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fjDfOjpsq.o'K, it,,
J?-Jr tl B lha at rl fa tie day TvIiIb7
MH.4l), arrive tartar. OarbrM lSi
CWaUMaaM. a . Am ..l.e.:7lP1rrrrr4rtia
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haeaythrcirmli"ivf.ao4 i,ir7SHrijI
VwfV ,r-f
Ot CfeawiaJ fW rwiiM.
TlrVwtvit aeir at W';"T' Fw.7 tppeare a
likely fenes-a fea nch natal for Ik Dam-
eraey, eecld tho aaaatilt of rWTVM I1bouk,
Mnoi'ihH, Senator , for tha
Eeemblltsri. It J o old adage tht "torn
ahoat U iVlf play.' Tin Republican than bold
U-t Dfmilti pa'ty rwonauVe fcrthaactof
aSngVi bidlvloWi and Qwernor Maacr, who
w sat tho Urn Secretary of Stabs, remarked,
efttitharrea-il t 1 olottlon utd Urmlnated,
and Mr. BrCBAgAa wa known to baveauc-
ceeded, lba that tot alot eat tha ttmxr
two tatrod thoaftand vote, and that had
thelraMoneata-aadaa different (election of a
candidate U wotaM hart root tbe Dmocicy f be I J
FnaUeMy. .
mother tibia b ao or net ,w do no', preload
to Mf, bat tU recent attempt ""
and hla Brcletee to rry eat the. I""' fo
lios by the Mcrlilf. ofao rdiKb "" -
"afforded eenllel Deniwra-O pullikiaua that
tkey aro net low to va laom' pf- Al
,,, wa notice, Ibe piper In the latere!
that party are on the troth, nd cbavo laiding
itolIUcUu of tho oppoittlon with complkl'jr wlih
Sbowx and bU MsocUten, wb"t lt Utilag
lonrnaliof tbocj-roilllon tfotqoil! lntrnt on
protln ltt lb trf tad Its luI ue Inno
ctat of rrtK,rll-m cr knoU of
Beow' moTtmtnti.
WltreT tht iwU of tbew tblnji mty t
tbo wbob) fflt U p '.ly to bo dojlor! by 'J
good bob, Kortb or Sautb, Dmocrt nd K
jmUlcui. If tbo (ttort In tbo ll-.er' Ferry
trogody bad nd actoal aW.tot, tbay at Uait
iraro nworagwl by tbo mkoy lajvilljoui and
oftan UaM taflamttory appeati tbat wo im put
forth from tlmo to tlmo, not only denunciatory
of tbo ludtutlon of Slarory, but of the dtcfiloiu
of oot blsber ccnrU wbon tbo rlKhUofaUroi
aro Inrolrad.
Tboto appoabj to fort aro out of placo, and
cannot do otborwUo tbaaliai to mtKblef, and
tbo (arpatvlty ofwroDKwUl, la tbo end recoil
spon tbooo who Indulgo In tbonv an In tbo pro
nt Uutasco. If Uwiexlit tbat arennwlM or
nnjut, tbara la a logt'X-nito mwi of gottlng
rid of Uom, and nntil tboeo ntvu can Iw uaoJ
poaoaably, it U bottor to (nflW than to attempt
Tlolence, Calm dlaniMioa with a people like
oura will aooompUah more tban all tbo violent
denuaoiatione tbat could f oauUjr bo made. Wo
trait tbat thf to caaaa may prove profitable lea
tone to both tide, and tbatparttea and leadora,
brtAer,wtH bo leea Inclined to al ow tbeir pl
itoni and fcelloga to aapplant their bettor )wg.
menta at the exponas of truth and right.
Tto Uarpar'a Frry AoVlr.
An Extraordinary Sermon.
Bar, IIdbt Wabd Diecuer pruaehad, laat
OTanlog, a leimon which, aeu fjr that celebrat
ed maa, wu an axtraordlcany one. Ills text
waa, rlrtoajlr, tbe Ilarprr'a Ferry Alftitr, though
tbo worda ware from Uoly Writ, lie ridiculed, u
few could do, tbo captor of two thouaand po
(1 by lerantean man, and tbo calla to arrai of
two 8 a tea and a van of tha Federal forou La.
.. . . ,. . ... I
alaee,to capture thoaa te:ten, and painted I
vlrldly many of tbo acenea oonnacted with tbe
tragedy. Ha eondomned and denonnced all auch
eta of riolcoco, and all mouurea which lend to
eparato and create enmity between the people
of th Berth and thooo of tha Bouth, In terma
which could not but tave ploaaed the em of the
alareholdera themaelToa.
Ilia particular vlewa In relation to tbo al cry
qoeetlon were then (.Iran at groi'.er length, and
mote explicitly than they bare boon on any
other occasion. TboM who auppsee that tbey
differ entirely from Mr. Bckciier Ii Matlment
on thla ubject,wiU bo aatonlahed, w will prom
Vie them, on a peruail of thla aermon. To ona
Ue all auch and all otbera, who, friun curioeity,
or from any other motive desire to (cad a acr
mon of uouaual merit aa w ell aa of unnaaal
Lntereat to the bole community, hare ar
ranged to rubUah a nbatim repirt of It, from
Mr. llucuis'i own note, and under hi own
rTilon,ln TAe Sr tl Welneaday uornlag.
New FaVlWaUarM.
Tax Ceaaxs Crrenaais oa Facra roa EreaTennr.
yv(ulore"Mu(re Within," 'TAa Ira
eon Why," Ac, New Yuiki bio A FiTKiariALo,
Thla la a neatly boand oiume of 3uVl pagoe,
and oootalna more valuable information on all
coQcoiraUe aubjecta, than any publication ex
tant. It la lUaatraled with oror 1.000 engrar
Inge, and forma acoupUte encylopodu of tueful
knowledge. Every family ahould hire a copy.
Paaioa TaxaTsioat a, oa Wi.tr Frxnnau' Eta
TaiaXMatrt. fie ike auifcor of in 'liJiWia"
Own J.oot;" "re foriaH.," .fi Stent," 4 c,
New aorkl Dica A I'lTiueeNuo.
Thla I a rolumo of 171 pafiee, and li intended
to prorbfo Innocent atnutemoa: for chil.lrenat
homo. In thla work the author baa done Mm
aelf creJi, and baa provided a deatderatum in
the bouaebdd, for which tbe yjurj a ill thank
Wo bare recelvod from T. II. TrtTf atos &
lino., l'tiladclpbl, tbo ninth volume of tbe
wheap edition of DicMia'a worka for tbe million.
Wo bar also rtce'eJ fro-n the publiaberi,
8waw, brim i. Co., A' YiMk, thelMober
number of IHockwoo-l Majatlne,
AiCH. L. Cook, (n cf tbe oldaat M.iBr. ope-
ratora in tbo United hta'ua, died if oneumplion
at Daltlmoro on Thuraday It, having been ab
aent from li pott cf duty but a single day, ntd
that laimac'iatcly preceding hla doalb. Mr.
Cook wu for inanr yeari in the employ cf th
Magnetic and Soul Urn Telegraph Companies,
ndcomnacdtd their teapect and eetcam. 11
wu alao very much Moved I j bla brother ope
rators, god tbey aloceraly lament b'j loo. lie
leavee a wife and two Utile cbuMran.
Tub np.ar part of tbe mit ar.d riralng of a
loop wa projecting out of tbo water on Friday
meming, between Qarrisona and Co!dpiinP', on
tho II01U00 liver, And a nothing 1 knoa n of
tbe matUr At either of tho above places, it li
feared tha crew went down with her. It It aup
poaed that abo wu eltlW runfa'o by a ataam
boat on early 1'itday morning, or tbat aaJlea
aqaaU a' ruck bar, capalalog and ainklng bar la
Taa steamer Vrauda Skldly, Capt. FaAzgB,
""xaler, wu inocaeding from Mew York to
Jbny, oa Tueeday night, wben ahe cam In
tt Hoop Temperauoe, Captain
Jacob O.
waa.., about two mile above
4 owgnaaepsie, jamtalng the entire lenirth of the
loots earning ay her bowaprll and mut.
CaxAaln Uiciii.m Ujud bly, 0ni of bU
(eat being erusbed on arm and several of his
ribs wan also broken.
Yx Attempt at h'ghway robbery wu made
Opat Mf. Tatoa. KootrU, who drlvee tbe I wu broualt to Shai ghal by a Russian ftM boat, but
newspaper axpreu betweea New York and I 5 !.".W:r, wwereoelvaa fmin bkn. It wu reported
""' Z . ... .. .. TT 1 that he would U at Shanghai about the end of Au-
Vfw-ark, on Thnraday night. He waa on hi I gu, ,d th.t h exiweud to b abto to ead heme
way to Mew York u nsual, abortly after mid-1 taratibd tree b, the mUowmg mall.
cLahl. and wheal "ear tha race aouru oa the I TE,Te uireepuudant raida the reeeptlnn of
rJank road, twa; pxetoj ahoia wara fired at bim 1 lt5T,"-?l?(tatneof the Pekia Cebi-7SlwiJa-eai
surltharof which to ik tbBMs?, rU """" " 'er
eAfcot. Mr. M. fptirrao up ma none ami
'l"ngwjsjr,i rzMrMi
Arrftff ifte 7 -! 1.11. '
Two Days later 'Intelligence.
CBae la IW Proewli MMairr ArrrthraAxt.
T .M. iCS Arable from l -Um er1 II JJ.
h."a?rtoo 'SlRSvh elf ao r. at. of U. lMh.
tea ara roBrrtaToa.
rv. Mnn,-idr UttWj annexmrre fiat on the llth
.TLarSl"eJ aa algnul at Zurich between
. tn 111 e nten.tiiated Kumrian eonarea.
Ie ratao"rreaTn)aLtof tbe Itvlna J'inn aa
.u... ii.iaia avtU nct.rla.lTha flva rreat imrai.
Hardline, Spain, iTictta, rurtJgal, Kaulea. and
Tta 11 d n 7VI raja that prellmlnar nr'ita
Uona for a o-ii jrnaa are net aoicg on, t( uetnjc m ir ti
eaaUrto I'anaotgrvaeUanfto cni1iti tliencae
tin nrr.imlnarlia. Ei.a'atd la lJ"djr d to enter ri
mtrauMMetlielndriiirBRaiid free mrtkra ft
urni'ai iiaij are ravinviMi iinuaraiooa fi ue Ktiar.
auVrd. Ir la uLiUraUol that Die question of tbe
.ir,l rd d. U aa left to the arbltra4ua of fie Kuig
of Iwi'aia.
