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Live Topics in the Realms of Drama and Music
Frances White
As Juliet i n
^The Hole! Mouse'
! Everything nice that ever has hap
jr* ened to Frances White is the result
*'A. an accident, and so, althot?.gh it is
*he dearest wish of her heart to play
?ttliet, she i.s r.il going to force mat?
ers, a? ton:, actresses do, by hiring
|.e Princess Theater and giving spe
.<?! matinees. She is going to wait
util another accident gives her the
anee. M ia White has a balcony
'"-,e in her new show, "The Hotel
Mou.*-," ar.d Taylor Holmes stands be
i w needing oniy the slightest encour?
agement, probably, to burst into "I
.?ould ' were a glove on that fair
. d." i-r.d after that nothing could
op M'.s White from playing her fa
Vorite heroine.
Everything good that has happened
? diss White has been just accidental
anything in this world is acci
; tai, which it probably isn't.
s ihr Original
?* < hi Id Vonder
If se ne one had not. heard little
ranees White singing high C when
...' -he ws- twelve years old she never
. voulu have been on the stago at all.
"it WS? in Los Angeles, my home town,
ard I i.scd to be pressed into service
all of the school entertainments.
Some one offered me a part in a musical
?' . stock opmpany out there, and I accepted
H ritbout asking any one's permission.
f. sang 'Fantana,' and a lot of those old
inga, but no one noticed me, espe?
cially until one day at a rehearsal. 1
happened to strain my hair all back
from my face and pin it up in a tight
wad on my head. It was terribly hot
weather ant. I was dancing hard and
thought T looked like a fright. But the
^tage manager, it was Robert Leonard.
Mac Murray's husband?but he wasn't
Mae Murray's husband then? called me
over and said, 'Wear your hair like
that all the time and you're made! It's
distinctive.' -So I did; and it's funny.
but every one who had not noticed me
on accourt of my voice, which was
"Considered rather good at that time, be?
gan to talk and write about my hair
dresa, and I think I got more publicity
because of my permanent lack of a
wave than 1 ever get in any other
v ay."
"Well you've certainly had the cour?
age of somebody's convictions, for
you've gone through pompadours, parts
In the middle and parts on the side un?
disturbed by the rulings of the coiffure
taehioneers. Do you remember the pc
?iod, about five or six years ago, when
ivc-ry one decided that she looked like
you and wore her hair accordingly?
Siomc of them looked pretty and some
of them looked pretty awful."
Mr. Shubcrl
Frustrates Frances
"You know il took a lot of c mrage
o sec all the other girl3 with beauti-!
ful turn',- of Billie Burke curls and
continue' to go around with my hair ?
?ce>k:,i?- as though I hadn't any. The
-t time I was tempted was last win?
ter, when my soul cried out for a
bobbed wig. 1 thought I could ease the
,- .- n by wearing it straight at first,
and after people got used to that I
c ?'.. i .-tart a few waves. Well. I men
. oncd, casually, to Lee Shubert that I
my way to the hairdresser's to
it iv] at used to be known as a Castle
c ?j, and he arose in his wrath and said:
shears which sever your locks
e- our contract also,' just like that.
- ?> yo i see my hair is still with me."
i -poke a moment ago, Miss
. about ?.our high Cs. You don't
hem any more. How come?"
' c result of an accident, as I
ou ail good things are for me.
e period when I was failing to
' ;.. c ?nthusiasm tn the critics by
warbling 1 got laryngitis and my
.'o? fell a whole octave. I had to do
^^ iiiferent type of song after I got
5___B.: ???- and those songs seemed to make
Bui instantaneous hit. People liked my
Hj_^i'as.. voice and 1 never got my high Cs
back .".gain.
"And you remember my song "Missis
sippi'? There was another accident. I
had been singing it for some time
and it wasn't going right. Then, at one
performance, I lisped on one of the
syllables ar.d everybody laughed. ?
?ted it next time and they laugheel
again, so I left it that way. It was the
biggest hit I ever had until this song,
?Round on the Ends and nigh in the
Middle.' The second night I had twelve !
-??.cores on that and my voice was all :
gone?. Bert Hanlon wrote that for me .
and I think it'?? the best thing I've ',
Temperament Is
A Uangeroua Thing
"And is the temperament still ran.- i
pant? Is your soul ?till longing for
the higher drama?"
"Is it rampant? It's actually unruly !
Every time I play that scene with Tay- ,
lor Holmes, in the second act, where
they discover that 1 am a thief, I want ,
? to burst into tragedy and act it seri
jf ously. Some day I'll slip up on it and
.ecome a tragedienne without giving!
* notice." |
"That will be another accident, and ?
?? perhaps every one will say: 'Frances'
5"White, sire is a great actress.'"
"Yes they would! They would say: j
'Frances White, she ?s a darn fool.'"
. H. U. I
''Alias Julius Caesar"
Charles Ray has l?nishcd the filming
of his latest picture. It is called "Alias ?
Julius Ca?sar," and the cast includes :
Barbara Bedford, William Scott, liar- '
?-.y Ciark. Robert Fernandez, Carl Mil- ,
icr and Cus Thomas. i
End of "Mistress of the World" "t
Hugo Riesenfeld has united the third f
and four'.!' episodes of "Mistress of.the |e
V,'??!'.." mtj b__ tallad it **_"h? CitJ of ?
0*}#4{" thi* will b_ shown at the!*
J-ivftit and the Rtalto theaters next : a
?Cosi Fan Tulle"
Feature of Week
At Metropolitan
? ?? ? ature of this week at the
Metropolitan Opera House will be the
ilrst pcifurmance of Mozart's "Cos?
Fan Tutte," next Friday evening- The
cast will he r.s follows: Flordiligi, Flor?
ence Easton; Dorabella, Frances Pe?
ralta; Despina. Lucrczia Bori; Fer?
rando, George .'.leader; Guglielmo, Giu?
seppe Do Luca; Don Alfonso, Adamo
Dr dur.
