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Ilrmerrallr rrtlfw-nlrulnllone.
In unanimity wllhvthich the Republican mem
tiers of Coagrsss supported the Van plto of re
conetruetion, Ii i umi blow to lb hi pe and ex
pec Ullona f Ibt Dctnne.ratic parly. In the vote
upon Ihel measure, the IVmorrsli e pleinlr thai
Ihey bat 0 made a mlsralcii'siion with regard In a
mattnel ruplura In tha Republican rank. Tie
agreement bslwssn Congress and Ibe AJirli U
trstlon, and therllssenslon sod discord thai for a
Jut hers bf an apparent in tha Kapubtlcan psrty,
Hmth In and out of Omgrsis, naturally led tha
Democrat to bllsv ttal a grnsrtl rupture was
cure io wear upon a final vol on the lleeon
ftrucllen qusillon. Hut Iniuad of widening
tba brsieh, tbat Tela haa subiunllslly Isslsd
1L Tba Ilirubllcsn inambara of Congress,
telih tba aicaplton of lo or three Bsnslnrr.
bow eland In enlld pbalam before the illoDiihed
Democriry. That slogt Tole throw the Deroo
erala tack to tbe position Ibe occupied a jeer
ago the! of an slmosl holeea minority. They
xnuit now eommsar anew In their elTorl to " dl
Tide and conquer" Ike Ilepubllcsn part, and tha
if ret tblnf for Ibera to do la to mc wherein tbej
failed in Ibe laat attempt. Thtjr certainly tad
very advantsgs, and but for uniklllful menaire
menl Ihey might bare eflected a permanent dlvl
ten of tbe opposing party, and once more achlared
jiobllcal aecendancy and power It le rot djUciill
to ere where tbe mlateVe wee made. In tlalr
agerneiatoaecure the Tcteeof the fifteen Southern
Slates, tba IXsnucratlc K1itlciaca eiiuuic-i tbe
champtonahlp of tbe late tab!, and by en doing
disgusted Ibe people of Ibo North who are yet
mourning Ibe loaa ol kindred aad friends who (til
at the bande of theee aaine rsbels. Tha Norllsrn
people va with the meoionei of tto late war
treeb In their mlnde are nol vindictive i but tt
needi but little discernment lo eee thai they etlll
mart under the old wounde, and thai they ere
not diepoeed ae Senator Wane ssys In kill the
fatted calf for It retuxmnj retele. aad then glee
tbem all tbe veel. Tie Ilepubllcsn pollliclana
bare meelfreted much skill In kseplnz directly in
tb mors of public opinion at the North. They
know tbal tbe numerical superiority of
aha North glees II tbe conlrot 01 the
!eeernneoltl,and hence they hare ahapal
their policy eo ae to plcia Ihla section,
without any attempt to manufacture political capi
tal al tbe South. Tha Democrata, on tho contrarya
nav attempted to eecure Houilern aupporr, and
at ibe m lime currj faeor with Hie North) but
the experiment haa proven a failure. If the llein
ratle leadere arelncllned to proBl by eiperience
they will now turn over a new leaf and ahapo
Iheir policy eo aa to eecure greater faTor at tho
Nonh. They cas already rely upon the united
support of the South, end even If tbey should In
let upon reasonable guarameee against a repeti
tion of aeceeelon, the late rebele would not ciare to
desert Ibem. In ahorl, let tha Democratic point,
clan now glee more attention to building up their
Tarty In the North, for It la here, and not In Ibe
Couth, tbal the political "objective point" Ilea.
Hail Anna A rroaunrlanlrnl.
! Aaxi, ibe old Mexican Head Centre, who
lenowln Ible city, haa Juat leeurd a manifesto lo
blf countrymen, which le remarkable only for Ite
length and the gollsmef lie tone. lie make i
atrong effort to eiplaln away hie treachery In
abandoning the Ilepublie and giilng tla support lo
Maxmiuari, but the attempt la a eignel failure, for
lie own words, ju faeor of the monarchy, aland re
corded against him. Hut he la now antloua to
"drive our oppressor beyond the ocean, lo re
Mtsblleh the Ittpubllc, and then withdraw to
private life once more." Here la a epeclmeu of hit
geitsm I
"Or reaaou of my anlsrsdrrits, of my poelllon In
the Coaservstlv party, anil even of my long all
enee from the country, I bellete myself lo t e the
one called upon lo reconcile all mini's, setting the
eiample of eubmleeion to the conetliullonal cot
eminent, ae I now alncetely do, Thus I perform
a pairtollo duty, I obey the tmpuliei cf my one
heart, and 1 satiefy tbedejlre i hundredacf Ilex
tcane who bate called me to action."
Tha patriotism of which bo epeake la all gam
moo. Inordinate ambition baa alwaya ruled blra,
and attainment of power has been hla only aim.
From mi until ISM be kept Mnirn in a alale
of almoet continual anarchy and cell war. It
waj a lucky event for that ountry when Samx
Ama waa exiled, and If he la houaal In Ida pteff.
elone of aolldlude for lie welfare, he will forever
keep outalde of Us bounds. Hit he le nol likely
lo create much of a aeusatlon now. The Liberal
parly In Uaxtco hate no confidence in him ; their
agent In tble country dlalruat him: and he nil)
probably be obliged to return lo PI. Thomas and
resume hie old amusement of training fighting
lock a.
A Warning.
We des.ra lo call tbe attention of the Hoard of
Ileallh to Ibe fact Ibat large quaniitlra ofdecayrl
and unripe fruit aro now dally brought lo tbe city,
end sold by markelmen and street-vendors. We
were yeaterday shown apiclroena ol green applea
so green tbst tba seoje were white and milky
which are aold In market, and which are con
aumel by children and Indlecreet rereons of ma.
lurer yesre. Our reporters alaj a'ate that decayed
orangee, rlnc-epplee, bananas, etc., are ti I by
whole cart-loads, and hawkej about the cily. Sow
there le no moranuful cause of dlteaao than the
cinsjiaptlonof unwholesome fruit, and itsccmi
lo us thai the Hoard of llt.llh wou.d do well to
l'Ut a aummary atop to aucb traffle. I'arenle, aleo,
bould be careful to kerp auch frulla from tha
bands of Ihel children, for nothing is more conilu.
jeelocholeiamorbua, disrrhira and dyseaury.
