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(rsgement.-. loyalty, 'So.; failed to keep
imc very near defeat.
"lt rVmeriea hadn*t lielped u , I
nk perhaps, ?*'?: mig-ht have been de
''i ow exchanires were carried on in
? . beatof feeling, with Schanzer. For
oijrn Mmister of Italy, and M Barthou,
ot Fr.ir.cc. also apeaklng ? some
iength. No definitc agreement wa?
reached on anj *<>r>ic. bvti there seemad
to ba a nen< thetthe
differen&a aajtarating the two sides
w??re nol imurmount.' ?
Pr-e-war and wat debts will be com
prOMused aatiflfacto.rily, according to
the general impresion. and a waj .1
pftTcntly ha? been found to settie the
queation of petsonal property. Long
1 . such a* a re granted by titled
property owners ia England, will he
gven by ihe Soviet government, but
thi? is ? matter on which expertl
are engaped. and it is likely to en
^?ac their attention fer a lone t;,me.
No attemptu nre being made to do
more than find a formula for the dif
ferenl classes of property involved.
German* Gain in Prestige
Th>- Germans, who have played a ti
, .ep? ro!e thus far. have intimated that
- the Allioa auppoii then. in their n -
gottations with Russia because their
commercial relations aro analogous.
nly there is no more important
minor feature of the conferei < I
?*th? growth of the presiiRe (,?' tho <i< r*
? rhai - They sit >n every sub-commis
?ion ?ionc with tbe A!;i<-s, not because
? vreft elerted hy the Other state<
;. '-cau.se the conveninr;
agreed they are entitlad to full repre
-? ,-:.,:':on. Th? opinion ef their e<
- perts receives 11
., the conference. . it them
with the greatest respect and there is
deveioping aomething of the
which exTsted before the war, when
ai y W( ; C allied.
The Germans and Rus ian h - e come
j..1 ; 1.- closi to an s-. ng, but
jjwnt what advantage Germhny will get
r - , of 1 fen 1
I - 1 becaui c nobody 1 ly to what
? degree the reparations questions will be
I tod hy tn o ? emer.1
a S4aterial progrcss is langible and it
|ca;i be welghed and ri but per
rence will achieve mo;-t
lalong mornl nes, It lt bound to im
Iprove relation; between the Kuropean
ipowei a to clear ?
iunderstandings bctw&en tho nations.
5 After ;, i l other copfcrencea the dele
* u-at< - have pa rtcd ' feeling
f.in their hcai igh some of them
0 itwa ?(!'>-. have pri fcehded to 1 Bati
| fied with < ompi om i scs.
Gl N'O V \pi I 18 l By The Associated
1'Press). Thi first week of the confor
lenci ended > il: t ? M day !;. sl
? appeared Impossible a tei
jTapprochemenl between Fra? Rnd
.'- ? . ? - have
dnys that, despite Anglo French differ
lences of opii car.nol counl on
t;-. ruptun between
lAllli 1 tl licir onj* I opo of ob
8 taininn whal I doi ira in 1 he con
I ;. ? .? lo come 1 lerstand
I ing with Fi
m The french delegates, mi their side,
thal a rupture with England
land a conflict
lufou I ?'? m the isolal on of France,
J go 1 hal I 01 ce of circurn nc< bri ngs
* i: em lo icek i compn m . it li Rus
Soeialists Call
War 011 Ca pital
Chiefs of 3 Internationals at
Berlin Meeting Draw l |>
Five Points for Rally ing
Proletarial of thc World
Ultra - Radicals Outvoted
Compromite Is Accepted to
Averl Conference Break;
No Restrictions on Russia
BERLIN, April 16 By The As.o
ciated Pr.M). The recent meeting
? . re . 1 ? international Socialisl or
,-ar./.iitions continues to attract wide
international notice and some diver
gence of opinion as to its result?.
Careful inquiry now shows that tbe
executive.. of the three international*
at their meeting on April S adopted and
signed a joint declaration, the main
feature- cf which nre in the following
live points. which they urge the prole
tariat of all nations to support by pub
....-:'. demonstrations during thc
Genoa conference, prefenib'y on April
20, bttt it" impossible on that dntc ow?
ing to the dilnculties of organiiation
or otherwise then on Mny 1:
First -An eight-hour day.
Second Combating unemployment,
which has been aggravated immeasura
bl'y by the rcparations policy of eapi?
tal! itlc powers.
