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AlwttMMM Barlr.
Oar feotntie) wMk CUu,
Wb fir glad to Wn frort Washington that
Oat Cknetamtnt doe not approve of tb conduct
ofanlejBtorWAhDand Car. Tat-ali, In the
XUf oftbofeibo, Their datywa I observe
strict nirlitj end If the Frerxh and Eng
lish Hliktin eboee to flroet aa tuck anon tho
Cblaee faria, without consulting onf represent
tire el te the good policy or propriety of tboir
cown, Mr. Ward, certainly era not bound by
ay pttodplaof honornoTof International com
Ity UaMaay pertoflho force of the Dnitod
Sutea,a oxtrlca'ing the British Admiral from
tb pttlloat poeitluo In which bo had to nowlwl;
ad M reebly pieced LtmMlf and bU man.
W en, Oder lb peculiar circumstance, g
gnu aeogthln "cueing Mr. WMtn't coodn,
tmt every uwaa who aederstaods tbo obllga0
rhleh position f itrlcl neutrality Impose op
,tu Independent Bailor, matt bUme MHiitor
AUi rVr allowing aimalf to bo draggs Into
jfrgntmt eoplliy In tbo operations of tho
Allien forcei on tba River Pelbo. Has ho boon
Journeying toward Fekin In com pan; with tko
French ut KngUeh hUnlateri t and lad tbo p
ly bom luddenly attacked, wltbmt pretlom
warrnng, Ibon it would have boon Hht and pro
sier tat him to im oil tbo fureu at hi command,
n rrweeHlog and revenging tbo tnprovoked at
tack. Balm tor tho Chinese at Taka had In
turned tbo diplomatic representative! of tbo
Ibroo row era tbat tbor would not allow a naral
crco to enter tbo river at that point, and had
directed them to another entrance, where they
wroald find tba imperial Uetnmlaeioneri ready to
receive them, It waa their duty to be guided by
this frank declaration.
When tho Utile American steamer which waa
afterward tued to tow tbo British gun -boat
Into action, groaxdod within range of the Chi
mm forte, not ahot waa tired opon her; and
hoagh the UriUah Admiral kindly offered to
ad hie beet to aaeiat In extrleatlog ber, that
Bar did net, a Mr. fTAaD argue In a letter
hloh ho tub aent to thla ooantry, bnpoao upon
him thedaty of placing hta ateam tender, daring
tho tight, at the aerrloe of Admiral flora. lie
tad Coat, Tai-rall allowed their foeUnge aod
eympaihle to load them eaptlre to tbo blandet
fag policy f C Allied MlnUter who, by the
way, kept at the lafe distance of ten mile from
tbo aoeao of carnage.
To tana np the whole ttory. Oar Klnlator
nd Commodore despising, and deeply pro
radioed agaiaat the Chlneao could not Retrain
thetaaeWea from lending a helping hand to the
Earepeaoe, when they frond them In difficulty.
They aeem not to hao aaked themaelroe by
what rale of International law tho Alllea were
JuatlDad In tba attempt to force a paatag up
the Petho lb conduct of the Alhoa waa
raah, foolleh and bullying, and our represent
Urej aboald hare either protested against lu
foly, oratood clear of any connection with It.
Mr. Wasd'o course may be creditable to LU
heart, bat It b not bo credl'aU to Li bead and
we hope that wnoa oar Government next choose
nd A mtsosBfor for tbo Baal, It will aoloct a man
firm nerve and ceaar Judgment, who cannot be
gfted for the repreetmtatlrM of European Powers,
wboae mitretfi and ambitUna are entirely dU
imllar to oura.
1 Chlldreaa AM BeeteCj.
Thla Society has resumed lta work, thli Fall,
behalf of the poor and neglected children of this
tty, In right good earnest, atr. C. O. Tasor, Agent
aa already found good hcme In tba Wtet for an bi-
reatiag oomany of tafrfy-ele-, and will start neat
e.eek witk another company. How much better thla
e for the children and the world, than for them to
grow up In vtce and wietchedaeea here in this city.
Tbere are many children, too, wbo have fathtre aud
motbera, who might themselves be a groat dial better
ifr if their children wese placed in eltitrttitwa in the
country UU they were of age. Mr. Tascr eajra that
tbo cblldren are generally satiated with the chango
and t"r new lnuiiea, and wilts many ettera
to tbat effort, which are truly lntoroeting and grali
Olng. Laale Nepeleaa la 1H31'
Tbo following letter, written by l,m Napo-
bo la 1(135, has been rrpubllebed In tho French
urnala 1
Ansianberg, 11th Picstiber, 143S. Several jwiirn-
1a have siakid Wet 1 em aleitit to leave fur V rtniral
a a pneutr 'it the baud of the Queen !)) Me-
la. Hiwor llettenng ler me uuy be the euppnU
tua ol a auta with a yomir, bna lbful, aud vtunis
qihten, wkliiwuf aooueiu wnoa doer to me, it la
iuydi.ty woot treditt such a ruiiioi,elnie nti etop
known to pe oan bsve given rise tu it. lmuetevu
add thai, notwithstanding tba Uv.Hy Interret wkloh
is felt la the deettt les of aiKiDle w. hi have lust ao
quired ahetr UburtLa, 1 ehuud refuea tba hunur of
ahartrg ttie throne of Purtuaal, If by chance amis
teraaa eboud oat their eya me for It. The no
ble couduut iif my fether, wb 1 abdicated lu 1S10, be
cause he could ui4 reamclle the Interests of frauoo
with tbewe if Upland, hen not lieen forgotten tj tue.
afy fether, by bie jut esample, has proved to mo
bow mueh oiiee country Is pTreb!e t a foreign
thruue. 1 ftel, ui fact, that ecoUMtouied from my lu
fancy tu lure mr ci'.try above all ttiluis, I can pro
fur nothing to I- rem h lotensu. Persuaded that tha
arret name 1 bear el' I not alwayalieagroaudof ex
Mustiai In the e es of in; full.. cwmtrj men, siuoe It
wuuoue uinu in I uoeii joere ui glory, 1 await WtU
salao. In a bonleh e ',d free country, that tlie
ale will recall entotig tbfin ttuxe wbo were exih
i peo-
"i In
1815 bv owe million two hundred thousand foreigner.
Thla br-pe of aie day eervlng Frsnoe as a oltlsen aud
soldier fortlBre my heatt, end Is worth In in verm
all tlie thrones lu the world. Axnpt, eVu., Nroukja
Loots Boaararra.
The 17. ". and Nketrageeu
The letter of (Jen. Lamar, late U. S. Minis
ter to Central America, In reply to eomo of LU
ft leads wbo deelred to know the result bf his ao
COtlalioae, statea I
A treaty between the Pulled States and Nicaragua
Lea been ratified by the latter government, arid I. ao
oritaSle to oura-by wliob thedtkor to peaottful and
tiiendhr migration to Nlcaisrfiut la opened to Ameri
cana, line t"wty baa laid tbe foundation for a ratura
at conooenoe bKweeu tne governmenu it iaamtie
'A an tie provboona for the trototlon af our oitlaoue.
i Ufa, prouertr,
and relut'si t lt Is made tn aruod
i ou tba cart of Nloareirua. aod if vtobvted bybar.
K . m . --. .. .-.
It oaa na aniorooii or our government, witoout naa
L br our govemmtut. wltbc
rdlnc the iteueot of other natioua. Should
iny tn
ualltr, ocaaadareta ctuaons of oura forego their natiui
bv mataudlng upon a government which la now In
good ntlstataas erlth our own. It will lie only a revival
vt tba baaeaaaerlBg of a part age, when force, and
not reaana, was ths rule of nations.
Tba AdmmlsttaUon baa aocompUahed all In Rs ne
(robattoua wttb Nicaragua tbat ought to bo desired by
Amerleans) aad if tbe mult baa been tardily reach
ed, tha delay by tbat government Is due quite aa
nuuoa ta aha dread of filibuster Invasion, aa to Euro
rean Intrigue or roenaoa.
Two oueetlona aloue remain to be settled tba
claims of ear eitUeue against tliatgoverument, and
tbo opaxdng of tbe traunt route. Tie former will be
4Juata4l tare no doubt, to tha eettsfoettou of ell
tartiea, bra ul oommlsahm of tbe two govern
. -i with ieard to tba latter, altnouah soma
lilTiiiiilltws eatsttuue to ealet, which may be further
vompltcated atlU, much la to be hoped frran tba Intel
avavwaAdraoanteaperteioo of tha leading men of
tstearague, wban appealed to by the Justice as well aa
energy of our government.
The News by Telegraphs
gnNo Tsbyrant OJUt, X: 41 roil f (raat and
atetvr lteuee, maia entraac.
TVe CtbrJaot Hatch.
j(nSolefaBi, Oct . 12-Tha weather la iplendld,
and tba aabAAaae at the cricket ground bug. Tho
oore of tawAmvieaa Twenty-two ou their first in.
?1:,i?V?4, t,4"tau-wLjwd Jeuct Cassia
UfcU pUce, Mr. Klus aoUng aa umplr to place
Tee A Cagtand Devon hare reoetvad a oha'Wo
from a IlaeaLUll Club to thla cite, but - .h. iTil
had no ptactlc wkalcver in the game, tbey bar tbev
would play it a la crkktt, aad intaul to oaouna the
Tbe Btataab tadakalexi then eomraoaoed aooring,
A fc - awt aa aaw. waa aawaaaaai at way, ant I tvaj4 BW,av.laa aa a J..t
mtH TaTaaaawal waOT oWw-WJ-B -- .ibjwm aaawa 0Mwaeja- aa aaaM
jf Wl fwtu lv a. torn OC -Tm WlCJUUk
Tho aaalilarir of tweuty-era ie very good, tbat of
tU AaaatAaaw tawcg pasrtleakarlF, Boa. Tholr bet-
ttog waa alaagoud to-day.
,e. tmiitit aauaaaw. tie,.
Piaaaa fUstisiflnilyVi-d taem-
V. aw waeaaw, en.iwi
ihh ..au . H L-W. HAI.a.1
rcaa ran on th groou,', which la
(umieKrataeatl and p'mtlbrrat. a
:eenheinff eocaoeod ani roofed for
tutad an wKb AUuxa
Isiea Him lafil inilnlr'ir niinlnead ani
UdSea.arerbom nearly thwaaejd TtniTeeeal to-
MnMlHn ta atitUM fm Mtw (MaalM
ke kttaHifiHinumniM irjotrerr. irrwnseus
ta'IM ft iMTttoa toM IMMU U
BaMseere HoiiMpaJ Woml .
