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atf- -
amot rmh twcM bap i
Br lb Aahar ef Adaa Bed.
"can dig H for you, Mtr Miner wM1
" Jta tato lb coavermtioa with
"tttatraBbUofforaalitkt. "lilt b play t
!! .2 ' T $ mJ "T1 work, or aay odd
iil when lh work' tlck. Aad III
.'ov onM ou " Cmi
T1 Wt BM, Hd Willing."
AbJAro0,r hd?
liUt '! wau'tawanofy
T TOB the?" tall
r " (if ..k-n W J-'.
slklng tbin, t m uolhing bat whttb .
J- Will. If yva could help m with th
Ixcuk w might gl hr bit ' gxrdea all
be Mener.'
"Thu, If you think wll and good." aU
wron, I'll come to th Stone-pit tkli after
cot, and wM Mttle whit UM'i to b Ukt
i. aid 111 get up aa hour earlier I' the mora
i(t. tad begin ou It."
ul not if you doa't eroialM dm not U work
r lemng ftfii,-Mia AirB. "Atd Millar
larrmr know too. 1 hop, m I'm able and wil
ag ta do a uta a' woik for hia, and ba went
0 ma tba unkiodneu to anywitt take It out '
it harl."
..T?1 now, falharjrou won't work In It
i!ait all eary laid Eppia, and you and ma
in mark out th bed, and rati bole aad
laat tba root. It'U ba a daal livelier at tha
tooe-piu whan we'v got oae flowers, for I
Iwayt think tha flowert tag im at, and know
rhatwa'ra talking al-oat. And 111 here a bit
neemary, and bergamot, aad thyme, becau
liey'n w sweet smelling; but tbara'i bo Uvea
ar in tha gantUfolka' Raidana, I thlak."
"Theft no reason why too shouldn't haya
'. ald Aaron, "for I can brtaft rou aliaa
r anything; I'm forcad to cut no and of 'am
I"'" (tardnlng and throw 'am a war mou
'. ntra'tabicUlaMaraodar at tha Bad
Ioom: tba miMii U vary fund of lU"
SHTaV taid SiUs, rraraly, "aoai yau iont
ka froa for si, or auk forantthla a U worth
mh at tha lUd I Ioom; for Mr. OaM bai bain
Road to an, aid built Bi a tba naw aad '
a cottara and giran ni bada and thlngi u I
uldn't ablda ta ba Impoaln' for raidintu(Tor
'No. no, thara'a no Impoolog," aald Atron I
ihara'i Mrr agardanin all tha pariah but
htt tbra'aanllewata In It for want o'
imabodrai could saa rrrtthlng up. It'a
liat I think to myaaif aonaMmaa, as thara aatd
obodr run abort o'rlctuaU If tha land waa
iada tha mot on, and thara waa nerar a mor
l but what could find Hi way to a mouth. It
ti ona thinking o tha gardaniag draa. But
maa. go back now, alaa mothar 'ul ba la
cnbla ai I aren't tbtra."
"11 ing bar with you ttrii afternoon, Aaron,"
id Kppt't "I iboulJa'l lka to fix alout tba
ardan aao bar not know avarythlng from tha
rat thaald o, fatharC
'Ay. bring her if you aaa, Aaron," aatd 8i-
1 ''aba'i lura to bar a word to aay aa'U halp
1 to lot thing! oa thair tight and."
Aaran turned back na tha rillaga while StUa
nd"Eppia want an up tha lonely iheltered
"Oh daddyl" aha began, when they ware la
rivacy. claipiagand anueezlngSila'iarm,and
lipping reuad to giTeblra an anergatla kiaa.
My lltUa old daddy J I'mae glad. I don't
link I ahall wan't anything alaa when we're
at a little gardan; and I knew Aaron would dig
for na," ana want on with roguiah triumph
I kaew that rry weU."
' You're a deep little pun, you are," Mid 81
i, With tht milt paailre bappinaM of lore
rowtad ana in bit face; Moat ynv'll maka
ouraalf floe and beholdan ta Aann."
"Oh, no I sHaaV Mid Kppla. laughing and
rinking; "he Uk-i ii."
'CeaM cuua Itt ine carry rtar prayer-book,
Im you'll b dropping it, Jumping I' that
ar. '
Kppla waa now awara that her beharior waa
ndar obearra'ton, bat It waa only the obeerra
iob ot a f rieodir donkey, browning with a lag
uteoed o bit fct -a meek donkey, notecorn
ully critical of human tririalltlea, bat thank
1 La thara in them, if noadble. kr settuw hia
icee acratchad; andEpfdadidnotfailtogratlfV
ilm with her oaual notice, though It waa attend-
4 aitk the inconreaience ot bialouowutg mam,
m j palnfelly, ap to the rery dour of thair
Bat the aound of a tharp bark Inaide, ai Ep-
le pat toe key la tue aoor, moainea ine aon
Ike ibarp Dark waa me ngn oi an excuea
ffeloometbataKaitlng them from a knoaioj
brown tairier, who, aiUr dancing at thair lea
nan bjittr leal roanntr, ruaUed with a worry
ing n'ata tortolaaabell kitten ander tie
ootn, and tcn rualied back with a (harp bark
ijeln, aa much aa to I y, "I have dona my du
ly lr tbia nubia creature, you percelTaj'' while
(halady mithar of tha kitten Mt lunning her
Chite boaom In the window, and looked round
ith a tletpy air of ezpicting carewea, though
ka wai not goln to take any trouble at all for
She frennce or thii happy aaimal lue wu
Ithaonly ehange whicbhad come over tha
rior oi toe iono coiuge. i aare wu no mj
in tha li inu room, and tht email toace wat
11 filled with accent furtl'ure all bright and
a eaouih ta u'larr Uollr Wiatnroo ere.
rue WW taiiie ana tnr a corncrea oaaea cuair
rera hardly what wu likely to be aeen la is
-wct a cottage: they had come, with tha liedt
rad Mhrr thing, from tha lted Ilouee; for Mr.
rdfrey Cam, M trery ona aatd la tba YUla&a,
ajd r.ry kioolj by tbe wMrer; an4 it waa nolh.
(m bat right a man ihoaldbe looked oa aal
jellied by thoea ho ctuld afford It, when ha
-ad brought ap an orphan child, and bean fath
r.and mo- ber to bar and hid loat hti money
io, ao ii ha had nothing but what ha wo ked
pV week by week, and when tbe weaving waa
eing down too for there waa leal and lean flax
wn and Maattr Marner wu none young.
. fobody wi! jealoui of tbe wMver, far be wu
Ctgarded u an exceptional parwn, wboae claim
J inelghboily help were not to be matched la
ay rapentitlon that remained concerning
nau uaen aa emiraiy new ooiofj eon air.
ey, bow a Tory Ineole old man of fou'lcora
alx. Barer Men except la but chimaey cor.
ar fitting in tha lunahine at hli door-alll.
i of opinioa that when a man had dona what
a bad dona bv an ornhaa child, it wu a lira
t h'l mosey would coma to light again, or
twiM tuai tna ronuer wouia oa maoe io an
r for it for. u Mr. Macey, obierved of him-
. bn racuiiki ware u itrong u over,
ppie had long known b?w ber mother had
on mo inowy grouna, ana bow one noriaii
been 'vund oa tne hearth by fafwr Silaa,
bad lakra ber goinen oru tor nuiott gain-
bioagbt back to him Toe tender and pe
ar 1 na with ebiih Sllal had rea'ed her In
net Inexparable rompanionablp alth hlmalf.
d by tha aeclaaloa of their d trailing, bail
irred ber rroia tne toweiug innueaou ot
rUJiire talk and habit, and bid kept her
d la that freihneu which It aometimea falae-
rppoMd to be aa iaraiUUe attribute of rue-
wftct lore ha a breath f poetry whleh cia
t the ralatloni of tbe least (attracted hamta
tT, and thii breath of poetry had arroond-
.ppit irom tne umt wneo ana naa lotiowea
iriirh'. irleam that beLkoned her to Stlu'a
th; to 'hat It I not turprlaing if, la other
;i betide her delleate prettlneae. the wu
ialte a aommoa Milage maiaen. but naa a
i of refinement and ferror which came irom
I her teaching than that of tenderly-nurtured
Kilted Jtetiag. She wil-Uo thUdUh and
lie for bar ima I nation to rove Int o quetUooi
It her unknown father for a long While It
lot even occur to ner mat int muaa nave
i fathen and tha firtt time that tha Idea of
iintr navlnK Bad a nuband praaentaa It-
to her, wu when 81 la ahowedher tha wad
ring which had been taken from tha watted
r, and had been carefully prteerred
Im la a little lackered box ahaped like a
i delivered tbl box Int Eppla't charm
th bad grown ap, and aba of. en opened
look at tba rbun bat Kill the thoubt
y at all about the father of whom It wat
'0)001. Jiaa aue no a niuer rery uoao
-, who toved her better than any rati fatb
the t IHase im mad to lore thair daaghtenT
a centrary. who her mother waa, and hew
in to ilia In that forlornnet. were aaea-
that of ten preieed on Eppie'i mind, lit
ledge oi tin. Wlatarop, anewuneruear
end next t ttuaa, maoe ner mi laai a
raauMberary precloatt and tea had
lead again aked 8Uu to tell bar how her
r looked, wooin aba wu like, ana now a
Lund bar agalntt th fun but, led to-
lit ay the little looutep ana ut oai
padarau. Tha farsa both wu thara (till;
Lit aftaraoaa, whin Epple etma out with
nta tha aunabio. it wu tba trot abject
rraatea ner eyee aaa taoagnt.
