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^Ss\*SS*^ ?*-*?_.. .?_ r _.
Rala or ?sow sad warmer te<?Sfr ta?
taarra-w rain and wanner; la?
rreaalag ?oath wind?
Fall Report on Page Thirteen
First to Last the Truth: News Editorials - Advertisements
i.wmi No. ~:
?l?llt. IMS.
Ne?? V..rW rrll.ni.
>1 \l>\\, DECEMBER 31, 19S3-8U PAGES-PART I (Including Sports)
In Hanhallan. Ilrewklr?
nn?l ?
jlum Floods
iCitv as New
Year Comes
?w Forets Man to Halt
|re|_ a* Liquor Ships
?3p B> Y ??Mead Navy
fith Holiday Cargoes
fui ij?ri??.ooo
Patron- of (lairs
\>)ain Ooth?^ Wen Will
Irrest An** Celebrant
With Fls**> -* Warning
i%epar?tJkw ter flooding
?ith b?-?t-t?ff l??|Uor for th?
Year'? ?tk'oration an?!
mly the I* ,v<>1* ?"der
Mv L?.?t ni|
a*Agrn] anth.1 rmino? that i
A? liquor th. . h?ar?l was enter-j
pt tr. v *"?'???? di?- :
tritots-d ahoold not b<' ooninnd
0 leaUuiiuni- without an effort
fcHarT.vrr the drinkers and th. ir
i08t*t*e> of ?supply, Issued duces
gfgggi >tth|i4jM)H?! for ?11 hotel and
-titan-ant directing
?r?a? to turn in th? nooaoa of ail
per*>n.? ?makir**: table "roaerootaaaa
bar last night or to-night
?p? number of -uch re*servati<*?!).
?i said to be 100.
WMsky ronnora, at taool tifteen of
which have hi? i hovering outside
t_a three-tnil' lirn;t for day*,
found an i?* pportunity
ta alip through the Narrow.*? laut
light v <igh .-?orne unex
gksgge? order, the prohibition cut?
ter Hansen, flic only auch vessel
a this port, woo laid up for re?
pairs. Offli en of the fooot
that even had it been in .eawor
tky condition they were so short
taarfed because of a raid by
apata of the riistoma department,
?ha found twenty .aaes of liquor
iWarJ, *'!? ?> ?.?ould have had
?colty in putting to
lai|fc of the threatened deluge of
a|iq**or, K. i". Yellow 1? y, pro?
's r]I*r*octor, said hin ?Rente
*aa\A inspect all resort* during
Ae holidays and a**n?st every otM
foilt?. of violating the liquor law.
?Tat La Montagne brothers and their
alleged accomplie. ?? in the dirtrl
on of almost .^,00'.?,0 00 worth
ong club mem?
? and elien?a of i-imilar social
tending are to bo arraigned
Toaaday bef< ! states
Commissioner Hitchcock.
dry Forces to List AU
Vir Year Reservation0
>u1iiminii? Order Restaurant
Matiaiiere to t?ivv li?mes of
I'ntrun? m Minr in KumWar
' r?! author , ?d a ?ur
aavemeat ye?t< rday In Unir cam
Valpi tot i dry - Ere when
i l New Yori hotel an?!
leiuuraat maiiagm m fjrnish name?
-?oil? making table rc-ervation?
'or lait night and to-ni|*ht.
'is ?if Bubprejio
? the day by Feder;.] Judge
?-earned Bsmi t.: I at of
und th?*-,
.luring the afternoon and
*?1 '-' Ball*- all of the city'?
? r?-?iuire ??
"Meral ? ??jay
*?aii?rj 2. Ir. at Ira?'
**ks on tho ?ubpwr.a was. I?.
. B blip of the
t$}ln the 1 .?ace of aa I
'?a? All wore mr.de .?ut ta
iltel men were at a loa* to under
M* mI"i*"I>0T* ""i? ,*v*r"* ?a'"i
?? a pravai
ain onlv a ?raall
of tho?e tak
??< v.ls at the
?Bfe. g.,
??the ii.. lual. who maj
iC.etieve? ee ?aae ??tr??
