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Miss Gerry Has
500 Ball Guests
At Family Home
Shr Entertains a Group oi
Fricmls at Small Din?
ner Before Arrival of
Those Invited lo Danee
Mfc* Ferguson a Britlc
She Is Married to Alden
Lalhop Painter a? Be?
idence of Mr*. Nichols
Miss Mabel <,erry. daughter of El
rr.dce T. Terry, who has been giving
? srrir* of dinners this winter at thc
familv home, 2 East Slxty-fmt Strect,
**s hostess last night at a ball at
v . she enUrtaiaed 600 guests.
Preceding tbe arrival of those m
i ited for tha ball Miss Gerry enter
tained a group of friends at a smull
Arttong those present were B
s?nry warron jr., Mrs. J-rcier.cK v
ftaderbilt, Mr. and Mrs. William Fit
tagb Whitehouse, Mr. and Mra. Henr?
Wotthington Bull, Mr. and Mrs. Robert
uvir.giton Gerry, Mr. and Mrs. Fallon
Cuttinj, Mr. and Mr?. Thomas Ridgr
way, ot Philadelphia; Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Rh
Miss Kerguson Is Married
The wedding of Miss Juliana Fer
j-jjon. daughter of the late Dr.
Fsrquhar Fe ruson and Mrs. Ferguson,
of3f West Fifty-ninth Street, and A't
itu Lathrop Painter took place yester?
day afternoon at the home of Mrs.
William G. Nichols, at Rye, N. Y.
The wedding of Miss Katherine B.
Sharpe, daughter of Severn B. Sharpe,
and Albro N'ewton Dana. of Lawrence,
L I., will take place this afternoon at
the home of her aunt, Mrs. Ira Daven?
port. 31 East Thirty-ninth Street. A
reception will follow the ceremony.
Witherbee Wedding To-day
The wedding of Mis? Loui.se C.
Witheri <?. daugl 'or of Mr. and Mrs.
Walter C. Witherbee. and Lieutenant
Commander A. Stanton Merriil, U. S.
N., will take p'ace this %*'ternoon at
4 o'clock in St. Thomas's Church.
Thorc w |] be a large bridal party
and officers of the navy included ln
It will be tn full dress uniform.
The ceremony will be performed by
Bishop Sidney Partridge, of Kansas
City, assisted by the Rov. Dr. Ernest
M. Stires, rector of St. Hhomas's.
The wedding of Miss Frances Jowett
Hurray and Captain Samuel David
Starjis jr., U. S. A., will take place
hi thi chapel at Governor's Is'.and this
afterri ion at 4 o'clock. Owing to iho
liiness ot" t'r.e bride's mother, Mrs.
Peter Murray, invitations i'or the large
ni ? iry wedding that was onginally
plar.i ed were recalled.
Thc exhibition indoor 'ennis match
irrsnj i by Mrs. William K. Vander
bi ? for the benetit of the Big
Sisters i ? t: ke place to morrow morn?
ing has been p stpon<?d. Owing to the
illness ? :' William T. Tilden 2d the
affair wil not take p'ace on the Ritz
Caritcn ro ' as ^;i<j l.cen planned.
National Navy Club BenffU
A I ? ?. ? p ", in aid of thc Nat'.. lal
'?''?'} ' ? '? ? ? ? i : <-?? i -t- .-.lay in tbe
ma ? ba li '? ..I" the Riu-Carlton.
' ' ? ' '.? : re ent ivcre Mr=. Kdwara
\\- er3 Tolfn . Mi - 11 Archbald Pell,
Mrs. Gtcgor Sutton, Mrs Julian W.
Robbm?, Mrs. William H. ? Hamilton.
>}"? Wickliffe Rose, Mrs. Charles A,
? ' 7. .l/rv .'., .. };,.., Delafield, Mis.
Frani//ji Roosevelt and Mrs. David
Dtiniuckey. The committee propo-cd
towtablish a permanent club in New
rorktot ? |ist, ,\ me . in the navy and
;??-?'. ( orps and thc wounded men
?om hosp tals.
>o?ieiv u?t?'s
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Otis t napmat.
hav, coin. to New Y..vk from their
' wo d nere, L. I., ar.d are at 14
Easi Sixtieth Strcet for thc remainder
o: the winter.
Mi Henry M. Alexander, 15 East
Ihirty sixth Street, has gone to Tux
?do for the week end. She will return
to N'cv York on Tuesday.
Among those who entertained at
?'-richi ? at. Pierre's yesterday wero
?w. Or/iond G. Smith and Harry B.
?.-' !"??? jr. Taking luncheon with Mrs.
'*'? \rmour there were eight guests
?Tited in honor of Mrs. Patrick Valen
,'\<?'? m Henry Pendleton i.* in New
'?'<? ' ni his countrv home at Cedar
fea .
ind is at thc Hotel Lor
''? Mi lames Vogel, of Tuxcdo
;fn, are at the Vanderbilt.
ars Robcrt ( laiborne will be hostejs
J'? u'',:; ' r al I ? r hw.r, 17 West Elev
Jith Street, on Monday evening and
i}'' u ? ? ? ? sta to the hcr.i it
X"ce v' ''? ' be given for the Blue
r!i?C !r,,: ' ' Sl ho?l >n tbe Della
^bia Room i ? the Hotel Vanderbilt.
.Mr. and Mra Samuel II. Gillespie
jwe returned from Washington and
* ai the Vai derbill for a brief stay.
rA8' TJ?.omaa Blagden, who has been
y?irH ' Carlt0". left New York
L-!' y t0 rejoin ber husband in
^nIinp^!?(i0'J.vrrru''r Wellman en
KitTrv?i,,lt i'"rVhc"" yesterday at the
?SdeB!lmonAt T,ffany ?^- Mrs. William
S?teny " Was wi'h Mrs- Robert
H?S^yesterday 8t l0nche?n at Del"
^ditrecti!?^?r0ny 0rcl>estra,.un
^thetinno ? ternatl<?naux do ia Lihrp
!??. Febr^S U <ThlSatUVday
:r? bein? o.;i.j,? . J "Cbe conccrta
Leads in Soci*>fy Theatricals
Misa Hnrrict Pratl us iho Jack of flrttrts in thc Junior League play,
,_ "Ready Madc," at thc Plaza lasl night
Uardings To Be Invited
To Opera in Baitimore
Mrs. Tnft Guest of Honor ol
lAuwbcon Cirrv by Mrs. Ru.
fus Day. Calkouns Entertain
From Thr- Tribune's Washhtgton Bureau
WASHINGTON', Jan. 27.- Tne Presi?
dent and Mrs. Harding wil] ho invited
to attend the opening performance oi
the Chicago Opera Company in Baiti?
more, Mnrch C>.