The opera, which is two acts of
nine scenes, will be conducted by Artur
Bodanzky, who Iras prepared it mu?
sically. Others concerned in the pro?
duction are Samuel Thewman, stage
director; Giulio Sett!, chorus master,
? and Edward Siedle, technical director.
The mis-cn-scene lias been made ac?
cording t?-> the instructions given by
Mr. Gatti-Casazza to Joseph Urban.
The entire performance will take place
on a smail raised stago constructed
within the ordinary stage, the object
being to help create that atmosphere
of intimacy essential to this work. The
costumes have been made by Mme.
Castel-Bcrt, from sketches of Joseph
1 Urban.
The Story of
"Cosi Fan Tutte"
Ferrando is betrothed to Dorabella,
Guglielmo to her sister, Fibrdiligi.
Dorabella is passionate, impulsive:
Fiordiligi sentimental and faithful.
Both are very much in love. Their re?
spective cavaliers vaunt their exalted
i merits to Alfonso. Alfonso is a cynic;
i not a malicious one, but clear sighted
! and devoid of sentimentality. To prove
his assertion that all women are fickle
? be makes a wager that he can make
: the two ladies in question break their
troth. It is agreed that Ferrando and
?Guglielmo themselves, in ?l?guise.1
! shall act as the tempters. Following,
I the alleged summons of the King, they
leave for the wars after a most touch- !
ing farewell. Their two sweethearts
are disconsolate !
Disguised, the two reappear to sue
for the two ladies' favor, and find a
ready aid in the maid, Despina, a sort |
of feminine Leporello. Neither her?
help nor that of Alfonso, posing as the!
"strangers'" friend, is of avail, any
more than the ruse of attempted sui?
cide on the part of both and their re-j
suscitation at the hands of the "mag-!
netic" doctor (a supposed disciple of ?
old Dr. Messmer, friend of the youth-j
ful Mozart), impersonated by Despina.
The close of the first act finds both j
ladies firm as adamant and the trium-l
phant lovers magnanimously offering,
to "discount'' the bet. But tire lime isj
not up, and Alfonso returns to the!
charge, again with Desp'tna as accom?
plice. Throughout the second act Fer?
nando and Guglielmo make false love!
to each other's fianc?e. Dorabella,
the flirt, yields to temptation. Fer-,
raudo is furious and returns to his
task to win Fiordiligi with new vigor, i
She is troubled, she wavers?she yields.?
The game is up. Alfonso soothes the )
troubled spirits of bis friends with
! worldly advice, stages their sudden rc
| turn and shames the ladies into con
i trition. A double wedding winds up
i the opera.
A Bpcclal matinee will open the week
? to-morrow afternoon when the fourth <
; act of "Trovatore" with Mmes. Peralta 1
land Gordon and Messrs. Salazar, De- ?
: Luca and Audisio. Mr. Papi conducting;
'? the fourth act of "Faust" with Mme.
1 Sundelius and Messrs. Harrold and
] Rothler, Mr. Hasselmans conducting;
! the third act of "La Boh?me" with
'Mmes. Farrar and Rosclle and Messrs.
' Chamlee, Scotti, Audisio and Reschll
ian, Mr. Papi conducting; the third act
of "Alda" with Mmes. Muzlo and Telva
| and Messrs. Martlnell!, Whltehlll and
! Martine, Mr. Moranzoni conducting,
?will be given.
"Mefistofele" will be sung to-morrow
evening (the last time this season) by
I Mmes. Alda, Easton, Howard and Perini
; and Messrs. Gigii, Mardones, Bada and
Paltrlnieri, Mr. Moranzoni conducting.
Other operas this week will be:
"Faust," on Wednesday evening, with
! Mmes. Farrar, Berat and Ellis and
I Messrs. Martinelli, Danise and White
? hill, Mr. Hasselmans conducting.
"Lohengrin," on Thursday evening,
t with Mmes. Jeritza and Claussen and
Messrs. Seirfbach, P.ozsa and Gustafson,
Mr. Bodanzky conducting.
"Don Carlos," at this week's Satur?
day matinee, with Mmes. Peralta, Gor?
don and Messrs. Martinelli, DeLuca and !
Didur. Mr. Papi will conduct.
On Saturday night there will be a
double bill, "L'Oracolo" and "L'Amore I
dei Tre Re"?the former with Mme.!
Snndelius and Messrs. Harrold, Scotti J
and Martine, Mr. Bamboschek conduct?
ing; the latter with Mme. Easton and
Messrs. Gigli, Picco and Rothier, Mr.
Moranzoni conducting.
Mme. G?raldine Farrar will sing the
title r?le of "Madama Butterfly" for |
the benefit of the Henry Street Settle-1
ment next Friday afternoon with;
Messrs. Chamlee and Scotti in th? cast !
and Mr. Moranzoni conducting.
- ? ?? ?
Orgiuiizatiem of Music Students
To the Editor of The Tribune.
Sir: Students from the Skwcduncks
of all states have begun to realize their!
importance. Millions of dollars have I
been shoveled out to vocal chord chirop?
odists, piano barbers and violin sawers
with results that justified not the out- ;
put. This realization has come unaided
in a Music Students' League whose va?
rious aims should revolutionize the music
?indents' world.
Some of the aims of the league are:
T ? To form an organization to pro- ?
r,ote the general interests of the music. I '
itiidents of New York City; (2) to hold i (
iccasionsl meetings of the organization i
'or consideration of such problems as <
?very music student must face; (3) to ; 1
\p]4 other meetings for social diversion
nJ ??iiaaeure: (4) to i'ncu?'? fchc CO' 1
feration t>f managers an?? ??uUSUhf-i ? i
r??n la ?MW
tance of students at concerts and opera;
(5) to secure better living conditions
i for music students; (6) to enlist the
support of patrons of music in the inter?
est of worthy and needy students; (7)
to promote co-operation of existingmu
? sical organizations in the interest of
i students, and (8) to hold occasional
public performances by students only.
