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?Shipping News and Reports From All Parts of the World
ET of U. S.
Called Gloom v
?Uff of American Burrau
^?.hipping Foreat-o-, tin?
Hdiolutton of Shipyard*.
Vilest Marino Expands;
a? to the futore of ?hip
fa tk? I'niicd States is ex? |
tj Captain C A. McAllister,'
ijrftae Amerlea*? Bureau of Ship
r, | (tatement just issued In
\W ke garktat the situation.
CttUlla??' ?* B?,r**' bu',**l'ng under
. ^m ai \k? Washington confer
C?fU.? *eAll<?ter poinu out,
Itpntm Aa?r?**n ?h,PJ''?r<l? of what
\ui is h* lk**r ?nr,c*P** bmlneas,
Utritf tktm oaJ** tkt coastwise and
_!, trad? ?? ***Tct* of ?ctivity.
??, :sro eot of ? ysrds now
rskSmg teuli easily handle this busi
att ?mi si*K*e foreign shipowners
mgagg?y fis*? their repair business
tl morii is Sets ow? couatriaa, Cap
?? IfcAlH?'"' bf' ?'"*''"* ***** unless
tea* ?rii? to permit the devel
t ?f s large American merchant
_is? 4?p*ed in foreign trac!
f**ntss ttct* lea i ro?p4
if the ?hinyitrds go out of busi
Oa. It Vessels Building
(Mais McAllister potts out that
?jrtw l??? only ?rvrn'.-en vessel? of
amlSkS grot* ton?, aggrognting 14?,
rjj frei? ter--, were built in the
?**t tai l**c tonnage. On January
\ffa, there were building in Amei
m? r?rds twenty-seven vessels for
frase ? 218,060
,t#4 tf ippint;
gtri, t?ti u Ian?, or
?*at**?ai ? com
,*tt (ron tonnage
Mt?n ! "-he other hand,
V. ny-tvo real ? building whose
??i?H Ut-oaga onl?
h? te tliem. This
%<U s r. - * trrn?
i the **ah : ' * reser.t
? csmpsred to that of a year ago.
-A: M " ?'"??
i-i. ?i>.
??? In '?
.ictft:?jn the new craft are for the
-??t'-rii- ?nd ike truffle. The cou*v
try it Urge d-**-? no* ?em to realitc
?lit till fidUStl -r COM
MKisI snd d*fennve interests on the
Ml.il ir. s very pr-??*?rious condition.
Mm the **ar the ?even a?
I . rrds Werr
bu.ldin-* "
I are in
I ;t?auef completion nt several of the
lrm n * con
?set lM??r craft h
i-re, ar.d thl
fa renca held iai I
-truction of new
Be aext ten years. In addition to thr.
>??? hs? atraadf passed the 11
IB the nsvn! apf
.. resolution calling on th<
vo invite foreign nations *o
r disarmament conference.
; cerried through, shut
fthr building of * .--mailer
e craft.
Legislation Needed
There seems to b
trad?-, uni
Ioreign trr.de practicable,
arc two ?
, ?
>.'.l the tonnage i
trade for an in
? period. What will become of
?er ten leading shipyard
t ? larf
ad?_aata ?hipbuildinc
easy to
will become of our
fsr n?*,!.o*vii th<* ecas."
? *
Japan**?* Shipper Alarmed l>y
Rrportcd Sult-nidy Rejection
stUDO, ' B> Mail) Dec. * The pre
of .Tapar.i-ae steamer?
H*?d witn the boat* of the A;
? ;.?ked by tr,<
?ipuny had plant;, d
. million torn i ?
* this could not be realised without
t???nimental aueport.
nsteunt Maeda, minister of cor.
???estions, declared that hi? d?D?rt
*wtf intended to continue its effort?
?' ?bvain the subsidy.
? ? i ..
Radiophone?) 1nt*talled on
ITr-ree Morgan Line Boats
Radiophone sets, to enable paasen
sirs to hear concerts and other fea
broadcast from the variosi
on the Atlantic seaboard,
installed on the ?te?m?h.?>4 Mu
"omu? and Creole, of the Morgan
lerric? b?tween New York ?nd
n?. according to an an
|*W?*?t**ent mad? by L. 1. ."--pence, dt
_<?*r of trafile of the Southern Pa
*-* lines.
