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-T'Js wRi tT" """
t -t-" caew -e 1 '"Nil
aV'' JllrSic t - li ""S .
MBt aad Brr.
vYe ty It Int when onr heart an gey,
heu our li'e' young sky if bin and bright,
And we diani the metalac hours ew
With never e thought of ih. owning night.
Bs and by" w wul win of fan
on ki'ti alche In hr tmpn tlgn,
The world shall no with onr honored nana
la iba fara that an owning "by. and ty."
Dnt Hma folk onward and bop delay
Her flattering promisee lo fulfill,
Yat we tut to ber song of ths future devs,
And, trusting - ew-r, bettere her sun.
We bam no gh tor th eanrt-winged boon
That at. flitting by ua i silently,
We an looking anil for to. toraleee (It were
That wa an to gather ''by aud bra."
Years n iimnliily speed away,
MaaHiig the blonwi fn-e tbe fading c
Birtearag an tunny s-cks with gey,
I nam bringing th gnetl w seek.
Till wtwry of km row th aching nrteft
But king In th quiet gran hi as.
And only lh fw lb dream Wee real
Ttet abali be IU purtloa " by. and bja."
Uere la onr ehryealta ateto w Iks
ha-aug wtoge for a heavenly birth
And tha erarrt that fain would mount end fly
la bound by nfc'e piUful crania tu earth ;
II t x r lal. eeeu tta oh aa b river,
WeibiUsrati knowledge for which we elgh,
Why inucb wa withheld atl little tivert,
Wa .ball know Uod'a reasons - by and bya "
8ringfiM fts-Molt-aJt.
a tali: of
Br Ike luiar " Mia and Charlie."
8o thought Chariot tan the went back Into
tha parlor. " tha real reason of Sidney's tidying
fiti, I because ha U to anxious to prevent our
having afirthlng to quarrel about, lfiheotbcra
Ware lit him bow different It would be. If Ed-
a mi nim now amereni it would ue. II rxi
d would leare off taring dixagrerable thing.
Amy not be to fretful, and frank to greedy,
1 what do I do t I am not, certainly like
r. I can't aay that 1 er try to prevent
ward would tear off saying disagreeable thioi
ana Amy-
ana 1
quarrel, or look after other people a laureat, or
or, la snort, mere ara a good many thing that
I don't d0( but I work vary- bard) I am never
lair, or greedy, or fretful. Oq th whole, I
Chariot t was pacing up end down th room.
Whan bar thought reached ihla point, a turn
brought bar face to face with bet mother' plc
tute, and Inrotuntarilr aba glanoed up at It. Th
tweet, fVank, aarneat-lookrog; eyes seemed to b
gailng down Into the depth of her heart, and she
felt a if than wa no na In making any more
fale excueel to henelf. She eat down and cot
ered bar face with her band. "Ob, mamma,
mamma 1" ibe aid ( "wborerer yon are, don't
look at m. I an not good, I am not good 1 I
thought I thould like Aunt EUioe'i aort of flghU
In, and I dont. I hare let myaelf be conquer
ed t and now, after all rny reaolntion about try
ing, I am a far from being like you a ever."
& bunt of tear (topped Charlotte' al-ccn-aatloaa,
and for lome minntee they fell faater and
fitter j bat Charlotte' deeponding mood narer
laMed long, and In a short tlm more cheering
Bbe remembered that what Aunt Elllc had
ga'd abomt the help ready for every one wa a
true now at it waa then. How waa it that be
bad thought little about that part of the con
Teratlon t Her eoaaclenoe told ber that here
at the true caoa of her failure. Eh bad
Uei thinking only of benelf. I wa not too
late. rhynot begin orer again in a better
way f What wa it Sidney read but night
bout 'Wng more than conqueror t" Charlotte
bad net Uetaneu auemirait tmt in words naa
now, found the place In the bible, andread and
re-read tbam aeverai times, iney nuea ner
lieart with a better and truer courage than ah
bad aver fait before- and some reeolution rose
-out of that morning' reflections and prayers,
which, thougn Imperfectly xept, wrought a gra
dual change in ber chancier, and Inluenced all
ber future Lfe. Tbe Ant resolution the came to
wet, "Aiwayt to Helen attentively at prayen."
Tbe second, "To do thing for people when I
can, without thinking whether they hay aright
lo expect me. rne intra was, not to waste
time in arguing. ' inisino. auncuu oi
tion Charlotte finished writing down
Docket book, last a Amy re-entered the I
'bear tbe morauig lessons: and ahe bad aa tmrae-
dlete opportunity of putting it In practice, for
Amy blamed her for not having prep trad tha
books, and raised her eyebrows in a rather pro
Yoking way, when Charlotte, inatead of ber usual
volley of eacusea, said cheerfully, "I'll do it at
When th boys came from school In tbe area
tog, Charlotte anticipated gTand opportunity of
conquering bea-eh. There wet a dispute between
benelf and Jtdward, about whose buslne- It was
to shut tha parlor-shutter, as Sarah Instated
aom one should do every evening. Tney gener
ally quarrelled about it till Sidney, la despair.
trot up to do it himself and then Edward rushed
out, put up th shutten with a clatter that
threatened to break every pane of glae In the
window, and cam back looking sulky and la-
Tbis evening Charlotte ime down stairs, re
solved to slip out quietly before word was said.
To htr surprise, she found that though it was
early, the eindles wen lighted, and the shutten
closed, and every en seated comfortably round
Ahe table.
I happened to be pairing," said Edward,
"without looking up from hi cook.
ChanotU understood El ward far tfip well to
rn-ke any remark but a every evening alter
that Edward happened to be passing Just at tbe
time when tbe shutten ought to be put up, and,
betide, fell Into habit of being ' In the way
try chance" w ben any work in which he could
help bad to be done, Charlotte came to tbe con
clusion that he, too, bad been making reaola
tlene, end she endeavored to give Jutt the quiet
help towards keeping them, which tu all that
Toa would take from any one but Sidney,
Now, that Charlotte wa really anxious to
elp th others, Instead of working only to have
everything arranged In her own way, tbe began
to have mure ympathy with Amy, lind to un
derstand Use efforts she was mating to conquer
faults ao very different from Charlotte's own.
The bad nerer been very affectionate slsten be.
.font but now new bond of alaurly love and
mutual help was formed between them, and
Amy began to woader how It was that she bad
never discovered before that she and Charlotte
bad ao many subjects In common to talk about,
and that oenvaraation with her slater might be
-more Interesting than reading story book, or
than bnUdlag a castle In the air.
A ray's snlnd wee brought Into more healthy
nd practical tone by this Intereoune ( and In
rrotirtlon a Lhariotta was drawn on to take an
tenet in tha Intellectual subjects that occu
j4A a m. aha lost her love of vulgar gown and
eurio-lty about trifles.
Frank was tha only member of the family
about whom Amyfelt disinclined to write freely
to their father. Tie seemed to grow men and
tnore reserved every day, to shun everything
like serious convenatioo, and to resent almost
as aa insult any expressions of affection from hi
launtOT Sitters, unanotie gueeeeu id reason
for this strange conduct, but could not bear to
teH her suspicion to the othen. At last htr
druwr confirmed
Itwaadiseovered that Frank had been for a
long time In the habit of helping himself to fruit
and cake whenever tbe (tore closet wa left open,
-or be ceukl lay huf hands on tbe key. One un
.fortunate, or fortunate day, Sarah, who wa
meditating a grend autumn turn-out of the clo
eta, left a email pot, containing soft soap en tha
helf where Breeervee usually stood. Frank
cam up In the half-light, and, mistaking tha
aotl soap for a pot of Ana raspberry preserve, he
helped himself to a larg spoonful, lie managed
to swallow It with difficulty l bat his deplorable
look and aickneas when be came down to
tea betrayed him to Sarah's sharp eye. She
bad been euro, she said, for long time, that tbe
thins -la tb eloaet did not go fairly, and now
Fnnk't sickness.