B CatVtfwtd fa fa Jtrtk rl
iIi . . . ?K"K, rau,r," Mi Eppie. "
' '" " enytn-ng about It," aba ad
t ha f bashfully, hdf-rogniehly. "oslr Mrs.
riniarai mm a Atron 'ud be i (rood, and
"Ana tnl mltfhtha' knon It wlihnnt
Oeareag Um HaMlera.
Oar axchang from th Interior of thii
State, and from other State. aontnU aarioo
complaint of taw poor quality ef th clothmg
faraucted to tha troop which ware Int moe
ttred Into th Mrvioeof tha United State. Oar
State Military Board la broadly charged, la
veriomt Journal, with groat deraUetloa ef duty
la the awarding of contract, and aa exhibition
U demanded from the Board of tha figure at
which tha contract kfr clothing tha votan
Iter regtmenta.Wer awarded. Aa Otwega
pap er Mjt that a proper It ioa for e.k wat put
la by a party la tut city, bat tha contract
wugivaa to'aoothtr patty la Albany, at a
higher price for an inferior article, a tha
itmpUeoa exhibit toa thowed.
The Auburn AirtrHttr My that tha Mili
tary Board refated to accept woolen goodt for
uniform from Auburn, and accepted grty
Mtlnet. It alio allegea that tha contract for
uniform wu awarded to favorite a price
above theM offered by retpenslbla bidder and
that to tha matter of ahoet, Inatead of giving
tha contract to teepOBiible partle la Auburn,
It wu given to a New England party for aa In
ferior article. A correspondent of tha Roche.
ter Union thai doKribt th aalforml received
at llmlrai
Tba uailOTM to which I kav alluded war audi
by ooMrect(brtbeaU,b7apajlla Nrw Vrk,
M a com of iltJM eeeh. la eior thty vary'eonai
darably, bat would avera M badly aa maty (ray.
Tha material latetiat, coapnead of cUa im
- abotty," with a prtnktlnr of KeMtan du hair
aadbnatlea. The to ideeaa be bought, tarwbere
that oeh are enld, IM It caatf per yad. Taara la
Mt Iom IkMtllpronioa eeoh eult ta eomeuedy.
Bume ef thMt eoanplalate are, pr jbaUy, axtcgar
akd by local fceling aad jialeuay, but they are aot
1 heut goed fcnadetien. Aad the piopla have a
rlaht to demaad troea 11mm hi aoibortty a fall atta.
tntna ef tha manner ta which ahey hev dlachaiaad
their very Import dull. Il PmnriylvaBja, there
hit been tha groamtl thttltig la thfuinlahlaf of
trey clothing ad luppUe. SOMa bllnki,
wotthltu unifotma, aboM that were uanl to ba
worn after a ftw dayt' uee, dfMyiag peek and ttale
bread ware funlahad to thaaeldler at tbeVghem
war prlota. Ornmi ling oa than ohargaa, tht
Fi in Henna Journal pertmanlly raaarkai a
Toe iiiiuii ef tht tret hula It ever, aad
throughout theMiaawythe auihjrttlM Ma new
proceed more ceutleaeiy ead deliberately. Toey
cauat look out ftw the harptM who are willing I)
vtctierite and plunder th patriot tha are ruth
IngtolhadtteHeoftheeouitry. It la MiooUhlaf
that there era inch BMundral on th Dw of the
earth, man who would tmrve a eoldier or aoalha
ttrii of ditMM la ale trwaoa, if they eould make a
few dellara by the miinnm Bat tWe never wtt
a governmenl or aa army that m aot Infeated
with aueh rlilalna.
BThaM "vtlUIna" are worae thaa tha open
traitor whom oar Kldiart go forth to meet la
Utile; aad it I our daty not only to pat a ttop
o their villainy, hot to bring to a tharp aa
n iintahlllty tha greater villain! who abow
tbelr poaltlooa of trait and violate their oath
of ofa.e by count virg a 1th thaa la their acheae
bf plunder. For tuch, that a U a day of tack
imii it In tba future.
rreea th Prlt c f Waiea.
U.v. lltxai Waauilaaoata ha raaairad
tbe following letter ta ackaowledgamaat of tha
hord-nme painting of tha ' City and Bay of
Naw York," preteated throagh him to tha
Ptlnoe of Wilet, by atreral of oar citiien I
ItirxeuLiv Uku, Ciananwt, May 0, 1441.
QBamaHiH i I biv tne honor to inform you
tha your latter of Oeoombor laat waa delivered by
Mr U. W. Niouuia K the rrlae of Wle, on the
let Inmnt, who nqattad that geullemta to ooavty
t yon hi grateful acknowledgment tor your vela-
atiw gut, aaa wr en gra'uyiat; ierme in wnic yea
beMOU'aredU.airhleBiyallligluieef aootpiabat.
The Pilnoe CHnnaadame to Maura yru that,
while be muat ever enlertaia a vtvld reoollecaon of
your noble ctiy and tw nelgnborboi4 aad ef the
gaotrout and Mthutiaatle welonme of lw inhab'a
tauw. ha bljh'y pnt m tht picture which you have
p-iwdkIIa It lyal II f lineal, not oulynn ae
ouuatof tliaxialienoe m e work ef art, but m
n Hliar en 1 a miat IntareeWDg manorial of hi
viail lothalgrMl eouatiy, wlilb, u you Jualy
oliwT.Uboiod bjeo maay oIom and powerful
U- a to hi own.
I lift th honor Vi be, (aaabxn. you- mMt obe
dltnl bumble eorvaal, UOBKKT BKUJ1-;
Utjot-a neraU
Toltev. nnn Who Bit nit aad lhrr,of
Nw Yerk cliy.
Rrrert of the Htreet CeauUelMr.
VVa have received a printed copy of the Ke
pi rt of the Strut Commlalonr to th Common
CfUtcil for tb fltat quarter of tha year 1861.
From It we learn that tha whole amount dratra
by requtiltloni upon th Comptroller by tha
Department, for tha quarttr ending March
90th, wu $204,201 70. 1h expenditure of
the different bureaux were u follow I Wbarvat,
Piert aad Slip, 87,1M 68; Road, f 7,C;0 48;
Land and Flic, $ 1,909 27 1 Lamp and U,
tP 0,(98 32; Bepairt aad SoppUea, $13,380 S3,
tod la Bureaux of Deputy Superintendent of
BpIr and Sappllti, $18,112 Mi ta th Ba
lata of Chief Engineer of the Fir Department,
$18,000 17. For Btnet Improvement, th
tarn of $81,130 33 hit Uen upended during
th quarter .
Th Erpert tmbract report from ail tha
head of th ttvtral bartaux la th Depart
meat, giving detailed tUtement of all axpaa
dittrtt, with tha proper voucher! therefor. Th
butlntm of tba Street Department team ta be
conducted in a ttrict and lyttetaa'lc mauaar,
Th Deputy StrtatCommitaioner, Mr. Lorxix,
who in tha abetnot of tht Strut Commuuionar.
from illruat, prepared tte Bprk itatea that aa
tba Tax levy had not pitted tie Lagtalatara
until tha cIom ef the fl;tt qnirtrr if the year.
ue ueparuntnt confined iuell. u nearly u
pMtiblt, to the baiaaoM of pproprUthm oa
hand, Janaary 1U 1801, incurring ao txpen
M that war aet Indltpenaably nacecttitry fee
carrying aa tha batineet of tha Corportttoa.
