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"t 'I v 1t , , ay
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nMi jsftiT
dtwr!"" .
- ; ". S 1 M
1 t t
... IV. ST aaal ..w.. ' .aaa. . ! I W l - . ar". I U R'l
l-s'iOv.'''. " H !Vv, V-'L v-iy f
GkymmiK si
Cfc oka! asaf tb Hmh.
'Tt Mid tbat tnr tow rid oar pat
Th ueeeea en' On;,
That (It it. a.Lrfu' drawn by nhrht.
And (lated war alaa by day
lint Untri aa uim ( tb hnilae,
Mwkf waaaehfal easl aniseer,
That whisper word he, to u
When MIX bwlde c mar I
It la the one, lb ehnacn one,
That'e Ihal-ed tn via f.r life
Tlie emrl of the happy hum,
fie tatd tbal ancW wa'k the earth
lmurrtKitt ao
"""tien round our path, aware mn by ua,
nu h bright things en end .
Arc tfere tic N tag by imr tld
A Mr aiurntu are r
A pair., aw HKlnlfnis at lh form!
That dwell neyeod th- star?
Yeel then are aiurala , i. M'tb.
Jure, unmet, and ml d
The augela of our heoiO and taouaa,
Keen loved and loving child.
tJ. E. Catrnrrta.
ntrlilra xrlr f.r Ihf New ik Haa.
Vy Ht Author of "Tht Coyfr'i Word," "The
Stent Vramr," "Mantm (he Sltttr,"
it; it.
ark. rjAnpeRTii at iiomk.
Mrt. Edward Danfurtht" rene.te.1 tha aex-
ton, on haarins tka atory of lUrry't exploit,
Tny. ner onanana attenoa our churcn.
"Do yon know him t" atkeil llarry,ea?erlr,
"Only by tight. I know him by reputation,
"I tuppaae be It Try rich."
"Yea, I thould Jud(o eo. At any rate, he it
doing an exteneiv buaineat."
"II ia a merchant."
"A merchant," thought Ilarrj-. "That la juat
what I m wanting to be, bat I don't tee mutU
riroapect of It."
,"1 Uk Mrt. IUnforth," h aaid abruptly, after
IrTnnnient'a pause.
"I believe the l considered a ,ery amiable and
t.!dng ladv," aaid Heater.
"It Ua't t'lict," aaid Ilarn-, ruminating. "I've
aeen a great many that war an table and pleat
ing, that I didu't'lika half ao well. Hut I teemed
to feel at home in Mrs. Daiiforlh'a company,"
The ear ton and hit wife did not take any par
ticular notlca of tblt remark. How thould they
low the nndenaaUe feeling width attracted
irry to hii mother, tYen before he had any tut
I 'Ion of tbereUtlonahip.
The Mxt dar Harry waited impatient) until
,etlng thould come, in order thtt Ii ml(ht ful
fil hit engagement by calling on Mrt. Pinforth.
He had decided to' day to teek out tome aitua
tlon, tine he bad not lucceeded In obtaining an
ntrance -izto a n errhant'a counting mom, but
found that be aa not in the mood fur trying,aud
retolred to put It (iff till tha next day.
At an early hour in the evening, he pauaed be
fore the fine nouee on Fifth Avenue, th number
of which ha found on hit card.
Ha mounted th atepa, and pulled th bell.
It wet anawered by onr old friend Uetty dto-ie,
Who wai ltd) comely, though aomewhat more
portly than when we knew her fifteen yean
"It Mrt. Panfcrth In V inquired Harry.a little
'lea. at leaai t oeiieve sue us aaoi iwinr.
prepoaaeaaed In Harry's favor, "Wbolhalll tay
wanta ta tea her f w
"I don't think the would know my name," :
said llarrr, tmiling, "but If you will tell her
that I am the boy whom aha toR yeaterday to i
come and aee her thit evening, the will know ;
who it it." i
"What. vou the bov that atopned tha
poraetr" aak0 uttay, tuneviug mm whu au
1ZT' . ."i.7 " t H ""l.. i
"And diJn't vou feel a bit afraid t"
"Yea, a little'," ia!d Harry, "but I thought I
1 1.1 I.. .1.1. .. ..a. Ili.m
tUUUIll l .uiu V 0VV1 .I.III
"I'll go right up and tell Mrs. Danforth," laid
IWsv "luat ateo Into the parlor here, and lit
down, whHo I go up and f peak to her."
llarrr tat down In a luxurious arm-chair, and
looked about him with admiration. Accuatomed
is he wai to the plain little parlor or I be sex ion 1
dwelling, with Itt ttnlght-liacked cano chairs,
iind its plain carpet, he found hlmaelf aurrounded
'jy evldtncet of luxury which were quit uw to
IL He waattpeclally attracted by some engrav
.ngi which were hung about the apartment, and
r hough he did net covet the rich tufas and ot her
a4 '"limiture, he thought It must be very agreeable
I . I. .1.1. an I.. nm.nl.tMl l.v allrti tiii.tlirn..
II was standing In trunt or an engraving, when 1
ha waa arouied bv a foot-fall liehind bim, and !
V , .- "-- y , ,
turning round he aaw Mrs. Dauforth advancing
towards turn w 1111 a tinning uce aim ouisireicuea 1
"Well, my young hero," the said, "I sea you ,
jav not frrgotten your appointmeut. I thould
lave felt dUapiointeil if you hail."
"There wra no fear of that," laid Harry, I
iromptly, andfranklr. "I have betn looking
orward to coming alf day." I
"Have vou Indeed?" she aaid, with a gratified ',
.mile. "Then I must try to make the Intcrv lew
U pleasant one. I tee you were looking attentite- .
iy at that engraving. Do jou like tu ijok at
"Very much." I
"Then I will aliow you soma which I collected
.nEu-ope. Let uiUr.w near that window.''
"Hae jenbeen in i:uroe?" asko.1 Harry.
" How vou must have enjoyed It." I
"Yes" taid Mrt. Danforth. "It was anme
'ourteen or fifteen ycart ago, however, awl I
-bould have cnjoyeil mvaelf better, if I boil not
'at that time lien in alflk'lion.
The time to whfch Mrt. Danforth alluded, w.n
.bat which Immediately followed Harry's lust.
tu order to diaalpate, or at least enalde' her to
iget at far at the could, bar excessive grief, Mr.
Danforth bail carried her abroad, where they re- j
inained for nearly two j ears.
Harry Kttle tutpected tho connection In which
.e stood lo the great aluiclloia of which tin. :
Danforlh lck.
II became quite Interented In the engravinji
Uhlch Mrt. Danforth exhibited, ai'Ompanylng
hem at the same time, with iotereiting deacriti
lunt, fur the wat familiar with nearly ail of the '
placet depicte.1.
At length th list wta run tbrongh. and they 1
uegan to converse on general topics. I
! think ) ou aaid that you liaed with Mr,
Jamerun the acxton," auid Mrt. Danfjrtb. !
"Yea," taid Harry.
, "You hare been attending school, I tuppoae?"
', "Yea, I only iUUbod attending two or three !
1 week tlnce." 1
J" "And nw, I lunpose, you art looking forward
to entering epon some bunnesa?" '
"Yes, 1 am looking forward to It, and have
jeen tn ing to get luto some nicrihant's cuuntiog
oom, tine I gave up nciiuol." I
"Yon think then vou thould like the carecrof
a merchant'? "
"There avnotblng that would tult me better." I
"You hare not tuccooded la obtalulng aplace,
I luppjae?" '
I "No. They are very difficult to get and I I
bavanolutiuentialfrleuda toataiat me."
I "I w lib you all auoceM In your search," laid
Alra-Darifdrtb. kindly, "and. by thewav. will
tou'tilltxt my huM)and't count ing-roomto-mif-ow
momiro. II wishet to tee and thank t.U
,. ! 1
IltTv b-.wrd modestly, and after receiving a
cordial Invitaticn to reat Ida call, withdrew,
more tatn ever iteawd w ith Mrt. Danforth.
tdr. UaoaVarlh'a !Tic iu on Wall ttrect.
rhithar Harry betook binuelf at tu early an
iiourlh next morning aa b thought lb uier-
nani wouia M utety to ue in.
