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Washington and Jefferson Football
Team Battles to Scoreless Tie With California
Eastern Eleven Shows Stron
Defense in Struggle on Coast
Muddy Field Handicaps Play of Undefeated Teams
in Intersectional Contest; Neale's Players Make
Desperate Attempts lo TaUy in th<- Final Period
: \SADENA, Calif., .'an. 2. -From out of the East thc unbeaten
^ ferson College football tcara came to Pasadena and
I ? ? .T- :ty of California eleven to a seorolops tie on a muddy field
tbe i ? of roscs East vs. West game here to-day. Il was
? undefeated Golden Horir- bad meet their equal in two
' ' .' p" won i - er; ? ?. me since 1911>.
? ? " ii fouj even
! ? y. although I
I fasl fool work nnd
b!e. '? .- ? \ ? - I i ?. i illback,
ert, the \V, & ,]
'had n c one cail - l
- ?. - - a forty-yai
| thc \Vi
<-: r , , aH . ?
? '- . Captain i; .
\ m e 1
, V . . , . j] ,
*tai ,
< aptain Stein M isses Goals
,, ?
AV. & .1. 1
. ? ? ?
!in. , . ?? ii tried vaii
? ? ? attompl ?
and the other,
- ".
ippi .Calif.
Fn ? . ? . ?:':?'
Tho 1 : rd but il
i < ' e the Beai
? ? easoi ? ?
' -' ' ?? ?-"'?.,-. i.i .
roi ' , ?
f i , harTled In thc lin-i
... . . ...
-? ii I ;, *
"' ? ' t;, . q ?,. ? - ?
d< ?
(. i eal ' row ii Sr>> Game
No liiririp thi game. al
? t h r e ???'.,,! -'? - :
mately W. \ ? were pn
'? r
.. 0 ' '
0 0 1 .
Mul - ?
? . -',- ? ?
*?? ', for I an . -
' ;? ago. ' np
I ? rl |u |g0 . k,,, .
' j . ?: ? ufteei
S-oliclc I is Golf
Toiirney Victor in
Pinchurst Fina!
riNEITURST, N. C. Jan. 2.- E. L.
5c ' t, liad too many "wild
di ' ? ' to-d ij and defeated Donald
Lown, 3 and 1 in the
F the winter golf tourna
? ? I, a former Metropolitan
' . ' fer, only needed a 4 for a
' tch ended on the seven
teentl -.
''?'' le a C.nV Mrup^ie. After
1 ">' K '? down at the eighth tee,
f the next four ho1! =
- d then halved the next
' .? "' : l ? losc the sixteenth, when
'."". v* ' ' traps. Thirr made Sco
' r''! dorni ? , an ! he had no mercy, sink
g fn the edge nt tho short
? ? ? ?? or his third two.
? - other two wero at the
? a ten foot putt, and the
an elghteen-footer.
Kenneth McNeil, of Brooklawn, and
R C. 13 itchinson, of Wykagyl, were
trict players to win
McNi :! never Ied
PP Hi . ? r Knglewood, until the
enth, v. here tho New Jersey
i dxi d un in the
id trai i. ai ??. needed plenty of
i he ummaries:
'? . Ptnehur?t,
' ?"-???' : ? ? ? ? !????, ^ lunKFtown, 3
" ImrtE.IIo low Srar
?? ?' ? ' i ? : ii , i . , Y , ..
'"- ?? ? )ori| :. p inBhavpn,
" W. Arn tr u v. Btif
Tli ? ultiver,
'???: ? eth M ?-'. II, Bro il
' ? s, Engh wooil
ati n 11 .' i.n. ?
'fl - ' V D li :?
O'Britn, Petr. ll
'"' '' ' "i VVatPoo, Gni :??:, Clti <
?J -? alion r '.. -y??... i .
; :: !' Wli ??? :.. rim hurnt,
? up
' ' H. C. Tlutch ns, Wykogll
'"'?'?? ?'" ' ' , Aron.-milnk. 2 and 1
Consolatioi Hultish, St. Albans
>'??:?;? ... , tury, 4 aud
Barnes and Hutchison
Win Coast Golf Match
SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., Jan 2.?Be-j
-ore thi largesl gallery that ever saw
** go f San !? rancisi o Jii i
Harni'< and Jock Hutchison, opei
champions of the Ui iti d States and
i.re;:t Britain i spectively, lo-dav de?
feated M Sm h and Sam Whit
ing in a rel irn match at the Laki
1 ;lub coui . i he margin i>f vii tory
'-?? as one uj ' ? ame .i last week. The
Eastei nei \ the match on the
e, Jock and Jim each
getting a b thi ee there.
