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till .- t om aalaf - with tha Now
M Awrrkt Be eatae.
Tb Jarn an botfly dlecuMtnf aad leyta
oat work for tk Kttra Seoaioa of Corigr, to
tm eac ea th 4th cf July. SomdrocAU
(at of pcUtlcal war tfrt , la Om aerUblleb
.Mat at a weak, notice, of a Rational Bulk,
Med a lUllon- Baakrapt Uw. Otban propo
a, oUcri -Uea la fTor of Franc, on aetoatt
o( hi friendly tlUtad coatrtaUd with that of
e ty traduction of dutlat on bar pott
to thl ecattry.
W put U ou car, tb fashion U to, la th
than of a imawtloa tlit Mxt to lh grand
financial Ml military meaaor for which tbo
miinn U Birimary t tk momsnt, th moot
Imaortaat aad pressing business Cjogros can
agig la, li to look Into oar atatuU for tk
paakhaeat of treason, and sat to It that tW
Li to V no mistsks about Um hanging of th
Leading traitors, and th proper pecan 17 pun
lstimit of ta aiui of Moondary crlmlaala,
irhoaaTor ta7 aro qoollod and takan.
8om of oar eonUmporarUa ppar qalto aa
conacloaa that Coortm bas, lr tho Conatlta
tlon, ooa thing to uj aboat tho extent of
force to bo called oat and et x; endltor.4 to
be Incurred In nf preeelng the robellioo. It la
clear that the President cannot honeetly and
richtfall go farther In thl matter on hU own
reeponalbUlty, pniumlrg on the aanctlun of
Coagreea, than he belleTO to be lmperatlfeljr
oeoeeairj for tbo ihort period to Intervene be
fore Cooeree aasemblea. Much u w may do
air prompt and rrerwbelmlng eiergy in ter
minating the war, we ought willingly to make
om aarrtace to tb endlen and vital intemt
of eonitltatlonal government and i'rtct execu
tive rorpoDaibUitr. We look to ae CongroM
act with a ananlBlty, a boldneaa, a prompti
tn4e, and a mainifieont HberaUtr, which will
be worthyof the cau'e they represent, and will
of Itoelf ttriie terror lo the lamoet aonl of the
rabellloa, Meentlaie. let not th rresldent be
goaded Into aaramlng, with nnneseesary haite,
to lay oat fr kimaelf (howeyer wlaely) the
propertbu of th war.
tioaacial meaaarea will of cenroe be th
great harden of thoaealon, and It Bay well
prore ncaary to make aome bold and Impor
tant modifieatlonaof oar peaoe tyatem of the
loot q Barter of a oontary,both for th aapport
th Oorernmeat aad UoreU.f of the baalnta
of th country. Ik mrgrey will call out
th beet financial talent of th nation, bat what
conclatiooa will b th remit. It la too toon to
conjecture aat fally at treeent.
Tfce Oreeit Army Tnaot Wie efcedl Admla
Uter k
Tub I'lmimg W, a few day atnee, aatoaUh
d th pablic her with a Washington deapatch,
aathoratirely ata'lng that Mr. ALxxunxa
Ctmvinoa, pnlljharof the It'urU newapaper,
had been made Brigadier-General, wlih a view
to hla appoint meat aa Quartermaster. Mr. C.
ia not a well known her parhapa not aa f
Yorably aa In Philadelphia, and at th War
Department, upon which he le naderatooi to
hold heavy political claims but weUonough to
am pn found eurprice at the appolntmtnt.
One of the beet Watbiogtcn corrtapcuJwta
albeit In the employ of the JlerutJ that
notices the rumor 1
Tber le s rrpotl hen tbal Mr. Aliliwu Ctm
Mraieonevriheabllh(no(tlieNew Yoia World,
now n ornuor around the Wr Depeiltieal, snd
one of lb New York 8fe y Cjid nlliee, bee be
p?uiu'd II lfidler Oauertl In iho army, and U t
be piiavd y the pnet tf o isrterniaater Uduera'.
Thu itpr 1 l biievil. It n Itkau peop'e a 1
abiCktulatbktoa) Mr. O ehou it be eiea twufht
of. murk mare 00 tclied to a 1 Ibe most Important
(not lo le Amrrlon e'nif, neit lo ibsl ouualed
by Oec. B icnr, end l no I ridrte a men of tee
greel tt aul t (r aid jio uieireilve abtlttr, aad
cf tb n"i d t r.iin.d wtlitnl ihehUben In
Wsr y Totrt- scieht fwllOKOf lu-1i,n.lionix-prfe-.t
ty tte N- Yilh ep UUtuv bere.wbo
tae.r tbe tiutu 01 Ibe r.V
The Triune protwia In thfullowloi Indirect
but meat fUctir Uric 1
Tsa QoATxaASTxaOKiAL, Thirefa
no eatce cutM0e4 with the (iifroniil o: tbe
UekUd tuambeirtquLrteiorlW nvnpjn'y vi b
wnA4BroiirDUtmm.leftod aiklniwtjue ee t;te
Tbaoovtipwtkhculdbeaaviiiterv iui, pjesMl
off Ibesifcueeieiu mcetiBontuxtr ftoourM aaowi.
eafo or 041 via prr anaiia ,09 priiMii.iw tt
bxiidbeaquolkhdwUkehooo old d ttU cf
very mhr milittry Cepu tu.eut uf lb 1 ar iy, that
bea.oyq'iioklycxnp.ibiU'l tie wuil relei'ini
ofbleowawitaloiin. lie oh'iul I bare bed no
XwrleDoouftnililrf lalbeoool'e oat o f
eiud klltfoenee end r'gid oei'u.tablil;. Il
(hoaldbx e qubk legu eulrd, lp .1. om t,
clear, aad Weed in lie ( oap Be eh'Hi d b s 01. n
well ecquVDtd Witk mechtao y oni e clnrjt
meeete of trupriotii of tvry ert, oe we.!
with bulldtni mtteitelo at.1 icbitclure. Tbe
aeoiiieliy of ibe wbulecoiDtv et.miM m ia lira
fmlllor e town rp. i11 tnttgrittj thaulit
iliya kere btn imck tkat kie nint' am bejme
synonym or hontttp II aou!J b a mtn
wkeea wele lon onliAaKr irouM (antic Aft
cf.ti wICA mllifri (jre and ilUnit'l. tuc a
covt nr ! otroc.l Ij a brtb, nor
timplti wik jr I,
A aintlncant no' a la th 7W itii
Thai are t1 of 11I tpiev,eirt l-t'n la tbe
yaktiomlud I ot mbtkie Wwtvvu or 11
ptif. i.d itio'ord tbi the t'tnit y about tb
spaoiaimoatif Qio'leraooe' U I Bid
BMa wkoe ep-uunooot the cnuu'iy will situ,
aadwko wi ). ot tro sm tx. ape-'Or Ibt vur
boom of tbe crrtrr of W.r to kie frieode. Hea 0
the fooler ab ut K Ui'nauuw.
Vox War !w
It I attarly ImpoaatU U fir all or U
cm mndrsth prt-f th ramora sot aloat
by MBjatsoa eorreapoaAmt aad asojaMoa
mommtj ncarilBg th aaoreateaU of th
tab, tad th operations of th HaUeeaU
Pjsm mill and military. Th feUowta,
kowerer, from th Uteet tefomaatton, p
Mr to b th foot. Tb blockad or
lb ports l th rebel BtaUa U no
rf MraTthamtr. UalUd State ?
solscommsiwl th (Mrtaof Charieaieoj, Savaav
ah, KobUs, Kay Was aad Vjw OrUaa. Oaf
sanitary moromanU hatw thai farbeeaoon
emetod esaJaUy by gnat -xOitary.
ttader, t4. Oaa. Sodtt, Uial Um rtUUar
Th Cbarieaxoa Jfercarw eoofetaa that the)
aariabig of th North and Um glganUo prp
ratioBt going aa " steadily aad aafliggtng
ry nader th intelligent and abl dlrextUa of
General Scott," hav placed th aiciesionlatt
la a Boat critical peeitlos. The Mercury
faithfaDy state) th ortrwhalmiag power
xhiblUd by th people of th East
era, Middle and Horth Weebem Itatea.
It say at 'Tbe drat blow ia often half th battle.
Th war policy f Soorr and th Northern
Government katall the tj'eet clKt jirit blow."
Ia other words, th Jfercwry perceive that tho
rbelliosJata are already mor than half beaUo.
It is aatd that Gtneral 8oorr haa, of lata,
been In th hlgheat apirlta, and openly decUre
that hs can now ree'or th authority of th
Government within less thaa twelve saontha.
ma anion ntinxt m viama.