The league is sponsored by stich per
| sons as Dr. E. A. Noble, Leopold Go
' dowsky, 11. U. Krohbiel, Josef Stransky,
? J. Fletcher Shera, Leonard Liebling,
Harold Bauer, John C. Freund, Emilie
Flaneen Bauer, Helen Fountain, Henry
T. Finck, Pierre Key, Deems Taylor and
The students support the teachers,
help keep the concert halls going, and
surely Ihey are a vital ingredient in the
1 musical "salad." They want to hear the
best music, but they can't afford to sus
| tain the opera sharks that guard the
Metropolitan. Cerebus before Hades
was not more vigilant than one of these.
' How is it that certain individuals pass
jthose gates without dispensing shekels,
: and why is it. theise same creatures arc
of a swarthy foreign complcreion? Are
| not American students equally hungry
j for the best?
Thero nro a good many things that
1 could be changed in the musical salad
| without its losing its flavor, and as the
! students aro not tied to any one, nor
: afraid of any one, they have an oppor?
tunity to really do things.
There are so many things that the
league may accomplish it would take up
too much space to tell them. However,
if it continues its free concerts and
auditions, provides a general informa?
tion bureau and helps students to forget
i the loneliness of New York's whirlpool
life it will have justified its existence*.
- ? ?.-?-, ... _?,.,,??
Music Notes
(Continued from preceding pe-je^
E flat; song, "Contrition"; Polonaise
Dr. Fleck will discuss the Brahms C
major Trio, Op. 87, as the principal
number at the lecture-concert of the
Adolph Lewisohn Free Chamber Music
Course given at Hunter College Chapel,
Park Avenue and Sixty-eighth Street,
next Thursday evening, at 8:15. Other
numbers will be by Martine, Rubin?
stein, played by the Trio Classique.
A Lenten Oratoria by W. W. Gilchrist
will be given in St. Paul's Chapel, Co?
lumbia University, next Tuesday even?
ing, at 8:15, by the University
Chapel Choir. Walter Henry Hall, pro?
fessor of choral music at the univer?
sity, will direct the choir, which will
bo augmented for this occasion and
which will be assisted by Alice. D. But
tcrfield, soprano; Mary Bennett, con?
tralto, and C. W. Morgan, organist.
Miss Sydney Thompson will give the
narrative to the accompaniment of
The Oratorio will be given under the
Columbia Institute of ?Arts and Sci?
ences in co-operation with St. Paul's
Emma Roberts, mezzo-contralto, will
sing at Town Hall on Friday evening,
March 31. I
Reinald Werrenrath. barytone, -will
return to New York for a recital at
Carnegie Hall on the afternoon of
April 2.
A concert of negro mnsic is to be ?
given at Carnegie Hall on Monday eve?
ning, April 3. The program which will
consist of negro spirituals and chant3
sung by negro slaves, and music typify
ing the spirit of the modern negro, will j
bo given for the benefit of the Manassas
Industrial School for Colored Youth of j
Manassas, Va.
Felix Salmond, English violoncellist,
will make his American debut at Aeo?
lian Hall, Wednesday afternoon, March
The Mendelssohn Choir of Toronto;
H. A. Fricker, conductor, is planning a
brief American tour during the first
week in April in celebration of its
twenty-fifth anniversary. Two concerts
will be given In Carnegie Hall, the
first on Tuesday evening, April 4, a
cappella; the second, on Wednesday !
evening, April 6, with the complete ;
Philharmonic orchestra. The soloists :
will be John Barclay, baritone; Ernest i
Seitz, pianist, and Florence Hinkle, so- !
Titta Ruffo, assisted by Graziella
Pareto, soprano, will sing at the Hippo- :
drome on Sunday evening, April 2,
_ i
Lucille de Vescori, soprano, will |
appear at Town Hail on Thursday eve- I
ning, March 30, when her entire pro- !
gram will be devoted to songs by mod- '
ern Italian compoaers.
On Tuesday afternoon, March 21, in ?
the auditorium of Washington Irving
high School, the New York Symphony
Orchestra will give a testimonial con
cert for the pupils in the New York !
City high school orchestras.
For several months past the various !
high school orchestras have been study- '?
ing the following program:
Overture, "Merry "Wives of Windsor." ?
r. f._ c t. Nicolai '??
Fifth Symphony .Beethoven
Peer Gynt Suite.ejrleg
Vorspiel, Act 1, "J.oheiigrln.".Wagner
In addition, the symphony orchestra
will play the overture to "Tannhauser."
Brooklyn Opera Company
The Brooklyn Opera Company will
begin a season at the Brooklyn Acad?
emy of Music on Tuesday evening with ?
'Un Bailo in Maschera." Nicola Zerola,
lenor, and August D. Ordognez, bary- l
Done, will head the cast, which will in- '
?lude ?talo Piechi, bass; Espartero Pa- i
azzi, bass, and Emily Day, soprano.
Other operas to be given are "Caval- ,
ere* Ki>-ti_*na." "Pag'iacei." "Lu Gio- j
?on?-?.'' "tiamaan at Dalilu,'1 "Lu Fop?, ?
_?. P.Mtifi?/' ?i "QUU?." i
Programs of the Week
Carnegie Hall, -'? p. m. Violin re?
cital by Mir?n Poliakin :
? Ihaconne .'?'??ni::"1? Vltall (1 3G0 -
Ait,??:-.:- .? ? I de Leopold Chai llor.