-1. .. ..l I - .,. .
a, ana ine mars. v. m-
be spoon la
hen no one had any business to
tbe il soap, wnei
(hit a ipoen, were certain proof.
Frank was punished by banishment for s fort-
Cagfet frota Anal auuos s room out amy saw
with aorrow that lie cared more for th disgrace
Ad trouUs be led trough t upon uiaucU taw
for hU fault. When Ajny trM to talk aeriooaly
tit.lm about It, he Mlenced ber by aaytog tht
if th had done a h wa dVlrl, and locked
th cbwet, he nhonld nrr b beenttmpted
to lake an) tl ing out of it.
Amy wa ready totake her full (hare of blane)
bnt, In talklug th matt, r orer with eUwy, afa
ad, "1 lanaotquita make up my mlud hu far
am to blame. Iou know there were no locked
up eloaet at home and yet we nerer tbvngbt
o taking anything wiibont leare there.'
"lo,1' aaid Bidney, thoughtful 'y. "I rap
poee the diSemoa i that papa knew how to
maxa; oa without lock and key, and we bar
not taken th earn car of frank. I ara afraid
we are all of u more to blame than
iott fur th! neglect about the eloaet.
We bare left him too moeh to hlmaalf.
You know how much be wa petted and flatter
ed by riaitort and the earTant at home, and
how many indulgence h had, which now h
meat go without. W nerer ympath!ed wit h
him, or tried to make up to him for what be bad
loat, rerhapa, if we bad, ha would not hare
been to anxloua to get what be like for himself
at all rloka."
"rrank I inch a rery anmclaMe child," ttld
Amy i "be nerer aeemt to nndentind what we
are talking about, or t car is the leatt for our
"Let n try to how him, then," laid Sidney,
"that we care for hi plan."
Ireea that tine it eeeeed te be th faahlea in
U faanlly to aay. wbeiirar aoythlng Intereat .
tng wa being talked about, "toa may go
way, frank, dear, for yon cant underttaud
thU i or, "1 will flnUh what I am laying wbn
frank la out of tbe room " or, "Frank U too
much of a baby io enter Into I hi "
ratk found blnualf talked to on equal term-,
and felt aabamed of klipplng out of the room, In
th middle of tbe erening, t re if by chance
there were aay nleaeatable thing to be had by
making a pitgi Image to A ant 1 lilee room, or a
tenrroand tbe kitchen.
Amy," said charlotte, one evening, a they i
veregoing to bed after a day when earth had
been in an nnitually faall-tuwllng humor, and
Aant fclUc 111, and Edward rather moody, "do
yon remember mamma' reading to n one Sun.
day erening, long aro, aboot Christian climbing
up tbe Hill Difficulty f I aald then that I
thought th climbing np the hill mutt bare been
rery pleaaaat part of t be journey, much better
than walking along tbe plain, easy road.
Mamma shook her bead, I remember and so
. annum now ii any one aaw ine tame to me."
I "Yea," aaid Amy i "but when we think of
t'ellUl Clffiooltr, don't let ut forget that tbe
rlce Beautiful and th Chamber ef feace
ana at ue top.
"Such splendid pnrpne In hi eye." fit Hmoriam.
"Come, It b blind mane holiday, certainly,"
aaid Charlotte. "Yon matt abut np your dic
tionary, bldnayt you will not get a ray more
light if you hold it orer to close to the window
pane, and we mutt not light tbe candle yet.
There are i nly tbeae two ilecc to but ni the
w hole erening, and Sarah ha (aid to n distinct
ly that we are not to hat any more. Let u tit
round the Are, and talk. ThU 1 tbe Ant of Ho
y ember, and we ought to aettle ouraalrea Into
winter wars, and choose winter quarter to be
comfortable In."
"I cant think." said Sidney, why Sarah hat
frown ao particular about measuring ns out ex
act qnantaile of candle. She doe not iiupoct
ut of eating the candle-end, I auppoee, when
we hare more than we waat to barn."
"Well, hem I" (aid Charlotte, "darab, per
hap, ha reason for being particular about
candle-ends. I confeti that I often lately hare,
no, not eaten them you need not look o dis
gusted, Sidney but taken them to malt np into
oil, to burn In Edward's and my patent ever
lasting clay lamp, whloh U going to be so ex
ttemeTy useful and Inraluable to ns all th
"Oh!" said Sidney; "that accounts, then, for
the horrible tmell that there ha been all over
the house lately."
"Merer mind that now, Sidney," aald Char
lotte "the work 1 done, and, after many at
tempt. Edward and I hare at last succeeded in
making two clay lamps exactly like those mad
by tbe four Bo-elan tailor ho were shipwreck-
eMdu , w. . , , ,
iiuw f aaaair WUall VU1 (BUI pas aajLS taimiltr
If we like. How useful they will be to you and
Edward when von have to get no early and alt
np late, preparing for the examination you talk
o much about."
"But when Is the oil to come from' " aald Sid
Ah. wall, th atll" said Charlotte. "Edward
and I have only jut begun to think about tbst
and I acknowledge Ibat it ia a difficulty. We
Ilea that It will net answer to melt canal end j
Charlotte, "melted the fat of the bean tbev kill
ed to burn la their lamps and I dad one think
of bear grease, especially aa I have two half
pot of it In my BoMnaon Crusoe box ; but then,
when that Is used, I can't afford to bay any
"It would be cheaper to bay wax candles," aald
Frank "nd yon might have eared yourself all
tbe digging for clay, and pounding and drying In
tbe sun, and baking and pasting, and the trouble
of making all those wicks by tearing up one of
j our own night" .
"Hash I" said Charlotte "I have heard quite
enough about that from Sarah and Aunt hlllce,
and Sarah baa goo out this vary evening to buy
acme stuff) and I have to make new on be
fore 1 do anything else."
"Wba a pity it Is, my dear Charlotte," said
Amy, "that you spend ao much time and give
yourself so much trouble about scheme that
nerer come to anything, or do any good to any
"Charlotte's lnrtaions answer sometimes, and
an really rery Ingenious," said Sidney, who de
tected a sigh, which Charlotte was resolutely
turning Into a yawn. "That celebrated self.
moving book-carrier, which she and Edward
snent ao many morulog In working at. certain
ly promised to succeed rery well, and save me
great deal of trouble."
"Only Sarah won't let ns use It," said Chary,
lotte, ''because, she says, the rope that wind it
up stairs, wean out tbe balusters."
"So then Is an and to that," said Frank, "and
all that time and trouble thrown away."
"Well, I am sorry," said CUrUU "but,
after all, what can one do You may aay what
you like, but I must say that I don't think life
would be worth harlsgwlthout pnJecU. 1 don't
mean such projects a Edward and I hare about
clay lamp, and candle-ends, and book-carrlen,
but real proJecU things that ana would like to
do If one wen grown up, or man, such aa as
I finding oat exactly what there it at the North
Pole, or cutting through tbe Ittbmus of Panama,
or getting Into tbe very middle of Africa, or,
still better, finding out exactly what then i on
th oppotlte side of the moon, which It Is so very
tantalizing to think one can never know any
thing about."
"For my part." said Frank, "I don't see th
least ute In doing or finding out any of thee
things. 1 hate projects they always Interfere
with bnoortant business t ana Charlotte always
Starts uere at uicvnteunM.1, t.4i., wu-u vui
Just goUtg to dinner, for instance. ''
" Well," laid Sidney, "we are not Just going
to dinner now t sod, at we may not light the
starts hers at Inconvenient time, when on 1
caiui, tor a quarter of an hour, 1 shall not bo
Interrupting important buslneea, If I start a pro-
Ject. I am going to tell you something that I
have been thinking a great deal about lately, I
wish we could Invent some way f earning mon-
ey. I want tome money for very particular
reason, aud wa certainly shall not bar any now
unless we earn ior ouiseiyee.
eea we earn It ror ourselves. -
'M l'neta your reason fur wanting mon
ey t" said Amy. "Is it not for your friend Dud
ding t I am afraid his mother Is trj poor.