Third United action of the prole
tariat againsl the capitalistic offensive.
Fourth All nations to enter political
and economic relations with Soviet
Fifth i Formation of a proletarian
united front in every country and in
? ? , nternational.
Tbe fo'regoing declaration was a
oniiec or trucc proposed after
three days of interparty bickerings by
the second'-and-onc-half internal ional,
led, iw>\ represented mediative
action calcUlated to prcvenl a thrcat
cned disruptidn of the conference, lt
received the support of the second in
ional, which according to the
"Vorwaerts," declared that "this joint
declaration containcd enunciations
i could be temporarily swallowed
!or the sakc of peace and provided the
opportunity which remained to formu
late an independent declaration of
11 ervat ion."
Bulgaria Bara Wrangel
SOFIA, Bulgaria, April 16. General
Baron Peter Wrangel, anti-Bolshevik
leader, has been denied permission to
visit Bulgaria by thc .government,
which feara that his coming may ex
citc hostile manifestations.
IWoman With "Me
aiRing t\
aid she waa lhe wife
i hi'n mfc'.' Fadden and n cousin of
?? . aused a disturbance
fronl ol the Park *..'?< Ba| I i I
[?< I'.i, "?..!..-.' <i Sixty
reet, al tl"' close of the Eas
r si lerdaj morn ing. Ji I n
' P. Rockefeller jr., . I o n leading
rij.c the
orshipers. The woman waa later
[.committed to Bellevue Hospital, after
efforti !?'? ' ' find her rela
I i es hnd faiien.
J The woman, fashionably dreased in
ia while costume nnd wearing a huge
J! white pictui i hat, called a taxi in
? fronl of thi Hotel Imperial yesterday
I morning and told thi driver, Roberl
I Harvey, to take her to the Park
Avenu Bi I ? urch.
1 The 1 - church as
? the last hymn was being sung. The
I woman run across the sidewalk and
entered tl church. where she accosti :
jC. B. Davidson, a member, who is also
k U mt ?)? ii ' ? . rves. She
Wk front of
?| the
W "1 have a vital message, which i
f must di
" Mr. Dav d on, preti nding to comply
j? With her request, took her to a
v entranco and uahered her into the
H street. She then v/ent around to tho
I front of the church, and. standing on
k the sidewalk in ti > middli of the
j.Irish Fight
Enters Sti&o
Jt ICcntinucO ;? i>n> pan' one
8 he intimidated, and on Saturday r< -
*marked. "1 am going to Slig< "
3 Last Wi du.-: day Griffith and Di \ b
ftera reached nn agreement that there
!$w?s to bc no inti with public
I meetings, and the Free Staters believod
? that the onlj I ? pi o iaci il Eastei
jiay in the slim probability that the
Sniutmeers would not violat< the agree
Iti ? nt made by their osteneible leader.
% Easter has been regarded as a peril
fous lime in Ireland since "Black Mon
jiiay" o( 1916, the day after Master.
Iwhen Sinn Fein seized the principal
? buildings in Dublin. proclaimed a rc
Jpublic ar.d made war on Great Britain,
JjFn the fighting which followed tho Irish
I Ioi I 00 killed and more than
a prisoners. The British lost 521 men,
JrTho rebellion was put .
"?the British had turned artillery nn i
ftiiiachme guns on the Irish. Pudraii
?Pesrse thi new president. and fiurteen
jotbers vere court martlalled and .-hot
lafter Sinn Fein had surrendcr* d un
Every year since 1916 the nnniver
laarj of the proclamation of the repub
1'iv has b*en regarded with apprenen
5*ion.. an<i for ihe last several weeks it
Ihas been rumored that tlic newly rr
jganized mntineera under De Valera
? would nttempt thia !?':..: er to over
?throw the Free State provisional jzm -
ternment by force of arms ar.d repro
fclaim the lris.ti republic. Strong troop
crowd, which wns now lcaving the
church, she raised h< r arm-; above ],..,?
head and passionatcly addrcssod Lhe
star) led worsh ipcrs.
"The Lord has sent mc with a w'on
derful m.-ssage of love for all Kew
York," she said; "come and rcccivc il.
all 11!' you."
Patrolman Canavnn, or thc Easl Six
ty-seventh Street station, who wns on
duty in front. of the church with in
structions to keep an especial eye open
forcranks who might molest Mr. Rocke
feller, charged through the crowd and
the woman. Sho threw her arms
around him, am! said:
"' knev you would come. You ar.