? ?-, ?to i?i II minor, Op. (i4. .Mendelssohn
i i i vu ii.-i is?.Saint-f?nons
Hungarian Pane* Vo. 1.Brahms
Nocturne i-i l> major. Chopln-AVIIIclmj
Rondo .Mozart
Polonaise In I? najor.Wleninwskl
Metropolitan Opora House, 2 p. m.
Concert l>y the Philharmonic Orchestra: ?
Symphony No.y.1 ?n 13 flat ("Broica"), ]
Op. 55 . ...V.Beethoven
"Mother Goosr suite for orchestra,
Overture to "R nrl".Wagner
Rumford Hall, 8:15 p. ni. Piano re?
cital by E. Robert Schmitz:
Sonata Appnsslonnata .Beethoven
Three studies -No B, Op. 10; No. 3,
? ?p. 10; :-..?. 11, Op. 25.Chopin
Kl puerto .?Vlbenlz
Evoi .ni.-u .Albenij! I
A los toros .Tiirlna :
Solemn Panco .Cyril Scoti
Prelude .l?osalle Houemann
fountain of Air???? l'oala.Griffes
Juba Panso .N. Pett
Ca rllli'ii .1 ?lapoun-n'f
Panso ?I?1? Odalisques .HelitkulT
lslamey .Palal.lreff
Cooper Union, 8 p. m. Conceit, by I
! Lucille Vcscovi, soprano; David
? Hughes?, tenor, and Maximilian Rose, '
I violinist :
AVelah Sont;"
? Gv.-lad y Polyn.Henry j
I OI no byililaln hyf O hyd.Davles I
Hen wlad fy nhadau.Old Vel?.h Air
Mr. Hugh's
Italian Rones ?
Cantava 11 ruscello.Martuocl
111 Passa?!".Scalero
Lenta flccea la, neve.Alaleona
Non so qual io voglia nobble.Resplghl
Mme. ?le Vescovl
Caprice, A minor.Wieniawsltt-KrelslCr
Gui t tare.Moskowskl-Sarasate
Mr. Rose
Aria, II lan-.ento d'Arlanno.Monteverde
Mme. de Vescovl
Hebrew Melody.Achron [
Hungarian Parce.Brahms-Joachim I
j H urn an I un Melody.?Sa r?sate |
i Zapateado.Nu r?sate |
Mr. Rose
Entflieh Songs?
j Love Mn or Not.Secclli
i Rose in My Garden.Courtney
' Where My Caravan iPis Rested.l.uiir
Mr. Hugh?s
j Italian Hones?
i Pastor!.Pizzett :
| Dl nolte; Solltudlni.Pin-.--..'
j Soir Paieno.Case Un
Le voile peint.Tommaslnl :
I Mirlnua; Morgana.Maiipioro
Mine, da Vescovl
Souvenir de Moscou.Wlenlawakl
Mr. Ropo
Hippodrome, 8:15 p. in. Concert by I
? John McCormack, assisted by Donald :
McBeath, A'iol iaist, and Herber?.
; Hughes, coniponer-pianist:
Rondo for tenor (Per Pieu? non
Recreate . Mozart
Mr. McCormack
Pantomime . Mozart
Rigaudon. Monslgny
7.::-. McBeath
All Souls' Pay.Richard Strauss '
E'en Little Things.Hugo Wolf
May Night..Brahms
Tho Soldier .Schumann
Mr. McCormack
IrlBli songs arranged by Herbert
Hughes: Oft In the Stilly Night;
The Plght of the Moon; Has Sorrow
Thy Young Eyes Shaded? The Pear
Little Shamrock.
Mr. McCormack, accompanied b?
Mr. Hughes
Adagletlo . Bizet ?
Gypsy airs .Sarasate
Mr. McBeath
On Erlbcg Island Ii7rft time).H. O, Osgood
Tour Eye?.Ed win Schneider
?She Rested h;. th? Broken Brook,
To Ireland (by request)... .P. J, O'Reilly!
Mr. McCormack
City College, 4 p. m. Organ recital
by Samuel A. Baldwin:
I'ridude and fugue In C mino?.Bac.1i
Gavotts.Padrr Martini
Eighth Symphony (two movements) .Wldor ,
Andantino, Fourth Symphony.
Tschalkowsky '
Prelude In C ?iharp minor. . .Rachmani noff |
Nocturne In E flat.Chopin
Prelude and fugue on the name
"Pach" .Liszt :
Town Hall, ."? p. m. Song recital by
Mildred Faas, soprano:
Amour, vols quels maux to nous fait
de mol .Lnllr
Now la the Month of Maying.Morley :
Ohio's Lament .Purcell
"Ach es schmeckt doch gar t.u gut"
from "The Pensant Cantata''.Bach;
Avo Maria, OI* Forelle.Schubert
Pu Bist wie "Ino Blume,
Fruhllngsnacl'.t .Schumann ?
Le Matin .Bizer ,
Les Cloches de Bruges .Staub;
Lo Temps des Lilas .Chausson :
Vocalisa .Rachmaninoff !
Tho Midnight. Sea .Frances McCollln |
Oreara Valley .Roger gulltnr
Pierrot.Wlntter Watts
Three Fairy Songs.: . . .Bcsly
At 8:15. Song recital by Margaret
Keyes, contralto:
Che fsro senza Burtdlce from "Orfeo"
C. Oluck (1714-1787)
Star vicino.Salvator Rosa (1615-1677,)
Khl, Io trepedo .Palslello (1741-1815;
Von ewiger Liebe; He Zigeuner, Wirst
ihr wann mein Kindchen, Liebe Gott
du Weisst, Rosleln drele (Zigeuner
Lieder), Kommlt dir manchmal, Bot?
schaft .Jon. Brnhm?