Charlotte and 1 have been to te ber several
times sue Aunt Elbe said wa might call, and
to-day little Elite came to doie with us. Sh
Eare ma a long history of all tbe trouble they
are had alnoa their father died. She said it
was tome kind friend who sent her brother to
school, and paid for hi being a day-boarder. It
a quite sad to bear ber talking so much about
money and seeming so anxious like grown-up
l)uddlng U jut th sam," said Sidney. "He
told me day or two sgo, that bis mother waa
very unhappy because ahe owe some rent for
ber lodgings, and that if she cannot get i be
fore Christmas, she will be obliged to leave tbe
rooms she lives in now, and go to some still more
dismal plaoe,"
"I behove," said Edward, "that It Is brooding
oyer tbeae thing, and thinking to constantly of
hi mother's trouh.ee, that makes Dudding seem
so at upii and listless, and ao unable to ander
stsnd hi lesson. I don't think be U really half
such fool M tbe faljowi say be U."
. ana. nesiaee. oaran wot I let us nareinem.
reaoia- i ... .. , .t. L. ., t m .,. . ,
hiw i "Ol us.eiy mat aoe anuuio, aaiu rranit
"J J "you might Just a well burn candle at one."
iwua v ' ill L.l . ..ll. IV ..... . l... ., .!
''Well, Sidney," aald Charlotte, "l must tar
yoa katehit nponamo-rt delghtful project. 'I
see It all. It U Jutt tike the end nf one of th
tor.es Amy tell ns. MrsTDuddlng will not be
able te get tha money befora Chrtatmai, the ba
IJTa will come to th house and take her to pris
on, as they do In 'Sanfbrd and Uerton ;' ahe will
be In despair Fllle will faint i and suddenly
you end Amy will rush in, pay the money, sup-
plr the family with new clothea1 am sure they
want them and bring them all hnm to a gran 1
SiV.wn,fh' 'D ,D" nieanUme, Udward and I
1 I" n preparing. I mutt tav, Sidney,
I did not think yon wen clever enough to have
thought oat euch a perfect project "
"And I did not," said Sidney, laughing i "the
project at you bay been describing it, 1 on of
yonr very own."
"Ahd tbe story, too," laid Amy. "I assure
you It 1 not In the leaat like the end of any of
mine '
"It I a protect for spending monev no one
ha raid anj thing about earning it "yet," said
""lbatuondentood, of course," said Char
lotte. "1 ben would be no pleasure In giving
the money unlet we had earned it ! and if ou
will giro me fire minute I will think of tweutr
ways. Let me aeet when we left home, I
thought we should, perhaps, some time bar to
esn, onr own bread to I packed up in my Kob
Inson Crusoe box evrry kind of ed that I could
lay my hand on In th tool-bouse. I con't x
attly know ht they ara, but we can plant
them In the garden- aometbiae will coma up,
perbapa veget able.'
"ltetween Korember and ChrL'tmas," said
Frank, drily.
"Ah!" ald Charlotte "I wi forgetting that
It had to be don 10 aoon bnt never mind, that
i only one."
"While Charlotte thlukl of her other nineteen
plana, let ne tell you mine," said Sidney. "I
nave been thinking that Amy and I might po
lllly earn some money by selllnir some drawings.
I beard the drawing-master at Wise' say, the
Other day, that he hired some of th drawlnga he
giresustocony at stationer' In the town.
Now, tb ttauonar mutt bay the eople be let
out from some one t and I mutt say that cur
drawings are better than any I hare seen at
Wise's ret. Amy and 1 could copy soma of the
old Italian sketches of papa's which Aunt E lice
has and Edward, if tie likes, can make some of
his clerer groups of animals, In pen-aud-iuk."
"It la a capital plan," said Am' . "We wiU
look over the sketches to-morrow If Aunt Ellice
will lend them to us, and see which we can cipy
best. I shall hay time for my drawing now ;
tbe lessons take up so much leu time than they
used to do. What do you aay, Edward f will
you dc your part 1"
"I will see about It," said Edward.
"Edward's 'see about It' Is worth a hundred of
Charlotte's promises," said Frank who had a
talent for making unwelcome remark.
"I cant draw, vou know." aald Charlotte.
dolefully. "What am I to do? I hope you don't
mean to do It all without ma."
"Then ara your other nineteen project,' aald
' Charlotte shall think them well oat, and we
will contult over them after tea," said Sidney.
"I think we may venture! to light one of the
two candle-end, and I may go back to mr dio
ti atary. Edward and I must not let the draw
ing put tta examlnatioa of our heads."
Sothlng more, however, w aa heard of Char
lotte's rlaeteen project. Sidney missed her
from tbe group after tea, and Aiund bar a be ex
pected be should, fitting In the dark and cJd,
on tha old camphor-wood chest fioa which
mam ma and Unc Walter had looked out at the
red light reflect, d In the ky.
"1 am come to btve your project all to my
self," tvld Bldney, sitting down) "but what Is
this. Charlotte?'' be added, surprised to find tbe
little cold cbeek that waa pressed close to bis wet
with tears.
"Oh, Sidney 1" said Chariot Ut ' I have been
thinking all this time, and I bare found out
"ibe way to look at that other (Id of tb
moon?" said Sidney, cheerfully.
" o I something about myself. I hare found
out that It I presumptuou and conceited t be
aiwayt thinking, as I do, that I can do great
thing. I uaed to say to Mward, when I per
suaded Mm to work so bard, and give up ao
much time to our inventions, that we wen
working for the good of tha family bat I see
now that, In reality, I was thinking a good deal
of doing something clever that people would
wonder about ; and now, when there U some
thing really useful to be done, 1 can do lets than
one, after all my boasting."
Wei;," id Sidmy, "I ballere you Am
made a rery yahttble discovery more useful to
Jou than one about the moon would bare been,
t It not every one who has courage to make dis
coveries about henelf, and act on them, as I am
sun you an going to do."
"lea," said Charlotte, "I have quite made up
my mind. I will air up all thoughts of diatln.
gulahing myself, or doing anything wonderful,
even for tb good of tb family, 1 meai to be
satisfied with doing unit common thinua. and to
begin. Instead of thinking of any grand way of
making money, 1 have asked Aant JklUos to let
me do some of that plain work that aha is getting
ready to (end to her granddaughter la India, and
the baa promised to pay me for rt I do It well. 1
bat wot king but you shall see. Stsy, I won't
say word more, for, perhaps, if I begin to talk,
I shall not be able to do even that."
Fmai that day till Christmas every on In the
bouse bad so much work on hand that there was
no time even for regrets for home. Amy found
that her re ular daily duties were performed bet
ter and more thoroughly when the bad to exert
henelf to make the most of every moment, in
order to secure tbe lightest hoars of tbe short
days for her drawing and Sarah could scarcely
believe her own eyee when, morning afier morn
ing, she found Charlotte seated on the camphor
wood box, working so diligently that It required
very extraordinary noise, or an unusually
loud knock at the door, to make her Jump up to
see wnat was uie maiiar. owney usou to tum
round every mornlog to nod to her a he went
outoftheBrden-gauonlds way to tchouL and
It often occurred to him, a he thought of the
self -denial It mutt cost ber to lit still for so many
bourn, that, after all, she was not doing such
try common thing.
CUArrcB xl
" r yen had rpckn Uttk ratt ilowly, and
not aald the ends of all your words so very much
alike, I should hat e been mora sura that yoa had
said It right," said Charlotte, returning Edward
grammar to him on tha morning before the Ant
day of tbe examination, after baring beard him
oooestfully gabble page after page, rrota "Pro
pria quts maribus" to tha triumphant "fce
tnmo." "It does not much signify whether It sound
lijht to you or not," laid Edward) "I know
that I know it and the beginning of tie word
are quit all I bare time for. It lias only last
struck Are. 1 aa really very much obliged to
yt u, Charlotte, for coming down so eai ly te bear
me. It b wonderful how much time you can
para for every one, now that yon bare given
"All Idea of dbtugulahlng myself. That I
true," said Charlotte. "I was really glad, bow
ever, to get up early this morning i I have so
i . . , -
w. to get up early
' " work to do. 1 1
ELJce I are me to do ;
cava nnisneaauthat Aant
and to-nlirht th is to
look it over, and pay me for It. llut now I am
helping Amy to alter and mend all our win
ter clotber. Aunt ElUos ha been explaining
to us that the iball not be able to buy u any
new clothe at present, aa. it I quite uaoertaia
when papa can send ui any money, adward,
appose this should have to go on for s long
time suppose we have to go on wearing the
sam cloth, turning them and mending them
till they looked as tbe Puddings' clothes do.
