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1 JIccpmIit tt a Kullroaul Arrott tbe I'lnlne.
'," l"u li cow Lut mill pr-eprcl that Oongre.il
do anything, during Ihi! prtteot union, tu
re e-'UIUU railroad communication belweei Ihe At-
luiUo ul IbelVific Blttet. A rillrotl eeroti the
J Tlilnt wee projected many yeere ago, ' '1 tt
iJlte of the lino bete been coiiilr'irte l I1'' l,r
mi lululi but there Ihi mailer rele. "' " '
Jj likely k, reel uol.l Congicie tn l " '
v, the linpurtence of paying wore aller.t.oii lo the
f aatterlel Inleretti of the teuulry.au I IrMlopo-
n.) JtUcal Intrlguea. A railroad efioaa the C'jiilloaul
' How cm of He country'! greitetl neede.
, "Without inch an artery caunol tl-
; Itr I that lha ttreiin of emigration w 'I
cti tenake uucb headway It tilling up the frfi
JjJJ Welern lerrlloriet An le from Iba liretrah Illy of
, -wreuln up lb new lerrip r.ee lo the protltti la nf
of Agriculture, II le will Inn on that tbeir mineral re-
Bl aeourcei ere elmort Intihttiatihte, 1 li develop-
rarieatof llil I great v rallh, In tlew of the hfevy
l. wletl that now 1 1 frenee Hit country, la terltln1v
't. mailer of Ibe lugbeel importation, nrwt entitled lo
jjjj "toe lare'ul tonai'leratlon of C'ligrni. We faar
ajf, Abel ILa eeverel rlv tl prrJLa f ,r a Pacific railway
lo aira alerting an lnllierice upon Congrree wlndi ee-
'tit Id keeping tb at licly from lal In? ay !
l, !i!ta action In It. a primltii. There) na
eeerel conflicting Inlrretlt Ittvulv 1 In Hi a mailer
Ai ' trine continent!) roa I, and aa all of three
nt .inttitila tufa influtnee with l.oiigiett, the r
'"! umt)tlon It llial Oomraif i lialanrinit llaall In
10,1 twaau Iht dlaarant luflucncra. lint tha prrailrg
:,r,' alamand fur aucb a railway alioul I tauaf ( oonraaa
baulab all olliar i umMeratlona than Ibat of tb
JjJ Wubllegowl. Uaoaral (T itcotiiinamla an Hi.
ai Jrtaat of Ilia army, ou tbe rouml tbal a Itrca
frJ ""I I ntcaaitry lo prolact tbe anilnranti
ely l"ho tLJ now La tlpartol l.i flock o tha nun itf
T' rllorlaa. lie la antlrtly corrrct In aaiuininj that
rlci , larja data of popla ara iltalroua of ami'
'Jul H'allnff tbllbar, but lb a ilaojari, prltalb.nj,
ui ntcfaaary auflerlnc tbal ara incident lo an
' catrland Journey by Ilia rrlmlllfo conf .'yancaa
w uaad,douUlaiadalar Ibnuaan J from slnu.
, fact only lbs adrenturoue claaa now think of I
maklDg the trip lo the far Wcaiern terrltorlrt. If
I'atlfie rallroal virrn r.nmriicle., honfrer, an
Imnxnaa atreain of aml.T',ou woul l ipilckly flow
either; the rra iiirrca of fie lrrllurna wuiil.l U
;s apldly latflope't, and tba .unlu of the national
tt, el.bt would thereby Le materially llileneJ. Will
.E t-'o"7M yrtdo aomethlni iritlicil for tl.r
l,n Jauvruienl of Itir rlrlc rallruaj i
ti I'rnlti ofTrraaon.
lb rnir,ulh(rnpf..plrare atlll ileeji in tbe inn-
.,) tiorlunaa that Ibey krjribl upon tbeuiielrea by
it tbe act of rebellion. From Ibo lone of the. r Jour
ant nala appear tbal Ibey are now tlirtalrned wllli
'' dnreraranelylaaa lob ilrraled than thai of
a Deatltullon and want are ulitely aaitrely
i'i ipteul In many dlalrbta of Ih rHmherii
i ci Vutea, and crate apprabenalon la fell that actual
I'lj iatnln may enaut. Ilia people bate nj money.
J B pllrd rio craln cropa of any ome
lh -quenc, and their Cotton I'rop la repicaented to be
w. itbe neiltblnj la complete falhiK. Lsulalana
tbt Mlealaalppl bare aufTernl grfullv by the bljh
fj' "water and lb cniuent damaje lo crope, b.le
wll ejn other Blalee the cropa hae euflred malarlally
'n raa the conllauoue wcl wealbar. Ilia H.mtb,
a! therefore, will l a almoal entirely depeniicnl upon
the Northarn Hiatal for breajatuffi. Iljt, unfr
" tooiataly, there la now every Indication that Ibo
'mJ i'n yield In tha Nlh will not rrah one half
a rvp for the prtaeal aaaan, and that pri' fa will
noi rouaetjueaUy be Ll,;li, Tliere la eldeatly f o I
'IS ground for tbe lean eipreeaed by the Southern
jtJ W". for wilh a failure of crope, no money, ami
Diai fcbjh prlcee elaewhere, mucn auflerlnj w.U neci.
Jr' aarily (all upon tbe poorer claaeet.
1 en
til I nUeirr oflho tight llourMrlbr.
J'" correvlly und relent the proetdiuje or
la -he uMtlDg bald yaeicrday by the ihlpwrlshlr,
'(.' ; hat body hero eueretided tha atrlko and hare
uia ian up tbe attempt to coerce etnpbjere into iLe
oi dopilon of the e.gbt hour eretem. Wa elncr rely
' fegrel that theee workinguieu hare Buffered ei
ita. ter a loie by their unforlunatp etrlke. lu the
.negate they hate probably Let ly idltntai a
la ani of money lerge enough, If HiTeetr-1 In I ill-
ieee upon the co-operative plan, to prov.de. o:i.
ui teni eui4ojtaenl for every man engaged In l'ie
ul,S eirtkt. They bare coneumed thvlr prenoue
.in arnlngai lty have Irea oblige! u a opt
iSu' dcnatlona from other woiUoKruen t Ibey
bat t"' ,n ol'-,' for which they Inaugurated
ad the etrlkt, and njw they are oblige! to retutn to
be i the.r former ejiployere an I aik ihtm lo employ
tie' ahtu. again upin tbe old lerme When Ihle itrike
fib aa Bret ta'ked about, we IrauVly eipreeie.1 Ibe
I'piulin Itel it vrat a great miatake. Whl'ej f.vor-
ike Jtglhepiluciple of tbe eight hour eyelem, and
t-eltevlng it to le a deilrable rrform, we eiprteied
lib he opltiioa lbt it could only be eeubliabed by the
,(J ' unlled acl.ou of employere and
I workmen, and that an atlrmpt ai co-
i"J rcl01' lJ be likely u iicoil upon
f ," btada of the cf.r.t.xi, o: courao the
t' wae uenoincrd fr tble bonril opinion, and
fd an.ther Journal, which wit unicrupuloiie euougli
tea iv encourage a movonieni thil wae fore loomod to
lot lefiat, received the p'.auditeof ibo ebip operative.