Le temps des Lilas.Ernest ChauBson
La Chaneon du Rouet.Emanucl Moor
Lied Maritime .Vincent d'Indy
Vlllanelle des Petls Canards,
Emmanuel Chabrlor
Love Have Tou Heard the News,
W. Frank Harling
Ths White Rose.Eminuel Moor
Night Song .Cyril Scott
A Birthday .Arthur Whiting
Aeolian Hall, 8:15 p. m. Concert by
the New York Chamber Music Society:
Trio in E flat major, Opus 40.Brahms
Quintet In A major.Colerldge-Taylut
PivertIssement la A minor, Opus 6f>
Andante and Scherzo (MS).. Henry lladley
Aeolian Hall, 3 p. m. Song recital
by Henrietta Conrad, soprano:
Widmung.Schumann ,
Pretchen o in Spinnrads.Schubert;
Von ewiger Lieb?.Brahms
O liebliche -Wangen.Brahms :
Zur Ruh,' zur Ruh'.Wolf
Mausfallen?Spr?chlein.Wolf ,
Gesang Wsyla's.>.Wolf
ich hab' in Penna einen Liebsten.Wolf
Liad Maritime.D'lhdy
La Fluts enchante?.Ravel
Air de Lia, "L'Enfant Prodigue" .. Debussy
May, the Mulden.Carpenter
Nocturne; Reawakening; To a Mes?
senger.La Forge ?
At 8:15 p. m. Song recital by Evelyn '
MacNevin, contralto:
Ah rendlml (aria from "Mitran?") . .Rossi '
S? tu m'aml so sosplrl.Pergolesi ;
Care Selva .Handel I
.Su Venlte a consiglio.Scarlatti
La Procession.Franck
La Plein 1?re Pans?.Massenet
Apres un Rev?.Faure
Le Temps a laissls bou manteau. Dubussy -
Through the Silver Mist.rosten :
Tha Wind flower?.losten ,
Tho Lament of tho Moon..losten '
I CLEF CL??B7 -^
Orchestra? and Entertainers "Par nx?-?ll?tie? "
132 WEST fi3I) ST. Tel. Circle 1176-1177.
Pan He Furnished for AH Occasions
l?-?ir your favorite record as played by
Orlando Orchestra
tirtor. Pfcthe, Bd?,v)n. Emerson, Lyric, SiWertoce.
1 '"onea 101 ?mi 103 Momlnntd?.
0?n Be IniMsd ttr n/TSM-^J rf , ,. ,"
*m ?oci?i Funotions Aiudtecl r ranklm 6
S^ncofnitcd L?uliu Orchestra
i? ?aMUaJkla mSi\ iA. T^Mml-mmA
Tin? Swing Song. .'
Tim Great An akenlng. ' ' ?
Would Clod I Were lliei Tender Apj ?
Blossom.Vrr. by i I :""
The Sprig of Thyme-Arr. by Oralnger
Turn Vf? to Me.. vrr, by l.,a ? ion
The "I-"o? Drops Low. . , . Arr. by Cadi n
l,n Olrometta.Arr, ''''
Carnegie Ilgll, 3 p. m. Song recital
by Emma Calvo:
Nocturno . Franck
Tlcdea haleine..?. ' . l' ?
I.,? Norcr .Sc.hu lanu
l,u Rose, !" lys.Schumann
Aitiuiir nur, vell.t-tll do mol.'? r?ulll
Alinant In rose.Rlm-ky-I-orsakoff
Les larmes (from "Werther").. .Masson-t
Lheuro oxaulse.!'? Hahn
Beau n.? iiilfi.Anonymous
Legende >lf* la songo (fron, "Le
Joncleur") . Mi.nel
Habanera (from "Carmen"). Btzel
La Lisette; Pierre el ??? mle; Mon?
tague Pyrenees (old folksongs)....
.An,oij mous
Ayl Ay! Ay! (Spanl.1. song)...Don Perez
Town Hall, 8:15 p. m. Piano recital
by Alberto Sciarrettl:
l'relijfllo o Fug?.Sgambatl
Glga; Romanza; Scherzo in <? minor;
Tarantella; Tema con Varlazlonl
.Mil l ? uccl
Etude, ? tierces majeures.Salnt-Saens
Leu collines d'Anacaprl; La Fille au
eheveaux .1?, Un; Minstrel.D-buss'
Rhapsodie Espagnole.LJszt
Metropolitan Opera House, 8:30 p.m.
Concert by the Philharmonic Orchestra
Aca<lemlo Festival Overture.Brahma
Impressions from an Artist's Lifo (vari?
ations for orchestra and piano) Bch.lllng
Brneat Rebelling
Indian Suite. Opus 4,1.MaeDowell
Syrnphonlo Poem, Lea Preludes.LJszl
Wanamakcr Auditorium, 2:150 p. tn.
Organ recital by Charles M. Courboin:
In <"o<-il Immensl.Marcello
Ave Maria.S ' Jb< : I
Intermezzo from Fourth Symphony. Wldor
Variations nnd fugue.Berwald
Serf liarle., U russe
A Herr ret to.Salome
Finale In B flat.Franul
Carnegie Hall, 8:15 t>. m. Song re?
cital by Frieda Heinpel:
?i'lin Day t.' Done.Bach
Swecl Bird, from "Il Pensleroso".. .H?nde
(With nulo obbllgato)
nie junge 7?0,?,i.- .Schuber
Mondnacht . Schumani
Der .IuiikI?nir an d<?r ?Juelie; Unge?
duld .Schuber
Recitative und Polonaise, from
Traum durch die D?mmerung; Mit
deinen blnur-n Augen .Strau?