Haltingly, Oct. It. .The Munldpal election m
rttlllmortrknie rffU-liir. There wa considerable
rtln In Tartoua parte of tha crtj, and la eonie
tko rowdlre bWxked up Ike pollu g p'aoea, and would
perrott noeatiirsJitedetarena to veto
to the Ninth Ward the Reformers were driven off,
and at about three o'clock tholr onoJidaU wiUidrow
14 dieeust. , . - .
Inthetoth Ward there wt-iarreat Am tf o
VnfO dnrteg the afternonn. Mr. Kerso, of the Arm
f f lama A Bim.0-, was eerertly beasm, and had hia
cheek bowe cntehed In. . .. .
hotwnhesending the rr-MWv bowerer, tbo Re.
rnrmen hare done nolilyi and Nt f the vtolenne and
lllival TotUif would, undoubtedly, have ewept the
fa the loth ward, a J" IttmitaT, the nominee
of a tMitorloua chih, la defeated br tha R-rtcm eendi.
Oel,vhohaa lit mejovlty. In this ward, mMt of
tlio ireiec4able Tiite-J were maltreated, and oonae
qtwttlv the trliimr la a greet one.
Thevnte,Mfaaeeenbo aeoertalned bi wV2r
fthe dtv,f4up B-form.1 M. Aoierteen, NO.
Kewaiia W-d Amerloan. H Bef.vn, iw.
rourth Wrd American, M51 -.Wr"''B;,t
tiaUrt.U Ward-Bform, I OTT A'"'0' "
El Ateynfh Vrard-Ref.ra, "8- I AaZ'?nlS2r
rifu-nth Wara-ltrfnrm, i J m,"C;SIwl
Tura tree no tetnrn fmro the T"eo"h Waraand
U Is iportd the belM bos wee ema-hMi.
"Be reaiilt ehowe that the neturahard were almoet
e.ttrrlr eseJud-d from toe i-ula, bet awnJitsaalng
die Ibe lultrmrt vary eeveo Warda.
With to tLrre eseej tloua, tha most objectiona
ble randUati are defeated. .....
There Is a vast iniprnveroemera in ue cnaracwr
the new onunrlt.
TS lata Ward rtf Tmere endoraed the Amerleaa
nominee, and claim blm aa a Reformer.
Tbetiiendaof refiinuare irnellv enoouragwl and
bnpe to acUeVe outnplete trluisph in the Bute elec
tion. Leaving out the TOtta ward, ehowe that the Ameri
cano bave only tfl tnatotltr, while they bad 19.000
In the leM Me)nt'e eleclna.
hat little mora than half the vote of tba cltv was
reeaartTakla. Eleeilea.
thSairlfikia, Oct. 12. MAliw'a opposition)
wiaiorlty f..r Instriot Attnrnoy. la t tit.
OausiVs majorttj for Auditor Oeneral In PU'a
deM'la. U I SW.
Kaia'a majority for Burveror Oeneral, Is law.
The npiition aleo elect Uah the State 8na
tore, and ten ott of the erreoteeo rtpreoeutetlvea
Imm tile cltj.
Ibe udlretlona are that tha State S-naU wU
oen'atn three otpltlon majority, tho Demoereta
kali g one in riiUadeiplius and one in the tOih dla-
The tlouae will probably stand oppoeKlon ST, Dem
oereta 43 The oppoattftei lnee three members In
rhluelelnbta. one In tho Lehigh dietrlct, two la Lt
rnnitni, one In Ortlra. one in Mifflin and one In
rreuklin enunUee. Tlio lleuea last roar stood otipo
ertl (T, iMiuueraU IS.
Iowa Blertlaa.
Cklcaon, Oct. H. There being bat four tele.
trrajb onSoee In tlie Mete of Iowa, eorae deya mnet
elsj-i lfrre tl.e rreult of tho eloctlou there can be
dennltely aeoettelned.
Tbo vtAe neetved thuo far la alneit the aarae as In
1W9, when Lowa, Republican, waa elected by 3 OoO
oott CounVr atves S00 Becubllcan maloritr Ar tha
State ticket.
IjouIm County grraa M RepnUlcai majority.
Ilenry County glvee 700 Republican majority.
Jefferwei Omtitv Klvee 150 Republican majaity.
Dubuque gives I BOO Demrairetui melority.
teo MUnea gives tSO iMnocratlo majurtty.
Okie Bloetlea.
CTeretawd, Oct. 11. Incomplete retime from
thirty onnntlea. give a Bepublloan gain of alxeit B.ON
over tuft, and li.aVwU a hepeAUaan majrlty In both
bsancbee at tho liegieiatare.
Clrrrbmd, Oct. 11 A derpateh from Colam
bua aava thet tho Rentibllcan Bute ticket baa over
fiftten tboneand majorltv, and that tha returne tbna
far, aleo Indicate a Republican majority la tba Benete
of nine, and of froea twslvo to stiteea In the Uouae.
tadlaaa Kleotlosu
Cltrrlind, Oct. 12. Tbo few returns from In
diana, sbow alight Republican galne.
f'tv Orlran; Oct. 12. The oppaeltlon are
Mdtng a laitra and entbwa'oetlo meeting hero to
night, lion. Pieeu Bocu la tho principal speaker.
Lata frooa Pewt arlaoa.
A'evt Ortnaw, Oci. 12. Tha schooner Carrier
baa arrived here with Purl au Prince dates of the WJ
The oonsplracy waa mora extensive than anUoipat
e1, aad the piece wee deelared In a atate at stare.
nfty ooneplraftira had beea arreated and wore being
Bualneaa was entirely suspended.
Biro at Row Orleaaa.
tfnn Orlami, Oct. 12. DmrKR & PirRTn'i
atom on lveo street, waa destroyed by fire to-day.
Lues 120.000.
Tho Bplaoaoial OaoiToa.loa.
Richmond, Oct. 12. A Urge number of reao
lutltiaa and amendmenta to tbo conatitutlon were
presented in tho Hptaoniiel Onnventloa to-day, but
waning nnai waa oooo lu vaiaaioa tnaraio. a. urge
pmtlonoftha day waa apent la dlaeuaetng the piw
foaed amendment to arbele six, to alluw tuo Oeneral
Cteiveutlonbieetabluat a Oetrt ca Apieala, for the
revteton if oVeleluna of the Dioceeau Oourta, In tha
tnai ot rrveovieto and ueaeons. nut no aotlou was
taken. The conraeretlnfi of lllnbotw will take plaoe
touinrrow, In three dlflerent chitrchee. A pmpneed
arrangenirnt fir ierfimliir the eeremnnlee tn the
Capitol frmuiul, (ocasloued an excltlug debt. to la the
Uouae of Deputliia.
Bad Oatastrwvho Tiiree Brothoro Drawee!.
Jlmhm, Oil. 12 A dispatch from Portland
eavs tlutt three young men, lema of Mr. WlLl t im
WvmK.of llxbirade, (Me.,) were drowned on Bat
unlay aflernoou, In a pond lu that tows, by up
setting of a boat
Lewae Fire la New Oileaaa.
New Orlcm,. Oct. 12, V. If. A large fire U
now ravaging Levee etreet.
The Oatbraah. at BiewaevUle, fnu.
JVVin Orlcaiu, Oct. 12. Mr. KiiLaT, Editor of
tha Itrownetlile Finn, Is here, lie eeye that the
otexitmn banditti, near Pmwnevllla, en the ttn num
beiid too aud weie Ucruvang. Tb4r objwit wsa a
geaeral ,lujider, Fuare were entertained that tbey
wi uld. turn IliownsvUle, aud whole temlllee wore
fir. Ins fiom the place.
The Austin Uaitttt has Information ttat tba Ca
mancLee wU attack noitaeru Texas la tha winter.
Caeaeotleut State Fair.
Kcte Tarn, Conn., October 12. The State
Fair at Breweter Park la la auccestfut operation.
The ebow of horera la number aud exoelleiioe far ox
cedaany tthereihlbltlulu the Mete. The dismay
of cattie la also bettor than usual. Tbo display of
nliiLta la aleit highly oredltahle. The aduibtaioua
ay are estinutted ai from 11 000 to lt.euo persooa.
Tburs'ie? la the great day vt tha Fair, wtuoh oloaeo
on Friday night.
Thure wilt be tho beat tnttlng to-morrow ovor
ehoeo wltu en equal uueilxT of horeeeta Connecti
cut. Twelve or Uili teen houses ruue in to-night,
Irom hew York and Urooklyn. Amongst tha ho, sea
bow betels a niuilalntioliig toTuos.0. Atusiuo, of
Sew Jeraey, ai d aiiother belomilng bi A. W. Kaarra,
tif HonUngUiu t eeu tho Oraiiger hoiso, etc.
Afatiao Dtaaater.
Uc$ton, Oct. 12 The brig Saunders of Boars-
polt, Mo cajwiaed off Pollock llp Llgbtbuat, on Bat.
urday night, Bha waa takeu tu tow yeetaida;. by
the auboouer Relief, axd brought to UjaunU full of
v. ater, and masts gone. Nothing la kuawn of ber
Tae Nalleaal Ile.aa Fair.
Hot!, Oct. 12 At the National Hone fair
Uila afternoon, Ltban Allen took tbo firat prise of
a t.otO, in three atralght bemta. Time I.W', kit and
.tl. Columbua, Jr., waa hla only oompetllor, and
took tbe seoond prize of $300, Live Oak, of Mont real,
waa out of condition and did not trotT
BeaaJailal Besalaallaa.
Ulica, Oct. 12. Tbe TJemocrati of Oneida Dis
trict, to-day nominated Liwu Uiuaa fur State Sena
Kai:c.if Bat Match wtth Color kd
Rats. A handicap match, for the killing of
colored rata, came oS at lUetr JXHKiwut', No. 81
Wlilt atreet, last evenbig. Several hundred ooiored
rata, that la, rats black, white, mixed, oven rod rata
ware klUed by tba score, Th prlxe, a handaau
aOver watub, waa awarded to B. Dona's slut, Laly
Waaldugton. Bha hllkd 4 raU in 1 oooond. Tho
rats were ut colored by art, aa baa been euppoaed,
but nahuVly varirgated. During the oveulng, a
dog, called Balaey, belouging te Mr, J. Ftnan,
waa exhibited a sthaamalleat full-grown bull terrier
InAmerka. She weighs butt 1-1 pounds, and killed
II rate ia 19 minute and 4& seconds.
Harm or ttik Piaso Fortk Maxihs.
