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Grilled 7 Hours?,
Willie Stevens
Balks Lawyers
CC?ntlnu?l tram sa.? aat)
assist them in their hunt for the mur?
About 1:30 o'clock thi. morning
Willie's absence became a matter of
concern to Mrs. Hall and the police
were asked to look for him, and he
wig officially recorded at headquarters
as "missing." It is probable that a
hunt for him would have been organ?
ized earlier except for the fact that a
half dozen guests were at the Hall
heme last night and his absence was
not noted.
Returned After 3 A. M.
Yt was after 3 o'clock, according to
one of Willie's entertainers, when they
returned him to hi? sister's home. The
house was lighted up and there was
every evidence of excitement within
the home.
Mr. Pfieffer, after making a protest
to prosecutor Beekroan, issued this
"My interviews with all the prose?
cutors huve been on the point that at
any time they wanted to communicate
with anybody In the Hall family, not
only were they entirely at liberty to
do so, but I would co-operate in get?
ting them at the quickest possible mo?
ment and would not ask to be present.
"Although it is nearly three weeks
since the murder was committed, de?
tective David went to the back door
of the Hall home at 7 o'clock last
night and sneaked out with William
Stevens. He made no statement to
anyone concerning his movements cr
anything else, and kept Mr. Stevens
at Somerville until 2 o'clock in the
"The nearest words you can use are
that he kidnapped Mr. Stevens. The
family did not know that Mr. Stevens
had left the house until some time
later. Miss Peters telephoned both
prosecutors' offices, but could get no
reply, so notified the local police. In
questioning Mr. Stevens they used the
third degree methods and then stopped
just short of force.
Abuse of Steven? Charged
"During his examination Mr. Stevens
was repeatedly called a liar and there
was a considerable a3nount of profanity
in the epithets hurled at him by Mr.
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Toolan. Mr. Strieker apparently was
not present. The questioning was done
by Mr. Beekman and Mr. Toolan. The
detectives had typewriten copies of
previous statements made by Mr. Stev?
ens, and they went over and over pre?
vious answers be had sjiven. They dwelt
particularly on the occasion when he
accompanied Mrs. Hall to the church
on Thursday night. They even ques?
tioned him as to my connection with
the case.
The search for information within
the church has developed the fact that
every member of the choir replies to
questions with sterotyped answers. All
of them admit having seen Mrs. Mills
and the -rector frequently in each
others company, but the choir singers
insist that they believed that the
couple were merely tog-ether because of
church work. To-day the authorities
learned that on the Monday after the
bodies wci-e found the choir was called
together and an agreement reached
that all would tell the same story if
they were interrogated.
Many qttestions were asked to-day of
Ralph V. M. Gorsline, one of the ves?
trymen, when he was invited to the
courthouse. Mr. Gorsline, one of those
who signed the resolution expressing
the vestry's confidence in Dr. Hall, was
asked if he was in the vicinity of the
Phillips farm on the night of Septem?
ber 14. He denied that he was any?
where near there but admitted when
asked to account for his time that h?
had been out motoring with another
member of the choir.
Name of Woman Concealed
Gorsli'ie said that he was at the
Y. M. C. A. until 10:30 o'clock that
night and then while driving home
passed a young woman member of th?
choir. He offered to take her to bei
home and sho accepted the invitation
Neither Mr. Gorsline nor the prosecu
tor's etaff would divulge the name ol
the woman.
Mr. Gorsline is assistant manager o:
Rickitt's, Ltd., a concern manufactur
ing laundry blueing. The manager ii
William G. Bearman, who is also i
vestryman, and whoso wife is a rela
tive of Mrs. Hall.
Soon after Governor Edwards I. Ed
wards issued a statement to-day de
daring that the entire forces of thi
state would be used, if necessary, ti
catch the murderer, it became knowi
that Prosecutor Joseph Strieker i?
likely to resign as campaign manage
for George Silier, Democratic candi
date for Governor. Strieker said h>
would reach a decision by Monday.
Convict's Dash for Liberty
Is Checked by Orange Peel
William Lane, a convict on his way
from Clinton prison, Dannemora, to Sing
Sing prison, at Ossining, n3ado a break
for liberty yesterday in the Grand
Central Terminal and came within a
small piece of orange peel of gettivig
away. The bit of orange peel sent him
flat on his back at the very threshold of
freedom, and a crowd which raced after
him through the railroad station piled
on top of him.
E. J. Ryan, parolo officer nt Sing
Sing, had charge of Lane. lie intended
to take him back to Sing Sing on a
train which leaves the lower level at
8:05 p. m. At 2:30 o'clock Ryan stepped
into a telephone booth on the lower
level of the station to inform Warden
Lewis E. Lawes of the hour at which
he would reach the prison.
A slot machine telephone does not
lend itself to use by a man who is
shackled by one wrist to another roan,
as Ryan promptly found out. He
slipped the handcuff from his left wrist
to use the instrument, put a coin in the
box and lifted the receiver from the
.hook, all the time keeping a vigilant
eye on his prisoner.
Lane was on his way from a disci?
plinary prison to one in which numer?
ous privileges are extended to prison?
ers, but the chance to escape, which
suddenly cropped up In the very cltyln
which he had lived before being sen?
tenced to from four to ten years for
grand larceny three years ago, was
more than he could resist.
He forgot the tedious months in
which he had amnssed the good conduct
record entitling him to return to Sing
Sing and flung his weight sharply
against the door of the telephone booth,
slamming it shut upon the parole offi?
cer. Then he took to his heels.
He was Btill in sight, however, pelt?
ing up the ramp toward the upper level,
when Ryan sprang out of the booth.
Ryan set out. in pursuit, shouting to
Commuters, who were staring after the
fugitivo, to join the chase.
A hundred or more men responded to
the summons. They rushed in a solid
mass through the lobby of the main
station, upsetting the nearest onlookers
and causing those at a distance to run
toward the scene of excitement.
Lnne i33ade for the taxicnb exit op?
posite the Biltmore Hotel, and was just
emerging into the street, several yard!,
ahead of the foremost pursuer, when
his foot hit the orange peel and down
he went. In an instant he was buried
beneath a human avalanche. Ryan dug
him cut, somewhat disheveled and
bruised, and hustled him off toward the
lower level, where they took the 3:05
for Ossining, without bothering to
notify Warden Lawes they were com?
In his statement Governor Edwards'
eaid: "I have sent Colonel Schwartz
*Kopf to New Brunswick to get the
murderer and told him not to come
back to Trenton until he does. I want
the murderer sirrested, whoever he is,
I expected an arrest yesterday and I
was surprised because none was made."
Week Sees More Hard,
Less Soft, Coal Produced
WASHINGTON, Oct. 7.?Bituminous
coal production dropped off ? trifle
during thc present week, as cofpared
with previous weeks since the scttle
333cnt of the national soal strike, ac
?rordine to estimates made nublic to
day by the Geological Survey, whose
officials said the output probably was
insufficient to allow the country to
build up its depicted stocks and at
the sai3ie time provide for current con?
sumption. The present week, it was in?
dicated, saw about 9,000,000 tons of.
coal mined, as compared with 9,776,000
the preceding week. During the cor?
responding week of 1921 the output
was 9,134,000 tons.
Anthracite production for the week
was about 1,900,000 tons, the survey
? stimatcd, as compared with 1,802,000
tons a week ago.
In all the large producing fields de
mand for coal is active, survey officials
reported, and the only limit on output
is that placed by the capacity of rail?
roads to transport the tonnage.
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