ki. Mr
u ananiakci bad some rare - ! . ... t>,'
- and .i h believed thal wl ?i
an mveritory is taken of the damagc
done hy water Dnd smoke to ' ?
tapestries, draj ? r ea and on th? lir ?
floor the total will exceed v15,000 b:
a cood dcal.
Mr. \VKi->Hr?viKr.r could nol br seen
yesterday afternoon. Ho had been
Donied Ijquor,
Reveler Kills
Owner of Bar
Custonis Gnard, Caught iu
Chase \n 'Wliieli He Drans
Gun on 1'oliVe-mnn. Denies
><n?t in Near-Beer Saloon
Companion Accuses Him
Saya They Ha<l Birn Drink
iiijr Runi on Pier; Vu-tim
Guard atOMBmrritMiHou^r
T; e firsl killing to grovi
illicil New Year's liquor traffic, wh cli
produced scorea ol i tabbing and
g as. and ph old-fai bioncd
. i eported j e.< terday, w hei
'?-. ? ' ? al oo nke< ; ? <? .... j ear
old, of 6 East Seven ty third Street, was
- ol dead in front of hi bar by a cu? -
. uard. Thi ] ool ing ? as in the
al 1732 Second Avcliuc, corner
of Kast N'inetii tli s;r ? et, of which
Kenny waa part i wner. He wa; a ci n
"the t.. I Si vent: -thii ,1 St 'eet
housi ii ??? ? ? ' ?? lic! had been oc
n ? y Mrs, Wil?
liam *? M. Burde
Taifrant, twentj five yei
of llu% Park Avenue, a customs gUard,
was arrested after a chase. He ia
charged with the shooting, but denies
having been ir- tho snlooi or knowing
anything about the shooting.
Dei ? cti i*es Durning, Wa) ae and Den
the !,:.-1 Eighty-c ig htl Street
station, later ai rested I * % i i, > Scherer,
fifty-seven years old, oi '? 10 East
Eighty fifth Street, also a customs
guard, who says be hai been in the
customs service for twelve yeai He
is held &s a witness. lie is allcp
have been with Tarrant in the saloon.
Several persons who saw the shooting
will br asked to identifj Tarrant, who
% ijrci'.rrci by Schen r to I avo doi ?
the shooting.
Drinking Near Herr
.v >rding Co witnesscs, Kenny was
stan linj in front of his bar, talki y to
several customeri . all of whom re
his friends. AH in the party wero.
drii i ? ng near bcei ic . ? thei
soft di'inks, svere all tire liquidi found
in thc place by thi po ice.
I'arrat, earryinpr ;. satchel and ac
conipanied by another man, entered the
place and demanded wl isky, the police
say. Kenny told bim there v.'as no
liquor on tli? premises.
"I couldn't give you a drink if 1
wanted to," Kenny said, "and you're
too drunk even to drink near bcei
o ? home."
Without another word, witnesse told
i licc, Tarrant drew a revolver
and fired. Thc hullet ploughed through
Kenny's neck and sevcrod the jugular
i ein.
Xhe men In the saloon, beaded by
Charles Kirchner, who lives at the Syl
van Hotel, 121st street and Third ave
nue, sra\'..' chase. At Minetieth Street
they inet Policeman Charles Elanagan,
of the East Twent; second Street .'?.
tion, who was returning home after a
night's work They pointed to thc
fug ve and the policeman joined in
the chase. As they ran the witnesses
told Flanagan of t:*'r bhooti -
Fuifitive I?ra?s Gun
The pursueri overtook 'j.-iran* at
Ninety-second street. Tarrant drew
hi cvolver, but it was wrenched from
and by thc policeman. Tarrant
[eaped al the policeman's throat.
The patrolman shook him off and suc
' in subduing him.
'i he detcctive - said thi ?? <? I later
to the home of Scherer after they had
found his hat in thc saloon and identi
ficd him by a customs service number.
They were told hc was not. at home, J
bul entered and fcund him in bed.
Scherer said thal be, Tarrant and h
?hir<i guard ati rted home on ;< Kinth
A . >nuc elevated ti ,;ri after drinking a
largi quantity of Italian rum on the!
pi er3 whero th e y arc employed. T h e y j
stopped off at one saloon and drank j
? ome Scotch, The third guard left them
Tarrant has been arrested on two
previous charges of assault, the police
say. One charge 1'as dismisscd nr.ti o:. ;
a second charge he was given a sus-l
(Continue) rn paj* feur)
Kiiit! Srr.-* Chapliu Film ;
British Roval Familv Amuscd
by "Tlie KUV
From The Tribune's European Burcou
Copyrl^ht, KiCL', New Tai Tribune Inc.