Th ? cards:
Out 4 6 6 7 S 9
. ? , 4 4 . .
r >
4 :? 6 4?4 2
14 15 16 17 18
I 4 4 ?. 4
- i ?
' :. : < r. : ?
3 .'? ;? i ??
4 4 6 4 4?3'
?:. 5 3 6 4 3 .. 4?: -
'?'?':. - . 4 3 5 4 4 6 4?41
4 5 4 4 1
4 i i . 4?39
?; -i > . i~ 4:
Newman, English Player,
Makes Billiard Record
LONDON, Jan. 2.?T. Newman tr&s
to-day ? red aa holding a r.f,w
ord in English Wiliiards by
- of 1.274. Tho former
ecord ol 919 was made by I!. W.
Stevenson in 1912. Newman's former
ecord o ?- I ' waa n ade in October,
He ma Ic - s '. ng run on Saturday
night while playing against C. Falk
ner. a top liner for several years.
Falkinei I ie *>rofessioni.l cham
plon ip to Willianr Smith, of Darling?
ton, \r. :
/ Men Cover 17.320
Miles to Direct Contest
CPOKANE, Wash., Jan. 2. \p
proximately 17.32*0 miles will be
rmered by lhe four officials al !??
day's football game al Pasadena, be?
tween Californla and "Washington
nnd JefTerson, in cetting from their
homes to the southem California
city and back again, it has been
rstimated here.
Torn Thorp, Xew York. um- ir.-.
?ill covcr the greatest distanei
iourne.i inj,- approximalelj 3.63C miles
to reach Pasadena. Walter Ecker
s.ill. <>( < huago, another official.
will rtiiiT abmtt 2.774 miles; I'eorgc
M. Vamell, Spokane, tho rcferee.
"ill ride 1.700 miles. and H. !!.
Hucbel, San Francisco, will travel
about 500 miles to reiu-h (he field.
After ihe game thej v ill r.-uirn om r
lhe s;ime distanccs.
IVwv IamIs Kivals
\nv Srrulrli Prize
At >'.JT1A. <:. Traps
Capturcs Trophy With Card
of IK6 in If o I i ?j ;t y
Shool isf Travers Sslaiul
'-? f ? Rice v.ns the winner of the
1 "' daj ? h >ot over the traps of I n
N'ev Vork Athletic Club yesterday. IIc
took thc hich scratch prize with a card
of 186 o i* of n *.,) = . ible 200 targi I
from a tieid that. numbcred almost fift;
gunners. Rice led throughout. A; thc
? I ? i the first 100 targets he had ?
card oi !-::. 1 his was ticd bj i'. 11. Law
renci !?'. ?**.. Siebert was third with a
earI ol 92 On the second round of
lhe i raps Rice kepi up his good v\ si k
? nd again missed onl, seven of thi flj -
ing blue rocks. The others fell I
The winner had strings ,,- 22, 25, 23,
23, 24, 23, 22 nnd 24. W, E. Ferguson!
who came strong in the Becond ion
"birds." finished second with a card of
183. Third scratch prize went to T.l*
Lawrence with a card of 181.
7 he scores:
Ui ?! lPAY 7 ETi >i ; o 7 ,i., .1." ;
: ": " , , "*. lldeap. Totnl
>.. < > hl iclalr. i,.7
I". I'- Li atelli ...... ic; 30
%N r Fergu ion . . ? ? ? - ?, ',
l- C Dalley. ; ;i
' ? ''? ' " ?'? . 140 . -.
,U- ?'? ,;', ??. , ..- 4 . ,, ,
? ??' Lawrenrn. Isl r is
K II. -? hauffler ... . 168 :.,
'? ;* Burns. 176 in
'"? W 1 Inch...164
: M Ikcn. . .; '. .
|;*. V. Slehert.. 179
" < ? Grlnnell. , , ,,
?? '' Vogel. ,6S
VV. \v. I'eabody,. | i ,.,
?'? rr. Wantllngr.._ l- ;
*? H. Martln.
