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First to Last?the Truth: News- Editorials Advertisement*
f.lr with rial rig tema?, rotar? U-day;
T*wa4ay dourly ?ad earmer;
variable WIM?.
Fell B?.?rl m |ja*t fisga
X No. 27,784
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"ew Y ?el? Trll.ana Ine.)
* * *
I? l.reaier Mew T?e?
TifRrr. i i M
?III. n *?V. M la.
rut a
hmch Rally
[lilies Against
Iterman Loan
?L, Uw Call? Cabinef
Vrfely and Belgium Dt>
mojanct Note Asking Ia
m of 3 BilUon Marks
I Depend on Answer
Verdi* in Dr*""?*? of
Reply Th* Afternoon
R?/ArA*? Draper
^ sir** a?*r?9??? S*e*??t
r>*<* ^mmgime Sara Tribu?a? In?.
c*22?s. fea !?.- A"*1, eonaldar
?Ifgf a three hour ????ion at
irnrar-B ***** **" ?fternoon tht **?r
t^Bi etk? ?ai presentid at the
.-i^ 9VeifB Office last night, and
a|k? teataiai th? propoeal for an ln
?j leas af t.000,000,000 gold marka
?tramay, the conference of Allied
?Bslrw h '* meeting here, fee*?
B,H*4 s tituttioa that 1? acutely
?garni Is It? bearing en th? whole fu
j, ijBwrtant la th? Uns that Pr?
mgthaar Lam to-day finally aiked an
gjajBBint of th? premierB' nesting
ggiltaad had an opportunity to con
?tAsii Cabinet as to the official
t^ajtl attitude ts be adopted. The
qflf? ?ill be taken up at the Cabinet
?^to-morrow morning. The pre
atol ?f Great Britain, France, Italy
a,Itlfiain. with their assistants and
?rill then reassemble in 'he
i and draft their reply to Ger
fsnla thli reply be a fiat rejection
???to Geman propoaal for stabillsa
,Mtl Ut finance? there will be little
for bolding the projected Brus
s?a ??sisrfTe? on the eubjeet of repa
inter Allied debt?, to which
?to Mteal gathering ts supposed to
M aenl? ?a overture,
itiattlta would mean that there
jtt wtmmg lift but for France to go
IKf>4, g?* tuet her own guaranties.
7?w?*?M???ri that the long-mooted
iitcneh*? at Hi- Ruhr by France
??tfBssaftk come to paes.
r9BtB9 Denounces Note
?ill VB to*.*; ht ?ceras to be the
?rttsto. .ty in sight. For
?tok a? 84* rote from Germany
rtawiauwBr!. .iiy ways to meeting
U* Bntet tie*:? than anything yet
umtiltsl iy f.. nany on the subject,
?i? ?fcii? ft contains admission? or
wtrmaatat ?dmiasion?, which hav?
f Ptencl great ?ntiefaction.
rsasisr iB?Bcar?? to-night expr?iaed
?ataYBlarci-fir.'y in disapproval of
'.ft asm w ? v hole, and seemed so
(RvrBtot? in hi? attitude, that com
??ail* a/peni ? out of the question.
Wttt i* more. Premier Mussolini,
?k*,?a|4t??r with Premier Theuni? of
utgaa. tsek his ?tand with Poincar?
? tHafl session of th* premier*, de
a?rw 4>B?uivocally to-night that tho
S*n*B t?te would not do, and that
? Bffvt tr. that effect would be
?flat kr th? premiers to-morrow.
Ttoatief Question before the meeting
be declared, will be his
i for general European re
sBsBtttltm, which he has eubmlMed
??ntinf. This rail? for a reduction
**(to reparations and a proportionate
?fcttltn in inter-Allied debts?Great
aaaa, at course, being the only cred?
K9Bi49hi| th? German not? this
?asBf, M. Poincar? characterised it
?"????re, vague ?nd perfldiou?." He
*? 9??Tittd out that the Germans had
kg? ?eeaslin to Inject not?e into the
jjjatatlou of the Allies at Spa in
? ?ad again at their meeting a year
f\ tk* lnf?rer.c? being plainly that
BatiaiiBtl this a deliberate attempt
?**a?999BUt in the Allied ranks. How
"*r tkli .it be, the fact that Premier
? kit uked that final decision in
?? ??'tor go over until tu-morrow
**?? a ta? mildeit that he I? not
mat to ??aoeitt? himself wita the
?t?to4to until he is assured
?>i* tesBontibility will be shared
>* ?titira C?bintu This de?pite th?
?h?l Mr. Uw, who was himself
iTr" *}U Chequer under
ilmtowir ??*' h* *? kt >P of St?nle"
Er- t?*?m?atChancellor of the
11***??.". In analjrtiB, the German
"????cation and the eonMant ?dvice
I uTj*l^\in ?elfMrg the objec
grilled by Premier Poncer* at
??* ateting.
<?UL??? G'rm,n not? propoees is
4*J**iortb Germany be given
>?JW ?eoality with the other
k4l?**Jgh the Treaty of Ver
*?????< ?*
??at a**?)