LONDON. Jan,. 2?Thc lilm showing
Charlie Chaplin in "The Kid" amused !
the British royal family to-night in j
the ballroom of the King% Norfolk]
home, Sandringham. * I
At the command of King George. '.
the famouei comedian caused the Lon- |
don owr.ers of his pictures to dash off \
to Sandringham with copies cf "The i
Kid" and "Shou'der Arms" early to- I
day. They put cn a show which, iri- |
cluding these two features, was the j
same as that c-hown Premier Lloyd j
George at Gairloch, Scotland, in Chap- I
lin'a farthest north invasion of Fng- |
taken from the scer.e ?-' thr
u'rapped in n hlanket hy '.
?hal; ''? (. ? ' ? I Plai | .
Strueturen and pot to bed in the 1 -
at U \\ai hington Squi Nurtl
un purchased reccntlj and which ln
expected i oi n lo move into.
I'r. Ilarv. ?. Shoemnki r. of Pl
I i-.. Mr. W anamakpr' i, ,
lin l! > ::'"' moned and ? ? traincd i .
va.. callcd 11. , ? e . , . |, ? ?,,
;?' ';?"' a ? -.?. hi -., ii
: "- '"?' ?' iii n nervou: conditioi | h,
eveiti menl ?? .< too imici 'o r H
' ? ??'?'>? ?? b: i spu un to thi cold
morning a? Hi i-,.. ,,,,I; h
;''?" r\ 's '" ' " coiidit.ii
rn'.111 4?e re, i- nol ?? ni; ,1, ,.
Ifc '5 dee.I . rh isabl. I ,- Mr v. ttTi8
mal er i ? |uiet.
' '?'' ' i' was cau! ed ; . an ove
J cated fun ac nd wi conVme
? enl. I was d , ? ,] i
servanl ! ortl; ul'ter the night WRlr
lepartc <? 7 o'clock iii A'ai
' ontlnued en ntxl pat,*,.
Dance rs Fiijlit
re tionntrv
Oub Is Swept
Women in G Frocks Form
Buckel Brigade Vi iiit Men
in Fntile Eft'ort to Save
Wcstehestcr [nslilnlion
Waler Fails in Hydrauts
Tide Ont. En-sines Vlso Are
Helpless; Trophies and
Vrt lYcasurcs Destroyed
Pile \\ I ' ? r ? | ?:- , - |
M' ? '" : nd the Kound n tho
of the i
li ?..??.. .-. n the i
N'ew York, was di
crdaj afternoon, I ? ;,, \\ .? ?
matcd, v II c xc< ed S250.000
The in are t firc engii
mile awa; an I until the firemi
'? ' abo :? 150 club ? icmbei . ; ? ?
?uest3- thei ng ,,,. ,
women who '? . ... oyjng ..
N'ew b ci .'
brigade md foi
? ? ,-: got ti ere evi i tui
poi e to two alari . '?? ? - ., ....
? ; 'ch for ] ? ?..?:.;. r,
A caddie was th.e flrst to . . e that t ie
clubhoui c v ;- a:'.; -. He , aw eddii - oi
smoke swirling from thi so tl
cornei ?',. ? . re the
1 trong vind rn liod \\"; :?. ,? ;;.
Kane, I e p, tendeni Ir. Kaue
aoundi ? mg and ent in ai
Women Join Fire Brigade
The gong ilenced the orcl estra ir
the ;? Iroom n . dancers I u tei ed to
the upei ini endent'f offi c, fhen I
were joined by ? uni er from thi I
and coli'ei ? are ?
Mackinaw and dancing fi ock . side b
side, astcned to the racl ich hi "l
thu (ire extinguishers; o th,
house, where laddi ? 0f ho e
were ki pt, to tlu hydranl near the
clubhouse, ; .... ... -
what furnil ure w; in ari t,
lt was found that tin re had bursl
through the rool ??.' th< structure and
' '?" I'' I c.\ti ngui sh -
ers. 1 hose toilii g with h hai cl
at the recalcitrn hvdra
' ose connccted i .' passed it
forward a ....
George Townsei i ? ideni r ?
club and i u mb< r of tock Ex?
change; Eugenc H. Ro enque t, treas?
urer of tho club and pre.< ident of tlie
Bri Gi and I ? ti : Coi ipanv, and
'?i!in rt Eerris, rtury, wi rn ai
the i ose - ei ,
? r' yom watci I" i houted *Mr.
Tov end, who co ersant with <
rect terminology in all branchc of
sport, and the sl roup al the
hydranl eaned !; agai nsl 11 ? ; r
long-handled w r<
They opei d 1 hydrant to thi lasl
thread, bu fownsend,
coal ' ,- grittj with cindei
mouldei . eri i ? ? . , shouted:
"i*t.arl your wati !"
Therc wi no tarf ing 1;." watci in
ydranl I ifficient ei thusiasi
to carrj il to thi roof ? f the clubl
Tl e i olunteer I o e cc mpj ? bad to
give it up al as( I ndcr tho* dii eclioi
of Mr. To .vnsend id Mr llosei que t
and Mr. Ken ?, tlu y gathered * ! th'
pails, dishpans, soup tureens, p
bowls and other watertight utem
he found and formed bueket brigadi 3.