1. N. Smith. 169 io
"? T- Spotta. |
i: M Dalley.... *
It. 1? Sloan. -/. '?', ll',
ii. Hanford . i ; ' ,
M A loxander .... 11?; '.'.'.
?'< Mda. |65 '.., .'.'
J. T. Brandenberg.... im
-'? 8. Rabell. m , .'
N. Webb. 157
\V. Qraham. jf,0 .'-'..
C. A. Brown..... ? r,t ,L'
W. J. Doylo........ 170
tV. B. neden. 163
J. il. Vanderveer... 159 s
W. Bauor . . ?. ,6.*! -, i .'
I. B R, ynolda....... 11? .,? . '
1',. 1 ia% ies. ]
B. L Duke....I inj ,
V-' ?;. Allen. ,57 -* ?
H- B" K"'*h?. I? U Hl
Ted ions Pastime?JVaiting For a Long Distance Cali
( Heu.o-Hcu.o
? hg wirg:
i'lrrv.e - -
'""LUrJCo /
YoO VA/OP0r>CR Who
IS CfKLLlrJQ ^ FRoi'v
""-> LOO ?' AT VJAI_1_
"Dl '*OP7N-riOMo ot--)
OPPOolTr; ,'.l,]j(.:
"<-<: P. LL!fT | AR ,
' ', ! Tr o.r i.;.! ( ...
Right i a,o
for**. FuRThCR,
i I'jLiGHTefOMi.r.j r
REcSAr-iDlMCb Cali.
OPi RftToR -'.A.v.-,
' y'' ' "' / ? r oth\= p
' ' > >>???'? RUM6 oPi
C.j.T.;?Vt. N. Y TnJ.no. U.
llciifirirkson Wins
In Mioot-Oll' \hw
lli?h Scratch Tie
Rlmol ;? g in weather eondit o thal
il exceedingly difficult for lhe
nimrods lo hit tho flying targets,
twenty three t^uirm- ra came to t; c firing
line on I ii hoi ol Jamaica Ray yes
ti i da; . ?? the annual Xow Veai I ?a j
shoot of the Hergi n Ueacli (*tin Club.
It wa - c bittcrly cold thal lh< gun
ners Coui d littlc fun in the sport. Still,
' " o of the hooting was excellent, and
in the main 11 e score? were high.
The race for thc high scratch prize
ended in a ti.- between ,T. 11. Ilendrick
son and !'. Von Boeckman. liaeli had
?s,i oul of :i possiblc 100 targets. On
I ho shool olT Ilendrick - nn won tn a
score of ::! to 18 oul of 25 target?. Thr
handicap prize went to !:. IT,
Trimpi, with ii can! of '.?:. Then came
Mrs. Piercy w ith ;. 0 I
Tho Bcores:
:? - Tot.il
Ft. II. Trlinr'..
? ' II Hei ks. .. s<; - ...(
r Vc.Il I..,.;: ;.;. -. , r>
l.. H. Piu rc: M ., l
? '. A lli "...'?! ...... XI
1 '. i '?? Itt'l .:-? :. R 1 sn
1'. 1 ? - ' I . . - '
V' U ''!"f". * S6
biibcrman. M r:
.' Bni ?? ? . . :
Dr. U. H. llunter_ . ? t
I'. ''? ''? .' ? ns.., 7; ?*]
'? ?'? O! If . ?, ,.:
I V. 1 ',.-? Is .,,. ?? ? ,-, fi|
J, ''. i unlne ... '. ,, ;.
. . Stll Iwag. ri. ....... ?? ' ?.
d iffa .- ith..... ?? .;?;
I :. \\ . \ | || ;.. ? ... , ; ,-..
?T. J. Knu.lei.
I''. Dillon. .'.:,
R. Mctz.
Toronto Hockcv Victors
BOSTON, Jan. 2.?The University of
Toronto hockey team added another
win to its list of eight consecutive vic
tories on ita American tour by defeat
ing the Boston Athletic Association
si ct. r to-night by a score 0f 4 to 2.
Hic ( anadians played lhe fastest brand
ol hockey pcpti hero this season.