. "?"r ?;,_ i.i- ? . i,'rr ox ill? ointrr-.
JJ?a line to keep the ?enrice strictly
"??ate in every respe
??00 Prr Cent Sfoek Dividend
JJ LOUIS, Dee. 30.-A *M
, ?t stork dividend ba? been declare,!
Z.y '-?'??lis Machine Company, ?hoe
jT**!?? manufactur?rs. The capital
?t?: thereby wai increased from $00,
?yT *? ?1.000,000. The dividend w?s
?J ? ?urplo? fund wbich had been
*5?**?edt?n* t0r th?r1y ?"*"? " W"
Armv Order?
?*?** The Triune? Wothm?ton Pur ta.
?%___*___ ** HL-Th. raneta?
*"? *rn*rt w?r? I?. ,.
BSJ^.^-ii* ***}?*****
**m\\T\,}f . IP Le*- f
"??" *aj. j a.. ,?
?.__ O^MMter-??????.
it?* J ?u " U *** ''?-"?*?**?
?a. J H. to rt. '
?ft??l*J n '
???.. ?>, a. Ord. Dept.. u> ?altl?
'? .
[farine Report?
lll?li ?
. 11 ir.
? ?: a ?.
N\ in?l* ?it B*M Toilu>
Eau ?luir?Vr??h ?oo-ti-t,. bip?
and wa .aider oxensst with
rain i
by r?in Kund?) >
north? ?r ?rut e..
-Vrrnetl Yi-lrrday
Toata-a a \, ? | [jyg
A Co. m Hi - .??.I pulp; ??tta
I? li
N I?
I? M A
I . M ? -.Ma
Su?I.m. W?t? rv.ay
.ior.nf?on. M
i> Juan anal !
\Ia Ka
Acwlstar, Hall; I
?asura B
. .annab.
N'a viga
.11 and
Algo? 1 . _,
t and Riga:
Tyne M?- . ?<la S?r' *
? via 1'anaiiia Canal; i I
i ??n U
; Il L. Hague
'rara to .
'?U to
. Ai.m te
Pa*.t?tnprr .Ships Due
I>ne To-'lat
?a? at
??niant (Helo. Bfunbu'??! Dec II to
Is ??i^eted to do?;k !?,? |?iir tl.
n a.
h Amsrican (Brr. San !
D?ac 10 ?o Afra?i!o?n Metal? T .
t' ?II? a
n?r 78. N It
Apache. Jaektonvtll? I??. 2?. ri?
la espeeUfl to ?ir.ck at 1'ler U N H
to Or.afi H
txpocte.l ?o dock al
rinianaj. ?autbarrpt
I 1?7
third ?!??-. paat. malla ?
-o?? Tarn Thur?.?r ?nd
1? et; . ; |, ,,, ?1 1'ier .
( .Veal l?tlj at).
paaa. m.ll? ?nd r > ?.. ?lock
?bvvit ? p m . . aj.e?.
Dae To-morraw
Noerdam 'Dt). Roti?id?n< a
Moulofri? ai
?a? 111? IB
lap or
Pr*?. !)??: ?1; te
V g Lira? wit*, paaa. mall? and md?. la
arpact?-) fo d-^ek ar {arenaos
Ttttett^r at P'?r ?. Hob?..
K?p?iania. Vera - Hat ana 17;
te *r\ar?J Lia? with pas?, asa ? sa? mku?,
k i*i? to-aiar or ?arly
H'laa. Dallett
. ? r 11.
n Krl.
Ill to
h i????. m?ilf? ml
?t lib
, t of Ambro??
ay oa
*? l'i?r ?t.
I? Um?
??-1 tu
,n ?r I'ler ?"
I?: te
. dtwk
I h ??>
Martinique. Klr??'on Dec :?; lo Cly-1?
?Ith l.a?? mall? ?nd ?n'l.e; I? ?*
??. N R
ira (lui T? I i*. to Far
?rra.on at r*r?r :?, !
* A
??n at
I e??1a)
Si; in
'??A 1?
n ?t Tier <-'
? .
. l?l ?t.
I?iir ?
:... D'alra.
Pfie ?i
1 P.?r
Freight Ship-, Duo
??tie. a
?T I.I.I?