]S-< Harbor Strike
?T* Grt I llimatum to
Pairing Ijghtera of
k '"*? lines
!?ai?,J,*?*n "??y aeriously affect
'msmu LYork Harbor, although
?that it could not bring
????^???lete harbor tie-up, w*?
?iaJ|V*?t?rd?y when th* Inter
Bla1,1Jf',te*>oremen,s Association
S stiLk ftuni ,0 lh? ?arioua rail
? ?l ''?htera in the har
^? ?>t?f **m l" eea?e doing busi
**??1tJ?i. ^ of th? Hghtersge eon
**?ti a *** Sfnt t0 the r?llroad9
a, inJ3tn? vice-president of the
-?? . ? ? conf?renee held by
?B% * t0??ittee of sevsn lighter
?1?. w?,,,tn?in? th? CapUins'
S lV.T?1,h '?affiliBted with the
?* WsauJ*Mtinf ??as held ?n th?
^?"??juarte,!, at 164 Eleventh
el*** ?_
&? W*7*v0,.th? I'tbterag? eora
^kav? ktll,,B?" in New York
5*nfci?alilef,y to railroad?. Th?
? I?. ierfDCe w" ?o I'*? the
S ?d o >\l\0m ????? ?-ompaniee.
2.*ftT n7.ed by th? **? concern.
n* **?*?!"* th* UtUr "D?w
y^mTSm ."??"'?'??a.?
i >*n fe. S!!1*}*?' ??pUlna ?Hll
^??gela?? wV"out '' U ?? frtf
a**? th1?>?,ff*it' ,Mr- Ry?n "?<??
** ???* la th? coal traffic.
Dry Laics Ignored, With Rum
Trade a National Industry.
Tribune's Survey Reveals
Rhine Labor Begs V. S.
To Check ISetc Seizure
ESSEN, Germany, Dec. 10 (By
Tha Associated Praas).??Rapre
aentativea of ?killed and unskilled
labor from all aectiona of occu?
pied territory in the Rhlneland
at a masting her? to-day drafted
a protest to tha United States
against further occupation, re?
ported to have been threatened
by France. The protest will be
transmitted to President Harding
through Alanson B. Houghton,
the American Ambassador.
The document emphasizes the
natural affiliation of the region
with Germany. It asserts that it
is inseparable from the Father?
land and declarea that its arizurc
would b? Illegal and unjustified,
an is the present occupation of
Dusseldorf and Duisburg.
News Summ-ary
Free State government ef Ireland
fighting for Its Ufa Daapalr over
outcome reaches all quarters.
Pramlar Polncsro flatly rejects
Germany's not* on rtparstiona, and
if London conference uphold? him
occupation of the Ruhr seem? prob?
Turk Nationaliste order Greek High
Commissioner to quit Constantinople,
and Armenian Patriarch is preparing
to flee.
American money asid to be helping:
Fssclstl movement in Bavaria and
attempted coup is looked for at al?
most any moment.
Shantung formally handed over to
China by Japan. China pays bandits
1100,000 to refrain from violence.
Nation-wide survey of prohibition
enforcement conditions by The Trib?
une shews ehiaf ?Ute?, excepting
California, helpleas In fsee of liquor
traffic, -with saloons, "blind tiger?'*
and roadhouses runnint openly and
drinking mora flagrant and wlde
sprasd than ??vei.
Dr. W. H. Evans, new Imperial
??Heard of the Ku-Klui Klan, warns
Catholics and Jews religious ac?
tivities must not encroach on affairs
of state.
Georges ?Clemenceau, an route to
Chicago, denies French favor an?
nexing right bank of Rhine and as?
sails Lloyd George for bringing up
guaranties he offered Paris.
Polieeman, dated by dream,
wounded when he drops revolver at
wife's outcry.
Baby doctor dying as all Newark
prays for his recovery.
Man believed drowned when Const
Guard capture? rum launch. An?
other bootleg vessel is driven ashore.
Hooded Klansmsn reads Ku-Klux
creed from pulpit of Brooklyn
Commissioner Coler refuses Vol?
unteers of America permit for street
collections, charging breach of faith.
John P. Tlernsn, her* with first
wife and children, gives out state?
ment, but romains in seclusion.
Willism H. Anderson, In sttack on
Smith, says local Republicsn or?
ganisation works for Tammany.
"Death Itself is heaven," writes
odd-job man who commits suicide
with woman's gloves clasped to him.
Washington ma?? meeting call? on
President Harding to grant Christ
ma? amnesty to polities) prisoners.
United States naval commanders
who assisted in rescue of refugees
from Smyrna win praise of British.
Eddie Collins, Bib Falk and Sam
Rica coming to the Yankees is rumor
as magnates assemble for four big
baseball meetings.
Sea Prince capturea Pinar del Rio
Handicap at Havana track.
Mike Dwyer sets new course mark
in Gleneo* A- C. road run.
E. C. Sinclair is high scratch gun?
ner at New York A. C. shoot.
German industrialists fail to sup?
port Cuno government
London Stock Exchange cautious as
Premiers debate European problems.
Prices continue advance on Paris
Bourse despit* political uncertain?