How do you think we could betr to so Sidney
look Uk W Ulam Dudding V
"As If there ever could be the sllghtsst dan
ger of that 1" said Edward, Indignantly.
"Obi I only meext Sidaey's elutku look Ilk
1 -uoaiDg t -- saiu cuarioiia - - ana certainly,
when on puts it In that way, It doe not
sound so bad. As for Amy, if sh won th
shabbiest dress In the world, she would still look
prettier than any one else, and at for our
selves, I have always said that yoa and I.
But stay, I must not boast of what I think
we could do In an emergency, I have not at all
left off expecting something good still to oome
out of my KoUuson Crusoe box l but 1 won't
wait time In talking about It. Sarah gave me
leave to light afire, ao I will go down and get
some ooala and chips, snd wa win try to bat
bright lira by the time Sidney comes down to
flaiah hi eeaay. Our old desert-Wand plays In
the wood taught us to light firef , at all event.
Edward Tetuntaerad ta make tha loninar to
I tbe cellar, aid whoa h cam UtX be M.ad
"1 bar thought so long time," said
time to look on while Charlotte UM' the yoais
and st.kk In the grate, .and to puttie, her whn
sdenti'lc ug,wt 0us about their arrangement,
and about Ibe three thing Ibat ara reairvd to
mate a l.r burn.
"Now t be coal are kindled tbe fire Is safe,"
said Charlotte. "Kneel down, Adeard, and
warm your handa, I am sure yoagannot write
with such frozen flrtgersi ana now, do yon re
member the tin;) when we read to ra-iei in aim.
Marcel what yoa have juet beeu ospUining to
me about oombiistion, anil peshite and uegaiire
electricity, and the rati why there mast be
air to make a Are burn I Hew slran-e tt Is to
look back upon that trine, when eier- lhtj It so
dlrtrrnit now. And yet It ww hot all re err
pleasant. How ernes we used te be eouiullinei
bn we came In to thuae kea-at ereniat md
lugn, because, rhia, Kes, er one of the
serraau, had refused to ret a do someitihig
or other In the garden. Hew long tie
days often seemed, ai! bow difficult It
was on a whole hi llday to n-ent something
quite hew to do IlMiumtsa treu thing to
say, tdoard, but 1 really think that. In spite
ot Sarah, and our baring ao much to do, and no
servant to wait ou us, and even in danger 1
mentioned Jii't now about shabby clot bee, that
we ate happier now then we were then; nut ber
Is Sidney already. Ob, Sidney ' why did you
come down Ik fore I had anan.ed all j oaj things,
and made a gm-d Are tV j ou 1"
'And why did ynu get up btf ire I wa ready
to come and help vou " s d hde-ard
" ell," said fldny,who had overheard Char
lotte'alarl sen'ence ''at all events 1 cannot asy
that the diff-rence bet ween Ut year aiid this I
that hare fewer people to wait on me. 1 am
glad I beard what you "ere saying, bowtner; it
will All up tbe last cruaelng of the corner of our
letter to papa and be worth the whole letter to
him, fancy ."
"Ah I' aald Charlotte, "when one talk of liv
ing happier now, of coarse It meant if It wtr
not fur pip t beiug a era) ,"
Ibe "if it ware not" wa so much more to
Sulcey than to then hen, tha the mention of it
brought a sorrowful look Into his face; and Char,
lotte put a baaiy stop to tbe conversation, and
occupied herself by arfangirg Sidney's books,
and drawing ibe table near the Ore.
"Now,' ahe said, when everything was ready,
"I kn iw I must not speak while Jou ara nnlsli
Ing the all-important theme bat may I Just look
at the beg-DiiIng, to see what tirtae or vice you
nave cuieeo hi wnia auoui r
"It Is niilher a virtue nor a Ice," laid Sidney, I
holding up tbe Ant pave. ,
"Coesnenaationt What a horribly difficult I
subject I" -aid charlotte. "I should not know
what to writ sbout I ."
"You have beau talking about It this very
morning," said SI Iney t "at.d every day of my
bfe you make me think of It. "let." be addod,
seeing Charlotte's puttied expreaaiun, "of hoe
mv be'plewneaa ia made up for me bt your"
"" Oh 1" said CluuloMe " never mind going
on t I ui demand the meaning of the word now.
It its strange thing that I should bare given I
you an lda for your theme without knowing '
it." 1
" Bidney'a way of getting Idea for hla themes
from other people ia very different from Wy- I
combe's," observed fcdward. " Ever tlnoe the
day when Dr. wise gave out about these
theme Wycombe ha been walking up and
down the playground, with hi paper iu his
band, stopping tvtry little fellow he met, and j
aay ing, ' Uire me ao idea this instant, you !
little rsscaL about Charity, or I'll knock you
down."' ' ,
" What an odd subject Charity Is for Wy
combe to hare chosen," said Charlotte. '
"Ob! every one has chuaan odd subjects," ttld
Edward, "roster Is writing on Honesty, and
DudJlngon Wlnlom, and l-yon nn Kingship,
That Is rery well for him I I believe he and Sid
Bey settled tbeir subject together."
'I hope he Is writing his try badly," said
Charlotte. I
"Can't you be satisfied with hoping that I am
writing mine very wall?" said Sidney, looking
"As you like," said Charlotte "bat now I
bare begun to be silent, 1 shall not speak anoth
er word till you and Kdwarit I ara flnished your
essays, and want me to go and tall Amy to com
down and slop them."
Charlotte was soared th trouble of ruunli g
up to call Amy she made her appt aranvs Just
at the right moment, when Sidney was writing
the last word in his esaay. Edward congratu
lated heron having left off keeping people wait
ing, and Charlotte wondered bow she could hat a
bad the patience to stay upetain so late a seven
o'clock on such an Important morning Amy,
however, when she bad finished (topping the
essays, (bowed that (be bad done a vary good
morning's work before seven odook. She
brought down tbe drawing port folia, and dis
played all tbe drawlrg none by benelf, Bldney
anrlLdward, daring the last two months, care
fully mounted, and set off with an edging of
gilt paper, which the said Charlotte had givea
"From my KoUnson Crusoe box. of course)
you undentand," Charlotte explained to Ld
ward. 1 1 It bad ben arranged the erening before that
Sidney and d ward were to take tbe drawings
that day to the stationer's, to whom they hoped
. to sell them and Amy could not let Sldrey 'a go
ttnout spreading luem out lor last aammng
look. There wen one or two that had been
done daring tbe half-year with the drawing
maater, and tbeae bad to undergo t very careful
examination, and tha best to be chosen out.
There was to be sitter medal given tbe half
year for tha beat drawing, and Amy bad made
up ber mind that Sidney ebould bare It. She
fait quite confident of his success when sue drew
out a beautiful landsosp which be had begun at
school, and been allowed by tbe muter to bring
borne to AnUh. It was a sketch from memory
of the little wood behind tb old Devonshire
borne, with the woodman's cottage In tha fore
ground, and group of roey-teoed children In
the doorway.
"How wonderfully you bare Improved It by
yaaterday'a wotk," she aald "I ecarcely knew
It eiraln- f ant iHejl Ihla U tint tyi I, utM It le
sura of tbe prize.
"Wewon'tbe too aure," aald Sidney- "and
now, u you oar uone uuiuing to urawinga tu
diffe-ent light, and Charlotte ha looked long
enough at the outside of our essays, we bud
better go. Stay, Charlotte- pat up tb very
best pen you can find. I have promised to write
I.) ens motto on ni memo tor nimt ana ne
never has tuch a thing a a pen that will write.