A l.lltlo Ite-brl I'rnyrr.
A mriiTia ot tbe Episcopal Church, In Mem.
Ohle, Teun , baa prepared a prayer on bebal: ol
Jxrr. DaTiN and has Instructed every member ol
nil congregation to repeat It "ererj nlht on
going lo bed, and every morning as nn sa ou
rise." Tho followlni le the concluding porllua ol
the prsyert
"(live to Ml Judges tenderness and compassion,
end to him a meek and furgtvln spirit UM b
thosj who have confined biin. liaiae up fnen a to
111)' aud relieve h.ra (live him the conii.iml
comfort of Tjy Holy Bp ril, and a sanctify Lit
aClicllcna that they may wurk for him an eurual
weight of gljiv, through the merits of Jesus
Chi, st cur Lord."
It Is well that Jrrr's friends In Memphis should
cive blm tbe btuel.l of tbsir prayere, but we have
t e rp.ulon Ibut lis practice will cot be generally
addled in the fjouib. The majority of the Sull.
era prople, parllcularly these who suffered pereot.
ally u a ccBjiqusnci oi faUowlag J try, lata Cie i
rtl;il't), ate prorably more Inclined lo curse him
tien In I ray 'or b'rn. We hope, hnneve', tbal
gol re'ulls may Cow from the trayeri of the
faithful -n Metiiihls, " The prayers of tbe right
eoiie at' end unto heaven," and, according to the
1 1 M-tli.xl.it hymn, "TbeYllisl slnnsr msy re
turn." There la evidently eime hop for Jirr.
I'ollnre of Hie TIhIiI Ilonr itrlle.
To tht I'.'itnr o Ihr Sun - Y. ur somn nts on
the lite nriki itilhe ei, bin d ng tisde m llcste
that you are nc. thnrnuthly acualnte'l wuh 1l
ti e fa ta beanug upon that aube I. I r rstsncr,
In jour line of Wedne idiy y-u lay that the Htia
waa deonunied f'T ila hoi. ret plhlnn. "wh.l-an
Ctber Journal winch waa uoa-riih'US twiifh io
etfiirse a mrvsnenl ti st ae ire m! de
feat recehed Ibe plaulitaof the ai.ip ierativei."
Tie ahlp-wrlKhli heM pen m'et'ne every day
during tie ilrlki, and during tl e firai eight weeks
there wai but one en, . uriiil whose terrier
canonally alt'n'led thoee meitma aud t are to
the piblie alalrmanta of our t rucrediLgs. 1'or
II el It rtiiiiol our tbanka. There win -in de
nuticlitlon ol tl.e bi-N, in.r iuytier jo'irna', at
our ueetlnga, all) o .gli u e coin ae I some ! I iem
wae well islculilel to all - rtli detvu.cialii ne
ami iinr.recaliot a loo. In Thurdaa Sti Ju
lay the enlji operil.vre at i.tire lee aie1 ILeir u'll
malum and ciibinence 1 ' .atd.liei, Now, a r, in
the reeoliilitna un 'er which Hie air ke com
menced there is notb.li; at all eald about wages,
and effnrta were n.ale rejcelcdiy by tlm men
t" terminate tl.e ilr.kc by mutual c ti-ifliD.
Thoy rnposnl l.j atra otf l.fty ' eiitip" dn j Imm
lue.r prcienl rale of wagee an I eilsblish the eit-hl
L'tura' eeteni, or . e j rouilM! by tslabliahliig
eight Lours ou old work and utcc on iiew ( lui
ti'itlnng abort or uncn.vlil.oT.al aurremler would
sillily the etiiplorers. 0. coiiree, witu II. o mer
cbsnis, iit,r,erwiirii Tld h.j.li-r slnpwruhls,
reareK tin- dreis of lu.l.ions ol ullti,
Comblnol sgaliut Ui, and ecan ely rei Tiug aur
"Up,rl f oui our lo. .own, iili .jm-n Ihrouji out
the count r; , whoee battle we nere libllng as well
as our oi wehul b. sue uinb. Yo'.r tattimntr,
Ibat the ship cirel.vie "bat but jo.r ground
upon whlil, to Justily their action," i' 31 " inoy
received an evirate of about four dollara cr day
f r tin houra' work," and that " ll.eir a.luafon
aa atreauy U-er than lhat nf tnree fourtha of
Ibe mcckauita or New Y .r.," aro evmeiitl t"
rwau.t of uot ku. mug tb cal a.tua.t. u oi t'e
ahlvrlgble. The atera-e rate o' ws,ee re-elvel
by hlpwrlgbls lor leu ours' w rk, the pteaeul
lime, le abuiit three dollere aud liitr cants a dy.
A ebi.writ-bl hue to keep : baud vuiiaiaut y
nearly oni htindreil dollsii onli of lo.'.a- lb a
necetilisica, to a irtiii.u cttent, a cvm.nual e-i-icivjlture.
Ai a bil.., tbev ibi tu I mke no re
tbau four daa on an atura, o pvr week tiirougti
out II. e ..ear, ".'ng t- l .sa "l lluir ,'ruui bad neaiu
er aud other CBiiit-a. Iheli wear ami tear ill t-ot. -tug
la greater ll.au lLl ol aa oilier tlai' ol uie-cnai.ic-,
au'l ILc.r w ik is of auch a labonoua
i-hareUer that eibt btiura ol It i- ui re exhaiiat.ng
than ten bMirs n any iber m-ci pstioii, " luu .G
opinuu," j.-u ay, "wi I lav. r no ilua ol luvu
w o iri tin ilsliel miiIi s .j.! au I ilea table poai
bona " In thai, pub w-op'uion la ngb-- but If
pui Ik oiuaiou Lt.ew ihe leal s.iuailoii ..f tbe t,en-
raltiyol iblp arpMilrrs. !l w. uld mui der tbe
i4.e.tion neitt-er liohI nor iiealraMe 1'ubli op!u
lou whs on the ahle of the tar di ivera, and what
d d II uo for tbem? The HK.r fehowe, alter a on
leal of Ilea li.an two oreka, had to a .iui.U to the r
oppreieora. Why did j.ubilc optuion .ernii thai 1
Ibe lart la, publi' opinion la ol little aoiouuliu
thle mailer of strike. It is a ahiltlug, uusiea''
thluii, at-d, like li o New V- rk preis, (.with one or
two exceptlouN) isofienrr loutnl ou the aide ol
capital ibau lalwr. Ia n not strange, Mr KdUo
that, while Ibe j neaof New York and II noklvn
lakes euch al.a lu liclura Ihe workltigmen ur'm
their de'ii-is, and to exhibit their weak iio uie.