The Piano Forte Makers met last evening In a base-
meat at No. 181 Crand atroct, Mr. Qiluuji calltd
tlie meetlug to order, and stated the object to bs tbe
ai&aideratloa of proper miani of expressing sympa
thy witb the workmen of London wbo-ar on
strike, Mr. novaionAiiao tai elected Chairman,
aid Mr. Cum a Secretary, Lengthy STOecbeasx-
i preaaive unuamaoa aympeuiy were aeavereu dj
1 atawira. Oitxuaa, Doairra, Waaxaa, CoDajoa, Ps
1 a m - - -a .. . a
preaalv of unbounded eympathy wer delivered by
Maeer. OiLUua, Doairra, WAAaja, Codbjoi
aaran, and otaen, md th meeting adjourn!
AaoLo-AraicAJi Boadiso Boom. On Tf ed-.
baadayevexdngnaat, the first of a aorta of Anglo.
African lectures wUt UUUveeell at Shilah Free
by tat Ian Church, eorwa Prince" atklartou etreeta.
Tbe object of these lacturea I to ewtebush a tree
Aoglo.AWcn reading reom, wbar pemoo of all
(hade of cocupUuuon ind ofri. Bwy'reaort witb,
Til Coirttioi. CnMMrrric. A gua equal of
Oem ana, wbo ely'e themeelvea tbo " Control Com.
mltba'reld a arerl niertlni at llun'b i It Hal1,
t'orsjta etrvot,1ast evVtlng. The alien Jaace was
light. They claim to be no pnlllleleiia, aod fieir ob
ject to be onlyla arcuro the election of honest aod
oar able men to office.
Our reporter learned, however, that tha "Control
Committee" a comp"' of the friend of Council.
man Va Ttea, wbo Is an aspirant for Alder
monk) bonora la that, the lh Alderanaoia Dtatriet,
and It Is asserted thet the Committee waa created
elely 1" the purpose of aacirmg bio nomination
and election.
lloTAnt Se-iatobial Connamo't axd
JfoMtiaiiow-Ia the &th Senatorial district tho
M'artero placed In nomination, last evening, Bxa-
xj Kstxt for Senator. Three ballots were hal
the tint stood, Braaaan Kaur, 10) lam Clt, Jr.
1. Tbo Id, Kau V, 10) K. L Moarar, T, and Caaa.
raawne, I. On tho td, Ku.r, 11; Faaacta, (, and
Waio. Py rtUUVe tha Cth Senatorial Whig Con
vawtlnn was advartleed to bo held kst evening, at
Peuilaud's liotel, corner Braema and kVlrklga
etreeta. It should have been called for nett Friday
eight Only a few of the delegates elected ware
Assnmr. An adjourned meeting (the 13th Aa
eeuibly District Convention, (ttoaart) was held on
tha corner of 8th avenue end 4 2d at reet, lawt evening,
but waa adjourned to frlday night, without making
a nomination.
Tbb Tammawt Jddicial CosrEimo- met
last evening, at Tammany Itall, and organised by
apptlntlng Mataoa t. Witnirn Chairman. Oa
tha first ballot for 'Justice of tha Supremo Court,
Wm. 11. Laoaaao reoetvad W votia, and Judge B
srrairll votes Mr. Laoeiao waa then unaolmnue
ly nominated. A reaoiutloo waa off.red and adopt
ed, approvb- g of Judge Rooerrt.Ye JudloUl career,
Judge MoeBfirr waa thou re-nomiuated for tbo
Superior Court without oppoattion, and after aeveral
baUotloga AatDoeT L. Boaarraoa waa nominated
for tho other vacancy to tho eame Court Ills princi
pal opponents were tfaiomi Caaraau. and Mr.
Dot lb, Assistant District Attorney.
For the Common Pleas, Judge Ditr wat aoml.
naiad by aonlamatlon.
For the Marine Court, Mr. Jowa Awnaaeoe, Mr,
Au ta, Mr. Tamaa Paaaaow and Mr. B. Wiaui and
aeveral others, were put in nomination. Mr. Fata-
aoawao withdrawn after tha third ballot. On tho
4th ballot, Mr. Aaesasn bad U TJtee, and Mr.
iun 6I-M votes being aeoaasaay to a nomination.
Aa we go to press the betlotlng between Annutoa
and Aura la proceeding, eotiie membera 'of the
Convention having left tired out. There waa a huge
outside lobby, but all waa vary quiet,
That Otiiuo-Daktixtt marriage, which
baa created ao much talk on eooouni of the great
weaJmoruebiUrgrniwK,oosneaon;to-aay, at anon.
at St. Patrtck'a Cathedral.
The invitation 1 loEugUah, and oonalsta ef anoto
oncloetng oards of admlasion. Tko note la printed on
megnlpoant veiltua paper, and bears the Initial B.
The cards are prlated on One white board about three
uvties long and two wide. Tho loit uf tha note U aa
request the pteaeura of your eonpanr at tha marriage
oeewmony of their daughter
Feaacag Aauaua, wrrw Do a Bsnaaa Bra. Can
On am,
On Tburaday, tba llth of Ootitier.
The eart of ednuaalea to tU. Patriot's Cetliedralki
Tarmsntv, (x-roesa IS, at Tw.va e'CLorn.
Thla card to bo I'eeeub d at tho main d,xr, Mutt
street. Beets reaarvod uctil Vjj o'clock.
Tha InvKaUon to tha rooeptlon U la the following
terms I
TburaJay, October tt, from one until these o'clock,
If Wee 14th street n
Bo," aaye tba SttUttf (Spanish Journal of thla
city), " everything promisee to correspond, In tha se
quel, to tbo beginning and progress of Uile auagnla
oent eUlanoe. To-morrow, aa wo have already eald,
la tba day la which merit, beauty, virtue and lichee
win be united by Indissoluble ties before the Altar tn
tbo Temple of Qod."
About fifty thousand dollare bare thus far been
apent la bridal presents
Tax night school of tho Newsboy.' Lodging
Uouae will open on Tueedaj evening nrstt. All poor
boya deetrotui iA lmjrov1ng themselves bave an op
portunity to attend. Dooka, papers, slates, Ac., are
provided without charge. The following eteaietka
afloid plraeurablo iroof uf tba good it la doing lor
Numberot dentltute boys sheltered by this charity
for the quart r ending on the ISth of September,
41M. Of Uieee, I.t81 bad meala. Of truant and lost
boya frtan various ierte of tlie Union, ami even from
the Oanadas, 41 bava been motored. A oonalderablo
numlairofboyatrwntbialuatitutioo have been sent
hi homes In tho Watt by the Ohlldron'a All Swiety.
During tha rwd above mentioned there have been
only (bur caeea of Illness. Sick boys are not sent to
tbe lblUI, except where the complaint la oonta
gioua. Taey have good medical advlaa, aud are pro
vided with medio eve gratultoualy,
A spirit of thrift and proapeotlvo eoonomy bj de
veloping amoug tho newsboys, owlag ti the e.tab
llahmoiit of tho Bank of tha Newsboys Lodging
House lu thla, withit the above period, U boya de
lioalle.1 f218 tl of thuir aartdaga
The Hank la oaed on the let of every month,
and the depneltora receive from the Institution B per
a nt. Interest (per month) au their eavings Slnoe
tl.e lntroduethKi of tlie Sunday dlaaera at the Lodg.
lug Uouto on tha 12th uf Juno last, M have been
aaved from the nuoeaa ty of working on the Sabbath
at the comparatively trifling cost of about t M.bO.
The mention of the Inclement aeaaoa will lemtnd
tha humane reader at tba same time, tbat donattona
of e pare! and bed clothea erlll bo very acceptable at
tho Lodging lljuse, Sua Dulldlng, to which adlreaa
they may be asnt rroauuU of statiourry and of
hooka for their library and night aolioul will also bo
gratuTilly reoilred.
BiTCOTn, the Jewlidi feast of Tabernacle,
otanmenoed last ovenuig, and will continue to-day
and to-morrow. This I In commeinoratiiia of thitr
having dwelt to tents, or booths, mala of tue
branches aud leaves of tree, whilst to their passags
out of Egypt, and by aome uf tbe more strict In the
faith, la Imitated by constructing booths of a alutllar
character, and occupying them for a brief period, to
leuilnd tbeta of tbe tHla and hardships of their fore
falhara, before tbey were finally rescued frusu bund-
Mr. Uicaok, of Canada, who ha roeen'Iy
made aaveral aucooaeful experunents near Toronto
tn walking on water, waa to have entertained a
private party, on Tueedaj, by an exhibition at th
Uebokon yacht grounla. Having left Ua water
shoes at borne, bo waa under tbe necessity of having
a new pair made bora. Tbo shoemaker, ar rather
the Unman, made them too email, and aa tbey wore
n4 of the terolred buoyancy to sustain hit wifight
tha proposed eihlUUou waa nut suoceeaful. Mr
IlVioa exhibited hla walking apparatus to the few
apecteter aaaemblod, and a I plained, by partial x
perlmonte, bi paaullar mod of looomotlon, Th
"hoee" are simply hollow tut cylinders of about ten
inches diameter and four fret Ion j, flattened on th
buttotn, founded on th tp, and puiated like the
nose of a porpoise at the forward end. Along the
bottom ma two Cangaa like a double keel, whloh
give tbe neooasary aupwort against lateral or eliding
mutton. Between tho Aaiigea three "ana" are eo ar
ranged that they close up by the forwa.'d motion, and
open to tha alighteet resistance backward, thua en
abling Uni to move forward easily, la tbe centre
ere Vie openings for the feet, whloh ere supported by
a kind of U4 leg to afford the requisite support.
Mr. lltuaoa promisee to give another, and ho hpw
a better exhibition, la a day or two, at tbo aame
Tin following passenger! from the steamer
Quaker City, arrived la this city yesterday, by the
steamship Yorktown, from Norfolk, Va. I
a tlalleck, J. P. Iletiform, N. P. Prat, TT. a
Thomas, J. a Wilson, J. B. Harris and lady, Mlaa
MoiTevm, J. Daj kin, J, R. Freeman, J. P. Beoor, P.
Daley, A. Martial, J. O. Thuna, J. Anders . U. lira
bam, J, Vreeland, U. Tiinpeon, C. aViinondtton, J,
8. Floyd, T. t lord, J. W.Woodford, Wo, Arm
strong, J. Ordti, J (te la Fonata, J as. Lynoli, T,
Dow, N P. Ward, Wm. IrwU, O. HolbvUy, J, Of ft.
br, A. Maatn. D. Dustan, A, Deneale, Uy Jonea, IL
Wnlteburea, t. Trawltoawa, A. Debblaa, Joo. Oolf,
I. J. lateyiLM. atiohardaen, a. K. Paolo, wtfo and
aftor, 1. W. do Chare and wife.