Pant, IffA It la eaieited teat the aronnd treat
of ptac willbeagwd t .mnrrnv, thedol'bonof tte
King ef II IhslgUna ai tLe debt ol Lcmbardy hkTUig
rcauinil KurUitu
xr.lti, Wk Tt W liaa a "ljloh rrom
raila,atd laat nlglit, UI n that firre distinct
lulruin'tta will ba aknrd at 7.uncb the treat b
tmit tianeeend gardnla wlillaia:a-nd In a da
or two i the trlpltete treat will be eignel aulaw
Tie 7WMof O.Umomtnir atatreftat tha taroia
ottbe7.urhtmtarealmt lt'mlical wl'h tbora
agreed t' at Villa Franca and that a-'S ea one
tU qv.wl.or a wltoh dlail4 IU and Europn,
rmmaarttid. .....
The Jfernfnjr Ye' aata, that aaaiirlnf IU bifVir.
metlnn to I e. rrert, the further prop Mala oonoem
lg " Q"t) kft npMi, wbl. h It la IntemlMl ta
auburn tn tlia at.pmaeh of tha OmirreM, an of euih
a nature tut Ihe dlp'orratbrta at Znrtch hare on)
DMiad rip matarlala freth dlHlamtlea. r.nglaill
ran and will take no irt In anr Oonareaa. of wt.loh
Ho drat prtncliV be n4 the rooiHrnlUon of the
maa nre and Tuacana, no laaa than the Mxlen. aa
and rartneaan Btatea, to aelf gorarnment, The Ant
canncai ahot find to fnroeonthe people of the Ri.
magna. Iforlena and Tuaranr ai other nilera tban
tl e Italian Prince, tn wbom the rn fondl prit their
trrwr), will ba thlgial of a conflkt aa doad aa the
one Juat brotigU to a c oae.
euii atuTAjH.
The Great Eaatern em.tlnued at IfjttheaJ. Prince
Atatrr rlaiUd bar on tbe 17U, during tbe emjoura of
tbo Moral famOat Bangor, but the Qieendidnot
go. It lad Of en aaaenea iw iro reavi woumaaii
for Port land. Maine, on or about the tuth of Dotobnr,
but It la eaml-offldallr aoaouuoed, that the direoton
hadnotomiatoanaV'Olinon. Amerttng waa to be
bald on the 1Mb, awl It waa thought, that final ar
rangemeata would then be made. The Timet cot
reaimndaiiton board, atrongl edrocatesthe puet.
potiameLt of the Atlantic trip U!l Spring, ou aooouut
of the Imperfect prrparatluna and the cjaaeqiieut
rtk of failure.
Tlie Friroe of Welee bad oomaaencol bla oollrge
ttudiee at Oxford.
Tbe Earl of Westmoreland la dead.
Cabinet Ouusolla and meetliigi of nvlulatere were
being frequent! held In londno, la reference, it
waa prtaumtd, to the Italian queetion.
The ttock Exchange had wen buoant, at dell
Imraxrrlrg price. Mona waa eaai eol tnaaupply
Tar aiAinoaLi.
The aVateet.
London, r.rfnrada Tbe Dailj Xtwt Uty Af.
tlc'e eat k Tbe tendeary of tbe atosk market la etltl
deddeil to Improvement. At one period, on Tuee
day, afreehruMraMwaaebU'aed. A Utle dullaeee
waa occadoned In tbe afternoon, br the continued
abetnoeof raapusae on the Parle uauraa, but ooew
O'lie oioeea )i Lignar luau on Monday. Tbe demand
for money waa moderate. la the open market, tU
niay be oonakUred the aeareet rate fur the beet Villa
baring Ikrre muutba to tun. No bullion operation
at the Itauk.
The Tmtif at Aitlole eaar The oonflrxatloa of
tke newe of the awalng of tbe peace treat at Zurich.
tliO Mtt'rmrnt of the d'aputa bet men Spain and
Mexico, and, abuTe at', the ountlnued abundanoe ol
capital eeeklcg Inrcetwent, cauaed the EogUah funde
lo ornn on l u jeaey wlltt ieormeea nnuneee and eub-
erquanU; toainertoncea farther adranc. Ooeaola
Uft ofl aUadv at an Uupn.rameut of a quarter.
There waa aa iucreaeed demand for monev on Tuee
Oar, ai.il tha rie In the o-n market wae full 9 af
per cent. TLe fnrelgn exchangee were generally
ateedy. The llritlah lallway atock were firm and
advancing, tut oloard with a elbrhl reactJoo.
Tlie ablp Dcrar Caatlc. from Melbiairne, with gild
duet to tbe amount of 31 000 and 100 000 In eoTe
rtlgna, waa od II) mouth laat L'gbt,
The report that Fraoo claim thro buodrod mD1
ton fl wo", a luderMuiy fur tha war, from Piedmont,
la proiiounr-fcd uuftmndr d. The Froocb Qorernmeut
having made adtanrea to Piedmont, b- th before and
during tLe war, to the extent ol 011.O01) fraaea, la
erme, ptTiakma acd money, now ualiua only a re
laburerrcciit of tbat mm.
lUjiorta w e-'e age n curreut of a probable chaege
In tbe Mlnletry. The retirement of WaLawaal and
the Duke if Tadua were conaidend likely.
The flaidlnlaa atlnlalrr of tbe Filerfor, General
Doiioairn-a. waa on a nilaalon to Para, aud had inter
view with tl-a Einiror aud WLaat.
K'ar-Ada.lral Dcror had kit Patla for Londin, on
a aiedal mlaakai.
It wna eald that the Minlater cf Public Inatruc.
tlon luul lad atormy InleiTiena with ejvne of the
utr moutanc prc'atee.
It waa reported that the Archblahop at B-c.ltaux
would at on elatl lbime at tbe d.alre ot the E njieror,
to 1 reea u-on tbe IVe tbe liera alt for reronn.
1 be Mcnitnir de hi flole explain tbat the French
lint will be eent 1 1 Morooc on aooouut of the atU
tude aaaniot-d by t.ug aud toward Spain, the Engliah
Fleet protaUy leing mteudud to ouunterbauuca it
oparat 01 a.
lba Parte Tatrit eontaduta tha Htateinant. Uiat
1 Ue Hultau Lal otd. ra.1 tha aiieieuat.nk of the work
I ou tlie Aura tana', but tt la ntvrrtucltiee u-acrtod.
i uw V..NBB uu uvw viiimriy oiaconunw a.
It la aaaartvd, that Fiance will only recall her
fororefrora Hot!, wben the fno of arivernmait
tLere nuji re their preaenoe no luuger neeeajar.
The Puria flour rnarVet bad breu heavy, but c iM
with a Utter uu.aud firmer. Wheat had aiigbtly
Lf .otJ aaa, that the deitetron of rarma and
Tuerauv Isdiktenlewa with NaroLto on tbe lata,
and that tLe ruult aa atUfavlury, but the iktall
air not (tun. .
The Paila Ikmrae hail Ken firm at en Improve,
meat, hut cliwtd flat and li acilvj on the lsili, at
. ItcforrtLte.
Thr Klrg of Sardinia bad vlaltod Grt ainlrbd
much eutbuahvim. WLile theie he reoolvod the dow
ager Euipreeaof Pinrtla.
The official firdmonttu Oaietti state that on a
reprvarntat'on, wade by lardinla, Au-tria bad ana
iTdidthe wmkeat Iluead' Oifi, aud bad uo'ill.d
bertlatthe ii.lnea were tluwnup by mistake, ex
praaalng, al Ire lame tlmo, regret at tbe occur.
r re
Mai y f-eeh emit were n a-le at Parma, on ao
ca.Lt ol the late e.eaeeluaUi n tiaiqulbty pre
vailed. A 01 mmltU at Ml'ao had leen leaking art impta
to revotutloLlae Vemtiaaudtha eoutbi.rn Tyril, and
thr an rff.'iU to weaken tbe hold of Auatria had not
born entire y fkiiltleea.
Th Saidlithui Govemruenl wae aertouely eonald
nirgthe ixprdlcnry cf foitifylng Breecla, Louata
a' d Cremona
TLe Sataa Fedrral Counrll had bought the Aua.
tiiau tca.-rers rn th Lego Maci re.
Tlie report tbat Napea baa promiied military ae
alatama to Kiiie I dutcredlioit, a the ATuig of Isa
plea tt i il e luael( n ol hi owu territory.
AreTt.hitlonarcmeotUx at Fen ra waa giving
the Aiunrianai!reataoiioaou. It eai formed fur
tbe air)ute of aaaiaUng Veuitlaii to Join the lutUunal
It la laid ILat tLa Iniav aetlrir lu amwmm will. II
r urperi r n eiMuoa, wui
- - .--- -- ,..-.: - --""-""--
addreaa a maulfeato to lh
Htiteaof tbet.buicli.
1 he Ni aim trau cone d'arniee on the frontlent waa
contuiua'ly bunMrintr. and wlh a.nouut to thlrtv
tbnurand ire a, Ureal act vity prevailed lu the araa
lmle,uitt wholtarmy wa giaJusly being p'aoed
one ear timuiv.
A lttc r fri m tl' rrnce detail lh ground on which
kl eriutur, of th American Coaaul of Leghorn,
Mr. Jot.ru llieli, waa withdrawn. It I suarttd,
that h buvlrxl 1 tmaelf g'eati fue tke restoration of
th detrioi.td l'rlioea, of wbom li wa a warm per
tiran. lUana Is directly taxed with havlag reoom
n.eV id ot 1 tain lie puhlleaua to pmo'alm a b "publio,
kWI. . .. .1 , .. .-.. 1...- kl I
-w.w ue rauis i uia i.v waa h.iiuh uia u i,w
tlaj Frli ote, arid the Isfcreac la, tbat h swght to
1 alia a pteteat fir arum J U t;vubon.
It U ea-d tLet Spain Ue coroedad further delay to
Morta-oo. lba eiwulah Uortaa bad approved the but
for inoiewtnit tie etruujth u the army to 100.00
men, with lul r-iwtr lu inireaae the uumber b
Morocco Lad ifl.-rel eauafeotlon to Spain, but
without rrr'yUg to the ulUmatum.