.Mrs. Harding will attend the exhi?
bition of Russ:.8n embrcideries; laces
and fabrics. the handiwork of tho
women of Russia, to he or view
tj-morrow afternoon iii thc office ol'
the America . Centra! !! i- :. Com?
mittee, 532 Seventeent'n Street.
_ Mrs. Taft was the guest of honor *t
lunebeor. to-day nf Mrs. Kufus Day.
?1?ughter-in-)a\v of Mr. Justice Day.
who entertained a company oi twenty-'
Mr. an.l Mrs. rKrerce Crittcnden
Calhoun entertained a company e.t din?
ner this ovi.nir.fr to meet their house
guest, Princesa Lazarovich. The guests
numbered fourteen.
The Chief Justice an,; Mrs. Taft have
ss a guest until Sunday their e'der
son, Robert Taft.
Professor C. c. Morris, o'" the Mato
University of Ohio. and Mr.;. Morris
are c.:e:-.ts nf Mr. ond Mrs. Herberl
votaw, brother-in-law ar.d sister of
President Harding,
Mr. ind Mrs. llenry B. Sper.cov en?
tertained at dinner this even;);. ? ;
\ir. and Mrs. Edward 1'. Melii n.
The officers stationed at Wa.-' ington
Barracks entertained a: a dinner-dance
this evening. General E. F. McGlach
!in, in c >mn and a: ihe barracks, and
Mrs. McGlachlin entertained a large
company in ccmplimenl to their <in';^h
ter, Miss Elizabeth McGlachlin, ar.d her
house gf.est, Miss Jane Finley! of Wil
iamsburg, Ky. Colonel and Mrs. Wait
Johnson also were hosts.
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Reid Yates en?
tertained ;.t dinner this evening ?'
their residence at Eighteenth and R
streets, when their guests numbered
twelve. Monday. Febr arv '?. M :? and
Mr.-. ^ ates will be hosts ;,? . .-. ?-,., a;
the Shoi '?::,;,. ;?? be x'.\ ' honor of
the Governor of Delawan ;::.<i Mi-.-.
William 1). Denney.
The former Secretary of the Xa- y.
Josephus lu:ni<--h, and Mrs, Daniels
will arrivo ia Washington lanuary 30
for a visit to the latter'? mother, Mr:
vVi'liam Ii. Bagby, prior to going to
various point' ir, Pennsylvania aml
New Vork, where the formci Secretary
will make a seric- of speecnes, ,\ num
ocr of hospitalities arr being arranged
for Mr. and Mrs. Daniels.
-??.- -
Numerous Dinner Parties
Mark Day at Palm Beach
Mr. and Mrs. M L. S<-ha(T Occu
py Ot'o Kahn Villa; .'*' s.
Pierson Fnlr-'tains
Special Dispatch lo Tlie Tribi <?
PAI.M BEACH, Jan. 27. Many bril
liar.t dinner and luncheon parties are
being given in the cottages anii at thc
clubs in Palm Beach.
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel H. Carstairs
entertained on their boat for Mr. and
Mrs. Robert Ireland. Mrs. Chester Farr
and Mr. and Mrs. Joe Speidel.
Mrs. Leland Sterrv entertained sev?
eral friends at luncheon at thc Ever
g:adcs Ciub, where Albert W. Good
rich. of Chicago, also cr.lertaiiu ?!.
Mrs. J. Fred Pierson, of Ncw York,
gave a dinner at her cottage n .-, a
spray Avenue U r a party of eight.
Mr. and Mrs. Mortimer L. Schiff, who
arrived this moi ring on a private car
to occupy the Otto 11. Kahn villa, on
the Oecan Bouievard, have as their
guests Mr. and Mrs. Henry Alexandrc
and Sydney J. Smith, of New York.
Mr. Kahn is expected late in February. j
Mr. end Mrs. John N. Willis, who
have taken Kecvaydin cottagi . ,4 Sun
set Avenue. have ;;< n detaincd ':; Now
York, and are expected early in Feb
ruary, when they wil, have iurs. Henry,
I. Miller as tneir truest.
Mr. and Mrs. Corneiius Vanderbllt
jr., who depart to-night for New York.:
took luncheon at the Breakers. Arriv- j
als here include Miss Angelica L. I
Gerry, of New York. who will remain ,
some time; Mr. and Mis. Fr^d W. '
Worez, Mrs. Lester A. Hamilton and
Mrs. Renee Marvin, of New York, and
Mrs. Alexander C. Barker, of Rye. j
Dinner Given Governor
Governor Nathan L. Mi ler and Mrs.
Miller were the guests al dinner las.
night of Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas Murray
Butler at bO Morningside Drive.
Those present to meet the Governor:
and Mrs. Miller were Mr. and Mrs.,'
Henry White, Mr. and Mrs, F. Gray
Griswold, Mr. and Mrs. Whitney War-j
14 n, Mr. and Mrs. Newbold Morris, Mr.
and Mrs. James B. Duke, Mr. and Mrs.!
Charles D. Hillcs, Mr. and Mrs. James
IC. SJieffleld, Colonel and Mrs. Francis
[.. V. H'oppiii, Mr. and Mrs. H. Pelham'
Robbins. Mi s I.ov -? Sands, Miss Ruth I
T'wombly. Miss Marv Hoyl Wiborg,
4. r.k A. Munsey, ( ian nca II. Mackay!,
Frederk Ju'liard, Albert Eugene ;..,i
atin, Cosler Wilderniing and M. Gaston I
Liicbert, the French Consul General.
$3,450 ls Paid for
Copy of'Pickwick'
In 895,774 Sale
American Art Galleries Sell
First Edition of "Vanity
Fair," as Issued in Origi?
nal Parts, for $2,100
"Thc Posthumoua Papers of the
j Pickwick Club," by Charles Dickens,
' being in tho nineteen original parts
of the first issue of thc first edition
and one of thc rinrst copies of "Pick
wick" in existence, was sold for $3,450
yesterday afternoon at thc American
Art Galleries. lhe price was the high
est paid in fhe sale of rarc publica
: tions belongin? to Frederick Corder,
ot' London; David G. Joyce, of Chicago;
; Captain E. W. Martindell, of Ashford,
j England, and others, which ended last
j night. Thc total for the various col
lections was $95,774.50, of which $32,
019 was the evening's total and $82,
875.50 that of the afternoon session.
Thc rarc Pickwick item was ob?
tained by L, A. .James. It was in tho
' original prccn pictorial wrappers, with
? advertiseinc .ts and entirely uncut, hav?
ing the f. rty-live illustrations, includ
::).;.;? vi rnette title page by Seyrnour,
Buss and "Phiz."