Violation of Enforcement
Act Flagrant and Univer?
sal, With Liquor Never
More Plentiful, Is Shown
California Alone DSssenta
Smuggling in Wholesale
Lots and Wide-Open Sa?
loons Throughout Land
As a raault of President Hsrding'?
1 recent, statement that prohibition en?
forcement machinery In the United
States, has broken down, The Tribune
has made a comprehensive survey of
conditions in tha chief cities and
Virtually all the reports from ?n
| forcement centers show that the Vol
? stead act is bring openly and fief rantly
violated. California alone reports thst
there is virtually no change for the
? better or worse in tha mstter of cn
\ forcement.
Tha Investigation reveals s picture
of soma cities, such si Boiton, offi?
cially flouting ths whole ides of prohi?
bition, with ??loon? running wide open
and in full blast. It ?how? vast quanti?
ties of drink rolling over the border
from Canada, as In Detroit. It shows
girls and minora getting cr-ntrsband
drink almost at will, as in Milwaukee,
where the "liquor ring" I* reported to
b* "100 per MM in control." It show?
enforcement regarded a? a Joke, a? In
j Chicago, and throughout the country
' it ?how? a leng ?ucce??ion of "blind
i tigers" op*r*ting down side strtvet? to
1 whloh any ?tranger can gain ea?y ?e
i aeaa, and rosd-houies strung out slong
I all the highway? whereon automobile?
! pass in which every comer who hs? the
| generally excessive price Can get "any
? thing he wants." Evidence of the ac
j tual condition? on the ev* of Pre?l
1 dent Harding'? projected conference of
1 Governors to devis* ?om* remedial
mean* i? shown by the following dis?
Law Called "Joke" in Chicago
Special Dlipatch ta Tha Trlbnn.
CHICAGO, Dec. 10.?Enforcement of
the prohibition law? In Chic?go. hs?
been mor? or le?? a joke, although it
' is admitted that some of the officials
have endeavored to make the law re?
spected. In Ullnoi?, outside of Chi?
cago, with the exception of Rock Isl?
and, Jollet and cities and town? im?
mediately in the vicinity of Chicago,
the law has been enforced with success.
This docs not, however, apply to
I "Bloody Williamson" County, ic?n? of
j the Herrin massoere, where the mine
workers' union controls.
In the early days of prohibition Chi?
cago was fairly dry, but condition?
hav* grown steadily wore*. There are
probably more aeloon? now than ?Ter.
and they are selling hard liquor ana
I real beer openly. Some breweries ar?
I said to be working overtime producing
oldtime beer and hundred of parsons
have gone Into the business of manu?
facturing all kinds of drinks.
Public official? in large part wink at
evasions of law. Under these condi?
tions prohibition officer? find them?
selves powerless. Th*ir plsns ar*
tipped off and thev are balked at every
i turn. In parts of Wi?consln and Mich
lgsn, northern Indiana and eastern
Iowa, under the influence of Chicsgo,
there Is open and flagrant violation of
the law. In the Michigan and Wiscon?
sin timber camp? and towns there has
never been any effort to put the law
into effect.
Milwanke? Ignore? Iasw
Special Piipntch to Th? Tribuna
MILWAUKEE, Wis., Dec. 10.? Al?
though the state prohibition director
has tripled and quadrupled his dry
forces since the prohibition amend?
ment went Into effect, illicit liquor
I traffic and open violation of dry law?
I have not waned in the least in Mil?
waukee. Almost every day finds the
dry ?quad on a campaign reiulting in
| the arrest of st least a dozen liquor
law violators and confiscation of their
moonshine ?till?.
A recent expote of roadhoutea In
this vicinity by a Milwaukee news?
paper man ?ji?clo?ed the fact that i.ine
out of ten roadhouses were openly
serving bonded whisky highball?, gin
rickeya and nio?>n*hins to minors, most
of them young girls (n their 'tern*.
Liquor-running by truck snd suto
mobil* is made 100 per cent efficient
by the wonderful road? connecting
Chicago and Milwaukee, and the
heavy traffic makes search and seizure
out of the question.
Milwaukee breweries ar* observing
the one-half per cent law, but an im
portation of illegal percentage beer
from breweries within the ?t?te ha?
caused Milwaukee brewery owners to
issue several protest? to th* ?t?te pro?
hibition director. Home brew of the
7 p*r cent variety i? on ?ale at moit
of the downtown saloons, in bottles
bearing labels of a once highly ad- !
vertlaed brew.
Threaten Expose In Pittsburgh
Special Dispatch to TS? Tribun.
PITTSBl'KliH, Dae. 10. i're.ident
Harding'? characterisation of prohibi?
tion enforcement a? a "national dis?
grace" mir*ht well have resulted from
a survey of conditions in th* Pitts?
burgh ?fistr-t. With the recent re
lG??tl?Ml ?? HS* lew)
A Christmas Gift Every Day
Send to your out-of-town friends a year's sub?
scription to The Tribune and they will feel
that "every day, in every way, your judgment
is getting better and better!"
And appreciation for your thoughtfulness will
grow in proportion.
For rates, turn to the Editorial Page, top of
first column.
aiYfto 801* ftriafom*
Klan Chi?