Family of Four KiBed
By Gm Bc-ater Fumes
"?W?r Alone Ulve an Friend
?beak?. In. hut Die? Bc?Ml
Ho .?ilal Vid Arrii?
Gm esc-nplne frota a kitchen heater
7* four more live* yesterday. Frank
^uia, hi? wife. Mary, and their two
*Ui?b, Joseph and Muriel, war?
j***?1 dead in the bedroom of their
tit at 60 Milford
'- New York. *?Vr?. Carras*?
?>,.,? ?,eP
back to
- on the
they were overcome, one
tooth the hou?c !
?t Hwepital. .
? *_? blttSASmO,
?ry League Campaign
Hills Taken to Court
A?LBANY, Dec. SO.?An order
dire t ting ?he Anti-Saloon League
of View York to appear before
and show cause
? appoint a treas?
urer, I flic and ?lenlgiiat.? as re
by lav?, and then ?
m >ney .?pent by its organ
during the last primary
r?it?rai elections coinpaign,
wac iaau?**d to-day by Supreme
I re.- Staley.
The order of Justice Stale? wb?i
i?n?ad uuon the petition of .sev?
eral residents of Troy, headed by
?OawMl Ransom H. Gill- '
oAcLal of the AssociaUcn Opposed
I 'no National Prohibition
News Summary
Frei eh a??ail Hughe? plan foi
ternatlutnil tonimitaion to deter
what Oenaany can pay, and r??j??t
ance to ?o-ca.led "'Anglo American
pressure" * point
of dctiance. Brrtnir. apprcv? pro
Germany'? r.ew r?par?t
put? total aa ?iO.OOO.OOO.?dO gold
mark? and a?ks ?n;en ?tional lo?r? of
30,000,000,000 fold Bi<<
America i? well star' road
to aiding Wash
ington observer*. Majori'v of Ad
commission plan.
Benedict Crowell. Aaalstact Sec?
retary ?f v *r under the Wllaon A-!
ministration, and six othet? indicted
on charge? of conaplracy to defraud
the United .State? in war camp con?
. file-: brief? d? :
ing it.?prohibition of carrying II
by foreign and American ?hip? within
the territorial water? of the United
President Harding commutes ?en
ten??? of tight 1. W. \V. on condition
they leave th ate?.
8en?te, ?without roll call, pasae? the
appropriation bill.
?ary of War Week? approv?-?
erection of 19.000.000 bridge aero*?
aouth end of Newark Bay
President Harding asks ?
00,000 a? beginning on battl?
ahip rnodenii-aation program.
oftV.ial? bubt.ona .
guest record? for New Year's
aa my?teriouti order puts dry ?
flagship out .' commission and open? ?
Narrows to waiting fleet of **l.
Girl in br.y'a a-1,..*),?* ?hi. TufctiU- |
facturer, wounda herself <
Yreo Stute forces partly vie
ous in tight for po??"??ion of 'r
Juliua H. Barnes rc?ign? from ?
Hays'? motion picture remmittca
protest at reinstatement Of "Fi
Tare? thousand left out in cold
in nub for new auto lirer. i
La Savoie skipper get? Bjifta fr>-m
passenger? grateful for ?a?o passage
j throupli storms.
Ijiwyer charges Craig attack i* |
! aimed t? d ^Sf
Char!-? f. .vlurphy take? persona!
clrarge of dUtribution of Democratic
( pluma at Albany.
Supreme Cour | or
I ders Anti-Saloon 1-r.irue to show
' cause why it should not account for
all money spent In lur-t New York
primary and ?lection.
miner Miller maV-?-? V"
,ial pl?n for ?t?te if
? ?r.
l'ittsburi- rsHj ?larea
feat? SUnford University r.t Palo
Alto, Calif.
Whitb.rck brother? are victor? In
arifl jur-i. r indoor national
? tennis champion
National Amat.-u.- Athletic Fed?
eration and A. A. V. I
. battle for control of an.
Inight of the Heat1.tr wins Bog
alusu Handicap, the feature ?
?ew Orleans track.