?lohn McCormack, aren't you?"
?Mr. Davidson nnd the patrolman got
th.;- woman Into a taxicab and she was
taken t,. the East Sixty-seventh Street
01 ? She said ?hc had not eaten
for four days, nnd that she had come
from Washington with a .poci.tl mes
sage for th" people ,,r New Vork.
Food was supplied her, which she
ati*. She could net give the names 0f
friemls, and after she had been r*
amincd by Dr. Feigin, of the Flower
Hospital, who said that she wns nn.,.
tally unbalanced and suffering from
religious mania, she was taken to BHic
vue for observation
The woman register.d at the Hotel
Imperial four days ago, ns "J.ily Mac
Fadden." Sh,- told the desk clerkthat
sho was with thc Shipping Board and
had come from Washington on special
? dutv.
guards have heen posted by the Froe
Stnters nt striV.egic points. nnd leaders
of the provipitnal administration have
expressed thr opinion that thev were
able to hold Ireland in line pending a
general election,
When the mutinoers put their ban on
any speaking nt Sligo, it was a step in
open deflance ot the Free State, but
Grifllths's determination to speak any
way was in pursuance of th" Dublin
Cabinet'a policy of maintaining x.
ground without yielding or retaliating
to any threats from the mutlneers. De
valera has not openly espoused thc
cause of thc mutineers, although in his
Ei il : message to Irolann nc said:
"Young men and women of Ireland,
the goal :s at lasr in Bight. Stead>
altogether, forward. [_r?land is yours
for the taking."
Th" ominous nature of tl sse ,cn
tences was commented on ii Dublin
dispatches ns having ,1 bearing on the
threatenod eoup-d'etat.
Two Brilish warships were sent to
the < oax ol' County Donegal last week
as a precaution Rgainst any disorder
^>, 6 Bell-ans
Hot water
25t and 75? Packa__es Ev?rywhem
The Dobbs Redford
in the new Spring
shades, add**. an air
of youthful dignity
to the well chosen
620 & 244 Fifth Avenue
Crosby Finds
Ge r ma n yUnsaf e
Place for Loans
Former Assistant l . S.
Treasurer Says (.ontincu
lal Europe ls Infected
Witli Sofl - Moiipv Virus
to Pay" Vague
Opposes Recognizing as a
Debt That Which Berlin
Received for It* Paper
BERLIN, Aprll 16 (By Thc Associ?
ated Press) "Continentftl Europe is. l
fear, infected with the soft money
viruS, nnd until ii has run its course in
those rcgions where it is epidemie
Amcricans should be extromely wary
with respect to lnvcstments or loans,
even in n great industrial c.-tntry like
Oscai Tcrry Crosby, former Assist?
ant Secretary of the Uniled State*
Treasury, made this declaration in dis
cussing his impressions gained by four
weeks1 survey of the German situation,
in the course of which he wns in active
touch with government officials and
banking nnd industrial leaders. Mr.
( i i. -iiy btartled Gorman optimista by
the candid manner in which he set
forth the conditions which nny con*
servative leader would ohviously im
poso before diverting his capita! to the
purpose of government or large private
loans in Germany.
lii; proposals for a determination of
the theoretical value of the paper
mark, based on the average indc.v fig?
ures and exchange rates during the
era of inflation, have n'.so impressed
German circlos ns a novel method of
npproaching a solution of the German
financial problem.
Economic Thoories Sholl Shockcd
Sound banks nnd industrial concern.-,
Mr. Crosby considcrs fairiy refponsible
for short-term loans, as they are nat
urally opera ti;.<_. cautiously nnd will
cease to borrow on the approach of im
pending trouble in an effort to conservc
their established reputations.
"Sound economic education and the
orics seem to have been shell shockcd
by tho war, thc revolution and repara
tions," he continued, "More dangorous
than were unpreparedness nnd npathy
concerning the fundamental need of
sound currency is an attitude which
regards the debt of the German gov
ornment as having been actually re
(iucerl to thc day's go\t\ value of the
paper mark. ! did not find in Germany
among many bankers nnd responsible
government officials with whom I con
versed one man who had thought out
a plan for giving n cl";.r meaning to
the "promise to pay" lithographed on
the German paper mark.
