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B-TCdat Btoamsa, octobeb is, km.
BhI MnillMMi Baity
Jata Ball l BaHtl aV? ..
Xtnot Ami m .rtlcW - :
naa U Baa Jm 1uu- dlnpattn, and bare
MbfomfUmmUint tondon contamporarr
BjwBlafinodnratioacf loo. T Wgrat to find,
by tba Bvafli rtwtTad atno that extract wa put
la Ijpa, that Um Timit baa Worn mora belll
COM, ad tktt luloptod Um old bn-ln Una t
irtrua tblt MUtrj. UndoubUdl, thU cbiog-a
cTUmaliM Vaa Isjpind by lorf Palmemto!
ITbOM tcUtloaa with tba condactori of the lead,
tog Kogrlah Jaariul r well nadantooJ.
It U Uma, tharafora, for IbalOoTarBineat, a
Ptaji, kni tha people of UHe toimwy w .
Dritlak atlolatatt andanUad elearfy that, while
WimUnbinltbDHtUr la diipnU
taae-ratlaUaa, w art not willing to U balllod
Mtooarrlcbt. If BrhUh MlolUr tbooa
to artTOco Irritation la tb pnblk moid and pre
dpIUU otmtartwltb tba Dnltad BUts they
Can do aa, and we tball not decline the challenge.
With all bar orgaaiied power tor dealrucllre
Warfare, we afcall not Irambla bafbra bar Ibraata,
nor fear UaeoaaaowaoeM of once more tnaajuiing
0U ftreaftb ia battle against ben.
Tba FreM of tbia country baa treated tbii San
Jsaa affair In a temperate and friendly manner.
Oar OoTarament baa evinced IU anxiety to pro.
rtst aa annecowery aolllalon by aendlog ont
Can. Soott, tba blfibeat military authority next
to tba rnaldent, to luperceda Oen. IUn-fKT,
andhifonn bimMlfof all the fact. It baa, In
fact, dlgalfied IU action, and conalitated M IU
Immadlata repreaenUtlr at tbo aoene of Itrlfa,
cHIms, toulier and trlot, In whoae Judgment
and dlecretloa In the matter the whole country
bat cooHdetce. We think the IMtleh QoTern
meat and IU organi might, Judiciously, bare
waited aome official Information of the Inten
tions and dlspoaltlon of our OoTsnunent, before
Indolglng In foolish blaster.
We deepUe tbelr blustering, and assure them
that the time b passed when they can Intimi
date se. We would deplore a "war with JCng-
i.AlikJMiL war with ur ponntrr In a Um. I
- .kb.h e.w w.r,.),l- m. l in. tTnli-l I
nj . -,j - j
State geeu-es io aroiui out we canuo. auow
oar pre-dispositions to lire peaceably towards
all other nation and GoTernmenU to be nsed to
the prajadlot of our natlona .lrlgbts. We yielded
mack te IngUnd, for the sake of peace, In the
Oregon Boundary dispute, and we bare borne
with her deplldty and Intilgues In Central
American matters, until our patience has ceased
to be a virtue. If she prefers now to rerire
feelings that were dying out, upon ber foolish
nlers let the responsibility rtst.
Tie Unlaw el Tle(rapk Ueanauloa.
Iai sereral telegraph lines between New
Orleans and the Provisos of Ktw Brunswick
were consolidated yesterday, in this dty, under
the same of " TU Sew Jersey Telegraph Com
paay." The new company was temporarily or
gaaited by the election of AaalM 8. IlmvrrT,
u Tn sldant, FaAxcra Moaais, u Treasurer,
asi B. W. BosaaLL, as Secretary. The other
Dkactors ale t Ajtoe Kudxll, W. If. Swarx,
'Omm W. Fiaxn, 1L 0. Alskh, and J. II.
Pvbst. The annual election for Directors and
ofitcen will Use place iu January next, when
the present telefcraph companies w&I probabiy
be diasolred.
Ike new arrangement Includes the American
Telegraph Company,controlling wirssfromSack
vDle, N. B., U 1 biladelphls the New England
Union Telegraph Company with wires from
Boston to New York) the House Telegraph
Company, with wires from New Tork to Wash
ington, and the Magnetic Telegraph Company,
with wires from ew Yoik to New Orleans.
rLTmaneDt business connections have been made
between the nealy consolidated companies, and
each one of the several Western, Southern, Cal
ifornia and Canadian bnes, so that, for all prac
tical or business purpose, the whole telegraph
Interest if the leunlry Is permanently united.
The movement Is one of est Importance to the
public as well as to the aWtkuuldert of the com
panies concerned.
Be r-eru of Next Ceagrrsa,
Somr rrmarlis having been made regarding the
reporting of the proceedings of the approaihlng
session of Congress, we ma state for the sella-
faction of leaders, that tbe Associated Press of
this city, which includes The firm and other lead
log daily newspapers, lueud to make their usual
arrangements to hare tbe business of both
Houses carefully and convctly retried by tele
graph, (lur ie;orls wil' embrace, as haretufore,
clear and accurate statement of all matters of
public Intererst, including concise and Impartial
luminariee of all Important debates, communica
tions, resolutions, &c.
Fiesa lis Ml.
lly the btlg African, Cipt. Tb uipsox, from
Port au Prince, we bsve da'.es 'o Sept. 17th.
The country geterally was quia'. Come CO of
tbe ccnsplrstots against tie foverument bad
been arretted, among them Timui.kon Tamd.-i,
tbe assamln who shot tbe President's daughter.
lie had been In exi e, but bsd been recalled.
Tbtlr trial had boi n tet down for oc-plvuiber 2Ulbt
and the IVesldent bad declared they need expect
no leUcccy from blm.
Thw Sews by TelecTaph.
gnslk TrtMrai-a, Ofsxt, It: 4) WM strssf and
-isler Ueuse, main tntranes.
Mlaa-Mets. ESertlea.
Caicooo, Oct. 14 Tbe Su Paul TWat, of the
11th, aaya, the n turua received thus far, show ths
following rleiubllcan gains over lat nan rUmaay
r nquuiiciD gams over wi yvart Karasay
MM; lleuni pen onuLty, 600, Daoutah county,
i county. IIv; Wadiuigton county, lOOj Aoo
y, 100; Carviir county, 100. The Kopubllcana
c-wt, ww, wnu.
ka count r.
re known to have earned H reitrearutatlvea In Kim.
say ouuuty. amatur and 1 rrjruomtaiiva lu Anuks,
end ptubably t npreseutLtlvts In Dacotah. Tbe
Dea-osrau gain 4 In Winona. There Is but little
doubt of the election t ltcpubllo.su Cougream0u,
Ooveino- aud Mate tlcku, and a Kepublican major..
if la boU braucls U tL L, gWlature.
Usalsweilve fire,
' nrtMfi, M Oct. It. A fire, which broke
swat iatui oily but Light, dantruyut thirteen bul'il.
toga, la-volrlng a los of w.oou, on which only
abecl M-OOO waa Inaurod. 1 be prmoliw.1 lo-ers are i
rriLLLui Taoar A Co , Kilsv it MoUuiau, riuc
rao ak Co. Wauis IOxa, and r. U llasaiauss.
Tbo si--wl-i Ball, Akajis e- Uu a Kspn as ollis, and
. the Poet Office were also destroyed. Tbe fr origin.
need In a stable, and la auppoaod to have besu the
V wotk of an liif-indlary.
Fatiberfraaa Cabs.
(Saroean, (V. 14. Advices by Ibe Catawba
sUu that ben. Coacaa was preparing to kai Cuba.
Money -"ai assy
Its wsiajTusias uns.ttl d.
"ibsr we-j bMe fsier prevalent.
v'Sm&iLSiZ: from K3ortlai -" 1-ut Into
atkal Cosv. atle-a.
KiOmood, Ya, .Oct. 14.-Th. eommittee to
. .iUrfttaUmtadStaUiuideVib, iXl
coopal govenuuent and JurlsdloUon of ths Bn-tding
a T. uJauta. It waarfeiivdttheeoinrrilttMuiir-.rU?
t J . Tbewnsssd auviuLw t to artule aU of the oun
r. e?. waaejua, te
eetabllsli a Couit of Apueela, was raisot.
a h m ! eaaiorcrv.
Hat Bouse ofl-ebnog pa seed a resnl utlon to a-.poiut
B jnlrt mam litre t- irrrlr- 1 f' '"rf- creation of
a fund to sM feeble paribee and eougrcgatlw at
The Houaeafveputke took up ths res elutloa of
tbe lHamurr flimniltlrv te appoint at thU station
tw miss- TT bisbopa, one fur Ue northweat and
as- for tbe aoutbwast, and H was ananlmously
TlswhoU Migregatf n lmdUy aung O)oria
In I JftftOls, aud adiured after prayer. Tbls wa
f.uilC t: pari r.ie-n hour f tba Coaventtcoa
nam rkiMtM. i
iroMnrton, fW. 14. The freeident author
Ires tbe ertepleU deal! of lb truth of lbs dispatch
from .'Ulede.pble, - - lhi ?? ,,'fr?T "?
veeel d a nottflcatlea, from hint of bis Intention la
taSiuts e SroSwUoS for U M oe account of e ar-t-lhe'fSw
Monday lest, In relation tothe
death of Senator Baotnra.
Ths following officers here been ordered to the t?.
t.lu.ZSSpot war Mohb-n, , W-Wto the Af
r'cnn r,udrou . fjnmmender, Onrma Lleutenauts,
PirmMiS J. T. Jowis end Dtmniwion Par
Assnrr l Mtr, Al ex. F. CeoesaAn, and Engineers
go even, Atim, Fasjct and Fitoh.