Ouhtrtl Major Sut** Chief
Of Wem Point for ?UM
Follows Charges Mailr Again-l
Him \Mi? n Impriaon.fi at
Dix fur lii?iih<>r<liiiati?>"
Malcolm Wheeler-Nich-Ma-on. ? I
h? majar of c?v?lry, who.? ??tt? r t"
I President Harding last February charg?
ing "la-usManisrii" rule in the 1
j State? Army wr.? followed by I.'
? priaonment at Camp Dix for insu'
nation. ?erred u ?ui Un?
.i.-ien, super
dent of th.
Point, yesterday in n M-00,000
j ?uit.
The ?ction w?k filed with Judge
! Learned IUi.d. in Federal District
i -Court, alleging that Brigadier (.<rier.il
Sladen, under whom Wnwelcr-Nicnol
I aon ?erred with the American V.
\ tionary Force in Germany, had nade
l charge.-' reflecting on trie plaintiff'?
"honor, intt-grity and efficiency" in an
attempt to oust him fr?->m the service.
Wire? 1er-Nicholson Involuntarily ac?
cepted his honorable discharge from
the army last Tuesday.
?Sra'H'laii?. Name? Sevrvlary
TJ.? 7Yf->>a .'on Burreu
WASHINGTON. Dec. M Sertator
1 opeland, of New York,
I to-day announced the appointment of
| C. VY. Jurney, of Texas, a? hi? private
Mr. Jurney ha? been for twenty
year? the secretary and cloae p
???oc?ate of Senator Charle? A
berton. of Ta-uu, who retir?e from th?
8?JUU Uajttk ?,
Crowell and 6
Indicted in
War Frauds
?Secretary?aker'*A. notant
and Other- WeiiM-d of
DefraudingG<*y. ruinent
of Million? of Dollar*?
Charge ?Some Men
Profiled by Deals
William A.Starrett,of New
^ ork, Among Mm Far?
ing Trial for Compfcracy
WAi -wedlet
? It, former Assistant Secretary of
War, and six other war-time official?
of the War Iiepartment were charged
to-day In an Indlrtment returned by a
?pecial Federal Grand Jury here with
? .
and with d?.laying find defiatir.^
Bavaa defendant.* -?err said by
ry to ha* laJow?
B the ?ward of contract? !
the government during the ?ear and
after the armistice, Involving ?\? ?
otalin? hundreds of in,Ilion? of
dollar?, i.nd in which ?on.
numb?1! '... ,1 a patBBla*"** ir.t
"??.??ted a? Conspirator?
Tlroi-e rani.'l h? r..n?pi: .
.?in A. Starrett. of \ew York.
?? .. '???.*. al ?? hare
the nrraa of Starrett
?"leek and the ThompKon
t Companj. Inc.. general
tractor?. l?e wa? chairman at
War D ?rn
Dafaaaa, |
. .?aid !
to be g?ner?! manager
.Mrt'ith.'.w ? on? t ruction Compai....
rer of the emrrgtncy |
V, . I.indoff, of Cleveland,
?aid to i l
..liaifi-r r.
If-Little Company i
?try. He also wan a
? |
I hbon?. of Baltimore
icBgo, mid to hi ? nted a
ulni Irunu
war v
Jame? A an,I
BpritBI ?
Y. Lay |
. contractai
national ? yen?
Departmerii ilurir.if *.he war.
The .*'!.. tenant wa? the
kind to bo returned a? ? re
, -tioii? of war fraud? ea?es |
ini*iat?"l by A" ; ?ugh-1
erty. d to foil?.-?-.
Plan to (.el Control
defeniT?i,i .
indicime'rt a*-i-rted, "cor
(onir??l, for tneir own gar. .
fit and for the gain, profit and
benefit O? th'-ir paat mid futnrr- c
employers :?rd their f;
:nen?e ',
i.iog.am of,
he war. ?n
??luding the determination of the ->o|.
. I??- fallowed, 'he f ?i
?raudulently ft?.
I to til?