VI ''"tribal we care nothing. Wo prefer to ipeik
jl'n ""'y aud ue:ieuuouely, without rcganl tj
,tf, Ffl"e. l'be ahipwrghta nov. aie, no JouW,
Jbat Ibe biT , a pretty g.Ki counaellor alter a'.l
li.' i tVeaieonly ijrrjt ,b.t tbeir ei eneace Lai coil
mil item tu tlearlv.
rici "ItcPfrtor".NerdfJ
A ricroem.it It now icadinj mthe Senate
ail ihlclnirotideefortbe eilblihiuenl of a riper-
"-V w agency In Oirniany "to lllutirate tbe
.hjalcal, political, aoc al ail rt o.au. coo litiou,
Sill .tiJ He ualuial riejur.ei of t'.e ttv rl liittet ot
alii .e Au)en,iu Union." We ' .-pc the m. ire wi 1
tia, it t -d.pted. It would .uiy a4ianot'j.r 1 1
"f Celpel.ii to tbe gottruiuout, and ".11 be o'ni
,(") J't-Ukil value. Tie people of lie-rimy bare very
n1 Idtaa of Ihle country in 1 vi iti laitt ii.ou
ere la, probably, hardly a fam.'y n ticnia ij
I bt not one or mere icprcainla'.itte u tvf
t sited ritalie; aid Ihe reporti that tbe latter ejj!
tbe letheilaud art worth far more Ih'u t e
'I aautioue vf i guvtramiut repertory w..u t.
l4' lit Itll referre-i to ahould paat It would Itirnub
'try plmeni pjt'.trtu fjr eoiut olltloUu who it
ou- .want of a alLecure, but It would be of title
lilt rMtkal a.vauttgt. l'be Uel thing that Cocgrcei
tnl udolgird ajcourtging tmtulgratioa from tbe
id limits dltlM u W bartsogbit th d'iuluia ttal
sow tn J la lie way of recnsilrittton, Iflhat
jrftt t!.e Urilh tr. ' ' pr-ie'it a
I -a '.el 1 t ft .le p .1 g ol u 1 .e:r' it
i riBtiii eu i a - r u It uf etuigrati' a wouM . e
aura lo I' w hi that .:rt lion.
"i nnbrr Honey nml Iti licl kpllP.
Wr. jber tmt e'.me of the A iiilhem ptftrt
era etrotiirly eihorllug tbt planer Lot lo illipoee
of He r la'i l It epr'en ihM flnncll eniMI
raatietiia have ob.iei inuny plaiitera lo ir?er
farina and pat la of faruia foi ail, and a irrt'ln
Istt 'if H .iiitiern . urnala arevir tiiiiihu'i i
Ibnt ' Vauk " w II ly tblt luraut get a 'out' l I
In tbe nnl.iillu.al illttr.eta of Ibe 8.utb. We
believe thai tbe a Ivlce nl tin elm of joiirnala in
ipirnln-), co.n trnln ll.e illepntal of 'ill. em
lan'le, It the elllleet llra thai hat erneml fioni
Ihr rloiilbern rrde elnre ll.e rcbelPon termlnalel
nn. Ibat It atylng i f reil r I l i the flril
P'lie, It fill not have ll.e el.gufit
rim If p'aiilera finii the'neelvee 1 1 lige 1 In ilit.
poet of i' rir farina, the. wi I pr bal l v e-ll lo It e
leit .vltanlajr, wlthniit itgard tu ibe lor l.ty
where piirchaatre happened loteb. rn. Ibey may
have a gnat averaluit to " Yankee," but Dot lo
Yankee money. Hut tbla advice nf the ultra
Houthern pepeie abowa hmv eager Ihey aie for an
i ppnrtunlty In ventilate their liatre 1 nf Ni.rtl -ern
fenplr Tlu v ought lo know that large landnl
eelatre ire lielrlmrnlal t any muntry. Ai i
rule, tti "mailer f.rma are, tbe mere pn (liable
Ibey l egume. If eve y plantation In the H.mtH
were rut up into farmt of lh(rt' nr forty a.'ree,
m l then lllled by ejfli it claaa aa nur Northern
farmers, tbe wealth of the South wo'. 1 1 be trebled
will. in leu yean.
I'nrly Cluting.
We oi rte that Ibi llroadwiy and C.ina' etrie'
clerka are making a vigoroul ellott lo Induct pro-
I rietora of atorra t cloee at three tA'.oiA on Hatur
day afleruoone. The movement iletervet lo be
luueaaful. Neil to tbe etreel rar emp'oyee, there
It noilm of men lu New Yolk who work a many
huura aa tbe retail clcrka. We undeitlau.l tbe
pretent movement to Include bulb wboliale and re
tail Uerka, but, we are bappy to et, a large pr.i
portion ot the former rlaet already bite Ilia benefit
nfrarly cloalugon Silurian. Meat of the while,
etle dealere whole hearta luve nil 1 een callouetd
by contact with nmiiimna, now make, it a pta:ireto
I'leptnd bualnrat at three uMock on SMurdaya.