Their !:!;>'; rai frorn every watcr-tap
on the firsl flooi to the ladder:. ? n
which stood men ai d \\ on n who
dashed what rcmained of the water
after its torluous journej upoi
(C?n"finuttil an f.iji? four1
Boy Figlits Half Hour in
ley Pool lo Rescue J>onj
Strips and Plunges in Wlien
Ile Seee a ^transe Fup
Trapped in ^ ater
Edwin Tuti Ie j i.. fifteen yeai old,
student at Pitman, X. J., Lligh School,
fouglit naked half an hour yesterday
in a flooded gravel pit to re: :
drowning dog.
Edw'n saw the dog, a curly-tailed
mongrcl with only one eye, frisking on
thin ice. lt broko through and
wat unable to ciimb back. The? hoy at
first tried to reach the doc bj stretch
ing fence rails on tho thin surface,
Half way to his goal he broke through,
reaching shore with difficulty.
Edwin then d ;-carded his clothing,
olunged in and swam to the narrow
strip of ire still separating- the dog
from open water, This he succeeded in
breakir.p and the pup swam ashore
after him. Rescuer and rescued were
Edwin was attended by physicians,
who said last night he would be non<?
tte worse foi his adventure. When
?\sked v,h.y he had r'sked his life for r.
dog Tuttle prinned.
?''jr-rr; 'l,,;,'^ & friend of inine,-' ! -
*oss on
January 14
Deelares Hc Has Nol Made
^ P Mind as to OflVr of
$150,000 toGuideWel
fare of Picture VTorld
I'r'MliM'crs Srrk'mo*
Insisl Man of National
Prominencc I* Needed
to Stabilize the Business
tl H Po in , l
tho report
!';r- bi . ii offcre l thi positioi
? : ' - advi
?' i ? |
ati 1 foi
lo ,
5150.000 n ... ,'r . .
tract- H I ' noui .'?.
''"?>.*>- iea\ ii g foi 'A -i ' ington, i<
ri up I '
:i to the pro] oi al Hc said ho had
agreed to mci *; ? ? ? rion ??? repri i
?Tton Sat irda; Jan
ch i o Id ;
i-. ilr,-. s dei irerJ lie 1 ? ??- ittlc o
: ? letail o thc pi ip , . II, . .
Lhat froi i v hal I c
?n proffi r coi
OCC ipy illp- thi ;,,.'? ,
"?-' ; cl nrc wi i;,: ;*? ?,i J idg. | am
? ort of 1 rh ci
n b ?? .,
' 11 in ti atea that thi -
liavi sonn ? icl
apparcntly i
to guidi im id t
? nt ma; I ? i ? ? ? ?. | i iei of rc
Will t onsider Offei
I the courti thr- int. rviev i thi
iei i P ? ? . ??? l ?-, i .j l. ?.' ????
Mr. Hay: i
"1 an . 5 | afternoon to Wi
ington, ing ? . r< I of
rirly thi ? .? ? ? neci ? ? ?:
'. I ? i i e t wa n o t p o
givi it tl ii : e
are, hi with e plai ? l hi i
rush tin- way I yielded to
:. ic r. I took a completi
"Thc :sull that 1
i inco 191! -
last 1 ci lcin ? ? : .. ha
? ion,
"It is .hat I havo. re
business an. lega off n ov
ing picl ure interi i * , ?
m< :, v ; o are pioneer .. greal
bui incss, have ;n -cachin
; better fust nov, 1 ?
give ! he matter the i liongl . .
! sidoration that it oi' course deeervi
??!;? irn h diatc desin to get '? .?' i .
...;? job al V> a: hington and
"' havc uj go ? ? ? .. I ? .
??'??? i lhe i d d I e o 1
I . . and afl ? a frank disc
give tl in : i i Ti is the.\
accordingly 1 will ? '
probabl. i - Satu nlay, January
?'?? ' ' Until then 1 am
IOi ? ? ? ? ? uceniratci Loffn
Payu Irihnif t'? Penrose
F'osl ? ? Genei
the late S. nator Boi<
death," d, "i
grca o to lhi Senati , 1
i n t r y."
The tallation o; tuhe fo : ?
luicl r di patch ng oi* mails,
.... rely a mattei ? rei ent on
'.?? ? he pi opei i'.- al
'i ? . th A'-' nu ? and rhirt; ii ? Street
and ;.'"?' )in ng t pri ' (iflici
M: Ha; ial v th thi excepi oi
T ??:? Ange i th n ha be i mi in
icss all over th.
:.; j of about 10 per cenl
to the faci Lii thi eparl
ment. rhe cfiieiencj bad o i ci ??? -?> d,
aid, that tl ocal powtmaster alnn
?-..;.- able t" ? ?? ??? c govei nei oul
5200,000 ?? ithin 11 ? lai t three. irn
" I ca n ;. ? ? ure you," nu I ed M r.