Rotting ae yet baa beea heard of the Quaker Otty.
TAit Waajiwtatn lNseatniaC, free Baltimore, arrived
yeeUrdeymotnila. report paamlng kwg rmaatltia
ef wTOtaad mtlor;al. apparently bolongtog to a
sVeauer, arsietatii- U isulUe-hatohee, dead llgUs,
Tela New York Oplbeltnle (Rye tnlrmerr J
oeptt Brd,meton Tuesday evening, and re
netvvd a reoort of t4S new cawx la the Uit qua vr,
Tba eaeeo are attended to free uf charge. Tha II w
pttal la located at Ho. 6 Stnyvooaut street, run
Tabd Avenue and Ninth street
Ar the Fair of the American Instltn'e It ex
hlbtted a Jiafenf stirrup, rf Iron, which releasos tha
foot from It wnBu tho tidor La aoctdenta.ly th.-vwn.
Ou a street dray we aaw, yesterday, a l'd ef stir
nips Intended for the South American Market, wt ch
tbat exhibitor and the puVlo ought t) aee befu-o U
rorlngaucb etntrivatviee. The stirrup ta alluded
to Is a atrip of oser, cienp-d to tha shape of tha f jot,
and faetenid togetber at tha lop. It la of Spent ih
Invention, light, of suftdetit width for the ball of
tbe foot to net open It easily, aad oUeepgagea Itself
from It Instantaneously, A4coe of leather pacod
acroeo too toe, prevanta tha foot paswlng further In
than la raqulalte, wtlle tht whole eoniem, svUle
and all, U mora effiotont and losofoitable than any
Anglo Saxon contrivance aver need.
It la now the 13th Oct. On the lit Nor. tbe
State Impneta an Increased rata upon tat payers,
while the tot books of the Ttb. frth, 11th, ll'h, 14th,
1Mb, and t:d Warda are yet unficuahed.
Dakiil E. Bi al.M and wife, It It reported,
have g"ne to Key West.
InqueaU, Aocidenti, fc.0.
Tita Fatal Accidrtt at thi SerrMAt
Dock. O Timer Ja aaaa be.d ani nne4, yatrdav,
at No. tie Raoond etrett, npret tie liojy vf Liovann
HaLxa, tho man whowaektlodton Ttesday by th
fall of a acalfild upon which he ami everai otners
ware at work, at the set-tioual 4 i-k. lt aj ,ers that
one of the pol' a of which tiie aoeTi'd waa ccaetmited
brc.ke, and thla was tbe canes of the disaster. Tie
soaubid wee ereetaU by tne perama wbo were upon It,
and ebibt men ta i ater t,i Uain It at once. The
Jury found tbe neeurrenrw act Uerital, ami rewlered a
verdlit m that eflart. Deceased as a native uf Oer
mau j , M j eaia of ago.
CAto.lt.Tliw. A pair of horses belonging to
Baowa A Garerr, Ruae (wvemei.t coutraclora, ta,k
fright yeeivritar, at the corner of Browne an I Colom
bia atrett, aud ran over three children, daugitera of
a nian natwd CavaeaOit, reeVUng at No to Ooliimbla
stmt, slightly Injuring tbo two older, and danger,
oualy the )oui,geet.
JonaDaaar, a laborer, whroengagel la h'lttng
a lerye ebeia, at the new building, N 16 Fiiurtl
street, bal bie skuil and botn ariue fractured, hy the
prone, wblcfa oll ped from Its faitiung wben lu feet
aboea the pevfinent, and fell upou bbn. lie waa
taken to Die N. Y. It lUl.
rrrra Fsaev, a lioy Ilk years of age, was dang r.
Ofislymjured by falling upon the piceeH of aalron
fence to front nt tbo Baxter etrect oohoul house, lio
waa taken to ths lliaptlal,
Polloo InUUlf enco, &,o.
Arotiiir 8TAnni!f ArrnAT. A Ml" aid
ma Wira th Virnna. Patrick Wbuii aul
hla wife Maaia, living InSTth street, near Id Avenue,
were both dangeroueiy etahbed ou Tuesday night. It
la allrged, by Mo as SrarroaD. an Irtab laliomr.
tarmam It appears, bat. wltbhU family, banted
wltn Waxeir but a day or two ago waa turned aeray
for niAaettang but board bin. On Tuesday, hlecbhd
died, and ha called upon Mra Waiea ti give nun
money to tairy It she replied that ana had no money
to spare, and Britruan lb. n applied tn her brother,
wbo waa preetnt. Mrs. Waiau tbimghl proper to
Interfere, and ordered Brarman from the bone.
Tba latter tacamo gnarly enraged, and drew a knife
which. It la cba-ged, he pluoged Int.) Mrs. Wsuui'a
abihanin, Inflicting, It ta thought, a mortal
wmisd. At Uils moment, the husband of Mrs.
Wuaii eame In, and , Brirroin, It Is alli
ed, subbeil him In tbo riabt aide and in b-h
areia. lis then took to his heels aad was soon outnf
sight Dr. VfuoiiT.of Vorkvtlle, waa call la aa 1
erunded tho woundeil, after which they weto sent to
Urbevuo HospltaL Tbo 331 Ward police were udi
Aed of tha occurrence, and started after Brarioan,
and about I o'clock yesterday tuornng, Oinosra Mo
Mauoa and Brmanavo dlaoovemd bin iu FJta
avenue, and after making a dwparaU raaietauoa, he
waa ca,tund and locked up.
CarTcui or A SwivnLiR. Matt Dcrrr,
auiatsntaafeorabr," well known ttthepaieo,
was arreated yeaterder, by Detnctlve Faauar, at one
ot tlie down town hotels, charged with hanng In
April la.t, awindled Mr. Tirca W. Bear, o" P.
vllle. Pa , out of $ 100, by one of hla ante nparattena,
lie waa looked up, and Mr. Bear was tclegiaphej, to
wane tu tha olty and irueocite him.
Pajoiuto Orrfjvntnritrr Movar. Wirrmti.n
B CaioaaaTia. reel JJdj la Flret street, was arrta.1
eatevday, cbangvd with havtog puwl a omiuterrntt
I bOI on the Merchants' Bank of N-w York an ilea.
Man Bonrrra, of M Avenue D, la payment fo. aume
Sroeerieo. It bi e'U-g-d, e'so, that be oOVwl another
counterfeit at Nu, 101 Avenue A, lu pavuieul for a
pack of plailug caria. lit waa bald by Justice
Ilxetv I.auaan was arrested charged with paailng
a ooimt-rfrlt t'J bill on tne Cltv Bank of Perth Am
boy to Cueiiaa NtrnoLa, of IIS lifin etret ta pay
meut fur a glass of beer. lie waa bald for examlaa
ttua. Baamn. Rnaseu, and Sanest. Saow were arrosted
rherat-d with (leaaog oounterfult $1 bills ou tne
Merchanta' Bank of this oity to a Mr. Brtea. of
FlTtT-eerenlh etreit. near Heventu mmm. n.
aearchbig thein a lot ot tha bills were faind In tha
lining of tbaii oiwU. They were locked up for ox-
CiiAitnaor Oatin I.inrrvr. A man nam
ed Jtaaa A. lloo.-o.ae wee arreted nn Wedn
day, cba-se-t wito bavo g at Jen I to from a trunk
to the eabiu of a l boat ly'ng at the ( of Ia
rry street The mnmy bnniieil t, Istao Tairav,
who male the oompla nt Justice Ksllv locked tne
aceiiaud up tor axaminallou.
Tats Latk STAttmvu Arraar M ri b Sr.
P atii ok thb VitriM. Dknnh McllavHT,
who waa atebbed witb a ewnrd or bayouil by J iav
Kenuae, keeprr of a port- hmi el No HI IVI
etreet, Oied yeebnnlay uionilug,ln the N. Y 1 1 MpltaU
Coroner Janaaaa was notluid, end will hold an lu
qua4 upon tba body to-day, Kaiuaea la to prison.
Buhhcio.i or IIoKOLaKT. Two met named
MatviN GaiJ-soiisB aul P.tsa II lueria. w.ra ar
reated yeeterday, by Detectives Kino and Davoa, ou
ausp rlon of havtrur, n Tueeil.v nuiht, broken tots
tlie dwelling hieue of Mr. II WulTaosa, Itvlar lu
Aetoria, L, I , an I sb-allng tiaief-um silver sn I p'a
tedwereto the va'ue of thMt, Tne ajouavl wra
teld fur eiaintnvttun. Tlie twitice atr tuev have
been to ma retut intiary auvetai timea f ir tueft.
Proviiiiko imr Tut Wiaraa Uetec Ira
Bknmtv, wulia etAndtng on the eornar .if Jaiia and
WaablDgtou atrtwte, leat eveutng, obeerved a yiemg
man walking along quite eiuaitly, witb two bundles
of white aud Uuo llauuel nn bis should ir. Ths
yiiutjg mau whiea name le William Hoaaia, bning
known to the imiloaiuen aa a aus4oiHie ohara.'ter,
was taken Inbi ouatody ou ana ilol of baring eto en
the flauuel, locked up at the Poooe Used Iguartaro.
LRGAt. KBrtlltri-WKjIXStUtT.
r. B. Dl.t lt Cawit.
Th Stcrfntconc rictu-cs TKt V, S. r. out
ease vf tht urntt The Jury in this esee found a
verulut oondetuuuig ths pictures lo ooufleoalioa.
Bapreaso Uwaut.
A etion in rWsnuaj.a-fVer ftmpm re. Mmmrd
I cinser. i i.ia wee en acuou til raoover fa teeiUftin-
aces of lbs defeudaiit, for an Btled treejiaaa, by
ii ason ot wi.icn uie tuaint'tra nuatueaa, i
at J JO Pearl
atrtat, waa ruuieiL It amwiArel fnim the pipire aud
tbe evldeaoe toat the piainliflT lead tn premlaee of
tba dnfeudant for fiv year, from March, tlU.ftr
laundry puriMawa; but, In 1837, the defau taut again
took IMMMBMiet of the pren lee, and OISHaiaesso4 tie
laaaLtin. This charge waa deulad by tue defendant,
who art up tbat he only oonitnenoml wime lepaira
aud excavatioua on and about tlie premises, wblort
the iilalntuf olaimnd Injured hbi biislaeea, and left.
The plalnlUTput luevldeneatoahow tbat tlteae re-ieu-e
rendered tl wholly topoaalble fir blot to go on
with hla buatneaa.
Jury tostructed to bring ha a aealad verdlnt.
IktLmxtfTrxuU Afwls. foofe Wotftrt.