He felt loraewiUl awkward in makliiL' thh
"all mora to than h bail done in calling Uioii
Mrt. Danforth. It teemed to him as If he wcra
goirg In order to rccslv tho mnrchar.t'i
pianki, with peruana a gift, whicb ho
NO. 1241.
! W!IM Ufctclianil U wo.Mn'l pc(.pl If r
tn. II. felt thtt It wool! humlll.t. hln la
M. owi e Im-tton. At t tb ell, hawrrr,
trt u onlr the Jkut. uf conrtwy. Juc it
w. n;,l .t the nqwi rf Mr. D.n'orth.
1? V !W? ,,,0 fcl'' dlTlrf.d np Into
IMnrurtlii ffl( iMfnand fir little neareh,
upon thMTordlnor.
llrnllb doiirwt'h a liltl tmlnmii.
rnmt, nd el.nenl tlwut hin.
Ilre u n Urn offim, lb dour of which
cIumL Tb wily mm wbnn Im m wia a
"Ti fn11? ,t hl own air, writing.
1 M Lay l,,Vd roam! m Harry riiteml, and
oortwroat ones rrcotjiej In him an old ac
quaintance "rKI)aWntr hxcWm).
TlMmttcr IIUVMIk! In m1a.a. tn.il1Uo.nl
Jrw, not xhU4ilnnr rorr rtnelJot Hruura
lo niertlnit hi. oM Khoolmat. "O. It' von.
Ommnt, la I J" "'
t fttl lfl nuv itin..l M
"I harn't acn yon hi-e
"No, 1 liriwva wthtT not mt,
raid Daw
in", m me rim ion a neiiir.
'Mlow long bava )ou ben In tbln
wi unr orro.
Irralljr can't mi," uM Dawklna. Thrn,
o'iwrjlnKnam'aloikofaurprUr, "I'm to for
Ktful." llarrr rouM not help tnling a littl chilM hy
tha cool, nonclialant manntr In uliich lii a I
aDcc mm mat. II bl lirou rratlr g,l to
VT '""lri " "iklJafiKM him l:h ordi
"It the buaineat ImnortantV a.ka.1 n...
kina, with a tneer that was Urtly.-tpercip-
"I callotl by hit appointment," aaid Harry,
"U.l.iiloeil," aaid Dawklna, a little mrprlae.1,
wondering what b.isliieia our hero c mid have
with hia emplocr. "Can he be (lulling for a
I lace t
"ile'a buav Juat now with a gentleman in hla
office, but if you'll ait down and amuae youraelf,
no doubt you can aeo him hy-and-h e."
Having aaid tbia with a condeaoanilng air,
Dawklna retumod hia n, and began to work
away 1th something mor than hi usual In
duatrr, Soii.e ten minntea afierwarda,atba door of the
Inker office 0ned, and two gentlemen cam
One waa a gentleman of fifty, a buaineat
friend of Mr. Danforth't. Ihe other wat Mr.
Danforlh biinarlf.
The former remarked, on ie!ng Harry, "It
la.at jour ton, Danforlh?"
" No," aaid Mr. Danforlh, noiblinc tn a friend
ly manner to Ilarrv.
"Ibafa a giwal joke!" thought Dawklna.
chuckling to hlmaelf. " Mr. Danforlh mut f.fl
immenaefv flatteteil at ha, ing a lexton't adopt
ed ton taken for bis."
"There la certainly a etrong reaetnblance,'
aaid the el'er merchaut. "I tuppoee he ita
Mr. Danforth looked tcrutlnltlnglr at Harry.
There anil quite a resemblance, arid Mr. Dan
forth waa tlruck by It,
"I believe there it a likeness," he laid, "Yet
I know of D) relationship. Good morning, Mr.
Jvuaes when will ou call again about that
buaineat a
"At ten o'clock to-morrow morning, If I can
get away."
" erj well."
''Now, my tail," said Mr. Pa'.forth, adlrtaaing
Harry, "ifyon will be kind euo tgla to step into
my little room, wa shall havi, a chance to talk
Harrv follow eil the merchant into th offlm.
The dot r waa closed behind them, much to the
regret af Dawklna. who was not without hla
I share of curiosity, and waa very anxious to Ami
out what terrible buaineat Harry Conant could
"Take tliat seat If you please," tail the mer
chant, motioning Harry to an arm chair, and alt
ting down himself. Mm. Danforth has told me
from what a peril vou nacued her .veaterday,
Y'ou muat have a goal dual of couragel"
"I don't know," said Harry, modestly. "I
tuppoae It was because I had an object m view."
' hat ia, jour humanity gave jou courage.
That duea not at all detract from the courage dis
,-erv deen ohllatlona to vou."
played, my win ami myeeii aro both undor
ilTt.ii .. 11,.. .. -.
'V deep obligations to you.
'That more than renav a me fur all 1 did."
aaid Harry, In a tone of mingled modesty and
"Hike th boy," thought Mr. Danforth.
" He i certainly quite tu rrior to the common
"Have you left school?" Inquired the mer
chant, "Yea, .Ir. Laid term caused my school life."
"I Uliove my wifo neglected to tell m your
"I larry Conant."
"Do ) our parents reside In the city ? I sup
lose t hey do.
"I hate no ircnta," said Harry, soberly.
"Then, with whom do jou liter' pursued Mr.
' Ith Mr, Hugh Cameron, the sexton," ans
wered nir hero.
"Ah, jea, I know him 1 a very worthy man."
"An excellent man !" said Harry, war nlv.
"I am glad to hear vou say to,""aayt Sir.l).in
furtbi "it speaks well for ou that you appre
ciate Ids kltidneaa."
"I should be very ungrateful If I did not."
" hat are your plant for the future " aakod
the merchant, kindly.
"1 should be glal to enter Into a merchant'
count ing-roo.n, like your own," taid Henry,
"As tucb places are difficult to obtain, howeter,
I think I shall try lo get into a store."
Mr, Danforth reflected a moment; then, plac
inir a piece of .aier befure our hero, be aaid t
Well, you w rite your name and addreea on this
paper, so that I may know w here to find you in
cae I bear of a place."
Harry did aa directed.
He had an excllent handwriting a polut on
wJ.iih Mr, Dunfurlh set a high value,
'Ihe latter lurveved t be address with aprro
v al, ai d raid, " I atu glad J ou ba e 10 excellent
a biislnoit hun J."
"It will be of niateriid assistance to vou In
securing a place In a Counting-room. Indeed, It
has been, furl bava just thought of a pla's
which I am quite (.oaaiive I can ba tho means of
securing to you."
" ( 'an j ou. sir ?" taid IIairy,eagerly, " Where
lalt?" ' .
" In inv owncoutitlng-ruom," told Mr. Dan
forlh, imfiing.
" I am v cry much obliged to ) ou," .aid Harry,
grateful)) ,
" I w aa 1 rt arcd to give It to j ou w hen you
came in." said Mr. Daufur h, " In rave I foun 1
you qualiiled. 'Ihe tutieriority of joir band
writing docidel me. Can you come next Mou
day i"
" To-morrow, If you like, tlr,"
"try well. I like jour promptneit. To
nioiTOw'let It I, then."
Here Mr. Par forth settled the terms of en
gagement, which were exceedingly liberal, com-
an d with those that arecuatoinary.
These preliminaries over, Mr, iiauforth open
ed tb door, and advancing to Dawklna, aoIJ,
"lieorge Dawklna, let m pretent to you your
fellow dark, Ilarrv Ounaut.''
DawUnt looked" surprised, and anv thing but
Eat Hied, as he resonaod, "I bave tlie huuor of
Ing already aouualnted with Mr. Conant."
"lie It a little jealout of an Interloper, "thought
Mr, Danfurtb, who could uot avoid noticing tha
laugbty drawing back of young Daw kins.
"Nev er mind, the) 11 be wall acquauutad enough
after a time,"
When lieorge Dawkla'i went home to dinner,
bit father Could not help obscrv Ing tb very dis
tal Idled look that he wore.
"It anything amUa, my ion?" be inquired.