Centrc Suffers First Defeat
fn Bowing to Texas Eleven
A. and M. Players Take
Early Lead and Beat Me
Millin's Team, 22 to 11
DALLAS. Tex., Jan. 2.?One of the
biggest upsets of the footbail season
occurred here to-day, when Centre Col?
lege, conqueror of Harvard und rated
as the champion of the South, went
down before Texas Agricultural and
Mechanical College, the battiing repre?
sentatives of the Southwestern Confcr
ence. The score was 22 to 14 and
truly reflected the closeness and fierco
ness of the circuit.
Taking tha lead within tha first
three minutes of play. when Bartlett,
of Centre, was downed behind his own
goal line by Wilson, of the Aggies,
this counting as a safety, thc Texans,
generally predicted to lose by at least
twenty poii I . battled every minute of
the foui strcnuous pvriods and at times
displayed a drive and determination
that literaliy swept the Colonels off
their feet.
Centre Players Bewildered
They presented a defense that \ as
well nigh impregnable, while on the
otfense they uncovered a series ui'
tricky and versatile attacks that put
the Centre men completely at sea. En
tering the third period, with the score
still 2 to u against them, after they
I ad been twice halted in the shadow
of the Texas goal posts in the second
period, the Colonels, favored by an
!\.ggii fumble, eombined with a line
buck by Snoddy, *-eored their first
touchdown. Roberts kicked goal.
Then, shortlj after lhe l:ick-off, 'A'.
ier. for the Aggies, mnde an unexpect
ed i.ien to Evans, who raecd thirty
yards to a touchdown. McMillan, sub
bing for Morris, kicked goal, making
the score (J to 7 in favor of the
ln the third period, with the ball on
Centre's 30-yard line, Wilson circled
r ght end for another A. and AI. to
down and McMillan again kicked goal.
The fin;u period w ii :;>-s;.'d the lasl
Texas score, when "Bo"' McMillin, after
being tackled behind thc line, ma .??
a blind piyss. Winn intercepted for A.
and M. and rnced forty yards, across
the Centre goal. The try at goal
Make Last Deaperate Stand
The Colonels exhibited their last
flicker of offensive strength in the
Team Sees McMillin
Married Before Game
JJAl.LAS, Tex? Jan. 2.?Members
of the Centre College team, of
Danville, Ky., which met the Texas
Agriculturai nnd Mcchanical College
eleven at Dalla* 6tadium here (his
afternoon, went to Fort Worth early
to-day to attend the marriage of
Alvin Nugent ("Bo") McMillin, one
of the Danville stars, to Miss Maude
Marie Miers, of Fort Worth.
Immediately after the ceremonies
the wedding party motorej back to
Dallas for the wedding breakfast,
after which the squad went into the
1 game, the last in which McMillin
will appear as a member of the
"Praj ing Colonels."
closing mmutes of play, when a neat
double forward pass, McMillin to
Covington to Snoddy, followed by
Roberts's goal kick. brought their
score up to fourteen. The lineup:
;: '" % ;i 'A.&M. (22) Center(H)
j* ':.W ls?n.Roberta
1 ?? ' ? ? ? '?'? irn. Gordv
,*: ?.Murray.'.'.jon^
; '..:.Dietrseh.Shndoan
;: l "???-^ruthers.Cregor
J.;'"' " gva"8.lames.
7** ;'.7 ' 'M.0,rrls.McMillin
'. V f; ??Miller.Pnoddy
': .'. ? ;.'-"'"-v- ? ?? (Capt) Armstrong
?'? Ir (Capt).Bartlett
.' . " P ? B_o,
1 :
? ns Ti xas \ & M Wilson
\\ inn; Centei ? . . .? , jj ,. Goals
from t. u. hdowns?Texas A. & JJ ? McMillin
(-'. (??--.- Roberts i.'i Safety?Wilson
Substii I - Texas A. & .M , McMillin
for Moi ns.
Ref. roi -Quigley, Kansas. L'mpire?Max
''?' M vai lhi on . Head line i ,:. -Sproa!
Kansas. Tline of perlods?16 mlnutes.
(rroenleaf Leads Woods
Ralph Greenleaf, pocket billiard
champion. led Arthur Woods 240 to 17ii
at the close of the evening r-ession of
thc handicap match which opened yea- I
terday nt Kline's Academy. Greenleaf
is playing 120 points to 100 for Woods !
in each block. Thc title hoider lost I
ihe afternoon match 100 to 114, and '
won the evening match 126 to 70.'
/-ntvpt i<r?