It bat been represented hi the Tnwrury Depart
ment that veeaele owned In dietrlcU adjacent to lb
BiUlsh North American r rennets, take oargne on
board In provincial ports, destined fur porta of tha
Intted gutter the seaboard, and on entering the
iratara of the lled Bute, proceed In th flrst In
atanoa la their home porta, and tbara sxchanga thalr
rrfMani'fxrMirolmanta end licences, undar which
they prureed to thalr port of destination, and claim
to enter cwMwtee. II U also repreeroted that In
anna InsUuoes they make ao entry a from a forei gn
port, when the exchange thalr papers: but the oar.
cr la Brd unladen or Insretled, but pease at ones un
der a onartwun manifest, to tha original port of deatl
nation. Thia practice, saye tha Secretary of Iba
Treasury, In a circular, la clearly Illegal, and
must M dUorUnaed. Vessels from foreign
prata muat deliver thalr cargoes undar tha In
want menlfecd noLbod trr law. which ahnw
flat they war laden on board at foreign twts.
and which specify thalr porta of destination In tha
I nlled Bute. They muat oornpleU their voyages to
Iba porta of deedtnatton exhibited on thalr manifests,
undar tbrlr registers, which cannot ba exchanged
for enrolment and licence until tU entries art duly
roada aa from foreign part! and tha merchandise
brought In thom dulj uuladen bf permita frvm tha
pmr offlrara of tha cuatoma.
In amral lnataaoM, of Uta, Taaaata hare rlaarad
from tbelr boma orU on tha lakaa, for European
dertinatlnna.or for porta In tha Untied Btataa, on
the arahtord. The papera under which they narl.
gate the lake, art) not. It la obvtoua, tha proper dncu
D.11.U nr reaaeia purauing TOTairea of that deacrin.
tlria. Keeourea mint ba had. In auoh cava, to tha
prorUI. ns of the acta of the list DnunW. ITO1.
and jHth February, MM, prescribing marine paper
for veree'a naThtetlnf tbe ocean and Its tribu
taries, to an European or S"ther foreign port,
In patt by ate, ber enrolment and lleenas should ba
surrendered, and aha should be furnished with a re
sriateavnaerthe provUlona of the act ottlst Decem
ber. 1IW. Ifatieladeatlnedforaportln the United
Btataa, coastwise, In part by aoa, ahe should surren
der bar enrolment and lloenM, under the act of Id
March, 1811, and should be furnlabed with an enrol,
meiit ind Uoenae, under the provisions of tha act of
the 1-th February, 17M.
To prevent mapreheniilon in Mure, in regard to
tlie oiailne papera undar which Toj-agre can be pur
aurd In part by aea, from porta on the northern,
northeastern and northwestern frontiers of the Uni
ted Btateo, It Is deemed proper to state, for the Infor
mation and government of Collectors and other offl.
eers of the customs, that the enrolment and license
Issued undar tha act of Id of March, 1131, author
ises a veasel to engage both In the Masting and for
eign trade only whan navigating "otherwlas than by
If she sella for a provincial port, and II Is IntendeJ
to clear ber thence for a port In tha I'nlted States on
the seabnard, or fir a foreign poit. In part It aea.
ahe should lie furnlahed with a register under the act
of Jlst December, 17, be've leaving ber borne or a
lake port on aurh a voyage.
II Is knpoitant, the IMpartmrot says, that the pro
per papera should be Issued lo vessels pursuing those
rai voyages, ncnsrwise, sney mar ue expnaea so
tLedlaabllltkaand'KeDaltiaalmiKiaadon reaanla found
engaged In trade without the appropriate dooumonU
- naorlDea y law,
raws rtkee lVak.
Ltarrtnrerlh, Oct. 14. The overland express
brings Denver city dates of the oth lost.
An election had been bald fur delegate to Congress,
and D. D. Williams Is probably chosen. The vote
waa email
An election had also been held In Arrapahoe Coun
ty, under tba laws Kansas, creating considerable
feeling, the previous policy of the mining region hav
ing been the ignoring of all political oouneoUoo with
K annas.
8now had fallen to tha depth of a foot, at a re gory
digging and the other localities, causing a temperary
suspenjflon of mining oporetions, but the euooeedlng
mild weather had enabled tha miners to resume their
A Urge number were leaving for the States, to peas
the winter. '
The mines were pmduc'ng wall. A nugget worth
t IBO bad been taken from Kuassus Ouloh, and
several otbeta of lees amount bad been found.
Two hundred men ware still at work In the Tarn
all district, a II making good wages.
The Kansas lead mines bad yielded $600 In two
days to three hands.
The miners remain vigorously at work at all the
DeweaUa la the Caa t Depaty tj. 8. Maiefcal
Detroit. tCtch.. Oct. 11. Tn the Susreme
Court vf Michigan, tLLs day, a drclslon was rendered
denying the jurisdiction or the L'. B. Supreme Court
IS III weu-suown case or uepuiy l. n. siaranai n
us, charged vKb killing Csrtsln Jowas, of the brig
Omoord, last fall. Truss baa been remanded for
trial la the State Court.
lalaatilaa Aaalaettfc laiwst 1 aaai anex Ce.
IJottm. Oct. 14. In the Supreme Court this
a'ternoon, a temporary Injunction waa granted
against the Bhawmut insuranoe vompany, or this
city, upon the application of the Insurance Cm
mlseioner, en the ground that their fmther proceed
inga would be baiardoua lo the public.
Press the Hie nraafe.
fi'tv Ortram, Oct. 14. Af Io from San An
tonlo, slates that Hen. To inos ba responded to the
call for aid from Ilrownsvllle, tst be ba not men
uougb at bis disposal, to drlvftlis Indiana from the
iromier, ana can tner. lore ao noming:
The ranches on the Ts-.es skle of the Rio flrandn.
have been abandoned on aoeount if Indlau depreda
tions. The cltlrei'S of Bsn Aubmlo were raising two
com antra of Hangers, enJottor tVacea were raining
V(4unteera on aHuut
oi um.-.Tnigu' tnaoiuryw
protect the country.
Tlallsace Cemsslilea la l.eulst-taa.
AVw Orteani. Oct. 14. A Vbnlance Commit.
lee baa been fnrnK d at Marksvllle, I., to aid the po-
h.v u .iiT.iu'1 uuugrrou cuarmcier.
All, ted Hda.polea.
Won, Ont. 11 FoHWrk, who kidnapped the
cblM fnn bis foruer wife, la iKen arrosted b. tula
Bute, and will be taken to Dover for tilsl,
Rtm, Ort.M. UrmiT TaiiH, rsrnet d-a'or
on 1'ouithi.tm t, fulled enrtrrdsy. Ilea luvhllitlei are
between J50.0VU and tllO.O"0.
The frlrkel Bfatek.
niltiJcipAia, Oil 14. A cricket ma'th waa
poiumruciJ this moni'ng, titecsn tlie N.rth of fjig.
Isud ts. the Houth of ring end, a sl-tod by sis Aaier
leans on each aide.
Tbe ecoie of the South of r.ng'aud, first Innings
wsa Ml.
The rroie of the Noith of Knglaud, li'st Innings
Tbe p'sy ks stoj.jied this aflemoort la conse.
qurnre 4 the raliu Tie NoivU pled spUmblly.
TLere were about 2.0cl persons ou the ground lu the
'Hie r.uKlUbcTickitera have to-morrow for Nisg.
ai a. 'I here la a grsi.d dinner lu honor of them, this
evenlrg, t the tiusrd l!mite.
(I in. Tans Is someeAst Ut'er, and able to zito
Hamilton, but not to play there.
reaastlTanla BleelUb.
miMjJtin, Oct. 14. Tbe oliicial vote of
this city elnis tetlve ipNitlon and five demi ratio
members f the esaeuib y. The ouly aeaatonal dls
tiki aupiHswd to elirl a Ucmocrat Is still doubtful
Cunilierlaud, a demnciatlo county, irltea Iswm.
oppieitlon, b4 majority s 1'trry, MullUu aud Junoata
aie to be heard from.
MaiaachaaelU I.eaUlMare,
JJo.rm, fVf. It. TbeSentteofMasiachiuielti
laadoirtt tba resolve gru.tlog the permission for
the erection of a atatua U Uos ac i M-!, on tha SUU
House ground. ' ""
fie New Blexlrs-Tareateaed Iaalaa
St. Lcu, Oct. 14.-Mr. Oiiro, Delegate to
Congress from New Mseo, who arrived here to-day,
baa iuloimed tie -j''iHiinil that a geoersl Impres
sion Mtvalls there that varioua Indian trtl 1 n. tl.e
P'alns drslgn msklng attacks on ths aettomenUof
new Meiloo, uu tutor. That ths Caruuiohos and
Kluwaa are Jilned for this purjuee U a weU authentl
cated fact, and in order to prevent ojisu war, a
sufficient number of trooix should be esnt there,
wttlitut any unnecessary delay.
Frem HI. DosaUa.
Won fldoter 11. lw arrivals at this
r-- ."." -lln 'vUxs toBe,tmUr 13 J, sdl
tnn Cape luythn, U the ih, we lea.u tbat arresb
conbuucaUi be maJo lu all ,.'. .i - i ",5
celDl tbe eoutD of tUoa. iram, who wtre .Jl
iu uc 'ate wflviaiaey. M any rfibom were tuoee wbi
aided In the overtbrvw o( bouthjcs. """'
rtoa-Arilval af Ibe N.tlh lirltea.
fuller roint, Oifoter 1 1, fCne. .The weatlier
Li cloudy with tbsspjicAiantsuf ridn. Wlud light,
fnn tt. W. Nj signs uf tus North llrdju, wblch U
hardly due as) ct.
Kuffulo, Oct, If. K.our In moderate demand,
and steady sales. 1 400 bbU. at kbat 40 H.reitr
Bprtnr Bute; el iKIal P0 fur eitra Mlchlgsn, Injlana
and UbM SOaB 60 for double extra- Canadian quiet.
Wheat dull, heavier aad weaker; jrtte laio. apait.
Sale mostly last evening, ofo.KW bush. Milwau.
kle Club, at Ilk ci 1.000 White Canada, fl UUt
000 cboltw Iui Ohio, 10T1 000 Canada Uub, Irlo.
Corn scares and flrnn sales I.CM bush. Mo. 1 llllaiis
atVOc, Ueta. Bar'y and Bye quiet Whiskey nom
inal. CenaLfreu'bis like on Corn) Wo. oa Wheat;
c on Flour to "lew York. Lake Imports 10.000
bUs. Flouri tit Ow bosh. Whsat; T4.MW bush. Oats;
IT niio !.,. iwuiey, p,rUT4.vuO bush. Wheat)
au.a 0 bnah. Gala.