W ee no rann why thai plau abould nol
lie followed by einlloyera tl.roughoiil the city
II ik nummary 'or inichanlra, we believe, to aue
read work at five oMock en fiaturdyt,ind we
ere that one bra loh if mechanira have given no
lice that they will hereafter work nolongerlban
until f 'lir n'rlocl ,,n HiturJn't. Hut there le a
mtur.il iliderenre lielneeu rue. btmci and tlerka
In th e reaped, Clcrka are not prolucen, and
employer! wo ild loee nulliln.' by letting them i ?
lu good aeaaon on SUu'daje. If the three uMo
ijalem were generally itoptcd, liujtte woul I of
cnurto underelaud the matter, and make tbeir
punhaaet in aeaaon. The ilaj'a aalee would not
be reduce I, but tbe 'l.y'eworL wo' 1 1 be ii com
pbe'iel In i Irta unmbir of houri. l'l.e ilerka
have nater engaged In Hrlket, but have alwaja
ben reetectful in liourtei ui lu prettntlng tha r
grlrtaucea lo eniployrrt The taller ilatt almuld
meet Ihem In the aime epirlt, aai! comply with
their pttaent rriauiaMt rrr,ueat.
('urlehlii tinil .llnrrlacr In lirininny.
A crrreMndenl at Ilii lelberg. (iermany. inua
deti r.brn the manner of arranging matrimonial
uittiera in that . outitrr i
II la permllled under nn rlrriimalamee, etrept
rhir' t parlioaie ejgaged, thai a kt tieman
ahould accompany i lady lo a ibealre, ball or ,
i-erl. ai.it ennuld it bepix n, the lady w. i.l . le .1.
clared nilain.iim ami ihmsin out of all good toot
elv I here are mi evening v.eiia made, ami, above
ill, It .a lorl'Ulden that a young man ahould call
upon hit young lady a'liuainteurea t In fart, a
genlleman can have no lady frleivla, aa he . an
never ronie in conta i ih them eicepl at balls
while it a uuJer Hie gieatiat reatraiut. Marriage
le tcdiu eil to a i utliree ccutri.t. A voting mau
atie a lily ata ball, luket a tau'-y lu her lo. ki,
liniul.et who her paicnie are, how lunch moaey
tin . have, and liow iniK'h Ibe U'ly w.il gn hi t-rr
marriage If Ibe rokditiout ami b.ui -tuat t, ,i
be l.be Ihe Ijuka . i the animal aud tbe j-rf de;i
grii are to h a n u.1, ho Tlt.ta the parent aud pi -pceea
lo mairy Ihe ilaugLier. Ihe lar.utt make
jti'iulnit leapeuiuc l.la jx eltuu, and espeuany
ria,e.tuglb' quani , o' inouey l.i- mi . i.aaati.
Siioul I ll.e lei- nt te t t nat Ir, ti ev rere-to tbe
daughter, tell her the. oml.tlo':-, and if tl.e ault
btr ibey a-e new ared lo le engaged. UarJa ta
lie firm: "lltrr Mil. (In, Kr.uleio rchm, 't,
tngeged," arc buineuiaiely aeui to ti e tneude.
The engegine.it n alto roc aiiue.1 fioiu the
pulp t. From tb'e t'.ue tbey lUnd I n'. ato.iuer in
the ulaiiouo' HraittiuJ V.'nr itijam -iiriue ind
bridegriK m but not In our aeuae o. worua, aa luie
relation ceteea aud tbey loio thcae apprllaiioni at
marriage ll.o geutltuiia now haa tbe nghi to
tiall Ihe lady wbeu he plfat.e. Hb.vh he la ei
ptcie.llodo evei) ereniig. lie tun ac.ojipanv
bar In publ c l.alU comerU, oi. , aa be ileanei
in ti t. lie imial uo ULprove U:a lime to ull lu
In e will. her. Njitl.cr Mtn can mine wltb ter
or hute anytnlng to do nub her T.lhout tia cou
acut ribould tie llrauttjam liruk ibo eu),at.
mcnt aad uluie ti u.airy tier, tba 11 nut ca : a a
aud iblaln ilatut;et or It a;a otj ri.inir, tm tula
abe never doc a, aa f c (ieruiau Idea ot bouor
would u 't allow it. llv tbe marriage thecoutiact
lecotup etc, a id a.x'Onl ng to ihe 1 1 llenuia max
.m tte hiiaiand la Jlirr lord o. l. o uou. Kbe
te .-oniplclely under h ta coutrol. nbwuld a ruau
innrry oueol aeveral alaura. au 1 In. wile uiea,
he will, if p-IUe, marry out of tba reiualaiug
a. ilen. I know i man wbo married through i
family rf our aiate rt, oue after tne other ibey
iiuk . iLie i iree tbe cLiMreu of tbe tirt wiie
wo, te venei tiled Ijr tluu i. tucy we.e t inarry
U ttlajD out ol the uiuuv.
A ccuntry editor har.og been out al! day 'r .m
mmg up" Udiniiueal aubn nbera w.th jkh i eu
ceil, pecuniarily, wrote the f.'llowijj, under In
epir'lion, aad !e-licaled II "u tbe man nhi won't
(ay tbe priuler" i
Ma hebeahodwiih I gluaing, an! coconflle
to wander over gunpoadrr. Maybe hae aore
etae ami a rliettuui burr lor lu eye atone. May
eterv day o'hie life I tnoreiletioticihau tbe t)(y
of Alg er May bt neer lw permluel to klei a
-iii'ii me woman Ut) hetc Ixred to Uealb witi
loarl.ug aii.ov.1 unate-. pra-'Mlcg tbtir I'rtt let
loni m lujalo, without tbe pr.r.lege t.-e-ing
hie lormentiri. May ilj : l.hi-mar.e
irol n .alter ik, ,ir l, aton.t h eeiy
u.i-t May hit lute iet', bti guu haag nre,
aj.t hie '.it. nig Imci licaki. Uay bla c 'le- i
ihil.1 n.tb Haul bit nu.e ara-oned wim
epdrri U. lua.i. ad lun otT with h.a wl., a i i
ba .iiid-ea like I. e piag-'i ug . May h.a
cattle d a uiurra.i, an J be p gi !ei rjv It
gar'ci Mar a iroop o: rnnter'a dev. a, 'leta,
Itnk ai J huagry, dog hie heele etch m,, aai a
rifiu.bt.1 1.! cata caurwau under bla window each
Digit.. May tbe ftiuire-tirickea gnct, otaae I
lo ' baby baoul bia lui..ucra, and b.. utt-r .er
lu tin dre-.ulng car Jta bia cow g.ve eur -a.lk,
and ih tra rtncul butter i lu abort, iniy ma diuga
ter m.rry a oui-kcj vd:ur. bla kuj.ucee gj to
run., ixn Le go tv iuc Lagiaiature.
