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Kevnals Give
Formal D?onoe
For Daiiaghter
Ml?? Adele Introdured at
Affair at thr Ritz Whkrh
I* P*e??eed??d by Dinner
Attrndrd by I)eibutantp
MU? Bmkard Honored
Pntrtiti? Kntrrtaiii for Her:
Mr. Whitney Warren Jr.
I? a Ho?! of the 1 veiling
and Mr-a. E-af??? 8- Reynel ?a?*?
|M at IJM f:?7-CBrl?on
^?etr ?eeond d??rhter.
? - Reynal. Tber? wer? ?er
am given b?foT? th? affair.
- Rham jr. gar? a ?In
a?r at th? Rit?, which war a'
hy Mia? R-ynal. Mr. and Mr?. J
...rd gart a dinner at th? Rita for
Miaa PhylU? Benkard and later took
I fu??U to Miaa Reynal'? da?
ng ?he gueat? at Mia? Bankard?
~r w.r? th? Mi?-*? Marlon de
I Allen, Dorothy I
Lor-iae Barber. Conataoce Ripley. Mar>
?ro Shaw, Mary Foroe?, B
? Oawtnr. ?'?ry Hoppl?, I
Bile?. Diana DaUell, Traneea
Ktever. Ue'.ty Graham, Ro??.Ha >
Anra?ta Trimb'.c, Maud Oaa??. Ruth
Bai," ? Norton, Margaret
- Eliiabeth Armatreng. MtJ
,. Ad?!? Kelley. Marian V. ?
lard. Itahelle Kemp. Audrew Ulmar. ar.d
M lly Uncock.
Alao Meaar?. William Adee, !?
r, Henry Sprool jr., Craig
Biddle. Wliya Bett?, .lam?? K. Bur
Ar-G- Lord, I-anaing MeViekar.
...i. Ralph Miller, Alan
R;??e!l Lowell, Gifford Mil
]amt H rttl?] I 'unti-,
r , Hug*. K?*ogh, Loui?
Pooler, Randolph K. Burke, Edw?rd
Davi?. Olla L>o?fB, William Maddo?,
Addlaon Cl0??on. franklin Penkard.
Hoher. Prhlrmer, Jame?
? ?rd Stuart Stone.
Mr?. ( harir? de Rham jr. fare a din?
ner la?t ma-rit at th? Rita-Carlton in
' Mi?? Cornelia Van Ren???l?er
~.U, who afterward at?
tended the hall for Mi?? Reynal. ?n
? 1 the Mi???? rornelia Llving?t?n,
? V?nd?rbilt. Jean Totter. Ma
i hll.worth. Adele Reynal. Ahby ?
Julia Brokaw. Loui??
s, Carola de 1*
' la Rnblncon. Marie Brook?
and Kathryr. Knight.
Ih ta? M???r?. Jam?? B. Taller Jr..;
? !c Rham, Olraud Poetar Jr..
am M. \ M >rn,?n Jr., A I
merhorn. George H. Pendleton,
aimer Kyiuntte. F.ug.-nf Keyr*
am Put.?r I)unc?.n jr.. Grafton Mlnot.
^..n Hamm?
ohn R. SuyHam Jr.. Sidney D. Riplf y
H ?rren Jr. r?v? ?
before the dan?e for,
?I Arr.tr,: Mf. Warren'? ;
o attendf?! the dinner wer? 1
Mr. ? i? Vanderhllt Jr,
?tr?. J. H?mpden Rob
und Mr?. George H. Warren jr
? Vanderbl!? f-1 Vender
Mr. Mf.ury H. P. Vnu\. Ml?? Ellen
*nd Mr. Churlc, f. Have
M?-*8 Norma Werner to
Marr\ !>lr. J. H. Magnnn
Inpapcem-j-nt Ih Anmiunred by
Parents at Luncheon
Mr. and Mr?. Luther M Werner, of
?lyn, and Greenwich, Conn., ?n
- ounce?! ' ?>f their
?laughter. M In-? Warner, to
?'-??-ph B?ird MBirnii?. nt a lunch
? on ?t Pi?- ? I Wer
?t, ?i.... fathei
? ? .
i? a graduate il
? finary, and m mem!"
nior lj**jgg?
I in September (roca an eUtnded
tour abroad tndrr the rhapcTonajr? of
'???ira l?.t\*r Payne.
Mr. Marnu? I? the ?on of Mr?. Mag
be Ute Pe?
Me waa f-'ti??ajat<-i fror? t'ir ?-'?suntiar
Military Academy in 11*14. and ???
bj navn! . ag the war. H
la a rrandton of Qsweral Luelu? J.
Irell. if Atlanta, Ga., who eerved a?
?iiBtor from Georgia in both th
?Me?* and th? Confederate
' S?nate?.
who attended the luncheon
Mayr.u?. Mf
lewatl nd. If lea Gladvr
Mr?. J?a?ica Loaier
Mi?? Bremner ("raft?
Wbltnvy, Mia? M.
Katharine I Marner. Mi?s
et h Mur
nu?, M*
?'?? Carol Small, Mi??
W Infiel Ward, Ml?. It ? W. 1
Ml?? Loui?e G?.et,xe, Mr?. Jurte?
? ? h?r|ott,. K .: ., id,'
Woerr, ,n;,?, h?
Mr?. Oakiey Kr..?m Brown.
*"?* ?'"? end Mr?? Helen
'?AaWa1 and VMr.Utofrlr*
Sung at Mttropolitan
i)i?lnr K<.II?h? (halJupin a? Hi?
Satanie llighnr-?? ??,| (;|?rt
? ?-??il i'rrfurmanr?'
PamilUi opera? wer-? the nil?
day at both Metr.,po!,t?? r'rform
?noe?. witb th?
?*???? vf !'?*?*"ain thl *tU
a. waa a
? -Aatn a ?trona
voire able to make the bett of it?
' artoua ari?ra. Amneri?, it seem? i?
the fluctuati.if part of the opera.' It
?une by sVn.l Or?.f)n the rlrat
?liar, the next hy Jertrin?. Gord?.'
nny* *) auer, who found
tall ?n:t?d to h?*r appearance Mai
ratea. She looked the part, and then
wa? ?tt'e. If any \cca'. ?trau
?aal, waa Radame?, ard
Mr. Daniae Atnoiiatro, wit
*am a? the King* in an eleven* ?
