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THE HOME OWNERS* SERVICE INSTITUTE is a cooperative organization
serving thousands of individual Members in the solution of problems affecting the plan?
ning, financing, building or buying of a home. Our Service is nation-wide.
One of our Service features is to provide, at low cost, complete blue print Working Draw?
ings (Plans) and detail Specification* ready for building homes. The foremost Architects
in America design these small houses. From oujr Plans (as illustrated above) THE
TRIBUNE experimenta! houses are being built, under our direct supervision.
From us you can purchase Plans of all ?nail house? appearing each Sunday in THE TRIBUNE,
and Plans of many other architectural designs. Ordinarily a set of Plans sad Sp*-c??cation* for a
$4,500 house would coat you. on the present basis of regularly established fees, at Ua$t $270, pro?
vided you secured plans aad service frota a reputable Architect.
Our charge for aa original set of Plaas aad Specifications is $25 (ta
duplicate sets. $5.
Member?, $20) and for
if you desire minor changes to our Plans before building, we will make soppier-Notary drawings,
charging a ?mall fee for such extra work and time. If yon desire a large home, we recommend yoo
employ an individual practicing Architect.
Let us serve YOU. a prospective home owner, with the same careful attention we give
such clients as THE TRIBUNE, United Y. M. C. A. ?Schools, Empire Homebuilding
Association. "Own Your Home" Expositions, and many others.
Write lar fret Booklet
*Hhm Tomr Mm**" Ubrory
of 14 DooicMtx wtntfnt by lotdwrs or tfct
"Ovrti Yoor Hems'* tAtut/wnas?t a come?tte, *___-**>*aiir
* Gatde te home ?>w>___??np.
"?fens? Bm?tasn^a0nm tUmtt*
2 Am ??raJi-Mty bamw? ?4~f>a<p is two iitt?w t? 50
_ sosal, noote asd ooagtJow
pt-utag sadt Sendtry ia T
Mtnberduf* entines yon la F tot
? . Consonant? Saltico on ovtiy
one yoMT?( a on rocotos on ongnsosa
ttUmbutmi? Certdicaic. awhtMa for
L. PORTER MOORE. President
Publicist and Editor
WILLIAM D. CARTER, Vice-Pra?dani
President, New York State .League of Savings _c Losa Atanc-Jotiaos
35-37 West 39th Street, New York
HENRY ATTERBURY SMITH. Architectural Adviser
President, Open-Stair Dwellings Companies
Member. American Society of Civil Engineers; AttOfficoo Institute of Ar-hitecfa.
E. A. HUNGERFORD. Secretmry-Tr
Eot?mt and Author
C. STANLEY TAYLOR. Educational Adaiaer
Vke-Prestdrsot, Rogers ?. Maasao Ceaqscay
* Poblisher- of __e ^Archrtectural Fa
ENRY ATTERBURY SMITH ASSOCIATES, at the request of The New York Tribune, will serve its readers in
their endeavor to build cottages and small houses of good workmanship and materials at reasonable cost
K-.!f W?rk Wl'- k* .""^ertaken solely from drawings and specifications of other architects, and through depend?
able builders and with firms supplying the most appropriate equipment and finish. The most conservative Savings
and .Loan Associations are willing to lo an a sufficient percentage of the total cost of houses properly constructed, thus
eliminating possibly excessive and difficult second mortgages.
No. 6?_*#?_-_?? erected from Trihmne Plan mt
Lcr<rhtm>nt ?Carden?, John Floyd Yemett,
architect, /Veto York.
e* -" t v
>? _Ti. ^Ty
No. 12??amar ?retted from Trimtme Pimm.
??ri ?rdate? on ffee-Hndaan, Montgomery dt
Nihccker, architecte, Lea Angele?, Cal?/.
Mr. Smith and Associates will serve only as ad?
visers, counsellors, consultants?furnishing no plans.
As specialists in multi-family homes for families of
small means, but equally familiar with small-house
construction; this service will be a logical extension
of effort to aid a present pressing demand.
Applicants will be guided on the road to home
ownership purely in a professional way, just as a
lawyer guides a client in legal matters.
America is full of stock plans, some exceedingly
good, some bad. Hundreds of architects have per?
fected all we can possibly need for the next decade.
Manufacturers and material designers have engaged
the very best architectural talent to design, specify,
detail, quantity survey and estimate the probable
cost, thus producing many plans that are reasonably
Competitions have produced all the ideas necessary
for inside and outside work, decorations, planting,
grading. Beautiful illustrations accompany the
working drawings of some firms, taken from the
completed buildings, when all is finished, for those
who find it hard to read drawings and understand
The average person, in spite of all this accumulated
material, especially in the East, seems unable to
secure the best results, and in too many cases suf?
fers loss.
Architects of the best repute are seldom employed
or even consulted for the small house. Their func?
tion is often overlooked. As a result the usual suburb
is a mass of mistakes, from the original sub-division
of the land to the finished neighborhood.
Most important is it to have competent advice on
the proper orientation of the house, due considera?
tion paid to the points of the compass, the proper
elevation and position in and on the lot, grading and
planting. These are but a few of the problems which
may not cost more to have settled correctly, but if
given due consideration by an expert may enhance
the value of the home considerably, increase its
livableness, utility, sales value and lift the mediocre
to the unique.
No particular plan, publication or source of house
design is stipulated.
The more information and knowledge the prospec?
tive home seeker may have acquired, the less time
and attention he needs.
Each fee charged is reported to The Tribune's
Small House Department.
If vou do not consult this office, consult another
equally prepared; or better still, if you can afford it,
engage an architect in the regular way, in accordance
with the excellent and time-tested custom of the
American Institute of Architects.
rV?. 19?Unman ?retted from Tribun* Um
im Brooklyn (mm odd Crmmemend Racetrack
Site), H. T. Jeffrey jr.,
L. I.
fio, 3????mme* erected from* fWttHte Pm*
mt Flushing, L. I., ?. F. Norria, architect,
CoUege Point, L. I.
Mem-ber, .American Institute of Architects
Member, .American Society of Civil Engineers
874 Broadway, New York City
Architectural Advisers to The Tribune's
Small House Department and the
Home Owners* Service Institute.

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