Hays. "that I i propo tion ur.dci
. :, circu ?'. tanei ei ntemplati's a busi
r.ess mer " ? i ai vic i eu rbing
ci i . ii- ition oi contro i ll
i be an i - ocia tion to bel ter the tone
.:;.,; moi '??'? tai .%rd? <-r ' ? ? r m
and to '% ? clcv at1 ' cd. a
tic.ual r ? ne."
\j r. llays, ' v.-a ? sa id. gei era lly
eierre a ":hc Judg Eandi? of
- ,- .. world" becaurc of '?.: ini
. ,i ? .ledgi of ' he bus : ?? - - nnd
. npa th tin indust in Lhe
i altei of arti tie pro cmcr.t. rhe
du ? - for i variety oi reason
disturbci ate :'"i >m
Most of all, Lhe produccrs an anx
u i,, pre ent I he ci act ment i : , d
? onal . tatc and 1 ederal cen ?
(Continued cn next p??",
s [solatecL
Kefusal of Senatc lo In
dorse Four-Powcr Cove
nunl Held lo Doom the
Country to Lone Hand
DrrJaml al Slnkr
Sarranl Assnres HuijIh->
lln- Giita Charges Are
a -'Gross Fabriealinn**
By (larter Field
WASHINGTON*, Jan. 2. V. I en the
four pow< r i reat i ntended lo ai ir<
i ? . Hn Pncilie, con es ip i
0 rat ?? Jt, v ;? [i
to-da; Senator Lorl .-? ol i
i i .ig - i. r v. ill .. ;? ? it
on on I ,-.-., at failure to
??''?; ' - J ?? o Li adopt
of non part icipat ion in world
rhe ' hole ful u re i :. erna
i ? : .', of the Uniti rl ' latea
on this vote, they vt ill point out.
: and I ? nce the dec on Lo h adc
ie onc ol thc n I portant in
\.merii i history.
II will bc poii ted oul thal Lln n
iectii . of 11 e 'oui p iv er tn at; . d
' real ie oi g -.i
?'?'''!l ' ' :onfcrenei i.ig ,? ? .
of Lln rcfusi ol the L'nited
j %,.!??- to indori c ie V-i saille i reat
1"'? '? '" 1 ' '?:':" i : Xa1 ioi i . pai: ,
will 1 ai ipl : opo and i i
in thi ??? rld a ncani final
full; thal ' ir. I'::!-.% State ' as
de ei ined to play a Io ie I ai d in in
; ? r ; ia politii ind I I ? ? ?
Modcrate < ours? Urocated
. V . | , ? .
portii ?? our-pov ir treaty and I
? '.''< ment ? wl iei up thc a 'te "
Lhi con en . . ? [ be, i
? cl that th. : Stati ? inno
Lo tal the course o isols
art in world
, ?
to p o i n t o f t *
'?'"': the 3 . . , ?' \ -?..,. ,
- ,. ; : ii *
of the '.'?.!. enaii C, im ..;???? '?,.?. ;..
Tl four-] er trcaty a
?. hi u ealr.ee! . ? ..
liui ' > , i olatiou i
? ni ona i nta nj levnents.
' ' ?: other le elopment ... prima
? luri hc da
? ?'? ' ' '''?' ? ?? ...': denial to
tary Hughe from Albevt Sarraut,
-a?l oi tin .i ench delegation, i '
? r id< lasl i ? il v ? , ...
'?ecogi d ii. .. guti rom ' t ic Far
1 I ';'' ? .-. thal tl i
I; pai iind I' rem h go' ei nmenl had
-(-crotl . ?? ? il , ! i ei ; pi otec
rui ovei iberia,
I ' nl I i xplo d by the Far
!''?? >t ' lt< | ublic spokesmen was rhe
" :' ' of i im ersation in Wash
igton to day, : .. ii charge that
frain and Japan were in cci ei :. g i
b and thi ir n !< ged
I ? ... tai tiate I In i ui .-< n ought
. - onc . fi om the ,1
an '? Japane nnd grea dei
Diplomats Doubtful of Story
fon . ? ? . ? r rathi i cai
doi " ?? ntal ?:. c losun , ? hei
I; ?? docunients havc anythinj to do
Itussia, .-, tl...;.. sl ory < a ??
i.:'.. n " ii: ,. liber i g rain of salt.
Cecdles.- to ..;.. hov- thi e who
..i uicl ii ?? thc con fcrc nc ?
from thi irsl oti ny pr. i
tui.! 'd up i aturall; ... d upoi this
, to ? how that ti,.. ' ':'' ? .- iates was
:'? m llai uni d again F'or in
. Senatoi Borai adc a state
ment aying I hat 1- r mcc a nd Japan
had a , ler.standiii] abi ! r
? -? blc takei ro G rma ?-.. b '?- ?
? , to t %i coi ' e rencc, m ;
wa rni g i '? e American people that i;'
j thi countr; im-is -; oi
anyl hing k tl 'our-i ov : r treaty
? ? ? ? ? ag re behind \.