Now, good-bye."
"WtO," isid SMsey to Lycn, wbs beckoned
to blm as soon aa he entered the school-room i
"Finished " said Lyon, drawing out a paper
from his Jacket pocktt.
"I am glad to see It." said Sidney "ynu bad
written so Utile last night that I was beginning
to be afraid."
"Come," iaM Collins, "that It a little too
good. Afraid that be should not get hi esssy
finished, when every one knows that you ara
trying with alf your might fur the prise. Who
Is to believe that, I should like to know ?"
"I do," aald Lyon. "Here, Urev, take It
I'm tired ef It. W rite the motto on ibe outilde,
and give It with yours to the Doctor."
"Vied," said Collins, with a contemptuous
whistle "I know If I bad a good chance of
tbe f-riie s you, I should not trust my essay
out of my own band but I've done with you.
And Collins sat down to read over again his
favorite sentence In his own them on Magna
nimity. "I tar, Urey, you may as well stop,
though,'' bo called out after Bldney "111 Just
read you what I've said hare about the gen
erosity of always attributing good motives even
to our enemies. I think I've put it In very
striking way. I've heard you say something
Uke It once or twice) snd though 1 think It all
staff to act upon It, It certainly sound uncom
monly well in an essay."
Before the end of tha day Sidney bad lUtened
to eloquent tentcacea on nmoat every virtue and
rlee, art and science, under the sun. Ills fame
as a ready listener bad sprtsd all over tbe school,
and the essays were Jutt now the uppermost sub
ject In every one's thought. It wa the Ant
half-year that prlzee had been given for draw
ing or English eompeeitioa, ana tney were tbe
girt of one of tbe patron of tb school, who
wished to encourage the study of Kngllsh liter
ature and art. The drawing prise was a very
handsome silver medal, and the essay prise waa
to be fire pounds' wnh of books.
There had bean litti discussion among the
parlor boarders, as to whether it were act lor
thing to try for an English prize, and whether
drawing, though well enough fur manufacturers,
wa not rather beneath the attention of gentle
men t but Lyon had decided It by declaring hla
intention of winning both tbe prize himself, and
when Dr. Wise hsd shown the fire-pound not
to th assembled school, snd glren It at hla
opinion, that tb boys In the lower school had
quit as good achanoe of winning the prise a
the mem ben of tha Ant class, the asuulatlon and
ucltemeat became very general. Ou tb mora-
itg when theeesaya we-e given in, tberw wa
oily one boy bit be whole sthonl who did not
tbluk that file own essay de-erred the prise, and
that nothing but th groe-est parlUltiy or stu-
Sldl'y on the part of tbe Judges could inekeltifm
tenia Swslnst it. Here waa leas anxiety about
who would bate the m-lal. 1 osier was consid
ered lure of It. He had lean ed drawing lnng-ir
than any on else in the icliod, ao 1 his produc
ttoLi bad always been cnnaitlered Inimitable.
1 here were a few who stood out for I.ton'stupe
rlor genius ) hut then It wa well known tlat he
wa dedcieat la tbe art of Itnlebbig. lueaih'y
th expectations of hi pnr l.in-, he bed begun
raiid historical picture for this nc-wdon the
nnnirg of the body of ceroid. It price-vd-d fa
rorehly for a day or twn, and the Hgure wen
sketched In with great vlgi bti' on ucklly, as
tbe week wen' on, the body of liar Jd nnc.ine
emai pled and Inst it tie background, a d Lit n
had tot patience tu set about rinding It again.
He wa. eawllv pentieeVd t abandon thea'teinpt
altogether, and leave the tie d iipei to less ambi
tious an kw a.
Ineoiiwonv who bed n expectation of gain
ing eltter prlre was Dudeing. hen he undor
SVodttst he muet write aa essay, d that It
would be dishi-a-st to uk kelp from aay one, he
wa plunaed for some time mto a stats of lbs
deepest deeieir At lest, heuue morulag cant
ne teSMeey wltban eXireeakmif great aaton
tshtuetit on his fee. "I say," he aaid, In awl le
per ' what do t ou thin Pre dene ?"
"Hew can I tell ? said Sidney
"Wall, I have written eu es-y and how do
you snppoee 1 did It I eat down and wrote Jutt
what 1 really thought about tbe subject, and
when I bad done, I found I bad mail aa essay.
Here It Is."
Sidney looked It orer, and advised Dudding
not on any aoonunt to resntlt to any one else, or
to let umaeiro pvreuaueir to alter wnat na caa
written) and Dudding after weariug cut two
iiiteni ana 1'uuuing alter weanug cut two
pie of It by framing it l way a in bis pooket,
imght up the third to Dr. Wise with trembling
ep and euitowt a stipiireesed titter freta hi
copies or It D'
ichool fellow at the Idea of an essay on Wisdom
rrom iuuaing.
There was ao rauoh to be d ne on tha last day
before the examination began, aod biduey bad
ao many Interrupiioua, thai it waa by in tbe af
ternoon before he found a favorable opportunity
for writing tbe motto oo Lyon's essay. A be
waa anxious that tha writing should be worthy
of l be occasion and of hla friendship, he bellow
ed Sum time at d pains on It. and, to be secure
from interrupt ion, took bis pla.e at Lyon's own
desk, which was held to be a ipnt sacred from In
trusion, Ibongh It stoot flea to lb stove where
all the Idle boys In the irbnol were sure lo as
semb'e on a dark, cold afternoon, when the class
es brvk up. Sidney bed flnished tbe last nour
ish quit to his eallafaclloti, aud wasjust gather
ing up hi book lo go awar, whan be noticed
that be bad overturned a box of atael peua on
tbe grand, and, late a It was, be thought blm
i elf obliged lo creep under the deek to pick tbem
up. W Idle he waa kneeling on the floor, groping
for the pens la tbe firelight (for Poster bad Dome
a minute before, ami ana died away hla candle),
be urefbrdaeouvrealluabelwoea eotne boya
eianaing rouna ine awive, tnai maue a great Im
preseon on blm.
'1 say, Harding " said a boy called Helcnt,
"did ou see Foster face Just now ? Have you
noticed bow Use he ba been looking all the
afternoon ?"
"Blue said Harding "II ha been loot Ing
aa-gtean. Jet black, anything yoa like, and a
aulkv a tea bean."
"He Is In a state of mind about hi Ureek ex
ercises," aald Collin "lb Doctor na been
heard to growl very aaragely orer tbem. Fos
ter ears It Is all (Ire? 't fault that be has cot on
so badly this half, lie accuses iiny of baring
tola the isuctor euoui tuoee two fieys to
luat ustsi to
so comfort sbl
w a made monitor,
"Dnt that
bare beard
exercise, till
be some other
Sue. this afternoon.
"I waa Just going to tell you, If you would
bare let me," said Meloot. "Fitter has some
reason for being aarage. You know bow sure be
ba bren of getting the medal ever since we
beard there wss to ba one and now it turns out
that Cray has brought a beautiful drawlng,whlch
Lynn saya la sura of tbe prize. He never told
anv one that be was going to try for It, and be
mk away hit draw Ing untlnlsbea some time ago,
o every one thought he did not care to try. 1
must tay tt It enough to rex any one to be dis
appointed so luddon'y. I'm sorry for Foster,
ahd I think It U rather sneaking of Qrey to keep
everything so quiet."
At ills point of the conversation, Sidney, who
had now picked up Ibe but pen, hastened to
make bis presence known, by creeping from un
der tbe desk with as much nnUe as he could
make. All the group turned round. "What
bare yen been dolug there, drey?" said Hard
ing, rudelvi "listening? Well, you've beard
no good of yourself."