-VGrantland Wice
(Copyright, 1.922, New York Tribune In
New Typt3
At St. Andreivs a. Mr. Mamasseh,
iv a !:i!t. singing "I lo'c a lassie,''
Played Isaae PcrlmuUi
Who drove with a puttor,
Ard putted his putta vnth ct brassie.
McTavish, with krener endenror,
II7*o 17!". ewinging a cornet van clavcr,
At th.e top of his eiving
Whistled "God Snrfi thr King,"
While thr cornet played "Scotland I"ore-ver!''
To Return Next Fall
"Playing in thc open meeting of tho Radyr Ladies' Club, Mrs. 1>. Rupert
Philips had a magnificent round of Sl. which beat tho old ladies' record
liold jointly b.v Mrs. II. Franklyn Thomaa and Misa I>. Oswald Thomas,
by 0110 stroke." hmglish paper.
When tho office boy announced to the golf editor that. Mrs. and Miss
Thomas vero quite anxious to have u. word with him outsido, thu sudden
crash indieated thnt ;i strong man had just eavried away tbe window sash
in his sudden desire to reach the street below.
Latest Vital Statistic
It ia now-only n matter of ;iv. woel-H anc| ?W0 days beforo thr first
set of ball players will officialiy starl their spring training by practicing
quick starl:' I'or the dining room.
They will not like the food, whatever the food is, but th* quick starts
in tho same diixction will continuc through tlie remainder of the spring
Why Not?
After all, why -rhould not the thirty-five day handicap lmposed on
"Babe" Ruth slart up moro excitement than ever?
We havo already diseovercd, through records ot" tlie last three
years, that no home run hittcr can compete with l'Enfant Magniiiquo on
a scratch basis.
There is no part of a contest left. And the spectacle. of Ruth
batting against his own high mark has become extremely stalc.
As it will bo this spring, his loading rivals will have tho jump on
him by five or ten homers, and, just as they scem to be disappearing
in the dust ahcad, imagine tho excitement when the "Babe's" leash is
cut and be leaps forward to close up tho gap.
This should be one of the most awe-inspiring sights of tho entire
In fact, it may work out so well that by another year he may be'
tied up or caged in until mid-June before being allowed to start.
In this connection Judgo Landis may have to appoint the "Babe"
Ruth Handicap committee each winter to decido on just what official
date the "Babe" can plunge into actioiu
"Where ehould the weight be," asks a wag, "when you are stand
mg in a bunker with one foot over tho top and tho other about six
inches in the sand which is continually slipping?" In this case the
weight at the finlsh of the swing is usually upon the left ear.
"If Winter Comes'*
// winter comes?-as winter han,
With all its cold a,vA indoor jazz,
At Isast one sweetly solemn thought
From all the slush and mud is ivrought,
Where just beyond the snowswept glen
Young April bechoris us again,
With caddies yelling "Outer boundsP'
Before a covs can say "Gad zoundsl"
"A new captive male gorilla is on its *way here from South Africa "
Have they had to go to this length to find an opponent for Dempsey?
lhe situation is even more desperate than we first thought it wa?.
Xo wonder Scotland is fighting for the stymie. The next move
from tlie United States may be to abolish the bagpipe within two miles \
of any course. !
"Japan, having gone in for baseball and tennis on a big bcale is
now planmng to take up American football." A clause should be 'in
serted in the four-power pact with Japan disclaiming any intention of !
breaking in upon our All-American teams. They are so badly over-1
crowded now that suffocation may set in at any moment. We hardly think I
we could bear up under additional territory.
? MBni.Sf1iVe St L?uis Wil1 be in one end of the next world'a
senes. With New York or Boston on the other end, the seriesXuld
be over by the date of the Yale-Harvard football game, wTth a Utt e
Iuck m the way of weather. j
Turner Digs Up a Few
PHILADELPHIA, Jan. 2.-Thomas
I urner, former scout of the Philadel?
phia Atliletics and now manager of
the Portland team 5n tho Pacific
Coast Baseball League, announced to?
day hc had purchased Harvcy Free
man, pitcher, and Charles High and
Lcroy Gressott, outfielders, from the
local Americant.