"I should tbiuk thero w aa," grumbled hla ton,
"What ia it t" inquired Daw kina seulor.
"We'v got a new clerk, and who do you
think It U?
"Who ia it ?
"Ihe adopted aonof old Cameron, the Sex
ton." "Indeed," said Mrs. Dawklna, "I really won
'er at Mr. Danforth baring tucb bad taste.
Tlii are many bovt of genteel family who
w ould Imn been glad of tb chance. tkl buy
la a low fellow, of course ?"
Certainly," mid her too, though he felt a
amy. ine thought of the wronar wheh tha ! I mtr lie remarked that I.I. w.. it,. i "P. "V- '' y ner aneia, ociore lerciietf. 11 w hat I call lite. I want excitement.'' ...,....uiiri, ir mu iiiw, ra- -:. .""
nllrha.ltouKhttod.i him had iwver enlerej l.ouaeintho place whirl, had ablure.1 the ofd ' V . prwloua le ter, wbow. arrival h.tdKUd-, . "I am afr.i.1 jou driuk loo u.uWi jouraelf, """ "I'. . '. ' '' r ' " INrry. "Pct
Wt mlml U?,U Dawklna' manner forced him fa-Wot.e.lkm.'ker, ao much lnogiienonJ ? our '' ch, In herhanda. Frar.ccm.. lou will wrulnlt tUurtJ. your , ,' ''.r'" '" ,",f ?' I- "", hT '" t,m 'fe.'1 " 1? ," ,V.nJknIform,, JM
""'"' "It. anceatora, and r-tlll hilding Ita -tjutkl In auch ' k "llt ro J,,u'lu"1rt. f. AluJrfafaaldtl., I life." ' - lur Mucl. lid tig., raid ik..., a.iffly. Tn nai is Dakl..," anawered Mr.
I "'iY.,hurKUnUT",'n,n''l-'-,''plc''W , k . , "All.tuiTI Liquor' healthy, Ifyon only get !;il-', ' ''. llugbUau.enjrlaa. ".''..,, ,, ,
h that la hi. way. He may Ui teally glai to , There waa . ,u of expectation on the part ' M;Mu,t !' ,,1from hpf NrT' ,n.conf'l"1,'n- "dtlt. Ifajuit what the tin.tfiut.on wantt ly '' ' y an, thing more, till ilany lln repealed IVirry, atartlng at that
aeemendnotahowlt." B , of the new-cnVr whowaamilielllnadn lt?antT . ',,u;,",,n '",'ttrr,M width old Lilv.wlih -oi I., ,ou tnuain't bearr.ld of It. lfyw,only ''' blj .rra.,te, when Dawklna t,C- tet ! n,,r-
,1i',r7"irr,1,.MWe,Cr,'lU",,,,re,chof th'- -'"I at that moment, Hannah, in n alTof , Xt.rV"""'!'''! , . .. tkeoi.. gU. a day, you'll ...v.rtuildtSlu I'.";r"''v ihdraw. I .J r" h'Prn tc know anybody of.
ily to belike tbU. all work, will, whom the reader la already a" . M" Slu'l"l'" re.vere.I her teat- and a., it'll do vou harm." K h ! Jour fellow clerk la not very aocial,"obl.r- ,h".lml' . . . ., t , ,.
Aa the corneriatlon lgan to 11?, Harry I qiainted, wa. I.ukIIv engaged In the cellar and ,"A,,,!,,1fc'iUJ ataha waareqiieaied. Kraicwc silie author of this Ing, niout mo,le ,, . , . I "?? je I nrfch family.",
at remludedof 1.1 errand by Daw kina, tav- did not hear the Imi. KK - cenar and , Aun l.uey wake.1 ha.til .,. IL J,at and of ..Inlum,..) i.n.g, M cirtain.v In tiodan,. of J,M he been Impertinent ?" atkad liar 7, ! "j 7 jelajionv aaid Jebeeaphaf.
'"IP ... "Tlng-a-llng ling." It aoundeil airaln iloaed Ii, lir.t aiiunng the letter. li, Trlii.- ! niaelf fio.i7.i,"rll,.ri ,.n?h.Mi!i tuapicloualy. J' ''lou .fMn't think eM Jehoaaahat Htatb had
, 'I.there.nylhlnglcandoforyoutblamorn- "W litre 2, LKr tC the ! ,",A "',1?," "" J"'. ' Mudge?" Zc'".'-.".-.'.'!' tol';, Zl WdrTik"' P"r' f ,"H ';'' red m rather thortly." r ll.tlimM but I lv. the Wd
'"' Biiulre. " laid Hie indlgiiaiitly. 1 clii aa eaw with aurruw thai iliehal.lt of drink "lb fact la," aaid Ilarn-, amiliiaa;. "he l of '"f1 ' bb aa bigb anrllv."
"I called to tee Mr. Danforlh," reraarkel "Hannah I" be exclaimed, nut bearing the 1 T. , ."i1 i?'f mi?t '" W?M .,h,t "1I-l,'1 '"a? Im-rtaaii.gu.i ham daily. N.v ".or "'"'J1- fmllr ""J.1 Iwlined to think h M ,rr,.'?T(,,.mr " "lUkei, Tiat b-tk
iiaifi . it A iaamaiji'ai a... a a iiib u an ittz 111t.11. - - 1 uji. 11.1 villi ntiaiaa tiuaati.. ia .. . t 1 - iriiriiiit'rai inn iH'tii-ani ii ill in inr ear niawn aaaabkaw iua -.. iu a taw vui t-i imt muiih a iiiai nil aa in nam ?.'
j 7TT .
mtltlnKattatinbat b kjirw to tr m
far from tba truth.
"What rouldbarf bronffht thahor to Dan
fort h a notlrrf aki Dawklna amlJr.
"I don't know. I'm nrj. Somehow he mmt
tohar takjnqnlt a fancy to bin. Pon't vou
think he! he! c.mon who wa la I Iiom a.'kr ,1
flcnantwcmvtMr. Danjrlb't on, t:,nJ.
Ini to mw a reacmliUnM ) '
j olia.lcWn.lhimt)f hi farorlil.tn. How--
,.' r.,iT." .a i. . Ri ,,n,rKi '" H an n
VhZIti ,r n brln,na "P-nol toaudta
l h thu lew rl.ow any mor than buooM r-
" I cc rtaiuly .ball not," ,!J GoorRt prompt-
Hawa? Ito wtrthrfonofmirh rwrc.it.
Unc onr bcro ha wnml an exerltrnt rlaco.
wamavvfnturrtilearaMmfor a iho.1 ilniri
and gn Urk to Wtf nt ill. '
8.julr Urnjaniin N coma tun pen Dma aa
vrr. It ia vrry HiifortUo lo fel thai o 1
tlw uiKnit of a tillarf, rcn if It Im no Iriwr
'! rrnTillf. Nn S.nlr Newcome, who a
. ..-. -..1.1,1,11,,. nuinnn or mo Hchnol Cirn-mVrnilfflh0erMcroftl-o
lVr, at r J
as Junto of the Peaon, mlKM wtl! bo ii1..imh1
for e niurlnir Minnlf a .mi mi.
"llnK-aUnir-linft- wnt Sjuire Newcon-Va
dour trll.
Now Niuire Newcumemlht h.,. .M.n. aA at..
dr hlmaelf. lVrhaiat that wjuld l.ave 1W
1 th apeedlct war ofaetlling the matter. Ilut
t on the other hand he felt that I: would have
oeen derogatory to hia dignity to pnrfirm tba
offlceof a hired tarvauU .Hob went out into
the entry, and called afain In a loud lint resit
voice, "Hannah I"
"blr," sounded a vtloe faiutly, from the depths
Buuire Newcome oined the cellar d. ...1
called out In an authoritatlae tone:
Hannah, cmne up immrjktlrlj and attend to
th door bell."
Hannah came up looking vary red, and wenti
to the a'o r. '
cally Into
bolt erect
Dqulr razed in anme turni
She waa a tall, gaunt woman, dreased plainly,
aeantly for th araeon, yet there was a certain
dignity In her carriage which waa much mor
genuine lLan lb stilted dignity of lb man
whom she wa. v i-ltlng.