Th Emperor of Ruaala aud tlie Prince Regent of
Prula were expected to a have a masting at Hrea-
Uu, Oot, ltd. A grand military parade would lake
It wu rciorted that th Kmror of Auatria will
prootttd to lh f.-outiar of Pruaal and Poland, them
lo meet the Emperor of Kesala.
ikdu An own.
Th lull and China mail from Calcutta, S-pt.
received at Pakln. Tbe new of hla arrival at Pahiu
ee - . Th rrlend CaUa aaye, that u th Amerloaa
vviiwwvmHaiaiai aberty t tender thatr
otb, aud Hong Korg, Auguei seta, iw n-w
Eu.land Tbenew I mainly eutlolpeted bytes
grsib, tint ths letters give additional detail.
Me. Wud. tha Amarioan Minister. WU oourt-ou'
(noJiAeraUaoy tMra'Xf nnliw"
er Mr. Wi uwtfeoou Let eaejpowut -
Ota. Mamevin r, ihm frfW "1 J "'
a Oat irf M. tl emM "
tvltr.U x..u. .r. -1ltlu rt'in (OW
qi Vol V,, town -ir t Tfe lli rjJl.
rest r, La4 a rr-i 't''f"'TV' "vKoeea.
b.dfc"??-'"- tnerrer Ado-
uAJJ.,""5lrrfii M,n,t , ttit tha BmHh O 'il
lad mwle i." prr4 U i,i totue w.mi
lrrewataJUajrtojItod Inn liali by to
J nerted a! Oct tb.
I Cintial tnla ti atUI tiaeattled. Tbe tmMn
I l'rtretnf Ntpanl r oeeepied by Ue Ntie ard
I hie timtn. Tke Waftieta were atln Io lararrao.
Tee kiifcttlre et FtklintieiefTtaerbxl ee rearfr
toneHw l HiH!b Mmlatrr on frtradlf terma,
aiuiwl,i1 tl Indian OorarnaiOBt tad Iweii tp)itvl
tu tor 1C 000 tinra f China, and two ref.mente
wtir under ordeia to dc art.
till TlaT LiTKrT.
frrrreel, rTVdr.rao'ay Tb Frerchearetvner
fiiut hi.., wbleb ror.Ttyed Prlttoe Narouroa li 11 1;,
lead tn aee tl e Great Eaatein, arrrred Lara thla
rmmramn. itTiuioixi.
Li layout Cotton Vliaar Tl ere waa no mate
ral cbanfte tn p l, iluldera wre rffrrlng freely,
but ehowed tiokitailtlon toprrea aaloe Tbr aalea
fur Patunfay, MoWer at.d Tueadar fonted up !4 IO)
lab, of wLlibaijrcuiatoratook 1 0"0, and arportera
aotObalee Tbe nrur qu'.'albiua firnlabMl are the
fnllowli o I New fn-teauf rUdding T 1 lCalJkd , lp
bndMd.Ito 0 11.14.
Ilirarrai. iaarrrrra Maain. Braalrtuft.
wire tecdlrig dLwnwanl. Rnararunviti, rjpaaoa e
Co . qiur flour dull but af I'i at 2a. 01. a lie. par
bbl. wheat dull wlih aou-llketa Id aid on French
aorta An.'rlrar. waa q-ia d, red, (a. td. a 04
llto,a. Pd ale. Corn dull, with a decline of Ad,
en ye low i whlt nmnl iall unchanged.
LjrnrooL Faorraifta kiaarr. The prollon
n arket a eenrraily dull. IVtaf waa quiet but atea.
dr. pmk duL I,a.d (Irm, at Ma. a 65a. Dacon
dull. Tallow Aim, bttoSrrr, Ba. on the apot.
Liviuti I Paot era Mtaaar Aahea quirt. P At,
(7a. (d I Vrarb., i7a. M. Miner ettady. Kloa
errad. (Vlfe q iter. K arln atady ooomonaa.
td. S4rlla of tunantlne dull at toa. 6J. a 30a.
loi kUeeiTe P-readntuffa were dull and on.
charged In prieee. gnfarurm. C free qnVat. Itloe
firm. Tallow quiet at ova. Od a Ma. Oj. Unaaed
oUSSa. riglneiateadf at Bla.
ConnoTe cbeed on Tuaedey, 18th, at MX a MX, fur
mrraey ail eorount.
Aneikan atur
eocurlbe alew of aale, but priote una!-
The Harpers' Ferry Insurrection,
Tbo Trial et Capt, Drawa.
rootrn oar.
Oartntom, Va., Oct. W. The Oourt met at
tea o'ckxk The Judge announced that he hadte
oUred a Bote from tbe new oonaul of tbe prtaoner,
uquiallr g a delay fur a tew minute, to enable them
to Lare an mterrlew with the pilaouer, Ue would
aooordtnirtj wait a ahot t time.
boon alVrwarda llao a waa brought In, and took
hie urial tecunibett pnaltloa la bed.
genial. Cnn.r, of Waablngton dt, appeared aa
additional ooueel lor the prteooer, and waa q'iall!9ed
Unn Gawwoui, of Uenlend, O.lo, waa In
troduced lo tbe Court a ocunael for the prtaoner,
and quel ft. d,
Mr. CtniTON though It due toblmaelf t make an
eiplanarory atement bufoeathe trUl proceeded.
Yerterdaybe waa very unexpectedly called opon to
come here, and aid In the defence of fia priaoner.
Knowing from the aewepipera that the trial wee In
progrtea, be took time to comtder and ounaiilt hi
friend, at te tbe prrfitlaty of aocephng tbe rroriorl
tloo. 11 would bare bed no healtaUon If be had
been epoktn to In tlmo, bat hi friend adrleed bla
to come, and he did ao with the expootatljn tf
mere'y aaabrting the geutlean already cooduo'.
log the define. Coon naclitng he.o, he found
tbat tber had withdrawn flow ilia m. and h.
then heelUtid abirut undrrtakliic lt but upon ounu'
tatk n with tbe pt'eooer and hi filend here, they In
eiated he abould do ax and he would 4) the beat he
could, not feeling ai liberty under the ctrounv
atanora to nf aa. Tbeae olieonatanoi a, bowaeer,
would render It Impoaatb a (jr him to diaoharga the
full duty of couneel, not baring hara time to read the
tsdlctiaent or examlaation rtten. lie MiuL: no mo
ttonturCeal tklawaaa matter entirely within th
juruaicrtcn or trie Uouit, and V tbe Judge thou
proper to refuae to grant any poatpiinenieor, he knew
n wou-a no av ne unaer a eeneo or out-
Thaai, mw.
traotditarr clroumetenora would alairendar It im.
noealble for tie aeaociate, Mr. aaiaaroLD, to dlenharjr
hi full duty aa exiuuaL A ahort drla of a few
hour, If lba Court thought properto grant It, would
acal4e them to make com preparation.
The Court decide 1 that the trial muet goon. No
mure JVey could ba planted.
Mr. Hott objeutad to tne receiving a evidence of
the letter of OxaaiT Sanw.kant.a'ora publlahedi alao
lo tbe autobioT!iby of Baowp, wrrtUn by hlmaelf,
and bt th were withdrawn.
Several witneaar a ware than examtaet by Mr.
How, and croaa-examlned by the prtaoner, If Ing on
ku bod, wrepw.il up In ft blanket. Tbe taetlmony
waa mainly relative to llauwa'a kind treatmeut of
hi prtaoner.
At oae u deck a reoeae waa taken for dinner.
amaaeoa aaaaioa.
At the afternoon eeamon eevetal wltneewa for the
prlnavr were exarulned. a'l pror'ag tbat Baowa bat
treated hlaprianei wrtta buaaetty, and frequentl
eipreaied hi regret tbat Uuod abould have been
abed by Urn In aelf drfenor.
The defence clued their iritlmonratahoit four
o'clock, ardthe Slate daalred gtve tne caee lo tne
Jury without a ifumett.
Cat Baowa laalrted that hi rnumnl ahou'd argue
the caan, and, afttr tbe c inln,( epeech for the State,
the Cruit adjpurned to M.iuclav morning, wben the
oouxaJ fur tbe prt-ocer ai 1 prnoted.
Ult to the llarprra Prrr luaarrertlenM.
Charlt'tovtt, Oct. HO. Tola eenlmr, at four
o'ebtk, tha I mtod Uuarda of rn.Lriik jy, under
tle oon ruand cfOapt. Siaaa, reichea Lera from liar,
per'e 1 err TLe reunoated to bo allowed to a e the
Irtniuera, and were adul4ed by autUrtty of Jud
PaumLgienglabaquada. Tbey fint vlitd tie
nil of liaowriand Bnvxaa. liwwft waa In giaid
apUlta. baioaafromll coucn and toik bla vlaitore
by tha hand, nmerklng, "Gautlemeo, I aa glad to
aee jou." lnnpyto tbelr quot'o.a,be adt he
waa atilltuaVrlrgeime pain about the left kidney.
lie eal.1 be waa tietd with ail bumanlty, and b ire
t.alunotie to the effldeoe of the vnlunteer aoldkira.
lie tin lAed S-.i aa lor the manlv and truthful mu.u 1
lawtlcb bhadietltiluaad La would a'aeea
I t'erema kid ttat habad fougttoo the frouliara la
I l"i " that, duilni all hi Ufe.be had aalured
I haJdJilj aid knew how to bear thtm.
Tbe raptured loanrgeat at (arllalr.
Cutlule, iTri, Pcf. 29. Ibe prlocerln Jail
here, fir wrx.rn a rtquletUon waa wa Js by the Dorer
nor.or Virginia aa Auiaar UaiisT, waa bufore tie
Ju J.-e to-day, upon a writ of habeas cirpua.
Counarl inr tua priaonar rlalowil lis ulwhagtoo
tbe ground that his nam wss Wa. lUsaieoe. a,v
rralrxeldinterf llarpt r'a Fi rry were exauuued, and
tertifled poeitivcly that tie riietnr waa one of tbe
lniad.r Ibeybad converaeJ w ilh bun and recoy
niudh'iu. U. i oru.aao esld be saw tha flaib of
hla tin wlii ninth art of abmtbig a cttlaga No
one (file wttmaca knew I ia ua n
TLeCoott took the rrouidlbat the requlartlOTi I
legall) acd formally litiht, but there I no evidence
that we I i any man lu ourcuetod named HasLrr,
whom wa can de Iver on this requisition. We a e
Mils fli-d that a monetrou cria baa been oommltted.
and that the 1 rauner wae there and participated, sod
Ibte'ore leinmimlt blmto await a requisition from
th Gi veiuor of Virg-lu'a
Fire la Dewtsa.