there le no Inquiry aa tu the lotduclnf tne'im.
plojeri. Ie there nothing in tue csreer of one . f
our great. m abipbiid-leia a mlll.nnalre-who
travaia over the loimtr, lo Hjitoo, I'hiUdcloh.s,
Ualiliuore end other cil.es. .uitmg ihe cip
i.aliaia aiainet wurkiimeii wor'h
tl.e attention of put II,: npiu.oti T Hurelr,
!ir' ".", T'"t'oa ! of .ny imm.,
the public, bnih aidta oti.-hl to lo tj,minri ,nj
JuJt men! pronounced on one aa weil a. otner,
Had Ihe mailer ajipwrighta i eau wise, tbey won d
have aett.ed the qucel.ou ur el.-ui i.oure uow. Ai
II le, II la only oitpujed, Ibe men aro uol iii
louraged, alttough tuay Ihtc auiialunl a cona.d
eralla loie. Iht lUbl houra ibey are deienuined
to have, and Ihe employer" mUht aa wrll try to
eiop thu molloti ul inn rartii, aa to prevent laia
abiidgmeiilnf Ihe houra of I at or. You' s iggea
lion, Mr. Ulllor, resp.tiii,; saisll il.ticiata and
tbe management ol our I'uioi.e, ihouh uouutleas
wsll lueabl, ate unueoaaaiy au lar aa our rnc cy
lacoLierked. No man tn uir our ihJy who
does not earu hia linug iy bonrei lilor.
K.spwuully, A ciiir CaaniTca.
ItsuiKi The writer of the above communi
cation alatea hia vicwe intelligibly aud eourtoms
ly, an I we thero.'ore briefly Uut.ce hie leading
statement. When tbe strike of tbe ship oners
lives wss insugursled, we ma e it a point to
gather all tbe facts lu the raie, aud tociiefully
weigh the circumitancea presented on lioili sidee
of the question. Our correiondeut is mulakeu in
the assumption thsl e were not fully informed of
the merite ..f the strike, for we tnske It a (ir. tally
lo k eep fully Inlorme 1 on all matters affecting tho
Inlersvts of lalior. Tbe result of our elimination
of the laaue In question coav.ncol ill that the
irlke coulil nol be auccceiful. Tbo ihlp opera
lives were compsrstively we'l paid; ihey orked
no bsrdsr or no longer than Ibe avrr
s;e of mecbsnlcs, sn I they ha.1 a piwenul
lntluanre to mutead agalnil when tbey attempted
10 enforce their demands by s strike. Wo looko 1
al the situation from sn unprejudiced standpoint,
sltbougb snlmsted with a gsneril desire to
Ihe interest of labor advanced. I'd ling rouSdeul
tbat lo sinks woul I onlv snuii a severs Ion ttpou
Ihe opersllvss, e csudl ily told Ihein a an 1 for
that Ibe Et M has t ern denounce 1, nol by the "hip
wrtghta as a lly, perhapN but by prjn.itiint
members cf their orgssust.oa. With reganl lo
lhewaiso' ship niieratlvei we aald that they
avcragsd four dollars a day. our airrsipondenl
makss uotnsnl'ou of " extrst" In his aiatimrn ,
and tail accounts for the ductrnaacy btrca
our ststement in I till. Tbo Insinuation thai
the 6l"v has ftvored the aide of capital
iu the rs.il lesue, is hsrd y worthy of refutation.
11 ths St V s advo. icy of the Interests of Isbor for
more thsn talrty years Is nol evidence euough of
Us ileidfsl friendship for ths laboring nun, the a
vre must let the caie goby de'ault. We wi.all
like to at o the houra of labir ouitslled ; r-ewoill
like to see the i-oiujiniitlra cf Isbcr lotrriwl i
but we netirlbeleKi feel con'trslned to ciutUu
work.ngmen against a curie that ue believe Is
enre to bo dclnmeatal tolbero. Tasl Impulse Isd
lo our course con-ernJug lbs late airike, and we
are wilting thai work.n-inm should decile for
tl-emiclves whether the rcaalt bss not JusSed tbe
loettiou wc took.
Tnr Coiistltnliunrtl tun uiluicnt.
Wi puliilsb lu lull, U-tow, the proprul Uomt'
tut oual Amend nest at 11 has panel ui..i II jjxis
of Cougress. The Tblrl Sict.on wn e-jbituu-ed
by ibe Seaa'.c tor that her by tht II use orl j n
ally protcl a sweeping diefranohleement of all
T.U, hav.ng ouce anrorn (ealty lo Ihe United
Ftatea. eve tterr"er voluntary all to t.'e rebel,
lion. This Is now wbol'y given up I end the ex
rluatou troiii i ffl -e i reic ibed luslei 1 n. ,v at any
Ciouien. I.o a'.i n ltl by .. i-o ibir. a v.nc of CjIi
greis Tlie to.'ow ng s ttc Amendment :
Joint 'leadufion propoitng an Amtnimtnt to
tht tonilif rmn 0 the t'n ttd M.it-s.
RtMltd, 1 y ibe bensle ..! II mse of Herrisec
tauvei 01 Ibe I mtrd i.alai 01 Ann-rlca, ta Cougr aa
aiiMi.l.liil.iorm of bvlli lU.Mi WttJurnov.