"Take a re at, madam," said th Squire, atiff-
.She aank Into th nearest chair,
"If vou bave buaineat with me," said tha
Squire, pompously. "I am at Irlaiirr, and w.11
giv jou my immrjialrl attention."
The woman ll curiatl lutt a little -bit the
Squire did not nolle It. lie waa an secure in
his own aelf-cnncloajraeaa, that tha thought of
any one' laughing at him never could entor hit
"I wish ta Inquire alout a woman by th
name of Conant that used to live Ita thit town.
I am told hat jon would know aomeUalnat
about her." , "
"Abyea, I do recollect Ihe worran. In fact,
she occupied a tenement dwelling Itelouglng to
my estate," aaid Ihe Squire pumpoU'ly.
"rah ia no longer living
"No. Sb died, I think, about three yeart
"Leaving a boy?"
"Yea, the had'a ton."
Certainly. I mean her ton. What became
of him?"
"M.i. Co'hant, hit mother, dial In Indigent
clicumetancea alie waa very poor, in fact and
when she died it waa found necetaarv that tha
ton thould he taken car ot at the public
I charge "
"lou mean that he went to thel'oor House."
"And I suppose he Is thero now?" taid th
woman, endeavoring to cut thort th Squire '1
"Your supposition Is natural, but la not cor
rect, notwithstanding." said Squire Newcome.
"If he it not in the Poor lluuse where Is be ?"
asked the visitor.
'That La a question which tt much more
eatllv a.ked than answered." said he.
"ton mean that you don't know."
Squire Newcome gated severely at the v tailor
who ventnted to treat him thua unceremonious
ly. However, he contented hlmaelf with lay
ing! "I don't know."
"Hut where did he go from the Poor House ?"
"I regret to tay, madam, that he showed him-
lelf entirely Incapable of appreciating the en
1 (tillered public tplrlt aid libenlily of tha
town, In summing so desirable an asylum fur
the lanelit of those whose circumstanens were
limited. He even went so far aa to indulge In
unreasonable complaints againtt the manner In
wb'ch the establishment waa conducted there
bj'," the Squire continued severely, "retlectlng
nin the OierMers of the 1'ia.r who couatltul.
the Iloard of Manigert, and of whom I may re
mat k by the way, I have the honor to bo the
Chairman. In an evil hour the rash boy, with
the heedlessness and precipitancy of youth, de
serted the asylum wldih bad da-eii opened to
him and left the institution, and lit spite of the
most diligent Inquiry and search nothing hut
been beard of him since."
"That ia all I wanted to know," taid the
wa 111 in, rising abruptly, ''Good morning, sir,"
"liood morning " said tha Squire, thinking
to blmself, "what a verj' lingular woman!"
Ihe latter passed out of the gate, and wa'kod
rapid) along the I'rvet, Ihe sound of a buy't
feer, whose rapid clutter indicated that he was
running, sounded ujmiu her ear.
She turned troun.L and caught tight of Ren
jandn, the Squire's promising son, who bad not
j et acquired Ida fat hrr'l digrilt j' of deportment,
"1 tav," he called mat, "war n't jou asking
about Hairy Consul ?"
"Yet," siaid Ihe woman eagerly. "Do jou
knowr anything about him ?"
"No, not exactly, but I can tell you of
somebody tbat I guest dues."
' bo tt it "
' It's Aunt Lucy Lee."
" here does she live ?"
"Oter It Ihe Poor House, and a pretty poor
l.ousa I guess it U uuder old Mudge aud bis
Thank you. Tou ha e done in a fT Ice,
"I wonder who in thunder the is!" thought
Hen, shading his rjes as he luokad afler her,
"She's a clnqier."
I'etl aps tho reader will already hare recig
nlicd Ler aa I'tlipa Mornit.
IH1PA VHITS THK ftaoit lliarMr.
Aunt Lucj Ie had not been furgutten bj our
young hern. At toon aa be hail obtaiued a set
tied home with the sexlun, be w r ite tn inform
her of it, and the thud tears of Joy tt hi goo I
fortune. Yet the wat not without a tod fueling
wheu the thought bow dosola'e tnr vwnfutnro
life must In-, lit hardibii aggravated by tha
ltly Irsecutlontof Mrs. Mudge,
Tbat lady wai (Tie I ith a atrong feeling of
curiosity tu learn who Aunt Lucy'a curreiiuii
deut could be. Ilut that tb. letter was Urmly
enclof al in an en, clo, tb. would bav e attempt
ed to peep in, but ibere seemed to be 110 way of
getting at the contents unlesa she broke the teal,
w bid. e, en the did not dare to do.
Still she determined to read it sooner or later
the more so, that she suspected It tu be from
Harry, and she wat deslroui of bndiug out what
bait become of bim.
Her best plan seemed to be tblt 1
She susted that Aunt Lucy would leave It
In the littl. chest which was appropriated to her
milted wardrobe, and which wa, kept In tbo
room where khe slept, 1 he kev of tblt chest had
been lcet, and although Aunt Lucy had reut
ol'j requested that a law on should ba obtaiu
ed, Mrs. Mudge had teen fit to neg ect tu re
quisition, as It w ould Interfere with puroaea of
her own, the character of which may U guessed
blio rlgUlly u"evtd tlwt Ilarrj'i etter, If it
I uniMiu raturii n riflin. ' "... " J " ""t wtianii iiiara lb n an M1U III lilt ur lit Iiakvaa a.a a.tr..n - -..- - ...... .... ,,,. awmna iaw
- nilt .1.1 hum .. " ..: . - n- -m v VDI'V w ,I. . ........ . a - a. . a . . . .
Riinlr. Newcome walked ln.l..l. ., "."" "r'u'm f':"'""' ll",n I-rjvMance,"
th parlor, .. sat ,lown in hit Wa i! . I.'rV.'hi 1 . 1 ",V.UK ror-'u
atlHuik) br tb table. ki.uw. At for ihli letter, 1 will leU car that
uabend in th vl.lior .1 .k ak. J'"" " h aimtluT chance to too it. And
w" WfSiStwam."..,
,rV ''K o"l'l ' 1M f-ar in tki. ch.
Ap.iillnKl; , a day or Voafrrrh lettrrhmt
!n rKivr, alio Mt hn lrot.l.iu, fcr atstrch.
At a prurient prrcautlon, hotrcrrt, ill Junt
0"nrd tho iWrcf tb common rooia to make
lure a Annt Lucy Lea wat at work tlitrcin,
Mm to k her way nn ataira, and rntetu 1 1,
roim InwhlJi Aunt Lticy U1kI torthtr with
twoi'tl.m, fh atoica want to Hi" chcit ami
threw it uen.
fcb lcran to rnniniiini Mnn.l amn i1.A..ff
l.itar'a -A. lit.. I mi ... a... I I .. L ....
"v.- .". .i-..nmi7, iiu i jnnKin. mucn 10
wa-i lier rnlnKled Indignation and dimnay a't aeo-
jou juu pauier ?
" I may be a pauper," aaid Aunt Lucy, calm
ly, " bu. I an. thankful to aay that I in m.i my
vwn biishieaa, and ilon't meddle with other
" Do y mi mean to aay that I don't 1
bushiest ?" exclaimed tho vixen, deliai
"What were juu at my trunk for ?"
mind mr
... " ...'..1 ik..
vld lu.ly. dirnllv.
"l:ccaueltwaimyduty," wat tho braten
r. . 1 il Ll r"'l', Aunt Lucy, Iu a tone
" -lea. I fill ture that jour letter wat from
....... vv. ...., .nu as 110 ran awav iroin in and T
niv liuiliand. wtto were hia Uaful ir..-r.l.. 1 '
tuck that meant of limliiig out wlier he was,
"' tlL uia'am, what"
"The overseers of the ioor shall hear of It."
"I I pity lolly," aaid Mrs. Mudg, but th wa
mli.li. :i;S,ltaiTri2ri.."r.r ""
a loll. ..nUk U..NI.L., ......1 1
... . . ,,
ig a knock at the outer door, one afLar.
noon, tu hud fronting her a tall, dlgnibad wo
man, somewhat advanced In years.