Rut Ibr th dBTediic4M of eerUla votaaaaare on
frivol pivenrty la Bampooa aad aw BtUee aiaeiit
a weU so U roUki Oonsjey, H U ivrnvotiaod saw
Shot tb t'oloo eeMoTla Tltraea woatd aav ae
oaeaattembly otisoaebaoaa. Kfferte see s betaa;
saads to rm.j th hast ooaaeoiaae, aad as aatura
01 piuaaelo.
ALa4trfre aa Area
ot0 kMl.Tattfolloav mm oxtrart I
a aaaktt from aa eld aad JrtaMha adaosr f I
m aosTBiaa Mvaaaaawr.
Allhowgh th AuoVUa Oiihi h has aM !
teotly praarstad offslael Mr. InuMui, sn Min
uter a aba eoualry. It M know aha some oahar
aaallOMis.leaaabiootloaohUtaaaha, ea aoraaal
ef al leflolssiv atoaolneaoa U behalf ot lady,
would be aooetaaMa,"
aaoTojatju aWtonr.
aaaCaMoary W artsaal ta bos atajf
WrkarawUh U
MlyMalWooVbal U
aaaaara, arwaoo.
boooasuse. Oar
1 ojwAoya
I for aapproartag eoareoU aod other rollctoaa
oorpovsuona; ana aonvansuiH " rIJ
Mrtnaa aacn propony wiouw ""J "J
rbk, a all saakmaosare JJ1 ktmB aad roU
la Sw and oqalty. Tb abJJ tV!,rc,,
It a aaotloa foveignen agalosi lanttlng U
aiiif arty that soqtootrsaa.
rorrv, aad lai
oaahborkoaa, 1
aieareMetaobafpatleaawoaatjfca. Oen.
BivnnnleaafeeiinMantwutaBnUnnoa nasa ad-
TaXbcIia4Bej(laMetwUI traak etaaa a
smUoffbt aa lap iU la aa dlreeakm of
Hat pail aVny, eoy rim aaaralsf.
1 m
"" lYsaibmaMt.
JlaranaVtt, aa tV Two risaasia war
raeawe loatarday by tour ptivote of Camoaay D,
Mteaifaa Brfjaasnl. aaaulathl aids of Borkr
Boat'oo, and ft miles bom here, ea Ik Oman at
Alexandria Baurand. um ortM pnoatwa u a
PoimnaJt ar discuaeUg th proVabtli'jM
o an extra I eat Ion of th New York Leglala
tore. Tb A3 000.000 appropriation for mili
tary purpose a baa all been expended, and mor
money la needed. Besides, th public safety r
qalrtt th erf 1 throw of tborldiculoo atOiUry
Board at Alban) . Governor Moaoajr It sold
to b la favor of at extra session, if th mem
ben will proa la not to discus political qua.
Now rabllrsllow
CoLTOn'a Wait Mat. No. 6 Is a large aad
roll map of the louthern elatei entire Strat
egic points, and places mentlmod or likely to
b mntlond frequently In th war, ar under
scored with a red line, to facllItaU reference.
"I'm rio-Kxc' is a little pocket glee-book
Just published by Ab bit & Abbott, Now
- --... - nVnnadtsnUt
ManataoallaoaaaB wU M KiWh-Jl
It U snoot MM year. It anwov an in na.
inv nm nnnn !. r
oara wma ovano ppp
laaaia-flilerwhta e wararw aa. ojoav
ggaa Mi oapnTtoi awenc, tha KorB oaaalertl
gsVlJvAMowamMuii tlVeewt-iaaSwar
ahiat end 1 hone llwlt oeaatiut Mdooo. Oar
roweo nopnade npoaU.
Tho Vtrat 0tTBtaaa
Oorpnallaa eavalry eowpoay, sad tns other a
pnvas ia ot uoverm r uuara, or luoamon.
whleh Is alee a eavslty oompesy.
Tka Mloblnn man wbUo OMulleg, approach I
DarBirka'BtlcB,whsa tkayeaw a anaabor
stack cfautk'te. They pot took and wore rmv.
snedbytbalooeartlry, Ixiloourbt rofurola
booh, and areceeded la cerrfunn thalr mlooawa.
sad brootbl tbon 1 1 tows, where they are tr oaten
with esvoedrBjr.hlndaM. Tboy appear to b q-if
eorjtenud, oca oreof thim, who to a pbvloln, to
wlHaaf a etsunwot of bU expotUnca. Tbenonw
of lhei.Hi mra or Dr. Too. M. FLanauan aad
Bevea Ihcusead yards pf caaotDot and other aallU
ary gnntfs wars ovaad ot 'Tbe Adams F.i
profecmcV1 today, couatfaed to Pato( Bxhs,
via Alavmrdrla and Liodon tallroad, voluod ot
obrut 110 000.
Tha aetiuis of foods la this vicinity, bloais
to tha lain a, wbl alnuot pay eiroaoM.
trpidrllen. Ibe niot Duabar of tbo soldiers
mwip.ar, by ltPinnr'aoU 6ih reelmaot. op
KarvdUilaartalnf Lit pr nted In Snttly.sun
eold AUiwdrUAVntlnrl pnis.aad Is full of
IntomiVrff larntmat an raordlnf thoomd lino of
thaoodlws. Ae. It la edited br Uout. tat . of l.t-
baanoa otuky. H. viral oolumaa a. devoted to
mt iiLiaiurm to tub s. r. ava.
War Movements, &o.
The 69th N. T. Regt. in Action.
910,000 Wartfa f I loth RelMd.
o -
w Iahtvlllo Battrry DWhaaded.
tho NeprtM Cnart na lha Meaday tawa
tT give on oar tret pn sn aVilrect of tUt
tnon Important part of tha dtoblon la the
ientcaea, Invohlrg tha eDi',ltatu)niIIty o'
oot Sonday laws. Ittaaucltar and caclu
air alto afford llttl snaiuragsinoa for sp
jMaliBgtn th Cimrt of Itet rssurtt'aaJ It
may be doubted whether th 8'iL.Uy theatre
pntry will bar th course cr th money ti
oootMt a rjau'Jon a which tio'r dsfett li
tnorslly certain. It Is onlr by th loowt".
roe toning from th mo;t untonaM promitst
that any bail of opposition to our c'vil StY
bautcanb secured. Tbe toplUtrlis of th
Ainday preaa, and ths Icote pb.il. wpby of the
German papers, ar asatUred to ths winds by
Um tool loflo of Judg Ai.t-xf, and ojr
great national rist-day U vlailcj'ol from tbt
Veoch, ai It has rartly Um frojl th 1'dl
fit. Wcannot bat regard I hla decMn ai moot
ttaaaly. Just whin our moral dof&ncu natd
trBUianlng, that w may bear tie shoik of
jar witboat demoralization ani soclil rerul
aUa, ra bar aa able and tuthorllaMv sxpo
altlooofthsdTllsUta of tbeClitUtUn Sab
bath aad ow aathoritlta, judicial and oxecu
ti.a am faralshad with th warrant for all
Ddd rettrlctiv action to prasarr this I tonpnaVnl thepo.iryof the Aomloistratiou.
Taad balwark of popuar morality and social nrw ta.is.
Ii wT - k.- a m..rh. much rs. I ThastaUof 'scu lis detarh.d ftoat tbs Di
rdar. Ihy hara cwna much; mBi.0 pilte,Bl0fib Wii, and incorporated la tail
OlaliU to be done. J iwuattr tbtcouaitodof Ota. Wiluoxku.
Fptciat Ditpatch lo Ike S'mo York 8m.
Wiinisoior, June 9, 1861.
cria. MAOBKOAmD' orinoa.
Gen. BtAtBHiABD statsl not a week tine,
that MaEasiaa Gap Jnactioa was th point at
which th confederated troops oaght to b con-
centraUd, and that a aufficlant number, ssy
CP.COO man, ahould be held than ready for an
attack from the Ftdoral troop.t, in which case
th attacking parly could b overwhelmed
and repulsed. II stated, apparently with
a profound cenvlci Inn of Ita tiathfulnars, that
tbe Northern army cannot b he'd together a
mt'nlh longrr without a forvaid morsmsnt,
srd lust I's men were auch as aeuld not brook
Mi'ralnt cr furtfer deity. It U, tharsfora,
ttldant that theribtla deare to b attacked
at that po'nt, that they at preptrcd to meet
torforcca, and that tb earlier tho omlaught,
th Utter thty will b phased.
Tteio facta areas will and much batter known
to Gen. Scott than to year correiponlcnt, and
tber I a qutry amengtt aa all whether he will
gratify thtm. It may be. But he la tending
hla forces contU sally toward liarptr'a Fsrry,
a potltlcn far mor Imjortaat In aatratrgic
roint cf view than the Gape tan ever be, and I
thouU be trr giea ly lurprised If the first c"
I'lalv mijvinunt on th pal t of our force Is
not mad en that plc,
nxAtrrrtT, s. o.