Tbst the folliwltg Artlele Y preftidl to lb
L-glilMure of tbe srrsl Sia'ei, ai sn nmendrr.ent
10 tbe Consmullor. of the United Siale', which,
when ratified by tbree-f urihe of a!d Ijlalaturea,
tbsll is vi.d sspsrt of the Co-istlttttlon, asmelyl
Auticli , asorioi 1. All perso-ie boru or
na-.urslired In ILe I nlled glaies and subject to the
Jnnwllctlon thereo'. ere elllre is ef the United
Stalls and of tbe Stale where.n they reside. No
Stile ehall make or en oree an laws wb ' h al.all
at n-le Ihe .nvlle.'rs or immunities of citlfta of
Ibe I n tcl lsiee, nor ihsll any Slate dej rive any
person r,f Ills, liberty or 1 ."leu, without due pro
cess of Isw, nor ileuy to sn- ersoa wlimn Its
Juried" lion Ihe iqusl prnterll'-n of In-lswe.
San. 2, Itrprepenlitlvre Dial be aior1lone'l
among ihe isveral stales according lo Ihdr re
apeitive nunilers cr.uutmg the whole number of
Ifii.mi In eseh Stat . rxc, tiding Indiana nol
Kxe-I, II it whenever Ibe right 10 vote at any
election for electora ol I'reei lent and Vice I'rrai
denl. or lor I mioa Blatel rwntillvee lu Cou
grew, exet Hue 01 Jutii-te) o"l ei. or Ibe mem
lers of the I.egl-Isture Itere. f, H den ed lo any of
Ibe male mbsbiianie oi such Stile. 1-e.ng twenty
one yenrs of sge and utirena ol Ite I'nlttd Slilea,
rr In any way uhrluted, except 'or lurllcipatlo ,11
rbr!Iiuu or olnrr crlii.e, the b.a.e of repie-en.a-tion
therein aball be reduicl In Ihe rr jiortion
which the n-mlier of male 1 1 lieu aall Loir to
Ibe whole uitolxr of male t.11 11 tweulj-uue
ycire I age ill jch Sjile.
rft 3. NoLeiaoueOall be a Sen itor or Itepr'
letiiB'ivem Omgrrsi, orele--tr.r ot l'r'a dent or
V11 I'reslueiii, or hltl any office, civil or luultaiy,
under Ihe tnll-il Stale', or UDder any Slate, w.kj.
Laving previously taken au oaiii as .1 member ot
Congress, or as u b l.cer of Hie I jui-U siaust or
as a mem' ei ol all) Mate Irgteletu r, or aa an et
tul.ve or ludicial otlKer ot any Stale to eu torl
the Couitltmion of the Lnlle-I b'atoi, aball have
uwateu lu Insurrection or relrd-u aga'nil 1 ,e
tame, or g.vcn a d and cumlort lo the eueni o
tlirieoli but Cmgreia ins, hy a vole of two
tu.Ms .f es '1 II, me, remove u, 11 diaibility,
Su:. I. lie vsltdlly of theUbiic debt of the
l'uiiei Stiles, aulli r.el by li, Including debia
luutiriM for tl.e w luent 01 liensious snd Ihiiiii
t es 1. r aomtea u buj'prrislng iiisurrerlloii o, re
"l ion aha'lnoilie iioa.ioutJl bill utltLir lu
United Blatea Lor any S ate ah II aaiume ur pa
any dlh oniniigat.oii luoiirred m a.l 01 iusiUioj
loj or reUllion vgaluat Ihe l.nllrtl alatea, 0 any
cla.m for the lo4s ..r 1 mantipattou of auy elavrt
but ill -non .lebta, oi hgat.oui end tlaiins (ball le
beid l.li.-.l an 1 v Id.
r'ltiunlar .ulclilr of n l.nily.
Lift nljbt aloul six o'utoi k, siys the Syruuir,
N. Y., JocBvaL of Wedn.aday, a resident of ibis
tlly. Mr. Mo'eley rtturnel from his work ami
fouud Mrs. 41. lying on tbe lounge, who aikid
blm to reatl in her, which lie d d, ebe loti.ctilBg at
asvcral i sgrapbs. Bte finally told Llm to go
and en his supper, which wss on the laMe In an
utber room, reu.nrking "that Lei would find anme
of Ihe uic si bread he ever aie," nud then lbro-v.
lug ber haudkerc ,ef over her face, turned over,
remarking thai "aha waa tired and ilrcpy Mr.
M ae'i enton reading, ami in a few moments a
Mrs. li'twi, wholiv s acron Ihe hall 111 Iho raise
I lock, came In with a while walat wlicu Mrs.
Moieley bail aaked her lo "do ti " fur br as elie
waa washing, aud swing Mr. Moaeler, tnl I him
that there waa lira. Moaaisy'awalit, and Mr. Moie
ley repl el that ahe was aa!ee,he gi.eaacu, tut
tbat he would wake her, and slipped to the loungs
and lilted lb. bsndkercnief froo. r cr is o, and Itn
medlataly new thai aoniellung was ihe miliar wuh
her, isbsr eyee were open and turned beck lis
immedistely wsul lor the ph) slclsn, who a.lnilnia
lered tbe proper antidotes, but without relief lo
the au l!rer. One of Ihe Irtends on looking a-out
Ihe room dlecnvrred the following letter lying of en
on a elaad, w,lh a panel, sever! riugr, and a
tbltnbl lying ou lit
'Tre'Dir, I' M
ntm Ilrinasn I will write a lew toriia la
rrg-rd tn w. al 1 an, about to do I tike i Imn
became I m tired of living. Tell tbe public It la
ni named by Ill-treatment, for you luvo alwava
I em very k nd to ii,e. I atiempted the aame
thlufttvenlyeira teiore 1 wu married, but was
dtscovsrtd una saved, md I luvo always blamed
tbem for uol lel.iug me d e then. It Is ussleis lor
C rouir Kid.ua to make auy rxamlsatlos, for tSIs
will prove lhat I killed myaelf with my eyee opo
aud In Ibe lu'l eujoymcuiu. my aeni-m and mil
a ao prove what I hate alwaya aald, tbal I am not
fra.d 10 .I.e. Iwantyot to ae.. 1 my mother all
uiy tlothea, aud rcmetuOrr, 'tu my uylng requeit,
thai you ahnll alji help Lrr aa long aa you bate
auytuing Ull lo divide give tier what ;ou wouL.
have xlvaii ine Lai I lived. I ihi uld have oone
1U11 long aince, but lor her 11 has trail my con
stant study tor the past year. IM uol mourn lor
me, 1 love ju both and uo uot wta.i lo maku you
treble, but I am so tired 01 lite I ciuuol bo hsppy
myself nor mske others sround me. I ilull uko
b.iy live ciata' worth of morpnint I oil I', II. J
"Mrs. Mtr MoaibtT.