Calls Fot
Wiaard Kvans Drni
Fight on Religion,
Warn? of Ronn
croachment in Amri
Defiance Hurled
At Hylan h Ed
Sees Catholics and Jf
Leagued Against Kli
Pledges to Uplift Ne?,
???rial DUpotrh |a Th, THbtrno
DALUS, Tex.. Dec. 10. Chara
jlsing th? Catholics, Jews, negroes
foreigner? ?? th? chief enemiei o(
, Knight, of the Ku-Klux Klan, "?r
ganization which, notwithsUndini
( lofty princlpl??, h?i heen ?ubjecte
?the most violent and protr?eted
|Uck in th? hi?tory of th? Amei
! Republic from every alien and
, American element on the Amer
; ?oil," Dr. H. W. Evans, now Imp?
wlsard of th? Klan, in hi? first pu
i ?taUmsnt ?ince b?lng ?lected to
position, to-day proclaimed th? prl
.pies of the organisation and diseu
|th. porpoies, aetiaitlei, groarth
ultimata alms of tha fraternity.
Th. Imperial wltard declared the
! Klux Klan was making no fight ?
'any sect or creed now and would
In the future. He said the organ
; tlon was growing by leap? and bou
i?nd would continua to grow, heraus
stood for America for Americans
btcause of Its advocacy of law enfo
'ment by the legally constituted autl
; itles. Its d?m?nds for separation
Church and State, its strict adhere
, to the Constitution of the Ini
States, Its demands for freedom
. speech, freedom of religious won
and the right to limit ii? member?
to natural born American citizen?
the Protestant Christian faith.
Church and State Separation
Th? Imperial wizard declared t
the organization had no ficht on
I Catholic? ?o long a? that Church '
i eontent to eonfln? it? activities
? religion, but that "when the (?the
I Church interfere? with th? fundarm
I tal principle? of the ?eparation
| Church and State; when it ?nterin
with the right? of free speech guan
teed by th? Constitution, when it und
takes to ma?? the United states
America a provine? of Rome, then i
Institution h?a challenged the whi
native-born Prot??iant Christians
America to defend this Republic agai
; Invaaion, or els? surrender the Repul
< to th? domination of a for?!
I ecclesiastical potentate."
Dr. F.vana declared that it *
'"therefore apparent that a declarati
of the principles of the Knights of I
? Ku-Klux Klan was regarded as
i declaration of protest against the c?
I quest of the Roman Cstholle Church
I America," and that "the follower?
! the Pope immediately sent out the w
j alarm and the Knights of Columb
?throughout the nation organized, re?
| for action."
Th? new Imperial wizard deelar
' the fight against the Klan by the Cat
? urch had been g/raiatently pre
i ecuted since the birth of the organii
tion, and notwithstanding the .'.i
that the Klan conceded the right
: the Catholics to worship Cod accoi
i ing to the dictates of their conscieni
! Ho said "If the encroachment of Ror
I upon American soil and upon Ame
! can institutions were arrested" the
i would be nowhere for the Pope to i
' when the people are returned to pow
I in Italy.
Dt*. Kvans ?aid the Klan "reeo(rnu<
? but ons sovereign here on earth, ai
? that is the white m?n capable of go
' einlng hlm?elf and organizing himie
In company with other sovereign?
I his breed to make a great democrat
? government of the white man, for il
white man and by the white man, ar
' if this declaration of principle is ?i
! tagonlitlc to the Roman Catholic hie
: arthy it is not because of the Klan hi
because the elements antagonistic ai
j un-American and menacing to Amer
, e?n institutions."
Sees Strange Combination
The imperial wizard said the Je
I was allied with tne C.-ithollcs in oppt
sition to the Klan in the assaults upo
the Klan, and declared "this Is
?trange combination," ?ince the "bloo
of the Jew was spilled from the En?
lish Channel to th? Him?l?y?s throug
attacks upon him by th* Roman Cath
! olies." He s?id the Jew extortd
1 money from the Catholic? ard wa? i
' turn destroyed by the Catholic?.
Dr. Kvan? further asserted that th
Jew received more hospitality in Amer
iea than any other country on earth
that he worshiped a? he c)k.?
' had never associated with other peopl?
in home, club or in a religious way
' H? ?aid th? Jew had a right to his re
ligion and that the Klan wa? wagin|
! no fight on him a? a result of it.
I'r. Kvan? declared the Jew wa? op
I posed to the Klau simply because th?
<C?stl???? ?e ?a?? rare?)
Venizelos Near Death
When Sleighs Crash
Haa Narrow Kiarape; in S*?i??
Mountain;* \v hrn Party Be?
hind Him Slip?
Special Cabio ta Th, Tr,b*?*
r?pyrl?M 19!5 New York Tribun? Inc.
LAl'SANNK, Dec. 10. ? Ei-Premier
Veniselo? of Greece, with his wifs and
two friend?, had a narrow eicape in the
mountains to-day. The Swii? authori?
ties have been informed of the pr?s
?nee here of two Albanians, alleged
fanatics, who are reported to have come
to Lausanne to do Veniselo? injury.
The authorities have accordingly given
him a guard of thrfk detectives.