' btay where you are my little prime minis
ter," said Collins "I should like the King to
see how dignified and worthy of office you look
Jutt now,'r
"I have not been listening," said 81 Iney, who
wa now quit clear of the desk; "I mad a nola
when yoa Ant began to talk, but you did not
"Ue 1 welcome to all be beard," said Har
ding. "Yen may as well be dvP, I think," laid a boy
who bad not yet tpoken, "considering that be ba
U en belidng you with your algebra all the af
ternoon. This was the but sentence that reached Sid
ney's eara. He saw that Dr. Wise had ruea
from bis desk, and he was (bilged to hasten to
peak to him before he left tbe room. He was
late tha essays bad all been given In, and
placed by tbe iiictor himself in his own desk in
tbe study but Dr. Wise wss.aiways gracious
to bldney. He eceepted his apologia for being
late, and then desired him to take tbe two
themes to the study, and lock them up In th
duk "You will And tbe key of my desk under
tbe click ou tbe mantel-piece." ba said, "lie
sure you put It back In the place you take it
from, . ou see 1 am not afraid of trusting you
with ibe knowledge of the place where 1 keep
tb key of my desk. 1 wish 1 felt the same
toward all firs t-C lass boys."
kidney' thoughts were so pre-occupled, that
be bad scarce presence of mlud lo make a suita
ble reply to the Doctor's compliment anil dur
ing bis stow ptiHrrtM-a rlnwn th, -eb-vl-rccst, and
alvug tbe passage to the study, he was carry
ing on a warm debate with himself. "1 like
him tha least of any one In the at hool. He hat
alw ava behat ed ill to me. I don't owe him any
kibdners. VV by must 1 care if be U mortified or
disappointed? Why thould it ipoll tbe medal to
me if he doea grudge It te me ? Why need 1
trouble myself about him?" Those were lb
Ant and loudest thoughts ? then cam one or
two otaWs. "1 am not Ilka other people ; there
Is very little I can do. 1 shall be of very little
use in the world have a very tUort tiaie, per
haps. I must not lose any chance of dolug a
emu toing, ana returning gooa ror evil
all, Foster cares more tor tbe medal, and deaerre
It better tbau I do. My drawing baa scarcely
uwou uvtuaa. s v-ui taae it away wunoui inert
using suiy queenous asseu ana my oeug sent to
tbe study to-ulght gives me such t good oppar-
Sidney't band was on the study-door a hi
resolution wss made. Ht bad noticed, a be
wslitd along th passage, that there wa
light shining through the think of the door but
when he entered the room, he found It, to bit
surprise, dark and empty. He fancied be moat
bare been mistaken about the light, and trans
acted his business a quickly as be co ild. Ha
Ant placed tha essays In tbe desk, Lyon's at the
top, that it might eecur the first reading ) then
be returned tbe key to Its plac, and approached
the table on which tbe draw log ware laid. Hit
Own bad been moved from tbe place where be
had left it, It looked a If some one had taken it
sp, and thrown It down hastily again, as he
I ft tllA ..U...I '
'Ibe luat ant that he had closed the door. Fos.
its aat&e.aiA.a efaua. ti.t.l 1 L
ter tttiiped from behind ib.eS.to.Ii.Tk7
.... , .V. t.i.i. ii. . Ii.-.. .T- . ,V
In his hand ) bat the room wa not quit dark,
.,..-......-,. ... IIBU u exiuiguuuiea ceuuio
u .un mt cuiiaiu waa urawn aside, tno wiu
ter moon shoae full Into It, Foster hsd come
Into the study that afternoon, a be said to him
self, to bar a last look at tbe drawing. There
wa another thought in his mioJ acarcely
formed or acknowledged hut a he alood with
Sidney's drawing Iu hi ban.", it grew Into
, vfcindic-gr..! v-lWwUA , tm it
nwsa up ana uown under the uue ne made aamucnnaaie outoi ine soopae na ' , t,-A,i .. ti. , mmjM au tLii iLT
kandwhlcndiunneandafierUnv culd. tUt he might keep bl countenance. . S .J? !?' rrHZJ?f?? .V!Z?.. r
Is ail old newt," said Harding; "we he Hooped under th flaring gas-iight in a butcb- ,, . ' .. . iWT.. .
about Grey, and the Keys, and the er's shop, to have a good leuk at tbe magical I ." uta toe emraoceei irunttau M tna
we are all tired of it. There must bltoe of other, and be nolle sura that tba "Five" scnooi-nous was rat ner a temoui one to'tha)
M-un fur Vi-iu'. Lwitim. .a .... Litti- .,m - nnii H-tti.lnn Awn ,vm. Srirle, - tdwani atepc strict looe-aw aar aatr
. . i. .. -V. . .V V ... W.H mm .-v wm w."-w.s w- v n h mj .
looa it up nimseir, ne tnougnt he heard rust- z-I1" "" ',' T, Ti.-jii of mlid to reool.
ling Ublng Ibe wliidow-curtain, and he called " " sumtUn ly caloi state or mind to reool-
out, "abu's there?" No one answered, and eld. b,M ,tial to Lvon's tsmner lo see
ney Uughedat himself for bis fancies. ' "I slU It was 'l'ilJ l.!utllail!
'' L".? W '" though. !;V """htrsfto carbon lb. IXSSSl
mm ww cv.uxum. ui. uxawinir io tna tinrir.,1 a -n.i
smoke-alrmg those delicately -painted tree, and
Its beairty would bo entirely gone. Foster wa
dally Ing with thl temptation, when be hetrd
tbe sound of footstep eomin- alonar the) passage,
and, afraid of Mng foand by one cf tha matters
lo lb study Without leirre, ba exUawuisbed hi
cawle, and took refugw eehfnd tb curtain.
From thence be had a full view of ail Sidn'
movements. He saw blm uwhick the desk, put
the cassi in.o It, erase to the table, lor sur
pnaet at the position of his own drawing, and
then take tt awar. When Ki-wer cme out
from tbe curtain, he hat little durrbt that Sid
net twspet teI tone deslh-s against Us drawim,
ml bad taken II sway tor safety, "lb little,
rnra-i-Fpfriied, se-piclons siwmk!" be said lo
hlmelf. "After all, I dfi't think I should
htre torrbed his drawing) tit now I am de-
tei miiM gay shall not trlum-d. ever us eu witn
his cumiiig he shall not lis -esverythlrj."
1 hi lime Feeler did not giro himself litre to
think) the tr-hptslion Came anoTwa yielded! to
In a ii rmient. vt Ith trerablng hand ha lilt
long the cbirMisv piece for tbe key, unlock)
the desk took ml the first pa-xw that came.
The at, enllgbt H She r aim wa strong enough
for hrm toreeogntre'tklneyUny'ipeewHarharHl
writing on lb owr-M. lie tor ovt several
pages tare and there, crumpled tbem in bis
porket, threw the e-san beak Into tbe 4eek, re
ptaced the key, awl y-tn tsar of tbe room. II ran
down the passage in an opposite direction? to the
oi e 81 Iney had take, irnWi a circuit tlrr-uah
the kitchen, ami rw-enterert the achod-rootrt by
another rinor. No one Med happened to netloit
Iris absnice, but Sidney Urwy'a waa nWrred.
When be re ewiered tbcerhoes-room, Mr. MartM
eel! out to hrm to know wtrev he bed been;
snd why he sivy ed so ntte, Sidney expUlnori
that he bad taken hla essAy to the study) bLtf
there wsa a little sml-WTw-smerrt In hie manner
as he spoke. He had tieen aeray singer than wa
lieeeseary, and he felt, for the Ant time iu bit Ufa,
that he was not sneaking the who's truth.
"Te the study I and nowhere else?" said Mar
tin. "And nowhere else, sir," said Sidney, color
ing, because he felt that tb usher'- eye were
fixed keenly un hitn.
"Look at Orey, Lyon," Bald Hardin-. "What
ha be been doing r DM yon ever tea any on
look ao toafueed as ha due ?"
"Paliawl" said Lyont "what anew! J he bar
been doing ? V hen will you learn t kaow peo-
Ele II anting? 1 beleve yew might live all your
e with feeler and Sktney Wrey, and yet never
And out to the laat that there was any difference
between tbem."