Of close secondary importance was
the sale of thc collected set of first
editions of "Thc Writings and Life of
(. harlcs Dickens," seventy-thrte vol
umes in ail, which R. B. Jones acquired
, with a high bid of $2,300. Gabriel
Wells was the buyer of thc leading
item offered last night. tho first edi?
tion. first issue in tho original parts.
ef Thackevay's "Vanity Fair." Thc
price was $2,100, These items tvoked
spirited competition. A lni;.-o and dis
tim.-uh.hed HssoniblagT oi' dealors ar.d
. c-j icctors was pre enl.
(Hiicr sales w< re:
Works of Trollopc, 135 volunips of
fir.-t. pditions, to Mrs. George T. Slade,
i $1,700; a series of four decorative
paintings of fox hunting in England
i>y Dcan Wolstenholme, lo James
Smith. $1,600; "Letters of Marqr.e No.
; 1.'' by Kipling. one or thc only two
uopies of this edition, to ;^. M. Ricb
! ards, $1,525: collection of 739 United
,;;;. cs department stamps, to Eeono
. mist Stamp Company, $1,400; illurcu,
nated manuscript in jeweled binding
. of Milton's "L'Allegro," done in early
. fifteenth century style. to Gabriel
Wells. $1,000; works of Charles Levci,
| Mfty-five volumes of first editions. to
| I. Willicomhc. $050; works of Robcrt
Louis Stevcnson, seventy-three volumes
: of first editions, to Brick Row Hook
[ Shop, $'^50; "Sportinpr Novels," bv Rob?
ert Surtees, with colored plates by
! Leech and "Phiz," io Charles Scrib
| ner's Sons, $850; works of Thnckeray,
fifty-thrce volumes of lirst editions, to
' Brick Row Book Shop, $650,
"Ready Made*' Scores
Again on Second JNight
junior League Players Give a
Special Cabaret After the
Regular Performance
"Ready Made." the musical comedy
given by members of tho Junior
League, had it.-; second performance
last night at thc Hotel Plaza and
scored a success as great us on the
first night. There- wa- a spocial caba?
ret after the regular performancc
which added to the enjoyment of the
audience and to the day'e receipts,
Th'-re were .-.bout 1.000 present.
Somo of them were Mrs. Vincent
Astor, Mrs. E. IL Harriman, Mrs. E.
Rolland X. Harriman, Mrs. William G.
Rockefcller, Mrs. Percy RockeMler, j
Mrs. Ogden Reid, Mrs. Hush D. Auchin- !
c'.oss. Mrs. Willard Straight. Mr?. ?
Ernest Fahnestoek, Mrs. Walter B.
James, Mrs. William B. Olmstead jr., '
Mis. Jonathan Bulkley, Mrs. Frederick]
E. Lewis, Mrs. Frederick F,. Church. I
tMr?. Jr.mes B. Clemens, Mrs, Edward I
Douglas Kenna, M:ss Annie B. Jen- ,'
nings, Miss Alice De Lamar, Rodmtn '
Wanamaker, Mr, and Mrs. Charles C. j
\dams, Mrs. James H. McCoon, Mrs. ;
Charles Tiffany. Miss Grace Cuyler, !
Mr. and Mr-. David Wagstaff, Miss :
Maud Cabot, Mrs. W. Shippcn Davis.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Harry Paync Whitney,
Miss Kathleen Vanderbilt, Mrs R N.
Dclaficld. Miss Anne Burr Auchinclsss,
Mrs. Howland S. Davis, Mrs. S. H. Bird,
Miss Marjorie Cleveland and Miss
Dorothy Collins.
Day Nursery Eenefit Mondav
The annual benefit of St. Joseph's
Day N'lirsery will bn held this year at
the Cort Theater, where a spocial per?
formance will Le given on Monday of
"Captain Applejack." Following * the
theater party the Ladies' Auxiliary of
St. Joseph's has arranged a supper
dance at thc Hotel Astor.
Demand Grows
In England for
Income Tax Cut
Rcginald McKciido Asserte
IMuximuui To Be Borne
Without Lnjuriiig Trade
of the INHtion ls Pan^erl
Calls for Striet Economy
Country ?o Judge Premier
hy Success Attained
in Rcdtu>iii$ Budget
From Thr Trihtrte's Buropnau Bureau
j Copyrlkht. 14'4 Now y,.,, Trlbun* 4-.
LONDON, Jan. 'IT.--Redna'.d Me
hcnnu, chairman of the directors of
! ;'" I-ondon Joint Citv and Midland
j "H'lk and former Chancellor of the
British Exchcqucr. added his voice to
day to the demand bring madc bv busi
|noFa men for lower income taves. At
the bank's annual mrct.irg McKenna
sani that present rates of taxation were
undermtmng national energy and that
the maximum which people could bear
withoul impniring the national spirit
of business had been exceeded.
The speaker's complaint against
I present rates wa? the stronjrest vet.
jinade hy a leading banker. He insisl
| ed that however great thc dirficultie?
to bc overcome, "thc strictcsl economy
in our national expenditures has be?
come the first and most imperative ne
? ces'-^ly of our time.''
I Discussinp *be Gci'man reparations
| question, McKennn said that Gcnnany's
iability to manufacture and sell al prices
far below anything thal Greal Britain
I could hope to compete "ith was a .-'?
j rious blow to England's foreign trade
and ore of the chief causes of tho
| linaneial depression and widesnread un
| employment last year. Evory,mHrkcl in
| tho world. he said, was di turbed by
| the depreciation of the value of thc
The Lloyd George Cabinet at a long
meeting to-day considered tl"- Geddes
report on national economic* and heanl
a report from the Marquis of Curmn,
Secretary for Foreign Affairs, on his'
preliminary negotial ions with the Paris
government on the proposed Anglo
French alliance. Later Premier Lloyd
George prcsided at a meeting of thc
Cabinet's financo committee. at. which
Treasury experts were asked for their
opinion on Austria's application for nn
emergency loan of ?2,500,000. Another j
matter under consideration was thc :
foreed loan of 1,000,000,000 gold rnarks
that the Berlin government has de- '
cided to raise in Germany.
All of these questions are interde
pendent. and Lloyd George fecls thc
necessity of making some disposition of :
them at once. rather than let chem drag !
until the Genoa economic conference.
The country will judge Lloyd Geotge '
; now by the success he achieves in cut
: ting down the national budget. Even ;
j if the Premier is foreed to abandon a '
I lot of his projects. such ns thc pur
| chase of land for ex-soldiers, the ;
j granting of export credits and the con- ?
1 tinuation of the Ministry ol rransport,
| he is now socing the necessity of stabil
, izing the linaneial situation! and such '
j economics seem thc best, solution, de- ?
. spito the criticism they will arcusc in
: some quarters.
i tt was said in Downing Street to-day I
] that the plans of the British govern- I
; mert for the Genoa conference would \
? be carried through to completion even !
; if both France nnd the United Stat-s
; refused to attend. Lloyd George is re
i ceiving support on this matter from all
leading financial and commercial ad- :
; visers.