Th difTortni. tf lentlaentbttwten (1 moral
c'cxrtr cd Gen. Basks haa happily bem si
jus'ed. It ttema tbat Scott's lnlurmatlon con-
c' air g Geo. Dss 11 him to think that he
of all me would beet rerv the army In th
Qsartcrmeatit Dtpartment, and hone op
posed hit nomln-tloo sa Major 0nral. When,
he ever, he uuderatocdthstGor. Baaxs abso
lutely decllntd to ba connlc'eif d a caudldat for
tha Qrtiruuuter Gfttraublp, and also felt
hurt at Urn. SivtVa rpiasitlo, toe latter aant
ftrblm, aid ihty fitely and corcUlly Inter
Uiengtid opinion roccernog the stats of pub
lic sfTabr, sml now 0n. Baku boa no waiaier
or htailtar fjiond than Gn. c'cvTr.
oa isr uiruinur or tm wtar,
WuMwjhm, Jm 8.- Tber I military aa
tlnril, Kra yirf tbat lbs 1.1 roslouDl uf uvary
Oka i '0.IMMU1 of lr40 is. if in V. S Army,
b4 brtu oid'iid from the Peartout of tbt
Wait lo una naiyhbothoxi.
till M4lLSriSM01SfaiHX
C-p Fimuio in o' trpjrf sphll aafloeoii
baaiaiuitxali u. a istucaole-auciof a 'versl plala
oati'O IM-uoo. 11 uucsd at aevoial A area on
tb V rtlma ai'o nf tha Fotoiac, nd nsa a teadMt
by too rar,lnawnlf mtilua, aid pxola
o uNdiib itastuw. At Wagtail ut PolU be
a ob ui 1 x y a. caa 00 s a who laaje Ibilr op-nraie-trtiaio
1. wo. a gn. A Ajlla Uiwk
tmjtiuail !' iih, w4a Kine A'sor eix huadred
nun wr d 0 11 c ij 1 010 1 y tbo ptny.
KniawM -nio.io or i 4Mniira
Hot. Kars'tia IIiuaiiMita itai heftsg Uea
irn or, la ooeao.ku win Ibeeleriehlp cf tru,
llou-o Ibot Sjtaiuu r.rvntly i.d 00 Col
l'ur, toau- hiai ha naa n 4 a oud.dm, tw.
Inxiaf trot Cm iiaKkt" rla'aa U r-e ectuie, do
aodHttTr li dutia-a to Cliliwa could oieit
lu hi fevir,
ruair n. oti laj
Tiiuir N.Da'lu, sou o V.t U a ster Daixu, an'
wbu naa bia Heoi ary tt !.'uai, rnad tutiy
lie hwt a or lutaiTtaw wt b Boorrwry etawAjin
durtrt: nhcblbtlaiwroapitewdliluiMlf blgld
giot D.d with U10 murea of Mr.luiLAt,
tiiiiatiaTiK to itiiiiSTKiai
ITtusiitoit, Jw 9 -.The Tresnury Deptrt
nia-t haajua lavoi a oboular, asp'atutUxy of e
set of Meuh, ltbt, relailogto tbo ar pi a etiieM 1 1
la I rfd uio.tLead.ae.at d "f Ho I r If Ml f .ci
Lot. Topr!wHo'tlTj0'e lv.eiln ludiitttdx
d.tr,a wU 1 b v u-s ue to be airt lard. It is Hi
oplD'onrlibs )ftrtoallbat llitf 'rui-r of lbo
parlnds, smily. tbsdatecf oitiitl ahipuattop
cf tba cou' I. y if upjilUtcn, sod IbaltuSMi.s.
atns'.y, tbe aU ij txpipatbju apllea to mar
cksLdtttx Dilflfunaao lu'ororcou.t y bavins
lo eblji"if p'rls. Tbe rgii atloji bar ofor m
lehllelt! sr tbrrsfbie rv ud fled aocoroinety,
Iilalbt'iishtlrs BrlllaliQ varnmatt lu lis t
orsnliUTif ibt validity of Utwi of maiqui if
vpriool f.Tiai lb UiiLftderati Ujvarnuieut an a
dlsoourtaoy uopiewdio'ad In glplotucy, lu via
of the fact 11 at tbe tfeia'oo wis hutliy anninji'et
wllbout trai waiting f' lbs arrival of our new
MinJal , Mr. Aosna, who was preosrad l.roparlj
Froaa TetSNnre.
Nathrilr, Jun 8. Iks rot of this city for
Between end repreeeatnUoa Is, 3,03)i sgaLuel 10-
Uovtn otber districts la lids county giro br
Mparebtcm !,t afstast 1
Menph'e gia B COv fbr sapaiat'oa, 4 for to
Kpetailoo, Old S for Union.
Tbe Interior, ee for M heard from, I n'arlj
unanimous. Tbs sis' Is largely socmoUb.
Fans Ilaawrwinww.
Baffrrilctrn, Hi., jMt 8,-Fiv eomptntst
of tba WU Anillaiy Compasy which weal from
Maitloabiiry, oacapadseroMlho P.a-imac yoatar
deyaSOptooarony. Th eompaay otarted oevonly
turatruir, and la now teduood to twenty men.
Tbe oompaay la statloaod at Fjlot of Riika.
At Mtrdaahurg three e.ninalas of th Ilarkley
Herder Queids, eommendod by Utpt. Manaitwaii,
otlttsa'ly Daa.borlng one buodrnd O'd Are, hod
onyfllty wbeothor, tbey ratum'! on Tburaday
laat to tmpreaa tho com lro oorvlee. Tbe
rouaht obiiut twenty w lhlr nuaa In bod. Thro
ot tbetn gut ore- to l'r- d rrkiit Wednesday, and
oioprdb' ewlmni Lgirol.aaiblwka Fulfil
of IbKasau Ura-i' Far. 7
Oot. nor LaTKiaaa bi o bo- toft MarUrtbarx artth
his oompooy ou Jrnday of oat week, end wts or
dered tobure tbOp4ranbrlire,biildld noldoll,
tut rfluad on Saturday under eVW orders. O n.
JOHoonn burned toe bridse oa Sunday last, and
tntd to oelao tbe ferry boat a"d destroy It, but
Cntted. up to dstk but alibi, to flod it.
IlUtTsottlstlbsplaitof the oereadonltl U
to destroy all tb teniae and guard all the fords
caitat any poisara, a' ore Ibe who' Una of th
Prtomae ttver. Th river la verv full, and cannot
enall v bo eiooeid at d oseiit.
no IriK pa from Cheaabet eburf her rmuhod eltber
tniertiaior wiiiiiaiepori toooy.
Yovrcontapoadoot nawahetjjnfedara' plokela
from WllUaa aport llalf hi todey, M la nuabrr,
by a alaea. They wore on (asid, Taalr borers
wotebafamta bajrndlbenvercn th oraat o'
lbhHI,idIJi.dielheaambrta lb nlghbor.
hot d to be two huidrc, th lariaat body le 00
eamid at rall'at Water, milaa kalotr. Krery
ford io strictly guarded.
lt-liabl Isttldgtnea from ntrpni'a Ferry, Thorn.
day, aoye that no chaun boa taken plae la tk
poolUon ItMnry. The iuuthr of truoi 1 put
avwn 11 Dkii auBtneonrceo nt is,uvo. 1 oa
Uov U is about o,600.
N.wt lodey cuLlms tk atat) mat that th
bridsoe at Harpo'a K-ciTstd Bun a. disown a
mined; tiaui of gunpowder ar laid from th mid.
dl p'oit la waea.piv,ol oasea wAa long fusee sa
Itibed. Tb afoeialinll bT0 destroyed daraMo.0, ou
lis Potcmae, 8 ml'si ebov WUllamsport, today,
to prevent lb cosatrucUoa of boat bitogasou Is
brraal lor tbo peaa gsof Ftdaral triei. Illsai.
prcted they will deaioy dam No. 4, aln mile be
low Wuilanupott, tno'ght.
fiireVrtrry, Fa , 7-Th llrtt DItU
ion,enalsalntse ropor la Thnraday taper,
saarehod thU saoralaf. aoescnpsaMd by a Urge
aumbar of bsaog watona, Tb wagon wr In
nuOciant m auaber, M nqalrluf eLthtae ao aaaa
Prwoa sfnTanaa Binamt).
Forlrtu Ifonrct, Friiaf Krf., riov Baltimore,
Junt a. Tt BUM of Georgia ha arrived with
toe 10th rrgtmeol of Maw York. Ths Martial
Una has goto up th jam Hirer.
Doe Zouave woe sooldontally killed by lb dU -
-K-.. nf tils an nuakit In a Mnt.