They trailed the Veniselo? party to
Terri?et this afternoon, where it mo?
tored to ascend the Caux Mountain. All
th? member? ra?de the ascent
funicular railway. The Journey down,
along a dangerou* end Icy road, was
done in two horse-drawn sleighs. The
en? occupied by the detectives was in
th? rear. Part way down th? moun?
tain they slipped and crashed heavily.
The Venizelos party was ?haken, but
escaped without injury.
i. e "
r*r?>tloa Hartel. H?eh?r*t. M. (. Oaoi
?b?/j as?a*hm?. ?port aad comfort ?
Dreamer Shot
As Wife's Cry
Awakens Him
Policeman, in Deep Sleep.
Think* He Hears Call to
Work and Drops Pistol :
Woiiinl May Cause Death
Suicide Attempt,
Is Mate'i Thought
Scream*. When She See*.
Hushaml With Weapon
After a Minor Quarrel
Gror?r Wolf, a pstrolman attached
to the police force ai Orang-e, N. J,
?tnrtled by hi? wife'? scream?, dropped
a revolver he had snatched up last
night whil* under the influence of a
vivid dream that It ?a? past tim* for
him to report st th? polic* station, and
th* weapon wss diicharged, th* bullet
entering hli eheit juit ?bore the heart.
The wound probably will prov* fatal.
His wife, entering the room and see?
ing her huiband confronting her with
a revolver In his ha*nd and his eyes
fixed in a itsre thst gave no sign of
recognition, thought him suddenly de?
mented and about to kill bimttif be
cauie of an unimportant dliput* they
had had a short time before.
Wolf and hi? four-year-old daughter
had ?pent the greater psrt of the day
walking or riding in trolley car?. It
wa? dark when they reached their home,
at |tl Commerc ?rig?- Mr?.
Wolf, whose dinner had been ?polled,
upbraided her huiband. It wa? too
cold, ?rhe ?aid. for th? little girl to be
outdoor? all day.
Hear? Pulir? Long in Dream
Wolf replied thi.t it wa? a fine day
and they had had a wonderful time. Th*
rosy-cheeked child afforded no cor
roborative evidence for Mrs. Wolf, and
?'-.red some wsrmed?over dishes
on tne table for her husband and
huitlfd Die little girl off to bed.
After !.. had eaten Wolf fell s.Uep
In hit chair, lie wa? asleep only a
few minute?, but it tremed to him in
hi? dream that an hour or more had
passed. Ha ?Urted from hi? chair
'he din of the gong in the police
?tation which he had heard in hi?
?ir.Ain ringing in hi? ear?.
?cioua only that the clangor
meant that he wa? late for hi? tour of
he mumbled into hi? room,
matched his ?ervice revolver from the
drawer of a drener and haitened to
dining room, preparatory for a
dash to the police station.
A? li" entered the dining room his
wife eame in by another door. The re
1 volver and the fixed, unieeing stare In
her huib.ind't eyes caught her atten?
tion >t once. She icrei?.
There waa a clatter and a sharp re?
port ai the revolver fell from the hand
of the policeman and wa? discharge.I
on ?trlking th? floor. Wolf ?tumbled
and fell. Hi? wife, running to his ?id?,
found a bullet wound above the heart,
and called a physician. Wt.lf wss taken
frange Memorial Hospital. His
chsnee for recovery i? ?light.
Until detective? hsd talked with him
at the hospital his conscience-stricken
I ed that her hu?ty word? to
him on hi? return with their child had
caused him to attempt to end his life.
Th* police believe Wolf? version of
the incident, however, and ?re con?
vinced It was an accident.
Hsd Ample Time to Report
They think thst the clatter of dishei
?or some other houienold noise pena?
tmted Wolf's consciousness sufficiently
'while he wa? asleep t?> inspire the
! dream that he was late for duty and
the station house gong was ringing.
re he wa? so thoroughly
- tha influence of the dream as
illy to be .?till nsleep when he
?tumbled out of hi? room with th* re
! volver in his hand, and that the ?cream
of hi? wife which recalled him to hlm
?e!f startled him into dropping th?
? weapon.
It was 6:30 p. m. when the accident
red. Wolf wa? to go on duty at
?il. and had ample time to reach
the police ?tation.
?? thirty year* old and has been
a member of the Orange polic* de?
partment ?wo year?. He wa? in th?
army for eleven years, and served
overseas during the war with th* rank
of lieutenant.
Sees His lir^t Movie at
88 ami Won't Believe It
?'It's a Trirk." Says Man Who
Has I mil >i\t>-iine Yrarn
in Infirmary
5p?<1il Ptapatch 19 Th? Trtbnn.
UtUBUKO, VY. Vs., Dec. M
"You can't fool me!" snorted Turner
-ear? old, when.
a? the climax of a wonderful dsy, he
MW ;? . in his life a
motion picture.'
'They do it all back there behind
that ?creen somehow," he chuckled.
For sixty-one years Wiseman has
been an inmate of the Harriton County
Infirmary. Hit vitit to Clark?burg was
? time. The flr?t
vi?it wa? made before anybody had
heard of Henry Ford or airplane?. A?
tne gu??t of a Clarkiburg newtpaper
Wiseman yesterday ha? hi? firct ride
on a ?treetear and hi? flrst sutomoblle
ride. For the first time he ?*w a vaude?
ville show and a motion picture.