-ub?t tution for Edmund Bur?'
Mardone? and Mr. Robertton In
A "?pecial perforraacee" of "Mefl?
r-iuiht that
?-.pera hack ta? normralfy a-th Mr. Dldur
" ?? he did not
hart the eoriim? f >!,.
atephiitophelran voice and manner, he
did well There were ?trenrth and
depth in hi? ?Ingtn-r and du? applau??
?-ard It. Mr. Girl! ?a? la
voice a? raoet, with Mme. A:^a a???i*
aa MarcheriU, France? J'craJu a?
and Kathleen Howard a? Marta,
i were taken by Mme. Fertnl
anal Me?m. Rada and P?.trr.i?ri. with
th? effeetirely Infernal ballet Mr. Mo
raaaeni ?K-jtJjw^ both parformaaoe?.
Miss Marion Aufrrmnnn
She it the daughter of Mr. and Mrt. flatter i . Aiifcrmnnrx and trill
make her debut lo-morrotr at n rearptinn tn be giren in her honor.
Mrs. Pierre Cartier
Gives a Luneheon
For Miss Deknan
Mr*. C Eric W. McDonald
Will Dine Dcbulantc?:
Mr?. Slcltiniu? to Hold
Rrrrption for Duuphtcr
Mr.. Pierre C. Cartier gave n l-ineh
?on yesterday at f h.rry't for her ni?e?,
Mint r'lma Detavnn. After th?? lunch
?on Mr?. Cartier took her guest? to th?
matine'* ".*t? t'on to the Hotel Lor?
rain? for tea.
The guest* included the Ml??**! Nina
Huditon, N?>cl Chantill?n, Kath.ri*.
Babst and France? Millet, Mr?. Klon
Huntln*. on, Mr?. Irwin Powell ?rd
Meiern. Living-st.-r. T. Merchant, Van
i?lawsky, Willi..
;r., John D. Barrett and William
Mra. C Eric ft, MrDo-iald will ,
a dinner at Pl-rre'? Mon-Uy night for
a number of the stanon's dtbutantes.
Mr. and Mm. Edward R. Stettiniu?
will hold a reception at th.ir home,
IM1 Part A.'*ie, on Monday after
noon for tier daughter. Mi?* Betty
-. a?.
Mr?. William Adam? KIimia pave a
at DelmoDico'a.
Mr?. William E. Ta let ?m n.raong h. r
guest? Ml -Hogg
wii MOtboi luneheon hoste?? J*e?tr i
day at Delrnonicos.
Mr?. WilliBin R. Hear?t gtve a din?
ner dance at. her home lest night foi
her Ron, Mr. George Bestat About
They included .
tisses Natalie Harina, Katherine
Bogart, J4)??phii Miiicinet
H?nn???y, Margaret : ' ancei ;
rie Statn und Messrs
i land llayward. Allan
Abbett. Chart
? n C. Fairchiid ir . Frederic
. r, ar.d I>ori Karen-y.
Mra. H.nry H. Abbott gave a lunch
eon ye?terd?y at the St. Ris-is for h*r
daughter, Ml?? Jane AM M IV
guest* later attended a matinee.
Mr. and Mr?. Charle* McFadden )r .
' of OverbrooV, Pa., hare recalled the in
i the maTriage of their
daughter, Mr?? Arme Elizabeth Me
r'adden, to " nan
ley, because of the dia'h of Mr Sl,_*>
ley'a tnkk - .IMam C'arl.ton
Mr. and Mra. Thorn?? A. O Gorman,
of Providence, have announced tt
of their daughter, Mi?? ;
-man, to Dl
\?l Gul> GiftM Party
Si??*-. ||?*ld In Roniii? fcir Mrin
be*r*? and l *iniil?4**
Member? of th? Adverti?ing Club'
and their fanvhc? enjoyed a novel
Iprog*. t?mf afternoon ir:
' dub I The Lait Saturday Be?
fore New Year*? Part?.**
Paul Meyer ?n ra
| terUiners, who included Mabel Row
I land, little Mi** ? irling
-r?. Helen Waldo, Cl?r? . achs. th?
I Brother? E)n?on, Tony Sarg, Charlea
H ?ard Milla and Joe 81
i wai furnished by ?aear Lifihey hnd
I assistant?. Comedy motion picture?
; were ?hown. Impersonation? were given
? br member? of the Junior Advertising
1 Club and the League of Adve I
! Women. H?tesses were from the latter
, club and the arrangements ?ere in
?chart? of John H. Eggen und M?
. committee o' Ad
j vertising Club.
I\ rry Bn\? Minnenpoli?
And Rciidin*: N'**-*?paprri
York, who
, with Ricbarl ! . of Tu!?a,
OV a . own? ? si ??paper? in
: yesterday that they had buught "The
Minneapolis Ne**?" and t**o papers in
Rra-.i-g. Pa.. "The New* T'me?" and
Telerram." "T ? -apoii?
, News" changes hand, February 1 and
apera Man
\mr**nran? Ved Ahmad
?tath?- ?r Rochelle,
N *r
-?nap-*, ar ?
?errer at Atgor
Mrs. Irr. brie began th
Angora whert they fret -re* daring
the height at the T' ree-G-ee? ?*_-.
Y-tetf to Bring N*im
Rrrorrls at Dog Show-?
Larc- I ?Ht of Kntr.e-a Rrail.v for
Mine Kvliihit a? Season
I- Opene?!
The new f*at ?HH undoubtedly
.ocord? in the ?lor. *orld. The
| ?ho?? that ?re booked nre in
gr?hl. . than arar befor
.ribltor. are all awaitir.?
?i: of the ?how rtBffS to bring* out:
the ne*.-, you?g?'rr? and imported dog?
. ?,?>*>?; lala??1 K'
g\ their club room?, Brooklyn, an
.?.h many ?ra?h prize?
m. Among the judge? are
Dr G G. Ander?or bulldog?; Mr.
Canning. French bulldog?;
U Hen-ndtoHn, ?.11 toy?; Mr. '
-condole, Boaton ten
and '
?el? griffon?; Mis? El?I? Blum.