"The highest flichl of (icrnian fancy
contents itself with proposing, in con
noction with the reparations mora
torium, a Byndicatc which shall 'st..
bilizc' the mark by buying nnd selling
in the market. Such stabilization, of
course, is simply a rcspectable nnd of
ficially condoned speculation, No Ger?
man expert thus t'ar has nroposed ;.
positivc value to be arrived nt in the
future, even though its rcalization
would require years."
Fear Profit to Foreigners*.
Mr. Crosby believea that he has dis
covered in German circles a certain
opposition to recognizing ns ,. debt
that which the eovernment has actually
received for its paper obligations. This
tcmlencv. hc says, ls partlv based on
League May Control Wireless;
Plan World Radio Langua&c
PARIS, April 1G illy The Associated'
Press). A possibility thnt tho League
of Nations may cxtend ita aotivitiea i<? !
the control of wireless communication
and establish nn ."other bureau" was |
j (he bclicf expressed tne to-day I>n Ed
ward .1. Mnlley, president of tbo Radio
Corporation of Am. rica. Mr, Nnllyand
owen li. Young, vice-presldent oi tiie
General Electric Company, have been
I representing American interests in the
? international radie. conferonce iu Paris
thia week. The session.-., in which
Amerlcans, British, French and Ger
| mnns nre engagod, will he reaumed in
London on April 24, when it is hoped
thnt final agreoments will he reached
on control e.f the a Ir.
"On" of our greatcal hopes for the'
future." said Mr, Nally, "is the ostab
lishmenl of an international radio Inn-,
i guage, or codc, like ospcranto, which
'could he understood by all. Thia
would place the BCtivitics of the whole1
world nl cverybody's ear, There is no l
I reason why every American BChool
housc should nol have a simplc wire?
less apparatus to enable tencher and
pupils t" listen t>) what the rest of the
world is doing,"
A five-day conference was held in
t iu- theory (hat the German govern?
ment hy such acknowledgcment might j
possibly give a profil in foreignors who
have boughl Gorman paper marks.
Il is estimated that the Gorman frov
ernmenl probably rcalizcd a billion '
dollars, gold value. by virtue of such:
foreign purchases, which receipta prob?
ably materialry liclped to financc Its
eommercial needs during lhe last two
yoa i,
When foreign holders of part. o;'
Germany's I O U's for 130,000,000,000
paper marks lose hope and sell, said
Mr. Crosby, they temporarily depress
the exchange rate, but at lhe same '
time make a present to Germany ol"
the amount lost, hy them.
"Another thoughl apparently lurk
ing in th.- minds of once influential
men here," he continued, "is conviction
that if the German sitimtion must .-,,,,n
cpllapse under the weight of rcpara
tions, the adverse trade balance and
the burden ol paper money, the Erench
situation will automatically go down
with it and that out of the resultant
chaos a new deal wilh lhe Reparation
Commission is sure io follow."
Reparation Commiaaion Errors
Mr. Crosby, who is the former presi?
dent of the inter-Allicd Council on War
Finances. believes that ihe Reparation
Commission, which is forced to col
lect large suma due the Allies, has
committed many errors which are re
sponsiblc for the growing feeling of
irritation encounlercd in Germany.
Complete frankness conccrning her
internal ur.d external industrial and
financial situation should be immedi?
ately forthcoming from Germany, in
the opinion of Mr. Crosby. whotuig
gests that .-he present to the Repara?
tion Commission ;;r,t\ lhe world at
large nn unvarnishod statement of her
true prosenl condition, emphasi'/.ing
the urgenl need of a currency plan,
dcaling precisely with the ultimatc rr'
demption value of lhe mark nnd pro
posing concrete plans for realizing
this value by gradual aud known an?
nual increments.
This nationai inventory should also
(Hrcct attention to the necessity for
freer markcts in which to sell surplus
production and should further propose
h plan for ;?? complete and final settle?
ment on a liberal basis of the repara?
tion demands.
Mr. Crosby believes that the United
States should nel he represented on
tho Reparation Commission, owing to
complicatlons that might ariso because
of her rejection of the Vcrsailles
Treat v.
Paris. Although the pfoceedlnga wer. ;
kept secret. It is und.rstnod they were .
di voted principally to discussion of the j
11 <?? at dtfferenl wave lengths hy vari- j
ou - countries to avoid intorforonce and j
international agreeinonts govemlng
sending nnd reoeh ing.