Lroiuin! lloul Witli
\litchrll Vul Off
TilS. :Vk\l :^]<)ikI:iv
MILWAUlvKK, Jan. '.'.
round bout schi luled f - t
noon betwei Bc ' oi n
ght eliampio
were to na\ e pre' ailed this af! -
'I ho two boxers went tl
formality of weighing in this aft i
noon ai , both I ippi d thc bcam il 137%
pound -. Their nj.ent i i . ,? ?
nt catchwcighl s iri a m deci un I iu1
of ten roun i
Mitchell I'nishcd ... i activc b
on Saturdaj and v as at llial
porti d to te in line condil
mui cular : i mblc attacked hii
.ir,; . but nol ng wa I about it, a
his traim r - and everal docl oi
l.o have him in sh ipe : o . i ? ? ? ? ? . . ? ?
thi., N-'IO.-M,,., '! ? ..' ?.?. . . , ?
Joe Lyiielt Wins
Over Al Walker
in First Round
Former Hanfani Champion
Puls Californian Away in
! Miiiule aml 20 Seconda
By Jack Lawrence
?? Lynch, in one bllndlng blaze of
1 ?? '?'? ???'-. ;<? brilliance, Iaid the an
? ? c oui form of A! Walker, tongh
i , m, on the canvaa
['ioi ior ! porting Clnb'a
noon af1 < r one
si cond ?? of )' ghi ii g
? ? round. * i thal brief space
limi ie idry We ' ?' lider th rew
he had ini o thc boy from
'? ' ... st. and gave tho frenzied spec
of thc i >rm t hat once
;, ? ; .' champion
?. 122 po nds nnd
5ha\v and Darcy Draw
and .'...-?
ten-ro 1 .! raw that
thi ' il b; thi ears from "tart
i-final Jimmy
i i "... le. and Shamus
fonki ttered each
. - ? : ? in the same
of rou ' ? ? '. a
i. on the prof ram.
? r m ,-t; r: <? <} -r.
longer if he could
thc red hi : ard r!' ;?<?
..!?' -; thal -i '/? I... i ch turn %
In fn t minute ol tbe fint
i a '" igh looking hr i
hu'lt on lines, and to
the rinj .. obsei r ed to have
more ?!.,- four pou . ? advantage
I b; ', e offic il veight an
Lynch looked frail ir.
was trembling -? I the cold
ercd the ring and could
bo kept in his comer while
pei bell, When it
? I hed to the center of the
'? ; . ' Iker witl a swish
' ? ' pun thi f'alifoi
" aa up,
Referee Andy Griffith
counl g N i ached an
p. ? lime to stick hia
er of lefl and righta i
lo co: from all points
conina a om e. i
fi ' ' ' ? '".':i Wa Iker fin
ved 1 '. himself and bored in
? ' heavy body punchcs
l.v* ch into tral cor
! WH3 '-?.,??-.
ti to 1 i ? fornian at
Tl ? ? lai -.
' ? ivard .-?*" ' ? torm n<"
ough to
?"?? ' , ? right -
t caught 1 .1 squarely
' of the . hi t\ ith his
ised y. ii ? -? , . head he
rd as though he had
cen shot. 1 motionh
End Comes Quickly
ra i o quickly that 1 i
? I ad ca ?- ! Walker to
before thi : ? tei peconds
to tho rii g and take
at least rtve minutes
? ? Western scrapper around
Pi ?'? :d 7 > I:;--. dres
draw between Willie
!'*' '- was produc
' ioi ? has been leen
t! i town i . ]'.,- r waa a
Zulu Kid Defeated
Hy Mickey ISelson
? ?? o" gained 7;;e judges' de
',. "J '"" \ ^ 0U1'K '?' ?' i K d at thc
? ? ? ortii g i [ub of Brooklyn
' rno,n ni the feature bout
rounds. The affair waa hot- i
? all thc way, but Nelson.
mo gh outweighcd bix pounds, had a
margin uver hia lHVnour.d ou
p o i i e n t. - v
, '' ? .' ?.ni-final, which also went '
' '*' twelve rounds, Freddie
? - awarded the decision over
'? hfford. Each battler scored a
: " " hitting the canvas ir.
"?d and Clifford going down in
'rtli. Weights, Reese 136?i, Clif
lord .:?-, ? p ,Und .