-, and Mr. H. Chilling-i
: n?-r?.
roe fixture? Ifl
metropolitan diatrlet following the
Long Island Kennel Club event which
wall !?? ? local err
hibtcrr.. Th? ! I nlty ?vent
will hi held by the Pehlngos? Club of
America at it? annual ?how in the ball?
room of the Hot?l Plata. Monday, Jan
II Mr?. M. 11. Ehlermnnn, of
... will act a? judge. -
The American Spaniel Clob 0? New
York will follow with their .?
on Jnnuar?. M, Panera
will be ?hown on JaB ? th*
Waldorf-Aratoria roof garden. Charles
G. llopton ?ill judge the claase?.
The WMblfaft-91 b Will
hold it? annual Capitol Sho<
ington on January 29 and 27.
judge Ht tbi? Brent i? Anton A. I
ID 1 ehruni -
Id. The K'
nual all-breed ?how on January I
ment Atm.ar . ?
'- ., with J. J
H'irori. Mich., as judge. John
?tub. Th?
Caira I?rrier Club of America ?fill
.':. I.. Daiagar??! ' New
daw, Bath ' i ?i.d
wire-haired 'ox terrier? will he taken
G Howlett, cf England.
Aireda!-1 terrier? will be Judge hy
Joaeph Ru??ell, of Toronto. The Welsh
lab of Amerif? will h?ve
Charle? '.. ll,>pt?an officiating.
EnMft HutrlifHon Gm
'M) NuihImts in ?Con-nrl
aLaWgc Atnlii'iici? in Ai'olinn Hall
H?? I* ill of ( liopin. IMriwil
With (.an* ?no Skill
'?i.wnrii Knie?'. Hiatch?T>ni' raska? hil
?ucceiiful way throuv re?
cital? on "Thr Great Maater.i of Piano
." a serie? which might well
?tea to have an academic I
but ?eenn to draw rior? th? more
?*' rda*. afternoon
? I Itt-trinm and
? -hing
t<a Ir?' -.prn. And th?7 h?d
their fill, with a total of thirty num
hatt, -e announced procrarr.
and the encore?.
Jluti ?
?o far might be open to doubt, r
played with hi? u\u?l
?in ncy arad ? revealii |
formanre; one. on the whole, of ?ubtle.
earcfuliy ronr?)ved, rather ?han
' grandi?.?? or fiery, effect?. A? for -x
lon aid ?motion, lh?r? m?
?run; the opening F> I I
*'J, for instance, -wafl not flamboyant,
hardly in.p.. ? ? . ?
, ?mple warn '.etrve
eontra?t betw??; ' -aim ?nd
of ?torm, a? a!?o in the F major
Ballade. There night have :
pa??ion in the i erro, while
the F ?harp minor Nocturne teemed
cool and collected,
reiriied in the group of r
llarity in the ?ha faded
to pian ?limo.
-*ie?on wa? at hi? b
.'irkling m the D
Jor Mazurka r Op. 31. No. 21, with hi?
?eutlon ?rd delcacy
?d in rhe next
?Op ? - aleo,
in th?
program wh-r- Mr. Hutche?on,
? 11 ?
range and depth of expression,
many) kpnearen
.?re wa? the ;-ual | .
?nd what was alrnoit a
?ne of
a? In ? encore, the A major
Polo/ia*-?. played with morr car? and
'?ee abandon than by moat pianiata, but
with a ?p?cle' effectivenea?
?armed a logical ooneluaioa, bat It
took another waits to ?end the ?odi?
en-? h??-?
To Radio Music
From New York
\* irrlrsis Volarirt? innUll
Powerful Betel Governor
Open?? tatoa ^ ??h B*M
fin* Dr-hi.tunl.* Daup htrr
I -trrn Colonv U Strong
Return to Cottage*
at I'ag.-t and Somerset
for the Winter Sojourn
?p?. *?' MSpOMi ' '*"**
HAMII.TOV. Bermud?. Pec. *7.?
I)?nring in B?rmuda ballroom? t?
music hy radio from New York. I
burgh and other cities in the. United
States is a novelty of this se?ion.
-ral of the cottagers hitve either
Installed or are ?bout to ln?t?ll -Xrwer
ful receiving outfits: some of the
Isrger hotel? will probably have them
-ration and there is Ulk of * ?V
Ing wireless an adjunct to the serrlee
?? tlM clubhou.c? of Bermud?'? two
?If links, th? Mid
Oeesn course *H Tnekertown ?"*<? ?he
Riddell's Bay conr?e, across the harbor
fro.'.i Hamilton.
Mr. W. H. Huehana Vork,
who recently opened Sturdevant, hi?
winter residence at Pnget, is the
leader of a group of wireless enthusi?
ast? among the cottagers and he has
been ?ble not only to hear New iork
and Schenectady clearly, but also
Pittsburgh, Atlanta, and ?Ten Porto
Rico. . .
*V. I). Ssnnders, of New *i ork.
who ha* a cotUM at Flett?. is another
of the ?ireless devotee?. Hi? home i?
equipped with a powerful receiving set.
Mr. Kd-vard York* recently Joined
the wireie?? ranks and other cottagers
?re expected to follow.
There wa? a record-breaking influx
! of ?ojourners for the holiday period.
? 1,200 arriving on the ?teamen
Victoria :?? Omm?, i
: nntoM-Bei ?rd toe
Araguaya, of the Royal Marl I b -, tl '1
many Jolly house parties are in pr?g
re*, ai.org cottager?. A* ih?
?\ m?de f
observance of New Yr.
hat It f?H* on Sunday. At
the Princes? Hotel, ?Thar? 'here ?re
tuest* from N'e- I.. A.
I ? manager, ha? arranged for a
late dance. *?hlch *vil! o** joined hy cot?
tage dveller?.
? nt at Government House
Inaugurating th? ?es4on's social
ac'iv i recent ball given by
?Bejf the Governor and I*dy
. at Govr rmnent House,
wa? In the nature of a coming-out
ftari for MtM Asser. About 800, ?
y ?i the younger set, were present,
from tho S'ate?. Including
Ifrtd We.s'on. daughter of Mr?
