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^k*ammM^ _,._
Fair, mmeh ealdat U??lavi l? nmetew
f?ir. c?irtl?a?4 caW. tHrAralaK?
lag Mtlkwaat ??U?
Veil ??S??*t ?? rmp? Twenty-amo
First to Last?the Truth: News ?Editorials ? Advertisements
sfa LXXXI? No. 27,786
(t?nr-*_ht, :??.
st Yerk Tribune In
* * *
?nro crpTS
fa Ore?*?? He? Tar?
rttare rr*sTS | iwa < * it?
?hms am
Dead After
Brave Battle
At Age of 84
Hetrt Stops in Hour's
Piroiy?1" ?f -Toughing
rod Famous Merchant
p.?***,; Family at Side
Fuji***' Services
jW f?r To-morrow
?*y to lie ?n Philadel?
phia Church in Morning ;
All Hi> Stores Qosed;
Many Tributes Paid Him
Sue?a! tHopotcn t? TS. TrlSuna
f?IUDELPHIA, De*. 1?.-?John
f?aaat?t?r ?ile<J tal? morning at bis
BMjl, t*9i Walnut Street. Re ?*aa
ngkty-fovr years eld.
faterel ?*r*rie?? for th? famou?
?erekant ?HU be held at *? o'clock
fkgroiay afternoon at th? Bethany
e-nfcjrterlan C*hnreh. Th? Rae. Dr. A
ftttjon Maclrcnnan will he the oftlclat
?elet*g*roan. The ehnrch aerrieas
he ?pan only to th? personal
ids of Mr. Wanamaker. During
?Hgrsdsy morning, from 10 o'clock
a_ti\ noon, the body ?rill Ha In the
Aggth In order that the thoutand? of
?UltdelpMan? who?? lire? touched
??go Wanamaker'? at some point of
Mrtact, close or casual, may b? per
mSujpi the privilee;? of paying; their
tas! tribute? to hi? worth.
f_? Wanamaker ?tores In New
Twk, Philadelphia. Paria and Yoke
urn -loser" ?t the first word of their
'msnitr't death, will not reopen ?ntil
liter th? funeral.
Ill Sine? Aarset
lb?? Aagoet last Mr Wanamaker
hai ftsght a courageoaa battle against
liebet? alli?e) with the natural phy?l
?tl s-takstiies of his Advanced years.
tlii ?tlaei*/ brean a? an ordinary cold,
tu ? ?as not at flnt reg.rded ?s a
_meU/t serious concern. In October,
?All? it ?at at hia country horns naar
JtaWat-ssa, V? . he ?uffered a relapse,
oatttasvas apparent that hit vital?
t-rabiate before the onslaught of
'?'? rJ*??M?. A? hi? own request he ?as
*ts? I? Mi t?rv?n house.
Bit mi'' - howed soma ?light
????????at aftar the cove, but thr?"
attkt tfo k? *ufTer4Mi another relapt??*
?A? m ?hilf? e| to i?ke to hi? ??4.
tlN??i*iSer? of hi? family seere ?urn
atasi ?nd (?ok op r??id??o? 1? the
'*%k.n.e with their father. When th?
?M cam? all hia immediate relatives
?in at his bedside.
Mmari Wanamaker era? notified of
k% 4??e-eri,u? turn in hi? father's 111
?en, ?? left hi? -?-wn tick bed In New
M to go tr Fhiladelphla. He arrived
itM? while after hi? father had died,
fcslrrself was ao week upon hi? ar
tM that he had to be assisted Into
Rallied In Earlier At.aeka
Boring the later stages of hia illneaa
Ir Wanamaker wa? attacked by re
Italtd p?ro.ysms of coughing, which
mn ?ihaustlng in their effect upon
????akened pt>ysl<*ue. Last Wednes
hj, after several of these attack?, his
?audition ??? no weak as to give his
?Asti-isas grave cause for alarm. Prom
*?vi* crisis Mr Wanamaker rallied with
idettrminitlori and vitality which as
Maiihed ?nd jrrrritly encouraged thot?
trtaad hm It waa felt that if he
?AM ?void another similar attack un?
til ?Mb time a? his heart action had
??tars ttrengtheneH by rest and treat
SHat sa ?onld maks a complete re
F?r a *??k, then, hia family ?nd hi?
??rt'efi???. Dr Harree Shoemaker, a
'Ife-lwu friend, and Dr? Alfred Sten
ftl tod Will am K Qulcksall, ranged
*ae?Mlv*i alongside the tick man to
?a tad txutain him in hia fight- Ha
r-ei to he reliving and the bulle
naecUe. the confidence of his
?bvtleiaa? tkat he was beating off the
*I*?>il? ?ttatk? of his accumulated
C*n.,,.vl ***? ????nes? wrought In him
?? hi? long m*.,.
l'??aarl??i ?? ptnal Hoars
Unt?l Monday * ?idnlght the watch
?? ?I hi? bedside were cheered i nd
l^rsgsd In their returning confi
?by th? ?pp..ently ob-ious
??iThofthi.e? ?r ehewaaahow
J" * '?vorablf bul n *??? issued
_***7 evening, b it at midnight
_?_??!' the ?ick man ?lipped into
??Jttet before 5 o'cloek this morn
?"????a**1*1* the h?PP'-i,?-.f whlcn
toMntu!* ?le-eaHed. Spasme o? un
i???!2*toughing shook the weak
',* of the patient. For an
??????^J*-?**????? ?? ?.?? ?i?ht)
***** Caught Pawning
^y Speyer's Necklace
** ?? Admh Tndn Theft and
?* ??>*?-Obtained $20 on
v IL^OO Strand
Ul? i?_ *ho **eva har name as
^?^??nsstrong, of 807 Lexington
a??V e??f???ed last night, the
?%tmtul *? ste.ling th? bag of Udy
-?Ar? wP2r,r? of M Washington
-**?a ?..i Jrftra th? Pennsylvania
ajiiL*1''? Monday. Besides a solid
**"?*la \*n?> bn-?h? th? bag con
*?*? ta. _***** valued at Sl.WO
*U?? K?. n,,n P??*T?ed for $20.