$40,000 for Thayer's
"Figure, Half Draped"
The late Ahbutt H. Thaver's painting
entitled "Figure- Half Draped" has
been sold by the Mile. galleries to n
private collector for $10 000, a sum]
which probably sets a new mark for the
work of a recent American painter. The
subject was recently exhibited with
other pictures frorn the Thayer estat.e
at the galleries and particu'lar atten?
tion was attraet?d to it ns being one
of Ihe finest and mest beautiful soeci-'
mena of Thayer's art.
The picture represents a ^e;it'Hl fe?
male figure with rich olive green dra- !
pery across her knees. lt 4 particu?
larly imprcssive because of its majesty
and poise, the flerh tones being of sin
jzular ivhitenesa.
Although th'- painter never gave it a
more complete title, i. haa come to be
known by friends of the artists as ?
"Muse," since a lyrc is indicaled at one
Childe Hassam, the cmincnt painter,'
in speaking of the picture, said that!
nain* could go no further in portraying
the hunian form. lt will be exhibited
ggain by the permission of the owner I
at the Thayer Memorial Exhibition to j
bo held iii March at the Metropolitan !
Museum. j
Verga, Italian Poet, Dead
ROME, Jan. 27.?Giovanni Verga.
noted Italian novelist and poet. died :
here this morning at the are ef eightv
two years. One of his best known
works was "Cavalleria Rusticana.''
from which Mascagni's opera was
udaptcd. He also acquired fam- by i
his short stories and sketches of Sicil- '
ian peasantry. 14- was born at Ca
tania, Sicily. in 1840.
"I Malavoglia," which Mary A. Grr.ig ;
translated into English and entitled
"The House by the Mcdlir Tree," and ?
to which William Dean llowells wrote
an introduction, was regarded as one
oi \ "rga's best works. Among his
other tales u;p "Jeli the Shepherd,"
"Liberta" and "Mastro Don Ges'ualdo.''
Going On To-day
A.; ?'i,an Museum of Natuta! Hiatorj'; ad
nitsulon fre?.
Metroprdltan Museum of Art ; admlMlon
Aquarlum; admission .4'-*.
Neu- Vork Hlstorleal Society; sdtiiis.von
C-ntral Park W-m. i0:ir, o'clock.
MadUon Sctnt.^ Garden Poultry Shov,
Mao'jeon pounr? Garden, nil day
Converiiiou of lhe Com; lpir, Olris K'O
fcast rwenty-ooeond Slreet, all di-,
Lecture by S. !-.". Ratc'.ife on ' 't h<- New
p.oad from WaahlnRton " T','.,"! !?4M,
121 West Forty-thlrd Street, 'l o'clock.
Luncheon of tvie Foreign Pollcj Assoelri
tj.in. Hotel Pennsylvania, ir:<n o'tloc1;.
THseusslon of 'Tho l'nited .States Oocti
r ation of Hayll and .ianiu Domingi :
Should It Be Ended?"
l.ui h'-on of tlie National Republican Club,
El West Fortleth Street. 1 o'clock. !>!.?<?
fisFlon of "Tbe Transit Problems In the
''Ity of Kev Torli."
Meeting of the Women'p Pregg Cluh. Wal
uorf Aiitotla, 2 o'oloek.
Ad Iresees by Ptuart ''"h?i8H ?^^1 Evans
e'lark at the New York Camaradcrle,
Civlc Club. 14 West Twelfth Street, 1
Lecture by Frank J. Mather jr. on "Post
Impresslonlsm and Its Sequels." 4
o'clock, and by Franees Morls on "Tl?
Concert Progrnrn." 5 o'clock, Metropoli?
tan Museum of Art.
Meetlnp cf the Traftla Squad, Wallorf
Astoria. 7 o'clork
Dance of the N". '.". '.'onsumptW'o tti-ll'f .
League, Wakldrf Astoria, S c',-l0'~iv.
Dinner of the FlrooUlyn K*>nl KstR^e B,iar<4 ;
Hotel Dosaert. 7 ".' dock.
?.l?etlne of thf Kansae Society of New
Vork. Hote! McAlpln, ? o'clock. I
MeetlnS of the New Vork liar Association, '
Hotel ABlor, S o'clocJi.
7 Calhcdral Windows
Will Be Dedicated
Ceremony to Take Place ni St.
John thr Divine To-morrow
Special services will mark the dedl
cntion of lhe seven clcrestory windows
in tho choir of the Cathodral of St.
Jolm iho Divine to-morrow at 4 o'clock.
Thc merni rial servico will bo nicirhed
I y thc Right Rev. ,!.<mes do Woir Per?
ry. I>. D., Blshop of Rhodo Island.
lhe windowg, thus simultaneously
preaontpfl. aro thc r.irt of various
donnra. ''Sl. John nnd thc Seven
Churches" is donatcd by Mrs. Ludlow
Johnson in memory of tfabriel Ludlow.
"The Natural Elements" i.s given by
John Wallace in memory of Annio
Allen Wallace, 'lhe Seven Angels with
Irnnipels" is the themc of ih.' window
preaented by Miss Joanphine Lceds in J
memorj of John W. nnd Eliza Leeds
nnd Kinily Irene Leeds Mardcnburgh;
"The Seven Last Ploguea" is given in :
memory of Sophin Furnisa nnd Mary!
B. Hubber by Mrs. Margarct E. Zim
mermsn (nee Furniss), "Thc Woman in
lhe Sun,'' was givon by Julla Llving?
ston in memory uf Morgnn Lewls Liv- ;
inpston nnd Catherinc Manning Liv-'
ingslon, and "'{'hc Ueavenly Citv" was
K'v'ii by Mrs. F. A. MncNutt and Mrs.
Gnrdinor Shcrman in memory of John
D.( Ogden and Mary Clark Ogden.
"Chrisl Reigning in Clorv," a win-1
dow donated by Mrs. Whitclaw Reid in
memory of Whitelaw Reid, already han '
her-.; dedicated,
$3,800 "Each (^ven !
For Early American'
Fmisifcinr Pieces
IHahogany J.tmhov and Wa!
nut iiighboy, JYiadc bv
Savery, Briiija Top Prices
al retiinJc Collection Sale
I-.'?. of thc f-.n-sl pieces .-?;' earlv
Ani< i-ica,i furniture in the Jacob l*:ix
sor '!. inplc coll ction ;i mahogany
lowboy and a <?? ixluul highboy made
hy thc famous Colonial c?bino.tmakei\
William Savery. ei' Philadelpli ...
brought 53,800 upiece ;<) yc .1 V(\h, ?
bcssion of tho sale being held at Ui :
Anderson Galleries, Bids totaling '<':'.
634 wero ,- coived, while fhe scssion.i
so far havc rcnlizcd, in all. $S9.040.