Bottom, Oct. 29. A fire broke out this morn
ing In the rear of N. 0 Cambridge street, which
dwtrojed six but dings, moat of them of no great
value. Kobbct Paaxuw, furniture dralsr I Wbit A
Kkit, tremulant keeperst J C. Cats, end G. W,
Luassp, are among the sufferers.
BoUon, Oct. 80. A auger bouse, alx atorlea
high, u Oocch etrtet, owned and ooeupied by Ssra
Ansa, was totally destroyed by lire ibis evening.
The kea on the atock Is &M.C00, and oa the bull J.
legaudn-achlnery eOIMU. The bieurano on atock
ia ov ow. oc wnion uie loilowlng le in New York.
offioea 1 Fulton 06.000, Uumboldt t bOO, Metropol.
Uaa taooo, Marcaatue BO 000, liremau'e Fund
SO 000, North American . BOO, Irving 1.000, Em.
E'rw City go 000, Exoalalor go 000 1 tha lemalmUr la
Huston. Lonaou and Borlna-field offices.
The tnsuranoe on ths building la aii.ooo, and on
the machinery la til 000, of which th New World
C.nnyofMew York haa tS.OOO, th Manhattan
of Nw Yoik 8 000, aud th Lafajette of Brooklyn
tl.000. Very little atock wu eared, not over 00
bbl. of sugar. The fir was, probably. Incendiary.
Two bouse In Creaoeut Place were slightly dam
aged. A fire occurred al about 4 o'clock, thla afternoon,
In the sixth tory of Biaut A Casrswrn' ators,
Noa. 101 and 10 Stat (treat, dealer ta and
niarjufrwrturer of paint, etc Th nttr loaa I
about tlOOO. The building ia owned by LxvaxjTT
BaLvoanaix. Th oauae U tha fire la unknown.
Arrival of the Overland Mali.
St. Lcuit, Oct. 29. Tho over'axd mall which
left San Francisco on the T ta, haa arrived. Buatneaa
had Improved aome what. A ebock of an etrthquak
wu exprincid at Ban Franolaoo on th Bth.
Vraea Waaalaataa.
UVuaMefow, Oct. 80 Intallureat gentlemen
who baa juat arrived here from the raolfio ooaet, aay
that the people there wld be aurpneed at tha vl4t of
Liaut General Boorr to Baa Juan, u onlj tn tbe At
lantic Slate baa that Island been magnlflsd to tbe
1njp.etr.noe of a oontlnent. While It belongs to the
UlAled Statu ar-d will be retained, they add that It
l 1 sail v ut wotth quarra'Ung about, and that It
ve'ua tea been surpnslr gly over-sstlmated. It I
rertabi that tbe tone of tbe British Ministry oa this
subject. Is not over-egneebie to our government, but
aa explicit deolaret on tbat General Uaaaarr wu not
laatructad to oomip the Island, and a calm and dig
a A d nplaietioa of all the attendant olroumauna ,
wll1, It U thoufht, pmduee a betUr atam.of beaug on
the part of our tranaallaiulo uaghboia.
ffrvrs freaa Merdr aad Texaa.
anaoanoe that the Baraloge bad arrived wleh Import
ait6.jefauforSoar MavaaodTaJSAa. Laan
so aha riialfsai' ooafirm the oold blooeVed muruar of
Mr. Caaaa, the A atari -n Ooaaul, by Maaucaa.
Taefavet eioelnsad U Owlveston and Houston,
Than waa MB la litdtajaila,
m- . -m.
JKlmhit, 0Od. bfaioKf Trxwrn, fcaV
t H etaOtt, who recaj4 trtn Car'-1 ooMr, VaT
4',. nwwa Ben lean way. fciq nrwua
V..BOI. uv FMfcrn aiveD v VJTiafwa.
rotaa of aba Mlrhiaan Nrata Nereaat '
t awihaal. ' f
VrnlfM, Ot. to. Tbo KtetorToTwidPcboe!
1 -tun-t, tt. two abial a, flirult ii a.l In UM
fbWy. ire ornaeoed r 1 i.i ,n,. llt i,
(aaoral t J4t .ie.n.
RxAmtmi, Va., Od. 80. The faneral of rion.
JomY.Maeowwee wry Imnnatrg. Tlawo waa a
military eeonrt, and an hnaaenae a ineouree of H'hr-ne.
Tbe remain ware txrrtad la Ilatlywcod. near Iboaa J
ax-FreaideOt MottBOB. , ar luoee
Ptro la Rlckwaeaa.
Rtrlmord, 'iu, OH. 80. TbeexlenelTe plan
ing niBl r J. A C. Oraanw baa been aUM rteianinii
1, fire, lr.n r log eloaao.OtO, '
rreel at tbo Moeata.
Krw OrUant, Oct . 80. 1 hero waa a kdllar
froat la raiiune pait of tiotil4ana and MkukMlppi
tUl luonuog.
Flrra la New Orlcart.
A'rro OrUartt, Oct. 30. FortiofM of three
ariuarr la the Third DUtriot it tlil dt were burned
lat nlgbt. geeerty four poor farnlde were burned
ruts lowr 10o roo.
A Urge fir la raging thla afternoon at tha corner
of To) area and tree atneta.
Newe rrwa tbo i'lataa.
St. Itmft, Oet. 21. A dlapalch rocelred bare
raa that tbe Salt lAkemell oftuoTth mat , reajhed
Atvhleon y, aterday,
A pert ot emigrant, numbering eeTrmtean, from
Ilucbenaa eoantf , Ioee,were atfaokat b Inliaae
near Kmne'e Cut Otf, end Mr. tun, M-. Milij.
tola, tie wife and eU cklldren, w.r killeL Mo
I uaeaa'a two eldeet aona and tbe remainder of the
part eacarvd, and are now at Camp Floyd, in a dae
titute onnaition.
Out. Uruuiu, tne Surveyor fleneral of t'tah
Territory, ameed out on the trjtb n't,
RepablU-nn Paaer Mebbrd la Koatarby.
Strjvrt, Otf. 29. The Kentucky 'rm South,
a rapt r of Rab lean proolleitiee, waa mobbed bvd
Light, and it M forma'i aoattvred In tbe etieet.
Fatal ASrala Itaklmere.
Balt'mort, OcL 80. J. M aaaiiAt, IIawca, re
porter of tl e HVtlmore Sun, whllet in fie fire a.arm
Feb graph oOice to-night, lot Into a difficulty with.
rHiearrtnt,drowe plto, end arv.l Mr. L. Mo
Fnaix, l'realdent of the eeeond branch of th, U'y
Council, aud at preaent act'ng-Mayor of the oM,
during tbe elcknee of Mayor gveam. The ball tuok
tfiart In tbe thigh and produced a rerlaue wound,
which will prob.bly cauae Mr. Mcfnaa'a death.
Now from Me) Jaarlra.
A'ewi OrUani, Od. 29 lib Janeiro data of
the let mat., are at tend. Oae hundred and eeranty
T-et were In port. The Champion, from New
York for Ban ITrawrlaoo, put Into Kio on the itOth, la
a leaky conditnn. and waa obliged to diaol are and
rat-air. The atck of Ouffije la port waj 80 000 bar.
The war ablia LaocaaUr, John Adam end Dolphin
ware la poit. aTMBal
MrmarkaMe) Oaae af Preeen allow al LU,
At Boxbury, Mas., on Thuraday Ust, a man
named DakjaX Fltiw, waa employed by Mr.
Is. D, CoiftXT, reabllng on Ilrookt ttreet, to
clean out a well. Fltxn, after doaooadlng to
tl.e bottom, aoma thirty feet, attempted to
ilimb up, and bad gone ibout four foot when
the wall on 000 aid gave way, throwing him to
th bottom, And tbo whole miu of rocka carol
In upon bim and largo qaantltle of d'rt from the
filler), ao tbat tbo well appeared Ailed wlih I olid
layer to within two or three feet of the top.
Tbo noteo of tbe falling atonea attracted the In
mate of the houao. when the alarm waa clean.
nd an excited crowd eon aaMmbled. The poa
aibllity of th buried man'a eacape dll not occur
tl any one, wben bia voice waa ewUenly board
coming from thirty feet below th aurfUce.
J?oni 6 or 8 men wore 1mm kliately eot at
work throwing; out the dirt nd rocka, and aa
a. on aa they had (tot (0 a depth which required
i'.awindlae waa naed to facilitate the wotk.
'J bo voice of I be man could conatantly be heard
inploringtbem to relievo him, and Indlcttlng
that hU poaltion waa rery painful. Afier nine
bonra nonatant labor, the workman waa reached
rd readied from hi perllona poeltlon.
It aeema that whan the wall fell, ho wu forced
agelnat on aid of tbe well, and closely packed
in there by tbo rocka and dirt, ao that ho could
not move at all and ncarcel r breathe. Ooe Ure
rock fell aialnat bla head, lo flic -Jug severe
brolee, and other rolling aialnat th aid of hi
Lead prevented him atlrrlog It t all daring tbo
wbo'olovgd fi
111a lega wei cinaideratjly bnrt, and hla body
and llmba covered with brake, bat no bonei
were buken. and no aeriout lojurlea of any kind
canned. Thla la one of I be moat remarkable et
canea of tbe kind ever rwnwile.1.
T he man ewee bla life entirely to the peculiar I
manner in wnicn two ur,r etonmt ranzot against
each other and gainst th eld") of lb well,
forming an aich over hla head. Dot for a amaller
lock which pneaed ag&Laat hla middle, and an
other which held hla feet, he would Lave been
entliely free in hi underground place of du
ra. A Molher's Iniacnee,
How touching tbe tribute of the lion. T. II.