W 8?"r who ?? the wife of Sir
?*??,:?? x/*r' of th? International
'??hentk-4?' *" in the Pullman
t?. ** U? bag wa, uken, th? police
M^i,Lih? ed,y '^t-xtivs GunU.
???a*??. Rk_U ? P**?Ti?hop on Third
__**ts bo? Mked ,t>r ?5 ?e the!
r i *" "
?^ Bringin? Cold Wawe
2_?Ml)t,?m??C \*i^* Ntw York
2?I **7 ef IVL L'Vtr*1 ?y?. the I
X?'"?'?it^ ** thEt a0i
l*_?B?rd?T*J****r*r?t-?iT? of s? i?,.???*,.
ISake?\ He Won Fray 23
Years Ago ; Gets D. S, C.
Colonel George N. McMastrr,
U. S. A. (retirod), r?x?lv?d th?
Distinguished 8e*Tvie? Crocs on
Governor's Island yeeterday in
recognition of An exploit daring
the Filipino insurrection twenty
three years ago, when he swam
the Rio Grande de Cagayan under
fire at the head of fire volunteers
from his cornmAnd and drove a
-rtrrong nstive force from its posi?
tion. Th? six men stripped be?
fore entering the river ?nd later
Attributed their victory in Urge
measure to the surprise of the
Aguinaldista at the sight of the
naked Americans charginf them.
White House makes clear that if
conference of filial is called by Presi?
dent Harding to consider European
economic conditions United States
?ill engage in no entangling elli
Progressive ?nd farm bloc an?
nounce? poll ?how? fifty Senator? will
vote to sidetrack ship subsidy for
farm credits measure.
Foes of Attorney General Daugh
erty at initial hearing of Impeach?
ment chargea assall William J. Burns,
head of the Bureau of Investiga?'?*"1.
as unfit for office.
Secretary of Agriculture Wallace
announce? government will take no
action at thl? time on proposed
merger of packing plants of Armour
tnd Morri?.
John Wanamaker die? after ?udden
Three bandits In crowded lobby
of Kansas City live stock exchange
shoot bank employee and escapa with
New York I ederatlon of Labor
opens fight on the Tolbert horn? rule
bill paaacd by last Legislature.
Third party movement ia definitely
exploded when tho convention for
progreaalv? political action, meeting
In Cleveland, votes 64 to (2 to reject
a minority report favoring the plan.
Free State Senate names commit?
tee of five to consider waya and
mean? to end civil war in Ireland.
United State? Ambassador Child, at
Lausanne, demands a permanent
agency be created to protect the
Christian minorities in th? Turkish
No chano? of Franco negotiating
cancellation ef her debt to Britain if
sha persista In occupying Ruhr, Bonar
Law tell? Commons.
Two arrested in shooting of Mason
Mitchell. American Coneul at Ta?
l?tt?. Malta.
Chancellor Cune warn? Stlnnea
?nd other German capitalista no in?
terference with hia policies will be
Clemenceau, declaring his mission
accomplished, bids farewell to Amer?
ica in final apeech.
Mather goes Christmas shopping;
three children burn to death at home.
Newark's baby doctor dies aa moth?
ers pray for Ufa.
Court, overruling Color, decide?
Volunteers of America may ask
Chrlstmaa aim? in streets.
Slayer of Bru?en tells how he
killed clrcua man for $1,000.
Cralg charges Ettlnger purposely
embarrasses Hylan by selecting
achool sites involving dispossesses.
Woodin encouraged hy co-opera?
tion of publie In uae of hard coal
Lockwood committee hear? build?
ing tr?des uni?? agenta poeketed
initiation fsea.
Tumulty, home from Europe, sses
Wilson as leader in 1924.
Mrs. Freneh, victor la $6,000,000
estate suit, here on Majestic
Hylan aeea the Ku-Klux Klan as
tool of "Interest?'* to divide country
into impotent groupa.
Colonel Jacob Ruppert takes over
Huat-on'a interest In the Yankees and
becomes sole owner ?f the New York
American League club.
Dave Rosenberg's end of purse for
bout with Mike OTowd Is declared
forfeited by the Boxing CkmmUslon.
Corcoran rides two more winners
at New Orleans, including final effort
in feature race.
Yale and D. K. E. club? retain lead
in Class B sectloaa ef metropolitan
?quash championshipA
Stock prices close higher; sterling
continues rapid upsrard movement,
touching $4.68 Vi.
?Cotton crwp smallest in twenty
years, but fourth moat valuable ?ver
-rrow-n; yield put at 9^?3?4^00 bale?.
Two national banks among com?
pa??a? daelaring extra dlvldendA
Wall Street elerks perk up as
bonus season spproache?.