T. 8.Keep tn two or three nights crruln.
Spmd my biue veil over my iscr, but a aheet.
It la twenty minutet of alx, and I took I ftvu 11. in
utca ago. UouJ by, darltug. Don'l forget to beip
" I sm nol eorry nor irlt.niece1 the lesit, though
I know I am dying. I)j wlut j .u iblna bist with
my rlngi ind -r.uk, 11. It memUr, I aln;a
lo ed vou. L 'V to fnanda."
Tbta eiplaioeu Ibe illness of Mrs. and U.S.
Searle ami Urrcer were a'a csllti!, tut tbe Urge
ds auu ieu lit of lime II bed teeu taken, pie
vented all etlorla to onrcomo tbs ctlecls ol the
IJi and alia died about eletea o'clock tail
u.ghl. Mrs. M ii a, id about incut Ittoir
three yeara. and haa been married nearly Ihrre
yeari. Shewaia ncman oi excellent q lalltlea,
anddirmgyeslerdav ahe was e aged lu aolic.t.
tug 'u'.'acr.pllubs 10 aid a poor w imau in purcLas
iUs a s.tlbg msibmi, snu co'lecieit , which the
haudeu to lue ncman for whom 11 ws imenc.su.
n' e nailed aud drr.el beraeil with acrui u oua
re teiore taki .g ibo laul lotniu, una ircrncr
cumi'snie. muir have riitc i ite rlnt pin 01 I:. a
letter prior to lakiu Ibo i sot, la ibe two letttr
liortioita of the letter were nlnvsrj nrly,
ajow.ns that ahe wis undsr the in.iusine ot ihe
r ,. M i. U. wis a r-p.ritualisi, ana lel.riej
I at ehecoult be ntsei.1 wiio ber huebau 1 in
splnl as sl as In body, snd Ibis msy hste li,
" ' '" the 1, Mv , rot, w uh lea to the sad 4lt.
I innurlul News, .'Ir.rltcLi, A.r.
Xnr 1'sft, Tnu. idjr,Jmwli, uy.J.n.e (en.
eral otock niartcl has been tulet to da . end without
chime, ol lt.po.taace. t.overnmema wero (in,
tioldoped at Hi', auitclwed all IT the hleteil
quotation was 117'.. The loan mtrket n eitreuirly
cu iliac pir ceal. 011 call lln miicellxneoui col
laterals, snd si 4 or 5 en fovernrrentr. Tbo tllacouot
rain tor ebpiovcd bills ranfed fnm .1'saOO:.
cbinse, bankers' st Uu dsyi on Ixinorn wu quote 1 it
1 t. oa'Cksois to-dsy cemmen irsjei 01 l.our
'! c. loee , alula rood grstiei ruled f.rin. l'rluie
WLttl waa rcirce, and lc. a Jc. hither while con
luon wss dull sud declininr. Com ens seller and
ic blvtier. Oili arie s liU ra-icr. Tort mi
iteadi. Ilief wa quiet. La-d n ti-tii Wnikij
wai dull.
totk aura rutin itotm..
VJoro l9 f,,'si,ri,.llllV M Ivl.t IIuJ.C. Ul
i. l.b. i-so'... tcj'i '.'"J rprura Inn Coal i'j
KIWui) uo. 'M.ivt-a 1 Co.. .. 1
TUVU rlo... v.r, Vrt, vii MaH.l'i . , -ji '
lb"0 no 'oJ.HMVj m We.t Union Tel
ko 1 .-.w, 'icLISiS Urn to HVCt'l
HWl..:i,10- '...04 1 M an 1, IU. ts...riTS
It u do., .'lualt. Vi.'4 b u . U11. K. .
llaa) Ties, U-P....1 h 111 no. . lli ,u'.('
I." vd-loibj i I) Clc. i iol. I.... 1 4 ,
do. . ..W loj . 1 11 tto 11.
'-4-II no llio, I I Chi. at K. I. K. . Ill
oUI Oc. . ..na.i l 'i , Jgo no HI ,a'Jl
3 ! T ' 1. ii, '. ... iij 1, fine u,
1" -.k. t.. oi, 'To.. !! ,!o., . .'.jVaoui,
t').. uo i, Uric n .as!
IcVi N.c.e, . .. . s.i.s m ,0 .... TiJ
7 t" l-'oi ltea.lii. It in'.
1 u Uo.C T'JW 1 11 tio I V .
oii'i ubio.v M.n 1 .11.1 1 lll.fea. U i
la-w.iu fi. eo in ,io lil'uii-.jw
u MUu. -0. .0 .l.. VJ - "t. d 1 uta. It., ti ,
fru Cbi.. N.W. 1 -I ylk uo... 1' tax's
1'" l". "it Cli.lol a. I .11 ..lit
i' ' r. I t.W.i L. . -o 'i.m.a. ii.i;. .tj
ft Ilk t.ou.u.oa'lth W iicCbl.&.N W.l'l u
T ten. .Nai.onal rl.lciiVt 4Si do.. SV'.aift I
M I'arn liana Uo oi I. It. W & C... Hit
i 41b .National ll.lua it) so 'jt,
'ii Ua, IVv.'i
1 - - - - - - -
ari-oin sb , ,
iwr.s.na,t.sci. m 410 s.v cenn.. ;t
?SKO do. V 1"7V, pm -,: !5
14"0f.S.H.IMCs. 1l Mil. SI. I E.. tl
a-nTrra IJ-lc... I(k Mi l.ne rt. Jf
4oT0 do l,fl'i I"1 do ja'i
WiChl.'N.W.li.'. T9 V 0 M.S.. la.lt. I
1124th National Ha. HaV Ml do.. . . T8J1
STOWcat Union Tel. 5ot p" 1 1, ten. B. . 151W
inn do... .sit', stilt UH.aj . W.K. n-S
r. ' Ilosion Wst I' 49 5r0Chl.atrv.rr.rf to
an no. 4311914 in do-- ' 4
1'jO Chi. A: It. I. II. ill'.
holt-Mis I'rlera of C'osintrT i!rsUr.