;i ? Henry K. Huntington acquired
'he lowboy, which i? u rare and im?
portant tpocimen of its type, roydr. '?-.
1(60, consisting of a large top tlrawer
and three smaller lower drawers and
having graceful cabriole legs with apron
richly carved in rocaille. lt measuros
only thirty-one inciics in height and
thirty-threo in length.
The highboy, which '.--as bought by
Miss II. Counihan, agent for a private
purchascr, is a tal!. statelv specimen
"' the taine period, havfng twelve
drawers mounted on cabriole legs and
ball and claw feet. and surmounted hy
? ? deeply moldcd broken arch, ending
in rosaceaj and urn, with llamc finials.
Other sales wero:
Inlaid Hepplewhite sideboard, Amer?
ican, 1790, to li. Counihan, agi nt. S000;
mahogany china cabinet, American,
1730, to Kirkham & Co., $800; mahog-1
any lowboy. Connccticut, 17-10, to W. \
R. Hearst, 5850: painted softwood cor?
ner c;ibiiiel. Pennsylvania German,
1760, to IL Counihan, agent, 5573; eurly
mapie Mavtha Washington sewing
table, American. 1780, to IL Counihan,
agent, $510; painted ladder-back arni
chair, American, 1725, to David Dowd,
$460; mnhoganv center table, Amer?
ican. 1750, to W. R, Hearst. $400; rare.
Stiegel amethyst .class bottle. Anior
ican, 1770, to Miss K. McCormick. $375;
set of three inlaid mahogany dining
room tahics, American, 1790, to Miss.
K. McCormick, $350; rare Stiofrel glass I
sugar bowl with cover, American, 1770,'
to Mrs. J. Otis, $335; important Penn?
sylvania or.k cawhuck table, American,
1675, to Miss K. McCormick. '<'.V27i.
Nellie Bly, Noted as
Newspaper Writer, Dies
Nellie Bly. n newspaper writer who
gained international fame thirty years
ago by making a tour around the world
in scventy-two days to prove t'ne plau
sibiiity of Jule's Verne's imaginativc ro?
mance, "Around thc World in Eighty
Days." died of pneumonia in Sl. Mark's
Hospital yesterday.
She was hprn Eii'/.abeth Cochrane in
1807 at Criehrane's Vlills. Armstrong
County, Pa. She ;rot her Orst news?
paper experience on "Tlic Commereial
Cazette." of Pittsburgh. It was Eras
mus Wilson. of ihr "Gazetto," who gave
her the pen munc "Nellie Bly." In
1887, sl, ? came to N'cw York; p' his nuc
gestion and joined tlic statT of "The
New York Worlci."
She attracted considerablc attention'
in local circles shortly nfterwards by
nr, e\posc of abuscd existing in Biack
well's Island Insanc Asylum. In order
to gath'.-r first-hand data she feigned i
insanily. nnd tlms giucd admission to ;
thc insf il ul ion.
On November 1 -I. 1880, she began her'
famous tour of V<o world. She com?
pleted it on .lanuary 25, 1890, in 72
days 6 hours 11 minutcs. During t'ne
trip she stopped over ;.' Amiens,
France, and interviewed Jules Verne,
ln IS95 she married Robert I,. .Sea
rn'nn, ;? wea'thy Brooklyn manufactur
rv. She was then not quite thirty!
years old and he was seventy-two. Mr.
Peaman died in 1904. leaving her his
entire estate, which included thc Iron
clad Manufacturing Company and the
American Steel Barrcl Company. She
assumed management r,f the companies.
A few years a<ro she returned to news?
paper work.
John Dawson, seventy.-four years old.'
fcr nearly half a century one of the
leading construction contractors in the
country. died to-day at his home in
Mount Verron. N. Y,
Among the buildings on which he had
?ha'-gc of construction were Lhe Tombs
orison. the Holland House. the Park
Row Building, the building occupied by
Bloomir.gdalc Brothers en Fifty-ninth I
Street and numerous others in New :
Vork City. .
Me i* survived by his ".ifc. Mrs.'
Mary D.-i-.son; n nephew, William T. j
Dawson, and two nicces, Margarct II.
jnd Jane Sargeant.
MFNDON, Mich.. Jan. 27.?Mme.
Manintctt.e, once a widely known eques-j
trienne, ii- dead nt her home here at
:'oc nn(' of soventy-three. Death..
ivhich ocr.uri'cd last night, was due to
pnpumonia. In her will, made early
hia week. Mme. Marantette direeled
:hat Chief Gevonimo, Lhe snow-white
lorse, and the white poodle, Tmy,
vhich gained fame with their mistress
n the sawdust ;innr, be kil'ed, and that
.hc poodie bo buried in her casket.
Mine. Marantette's circis career cx
ended cvor forty-four years. She re
.ircd or.ly three years ago and had
ived since on a twenty-acre farm near
;his viDage. She v.-as the widow of a.
Oanie! Hunt Harris, alao well knownj
imong circuo people.
MIAMI, Fla., Jan. 27.?Dr. Walter
Van Fleet, plant breeder of thc United
states Department of Agriculture, died
iere last night after an operation. He
irrivor] Wedn^dny to conduct erperi
ncnts at thc plant introduction garden
n Mi-.mi. For rrorc than twenty years
le had cccupied n prominent place
iruong thc plant breeders of thc world
ind had been awa'.'dod several tveda s
'or his. work. He had come lo Florida
vith a view to improving the varioua
.ropical plants.
morial Service
Held al the Al>!x?y
For Viseoiuti Bryce
Plans Laid to Honor States
man Perinanently iu IJotli
tingltmrf and Amrrica b>
System of Scholarshipg
From Thc. Tribune'* Eumpen.it Bureau
Copyrljfbt. 11*22, New v0rk Tribune Inc
LONDON-, Jan. 27. - Mournors fot
Viseount Bryce gathered in n memorlal
seryicc to-day in VVostminster Abbey
lt was announced that thc British
bratirn of the Suljrravo rnstitutlon had
commissioncd William Rcid Dick Eng.
Iis.i sculptor, to make a buat of the
fonner Ambassador to tho Unitod
Mntce. which would bo presented ti
it ? y. of w?8hington. President
Harding has been ndvised oT this plan
lt wns announced also lhat tho Sul
grave Institutions of the L'nited States
siid Great Britain were working to?
gether for tho cstablishment of a per?
manent memorial to Viseount Bryce
lhis will take the form of prizes or
acholarships irs elementary and soc
ontlaQt schools of both countries to
encourage lhe study in each country
"i tho othcr's history.