A rwar of logi, ooreriof ten icrti
tad u-migod ty tony taet, U ext;irl it Lin.
leun, Ut., lila uwaih,
I lonnclat Newa, Mnrkrtt, cVr,
V'ir I'ert. 7't'i .rci II, ' W - the ftofk
n.a ket bai tern il'i'l taJ ilror.t.uc to-.'ay, wlfi no
'baucee of eener-ii li. nr!!. i oiernaieLti were ti ell
t t'.tliitd. Hold ao'J at 1 II . .(:.'.. (.Ivlng tt III'.,
Montr in vet, el'y. ind S nt cent, ll felting lo bt
tbe ernoral rite for ct'l-loine. Ceinmenlal piper cf
tbe teit utiles wit f-arce and wantM it 6 7 per
rent. Torelgn exebanto waedtill and rather lower,
llll'e tt i ilire on lnVnn weio iinoled at l'JS a
100 t lor I anVere'. tin 'CM ate t-!ty Ilo-ir opviied
moie e et9. Hit rleeet i ,11 and drooping ou cotio
mngia!ei, W I,. t openel ,,ulla fnni, ni l cloeeil
dull ttil hitvy li.rrom'Hon. Corn tree filrlr ecllte
it Jr. eOviu'e. Hit r;e'i'l a tbftite flnner. Imt
c!rwl i!iill. I'mk wit firmer. Itotf tat t'ealy. I.ird
et heavy. Whitley wii inlet.
iTfe'K h t i.t.a t ii. i r nointi.
IVr I .. le.'tl.ep.Itn prt caotn Co. . t.-
to .. .. Mir.' im lel.4 lln-t. I'. IM't
iwi l-.M.iV.'tf, li pa', Win I n.on'lrl it ,
ym I r im. -'.V. . ifH 1 " lo t-i
1 i'o.. ( i-JS l,i1 f.n ....6"'iafii
& iW. Pit. Jin Wlllxlti'iilJOAl 'C
4'c do prj', pal .tientle M. P . .IM
fum rln. OolV, It'l'llve ll Wit. I'., ft I
,'' I ?. '. '. 1. Itf . PI Pi do. ... 4H
lull .e.;e. It-lre.. Wi pn N.Y Cell. II. . !li';
limi I ii ; to,....!!"", ' do.. tSl"
itt) .to ....i.uiv i ttiai mil st. p. pf ;n
iM do. ..II.PIK, '' 1 1 Ull. 6, At. I. K . ti-i
it- u mi ii i rt. W. c .. vn
I. mi Trnn. , t hi flrle K
PI aJ N.C.Ce ....-(", i,jg do. . fioar,.".
til" oo.. . iOs'i I 'i Trie If. .. 7I'S
ll '.H 1.6a bl-, ilo 7i
ImUo.i: fo " 'i In lelund II Hi
ill i.. .. vmi lwllliiil.Kt.il 111
Ufa Cil. ;. . .. Ill -.ii N Y.A. .N.n. It. liti't
l"llll(ll ..jij H do. . ..nr
I'w OhloeV vii.i o 4mi Itevllnirl Hfi
.N V 6. '-I . .. Vi 'j 'i do,...i.g .a I ll ,
n Unit. rte.'iiT . Itf If i U.f. A V la.... 7 ' .
' Mleh. mi. ! St.. to 4ni 111. ten. It In s,
l.oahnu llr. It... n; (, i do.. I.'ot.al'.'l
liJ Ill.Cen. He . i,:i C'e.A IMn. R . V
b'ai no... nij nn . viiV .
Hf'l I'.t.. i V. 1H..II t ,rl I'll.A .t. .li.. :',
VM I'. Alton, a.f. t, lu ao
' Mur. .Mo. I. Ml tun Chi. V N. W. Pf. IHI
'i'i IViiltuiilal.l... 77 fuu do lio'.kitol.
ni lM t.w.4 ;.:... t p. i cbi. A it. 1. 1:. . -i J
I'd l.'niiilneiilil llk'ii 1 u to :n .
Ill Ilk I oiiiinon'lill.l.J 14 Pel. Ura it W.14I
til HI. Mcliolaa Ilk .1U Chi. i. Alton I'l IM
bM 4th .Nallvual HL.t.'e
artutn loatn.
l."rY r..ft.t-Wi..ltrI , l,.i l.rit I! MV
'W 1re. 7 3-lu.. .I'i nt do. ... '.",
1MJ do. . . l nr.- , pn ;rie Pf... . 74.
JH til. . oU.I'i boo I.Mullllg It .. V" ,
lmS I'.Hi. ... 1. 'i It V. 8. (. N.la. li. !'.
i"i .Irleey I'.W.I... tri PM do. .. .711'.
Kilei' Ohio A' Min . VKU Cle. t run. I!... . ,
Sl Weil t II loll Tel W 7"0 CUI. N. W. It. Mi
It't) uo... . 4M do nu'.eSn .
IHI Canton Co S km Cbl.t S.W. 11 . Co.
lo, Atlintlc VI. r. tbt 7j do (Si
1 ') II lion Wat. I' . 'J, m Cbl. A It. I. It... tr'j
i do.. . 5'ai ', .i 1'. n. W. A- C .. l"',(
I ' Ptrnilieton It. . . I I'l M'l do. 'Jo H'jJ
! N Y. Cen. It . 'Ji l'i Mil. te et. I' It., M
X.u do. 'JHwrtS f,i Mil. Met. I'. I !.. U
o N.Y. A N II. H .!!
( utile ninrkct.
Ill it'ellrtis .lime 1!. 1HCC.
,Verr.-rit', li tmt a mild eipreielon tor tbo pid
ent condition of the bevf market, trade hivlni eaf
fared one of the moat i-lloui revrnea which have
mm ir I In Ihle market for many i week, no lei i
tumble tbau Ir per lb. on ell rrailee httlngorrnned
luiniellateir on lie opining of the yarda on Mondtr.
ami what m,le the n aitir ttlll worio for on nc-amine
fict thtt n"ttl. t'l lie eoeeulttara wbo hid
tDiifht uii .'cck at lb.n -, pa'. l taorn for them the u
thin they did the prctkue crk. aud hence one prl
mrr rime of fim'e rli knee- Another lea line
reman! tilt ihtrndrlrie le lo be found In Ihe tin
lliuitlly heti r mr'.l ol itxrk now on hand, ll.ere
I elm no Icia tlun 4. '2.' I I iillorke in Ibe aale peoe at
t'.ili yai'l on the orenlnc nf the raaiket eMerda, or
tbliiyi more than ofleiod thla dn- rrt. Thn rantn of
pil.'ce to-lay la 17 tor the very I eit lolaef Illlnol.,
7 lo ;cwt. Inlloek : llilfir for f,7 rt. oo.l, 'air
d". wlillo metlam We-iern Iota ot about tt r 0 c t.
wcio frei ly cfTercd at pr.ci't ranelug from 11' to llo
ter Pi.