Kdwrrd Running We.ton, who ise-nt
ly arrhed froii Ne*v tori fa?
nget; MUi
Lvdla Robinson. get mother.
Mi?. Moneare Roblneon, of Pnoli, Pa.,
is at the Robinson pl?ce. Bel Alt,
Pa git, for the winter; *'
v.-ho ae.-ompanles her mother,
William Byte, of Philadelphia,
who has leased a cottage in the
?dar W?lk section of Pag?t for
a ?'? riod of years, und Miss
Runnel!, whose mother, Mrs. Sterling
Hun e'l. of S'ratford, Conn ,
'?'?'ay, Somerset, for th?
ship* - onstance and Natta?
?? ..rd "?'.
were among those present at this af?
fair, which han been followed by a
number of small dinner dances and
luncheon.? among the cottagers and in
th? hotels.
Prominent among *
ony :.re Mr. and
(lark 0. Voorhee?, of New York and
I.vine. Conn., ?rhltr? Mr. Yoori.ees is a
leader in the Lyni. art
hsv? recently Iveen ?ntertainin,*
and Mr*. W. H. Gray, hlso of Sew
' .me, nt Tranquillity.
Mr. and Mr?. Frederick T. Hill, of
a summer piar?
at Sli ?'v r.rr:ved and
. y a delightful old Bermuda
tage dt F!*.'- It^rhor, Somer r
b<mg restored unil added to after de- ,
Hii-t?. of Ai.ierican Cottager?
Major nnd Mr*. Wi'l'.m H. Seeks
of \'?w York, who hav? settlerl pernis
nently 'n Bermuda, have iaatlta? I
tensive alterations on their cottage
overlooking Maagra***? R?y, bawm
'?Ir. UM Mr? Jsr.'e.? Roo?eve|t
Roosevelt, r,f Hyde Park, who came
IIB Page*
. end will remain through the
Mrs. tames Morgan Davl?, of New
York, who hss r. '. mt Vat.
non, Pemhroke Weat, for the season,
is accompanied by h?r de'ighter and
- l?w, Commander and
H. Stalnton, i f Load'
Mr. nr.d .Mrs. Charle? I'ar'rr
fork, *raetatl*r ir-!\'<* ;,,r (),,
season, hare le**?.ed Denby. a delight?
ful place at Paget.
Honeymoon Cottage, .?ken last sea?
son by Secretary of State ?-,| Mrs. i
H Jghei. Is now occupied bv Ml
Mrs. Jol.r* RowIp- , who
I ing "hroijgh thr season.
Mrs. .!. B J< v, of .
-?*, N" Y . are among th? -?
'arrivals and h"?*e t?k?n s year'
of Rothurgh. Paget East
Mr. Thomaa Cushirg, author, and
* g. of N"?w York, are at
Alderly. Pag -.?on. '
The Rui-or?*.? rie Stnbne?
in the ses?
laytag CsrdlrT House, *?j,.
the Princes? Hotel.
Entertain for J. Roosevelt Roosevelt?
Among ?he luncheon? and ?mat1
ncr? which marked the opening of th?
Princes? Hotel va? the luncheon which
Mr. and Mr?. George H Nettlttoa, of
N?w York, gave for Mr. and Mr?. Jame,
Mr. and Mrs. J. Henrv Whiten
?ho recr-i'l; e?rr.f> from their place'
the Ian-he?. Irvir.r*'on-on-Hudson. for
another ??ason at the Prince??, Hrr me.
complied by their daughter and ?on
in-lew, Colonel and Mr?. J. C. Donnett
of New York.
Mr? 'irrne* Compton and her daugh
ter Mis? Po!?y Compter, of Ne.,
and Milll rook, are am
seasons who ai -
Friday for an extended stay at the
The Rev. and ' rtoset* and
Margaret I
1 w York, have returned to
? nter at the Prii.ee??.
i me? Kiernan, of New
_ ork *"* '
for a i*ay at the Princes, befor
t I ake Pla-id for the winter ?port?
were accompanied by Mi?? Helen
: Mr. Frank Ki?rnan.
perry ut...
v. of Waterbury, Conn., have
> spend the w.nter at the
-k and New
ol the F.?sex i
New Jersey, j? -
? **t the Prince-i
. ???T X?* ^rrir'?, at thf PHnre.?
I? Mr ?nc*
SLd Mri. T J :-'keh' MU? Elisabeth
M>ane, Miss M/iry Ida Dondaro. Mr. and
Mr?. James P K?Hr, jfr. P f. MeCabe
Hospital to Kvvp Tab?
On liabivs Until Turlvc
A noft-l plnn of dlflMBs PT*
ventl<-?r> In rhil-irrn IbbI ?????
.1 try th- New York Nurs?
ery ?.nd Child'? Hospital, wherehy
the physical progr-saa of all chil?
dren born unHrr the care of tho
inatitutlon will ?>e> watched until
their twrifth year. Dr. J*??? f?
?Sammi*. director ?I the pedlstric
aam*t%m of the hospital, made the
?announcement yenterday. isying;
V plan would aiipplsn? the
hn?pit?r? pre-natal work.
nal Infanta and healthy
??hildren. a? well n? the Iras for?
tunate amona; the 2,600 infsnta
born in the indoor and outdoor de?
partment? of the ho?pltal caeh
year, will b* giren careful at?
Colonel W. M Barry. U. 5. A ?
Mi.? Helen dctirer r. -..,,??,
Dr. ? ?**, ??????M;*
of Princeton. ?*h?> *r* making an as
comp.nled by Colonel W ebb < l!?>??
and Ml.? Koeler, of ^"???Vi n.?Ll
In honor of Mr. f ".ay ?^SF.?Sf
State? vice conaol ?nJ Mr?. ??"???
Mr. ?r,d Mr?. L. A. Tworober. ??f Lenox
and New York. enterUlnod aP the
Pr'ncaee with a small dinner at which
r gue.ta were Mr. John r.
Hand, chairman of the Bermuda Trad?
; Drvalatpment Beard ?nd Mr?. Hand.