"1 with to aaee Aunt Lucy Lee," said th
stranger 1 "I am told that she resides here."
't. yes," ld Mrs. Mudge, with Something
of a sneer, "Mi ia on ol our auiiers."
"Can t see her?"
"les( won't jou walk In?"
"I belie, not. I would rather bar her Mini
out, if shew ill."
Mrs. Mudge wat aomewhat disappointed, aa
ah bad hol to bear the cuu, creation. How
ever, the could not avoid calling Aunt Lucy out,
though the did to ungraciously.
"A visitor fur met" thought tb old lady, in
sunrise. "'Iret Is something strange."
folie, bow tier, went to the door.
"1 bate sound lung 10 say luyou," said Felipe,
"though j mi do out know ma. Uav jou any
objection tu getting yuur buuuat, aud walking a
little wav?"
Aunt l.uey did so.
"1 hate been told," laid Fellpa, when they
were at a little dlilaaice from the bullae, "that
you know something cf th. boy Hirry Co
naut," "I ilo," said tb old lady.
"Can vou tell m where he Is?"
"Yea,'' said Aunt Lucy, cautiously, I can do
so, but you must Ural tell me whether you are
a friend of bis."
"I liava not always been," aaid Fellpa, "but I
am now. In litief, f. r I d a not care to keep it
a secret, I did bim an injury in hia surly Iifa, ua
der th inliueiicai of teveugn, which Iain now
desirous of ie, airing."
"Were j'ou angiy with him? What harm
had he done you?"
"ia luul done none. I had a grudge against
hlaln.tlei. Now, do sou feel sulllc.ent contl
denie in in. to reveal hia whereabout?"
'1 he old lady looked anxiously i the face of
her u.iiipunion. Ai areutlj- ihe scrutiny proved
latikfucttrj, for she replied" "I think by your
face that jou are S-csklug the truth, aud con
cealing nutbii.g. 1 will tell juu all that I
'I his she accordingly did.
lelia took out a tablet, and noted down what
she ilieuaed desirable, and then saying, "You
ha,e done the buy a grealrr service' than you
Imai'li.e," alio liw ed grav elj-, and turning away
swift I)', disapia-arttd.
Aunt Lucy slowly returned to tho Pour House.
Mrs. Mudge looked up at she entered Ihe
"So It seems you have a secret, my lady. It
don't teuk very well fir Juu, I can tell you
that, lu gu trapesing round with stragglers,
talking secrets. Ahu looked l.ku a lull-liird."
Aunt l.ucv deigned no reply, and I lie curl, .si-
j ty of Mrt. Mudge wai duoiuud to remain uu-
A li M km aim ui.vni r.
It It due tn mj' readers to explain a cl'Cum
t lance w Itch baa alrcad;', nu doutit, excited their
I lef.r to tbn change whiahha.) ion ao e tha
fellings of the Spanish nurro, lellpa Motna, and
whkh, as we liaie Men, ha I inducoii her to Miok
out the hoy the had wrmigial, in order that alio
might du what the could toward, repara ion.
In the first place, then, let it bo understood
that 1'elipn bad Ucoiuu wlul the waa lu t from
a depraved nature than from tha force of dr-cutiiktai.c-i.
Her marriage bad not Usun a for
tunate a lie. I raucescia waa a man of uu print 1
I.le. He waaoneif ll.oa. who seem lami 10 do
isim to lode y, rather than tu benellt it. He
bud, indeed, been cumilled to leave bis native
land iu C'lUseqiieucaa of buviug male bimielf, for
tome otfi nee, aiiaa-uable to Ua uutragod law a.
In spite, however, of hit w onhlessuasa, Fellpa
loved hi in with an earnestness which could
scurcily lune l-ocn expected from on. of her
calm exterior, Dmihilcss her fancy conjured up
mei itt which It would have been hard for lea
urtial eves to discern, 'taking a Wantage then
of her aliccliuia for bim, Francesco dl I not find it
did. cult tu obtain his wife's Ci-ojH.raliuii labia
i!l,rii rluns.
1 hose, aa the reader may gather from the ac
count which bat already been given, Included
robber)', k
rruueerro bad been successful, through hit
w Ife'a aalatance, In securing Mr. L'auforth's
plate. 'Ibis he aucccoded lu getting rid of
IttrougD agenriea wiiit n nia meant ol iniurnialluii
ear 11) etaabled him tn find. He had liojml, also,
that Feltpu would b. tncceasfnl In purluiaing
tl.e diamuiid necklace, which would have been a
plUe of equal value.
lu this, huwever, disappointment wat ex
pa riet ted, and not only tblt, but l clips wasim
I ric i.ed.
'1 bla wat Inconvenient to Francesco, otherwise
he wu.ll have caied little for it, since he re
turned but a very tuisll share uf the dwoted af-
fii tlon w ladl Ida wile tell Ir into
It w as I ail I) tbrnngh aasislanc blch lo reU'
dared, that 1.1a wife succeuleal ut vscauln
the piUnia at the end t.f ibout ten inontti
w ife kucceaaled in caulp.j from
lier Idsl cart) after he tclf-reUase, wai to
nor lov, en.unterI tin ttier U ,1 ananannn ha.ili1.i,loi,.Hi,..i in i i,'" , cwaamimra uuyn mnnnnicimiiimwaiww
comer-of tlthe.t. W.o knew 1 tUJO0.X the WwneJTlh Sm "'1."" fe" """' P'K " K'11"" "' l0"' "
aoucht from the p.wt-inark. , w York." hanidv CVhTf ' V Iramrallly w.4 Hairy hl had any f Mae irl.l., ha would ha,
hHXtZZ oiterrulj ' " - ' . ttVMZZ "
ac,-ouniroMi,Ktnualx.lalntnt a moment "Wbat, Coout aiul neisclat.oa a .,. v ' "."'"". n'r","l,c'. K'"ie' n.ta wim
aft. r Mra. l,lfe U ke.1 Into th. i-ommon mom, hard all day, eai . Ju.t e. urth to kj .m? Vi ' Uk '."."'"'".'V' '"",' "i" '" h'i" ,w,
Aunt l.uey w,, remlnde-l of Mr ca.ontlal to No, tll,.,' that woullnt Vuk L at l I J'.. . '" ' T C"n:." ' Ta1"!?"0?
hcrrky.Mll,aj)C,lcfip,l,ri.. I ,a,n' made to work. I uj" IimV hllnJ'hv I l "'il1 '" .av," ,ni.U Dj-klaa, not
Sh uccor.1 Kly laid down It work In tha my wltt. Let th. III. u wfc V ln,;"' "J '''? "'"' , , ,. ., k
cUlr on bich b bad boeu tUtlnn, and,went fafmlnir. You won't caich mo at It K to ' ' "'" h" U.v'7 ''"V. h,"M ""t;h
upttaira. "llui " tiieailmt h! wile "mi -i .11 i-. i Cameron, hi earur for the older'. m-iulllv.
Mr..J;iu,llI.WMaomu1,rrewrnplodlh.tth. ' rroen.eut'.t ,! " , ffl. !,l.r !' fl M , " , .l.mKl i-,lh. a
a'T',.1 1 ' ia a .1 . I lonialitaaa.r. It ama.1 htm muruao and ill- '"".,"" nl"" aaa muco notic or
- .... w . ...u.'vi. .nit. iu..l i.iirr. pa. an. .
1 " - ' " m j w ,"" iw " vucsi again, airs. !
.1 "- ".... .... ,ri.,.r.-l.l......fc.I.. . ...... I .- . s. I
llL Iratlll lllliM 1(1 1 1 ilia A nit I i...w ak.A.1. I "- "- . - ---."- a.vaat wuniu mo llViOl la !.-. .. w - '"".'! '" . HI Ufa, irw VI
wi'j.ViiroStb.rTh..tr.irr:. , uv:'' c,u,,g ,o witi uu..r4$&uvgJLu&. r intrt.rbTfa'on.L'f'b.'. fcr-tt
SZvSSKmHt: i tii.utw,rn-A;r1:f;:up ; "tCTTt" w?"- ? ' "ixJ,? I -
W. ai. Vtwaii vJl?. Z 1. -kMu,V'' WHU lb. pruosed sh. twk b w to N.w ' riinLn-Vih.,,I,,6ln,,d' r"'a tbt Bb ' I Hmtr I., th. n.xt ttroet."