EONDON, JamlTcBy Tho Associ?
ated Press). Although the gathcrinj
m VVestminstcr Abbey was esscntiallv
Anglo-American, a cosmopolitan char
ncter wr.s lent by the preaence of rcp
representativefi of Armenia, notably Dr,
Abcl Nnxm-ian, and representntivt ? of
other peoples Bnd organizationa with
which Viseount Brycers name and life
were associated, testifying to the mani
fold interest of th- noted oublieist nnd
lormer Ambassador to the United
l.ord r,ucnn represented King George
at thc si i". ice, and If. A. !.. Fisher aiiil
Dr. Chrislopher Adtlismi represented
I he govcrnmenl. I'n l \\ h,- .|Cr, coun
?r or to tho American I" nba -.-.?.. rcp
: ' "' '; '? oinb issy in the ab icncp
o' Ambassador Harvey, who is in
J'ranc". Itoheif I". Skinner, American
Gotisu! General, oO'icially renrc-sented
the coiiKiilate. The diploin:ilic corp1?
and various Anp'o-American societies
uri',i'!f| in the tribute.
DuIco of C
nnin.pht sent a per*
sonr.i representative, nnd then
renrescntntives of the i ,;,,..?,-?,.. ,..,.,| v ic
torian univeraities, of the Royal Soi iety
and the Royal Geographica! Socictv
Kormer Premier Asquith, the Bishop
or V, incht'ster and various members of
th? nobility wero present,
The service was entirely choral and
no address was delivered. The officiat
ing clergy included 'hc Archbishop of
Canterbury, Dean Ryle and Canons
'.';(! negie and B irnes.
A telegrarn from King George <<
Viscountess Bryce, evpresvng condol
ences on behalf of himself and the
Quecn, was made public to-tlav. It
"1 regarded Viseount Bryce as an
old friend nnd trustcd coiinselor, to
whom I could always tuvn, confident in
the strength and wisdom of his advice:
and my loss is one which will be sharcd
not only by our own country and
America, where ho was so beloved nnd
respected, bul among all English
speaking people.-..''
OXFORD, England, Jar.. 27. A mo
morial service in honor of Viseount
Bryce, who died U-t week. was read
this afternoon in the Oriel ''"'love
chapel by T.. R. Phelps, provost of
Oriel. where the late diplomat nnd
publicist was an honorary fellow. Thc
playing of Chopin's "Funeral March"
was one of the features of the service.
William Beals Kendall,
Retired Banker, Dies
William Beals Kendall, r, member of
the Stock Exchantre until ill health
foreed him t,i retire a few years ;'";o,
died from pneumonia Thursday night
at his home, 110 Tenth Street, Garden
City, L. I.
He was born January 5, 1857. His
father, Isaac Kendr.ll, was a shipping
merchant in Boston. Mr. Kendall at
tended Nobles School, Boston, ar.d com?
pleted his education in Europe. He
was in Paris during the siege in thc
Franco-Prussian War.
ln 1380 ho became one of the found
ers of tho firm of Hatch & Kendall,
bankers ar.d brokers, in this city. Eleven
years later he became senior mem?
ber of tho firm of Kendall <v Whitlock
and a member of the Stock Exchange.
ili^ health compclled him to retire in
He was h member of ihe Racqut t nnd
Tennis Glub, the Westchester Country
Club and the Sons of the Revolution.
His wife, isato V. Whitney Kendall; a
son. \V. F. Kendall, and three daugh
ters, Mrs. Archibald M. Denny. of
Pitsburgh. and Mrs. Amdre E. Gross
and Mrs. Howard Wainwright, of thin
city, survive him. Funeral services will
be hold at 11 n. m. to-day at Mount
Auburn, Cambridge, MasE.
BOSTON, Jnn. 27. -George R. White,
for many years tl.e heaviest individuul
taxpaycr in Boston, died to-night at hi.s
home here. He was seventy-t'ouv years
old. TIe wrvs president of lhe Potter
Drug and Chemical Company, u direc?
tor of tii" First National Bank, a trus?
tee of tiio museum <>f fine arts and
donor of tho Massachusettd Collegc of
Pharmacy. The modern building of tho
collegc was bu'lt, equipped and cn
dowed by Mr. White. "
A "self-made" man, Mr. White began
h's business career us a "pasteboy,"
clipping advertisements from news
Captain Daniel Burbank, thc first
oyrter planter to use steam power in
drodging for oysters. died nt the Staten
Island Hospital at New Brighton early
yesterday. Hc was born eighty-iive
years a^o at Nev Springvilte, S. I.
Captain Burbank is survived by his
'.\ i ;V and several sons. The foneral
will be held from the late home at ?,
o'clock to-morow afternoon, and burial
wiil be in thc Moravian Cemetery.
ATLANTIC CtTY, Jan. Tt. William
Wright, manager of ths irnquoia Hotel,
died in the City Hospital this after?
noon, an hour after ho fell down the
passenger elevator shaft in the hotel,
having opened Iho door on the e\
change floor jn the belief that thc ele?
vator was t hei >-.
BERLIN, Jnn. 27. Deputy Frau
Leit?., one* of thc leaders of the Inde
pendent Socialists, who fainted and
,'fl! unconscious in the Reichstag last
light, died to-day.
A. Barton Ilrpfmrii
Funeral Atleiidcd
Bv City's Leaders
Powerful Figures in Bank
?Jif? and luduslrial World
al Last Hitew i'or Finan
cicr; Body to Can ton, N.Y.
Funeral sorvicea for A. Barton Hep?
burn, bankcr, who died on Wednesday.
were held yesterday afternoon in St.
James's Church, Seventy-flrst Strcet
and Madison Avenue.
The Protestant Episeopal funeral
BOrvice was conducted by th? Rev.
Frank W. Crowdcr, rector of St. Jamcs's,
assisted by thc Rev. William B. Lusk.
rector of St. Stepben's Church, Ridjre
flcld, N. .1 , where thc Ilrpburnn resided
in Biimmcr,
Officials of I'inny financial and indus?
trial orgnnixations with which Mr. Hep?
burn had been connected attended th?
service.-. Among them wrr" Newcomb
Carlton. of the Western Union Teie?
graph Company; .1. P. Morgan, Oliver
Harriman and J. W. Harriman, Henry
C ews, John D. Ryan and Andrew
Jletchor. president of the American
; Locomotive Company. Also present
were officers nn.d directors of thc Chase
National Bank, thc Columbia Truit
Company, New York Life Insurance
| Company, the Texas Company and F.