, Stn'e? * * *."
i de? :
?aeh knowing well all thai
.?d, did unlawful'
, rl agree together and with
unknown, to defraud the I
State? by unlawfully and corrap' ?
?.?ontravening und de
.tion of it? law?
and lotions."
ition of. Federal aUtnU? r? ?a'
eaa of
..?v-d all eoi ? ?.tine
away with In
with the admini-tratii.n ..f anbata
boildlOf ?unstruction, which in
ire? o? hundred? of
- of dollars and Included,
ainong othor th
pit?U, ? -
plants and fotti?ea
I over ROO ?eparate
The emergency construction eorr.mr*
ilatmanta chan- ?-d a?
the vehicle for carrying out
The government charged that
the alleged co* '.?ed their
(CaallievMl M ???? Ire?)
Literary 'Lifer' Freed
If Hell Go to Work
PH?NIX, Ariz.. Dec
Louis Victor Eytinge, who haa
gained promi/ience through his
literary accomplishment? while
rm for murder in
the Arizonn State Penitentiary,
was piante?! a parole to-day by
nor Thomat K. Campbell.
? ri?r,n wrote
?rai ?t.?rie? and article? which
were published under hi? name.
1'uiinR th- war he contributed to
the advertiaing campaign for the
' ' eat dries*.
Accordirjr to V.r ?"hinphell,
Byttaf*.Itty received an offer
of a position with a New York
publishing firm at a salary of
$d,000 a he pot?la waa
made OOBtlligaul upon acceptance
of this nffer.
The parole will heeomt effecti\?
| immediately.
Girl Clad as Bov
Shoots Man and
Self in Street
O?*. Fallo Off ami Bobbed
H'iir b Heredad .1?? Shr
Drop? With a I.uliVt
Woum?! N?*ar Her Hrart
No itlrmpt to Km-h-m?
Tin Sort**.. Max." W?ilniit
i v laiiii-: Minhunl I)??
- h ir- Hud llr bowi Her
' ?:?!? i navy hlue
a gray cap. |
* last '
i i? in the h. s
ft at
As i.
wer?* .....
grar.ed the
left am? ?!>?
Tarn? Ke.ulier aO Sell
.id make a n.o
atrasad and
?he left il
Then the
'Vie sidewalk at
kn.tr.- gray ?.np i
8 head ait'i a '
., black hair was ipraad aa th
Patrotoua Frank Gertnar. of thai
itatlen, wh
aiag up ai
Kurx shouted tor help. Hr found
i- ligure huddled on tl.?
w?lk. H? wa? mult-ring, "V
.leered a taxi
_nd the woman were taka
r nelrl ll?.l
le red tat ju?t bI"?
and ha.l pa??ed almost throu?*h
? was under th.. i- I
th- anaathetic ?? the ?tiri
tri.rt^rl th? bullet ?he cried again and
again for "Mav"
"I'm Miry. Ma*," ?h? ?aid. 'M??.
. and let n? tell you
''>'?" . L I
Xatz au? iiuestionen -pitai
by I?< glnu ar ?1 Doy!??. H?
and ally that he had
.noun her or held any communi
e-uh her.
I nahle t.. Und V\ . ?pan
The h?llet.-, vlieh uretra takai
indicate that
weapon used tras a M ea
matic pi?tol. This th.- police have
.1,1. h met
men'- ' **'" "/'/'
ki-eh of the
,nd th?. ?pot whu.
| ?>.-.?. fall??! '
rl'a identity i? ?o far
unknown. She is dark. *" I
wutacla, and i? Sea feet four U
?-?I-* , , ? e,
The girl -vas que?tloned briefly af er
place?! under arreet
charged with ?"rloniou. -??ault. The
doctor? attending her refused to per?
mit n 1-nrtl.v examination beeau?? of
hr-, . be refu??.! t<> trive her
? I *
?he ?aid only that ?he
had a ?Tatar Ihring ?t CllfUp, N. J.
- fl? the? with a
.liar and four-in-hand
.. e-irl wore a? a dis
aa well aa her overcoat and cap,
aotra oil
The palies ara inveitigatmr th? po?