I, ant. H. W. KmiieaosT, of th 0. S. Ae. has ar
rlaed bore bearer of die peach bom Waehmgtoa.
TbeHHof Otors a" arrlTSd rrtdey, with
tk Tnth l' mom. National, and las (loorae
p bodv" end Morton " oa aaturaay, wita ana
Ninth B rlmeoa. Th Bo It LUa Ouard went l
Newpoct New vn SMurday, aad OoU ILinaur'
reta.onl Rio on Banday.
ttol Basrurr has rsturoed. Tba Naval Drlaadl
la eanpatarlly la ab.ra cf CoU Wee name, of the
Taird sUwacbuaatta K jlmona. Tbe man ar now
Lairg loaprvwd. Tboaa utSt for aarrloe will re
tiim to New York. Ta remainder will choose
II air officer, and Vol. Babtlstt will dubtla be
rajeotod. The bataO Ion will at n ba armed aad
(qui 1 d.
Aa ouiit at Nenrorl Newe was Bred upon on
Fildsy. and In tbe a.erm a pilvale of lb Fourth
wa-htNMa TjiHenanl woa actdentaltvehil
A large Most of tiaaapotti bsvs been aided to
serves here. . .
(Ireal ictlTlty prevailed at New Point but night
on wctonl of minor thtt armed robela were I
lbvloinly. Aa order was sent to loll the trees
near Us batteries.
The ataamar Quaker Cly whU oa aanonmM
s oa Friday, near Cope Uenry, threw a ahell I a to
an old tiame building, when SO armtd man tea out
and Bounted horeeo oonoealad la a thicket, end
eceeoperod off.
Qer. Ilnus baa issued atrtaaoit orders to ore-
van! (bwirodallona 00 private propwly. Taose
nan ai
thnsiofferlos tUaaploa hev
01 eiamsg rtrusaea.
L thaamouais
Cnllfornla lawy geprone
Fori Keantry, Jim 8. Tha Pony Expros
paisiadhenialli.aOA. M.
San Frtntlteo, May tv Thar la a strong spe
culative loelirf throufboul th caei kat, vary active
t sine with aeonr lorg tranaeotloi a IlnUw, SO
IIM ctai lard. 1T-14M om.t caadlea, glaXSots.)
cruahsd sugar, 1313)t els. Kaw sugar has also ad
vanwd. Tb Urgnot flr tor stvmalyear ocmrrad la Bta
7remiooo on a.jbtoC air 171b. Ii daatroyel
tbs rows of Urss Ji ittrsnjoa bHh sides of
Com merolol alroao, Ltwrli eoeom atd tba 11.
taiy. Thaloisls varlouelynotjaa'adfrom atexooa
to glM.OOO.
Huiiwam, who kl'Jed Tgt 1 1 t'of th
S6tk,hs d been omaA k mad hi
(cycXkoAAo A5s rvJWar)
WAaanvcrrcBBV Jib , iBHt
fha rotln tamed- yaatarday at stazattrU
aM4aaBtiTarar-4Mittaal ra"lata(
ItMka, ThsyernnUWroramrdedbyAdaaa'.l
AOa.'aKxpra. Tb Tatou 1 ef to aahtaf u
ntlmtUd a lt,00.
tna Btntu to Mora raott KAaru't rrnr.
It seam thtt tb bridges aad dam tt Harp-
r Ferry bar bean daatroyad, a was also th
ttaam fsrry boat Jonlala." Thl action, tak
o Uccnatioa wlii thootlamal mjvement
of troop from th Ferry, woald IndlonU th
lntsntioa ef tb confederate to vacutUth
place. It It, undoubtedly, their Inttatloa to
go with tU arellahU fore to Um Gap, and
thsr make t stand. Niojdxmos.
rrnnt Wnahlagtaa,
WaMnatnn Junt 9. Prof. Alliv, of Rhode
Island, 1 11s afterami brought lato tbe elty a large
balloon, which ht Inlands for Immediate rsooa
noltevlng purpoaaSi sod It le ald that be trill e rl
on his awtal tejart early le-roirrow moral ag.
Itlaaatdlhat aeveral other reel meow are all
undsrovdere lor a movement at day braak. To
thlid, fourth, acd fllih boMslUons of Dairlct oj
Ctlumbto YoluaVoors sr also un la' at oallar erdere,
Tboy believe they are to n ta F lOdarlok. Ml.
Then Is trouble la tbNew YorkNimk RagV
sce-.t, growls; out of th alleged Incapacity of
om of th omctra, Inrtudlas t4. Snue.
Yoateeday nearly SOOof the men rafuasdlobi
aes In lor throe voors under that oommaoder.
H'tne of tho mo ofierwards tetumad aad were
eeree n lo, but tho areolar portloa of thorn will oa
list Into the S h and other rog tsoo OC Ne Yr.
AI t b'elook this motssog a full oompony ot tha
New York td leiimonl anlved.
Alao a large detachmtntof th New York ,t
rvglmout. ;
Tko Maw Moxtcava nail.
Tixirnrmknet. if a . Jmt 9. Tb Ntw Mexi
can mail aad Uaoon City Exp.oae arrived her tale
mornlsg. " aJ
l)jl. O. B CsrrraKiam. aoo of rf m. Jon J. Can.
rial ra, M'J'T Q nar IMoataurr, tl nalh Caro
lina, Psjmaoeor L-sirr, II. C. 9triiait,of Tea as, aad
asvatai other oftodre 01 Ine U 01 led Siama army,
had rtebrntd, and loft for the S nisi vis Texas. ,
Noalham II ma.
Louitrille, Junt . A lattar from th Mou
ses Junction 10 tbs Rohssuad rTSli; of th 61k
ay th labor la forttfylag by men aooustomad to
labor hta quodtuplad toe etaa list, and it era fear.
ed ttol one Ana tha lure would tsoak slek. It
wee dUaoall to gel water to drink it talag dealt
ot w.th rations.
Tne y decnand a e to do lha labir.
TboliehcMO WAfoflke Oth amounted that
that after the data ao paaaporH waold be laaued to
petBontleevmg tha 811, and ao ant admlltad to
li. 8'alo except Ibr raaooasaCpoullar toroe, alao
that lb Ta tiaaie vjluateors la Virginia war au
tbat! iad te voto on Ibe ordinance of the receoiioa
cf Taraaaww, though stationed In Vl-xinle.
A Bank Goovanl on hold at Atlanta, Oa, oa Iht
Bib IB t,roeomoned that all the toutbara heakt,
railroad and lea collooloro reoalv tba Trasury
ao'o of th OooJhdartcy es currency, and to lb
stales, cities aad oxiporanoos having ooupoai pty
able at New Yoik, to appoint the place of peymsut
80 th.
Tb roeteatar at N tahvill ha rarlgnod. trTS
OouaMcCranr'a Htomawr. Thla Kgl
Bntot tut, for torn day, bona natnerlcelly
omnted. They bara baaa BaiUrad lato
MrrltaiadaiaatdatlbaBattary, wbara, bad
HaMatattpafM aid of Ooraraor
ICoaaA- aad their an aacart, tb atm
voold bar bad aa ratloaa. Ha aalfontt or
eroJprnaiU bar boon fara had Uwoa, aot
an at B U acah to do arritaa daty ,
th tw or Urn doton used ar Ural at th
prtcaof MXeaaU mk ptr at, at Ut n
paaaa'of tb ragiaavMa Ia Um atanaUma,
J.CWHmietaa, H It'MAoad, fta-WhM to
Wa naltdatl (at tUL- aartbar
i-racmpUof baadred men, ami arr of
which trOl arar da'attyaarrU. tkatttata
Ml aavM.tromABatbar of V4 Cob
patt, i t '
CoIomI UcCom lataadB ltyW tba Bat
tar before tb Commoa Co ell, aa afaaay
ntaiag aaxt, tt b balieve that bit raglmaat
ht tat rqaal right whh other to a portloa
of tb akotoy donatol by geoerout dllitnt
for th fitting oat of volunteer. It would b
wall, at least, to learn from whom tb
Union Defense Committee tcqairad th right
I diepcee of this monsy for political purpoota,
and th furthailag of their lailvidail ln
terMtr. Possibly, th propoeed bringing It
bafor thC.mmon Council may have aom
Tin TJarrio Traira Rin-ti. Th 20th
Regiment, United Turner Rifle hav raceirad
order to depart it run o'clock this morning,
bat whether they will go or not It xc Try
Ttoors raaii Niw Tobk Citt abt Vt-
trnrrTT.Thfollowlag troops bar beea teat
from New York City and Brooklyn:
ant nt Irkar4 mmA tt tVmin Buldian w'
Baaded to exUrpaU th bideoa rytUas, lV
a TMlaut ami d W roCTalUd among th 1
agaat aad ttUy - f 0t y.