Buiton to hla mother. Influence 1
My imAher naked me never to uaa tobaoco. I have
never touched it from that time to the present d ly t
ahe aeked me n4 to game, aiat I have a-ver gambled,
anil I cannot tell who I winning and who la toeing In
gne tt at oan be plaed. Sue elmoniahed us tos
anauiet hard drinalngi aud whatever capacity for
ewtuiauoe I have at pn-aant, arid whatever uaefumeae
I may attain In Ufa, I have attributed to having oom
l4ied with her ea-reot wlahea Wben I waa eeven
rare or age, ao eww two nn io gia, ami -ien 1
made a retmlurJon of total abatuioiuie, at a time whan
1 wee eole coni.Utu.tt member of my oan body, and
Uiat 1 have adhatd to It tarough all time, I ow it to
my mother.
Fiiia ir Kuvb Avajxcr. Shortly before
eight o'clock, on Saturday morabrg, a fire broke out
IB a Iran irtalle, In the rear of Mo. .10 Ninth Are
nut, iccm, led by Tpoaia Jaeu. Tbe rtamee rapid
ly oohtuu.ed the sb'r, and aurTm-aUd a horee, val
ued at troo, belonging to Mr, Jsmi. From th
(table, the fiaoiee ourau)unlcet''d to tha Iron railing
manufactory of Willi aa Waiorrr, No. 147 VVoet
tlth street, which wu eonaumei. Tha flames
rpn ad to a email Methodist E, tec -pel Miaalon
Church, No. Mb West S4th ttnet, and owned by
Cuss. II MucaT. Thla building, valued at tl.MX,
wu marly deatrcyed; lrauied fur $1 800, In the
New York Fire and Marine Insurance Company,
Th eUtb. I'nlvtraal at Serb ty, wbl Ji furina"y wor
shipped la tt chuicb, bad an c rgsn In It, valued at
toOO, wLkh wae deatroyteJi not Insure L Mr.
Moral's dweblng, No. M Wett tb atreet, wu
damaged by t re and w star ebviil $300, and Insured
In tbe New Yoik lire and Msriu luriranco Com
pany. Mr. W Horn's leu is about tlOOO, and not
Insured. The cai'ae of the dm U unknown. m
FouncAL. lb Kepublican Senatorial Con
venUon, Fourth Dlatilct, net on Baturday night, at
Lslid' Hotel, and uooilnuted Dr. Baacsi. Uux tor
Senator. Dr. ILUJ. had ptvlouiy been iwialaatea
by the American ud Whig Conventlone.
Th blend of UcraUl N. Wild, th American
Kepublican and Whig car dldate fur member cf As
sembly In the td district, wet st La-ru's n.itcl, on
Saturday evening, on the Invitation cf the El -Councilman.
Owing to a sudJ-n U,dUpo-itJA n of th Ex
Councilman h wu unabl to melt the ou
MmiomeT AmiiVBBaAar. Tha John ttroat
Itethcdist Fdloopal Churoh held an annlven try yea
terdy,u txmimemoratwa cf the dedication of th
first Methodist Church, which occurred Oct. 10,
1148, nlnety-on jea- eg. Th aervioe were
a Lot rout, at Xi and preaching by the Rev.
Wa- U. Muaoaa, at 10Jf o'olook la th mora
log. Ia th atamoon a reunion wu bald at I
o'clock t brief addreaa s were bad from former pas
tor and number of the Church. Th Rev, Dr.
Batios, BTsnowa, Flotd and STatCEiAao took a
pait la the caromoale. The ceremoulo oonoluded
la th evening with a pi ayer meeting al o'eioca,
end preaching by the Rev. taahop Jaaaa. The at
tendance wu very huge.
Ball's Lira Boat Eobeea, Thla vessel,
whloh left Whitehall dock on Friday, to make her
trial trip aad to teat her era qualitee, made the run
to SUplaton la lkT bourt. The boat I II feet long,
8 Warn, andtt drthmthcblni IIU celled both
tasfd aud out, and caukd watertight, forming 39
water-tight compartment. Air chamber - In
troduoad iX foat from tke tern and th (Um, and
water-tight bulkhead (midship of aoh chamber,
Th deck 1 formed by door-Uatk wotting at
binges, whloh, by mg opened thru Inchu apart,
reetlug on buTkhaads, form the prlnolpal ventila
tion. The boat leca'culaltd to aoeomnodate about
lot pereots, aad I It too burden,
Thr Ba-BAsraa Haw World. Thla roaaal
ku fleated somewhal hearer shore than aba waa
wham noticed before, twreral vaveebi ar angagwl
la picking op and aavtag kav cargo, which oen.
tmaeotofioat eoT with tbe wd. Tbe large hoiatUg
AeniekwDlgonp to-day, wben the walking beam,
brfli MMk pipe d all the heavy machinery
dWtaaerot.,Wha able tadoas th atiawtr
wU b eaaefciliATargo lattice, wark romjemfAe
mala gwki and on era n!t4 witu awlergtra'
tmaga hi asta nnlrr water, when it ba beta vr
alno It boat aunk. Th main deck wa eraoaad
Mth. : cable t eight, much of which ba Kan eat jj,
b'll jrollh' in aa almont rulnoaa onniitvi 1.
ILeaerlieot vi canaed, no oVubt, by dy rH.
Tie gatiiW frame rwtarda ka-1 araty pptar
ane of being aound, watch It waa but la-l
It wa rottia, cauaed by oontlnuat luaflraa,
wiWag acd druig of th gallow frame, to
wbloh II exttd poatloa nbjecl It- The frem
timlier r 40 feet long, It by II tachea aquare, cf
th very beet yellow Georgia pine, eeUced, cut, and
bnpntted exproaely far tbe purpoee. Work on the
ateaour wa auapended four moatha, that the tim
ber might be properly eeeeoned before putting up.
Thla frama, which 1 In a Irtangu'ar form, la braced,
atrarfed, faatesed, Ao., tn th atrongeat pomdhU
manner. The walking beam, weighing IS, too, 1
Jlacod open the t.-p of thla framework, and It wa
the top of thla frama ttal broke, one aide, om alx
feet from the top, the other ahout three fact, cauaed
by the euddea jerk, waloh threw the beam forward
Borne twelve feet, breaking, eraahlog, tearuig every.
tlilt g In It way down, HU etopped by the brwca and
timber of tha frftuuiwnrk.
Thaateamer New Wor d wai Irurpacted rn ftvpteia'
ber ! the ateamhoat Inapertora, who, like the offl,
eer if th boat, never dreamed of th g low fram
being rotten. Th officer and wilier on board aa
abut th women behaved during the diaaiter muci
better than th men. Tbe Udiee war not haf ao
badly fr gtteat d. Vi'h'Ut th ladie took with the a
nthebr wearing apire1,xct, pe hp, an ooca
rloii! bair pin, or eoue Uttie trUket of ao great
va'oe,Un.en.l behind them coaot, veata, pai.li,
Iuui leaioera, oranay trnttica, p alag card, Aj.
Niuow Eacxrn or A 8a-vdt II oot Filot.
Caaaus C. Faunae, la taking tha ahip R chard S
By t are, on th night al the 17th, the wind blow
leg vary hard and Id from th N.W., not finding
th elation boat iff tha I ar, prooeeded ta the light
ahip, and req-urded t) be taken off th ahlp. A boat
wa atnt from th llght-eLIr Bell two mn(Aa
oaavr Arlanti and Joint Miuaa,) and Ineadeevor
lug to get b-k to th light-chip they were blown t)
eea, Tbe next raornlng the pilot lit Mary Ann
No. 13) apoke tke llght-eblp and were Informed of
tl aectdoiit. They Immediately proceeded la eroh
of tho mlreliig boat, and f 41ml them u tow of th
al lp WeUter.bound to Uvrpoo,by whom they war
plcVed vp about ten minute prevluu. They ware
taken on board the pilot bat about twenty five
mile F.by S. of Sandy liuok, completely exhauated,
after being txeacd In aa open boat Borne eighteen
Tn. new arsenal, corner of Seventh arepi
and TweLty-flfth (treat, will be formally opeced to
mirrrow. Tbeofftoe of the Commkvtary Goner U wa
ettaUuihed there during the pad week.
Tim Hoar J of EnK-tneer aro In aireara aome
twelve bimdred dnHata, which theyelahn are not
chargeab'e to Ilia Board, from tbe fact that they did
Dot order the work fur which the exoaee I due.
Mr. Lowes' mona.er balloon will bo oxhlb
'ted to the publio to-day at the a'te of the Cryetaj
Palace. Vnder tbe large tent of Meeank Star A Na
ttuae, which ha been newly erected near the Sixth
avenue aide of th b-t, b th boat and or, with a'l
their pareil.enella, while between It aid the R-aer.
voir, two enormou pole, accutd by guy, aupport
th lalloin brad and nattlng bet n them. Mr. U,
doe not mteud making hi aacenaloa until th latter
pirtion of next week, by which time th lellooa will
be fully Inflated.
Tbop. Qilbkkt lectnrea thli evening at tbo
Dealt luetltuae, on rhyaloUigy.
TasAnuatde, Sxow, la now on tha People'
Dry Dock, foot of Montgomery (treat, for repairs.
She wl lie it ripped, reoaulked and nirrly-ooppired.
The ahlp Germanla la alee ou tha large Da'auce Docki
or the puipoee of being thorough y overha u'ed
ComminlotUong, 0V0.
Thr Nawr WrutLn Dn astth Ca W ro Tit
raLBURAnf Orcaama. diior Sun: There
apprare In the TT.be.at of Baturday morning a card
whloh dure great tnluatlee ta the operator tn the
Now World oinoe of the Buffalo una, u well u to tha
Una Iteolf. The author of the card eeeme to be
rrteved bf cauae be Oalld not set over the wiraa. at
mldalabtof Widnsaday, a tategraphio d'spatchaa-
".-" ...--..,. j.. ."- -ff,-,nip new vvono.
Tb facts In th caee are the 1 Tbe regular closing
hour of the Buffalo line I -0 p. M. Ou Wednae
dev night, at nearly eleven o'olocv, an Indlvrdual
caDcd upun the iinrrateir at Yonksrs, and having
rraiatd him from bia slumbers, requested Lira to
send a tt'rgrsph deep at oh t) New Yura. The caller
w u assured bv the operator that It wu too lata, that
ail th 1 face were k'orad, and it would be uaeleee 10
make any attempt at that bourt. louse tbe New
toik operatur. Tni tepiy, nowver, wae not aau.
factory to tbe eppUraiit, Brd, tber-fore, tn order to
n.ake it ao, Mr. Aaiuuiv, toe operator, want to hi of
Son, and reraalued there fur upwe da of an hour,
calling In vain fur tha New Yore -mo to respnnd.