He then add tha following luggettioui
Tb charter aipreaaly brbld expeaeM to be In
curred ta advaawe of tht appropriation; theM
apieopriaakne are never made uatll aaera thaa
ooo-tMnh of tbe fieoal jw hM axplmd, sad, aeaH
Mqoently.the whole machlntry of the ciy gortray
meat muat either bt breuthl to a ttop, or lae kaada
of It txeoutlve depertmentt muat Mtuea lb
reetwnilblilty of MtMng Hide the law.
-rue roniu mm noi eniv IUM omeere. Din tba
whole ooeamuailr. beooena ataaiilartied with
tyaleanaUo violation of law, under tba extenuating
Vm of aiully, and when tht eoura la one In.
asguraled, ll la aext to impeeaible toil a limit to
tuch lrregularitlM. A chaW of the fieoal ymr to
tbe let of May would apeidllf provide a remedy
for theM evlla, which are te vextUeua and burden
eome in thtr present tffeni and ao much I be
fetred lu Ibelr fuiure lllaoaln.
Ta Mi
BaiTBExa While tha biatory of tha world
teem with miUneet of tht unlreml fraUmlty
of our gloriou Order, dUpUytd la itrugglet,
ometlmM hand to hand, dvil aad foreign,
from the Um of FTTiuaoa la Ularapoli
dowa t tha Crimean War, It wu for tha ran.
agadu of CharUttoo to break their terrible
oath, and entail oa themtelvM th dreadfal
vengeanoa of tha Oraad Archltett cf th UaV
varae, under wheM autplcM w work.
Keadithe following, and with aMdaaoanoe, u
utterly unworthy of a, mo whoa aaladi and
heart could ao have been warped, area by tha
axlgancU of a traiterou aivll wan
C J. Ami arm aa boeored mtmbev ef tha If a.
aoftl bmatraiv. Oa Monday etenlnf , 1 Olneia.
ne wm eeuea epoa oy a large aeoetawee of
mww, we na mm tne tiiiammi that.
duimg the whole tleu of hi eoanatmaM bv the
aiage of lunator, h in aevtr owee raoofsiaad bv a
atagbieu of Wmiou thara aaaaoea.
rnaeroally, l, , ,
Tha Albaay Ermin$ etrraol raaantly pab
Utbal tha Mkjalaad lataraatiac amretire.
Tha tut peragrapfa gtraa tome naw of Oaaaral
We have Jutt had a eoararaaUoa with H. B.
Arma, bnaerlr of Maaoheater, N. H, bat
morireoenUvofnooaton, Texaa, whoarrired
here oa Suaday aaoroing from th tunny South.
He it a genUamaa of culture and mleUigenca,
U a recant graduate of Ue Medical College of
Louisiana, and it th owner ef a plantation and
tome twanty-foar tltret m th tut cf Arkaa
aaa. While torn of hit itamnt are almott
iBcradldbla, w can m do raaaoa to doubt
their tru'h.
"Mr. Atir bad rereutly gone to llouiton U
practice me icln. Refuting to accept a com
minion in the tout hem army, he wu denounc
ed waa 'abolitlonitt,' and delivered ever to
the furr of tba mob. Fortunately a brother of
Major AirtraRaua'a, who reeldu la Saa Anto
nio, wat in town. Interfered ta hit behalf aad
tovtd hi life. lie left oa tha 15th laitant,
glad to gtt away on aay term. Oa tha night
Kvloaa. ba mw two mea natlrM of New
mpthtra- tarred and feathered, rode on a
rail, and afterwardt hung!
"Arriving at New Orlean on tha 18th, h
found the cit r La a ttate of the wiUUat excite
ment. A "reign of terror' the moat abiolate
prevailed, llavlag uttered aeme unguarded
worda, ha wu taken befcra tba Vigilance Com
mlttM and Immediately ordered to ba ihlpped
te Montgomery, Alabama, there to be properly
over hauled and diapoaad of by th rebifgorern
ment. Through the lnttrrno of Senator
FT7r ArmiCK, wboee ton wai a cUm mat ot hia,
he lucceevel not only in averting hi fattwa
m'pacud tpy, bat mm ia procuring a pau to
ormeNorta. lie wu put aboard the cart In
charge of aa olHcer, handcuffed and cloeatr
guarded, acd to traveled until! he reached
Naihvllle, Tesneaaee. whta h wu flailly di
chtri d from cuttody.
"II Inform u that ha traveled Mreral
head red milet through Alatama aad Ueorgla
on the am train with General BaavaaaaaD,
who bad been orgamitmg tht ttcruton Jbrctt la
latter nwa tb New Dttiaiy,
Frtm (At Srracexe JourntU Mty tl.
Dr. MAOTta McQoaaa, a young man native
Bottta. Matu., wbe wu graduated at tha
Surgical aad Dental College of Hew Orlean a
year tpe, and who hu atace resided at San An
tonio, Tax, arrived here on Saturday after
noon, ta.hu way to friend in Btod laland.
Ue left Saa Anteoloon the erenirg of tha Itth
intt., arrived at Mew Orlf ant oa ta morning
of th 17th, proceeded thence to Mobile and
Montgomery, Alabama, and north ward through
TeruwMM and Kentacky to tha free ataU u
rapidly u cireumttaocM would admit.
lie wu obliged to 1VI Saa Antonio within
twenty-four hoar, for having aaid to Mr.
Mixoa, on of th editor of tha Mew Orlean
Vqya-K, that th Matlmeat ot a apeech ha
had made at that p'ao thowed hia to be a re
bel and traitor. Several ahota were fired at
him by laotoatd rebel, and threat war made
to hang him, and it wu only through tha In
terceMion of leading cltlaen wh were hi
friend that ha wat allowed until tha next day
toUavatown. lie wu not allowed ta bring
away hie peraonal property, aot va hi ur
gicai aad dtntal toola.
At Sen Antoalo, th day before he caaa
away, ha uw a woman from Beaton, Mat.,
a ripped naked in the public itrwt. tarred and
feathered, and rod on a rail around tha public
K,uaia, with a Palmetto Bag bound around her
bted, and a negro rn each aide a erowd of
white devil eaaductlivc tha orgta. Th Mm
w.ek, oa Chabli SABBoaB, of llavarbill,
Mau., and FaAxeil Kiidbb, of Ltwrenoe,
tlm, hid been hang by the mob. The
"cilme-ofthe evlctlmtof tbe "chivalry" wu
that they bad axprwead Union tympithlea.
At Hew Orlean, thara wu a fleet of twelve
large itumboita, whleh ware being armed aad
manned, mwm represented, far aa attack oa
Cairo, and to da service for tha Southern Con
federacy on tha Miaiaelppl. They wart tha
Admiral, the 8. IL Tucker, the City of New
Orlean, the City cf Louisiana, th Ohio Belle,
the Urn. Pike, the Skr Lark, tha City of Mem
nhl. tna Baltic th Cab, and two others.
Toe four llrtt-named were already equipped
with 42 pounders, and twelve 3i poutderteach.
Jbef were to b under th command of (Jen.
New Orlean wu occupied by 2,000 Mlditrt,
and a cotton brtutwork xtodei along tha
ItvM for tlxUea tquru Union man, u fMt
at diacovered, are confined in the work-houM
and pariah priua until they are willing to Jola
tht traty, whon tbty art uniformed, and
known at tht "Wo k-IInuM Guard.'' Dr.
M J. taw two hundred of thee' troopt, who
were brandtd "W. II. O." Tba ttreet talk
w that Oeo. Piliaw'i forcu would be ready
to atUck Cairo between the 20th and 2o:h of
next month. The SjJ of the Weet, itoien by
th reoelt. wu lying at New OtUaot; the had
th.rty port holM in bar, from each of which
nrotruded a 11-pound brut gun. and four big
guDi were oa th deck. It wu laid thit tha
wjuld be lent ta Ma th firtt of tbl week.
Thar wu a number of tug lying In the ri rer,
a'med and maenad, ready to ru it a bloihade
of th mouth of IheMaelulppL
On tbeeUamboat St. CharlM, coming up th
Alabama River, from Mobile to Montgomery,
th-re ware 2,760 troop At Mjatgomary, he
In'ormtJ, there w.r 13,000 troopt la samp.
Be fall under tuipidoo hire, and wu ceiflctd
IB tbe gurc-nouM ty in viguanc vjmmit
ta for tbn hour, uatll they became utlefled
t he wm on hi war to hi "horn la K.a-
Ha reatlntd at Montgomery during tha mott
of tha 19th and 90ih lt-, and there ta mott
of in leading tplrtU of tb Ujnl .delate mora
Bent, Jcrr. Datu, A. II. STriut, Tax
oar, aad member of th Rebel Cblnt. Qea.