Anti-Semite American Money
Said to Aid Bavaria Fascisti
MUNICH. Dec. 10 (By The Aaeo
ciated Pr?s*).?American money is
helping to finance the Faacisti move?
ment in Bavaria, led by Herr Hitrer, ac?
cording to references made at public
gatherings here to-day, but no men?
tion has been made of the volume of
this aid.
The funds from overseas are said to
be confined to private donations by
German-American anti-Semites and
frimd? of th? Bavarian National
Socialist?. In some quarters it is a>
i the contributions from th.
i State?, which ?re arriving week?
ly, amount to only a few dol?an.
I Herr Hitler la reportad to have given
I certain interviews ia whleh he said
his program regarded it e???ntial thai
large muni of th? Jew? In Bavarli
b? taken a? hostages In order to in
fluence the international financial am
business worlds in favor of Germany
Th? mov?m?nt constantly is growing
and ii declared to be enveloping in?
divid?ala in all circlet of life. Th?
chief aim appear? to b? the building up
of cla?? warfare, leading to racial
?rife. The question of the time when
e proposed coup may be expected ap?
parently Tiinge? on the degree t? which
the leader? of the movement er* con?
vinced that thair ground haa been pre
? pared and consolidated.
Public demonstrations leave bo
I doubt there are large numbers of
i Bavarians who believe Hitler la Ger
I many ? "man ai tit. hour."
Irish Free State Facing
Wreck as Its Leaders
Meet Terror by Terror
Irish Rebels Bomb and Burn Homes
Of Free State Officials in Dublin
DUBLIN, Dec. 10 (By The Aaaoclat?d Praaa).?The opponents of
the Irish government resumed their reprisals against Free State offi?
cials to-night. Attacks with bomba and gasoline were made on the
residence of J. J. Walsh, Postmaster General, and others identified
with the government. The Walsh residence, which ia in Frederick
Street, waa not badly damaged, and the promptness of the firemen
and neighbors in each easae prevented the fires spreading.
A bomb thrown into the ?hop of th? Irish Produoo Company,
owned by Mrs. Wy.? Power, recently nominated by President Cos
grave us Senator, ?et it aflame. The house of John McGarry, Dublin
member of the Parliament, cam? in for special attention of the in?
cendiaries, and his wife and two children were slightly burned. The
children were removed to a hospital.
The residence of Postmaster Walsh's secretary, O'Heggarty, waa
raided by an armed band. Gasoline was sprinkled about the house and
the furniture and other belongings were set afire.
Newark Prays
As Baby Doctor
Fights for Life
Beloved Physician, Who Has
Brought 7.000 Children
Into World, Feared Dy.
?tig as Martvr to Work
All Creeds Join Appeal
Knd Near for Whitenack in
Spite of Blood Transfu-!
sion by Grateful Patient?
Dr. Miller Royel Whiten.ck, fam.d
as th. baby deetor of Niwsrk, heil
t?t?d ?t th? door of d??th in the Pres?
byterian Hospital at Newsrk yeit.r
day while th. whole city pray?d for
his recovery. Protestants, Jewi and
Catholics entered church or synagogue
to pray that th? man whose gentle
?mil? had eheerily welcomed 7,000
babie? into thi? world might recover.
Many of them hadn't been In a church
for many month?, a? they readily con?
fessed, but if prayers will a.v? Dr.
Whiteneck, his life or one wine? ef
pein it will not be because Newark did
not do its best.
Officially thers Is hop? for him, pri
' vaUly there l? non?. Physician? sre
?training all known taw? of medicine
< ?nd surgery to ?ave th? doctor'? life.
Hut blodd poiioning is an Intidioui
! disease, and it was privately confessed
; that he may dis any time.
(aught Cernas From Baby
It was five woks ago that Dr.
Whitenack was treating a sick baby's
1 mouth and breathed in the deadly
germs that settled in the glands of hit
throat. These glands were cut out,
. but th? Infaction moved to his leg.
At a consultation of physicians who
. hrstened to hi? sida he agreed to have
t his leg amputated just above the knee.
. Then a delicate operation became nee
?essary to tie up hi? jugular vein to
localise th? infection. There followed
B sinus operation.
Blood transfusions beeeme necessary.
? The hospital was h??ieged with offers
of blood from ra?n who?? little sons
?nd daughter, w.re brought into th?
world by Dr. Whiten.ck. The?? tr.ni
| fusions -mor. th.n . doten of them
?have meiely prolonged hi? life and th?
constant agony which keeps him con
i icious of all that goes on.
A eh?nty doctor wa? Dr Whitenack.
than 00 per cent of th? cat?? h?
attended never brought him money, be
? cause not ?ven a dime could readily
i..in.-d. Brother physicians said he
riractiecd hi? profession b?caus? of the
ov? he bore for children rather than
i the money to be gained.