(.itN Mauri
Rovari ?South? vee-lol, New r.ondoB for
?? ?nt
1 bar??
Hound Tmrt?M
h 1 bar?*,
I r. <l barga?.
h 6 r.ar???
Indrprnflrnt Wht*??*m T? I? -
sraph Co., Lie.
r.Ii.c Har I-.
raa r>ec ??.
21 B 4? W Nantaeke?
**? ~
C A rsB'ieM IS S Nentur
i Pai
? HHK Ar-broe? r??e I?.
?i? Dee 10
II it w n?
?i?r lowing Dallas a??
? d D?e 1?.
H? ?-alita ICO B .v?ntuek?t l>?e S?.
-i? Dae I?.
?: i? s* it il i
.bal t Dt
\\\ W ?irl?-*?.
Sf.ri. < r? AKD
-uni \- i I
? - a
l?n<li?? Corp of Aiiirri? :i
\iiiir.i;i!i Porti
Tork; JA"
' rrlv?d
? kan
I HII.AHRt.I'llIA. D.e ?.?_
- . .
?Us?!: TJIIe
\mrriran I'orl
I oreign P?orti
Ry f?blei
\- ri\ul?
' ?eook.
' -
) ->rk.
M?ru ?.Tap?.
ir? nn'l Itamhur?
'?w Orlean?;
Mi parlurps
: or-4 l'urterln (Ri
?-.?ta alar?
? Nf.tagama 'Rr). SI,
(Du) (fr?jm
? aa-h?n?w?J?
a Nor),
Tn?'?t?n, Tamplee.
?j?c :?-A?l? (Kr
?III D*e ?l?City of Bl Joe*P
Tork; Kth?! rre-1?, Montr?al.
Danatr? to Navi/xation
I? ? J.anett? atUya?r
. ?
.?.-.g. 4a? le
t hem
for bi
?T??t guard? ??a? ?
??d ?h- ear.
laky an? waa Bean?
- ?r?oi?.
Favor Taxi Ratet
Bated on Condition
\n<l Looks of Cab
Hotel Woeiation Would
Protert I'ulilie by S\-l?ni
of Kliit;- 10 ?aaatfj Para
W itli Polite Super? ???ion
Police regulation of taiicah ??
rates based on the appearance and
itlt"? condition of each taxicab is
urged by the Hotr I A-nociatk ?1 of New
York City in a statement issued
terduy by Frank A. K. Boland, it?
I he step is asked as a pro
n to the publie.
The association, which Mr. Boland
said it vital'y int?r?t trd in taxicab
legislation, recommends that the cla?.
'x-ated by the use of
flag? on taxicab? to denote the rate
ft, "The taxicab to-day flying
k charge?, the highest rate
.ore rl i lapidated
Ion would b?
p his
.. h ich
?rf fare.
of the HoM As?o.*iiitt'?n in th? matter i
? ground tl ' ?irons look
.?ainit I
inefflrlaat and dishonest ta*.irat>
The tsvir.i'u flag primer, suggested
- pre.
nnient au
?ification and control,
follow.? :
?t half mil?, M rents; ,
anal .1? cent?.
nts; each
10 cent?,
each '
irat nni'?h?lf mil?, *n
cents; each ?d
1 i n?*aaartar
?nts; csch additional on?.
rirst half
????'.ergers, 50 cent?;
?arter mile, 10 !
f-mile. two or more ;
ka flag in effect." declared Mr.
: oe a guara r
? I safety. This would be the c*ee.
,*d in the
flying of this flag, were the result of
thorough sunervi-lon."
!.. I. Freight ( ;?rs lump
Rails; Traffic Blocked
,i fourteenc.r freight
castbound on the Lot . I?land
' Railroad, left the rai!? at Il4f p. m.
-day when the train ?ai r?iinf
:on ?t Mine?la.
Two of the c?r? lodged at right angles
! to the rails, blocking boil *r?-k? and
the Oyster Bay
d th? Tort Jeffer?on and
? ->t clearing the track?
: he a twe've-hour job. r
made Immediately to ?s?emble
- at the eastern ends ef the
??anches affected in order that trans
-, be run fiom both directions to
? ?.??enger:,
ren'inue their ti r direction
?raining at Mine?la and walking
nround the pil??l up freight cars.