Bnarjaaaaao wu there, and took hi depart
ure, oetenilbly for Charleston, a th 20th, 11
cam on the um train wl'h Dr. McQ., ai far
m Aagoita. Th train conaUted of tiro loco
motlvM and ona hundred and forty-eight car.
filltdwkh tioop. At nearly every aUtlon,
the ctii wu tloppad by Vlgilcno Commit
tal t, and a thorough March made for perton
Oct lug to th North, who war Indlicrlmfaala
ly termed "Abolitionlfts." At Macon, Bxad
gtu ai.d mad a iMch to t great trowd at tha
railroad atloo. lit lift tb train at Aagu
th and wit laid to ba oa hi wy to ObarU.
tlo. Thtiojp took no'br rout at A'a-
ltviy place Ihepnpl were thoroughly
it ted, end oa all bandt th work of military
pTeearallon wu to be wan ami heard. Our
if.rment encountered a number of train of
chr wlthbodlMof troop, bound north wird,
and Urge quantltlM of arm and munition of
war going la tba Mm direction. At Chatta
nooga, the war forty eight ear loaded with
cannon bill, and ahall, which were marked
Columbnt, Ky."
I From Chattanooga, Dr. McQutxs came on
UNaabvilla, Bawling Oreoa, aad LouhrvillU,
vrhar he for tha firtt time axparlaocad a feeling
of lecoritr; and then to Laiayette, lad., and
directly throagh to thlt cltr. ft required much
agroitneu to get through from Mobile to Ken
tacky. The (trlctMt arrlUanoe 1 kept ap
far impeded penoni, and tha tllghutt taepl
cloa teal tha doom ef tba unfortunate perton.
Tba beggag of all traveler U rlgldlj Marched,
aad all paraoaa lurlog any of the cotton
itetw aaa only d o by mean of a ptu tlgned
by tha Governor. At Mobile, a man named
JbrerH BuADur, a native of llartthill, Kin.,
who had come from llouaton, Txt,wu fcuna
t hrt la h't trunk a muuicrlpt account of
tie proceeding of the Confederate la Text,
which wu ittticlaot to determine hit fate It
wl at firtt propomd to bug him on th (pot,
bat a teoond thought dettrralaed th Vigilance
ObmmlUM to teoj blm back to Text, and let
tb people ther deal with him.
Dr. McQoroi Myt there are mtny Union
mea in Text, who ar obliged to keep illent.
Tb rebel everrwkere had the gTMtMt confi
dnc la their leader, aad la the ipMly tao
ctt of th rebellion. Tney ar entirely igno
rant of tha ttata of thing at the North, and
with the aid they expect from northern tyapa
taUert. ther believe that they tuv aa auy
Job before them.
Patuiotio. Engraving of CaAaxaa Li
cw'a peiatlagof th "Deprturof th PU
gyiaa" ar told at th old UuMtbierf Gallery,
one-third of the proceed to b dvotd to the
t aiaa DeTeiM load.
Tata Pa Kalb Bxoraruxr. The Da Kalb
1 egiaMat, Col, Toa Qoaa, b naw alaoat em-
pMtea. Ait to omcer kv occuptta poaiuoaa
h thaumlw of Earopa.
rem a Cerrripeniruf tf fa lWtant,
A eTUtch at Meier tlenarat Bvttltw,
BoroT, Iy 28, 1881.
BanjAitT Faajrvxct Bvnaa 1 a natlra of
Deerfield, N. IL, and WU bora oa th 5th of
Nrmmber, 1818. UUCtther wu a eoldier or a
Muaaa la tha War of Mil. Mr. BtrrLaa
ramloLwUwbaBtm.aa wua boy. Sha
wt a weataa f energy aad ability, aad, I be
lUvu, kept a bceudlug-aiM for a Itvtag Mvaral
yetJ trier trjareraored to Lowell. fbaUaow
in California. Berua tunded th Low
Iilgh School aid tha Aeedemr at Exeter: trad-
aeted at Waterrille Obilaga; Hadied law in tha
effioa of Wiiuam Sutra, Baq., a lawyer of ao
great ability and of rathe poouapatatlou, and
wu admitted to th bar la . Ha plaaged
immediately eato Uw and fMltics, paying
about u much attention to one u the other,
and, for a wonder, neglecting neither. I re
mtmberhlmta MlOgotaglnu th neighbor
leg town and making Democratic (peecbea,
for he wu of a Democrat!.) family, od hu al
wayi adhered to aa faith of hi Tathar.
lie hu a brother named Anaaaw jAcxinr
Bern aa aad I conclude that theie I aot a drop
of 'Federal blood" ia hU vein. HU ipeecha
weie imtrt, altp-daah aiTtira, thowitg. tht Mma
geneial trait which bar charaeterUed him
u a lawyer and politician trer tinea ba began
hit career.
Gradually Btii.aa' ability and tuccee
commanded wealthier and more reepectable
client than at first, though be ha never re
fbeed, u fir u I know, to prtctice ia the Po
lice and J unices' Court, and to defend tha mott
desperate and dlarapatabU tulprtt. At th
criminal turns of th MUdltMX Court, be hu
alwty, t lent until ttry recently, done a
gnater amouat ef butineu than anybody else,
and hia leputation at present It that of th
mott luccateful criminal lawyer la th lUt.
lllidevicMarevibift to obraia an acquittal
and releaM are akulutely tcdlea tad innumer
able. Me I never Otnnted or baffled until
the lenience It patted and put into execution,
and tha reprieve, pardon, or commutation it
refUMd. A verdict of guilty It nothing to him;
It I only th beginning ti tb t; be bu fifty
exception; a hundred motion In arrett ef
jadjiment; and after that tba htW corpai
and ptreca! itpievin.
Il u creditable to llon.au that he ttuck to
tba Diuocrttle party to falhfullyand for o
BUnyyeira, la city where that party wu
perpetually id a minority. It wu only by tha
aid of the Free-toiler thtt he at latt get into
th LtgitUtnra, Bon.ua wu th fetder of
the Coeliiloiiita la tha Ilouee. and hia battlto
wlthOria P. Loud, Um Whig leader, are
memorable la th alttory ef legialatir trifa
la thlt ttaU.
Th election ef delegtto to th Corttlla
tlonal Coawntlon next cam on t tht Coall
tlonittt carried Lowell eattly, aad Butijui wu
choaen. Ia thl Convention he took an active
part, aad displayed graater ability and appre
datloa of prlncipUe thaa anywhere ebw. And
be wet at fertile la expedient u ever. The
publUhed debatu bear evldenoa of hi laduatry
aad tklU, and tha votes exhibit hi fidelity to
tb priaciplM and bmmoim of tba majority of
tba Convention.
the Coalition having tailed to destroy th
Whig party.lbougb it dealt upon it mortal
wound, the KnowNoUlag party a0Mlnl8adv
and flniahad it. BtnLaa, to hi eredit be it
Mid, fought tbl moTKtrou ou'grewth of bigo
try u raliartly u ha bad fought tha Whig.
W ben Jo. Una and hit Nunnery CommltU
brought tha Ligiiutar of lkii into contempt,
axd In teir-defMM tha chief culprit had to b
axaelkd, Bonn appeared u hia counsel, lax
urlatlag in the ofiaortaaltr to tkow up tha
folIU t of tha new party. When G abonbu dlt
baaded tba Irish coapaal, Bon u taaUtad,
and, afttr hi ooamhaoa a Coteoal wu takta
away, he wtat to law. and proaecuted tha Ad
jutant Gtteral for taking tha guei from tha
aimorr, with no u'Ufaetory result, howrr.
During th growth and since tha taceodaacy
of tha Bcpublicaa party. Gen. Bunas hwheaa
b full communion with hit party, until It broke
topUcea. lBthayaarlrl68hUlriBdattapt
ad to nominate him for Governor, but Mr.
Bcacii brat him by about 208 mtjoritr out of
a thoutaadi dalegatas. At thl tttae llorua
wu the candidate ef the Liberal, aad Buacii
of tha flunkari. Th next yter, by general
content, Butlkb, ttUl occupyiag a liberal pe
tition, received toe BoaUnaUon, and full rota
of hi party.