.nd Mr. and Mr?. John L. Stanley, of
Le?o?,. _. _,
?ither rirent dinner? at The Princess
?t by Mr. I'dward Banning
Arrangement? for a very a?tWe ?o
eial ?e??on at tha Hamilton Hotel hare
been rrade by Mr. J. A Sherrard. man
Among th? so.*i?l feature? at
this botal will b? the big nmti
I Birthday, I'ebruary '*"'?
party, which made ?ueh a
i.arn I? to be -repeated :<n<j
will prfibablv become an annual event.
Anieng tho?n ?topping at th? St.
a-e Mr. U alter Phelp? Dodge
?fr and Mr?. Philip Sawyer, who
r<?< ?-ration? for a con?ldarable
? Irvln fl. C.hb and Mia? Ellsa
heth Cohb, ?re among tho?e
York ju?t arrived at the
and otl ? r? from New York r- gisirred
there, Include Mr. i nd Mr? J. W. Saw
lean. Mr. and Mr? J. C Jac?h?on and
".:.*?? Beatrice Hau?er and Kath?
erine Hartel.
Nee Ynrh Is weil ttfTtt*
the other le?di&| Dg the
Inverurie. mt ith Shore, Amer?
ican. Coloriai, Imperial. R?n
euaar.t, al
Mr. ?nd Mr?. William Baron who are
ng a fortnight ther?, ?re ?mong
tie Haw Yat? arrival? at the : ?
? i ? ?
Chester ()??lrrhoii(lt Dir?
Brooklyn Man Strirkrn After
I?Hvr in Purk
-?ter Oaterhoudt, owner of on? of
the ?how places on Brooklyn Height?
?nd te>r many year? one of the most
prominent ritlien? of the borough,
coll?p?rd from heart ' erday
?? he ?ra? h-'lping hi? tritt o'it of th?
? ?dar. 'hey were returning- to
their h(un?. at 49 Willow Street, i f|t)f
a drive through Prospert Park. He
died before a physician from the Holy
Family Heepital rouid reach hi? side.
Mr. Oatartvaadt ?n bi.ni in Kinc*
v.'. Y., eighty-three year? ago, but
If h:i r??.!denre In Brooklyn sixty
year? ?go. He wa? employed in A. T.
S-e-Aart'h ?tore, n<>-v John Wan?
r?, when he flr?t came to the
city, bu' later went Into the tug bual
he n?d? hi? fortuna'.
Bit fourth marriage took place in
September, 1020, when Mr?. I.ulu Alle?
Robhin?,, f.f 126 Fort Cree ne Place,
Brooklyn, bec?rne hi? bride. Bealde?
hi? widow hi? only survivor? are g
?liter and ?ev?ral nieces in Kingston.
Interment will b? Ifl Mildletown. Del.
?:\<]'t;n iknnkk
ITHACA. N. ... Dec. rpi. Caspe
ner, A??emblyman from Tompkir-?
Count day at his home at
I-akr Ridge, near here, afUr
nrr was f!r?t elected to !h? ASBBmM?
in 1615 and wa? returned at each sue
feeding BiaSei ' thi? fall, when
he decllmrd renomlr.ntlon. H!? term
would ha*. ? expire?) to-morrow at mid?
night. He ??.?>? ?iMv.fa'o vear? old.
Joseph Ralph, head of the labor de
partinent of 11- ? ?
a. fell dead from h?art dis
ei??e yea.enlay n the corporation'?
office? at 71 Brondway. He h?,\ been
with the United State? Steel ?"erpora
tion for thre? -f-aar*. Before that he
had be?n head a ?u of En
I Printing in Washington
lor twenty-eight yenr?.
Mr Ralph waa born in Allegheny,
Pa.. In 1H63. and lived at 7M Ocean
A- ?nue, Brooklyn, with hi? wife and
four ? youngest twer.ty-two
year? old.
Dec. 10.
William R. ;?i.?on?y, general superin?
tendent of the Boston ?t Maine Rail?
road, died at hi? home here laat night.
H? wai born in Lowell and entered the
employ at ? I as a brakeman
for:y-?ev?n yenr? ago.
"' kan t mr, n i iv?w.
Scott Hand. ?Ml e I'nited
State? shipping Board at Philadelphia
during :),?? World *A ?r and until re
1 *.o-d?y. He aJtB had be?r.
ik?T and active in New J?r
nre,'- ???.
?Going On Ttxla^
at NeleraJ History,
?ami ?l"n '
al-"-, ?olil?n UiMMm ef Ar?: ??maMln-a
W.a.-.im ??mt-aale? fr??
Kew *?. ll!?torlc?l ?oa-|?ty; aatmlaslen
Van rnrtlsBdt Park UuMiim: ?dm I san a. a
ll Part?; ?ajmlnlan traa.
? t*nlr?r?irr
A'n?r!r*n l-.dlat.
1 - . an<1 l'.lath B<
y. Sam York
all dar
tlal I
J? : ?? ' ??lleiy ra'.i? hy
?- I* ? ?r?y oa "ladaatrtal a
? (?bartee
R. P.'
?at aa ? ?h?kr?.
l.?l.or T
r-r Behu!nian en 'T..? Thur. h
and Hapr ?? ? i< |.-|f?h
- ?nd
; ? * ^
Btr??,3 ?r,
i*e* i?iian* &**** ???*?">'
13 Corot* Add
Inten**? to Ar
Gallery Salt?
Inliuiafe t'haraeter of ll
Pieture?? mi Goodfriei
I ?dlertmn In ill?* Featu
of Greate-U A p p f I
Only Few Muslim Pite
?arbizon Group In W<
Represented and Wi
\ttraet by Their Char
By Royal Cortiaao**.
The ?peelal Interest of the M?y
! Goodfrlend collection, which Is t?.
s-rld at the American Art
next Thur?day and Friday evenini
lie? in the pleasantly iatlmate ehs
tr'.er of the pictures It contain?. The
? re few museum piece?, In the famlli
acceptation at that term. One or t
canrase.? de eive it; the Man?;, f
eiar.iple, whlen I? a solidly brillia
tachaleal exercise, and the portrait
Mar..lie?, the painter, by Millet. T1
latter I? a singular souvenir of tl
great Interprete?
ant. F'.r one? he put? aside hi? m?
of pastoril gmrers and draws a pat
at work. It is the drawing, large!
that makes th? pastel attractive,
ha?, curiously, an almost academ
poliah. Hanging below this aartratl
"I .-i finit !".??'/. r. *." a crayon Mtud
It I? n much more characteristic pr
dii<-f.on. Hut rh? "Murolle?," fi<-m I
very singularity, -aould go well nto
publie collection.