?Ibllity 'ha* Katr may have heer
taken f.?r sonie oth??r '?nant of the
loft building.
Th? Tribune To-day
The tribune's annual financial and business rerietc fur
the year 1922a together trilh a forecast for ?923t trill
be found in Part f//, pages 4 to 12.
fart V?Reeiew of the arts.
The week in the theater.
Part I?The mews ?/ thet day.
Four page? of tptrrti.
Part ll?Ediinrial?.
I Ate newt features,
ftewt of automobiles?p
The Travel Cuide?p. 7.
The Radio page?p. It.
Part III?Real r?late news.
Home builder?' peg*-?p. 2.
Financial and buiineit?pp.
4 to 12.
Part IV?The new* of society.
The Fashion page?p. 5.
The Instituto?pp. 6-7.
Mmtie newt. Art
Part VI?Magasine mud Bank*.
William Allen Whlte~p. 9.
Doctor Irollttlr?p. 15.
F. F. V. am hooks?p. 19.
Part VII?The graphie section.
Part VIII?The comic section.
Mr. and Mr t.?by Brigg?.
Betty?by Voighi.
Boss Murphy
Passing Out
Smith Plums
j TumniRnyi iliicf in Thron?
Room il Ml? ;in> I )r??i|?ng
Patronage for till Tim?-.
Watt Ms Full < ions-rut
Hipll (.Olirt YiM'.Hirv
Not Yrt DvvUlvd
Gilchrint Will Head Tax
Board, (?nriip Highway
and Walsh Public Work?
r*?esi e SraiT Cormaaneaat
AI.PAN'V. Dee. 30. Ch?rl?? F. Mur?
phy, bo?? of Tammany Hall, arrived
here to-nlglit and. on behalf of the In
roml-., .? administration. <li?.
I the p.itrot,??/? at th? d'.?po?al of
-faith and other ?t?te
officiu am Novemba
coming bare was attempted. Friend? of
r-.-li I h? 1l?d
.pon the Tammany chief to rolre
numerous patronage problema with
which he 1? confronted and to ?l.-ctde
which of the rival candidate? for the
various Blaosfl at his dispoul should
get the pltin?. The Tammany chief ar?
rived a little ?fter h o'clock ?hi? after
?IV hi! ?V? .
suite which had been reserved for him
at th? Ter: Fyek. which Mr. Murphy
?d in 15*10 on the era of
'-it's in.'.DKurutinn. again In
her?-, and the tbli
when ? ?-as about
Dine? ah ..pnicant? |
Wh.- arrived ear!** had to wait j
? room whila- ?I.?. Tan
? i at, and a
I ? w??,
i ? re-ir-nat.-- -muel I
end .1
..? the r.Ti?m?r.v int.- li ?? pla?
in ?!'
and G
a? the Democrat ?
i ?muianv leader'i
add t.> Mr. Smith's prestige a
ucn that a fran.
? ? pur-iy
-.M only add to
hi? popularity.
?penrer -if
patronaic* wa? j irlanda of I
r z ?ilmwiistration a? r,
r. ?? job fr?im ?-nrr
1 leaders. In practical!
Watt I to Mr. Smith ?r.d
hi? * on th.- Dcneerati?
have tl arer, hat III
h.!? a,' Murphy,
ircumstanc- '? M?ra i
of Murphy's po?iti->n a? uatronrige dis
1 po??r .
: be .-?lle?l the claim? j
? v?rious candidat?,?, an?l that ml
deciding on ?aim th.. incoming Dem.)
[ cratic administration acted l
Smaller Light? Arrive
Other party leader ?? ?.f
arrived about the ?am? tim<? a? the j
I ?after. Amon?
?ere John H. M '
nn.dly, th.
? .ti-.a- It. M
; I ? nil lead.
H. K inaadaga; williai
HufTa'o, and ?'
' Murph
i ointment? whir
, but which wa?
a personal ?election on the part < ?
(U?n?.?? ?? MC Urn)
Miinmotor. in Di-alr? --.
Aided hy < oa>t Guard
(liitU'r kit-kaput? Huil?o* Hint
Freighter la Safe After Flout
? ?<??-. *??* Fail?