JriU Ooatlard. Tula oaae waa again before the
Court, and tho argument for aad against th motion
to dleeolv th rnjunctkra ware aubtutttad at length.
The (uUowtng are the noma of the point la support
uf the eaottua, made by Judge Dean for the defend
ant l
L The to Junction In tho eaee doe not reet rain th
defendant from any act, or acta, except "preparing,
purung up, eotllng, or offiring for aale auy at tele
Leering tlie name of Bnheldam Schnappa, or any Im
itation of said bame." Tbe Court oaa restrain the
violation of a trade mark, but not the Belling aa artl
ole of property. That portion of aa injuuolion which
restraina the defendent from Belling eny article bear,
log tbe fa'ee trade mark, mentioned to the ooraplalut,
la void from nncertalntyi aa aleo tbat ortloa of lt
vhioh restricte the use of any tmltatlon" of th
label used by tha plalutut An order of Injunction
cannot be ao general aa to forbid any of the Bete men.
Honed to tbe complaint, but must specify the particu
lar acta.
11. BcVetdam Sobnappe la not a trade merit, but
the deabrnatlon of a well lenoern artlole of commerce
(UoHand gtnj Tha Court, therefore, bat no power
torostrelutheaeleof thserticli Bchteda-a Sohnappo
a a known yeare before Wolfe attemirted to appro
priate tne nemo. A Oerman dictionary of 1M3, de
fines Bohnappa as a dram, uf wther wbleky, or auy
ether aloobollo drink. Pialctiff n,lght as well at
tera4 to aipenrlaa tha term H Onguao Brandy,"
'Pougfckeepeie Ale," Ac, dro., aa a "trade mark,"
as the word, or term In queetlon.
IlL Nn case oaabafounion teeord la which
man baa over before bad the audacity to oUi n as a
trade mark, tbe tame vf tbo place wcere aa article
U manufactured.
if Tbe label of the plaint' ff on every bott'o It
onsiclualve evidence of these facte, and euftoient
reaaiai for denying him the interpretation of a Court
of LquRy.
K The p'.alntlfj, to hla affiJavit, c'almi tbat bU
article la pure foliar. Oin, manufactured In Schie
dam, a place to UoUanl I that auhoapps Is a Oermta
wut d applied to any kind of ale holio drink, and
tbat he find Joined the word together to d-mit to
fin tmixirtcd by him. This la not a trad mark, ai
oug a he baa placed befur It hla name, and signed
tbo labela,
P There la no proof that the plaintiff U the
erutlnal Inventor of tha article schnapps, or that tt 1
diit rent from any 4hr giu I that he Jul not first
ue ths term that if lb nam indicate th article
lu th market, aa ckalmad by tba plalntUE then no
nan 1 entUled ta iprouriaU It, unison be get a
Vlt Iftha cas mjAsU on ou vaMea there oaa
be a douU, tbo InJuLctloa. wtQ be (tilled, and the
oraaplalnaU will be wanpalKiil to catabiiab, lis light
toaeounoflaw. Tboaintaola were aubmlttad by
Judge Beau, together with e rutt review of ta hia
tus ol Uka aad IWjhnappa, a auown bf Grannea.
ri rttor.a I . end re th" gonaral use of tho t'rms.
11' a k i" I " Jurto Dean waa quite a'auving
end shnwr.1 1 at i t.aii"d gentleman wee aa wrfi
towt J la th nan and ',atorea or tna auT-mni .
. i . . ,.u..UII,l Imm
BJ, 1 that he oou'd rant rain others from IU nee by ln-t-
jtcttetv rwcUlly could a person In Roauta, or
any iAXer fortlgn cuntry, ada t a name there for e
urlnk, and terr It " The Superfine Ameilcaa Cock
tell." I' Ihrir le va were tho tame there aa oura, ho
Could ib-fend I ia riaht by InjuncUon. Any name
Could b aJojiteit, and by long use become tba sole
rirt.t and prnpttte of tbe reou ao astog them.
Mr. Wolfe's ain wre yeetardsy stated to be
cru-prwl ef wt and snrlt, on the averment of aa
Bff devil of 'o0 oppoolto silo. It now appear that
tl at statement at lnoorect Vie affl Uvit applying
tortouda'd'sB.btappe, Insbad of to Woife'a. Thai
r rectt Is ma.i lu J istlce to M. Wolf who de
clarea that if ar t n an was to make such an affl larit
In rvanl to hla sduiapini, he would take them be
fore the Irand J jrr awavel 'UL..
Mr. Wolfe da that bis beverage u sbownto
bave be p ire ,' , eud tee other pure spirits, (irMs
ry) aod giu a gieat diffirsoce ia favor of Wolfe.
Th Htnrii U Rapt Cu.UtrrtU tt. Hm.
Mitk tl at th l pie' nt," give eseunty for tbe cats,
( ai toe ground of being a non-resldout). Dsuied.
OFJJir P11TrZf OoaeradaWea'teaa. "
Tiik lUcorder transacted consldnraS'e bustneu
lo-dey, In this f'.eirt. J ihu Stewart at I A'tgi
Balot. wen eonvtctod of grand Urueny, in steaunr
a caaa cr dry gnvia worth 1W, from the store of
Mr, vblt njr, 44 Oourtlandl elre-t, na the 4th of Oj-
" or n wn "btene A to t years aad t month
la the lYntteutbiry. '
f nomas Carrtgao n-eadeil g.irjy to grand UrcMy.
and aaeenttulbep.nWentaryfortyeara
John Oynn ar.d Pat "Wt Downs pi,aled gunty to
an attempt at gland larceny, aod wore remanded for
CI arl.a Wlllia wsa trlr.1 for attempting to new a
oou,t rfilt $10 bJl, ar,4 aorpnltwt
Bamu I iiauainsnn. alias Dr. II and, charred with
libeller, Ined-trrel eong. an apithecary, named
Win M aiea.rea.dl gal the oorner of llth street
era Skill aveiitii. ae called to the bar for trial.
SteplK n Leary aod Kd aard 8 eeeney, was tried
for lobb ng auoldaldler, named Ldrard McDoo-
a. ot ain, iu unerry atrert, at noon, on Beptcmbai
ll'.b. Sweeney wat convicted and aent to tne Pen!
teitlary for three Jeers Ix'arv was a.nuitLsl.
Mary Oral era wee iilex-M nn trial for grand larce-
ry, in evwiugiaeive pirces or vesting rrom Mr.
lle'dwtn, the Bowery. Hi r trial was notoooom
ded when th Court adjourned.
Caatt tteJrtdar Tliaiediiy, October 13
U. a. District QjurUlio: 10, 11, 28, 4. 3.
Suvrmu Court, Kutcial Ttrm. Noe, fit to ST,
l.V) to U.n, 104, ma, i. lei, To, a.
urewi Vtmrt, CirraiU. Part II, M a. enew
9lor, itt, ji.io, tan, ixi, mAT, tier, ii. iot,
ol, tioT, sio, nu, 1411, .wi, Ilia, li, nil,
1'att II MW,aoA,M0,31S i310, 3M, tM,
53V4, 3l 3J0, in 134, 1410, aVUd, SJIJ, tUi,
VA, HX, 83N), SUM.
Wv;rior Court, TWai Teraa. N.aL 490, 141, I4T,
MMi,37o,87l, lo4,U,IWi, 131, IIS, irs, tao,
1X1, 81, 1H4, 1, ts, nti, IH-t, 8U. J, 11, 4,
.Jt, I'M, 8V9, 400, 4IW, 40ft, 400, 40T.
Common pint, rtrt UKa. 1S0 .a, U,
ion, ti, ii, lire, me, Hoc, ijjg, mt, iiwe.
111, list, 11. t "i
Part X.-10M, Wt, ltJT, 133fl, 1130, lilt, lUL
1333, 1334, 1334, 1341, UU, 1313, 13 U, Ilia.
Trh Amkricaw JcmtiAL CViTracmo.
The Amerleaa Judiciary Convention of the Bec-md
Dutrlct met In tha Supreme Crurt-rnom of tho
Brooklyn City Ua'l yaetarday, but as f-w delegatei
were preoent, it was decide 1 to adjourn until next
TueaJay, tbe ilta mat', tu meet at tba aame place,
at I o'clock, P.M.
WaaiiiKOTOif Mowcat awr. The amount cil
lrcV4 daring tho moatli of Ocbiber, for tbo Wash
Ingtiat NaUaial Monument, by tbo Port Master of
this city, est 18 W.
"Trr Nduajick os thr Ci-rrrow Kvvnm
Dona At a mealing of tho II wrd of Heath, yeeter
day, Mr. F. Sirr,tbectiyuffatonntractor,appeped
ti answer chargea made by Mr. A. D. OeTBaanta,
reelecting the aocoa illation nt aVad anlmaia oa Cda
Ira, Avenue Dck. Mr. Swirt deniwt tbo charges
ae aravtlled. Tha grsstist number of carcsssa on
tbe dork at any time waa 13. They remained there
taodeyadurin' a heavy storm, wben th veaacl
could not venture out Th-s. stetementa be wat
pi epared to verify. The U janl laid tha subject ovor
until next week.
Kinnt Cmmtg Ctmtt Court Calendar, fW. II.
lW40!W " M,M " '',w
Oreol'irn City OmrfNoa. 11. 14, 13, I1.M, ta, to,
IT, 3, 31, 34,13, 84, 84, W, 40, 43, 10, 43, 44.
ItaooKLTit CitT n.rrrAk Ihirty-elx p.
tloeta were received at thla UoapiLal during tho past
week, ID were dlachargwt, one d,1, and there wet
t ao blithe. Total number of petuuta remaining M.
Bbockltw CornT or Srtsioxi. .Tons Tor
ncib was placed on trial, yesterday, on tbe
Che go of foliadiaia aeaault Tba case w'aa a plain
one. and tha Jury found a verdict of guilty.
The fol'osrlng priaonera were arra Lined on Indlct
marta found awainiit them, aud laead! not giblry i
I'H.ai.ta MuLaa, for raim PaiLtr Tare, Oaoaaa
Woirait, Joeam Oaaixv, lo grand laronny Cuaa.
Qaoaa, fur rape I Join Wblxbb, for grand larceny.