Typhus Spread? in Ireland
Virol?*?. Di?v*a?e Wim*? Oat
Wool? Familles in Mayo
LONDON. DeeM2 (By Th. Assocl
miaA Press). ? Typhua of a vlrtiitmt
1res 1. ?weeping through th. district
of Erris. in th? northwest part of tha
County of Mayo, in Ireland, andI whole
families hsvs besn wiped out, sccord
li?tl a Balllna dispatch to "The Daily
Express.- There ha. be.jn nothing like
it aince th? time of the great Irish
f*Erria i? a maritime district, singu?
larly wild, and the nearest railroad sta?
tion I? fifty miles away, consequently
ft is Almost impossible to get medical
at'.na dance.
50 Pledgee
Drop Subsi
For Farm I
Senate Progressive?,
by ?Couzens and Bi
hart? Claim Vote
Sidetrack Ship Me,
President Insist?
On Forcing ar
Jon-es Holds Rural Cr
Can Pass in Three
and h Willing to
| From T?e THIm*?'? Writhingim ?
developments with reipect to t?
?ubsidy bill occurred In Um
day. At the same time It became
at the Whlta Home thst Pn
TTsrdlnr ?till I? ?trongly Insist?,
th? bill ba tarera to a derision
Senat?. Ha dos? not find faul
opposition, but ba doe? object to
boster to prevent a ?rot?. Ha
tha measure approved or voted
Th? foremost ?Senate develr
wa? th? ?nnouneement mad? b;
<-rees1vs bloc ?nd farm bloc Se
that a poll showed fifty Senators
vote to lay asid? the subsidy bi
. take up the farm credits qnestior
a bill is reported from the com?
Opponents of the shipping bill
this as meaning the subsidy bill
be blocked. On the other hand
porter? of the ?ubsidy took the g
| that It would be po??ible to expe
rural credits bill and not grrati
terfere with the subsidy bill.
Jone? to Stand Aside
Ssnstor Jones, chairman ?
?rce Committee, said on the
'.hat he would be the last man to
>n the way of rural credits leglsl
snd aid to the farmer. He ma
clear ha stood ready to lay said
?ubsidy bill In favor of rural cr.
He though' ec days would be
redit bill.
Consld?rution of subsidy legi?l
' tvas dels>ed for ?bout three hour
' day by the considerstion of th? T
j ury Depsrtment bill. After thst
! passed Senator Jones, ss head ol
, Commerce Committee, took the
i and made an extended speech, s
in the mein was an anslysts of the
It wat tnado plain th? Democrat)
other opponents of th? bill Inten
keep up their ftlibustsi
'? of thl? ws? giv?n wh?n Senator
] rr.ons. after speaking at length fos I
! credit legislation, offered his I
, credit bill and the soldier?' bonus
?x amendments to the subsidy bill.
Senator? N?med In Pall
Those who, sreording t?.
j will vote to sidetrsvck tbo tubtidy
Republicans? Bomb, Hrookhart, <
'per, Csmeron, Coutens, Gooding, I
reld, LaBdd, La Follette, Lenroot,
i Nary, Nicholson, Norbeck, Norrit
Sutherland. Total, 16.
Democrats- Ashurst, Bayard, Ci
i way, Culberson. Dial, Fletcher, Gao
I Gerry, Glass, Harris, Harrison, I
lin, Hitchcock, Jones, of New Mexl
IKendrick, King, MeKeller, My?r?,(h
? man, Owen, Pittman. Potnerene. R?
' of Missouri; Robinson, Sheppi
Shields, Slmmone, Smith, Btaal
Swanson, Trammel, Underwood, Wa1
?of Massachusetts; Walsh, of Mont?
'and Williams. Total, 86.
Senators Brookhart and Cour.?
two new progressiv? Senstors, en
. neered tb? movement to displace ?
! ?idy with farm credits. Mr. Bro
? hart conducted be poll.
In ?peaking for tne euhildr bill
, day. Chairman Jon?? denied tne peo;
; In the recent election gave evlder
? they were overwhelmingly against t
I bill.
Not all the Senator? who on a t<
j would probably sot? to take up fai
j credit? snd lay aside ?ubsidy *
against the subsidy bill. Bt
Nary, of Oregon; Senator Lenroot s
Senstor Gooding would vote for su
aidy If It came to a question of pa
?age. Senators Spencer, Sterling, W
11s and Johnson ara rated a? for t
passage of the sobsld) bill.
Playing With Chemicals
May Cost Boy's Eyesigri
; Brooklyn High School Youtli
Experiment lo Produce
Noxious Odor Bulls
A chemical experiment to mak
"stink balls" may cost Irving La Mor
! tagne, fourteen year? old, of 224-.
Sixth Avenue, Brooklyn, his eyesigh
and his companion, Herbert Donslc
flfteen years old. of 178 Russell Stre???
Brooklyn, probably will b? marked fo
life as a result of an explosion in th
laboratory of the Brooklyn Technica
High School yesterday.
The boy?, who are In tha first yaar
?lipped out of th? cls??room, Dr. Hor
ae? Mann Snyder, tha principal, ?aid
( and the next thing beard ws? ?n ex.
Th? boys wers maVlng sulphur!?
, acid and other reagent? to make t
combination that give? off noxloui
odors. They corked the mixture in a
tottle, which explodsd. La Montegne,
who stood clot? to th? bottle, wa?
showersd with the seid about tha face
and hands and Donald was burned
about the arm? ?nd leg?. Both were
i taken to the Methodist Epiecopal Ho?
oltal. where Dr Loring ?aid he hope^
M could ssv? the eyesight of Ls Mon
, tagns. Donald went horns sfter being
treatad for bum?.