A r?vdio received at th- Naval Com?
munication? Office her? laat nigiit from I
a*t guard
the Mun?on Lip?* freigther
1 rldsy sixty
n.ile? off lh? 1* iv? Fathom Bank Light
on the Delaware coast, wa? on an eren
. nd proceeding slowly against
heavy aam* in a northwesterly 1
? ?tination was v
Earlier report? received yesterday
afternoon were that the Kickapoo had
feil.-d to fc-et a line aboard the I
anal attempts to board th?
ter In amall boat? were equally
rc?u?? of th? rale and high
?cat. *-?all boats launched from tie
Kickapoo capaired before th?. men could
get into ti?
lt wa? a??uraed hy the naval authori
??t night that the gickapn? wa*
-Undine* by. When th?
motor wa? first reported in d;
ornmander. Captain I 'an.ond,
?Uted that ?h? wa? lilting sharply and
was ?hlppirg water A later radio
..Im fie? l?red that the men wer?
i of the pumps and that In th*
of a few hours he expected to
hare h?r righted ?>. that ?he could
proatt-cd to Bo*ton with her cargo of
She ha? twenty-one men in th?
efit-tlcr. TTM?? halaUar Ortrlama,
?h AtUgbcalee tOeaoir ?f aalara.
.. "?nal?. (??arntaMa. ?Wakaaa H??*,
?v. T-A?r*.
French Assail Hughes
Plan as British Approve;
Senate Leaders Are For It
Borah Swiafp Furm Blor
Behind Harding to Aid
Europe as Bot Way
of Open in?/ Up Market*
Congre?. May Lift
Dritt Ponding Bars
Idaho Senator'*? Manimrr
Dra w ?? In Democrat!
to Hi'lp Administration
By Carter Field
WASHINGTON, I)?-?-. 3"
i on the ro...
;ie to work out at
! me?g this country abandoned
?h?. Versailles treaty was rej1
The w?y ha? heen smoothed to an ai?
rar ?t url.eli.vablr extent, observe*?
her? declare, by Senator William K.
. who praaaMy more than any
other ??ne prrs.in, bbvb Woodrow Wil
-rrii himself, hel< _te America
iir-patrhe? to-night reveal that
France doer? not approve the proposal
of th.- Hai nlatration. Th?.
!.U be delay,
it I? r ?. but no reaction in
:ust made I.
?'ration will obscure or d
?r'.ance of the fact that the
nata ha? march.
that ?
. \
in?d.' plain to-day by Informal state?
ment? ei?.
Horah'? \ld Amaitn?; l?-t
arrKirlng ft. hole situa
'...il m tin.1 .table,
h at lift
af thi? goi
of It? domtitic
Mi. Rorah when
Washington I ,
graal f \ee nward
th?- ri.llroad
!y nt the A
farm pnnlu. t , u .-?
??igrii or don.egti
?ned I arn. ?
?he Hnr?h reso;
swung the farm bloc, almo?t en Biaaaa.
to a realisation that after all It was
?tuffs in thi? country,
ting frr.m Inability of r'j
:.uy, which wa? saaaiag
.. m in tha ? *
North**.-?i. They have not adi
any in'.? ntion to ?Land,m thalf attack*:
.? railroads nor their de?i
fr? ight rates, but they know
i ta'rii- par!
?.'.inch Would per m i t
Qcrniaay i
of ai Keep her citiz. n?
team itairlag thi-, iprtaa it would ba
of more henetit to the f?rn*t r? than
?ny poaalblo slash in the railroad :
- explain? the rush of
is Tapper, of Kansas, an.! H
hart, ?>f tara, for tha Horah hand
aMfOa. It explains why thru
?enouj. .??.?? pasted th?* H.?rnh
am?ndnient if the Administration had
not forestalled tina! action by r
part of its plan and stating that
:>Ction proposed would embar?
ras? it.