. """ 'cturn to retina ilorna, who afier I York Cieorge Daw kins. I 1 ii . .. , . mwiij t..j
leaving Square Newcome'a without obtaining, l0.r ' , ,. , . , , , , ' "lluw do you do, Mr. Camer nl" heiitLfx- ' thorVm $,ZtM?JZ!EZ!FgiuT
I be i. furmatioi. the wught, ha.1 been aalrUd to . ' reaolutlun had been forming tending I.U i.nd w Ith a sn.il. of welcome "I Jn,,LZnthik' tie. Z?..l
have rocours to unt Lucy Lee. wltblntor. Hif.thedaaalh of her bu.baud, th Iwllev tldslt th Urn llin lluii Ihav air. vou ?"'""' ilioen or the laakee-a long, gaank
M,s.MuJ.g.w.,Mm,wU.urprlMon.n.ir-!',! --T W-tU 'Vb'ffi '.BTu" ZgE":
---i .-v... ,.-..v .v ..-.. as. a.a, uubi lovrn 1 ' ....- a . .. uli I . .... -a a. . 'l UaVlII IIU IllltS. I a : . t
tweruig a shock at in outer door, one an.r. '
OC'I'OHM?? S. I8."J0.
tf.tyaj". dt tii if ttArtr .11
hat iJ tha
yonn ikIM of her Prtner nnploi era,
In thui, , at w a hm e auen, i
wa tucceM-
Afier thia, pnulnncodictaiad iht il. .hn.,11
nrt remain ltiKr In i. Vik, Accirtt.ncly.
ltb what reraniiimt f therr unlfal jam.,
they tmlnn.te.1 w a weMeru dry, wtii, Rn,w,J
Uredoftherrkaaf buvlar,, Tcko f.itk.1
imn to I ha I ml cocu.tiou irkiir J k-w
ffflliriMIFU I.. . . ntr ..-...-. '
"i . . "" Mioai uoioiIuim tre,
Mon Ida tempi r. It ma. I him inuvcma ami ill.
lniinu, ana l.m cnineqimuce was, that at
length It Iwaine dangerous for hla wife to lie
mar btin v In n ho waa under the Influence of
Thua ll ey passed ten or mure miserable j ears,
In whiila feu,. annul by her imaory for that
which the bad bri tight on the desolate mother,
w bore ui,;ia.iiii sutterln r for t he loaa of her child
had no become some what aufiened by th ben-
I ..... Inli..... . af al
At length r'ali,.'. clrcumitane. changed fur
the batter in thi only way which would bava
been an improvement ' v " " nave
ItlV'lll 1III1IIVII-L.-V IN Lllliea
I er I1uai1at.1t alied
Ills death waa a violent on.
While erased with drink he had got Into a
quarrel with one who waa nearly at much affect
ed aa bimtt If. W orda of dolianc .sed b
tweeat Uiem, and r'rauceaco anting a club, alined
au iiiillVctual t.luw al the other. Ills opiioueiil,
maddened by this, snatched the weapon from hla
I graaup, and in turn alined a Mow at r'raucco'
1 bead. Tbli waa mure accurately deli,rre.L and
the ri suit waa fatal I
1 " "-' i"!" iu.ui.iit iiiiv tua ru
when reliiM, rushing Into th room, at th
ou,,,. WU lrhMUa!wu.i.I town
w-n ,..,...,( ww ...v.,,, .nu iu. ruauavwa ,u
dedicate the remainder of her life to something
I bhe sought refuge from th. world In a con-
1 vent.
I 'I be priest whu recti, ad her confession asked
more wormy.
" Is this boy jet living whotn j-outtul. while
an Ii fant ?"
" I don't know, my father."
' 'I hen you have never heard from him since
you left bun ?"
"Do you remember tha name of the family
with whom he waa left ?"
"It wa Conant."
"And yiu tbink they adopted him ?
"I hey ere v ery lik.ly to do to, aa they had
"My daughter, thtre la en. duty which la Im-
peratlte befure you can be received Into this
anatuary of IbeChurvb. Aro you prepared to
do it ?"
"W bat la It, my father ?"
"It La to make reflation for th. wrong you
bav committed against Heaven and this fain
Uv." "Ilut how can I dol?"
"lou cannot do it entirely. You cannot re
call or change the yeara of pain, aud sorrowful
anxiety which yon have been the rueaneof
biliiglug to the parent, but you can do some
thing to show your sincere rieuiauce."
"cqaa.k, father, 1 am ready to do what re
mains," "You must mekout tbia child, wherever you
think he la likely tu be found, and whenever yon
have found hini, jou must take measure! to re
store Imn to Ida laareutt."
1 will du so, fatlur."
"That la right, my daughter. Y'otir prompt
Cnnsenl to do what t have enjoined, tesllllet to
me that your rea ntance it sincere, aud fur tucb
Here is alwaji hope."
In aicordu. c with her newborn resolution,
1'clipu took the measures with which the render
bua already Iscn made acquainted, and waa put
ou I he I rat k of disco, ery, Onleavlng tho Wren-
V ills Iw r House, she at once turned her slept
toward New Yotk, whither w ill precedo her.
' '
CllAni'tt XXXVIt. '
SAIJIK lnlliK.
dout t. tie rat Idly advanced,
"I shall Irj to do in) duty," sold Harry, ear
nestly, "If j-oti trr. there It no doubt that you will
iuccee.1," said the sexton "Failure most gen
erally toinet from nut trjlng; iu earnest, I
It waa with tbia spirit that 1 trry entered Mr.
Dai.fi nh'i counting room, liver) thing seemed
so hrlkht, that there seemed to lie no drawback.
1 biro waa one, however, at ho soon found. IIU
el I school mate, Daw kina, lo far from fraternis
ing with bim, at Harry waa preiiared to do, ex
hibited a auMrea of bauteur,wb i at unco rei-elled
our hero.. Harry was no milk and water cbor
aiter, aa I think my readera will have Judged be
fore tils, lie bud a nuuily, lndeudent spirit,
and a projer amount of solf-rtspaict. Therefore,
llmliug tbat (Juorge Dawklna waa not disiaised to
nstiuud to hia advances, he lejeed tomaketheiu,
and became as reserved aa Hawkins himself.
One day a friend of Daw kina chanced to visit
the counting-room, and engn,red in conversation
with him.
Harry, whose desk waa at mm little distance
from that of Daw kina, thancud to overhear a
portion of thttonvertatioii.
" ho la the boy writing at th. other desk ?'
Inquired the visitor.
"Jill name it Conant," antwe.ed Dawklat,
"What lortcf a fellow la he?" wat th. next
quea I Ion.
"I.'aiLer low ."
"Alow family?"
"' hat Is be then ?"
I "Ihe a.loplcd ion of an old lexton, I be
i lleve." '
"What In the world did Mr. Danforth take
auch a person Into tb. eouutLng-room fur?" said
. tbe vUllor.
J "It mutt have been nut of lit j-, I itippuse."
I 'Of course, vou dun't ftad Ilka a.a,M latino w Ith
bint much?"
"No more thin l can help lu tho wiy of busl
ueis." ' '
This conversation wta carried on In a low tone,
tut Harry could not avoid bearing the greater
part .fit.
Ills cheek burned with Imllrnalion at tha wis.
ertbla meauneaa of Daw klna, but otherwise ldl
remarkagave blui no alti. Iat of all did they
lead Mm to foci ashamed id the kind-hearted.
r a . n" na r-- iiri aar a iiraii n ii iv ira nu nr.
imi n banllv ( K.ll... k i ... .".. -. .
I'WLi'. Ihal- lual -I..I ! 1:l.. ..I.ll.l. ii I.
ino ueiii;ui oi in ain.i-ncanen sex run an,i r.r. s c i... -
-- - - - , .---......... i.uHu,i,-Kriuiii,Ti ,ii, is'uavirry mv i "
1. c'"" J" .Nr .Y.or.k. .'." .l -Z- buw'yoti',. TwocUUentof Missouri, on a tour
Vi i if iV . ,ki ", growni i Hiiuuiaia i nanny line knowdyou." , Jowa, n search of a runaway save.