Other s-ibjects taken up were broad
, i ; ng ns prnct iced in the I nited
States, the noed of licensinj; Ameiicnn
users oi radio appatatU-i, n. in Europft,
and method.. of so cheapenlng wltcleSS
tclephony as lo make lt available in
every home. Reports were prcscntod
irom engineer- nnd technlCfci exports
who have been making n scientifie sur- '
vcy of wireless eondition i in : ith
Ameriea with ? view to ?tandurdiso ion
oi technical apparatus, the conscrva-|
tion of wAve lengths and joini control
of stations hy the four principal coun
trlofl Of the world. These export.. Will
meel in Berlin the latter part of June
to preacnl complete lindlngs.
Mr, Nnlly said thul thc delegates
were t nden'voi ing tO tlOVlBB n mean
for thc extension und rropcr control of
broadcasting. He added lhal Germany,
France and England wore sonding Ojt
perts to the United ! ates to study dls* j
t rih.tt ion methods* l:*' re,
Pastor Rebels al Ouslcr;
Congregation Backa Fl.m
,.?r-. Xjl D...pa*cJ. to The T thfr
BROOtLINE, Mass., Aprll 16.- Thei
"rebcllion" of the First Presbytcrinn
Church here, one of lhe richest con
gregations in the country, enme to a
head lo-day. when the Rev. Dr. Edwin j
Curtls refused to give up hi* pulpit, i
both morning and evening, to twomin- j
isters -*ent by the Roston Presbytery to
conduct Easter services.
Dr. Cuftis Waa notified several weeks !
ago by the ruling body thal his pulpit j
! hnd heen "vacated" nfter a heated j
\ hearing, at which charges were brought ?
? ngainst. him. He wns accused of
! "thanking Cod for some French friod -
potatoes and for ndministering a bnp- ?
i tismal service to a dog." He admitted j
. both noi ions frankly.
The ministers delcgated to tnk" the ;
. pulpit to-day were the Rev, Mr, Hector
Ferguson, pastor of the Scotch Presby- <
terian Church. of Boston, For the morn
ing services. and lhe Rev. Mr. .1. 1'.
1'elley, pastor of thc Union Square
| Pr. shvto-'i.'in Church, Soniervill", who :
was to serve in tho evening. They j
, were present, but took seats with the ;
congregnl ion.
The two ministers will lile immedi- j
atc reports to the Presbytery on their;
failurc to fullill the ordcrs given them. :
' Some now step by the Church authori
ties against Dr. Curtif. in looked for ,
In tho mean time influcnlial mem?
bers of thr* Brooklinc congregation are !
standing firm at tho aide of their pas- '
for, nnd declare they will not give ?.,, <
"no ni Uler what happens."
Minister kills Self After Hc
Hclps Flock Decoratc Church
I MARS HILL. Me., April 16. Tho Rev,
. Charles Ii. Caricton, pastor of thc
; Methodlst Episcopal Church here,
went into a stablc adjoining the par*
SOnage early to-day and shot, himself
through thc head with a rifle. His j
family could give no reason for his act. I
Yesterday the minister appeared
cher uil and helper) parishioners de -
or.ite his church for Easter services. ]U
came here n year ago from Presque
Isle. He was fifty years old and is sui
vivetl by his wife and one son.
This Season More Men Are Wearing
on-iaiiorea lop i^oats
than at any prcvious time, which is another ivay
of saying J^ew York again GREETS
London's Finest Top Coats
HE new arrivals of
"tfPaddington" Top
Coats move out of our
stocks aimost as fast as they
come in. " cPaddin?to?is '"
always have been welcomed
among well-dressed New
York men, but this season,
because of a greater variety
of patterns, more variations
m the models, and lower
cost, we have scarcely been
able to meet the demand.
^ We have just received a
new shipment, and the
styles include raglans and
set'in sleeve models of
unquestioned smartness.