Just a few weeks ?go virtually i
f.-iari in the country wa? sp?cul?t
i th?* effect of thi? radical-farm
mihination on fi
in. Bringing honu* to the
ho nccessr
1 on if thi ;r
'heir grain ha?
i the whole di?cus?ion into a dif?
ferent rhan: ?1.
The question of "???tiling th.1 Allied
similar lm|
b.-auie of the sham battle brought
about try th?* Horah ai.
n right niter the ?
.1 im
dent a woi i a?k
.to remove
the crippling r it -?d by
one in the Administration, from
ICesOaee? ea acal ?a??)
Pari? Insists Treaty
Right? Are Paramount |
Sp?cial filt* i? T?e Ttikaia?
? .. r?ai?.t, in?, N?w Ter* Trl*mn<? ?
PARIS. . tile
Ifnt French reaction to the
Hughes N?.\v IIav . on?
of ) Unent and the Cabi?
net minht'T? cfBcially withhold
? P?,'*
generally regard?*-/! as t.
ment's spokesman, tonight i;
j... t..|g , r.-ury Hughe?'? ?tig
i gestion for ao .iternational
p? rt commis?ion of investigation,
a-MJI :
lc|iAiBtiori ?iebt- ?r
:lt of treaties and accords
signt-il lietween government*. It
i.? i.ot customary for a nation ta
abandon rights bo acquired and
I submit them to arbitration r?<n
resenting private interests. Th?
!y would not consent to any
?thdiiatinn of mis kind if called
? guard the rights of her
0 sharply resents
? remark that
reparations prob!?-,!, is not
, properly a political
I- a ? -, ? , ,1
Rei<'.. Plan Sets
Reparations at
<.< miuii?. Will \??l? IVrmicr-?
I ?if Inti-riialioiml I oan of
.'?0 Million*. IVomi-ing
\n> \?lc<|iiHlf 4 ?mirant i?*?
l\ti\o\ on Way to Pari?.
Pro pi'?.i IV? ill I rgv H(-ino\ul
of Kliin?? Troop-: ^Lefl*
KiK'lioil iloiD* lli-a-ailll-.
By J?>seph Shaplen
BU M*'a new
' repi ' ?nls to th?- Alii?
on to
to-night by Carl rWgms*
j llnar-.i , ?vho will act ?? ?leoial
i ?r.
These nr? the propo?.
..I of rep?
m-nt oo gold
? niarkf-, ti.i?* .?ui.i to include payment?
? already mude.
j Urnational loan of -.'O.ntXi.uilO.OOO gold
Itaa) :?ddr- ...? ?if
ible in
a 1927 ?king a total desired
' loan ' gold mark?, to
th?. payment of
many to give the international
: consortium flonting thi? io:?n any guar?
anties dein
As .-resliadowed in dis
: patches to The Tribune, (,enin.ru- will
? also ask for gradual removal of the
army of occupation and clearin? g
BuhxvjDrt, Duiahurg and Duoaseldorf.
Sl?f 'ble now to float
? ntire International loan which
any asks, the ?.'urjo goveri
' aBKge'ts that a portion of '??
?an Im nr?. It is reconnu.
, that the loan carry 6 per e?-nt interest,
1 with amortization at l >
undertakes to taise part of
' this loan in' rnally. r
iated, woul. stabil?
ization of the mark.
Dr. TKu.l.ar Melchior, he?d of th?
barg banking Interest? here, ia
rstood to be the chief author of
Whetln-i- tafl proposal? will b? pies
?entcd by Bergman at Pari? in the
foim of a diplomatic note or orally i?
not known to-night.
The plan hat? the support of G
?ry. Th? fJoclalisti. however, bit
. criticize tl.ti ('hancullor'? failure
< ?nit them in the formation of it.
a, that the
; ?weeping gviarantie? offered may entail
moi-, railway?, mifie? and
| other national proper
the proponed foreign consortium.
? o the granting <?< ?uch guar
. ? must b? approved bf the K.-icha
1 tag, a union of the ?Socialist? ai
onalists there may I
even If ?i prove? acceptabl? to the AI
Barnes Quits Hays Film Board?,
Protesting Action on Arbuekle
Will H. Hay?, head of the Motion
Picture Producer? and Di?tributor?,
Inc., admitted yesterday on hi? return
from 1>? Angle?, that hi? decision to
" Arhurkle had cost
of Julius H. Barnes,
her uf Conn
of the In. a? a men.i
the txecir Ittea of advisory
bodie? recently recruited fot tha im?
provement of moving picture?.