'?* Gretl.Plltzne:
PAuvvn Jacques .Rameal
Fetes Oalantes.Hain
Waltz Song, from "Romeo et Juliette"
< rounoi
Town Hall, 3 p. m. Piano recital b
Florence Trumbull:
??-?r.tHSlf? In I) ir.l.-ior.Mozar
Pastorale; Capriccio.Scarlatl
Scnata, Opus or, No. 1.Beethovei
Nocturno, Opus 9, No. :'. ; Polonaise in
13 flat minor; Berceuse; Etudes,
C'pua 26, No, 1 and No. 12.ChQpli
Intermezzo Scherzando.Lc.chetlzk
Bourr?e (for the loft hand alone)
St. Francia W.lklng on the Waves...Liez
City College, 4 p. m. Organ recita
by Samuel-A. Baldwin:
Thema (varied) lu H flat.Faulke
Meditation . Chaff!
Prf.-lude and fugue in A minor.Bac!
Romane? -am Paroles; Elvoa.Bonne
Slavlo Dance .Dvora
Ave Maria .Schuber
Fifth Symphony .Wido
Carnegie Hall, !? p. m. Concert b
the New York Symphony Society:
Symphony No. 4. in !?' minor.Tachaiko ?tb.
Aria, "Ocean, Thou Mighty Monster."
Elizabeth Stralla
Eieeriits from "Tannhaeuaer"... ."Wagne
Prelude to Acl 11 r. Tannhaouser's
Pilgrimage,, Elizabeth's aria, "lo.-h
Teuro Halle."
Elizabeth Stralla
March and chorus from Act 11.
At 8:30 p. in. Concert by the Phi
harmonic Orchestra:
Overture to "Manfred," Op. 116.Schuman
Concerto for violin, In D minor, Up. 47.
Sib 111
Alexander Schmuller
Ton? poem, "Ein Heldenlcbcn," Op. 40.
Town Hall, 8:15 p. m. Violin recit.
Use Nicmack:
Sonata?D nia.lor .Hand
"oncerto . Pagani
?Vh- do I.rnsky.Tschalkowskl-Au
Scherzo Taren elle.WIeiilaws
Summer Idyl; Fairy Sailing.Cecil Burleit
Nocturne?E flat .Choptn-Sarusa
Mazurka . Zarzyc
Aeolian Hall, 8:15 p. m. Song r
:ital by Idclla Patterson, soprano:
Oh! Had I Jubal's Lyre (Joshua) . Hand
Jhe Never Told Her Love.Hay,
Von so plu, cosa eon, cosa facelo. . Moza
3uoen of the night (.magic flute).. Mos-a
Mandolines et guitares.Orovl
._u temps den fee..Koochl
Juvrez .Dessau
L'oincau blnu .Dalcro
Prle_, alme_, chantez! . Ore
Waldeinsamkeit . Res
Maupfallen-Spruchleln . Hugo W,
In meiner Heimat. Tru
i'-ruhllngslled .... Mendelssohn-Barthol
Oavatina and Ronda (La Soniiambula*.
Dn the Water of tlie Marsh. Frank Wal
O'ome Unto These Yellow Sands.
.Frank La For
V Russian Lullaby.Boris Lovens
Iolld-iy .lohn Pr'.ndle Sc<
( arnegle Hall, 2:30 p. m. Concert
by the Philharmonic Orchestra. Repe?
tition of Thursday's program.
At 8:16. Concert by the New York
Symphony Society. Repetition O?
Thursday's program :
Town Hall, S:1C p. m. Plano recital
by Wilhelm Bachaua:
Sonatas, op 67, In F minor < ,\ ppa i
lonn tai .Beethoven
Des \ bend?, a ul .< h wung, Warum '.'
Traumes Wim n .S( humann
Polonais" i'ii.i i. ?, oe. noctui no In D
Mat, hallad in .-? Hat, I ... muzurka.,
, ... 60 N'n l ? , '. mu loi . No. ", In a
Hut ; f, lud .'',? " -. ?'??<? '.'. in
F mlnoi . '-',. ?' In i ' ms loi. No '< n
r ; Hat, i ip. lo, \o? 7, in O Bal , .Chopin
(nipt imptu in M fini.Schuber!
..; , ? de Vli nne, No. 6... Schillert -Llazt
Military Mach .Schubi rt-Tau?lg
Aeolian Hall, Il a. m. Concert for
children by the New York Symphony
Overture to "Semlramlde".Rossini
Largo .Hs-ndel
Love Song from "Algerian Suite,"
.I Saen
' ? ' '...ria.Gounod
"Under tho Trees," from "Alsatian
SUitl '? .M a KM., lie |
March from "Tannhausor".'??' ,,:-,
At 8:15 p. in. Annual benefit concert
for the Blind Men's Improvement Club
of New York :
Organ?Allegro from 'ho First Organ
Dr. William C, <0-rI
Some Rival Has Stolen My True Ix,-, e
Away .Old EriBlHh
An Erlskay l?o?-e Lilt.Arr. by Foster
Se Vu,,i Hallare ("Le Nozze fio Fi?
garo" > . Mozai t I
Norman Jolllf
Fantasia Appasolonatn (allegro mod
,. .:? .. mode ato; variation)..Vleujctempa
Josle Pujol
Aria, Vlssl d'Arte, from "Tosca". .Puccini
Jean, tte Vreeland
Song nf Penitence.Beethovei !.::/'.
Nocturne, F sharp major, Op. lo. No.
" . tude . ' ho? In
Irish tune from County Derry. .. .Oralnger
Cat on, .. del Salvador Rosa.Liszt ;
. Ihin ? i ??! St. Patrick, i ?p. 4'.. No. '. .
Pell Street, Chinatown, Op, 40. No.
;! (from manuscript of suite "New
York Days and Nights".Whlthorne
John Moldi nm
Leetlo Bat?ese l French ?( lanadl - n
liu i,,iant song i .O'Hara
A I'air..'h Roa ,i Song.No veil o
Como to Iha Fair.Martin
Norman Jollif
Soeur Monique .Couperln
Capri, e lu I? flat.Gullmant
Fugtte In I) major.Bach
Dr. William C, Carl
11 Netg-e .Bemberg
Tes yeux.Rabe:
Don't. Come In, Sir, Please.Scot'.