In 1HC0 came th tplit la the DemocratU
party, and Gen. Botlkb played very promi
nent part In the Conian'ion at Charluton and
Baltimore. With hit usual platkand audacity,
be told the tltve-holdn om very plain Iru tha,
and en tha qtuetlonof ihepUrformioughttbea
with tb'lliy tnd ikilL Tbe blitoryef theM con.
ventLnt it fth In alt men't minds. To tha
(urprlr of all except IhoM who know howiily
Gen. ButLka i inilutnotd by hit frienda, h
floa'ly wrnt with 'lit BaacaiaRioa party,
m! iMt fall becam it candidit for Governor,
Mr. Ui-atii ictumlog hi old poeition u the
rrgultr ctndldete. Konjta at uce fell very
low In the scale of popularity. In the Fall of
1858 b wu elected to the Sena' by the votto
Of Kfublicn tnd Democrats, against tha
regular Republican adliUt In th year
1HC.0, h could hatdlr get an audience in th
hells whin for yMrete had twtyed tht 'litre
Democracy ' of I be t lud. city. I attribat hi
political accent ticity at this period to the bane
ful influence of Calbb Cesiiiao and Fmiikb A.
Hildrxtii, hit brotbtr-lc-ltw, now or recently
Pott-Mttter of Loatll. Vet Botlu' cootm
wu ftr all eonilsttnt with hi leadiag p JiU
cal prlntlpla, which hu ever ba attachaxnt
and devotion to hit party. lie probably top
posed thtt th Democratic ptrty would cou
Unu to axltt. and that th slart-drlrtrt could
rMum tbelr supremacy over It before a gnat
while. Soma of the Bauccxurutoaa aaa, tuch a
Cutiuo aad Gioaoa B. Loarao. and other
wboM namu may pcesibly be found aignid to
torn of th Mixed teleprtpbic dispatch, wer
undoubtedly d.ep la the dltunlon eompirtcy;
but no luipldon ever tttachtd ItMlf to the
Unity of BtrtLxn. lie caret nothlnar for
aUreiy, or lor anll-llvry, and 1 a ready to
voiwat tne on ai tna oinar, to Mrra int lot, r
ul.l,..rf. II-k.. .. I.UI-1 .-
nttiof bllbartr. lIbMvr boldlriuitlded
th slectlon of CiiARU SoMaxa to th Santo
br tb Deraocrau of 1851, while Cciuixa,
liixsaxiu A Co., who were undrf gnUr ,
eminences tnsn aa u tne coaii'ion, ootn nsv
ing rtceived Ulke under it, have been tba bit
ter t enemlit and most unrtlintlng par sec u
tort of anttalavary men ever tloc it became
their InUr.it t mak pe.c with th National
Pro-8'rveiy Democracy,
LtUu'y for Gen. BorLxs, la th hoar of hi
spaireot f ollttcal decadenct and despondency,
liettlimaln-iineil hit elation In the military
lertka, b i.ig wl b hit uiual adroitneea, ia '
toeyeur iv;i, coninvea to get elected iinga
dter Gent Ml, toe mn thaa making good the
military ttanding which b lost at tht bandt of
tht Know-Nothing Governor In 1SJ5. I be
lieve he entered the rank In 1810 u a member
ofth Lowell City Guards, ona of tha comptnU
wfflch bot tb bruat of th conflict at Belli
men on the 19th of April list. Ilehuataete
aad talent for military L'fi either for ltatlf or
far th dutlnctlon which it afford. II cannot
be called a graceful Midler, for h hu aa auk
ward hitch Tn hit gait and tpptrtntly no ear for
music, but tiluil bold and martial ale, a
furtoss, dtlsnt, Mlf-r:iant bearing, which
mon thaa make ap for all trifling dacloci
cf tbl ort. Tb um qatlltlM which mark
blm at a lawyer and politician, will doabtlea
distinguish him u a soldier. Ai In politics and
law, be never MtaUUhos rinciplM, but alwayt
rtliM upon expedients, in war he will be apt to
fail in comprehamivineM of plan, while In xe
cationof plart framed fjr him, or tn move-
inenae wuica nive o ue maoe upon toe spur ox i
ine niuiiiaui, ua win nrooiviy iu uiirivaiieu.
Let not tha opraolng General fancy thtt he hu
olrcumvented and defeated BoiLia until tha
battle It over.
I bavt ipokrn of Gen. BoTLxa' opposition
to tha Lowell corporations, la th olden time.
lie fought them from boyhood till he wu forty
yian rid. lit wat the legal and political ad
viser of iheopera'irMdarng (hi itrlkeiind
tec-hoar Itw tgitttlont, whlih freuutttly oc
cored UtWMO 1840 tnd 1855; he fought th
battle in Bett utiioti ana eonauctM u
ligltUtiv lnveetlgttlon Into aUeged Interfer
tnor with tht right of tnlfng. But now ba
it a ttocknoidtr and direc'or in tha UindlMex
M ill and UvM la th houM erected by Samqbl
Uwinri on tb bank of Concord river,
Uea. Btrrua wu married la 1811 ta M'u
Sabaii llrLDOKTU, on of a family of some
what brUliaat girlt, thai living la Dracut, tb
daushtai of Dr. Isbaxi, Iliuixaiu. who wu
a man of decided ability. Ba hu two or three
children, and I belune hi donuttie relation
an exceed tagly alesMnt aad anvttbU. Ha I
hl.IJ. .. wl rJ mmAl - -.
I weU u of making It, andfreebaarted and
ibaral without bac xtriT5Al, O k
erabloodd aad impuMv aaa, eomhativa,
pertirUot ia erery tort of sntsrprU ar contro
verry ia whleh be air ba eagaged, lorlag lb
" rapture of tba atnfc" qntta m much u da
alrmg th fruiU of th riatory. Oea. Bwrua
bu a great raasonafbtUtr. aad m a umdwrM
th coufidanc of th patpU of thit ttata, who
uew mat na it toyu aaa courageoew, taa
what it of eqaal ooBMqae, ia tha fall rr
of life and amply endowed with brum.
Cat, Aalorioa la Ctarta ah
Col. AsDBaaoa, oa Sandiy wesk, made tha
fottowragaut little tpMcblo tha Khobrtof
tk German Minion Sabbath School in Ctacia
aatli "I dU.not expect, my dear children and
mend, uneo I came here, to be asked to ad
drrnyou. bat it I well, perhtpe, to My a few
wi rdi. I hive been placed, provident tally, la
a pmitlca that bu attracted tbe attoatlen of
our country to m tnd to raj littler band. But
i wi uut tot bare you misunderstand ma or my
potl'lon, and th canats whkh have ted me
a'e'y th'ongh tba danger by which I hv
been (urroualed. No mortal aatlttanra, no In
dividual aid, would hare taffiood t that aad.
Ism willing, and I aa net tahamed frankly to
tell you, my young friends, that no event, no
transection took place thara, In any day, of aay
Interest or Importance to our causa, without
my first appealing, to God In th morning, to
give me a spirit of wisdom to understand, that I
might oomprehead Ilia will, to give me itrengta
( f purpose tnd reiolulioa to know my duty to
11 im sud to my country. Therefor tba credit
i f whatever wm done doe aot belong to me.
Before I lift Fort SumUr I received letters
from friendt tailing me that I should be In
mora danger from my frleadt than I wu from
my enemies that I muat be careful not to be
enoUea from flattery. Tbe advice wu well
limed ; but 1 trust God thst lie bu uvsd
me frem the dangers in which I wu placed.
Feeling, Ulitnug and brpiag thus, I confer
I hev not lelieved In my own mind that I
wu entitled to tkeleast credit for what I hav
dot, I ecauM God put it koto my beait to ao
that which Hid. l'rfon my yoang friends,
I would urge apon all if you, la the transac
tion! f life that you will be calKd upon ta
perform, and uth IndivWaal hu transactions
to pel form u momentous to him u what 1 hav
petfoimedlttome, bit atonal happUsM de
pend upon It 1 would hare you all put your
trust luGcd Do that with aa bumble heart,
and )u will be blut la thU lift and prepared
for everlasting happlneu In that which I to
com. I raa Mr no mora."
The Gazrtlf of Monday ha thlt paragnph !
"lhe gratifying Intelligence that Col. Aanxri
aoa bu besa assigned the eoamand of th Ken
tutky Brigade, reached tkia city br telegraph
yesterday. The dlspaioU wu from Col. Gstu
btu, now ia Washington. It Is nsedlau for
u to uy that tha mem at Cam Clay an in
ecatadM at tha thought of twlngled Into bat
tle array by the hero of Fort Sumter. The
raskt of tht brigade will be filled up Immedi
ately, Then will ban difficulty experienced
in getting recruits bow aet the least."
Mealtom Ceartrelre.