?ois, had a narrow es
One of ihn freight car? plunged
I siing part of it away
' "g the foundation. Only the
rt of a fo- (brig.* er,*??ing the
the tower
from rollnr ?e.
Maritime MbecDaay
r ???
who was
r? ??".
???*? ??qu:.
n?y. I'onm .
bera In
? i
ountrl.? war? he?vl?f buyrrs
tly, letallna I2,?l?.??< bu, a?
i ?all-, i ' Ret?
than *?".oo<i bu.h-l?
Marine DUaKtrr?
,- rr-iah* ?tr
> in Bo
ATll.tM. Mir?. DM ?'.*- Th? thr..
> uardi
T.r''l to pr?e???
? ? ?
M n .i b. hot* ted; v??m|
Veaacl? Sob!
Me?t. ?as ?re?*. It ion?; ?old by U 8
?II Moor? to M.tth.r J Clark for
<l ton?, aol? Vr
' riant and
(limner of Maaten
|S A,
.rn J Cl?rtc
irwaM Bol?eh?r ? rg? A
I W?iii4 ?tr ?iaaUawa, O O ?tai
Haillon*. \?ri* Sworn In
Three new deputy aiiiitant ?I -
attorney? for the ..if. t At
tsrnay Joab H. Hart?n were ?worn in
Judg? I
.?i hi? la?t ohVml a-*t he
fore r't.rrng from the Conn of
One i? Howurd Hilt-.n >pellman,
v two veara old, and ?aid to be
the young*e?t man ever eo-v-unted lo
such an otile? in New York City. II?
live? at 1 We?t Nine? ?reet.
i? a ?on of Benjamin K. Spell man. law
yer, of US Broadway, and ?*?? graduated
fr?.ni the Yale and Columbia law
I?. He served on I
? ?team?hip Fanning during the
The other? ?worn in were John V.
Kl?.-ail, g leadei IB the Thorn:-..? M. Kar
? ?ociation of th?
A??embly L.-trirt, and Kd*in ?
roy, who is to aerve In the appeal?
Plea for Joiep?ud
By Justice Gavegan
Kill StOik ElfhaUlgf FilafJ
Orrirrri. to Kill* Kon?l l?.r
Million in Suit of loi ni?*i
l*artii?>c to <,rt ?1.00.000
i...\egan denied ve?terd?y the
r for
the appointment of a recen er tor Jo
al A Co.. member? of the
Kxchi.rgi', of which th? plaintiff for?
merly was a member. That Mr. Schnit
?er m ght be protected pending the
i to reenvr th?
ol hi; ?nt?*re?t in the firm, to
h? said he r.aiitrihuted $?ni. ?
l.avogan ordered that Jo?rpihrf'
bond of $1.000.000 with the c.
was idition on
Mr i that h?
. from the fin
tol-i that hir capital had I
Josepthal <fc C?. rep! a
S.rhnit?er any
was hi? creditor for
aboir had been
large Ion? through him In the pur
tha?e of ?tock of th? Hercule!. Taper
,nd accu?cd hin.
of deceit aj;?in?t it. which
was ?ufflcient <au?e for declaring Mr.
s longer a men
' r?id. "I urn ;mpre?jed wi*
I that the defendant? are ar
?I In any ?rrraiunt vhich I
I nltimsUll be found due plalnti!
. , ?r- that the biuniej? hen*
i restlr inju-.
I.v i, dential
! rature <.f tl,e .
| the n
! would Im.' in tin ecrtain
'of a great nutrber o?
"If i s? to '
the rrntenii'in? and ???erUon? of,
iM ?till f. ?
interem c?r? be protected withoi;'
very ?
wh.rh would be retailed by th
Weather Report
? p.m. '
toral r??eeea?l.- Snow ei I kin and
r?o?ln?- ?oj
l-faeal OHV-lal K?...a I
lng dat-i of last >ear:
Hit. 1)21 '
H!? . r,.a far . .
?J al'?r?f?,
? d?t? lor
? : . )? | |
itarometer lt<-a?!jnf?
?.eneral ?rallier ? ?million?
Atl?nila- II,' I
the e?*r*rr? lotv.r I >hlo '.
I ."?. Th? ?