; rt'. woolworth Company.
j Mrs' A. Barton Hepburn, the widow;
Mrs. Robcri Emmett, ? daughter, ar.d
I Mr; '.'.."r;'""?. '''"ss Cordelia Hepburn
i hrnl I'isher Hepburn, a son, preceded
; thc casket into thc church. Hymns
? were sung by the choir.
r;,v: had been regerved for repre
'"' ' 'vr"; "r many financial organiza
' " ? ;: lustrial corporations and eivic
' '?' ">;'~. with - hich Mr. Hepburn had
h"'r- connected. Among those repre
. '?'''? wero -io. American Agricultural
11 ' '?'? '?" i\ ? icricai Si ????'?t: and 111 ?
f.' :.'' '.' "'?."? the Chase N?'donal Ba; k
'.Ii:n. '? i ?'?' " of Commerce of the
: M ?'''??' " ???'? v Vork, City Historv Club.
| Columbia IJnivci ;?? <.-.,.. |,, ?_ q k ,
I fratomity, Middlebuiy College, New
1 England Society, ?..',?? Vork Theoiot?ical
'-or ( i -. Pitgrims. Serbi in Child Wel
i ;:'rr Committee, St. Andrcw's Society,
, Lnion League Club and Universitv
j 'lhe hqnorary palibcarers were Irv
| ing Bacheller, George F. Baker, Dr.
| Nicholas Murray Butler. Dr. Wallace
? Buttrick, Henry W. Cannon. Dr. John
I IL Finley, James W. GitTord, John W.
GriggK, Willard !?'. V. King. Darwin P.
Kingsley, John L. Kuser, William A.
Nash, H. HoLart Ports-r, William H.
Porter, Seward Prosser, John D. Rocke?
fcller jr. and Albert H. Wiggi".
Mr. Hepburn's body was taken to
('anton, N. Y., for interment.
i CREENWICH. Conn., Jan. -.'7. -Mrr.
Phebc Ann Tubby, ninety years old,
IwiJojv of Josiah F. Tubby, died ut her
j home here to-day. She was a native
. of Boston. being a daughter of the
J late Paul Bunker. She was ore of the
! oidest members of the Society of
I Friends in Brookline. She L survived
by two sons, William B. fubby, ,f
j Westfield, N. ,T.. and one daughter.
Miss Ahnira Tubby. of Greenwieh. A
Friends' service will hc conducted cn
Sunday afternoon. Burial will bc in
the Friends' Cemetery, Brookline.
! Birtli, Enaa-rement, Marriape,
j Death antl In Memoriam fVoticca
j r.iav bc telephoned lo The. Tribune
anii time up to midnighl for w
scrtion in thc ncxl dav's paper.
Telephone Beekman 3000.
BAVIIA-HORX-Mr. nnd Mrs E.lwiri
Bayha. of 391 Ocean Parl:way. announc i
l the marriasc of their soa, Ed-.vln A... to
M;*h Ocetla Kurn, on .1 muarv 27, 132;
I 8TKOHM?BKEBK?On Fritlav" January
"T, :')'.'. nt io: I'.irn .?:.. I'pper Mont
I rlair. X. .1 , by Rc-v. Dr. ,T. T. Stocklng,
; -.:!li-,.i. daughter of Henry Warren and
i Mary VVheelock Beebc, to Mr. Harold
fclrohm, of Xew- Vork City.
AW.I.K?On January 20, 1P22. Phlllp, be
loved father of Will Adler Mrs." May
Oppenheimer. Mrs. J.-ina* Adler and Mrs.
Isirtor Marahutz. Funeral from hie late
j resld -vi-. 2T6 W. l'-Cth st.. Sunday
morning, tbe 29lh, ul 10 no. Pittsburgh
and Raltlmore papers please copy.
? AOATSTON?On Jnnuary 26. SarituM, !.-?
loved hi.'eband of Joharria *n.l father ..f
KmM, 1 U-. Stgmund A . ln-. 1.. uls ?.
nnd Mrs I' ?;? n Bonls. ','?.?. p.i :? . ,,
'??n V.;. si&th st. on Sundv. Januarv
"'?? at 10 a. m. Kindly omlt flowers.
; . hii aci and St. I_. ? ?.!.??; pupors please cop; .
AVSTI.N January 27, '?'<::. Anna K ta
l lomer, widow of James M \ x3\ ??
M. D., in her r>Si;-, year. Funeral s?rv
lepg at f- = r l.ii> resldenco 4.4 t'antral
? Park West, Sunday, Jftnuarv 29, ui
! 4 p. m.
UKNT1.EV?Peacefully, at Tonaflv N i
January 27, 1022, Sophla Roorbacli .-,).,??
. urd Uentley, dauglitor of lhe late iVI .
liiini lidward Shepufd snd Ellaabeth \nn
McCready, and vvlt'e of John Theodore
.'??nii.y. Passed oo to greater hujjumess
! au.. .( more ubundant '.'.fe.
BOi rm: <>,, Januar) "4 n?2, after ?
rhort illn<'?s. l,e||? >1ail?l?iii?. eldeat
daughter of Theodora !?'. Bonrne r" ?
rreral r-? loe at her home, 4t Oakwoofl
? ' . t pnor Montclalr, N .1 . Saturday
afternoon at 2: 0
BOWTON William Conkllnu Bowton, h*
Ini'fl husband of i'rtna KI|>T>. Januarv
2(1, 1922, (it !t?, konsn'k. t?, J., aged ?1
CAMPBEI.T,?Allan r Campbell Funer??
Church. H'w?y, ?8th st., Saturday, J p. tn.
CARPKXTKR Hannah Lydla. beloved wlf*
of Kr?i>ch w f.irppn' r and dau?ht?r
of the Into Bdmond Field ar.d flaan^h
I.ydla Jf?i?ht, entered lr<"> resr vVadnan
i'ay rnornlnif. .lanwnry 85, Servl'-ea 8*
l,T hnirc, Ipp?r KinK nt , Port ?"h?st?r,
N V, 8?''irdsy. January t?. at 2 o'clock.
Automobile* will awall tha 1 a 07 train
fr?m Orand Central Statlon a-nvln* a".
? ort Cheator I 09 p. m. and fr-Mn from
tha exat a'. 1:17 p. rn.
CI.IVTOV?Rairan* Z. 4?mpbaii Fonarat
Church, B'way. ?*>,!> nt . Monday. 14 a m.
(HV-Tllr Jl'Ufj, on January 27. ID22/
1 -loved husband of Ts..t>?l!o fnee Hllver
1 ??>. devoted fathnr of Annette Trme.
Fablan Monroe. Clament Sylvao. in
Baitimore, (n his r.f.th /?ar. Funerst
s< ? rlcoa nt 'ha Wrlt End Synaitotrue. 1*>
West 82d at., Bunday, January 29. *t 1*.
n rn. Klndly nrnlt flow?rs Tt waa tha
wl-h of th" deceased that those who d?
air"d to honor hia memory should do so
tbrouah Ihe Federation for Jewlate
IMY!EH.~j/?.or,Hrd W Davlas, January ?K.
I922-, at tho liom?, of hla parenfa. Mr. and
Mrs. John 4. Da-. les. 227 Bear>h 123d ?!..