1 i.lttie In Mr. Duiiturth'acutintiuir touua. ai.i ....t.i..- a.. i.a ..i i a. ' .. ! . .... .r.T ",iwj -
i " "II. I. . l,l..l.-..t,..l...i .,di,.,.,,i. ..a. ..,"""",.'" W"".'. ...V"?'". "'"" ' "f Bran- urre.u.i al raurneiu.auu ul undor 0.lWg
iiia i . " a 7. i .! "'" " " )"" i" excuse iiiycuriojiiy.wUat ror trial at kidnappers.
said 1 1 ugh Camerim, "and that 1. a great thing calls vou to the dtv i" I-"-" . aauuapiasra.
In an a nplojer. J ben It ia Juat the situation i.t,hi thought J d kinder like to have a vaca. I''"i- r. Dailet, aa .x-Scnool
iii.it you naae oeen nea nni'.sni 1 jou aro ai tl, n You see Ibis is the first time I u er, liaa Uaeu lieteaiecV M It b charged, la
lailhtul at I am assured vuu will be. vuu wall, uo I. i. lu.l.lu. ah. ..hi l,i . .....i . .:u. ii . .. Ilia on a kuirua lottarr roncm In
i aextin, ho,lhonh naHher rich nor faahionabl,
i matter ""it; nwnit mnami loouiwtign Maw
i kin, and' all bit family with him.
ll dul, h "' ri har tblt affect, l
Ilarrj a hn.itevr i.f manner, quit equal to that
oi t'awir t pixiri-it.
1 he la tert.'U ot fall to notlca hi thang of
"lutiingon . I he- thouKht Dawklna,
with a f uer. ' ")' '' 'nay Iwconi tucb a
itftar k brat aa h ' . " ' ur,
"I lm that does not trouble you, Harrv."
"Nut in the least, I'licle Hugh. S.a far aa
pride gia, Ind.vd, I believe I have aa much of
that artli le aa Hawkins himself.
"Dawklis, dot jou say hia name waa?"
"Yea, do you know anything of bla family ?'
"It Is very singular," said tlw sexton, mus
ing. "What ia singular, Uncle Hugh?"
"He trea I in to short answer., license he
considered ni.itle nut a very araatorratlc one,
and yet woiild jou believe It, Harry ? hlaown
grandfather occupied a similar one."
"Hla grandfather was a texton?" taid liar-
"Yest I knew bim well, thirty ot forty yeart
since. HI, son, however, managed to get Into a
good bualnesa, and married a woman who waa
proud, though ll ia dilllcult tu say t.f what, and
the cotii'equeiii'e la, that the family nww aaaunaa
arl.tocratlu aura, and look down upon those of
their own former rank."
"1 won.!er what Dawktaa would tar, if I
thould remind lilin of that little cireunMt'arace."
"lie would Ii confused anil angry, I bar no
tiuui.i; i.ui iih mm ensnsa nit prtu iria see fit.
a a ran uaran nu one.
"Holla Harry and mvaelf are under irreat nt.ll-
Kan. ua iu you, air. I'aniorin, aur your aiminiMt
.t . .- ., . . . ".. .
In vtleting lilin tu desirable a ailual ion. 1 1
I undor-
stsnd ton well the dallieulty of obtaining twiah
gationa, and I have no doubt that I tbali bo
atiuudanlly sallalled with your ton. "
The sextons eyes glasteneil with affeotlonate
pride, aa be beard tblt commendation of cm
whom he loved quite as well aa if he had really
, leen bound to him by tb ties of blond.
I "I am gratilied to hear you tay so, Mr. Dan-
I'"'. 'Tu,t I ' i ' ' .?' '.T r,' Tny
proaetaafal hful and unexceptionable aa I ha, a
in 1..U1114 auiii aw ur. aaiai a 110 HOI ailllclpal
any ground of dissatisfaction on vour part."
1 be reader Is not to suppose that all this waa
taid In llarry'a presence. It would have len
lll-judgod. however much he deserved It. Mr.
Danforlh Lad Invited the texton lutu hla l.tll.
'1 he latter, after a little mor convert,) lon.ru.
to go, feeling a i telle acy Iu Intruding lunger upon
t. ......I..... .ln. u k!..l. ft. ...1. ..... . . .
... ...-v...uh a iiiiiv, wiiivu u aa, uiaiav IM vary
As be rose to go, he received a very cordial
Invitation to call again, and often.
Mr. Dunfortb accompanied bim to th diair.
"What a fuaa Mr. Danforth makes over that
low person," thought Hawkins, whu hod by this
time returned tn hla desk.
Meanwhile, Mrs. Danforth wat recetvln,; a
visitor of importance.
A v iMMit iih.itkHJ; I
Aa Harry wat returning from dinner, ho wai
uddinly aroused by bearing a voice culling
hina t I
"Harry Cnnnnt !"
las king up In sume surprise, be found that It
rroocided from a man Juat behind him, who ea
gerly ex timled Ida baud, saj Ing: "You haven't
'"fKotta n your old friend, Jeuosuphat StuhU,
.. ll "" lele&l tins worthy peddler, attlrcdlna'l
the u lor) ofabluecuat with Lru'i button., and
iw allow -tiilla.
I a.V.il. IM ..tit Ii. .n,.,t..n...l lu lit'... .. .
"You see,
- j"t ; .....,.t, . Tvgo, my
and tbortud itwaau't colmr tu !-i l..i.il.t ....I
w I ere ebe than at i ork. So on tbo w hole I cjti
cluib d to come down."
"W ben alid you arrive?"
"Yesterday morning."
"Aud w bare du vou put up?"
"lo tbo Alter lluuse."
"In, Iced. Yuu iruvil in ttjle.'
"I tu (ioso they charge coi.sl.ler.ilde. I didn't
a-k buw much, la cause I Mt a kind of ashamed
to; but If you know, I wlda you'd tell me."
"1 heir charge la tw o dolUraand half."
Will, 1 call that pretty reasonable. That
at I II f kiiafl bIl' a It IS ninNa I Is a ll itaass .!... -I .
siiuaiiona, ami tlie great nuinlwr who apply for tppnachli g with a
them, net to appreciate your preference. hl lin.wai hand, and
I "My good friend, it It my opinion, that a pood Ceo-pe? How are
. and faithful dark, lays his employer under obtl- D iwkii.a drew ba
lu our place. I fcckuneil they might a,C as ThaT'li Wroly iiolttka.-Uc. ', d-teWyeari-aa
live dollar'.' ' I'1" ' Information which will b vry autU
"What! HedollartatUyI"rpeatedlItrrr
Oinewhat astonished.
'A day 1" echoed tha raddlee. nnr.tn t, . .
'You don't mean to say it' two dollars ami
half a day, thev ibarge?"
"Certainlv fdo."
'Oh. Ionl I and I've stonoesl t her an.a a.
alayt. What would Mrs. hluhhs say to nub ex
travagance? I shall have ti Ui,e Nw Yutk
right oil', or I shall be ruiuud." j
"I can direct you tu a aheajier hutel," said I
Harry, "w hero J ou can get along fur a dui'.cr a
day.' I
'Can you, though ? I'll rn there for certain. I
What will tie ol,l woman tuv, wheu she tiuda
how much I've Ishii jiaiingl"
. "Ilo hui ey on eliJo)e.l j'uursc'If, time you
I rai hud New lork?"
"Ob, pretty well. lie la-en round seeing tlie
) Hon, and came preity near saving the elephant,
. at one of them Peter lunk place."
"lou did! lellima about It,"
"lou tee I was wulUng along, when a felUr
ram out from one of the in placet, and asked ino
if 1 wuuldu't gu lu. I didn't want to refuse tuch
and iu I bid on It, It ran in i J . ,..tf?".
ava. a m.1 . ...
I qutr.cr. I tbuugbi it waa a pity U should ucToiT
to cueap, an l bi J tlx aud a bait.
as Vi .i a wWi the man.
'Shall I put It up for yuu ?