Late aa H waa when Sidaey left theaobool,the
most Interesting part of the day's buslneea waa
til to com. Edward waa waiting fbr him ia
the meet, and they walked late Dunttali to-
J ether, to offer their drawing to the printael'er.
Award's courage wa not up to the point of
standbig by while Stduey bargained wltb asnoo
keeper. It suited bis lOea of hi own dignity
batter toset off bom aa soon a t bad thrown
tbe portfolio down ou lb counter, and to leave
Sidney to enter tbe mlaterlvue bill back shop
alone. It had never entered Stdney'e bead to be
ashamed of taking money for hla own w era, so
he enjoyed the success that attended hi Ant ef-
lort, wuoout any taise pine to epou it. ine
printseder wa, aguod Judge of drawings, and
iaa suawriaed at the laieol shown In soma of 31-
ney'a aaaacbee. lie took the por-jolm Into the
froul shop to show tbe drawing to a neb. custo
mer, who beppwned to be there, of whose taste j
he thought highly ) and be beard sueb a flswra- '
ble opinion of them, that, when be returned to
Sidney, be bad eelected ten out of the fifteen
drawings, and ottered blm fire pound note In I
payment iur tnem.
He tta 4 looking at It some time. bulUing tdetr-
sant ceatlea In tbe air, that would hava almost
tnai 'ied amie of Charlotte's, about a future suc
cessful caieer a an artist, and about wlnniug
back bl father' foriur by tbe work of hi bandu
II wa rouerd from hi reverie by hearing bl
name pronounced In a well-known voice, and,
looking up, be aaw Wycombe's face leaning from
tbe ilion-window, and bli great green eyee fixed
la stupid eloolaunicut on hlia. "Hollo," ho
aI l ..nl. llwti-1 r .nil al.Jrtl- ti r I llil
timeofnightf What have you get la your
wj --
Sidnev had no tnd nit on to enter Into long
axidauallon to Wycouibe. and be remembered
. . . .... . . i -i
that tt was getting very 1st) so, Instead of
making any reply, ne hastily returned the not
Into his pocksl book, and set off on bis way bom
at rather a quicker pace than utuai. Wycombe
contented hiuiself with throwing a baudful of
awdost after him. and would oou have furgoto
ten hi curiosity If erent ibat occurred after
wards, had not brought the circumstance of
thl evening vividly back to hla mind. Sidney
found bl brother and sisters waiting anxiously
for Mm when be got hornet and Charlotte, In
honor ot tha events of the cay, had endeavored
to make the tea look as much Uke one of hr
favorite feasts as ibe could, consid.riag that her
power onlf extended lo the arrangement of tha
cups, and tbe way of cutting tbe bread and bat
ter. All reasonable expectations were satisfied by
the light of the Ave pouud note but Amy and
Cliai lotte bad been Indulging tome unreasonsble
ones, so Ibat the were not quite so much sur
prised and delighted a Sidney ex peited. A great
part of the evening waa tpent in discussing w bst
wastobedtna with the money now that they
bad g t It. At but It waa deckled that Sidney
should inclose the money, Including tbe sum Char
lotte received from Mrs. Elites, In an eaveiope,
dirotted to Mrs. Dudding, and seod it by tha
post, without giviug any clue by which aha
wight, ill .cover tbe donor. Charlotte thought
thl rather a fist ending to (ueh a brilliant pro
ject. It would be so unsatisfactory, the uried,
never to know. Sidney beard ber eittema'Iou
to an end, and tbeu handed berampnr, ou which
be bad written a tew word. Charlotte re-td it,
and passed It back to Sidaey with an acquiescing
nod of tbe heed and a smile.
I "1 et me eee it," said Frank, reading tba pa
per as It passed. "Mr Father that eeeth In se
cret What does It mean ? Why could not you
have said it out load ?"
"I under-tand," said Charloote, "and I liked
It bi tter written than sal I out aloud. Yes, Sid
ney ) 1 see you have settled on the beet way.
W lien I used to make aucb grand trojecta, I am
afraid I thought ery little, or, ludeed, not at all,
abiut what you wrote Juat now 1 mean about
lln seeing lleui."
cnir-Tti xti.
Tbe three days of the exsminatlon pasted
quickly : trery one wa too busy to talk, aad
to muth excited to be anxlou. Tbaonlylo
teirnoLlon to tbe emros.lng Intel eat that occur
red wa caused by Lyon bating discovered that
he had loat letter from hit father, eoulaUiiog a
Ave p und uole, aeat to defray Ibe expenses of
his Journey borne, and by hi disturbing himself
and e er- uouy eise oy vsgue seeixnos tor it, ana
atid Imp' lant exclamations ef wonder to whan
it inieuui u to turn up. u it uau utaa an'
In th school but Lvon who bad
valuable letter, more Interest would have boat
excited by Iti but Lyon'a poeeeesions, of all
kinds, were well known to have snare of their
master's love of Independent action. Ihey wrt
constantly putting thenuelvet out of the way
when tber were wanted, and turning up unex
pectedly in tin pceatbl plaoe when!! need of
ihem was passed. Eren Sidaey had left va
disturbing bimseif t t.yon' constsnt etelama-
turn or "inere now, uere are an mr uuu-a .-
gain 1" and though, on thl occasion, he g rad-
naturedly bell Lyon to turn tut the pockets
of all bit Jackats, and to toss over and over the
miscellaneous contents of his desk he Mt pretty
lime, that me um. - ".
i. i... i had ao maav lectures from tbt Doctor on
bis tztrsnis caridessnee about uioney, that be
-"H u0 I" cui" ".S" ,uf."- mw ! "t " to
he orouglit u-ote uia uoimjs
,ln h.iuij.v mtUm
On Saturday afternoon, at three o'clock, th.
examlnstinn iIommI' Tbe Doctor wound up tbt
Lalf -year's work Uy an address to the boys, val
ued chiefly by tbem for the opportunity It afford
ed for cheering, and making aa much nolst at
they bked without offence. Tbt real tf tbe ef .
ternoon w as devottd to tbt T-nmigiV of break
ing up. Nothing certain, could ba knowa about
the rate or tbt eseayt until Monday morning.
I fc' Viv-.ioeth.1
!'"-), w,i. u hum iei uinv , . w --
citing c&Qugh t know tbst tb Doctor aud tbt
wus, .eip looking too mueu iirrris-i M pieasea, arm. - frM cons-noenee that weald Mto. tf
V ben be bl gun. . UttU way down tb. .treel, ZSXJZZttlZEZXZZT ""
ttr akll tha
-ww-f . - -
.. . - .... n.i.s.ai tr itaaBt-uuua. ntssu aaea
examiner tYnmOxrt-rd were htaIa thai udr
sctuaUy leading them. Every bow kaU-red
himself to have tbe best cbaaee but tba n.oi
Urs who were Inclined to glva tbe second t
Qreyn Lyon wen about eauaL ConitateVaasaJ
bin self by taking bete on thetr Menace, gad br
trying te rouse spirit of rWsisMipVWweei
them, and to ruffle Lyon's temper by retaUdlaaT
I Ma wa the first time for many half yean whan
tfctre bad bei' any doubt about hi Mag-first
In evert thing. He could not be swre whether ht
seeoseded or not. Lycn was not la hla aanal
sob It s that afternoon I but then be wa art
dmrrirBaT about bli lost letter. He new
thought I hat b bad shut It up In bis eesty,
w Llcb be bad! beery reavTlng- orer ror tb last ti j
this lna wet not tendered more ' agisealtt by
Collin, rwmrnding him that ha bad scrawled a
llkei ess of tb examiner on the back of Ut aa-
Tkeie was or other person who waa still
l-sa Iw-Hrcl to enjoy the mirth and froO ef
iHveslrg-up day, or to enter Into the prrrall.
lg npics of ctetrwrsatloa. Frarter waa gen
rally auipoeed to bar fond reaaoat for
bi-lng oat of tamper. Ue bad been extrem
ry unsiictersful daring tbe eiamlnatloa.'aad.