Coiee h Calret, Cot a villi rule ararce, with,
boeever, ivirviwiit doman ', while ralvr areiu
in.! 'lemtii'l .11 Pal'f fo- i.ir limn very teDiler e'l.,
ai.tt 13 lo 14 'or iiio belt. i,raet ctlvea ale aelling
at ir lo !! tier tiea I.
hr tmnti .Jinba Hheeo l.tte tdraacel 'ti' pi r
It,., iiit to the limited ininilv now in the pent, ami
pill re are now iiimte,! at, toV)r lb., a' rinll.iK
to iiuaJIIy. I.inititfin in iltoiit ll laat ouoted, my
troni Hi to I? e fo g hi I to poor.
loci I lu Iirara li of the inaibet elioivi n tllibt
admnre on laat luotea tulria. coin fed. lire, Nine
ipiolidat l"'.ld'.i"ialil iloilrreaed at l'i'-ll. per Hi.
'Ihe tjfplr of lle ttock durini the week argie
(ttee 7. ISA I ?. HI milch oee. 1,S. teal ealvea,
l.'.,6V ibeep and lamb', and M.-g Is twine, telag an
Incline ere. tail teek'a errlvilt of LOOS I eerei, .10
rowi, 417 calm, and adrr ran of 1,17 1 ilieep and
l,V7v boil.
liner nml (ira'rj.
Nliv Yir. li. .Innn It, IKM.
I'ttur thefieiir ntrket it Mu ct. hriter 111
rerbuehtar vo7.ai7p)! Ultra do. at ii ii a(K i .
H11 ern rura - low iridra at Ual .1111 11I10,
ai '.1 -l.t v : lua ertde.vf Canadt Kxtia, aji .:.a
91111, end u ItonuiierMne wuihern, Tin Miail7 .mi.
(. 1111.- iti wbtt' market 11 la'.'c bel'er. iflsiia
1 Vj lor ClilcuoM'ring t ri lb tor .No. .' Milwaukie
C ub, No. 1 itoat t.'x.ito arrive : S '.'ft lur While
UUbirau, and .iai, foi White Canadian.
due. la.V liwbtr. Iowa, TiaT'.'c In bondt
or, rc. 7.-'.,. 1 clt aeiieru at -c lueiort ; new do
a'l, at, j.l i.".-vr.
Corn, -line rent hiihei-. Western 11a .nil u l lelni
quo.ed at 7 liiv , ,tud lound lulled eiteiu, SlaJvi
eilern i ello . -r.
llty .ilnrLri.
Nt w- ,m, ,luoe 1, lso,
rtienulet It dad and l.i ary, u'. ooatoc lonlnp.
pine, an.! il .", lor retail bile.
Si't'.i'.AI. .MITICUS.
Mcddnrii'st bolrra Spri'llii 1 aure I'rr
trutal.ie andCtiro lor Ciiu.e'a, Cboiera Morttis
l',atib,va. iijiintcr?. uoiU'er Coinplaloia, l'alni
lu tb niouiacb aud Ujwrli, etc. Mulder J liar
ton, l'ioi'.-iclora, Troy, N. Y, o:J by all dru.
tiiti. 1.0
If people who nolt.r Irani the doll etu
rMity C't' mien ui ereryw '.ere In Spring, ind too
often In all teiioneof the year, knew how quick it
eeull te eared If lakine Avei'e Sanaparllli, to
purte the bile front tbeir tv-ieiui, we 1 ton Id 1 avi
beitei nelghbort aa well aa i.earer beada 10 deal
with. . 1 -7
Illit'umatltui, Neuralgia, 11 ul Nrrvont
limit neeiured by 1 fe do.n cf Mrlcilfe'e (ireat
It.ie nmlr Heniede It re- .JUti. 11
llr. HlrUnrll't -jrup i purrlr rgetublc'
anl .oatiine uooidati.. curenui ir lor Caolera l.S
I rrnclt Ifraatmln7 tlnttont.-l'iit on
and ken ctf in a m n , t h. an cue, without aow.
mi. .) e rt, a"n, m.-. or ,u. a me ci.i.. lull
inreutlou received trerlre eo.iLni ".Pvei ir.e.lal)
a 1 ic air ol Ibe Amer.can Iciluuit ta Mttember,
is.., fbe eaa te tun,.-a num ouogarmeut to
tu.o'bcr tu an luetant, aud, 11 tbey never null oil
nor tva.- ite cloth, tbey are tb onir reliable buticne
tor nieu and boyi' ,- otbiui. ilanoue far ladlee. Hy
I at.. leverai d.rTcrtut mi, lauleecta cbauie thrtn
in a mo.i-en', that ilirrmg the ap-irauca of ibe
r.rent to .un tattecroccialon. Arrue ul Nave
Hattcui l or thlt purtea ttie.tt. iLva-uible, ai
Ho i- can In m Intiaut le ecnanei! tu anew let,
r moved Ux clramnA or el aueed for pta'n ooveird
I u. oo wlii'a avt ir. '. 1'ur ..e ii.li, .aie or rrtai'
b' IN li WtltiLa. Se V, t . 4!0 H-otdeir, c -I
anil 1:. v. Y t?eud tur I't-n; t.ve Clreular, anJ
naie wbrie ou eat lueaive.: ueu;. tt.oir tLlt to
1 ur I 1. ail.
licrler cV MIon l.urU "titeli -cln
Mi. Uiayai.d Da ' n llai M 1 'uur. t. ..ov:
I lout? x-wIiik .'lacltlnr Company o 0119
Hlua.twaA . tJlil Uoai.. Jr.. t'.ea.aoat. Aieall
w lined. : ji
liriileta! The linproicd J.lllpllc Hook
Tax-1 n ir a ceving Ma a, -te a. i.. ;arlet, ,4U
lbuda..Vieuta waattO
.Moti'a CUcmlccI l'otnatlr rciturea gray
ha 1. ii tl e itt: bai. .e.t. ., . anJ ireai - Licwn
oid by Kaatttoa.! J Ao. Hi ne and JI dnirfeuie-Slg
The ben place ta bsy ."prlug and sum.