Tui wnav r.viaiso. Jnnn 14. Is.
The market! lor prodnee cenerallr have in'e'l
falrlv active thmiiehnui ihe week now .Irawlne to
elo, but In price, we bve bad '-flniliWab'e laid:
noee, eeeiallr In hfeidituffi, owlne to the va-rilla.
ineonreof Ihe eild market. Flour. eitf-lallr tne
o vra-lei of staio and Weitern, haa iccumutstrd,
and bo'dere have eonieiaenlly teen fc reed to a "let
up." and we ennnquenliy chanee onr o,tiotatinna fo r
rommcn eradei of -late to the eiient of Hoc to e I jo
per Mil., and ililpplncOhla I n.Vt p r b bl. firain. of
ire InlTlornnalitle. alo I'lowa a derlin ol 4tn6
while eholee lui advanced. 1 he recrlrts of I r,,,!
itulTi ai tbii tort for ihe wrek ending. lune II. wai
Hour, V.fM! ViMi. Wheal. Iti.1 qra. torn, Mr,
It'Aqra. In the market under mure tmmedlite te
rlew. tattler rmia n extierelr Irrr-rnlir, luth in
airwily snd p-leei, and si trl'm fluciuale allure 1
h'iurlr,'iiotlen. given blo, mint net be tsketi
ariuirtri. Kess hare le.i wnrketl iipptciiycloMlf,
and hoiden of ihe I mited rurp X on hand have
advanced price I .V bcrdor. Yrtelablea aiastn.
ailv lower, except for old rotMot., which still rule
l.l.h. I'ruita aro cen Ing iu uullo lili rally, eipec
tally maw rerrrlei, which brine (rem 7 to fit per
la.lei, or .0 lo&c per quart, with a few ftn. r at
Slim -r quart. Chrrrl'i Mum New ,lrev k II at
I:, lo -.Sc per lb., and tooiel errlcs at J3 Ii ri
. . .nwcaornttira.
nrsrrearid Su.i'x New York Slate-
lie-Ill ptlla. II... .40, H ttihi, lb SCj-lT
Statr.Wrian tut Ot..H3iWi stem KsM.rie.i r.Jca.
ir.w enssss
- tile, firfory l'a'M , Ulne tifle. eon. . . ..1 aV.
o cc.71. to s'd. ltsIS fsnu liairv ifltm
Oranjr.flatiki'md.. 6eJ Con. Kn. dairy, prlsaiu
M"ff'!.. ai.laciton Whiles. .4 Ortit ih
each H.os1ibl.4TAaAii lleimu.lvi s-
llurkejes. tbl. . - -alio l.lianc.tnr.i -a -
raean ain ririrn rnrir.
Arrlei, prime. .., isiaiiiiiiuOMeh'rieveom ..-aim
fU (toncso do rrtioe....-a .
I mi ion . ..Vft-w.il 111 fried apples. . lsa:l
JJ'ii-J -s- lllckorv n.its.litii;T.'.l 'W
Rai. tiajijer.nw -.tl 10 Currants, per lb ..I. ,11
lla ilui. uli, ,lc a;, TilCiiron. becborn, do-Ssva
nrir.eerr rorivnt iin naur.
!??'!. : 'aim ilie.e tsalfl
thlrkV llucka Co...KX3(inurkcyi SOanS
S.deney.per dor aST.Uertern -"B
.' i6.V"ttu,b...v4tati
., , "aatiaa ar risrnTsasTaai.M.
I'arsnlpe. I W. s Onloni.whlbbl. -s-
lluj. lurul,, bl sJui Catbajie., Id)
iiulona.ri.lbbl a -trine ren -a-
Spiua.-h, bbl. . . rj.iua.hea. a'r. M.'Jtia3i4l
-brouia.l,bl Aiiraui. dot . ...ulU)
hubaiMnu .. t'ucuinliera. 1KI ..-1 latlJ
e i. Jo 1 loc ... .mo, roniBiosa, box ilsl w
liutsbajaa, bid
Beef, foieqoar'ers.UaiaitiMaitoo Ilal4
" h iidqusriarslttlt Heel,r-rib ls3l
Ijeeifidee . . lailfi I'otk . . ..I'Sifr'
.li:;iAIi AOTK'KS.
"What Can I Do Host r Urn Mumble
Into ron? pur.uiti, snd wane half Ihelr life iu s
tniMl ajsinitdluppolntmcnt and lillure. Every
man of common mine cm do somethlnf iiieful, and
tc mcceuful If he find tb rlbt place. I'hreoolofr
ihouid lo coniulled. Written ehuti. with advlc
elven dally by I'owler and k Weill, SJ Broadway,
New York, ?j
li-rler V l!eonl.ock sTiirh MivTiti
Machine and llntlon llolo Machine, fl.i Itroadwar.iM
AnlonlihlnR. Tboutat Cohen ur No. 0
Nortn 61I1 1 . W illlaniihnrr h. who had the rheuma
nam for U yesrs, and baa walked on cruichea for ill
montni. tiai lieen ri stored to prftrt health be a law
Uoieiof Meteallr's men Itheiiroatlc Itemed)-, He
Is willing to cobtiim this itatenieni on oath, if re
quired. jca
llnnn .-evrlnv tlnrhlor Company. .o uli5
nrodar. N t. Ulaa lloac, Jr., I'luaiaonl, Areata
wauled. -j 4
Removal -The Improved Klllptle Hook
IJock-S'lcti Sewing Maehlnei-A. II. Suplee. Mj
llroadway.Aenta wanted. 32
.Holt's Clieinlral I'omndc rratorrs amy
hair. Ii ihe te.t h air reitorer and oniilna known
rold br Kushton.lu Asiorllonsr,anil sll armelisJ19
The brat place la bay Spring and Sam.
mer eiothlneotalldaicrlptloni 11 at V H. llaldwln'a,
o. Tuand ,21lowerr. Ihe latent aiiottment aad
rlote in the city, and orlcei lei. I'lea.e call. 314
MKUTINF STlTiniN(IO-Al Monnl Vernon, on
Tu'dar. done Ii. bv Ihe Itev. lleorr (iiduiau. .1. II.