AmnrST to tiir rvrr.AKve FutTOX. Tea
aenJay wn -ruing, the Full in. uf the ttavie line, mnt
w th a etriiaia aomlont hy rutmuig lut-i th pier on
Vie fiait it Biruth tub et , E. D Bne was pnaieeitlug
on ber way ti the Morgau Iron Worka for nipalra,
wnea at e rau chae In hy the Willlaia.biirjrh euore.
imr.n aairoiignaxl U'e running at tba Une,
ana tu rounning i-o to avian too new pier recently
i.ui iiy na i o i.p rrrry vu-upany, sue stntja
bsr br, a 1snl on the end of tho pie-, and hnr star-
tawrd wbel taee, entirety over it, hreekiniT d-iwn a
aairtinnof aba 4t rand auiastung the wheel. Her
bowaaanetrui.kuia other ferry pier, Injurtug that
e.meb.t,but d eng no further deruaga in the steam
er, bhe tlien pruoeeit. d ou her way io the Murga
Worka. Tto caneelif toe aocid.-nt was pribah y ow
ing to tl e careket maa g tha alot la nut beck uur the
vxreml lu time. The dauiage dote the pier Is Tabnut
honnr.RT ht a 8rrtat. Rmva jAoaaoiv,
waaarteKtd yiatnldav.ou a Cbarif of efcaeting aatlk
d ra. lie pr iauty of Mr a. Kawte, wlta whom ana
Uveil aa a rauvaat. Blie la ohargl with eeveral other
eliudar laroeuiea and baa airea.ty bann tn tha State
Prbaau BUa waa held lor examination.
Kasbaaandara at Oaaataattaaele.
I ought aot to leave ths auhject without one
eipn'S-duiiof tbeo,iiuion which a is been ao often
expressed by A merle in traveller in Kuropa,
count rnlng tba Inaileiiua'e par of the .morlcaa
TepreenUjve abroaJ. 'lliia la parilcularly th
CA-e witb the inlaaion to 1 urkey. Oonatantine
ple le unlike all capital cl'lae In this neinact, that
Ibeeoierelgn holda no court. IneUad of state
reci pi Ions and tbesway o sewhera exercised over
tbe multltud. by exhibitions of regal uiagnill
mo., you find in Cimatanlinoplo that Ta all
theee ro-pect lb diplomelisti rotgo. Worn oat
snil i tTi-e, the lurklsh grtndee cannot a(f.,rj
tolwlulge in the tx penult t luxurteeof h-jepltal-ity.
'I ho Hulia- tlvee no balls nor baau,uela,
abd lila uollll'y follow tbe example.
Itaabdaw, tbe babite aid custom of the Turks
are an tvUlly diverse aa to interdict their free
arsocathm wlihcach olhsrand with strangers,
aa ia the cam In other capital. A rigid adhe
rence toelliiueila and formality completely lilt
fens all mutual Intercourse, lleooe It follow!
that tbe Ambaaaadori at Conatantlnople hare
no wiuala out of their own sphere, wherein they
are klegs. Their control I abenlute over every
thlrg wedar their protacllon, wllhonl iwferaac
tolurkbth lawaoraothonty. lhehouieofaa
ambasaadur wld protect oven a Turkish crimi
nal, tie monarch la Europe ar more consid
ered by their lubjocti than ambaaaadon are la
CuniUnUDopie. J hey are to tho Tark there
the ropreaentatlrea of tha bigbeet itata, aad hi
favenu trps for ox pressing aay anulual aalho
rity, or magnificence, or pride.
1 he natural oonauenoa of the elate of thing
li readily aeon. Tbe nakUncea, or rather pal
ace, of all tha European ambaaaadore ri with
each other la tlie and beauty of architecture,
aa well at la the extent and magnificence of tbe
garuam attached. Tht hoepltaijty maintained
by tbete mlnlsten U alwayi princely and U In
variably extended by all to the Amerleaa mla
lsier, wbo la cldiged la common oonrtaey to
reciprocate the attention, In additUa
to the hoary charge cf tho usual atten
tion! to hia countrymen, ttu ' inaj-wortbj'
of tlw v ame of an Amerleaa mlnlater U wiling te
demean hU mission and hla country la the eye
of bU associate, and alUl lea willing to bring
tt Into th emtmpt of th half-barbarou people
who si around him, and who watch hU every
moveneut with Argue eyes. Every mlnlater to
Constantinople for veart bti been almost forced
to expend ttre or four timet tbe amount of bit
I alary and outfit during hla stay, and the repro
entati e will certainly form no exception. The
paltry economy uf our Government In regard to
the pay of Ua foreign mlnlater, while lt rant up
lit expenditure in every conceivable extrava
rbooo at home, U a proper tubject for reproba
tion. Tbe Buaalan ambassador here, forhutanoe. hat
fundi bed him, by hi Uorernment, two palace
for hla aummarand winter reside ooea. with ox-
tensive and delightful garden, ornamented with
plajlng foantalna, evorr rarlety ef Howera,
sinning birds, &C, and a salary of a hundred
thousand dollart per annum, axdualve ef hU la
bor emolameoU. Ofeoare,be U oxoeediogly
popular, not only among tba member of the
diDlomalU oorne, bat what I of more eonae
uvrhualurUandtlMCoiut. With
hlai tba French and KogUah mnlitar oaa com-
peUoti naarlr ejjual term, by reason of tht
likaralitw at tnelr Oovarntrtaatai bat tht Amer-
hat the Amer-
loaa aikuatar, who would ti be plated aa.
tba .level of a roproaaatadveijf a Uuto Oor.
uailVlaapallty, inaet be a anaaXrf prUieJy prj.
Talefoctene.-CvrntaotHx (rr, l.itnJalfUa
Ilr. O'Ooi.oT t a folloeed, oootendlng that any
pe tobedertg) t re are a beverage aud call It
!h k York 1 am. t r ai nt ur name be aaw fit.
Mrs. Wr-tLoVi Sootho) Stbtp.
Bin. WlltfLOW, aa muriwieed aura and Feaieie
Phrelolaa, baa a aethlnt Brrat for CaBdroa teeUlag
hick greatly faeUleatat the proeewj ot Teetalna, by
eorteeJng the gwasa, reducing all Islsaavasllna win
allay all aaJat, aag B sure to nimbao the bowotk Da
end area tt,Mohre. rt m give rest to ywarsolvee
eadreuafajBdaaaataWyoarlnfaatt, Fertaatly safe
uanaasaa, SeMavanehar. trawOadylSeoBgpat
bottle, .
Bdioeb' Ho, IBawiwa atAOHm
i -.- ar a. l.
"mm ." a wwwi wuaa.M,m.
Family Sewtog ktasBlaaa. ......
Baemmuut vwe. iwww w.....M.,M,.l
For all aiaaafaetartag arpneea Be
are wttaoat aay rival la the market.
an Three fJeaAfeeea to Three Doaww I gtaei, Ctty
Dlgf FfMMlTwBaU
ta Fifty
Lraet Boonl t Lsart Koortt ! I
LBAKT ROOM ef an ktads rawalrsl Lead TfA
rLBBOVB tiaaUbnT. is aewjaea
mm. jirsaru uirru
0 aril OB. Ill aawaewar. ear.
Barrt'i Taioorntaetn
Ts the Pe and Cheapeet artlel fay rtreaeine, IVentl,
Ivtne-, tJeaains, unrnnr, rreaervinaL eaa Ke
, (Aeaains, OnrHnr, Preaervl
aad Besterlag
tbe Hair. Ladle trr M. BoUbyaUDrucil
A Gbrat ntnrnoR is Tbickb
Of Fneli.h Carfetlasa,
uewne ena iwnj
"Otr ot nti rhtrnta.' la to be repeated at
Baam'a Mmrarv this evening, and th Out Bimra
fiilow with their slevioos dancing. This le aa eahe-
bcranoe vi oajeymeas. Toofiaeeatniaarteraooa.
Larm'a txos-Amai
Binal U ear ta the aawket,
Fibiaa ajftO awd oewarda
03ei.4.laieaear aaat 100 Bowery,
Firi & Ltok'b Srwnto HAcnnnc.
Wsrraateit W atva better satisftattna then any other
aeaenine in init wjera.t, ar money rerunneo.
N.B.-P-aicx Rxjicoxd vo60. Ke. BH3 Broadway,
Nattsa A. O. H. Iavr Iat.ag.rei St,
here era veaneaten a aaewt oa Ttrarsdsr, lath tost, at
avaeoaie UtlL roe Grand at, WU'lanabniahTaalf past
00 eeft, to pey the teat Inhale of raaneH to ear late
brother metiiber. OWKIt MHIUIRB. of Ne ti
rf New York ere leeeectfelly lavited, Hy orlar ef
ritiao-ir luiks, uanerairresx juim aUULiliTfl
Uaneral Becrataty.
Ollclatfce, every wldtb aad qaallty. )aat row
calved, ta. ee la, le eg. aad 4. aar yd. beeatlra! pat
ternei alee nut patter, sad a Urea let ef remnants
wr neree, coeep, ee enuun a ramoua aarpet aa
vtavaoaa eavrv, eie uaoeew, sv,
HaBovew.y'BOIaesat at Cwwawoofettag -Tap
eaulria artlelo Is ta be ffn - the aratermark,
lloloway. New York and Londea," whloh axleu ia
oeery leaf of the book of direetief , Mannfaetorv So
Mardeol ne.N.Y. lit
A Caw for IaBaaaam, Cadate, eVo.
It U Imposslbla to eoaeelvo or appreclaU tho bene (!'
to be oWleea frea yargatleo, naieas the trial is made
when sufletaag nader a eevere atteek af lalleeaaa, and
at tnal staa wt i the fo.er aad headache and oon
evrtetloa of th etwet ar mow) evpramive To sere life
aad prevent the e-ede of dleeaee frees taking root and
ooen eprlaflng farth la form nt deadlr eooaompttan.
teixweiani ei naaeiauTTB a rnxa na ewaueweri.