tcer oetnlue 01 all cetcilptuLi .4 it t u. Ilaidwiu a,
.No. 1 4 tul 71 Ilgwerr. Ibe limit aitortratat an I
IWiiiiUrcUr, ici.rtctiteu, rllut tiU, Sit
i:a riis.
fHVTJ -'in rutiite. I'm I'.'. of ronunttieii,
bovuU a. Ui it, re let t taletivn .. Inn.. ik.
luneill at i o'.,'X'i bit Wi !.,. . ., I' V . I 0' 1
the rae',1. neol her bio ber 'n i I'it.i k. v ilri
bill Kait ttli at. II
I. Y.NCII-(ln MonJar, .tune 11. Aau Msrit oal
rhlidof John and ll lia I.yaeii. int irttideblld of
John I.eoeli and Phiilp roach a.ed t ren.o b.
Ihe lur.erel will like pletn 1I1I. Welueelty
aPernoon. tl 1 o'clock, from 3IJ Mtu.eon 11. Itela
llvri and Inendi aio reepcitfally lovlted to 11
tl'iul. I'J
W Al'.t'.-On Uoadir, .tunc 11, John J. Were, erel
I. -, 1 ,w-.
II. 1. UlliennJ frien 'e of ihe tnillr ire re-P"it-fiiy
lot Hi 1 to it'inlthe 1111, ta1. trim huntr
retidenre. K. Cherry tu tbla Wax i.e. ii if n.ocn.
a' 1 'v o', io k, bru l.'t teuin nt will b taloato
Calvary Ceinetrry mr Interment. IS)
vnin: .xi'j i. sis.
."oine of lhc Itoia llai'lll of V Yoik City bia
lum.el a rorri mailon aralnet II, air I,nhorer, and
r, 11 0 to en- sly with the Urht Hour C.aum en
Saluioar, altbottib ll.e ljilaireia mo ihe,r laeiei
from I r.rf an boiii to one hour per dey for ti,e other!
da, 1 01 t'iu weak, we htt b r 'iloii that no .itr
er w.11 i 1. k or eo to work 101 time lieet until
eic'i Ii ,0 at 'hi. itrike 11 ,r'.t rii. 11 ordi r 01 the
I nl td l.tbcTcrr. . -7
NOT K K-TO ltdsS HOITSifor.lK ANT)
II thorn It far eor'ern Iht on and afar
-iturdtr. .tune inttkiite Jonrneimen lloneihotre
ill ilnp wi ra at I . 'cav . Hi- 1, r of till e ili 1. .
1 HUM HVt't I.I. I're.l. Mil. II KI. IPMAK ,
Mr. . II Ail tl.e men thtt have 1 ct itreived Ihr
deiiiaml of the Mciety are it.'tueiied twi'teiidti
luoru.iig at their Hill, IMS 1 .rat ate, et 'J oVImk
A M Mi,
ATuiiTi.-uir. .vfjf rnvisios, iTr. n.
At A.irrliiiru. timjt on t imridav 1 v nine. .1 ,u.e
lib. at illll.niti'i Hall.ivr. gen tt. an 1 7 Ii ite
All mi ml a, a aie re'.un1 cl 10 M 11 ..o, a lie e I.
bualnitict .mpoittrno to I e ti'i ul-d -o. Il, er-iit
01 the Alre I'l-.u I'A'lUlCU UKAIIk, 1'inl.
MAI.ll.N l.Q jUlttec. I ll
V? nuLUs-AN ALlDl'ltNl'l) .MliiaiNti
C of tbe WorkinarLcu ot l..,,,.)-i wi,l Iti 1.4-it
under ttm tu'pree ol the Ctiirntrre inti .loiiieri'
Lbio.., atUrmada Hall, 113 kit nie avr. Hieuk.ru,
011 Wi'dnordsj, Itine lb itlo'co-k. to giro moral
eiidmateri-u aid to tho brave men who, knownui
tbeir right., I'tie inalnlalu Hi m. lt a.i 1, no feel
au Intel eit In the eucceta of the 0 hour-' eve'.eni al
tend piinciua.K. Hi on.erol the (.ouimiMc. It. r
KAKSt .1. M. KlACItY, WM. W. VKLU. liiO.
HI nne.lt. Wtl. ML I.VKNMi:. '.'7
rpnK nil niviiuN or thk i,. i.'u.
-- Aan.'.ttlbU, will meet tbli eJn-adir. at I
ia Hall, tor lllli et and let uve. al 7 p. m. All
no i-niiiulte wtrbli.g 10 loin wilt hero to pev -Itil:
lalioii lie. Y il. lill.1.5, l'rei. 1. 1). 1111:1.11
, ere. mi.
a I't iiLir rr.Jii'LiTiVNri:-jikf.tin'i; ir
a- the rather Malhtw I.ullia' T. A. H. T. tiorlei' ,
No. 1, of Iliorklyu, I.. It. firaken-lt. 1. ilirar.
andolhera. nmrlm be Mrt. Mikol, Mlm Deter and
oiboit. Hrtti'lii,rnlriucela7lb. JoliNJMIIt
THY .liill.M.. M11M.OY. iO
lug will take place at the Hill at the 1','l'tr
Malhew !. A. II. rtoric'y No. 4. 101. Sbtr.ff. Ilmnton
aa-1 Jg atreiti.on tble Wc'neidaj ev.-o.n,', it 7.
o'clock. Mr. Itirkey will del vur in iddrci on tie
evlla nf Intenuc'tnci . H'tne ep'endld eliirin- b'
the Witi'Ie-aie. Ue. e. lllo e and Coaruey, end
oiio'te. 'Ibe puMir and the nieinb:ri are r,'iprc
lull r .tivlltd to attend iillr. I. A I M ri.'l' 5.1 I:
I'll V. Pier'. -ItlllS .iiVirV'S Prt. ee. ,' .