!.. .? ., .. | .- ? ..,;'.....
rhe rdaho * na! or, ?". ho : ,-? been
lir.iling .. new line of attacli on i .h,r
,-ork of tho c ' ? 'almost every
? y, ioi - not explain just how ti- e
I ted Stati .i i njured by thi; al
'? gi .! ".'i ??' , . ., ent of 1' ;-;?:." and
Japan on '.rablc f-, v.-l cl be o !
inten t, ir.asmucli i witl .otl
Moi ? ; ?.ted ?? the conference
? i ? ? ;?.-. me ' r-; eat ing thc
cables ? a ? reacl ecl, one of them al'
that ' ? ? eou nl rr . lafmed hai ing been
?:?-?' , ;?: t hc i 'nited Stati ?. So thc al
ecro. a^rocment, on the 1'acc of
'Conti.-u-d c.ii nrxt pnnt ;
ew lnimi?Tation Law ?#c?
2 Babies, 1ml Admits Paretits
v ol ii '? ?.* how ti-,- Dilling
... ... ral e in migi anl pai -
r, i - f] om ' he - childi ? v i demon-f
strated aboard lhe Greek i team hip
Constantinople, in ycstcrdaj from the
Le ,-ant, - Iv i ' wo couple: were in
formed that t! y could enter the coun?
try, but thal their daughters, eight and
'.ou month ? ? ould have to be cx
Among the passengcrs wa Aron K il
manovitch, a violinist, thirty-four ye;:r.~
old, whose home until two year ago
was in Petrograd. Hc was accompanied
hy his wife, who is twenty-three, and
his d'aughter Sueda, eight months oid.
Kalmanovitch, who is a Jcw, said he
had been trying to get to New York for
two years, but that Soviet Russia re
fused to vise his passports. He and his
wife worked their way to Odessa, and
from there got into ' on tantinople
about a year ar
When he arrived her< yesterday be
was informed that under the new im
migration law he and his wife were
e'lgible to admission to the icn"--'-- r ?
Russians, but that their bab; . who waa
ior;. in C ? nstantinople, :oi ' lot en
:. r, - - '" wa ? ? lativi oi "i ?
whose monthly quota had been cx
h a u s tei
'. [i -, on the vessel were Mois che Ship
guel and his wife Idt', who ia ?. sister o
Kalmanovitch. v\ ith tl em -.-.;; i thcii
ten moi th* old daughtcr, Sionna. Their
ca wa -. ident ica I ".ith that of llv
Kf' lanovitch fam ly.
Both couplcsj wcre held ribrmrd th''
I i ? ?rnight, and n ':?? m d of - pecial
inquiry will pass upon their cases to
day al Ellia Island. It is believed
Washington will order that the babies
bc admitted to the country with their
The Constantinople was originally
the old Bremen, built for tlu- North
German Lloyd Line at Danzig in 1897.
She was pavtly burned in the grcr.t.
North German Lloyd pier fire twenty
years ago. She was in Bremerhaven,
Germany, when the war started, in 1914,
and waa recently allocated to the Brit
ish. who gave her to the Grt.ck Line.
When the Greek owners took h^r
over a coffin was found in the hold, and
rumors were current that ic was one
;, ? ahoard hy the German ex Kaiser
and bore his coat of arms. This re?
port was discredited, however, as the
coffin was une of perhapa a dozen such
as are carried by many s.teamships to
be used in the event of deaths a? sea.
Tht Kaiser, it is said, never uscrj the
Brrmen for his cruises. He usually
commanded the use ol the Hamburg
^merican liner Hamburg for hi6 sum
. . - trips to Norway.
The Constantinople encountered con
.. rabl? difficulty in docklng yester
? South Brooklyn. Thr- wind and
> ? : cau?ed her to break t'.vo havrsers
!? h :? warping inta dock.
Mrs. Harding Near Collapse in
Greeting 6,500 at White House
rhree-q-uarter-Mile Line Steps Lively to Marine Band
Musie al Firsl Reception in Kiplit Years;
President Beams Upon "Mr. Zero"
- ??? Burei u
WASHINGTON, .1;,.,. i. \. -.,
o'i lock ti-:.? aftei ? oon Mn Vi arrei (.
I ? R o i
"' ' V\ hitc Hou o, . va; ' ?' a bit and
?: itc iecl ? Ik< n rope to : leady her
elt. She had a moment befon ii I ed
haking hands with the lai 1 of i bout
;.. 00 ii' r.soi \\ th Ihe Prei idcnl
vithstood magnificentlj thr- ordcal of
making I: ? i White llou ? N'e? Year's
reception in eight years one of the
o I br lliunt affaii he '"?::.' his
"im . i ?' thi capital.