Altany, Oct. 14,-8 'P.-'.-Flour, demand
ekfft2?.' -H." .bwi ,wo bUa. I Quolstlona uu
ckaaged.' Whsat aalse quite, 1.000 bu white
at lea arm price. ; aalee I boo bu. Canada East, at
alUft, walght i eosue lota of aUweukre aotdat4 !
wrfghl, aud a lot of Bus. -V.ytre-l
Uua la oorn was a lot of round ll,w a i .JT
830 buu Canada Last s4 Me. wu.2 : !S
bWfaltU8X. "
ilntrfmora, Oct. 14-i41onr firm- vTVal heavy, ead
declined a f e I -vies M.OOO bushels wblta at H to a
1 red, l K a I IA. Consdulll whrts.fl aWe.1
rdlow, n a eso, ProvKlona -(iiM) mess porx,
la TBi prime ditto, ll So. Whiskey Srm.
JrOnws, Oct 14 Flour quiet, whest duH at
0o. Cora Quiet and nominal, at TOo.sTso. OaM
Atrtral f Ibe AT. lea.
Two Days Later Intelilgenoe.
n i
AaUetpwio. Oallet la Italy.
Ibe Steamship Africa, from Liverpool, 1st
Instant, arrived here yesterday afternoon. Tbe news
la two days later than that brought out by the City
of Washington.
Ths Bavaria and Arago reached Southampton on
the loth ult. Tbe Itaveeinertewwl a most violent
gsle dnrlrg tbe passage, and one of the sews which
struck bar, washed two persona overboard, and did
aome damage to tbe skip.
bi nrnu tsLawne.
A meeting had been he'd at Cork, Ireland, for the
purpiao of promoting the claims of Cork harbor a a
naval and packet statlen, and for making It a port of
rallfia-tranaatlantla eteamera. Dopes were held out
of the Cunard Company being Induced te make Cork
a poi t of call for their steamers.
The Itrttlah revenue returns for the auarter ending
He) 4. aothjhes been published, end were quite aaoa
fsctnry. The gross burreaae from the principal sour
ces of revenue was about X840 000 but Vila waa
rather mora than eminlerbelanotd by tbe reduction
In income tax ate , and the non-operation of the In
creased Income tax of the last session.
Tbe London Bul'der's strike remains In a very na
satisfactory state. Negotiation, extending over two
days, between the master builders and a deputation
from the operative m terms bad been brought to a
does without any favorable result, and the breach
Iwtwsen employers and employed were bseoaung wi
der and deeper than before.
Tbe Greet Eastern remained atPort'and. and If she
Is removed from that port before going to Holyhead,
in isirector axe aexermmeti ilm sue eoeu
The Paris Jfonfrevr contains the following para
gra4i i "Some foreign Jxirnels have stated that tbe
luUon of tbe affairs of Italy, would lie bniwded by
the desire of tb Kropemr of the Prenoh to found a
kingdom In Ita'y for a Prince of his house. Tone
rumors do nrt need refutation. To deprive them of
alt value. It sumo, without speaking of the engage
ments eutered luto at Vlllafranoa, to bring to reool
lection ths acts and tha words of the Emperor Maro
Laon before and since that epoch.''
A Paris oorremomlenl oonnrma. In the most nnel.
tire manner, the stateuienta that tbe King of the Bel
gians' visit to ths Kmpsror at Iltaralia was wholly on
account of tbe debt due by Belgium to France
amounting to Ct.0U0.bC0 a pressing claim for Imme
diate payment having been put forward.
It la announood that eeveial regiments of the Corp
d' Armee, under tbe command of On. CiSTcM-aaa.
In tbe Lyons district, bad received orders t J bold
themselves ready to march-
8 me of the French Journals are incensed at the
threat against the press lately contained lu the
MoniUvr. The BUtU protests sgalnat the Importa
tion of the ofnoU 1 print that to claim the substitution
of ktw for caprloe la an "excess of discussion," and
boldly dale the right of temperately umla"
any cbargea in a law which It deems oppressive an!
unius. It demands trial by Jury for frees offonoes,
and also ilalma for Journals tho right of reporting
the prrosedlng of the Legislature.
Letters from the provtnoe In France, oonnrm ths
rejxirts of grand armaments at the various ports.
The government had purchased land at a high prlue,
on tbe coast for ths purpose of erecting fortincallona.
At Boulogne, a floating battery Is to be constructed
without sails, navigated by steam and armed with
lined guns.
The Paris correspondent of the London foef , aaya
that Austria waa trying to contract a loan In Loo
dm. rreiT,
An official communlcatton, in reference U Central
Italy, waa spoken of aa having been forwarded by
Sardinia tothe Great Power.
The Lrsidon Times' I'arls oomspondent aayei
" Tbe latest and most accredited report respecting
Italy Is, that the Grand Duke of Tuscany will re
galu bis throne, not by forolble meana, but by aa ap
peal to universal suffrage, eaumupanled by the grant
of a oonatrluUrm and hy ages ral amnesty that ths
Duchess of Farma will have Modena, and that Far
ma will remain annexed to Piedmont. Tbe warmest
and moat sanguine partisans have now given up
hopes of being emancipated from Papal rule?
Another Parts correspondent says that the Duke of
Modena la at the bead of 10.000 troops, booked by
B 01 0 more, under the Grand Duke of Tuscany.
KtrLtuousiTSjs bat collected aome 10.000 men, of
whom abont one-third are Croats, and the remainder
Swiss, and be la sms to Kelma. It la said- to or
ganise a plan of attack against Finns' army of
Central Italy, now concentrated .round Blmlul,
whilst tbe Archdukes wouia operate rroin we norui
Piedmont U also eagerly preparing fur the fray.
Later advices assert tha t Aqullla, In the AbrusiL,
waa In open revolt.
Orders had been liven to place Cspua and other
fortified places on a war footing. A movement of
troops waa taking plaoe at Naples, and Important
commaLds are said to have already been bestowed.
Humor aaya tbat Ilia Pofieoonteoapatoe abandon
ing lb me, and again taking refuge at tlaets.
N spies Utters of the VTth state that 111 000 sowSm
bsd been sent to the froi.tler, and that 10.000 more
would follow,
The mall deles from Const sntlnople are to Septem
ber tbth. A oonimuMlon bad l.ru ajrpolnted to In
vistigatelhe late conspiracy, and Is rompoeod of the
Orand Vlrler, the fcldtk-nl-lHiain, the Minister of
War, ths Minister of Police, tbe President of tho
Orand Council, and the President of the Tsnsemst.
Two generals, scleral colonels, and other oincers,
and pritsti had been arrested. Jsrm Pistil, of AI
baoia, ore of tbe consjilrstors, drowmtd hiinsolf dur
ing tbe trenrort of the priaoueie. It was probable
tlst tbe conspiracy had ramlocatlons In ths prov
inces. The publlcstlon by the papers of any com
ruuUcetlon relating to the aJfulr, bad boon prohibited.
There Is no later news, but the Paris fl'JI furnish-
es the following In regsni tothe movements of Mr.
wash, lue American Mmimrn
Tlie laiit ncwa from Shanghai eMabllshes beyond a
doubl, tlie arrival of Mr. Wabo, the Amsrlcan Envoy,
at rrkln. Thl dilotnatlt aacendi d the Kl-Tcheou-Yun
Ho, one of the brauche of the Peiuo, accouv
paiiled by all the ireiiitar of bU Legutljii.
smitu a mriK ife-rou, uio Aniencan corvette
whuh Ls.l brouht Mr. Wau wat retained In put.
Tbe ineiiibers of the Legation, under the gt.idancs of
amandailu, were placed in a huge box, ahout five
nietrtslof g by throe broad, whUb was ctosod ovory
whore but sliovr, so as to prevent tnuss it IlUlnod
from seeing the country, Thl box, or trsvulling
rhambnr, provided with all things nocexaary to ths
comfort of Ihstravsl'cr, wsvplsced on a rat, and
Ukeu Hist up the rlror, end then up the
Iniprnal Canal, aa far as the gate of the
capital. Here It v.as pland on a lsrip)
Iruikdrswnby oisu, andlntMs wsy the MliLSter
of the I uiled States and the niemliereof bbt L"ga-
tioneiitSted UlctoVnof Ptkln. Thnv r.ntrl.jt.
ly well tieaUd by the Chinese, but rre lit allowed
io see anjuung.
The tiurk su draen li.ti l he
courtyard of a large house, v. hlch we to be tlie res.
tlecce of lb Anivrbau suvocs, but fiom which
they were not to be alio td to g j out.
ac uie issi a..ies mey we-e awaiting thelrlnter,
t havs any oonnnunicatl vi with the outjr world.
.. .., ...,.,-,,. .,.i.:,.i u uaooareil
but were allowd to semi a d.iUta to Mr. Fish, tbe
Ameilcan Consul at Bhaogha', lufftftruilog him of
lurir ra'tiy.
Aiieruie interview, me American minister wai to
l e rcoonriuouwl to the frouuer lu tbe aaine way at
tbat tn a blch he caiue.
Telriraiihie advices tn antlcliH. of tha arrl .1 nf
the Aiulrlan n all, ata'e that tba screw steamer Ado
idlla, from Adelaid, wsa totally lost on ths 6th of Au
gust, near Ce Northumberland. Eighty-seven live
were lost, only CO out of ths whu's number ou board
lieuig laved. There was a gre-l outcry against Min
isters, for not sending relief to the Adoullls. No do
tslls are received.
Tbe Tasmania aubmarlna cables bad been success
fully I.U1.
Ths sklpmenU of gold from Melbourne, alnre the
July mail, aud up to August lOtb, ameunts to A'lbo,-
Co'. Nsiu, lVputy AdjuUat General, was killed
by a fall froru bis horse.
i he yield of gold waa very aisfartory.
AtMeftboums, outlie l.tii August, I urines was
Oreat dullness continued tt prevail on the Stock
Exchange, but the funds were geuera'ly sUady lu
pi Ice. On the SOIh, the market closod for consols at
WkittM for money, aui 96 6-8 a i0 1 4 for ac
count. An Increased defpand for money bad spring up,
siwlug to ths close of ths ouarter. and few truniuc.