was I nown to lie under the Doctor's dhwlaaur
lMt tbote who bad lettarw to notto haul rwerw
sarprl-edtoseehowUjtless and depraesed hie p
prared. and how pettishly be resented any re
mark about tMa essays or question freea Iyoo
stiowt his tetter. 1 bey Utile knew tbe pain and
fer that tbe sUghteat allasHm tb either of thee
subJ-Tt gave ban; how ha wa longing to be out
of tn way of hearing more of them. II hid no
patierisewlth tynnf-iesearchltigaopartevattagty
rWharileiter.and f-'- ---r llrk Tilth Susstta i
slon when be beard him mention his recoOeo
tron of baring left It In tdeeeeer, and his uneuafw
nesa, lot the cricature should be reoognlzetr
iij tbe Doctor. Footer could have set his mind
tit eese on that point. I he eurelop cofltanlng
the ante and letter waa tan In bis poeuaci ha
bad found It among tb crumpled-up leare b
had turn from the essay besuppo-ed to be Bid
wey's. Iwenty time during tha three day ba
lad com up to Lyon's desk, in the hop of bainat
atil to slip th latter Into it unobserved, and'
twenty tlmea some slight drcam-tanoa bad baf
i tod him. It seemed suddenly to hint aa tf ha
vt-re watched sif be could not say or do' tb
cm atone t thktg wltaout bavin eome eye flxedr
orrlriea. s e dare not destroy the money be had
taijen,andthut pu'lt outof bis power ever M re
story k t he wa afraid to keep ft, and very far
Indeed from bartrarlbe imri-niri ti rnafaaa hon
estly what be hadTdnne. la.wandareA about,
afraitMo enter Into conrtrsaiiou with any one,
1 st he thould betray his nnraMlnisc.twuridoilng;
vaguely bow be should get out ef hit trotrble,
and yet try big to keep bis tnoagfatt from dwell
ing ou It i and findJug that, ht tptu of alia
effrta, tkey would constantly recur to soma
hlgh-flnvevt sentence In his owa eeaay eel Hon-
sty, anta the tormenting conrsoibm tbab ha
bad com mUted t heft himself, and that It would
certainly, at one time or another, be brought to
Sunday waa a tedious daw to most of tba bora
I sou
nd good reant of thetr friends ) but tba toog-
j Mt d.yBcorTiaUianend.andthaUnpartsiUatoa-
1 day mmnlru sam a', last.
It wss tbe cve-tom fir the friend of tha tan
boys to assents' e ut ton scbuoi-ro-ea lo see I fat
prise, given away, and stray aad C'bssiotevaad
utdenp their mlndt to wala with thetr bretb
n to the -cbonl on Monday morning, and ttkar
Ir pieces amwng the steel ators.
Eiiward's oonsposare waa rather oTiMuTwed at
mi arr.ngttneot. tie naa nis doabta about
of our fellows who (sight be ootniag down ,t ho
street, and. on the slightest appearance of a su
pleieu. Jacket or cap, ha forced Amy aad Cbaa
lotts to retreat Into a (hop. or instructed them
1 1 cross tbe road and look Into a shop-window,
a if they had nothing to do with him, and war
not going anywhere In particular. After a great
dl of clever generalship, Amy and Cbarkstta
Acted their entrance Into tba school, with
out Its baimr known to more that half the bars
that they had accompanied their brother. S-d-
" spite of Ewsrd's remonstrance, aaw
theat eomfortably plaeed, and then waat to bla-
n seal.
1 he boys were arranged according to their 0T
berin the classes, and Sidney's place was between
Lyon aid Collins on ihe Ant form. Wbeuba
took his seat he saw that, though all tba echoed
wa assembled, Lyon's place was vaeaaU
"Where's Lyon ?" he whispered toCaUbU.
"II was here mlaato ago," rM VtUim
"The Doctor pat bl headoulof thtciaes-ioeai n.
few minutes ago, aud called him. Tber ara
bavlug aom talk about something or other bl
that. Perhaps they art telling him that bt bt
tu bar tie eeaay prize. Ah I beta coma, tha
Doetor aud th grandees 1 "sow It It ceiag to
V ben the Doctor and the other gentlamta
bad walked up tbe room, Lyon followed, , and
went quietly to bis place, bl face was flushed,
tad-bis eves resolutely fixed on tba ground.
Sidney tried to eaicb bis eye. He wanted te
girt bint t look ibat would show aim that ba
was ready to rejoice In II (access, er torwtetr
the same generous sympathy from him; bat iy
on carefully kroided turning hla bead.
" V hat's the row. Lyon ?" whispered CoUlna,
belM Sidney 't back. "Can't yoa aatwer tv
fellow? Whai'atheiow?"
" Ye ere not allowed to talk," answered Lyon;
and, aa be could no longer look on tbe ground,
be fixed ht eve ' lily on the greeu' table oa
which the prlsee lay. lie was not 'ilrg of
them Sidney saw in moment, aud (sit (are ha
he had heard aomethlng that dliturbed hla far
more than any dlaappolatmant about prize waa
likely to do. Sidney was so much troubled by
tbli thought I hat be did not bear one word of tba
Doctor 'a opening speech. It was followed by
a call on Urev, seoiur, to oome up to the table to
receive the first Ureek prise. Ibsre wa a good
deal nf t amping and clanfaag from tba boya
a Sidney went up. While he waa'.ia tba yary
act of taking tbe book from Dr. Wis be looked
round to see if Lyon Joined In It. Not Lyon
was sltllni- quila still, curing at tbt tibii aawl
Collins had to touch hla arm to make ale) attend
when the Doctor called him to receive the- first
prize for Latin versa, Sidney clapped with all
bl might but Lyon walked back to bit plana
wltnout locuug at any one.
Tha distribution ol prize to tha different
cla see did col take up much time. Oa boy waa
called np after another, and they received their
bo-aa more or less awkwardly, were cheered, and
ked back lo their plaoae. ,
When all these lest Imp-wtentprlaea wen dis
tributed there wa pause. Tu etlrar medal
and tbe long row of bandaomely-bcnnd book
remained on tbt table, and thtraSras Uttla
movement of anxiety among tbt boys and their
friends. v
Tba Doctor stood un aa-ain before tbe table.
liwiaa m inair sbmsk in imnnau sma n areas at r w .aw
when and every tya In th school wa ilxsd aaxloua
'I'y ly upon him. He coughed, arranged and rc
loat a orraneed the book, and when beat last began
to Bsk, It was la a grate tone or vote that
metto at least one heart tatheruom sin. Ut
said that before he told tbeat to wheat tba prUo
sasay had been awarded, bt waa eerryto be)
obliged to -U'e a clrcumstanct that baa? given
Urn great pam. In looking over tbt eeaaya ba
had found one that had been torn ntT Injured,
the evueni inieo'.iua c , pswvanung tna
i writer of it from having tba prise. He aAd found
0ui to wnom ine iota ewaay uesagwa, laaa in.
ter tu sure that It wa perlbct when tt Itft bit
band) but bt iu ao unwilling to belUrt that
J nyof hUcompaniona would puxpoatrynnjura
, him, that he had earnaatly requested klat not to
make any lavastlgauon on tat, subjeot, or Uka
ny notto ot u wnaiever. That request tb Doc
tor satis ne eoiuu no t
lulv wltb. Ua tkoturht
t bis duty to relate what had trmed before
tbe tsteniUad school, and to give tbe oAaJerta
opportunity of retailing bis fault by sabuciy
owning It. At tb request of tbt Injured aer
son, bt bad prce-lsed not ta punish tJMoaWer
If h would now frankly otif- kisfaatt.Ua
ttmtttly dvlsel the geuiy "-
self tbt reiUf of eonf-wJoa. lltcoaMaoj lat-
rlnt greater punishment than tha tafds- e
J.?H whTl. Ih. l-J-r w-Vi-sk-,t4id-
unatcutd fbr. ....
The Dvctote solemn yploe ceased, and tbt ea
ger young eye that had been fixed oa hint waa-!Lu-i
curlialy around tbt icon. Would taw
one corns forward. A faw.iMtvenU of brent b-
. I

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