A f mail group of f rit nd su gcd
about the Presidenl and Mr-. Harding
1 hc la t guest }???>'? ed ' . Presi
dent's face showed line: of fatigue and
the first bidy for the tirs I I ime since
II o'clock in the morning cvinced signt
"I bi ing lired, She h< M up her left
.!!??.> with il - white kid !.-!,%? - ? ti in i -
' . ? i elbow. The glo1 i wa
i d : ijjl '' . |orn ? ro i onta
nany hai d " I he left hand still ia
wo ] n-."- .-<l M - Harding
with .i milc "Really, i'm out of
Split in Dail
Contitiiies as It
eets for Vote
Leaders \dniit Recess Has
Failed to Alter Materially
Line-Up of Members For
and Vfzuin-.t ihe Treaty
^ alera to Press Fight
Rumors of" a Comproimse
Diseredited, Despite Great
Pufdie Demand for Pact
DUBLIN, Jan. 2 i Iv. I h< Ass ? . ted
Pi - *'. ? ^' -7;i 11 all members of the
Dail ::::-: ai r had arri\ ? ? in Dublin to
:iii : for the resumpl ioi of tl
.. of the Dail to-morrow to give
. r leralion to the pi ace
treat; .vitli Great Britain.
So '...' b could be gathered fron
atioi with the memi ei to-night
the Christmaf reci s ha not rarstcria'
l? altered the linc-up for or against
the treaty.
lt had i'.'i . ? ? ' ?
in Lhe country in favor of the ratifica
tion of the treaty, supported by pro
nou cementa of the Irish Bishop and
;, resolutions nol ? r.ly of public repre
entat .? bodi( but of important
units in ti.,' Sinn Feip ? reaili; ,,7;;,' .
have weakened tlie attitude of
' Bome of the opponents of the treaty
and induced them to vote in its favor.
An estimate made by one of the po?
litical leaders on the cve of the ad
journmenl of the Dail ga\ e. tlfty-eight
votes on each side, witli four votes
doubtful or "ab tenti u ist."
Compromisc Not C.'rediied
One ?'i' the leaders of the party r;r.'
orable to the treaty said to The Asso
ciated Press; to-daj thal he did not be?
lieve the vote of any of the men pre
viously ranged against I ie treaty
would bc turned in its favor, and that
the tnajorit; for the treaty, which in
any event must "<"? small, must depend
on ab lentions from voting rather than
on ii u an i r of vot.es.
Rumors; , f compi omis> . d i f ac
commodation, ;, - well r. a statement
that Bamon dc Valcra had ecided to
lidra' ' 'ii - alternal i, e plan, no
longer are credited here. >ir. dc Val
? ?'?.. original idea was o p.ii torward
h ? plan in ;up event of u rejection of
' ic treaty, but hi most intimate coun
aelori :!;; noy fchat hc will put it
forward in any eve I
Erskine Child r . o ie of the members
tli delegation to th< London con
f - - .. . .... to-day thal the Dail
Kii ?? ri eontinued fai > ; eve ly , ivided
? hc c|ue ? ion of acceptance or : .?
jectii of the I realy, and that n, m ore
i han four or fi '? ? m mbeis of the Daii,
??',,, still ?- er" ?. a ering, v . uld likely
i. ? inrluci eed Iv tlv ??? ?< i uler i '
Sees Danger in Acceptance
;peaking for ? in self, Mr. Cl ildei
,aid il ? ould ii ? ii possibl ? for iiim.
Dai i p ?'.'" cd the treaty, to
center the southern Parliament. "lt ia
: erely :> que ! on o' taking t'ne
c.ath , .- ;? ci pi >?< ided I .?? by the
treatv," !? ? declared, "but of the treaty
in its entin ty." IIc e.\pr< - ;cd the
opinion that acceptance of the treaty
svouid leave Ireland in a far worso
ghi than if it were rejected.
Asked how th< opponentj of the
treaty rc-garded the i xpres iona of
(Cimtln-.ie<i rn n*xt r?9<i)
Drys Want Rum River
Reehristened Volstead
Aptly (Nanied Stream That Gocb
Staggering About ftlhinesota
Held a Bad Example
The Tribv ie ?Ta iJiv ttfte,- Buvso j
WASHINGTON, Jan. ",- -Word came
to Washington to-da ? that the dry
?firro.'. in their anxiety to eombat John
Barleycorn wl enever and wherever
found, are seeking to change the name
,,?' the Rum Ri* er in Minne ot.".. to Vol?
stead River. Representativc Andrew J.
Volstead, author of the prohibition
law, is from the 7th Minnesota District,
near which flows th* Rum.
Not on'.y do the drys d;!-'ike the name
"Rum," us applied to th.e river, but
they arRue that the river has peculiar
characteristics which are in conso
nance with its name. Tbe Rum has ts
30urce in Mille Lac; and from therc
wander^ and rambles about for 160
miles until it joms the Mississippi al
Anoka, only sixty miles as the crow
fiies from the point of its origin. The
vagraiit and curiously meandering
stream, in other word'.', aa Been through
the spactacles of V/a ne B. Whee er
and other leading drys, Bets a bad ex?
ample to the new and rising genera
Minnesota s-tato authorlties aro ex?
pected to settle the controvcray. Other
wise it may come to Washington, to
Congrcaa and the Tedcra! authorities
i for sclutioa.
praclici I . . i - ? ? . ?
paigi I -. r. nevrr tired."