A Year 'Round Gift
What could be more appreciated a? a Christina?
Gift for the out-of-town friend than The Trib?
une delivered daily by the postman?
Three hundred and sixtv-five reminders of
your thoughtfulness?$12.00. Six month??
$6.00; one month?$1.00.
KeroCatt*, Z?bxmt
Irish Senate Acts to End War;
Calls on Sinn Fein to Confer
Quaker ?Launches Move for Peace Talk With Dublin
Clubs; Warned of Starvation if Strife Lasts;
??overument Offices Set on Fire
t?sete? r??le la rae rVtStto?
roi-rrigti?. 11::. n,w York Tribun? los.
DUBLIN, Da? ft Th? Fr??
Senat? to-night appointed a committee
of five to cotnlder way? and mean? of
ending civil war in Ireland. Thi? ac?
tion wa? taken after Governor General
Timothy Healy, addressing the first !
meeting of the Joint assembly of Dail
and Senate, declared the government's
first care must be a speedy end of all
In line with the Senate's action, a?
Indicative of the pteseur? of public
opinion for j.esce, ws? the summon? i?
?ued to <J?y to delegates of Sinn Feir
club? here for ? eoniersne? to be held
on Sunday to e*n?ld?l as??n? of effect
! ing a just ?nil ; I i ??are. The
rerolution calling the - ?aid
, that the Sirni Fein orgsnizstion must
accept th? responsibility for promoting
negotiation? inasmuch ?? it ran
! both treaty and sntl-treaty candidates
on tbe official panel at the last ?lee
L tion.
The | en??? took the Inltlstlvs tewsrd
peace ?a It? frst official action after
the election of Lord Glenavy aa chair
jnnn. Lord Glen ivy, formerly .Sir
Jame? Campbell, ras I?k?I edvi??r of
I ?raon anti-home role proviaional
governmer' prior to the war,
and hia el-etlon Is -egarded here a? a
definite move to extend th? ol?-.?
branch to I later.
The pence rr.olution ?a. moved by
.'?nie? Dougl??, a Uuakcr merchant.
i who ha? taken an active part in Whit?
i ros? relief work. Der.?ring that he
?xpref.ed what i? in the mind? of
every one in Ireland Dougl?? w?rned
there would ba inevitable unemploy?
ment, ?uffering an?l starvation if vio?
lence continued. There ?hould be
dorn for all to express their political
opinions, he urged.
At the close of the discussion Lord
Glanavy told the Senate it? action
would be welcomed by the entire na?
Th? discussion In th? Senate to?
night overshadowed in intereit the
Governor Genera','? ?peeeh in Parlia?
ment thi? afternoon, ?herein h? said
; that, though the minority had failed in
(CseflsiM? s? ?s?s tern
Fire Kills 3 a
Mother Seel
Holiday Gil
QiiMron Arr Pcrishinj
Blaze Slarted From
lightWhoiMn, McGo
Returns From Sli4>p|
Boy, 5, Fails to Save B;
Fatlirr Find h Trugpdy in
fir Fa>?l SiiiV EuMM ?]
Hi?-. Arrival From W
With Christmas only two v
away. Mr?. Charlotte
lives with her three children at
F.ast Twenty-fourth Street, ?lipped
of the houre yesterday afternoon t
a little secret shopping, f-he reto
i lets than an hour later to And
' home in flames and on the fleo'
' the little parlor the burned and
focated bodies of her babies. AU t
children died a half hour latei
Bellevue Hospital.
Joseph McGowan, her husband, c
home to hi? supper at 6:80 o'e
from the nearby Edison plan?, wl
he is employed. He knew nothlni
Ik. trt?c*dy until the neighbors (ho
him the ?moke.stained and water
I draggled room?, and the burned I
room where lue fit? ?tarted frrni
open gas Jet
The ehildrsa srer? Joaeph Jr., I
year? old; Rose, three, and Anna,
, ?even-months-old b?by. When i
McGowan left the house Anna was
her bsby carriage in tha kitchen i
the other two were with her there,
the bedroom, which is a mid^l? ro
? nd poorly liehted, the mother left
T?a jet burning, confident that it s
; beyond the reach of the children.
Exactly what happened no on? n
alive know?. The firemen, observl
the trnck of the flamea, report that i
larentlv Joseph was playing with I
two little girl? and had talen the ba
j into the bedroom from the kltchi
Som'how the boy yielded to the fas
nation of the blazing gaalight a
n some way ?tarted a Mr? whl
' canght In his clothing and spread
I the bed and th? clothing of the oth
i children. Then, it ae?\ms, ?
la baby sister, he caught her
his arma and ran with her to the fro
i room, where hia body was found, t
youngest child still In her brothei
embrace. Hose was lying on the flo
u few feet way, apparently having f<
lowed her brother in terror from tl
burning bedroom.
This was what Mrs. McGowan for?
when she returned, from her shoppir
Screaming and hysterical, ?he gather
the baby in her arms and ran to ti
roof, where ?he shouted for hel
Neighbors ran to her assistance at
took her to the street, where a patair
taxi chauffeur volunteered to take he
to Bellevue. Headed by Dr. Hyme
tho Bellevue ataff mad? heroic effort
to aave the lives of the burned and set
focated youngster?, but it wa? too 1st
Firemen from Engine Company 1
In East Twenty-fifth Street, responde
to an alarm turned in by Patrolma
Barclay Darcey, of the Eaat Twenty
second Street station. They kept th
fire within the McGowan apartment
and the material damage was trifling.