I're. nlghf
i ng th? not
, ?-.?I?-rn ?is ?
m and northern Ra ?an r?
Th?r? h?v? b??n rala? i??t
four ha-.ur? In 'h. t il lall? an
\ ?lley. .\ a
?n?. ???tern Tri , ?
? (?t.*. Whl a
day and Mo
Forera??! for \& iwk
leok for ii?>
? n?P?ratar? about
pera??ir-- I near end.
?f w..'. .|?r
WmI Otilf ?la?
r?p? r?ln .' ? :?y or Thu
T?mp?r?.?'jt? ?b->ir m.rm?l
Ohio \. -; Rain at ???
glnr.lng ??d ?cam ?l.
Friday, oth.rwl?? fair.
r abova w (h?a
n of ?h? l.r??> ! .
??? and f"
. ?v?r
"l?r?lly f?lr
? bO.a- MtlltVl
Tu?eear or '
an? Oe???i?a?? raiaa T?so?
ar aorna? I
IVotlurr Exchange
W?lcomet Childfen
\t llol?tlav Festival
1.700 Applaud *.?
4 hl I 111 t il.Ulli? of
mil \<<*e*)f -?ant '
tsift*? a? G t ??roker
Orce ? vear thi
of th
most psr*. who have no
forms they sat
mor? moving than Usrs.
Among them went th? gray haired
broker . ?! 'ing, white
. but giving themselves I
table fat
- saw th?
g tr. end,
upon the i
is, with clown?, ?e?
Vey?, trick ponle? *
v?riety of other feature?, perfon
full : I >' th? 7*h .
? Band. Each turn was gr<
with th<* ple?dirg ?pplsu?
that hopes the |
id's cup wai
:. in abbre
for that ?ndi, nr.
;gly on ro
er h?? been paid
nomage than tr
ih'?M and '
a climax that r\ -k?t
ing could r.o
When tt len. *us ended.
u big psckag.*.
,eh roru?ine<l roller * ?
gam<-s, a lop and candy. In each ,
Park Ron Fire Thrctteai
Theater; Loss b $50,000
(Mil Iti'ililri'*- I ?eil In I uim
tan lion??* fat ? .alary
Mum? I.ik<* Tin?!, r
Th?- -tory fr??.
? ? ? ? ' .isrms wer
The damn. kbaal
used for ?.hippi* g ai ?I p
poses ?.'.ri v.
excelsior, p:iir.t?, van
ture. The
Row. were tintou, he
titllbei ?
emp!<- ilding ?n?i
Battalion Chief David
?en hstchway. falling
? H
landed in ? pooi
was unhu
ager, I?
i-er if ail v.
v.a?, done i.
Two I'ves wer? saved by the
men wnen th?*y re?e . ? ?'? o'
Ward Murder Imlirtnuni
l)i-mi*?-*;il Soiii:!it Vfiuin
Nam I)i?tiirt .Horn-*,, ?n Of?
let Iti-tnori ?,* Hm] l'<
Evident*****! :?? InautBeient
l.ar,, . Walt? I
?, In support _f hi?
tioti in two month? for ti
of tbe indictment charging hi? i
with murder in the first degree II
ing ' I'eters near h
Reservoir on May 17, last.
Fred th? l?i?triet A*
torney, who obtained the itidietn*.
1er hi? of*flc<- to-morrow to
? i red Mr
-nee now li
r.ough to v. II
"I ..
Attorney says he is not ready I ?
icb of evid. ?
|?ml??al of the indl'-tment
Woman Veen??? \rj*(ro
II?* Attempted i?i \-**Miult
H?*r at Dour of Home
The ilr?t ?rre?i to ra?al
; laints tile 1
- ?men who have ban
heir w?) |
made vest
kaday. ?
at 11- was
taken !y after a
gle which followed his alleged attempt
to assault Misa Sylvia Cobacker, of KO
Whltestone Avenue, Flashing, ki
on Broadway as Mme. Sylvia. II
be placed In a line-up to giv? the i
?inant? a chanee to Mentif;.
I n Hackaday wa? arraigned in
said that he had followed her '
at ?he was abo.
with Joseph Hollaban, >
Street, Flushing, ft? a pateen
ger. The two men ran to the woman'
assistance and held the negro a at"
th? police arrived.

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