IIowtSTa raortof Phltnaaaad
tt U.B.fr U Urn Bribed by aa
witaaBK Tb larlloacoUma enaMwethla w
oftaani tBoampaa-ttaiA.1- N i I
ruera gnvn autr-a anpsarod a bat a I
Lkrowa oat. Tha rebels vara nVaniaa nt
toaadly thaa nsnal, ia coneeqaeno f thai
aonat 1, en um anvioa avaaiag. or aarai
tear bar rat of whisker, aatntd aa a anla-bet
fsrm. ,lbir rnt araraUg of ta oolaaaa
noiMwri'wna frmwa aasmma hnTl. wtjlfih aaF
away tb oca of a Una ef teat. Offioen 1
mam, nasi a aaaa, too-10 taw r mm ana set
Taa rsxL'wklck at aur looaa, NMaraa t
tba w bob mnih of tba rat a a kt aaaxp
aVa) fsBVlaal asVaarfM aM
aenesation . Tc
Ibooafur tw dat
d baaa robbed of I
sppearance B put I e
U-naraJ Bunnsa eeoene lo b ooooacn-nalng moat
ot tbo rjnitad Stales troops la and around ths bord
ors oftheet,laihe t4cwl-ieia la ths aeirh.
but bond of Baa Fmas 000, but aa they amoual to
inly a few bundled in all, laotr ntovsmeala are nol
eooa'dert d aa axtraotdlt ary.
It Is Itmosed that tb I artlee who purchased
the wreck of lb 8.0 Nymph, will make aim lo
COO from th eerio saved.
Tk BaamaanM Omvaotloo will maotal Itsra
meeatonlhalltho'Juaai th Union Cmeeotloa
at tso same coca in lha IS hi tbe eoubllca en
th 18th. aad Ibe Dovsute Deonoorats ea ths 4 of
Jay- Thar see mt to ho now no doubt list there
will be rull Bum aad Caofreosloaal tkksti ooml
na'ed by each of the four eoaveol on. IiUfawr.
ii AAn.an.fl t . ,!. n.Bn nra.twia . km m m.m,
than la was last aaar. II la dlArmll It Image I rtnaett Ot to eoTitrtdlct tb
cpMoa m to the mental Mttngta of elthir of the 1 i, u,grf iju-fieUoey of food. Ul says
other penlee. Bmetor Latuah ooaUnues h't tour I A. B . , , .. 7 . .
Rr). A'.
Teh,... ,,.,. ...... 9l
Met Um
llib 1U00
fith., ,...,,.. ..... lono
Cih .., lloo
8th... .........,.,. liwel
Uih (Brtok)ysl TIC
Tth (recrulia) ISO
bib. , ,,..,..., 800
lltk iun
tith (BiwAtn) bo
II (Brock)),,
Tab.. ,..... .........
lilh (Brookljs)..
td .,..,.....
oh (Vol)
Tth M , ,,. .,..
14 ' ..a..............
8h " 4...
tin..,.. ....,.. ,,..,,,
C Iba'dt Oua.d
Neval Brigade
Tib ,
84 (Yol.)
4lh "
tih "
.t 4. Oalr gflaaa War kJllaa.
Ttalababi--taf (ba tow-ba bad 1
was xaturg 01 ueir I
woaea and chOdran had I
tba wood. Farmars had t
pradaea, nerer receiving any pay. Ta I
trad bop war takea kroa one. A forced
of fla.000 bad be demanded of th ban
Falrmouat, and wt to hav bona Mid
boar after th payors led. Hen war Cr I
nd Into th rebel eertrlc by aaeertloas.
If caught by th Federal araile. their a I
would II opoa th block. For their dl
ran th people war ready to do every t 'I
Tboy refused to accept paymeot for
and other predao, which they forced
ACosrrt-roBABT Frt-TSBti tha folio I
ereeitmma of th Unionists In Western '
4nia i-.Vi lsam from a rtmenlni,e n-llel I
bo hat just arrived from Wheal Lag, m
wtu o w pioBsaie coarse ot uMUonvei
wnien Beet on um ntn lest, au I
leading man have aarrnad not t alien
make a new atate oat of kntern Ylrglniil
itnjp, a
April It
May W
May 10
May tT
May 19
June t
June I
Jui 0
Jun C
Total 11 fit
Tber an now la this city Um following al
ready mattered Into ter-ioe;
Kfl. Oolonol. Mob.
to act for th Old DmlnML tt t whola.
ting up t Provisional Government ia pi a1
mat wnicn aaa, uy nosiuon. aodicai,
mmti Tlui tirat t nt eha PjmHmi
1 r---- -. ":. -. r'v?.t
.i eg na 10 urpooe uororiior uciouis ana m
Anil tl I beflloas assoclatoa. Th Provisional Gov,
Aorii ai I will trobahlr be General JacKaoir. of
April tl I araburg. Th Convoatiou will then d
eastern viretnia in a U'e or ittarr
atlntt tha General GovernTient. from
aid to pat down tk rebellion win ba int
Th Legialatart chorea oa tb 23d alt
member r which are, by its. roquett, tc
with th Convention, will b proaounoo
April tt
April tl
April tt
military News.
A Koa-ftiiaatstoMaD Owrtoaa of Um
Elm-okt-F.rZ?uav, )mt arrivad frOB
AltxandtU, caSd at oar otac oa Bstarday, U
Frosa Anlaaiaa Ilelahla.
Arlington lltighl; Jmt 8. Thar la good
reason to believe that there bee boon a rraenl
cheniala tbsmovsssnlaof tbarebsi troops, large
foioea having coooeilraled M Mnenie Juocioi
wiibin a law ajr. Aa advs of ths Federal
tr.Ta from Alixaulrla s:d Iblepoiot woe d oer
ula y bara bean made during Ibe past wsrk, but
f.T thl. 01 Moncsy Isal srdtrs to thtt effect
wme nreierdand Ibe lionpa bare beoi o-omen.
tartly In eipeotuion end raadlLote to march alnc
1 hen. Tbs ekinulih which to k pltoe at Fairfax
Court Uruae betoetulhe laity of f. B. 1) biottb
sad Ibe lobe e woo unmttuna , ilhtv gtbtiffiot
to din it It e aunt ou of the rtbela to that point,
and t'oos tbsn lugs secessions hare been made to
Lilr onelu ttat vlo nil, and General IJsuas
oasn bas srrlvedio lake ojn.mand. Tin chaog
In Us position vf 1 fTelre will caua loinsdilty n
aiiysotivsopetsllovsoflbs Fodtial trjops lath I
election. At to ths puipws of the ratal e, of
ocuisasil leoojtrtuie, tt th sppsrst,! asourtty
n ajilnsttd by lbs pla 1 emeu log at A extudila,
foer tbciuanil olI felaien Ihouaaid, glroaaaaur
acco ttol to lmmarl.le sttack la In cnuieinplaiiio.
LVimniunirat on villi altludrl and the is'i
caapir.wnbititdoii t. tailed ra ee-relly. and
tbe Inhat llaita will be a" 0 10 receive waiucgbe
loro any a.tack bom tbs labels takes plica.
ThcNrwYaik Klxlj-Malh Boatasemr, ctr.
ArVnglnn frights, Juvt 8. The Eoginser
t!uriei4tbeBxlj-Niathll-gia.eutor New York,
with ronr iat jr 11 i.f the Beooad Cevaj-yi veeterday
look five prlauoen and throe horses. Thry ala
i-l-unu utii L.r, wij in luvuer, woict
ore on their way to the aseeasloq forces. Tbs
fltld wokt of treBI17-M1.ll toglmool beve re
cet.ll) bre exWnded, end ntw braastworks thrown
up aid caunon mounted-
Prone tlevtll, Ky otr.
UtairWt, Junt 8 Tb Nsw Orleana Aoo.
vnstvf llabthitei. saretbat lbs Amansau bare
Aiotnuln. foul ta'rua.. and tha Unman ahln
Virgagin,fiomUrnool, kave boea oruered off
tbo tar by Ibe Brtoklyu.
Tba8vietaiy of Ibe Nary, M , Mil lout, left
P.raacolainlbssniUult fu It cbmnod
At on in rrrlew beiwo- ths Fuslga C nieuls and
Cil. Pihiss 1 ih. B oi'kljn, its altar ,ad 00
In dlo.eat wou'd be nffaied to vereele ouirrard
ImlimI, tut bo bad no au .botlty ia eiaand tbe elm
fjr tre Ceuailura of vewsala Tiw tx ata towinr
aerie)! eul wculd be a'.loned lo rs enter.
tbn.aab th Cat, maklnc Uaioa apaeohee.