L tioi-s look lilacs under I !! per cent.
'ins liana oi rgiata weekly ri turns show an la
eressi lu the bullion of Dl.-i.l'HI.
Lirerpool, Oef. 1 Corrnn Th Broken' Or.
eular ssysi 'The market tbrooghout tbe pact week
bssketu Influenced by th fsvorsbls prosjieotof the
Krowiog crop In the Btates, but without any derided
decline In the prices o' middling and better nue'llles
of American, whilst l-Kal.4L per 11 1. reductUm bas
been urcsatona.ly subrmUed to In ths common aul
sandy gTwiea, wbkh ooutmuc i very lmgular."
Otber jtlvnte a .ihmliles qiuU a good demand and
a Utter tune, both siwouuttors aud tba trade showing
Increasing couftdt nee.
At ManitesUr, a dull tone prevails.
DrtusiTr M-lbcre was a betUr demand for
abeut and floua. Indian Coin Is dull on the siut, but
Oiiatlng eargoes cnmiuaod mors stteutlou.
PsnvisioNa lUaf In fair d.'nisnd for fine at first-,
lafertor, dufl. Fork neglected.
Autaiot-i 8a lams. Mi um. D. luua, Son A Co,
rep.Ht sa fullowsi-Tbere Is no ohaoge worthy of note
in.h,l,Uftt,u'u',-ulu lor Ameruiiu Seeurlbe.
ImrlDg tbs past wrek then hi been a steady demand
for the Fedeial aud tarlous bks at prevtoua quota
twi.a, es also for aome of tb railroad aeouritlee, but
more esueeally for ths shares of the Illinois Central
aud New York Central, which bare been dealt f ti U
approved prlose.
The Haa Jaaa Ar.hr.
Tba Londoa TVmoi of Sept. 29tb, derotei
another loading artbi to th oooupatiuo of Sea Juan
lalani by Amerloau troopa. It aanouaos General
lXAaan's conduct ae prompted ty ambttian, claims
that the title of Engteud to tbe Wand la superior te
ours, end, la eoncbialon, says I
Wi bar yielded more than w oagkt on, maog
American m tVios, simply beeawse the pnblle
opinio eg the oonntry eaanot be sa'krted
fas these peHry dlspntee whue tbe desttnlee of
tbe world are being dedded at our doora. But
there haa probably never yet been en Instance of a
spot la dispute between the two nations, wblch has
been viole ntry seised by or e of them on the Sols
responsibility of aa InCrrior officer. Such an act
requires an explar U from the Governmental
Waahlnrton. and doubtless Mr. Boimiala erill at
once dec'ars that Oenersl IlAassv acted witaoia) hie
sanrum, ana tpat the
In no way changed by
aaiictliin, and that the poeltloa ofrttera he been
in no way changad by tbls
hls appeal to main force.
the Island It sell we know nothing, nor can webe-
Uive thit the
of It Is of much vahse to
eltner rartr. though It Is certainly worth more to us
I ban It ran be to the Americana. But the seizure Is
obviously tn'y tbe expression of a feeling which
exists arsong the American euthoriuee and settlers la
those parts. Thsy believe that audacity and assump
tion will prevail over Justice and moderation, and
that, England being too much bound up In ths man.
nfactute of Amsrloa'a sUplyabric, Englishmen will be
afraid to avenge any Indignity. To put aa end to
such notions Is ths boonden duty ofaS teUkeourai
and, though we should deprecate as strongly as any
one may approach to an uiifiieodlystntoaU, we think
It tbe duty of the British Government to support Its
rights, undsteired by the bravado of aa amblLou
The Liverpool Ttmti say of this artlei-.
The TVmss censure the Brttlah Oovsrnment for
habitually yielding to every demand of ths American
Government, and expresses a hope that "ws shall be
true to ourselves and those hardy and trusty advsa
turrrs, who, under the supposed protectMi of the
Britl.bflsg, bars spread themselves ovsr the lobe."
This languags Is almost certain to produce language
cqua'ly doflant on the part of our transatlantic cous
ins, and Is not calculated to lead to a very harmoni
ous solution of tbe question. It wul hardly be adopt
ed by a responsible Minister like Lord Job Rotssu.
and Is certainly calculated to weaken the hands of
President Boouakaji.
Pot mo.AU A ceuoty convention, consisting
of three delegate from tank ward, met last svsnlng
at Tammany Ha3, to nominate a candidate for Super.
vbror. Aid. Fk a, of tbe 40th Ward, was chosen
Chairman, and upon nvtinn, Mr. Joua R. Bsiooa wsa
unanimously re-nomlaated. The Contention wss but
a few minutes In session.
The Fourth Senatorial District Convention, eon
tdstlng of 45 delegates, also met last evening at
Tammany 1111, and organised by electing IL P.
Wnr, of the 14lh Ward, Chairman, and A. A. Chan
oaixoa, of the U Ward, Secretary, Tbe following
gentlemen were put In nomination, vis, I Jaooa L.
Svrra, Jottn McLson Mpxrar, Joenv Svba, TnoaAS
tn sum, Pstu Morauaw, Wn. M. Twsxn, and Jobs
Y. SAVAea, Jr. Seven ballots were taken with the
following result I
lalbalM. 81 JM
VCRIIIV. . ...10.. ,.10.(
Fxiru 4..,, 4..,, I..
Kiaa 1.... 4.,.. 4.
Kivaare 0..,. ..., n.
MOMAMASI S. ... 6.,,, S.
TDU)..,..S.,.. 6.,,. 5.
4th 6th eth Tta
. . . . . . "-. .
a,,,, s.,,a
0..., &.. &..,. S
0... B.,.. D,,ta
.. B.... B.... n.... B
After tbe seventh ballot the Convention adjourned
until Monday evening next, MoLxon Mcsrm's
friends voting In favor of the aljourament. The bar
room and balla were crowded with outside delega
tions, principally from the 1st, 4th and (th Wards,
and noisy discussions were kept op, but all In good
temper. Aa between Bavaoi and Mcxrar, the out
side feeling was In favor of the latter, and It U be
lieved that be will be nominated on Monday evening.
"The boys" favor bun as against Mr. Bavaos, whose
whole reliance Is upon the wire-pullers.
Tint Moiart Hall section of tbe Democracy
held Assembly Nominating Conventions In ths 11th,
1 2th and 14 th Districts, last evening. lathe 11th
District, Ws, B. Robipsoh was unanimously nota
Dated. In the llth District, TaoaAe Cosanso was
nemlnsted, In the place of P. MAtrxaaoa. In the
14th Dbrtrict, a committee of nine waa appointed to
confer with the Tammany Democracy, m, order to
agree ou one candidate, if possible.
Tin Whig Senatorial Convention, for the
Fifth District, was held last evenlng.but, as a majori
ty of the members were not present, no nomination
Last evening, tbe Bopubllcan Ward Assocla.
tioos held thtlr primaries. Very tittle exeltan ot wag
noticed outside of the IStk and Klh Wards, watch,
together with the Mh and IStb, compose the th
Senatorial District. In the two wards above men
tioned the excitement was great, from tbe fact tliat
efforts were made by two candidates for Senatorial
honors the lion. Gen. Oram, of the 8th Ward, and
Silas B. Dtrrcaxa, of the Mb Ward, and President of
the Young Men's Kepublican Central Committee to
secure the delegations from each ward. The result
of tbe primary in the ISth was tbe election of the
Ornrsi delegation. In the 19th Ward the election Is
probably divided between them. A number of the
"roughs" were noticed preseut, ready to participate
in tbe usual style, If found necessary.
Tiik E.vousii Crickitmu asd titk Ameri
ca Dask licit. Platkr. We are informed by
Davis, the agent la this city of tbe English cricketers,
that tbe Britishers have consented lo play a game of
base ball, la tLe vicinity of this cUbr. with a ejected
party from our American baso balfVubs. Mr. Davis
Invited a deputation of two from each baits ball Cub
to cuoct blm at Calon Hotel, Brooklyn, on Tuesday
evening, at 9 o'clock, to arrange the terms of the
ma ten.
Nw Room tor tuh 2Crn TaiascT.
Yesterday, Captain Lxokaid and bis men, removed
Into tbe new rooms wblch have been prepared for
them In tlie south-east comer of the City Hall. fcU,
MoRF. CoinrTrRFXTTS Last evening, coun
ter'elt $8 notee ou tbe Morel-sale Bank of New Ilav
en, Coin., made ttelr appearanoe.
Niciiouts' Uahk Note Barorria Myit
There Is an over issue of the bills of the Coloi'al
Bank of Toronto, Canada. It embraoes loo's and 60' s
tot's and l'a. Tbe extent of the over issue Is not
known, but probably it la large. Tbe Bank Is owned
out of Canada.
DrsiiEM iMriiovwi. The City llall Police
Treclnct has been enlarged, and now occupies four
rooms, iustnad uf one as heretofore.
OrrosiTios to rVlDEmao Woktii Strett.
A nuaber of geutlemeu oppused to tbe widening of
Worth street held a meeting at N . 1 Apidotoa Build-
... . .j.
" 3 terdsy, to concert n assures for oprwrtng the
projtci. a comuuiiee, couaisung oc jas. re vvuiv-
rvo, JOUS CASTSX8, KIIWAan E. MOtTat, B. BaST-
vis snd .loim ftb rusuw, were ap;wlnted to c alder
tie matter, and report at the nut meeting.
Ian Buuhnos. When Jams DotURmr
erected, for his own use, on ths comer of Centre and
Duane streets, the Hist Iron butlclfng ever put up ia
tils dty, be advanced the theory that such buildings
were more Valuable than any others, because they
could be taken down and re-erected on another elto
with Uttlg sipense. Years have rolled around, and
now we are Mr, BoaAtocs demon st rat g bis own
theory. Tb widening of Daaue street oompels him
to remove from hU old etand, and hie building Is be
ing taken down piece by piece, even to the ornament e
and Umbers, ready for re-erectlon elsewhere.
raooBEss or tiik Crrr IUll ItarAiRi.