Mrs. McGowan told Darcey that ah
had gone ?hopping and had also visite?
her brother-in-law at S06 Second Ave
nu?. She had been abient le?? than ai
| hour, ahe aaid, and had asked an oldei
child of one of the neighbors to loo)
after her family while she s?-?? away
i Search for th.? temporary guardiar
j last night, however, was without re
j suit, and non? of th? neighborhood
children would admit knowledge of any
undertaking to look after th? littl?
Second Negro Lynched
TERRY, Pa.. Dee. 12.?Tha ?eeond
of two negroes arrested Friday in
?etion with the morder of Miss
, Hendry, school teacher, the pre
i Saturday, was lynched last
I .ight. Charlie Wright was burned at
the statte Friday night.
U. S. Declares
Titirkey Must
Stop Slayings
Definite Preventivo Measures
Need eil for (Ihrittian**
Safety, Not Jiint I?mpo
rary Relief, Child Insists
Against Racial Exchange??
Curzon Outlines the. Allied
Program for I'Yce Move?
ment of Non-Mo??1?mii
By Wilbur Forrest
S??s*SI ('able f? Ta? TXea??
i'oprrtght, IS??. N?w York Trtburte To?.
LAI SANNT.. Dee. 12. Richard Wssh
burn Child. 1'nited States Ambassador
to Italy, to-day aligned himielf with
Marqui? Cunon, spokesman for the
Allie?, in the demand that s permanent
agency be crested to protect Christisn
minorities in the Ottoman Empire and
preveat a *s?virrence of the whoksal?
ruattecris which virtually bav? ex
[ termln?t??tj th? Armenian race.
The Americsn obtervar, addrettlng
th? Near Esst peace conference bars,
took ?harp ittue with the Alli?e, how?
ever, en th? question cf exchange of
populations, which they have sanc?
tioned, cautioning that th? creation of
"precedents which tend to establish the
right of nations to ?xp?l large bodlts of
their cltltens to become burdens to
other nstions must be csrcfully consid?
ered before eountenanc? it given to
them, lest s new end unwholesome prin?
ciple find foothold to vex intsrnstlon?!
Isw snd justice."
Amb????tl..r Child took th? floor fol?
lowing Marquis Curson, who on behalf
of Knglsi.d. Frsr-c? end Italy outlined
? program detigntd to teeura Immunity
for non-Moslem minorities from the
pertecutioni to which they have been
tubjected for decade?.
Urges Right of Fres Movement
The Allied prnpoial call? for the
crestion of s body whos? members
would b? empowered to enforce the
clsus?? of s tresty providing the right
of free movement for Christians in
Turkey as well as Moslems elsewhere,
without prejudice to their property
snd other rights; exemption of such
rsce? from military conscription by
the payment of a reasonable tax, and
a general reelprscsl smnesty for ?II
offenses of the last nln? years.
Cunon appealed especially on be
I hslf ot the Armenian?, of whom, he
1 said, only approximately 2tW,000 remain
i to-day in Turkish territory out at the
1 original 3,000,000. He suggrttr .
I? of Nation? be intrutted with
| the supervisory duties under the
I clauses of the tresty, snd said it would
be more effectiv? If Turkey would be?
come a member of the League.
This Ismet Pasha, who answered
Lord Curxon, said wa? unsatlsf?ctory
to Turkey beesu?? th? power? within
the League would use it ?s a medium
t for continuing their Interference in
! Turkey, which, he added, had been a
contributing cause in the ?ituation
I wherein the minorities find themselves.
Ismet Offers Conditions
Itmat, In a long ?perch, undoubtedly
prepared before he hsd any clew to the
Allied suggestions, srid amelioration
, o' the eondit.on of Christian minori?
ties could be bssed on tbiee pointa:
: first, exclusion of all foreign Inter?
ference; second, exchange of popula
; tlons between Greece and Turkey to
.eliminate that phise of th? problem;
, and third, for those who remained de
( Can rf? ?a* ?? >nt eag?)
Mob Sings The Red Flag'
In Lobby of Commons
Strrrt Mrcling on Uniform
! Saloon Closing Broken Up by
Cries of "Bi-ead, Not Be?rw
rests TH? ft I???*? Sara???a Starrs?
C?*j>7Tlgat. 1*1?. New Tartt Tribuna Isa.
LONDON, Dec 12.?-Ta? Rsd Flag,"
: a Communist anthsra, wa? sung In th?
i lobby of th? Houm of Common? this
evening by a mob of ?ixty unemployed
who had atnembled In twos and threes
under the pretext of ??eking an inter?
view with Lord Lansbury. Police broke
up the demonstration. Lord Lansbury
himself intervened to savs members
of the crowd frota rough treatment by
th? officers.
Unemployed agitators will be ex?
cluded from the precincts of Parlia?
ment henceforth, It wa? decided to?
A meeting etlled to demand uniform
rloiin-; hour? for London saloons was
broken up to-night by cries of "Wa
want br??d, net beer." The meeting
I ?nded ?rlth rival fae.ions singing "The
Red Flag and "Cod Save the King."
riwefcts??? ??Barilla rtewf?. S. C.?Tam
?sa. ? C?TSru I / I ?? r.u.