Tl I wu th pretie reeult whi-h the apfOjcant hai
brn told to expect, aud here the matUr uecetsarlly
ZnqueerU, Aooldanta, etox.
FaTAh Fauu Aa aired man. named Jaii
Tl esse, died on Baturday, at Billevue Hoap ta', frcwa
tt.e affect of a fr actio e 01 the ahull, rtoelved on lh.
Tbureda pnvtiua, b a fa I In East 14th at, near
Livtngeei n strait Soon ater racalvlugthe fall the
droeaaed wu oouveved lo the U altal, where, by
e.eao n-Unianaaeinrnt he wu kept from being aa.
txutud, and suff-nd tn lie on lu oart atait a querier
of aa Uo"ir. .bla fact came to the know'edge of
rnerBoBrtuaaa,h-, jeae'da;, bald anlnqu-at
open lbs bod, and his Jury rendered a verdict, on
aurii g in. of the UoapHel phy4clai for rnfu4og to
annul in urceeaeo, warn oniughi 10 us uoapiui.
IliTrKS BT A IteTTLaarMSE. Oa Sttttrdty
afternoon, Jaeaa II. Batarwiav, a travul'ln (hoar
man, wbl eibin'Hu rattcanak at No. 474 Canal
atreet, u bltttn by tne r-i tl a lu the f e fl urer of
the rltfbl band, lba fked Immediate! eoraluoted
him to the N. Y. Iloap ta", wb"r the Hash e irruuo 1.
Ing tb bite wu cut a eay, ainl ctner remedlea rtwort
ed to. On Sunday ciaouur he wu thought to be out
of deeger.
k Ma Forj5n Dead. A mm named Wit.
uaa Oirau, rrabhigal NaPU 11. utr ttreet, ded
audui-uly hurt ev nk.g. His wire le't bim I go to
e nctfbL.it 'a huiiee, i,d ritur.ilng In a few mijiutea,
found lor husband 1; Ing dead In tae middle ot ti
fl r.
KoDrin Dead. An onknotrn woman wu
fouiddtad)t.teiday mianlng, at No. 67FuHAve
nue. IhedraJbMvcf snlnfantwu find laaa open
li t, lu MiXi strvet. near Lexington Avenue.
Tie body of au In'ant waa lmud In Hammont
atrottAdtalumtnUaitriWardButlinUMaa. in
qneaia iq- n the bodlu wl'l be he d tola.
It body of a man, named J asm Lear-ar, wu
fuund oa Saturday morning man old abed, ta BXd
atrart Lear llth avenue, and aa taqueal wu held
upon Ik Tbe Jury found he4atalh evuaed b da
sue of the beait, and aemtareil a verdict to luat
Folio antolUfoaoo, Mlo.
KrABBivo AiraAT Th Victim Fatally
WutnnaD. At a late boor on Saturday night,
an aVa toxk p'ao al th gmavsry No. tt 'teat 14th
el, dining which s yeuug man, named Caasi aa Co
asst, leaidlng r.t TO NiLln avenue, wet fatal 1 stab
bed In I he tight bread end ebduman wtth a knlti,
u Is allerti, la tb bands of Jon Dow
rXLL. It ppers that Cotaea nl aom other were
at th arrgtery engaa-od in raiding for a ravolver,
whan IViaaxu. and Joiin MoOiaa came 11 Intoxlc.
t al, and soon git Into a quaere! beta-eon Uicmesvea
Tby were pit Into the street, and there rcaiimed tie
nnairel, and commanced figbttng. Ooun inter
m-u, witn a Tarw 01 aepstwun aaeoT, woen ue was
eubled, u le a'leged, by Dosksiu lie fell bwediog
t.iacieaaewajK,wbeeiiewuieii, om wuaoonarier
found by the police, wbo too- bim Into a grow,
wteie hi wound were drew od by a physiei, a'ter
which he wa oonvryrd lo the N. V. il ap'teL Cor.
oBerSouiaaia waa notiiled that the wound were
likely to prmre fatal, and h t-iuk tne ante monau
naruLuatlua of Coaaaa Ha gate a statement of th
affair u above, end fully Ideulllleit possaix, who,
with McOiaa, had hern arretted ae the man wbo
etaubrd bim Tlie Coioner ordaied Doeaau. to b
locked up to await (he n-uK of tke t" Juris Infiictod,
and hold MoOlaa to appear Hi llneae.
RirovraY or A Stoles IIorsr asd Ilia.
About half-past 5 o'clock atterda afternoon, Dr,
UitiBi left hi hiree and gig U toe oomar if Ave
nue A and 14th street whii h want to vtnt pa
tient On coming out ef the bona tho Dr. ml'eed
Ua trem, and lmiu-4.stely asamuol-ialed ths fact to
the 17th Product Poboa. Tb pa-fouler were 1m
raedlately telegraphed to tb Polloe Head ruartwa,
and from there tb Information wu telegraphed to
all the polios sutlons. At 4 V o'olook. th list Prw
dnct telegraiihad that Capt V. C. Sriton, while oa
the eoraer of Broadway and t4th etreet, obaerved a
bora aad gig proowdlng at a rapid rale, aad eut
pectlng eomethlng wu wrong, gave obaw, aad that
at tbe corner of Ilroadwa and 4th street he oa
tuied the bone and gig, bat the thlevu ue aped. The
Dr. wu called on, and Identified th eeptured team
u hla property,
, MTBTaRiont ArrAiB-Aboot 10 It o'clock
1aaar t Mnlnia- ah MtlfmlrawA (bf t.n tyhtJ WTJaTw drULUtlal 111
4Ufltrblr tmlooa Ul-mw-i f4 tlv. eofwrf
.. . ... .. . , 1 . h. - - Im
Hrootxa ana seer oar earva-ut, wwa. -"it- -auarreU
and one of tbe party fired eeveral ahoU fiom
a revolver. Greet eoaKiebai enauad, and It I Bald
one of tbe party wa eererelF woumled. The polio.
wwe Boon oa the around, but tb crowd had eaper.
aud, and no defiolm toformatlnn oou'dbe o'-talned
a to lh ohm of th quarrel, or th riameoftaemaa
Diaora noma Tmar. K uaa eaaed
OsAe hivnsornv wu fmud oa Seto'day, la tho
bnaee eg Mr. Joawaoa, Lewi strait, In lba set, at
a gw BT kVatsf a-arunk eoataeig eiotMir, ,
An alarm -wn aliea by MUf ftoaameait Joeww,
elLtrraaMdar attsratfd to detain Ibwlhl-f, hrt
be kn- taker (We a and fie Into hue err.-, wuerw
he wu Oakland by a p-el auan, aud kreitad up fvr
tr'ar. jj r
ALUaMuXiaivouT SiBViwr. aVarran.
ilUaaaeUEun .., a,.., don I
!7'. " " t" ek-aiiog welrw to tne va
trtAf.fmUet.-aw of M. a! C TaZj2!Ti?
1 Batiie.
vai-ee if
tlaraWUI . ttatWaJaliaa. ataa. 1 . . .'. a
' , . .. r w.Mpa in waa.
.. .
Iiswi smiv, iMvaijs,
aCt I. t"vl " dayo.
1 evTI .iL a!a" ?1'v"e the tWt,
l,the tawt raa-ie tt a b.i4nea
rotwDarn aniaawai
nd ecknoeltdsed
tjiiioau wBoemp-eyeaaer. m wu turdud op (or
1 n'liriau oiuLta uuviiwiatieete, DrnerK. I
a hint dealer, wu arrested yeetarday, ehatawd wl3-4
laiouvuai reowviaw a caaaa w we, wneen ea t la.aa
etulen frren a grocery dora town, newuvekenbe
fore Justus Ouaaaobtv and oommHted for -Hon.
Bkcilim Dairiya. . Okokoc jTiiti.kt, a
farmer, waa arrested veaterriev, charged eith rok
Weiy drivtog over DaaiaaO. Lawia,of Ns. 14 Jena
tret I, aad wu detained a iralt exanilnatlon.
Titati ATtnaFain. A man named DArin
G. Wawar, wa rreetd on Satnrda, oharsyd with
ateallnglwo iiholoe-rapba, valued too. whle'i Lad
keen txeerd en exhibition at tbe f n't ft the A marl.
cen Iietilite by Mr. Graear, of Unadway. The
itoperty wa fuuad In pnesiaaloa of lh aneuiied, aad
wu held to ball by JuLoe Qvaoaaaana to ans
wer. Atuniro Itiran Tiirara Ajinaerrn. On
Saturday morning Offioeta La nd Cuaaxu. arreated
end bro-arbt l'r Aldermen Baanv, three fcl'ow
aatned Jaaae Bamrt. Favarrei Keanoie aud J on a
WetjMi, wbo, u le all-irart, on tee evening ptwvkme,
I ad atolrn e plere of block tin from tee pier No. It,
Feat rivrr, the I rr it of Mr. Wains L. Ciaaa, of
No, II Scuth atrciL They were eommitted to the
L'acobt. Several daya alnre, raraictc Kin
tv, aror.4..yid b Mr. Baaasvr, a Kondnut, N. Y It
la a leffej, atnle tin ta money from bla amnloer,
end dtoawjwd. A Cocetablecame from Rondout In
avarch of Par, and on Sunr offloer Golpxv A e
eovered the mlselng man and found In his pow
smn 30 of tbe stub n money, and alao a new suit
of cMlxs. pT confeeaed th theft and wet locked
fVaiaerior Coert.
rtrter'i Ptnrit to U 10I for IM lcuit of ernil-
iUirtA beam C. Imyion re. V'm H iltei Tr.1
was an app iraqra 11 tie pia nrirj in thla case for a
receiver, wtree dulr tt should bs ta take eharew tt
tbe par, adniat He affarra, and eej U out for the
payment of deMa ageiaet It.