Mr. Barnes said in his letter of
?tion that he thought the ques
of reinstatement of Arbuekle in
. rning which the
itttaa should have been
Ited, but the only question? which
had been out up to the member? of that
'..?alt with the expression of
? a? to certain Aim?.
1!. -????, gned, he wrote, "to and th?
in .malou? position my name on that
advisory' committee create? walla I
-m pretid. I ''amber of Com?
mer?a of the United States." Hi* let?
ter, in part, follow?:
*tofto Ihaoa MOJao aojo. Ja m-pa??
r personal urging, I BCOBI
?*o?ition on your newly
,r _.y aervicc
aa head of tbe motion picture
try.Will you recall thai
a -.
certain largar aspects of advlee I
th!? Industry and Its relation with ths
i pUiillc on .?nica you ?interrly de?ired
' consultation?
"Your action in regard to the rein?
statement of Hoscoc Arburkl? involves
ous aspee1.? In which
such a committee might be expo
? ha consulted, yet the matter was not
presented to the ad iiittee
-ton You?- action in rein?
stating, willch ha? offended the
? ?en?m of a large section of
? lean people, must, in ?or... 00(1*00-, sf
ihij comn.
pu?licly wa? an.
.g tha highest poia.Lla mora'
?rds la motion ?ictuia pradac
Pari*? Ri'-i'iit- American
I'ro|io~al m Kffort l<?
Prrwnt Her S-i/in-:
<?iiaraittif> in thr Ituhi
To Enter Prwpicr?1
Clonferenee l)rfi.in.
HoldH U. S. Ha? Willi in d
BreachW ith London and
Bron<?ht C?MaWl Griet?
- ,
By Wilbur ForreaH?
?covr? <?cii'. kii
'ht Trimmme
p u
ras?- a h ich oxijraaM?i
the foaling with which olid
to-day re?
tary of Sute Hughea'a New Hav.r.
Conn., s|H*?ch. declaring again
cupat im?iii UritlOIJ
indicating that th* UnUod 8i
wan wilting to join in an expert
? ion.
authot s from ai
th? H ni. Tli'
Olid up. rovos it in ??*. alai
Thi? vi.w, ho? ?
night, and < ?
.irawini/ furtln-r an?!
ther upar?
N., ??Mi. ...I I ?rn,ment
Officially there ?;.
ment ?>n tba American pnn.
but throui."'1
is taken as a full Indorsement ol
n position that no
In ?
noun? ?
"Anglo-American prescure," still
: defiance.
A i s
many, without gi?
Oil Whir
capacity to pay, v. h ?
granted i
of Versa., i
into pi
the H.puration
. holding Germany in default qn pay
nu nt.-.
Determinad en Sciiurea
That 'he .re
and >
w,hit?- Intimai polit,cal ?.on?id?ration
take the 'irmest stand uny I
liar has taken since r.?U ai
reak of war. Por
at the January'* meeting rn??'
. power. Then? can be If I.
n Premier Poineare ?I?
' wich tr
m Hriti?r? Arnbaa
r and
xehanged ?i
lach at -
Allies for
Mees Aaghi.Ameri. -
iiicuaiing the Hughe?
aught. Jacqaei Bain
i it b powerful Anglo A
plot to overthrow the avowwa
policy on th? e?re of the
. that the
<ary, aa "b
> ?he?'? speech ??
'absurdity, hyjrocrlay and i> ?
?ny than t
* both Hughe? ?n.
: ?w may be good, he declare?
Krane? it i* result? that count
? want? to
up in th? reparation? :
sffair? of Europe at the precise
ment wh? a we ?ay there I? bo i
poiley than that of ?elzar?
antlve, it I difficult not to fn-i
?tUtaaa saata Inrntaala to G*xsianSj

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