The patlrwtehorild Ire warmly eowrd lnb4.ndla
an recr or ee af ar taking tba FUla, tf the haadaehe
eaotlaore, waether with oeeastenal ckille or net, taka
of b4 acsieeet tea ae othi r hot drteka. Biaeawi la beat,
becaiwe tt hi apt ta produce vomiting, aad eaoor toe
good "eaee Ware highly baoefieial. aad greatly aa
elate the entitle ta tha beaRhfol resumption of Its ap
propriate fanctloae, After eeeilttng the FIBs Bvr
eoma op la thaao essas taka a spoonful of iTwal and a
tnoffvai et areaa. ana err aa oom wa veurwirts ieep,
la vhrw or pair bears you wo,the Pills begia to obo-
Now beea ready ens cold or wans gruel, of
wvki a waifenirnRiwaanauir. xne sl
Imate i
pantesie Bea.eMia w. niaiaraa expa
from tbo foTJ cpecatlaw f ta PtUe la the
.a a
In feet, h la e a.r'bod It ware well to adopeaa an eaeee
where full pnrgatlun la aiaotleed, FaH parga'toa la
xeeant wb.n th aolld and all spaeiallr face! ewnteato
of tbo bowwe are removed, aa ts the oaae
with au fa'l eargattoti with BaAfrnarnre Pit i.e.
row, in ieeo Btaacas i
tloa being followed, oae
inent to tba huoss IU oore
ox Inilaauaa, thla see
Or Iwe dart eoo&ne-
anttrely la a aaajorny of
in Tba Mathet nf Onrln-
eve wl'k Braadretb'e Fl'la," Ualxaaat te to cheat,
and eemetlaiee a wannlna Dlaatar. im Aaalfki- f
would etiageet that BaAKoarrVa Uaiaawt Is all a Ha
irs eat can be, MaJ w Oea Bandfor4's pnbll.hed letter
ae to lie quality sneaks velamaa. And ALLoooaa Poa
ore Puaraa wBI a'ae be fonn to eoeaavaia la taant
all tha aaalltlea daalrabla.
mee oeetrani. iriminuii msii n iraaiii
ran, set toe t
eoaa toreec
piawer ne j laaeo eroera ue upoa too l
ch aho t baff aa Inek apon the wlai
(trerara) AtoedrubblatwRhthaLtolaMatbreoaie
krred one opon tbe throat, aad cheat la sura ta ha ben
eficial But ills Ibe fnl purgation which oanat be ro-
lled upon lo cure the disease end nxtore health. And
whew this aaethod baa been enforeed with Baa oarra'a
Fiu,f tea neaer been hnowB ta fali,wh.re health
aae a Deeaible attalnn ant.
Tbe above ao o of aJmlnbaerlng the Pllle will be
irjuou eTueaioui in rjreeaina up revere aae lanamssv
to-v Affeetlooe aensrallr. esaeelall Planrlav. RIim..
niatlsm, ae.. ae. B. BaaeaasTU.
Twa Clatnlas Trait,
foark eloth overcoat
Pilot overeoare... .........................
F,elmaax beaver ,
' oasliws Leavrr.......... .
Plain black end colored heater ,
Oood Meek cloth Irorkeoeuk
r in black eloth frock ooeta.
Tho taeet Franeh cloth freak eoato.
... tntoiM
... te 14
...iu U
.... 18 U tS
...lite t
.. fSU
.. 10 u
,.. 1st
Oaarhnoro buthMat ce.
.43 50 to $11
Park ani fancy ctaaUuara busliaeje ptnta.arl 00 ta g 4
tne Areas pant .,: 4 bt ta I
An the new style of silk vaatuur so te SB
Vel-et veata... IMU4
Osaiiasars buelneas voste 1MU I
Complete Meek eloth sol's.. tit to t-10
man more emie ae mar., n atu,g u,aia,fLe, git
nanwnwaaawawB w avtA-aaay jaa aas aevita V eBtta. LAV eViaf-a !. MLB
Ac. Aa Ae, Ae, A. A. Aa,
eV A. At, Ac, At, Ac,
Ac, Ac, Ac, guu A.
fit aad U Fnltoo atreet,
Fileawlehlgi tlanaew.
At a spaniel merlin rf th abev Compear, held at
Putnam llalLV Third eve. oe the e.eulei ef Wed
aeaiiay.Ort lTth. the followtog praaubl antreeola
tint e wvro aeeaiaioaaly ,d'ptMi t
Wlieraae. It ha pleaaed th Almighty D'eaoeer ef all
thine la hla luacrulahle wleJom, te call from our
lelna. one of otr mora, balvrad and leiaectad member,
Uanlved. That while we submit aita reslrnatlon to
14ow, ablrb (!"d lo bis wbatmu has waa fit to laOlet.
yet we cenaot hut deplore aa event which has rubbed
ae of en eflleioot roen.ber and warm friend, aa eaoeei-atered-anOU
all be hleteelel dlasosltawa, aa4 oae
whokaepraredhlnieriria all the various rtda'laeaof
life, a diulf ui sou, aa affectionate brother aad a stooere
lt'enlvrd. That w dea-Ir srmyathb with hla be
ree"il parenla, to tha heavy aflliUloa waioh aov pree
srenpin thm
K solved. That ss a token of reaper! te the deceased.
th mmbra of thle Company attend hla funeral la a
H snlved. That a eor of th abavw rraamhl aed re-
seltne be aubllsbed to th New York Hun and Haw
York Lanier, aad eaanaTossad copy bo pi-sssnti 4 te
the family of tbo dereaard
JDHM affWnnSBL rriialrMaa
PETER OnXaB, Becretarr.
Po Toat vraag TnThlekera ar He
If vom do, end i oor beard aent grrw, wsa my Oa
wblekwin fwee theoa te rvww on tho emawtbei
tubs six weeks front the tht eawUeetlaoua'td want
B0 P AJoTti atOWBatTe
TBa largwat aaeortmant ef fashlmwbas FaM and WTe
bar Ctothln of every variety, taeta aod etyteaear el
wtand wttt he aoU Uni itlnm e la etta etart b
ataradla I
wsiinww. sa awga zw ariea
BU. Aaa Okmnk for Den ngvalaa -tefcnaw.
- - - . f..sk. .. ta.U.Ua fiat 1. lHAnl 1
o.'.'.Ijr TZTr7VJCSCtiiri 1 enb-
-rr " X'.L . .. .a.aa-Bi W, vrwyl-aa. tBfawaawa
tlOBJ t Wl tlUMabJBn, artBUB a"--a?r
iea rtrwn-raoiue Perteaa. (St i Mr. BUekweu,
laa B tSalllo, 08; kMenne fa Oxaord, N. T, SIS I
-r. Coae. at Baltimore. 1(V Bee. T)r. DawaeVet!
orrbJla4Iiala,einl MrArnald and Mlas nehtelat,
ft Mlas Jar. Mbfli O B Chlteendsa, it, Bt Fsel'e,
kwtan, r1 Mrvo-ma-n. KSn, Baaju, tl John
."1. ". " ai. uuawntajri r. w. i
irayih H
'TaTiataeoe SafAM-htrs. firla.
rseaw,BlM J al eierria,iiavie. piu
bl ,
Oaeraw B. laakiaa & for tree rtPlngreual .tM
J. X Feat, t Bt Qeorsea OhereJ, Anrjnsa nei uc.
Tyng, ffi I Hon. laaalla lrialhTffl J;6n Kaowee,
ef Albiay, B'W liberate PteaAlVl;Bennea.
W- J U. Swift, filftt Bdward Ualxbt. ta ieh" Mai
t'eeh throuib Koberl uraaia, a luiere oa au na-
aeeuUrTthrsb Iter. W. J. Fpnt, V, a "trine fr-lio a
uuw-. m .ft !tia..e an.
gMi B B Wlnthret, fJV"ta$T
JtiaTJr, IWl Vf. Vhaw. .wVOi'!'lJJ.''
ajewanandrailSiiB new 1'aa-r - - r .
, lryaBli I osah frooa aandr
Tbe aaawakere aftka rtfth Ward Dei
rrano vnien avasoaiauoa
iinarwia.) venlng,
Jhne Taffk nea.tr
f.o!.praia. BOBurr
HUKPUY, Beeratarlea.
Tbo aaembere of tbo aVrVaadathy taaaarel arw
iiaaweu ta mvev at tnrir
llLEK-K. ear of ltth at eed
ir beadqeevletv. WILLI tat
d M era, et 1 e'clooa-araeUe
i. Br order af JOUBMBB.
le.onTbarw'ey.Ort 13th, Brevderal JOUBMBB.
a 1 aa uiLiliafl, use I, mm
ajMfAal aVte4a A. O. A, No. 19, wrtH
be held TBoreder eveala. Oat tt, USe'atoek.at
Lurgaa ItalbTth eve, au member ere rwaawjted M
nail, ita eve. au member ere reaawjted va
a tawrle. as a? tmaert aae is ta ha tiwaaaeteA
, P. McBLROT. Tnaib, SBXTTOBTieej)
auaan. as uaina w. i
ay order,
Iaa-gUaWltW MUleOawnj, R. V, aawg teSah
jmumr gsigaj sww "-a-wnaw. ra. ar, new nens.
r, for eteenawURCajAX will be kept epaa an.
It e-rjoek crn-Tradar. Oct llth Ue. et tna
l-lfe A"rln Bxprwai Oempaay. tl HaAwaa
awatMBroadwar, ell tilt
Tno liksh Daratnllwn wrtU Aatlreee tty ee.
taa ef Yonkare aa Friday opening woxt, la tba 1st
Freobytertaa Cknreh (Bar. . Btr, BBWAJtD) en the
Great Bevtval lo Iraten. a ooliootion win Bt
ap ta aut of to Miaston ef tne uaiutatisa.
abo trfce. Deawrtaxtaa orlfl Addraea tnt) eh.
ntas of Fattarean, M. J .this (tnaradae owenlng) lw
the 1st Preabyterbua Chareh (Rev. Mr UOfcNBLOW
SKI on the Ureal Beriral la Ireland. A ee leetleei
will bo taken apla aid of tba Mlanea ef the D-irunv-Uon,
DBirnAM-BarTTH-Oa Moaday eawatag. Oat JMa,
try ae Be. B. O. notteferd, el his resUeae. Mt Jekei
DenhafntoMlssBoMlUM, eeeond danahtar af Alfred
aadOetiaaaaaann,allof ForkTtBa. Meavkaaaara
aaaaseeoay. -. .,.. "
BFJtMrOa the llth last, Mary 131. aidant neagta.
tavaf BatbanleiaandJenaoy Deam,agelrra,B
soenthe sad I dayc . . . .
Ta nlatrve and friends of the famrtyar rminl
Iblly Invited to attend tbe fuaeral, on Thareday arna
pooa. at I o'clock, from tho natdeneeef aaroarenta,
BCBB-On Tuesday, th 11th last, after Bnart
ana eera-a uineea, aarsva mine
Hie funeral will l
neow. aa I e'alaak. h
take Mee tnu fThorsenv) alter
treae bis I.U rwatdewen, t aaat WW
i rasfoatnUIr lavited la ettana. IM
sa. Ula frtaada are r
BOVIB-Oa Wadneedar, ltth last, JaaaBeaan.
J aa a , . ia . .i se a-
ist, JoaaBooo
awxeOr. ale I
Tna rakettv an rrtewa of law I
members ef th Owrmaa Oak Loega Ne, T, L o, af .
t. era faaaaetfulle lnettad La eteand tka fiaaa.al akLa
rfbareoay) afternoon, at IM Ccloek, trees hi lata nw44
Koe, e iiaxter ea. iiisremaina vuiD taaon t tna)
tberaa Oometerr for lalermeut, la
BCCnANAR-OnWafneaaay tnoralna. Oct lath
after a iberl aad severe illness, Oeorg Ueehsosa. Br.a
aedt earra
The ralatlvoa and friends of the family ere mint.