Counaal for plaint fr rlealrwd that the ptatnOThlm
aelf be erpolnfed u euch receiver br the irt, but
It waa tbjected that a ach a oeeedlng would b ua
precedented that It we contrary to w I iabllebed
prlnclpea g law, to al ow a litigant to be abto a re
ceive rui the una artiin. MAkat wu made that
the lea Iver be allowed etxty or ninety da in whloh
to wind up the cmoera, wbkh wa a'ao ooiected eo,
awu w hiu, waa unwij dz-q a lUri USa, atl4 CX-
Judge Cole, of th Marin Bmeh, wa agrtod upon
7 Can 0 AeroWA The Ueneral Term of
tlila Court convened strain to hear the e oelng argu
ment u the old forte oasc, tber n- having been
aidndonttlB.eUUiehvit ereaion to hear R. The cane
ofBlariard wu first taken 111 , and on motion of the
Dlatrivt Attorney, the op nli of the Court cf Ap
ala wu made the optnluo of LLI Oourt in the caan,
and the caee wu then ramaudtd to tne General Boa
leo fur new trial.
Mr. D 1. FlaW thenpmreeded to malethe olnstng
argiitneatlnthecaaaolBeattv. th Palo Com-
miatdonera But little Intrrmt wu exhibltod In th
matter, and but few ejoctatora were preaent.
Cwamaaaa Fleas.
A Cat of AUeotH BanHp.Ckri$tlm A
gel re. John Knit Thla wu an action for th ee.
auction of tie wife of the plaintiff, and wu origi
nally brought In the Si preroe Court In tbe Spring of
ISM. Judgment wu obtain! aialnat I be defend
ant by default, and the Sheriff, jury sasaesed dam
agee at tSoO. Tbe defendant wu arreated In pro-e-edlnee
upon the Judgment, ami oommltted t th
cell of Eld rid g at, Jail, where he hu retalied ever
alnce. Motion as bow mad todleohert, which
wu not oppoeed. Counsel for tbe uefendaat stated,
upon raaklrg the mctlnn, that hla client had been
Out fined In Jail the whole tlme,hy a aoriee of neglects,
of an aggravating eiuveoter, 00 the cart of the
plain flh. It wae alierred, first, that they did not get
the Judgment docketed until some three month after
tt wu entered, and further, that he wu not charged
In exccnUon until loag after tbe proper time. Theae
dalaie, I wu aJeged, ware aiad purpuaely, to keep
lee defendaiA In Jail, tbe plaintiff well snowing that
he coon not ay ue damage aaeasaea. Mottoq
gran ltd.
For ramaiAdgr of Courtg, neat raxa.
la THR Babt
ORDER' Yoa ua aafel reeert lethal old and weH
triad renwd, Mr. Wlnelow' BOOTH ING BYKUP.
Thouaanda of mother throat heat the land thank Mr.
Wlnelow for her Invaluable rrnwdr, and for the com
fortable olrht'e real the are enabled to enjor b the
aee cf ber medicine. One trial will convince ou,
Price enl tS cents per bottle.
Euoxa's SiwEto Machixes.
No. t Bewloa Machine $100
No. 1 Sewln Machine boo
TheFamll Sewing Maehtne A $7D
The Fandl Sea luf Machine VVl
llemmlu Guexee $4
I. M. SINGER A CO , M Broadwa, N. Y.
ISO Fallon et, Brooklj a.
Small Chasub. Duna ard Half Dihtn
ean be had at Tur Sea Ollee, In Five Dollar parka-ea,
and Three Cent plocre In Three Dollar packagea. Cite
monr oul received.
Pcnnlee la Fiftr Cent rolle.
Wnxoox A OiBae
Wa have la this a ifTKIicai aVimmefraffm that a
machine In every retried auitriur and ire-eulni.ntl
adepiudtoraiii.f I'ar, may now be had a roaauuble
Oit." FKICK t-lu.
Manufactured and gold, Whoiaaalaand Ritrll.by
jamfs wiLiiOiix.
No. fl-H Broad ear,
opposite Br. NlchoU iloteL
EnoCATTOlt TheRrcv. T)r. Uiontana aa.l.t.
rd bv Mr. W. Mum and C. F, lik-xra, lt ofl'olumhla
tlolleee, riunlurt a B boot for lljre ou tha l'acaeraN
pLa. at Litrhrii Id, Cone. Vt. Bioiiaan ean be eon.
eultnl at K. A V atainaon'e law oirlee, SO Naeaeu atreet.
flam V a. ui. to I o'clock p. m., f w two dss.
I FSTTll'a law K-rTTTTCH.
I inal taanjr la the mark.,!,
Paroea (IiO an iipaanti.
Office, 4SJ Uroadaa aad too lJuwer.
Tnr Pivt or Low Ci.mvdmus We raean
that robllc favoilte, Mr. T. lladawar, lint th Prloee
rltuatl UiMca'a Mom-ia, epp.sra there in 1'iil
PalandMataAutacMauou, afierooeu and eveulut
lUnvEi Piern ard Dbothkr
Are Aecnte fir
at RxlMJIU, I'aHM.
nRBn TaiooruKKors
le tha Beet and Iheepeet article for Dreadntand IVae
tlfyli s, Cleeulnr, thirllnf, Preeevvln aniT Keetorlnt
the Hair. Ladleatryit Bold by all llninUta.
FnntLB & Lvoi'a Scw-io MAnmart
V Warranted ta ttve h, tter eatUfeetlon than an other
Machine In thle market, or money refunded.
t N. M. Paiua Bnioi id to to No- 009 ilroedwey.
Trvwta-ranre- Wsahlaslaa Vpreapect No
dal ti mple of horn r, No. t, will b jig a public loetalla
tioo 1 f nttieere, nd publio meetloe, ou Monday even
Inj.tl.tloct, at their roomt.riMijw.rT The-e nohia
ailvocatee cf the temperance tv form. R 0. Bl'LUG W.
J, Rev J S DlmC, O.T roLhS aid Hen. C. T.
MlLLH,willrw pcra-nt The puhlle ar invited, h
eider Dltrir.lt J. v 1HTE, B.P. T M. MeJCIMM, lLR.
A (Irucd !)laae Bleellea of the Branlar
TudenenJ. nt fa-iuaf raee cf llionklcn will tal held en
tbe ernir of Grand and Lurimersta, E. 1, on vred
needay evrnln,, November t, KVi. Foitnent epeaker
will adoitee tbe meeliiu. ocJliUU
Hollow r'a Olntaient wilt be fnaad a never
fallln rmedy lu aM cutaneouedieeaeea. A few appli
cation of It a 111 effectually eradicate all tbu-a un
eitbtiy bl tehee and nintptee which oft-n dierlf ui e the
face. Manufactory riu Maiden Lane, N. Y. 13.
Deeaarrala, ICall,Ualty, llatly
Tbe Democrat lo Repul.liean el.ctora of ah City and
County of New York will aaeemMo ea ma-aa en 1 lira,
dsy svenlne, Nov. 1, io, st 1 o'elock, le rsufy tbe
BL te end Cuuntjy nointnetlone. ....
Ibe fuliuwlns eorakara have been Invited end are
exnit,d to edereee therue. t ma.
Frai klm Pleree. ei-Prvatdeat U. A, Hon Lymea
Trimaine, Hint lraaL B Diekiaaua, Kubt Tyler, Esq.,
Peon., Hun JaeT Brady, lieu, juhn Van Bireri
By order of the Dcm. Ren, Gen Ci-mmlitee
ISAAC V .OULkR.Chairiiiau,
rolarye, " iol
AI1recLe Poreae PUetere They resolve
sad aaeoaye pain by ealllnt forth the acrid burners
from parte Internal to the ekln an I taneral elrsula-
t loThu, In many Vffigg BaM1
. . jeiv, al, lsoi.
TMsmsyoertlfythstwehaveaold, within ths put
five yeera, at least ane thouaand dollara worth of All.
eeck'e I'oroue plaetere. They have Invariably given
eelUlaetloo, and we consider them tha beet article of
tke klad made areola. W.1L JONwB A BKi,
Sold at V4 Canal at and by all drsjaU. Price 83
eut ch. mm 881
The Dleakeit af Na. IS af the A. O. af
Hibernians are requested ta attend a meeting Taatv,
the let of November, te bo held In Bmlth lull, on ta
nor of 1 II h et and let eve. By eeder of Bf .RN VRp Mo.
CARDLE, Presideut, aad PATRICK M'LOREtjSea.
Fall not UatMnduTataliiaeaefbauJortaaoe I teb
transacted. .
I. O. t a. FTI MtJaahera af Cavaaaat
todte, No. M. a of tt F, arsrasewbraotlgad to meet
Unaer DralVvV Bfeetrna A rogalar
e S rVi.'i'"! ft!!"-Y D'r'
J- t.!!lp brttal the Mirrrwiwlitaa sbtavaa, IM ilealer
It, rli Tnieilar evt-nlna, Nov let, at 1 at aalk Psba.
! Sf'a'.;'.' '' r.'".V V .mVwdiSS w!n Xn
i.r.toihlva.til.t; a. and a new artiste added.
Breeder tf P. W. r.Noa. Preir a"u
n a til- w .A.M. MATMXWa. VVeVL
0. A. KATZ, CeaS e. oil larntt
W. B. nabaneaw for A eat m hi. I M.a,
Me.taae' Iks people tf the rralatih VT.4,K -
v-atb "u.iHr liliiri't, Pt b- hil IIM-iHoirdarl
tvenlee, Oil. a let, st u'clerk, St Mi'Hutaa a Hall, eer
of 'ftn it end ,tt, ev torat.fr the nouilnatloa f
WlLLfAaf r. I.(,iim!on fr Awetntirtnai. Ka
Maac VV "en. Dr. rtiwifoed. fiih, a P. Ro-eetl, O r
eewer M aVw-y, Mr rVk-nrMbora, Mr. ItouUuui aa I
ether will adJrtajtbaitia. tfl
fc Impariaat VAIator Hewa
lxt, U a ivt Faleew atreet.
fhTalaUWrS? V.LSH V " nt of fa
ebloeai,is Wreter IMolhlns tor awaUasaea. the xat
a-... iJk'5CM I-,"ER FASinoNS. "
bf th beet work awn), at etleaa
feraimlUrsnodiilsthlaeonatr, Weaab an. 7552 e
each artkaa, and take no other. ,M "& Jntl
Mewtit Tarawa Taxes, CaUa Iovt- Pethaas-
vlllr.llMnvUle, Wakefield, Ac-Ths sale of lata for
rttisaldtaiee,wlllUkeelaeat Alhanon tb lotli at
N,:vrtr.lernett tbe Cnlleetor will elt at KERrtr?.