Rockaway Park, N. Y Member of 017m.
pin T.odlfe, ?0S. V. and A. M\ Funeral
ti?T- lre? Saturday, Jjinuarv 2?. at 19
* rn , at St. .'olm's P. 1-'.. Church. Far
Jtoekaway, 4. Y.
ETZKIv?On Sanuary 25 U22, ?' hia real
denee, "08 TVest 93d al . jo?;,li 4. bo
loved son of Albert and Catherlne Etsssl
Requlem mass at Churrh of thn Holv
Name. 98th Ht. ii;;4 Amsterdam a".. on
Saturday, January tn, ?t 1 o'clock. Klnd?
ly oroli flower* Interment Calvary. Au.
tomoblle cortege
l'OSTKK- On Thuraday, January 2?, 192t.
Rcott Foetor, nt hln reslfleneo, 175 West
'2'\ Kt., N'ew Tork, Iti lh* -vt .,<-ar nt h'.j
?-"'? Funeral '-?rvi^e? ?i !;,j-e-<-r:-' Preahy
terlan Church, Rroa^-iy ;,r:d 7.';d at .
Balurday, January 28, *t ;r\ , m. Inter?
ment pri ??af. at Newhurjrh, N T. Tt 12 ra
q irsted that no flowers be aent
HKATI1 - A> Washlng-ton, Conn., at toa
home of Herbert W. Fjulknor, January
21. Mary F. Health, formerly of Stam.
ford, fnnti.. h' 73d ->?-nr. Funeral
Raturday. January 2i. at rtoon, ^1 Wash?
lngton. Conn
I'VATT On Thuraday, Tanuary 2S 1922
Inaao ir. husband of Ma ? lane Hyatf!
? l:i? 67th year. Funeral .Tv!'r,s al
his )?'- rCBlden. -?. '- , C! ? ?? :. a ?- Ja
m?lca N. V.. ot. 3ur lay afte noon at 2
r. . lock.
JON'KH? Entered Into rest lanuary t'.
1022, ai her reslrl nso. 24^:i Valentlna
Anna M. .,' . ? .c-.l 89 years Re
n?i"m niRRs j,t thr; Church of Oui Lady
of Xterey Marlon av.. -??-,,? 188th Bt.,
Sa ? urd r y m ^ninc :, ? !1 30
TjANGRKTN -Jernle f^ . w|fe . ' 4.., nard J
'.sn;l<"!n, nn Januar>- 2B 1922 Services
-?:.. Funeral Church Broadway, v..,v?
6Sth and C7l U hi ? on >ut ds \ ra 1 uan
"' ::t - f tn S in Fn nel* n and 1 tak ?
:^> I pai ? rs pleat - CO; ?
Mr?riNXE.SS?On January ? "' ' a-h^
resldence, 249 W 21al st Marv 5fcOu'.n
np?? boloved a^r.r r,; M?y g, (- *;??
'-?:??-" requlem mass ;?: Church of ?1
FrnnolB Xavler. VV. 16th Bt -^-lay
January 25. r,t 10 a. m Interment
.Tanuary 28. 1922 Robert
Kmerson Infant cn ot John I m
Mary R. Mount. Funeral servi, - at late
Velson ?, ? . ? . tur lay,
1:30 p m. Interment
January 28,
POMF.ROY?Al Whltestor.e. >: T on Wed
c'-day January 25, 1922 .'4->. Hannah
? ? Miles Pomoroy, widow of the Ute
pr nren Day Fomeroj ?'. K. V. C Fu?
neral' Rervlces from her late home. 731
No. -th av., Whltcstone, on Saturday
January 28, 1922, al 11:30 a. m on tha
arrival of 10 20 train from Penn Hta
tlon. Autos v.-:ll rn? ;t.
R(mii:-.'.iT;i.-v 2.4 at her 4t^ resldence,
Hotel S01 rset, '-??;.?-..?;, Barker, be
i' ve'l '?'? ' ? : ?-.'' ::?>'? : ,d d 'voted
rnclher of Joseph an.l Marshc.1l, In her
? s' >'ear. Se-v|co.? Rat'i ?.. 10 , 1
r" ' "' fun ?ra' par'o- 1
Benedlo. 130 AV--st 1.3th s... Manha tan
Intermer.t at \V 10 lla ? n. prl> ite
SEI.F?Oi Thureda; , Januat ?*->
Herberl Self, brother of
ar.d Harvey s If. Funeral from'chrls
' ' ' ' '' '"' ?'?,'? and Se.-, nd ;
''"? -'?'^??-- January 29. li . p. ?.. !n.
'? r- en t nrlvai ?-.
SXOW?On Jan. 26. at her :<?> r?sldenee
4"1 Riverside D'riv, '..'.?? '?? '^. .,.'
widow of the late Jan-..-,, p on '.,. ?
neri I at 11 a m. Saturday at (t>4 P.lver
Elde Urive. Interment at Bllxabeth r J
1TBBT -? ? Greenwl, :-.. r;0nn . 14r3( . th
- ? ' '?? I '? 2, Ph ?????? 1 nn : 1' ::.' . ..... ? '
of Joslah T Tubby. In the 91st > .? >u
at-e. Funern :rom her late r. ??.?-..,?
?'?'? ' 1 !'? -" Ireenv 4 1 ? ??,..'
BRAKX?The month's mind mass for th
rcp ise oi the soul oi Risrht R
Monslgnor Henry A. Brann, D 1
be offered 011 sa u.-day ni rning .Jnn
uary 28th, at 10 o'clock. a. the '-,?? h
of St. Aenes. East 43J st., 01 which he
hHd been the pastor for the past 3J
yo.irs; and on Monday morning, January
31 th. at 10 o'clock, at tho Church of Pt
Elizabeth, )S7th st. and Broadway"
e was pastor for 19 years. from
IS71 to 1890.
^ 'WhertDeathOfiurs
ra Ctilf Cnlttmbss 3:200"
|t (l <3h& <3imeral <??iurxh"mc.
JUk BroadMry at 66A St
thk vroom.wry crmetkkt
IScd St. By Harlci Tialn or hv TrnH.
Midnight. A young woman enters an emptv
taxscab; a run to a poor section of the city. And
then?the discovery of the woman's disappearance,
and >n her pjaee the dead bodv of a prominent
society man. No clues?-no susoects. A detective
?,&ry P.1 .hlShest literary quality hy the author of
ihe - rimson Alibi," "Gray Dusk" and "Six Sec?
onds of Darkness." Don't miss it. $1.75.
After studying .14 European nations Mr. Vanderlip
translates Wall Street's knowledge of international affairs
into terms of human life. He presents a reliable picture
of the European industrial, commereial and economic situ?
ation and of its effeet on America's future.
hsrevcr bo>ks are sold. $1.75, bv ma-'f $1.55.
HARCOURT, BRACE & COMPANY, 1 W. 47th St.. New York

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