Newark Women in Tears
Although only forty-seven yesr? old,
he is known and loved from on? end of
,rk to the eth?r, and th?r? are real
tears in the women's eyes as they
speak of him ?nd what he did for their
)(.- is strictly a Newark product of
' whom the people are proud. He was
craduated from the public ?ehool?, th?
i high schools ?nd took a degree at Rut
! ger?. He attended the N*w York Col?
lege of Physician? and Surgeon? and
i ??rved his lntarnashlp in N?war?
ital. He belong? to th? Medical
?ty of New Jer??y, of Newark and
a dosen other medical association? and
; fratemitie?.
Bat perh?p? the biggest compliment
ever paid him a friend mode wh?n he
"Gee, Doe can't drive his flivver a
block on any ?treet but what a hundred
I kids giv? him the high ?ign."
Boy Drowns as
Dry Navy Fires
Coast Guard Squad Jails 2
Youths and Seizes Cargo;
"Mystery Ship'' Dri*??*
l.i?|ii<?r-l.a?lrn Boat Aahore
Crew Escapes in Auto
New Jersey Lads 'Borrowed'
Father's Launch to Ki-la,
Says Mother of Su*-*?? ? i
The Sandy Hook Coait Guard ere*
captured a whisky-laden launch and
two of thr?e youth?, who comprised it?
crew, last night. The third is said to
have jumped ovtrboard and drowned.
A dry navy craft, known a? a "mystery
?hip," drove soother motorboat carry?
ing Illicit liquor aahore nesr Long
Beach, but th* craw escaped.
The amtorboat ?IghUd from th*
Coast Guard station at .Sandy Hook
was ? fort y-five-foot craft. It was seen
?outh of the Hook about sunset, keep?
ing well offshore, si though waiting for
darkneit to make a landing. Captain
Loren Tilton and five of hit man
bled into a power boat with a couple
of Springfield rifle? and gave chin?*.
They ?lowly overhauled the motor
lio-it, and at a point about twelve miles
?outh of the Hook were only ?bout
300 yard? away on s parallel course.
The fugitive wa? picking up ?peed,
however, and fearful of losing it in
the gathering darkneit Captain Tilton
. rdercd hi? two riflemen to tend a ?hot
?piece overhead by way of warning.
They did so and the motor boat '
came to a ?top. A moment later |*are
men were ?een rowing away from it la
a dory. The Coast Guard boat aver?
took and captured them after a strug?
gle. They were Theodor. Oaein. of
F.ast Long Branch, N J . and Richard
Wildwood, of Wildwood, N. J. Tl.ey
?aid that "Red" Sheridun had jumped
overboard when the shot? were fired
and probably had been drowned.
The (o*?t Guard men were unable
to ditcover the swimmer and put back
to shore with their prisoners and
prise. The former were locked up in
the ?ruardhou?? at Fort Hancock. One
hundred and fifty ca??? of whfSky and
two lot? of champagne were found on
! the launch.
Mr?, (onover Gatkin, mother of one
of the phsoners, said her son and two
friend? had "borrowed" her husband'?
clamming boat Saturday to go cod fish?
ing and that ?he had been greatly wor
ried over their continued ab??nce.
The "mystery ?hip" of th* prohibi?
tion navy was cruising in I?ng Iiland
I when It ?igh*d the motor boat
Thelma about thr** mile? off Long
Beach. Gu? J. Simon?, chief prohi?
bition enforcement agent, in command
of the "mystery ship," set ont in pur?
The Thelma headed for shore and
managed to reach shallow water before
th* "mystery ship" could overhaul it.
The four men aboard th? fugitive craft
leaped into the breakers and iplsihtd
their way to the bea'h.
A?n automobil* wa? waiting there and
they lumped into it and were out of
sight before the -prohibition agents had
got a? elo?* to ?nor* a? they dared to
go. They put off in a small boat and
managed to tow th* motor boat out. it
contained twenty burlap bag* filled with
bottles of liquor and fifty cases of
Second Dry Agent Slain
By Kentucky Moonshiners
Shol When ShcriiTs Poser I>r
strays Still and 1,14)0
(?niions of Mash
Within a few yard* of th* spot la
M*nlf*e County where Prohibition
Agent Robert C. Duff was ?hot to death
by alleged moomhiner? Saturday after?
noon. Dave Treadway, twenty-eight
years old, Federal officer and member
of a po??e ?**-king the ?layers of
Duff, wa* ?hot from ambush and In?
stantly k:il*d thl? aftern >on.
Treadway wa* a member of a
sheriff* posse which accompanied F*d
eral'officers in the search.
After visiting the home of Jeff Hat
lard the ?heriff* pos?e proceeded to th*
mountain?, where they found a still.
The posse had destroyed 1,-iOO gal?
lons of mash and was preparing to
leave the scene of the ?till when they
were fired upon. Treadwsy fell with a
bullet wound in his neck. He was
rushed to a hospital, but died lat*r.
Immediately after th? ?hot* were
.lred the offleers saw three man run
from th? bu?h??. Th*y trailed them
until darkness prevented further search.
The hunt will be continued to-morrow.