I Ilh ward llotrl, ear Ellsahrtb at.d Hraed ets, ei Men.
,.VtimWfTm,Af7m Mmm lttawatmaj af
InetleiDlar ladrnrBilant lama-nu-.l n-h. ....
.-t.i-Ti.t ..'....... ...-" --. .nwwa.rn, a
1- VL-- .H'"! .'K" p,rk ."' Teeedar aVaalee.
let, pai, at I oVIuek p.m. taulaent epeekectwui
addreaa the met-tlns.
Or Oplaat Katar, ee
i.f l)r ilKLlaieuian
roweere. an he will 1
--r 7--- take. dWik. to the vr
I'arkssea, wlto dlrartlane, gj, ,Ba fj Warvaateg
hot Hilton, and ean br. (lean onknowa wlthool faar af
tlleroven-. oilice, ti Third tt, tie doors roat from M
....... . -- a'l js
Nnttro to laavretera af ITWilea aad Cava.
yaeeera. lulpartore of Uaetion and "i Innii alart-4
...ui.i.. ur... -La.rr
DAY, Ikl W, i-io. " " " "- -
v.iNni.AT,7J',l,, ,:.", warda.wlH arteod ea
v.i.A.IViW,,f v"4 l;!TJ5."r .,or remalole
Warrle en Tl MDAY. Nov. L. ll. laaperter awl
Lanvaeeera will pcm.lT.jrhe Berweeltr epramst af
tendance et tb time and flare lnrilrat-4 abwve.
Brrrat A- Ca. UnwItabLe (Xwaeblaa nJr
De-PrV-e 00 eenta-The enl true en4 netnral oae la
n""- l'reare balr to a beautiful BLACK a
BROWN M For -l,wbolo.ele er retell, et the Ma.,
bator, 44 South Second at WIIMsmsbtTrih. eg VSot
We Caanot be-ftlrk, w raa have aaTan.
Hit when entna nature! outlet of tb blood' Imsurtliae
ia eluet or Inartlve.
IliAar.smi'a Vrot-riara Pin
epen Iheae, or make them active, t hue reetoriai health.
1 bese riUla have been before tbe world """"
. . . . . vxasa.
Their uaefiilneee I meeaared b their perltytag
qiielitiee oron tbe blood.
The ar eorapoeed of extract obtained withea
bolllns. or the appllratien of beet the mnainiaaa
principle s thus eneured al it la In tha livlna her.
Tim haejproved them
Theaurlfr tke Llood, end lasar health.
Tha riablljr-direeted aao them,
Muxinxe have lava reetored to hearth br Baasn
arrra'a Pill when ell ether medicine have tailed, aad
tbe patient left to dl.V. ivwata,
Inee 8 t-nte a bos.
ocS teoiriis tMndpsl0fflee,Wa.t4 Caaal et
A treat want baa Ion existed in tbe materia aaedlea
cf perfert portative medlclae,on hick the ehrelelaa
tnalleaaeamarrlwlthalweluteeerulatv. Tbedo
alderatum la now aupnlled h Dr. RAD WAV, wke ku
discovered and brmiebt to lleht In the lorm of
a purfatlve which wlliie all caeee sneltks ptaeeef
ealopiel, blue pilla,and all tbe eneertaln aortauve and
eathartl ntreiciaee la preaeat a, cllhr la th tuna
of pllle. powdere or Ivialda.
In all eeee of Inrlammatlena, eonteattona, lever,
bllloeeneea, dspeeela, Indlteetton, eoaitlpation, eea
vulalone, worme, tlte, Influenaa- enutbe, eoldia Ac a
does ef from f.r to elx Bad war's R. tula tint Hilt will
Immediate 1 chi-ck th proeeve of tho disease, and la
from four to eii hrmreaipil from the ratuathe die
eaaca numore rnev oeeeeion to imealtle.
In an eendittoFii of th irtlrm where Iber U aewte
or Inllammatory dlaeaae, arid epaedr medleatloa le re
quired, Kidwar'e Resulatlnt Pills will sfferd relief la
nfteeu minntee after tbey are need, and wll I la the
meet elatloate and critical raeee ef Inthunraastoa end
eonse.tlon, eeearesfree evaeoatloa from thebowela.
In from fonr lo alx hour.
Price ofRvtway'e Pills 18 oenta per hex, eleeantl
eeeted with mm. BAD WAV A OH,
oC reodnog he, tt Jok at
new yorbTsun orncw.
i '."; rt.f,A !"7 cf ftr1! Cotaeua A, daweh
ti r tf IL Van Hoot n, ef Patereeo, N. J. 11
PIAZET-STIFF-Aljo, at the eeme time. Ileary Y.
KZtSSJlJSE " d"o"
BROWS-Oet. 80th, Martha Jam Hrown, aantater
of Jvhn S. Broao, ated 14 ears, omenta end iw
Her funeral will take plat- thla CUondav) afternoon,
at xo'iluck, from KJ alia rt. Tbe frlendi and rela
tlvee era re.pprtfii!lv lnvlt4 to attend. Her raeaaiee
Willi taken te Greenwood Ceraeleiy for Interment
aEKKFNOn Bunds merntnr, after a ehertlllaaee,
rlar,iiauhterot Jol.n and Catlierlno Oerken, ate
I reere end 1 mouth.
Oh, thou pate eleeper. awake from th trsnee,
t beer our aid hearts I y thy tiriatit lov let ibuiee
1onRMttbv taie to lie under the mound,
loo fair th form to eleep in the oold arouad.
Ileatitl fid elai', tho' tlrou aoou most lelr.ld
In the rial k el eve, 'near h the eadepreee shade
tree wbo le niereilul, evi 11 ae Joet,
bull will watch over thee, tuardlny th duet
lhertlatlvceand frt-'ndeif tbe family are rasaeet
fullr intlte.1 teattewd her fiimral. thla fMondarl af-
terorHin, at 1 oVI,m a, without further notice, from tke
riekliriceof her father, Oil 1 earth it. 171
KFLI.KY-AI CoalUland. Co. Tyrone. Ireland, Ant
lltb. al4l, IboiuaaP. K, del , anrehauLa native ef
t art 11 town lleiirbreen, Co. Ite-tm-alh, lrwla4,ued
83 i i-ere, I r lli-r i.f Kb h.rd J. Keller, ef thl eity, aad
of Cbarlre II. Krllr, of BreeeJrn, U I. ill
KFILY-4m Bunder moraine;, Oct goth. after a
ehoiMllneer. Jaue, tha baluvvd w Ife of rtioruu Hail,
Dean .t mother, thou hut left us
nan in. uaa aural. leei i
But tie llod that has bereft ua.
Lie ran all our ai.rrowa beaL
Tlie frteeda of the family, aad these of her brother.
Jenieelinee.andeL.oof Jameeaad Peter Kelly, ar
neprtirullylnvit-dta altend her funeral, thlalMsw
lay altemcon, et i e'rlovk, from ber late reeldeaor, 41
Lanrenaet. Her remalaa U1 be tken to Caieery
Ciaieter for Inttnueot til
MIRRAY-OnTueedey.thexoth Inid.atlSW Tklr.
Ir third et , Uuiuey Murrey, a native of hells, Ooanty
Meatb.lreleud, a.ed M years. 14D
NLEBON-Oit. .unh, of eooeumptlnn, Ilaaaah H.
Pli tut, a ife of Pal rt k Neeeon. ated X4 years.
Tbe frianrle of the fen,lly are respectfully Invited ta
ttt. nd the funerel, on 1 uaadav afternoon, bt Norcea.
tr.atlMo'iloik, hum her late rreldenre, 17 Sllth
Ava and from Uienee to Calvary Cemetery. 830
Ft RSELL-Ort. tbth, Ann, relict of Pstrick BaaasIL
e4H leera.
'lb friindetif the fan.lly, alee tbiee of her eon-la.
law, Ramard Kouln, aud brotber-lri-law, John Rjaeeil.
are reiperttuily iavlled toatteud bar fuaeral, tkle
MinrUylkfrirnuon, el S oMie-k, from her late reea
dtuce, Sib Monroe tt, wllhuut further notloo. 114
8TKANO -In ilrouklrn, on Saturday, Oct tVth, af
tir a abort lut eevere litnees whlih eh bore wltla
rbrlct'an realtnathn, Jane, wifo of Uuraoe Strang,
eyed RT yeare and b months.
Her funeral will take place from her lete reeUeaoa,
lk'bet Place, near Wlflounhbr etreet. BrooklynJa
Tueeday allernoon, November let, at t o'eleek. Tha
relatlvee aud frieoda of tha family ar reoaeslftell In
vited lo alteuJ, without further rnvltatloo. Ha
SPERRY-Ort filh, AnebelU Sparry, eldest daaih
trr cf Arlo aud Jueepklue Bperr, eed years, 4 mo.
nd C da a
HeeremalBawllllKtakan 10 WeodhrbU, Coon.
New Haiau pepeie ptvaaeovpy. 414
f llbliAl iilinr.-), jv A.a a Ann Ol,,
... . mircoi .A ivn a a iw tn.
luvrrgi al
i.e-a noirrn of daily awd
Ir papers, one of the beat in the ellyi old self
it to sic knees in ths family. Address M. II,
Sliueral Poet oB.ce, with real aame aad ad-
ea acer-u
loa i oaa
. aoed order. Cell at 175 Prince it, bet eeen Thame
eon and BulHvan its. etirilt
L1AI , nurioin., nm, , u-r. CADima
Alart portion of ableh ar from Auction, aad a
ua.ier tntir value anu inre,
CO nnoK,
1118 ud 110 SIXTH AVENUE,
oil II.'IM beteean Mh and lh ta
new. You are reepartfully Invited WeaU at Na,
148 Broadway, to-day. "4 to-morrew, to examlae a
newly dleeovered article of vamlab aad veruleb end
paint combined. Il la verr-aleatio, durable and tlomw,
retaining Ita brilliancy Untar than ear ether article
la oae let leee than hall the Met', not effected by water
or weather, heat or oold, aad adapted eqeally te Iron,
wood, cloth or leather. ell Flit
ate ais ai inaiiiavouAa, 1
qnlredbvlew. loepeeiareef l.la-tlaa for Bret etevea
n a -jav arm n..iiaa4 a.
,,aru--m sirena on I ailiAV.ia-t. a, an la.
tare nr larll..n ... II.-

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