' 'No, I thauk jou,' taid I, TU taku 1: at it
" 'But I'll put It np lu a uke bo, for you,' soil j
a pu.i.r uiiiiuuuu, sua uesiuet, i nad a curiosity
to see n I at there was to by teeu, to in I wn. '
"I bad hardly got In, when they put up a tll-
virwaicn. i cnuKl aea that It
'"N.tm mind about that,' aaid L t Ami "
cara for th boa.' "" ' ",, j
t"II aaemed rry anwDlinK tn Wt It ra. ert r.tvw
' P"' " J"r bind nd tooV irtM'tUTli! ,
ad to. Wall, wb. they mad? iS tUtOL1 f
wb.! V0 J00. ,nna thay mad It oat I"
"Idoat know."
"Why. aliteen and a half.
"' her, taM II, 'I nee bar', lomaw'
thine of mlatake, ft waant tlxtera, it mm
alx that wa bid for tblt wateb.'
IlKlnkB ... I I.1.L.- . ..! !
tmlllna; a foxy tmil.
'! '.!'.?" kno,r ' m Bot M t, ralhw erota,
ii """' that g for anythlat; thortar ,
laid he, cooIIt. -'B
"Ju.i then, a man fivwa pre. mM, ,f ,
TliUmanlt rUhl, don attempt to Impot t ' s
him. r - ' a .
"With that, h coined riant down. It
I wa a policeman bo waa anl ts watch Umox
tlataioke. Sol paid the money, but aa I want
i nt, I heard t he auctioneer lay that th aai waa
e'noedfor thedar.
" 'Vou came f'etty oearfftttina cbeaUd taidT
the ollcrinan tome. Thea felluwt r bard
fiiatomera. Aa It la, jou hav rot a good br
rain. It ... I.,krjmirtlrt aUow thtrm t
pu- It ia a box. Tha way they do lit, to ehasra
i f r airti her that la only plated, and that a thai
rea-nn they w antH to do It trp fur you..'
"I e t anme rdatlont In tVa chr." raranacT
tna iiwidrer aftee ew; "but I don't know
tleman yrwi rfir to?"
"It mull lie, then. The ta a hoy of aoavat
nrv own airr of that nans. In fact, 'a la a elara-
ui t'e.iaine afflce."
"You don"! aay ao I Well, that U cirloat,' V
ak elate,'
'How are you related to them ? laqalrad'
Ilarrv. M
"Why, jot-atee, I'm ccwstn to Jlr. DawklaaV
H father and'aiy mother war brother and aia
tcr.'" "Wliat wat 'Ja fatlu-r'abwinei-i? asked liar
"I dn t know what hi rutralai busin wra,.
but I know be wu a sexton in aome church."
TNa ttlfod with the aocnunt which Harry had
rere'.eed frotn High Camera, awl h could na
longer diiil.t thns, it rang aa It aeinaaCtti'
wealthy Mr. Dawklna waa own, oouakn'to that
jildlns '."
II luld the peddler a.
"Didn't you say th hoy waa In th sain oBctr
with you? ' asked Jthiwaphat.
"Well, IVeacreat mind logo tad aee bim.anj
h ran tell in wTier hit father Uvea."
kiaa will be!" tboajghf.
ininasea, wunoai a car
A. 11.. Vln. iJmi. l.lm nt.!.,- 1,1. ....
rv. he thouirht with lUumati "Tru,..'. .i
-.. . r: :.' .. -
ol nia a.' looiaiea.
And very well matched tby
What wi I his onnsternatlen, when th visitor.
benignant inula, xtendeoj.
said i "How do von do.
i you all at home?"
lok hauifhtiiy.
"V hat du vou mean?" he laid. Dale with nas
lion. J
"Mr. Dawklna,-' taid Harry, with suppressed"
merriment, "allow me to Introduoa to yon your
coo-In, Mr. Stubbt."
'JeboMiibat StuhU," explain.! tbat Indlvlal
nal. "Didiat your father never mention my
name to you ?'
"Sir," said Dawklna, darting a furiosi glanos)
at Harry, "you arntlrely mlaiakm In supp-.
lag tliat any rehutonsblp exists between m and
that per.on.
"No, it i you that are mistaken," aaid Mr.
Stabbs, (lersevertng. "My mother waa Koxanna
Dawklna. She waa own sister to your grandfa
ther. That makaa me and your father cwualaav.
Doa't yon tee V taid he.
"I see tbat you are Intending to Intuit mat,"1
taid Daw kins, the mote (oibu-ly beosu ash. be gam
to feel tbat there waa tome truth in tha man'
claims. "Mr. Conaut, I leave you to entertain,
your company yurlf."
And be t hrew en hit hat, and dashed out of that
"Well," aaid the peddler, taklngalimg breath.
"That a cool den) log hla own flesh and blood
relet ons. ltaJa stuck up, ain't b?"
"Hals, some what." said Hairy. "If I weraj
rou, I shouldn't la) ilis-uscd to own him aa a re
lation." "Darned ef I wl 1 1" said Jshosaphat, sturdily.
"J ba, e tout pride, If I am a peddler,"
To liOmtiitJij.
Tiik Society of Arts, who manage I the first,
are about to get up a second World'l Fair, oc
lireat Lxhildiion fur 1W2. - '
lUl.KJN M.
Dbkmiek, a prttty girl of sweat
sixteen, andaa escsi
d Mormon, U Uctorlnif on
Mormonlsui in Connawticatt.
A ValiMAN In llnimr has an Infant tiln. W..I..
old that weighs two pounja and a half. Thai
county, N. Y.eipon the N.w York City plan.
Five Indian chiefs, representing tb remn-vnt
(f St. Regit, Irnquob and other trabea en tha
ew York renerva'li'D, have gone to Kansas tav
buy lande fur tba return al of their people thither.
Mr. Joiii Fits', aged 98 yeart, and Ulan
KtuauMti lUkLir. of Davblson eountr.N.C
I. were uianlcdon tha .lit ult Tby walked t
uincs iu iu rerauvnc oi tu. magistrate, anal
after thu ceremony w aa perform yl walked back.
M. Vl'-toallxcsirrr, a wU kaaern aclentlda
writer, Infurmt lb wurld that tha next abdugat
'ory to tn present gen.ra.aan,
It lattianire that among all th monument
J "How hIiocIksI IHm
and statues which have teen reared, bt-ahba
country, not on xlatt loth memory U Joatat
HiMVia. Hia remaUu sleep unniulosd, b-'""
neal h tbe soil, w hick be, wtlli ctbera, Irnod frena.'
ut)ranl1 grasp.
Mas. ParmxiiT Imwbc, of WTnhaU,.Vt,' ,
ailed a ftw da, t since of consumption, aud at aa.,
iiumbirof tliafaaily had previously Uiad, of the '
same liL-wase, thefaiaiily weat through th tuprWxi)
siitious larc of burning th. lung, heart at4-.j
b, er of th dictated ta prevaaut any vaur. tionv
di Ing f th. tain, ukeaso. '"
Is tb. town bf iNiklrv Niagara County, th!
State. mldeiSAM'Lkoaxirra, hla wife Sauma,
and their four dauktera. Thar occupy a faro.
of a hundred acres, tn weak of whko, luch u
plowing, logghig. planting, hoelny, taking carts
uf tsamt, 4c, hat, during th. last year, baoax
pcrfvimtd by th mother and daughters.
Tua Talmtr (Maaj.) Journal sUU that a,
young gut, HftrA jsart if am, aUaghter of a
wealthy roertbaiit, resi.liug In Harrison tquara,
Dorchester, decarnped wuli a party of !"" j
tho urtre torn tin. aluoa iiaiampd al
Bostor. but who bava lino """-Xjll
Maauihuatttt. Thtthr wial aAawawa
brought her houi. ...k.. -.,
A 7ru.e fraud In th. 1. fJJA
disev ered In ilwMt. .fV T", jVii
thtt a I-V.'k'JS".a?.a Ihh TvJaoVnit
VfStt M?rf4Uw UmklUtl'
?.V was bslag welathed. Some of th furchav.
UlrtWfvTflmaoittoMooreA '
v -r

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