The re?t of th? Barbison group a
all present in small pain'
rharmlag, likr.bl.* pictures
There ?r
thirtee:- Carols, an ama'.ing numb
to turn up ii a ?ala, Moa? of th?
belongs in th. category of "importan
things, hut ft-?* of them ar?1 without
fi quality, and some of the
ar rlsrape?, like the lumlno'i?
I felicity of th'
H presentative veia. Corot hi
h limpidi'y nnd eleganc
Original as he was, he yet r,re**rv<
an alliance with the rational tradltio
from which the accent of style II II
?'???raMe. He t I M mere
pressions there lingera a sui
Show? Ini-iue Sente of Heautv
It i? infareiting to see hem th i di|
< such an unusual painting of h
as the "It terl"ur de Berg?re."
1 on? -? n the grou
In which he I? _at the de?cately poo
i Is.ng |and.r?p:?t we nearly always ei
courier in htm. The other t? a ret
of his e?rlie: r?ara, the "Paysage de 1
Campagne Italienne d'Aibuno,' whic
date? from IM?. His light, dl ?phi
? touch li's ?head of hina. Thl? i
as alaaaly aataral tU a study a? a
o i ran feel in
tl ? Uatatir? operation of h!? uniq-i
sen?? of beau'v
rs?ttiawi appear? to has*? ha
good lack In running down painting
of this kind, painting? lying off th
beaten track. Three of hi? five Hat
bigny? ?re the usual thing, painted, ?
?o many of the works of tall n??'e
?or*, from a tried and successful pal
tern. Bat the "Lisi?re de Foret" is
more richly vitalised tiling, done at th
behest ?I nature rather than out of
formula, and the "Fntree de Village
is a positiv? novelty for H.tubign*
?triking in composition, "tat" in coloi
a bit of pure realism masterful!
pair.tsd. By Dupre, who also is gen
erouily represented, th?r? is .'. super
of sky painting ir. th? weight)
nandsome, Rousseau-like ''Paturag
dans une Clairi?re."
With Troyon, as with Daubigny, w
have some fairly surprising moment
The ' !._ndscsir. R * am
F'giires" i? undated, bat it must he ?
ea'ly erigir.. It Is very cloiely ana
lytieal in it? treatment of foliage an?
In composition th? oval pastel has tin
grace of a Fragonard. In ?Inatt star
fling contrast is the fervid "Rentr*.
Troupeau ? la Ferme.'* Troyoi
must have done this out of K ?troni
imnulse. H? | ? rely s<
broad, ia ?o free and si
>:' the landscape? bj
P's?. nr? aattahtfal ?puirr.t r*s, thi
"Mare dans la For?*." and th* "P?ysag<
avec Moutons," both tir.y pr.nels Ir
h design transend? the
Jongkt-kd's Painting?? Shown
The two large laad?cap4-r h** Courbet
er? ii'>e him nut not par'icutaily in
ter?*?tir.g. though the upper part ((
"La I ntala? a beautiful pas?
sage of pur? atirl re?onant color. The
l m pre? si on I st gioup is nr- r.f uniform
csnee. Th? fin >r have
cite.l. Manet ?4 <>i*ly pedestrian
landscape? b) Pi??arro
ar? coed, and he is represented alao by
e* portrait of a woman, the
"Mademoiselle Mur?r." Taro beautiful
R.-nMrs are ihosn, ? "Broaabitl
seuese" and the hepuillng "I."?',
au Polichinelle." The latte
hl? golden period Half a doMD pic
ture?, in ni M iy keya. Illustrate the
impressionism of the Dutchman Jong
k.nd, whose light i? very cool where
that of hi? I ir-aguei is -
but who wrought with it something
that they often missed, move churm.
It i? pr-oj la see ixcellint ?vitmplt-a
of Jongkind in a sale hi re. He bai
not been half enough appreciated l>>
America? c rll.-ctor? ( Viannr and
Gaugoin. who belong in a measure in
the company we are now traversing,
are In *M wise thrilling, but their pic?
tures happen t.> l>.- 1,-?? of the ?'
usually the case.
proh..rle that there will be brisk com
n for the "Bonjour Maaatear
uaaga n " It ?? nm ? brsutifu! land?
scape, bnt the selfportr.-lt in 14 give?
It a warm personal in*.?re?t.
'. One of the great ?g'ire? in modem
French art. Pu\??? n: ?-?, n on
new in ?tudlos for h.? decoration? at
Marseille? Ti.? pl.ir. ;n each of th?
oaneli I? rM.gnly ?tatfd, hut with the
touch tin' proelsirr. - the master. In
beauty of color the??- an two of the
most vivid and delightful memorials of
Pari? we hav. ever n? n From him
we pass to a somewhat ailacellaaaesM
array of K*uropean art late, mostly
French. There is a gru., >'al head by
?nean land?
scape by RatTae
g an infer?
ir? ?evcrai
? re in
. ar.d fr-.m fur I er at., id com?!
table works by Thaulow and Al
? -ens.
Harbiznn (.roap Important
As Mr. iioodfriend approached the
Salon hi? taste ?eem? to have b<*on less
effective. There are a '*u"t'.fity of
ngl here by contemporary French?
men which are limply commonplace.
and enthusiasms. Eli? !'??? ii and
eon C'achoud, leave us absolute I
though br)th pointer? have a modicum
of ability and Cachoud's night i
'hout a strain of agreeable
lent Hit it Is the Rnrbizon
~?ke the sale.
igh a number of th*
?re is a he*.erog?neou?
nent of the furniture and
belongings left by the late C. 1. Hud?
son. The furniture Is decidedly ?
A f.ne old eighteenth century highboy ;
I will be ?ceompanled by modern
lof no inter??*. wh*te.?r. But it I?
worth while to hunt through fh
for the good gli
? day h.ri (No. 289). There are
valuable l?pe?trles, rigs and
?ndmg rolleetlon
? within the entier 1,0.1 II 'h** of '?H?nte!
porrrlains, whi< ?rly strong
In singt? color glaies. This material
I by Itarif will confer a cert?in impor
? tance upon the sale, which begin? on
Tue?d?y and < ontlnue? through the
thre? afternoon? immediately follow?