SaaaaaarS Air lim? BV* -1?I W. iStU ?*.
Tigern Work
Done, Going
Home To-day
"I Am Tired, Old and
Want to Go to Bed,"
He Says in Final and
Shortest Adiln *?** Here
Be jeweled Women
Give Him Greeting
"Savior of Franoi?" Meeb
Old Frirndf? at Banquet
\Nitli < hihlliko 4fcO-o-oh^
By Boyden Sparkes
rge? ( lemeneeaa, a tired old man,
went aboard the steamship Tari? last
nigkt believing he had accomplished
th? object of hi? pilgrimage to Amer
ica believing lie had perauaded the
people of the I'nlted States they mu?t
intervene abroad if clvilitation Is to
be ?pared a war in which the ?ggres
slve partners ?ould be the Germans,
(he Turk? and the Russl?n?.
With ? ftvltlls? a? Orientai -j hi?
appearance, M. t'lemenccau Is con?
vinced he Is going home to die and
that hi? work is done.
"In a few hours I am going to sail
bark, having accomplished a minion
which I have not received," he told
the audience that heard his farewell
?t th? Hotel Pennsylvania. It was an
audience possessed of a more than
vrdinary love for I'lemenceau'a sweet?
heart, Prance, because th? dinner after
which he ?poke was one arranged by
thy Committee for Devastated France.
Happy Vlalona?and Ghost?
Ths French Ambassador, Jule?
Junerand was there, ?? If to ?how the
pleas made unofficially by hi? country?
men have the official sympathy of
France, which fust a? men
ceau aa th? Father of Victory and then
Jeered him as the losrr
"What you see and what M < >mer
c?au ?ee?. I? not the same thine." said
?sorand. "From the winoewS of
thia hall In your mind'? eye, what do
' ' ? lei?, happy
cities, besutiful hill?, nothing hut
happin???. And he, when be looks out
of the windows, what does he see?
I The pale faces of one and a half mil
1 lion ghost?, ?on? of France who ?lied
1 for her; million? of people allv?
l hobbling en their crutches, men ind
as in mourning, even children."
V. Jusserand h**.d jugt b?
duccd to the ?udienre by (?wen Wister,
the toSstmait?r, when vtho men' ?nd
women who wer? massed- in th? ball?
room of the Pennsylvania began to
scramble to thair f??t. Clemenceau was
coming. A narrow aisle had been pre?
served through this throng wher?? spsrr>
?va? ?o precious that evon Otto Kah
?as forced to squat on hia heels a?.
id ot th? speaker's table for want
of a chair. First came a policeman
wearing his cap and overcoat ami giv?
ing the n rc??ary touch of forma!
carrying his baton over hi? ?boulder in
the manner of a rifle.
Women Yell Greeting to "Tiger"
Then c?me Bern?rd M. Baruch. head
and shoulder? above th? crowd and
helping to make a path, and just behinel
him the Tiger In the evening drei? h?
?o abominate?. From th? balconies
surrounding th? ballroom woman In
evening clothes leaned far out to ?sv?
acarfa and yell.
The goeat of honor w?a ??listed to
th? platform, on which the apeakars'
table bad been placed. There he
?greeted old friends, J. P. Morgan ?nd
the leading ?pirita of th? Committee
for Devastated France, with a pro?
longed ?nd childlik? exclamation of
"o-o-o-o-o-h." Chief among the?? wa?
Ml?? Anne Morgan and Mra. A. M. Dike.
After Mr. Wliter had introduced him
M. ' >meneeau plunged into what waa
th? ahorteat of hi? formal addresses of
hi? tour. He talked for only fifteen
minute?. He began by ?aylng:
Advised Not io 8 peak
**T had mad? np my mind about a
wee?: ago to make here to-night a long
and elaborate speech to prove a great
many things that n."d not be proved,
and to tell you many thing? which you
know as well as I do, but Ml?? Ann?
Morgan was good enough to l?t m?
know that I had better not apeak, and
I agrevd with her opinion. Why
should I speak? I hive got a ?or?
throat, I am tired, I am old and I want
1 very much to- go to bed.
I "But, all this will not prevent me
from aaying once mor? what I ought
to ?ay. I came to this country, a? the
chairmen said ?o vividly, to accomplish
a duty which nobody asked me to ac?
complish, and some people even did
i not seem to like the idea that I wa?
going to do ray duty. I earn? to appeal
to the American, and th? an?wer came
from American heart?. I could not do
otherwUe but give ray heart to tho??
who gave th?lr bearU te my country.
';. de?r friend?, I hav? ?e?n your
soldier? in this bloody, cruel war. I
am a wltneis for them If they need
any. I have ??en them on th? field
| of battle. I know what they hav? don?
? and 1 know from th? r*r?t moment wh?n
th? enemy ?aw th?m and ?aw what
they could do, they did not want to
go on with war very much longer.
"You have done ?plcndid work, a?
gr?at?I ?hoold say greater?than
could be expected f-?-m your ?on? and
(Cestlsess? ?? Me ?ser?
??thorite? Start 3-Day
Filibuster in Common?
LONDON, Dsc 18 (By Tita
Assola ted Prass).?Th? Labor
party in the Htase of Commons,
resenting the government's de?
termination to prorogue Parlia?
ment on Friday without flrst
taking what tha party regards as
adequate steps to deal with unem?
ployment, resolved at a psrty
meeting yesterday (Tuesday), to
adopt Uctica aiming to keep the
House in continuous session until
Friday night.