II 'rune, ot New York, lu harsh Jennie, deuxbt'-r of
Iboinn K. r-lur-binci. of Mount Vernon. Ho
rtOMAN In tbla rllv, on the 13th mil, Mrs, He
tecei ; Ihinan, sxrd 9 yeari.
The relatlvra and trlrmla of the family are rc-
reetfnlly invited to attend tbo funeral, from the
reildence ot bar tfrandeoo, Cbarlei Urower, o.t ildo
ot lxlncton ave, Sd door north ef din it, 03 Krldsy
allernoon, .luao 15, st 1 o'clock. MT
MOOIilV-On Wednrdir. Jnne lSih, after a lln
serliiK lilnesi, which he here with Chrlitlan lortl
luile, Jauira Meore. ainl in vetra. a native of Iho
I'arlah of I.n'an, Co I itiMIn, Ireland.
rbe relailiei and ItlenJiot the family Me mprct
lull Inrlied to attend the lunerak Irom hla Isle
tefidence, A l'esrl si, on I'rlday stternoon, Jnne 15,
st 2 o'clock. Iiublln ilrrlend) papers jlesis cop.'ioi
KTUnNU-Oa WoilociJaj-, Juno 13, l'atrirk
Sircnx, acel 00 yean.
'Ihe rriatlv ei nud f. lends of the family are reipert
fullv .nvued to attend Ihe lunewl, troiu hlilatoieib
deuce 4 Jackaon it. Friday allernoon. at t o'cls. VII
ilioie r-blp raintera' Aiwciatlon will te held on
1'ridtv even ne, June tie th, at NO tait Itroae
way IV b'ir.sIMMli.NS, I'ten. P. CII.NN11KS,
a.m nien'i I bloa will iskn plaie Ibis evenluc. st
toT lloaory. All delecaiei are requeued to attend,
si biuii.e.i ol iinpo lance wl.l le trimicleJ. Tho
I'te dtin.ot all orKaulxailoni in ihritr and vicin
ii are a'so invltril loaituid. JOHN l.KIH, "res.
VM. T. I.OYH. I'.ee. See'y. in
t v ot 1T1 front it sreon a ilrlso ou account il re
duod nol tbepilcs on ilavana anlnedot llavaria
le.a a. The 11 au w -.1 p t aie lake nonce, and nni ga
theie for work unilt our ueiuaud la compiled wim.
1'. A 11 Alt I'MANN, tec. iU
N- 01l('K-rrHil.S ltUl!x.lll)hl, AM)
a I ilcm 11 mi) rot rrn- lhat on snd si ir
.-at udv . June ltl-lt, the Joirjc-inen llc.reihotrs
will i'op work al I o'-lo a. It,- nr-et rf the --o, n 1, ,
si-c, lt)
'po Tin: M.vsrr.K mamins ok thk
-a-eiteclNow Yeik ou ire rtiprcrlallt-liniiad
to attend a locoting of the niaiter ms.obi, to It) hrld
at 51 l.ileri) it alll.el.i I. vn- locmi. on i ii u, ,
.luao 11, mji1,! '2 o'ciock, I. M., io tie.r the reimrt
ol the Loiuuiittee on imminence. JAMLS lb itjl.ill,
Uiaiimau. 1). III.IIIIKU I ,ei c. lw,
yi:KiNOMi:i's union-a nr.fiULAi:
vv I. in 1 tnuii 1 rny nve'in 0. lb- atove wnit
te d it ii. 11.. Uoiliu II ul, 1.0I llj.r y, on thu Til-da.-
eveuinr. al a I'liicr, l'uncln-l .u rndaiirr Is
tequcitei. JOHN HIlAU, 1'iti. W 1: IXnYH,
lt tc-. wj
mcii:i v .Aoj'iciis.
r AUIE-S' TATHKirMATHnv T. A. n. SO-J-Sci'iy,
No. S, ol YorkvilW, will bold a public rati t
inii itila I rlaay evtmng, at T.'t 1'. M.. a. tneir II, 11,
corner eCth 11. ant Ul ate. eakiux br air. I)
Laiuton. Siuciiieby Mi.i Ko nan, Mr. Ml.l. ani
Mr. Murtha. JOll.S MOitltlsu.N, 1'res. M i.
I Allllhl.l,, Sec. 1 1
J AI)IUs rAimn;MAlHl'.Y 1. A II.
oc,ey, Sc. ii, will hit a fublic ueeilnx oir. 01
.:.t it. and -d ate. ihia avcn.ui. a- T t - 'v ock
.Kakiui by Mr. 1'. Larkiu. Mr. Lirr and Mr. I.an
ton. lleeliation by Mr. Laikin. Jr. binding by
Menri. Urn, alcGovrn, John Carroll and Mlsi l or.
Mu.lo by Mssior lllcsty. i'K'IKK CI ItUY, l-rcit,
JUlWidiiUiV, YKO. JAD. UWJl gee Ho
Nocurrv -oxh;ks.
nvwAKi) iTTiiK wonnTA (,vksq
J-7, Tsmperaneo meetlne thli evenioc, p .
IstherMatbewl.A. II, No. S, st Ihelr ne. hi 4- i
'. and Uroadwsy. Spaaklne Mr Crowlet s: 1 1 i 'i
leiainp. Hineine-Mlne' Mntnt, CarMlL M i,,n'ia
snd (I'Vahonc, Mta-en. I ole. lllnn, tin in. k. le,
HMiarrar, Urklni and ethen. (.1.0 W lqVUJ
Kt IT. l'reit.- JOHN s. Hll.r.Y. Kre Se- I
ynrNf .MKN'S IA1 inn: .matiimVF
. V '.' Borlete. No. 3, Nw York A ir. ul me.i.
Iii 'olthiiseelelr will be htld Ihli Krldiy erenu's
at their ball 7. frince it lTinetnal site,,, , , JJ
the niemlieri u leiu etsd. ss busineu of irr.rortai '
Is 10 I n lrnniaclr-1. Memlieri will also coiue l tT
puedtorettie lor Ihelr roiieeit tlrketa and . 7,
'"'VTs. sle""S "' n KNV Ir'"' l-l',UD
: : "
AiiCi'HM torici:s.