More Men Arc \rrayed
Against It* Authority
Than Opposed Kngland
in Rlark and Tan I?egime
10,000 Republicans
Arc Ilchl in Prison
Besieged Official* Fear
Death; IVaee Outlook
Is Darker Than Ever
faaevil i at!? I? TA? Triton?
mgat, 1932. mam Yon, t
DUBLIN, Dm i'? The Frea
?State government of Ireland is fight?
ing for its life.
Members of the government virtu?
ally are besieged in their offlcaa,
while their supportera ?-arry their
lives in thi'ir hands. The govern?
ment's action in executing four- rebal
leaders in reprisal for th? r?
shooting of Sean Ha!ea in on'
striking evidence of how bard
praaaed Kreo Stall lenders actually
are in their present situation.
Ten thousand republican?, now ara
in Irish prisons, the Minister for
Ilium- Affair* has just slated, and
then? are more men arrayd ag.<
thr ruling authoriti?-? m . tu? r<iunty
to-day than were in arma against
Kngland throughout all Ireland dur
ing the regime of the Black and
Tan?. Railroad communication?
have been destroyad in :.iany ??
the collection 0f taxes is bomg h
ferad with and life and property
everywhere have be<
See Onl) Welter of 111*4x1
Men who never lo?t K
d?rk??t da;
Kngland Bra now beyi- pair
of the Iriili . I liey ???
nothing but a ?citer of !>!<??
?ral deatruetion of lr?l.
Ufe, ? loosening u ind a
K?ner?l process of disintegra'.lun B
ing Itaelf uu: rhe fact that thi
life and property i? i
in Bh? na.
make? the outlovk for the futur? ?II
the blacker.
At first it wa? thought that -
lar?' avowed challenge to la? auth
of ordered government would obtain so
little support that it weald
lapse, but civil war has gone Bi im Ir*
Und for ne?rly ?ix monthi row *nd
show? sa little Big V ?a
when it began. The clash of idea? I?
lending conitant vipor and ?ua'.enane.
to the eeaselers physical eo' '
With the Pre? State gov?rn?ri<"it now
legally estahlished under Bn"?h law,
th? treaty claims to stand for rrpre
sentatlve government and th? w
the people. De Valer?'? republican
government denies, ho?r\i'r, that th?
?. ndero'l ?
to the i ?. 8nd ????rt?
that the Free .State gn ' ?n
other uaurpation. Both government?
hiive large armed force* engaged in
?!<adly strife against th? people? real
will, while the p? - ?nd ?ub
? -iirally the republican eont.B
Th? treaty under which th? Free
government ha? derived
- ty was excluded from th? ia?ue?
i.n whirh th? people declared them?
selves la the eledion of last Jua? by
virtu? of the Colllns-D? VaUra part
Had U ? ?uch pact, how?v?r.
it ia ?c?rcely open to question that th?
majority in Ireland would hav? ca?t
their ??ote? in favor of the Pre? State
Ireland Bled White
Crifflth, Collm? and th?lr colleanea.
by aalting the rein? of government
last June'? ?lection Instead ef
forming a caution, interpreted th*
wishes of the ?Ueterat?, pact or no
pact. But would th? vot<r? In any
case have d?clsred for civil war* That
?e?ms extremely questionabl? to say
the least. But while * coalition woald
have provided for united action during
the tr ?o?l In Ireland, pend
tlncatloa of th? treaty by the
Britv ' ? that the
altern: 1 Ireland
whit?, both physically and
cally, lenving a leg.ev of hatred be.
tween former comrade? which tod?y
Is b.f
the paradox that, while the majority of
the people de?ir? the tr??ly, they ?r?
now beginning to elk if It was ne*.
! bought too dearly.
Th.. general reaction *o laat ?'
i executions is an evidence of thi?
I was s grav,. ?tap for a government
' suddenly to put to death without trial
?four former colleague? over
| five months h?d been hell in jail with?
out any charge being lodged agatnst
them. Bad it wa? a ?tep that I? no?
approved by ?importer? of the govern?
ment in the Pail, as well is by th? ?
ir?n?r?lly. F.very member
of the ministry defend? the?a repris?!
execution? as necessary to preserv.
Hv?s of the C?hin**t member? Bad
fend representative gov.
is a vivid illustration ef f?e state t*
wh eh .ff.ir. have come wbei
nl feela col
auch action ?a thi? in ?elf d?f?n??. I'
i? ar illustration, an epitome, of the
situation as it exist? in Dublin to-day.
Slow la RoBodlag Vg lebe I?
In th? provine?? thing? ?t>? e?r r?
better. Sklrmi?h?t cor.it.ntl> ar? tak
ing place throughout th? eon
?very now and then a iarg*-?is*d ?n
g*g?ment auch a? those at Cerk and
Kerry laat waek. At Hallyms?.
County Cerk, the R?publ.can? i
tur?d the barracks with nlnet
rrs. whom th?y r?1?s?<
u??d an .. mored car in thia ba*
which ha? tine? beert captured by
tionel troop?. Kenm.r?, a fairly larg?
town in Kerry, has been ht,Id for ar?
by th? Republican? and ?
a f?w day? ago by Fi- ps
The National force? a
ou? ar??? rounding up '.he rebel?,
it i? proving ?lew wer'
cam make Hidden iwcv; ? aa tila L

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