'? dy Frinco and Happy Gorman
Johmiy Wilson (lancels Bout
Harrv Greb in Garden
; QiumpionSigtiedGo-titi'url
Ouly to Collect $35,000
Purse From Tex Kickurd
l# As has been euspected by local box
| ing fans for some time, there will be
S no fight not month between Johnny
Wilson, of Boston, and Harry Greb, of
[ Pittsburgh. The middleweights were
matched by Tex Rickard about ten
days ago, ard tho battle was to have
taken place iu Madison Square Gar?
den some time during February.
Wilson, fulfilling certain predictions
that have be* n made hero, has squirmed
out of the match, and his manager,
Martin Killilea, stated in Boston yes?
terday that the alleged middleweight
I champion had not the slightest com
punction nbout withdrawing from thc
affair and leaving Mr. Tex Rickard flat.
Tho latest development in the mussy
middleweight situation would seem to
indicate that Killilea and Wilson have
put something over on Rickard in
more ways than one. According- to Kil
1 lilea, the Madison Square Garden pro
moter mado Wilson sign articles for
the Greb match before ho would pay
him the $85,000 purse which was held
up after his bout with Bryan Downey
in Jersey City on Labor Day.
Jn a statement given out" yesterdav
Wilson's manager declared that it was
pnly by acceling to this condition that
be could ob'-ain the money that was
coming to h m. In view of this fact,
Killilea said, tho champion felt that
he had a right to cancel the Greb en?
Wilson Afraid to Risk Title
When Rickard announced that Wil?
son and Greb had been matched for a
fifteen-round encounter in February
the ring sharps hereabouts refused to
take tho news seriously, and the pre
diction was made that Johnny would
never risk hia title by coming within
reach of th.> dangerous lists of the
Pittsburgh boy. Johnny picks 'em soft
or not at all.
Wilson's action in defaultlng the
Greb match may lead to his "being
barred from further ring appearancea
in this state, it being certain that the
matter will >e called to the attention
ot the Boxing Commission by Tex
The title holder has already been
blacklisted by the state authorities of
Ohio and New Jersey. In tho former
state Bryan Downey is officially rccog
Bouts Hereabouts
' Arena. Jersey ntj?K. O
!*?. O. >\iUie Loughlin; 12
c'n.'l'l Jf' /"'?1,?'<?v', Kosenberc ??
George bhade; 13 ronnds.
Brooklyn. U' Ar"l*''*'y Armory,
Armory! Brooklyn. C'd ArtUi"r
?>' ?Tvi;i?)>V-/*-,r*1' *Iin<?y
? ':';?- va. V?,ms Marin^^Tote.
the?woarldthe middl<?^ champion of
vear, has done a lot of brilliant work
>" recent month*-. \t ttforf*"* c
Garden he had litH. dlfflSiS".flSS
ing Bert Colima and also j"n!mv Darev"
Last week at the Pioneer Sportfng Ckib
he knocked out Jimmv O'Gattv
,el" tt'/p0 tpnrround bouts that pre
evenini%n^lenbS?8:-S.hade ?*??' this
forniaew?nTy, Morris* a!<? of Cali
of BronSil r\?k UP ^ith Billy Ryan,
will tlJ-' J iDunSy Ross' o? Flatbush
will take on Joe Stacy, of Yorkville.
Al Relch Seeking Brennan
?mA?! *ReiclI 8ays he is more than anx
lous to get a match with Bill Brennan
i?y'?' inasmuch as Maxey
niZe?^ ' th? 8.P?rting man, has an?
nounced hiS willingness to back him
tor 510.000. he cannot. understand why
l-eo *lynn, Brennan's manager, does
not accept thc match.
Three twelve-round bouts have been
arranged tor the Commonwealth Sport
uig (. lub next Saturday night. This
bnngs together Willie Pfeifer vs.
Sammy Berne, Manny Wexler vs. Eddie
Leonard, Jimmy Gray vs. Bud Weafer.