All tbTUjurtd clambers and walls of th City lull
hsve now been removed. Yesterday the putting up
the tlnibere'of the roof was nni.he1, and planking
com enved.
Tin Steam Plow hag gone to Norfolk, Va.
XntjaMU, -oddentf , flu.
Kiu.an ar Faixiko raon a Boor. A
child, Drears of age, named Fsaoaaiox Does, on
Wednesday, foil from tbe roof of hie parenU' resi
dence, No. lie Leonard at,, upon which he was In the
baUt of playiug, and died yesterday morning, from
tbalnjurbahertceiied. Coroner JaoauAa held aa
Inquest tipou the bo ly, and the Jury rendered a ver
dict of "Accidental death.'1
Fl tin ArriDEirr. Ily tbe bursting of a fluid
Ump lut evening, at No. Clt WaUr strett, a Mrs.
BciiVAxaudherdaighter, two years of ag-, were
severely bunuid. Tbo furniture In th room was e
ou fire, aud tin flames were not exttuguUbel until
about 100 damage bad boon done, on which there la
no Insurance.
Fatal Acctpr r ox tbb riARLxx Rail
BOAi. Coroner Schtrmxr held an lnqgeat ye.
terday on Uis Isidy of Jons Thomas, who lost bis Ufs
on Thursday eveu g, by being cruthod by a wheel
of one uf tbe oars, wblis near Motl Haven; aa 1 A
verdict of "Accidental death," waa rendered. Tuou-
M.ei , ua vtu u, st years oc a.
Erx Ottb ar A Onaiat i o Kitxan. .
About twoo'clook, ye uterdsy i. "Vino. m, Pinch "siu,,
an Irish worn i, tvf yean of a-a, waa croxlng Uio id.
way, opiMhlto the Stevens' U.iaso, whoi, ui a icidsu
tally slipiied, and fell la the nwbliesTftf IV etr I and
wesrui luvrrby an omnibus aud Insuutiy killed.
The deneeaod was an Immtgiaat, and bad boeo In tbe
ouuntry but a few days. Coronsr jACiagn held aa
Inqueet upon ths body of deceased, end the jury ran.
Oere 4 a verdict or "Aeeldebt- Dee." Tba driver
uftbeetan, who hs4 been arrested, wai theret ipoo
roUo IntaUftg-ooa, tu,
Axueaao noxncroZ Wat. IfATnAan, a
tag driver, waa arrested yesterday, charged with
-Ting eanasa ue oseta or Joan oi
No. Ittl w sa . e .-. tkmt A Taa e-
gvegrsry 414 street. Beer era ev-ina, but were eer
eretsd by etberej who w nt pres-nPs,lfVri! bSl
soon after, and while leasing against a lou
the arseme, was assaulted, aa alleged, by afAvusZ
who knoeked bins dewn wtsa bis nrtTjUv mm wee
rrroenpaneeed,a4 Siauuts waa Ukevt to Ko.
m West 4Sd street, where he died on Thursday af
ternoon. The Coroners Inquest will be held at
o'clock this morning. The deceased has been rather
intemperate la his habits and was subject to eonvul
alone. RonaRRr w Trra Park. Urt ererilriie,
about h o'clock, a deaf and dumb man, aamsd
AraswBxiisaJM the Park, and whan
near the fountain, be waa seized by some ruffians,
hi pock, t book waa cut from his pants, and five dot
laro taken from him. 8u.tas eaoght hold of one of
the rebbere, and sttampted to hold him, but was un
sb'e to detain blm. The robbed man stated at the
Fire Telegraph room that the whole transaction was
witnessed by policeman 101, who mad no effort to
arrett the thief, but on the contrary ordered Istxtas
ont or ths Park, and pat a pair of "rippers" (a kind
of handcuff) on bis wrist and dragged blm along the
street, but arte rwsrjs released him. Mr. Bsixsas
served as a soldier throughout the Mexican war.
A GmiAjr Bratilt Swivdlbd-Ou Tlurs
day last week, a German named Hereberger, arrived
bete from Tonawanda, Niagara Oa. N. Y., en route
fcrOermany, with ebouTkjooe m.bki pieiisslon.
lie waa taken by a man, named Cuhjt Mooaa, to
Freetoan's note! la Oreeawloh street. The German
asked Fsaxasa to be taken to an exchange olnce,
where be eouU have his money, eoowsMng of IS.031
In American gold, sscbanged Buropes a currency.
PaaawAa brought Mm to T he offloe of an aa named
NAtaA. also In Greenwich street, where the money
wasexcbangedi but Ilsnaaata, it Is ansged, when
returnlog h.na found that be had received only
It 100 la French gold. Us then, on Frldsy, applied
to the Mayor, requesting blm to help bun git Ue
balance of his money back. Tbe parties were ar
rested, but the Mayor allowed them to go borne on
their on their own reoonUanoa. Oa Saturday the
care cam up before tbe Mayor, but MavmAa onuld not
be found, and the investigation wee again postponed.
Since then. It wsa understood the matter baa been
onropmulard. Tbe German accepting $000 to oonv i
nena e him for bis lrjsa. i
6rAU!ro A PanovT'a Eobm. Jawm and
Joan Uaoab were arrested en Friday, charged with
stealing priestly robes, Aa, from ths vestry of the
Church of tbe lacetnatloo, corner of Madison Avenue
and loth street They bad been employed to repair
tbe furnace, and It la alleged that they broke into
tbe veetiy and robbed. Justice Kaixr ooinmlttei
them to answer.
Aa AlXRoan Fau ParrrvrR Bemiu,
A man named Joss RroAsorx was arrested oa
Frldsy. cbargrd with swindling sundry persons out
of small sums of money, by falsely statins; that he
bad been deputised to solicit aid for fitting up a
room for Atlantic lines Co. No. 10. lis elan exhi
bited a paper, purporting to have been signed by the
foreman of the Co and be bad eollecte 1 considera
ble money before It waa ascertained that no such
com t any was In existence. Justice Knxr gave him
q rtera In theTcmb.
Felokiocr Amacxt. Jamis EraRrrr, a
C 4ored man, was arrested yesterday, charged with
aeeaultlng BaaAB Srsrants, wlthpvnom hs lived at
No 44 Thomas street, with a chair brace, striking
ber upon tbe with head It, and Inflicting Injurli of a
serious character. Ibe accused was looked up, and
his victim wss taken te the N. Y. Uospttel where,
last evening, she waa reported as being la a dying
Camas tlesvrra af PoOe;
Tbe regular weekly meeting of this Board
was held, yesterday afternoon, at the Police Ileod
quartera. After being In session for ovsr two hours,
the following facts were famished the reporters
Edwasd Blacx. Tth Preotnct, was dismissed from
tlie department for Intoxlca Hon I Joiavus D.
Ilowxu and Jxvin 3. Caldwhx, both of the 4th
Precinct, ware dismissed for allowing a prlsonor
whrm they bad In custody, to escape Bswahu
Vsieos, of ths 4th Precinct (Brooklyn), was dl n s
sdforutoxloatton. Ths following members of the
old force were restored to pay and duty by signing
an agreement that thsy would waive all claims for
back pa;
J. S. Dowwtne and J is. Lxabt, Oth Ward; J.Mcx
m, 1st Ward; A. D. Baowsa, llth Ward, formerly
lieutenant! J. O. Dsaw, 4th Ward; B. Srswoia, Id
Ward: U. McDxxsiott, 6th Ward; and O. CPsatt,
llth Ward. Tbe resignations of F. Amnseoa, Mb
rrecHnct, and Hsksv If. IIvai-v, tlst Precinct, were
received and acoeted. No action was taken respect
ing tbe apdnti lent of poll clerks, and the Board ad
journed to meet on Monday, llth tost,
eTaaVwrtag Oam
llorae Crtetcf io Covrt.-.1 KUairt Werli
es. llatof artutg Tbls action was against the
defendant aa a stock holder la the Mew York as
Oalwav ateamablp Company. The p latin's auege
tlat thsy did oertaln work for the Company, m
fitting op their vassals, amounting tn value to tLOOO,
for wblcn tbey allege they brought suit against the
Company ae a Corporation, and after sihaust&g
their remedy a against It, find themselves minus
the satisfaction of tbelr claim. They now Instituted
proocedlnis sgalnst tbe defendant, averring that he
was a shareholder, and that aa such be waa la Us
liable on the claim. They say ha owned ten
shares uf the stock at the time the work was
done, that be (till owns tt, and has en Interest in the
Company of at least $1,000, the extent of their
claim, and he ought to pay.
Ans oraenaaoi oemes in wnote story, says inai
keevdn t have any stock, hasnt got any stock, ought
uf. to pay, and won't pay. lis says, additionally,
vim we lompany euemg nim aia no ao tno worn
alleged to bay been done La the oomnlaint.
On coming Into Court, the man of the " white
coat" waa greeted with many curious glances. As
tbejiuv Intlff was not ready, tbe case waa postponed
to Tuesday next.
Camaaea near.
Rmofuibiltt, of the ruliet Commiuionert.
JVfsr Jlefmian ts. Th fAun Commissioners. I
This aa an action, brought In the Common Picas,
before Jikiore IlUtoo. br the alntlfl. to reoover tha
vain of Jeeelry, alleged to have been wningfully
Uken from him by the agnU of the defendants, (the
petiolnen.) valued at foon.
The goods are understood to lave been UVen, la
October last, from a pawn olfioe In Varlck street, as
having been stolen, aal lodged with Mr. Warren, the
Pioperty Clerk of the departmrut, and Mr, Warren
testified tbst be had custody of them. Tts ofllosr
testified aa to the clreuiuatencee of the stsure of the
Tbe Coramlssloaers answered that they were not
properly under defendants In the action, and allege
that the goods were Uken by an officer of tbe de
partment, urder oertaln rule for It government,
for whl'.h they were not liable.
When the plaintiff's cast wee rested, the defend
ants moved for a nou-ault, on these grounds. The
Court held that the answer of the defendants, al
U aim that tbe goods were seised by their agent.
undue tbelr rulos. It precluded an application for
non-suit, aud sent the rase hi the Jury
instructing them that if founl that the
goods were taken by a person In the em
T of tbe dsfondants, and that he aoted un
der tbelr general rules or directions, tbe verdlot must
l forth plaintiff, Vc I lot for plaintiff, for S3M.