Jnnei Ritea To-tmorro-H
leading Hankrra Will Act at
Honorary Pallbearer?
The funeral of William 0
Vice ; I
idd?nly Frida-, 1
office In the ban h from hi
be h ?Id to-morrow ai'- ' 2 : JO
o'rlork at the !-Wriith ( ongregatlonal
rhr.reh, Court and Presi?|.*nf ?treets.
Brooklra. The Rev. Raymond T. Mr
( onnell, pa?tor of the ehurch. will of
, Relata.
ten honorary pallboarer? ?e
!e.*t.i-d Include 'he following; J. II
a, president of th,. National Par*
I Hank: Oilhert <;. Thorn?, vl<-*
i dent of th? ?am? inaiitutio*., ?I E
Ward and Alriander C. finyder,
, Irving National Bank: Albert H. Wig
?in?, of the ( hase .National Bank; J.
Allen, a private banker; William H.
Porter, of J. P. Morgan ? Co.; A H
Oianninl, preeldent of th? East Rive'
National Banki William P. Bltchey
and Edwin G. Warner. tni?te?s of th?
South Congregational Church
IKINDAD. ( ol., Dee no Th
1 Xelvetore Persone, pioneer
1 priest of Colorado end formarly presi?
dent of ."?acred Heart College in Dea
I ver. died her-* to-day. H<* wa? ?ighty
! nine rear? old on < hristma? Day.
Father Persone wa? a Catholic mi?
Isionary in the Southwnst in frontier
H? was born in Italy and came
I to Anerlca in 1171, going to Frederick
rit?, Mol HI? ' rei assignment wa? in
?. ira he built the
: at Los V?| _
-g?. A Wileon, a dentist
'who.? orliee was at 83 West For
,,nd Btrtat, died in Johns Hopkins Hos
Haltimore, last weak after under?
going a major operation. He will be
buried in Maine beside his father. Dr.
. George A. Wilson, who died hero In
1917 after having oractleed dcntlstrj
?In New York for fifty year?.
Dr. Wilson waa born here in 1*73
i and was graduated from the t'niveriity
nsylranla dental coller? ?a lr02.
He was a member of th* New York
'ub, the W??t Side Tennl?
and several professional assp
*"wo married sister? *
1 him.
1 WASHINGTON, Dee. !*(0-Mrs. Amanda
Stanley, mother of Senator A- 0. Btan
'ucky, died last night at the
; homr -, her? after a week's
I illness of pneumonia tanky
was eighty-five year? old.
MADRID, D?c. 80?Jose Ortera
'?, president of the Spanish
Academy, died to-day.
Birth. FngHgrmrnt. Marriage,
D.-.ifh and tn Mnuoriam !Notir?*a
? may he hlephnned to The Tribune
any time up to midnight for m
sert'ion in the next day's paper.
Telephone Becffmen 3000
BOYD rOLtLmm ?r. I Mr* John
Boyd. of ( hrtstl? ?t . I.?',?*'a. N J . hav?
?nn"unr?(l th? ?njfaf?m*nt of th?!r
daughler, Agn?s In Mr H?nry J A
Ha* of 110 West lOlth ?t. New Tork
l.r\l*?0\.-^TTL%**4?iVrB~Mr. and Mrs
Was str???r.?r of II Poarsall ??> , i.yn?
hr _>k, I.. !.. annouri-? the ?ns?t"' ? '
their daueht?r. n??rr1c?. t.. t> ll?rb?r*.
l.?.ison. of l.ynDrook, on l-acsmber IT.
KSK - Ml I .
Jainea Hi:
igi of hsr
Uleeck.r. a .n at Ul*a Benjamin D. Wit?
Bl???*k?r of N*w TorV. ana K?w ranean,
i'ann . on Pildey afternoon, D?
J?, a? r*gert??-i ffall, M
WflITMt\- MU- \ I Saturday. '?
her >' ? I";'?
'?an M|
(?/hitmen, ?or of Mr. sni Mr?
?- '. A White, ?r. af fh -j
? ? h?r h'.rr. . H ? X T B_th
H.B-? <ln :r , ?
' R?y
K VNMUBr.BO -Mr and Mr?
K?p???b?rg ?Ad? Wlnl.ra) of 1T1 North
Uli ?t.|?. N J. will give a
reo? i
?? AcM?!?t?tter'?. 14* llroad ?t., New?
tek N J , Monday ?venin?*. Januarv t.
from ? to II In honor ?/ their s.tvsr
w?dJ!ng Vo ?.arde
AfXK*** ?nin A WMOW ?I th? '.I* TV.
J. A. A't?n, dt?d ?t her ir?
cerr.ber I". 1?I2 Hervle?? will b? h.M
.'?nuarv 1. l?:... ?t 11 e'eloeh 'n th?
t la the ?!.?i?l of th? r.rur'h
I ?let at ?o *
I j\.
Ill | I.V. I II i Hl
i*Vu?. "r?Mbsr I?, HI*
!!?rrl?' ?Irro.tale H? kwlth, uldow of th?
lata ?'??re- _ I??- ??nth. of Hawaii, In
li?T *t?htv ??v?rr??- y?ar Kun.r.l w?rv
le?? Pourhkr-'p?!?. Munrtay, Jan t, at
11 30 ?. m
Idealy, ?a r*?c?rr.*??r II. Catko*
- :io*?n in?? atn*rH?r>. ?r h?, hoirre.
.1? ?T??t l*s? ?t r-m?r?l ?iinUy at 1
th Ir.ierm?nt Calvsry Cemetery
mm r.a* ai tr
?h ?t . on FrLlay. ILcmtrer 21. 1111.
.I*anett* f'-rrry. rlsuchter II . .
Vs'tiantel W un t _l',a |l,??-. .
h? t'?* Kpl?.
nrch. With ?t. and Ma-llton
?\ . f??rnoon sf '
BrUIWN On D?r?mb?r 1?, till, .M?r> _.
rnn?ral aervlry? ?' th. Bapnat Horn?.