The New Orletai ISeayume that acknowledge!
a cotslgnmoat which had Jutt reached that city
A dltpatch, received btre thl morning from
MoUle, tUtot that th good people of that city
btre tbl; pad to us, by the steamer to arrive
bate tomorrow moraine, "a true-heart id Abo
litionist," la good order and well conditioned,
and marked by having ona half of hi heM
thtved, intended, no doubt, for our authoritb
to make marglaal notM thoruupea. Thl 1 a
doubt vary hind ef our alaUr city In Mi ding ut
th lint of their imported crop of tb Mason,
bat w rgrt that wa canaot appreciate the
favor, u wa have already had a turfeit of th
foreign vegetable. We lecomaend tha cltttau
of Mobil herMfter to mak a clem that of
tlim, indMndthea to th oorporat Instltn
tltn forth oonverrion and redemption of un
billed trt and fanatic, for th Una ef llx
Ceuem rtilUtMhreahr.
Tlie Ltmlrn Chriitian Obttrvtr, the organ af
the f.'rMyth'cal portion of the Chureli of Eng
land, thu bonettly ttowt It prafartncti, tnd
Indirectly confesMt thtt Cotton, aot Christ, it
"Wlutever th refalt may ba, Kngland
look! on with sorrow. Wa ckanot profe-t a
nalional Interest on behalf of a revolution, how
ever luiccsifut it mty be, which aim tt th m
ttbliibmenttf gratt wrong, a vast national
crime l'rl, ifU mutt it to tot vui Io btim
ftindly Itrmt trilh a Xtpublit wno vaar
nicBiiaTios abb laih i orraauioa aim
iicmah iiirxainall We regret th
courts rn which tht Confejertted SUto hav
entered, but. u nation, wa have bo feeling
towarde them but tbat of usmixbd oood
wiixl" And wbyf 'fltcauM CongreM hu
imposrda tariff r K sis of dutlsa, on trtlolM
oi a rtlgn commerce which will effectually de
itroy om of tbs grutut branctet of our trade
with ber."
lAler frM Fort riekeaw.
The folio etrg extract from a prirata letter
from Piikma, May 12, givM an tocount of tha
relative poeltloni of the contending forcet, and
tbtlalort of tkt garrison In itriogthealni: tksir
diftncei t
Conimvclng t Fort McBae, the ibort fol
low! ramewhit the Mm course u th oppoelto
(Id of th Uudtoa dot at Wat Point, Fori
McIUe nrcipyUg tb poeition of Ardtnla
Commencing at Fort McBae and ending at tha
Navy Yard, tha two Ikes-one drawn from
McKaa, tha other from the Nary Tsrd-intsr.
Meting at Picktai, -would mtk with itch
o, htr an angU of about 13i. The Mvaral bat
trte ar tttaaUd at from about 1,800 to 2 600
rardi from us. That vou tee that wa art almost
completely ixgiri uy a cirei pi or.
1. l- .- 'J. , . .LI.
In order to brovidt irrilnst thl. w bar
been obliged to build trarere, bllaJtges and
cover-faces, eootlructed of timber and nod.
Thlt, toel bar with landing th ttorm Irom
tk iblpt, hu occupied almott all our time.
We an bow llttrelly living undr grtuod.
What we mott daain at peewnt an t Jm
lagt, I a ivy guot and njhd emmm. Wa are
a ima'l etnuon, iaoIaUdlnan tnamy' coun
try, aid no point nearer thaa 1.800 mlUs
from which we aaa obtain any tupplle. Of
ccurw. w must b contidtrst In tn poeition
of batleged garrison. It la Tery deslrtbl
that wa ibouldaxtend our front toward tbe
light, M u to divide the etemy'i fin, and
to thiiaten hit left flask the Ivy-ytrd.
A toon u wt hav accomplished oar d
feotlv work la the fort, tbia will be don.
Ia fact, w aay be taid to have dona to at tha
present tlm, aad u toon our bury (una
rsach at, we will be ia position to atium th
Would you Ilk to hear omthlag about th
trttegy of position Th tnemy'i right rest
oa Fort McBae, which U on a null land p
nlniul. connected with tha aula land by a
narrow Mild causewsy, which I ovurrUwetlat
biah wUr. Fort McRa i n old work,
somswhat Ilk CastI WUllam in Ntw York,
and not tn rery good tta'a of repair. All along
tha beech from thl cauaeway, tha acedr
bavt lieen construct log a aeriM of tend batte
ries, wldch Uimlnat at lhe Navy Yard. Tha
length cfthia line 1 akcut four mil from
tb cauMway thna mile. In th centra lUndt
BnDcu. havinu alirhtr uuna and a llttls to
tha light of a 1 the lighthouse, which compU't
ly ovsriotikt tU our work, ao that th enemy
can Me pretty much everything which wa an
ddog. Wa could not potiibly extend oar Ila
beyond two mil. Tha enemy' (uppliet
tbic th lisrlwr I closid agalntt him. bavt to
bs obtained by wsy of Psosacol (about twelr
mileioff). Theyar forwarded to that pluca
by the railroad from Montgomery.
Our garr lion l about 900 strong i the floet
cin supply, f nuceuary, about MO niora. The
eoemy't ttreogth U Mtimated at Irom 5,000
to 10,00. I inspect tha flnt figure to be tbe
true one,
A Hedel Cear. ,
The following conitltutlon of the 8iOout
Guard, at Ntw Orleans, desirvM a place In th
'KbtUloaBcord,''nd U worthy the ooa-
ilderatloa of all pvimnt otdiri who niitt
toflght t bomtt
Cairruf tf fat 8i C'asc Qutrit-Aitpttd
Maf lf 180oJf: rrMpt en DuI.a
Article t TbJaootnsanv shall bu lb um of
IkI Tee number of lh Ba Onaiariarda
I (latUUfremaatolnhjUraiorawra,
Art. I. The twalre mmptay ahall imaatiufael.
mt each asambarbtuf ts1sal to tutaa ai awe
Art. t-TM eownrenr aOatl MewauaW afl mlS.
aryru'M aadueaa. BvymasibaT shall arm
hhasaUra kla own tray for MMe eeirloe. a4
bchs nianeeo u reawueaea so ao M n ft m a
kmnl ikisjm from In tun i m.
Art. tV. TaMCeaIOuardtbaU baiiwniMfi
Id by iseh rrfelar member I rueeSloe, be It
UWlaMrly M th epetouef mambera to obey
tb enter ef the seeing eemaMadar ana, M Uer
aut.ev seeuuerwe win nreae eeasinrreeiiwi
aliy, or oflawer trovided thty have aotbiag abet
At! T Rh member of lb Owe Autrd
stall, whilst aotJa service, draw the Uleertog
rseione i one Duet: eiarev, one ao. empegne,
lire finger trgvme, sudo. Itourboa, orss dosaa
reie, one bone turkey, owe balled do, eae don
brol'td o;tMrt, two doaen do. la tht u11,ob
beehetiutnratckienka. Manned.
All. . VThea ee asenhlaf ordtf Meh mamba
of ibe Ouseds st all be allowed OM boot boy, ooe
baiber, cne laundress, one earring wtih Iwo
hor.ia. cm set of flak tear took la. one reek of dan at
r) lloa, twe deubled barrelled ehol iuaa, eae port
able Iwo elorv dwelling hnua, on library ef aalae
ed tov)a,cdosa pertodieal, aad oaetrarel
Is Wll-ard teble.
Alt. , Member are trpieaely fbrbiddM to per
Ivemerry dnryonntretyte their wishes, and aery
nderwhkh shell be s4vra by aa otln( erneer
wtttrral Its havtag been previously discussed by
tbe enttr corps, la dsbeting enrleey lassinblieT.
ekeJl ubjtot lhe eflleer grvtng U to ba fined M much
M he pieasse to pay.
Art. 10, Member who has mnsleel Ii 1nimll
ar resulred to being theoa Into th Held, but as
leo aueniben shall play lhe same true M tbe teme
Una anl m the) pweaa to do so.
AH, tl. The ecu re dutyiredal'y aaatgaad to thla
corpeby their owadiaoie.loaehaube to treat and
Art, It Absent ra ember e sliall be oonaidersd at
resent alt ry drill or lo.l call, tod reepeetod
rare aad IttMt,
A utror iiiidiii P.wtmuters hu been
mad eat at tha IVet-cfllc Dipartmeat, to
which ui appended the amounti far which ther
an pneaa deUnqaent. Doapllcate UiU will
t girea tM commanding ooleera ef th vtrioui
divuioat moving aouthwrd, with accompany.