Mr. Oakley llall, for the Board, asked the Court to
art a day when It would hear a motion fora new trial,
on the ground that the verdlot was not la aooordaaoe
with th evidence.
Motion will be argued on Thursday next.
TA. Slander Suit. Avgt Frrron, ts. R R.
'.'ancAers. This was an action for slander, and
wsa renorted tn Tkt Sun ot vi startler.
The Jury gave a verdict lor plaintiff, and $501
Oeart at" General Beaateae.
Thoi. Farrrl, a Oth Ward school officer, who
bad pleaded guilty to aa aasault committed on Sun-
tuy moriuog, wsa nuea .o, wniou sum ns peia.
Tbo. lladden, who waa oonvlctednf assaulting a
aatlor, waa aso fined tn. lie was Inflicted with su
Incurable din ana, and on that account was let off
with a tine,
J, eejih Uadanrtcal was tried for furiously driving a
buioliei's cart, and ruoulog down a female, but was
aoqiuKcu, aa us wutuan lauoa so appear again
E. Belcber Beckett, Indicted for perjury and giving
falao ball, was caied for trial, but did not appear.
Ills ball, to tbe amount of II 00, was furlultod, aud
tbe wltnesse In the esse were discharged. Mr.jneml.
K. nnggs was ma bondsman. Later in tae day,
Beckett was arrested on a bench warrant aad lacked
Dennis CamplieD wet convicted of petit larceny, In
stealing a dog. SeuUnoo .reserved. Adlourued for
tbe day.
fear Oale-far, Haaaay, Oct. IT.
U. 9. DUtrict Court. No. tW, f, 42, M-dmfrelfyCasee-.Noe.108,
111, IM, 104, to, M,
tl. Te. Ta. I.
fivprrm Court, fliwcfal Term. Noe. 1ST to 111,
lWtoW4.04,tO,llo,ll, 111 IU totxT.IMto
131. 138, IM, U, 137.
iujrem Csarf Circuit. Part JNoatlTa, HIS,
lltl, I19T.S1W, WIS, tOeT.llST, till, ItU, IMT,
ItW, IV31. ItU, tiftUi, K.1T, 841, 4S, MIT, 1I4I.
1'art II Km. till, I3TI, UTS, USI, MS4, UM,
tS4. I3M, tl!M, I400, MWXi W 40e, and evea
numbers to 1411.
Buvirtor Court, Trial Tirm Nos. It, 111, 441,
4bT, h, 44, 4oo, itl, 4M t T0, 4T. 4T4. 4T5, 411,
480, 48l, 4S3 to 4X8, 40 lo MJ, Including boo.
Common rUf, Mr I I. Nos, 11TI, 1ITI, 1004,
1110, llll, 1360, lilt, lMltolMOftltTOto 1IIJ,
JBrf .N.a.l8T4,TT, TIT, ISM, IMS, 1134,
UST, !, W, 1141, till, llW. ltOO, mi, U1I.
IlROOBlTN Covrt or 8faa losx-Yeslordtr.
a youoej man named PaiLir Taa,w placed on trial
on an Indictment fur grand Urosay, for stealing a
borae fnn tbe premises of Mr. Jobl Ooaxus, In Us
rib Ward, on ths night of ths 14th of August last,
Tbu boras wsa valued at 400. lie belonged to Kuuro.
More. Tbe evidence went to show that some dave elor
the horse wss taken Tare cams to Ooaxx and (bowing
him a newepajier, pointed to aa edterti osnl offer.
Ing a reward of 4 for tbe recovery of tlie burse, or
ny In'ormatlou whloh may lead to hie reooverr, Tb
tt sonei ed ConxLia that the bora was In a
fleul at Weolawkcn, N. J., aud claimed the reward.
Cos. IT- 1,-ooinpi-lod blm and found the animal,
wt Irb . Ien much disfigured as to be bsreuy
--..olvible. Us tU.n rejuseled T to oometo
Ile"oVljn. wluch bn d; J .be eras Ute,
lute oottody. Subeeqirently, to "bee jpen
v-eie anted as auwnipiloea. Tb prjcuung
atury jiroioaet to examtne tb oflcer la
whore VwfAly Taie had bren pjaoel to povs
.ft,!. .. -.ImlSSwaa wiane vj .. uc. uu, ftiia
teattaeny was excluded, oa tbe ground that hs
bad worked aprai ithelsarsof the awuaed, and Its
eaa wee given lo the Jury, who brought la a verdict
eg not guLty. Toe prisoner was discharged a id I-.
mediately after arreted by a New York c-jer upon
aid liar charge,
BaooaXTsT Cttt Conr.Jntt IT. rostder'
aeeayalaef the BreeUim ftrrw Osxipaag aad tkt
WiUfawulmrsa rervr This waa aa astlea fer
ae.ooo. ra aeoouas or lajuna eua laaa oy aae uwm
stoo of th bcaU Ooaota aad Osorg Vraa agVn
owned by th reKot(- aienwljiii M t'.
mag of "The T gt4e-ber, 1M, The plalntll
wsa altung m the r fmllemer.s' cabbt ef the
Oneote when the accident occurred, aad the
place where ha eat was ripped up by the bow
of the George Washington. Mr. vAsmaans
waoserlowieytajuredtr t aehas ainee tie i ena
ble to follow his regular bulnees, tkat of braksama a
oa the Hudson lUver s-ilroed. The night was ctaar,
S.f,"u,Brrad1tauce on the
CIV "li l. flred that the rOot of one of the
boats mle tne .Ignsl of um otber, ead Instead of
",'?? f Vl l1" hw1' hire done, kept
tral.lt ahead. A eolllslrti was the result. The cave
Klvoa CooTrrrCiicctrrr CoowT CAtiornAa.
cm. 1B.-N0S. it, v u, 14, r, to, ,. 147x7
IT, ,, 40, 4e,4, 60. 1 as, ee, an, aa,
Cntaoa or rAtaa PkMirraa. Testerdar,
Orstsbl W. 0. Qutox, of Westchester County,
arrested a woman, named CireAXnis Kbllt, on the
charge of obtaining gneds, amounting In value to SM,
from jAiras A. Wamanx. of Peekaklll, under false
rrasenoor. 8ne was Wkan back to Wsssobaeter
Co., tor examination.
Drwotrattc JtrmctAaT Owvxsrinx.-Tea-terdsy
aftemoon tbe Delegates to the DemooratU
Convention to nominate Justices of the IVaoe, met
at Washington HaU, CD. WnAisn B. IAca, of
ths Foaith Ward, wee aklseesd Obairr-va.
Tba Conventton then proceeded to ballot for a aea
dldaU for Juatlos of the Third District, aad on the
second ballot, Eowaxo B. Camxt was nominated,
receiving 11 votesi Joaa U. lloCoaanoa, It, and
Jawss Ltuax, It.
. For Justice of the Peaee of the Fourth District,
Jon U. Caiabaji was nominated oa the first ballot,
rrorlvlrg U votes, and Oaoaea L. Fox, ft.
For Justice of the Teace of the Fifth District, It. D.
BianaAU. teoelred the nomu tlon en the ssenod bal
lot, reoetvbig II votes; Sreraaa Ira, a, and Daw
ns funnr, M. The Convention than adjourned.
rLttAmnrrROH DisraaaABT-Durbii, tbe
month of September, III patients were treated at
in w uiiamaourgu uispenaary. n mess, iu were
males and 111 fen Ur, number of preecrrptlons die
Insed,60. Of tbe 'esses treated were Injuries, gj t
nervous IT t skin. If 1 bead, 1 1 abdomen, T( I eye
and ear, II I fsvsrs, Tl I abscess, 1 1 heart, lungs
atd threat, II 1 minor surgery, SI rheum atism, IS;
minor surgery, x.
Tiik On aud STancT Fkbmit. Testerdar. tha
ferry boats Esgle and Curlew, 'formerly run on the
reck Sup frre,wre placed on tha Ore litreet ferry,
where they will be hereafter run.
Mas. Wdtxxow'i Soormwe) Srarr.
Mra.WIH8LOW.aa exrerb-eed muse and Feme
Wytslaa, ha a Soothing Srraf for Chlldrea teetalag
which greatly faellluiss the areessa ef Teething, by
softening the guns, red ring an Inflsmmeissii wtB
al y an pain, and ta ears Wrefulaes the bows-, D
eevidaaentt.Met-vrs.U wffl give rest Uywareelves
aad rsbVf end health ts yew Inianta, Perfe etlysate
UaOeass. Sold ererywbera. Prise only SI sent tea
BrxOBs'f Mo. Sxwtuo MACHnra.
Btzger-s as, 1 Sewing Ifjschin. .... .J H
FsjnDyaew-gMsobina. .'..JOeagTI
nesamlngOe gesredaesdte ..,.JUZ;.? I
Teg an msesifaetartng ear seas Braart f"
are with as any rival la the market.
t, M, mw Oe, Me. 4W Broaawar, K r.
btaix Crujraa. Ualv Dnaaa Dixaa
ar-Three Cent rtseeska T-m DsOea aaasa, Otty
asse r only reeslvwl.
raa-les la Fifty Cant raSav
BAaaT's Taioomraowa
Is the Beat end Cheapest artlele for Dreattnr, BeaaM-
lh?il-uH.d1aary'ltf & XTfoZZSZT"
I-latl E-i't L0Ja-9lIftJJ
Frleea BAo and aswards.
0nee,ata Breed ray and Ml Bowery,'
"Out or thr Dxrrra" Tbls glorious charm
ln(, eleaalai and set belle moral drama. Is to be re
peated this afternoon aad svenlng st BAaaoafe Muae
ow. It surpaaaia la latere any thl ag of tbe kind yet
Fcrsrui ft LTOR'e Sx nro UACHTjra.
..Warranted teglvs better ssstsfaeMea than any other
Machine In this aaarket, or money refunded.
M.B.-Paioa Bn xa no SM. Me. OW Broadway.