Hei rig I hand wrnt out of coi
earlj i I , ternooi soon after
? ? pu , ? ? ; ? j,,?.. c-need o cntr
the Wh te Ho ?
i hi 'eceptio i op< ned nt 11 i tl
ior ng and I hougl ? :hedu ed to
al -1 o'clock ?? ns c> ende I
... - to permil pr rsoi ad bec n
tanding 1 in. i tiance to
pay their rei pecl VI I ci H >use at
taches iaid that the ;.:Ta;r ?
? -.':? an; milar funcl ion held
durinj? thc Roosevelt ^: fafl adi
istration Woodrow Wilson never
?Id a New Year' ?? .?
Wh !?? Hou ? .
Cl i h Lic<- 1 ;.? ? arrived a1 the
head of the Supreme Court
soon aftc r II. Po- . ? 0 per
mns w en greetcd in the pei od '
ll mtil I, when t he Pn d< nt and
Mrs. Harding took a roci r'.- hour
for rpsl and luncl - ?
M !'? . Hai ii ?; . .ri ?.,.'? ..,-,?
tunn of dar ;>'? - madi ?? I
; ... , .. back
She worc no hat.
, ?? Vice-President and Mrs. Coolidgc
(Lron11r>iio,1 ?i uaj.i thlrtern;
2 Banks Saved
By Half-Billion
Chicajjo Merger
Fort Dearborn Itis'itutions
Vb*orbed by Goufinental
and Conimercial at (Hose
of Prolonjzed Gonferenee
To Pav Creditors in Full
Bad Investments Declared
To Be Responsible; Otber
Tilden Interests Sound
?;,.-..? ?;, -..,
CHICAGO, i ? i. ??'. I ?
nancii ha has threater
I le Street district since the daj. o1
Lhe : .. Wal Ii bank collapse was
? ie !.-. a huge bank
n ?-? . r, by ??? hicl the two * !on1
and Commerclal bank; absorbed the
two Fort Dearborn banks, v tl
resources of $S5,000,i
Thc Gpnttnenlal and Ci ntnercial tl
? ? ? ? jeet d laTgest %.-.'?: in th
l lited States, wit tfcaJ ?".
. m6re than b half biliion dollars.
The difficulties of the Fort Dearborn
institutions had been known for sev
eral days, and the action to-night came
as the resu!:. of a day of tremendous
at Lh ity by thc Chicago Clearing House
and the city's leading financiers, in
: ever; phase of thc situatio
goi e into.
Had Investments Found
%? crisis wa due, it was announced
by '..ii-: Clearing House committee, to
; had investments by Edward Tilden &
Co., the Tilden estate, which is closely
allicd with the For: Dearborn rank .
It -.;.. announced to-night by George
| M. Re.ynolds, president of the Cont
nental and Conimercial, thal every dol
? lar of the deposits in the Fort Deai
born institutions would be guan
'-. :i bank, Shortly afterward the
?l House Association reported
that thc condition of the 'rn, other
i hicago banks, the Drovers' Nat
Banl; and the Drovers' Trust and Sav?
ing Bank, in which William A. 1.
president of the Fort. Dearborn bi
' ? interested, ha.j been investigated
and found sound.
Knowledge of the condition of t e
Fort Dearborn banks became defii e
several days ago when an exam
??-. as made of their books, Seven
of conferences followed, during
officials of the institutions made ef
forts to solve their difficultics, and
then, on Thursday night, Mr.
and his associatc - called in the I
inr; House committee and ii oi led
them that they had cxhau ted theii
forts for a si>:iit.i,:r.
rhe situation was then taken over
by the Clearing House Association, a'
.. result or which tbe Continental nnd
i lommcrcial to-day r adc it ; offcr,
vliich was accepted. A the merger is
worked ou'., thc Continental and Coni?
mercial National Bank and the Con?
tinental anr! Conimercial Trust and
.Ccntlnuwi ?n j>a?? thrwi
Mercury at 7 Degrees as
70-Mile Gale Hits City
I Ferries in I'pwr Hudpnn Su~
prnded; SK"hl Kisc in Teni
perature Forecast To-day
Icy winds ar.d a tempr>ratr;-r> that
dropped to the T-drgr^e r.ar'.r kept
i New York shiverine yesterday. Thr
raw January gale tnat swept the cit>
; r;,nchi-ri a velocity of nearly seventy
: miles an. hour anrl ;-erver.i to make
1 everybody believe the day colder than
: it really was.
The Hudson wa3 frozen over for
many iniles. and ferry service was
suspended in the upper river. At
! Nyack, where the river's **.!dth is
? greatest, ice w'** rapldly forming. ,-inri
it was expected that the river ;.* ? is
j point would be completely frozen over
; by this morn ing.