Mir Invited ta attend the funeral. en rrldae aaarnban.
October lata, at II o'clock, treat hie UaelssUsnsclwl
Beet llth st, near Ave. U Bt
COONKT-Oa Wedntaday.net. ltth,Patriek Coo
aar lathe Pbhreerel hie eta.
Hie friend end tha Mm of the family, are re.
epeetrullr invited to attend ate funeral, at 0t Cetaek.
from bla last reoiaonoe, II that llth st. lit
CABBXlf-OnwydaBf1ar, Oct. ltth, after a lane
an4rverluneeewhiehhbora with ahrleslan lev It
to, Richard J. Oarren, awd M Tear and t onra.
The raaaUvasan riienoaof taeramur arareawawa.
tufiy tavitad Uattead the runorat. thla Oar, (Tture-
romalae will be taken to Calvary Oetu.leiy tar Utavw
Bamt PeaaejIvanU papers pleoee ecpy. I at
OOBBBLY-Oa Tueenay, Oct. IttN Oatharlae Oeav.
aely. wife e? William Oonnely, ered M veer
Tbo relattv aad frlenas are nannratry mvawlpl
etiend th faacraL tale fTbanrleei artenvoon, ae a
o'clock, from her late reetdenee. 41 Haary at
CBOSBT-Oa Wenaesdar. Oct. 12th. at 1 e'eleaafl
at th reetdenee of hie mother, of esertet fever, Wdt
fam Oreebp. only oaa ef tbo widow of th laxajeja
Bdward Oreabr, aged I peer aad I meartba.
TharaUUeaaaadfrawadeoftba UmUrara r saw eat
fullv Invited to auend tba faneraLthiairh renariaf.
terDOon, at I o'clock, from the reeldeoee eg hi ateta.
or. corner of Bildse and Joba sts Brwalyn. Ula
rwmalnawUlka taken t Calvary Cawseti Bar In,
maot tU
CtTfMT!On-On the llth toat, after along anal
Baliifiiaaliiieaa Jsaies Ciiiiiinlins. atrae aad wertey
axaiaan. aa. d 40 year
Ilia friends, end those of his brothar-ln-lsw, J. W.
Maarey, era reeptetfuUr tonted to attend tho fawn.
CI, thla (Tende Mterween, at IM e'etoak, froea kM
Lrealene,MlasttKhet. Mia
B AO AN-On Tueaday night, Oct, llth, EH ateero,
wire ef Joba aan.
Th faaaral will Isks plaee this (Tborada.) attar.
noon, et txyduek, from her las reelaeuea, IM T-nav-teeathet,
Th friend of the family are respect liy
iavitod to eltoad. 1"1
FBEBLARD-Soddoaly, la Brooklra, ewWedaw.
dav, Oct. Ilia, ef blllou ehelie, Wm FnwUna,
Tne irietaa oi uxaur ere roawsevnus uiva-aa aw
ataan aha runeraL tan fThnraOarl
o'clock fmm hie late reoidonea. 14 BedkiM avc, wtar
owl farther laritetlaav
TfAlfinTan Wadnsadav mntmlna. afteea waast
IHT-On Wed
tnu Jane. i
lllnaea, Insa Jane, gaoghter of vtaacoaueaad anian
UaJgkt, aged 4 yar aadB month.
We Uf thet la tha silent tomb.
Bwet bliwaews of a day)
Wa )iv- keaaa to view thy bleeoa,
Aad thoa art ceiled away.
The relative end Manns af the tan-By, ale tha
Sea-there of Columbian Hook aad Ladder Ooiassng
e It ererw-werrtfiiur tnvlwat ta attaad thofunaraL
U rthnnda-r) af -araaon, at t a-eleek, ftre th- rant.
ooa of bar perer-a, 1 Weot lth street Her re
main will be taken te th Cemetery of th Bvargveena
isr tnia-nnena. Ll
110' Mrs-Last CTtntog, Mr, Badoek B. nolaaaa,
agad eg yeare.
For aotieo of burial, te tomorrow's pater IBB
UABKIWS-Oa Wodneedar. Oct, 1Mb. ttngh Ha.
kbie,nstae of Coeevy. Farlab of Baph-ja, O
Done at, Ireland, ae4 (
oi yeaia.
Deereet father, thou teat left us,
Aod thy loas we ne-plr f-el i
Dot tie (lod that hath bereft ua.
He can all our eorrowe heaL
nitlrlrndaaadralatlvee ere reepeotfallr larrUI to
attend hia metre!, ea Krlda- a.tarnaea. at I e'eleek.
frori hla late reoidonea, B. W comer o' ah wrant
and llth av. tat
MeCAFFEBTT-OctlTth.Mr. Man MtCaSerty.
relict of tbo lau Buraerd MeCaaertr. aged t ywat
Tne Cnenoa of tee lanai., and thoao of bar eona.
Fatrlek. Bibwt aad Uuroard, are liaeiantuev tavund
te as-n4 be funeral, on frUay mornlag.et I o'rlisk,
trow the raetdeaeeof oer eon. 110 Kt l-tk sra
brtween Third and Lexington Avenue t- Bt. Fa
trlek'a letheriral, okera e rwjulew maaa will b- aefca
braied for th rrpora ef ber aeul. after wbteh kar r
malua a ill r Interred ta Eler.utk itreel Ossetary,
MeMALLY-On the llth Inst, la BeUene II Japatal.
afur e iob a paiaful luneaa, Joua MaNailr. a aa
tlve ef Dablb , Iralant. aged M a-r..
Hia funeral will take plane this (Thartday) afbar.
aeon, at le'eawk. from tbo Uwpttal. IM
MeBBIDB-Oa tha llth Insl, Andree. Infaat ana
ef J ame aad Boaaeua Melirid, egad. 1 year aad
UU remtlrs wdl b taken, this (Thertder) arVav.
neon, at IM o'eloek, from Ibe neldeaoo of hie lawerjse,
lie avert loth st. te Calvary ttewsterr, for leLwnnwt,
The frtendff of tbe famll,. and tbaaa ef klo onetn. (Iw
en Fttapaai lak, are reepeeUuUy Invited te aitand na)
funeral. lag
FBICB-Oe. lth, at the rastdeaeanf ker
lew, Thames IL Bulawr, Laijnl at. Mm Jan.
egea ee ream
The reletlveo and friends of the fanny an a.
fony taviaee la ettana tbe funeral, float bar kU rwaV
denoo, oa Friday, Oca, 14th. to
PI K B-U this eltr, ea Tuesday, 0 otebor llth. Jana
L. Flk.
Tba reletlveo and fileade of Iks fr sill us ra.
spaetfuliy tavu.a aa atteu hla roneral, on Thmwtap
BlternoM,, at llth. el 1 Vetera, froea th rmll si
ef hla eon, Owwie M. Pike, lit BlaU eve. twt
BtmiNB-IathlecUv.oaTeeaday.Osa. lltk,Wla
Tbe relalieee an frawaa at tha faatLw aia liiaaat
rallr Invited I ettau the dinar!, on Trmrwfaay-
a. aMHiis in. .. r.ara
ternonn. et 'eloa
l e weaeea. rree ei, ua raaalsn, 14 BV
dndgeat, with Mil Mi thee notice.
KOBCKTS-At Harbwa, Oot llth, Mary. 1i untax
ef BteLkea aad kMuaJaae Boberta. aiad 1 iwaaa
Tha fr lends of tho famllr ere raaeeetfullr IweltaJ La
atteul the fu erel, tola (TborsUay) aaernlnc, at It
o'elo-k, from the urner ef Firat Ave, aad Hike atiaj)
BBILLY-Ia Je.aeyCltr.oa Weaneeder, Oat ttwa.
at 1 1 a- at. Bear taurpny, tna oa-evou au ei raaraao
The roloUre and friend ef the
artWaunttf are aawpanV
raneral, this ( ranre4)
m bar la4tsMsnss,tatJ
eaiir lavtta ta nne tna
morning, at It e'llmer. frooa
souta aa sa. na
easrta ailowad.
BMlTia-Boddoary, Oc. lHh, Alberta awaaVh, ta
tna bath year of ale eg. IBt
n Wedaeed, th ltth Inet.aflar
LUaeea,Mre.koUaAaa Tumlra.wtfls
r. and OauahLtr of AjaAeew JTaaw, let
son aoa aovereuu
ef Ja Temlar. a
tbo aid yaw ef ho
O. aaetfcer, dear, slnoe yea ar gn
11 at roar kang last hiassi
Aad bat aa. year dear ebiidreaa
la sorrow to ibtoxt
Th manr yean that ye bare
Awe laeoto ror oar eaaaa.
To maaa aa haawv after yon,
tur beaite uLjht rarely Break.
Bat etn It aheet, w Banal a.
And sort onr decreet frtawdei
Te too MaatUtek. wlU haartaalt ai.
Your aent, wa rao-unaaend.
Dear aaatbar, Aaata.
The rrlatlvv a frie4e ef tk hunrbr are rsspsol
it. Boateta tr Bleaateopy,
WGUXBO ABT-Oa W4awaday, Oat, ltth, Waa. at,
Whltahara, sen et John WBIkabart,
The relaflree and Aiendt f th faatly ar reayint.
fullv invltad te eatead vn fanoraL oa Friday aft.
awan.atle'woaa, rroaa It Maagla at, tag
RITEK. By the aplendld end sorerlr stismsti
- mvr.n. Hytareien
bm tha n . 1 1 1ha
Opt Braytoa, If endara. Wedraoedaf-i. ani
BBamrABnnw OtaWaanTa
rWJoVF-. v--i fllaim
laea ai n, aooeain wa t.aa r-.. ,!
ikBBL tMillll4 eV i-iHa-WPr. Tmam WmJ, TnaaTJ
Thursday, end
Bt Newport each war.
X' Beaaat vye"-Theetoanw glfJCH DfAwnM
Baairaloa Usketstog snd return, xo. nln7
D YB-ene that eea be need without tea ef date.
Uaaw BrtwAlAhatoillU
TavntlaBTtne;thaaar arykjA, aadje inaiaaiiS
,.Je1f5rWWrtWvtaind Bewail OwjpS.
Vhenth aweary ,a,aSrilamabnriw, A.at aewMw9'
aawTaawap vooraa? BT-Draawtw and Fanay aaare t
iwiaiatw, va Moral new,! y adaVwanng ",,,

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