The I-aborite?, began to put the
scheme into operation at once.
Alternately attending tha session,
and then resting. For several
hours now they have prevented
the Hours from rising, and it
looks a? if they may achi> "? (heir
Britain Won't
Cancel Debt if
Ruhr Is Seized
?ominous Appro?,es Bonar
Iaw'a Stand to French:
Will Insist Germany Get
Chance to Reorganize
Pari? Is Greatly Vexed
Ml Premiers Go Home
Mn*4Milini Voices Cha?grii
at Adjourning of Parle
By Arthur S. Draper
From TS? Tribun? ? Kuropoan Sur???
?-feprrtgtil. Hi:. *<sw York Triions In?.
If Franc? pe?
?iit? in it? determination to occupy th
Ruhr, tt must re!!nejui?h hop? of neg?
Mating ?ny agreement with Great Brit
aln for the cancellation of It? w?r deb
This, was the substance of a ?tat?
.?ido by Premier Bonar Law i
Parliament to-night. In reply to
question, he ?aid he had made It plai
at th? conference of premier? whle
adjourned yesterday, that any settli
ment of the inter-Allied debt? must b
dependent on the conclusion of a gen
er:i| settlement of the entire repart
tioTh question.
PremUr Bonar Law considered i
necessary to make this ?tatement b.
cause Premier Poincare ha?l been re
I ported a? ?eying ha regarded the cor
, ference u great victory for Franc? I
; that it had "killed the Balfour not?,
which previously bad precluded an
move toward remission of debt?.
Maaaellal Voicee Disappointment
All tha visiting premiers returns
home to-day. Premier MiMiollnl ?
It'll y alone voiced hi? (flsaspointmes
over the adjournment of tile confet
ence until January 2. Potncar? ?aid h
i wa? confident the Part? conferenc
w??uld end eatiefactori'y. A? th? Brit
ish government is most likaly t
change it? policy between now and Ne?
| Veer, then. Is every prospect th
i French will go into th? ?Ruhr alon
by the middle of January.
"It would not be right that a settle
ment ?hould be fixed In ?ueh a wa
that w? only, of all th? Allie?, woul<
virtually be paying tha Indemnity,
Donar Law ?aid h? had told hi? con
fr?res "What did seem fslr to mi
wa? to consider the whole amount tha
would be obtained from German?/ am
to ?ay: *A? you are not getting all yoi
expected from Germany wa muit re
due? our claim.
"I added that if wa saw ions chanei
of a complete settlement with ?om<
> proipeet of finality w? ahould be will
i ing to run a certain rlak In the en?
? of not receiving from the Allies an.
Get many a? much as w? might hav?
I to pay America. I added, however
[ that I was ?ure it would be foolia)
to make such a concesiion if the whole
i ?luestlon ?as going to be reopen??
; again."
Hoe?? Approve? Law. Stand
Th? Utter part of the Premier*!
statement refers to his suggestion tc
the Allied premier? that Britain woulc
accept "C" bonds in payment of wai
i debt? provided German reparationi
i were reduced to a reasonable flgurt
I and Germany was allowed to reorgan
lie. Hia statement wa? received with
! approval by the House.
A sp?cial session of Parliament will
be ca'led If any decision Is mada at
the Paris conference next month, as
Premier Bonar Law does not desire tc
; assume entire responsibility.
Failure of the premiers' conference
> to reach a solution on German repars
' til?n? and inter-Allied debta cauied
1 morn disappointment in Pari? then
here. I.or don preis comment strongly
Inder??? the position taken by Pre?
mier Bonar Law, -vary critic ?eying
English opinion is anaaimously against
co-operation with French occupation of
the Ruhr._
Cuban Sugar Mill Blows
Up; 100 Killed or Hurt
HAVANA, Dee. IS (By Th? Aaeeeiat
ed Pre??).?One hundred workmen ?ere
killed or Injured to-day In a boiler ?x
| plo?ion which wrecked the Estrella
sugar mill near Camaguey.
Thirteen bod it? had b??n recovered
up to 7 o'clock this ?venlng and forty
injured person* were being eared for
in Camaguey. Moit of the victim? are
Wilson Quits Colby Law Firm;
New Political Activity Foreseen
Tb? withdrawal of formar Pr??ld?nt
Woodrow Wilton from th? law Arm ai
Wilson ? Cotby, 82 Nattau Street, wa?
announced her? yetterday by his part?
ner, Bainbridge Colby, formerly Seers
tary of State, effective December II.
Mr. Wilsons desire to retir? from sll
Interest? making largs demands on his
; time and strength was giran as tha
rssaon for his decision not to renew
the partnership agreement, which ex?
pire? at the end of this y?ar.
The termination of the firm I? a
matter of great psrsonsl losa and keen
regret to me." Mr. Colby said la?t
night. "Mr. Wilson's disciplined pow?r
and effectiveness and p?vr?T u? n '?/v.
yer bava bs?n a T?rrts>bl? ruvelatloa,
considering th? long Interruption of
bis active work at the bar. Ha lie?
taken a most activa interest in th?
affair? of th? firm, snd ha? shown tha
same effectiveness that he has dis?
played In every field into which be ha?
turned hi? en?rgie?.
"As s result of th? steady gain In
his health during tha last faw months
hs I? turning h.s energi?? sues rm.rs
to subjects which hsv? lone Invited
him and th? importan?? at waUh can?
not b? overestimated
"Our relation? are of th? moat cor?
dial <-h ? rar ter imaginable, as th?y hsv?
always been."