Ing Instructions concerning th treatment of
the mom. It I- iteted oa good authority, that
uo ritMof men will meet with anon severe
punishment, or mon summary, thaa that which
will be visited apon theM mea.
Sine tha atixun of tha telegraph aanu
Kflpta, th numliar of Wuhlngtonlaa who
have beta tuddenly called South la Urge. A
protnlceot dealer la flrsarm, raslding hi an
Ktstsrn tttU, calltd at tha Dtpartmant t In
quln If It eould ba called tresaoaable for a
mauufaatnrlng firm to send lists of pricea to
ronaar euttoaatts la tha South, aad If talagia
phlc ccmmintcatlon concerning th tsttunof
armt Mid could ba eouatad hurtful to tha Gar
smmeut Ha waa told tuch acta wer deci
dedly wrong, and would coma within tha defi
nition of treason ; whereupon be departed
crestfallen, for he hat Indulged la both perfor
mances within th past ennaib,
Tbb Cattcub and imprisonment of hotUgu
It nothing new, certainly; but tb rebel hv
discovered aa origlaal way of manating It.
uraiaaruya Deuigereni parry tninaa it
arr to take ill Drionn from .the aaemv
country; th MossioalU, however, with the
vs'jjisu dlscntion which mark to maty of
their acta, an tailing tbelr owa eltltan audi
making prisoner of thaa. Thu wa daily
bear that the Virginian have captured other
Virginians, and an holding them tlB ther te
uht th United SUtM doM with tba nbai
Mvalry caught th other day fa Alexandra.'
Thl I aa eminently tafa proceeding, and otuv
mendt lttelf to tb southern toldlm.
TuBGovaaaaturs, ay a Wihlagtoa let
ter writer, doe not entertain tha purpou of
attacklag Stwall'l Point, u It it not (Mentis!
to tbe succim of tba campaign that our troop
should occupy thst poeitleu. Neither doe
tb GoreraBwat aan to potest Qarpar't Ferry.
Tb phlloaophcr of th TriseuM wu oaoe a
uttt at a table when champagne wu plenty.
Tb ahUotppher psrmltted tha Mrvaai to fill
hi g'sm to th brim, to th amaaanvsnt of tha
eompaay, wha thought ha wu about to depart
from hi pledge of temperance. They war
ruiuntf,whn, putting hi hand oa the gUu,
he aald to tha wellen ' That 1 right; U th
win you put ia that glut, it warraated aot
to knit anybody." All tbe troopt tba nbelt
put it Harper 'i Ferry or Bewails Piint, will
be at harmleu u thMp la a pea.
Ubtrtr the Haatna af t'ulea.
Tbrn I undealabla truth la th following
sxtrsd: Crr
Italy wu first united under thttwty of
th Roman Bapublic sh wu firtt dlslntsrt
fd and distracted by tbe despotism which
racoeeded. It Is Liberty thst I making her
ciM more a nation. France wuted oentariM
la psln'ul effort! to eonttltuts herself a nttloa
under tuccauiva dynatliu; It wu th lUpub
11c that at last gave her unity of lawt and sim
plicity of admlilitratlon. Germany hu spent
a thouMnd troubled yurt la f. ultltM fl'ort to
a Ilk tnd; tweep twsy her dyastiu and feud
atories, and she, too, wnald constitute beraelf
"ona and Indlri.lUs within a life-time. Lib
erty it today the cement of our political edi
fice; It Is Slavery alone that diatract and would
destroy the Nation."
TV Next Cettea CYr.
Some weekt ago it wu nggeeted that lh
cotton grown In the toothern tttUa thit year
would probably find It way to market by war
of New Yotk aad other eutarn cities. To thl
th Ntw OrUst Crttctnl repllM that
lhe platter, factor, ooodaetor and manager
of railroad!, shipper and Mplalns ef steembuats,
or crsntrollsis of any other means of trane;iertaUon,
would be shot like aad d fa and deservedly, too
end their I rcperty eounecsted. If ther atleneptsd
to forward bale of eoUoo neithwsrd until the
blockading squadrons wer withdrawn, pesos de
clared, and tbe Udependeac of the Confederate
SUIrs rtoonlad ;'
P-ad tb tlt?rh report that th Mont
gomery COL vintion hu prohibited tbeehlpment
of cotton except through th Mtport of th
cotton tt
A few dsyi line w noticed th entry at thl
pert of a cari.0 of cotton from Florida. Tha
jchocLUt Commerce, from Aptlachleola, Flori
dt, inland tLU rooming with atother rargo
ol thit ptoclOv product. Th ret el flag it
painted t tht hil U tb manlfeet, and tha
ctpttln ptyt hit fine of a hundred doUsrs hut
cotloL coon and wlU come u long at wa want
It may ba ben noted that tha tuna! annual
bowl Ml up by tb south n jourtalt about ' a
limit crop ' for tha currant year datlgned, of
cejIM, toenhtnc th price of th Itapl at
the northern and Kuropeaa mrkst-lt thu
far unheard thii jeer. Oath contrary, al
i brush it bu been uaquMtlonably tha. wont
taring known for yean. North or South, th
latut Mutuant paper an In ecetaiUe over
their crop prospect, and ay that th fild
nrr Uokad finerl oaf,
What Shall ba Deta whh ri sitae re.
The moment we touch the Mil of aieoodiag
State, wa thould maka dean work. Every
rebel thould ba taken ptlaonar aad instantly
marched out of the Itate the idu of letting
c a ooa parole of aoaor It a delusion which w
should no loBger prcUc upon oursalv.
Then I no hoaor la a rriet To treat tuch far
arm leniently only tddt to their malignity.
Tba momeat a rebel U captond, ptrtioultriy
in. . k ahnnld be lnl'aoUr packed OtT to
tha Interior of MmechusotU. or Ntw York or
Ohio, where exteetivebarratk thould be im
medltUly erected for thair accommodation.
VT should cUar tb loll ut) go. Th mo
ment thlt count ll taken, traitor would b
ry ctrc, tvn apon tk toll of Virginia.
VVa could perform no mon useful service than
U take 20 0U0 Virginlant and give thaa six
Eontht' schooling in tha Interior of Maaeachu
Mttt. They would Me thins then they never
dreamed of, and go bom witar man.
Cbt k I'ltru, Pbacs, WBiua ruana u no
1XA u." " Dialog th last few davt tba gnat
I ream of toulhsr toldlery bu rushed through
Btcumond wun a current oi nuowutav .
But, oa yaUrdar, thlt city UfUj adysnt ef
different men. There were certala Individual,
calling themselves CommiMloosn from lb ua
bnr itat of Man laud, oa their way to Moat
ffruieVy. where they will counsel 'President
Davu to withdraw hi troop from Virginia,
suspend hit prapi ration of defence, aid go
quietly te bed, a bUe Gov. Hick and th Leula
mtunof FreJerick aakapaaoa betweeaVlr
alnlt aad Lruooui I Impudence never wtat
farther oa aatonbootlea ervue. UM
TUMJ ITUMiita. iw awVstaa t ""'
- ii It fartaAtMavsB aw
I 'wWr J to. lavlssal
taaeMftiMaMkfiar, - ; 't
eras auoe.aMaM
Itona. AdrartisSBaUMt tenlia aaau U
JJJ. Thl MMMIitiMI la (asatalf tat4j
aaa Jaaiiiiewie k tm
frc Kmstaarral fof the rebel arwrr.
Srr. AAA-. WA..K.KA . a -VI
anv www a vwwww amiauiar a
fa Flckuu Dtatftct Swath Careeftia.
Da. n
" "Army Hjaa,el tha law
Iundmf,.aasj beett nag hi aataw .
.tatb great acwftaao ef the aav
of "Old i
Tna SacmarABT ar Wa ' of test
Joojsdaraey bu deteraasned to acaaat aa aoor
troett, except the who enlist lor ftofta tea
Tbb Coftwrcnctrr Taaora an eann!U4 har
th itata with regular army wtgctu larw
aad strong bortot aad hanta fifteen to taeki
reglaeat with ambulance! aba.
MnroBD, Coirsj baa aad aa pproHtiaa
af ! for every BcaaarrUd. aad $11 lorarerw
married volnntear, sad roted to lnsen thelii
of Try tolditr for ft,000.
On. Sc-oiT being Utelr aksd what
Btunt to do with Jxrr. Davtb. for eawr
stretched out hu open htmd aad alawl
It, III Ingtrt have beaaui to dbwa.