The Te'ewraph Eipnf taoa loft Bummanto on tha
STthlaste for Caraca Valley, SI which pVnt t hay
ar to eemmenoe ley'ng win towards Hi'' Ltke.
The npedltloB number DO men, tt aatd of oxen,
and to -vrrna.
Pony Eipnaa data wr rooolved to Mty !0lV,
Detaefinm rmtlsnd. Oragon, were reoelred by
Orrrlasd Moll to the SUI of May.
Genera! Las wee at Rweberg, aodoould not be
B oved, no was not out of danger, but bis Mends
worn hopeful. Us was shot la Ins right breast,
ths bell eomln- out through the right ahoulder. A
rumor reached Portland on th Viet, that be had
roaily diet, but th Arfrsrlber was disposed to
dlarredll It.
Tbetalueof snore from Oregon via CJumWa
R var, dur ner tbe mouth of Aptl', e ta 8ta
Fianclaro 1 40.303 1 and to V.ciorfe, V I , tix.tll ;
during lbs north of March th export! la the
same d'nctlno amour tod to $47X63.
Tber waa an unusual aotivlty in bull ling at
rot nana.
Ace t.n's from Wsshliurton Tarrlt ry stall that
tba orKknlsBUon of ths militia aaa going os rapidly
art und Fugrt 8 und.
Th Orrjonfan learns that L'oui. McLtttrt
pei ly, bem duly o-gut cod sad prepared for the
fliM, left Wells rTBiisoo th Uih Mey torwuinta
operallm on tb Ft Uontcn Military R led. Tne
f tee eenalei of avut 100 oltlsons and a delaih
monl of 0 I'd tod 8 atee a ildiere takaa from oro
pe aea II end Gof ttovih Ittglmeollafantrr. Tht
remainder of lhae'cort, 80 iuo, htre left Uolvlllo
lo join Lieut, Millab en lb Spokere Hirer.
Haill.g f ih North Tlriloa.
ilonlrtal, Junt 8. Th rt earner North Briton
ailed bonce today at 1 o'jrxk fr Quebec She
curled 103 ptsseogets aad '.00 recruits for a Cana
dian raglDjeat.
Tb Mewfoemilaad Trlorraph.
f. Jokn, A'. F., Friday n!gkl, ".Arrange
tnenis bare born mode by wuleh It is cion
dVnliy tipacted IliS mob -Ul do 00 moi vki'-socs
to lis teieftapu wires.
Otb. . . . Wm. Wllion .".,, WO
.,..k C.Uanklns T40
lTtb....II. 8- Mating TM
tOlh....MsxWsbe- TW
HMh.,,.Jenee K. Kerrigan , 800
Mtb....Adclph Yen Blelnwahr Trt
lot....Cl. C.E.Pri to
Stb..,.Rodilck Malhlam TM
ITtb.,..JcbnMcCunn ,,, T30
89tb ....J.U. II. Waid 838
D 8. Blckla. SOW
YeaQilaon 130
Fraan Lrbaaao, Ity,
Ltbanon, Junt 7. Iho UlIob Convention cf
Iheoek Itiatrctbaa malnaiad ltoj. Cuasim A
Waallitx tuCVagnas.
Th- Fll at ttlar rials Ur(taneat.
JtVir,iiitf, Junt 8 Tho First Witcoaaia
rrgue at, Co BTwmuiR, has roeelved march
lignedeir. Tboy aill .tail alien o'olock ou 8 tr.
cay s.oril. lor Uariiaburah. This 1 a el meet I
o nip. Bid if a ma of the beat oitli-ns. They ar
wall equipped aid atmlrably disciplined.
The ToaBraeea Elcrttoa.
Clurlniltt, Ttnn., Junt 8. Ih rot In thla
p-'aoa lor ar) aiaut n and reptaan atim to tbe U.
kieaaot tbe Cmfederaie eWloslelMili-aialoot It t.
Tbo vols for si paratkn Is uaenunou la Uuae
Btovoneont of carcltcal Tmop.
llarlfvni, Cimn.,Junt 9 Tha 4th Kegimeot
tlot.ctet.cut voluntaer, leere for Joraey City ou
M nd4v-ienywr,hy bias, and will laaah leer
early Tueadey n.oiuliig, where th-y IU opeat
four buuis, so I wl'l bs visited by Ciansnlcut
uiaa llvil g in New York.
Front Hi Iub.
SI. Unit, Junt 8. Tb City Cjuncll ytiter
Isy toxoi eiosiod lie Iba.sourpUag tns rwliue
tkucl M.yir Tavua, and s'leoed tbat gto'll
maul) witiiirsee ali realgiMtl'n.
Abut t'JOO leio lu ontin-ai 111 tana, well engravsd,
ani ate- uinuutod lojue .late, ermoioiaed by
Ibe l.e jr.und-T Inllm bjuseof Nauoit Ukiuus
snd lis 01 aiems lod,d In Jt I.
(Jul. Barru's Aninian Z .tiavicvpa bat b-rnao-vcrttd
ly tbe War lsjr uttv, Ta'O is lbs Uih
riemieti (urulabed ly M ee"i-L
Tue mHreep ed.e.1 i.f .he DtMorrat ssja all ths
et.te ( fScera tare lalt J ffrnoa Ciy.
Flam I-nhvllM-A Uampnay Dlekaadrd.
Lnuinille. Ky , Junt 7. Tm L-uIsrlll bat
lory sdiaband.it btorae major ly 01 th msm
lre lw lend -ba Ibe 11. Id cfflj.re of the bntlsdoa
IjvUiIi it weeetlechod beve e.oae'xu p oollrl
tier. Tbe suns ee IB charge of Cjl. lloar. at
Mudio)'sUlllatcani(4uen. Tosie is no ootr h.
let in -(tl ataieuionl list I'. 8 troops bars
i'UBidfrcn C1110 to lbs Kentucky oldeef lb
Oblu river, aor I lb rouMt tailored lh.. La
lt 11 raacktrg bete dute cd lo pHats in lit eaceed
td elalraoxd Maaplla, will be daU'no.1, end
I lobeli 7 arm to the DreJ Lu.r Omoe, Taa la
II tal flag wesisiaadcvtrelie Cus'oui QoutS ait
p-M, O'Bceh.ji.jlugi tva a-Vrtoos.
Taa r bllnclrlpbla North Amertcaa aa Jew,
B llarvry.
nSaddjMa, Junt 8. Th A'ort i-rrici
IIemBgialhalloirailooa aaslosl Jia. K. lias,
vtr lasortsthat uimaaopporlanlty Ibr viodtoa
ll 11 laicT.rel, tkeecraeed will bi found ae free
fiotuiay c.lmlral latent ts any loyal ell ion.
The us a narcM the AUai lie, ha hoe Men's here
who will totiutTarbtm lob eocrinood, aad those
who bore given currency to the oelut lea will bs
bald to tbo sternest proof.
llealiortWa of ItaUread Brtdgt by taa
Kobe I.
Pallimort, June 9. Th hridg at Point of
Rxko. red th bildg at U-rlla, were bote de
etrcjed by tha rebel lnorabr die, telwoen one and
four (ckitk Iblemwnlns. Tbe wrmer I 11, aat
It lsner 0 mllee eeat of lUrpm' Fsrry.
Arrival f Ike Alabama.
Tb iteamsblp Alabama atrivtd tt thla port
last tventng. B loonad M Nerporl Mew tb
4h H.git oil Ntw Yoik BHI Lie Guard, all well.
Tbaiteimahtp 8 ate of Oeorgis snlrsd M Fortme
Monro on Friday and larded Col. MoCumxsVB
10th R glmacl N. Y. Zxiaves slUsmptoo. Txa
steamship Marlon snd ersemer Osorg Beabody,
aiilvtdat FoititM Monrv on Saturday morning
and preset dod Immediately to Newport New to
Und Co'. lUsin'i rib Btgtmenf N. Y, Zouevae.
Tie blowing legiinanla art stattonad M Mswpwl
Nena 1
lot iter busnl Vermont Vclanlsero.
td , M-tBarhaJolle Volunteers.
iih ,, N YotkVrlun'oera tOi'mana)
4th ., NtwYJikBcotl L'fsQuird.
Via ., NiwYotkZ atvss.
Tl e AUbemt brings ah ul 100 passengers, wh
wtiabruugltdowa from Norfolk In th steamer
WeelPoloVioc'ereEagoftiuoe. Oasof tbspa
senaera lepjrts tkat ths itsam frigate Merrlmao
Lid boon lalead by tka labels, aad waajo lha dry
Farelga Item.