Love Went a-Rldlng. Bridge
Jes nette V'r. eland
Melodie .Gluck-Krclsler
Romanzo Andaluza .Sarasate
Josle Pujol
Carnegie Hall, 3 p. m. Violin recital
by Erna Rubinstein:
Idaglo from Concerto No. 11..Spohr
Symphony Espagnole.Lal-<
Serenade MelaneholUlue.Tschalkov
Mazurka do Concert Op. ;>4.Hubay
11 ex. .ntan z.Paganini
Town Hall, 8:10 p. m. Concert by the
Woman's String Orchestra:
Fugue from String Quartet, Op. ',?.
No. 3.Beethoven
Serenade, Op. 69, D minor (with
Violon, ello - lo) .Vulki ? n
Romanze In C, op. 42.
'WceuBc, Op. 63.Ltadow
Dark Road, with Viola Solo (Orst time)
Forait h
Finnish Lullaby.Palgren
Scherzo (Perpetuum Mobile!, Op. 10
Introduction and AlIegro,*Op, 47. with
String c?i?arlet.Elgar
Metropolitan Museum of Art, :*- p, m.
Orchestral concert:
'verturo !.. "Tho Bartered Bride" Sn i La ?.
?Symphony No. ,.Beethoven
. ? '-, "Parsifal".Wagi , r
A' ?' Ma,rla.Schubci :
''???? ,."??. for strings. Ba h
uro "1812".i ... !???;,
To-niglil'a "Opera Concert"
Mishel Piastro, Russian violinist,
will play at to-night's "opera concert"
Tschaikowsky's D majo;- concerto and
a group of pieces. Miss May Peter?
son, soprano, will sing an operatic
aria and songs by Debussy, Dalcroze,
Cyril Scott and Thrane; Mme. Frances
Peralta, an ariii from "Don Carlos";
Mr. Sembach, the prize song from "Die
Meistersinger"; Mr. Mardcnes, the To?
reador's Song from "Carmen," and the
orchestra, directed by Mr. Bamboschek,
will play the "Semiramide" overture,
Borodin's "Steppes" sketch and Glazou
now's "Autumn."
tftsJlrtistic Qua?ity)
The WELLSMORE Baby Grand
is a high grade, full toned in?
strument, backed by Doll & Sons
guarantee. Small enough to fit
in any apartment ; pretentious
enough to grace any home, and
reasonable enough to fit any
YaU, sec and hear our. -l?ost favorable trrm?
112 West 42dSt? N. Y.
\lso of Werthelmcr's, ForiTJuuu
Rood ;m?l The t'oiiftiurse,
Yvonne de Trevillc Sing" in
Brooklyn To-morrovf Evening
A costume recital, ?Three Cei
of Trime Donne," will he given by
Yvonne de ?r?vilie ?t the A?
under institut, auspice?, to-morrow
evening The numbers on tbe program
are representative of the eighteenth,
nineteenth and twentieth centuries. In
the Ur-x part, as Mlle, de Maupin, in
;.?. period of Louis XIV. Mme. de It"
vil]0 ,,??? Hi?g ?Menuet ( hant?," by
. Lulli (1633-'?7); 'L'Amour est
, farit Trompeur," by Martini; "P
by Young; "Pastorale," by Carej
1743). A3 Jenny Lind, in tbe
part, the artist will sing "Thema "
VariazIonS," by Proch (1809-'74); Scan
difiavian folksongs and mad scene from
; "Camp of Silesia," by Meyerbeer (1790
'?' 1881), composed i?r Jenny Lind. Songs
? ?i the twentieth century will be an air
from "Louise," by Charpentier; "
Once Again," by Rutkowski; "The Fal?
tering Dusk," by Kramer; "Myrtha," by
JRadoux, and air from "Nail," by De
i Lara. In some numbers Mme. de fre
ville will accompany herself on the
Department of Choir Training
120 ?I,AM? MOM WEM I.
Orner U-.I 122nd Wreet.
Begin* Februai y ?'?' ? -? ' J
Daily pra? tice - ' '? ?
length of c?n;r??-. 13 worki.
ivrinn very moderate.
- : '
Author of
"The Art and Science of Violin-Playing
K HKrSLER, EEMAN. - \ Mr l>I
u\MR?)Sfii. s? iimh,i,i:k, he?dee,
Uaster Classes for Ar it? Teat era enr",
\,I- anced Studenti .
Specializing In Modem Techniq le, I
on the principles of Relaxation and
For Teaching Appointment, wdresa
Harold Einenl/erg, ?'. O. K<>* m. >M I.
New York City. Tel. Intervale !1 ?
Special Piano Instruction for
.;,?? ?,.- ;- AND TWO PIANO
593 Riverside Drive. Cor. 123th. Tel. Aud. -?6??.
1 ll-ll? East 85th Street
High Class Instructors
in all Branches of Music
Terms Moderate
Send for Catalogue
Miss Ethel Grow
Miss J. R. Cathcart
Piano Instruction, Elenrrntarv Harmony
Plaza 5S53 37 West 57th St.
T"\ & T~\ /""l Of 'Co
r\ A ri > '"''
???::-? i~. t ,,.-? -, i j,. ;. - i ? g? .-.,
llctl . 7"- i union SI I?--- Wyi Mal
Residence, Address 69" '.'.'? . ?. r Ave.
Interviews by api
Studio, 303 Carnetjle H ?It, Tue?. * Krl. P. M
Borne, 6M St. NIrhol&j A?e. Tel A -
, rt Pit!
TVs.,-1 er 13 W.82 3I
ly Ml! h?