DUpetehe? from Washington Is?t
night intimated thst Mr. Wilson's re?
tirement from tha law Arm foreahad
etred a renewed and mors a<jt.ve In
tero?t in politics.
On 4-Powep
Treaty Model
l. S. Deelared Heady to
Enter n 5 or 6 Nation
Agreement With Bara I p
onTerrltorialGuaranti? i
Coarse Considered
At Cabinet ?Session
No Offensive or Defensive
Pledges Can Be Given:
Immediate Action Not
Planned by President
By Carter Field
WASHINGTON, Dec. 12.?Asv
nouncement now of President Hard?
ing? plan fer a conference of Euro?
pean nations to settle their troublas
with regard to German reparstions.
inter-Allied debts and to work oat
Kumpe's economic ?slvstion would
be premsture, it was stated at th?
White House to-day.
As put by a White House ?pokes
man, Ju?t after the Cabinet mee?
wss concluded, any announcement
at this t.:no would, if the langusg>
of tho itreet could be uaed, "ap?'
the bea.is."
The Ptesldent is convinced th?,
a conference of the nations involve'
could sit around a table and eettt
these questions, following the es?
smple of the Wsshington confer?
ence. At the Cabinet meeting to-day
it was learned later, the idea of ay
plying he four-power Pacific pae
to the European situation wa?
Te G? N? Parther Now
Ae to whether tb? United State?, h?
can?? of It? tremendous econor
well ?? It? ?entlmental lnt?re?t in a
settlement of the European ?Itu?
actually would he one of th? parti??
of ? ?(??nation paet, or whetavar
agretment might b? worked out, won!'!
depend. It waa atetad, on th? etreat?
stance? and conditions at th? time.
The President went a? far a? ft?
wished for the present. It wa? stated.
in his m??s?g? to Congre?? last ?reek.
A? emphaaixed In Th? Tribun? tb?
following morning, the President Inf!
mated strongly In that meaaag? that
h? might pursu? further th? cour?? h?
had al ready *?tart?d upon in the Wash?
ington conference, particularly ??
lustrated by the four power Pactf?
pact, and the naval treaty.
Gave No Gaaranty for China
It was polntad out thai at th? W??h
Ington conference the Intereat? of th? ?
United State? In th? Far East gen?r- {
ally and in China in particular Ud
thi? country to be a party to th? trea?
ties guararrteelng the Integrity of China
and providing the possibility of tha-.
nation re-aatablishing Itself withou*.
outcid? lnt?rfer?nc? threatening th?
This treaty, a? wa? pointed eut at
a ? time bv ?"?okesmen for th? coun?
tries concerned, did not guarantee
China's ability to re-eatablUh herself.
It merely gave h?r the opportunity t<s
do so, with the guaranty that she would
not be subject-d to Interference from
other interest??! countrle? in th? pro-s?
It was made clear at tbe White
House to-day that when th? sew Eu?
ropean conference ia called at th? eug
geation of this country no mov? will
he mad? which will overstep th? tradi?
tional foreign policy of the United
States, so far aa entangling ?lllanc??
are concerned. There will be no binding
1 promue, for example, that this country
will go to th? aid of Krane? if G?r
many ?hould again invad? her any mor?
' than there is a binding promis? in ts?
' four-power Pacific pact on th? part
of the United State? to go to the aid
of Japan if any of her po?????loa?
should be invaded.
"Breathing Spell" Treaty
Th? promt?? in th? four power pe?t
is merely an agreement to hold eon?
; sultation with the other three mem
\ bora in the event the possession? ef am?
one of the four nations in the P?
should be invaded. It is not an of
f?n?iv? and dcfentlv? ?lllanc? It is
mor? on tha order of the "breathing
spell" treaty.
Such would he the policy of the
United State? with respect to any tree
ti?? which might grow out of tr.?
ropean conference. Thi? point, in the
opinion of ?ora? of th? President? ad
i viier?, I? ?hat tha President had |i
1 mind when it developed at the Cefctau
ng that circumstsnee?
dltions would determine whether tbe
ates would be a party to s
i n?w European fiv? cr six power pact.
If it (hould develop, a? th? spokes?
man for France certainly would desire,
that there should be a binding agree?
ment to defend each other'? bo???
darle?, th?n tb? United Sutes could
not be a party to that, although H
might with the nation* well in their
trial of that idea, and perhaps eve?
lend it? moral support to tb? plea
To? Much Like Article X
Such a guaranty, of course, warn)?
reserabl? .Articl? X of th? league of
Nations co.entnt. which developed dur
lag th? cour*? of th? treaty fight In
this country to b? th? most unpopular
provtsion of th? entire treaty It wa?
rejection of this articl?, or at Uaat
th? dipping of it? daw? by a reserva?
tion, that resulted In I'residsnt Wil?
son esling upon his follower? in the
Ssnst? to reject the whole treaty.
Pretulent Wilton repeatedly ?tat*?
that Article X vti tha hear?
tha covenant. Aa a member of th?
Senat? President Hardiag voted for the
drattlc rsesrvstlon to Articl? X ta
which Pr??ident Wilson took tueb sis?
lent eieeption, aad, ?gain, consistent
with hi? present position en what ajar
dseelop to be tas same peint, rstad
I to ratify with that r???rir?t
If tk? fcuropsan countries iu?elT?a

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