Petltlora, numerously ii5nd by th poosle
rf Ron-, bar lately bean presented to th
Kionch imparor. beooochhig blm to lear that
city mlairai-s tef bor political daatinlt. They
represent that Ih prsssnt altaation of the
place la now Intolerable, that trad and mini
lecture, always precarious under th eccleultt
tlcal rotten, ar absolots'y rolnod tine tb
Central atd Kutarn provioctt ware annexed
t th Kingdom of Italy, to whoa destiny
tber entreat that Home may be linked.
at. ea Peuiobt, Minister of tba Interior In
France, haa addreaaed a clrcalarto th pr.
''. .-ylng down a now nil on th pubfica
tlon of pamphlet. Should thee be from th
Fen,.!fmn.,n flU- tn,1 publication la
forbidden, a tb writer! ar placed outaid of
th commoa law.
Cardinal Abtohbixi haa addressed a clrcn
lar to th diplomatic body, protsatlDg tgalnit
tU decree Issued by tbt llaliat Qc-vejainoo
tb maa art wall eared for ta thl rwpect, get
frseh meat flr Um a wnok, tad bar a suf
ficiency of aopp'lea of aQ kinds, iaeladiag cof
fee, rtc. batnt, A. Tb regimant tr wU
aatliOedwIh thalr new Cjlonsl FlttHAkt,
and have every coa4deaoe lu hla eoarag tad
iklll. Tb man tr all la good health and
high eplritt. Noo of tbam bar bean cap
tared by th eooeoelontste, tt btt beet ttatad.
Ih Zouaves are on the bait terma with th
citlr.sna, wh are all atrong UntonlaU, and
Hoatly of tha poorer data, all tha wealthy a
etaalODlatt having fled. A compiny of 1 10 met
lei bten detailed lor apodal poUca and fir du
ty. Corporal O'D a I ait hat com on to tt th
Union Defense Committee aboat th new regi
mentals which hav boon promt red the maa.
Co. ser.d dI y from thla city about two bush
el! of letteie, and on an trarag fltoen han
drid packagea to th volunteer U camp tt va
rlcui point!. Tbtae tr all tent fret of csarge.
Caua ruB Kaw Yoex Taoora. CoU W.
IIorrMAsr, of thla city, ha boon authorised by
Got. Moboan to proceed to Fortreee Monro,
for th parpm of Inquiring into tb condition
of Ntw Yoik trt op a tt that post. II will ttart
in tk early part of thl week. Th Inquiries
will be mad by permission of Gen. Dur lib.
Jadg Adrocat Aaraoa la In Washington oa
the earn wrand.
Br.cBrrrt roa tm 2d IUotux r. A aquad
numbering 160 men. under command of Capt.
Raid tnd Kxitxaxr, lsft on Bstarday evanlag
last for Washington. They go to Join tha 2d
regiment, N. T. 8. M., CM. Ton-raw in com
Band. Tub slcCmaaarr ZooAvtSr A number of
tbMcCniaaaTZr.uav who did not go on
th '-Stat of Gsorgit," la comp ny with tb
mj rity of their roglmoat bar beea caught
tad lodged tt Lafayette Ball, along with torn
fir or fifty recialta. They bar become a-
esalvely disgusted with th attention which
thy itcelvla lb atresia, beiag potntadoat,
wherever thalr uniform appear, ai deaertan
and coward, until they ar anions to Jla
their coo rods at quickly ta possible. They
will probably ba aant on today,
Biraorrt rOB ta Sixth KxonttTT.
Cipt. Datis, in oommand oft company of six
ly itcmlta for th Sixth Baglmtot, . T. S.
H., ttartad for th teat of war 0 Saturday
iv.tlpv. They will tt one Join Um regiment
ucder ctmmand of Col. PiBCaatr.
iKtracnoa or Qxhma- Toldstekb Sa
caciTt Two baadred tad nfty recruit for
th 8th Volunteer German Rid Rigfmant,aoar
at tbe seat of war, were inspected on Bator
day, tt Washington Bquaie, and tworn Into
tbtiervkt. Tbeyars oummandad by Capt.
Tnra, of lb recruiting depot located at Hum
boldt Hall. Tb recruit ar to b aniformod
tnd equipped at too, and dispatched on Tdl
ay. Thl tdditioa will lnraa thrgUant
to 1.000 man.
Tub Fitx ZooAvas. Th Second Regiment
of New T kFir Zouaves, under acting Oil.
J03-D1 XKA,ChlfoflieDaprtmint,hving
their qaarteri la tha Armory of th 71it Regi
ment, in lb Cntr atreet Market, tnd
namberiog about 700 man, partial oa Satur
day evenlrg.
BrtAKaiiir-j. It wm nndertt-wd on Satur.
day that cevertl regiment woald mor from
lew York, but tt tlatt hour only th regular
European liner tnd on or two transport with
proT lont for th soldier had takea their de
parture. Tub a'aamer City or New Totk hat Um
chartered by Um OoTrnmnt for thrt months,
ta t tender to Um Gulf Squadron. Slit car
rim t full cargo of ooal.
Tux itaamer Dslawart from Phlld'phl
arrived Saturday morning. Sh had on freight
V wagong fur th commissary department.
Tb transport ateamer Ptrktrtbiirgh, from
Ntw Tork tat Fort Pickens, with lc tnd live
ttock, pat Into Key West (no data) with shift
broksu. liar convoy, ths gun boat Mount
Yiraou, woull tow h U her dm;itloa.
Tie! U,Us
Th followlag tr la process of completion
andhop tob muitarid Into rvicln few
Andaina Zninii Ksvetlh ResimsaA. lesoad
JUglmsnt; Fire Zmsvte; Imseslal Zmarao; Mo-
ran, J. . u-osej lamanaoy, eansayi;nsw xorK
Leginei, Adam.
Tke BaraVor Hcate Oaavawirma.
Tb delegat of tk Border 8 are Slate Convts-
tloa Intel- assembled at FiankfoiLJCy., bsvs Issued
two addrtater an to Ik people of tht United
Blaleo and Ih other lo th poop' of Kentucky.
Their voir I (till for pece,end ta favor cf modar
ate eotiaoe's. Ii their addreu to tbpep'. of th
Vnltf d Slates while they la rpen th question of
tb rroognltion of th Indepeoderct of Ike eeoaded
talee they profiM their own loyally to the Union
and ask no new guarantees. It v:, kowerer, of
th bopeloM minority of slavi slates and th
large power pooeessedby Cooirera over th terrl
lories they reoommead th adqAlon of th Csrmie.
mm oompromUe, with a view to oonotlltte tbe
ooredi d stale s aad shorten the duration of th war.
They further demand that Kentucky ahall be par.
mined lo renn neutral. They social ad by ask
ing kr a Nallosal Conran'loa of dslegaVra from all
the statat tl settl existing dlffsrenoee paaceab'y,
Thaaddreosto th people vf Kentucky recom
mend! tbat tht state should serums th attltud of
atnedfafer aad fnf tret nor, t nd remain strictly
neutral, while st Ih sstastlm ah reIn loyal
ijlteUnUn. To this, osys th tdlreao, ah Is
Irptl'.tdby eotldtrtii'iia of ogrsphloal poal.
tloa, h'aor sad safsy. Tbe very Institution In
upport of which this Impious war Is waged will
be the fi'st to be destroyed. le oooc'usisu thepeo.
pi of Kmtucky ar warned against th machina
tion of Ih seooreionls sod sshorted to b (Wllk
fill 3 the Cos stllulloa which U Ih safeguard of
republican freedom.
Fact and Itnaasr.
DitArricno-, to t larg xtnt. axlitt la
Col. Boxaesrs-ia'a ctmp at St, Lnoit. 11 1
meet uapcpalar with th men, and hit officer
havw tt laat refused to obey him. and altd
on him oa Thoraiay requtitlng him to resign
bit oommand.
Account trow: Eowora rjort thtt near,
ly every dtln of the Ualted SU' abroad,
except ex-cfilcrra of oar country of aouth
era birth, la a Union mas. Tb Americana re
siding InMatcliettsr and llvsrpool hay rait
ed upwarda of f 7.000 toward parchtslng a
battery of rifled cannon, lo b Mat for th bi
of th Federal Government In upholding th
Start txd Stripes of th Onion. This patriotic
movement ba been followed by th Amerioaoj
ia rant, ana wetu il it men ion franc,
npwuaa 01 u vw rrtnc can noon BaoecriDa.
tVI. Tn JiatfAW-who It la oommand of tb ta
ct scion fore at Paducab, It making vry ef
fort Uik'h.! Keotscky oat of th Union. At
a recent meeting, t adrUsd tba young men
not to leave the t ta, ta they would be ndd
at bom movement btlng on foot which b
wu not tt liberty to divulge tad that Ken
tucky would certainly encode. Th Louisville
Journal eayt that a le'Ur hai booo recti red
from a party In Tennessee, e'a'ing tbat thl ra
alt will cartainly btprodaetd,
Thb trtOB r-tritio it th guilty ptrtla
by lb trltur of th tlgrama, la compered
by Um PblUdeliihlt Prtu, to Um amotlcn
Merited in th to:k of Rt-vtlatlont a conae
quot on tb opening of th book with seven
oe.1. To dispatch soiled la Philadelphia
fill night lrg atail bags. Ussssges no tralat
irg to th present oriaLl will b returaed, Al
ready maty bilUUnt reputation hare baaa da
ttroyed, tad a new United tHato Minister, ap
pie4 to b aUre aurwIcJon, branded 1 1 a traitor.