Emily iVM toil ?' ' maaT "
Bryant 8326 professionals. 253 W
Teacher of
?27 Carnegie Hal!.
ausTAv, RfPftPP ?L??
|_. V u Uli L l\ and poetical courje.
|? TREUMANN 2^???SS5
Vof. Sauer. Jo-sop!? Holfmiuin Studio : ' SI Xlcbo
"T SPMDING aaa;:;Ha*:
EFFA M?4^..-4 ?_M?*?n*
-II'-. W. 45th Sr. l'honei Bryant 7S3S
B^...*,. ? ,?,.?.,,.?.? C-mpesf-r end Conductor.
ons Levenson imph ,,.? Rim__y-Ko?i?k-_r.
Petrograd t>i>-.-- Ilcj-.... Harmony, Solfeggio, e'om
position. Orchestration, cipera (Ooachlue
Il WK8T D-Uli St. Tel. Rivorside 0S51.
ix \_/ __. il __, i us w 45TH ST.
Sopranos and Contralto.? taucht t. ting nature's
clear -Terton. note? in S30C WEEKS! $_5 njoneh'.-:.
??_ r**i * '!',?r_rh.-r of Sinf?n
' l Mr7tlT111Vli''n ISO West Sl!h St.
1 IL-LllXaUiiLV- Phone Bcfe-Jlc. 7043.
mrrn II! Teacher of Voice. Beginners,
MU??A K irr IN 402 C_me_le Hall. R__. 220
IIIL.I I -.ill WadsWUi _t. T-L W?,l. 3838
151 _l) AVE.. N. Y.
\nnr,n conserv?t ok s
V I K l . I I . Rw-lta loll
v nvviiu i30 ?_;_ ,-_.__ _,__ Col_ jjj
i.,,.., ., .ISliennan So., Botel, ?' '?
P-rrtnsUM. IIUHIU I LU... __, B'way, N. Y.
Piano peilmi.,.-'
e?i r,?it-! s..
:ir?-!e 4.1.
Concerta, Instruction. 41 K. 76th St., N. Y.
MRS, f-^ | Il ART 01
;! Bachelier JStt
Ison Ave.
rray Hill 699
137 W. 86th St. Tel. Schuyl.r 10089.
W. 86th St. Tel.
Studio 810 Carne?le Hall. Tel. Circle 321
'?ir. Rachmaninoff's Concert
A concert w>\) be given or.
r, April 2, i !
ter Damro
phony 8oc ety. ?j
MUSK ? .
Announce. >'..?., , : ?
' - - - iets\
New York Master Classes
br-jfinnir.^r Or?. I5?-May .'?22
Apply m '??'? ...
n fip?M
?* ?''"?? " Bli .- - ;, . yj
."" ' .u
M ' '???>??- ro '.i u ?g
KAOriMl POPt E?H ? i tftftiCAl
W>?t :t?! -? . --.,. -, orV
'?' ';"?1 b -i
VI ,-:?
01 Ml
ili'.li ( r.\-- |>si ,:i ( roRS
He - ? : . ... -:,
Josef ADLER S?
?t-il:-,: 133 'Am
Horn? SI ' ...... i _. ,,? jjj,
"Infallible Met!
P,AN0. .WARfl-'-'?
van I ios ai
"Cl 'Il --Vt'=;"
?:jcnmiat ' ?'
I, 'i -?; - -i s*
N. Y. Amr?ctr. Zaa ?'? Yu'. 77; St
riorrn Stuil?: i- *. ? t Si., WsrtkMft, N. Y.
7 7? Ori-.t Ave , BrM) ?s, s. Y, Til Cyrs'? ' I
T b o g e r t t
??T.1-? Mfti?fl That ?V?rer Tin? t.1? rkmt '
-? ?- t? '':
XAVIEK Di marias
el - ' :
- - Ire - -, -,<"?.
lN".'l ?.
-7H00L 0?
? \ : ::\ 'OBi OF Mi ?n
- - ? t::
.-i-, i i \;\?. VOS A ?
i;-,.,.:.-?- \ v. i?-', i? a 7?j
N |-*| TEACHE r S
val reavey
oenges ^
?Uirw - 56th St T?. T
Zl " '
s- \ pin pr~ ' "
0 r - .
In^trnoti???:, So!? Violinist. Ton? Firot?"
- y *p^iBtaM?
. -
Graham btevenson ~ -
? -- p;??r? Conoer! ?'1:'jy-'
., -, \r }(*'. Oj**? - ?
: i -, - ' - ' -'?
Accordio??, f
*o?rn Pian? P_>*
Sera lnt?rare_H4a*
6 9 Cara-ji? H-'
? S?URANI SAfl?1
(. onifrt Soprano. "Vocal Ip.s_r'_c___>
Studlo 607 W. 137th St., N. Y. T?l. *--?*?_'
Parnassus Club #00
005-607-612-614 WEST 115TB SJ
_ua-l-.r7-til.-bt4 ni-" ?l-Ji-? ?___.-.
Studio. 53 W. 7_d St. Tal. ColOQ__M?JI
Kk^B?HR "fSf
231 W. 96TH ST. Tel. Btwr <?^___, ?
Por Singer-, Direction of CHARLOTTE ST. ^1
ELLIOT. 30!? W. S7TH ST. Tel S^^iH
American insiit?le of Applied Mose
-12 W. 59th St. -4th S.a..- Be?'? <*__*
M ?r^- MASTER 'C-?j-T, T.'.:*'
? begna^ SK^
J ? a Voir* C-iture. Ol*1*,^
r , e , f 7Ah:'-.??? S 5fl
Carl Schlegel o?r? ce-JJ
428 Green. Avt., Sr.ofcjj-^^^_lI!_---^
"- __. TnW-1'
Suit. 4* M-tropollta- OP? Hou>- St.?l*
Theo. VAN YOr?jgggj^
hkV ""'"WpObW?ARP

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