Saks &(?am}mtiu
at 54th Street
Way Blazed at
Washington, Is
View at Genoa
Delegales Itcaliz** People of
Europe Demand Example
of Reduce d Martial
Costs Shall Be Followed
K'.!??? lan.s Face Problem
I'Van- to IW-luin With Cori
t'casion That Commun*
i * i Hart 5tiM*crdered
' E.N'OA, April 111 i By The Associated
Prcs! An excursion ol' several luin
rircd newspaper representatives lo th*
bcautiful scaside rcaorl of Rapallo lo -
day, urranged by tho conferenc rr
rclary, pormitted an opportunily for |
these experienccd writers, coming from j
all lhe Ruropean countrics nnd funil
iar with the conditions ;ind trend of
public opinion, lo compare notes on
the progress of the conference,
fnquirics among them showed the
exislcnco of a strong fecling that the
succesf of the Washington Conference
m attaining naval curtnilmcn' ard the
new four power agreement, whereby
di'Terer.re", in the Pacific Will he a"
rahged by parleys nnd not by arms,
having a powrful moral influence at
,he Genoa conference. An nrn publi
clst put it: "Washington hn<: shown
Europe the way: EuropeV stat.esrnon
must hearken to lhe message of con
sf-ruetive ppacc which emergr,' from
Washingtofi. The people e.f Europe de?
mand il."
Others expressed the ronviciion that,
the delegates of all the countries repre?
sented al, (leno't, are dc! ermi ned to
reach some solution in a spirit of con
ciliatlon and that. in this movement
England) France and Italy v il! bo
found taking the peaceful role incum
bent upon Ihem a" great powors.
Fate of CntnmuniMii nl Stake
Commtinism, lhe great Russian social
cxperime.nt, was descrlbed here n
fighting its great batile for existence
perhaps its final battle. It:-; adversary
is capital, backed hy all ttie power of a
world social structure that has stood
the test of ages, The strength of
Soviet Russia's position. it is pointed
out, is that it knows Europe needs
Russia restored to a normal economic
condition, but its woakunss ,s the real
ization that lhe internal distress and
pro'Uration of Russia make obligatory
some kind of nr range ment with the
fest of Europe.
Tho Soviet. sl andpoint. is that recog
nition of the Allied debt* is ? privi
leged eondition demanded for foreign?
ers and la practically tantamount to
rpptidinf ion of all that communism
stands for, nnd signifie:; that com
munism, built u[> after a fearful revo?
lution, is now proved to be s house
of cards, v.bioh Collapaes under the
first prcgsnre of tho capitalistie
Red Enroya tn Qttnndary
Tfcosa in n position to know whpt.
takes place at the miniaterial Soviet
moetlngs said to-day that. they were
mpress.d by the pnthos of the com
munisf .' fcttitude. Apparently th'-y
fear to return to Russia merely to re
porl thal the structure built np after
a torribl. prica ln blood ,. , m .
cannot cndure. M. TeV.if?i. . *^
'-* ?? ???? ?t f-mSSSfi*
when explalning Cn.. S'ov|nt(,. ",*"?
on tho payment of d"bfs ^d*
"Our people," h- MM; ;<b
they havo ereated a new worl.J
cannot go back and tel] them '?'.' **
work nnd that they m?s\, R.Vtu6r''
obligations ? . imd.r tho 0I . ?,*??* ??
A ,.,axd PrcBi tt* U* F*L_2* *
dlatlnctly hopeful ov? tha? **
sltsation, NevertheUgg the? *1"
- /"; '? " ' o the R .1_P'.?*
repreaental - . .-, ,-_.;. ./''
Fifth Avenue & 37*? Street
Watches and Clocks
r-iil i-I?
)ld South Church
is warmed by t merican Radiators
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104 W. "r2nr. St.
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-..//// importer asked
(his question;
''fff >
How can your foreien offices
help me?'
r ???.
Ihis was-The answer: Hy carry ing an interest-bearin^ ac?
count with either thc London or Paris Office of Thc Equit
ablc, you may?
i. Fnjoy the advantages of an American bank, employing
American methods, in thc handling of your foreign
2. Pay foreign bills by check, thus effectingasavingin interest.
3. Estimate import costs on a definite exchange basis, thus
eliminating thc speculation involved in meeting obliga?
tions at a future date.
4. Buy exchange to replenish your balance when you con
sider rates to be most favorable.
5. Establish a valuable local reference overseas.
6. Secure hrst-hand trade and credit information.
7. Save your travcling reprcscntatives time and trouble
through the Foreign Travel Service of our Paris Office.
The officers of the Foreign Department wil] gladiy tell
vou in detail how The Equitable can be of service in
the conduct and development of your overseas buciness.
Trust Company
Madison A ve. at 45th St.
2.. Rue dc Io Paix
LONDOK?.. Kinj; Wiliicm St.. E.C.4
222 Uroadway

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