Th political wir-palrt co not Buffer' alum.
Agent of bankrupt eor,xratiom and tsolr-t
mercUnt rrembl laat th secrets confided to
th wire ihall leak oat, and brand tbam with
dircrac. Th leader of th rebellion had
their tgact in every northern dty, tad fra
itat members of Cotgreis Agar aid by eld
lib Repabllcan nwspapr reporUrt, would-b
cdonoU of Nw Yoik city rsgtmuiti, ttd sleek
member of tb Peace Society. Tut treason
wat widespread and uaiversal, penatrsUng til
cUmci of accloty alike.
A coBBsaroaDEr gives th following an
coo rsgiag account of th tcttr aympatby with
oar cause among lb German Bailors i
Under any drcumatanc, plenty of arma
may b bid. for In llalgiam and PmisU, whsrt
moat xtnstr snanaftctorlat txist, th
fooling It entirely for th North, and the
msnuractorli a. which, unllk th Amtrlcan
tabUakmanta, mix a litU politlci with their
Iron, can b cgil to work for tha North,
to tb total xcloalon of th South, for ex
tmplt, I bar iuat learned that Knurr, th
largatt, and lerbapa bestmanafactarer of arm
la Earop, located at -moo, on th Rhlo,
Prussia, wOl inak tack t nggtment for th
asking, tnd b manufactorat rifled Cannon of
tb most approved models. Tb aympatby of
Pnnala, and tb whole German natloo, I
thoroughly aroused oa tha subject of to Ame
rican contest, and icarcal- a friend of th
Sou'h Is to be found in all Osrmtny, The la
rtltatloa of t!trtry I regarded thrt a t rm-
locally sleeted lgielatar of th ttsts,
will b empowered to proceed at once
transaction of baalneea. Tbo Gcvcn
and in h'smetsecato tb two House
two Senators, of whom Jons 8. Caaui.
probably r on, ana a leaaing Kapasue
cUttr, will b chosen.
Abbital. Th U. S. ittm trnpwt
Bowman, Capt. Ct-tax,, arrirod St
,g atvBi viva iiui! wueia rue m
store. Sh bat on board OuvbbThoJ
(mat), Wm. Annsol tnd Cult. Tf
tOH, (seamen), who war token on bosrj
a yawl, on tb 7th, off Llttl Egg Ilarboi
having made their eacap from Nwb
C., on tba 27th ultimo. It appear tl
longed to th tchoontr Its W. II lb
that tb captain tnd tb remainder of thl
war naUva of North Carolina, tnd tka
being la tha hand of tb iioala
wished to make toldtert of Um crw,
abova three, watching aa opportunity, 1
d la making their ascap tt Bight la tbat
Fmrther Itewat Third Pi
Sawuta CABrara a Low Pbtob
AOO rr.sh Velvet Caryoto, 81 to tt
,00t -ards Bmaaals, T5u 80., tta. tot yard,
tD.000 yards tat. OarnaUjia, . Jc, 40a. te I
sAOCOrar rolVel sttesor yard a
afS, Mata, Matt bu, Wlndi-r Bnates. Dntnrsl
and Flan Covara, Stair Bods and Carpets, si
feiWeew oar aueeodta tale eitr. Uia lAsn
aw. ww now 7.
Pidt CAttrtraaa Btrrr.....
atrlnsg - -
fcliWloo M
Toconla - -
Ilairllo -
block Alpaeaa
Tub ArrwirnoB or all Taatna
or old-U eel Ie4 te th advartlsaanont of Dr.
on, vhoolfoOOTXUalts dole oaare OS atri
and Uvtenrate tka fra le svelna than an tbi
In naa. Tltonaands ef our Amertena aroeaes ai
to early travaa, who, had they kut neunol to
a.llit sreparatloa la aeaaoa, would naw kai
wall and free from those fatal dlaoaeao with w
males are so nable. To those who are oonVi
wnnld aay try " by all maona, II will do vi
ism as vi Kifnia arflb ana oov. suion naa
Prise St per bottle.
For aale all
Vrarvy and Hcrofelona Rrnplester-
8nreo will aooneovor tha bodbw of our relf
dlria,eipoioa to a Houtbrra ollmate and bl
HOLLO VAYII Ointment ehinild be la rrar
Inateack. It Isa oxrialucur for rry kloi
rsnaa BfaTetle Isaset Pawe 1
ortsioat rrnalas article for t xtermloet nil
bodboaa, oats, gatdsa loeeeta, ele. It le fr ,
ULYUN8' ManetU Pllle a re sure deatk U I
mlor Bold by all dealers sverrsber.
UtBNKM.(leto fla'oaaA Ferk.) wbilmale '
tall medicine Ow, tvj Broadway, N. Y.
baft liW4'kl 111
Onward, rVUl Onward t
Po ton west s good snTtTgLl tBLB Hair
moderoiepttcaf BKIUTdiCU.'is
tor ehanrirg droy or Bed Hair to a beoa'tfal
or Hsu" v ine peat in ue wene, aiue 1
Uw low trios of
daklng tt the CUR ATE8T Hair Dyed
tiur motto la "Onwurd," sad w am diH
iIIi.m all aannatll.ua. hoik aa rwaarde 4
avtce-narentralaf that onr Dre will at al
eve tk if not ouperlr r, to say other meaesl
alcat one half tbe oral. Principal di.l
Htenod out, rrui lamsnurgn, ana 07 1
oiell y.
Mra. enofc. Sl Ita At
t tmrm
bOYi or sTnoira Bkiiac. I
TtwenlAysWsdvaa(snknowa M .
I h the Calnmn and pray t
eooessa Tba Ureenwlea Tempera oca el
ba.a enttbarrrand rail 7 thla Moeiaav sr 1
,1 .k ek- rrln- -L flhurrk. naar lladj
menr'nt st TvTeloek.. Bav. Dr. M.obl
MILL.- will address tut nvaotlof. uul
Trmrareneo end ent Lnkn for ever. VA
DKAITH, riwaldent.
Bnavd WaatUi od prnnsad Irl
ly lor Ia moaan isudsoi. .. .
ttu.1-. .a Vnrt-fa - l-el-- of I
tl AUanh at. Bnaoklyn.
PARK On aaturdsysvealug.vans
m. 1 ban 1 Baksr, ol this el tr, ta Us Jul
ri.a ManAa of tba femflr. and bis kr I
snd Henrv. alas of hla sona, do rv.Oba
ward end Tbomsa. are rossKt ully Jnvri
his funarel, this Momlar,10ttt Iuat, st I
hit late re.kleooo, cor. Tkooieea eat
nLACX-On BunSsy, tth U.t, Aaos.
Albert and aaaattHtrk. aacd t raare au.
Ths relatives and ervsaas at tns raml.r
loJlr mvttod te attMld the roaeral, tnis 1
biet,al 1 oloeklnrbealMrooon. 'rjmt
of her larenta. Ma OAni at. Cor. Oicba
BR9WN Jane tth, Henry, yoauaet s
.nA Vtt.hh llmwn. ared 10 miutis Or
Tbefrv-nds and aniualDtsiiees of tl.i
raaprcUully rniaeetad to attaed the i
M odder BfUroooo, at io'e oca, from tbe
llsparsnts,13tlt;biret. rnereeioins'
e Air. tf'.mjierrv fur latament.
lend) end Publln (Ireland; aapen pleas I
COQAN-BaddoDly,! Ksiardsr, Ju I
Coseo, a natlvs of saatf, County Co I
ssa OS rears.
T-ba rrlatlree snd frtaalsare respeell
to stt d tho funeral, tb's Monday aft
o'clock, from bor late rrlC eo oe, HO k .01
riCtRIAVfn flunav. JflDB Wh.
PtsbcU Dorian, the eldaai eon of I'raoe
Dorian, srd T year aad t months.
Taa reianews and erae or taaill
fully tqvtted 10 atlead l feurel. Uia I
noon, ei t oaoek. rnw 'he rosteimo s
1U Noelb Otb et, WUUaauburtk.
FAY-On Friday, Jans Tth, Mrs, Jar
ssnjpilsn, sued It years.
Her funeral will take place aa Moods
p. m, from lb raddeuo e(T, U.Cdg

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