Tna Moarxa Adtutubs of Mar M i
that orders had been laued ta the aferka af tasv
derartmtBta at Montgomery, KptTMW'ftr
Two TioniiD Bao ar Sals, froa sfevr
Briean far St. Louis, wen tthea frta th
steamer bcTtrelgu at Mea phis, a few daya
Tim Host IanaeiuLT Siihm PAraaal
la tb most IntinMly isoMeloa part af Kaaw
I achr, tha Fade, as Jtrald, Ochiabu CVrtossV
and Illckmaa Courier, have all ceased to ithak '
within a WMk.
A uii SouniB Bar. baioagiturta tba lilt
Nsw Yotk regiment, write from WasMaatai
to hia slater i I hav growa 1 fast ia StVaytv i
C refer gaapewder to butur oa my breed, easi '
v toad arrangamtntt to tlsep fortvtr ht a 1
caavjou i
Taa Naaaoi it Holly Bprtar, MU.,- arw !
vury irMittua ooa or mm openly a
tbat uer will be flM ia froa tea ta ti
dtya, tnd an beginning to tak for wtta. Ika
poiiM rare a ue peso BU a I
fioa fir t Ulity ala aaa.
Taa PauMcno of tha acuthara
ptu. tbat tha ahoamaken of Lyaa, hftia.
wobj mors oouta, on own vetiaea w a ess
they did not expect. Ther n there ta Ma
rash ef th army of the Union, aad Bar at
going. Th Waeta wer Uw first t tatw
their couatry,
Oxrtcnoa o A Soararaa Uatoaru. Tha
New Ot leans DtUa, ttata that Mr. J. K, B
uuuar, Member of Coagrea, baa retarwad m
that city, fn a Was blag ton, with hi utatWv
ad that "fn tb morneotsou tttuggUaam
tbe North, bt I oa taa aid of tb South, aai
cfthitto In whleh be wu bora,"
A Lama raoat Gaaw aut atate that hfa
Btw of th Pmldrat' praabaatioa ha tra
atd tba profoundeat Intsnst, aad ralawfi Ila
estimate of Aaericaa chancier la all asrem.
Tha liberty lovtng Germuw, aaUk th
ton Italia BhilaatbroBleti of -u 4
lvry, and give their hearty t empathy taut
lupport to th North ad t tha Union.
Eait Pam or Pt.viAcoLA UABaca
itrlctly blockaded. 1 hia Cut rut to taw a
Uta ntraa of Santa Boa Sound,
forty am lra JTou ltkav Taa ah
Mohawk ia doing tha bUckad. Vel a
tempting ta aster have been ordartd ta tar
I'ickens yta, ad a twnrtair-than fear baa.
Uld that tkwy (houU aat atuapt Ugalaaaa
dr penalty of r-rjntllra
Ai out Mbtuodut FAaroa. Catiaaf a
coarpaay at Faaaaoola. gtru hi ordan hi kua
ttyla, aad craata ao little uttvibuwut, (or tw
itance, t Brethren, front I Bnthna, aVaah
foel" ThsnU anothe oompoMd principally
of lawyers aad doctor, aad rsport ay
Bail an aiwaya uea, aaa ta oar aaaneiaa.
I ba Lbau.ud oar that th Mkaourt w
alonlsti have brea DHOtlatiag with th Oaar
hee Indiaat. Fifteta thoaaad ttai-MvtaTa
from tha Indian Beserve wen ta b tuut Hortlh
to rob nd marda tha Ualoa awa af MaBaaC
A our nadir kaow, clnuawtaaoa haw ta
terfired with th complstlonof thl arraag.
SxviilL SoDTiiaaa-CiaUT LAnraa aV
dreutd a lttter a few dtyi ago to tha Lou hum
Cimritr, xprMlag their detersalsatloa ta mr
to Frankfort and gat thlaga fixed. Ttey s.
trged lbt thin wit gnat deal of mltidu
Krrrurs upon th member of the Legislature.
obably tbty wtnttd a little of tha uaitut
tkimstlvee. W gaea tha Legishilara didat
u)Jurn a day too loon. LomtnUt Journal.
Tub icccxti, uy the N. O. Trus AJfct,
which bu rewarded th (ctlvltv cf prlvatesra
hrt turpaaeed th XLertotloa of owaer. Wat
miuhted ship asm io fsll tat thair haad aa,
by tb fower of fuclnat'on. Tb trim littht -vtseels
ask a circuit, and Immediately a fht '
rrliaprcttnti lUelf Itifby procsM tf nrtda
Instlor. W rather bk tk working of "f
tatlcal" theolof y.
A BtooDT Civil Wab oa aimtllMtlat
plrtd at Matatown, Mia., aa tba 12th. A aatV
Itsry compt ny patted the houM of a faaify tms
pued to be unsound oa tbe toother quutstai
th lnmstea f string I batthsy thculdb osst
Ud, find ob th toldltf t, led oa by a giri of Mt
who put a ball through th forehead of oa at
ttim; Mvtral other shots wen finrt, whea tfa
Iwum wu ttotmid and all takta ptuxxstru,
SlAvb TsBRORinc. Th Mathrttl (Teaaf
Bownsr, cf lhTJd Inst.. Myt i "Abeut lw
o'clcck oa Suaday morning tha bora of iun
W. GaauAM, Eq., about eight alia baa
Kintucky, wu at on fin and entirely duttwf-
4. Tso or twsivs horse a4 aulu U ttwera
bornt to death. Moadiy. fir or tig Ba
tten la th ntlribothood wan airutei fat tha
men. and cniettd their fuBt,
A feu ahob Sfbotacu w witBMiaa aa tha
tlno Kirer a fwdnago. I tow tha
Bee oanaa, gefsg north, vu a barge, at what
ItD.itd a two ttorr ttamehauea, tha I
o inan who lived U it InSULaui. lit.
coming slsrmed at lb late coouuotlgo, ha laai '
lila boure moved u at til, ud takta t a ft
tta 111 fsal y went along with hia. Wala
golrqc up tbe rivir tba man's dog aat ia tha
door, tbe cat radioed Uily at window, aaA
tb good wlf carried aa the hhvld work aa
Patbiwtic ZbAl wmovT gaowTBtaa
Eiiiiiu-A Sag 'la Bocbata having basav
lowered on acoouat of a Mono, wu raited by a
teeloutwl't la ber husband't abMna, wham
tb wsstber cleared a few minute after, a
long ling at tha dorr bell attracted ha eJtsav
tlou when tbe went, two urchin, hardly teal
eiongn to ream tna neii naaaie, Mmimiii
the thould htul down theeoW. or they wee
tar It dowo theeaselvea Utterly Mtonisbeal
at tha impadant Uaaaoa of th youngatara em. ,
md. ibe locked up at tha flig tha had risaut
It Unloa down.
Tata Naw OaLxAjnt Dtlta of tha 21th laat,
ghM the total fore of Looltiaaa, now la tha
laid, u follow! I
At Pattcola... ,,,, mmiihm .X,
la Viigltlioda rout ???
la Arlsnias.. ,,.loM
8e coast and harber def sum , 1,70
aUSrlnM, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, tifni.eiie awtj .
aaaaaea aw9a
la addition to
th above then arw bow bu
ctmp, awaiting crdsi to march, 4,000 aaw
si a at lsat & 000 armd and taulpptd la taa
city and for home protM loa.
Pi to BbowbloW HooiB It th oaiy
oa In KnoxvUW, Tina., over which tk Star
ud Stripa eoatJaa t Beat. A few data aaa,
teo armed ttoetett nisi I want tt'ulockiaUks ,
rs oni g to had down th Sun and Striata,
Milt Bbowblow. a brilliant roung lad T
tnty-tbnt, mw than oa Ua uiaaaa, taut1'
stepped out aad asmandad thlt bnejaa. Hay . .
n piiad that had ooa to "take dowa thaa
Sitri sud Sulpet," Sh Instantly Inwtit-
lorver firm ha side, aad pefwentirtK tt.
(loonl I-a rood lor oa af Tto. i
f ya.avlt
for both I " XrytU loch v that ajriusr
I e'U ihott," oat Itrtrktd. " I thlak wwa
batter not
aan,'' aid
raid th t
end tak
laimaM. a.
demaatid that tha W huU." htuiafi d;aa.
try It I WSU BObacK Mat g eera
teetothtr Wr O aratpel men asa.-
hrtiU1a4l HiBVmBWlnHtBaTlt
It down. U yeu oiilaZiyiJ;!
tit, . .n..v of W rad at, atai'
I But tn lawvrltw that uwaa Btaa
with galltnt mea, fA-Jg!rJ2 ,
MIik- rfia u dearly a aoaathte taaaaea-
1 tkaTtouutrr Sag diihawraa. Ila

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