"a (jP.an'Ii TKMi'i.it ssi h .vir.i:n.:f;.ci
-ttt'io r. M.T. . It. forte .-, Nn. ij, u ihil- leal)
enr .,"VI et and l.'d av. 011 Hi' Wroott".y c renin,
nt o'i'Ioi k Speaking bv lohn "e',Mth in I 11
i.tlieeliet. Hltigitir be Mr.r a Kleini. rr' ,f
.t.-ien.- Cil) ,Chaa. A. ('la k, .1. Trimb e, Mre Lint
ifd utliire. I., r. WHl.ill. I'rri. ..r.ti' .11:
M A S. fc. M.COI.r. Vire. 1 5
fiVVl IIKH .M.Vnil.W T. A. I'. Mjlll-.TY,
-L Nn..of Wktllle, will I old no pjtille mee'l'g
thlt evening In eollllenre 01 Ihelr I'le Nee n-lrp
otTlodiyat llellrvur (ianlen toot of Hli it, e-i t
Hirer. Aimlreion ftJconte. JOHN fllKM.Y. l'ie
e'dent. 13
17ATIir.il MATIIKW T. A. II. S NO. T,,
A- ol Na York, will bold 1 puWIe mee lne i ti e r
tit!!, 47Mirl. llvl Hioa la jr. ih'a etr!''n-it7 P.
M. .1. IV I'.'ake, 1). Kerwin and John li'lp .11 -.
w 1.1 iodvi" il r lm-ellng. 5',r lirimee, kl.e- II. n.re
nd Mill IW Inlwtll lne. 1 he re.lrli e ell re.
Hielf t o I ii-rirnt. JAMP.H (I'ltF.ll.l.Y, Pren.
IU.VI, KllltWIN.It.S. 1 in
pATIIKU "M.VIIIKW "T." A". lirstirlKTYl
A- No 1 .lererv C te 'l'jieiili will hold a publ1,
inn-'ine at Wtehln-lon lla'b err isewark tDdJenc
a-rlli'Ca "1 'elne 1 e even oc, Jnu ' tt ti, 11 7 U
o'clock, l'rariele .1 1 a. leal er X. U. No 0, anil, I.
Thompeoa, Y. M. No I. Sew York, will addreee the
meeilnr Uliitinc by Mlit Kecntn, Par e-, I'eei.
Iliii'tii a an 1 1'there, Membera take ikhUo that c I
la'iuarlcrly lurrlliif nii'lil tor tbe e'erilm ef o.'i
cer. for the entnlni lerro. WM HF.N'Nl.Tr. Pin.
Al hTIN Mclll Oil. her p.';,
A Meeting of tbe Young Mrn'a Father Mttbrw
A. H. ctv No. '.' of New Y'nik will to lull tt t it ir
Hall, Mli ii. Lc Illli and IMh e'e, oi W 'dnfilar
iveniL2, June I.I1I1. Ur.C A I . Cidiy m,i 1,.
eutiru ot ilrooklrn will nodreee tbr mo t'nt t-l-ir-n
l llri' ". Mi' .ill. Ilyan atiu i. I lcc U imi
lejlaboio . "cliin . V. tiill t i l : rl, ;, ,11 ,IA-
J MHIOVr.KN, I'ltei. M. tlf.r.NNA.V I' W.p.
min. i:r. . ii.c.
Society. Nc. lol N. Y.. will hold a potior uie'..
ln lu their Hall th et. Weil of I'tli tie. on Wc '
needt' eten.nr, June 1.1'h it 7 , o'clock. f:eik
Iw. by Mri. Chne T. Ullli, Mr. 1'dward Ilrown',
hen., Ci mie lor it l.ar. and Mr llmmnj, r
Muilr eti 1110 C 'rnrt ! I'rot. T. I'. I ; 1-1 . 1 1 - A i
on tbe Ihilcimcr, Haojo and Huuci. be Meeett, il.u.
die. Invieind White, tjlnclnt by Mee n. M' rto,
McCulcheou, Meehtn, I-. It. Ptet, and Hd li-p . -I,
Alto be the laitn't I Min Himu.oiid. N.ll-Ua..
lu ll.e cieiiing Ihoie will lo 0 prie-utii , n ,t m
clegaut Watch aud Clitllt bv the ladlrt of the Hi
dep. to their leirected tint wonlir ei-l'rtti b ut
Mr. 1 1108. FYWS. l-llll.ll MMll-.li.Yil. ',e,.
U1KI1N Kt.K.M.S, HC-l'ie.. iiluslYANa,
Her t:y
Ol-I Il i: tiK TIIU WOUKINfS ..'OMKN--:.
No, SO While Ne c-k, . lwll.
rt) I IIF. I'l HI.lt .
Tlieclrll war which lite iteolatet our laud, and turn
co o'tr'inee htppr honiet In'o bvuaet 01 mourn ,iur, !-u.
t.to, 11 with !ireuIliirieverli.'ontl',rwnii inditan -aoticn
01 tine cll, many ot whom wore 11 tk.u
U.tt-u aumy emsia ri it 1, t at -tt 1 fmh a nt. -.
lotbi'lnvli iui'e reropen'tttoi paid lor tern tie le
dor ihe Wo-kimr Worpru'e l'loteclHe I nkin oa,v iti
orWn. Tlie Aawxiitli'ii eouiiite 01 a ton, "km ot 1
nr",rrt 1 idle, and e.'ntlri. en,wl.oaeeyniHllilribt.e
hi it rniiilr't. indaho toltui arlii rtrr tla.lr time
aud n.onev 10 promote aa inetltti'.ioti tb"t will tt-oi
rnictloal be runt to lhc aorklug women of New ark
Atung the prominent oMerte of tbe Ina'liit'lon li
thevetaiillllilorut at 1 lie 'M. a lUul. V hi i ' .e-
iiial'.mai I w-Wicl lu obtaining e-nploi tnont. ir I
to lecuie ibeui It'tiul protection agaiuet t.aud, titoof
exit me.
.1 e i.a T..t...iA .,.-.
M, V. "J" , V. IKr I,, ll.lllUU tU UMUIT
hr and apj.oriaie liuetra o: cnplo -i.irtit toi
u-n, la dii'utiueate n.t nmoecuuii .1 1'v tee-u.
t earneitl;. aptaltoall arod cU.cne, inoie e
pcr.il. i' thr ,ail , lo vilu ue lu tni iitt mmt ui ;t.
ta.ilrillou lii'iud. ,1 to itnetit and cucouiuo tl..r
on u lea u lal vr tor a livelihood.