Into Limbo to-day goes
the manufacturers' ity,
tax on furs?along with
the retail luxury taxes
which have been such a
nuisance to all concer
So although we've
ready paid this tax 01
the furs we own, we cele-.
brate the new dispensatiori
by making a general rc
vision of prices on all our
fur lined overcoats, a re
vision which on each coat
is twice ten per cent., or
Rogers Peei ( ompauy
at 13th St. "Fo
Broadway Corn'r - *. .
at Warren at 41st St
Mayor's Deeree lions
Boxing in Havana
TIAVWV Jan. 2. Prire figl
-?-?*- in Havana is prohibi
a deeree i.'-->o.cd to-d ly b; "' or De
The deeree characterizes r * ?
fighting as bruta; and da igerons,
and point? out th^t thc la? ???
provides for iinrs and impri onment
for tho?e exrhanjn^- fisti uffs on
the strr-pt "cannot sanct
proceedings, e\en ?hen thr partiei
pants are isolated in a ?op??d in- i
closnre and batter eaxrh other under i
hUght restrictions fur t':? arause- j
ment of a cro-nd.*'
miTr'd it up % .- >ther
twelve-round affair, w ch all .'
a dra?. Ea~h weighed in a1 . p ?. .-.
Donovan Easily DelVats
Hickey at Rink Qub
Young Mike Dono*. ?? ga -.-. ca;
decision over Youi .; the
twelve-round featuri at - : Sport
ing Club, of Brook:; 1,
noon. Donovan was ?. ? :'-.
for his opponei.t. I jhed 160
Happy Mahoney a id Bi' y Borke
made up for tho disappoint -% s:a:
bout by putting up a grca*. fight in the
twelve-round semi-final. E th m n
fought toe to toe all tbe way and st
the end Mahoney, who had v a very
'slight shade, wa.s given - ges'de
. cision. Mahoney weighed 1.", % ar.d
Burke *3S% pounds.
Italian Joc Dempsey stacked np
against Charley Pitts in another
twe've-rounder bout aud was well
beaten all the way.
Howard Bcats Abbott
Tn TVelve-Round Bout
Johnny Iloward outpi nted Earry
Abbott in the star bout at ; e Ridge
wood Grove Sporting i lub, Brook'y-i.
yesterday afternoon, being awarded the
judges' decision aftor twelve roande o;
fnrious milling. For the first ?ix
rounds the honora were about eve*:,
the two scrappera exchangir.g blow for
blow. Abbott tired during the last ball
of the battle and Howard opened up ^
the lead that gave him tbe aecn;s"
Howard weighed 104 and Abbott 160.
In the eemi-fir.al Jack Redmond
knocked out Fighting Fitzpatrick in tbe
third round of a sc leduled twelve
round arTair. Walter Donovan and
Harry Lewls, light-heavyweights,
fought a ^ix-round preiiminary, the
former getting the decision. In the
curtain-raiser Frank Sweeney put Tei
John3oa ?way in the first roand.
Tendler Wins Eight
Ronnder From Adair
PHILADELPHIA, Jan. 2.?Lew Ten?
dler, Philadelphia lightrwelght, out
pointed Barnev Adair. o: New \on;, in
an eight-round bout to-day. The light
was a fast one and Tendler had to es
tend himself to receive the popular mv
dict. He iniured two fingers m tne
fifth round. In the fourth round len
dler sent Adair to the floor.
Dixie Allen. of Alabama, knocked out
Micky Sullivan, oi Philadelphia,
second round.
Wills Loses to Tate
On First-Round Foul
PORTLAMD, Ore, Jan. 2.?Bill Tate.
Chicago, won on a foul over Harr>
Wills, of New York. in the first round
of a scheduled ten-round bout here to
dav. Both are negro heavy.veights.
Wills Bmashed Tate with a rifht *?>
the jaw when Tate was attemptini ?
obey the referee's order to break fro?
a clinch. Tho round had about ten
6?conds to go._______
Spalla Knocks Out J. Hermao
Grunnio Spalla, who daima ??
heavyweight championship of B*1
knocked out Jack Hernian in the uinir.
round of a scheduled twelve-rouiic
bout at the Broad A. C. in New?r?'
yesterday afternoon. Spalla outfongB
his opponent throughout.
IManlev Defeats Thoroaa
SYRACUSE, N. Y., Jaru 2.?Roy MlUJ'
ley, of "Wilkes-Barre, Pa., won the r?;
eree's decision over Jack Klo
Thomas, of Montreal. in twelve rou?|*
to-night. Thomas claimed a foal M?
the ninth round, but tho referta ?*'
I'used to nllow it.
Pvinceto'n Loses at Hocke?
LAKE PLACID, N. Y.. Jan. -?',
Princeton's hockey team was defeat*,
by the Veteran Victorias. of Montie*<
here to-day, 4 to 0, in tho plaf ?" "
Saturday's tie contest.

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