A slight rir^f in trmperature is pre
j dicted for to-day, and the winds .are
! expected to be less Bcvere. The mer
1 rrury, however, will not rise to th*
frcr/.ing point. The highest tempera
! ture recorded yesterday was 16 degrees
; at 3:30 p. ra. The mercury stood at
i 7 degrees at 9 a. m. and 10 degrees at
! 9 p. m.
! The lowest mark of the winter thus
far is 4 degrees, which was recorded
| December 30. Thc low mark for Jan?
uary, 1921, also was 4 dejrrees.
i Five hundred and tifty men, elgh
, teen women and one chi'd were givrn
. fchelter in the Muniripal Lodging
i House in East Twenty-fifth Street,
; last night. Because of the intense
j cold the. usual meal of bread and cof
? fee was changed to bowls of mutton
I stew, with plenty of bread.
rmiNU poiAvn watf.r.
j -Ni.'Ui'ni premoUi h?thi Uk? pur? ?m?r.?Aaf,.
America's Partinpation
Essential if Consortium
Proposed at Paris l> Suc
cess, I.lovd George \ ievt
Expected to Sil in
Supreme Council
Eugland's Premier Hopes
to Reaeh igreementWith
Briand on Submarines to
Meet Wasbington,s Aim
< ANXES, Jan. ' . B - -. -
' at? i I' ?. ? ;
',.. .-,
-1 ? ? Pr, for
tion of -
iu ness mt a of 1
"""' outlined 1 r, Har ey> .*,,.
\" cricati ' - ., y.
Sir i aming \\ -? ; .
?y for Wai
1 I?' A , ited Pn nfor n*
From ri r< lial '< , that Sir I an
at Brita
regarded * i ; .- ..
.-?-.,:. as one of tl
tials if thi
Paris is to . M, \\ ,,
understood to liavi r licd 1
its p>
brought -ii. :?..
in Bi r ? ....
that Mr. Hi i .r. .
i t h e e c or. i ? ? r
Supreme i ?
i r0" T. ? -.
dor to Fra
? -
? ?.
? ? . I . ?
'?''" ?
vith Sir Lai iVoi
Consortiura Plan up I iret
Vth the pro
r. ,-. ,.. 7.,..,., ,: c Al .'"a- i
Later Mr. Herricl
" ''?'?-' g hi : da;,
Sir Laming )
ported - Pari s i
?? I ? Mr Lloyd Georg*
,*ho was gn rer the Oat
I ? ? . ? -,-!- t 0
whip the coi ? : to shapi
and t i.: - proba i bc one of I
? ? it the pre
ind V.
Mr. Ll
M. Briand of i ?
? po
[r. Lh
(,, ^
- ^
ing po ^
fi was len rned 1 itativ*
Bource ?
Premier Lloyd Gei
Briand at thcii
:' ?
at Wasl
Mr. Lli
the '?' , -
con Fi rence, becaus ? ;.-' ? ? ? ?
lepi ' of the cc .
rtic coming 1 ? Ma .
the Briti . ? ?
Bi ? , that the Uliei
ea r I tt 1 t 11
medi itely aftei i
Briand Demand - Brh ii h Pact
;,'.., ' ? , - .
? ? ? . ..
the meet ? . .
Pri mior Bi ? t
"'i - ; . . .' " - r- -.
Paris, thi -
''The key to thi ;
uat oi i ?
Of ? , ,- ? r,
t ? een Gret
ui ? e no
"Sucl a paci ou II hc p tfora
..?? , ? ? - | f
. . b
the best i lirg
reet< d airai ist uur I ? i
" |'0 I HC' In ..:.<-' !:' ' .?.
bracing our ol bc Rl ?
' -'': ie Pa
cific pai li .-?-? R
m a
rhc ?-??.,. ni ?- ;' I - .
spoke ?. '-'-'.-.
- r,-t ?. o ? I h< '" ,-,.-' - i~,rt>j .
and An.? the at
titude of the French dcl ?- at th*
V. ash ngtoi.nce.
Paris Press Rrprimands
Delegates as Laggards
Ob'jrrtionz to Hughen Proprani
Too Lonti Withketd: Played
ICnpland's Hand. Editort Say
PARIS. Jan. 2. Members of the
French de'egation <=hou',d have lost no
tinip in giving their views o? thu
American plan for limitation of naval
armamtnts, it was deeiared by newg
papers here to-day. "P?rtinax, politi
, ca) e^it^r of the "Echo de Paris,*' r*~
sented with ir.dignation eharges of ira
perialism and nillitarism against
France, and refevrcd bitterly to th?
conduct of Kngland.
"Obvious'.y, the .American program
implied." he. declared, "that all navies
should be of the same type, and that
the same ratio flxed fov eapital ships
, 7ihouid app'v to small nnits aad sub
I marine.s. Without waitlng we ahoulH
i have asserted our right to a navy buili

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