TeBMraaew. The Haaahesa aad aiawsaa
Assorlstlen. ef New Ysrk sad Brooklyn, have this
week held 6 Pebtie Temperance Meetles. It algnad
Ibe tierige friends of temperance seme U ear help i
tbe members of bis Aiaoelatlon are reqaeeted te meet
at 141 Bowery, on Sarerdsv eeenlng, the 1Mb last, at 8
jfALCUMit, rrei'i ; J. ULQV I. Secy.
na t aa 1 SkgeeC, Te peaaea ejtreoty
meet la Blaeeker Balld sa eornar ef Bleeeker sad
Mertoa streets, oa auadar evening. Tba meeting
wui he addre.M by hev, Israel Di I, tftst Worthy
Cbst aofthe Mstlonsl Division B.ef T, aad otber
emlaent peekr. Tb friends or Temperance are
respectfully Invited to attend. J0NII QUA, Presi
dent. Wsf. MASU. B'C. SO
There will ha a saeettaa af
i lrVJP:VZ?f?ZYiy?:
tb IMh leet at half-part Te'clock In th evening. All
aho wtsatoJotDlnoor rlret Tsrset Kxeaealoa a-
moet nerM-evrr lly invited tiatxead tbe meeting, Br
orrbref JOHN LINV-O. Cba'irue o. J0UN CUhf.
lNQtC,li.cr. JAMI MeAVOY, Treaa. U
Daldvrln's OMthlag E.tnbUahaaeat.
Built by Win, B-Arroa, Fs ) , expressly for the business
Th lsrse sssertment ef Faahloaabla Fall and Wla
trr CklhlvR ol every varletr,tiaU and stvle ever of.
feme, end will be sold less ihaa at aay other store la
this city.
f40,(Mnsved reerly by being off Bresdway.
lirat aril l that sen be bad In lbs world are
iiluved In the Custom snd other u.partmenU of this
et- MUbment. LAUIrJC, pletse rail snd examine the
Children's Diplrtu ,m, s) lOTiiKsWWi
OnaeOy Oaard Attaatlan-A eaeetlag ar
th above gusraswm be held al FtBUra lALU.Vt
w-eteto w r-t Hth sad leb ees, oa Tuesday evenlsg.
llth Ust,atHe'eIa. Pueetual a'toadaaee of all tlw
me-ber. Is met "-y'Jra
r. McCtLLOUCU. See. I
Tentwsses-"Iresssa af New Tarts nana
rear rot.e-Thrallanllasbawav( of California avads
yoa ireetiDgs liKAEL DIBUL. M, st Bleeeker
BuiJlossorPleeeran4 Monoasts, landayeven
ng,14ib7ust.stT):o'c. Canal at. A, aotloty.
Tbe aeblie are laritcd. Cadet oa the Ht.
issn-reivisrm- T MolXID-rTealdcat .
Wm MiBH. Bee 1
f nrtsibi Whlehare ar Meaalaohaa favcf d
ttgrew on tb smoothest faae laslx weeks,br mr
Onsarnt.ceteblbihrdlal-tt'1, wtthentstala or Injure
te cnesaia. rneei',
where. .O.OBUit
H I by malt, a A free, a
, lot nikou sr. n,, i.
The aathUgr Trad.
Waah eloth evereoals , te M
dot a veieeete.. ............. ..... ........... I te W
Btqelmaas beaver 1 te 14
frem beaver , lite M
Plain black al eofered beever Ute M
Meekaloth friirk anass SB te Ba
able i eUU frock eoata 10 le 14
taast Fraat ih eU Creek
tesaia. ute w
Casein rrs be-in cears...........
..U B0 te SU
B ach aal f or s la ra bastnsas r tall MblJ
Fine dress aaals Ya-TS.'
An tit aew styles sf sill trestu its- -.BIBIs M
Velietveele.., JMU I
Qaadaisrelra!- vests.... lMte I
Oraaaletehlaek eloth eere.....r Ill t S
c-J-SrTsu-istSAjllO, ,, TtlS. SU
4m-. Ae., era, aU. e e. I
Ct e.. it..,. .. As, Ae..
AC ta. , f4Nf-
44 aad $ l
a on
fladee. Tha
Me sa her r Clve Branch
Lens. IO.MU
attend en nest loi
O r. are reooavUd U be awneti al te
fed ,s nlskt. Tu'sdsv, ths llth lest, as
ortsaee v ths Order It to te traaetot-
Ii..b1k mrnm tilt lnn nfi
ed. W.W.WALDBON.See'f,
Pereoe 1 and Peltttonl career as" tha lata
DAVID U BltonCKICK-Aa aeiwrat feetralt ef
tie let Ho-. D 0 BBclBlhlCE. eoie7 fretnaebe
tosrsebbr Bredi. Ukeu la Uareh last. wrk a full
sodenneet blegrephro' this tsmarksole au, w".u
re given la ths cfJNDAY OOUalKa. t ";- -Pre
sale a ell Ih ttswt Depots, aad at Ths PabUcaUon
vmss, is asrase ss.
Mtaw Uaha award Theew m HI ho a eeeet-
Itwref thtsToaHaay. kebl at joatery UH,T4
Prlnf. oaBueeay.uet. fc. ".tiioewri r.BL.
hniieu asaeanee et-a. or eraar M
roeet'4. Bv
ilUOU. BeeV
SMlIUtVayt, r. sssujaui
I Have yaw a 4m friend who
lean a break away freea hi love of 1s-
lUxloatla g Drlat s Yea may aare
mis . . vi-. -w i j ..
laa J hrif erS .MMtMaia sg data
mdte your own mlmt, ar. Dr.
Fin, toferjiS
nafl-ivwya Wie Wsa-aa -rteaa fraa
weekasaila sease sueer amis af ear ergtale fan
Ssea Ttl aa r- br lhafr reeUrttlve. MaaUr and
lwAeTlitlvl-Te lb Um4. aad fVeengtC-
',ea saaaua
eYABan a. ooormv;
OWflOldlfXflra OT VHtVC
DakeaV flsaskeeve-ne Useahenw a te i
Coerp.nysrersoueeVSteet eesn.Thls t.
a-e-tr BvwUgsiTV. e-etoei, st Kttnicnl'a Tsr
il'teL eorrer ef BlbMk-th and Ovae4 stv JAMBd
MckilUcEY.CsFi. FATWtBkLaXJUai. li
A. P. A Jfetloa-.fyhe) eeare aa si ttak.
ersef UenTyCUyLodgsNe.lO.A P. a, and the or-
esr ia sea isfc are requesree i oe yuaeseei ia ssssna-
snea at their IaseljMin.e.ivr as Klehth i
Id stteet ai II ebek, oa awndsr. IMa last, tt at-
nr Leaser em,cjvvr a jbiewu eva s e
ae rove J eg ear a m beirker. NAtHAH
ILL J0SN8ON. By erfer, ffM, BR T ANT, W. M.III
ma err the) inaa Dee
will pnaeh Rsbosth, Octeter Uta, at fstlewe 1
cs.v . uum auuajs. .. . . . .
as w a. at. a, raeneTNi ua-ea jaarsa.
career ef Fatten a I W sa Ms.
At II r. M- la the Kit Meei
vTimsm sis.
Bwtaar street Presny-
y stVjRsr. Dr. Krebs.)
terlM th. ear. efllemry st. (Rev. Dr. Krebs.)
. .& tie r. Hinsne Arasaa aa.
eer. efHh
tins bn.u
AilM UtheralisiaHy pi,
lOlhst.irurr.Dr.pe-7 r
ebareh, ear.
At IM P. M. la the Madlesa avwsa. Pre.
ebureoTeev.efrrUist. (Her. Me. asarl.
At TM P. M. to the Mh areas Pnabytsra
. ehereh" 00. of lth at. (Use Dr. Aiexaaar'ai
as iuM a. ae ia in in sties, rrssay.
iw.rn,iw, pa erw, ie r. ia. 1
. A. d awita.)
st. PrakfterUa
n r, ja.iains ja
Sk IKn.U7lln.li1l
.kAiI?Jti!i- Li thTalUd Presbrtsrtaa
The-VS?. ' Tt,UT- Wax.
AeeUeetloawUl.b takes aeetth close ef each
w ia SM w in sal lea or ths DepateUea. .
where a dlffereat arreai r i mm k... tZ-
mad by toe eopgregatloa.
The Asset Iran Baa at Waitasre ftaetetr,
wkmolikiUereestheOeBel seMaggesn sj
111 meet wtth lha R.ntl-. riH...!. . ..h..m
enSeaa ley ereolng, Oct. Ittb. AdSiswes sad relate,
oleiier-wees may be exreeled hy eoavsrled seaesew
andethsce. ' aSr
The Rev. as.sa-el Faraaar, af Wdflaaaa,
borah,wlllareaekiD V.I ineit lord's cay. lath last.,
ia psmartu lie L, sor of tvth et a-4 lib are DIM
SlKl IL.m' f .V m- The Eev Joll" oaa
V1CE will snack It the sams p'ees. Subject I tbe
even g, "Ail Are Yours." uj
Abragdsw rAatnxia Csa a Caere h, T.shasMei
JlaiL Ns, '0 Ablnsdeo Sroare. Preaehing te-nwrrsw.
at 10)4 A. M. and Vi F. at. Bnbjeet la tK eveotM -l
-The Rndof Timj.' uBea-free. Bahl M Ih Seh eel aad
Io to Classes it I P.M.
Tha Hot. Ma y A. Carey win awvaeh tar
TTener usu, e-rner nreanwsy ana sua as, te-a rrew
meresna, st inis, ana in toe evening at IX e'el
a traneelaMtast. Seats free.
J. I- Btehee) to to rre-ea M tha sWaetaa.
ry.U First st, ta-merrew evening, et TH eeleeX
SahlMt Iarae a resloretlen the TSese 4 Co Ijs eg
Cbilst,thsaUllolum, aa." Seals free. h
Prof, afairhoa will Preae na a aal m
Union Cbspat, eer et Broedwsy-eng BVth t, te-i
as no a m, ana i;
two Bundav avee I
Mpm, v.alagsuejeet, taelrstat
slag deennrese; ea T i Day ef Jedg
we aad ths public generally Lavttea.