La.nu.'a or Nt v out : ill yottnot remember thr
frii.ulku wui klnt arirl 1 Thouitnde of dollar, are rtl.
ed lor other tK'r'eiolrot purpo-tv, and nun ei.e, bo
work frequentiv tioui hail.pait eeren in ibo ,. uniiine
Ull netrly that lime in Iberienint, le Irtl toitru v'e
without tbttevuipttbi and an; port u hicu i Kkt. u, hla
laitnlte mcrcv, haa hut eM you w lib the tver .o give
Contrlbutlont to the rum!, either In maun , drv
fool", or piovliume. will te ill lly arceptnl. and r
I lent to the 1 reenter, Jt.S. UUUi. suu Ollne.
or No. r-o l ite it
It ur lily drelrej 'o al 1 the Coramltte t- tivin
eoiiiei.'rtlonet tier lime lor Hi. .-ood otbr- era, eh
w ill bo ablo to ob.a.u further lulonii.ilon l,y a.'iy;u.
10 iht . ia'. lu'ecdont, u: the roomi ol tb" I uiu , .,o'
V White etteit.
i'uno.- ti e ti o retrt that the I'nioa hit beeal
exutccri, it ba it o.a "J u noue to .M'tcuieut,
i ,,Ji i.V." ' l''',"i",''"""'t:'a. Ul li. a-ei mve
Uea adjnited, and l.iiieuiilj)eil ntrtu iegiv.ret
tbe.r uai n I,. 1 lnu ibj i..aatrMa ii-d nUia
enumrra , 1 -'i tbo .o.iottLg ll-r :
rtiavnaeiei-ea, Ner'nea.
(!W,"uk"i'' 1'u r Collirt,
Mllllaeiy, L.oakmaami:,
l.i. broidery; Copyla,
,.r,,u'',,lw' ur ciiir dead ? .Stur' Wo
wi I rilivari'etnrlijoi ue imp of Fan. m
more un bit toil 1 ta r-ot tiy, lut tt u tor u a
I.elia o: Irtiiad. Now liieiia.ea Can.; p. . ti
fron . ar-er tluicilloti.n. saeeoy a .c I!
J..1!1.' gruw etinoseiu lou at tte Sat ..mi
lialb 44lhit, bet etb and trtta area, a.e,ar
.'.?.' Uth, leU.al I. Cclk. tik..f.
Ai crio. orin:v,
AliI,S -!.U Ol KKAI.77T
xt .i i in 1 1' 'CDS i ' e' V ,
Al"' " d Iai e I'a, I'li-'u-rf, 0l
da , r.iikat 11 ' ' rk M.. , , .,
Tl. . i i-ei ai nee, 3 t r itoi ee, ,
7r.-L, mi eelltrt, well bn. t an I n-ovl, i,
pir.ug a lafe lotereit, Irtmi e ten on the
lie. .Iiill.N t. I:ur-HI.11Y. An. tu neer.
HKNltY I KI.T.MVN, AI'(T ttKl.l.s '
dti. at li it r'elck. tieek ind Uituiei fa
llwe-r llorr 17 l.tet IKlli i. Al-o a 1 t,'
lar ''Hariri f.nr ""'1 1. 1 1' - V. e. . t
1 1 lo'a tv.il'ive. Large nil Ir-t-.orio
Moiaii.Mjr. s.i.i. jami,..t ,,
V ,ct.. acer. I' it'll tnl d. .nl llut j
I "o i . the ineti. n io e, 1 pair rf i't ,.', . ,,
lot -ei "ul le iiifieit, 1 m t : ,
earrlaie. I ehililng up wacou i alio bed , .
it cm m tl le.. t.l le rl tbt. p'llow n u. ,,
ri , .. .H Hi.-, H, HII.I.IHIt. Allome. for
ga ee. 1
iJAWNiinoKlu's sAi.n nn.-.
J- JOHN rl icrtMr.!!. 1.', Itt II.' in.
lo i a iei i' crter, r othlng. till, rlr' tnr a. 1
dr, a a. rkl t. l'k and n'ber ahiwl am i
remntnt. .lo-ete, tab e el 'he ikn it, ii teadi,
b.ai ki'tl. I" otr, t' 0 I, atld other ,ie-t A 1, r..
nuriieroui to tuvn.l'ju. Hy oioer ll.M-.l.il
Ik. Kwbtli ate.
pAWNHHllKI.lt " SAI.K-Ill7i;i.""4
llllAI.AVI w U.,1, at jiiy, o'elork tliU d
1. N w Itorer-. i-.i lot men end women r t
rrni'teiti ot Mie lilk, Dierloo, deltlti" aud
dteerc. i' tti, c tiiki, tin crs.trtu tite. r
ip I i ihec e, lotti. ven pint, twin ind
ei'ltiblr tot lb J eeion. Aiwa t larr ,ji nn
wau I '! and .1' w, I. . -ld and r'lvc "tttrl,
rol,i eiiiu i, rinr. pu ., ornami'ti . 'c T e
n 1 ir-' Irv w.U I o aoi I iiHaV. hk mt'imi i
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unMialle. by f I'. 1'uaa. ol I . 'lerlni t,
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Housr..s i o:i"Ai.i:o-n oi TTTiu
lot itle. cheap. '1 lie y an tro. i 1 1 lo 1.'
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bin i. lu lliolalli tear of Ull a.-, lie oru
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A -INiI.r. IiiKiM WITH II'i'Sd1:
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le-'aat 10 aal Ta :r week. At 111 liulo,
ntar iriuil
AI'4.W Yut'N'li'MI.N l AN"lurt
. 111 "''.'''"Ih 'Oi'l a 1 1 p eutn: io.mii
tlrlair at all l.ui -.'l.t t,, tu tbe grocery mar
I u ail .1 e wee.
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ant Utuoou with laoiber rentlomin, mat i
11.1 1 Ilia' i li tt, rear buildioe, 31 Hoar, '.i
t-crlngiad Ilroome iti. I.ill tel. and a o'cl
or tue nii.t' time in the eicnli.(.
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ntiritd fiti.t at.-ior. a; jj ytt week, l'nvit. b,
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lo'Vlto'ie, l.S Fjiitonit
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Ikljbte. Appiv at o Cigiimbla ei.
J- n-oali ." ecata eab. for yeunir ilrn. a: tl.
latigiug iicu-e, 2 1 Caaal a', N. Y. A la i.l
ebti i.ej lor thcae out or itp o n tm,
. tabard and nice room, tern.1 u.-e-4i.
Jlth it, 6th boU'o cult o. a.1 lie,
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rite, no diaaiis iy aai trtoun,

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