11? tCast ?l(h ?t . on *-in.1?y ?' :
'nt?rm?P' ?lre?nwnod Ca**??la*rg
Bt BBr I I P? 'irrlrsr IS. Marlon
? ?rl dsugh'er of ?'.-rlsnian V
--rln? T. (O?0 Walihl and ..
K?th?-lne. Kdn
. Mr? A Tiiliy ?nl *-< .
?ulllvan Funeral from h.r Is,.
?, I ? ?* Anthony av ,
J?r,J?ry 1, at 1.14 a m; tl
Joseph s Church, ?hsre ? solemn r?
mas? wt:i I. r - lni?-i?>.nt Calvary
? ?m?t?r> AuioinublU r oi Ir??.
rmni? - ? CAMPBBLL fv
'At. ?HI It. II Itroadway-lsth St.
sy, 2 p. rt>.
a, ?if? of th? i?.i.
rur.arsl ?'
?? at h.r fr>lh?r. I
? h-nin ?v . t
lay, l p m.
? BOHI s - belevaa ?
: m
?ml tith ?I
i -Tboina? : huahan-1 of
> oler ). Kur.-ral fundav.
rb?r 21. at 2 p , \*\,*
r??ld?ne?, 10*1 t nlv?r?Hy av., Hrons.
CI.I.IH on Thur. : ...r 11, Mary
R. CHI?, w'.fr of th? ?at? i ow .1 t. ?III?.
raaaral t on > ?r l?t? irj|j?nte, 4111
llfh ?v.. iirookiyn. ?unday. I'.cctnb?
li. al
'' tM?rH i ? emb?r 11. Monta
' runeral ..j,?i Hteph.n
Ms-rrttt HurUI aa-1 (?ma'ion Campany.
1*1 v- lay, 1 p m.
'? tl I *'?"? '' ?y. December IS.
at Klfteaton, H. Y John T. C,?tl??h?r
' ?. y.ar? Pun?r?l at Mt
<hur?*h. Hor.duut. Tu?ad?y. January 1
f lit M? H. Broad v ay I4(h .
Tue? '
UJCa?On D?(4mksr II. Charlas Si
bsloved ?on of Jye.ph and
?al?a Funaral ?*rMr.? ?in ^ h.
hla tat? r?aM?nc?, 144? W?bb av San.
^ay at I ?o p ns. runeral Monday
*_________> -a Vi ?*????*. Iat?rmeai
Ur?*?nweoo Cemei?ry?
?.ar.ru -
l??T '
'??or??, ?e?'l T?
9*y ?t ? I .hi? i??.
'? Cmm
mi r.? v.rrrt
mi ? \m? ?-m r..a..
r??4?tarf?, |]
F Ml,)pard
? otar.
' \\\ .,
r. r
I Xj h\\\\9?
'?? BtBBB?
a- a a Ba?
fia.? ... r?waa
? * Ij '
a m . f??v "'"??'
?? r^??*?a?. i
m ?.?vu?, ,. v.,,,,
of Th?a4or T IfjaarTau ?r* **?
lr.? t?':i h. ?..?? ,,T* r?a?fi
? ??'? ?Ti?" "*
?ry J. ?I J ?a) r -* ?.?!***}
J?*** leaaaaaamama
' ?*
?a ?
? I)
??? innate).
a | w, .
???( ??
f???? ,
? -?a.
? -r b?? I?
* ?* ;.
"??' ? -ab-lf,
?b?> i..,
Ii?r i .
Tuea ?.
.or Ih? r?rv,,.
.fr-.* ', ?
m"** ' ? I ? a 2T?"*'
MATT1I? ? >
th? Ml. - .
at ??
Frit?, ?
'.n J?r,u?ry 1. at M
MeAYOt , , ...
??rti-.- ?a
The,. ? ?
? Mr?
lata i
>?? M?../\ .. r..? u. |
. ?
?ilm n at 1 .
y??r?. It? ? ?
hi? dam
- "
H iV.??.
I "??.,'
: Bj? 1er?.
Tt?| ?'..
p. I
?41 I I IV
i-.txr II
MHlmin ? 1. t? ?w
K? ?t
}? :-..-.!
?1th rear Hara
Thorn?? V. ?
TV,?tea? J?ff?r
IBS?. I>?oi
?t:? ?ervia?? af ?"-?
day. December
< .. ?,.- ??. ?
i.eral ?? >
?HU I II .
a* 1.1. lai
rar juck???
bar ?I at : r
-??m.t-r?- ?* 1 B
Bill *?
Mill. ??' * ->'
rh?nc? ?? B? -??an ? i
and Kinaabrt?1?? ??.
rnaa? fill ?>?
po?? of hi? ?oil ?* "
MIM.M...I? I W?
!??:. ?' r.
Hrook.>n. H?
Heatr! a
I Funeral ?ervlc? ?t
?.unilay. !?? f
p*t"" ?? till C?lt??r*"
\akc***" n
I? an Ji mi.it tt I**1" '
- .?.
a- m
?ri-tt.? ?*.
II ?? 1 ?
h.-la>v?.i Wl'
mother of I'
HlMa- Tuneral t
be? 11. at ? P ?"
? I ?r?
?*.! IH\KI> A'
..1 ?t . Mew Tor? ?.??.
, wlf? of
urn -
Of J-,
TM H III il laaw. ?n
i??.;, la. ?***?,
a ?
Vt VI Kl l> I-OBd?*?.
l.or.1 a,
? i. ?> ? ? ;
1?. ??
Harrt Men
nnd lira l'hilny I
hai)?t of Saul A H
i tith ?i Sun.lay. I'?
t? a
\t ? l.-lKK"B?n'?f.
I home "f h la broil
? ?
day mnrntr.g
? 11 ? i .
?ore? A. Wllaon. fo
\V?at ?Id ?St.. ?r.
riirifM. l?ro'n?1w?y-???h
SB ?. ??
attSm ***
Cba?tn(f? J itf?e?!pet.?iv??y
Can Colurnb??? 8200
Whan Death ?Occur?
'Vhe funeral triture* *
?...-?aoataaav >
Broadvva?? g?* ??j??'. l'A,
~C?l?tETERlES ____,
THr tTooi'i ?a? v ? rtiar
Book ?f ?/I???
TeUphoa? Uoed.aaa U**>

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