Beau tree
HtaVSafaarwM B nBATWavh SBT1 Mi
I freaiiMaar.
TP.M. Oenarai
to-morrow. Ossek m loth, A.M. aad
prayer meetles a l p. M. The annoal BIMa 8inia
wlllNiD wsa hytba fastor, Hsv.K. aPUraKT,
A tTalaei IHeerlaa offl or a ta atsisla
thebetxeeebservaaee ef th Seebeeb. win be held te
morrow,(Riwdar) evening, at taa Ceoper lamtatast I
e-loeek. Prefeeaer BCllAFrT cTMsresreburi. Pa. aai
others, win addrsss the msetln . US
Oeaper I swell ale Treei hag a etr h
bath by am D. J. BOBINSOH. la hail 14, a IM ead
e'eloea. Bab)aewi AJ1 . rah of Dsnlsl Mssdaw's
ant eaveat: its ame, oejees ana muss r.
all F.lf . the llth of Daniel TlawI'a i
oa the V tea. ( iserated with mats sal eaarha. Ossae
ana see eaa near
laetsre-Tks Uer,
deliver a lertnra befbra t
t. rteeny I mhserr
ths Young Men's Christian As.
restM KOhareh.eaWda.
soelaltoB,-tbe Jane aire etM It, Che
day ennlas, Ost llth. at rerelaek.
Babi n -ra
then ' ef 1ribqqex.s" Admbem tnm. A oellee-
turn will be taken for the nee ef theuhrary. ua
Hot. afr. Dave Hat vrffll araaeh aa Waaley
eveolnx. at the Bsreea Beptlet Oharah, B-dlord .
near Carmine. SahJeOi Kseape ver thy life 4 t e
eeeap from Bodeaa. Ia the eieralag tb sasua wta
he areachea by the B. LrMUBLOOTaLU in
Oaaaar lastttate, ralea Wahhaah Be sluaa.
Rev. Prof. 8CB4FF, o ibe Thee Seminary, Meiesss.
borsh. Pa. wlU prsaah aaxt Sabbath.U the largo
ilail, at 10M a. at. General Prayer eteetlag at a. aa.
dear rrhhia The ard
taara will be mwsahlns at
I at uasaarne Market
rvw, as
4 P.M.
.as a a iu a,a, sees s seme s. Ja. sl, sa
BACOS-UAWra-U Stretfor- Cowa, aa We.
neesv. Oct ILbrtheBev. Beolaala U Seaa, Fraat-euBi-a.of
New York, te Anna, daegbter ef she'aa
uiiMB r. uavn,s.it sea
BABTLrT-noXIE-Oa Tueaiar, Oet. llth, at
le BUlUer street tlaoreh. bv tae iter. Tneeuses t.
fsiyler.of Merket street Church, Mr. vTlu -!
Bar iett to Jae-pbiaellssU yoeageat dJaaghus; el Jc
scab lloxle. fceo, sil of tbU Slty. Ill
OBOBS-IIOXIB-Oa Tasedsy. Oet. llth. at tha
Bu'eera etre. Cnurra. bv toe K . IH. M.rsaa. Hea
ter ef BL Taonvae'e (Jharab. Mr. William Hears Oe a
to Miss Martha B. tioxla, daughter ef Jeeepk Ues ,
E4. lei
QOODUCn-SCnknOT-Ia IhUelty.eaWsSaea.
Isr, exit. I lb, br tb Eer. Dr Tsi Ur, Frank & Oeed
tlcn to LPs, eldest esugkwr of th UUDr, J. vf,
Bchmldt.aU of New York. id
KB M PTON-UU a ru KIES -Va Breoklyn, D-.a
Tuiaoay. t at 4th, by tbe Kev. W P. rents. Me,
Win A.B-toa. of Oeveatrya Clate Mia I Almrra
J. Uumpbiisa, of Drooklya. IU
STRlKKK-VAa BKl'NT-Oa Thorsdsr evealaa,
Oet Ulh. r tbe Kev. Lot Jones, Frrtsrlek Hulk to
Asaes U Van Burnt, taagkier ef the Ute Isau .Vsa
Bruat.allof this city. Ill
BltmtNAM-Oa Thnrtdey night, Oa llth. ef sew.
bud ption, Mlehiel Ureoaaa. axed Hysarasa4 Imoe.
V-t mlsiivea aa llliille ef U ailMIIV i
roily tawue ta tttnea the re, ewSnadar aAer-
aoen,allo'eioet, rreet bieisia reel aeae. ear. users
and CelamhusU, eouU Brook Ira. 148
I DOLEN-ktlebael Doleo, a uaiive.of Oe. LaagfsrA.
ina'trioad are rssaeetet to tttsad hll faneral, freak
Tt Warrea tt, Hreeklya. IT1
FnV.OERALD On Friday morelar. litb tm et T
A.M,TheaBaritarald.a aaUreof DUrcta. Caui ar
K-rvy Irlead.aed4ftlyrare.
Ills fsnsrai wllluke eUoe en Sander ateiMe, at
1 o'slcek, frees hie late resUeaee, Ml Tsatk are. US
fILL-Ia th ity of Breoklta. ea Friday eveala
Oct 14th. after a revere ead flotraoted lllasss, S ear
J'!Kr-ri--. -tt. fa-rjr resj-t-
.. .Jftft. . '-- - - riftA faa .l MM H.lOftr .
n.aieelMa,rraih rtslaeae ef her hasbiad.
MPIaesppUet. JJ
UBNNitiKY-Oa Friday, Oct 14th, rjcerge Baa.
Bne'ra Uvee aaa Mo4 nf the fsmllr are resiwet
fi ln- w sit.adthe funsraL es Saaaj After
dooo, st I oVloek. frem th t trasr el M xtfc TU en
Oth re, TVUllaoslsirga. '
r8TB Oa Friday ainrnlnr, 14th last, WU Um
go ices Keslvr, aUsst son of D. A. aad 11 aaaak Aae.
terlaibeWhyMsef hlsage., ., ... ...
ins II sams hi vm winy, t m www ,
Saner Hock Pilocaia re epeeataO y lavi i-s laslUael
the funeraL eu Buaoay afuraoan. at I e'eloek. from
lAFM aouth 4th St. Br-okin, D.
Ills aisles wia
he -Aea la Cyarese Hi'U fhasetery.
LAMBBrr-Oa Wednesday, Oet U-. aftsra sharl
and selnlsl lllae-ot Svs dars, MartiaLamkert, aged
IT ve U aetlai aad II aaya.
telr-aes estbe family. also tbaexembars sf Dal.
tsi Bretbere Ledge Ma. I, are re aeVey lav lUdta
att-itblsl-Sr-. aa llaltay .horseoa. at B eWt.
freeshleteie-4-M,Wat-sa. U
MaSOAI la this dty, oa Friday stemlag. psa,
lStftCSeWii-- n- -ani-B. yeaaeys Ireiklsr
efTseesh W. sadFaaay Marehala, aasdl yeare. i
dl4eia. , ft,-. - - - -
Tka relatlv aad ft as sr taaaw us y ere ns wee
fL, vtt aa-ad th. fuaecatthU (Uoran s.
tb llth last. -err. ureal asanas
iasd MtKew. ad I uw aad Bf sec
..... d-i .l U feate win
Sule Te morrew, (Sunday) Mth last, Uavlas
Tst.alle'aleemr.M. 1
MOBBIS-Oa Tharaf ar ereatag, Oet lata. Biehart
"yhteK-vairc-a tjt--:j.-
a.. 1oTiiu . at I ValoekTa relatives ead friend
.VUeTeWsi. rf-fly Invited te oMead Iks i fa,
V!rs.ssaLaswst U
fMY-OstlrtNtstataraamaa, Soata. lissUsr
of Ue UU Jettrh Oaksy, aged I -oaths sad II dare.
KY4-Oot..4f, Margaret Kyaa. a aatlre of tha
eltr of Duoui t. aga oe is
Ira Dublu cillWl .
tier fua alwul taAasee ea Buaaay altera si a.
It Vslot . frees tbe isiltssis af her. -os ln-lsw, Oee.
Mn a, 141 East ld st The friends of the faoUg
n u is I
arereneetfally laviUdU ead. Ml
eMiril-I tr .iSssHh. danghtsr of Chutes and
M-ry n Seilib. axed I ear. 4 wools and II aaya,
Tb frtss i and aeqaaliittasss ef the raatr are ra.
spectfuUr lavued to ana 1 Iks funeral, oa Seeder
aherneca t I e'eloek, (rem the rtslJsase ef ksr aa-
nuts, M Coataierea st.
ejroriON-Oa Frldsy t-salag, Oe. 1 tth, arte e i
along and ela'urUasas,Itoksrtlt, So UcMa, ageAa
Tha raieav aaa irlsads ot the ssOy, else tha
Beard etKlr Wsrte w eewkleh he waa a mebe.
aid tba Fire Dseastasnt swaerally, are rear-tfaOr
TBAOY-OaFtjaar. Oct lath. JehaTraay, a saw
tire air TbnriM. Cm ty Tlrrcrary, Ire ai, la tha
,ii,ftTft.. 1 I, e.
UU C de sad tae-e af his brolkera, Bdward 4
JereatlshTi rleeCed le ataaad his f.eeesi.
iiMttszor&jzz cr
14l. ar r a
llaaei g Ulaeas. 5sraa.wi ef Al lae
iVredaa berth.
1 ae means of lae lamufaa t
tenat. 4
earns rTreith ere aad Mth eh Use I
taken ureehafctu for UUnueat B)4
r wnrrOa Thandar.Osa.U, ef Ikaeal U
e ewe
hat HfcUarere eeaw. Map
. l-lJI4jdsaftty.h. T-rtder. CM, Mtk. JeW
l'!?SM,,aksaa4Mara, )
mum yi ew !
Biueeii aaa aai jam a u waaeea. as
lav II atle Tl l f anLta tuS
e'eL k rVea her ta iiilhin H BT
raaasa wia h
Been, ate noes, win tea e-y ewe,aei sassyeesa. .j
LiM! -rtl -J--..
4mV:T. !5-.

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