A M. CHISTALAR, Al'lTII, WIM, ski.i.
tlili dar. .lune 15th. IWI, ai lot, o', o k,
1M Ilowerr. cor frlaner it. a Isrce Hock of ... ,ni
nlver watches, b weirr. sum. pi. tola, mu-icai i-.
Irunienta, etc. Ilr order ot COI1KS A 1,1, -
I'r CAItU' Pawn' rokere, tirand st lietp, t,.
jsic 1, a taree and ipieudld iMoriment of dumo 4
Jelry and wa'chei, comprising ilnelo i'.,nr J
clu'ler dlsmond ii. brsceleti, bmirnte, pmi. m.ii
eintuei.cieins lueklia, etc. A lure lot 01 i,,,,
lilliunlf, one untie Hone welshlne 1', karat a I
one 4 ktiata, and a iarte lot ol oi r ;nn ,nno
numrroui te mention. A to tn d I uri'int 1 ate t an 4
iletached levels, 1 chionometeri. laiiet e'lainelel
watch. 1, etc, etc, to which Ibe attentloo of the trad
Is invited. lj.j
A-SAMl"i:ir"WVNN7Al'CllI, '.'? NUVf
-i-a-Cheiulreit. i.l on Siturda; . it 11 t. 1 11
4-To Itrmiiwar, nock, r.tiarea, ittonwill snd lrsi,ii
anpy.l.randdinineealoun. If not sold In .ins lot
will be nil Jn imall lots. J
Ae.llSKI'H Mel.t-lnP. Auetn 11-er, oibee,
11U Nanaii etierl will led llilimr, at 11 o'clock, 1 In
cook in, cf ths billiard laloon and banoonn. I; j
OT Slslh avenne, coniiitlnx ot blnlard table, tills
1 ues. chslrs. 4e. Alio linjllih al runip,roiintrir,
"i'.K'' "A"'. "" 4c- l,r ordorofAlUI nT Uk
IIKK.NS, Maiihal, 1
l iHJUOllrV,- ALCilO.NKVJt; Will
J'A-a ell thu day, 10', o'r.oel. at laleimon . II
Milan 11, areneral aiioittnrct of rarlor. cli-rahfi
m l dluin.-tn-in (tirultiirit, cirimla, ioUi, c islrs ou
trsai, wsshitindi, l-.ute-ili, mains., t,, loantia
warjiotoi, i4e- and inanicl mlrron, ilslu ita.nia
alsebr. i 1 et s cout.ie naiueM, 1 sen llriuco.
ks. lis
ITO'nHiAliEj.SAU-K.llll.I), .n rit.,
I1I.W1II i-II ihi, dai stio t'c.'Ck, at 00. 1 Jstuai
Flip, cor Cherry it, a lot of counters, tat i i, errn t
llsura, kn.ven. loiks. stc HyordrotM iitinl.Y
Alicrjey tor Mortureo. iM
pAWNlllifiKF.K'S PAI.E07 MKN'S Cctr
f- lue Ihlidiy, lo JOll.S Mill.. lUI'.l.. 1.. KiH
Irwdaa.ol in lota ot f.ock. bunrnia and
costi-, I ,sek and fancr cairitnara patua ai-dveiti,
;.ioo,e utlllli, blsnkell, Louis, iboei, ke Ihi. nil
Ii well woithr the alteniion ol tl.e trade. Ily ordet
of II. CHUN (isial'bCAIIE;, UK.randat U.
Ai-ll will, ell at to New llnwery. ti
1 'o'clock, S O loia ofmra fine cloth and Uave
over oil 1, blirk eloih andean mere iiotx md tin,
ne s coaia, doeikm and cawimcre isntilcoiii aa)
vtit-, ami si lo'e.eck a fin ai.ortmi nt i.t cold am
allrer watcier, rlulnr, plai, rloia. opera ela.io. md
otner va uablo soorli. wsll wonhr the .lientiinf
dealrriandunen. ily order ol M. lllCKIIhlMIir.
Utillneiesi, nt
jjAW.Niii:okT:fs.su'iit l-ai.i. 7'.uiim
-t- baring conls pawned hern are requene-1 to tski
ihim cut without lurtlier notice, iu 1 mie 10 em
1-o.it.iioncf tl.e plrceouthelotliof.liu. In tin
meiut.uie 1 wlilieil my kitrhrnsnd ptilor furniiuie
caiptii, Ac, by privste isle. Ihe hut .lie on luti
d;. 19th. II. 1 IKI.l), Auct'r. .MAI.ONKiKI I.LY
oi-i ptcond are. . ;t
ii 11 i:u.m AlTwiLThKLiri ins i iXy.Ti
t-Je 11H o'clock, sl li Itowcry, itocx snd t'.ituio, 0
a billiard saloon, i full ilte billiard ublci, ham am
ruts complete, oak cane teal chairs and atooli. II, w
ta'iifi and wiibitinri., mm whlikey, iplrila in.
essri: alio tbe entire nilnrei ot a meat ihop, com
prliiucraur, reuntrr, btotka, toois, d:c. A. I.ll'l'
MAN, City nautili. 1.4
--I'nb.lc I'ouud sih st, bet 4ih ana ith eves 1
team of dirk brown llonei 1 wluio itaia on tbe lore,
bead . one blind ot eye, on dune loth. lN,fl .,14
wm. wirfKiss, Am., si:i.L-niiil
v day at 2 o'clock, st 4154 Canil el, the lurnliurs
a:e ot a larse toardlnx-hoase, 49 caiicti, 4'i ted
eadi. matttaiieh beddine, chlua, (lui, illverwata
and eerjthlu for hcuickeeplo?. Ob
iiicsi:s. iiiciAtii":.s. Ac
years old. l'rlo it,i.iio. Addrera W. I Ui
MO Sun office. sn
A(iOOI) TlttK'K OK CAKT'liniiSK KOf
iilo st UDWsit i!6'h it. Lumber Yard. It
-autJ, al !U4 I'earl it. Ily A. tllMJENK.N
DAI. ti
nf "'nl1' on, bind. luch aisT'xeri'.lmtchen'
milk, baksri', snd expreii, light or heavy, or 10 cir
rr any kind cf load. Kerry article aa.-rsnteds
reprtientsd. STEWAUT3 wsnon lictorr.t.M 11
nesr llrondwar 4,1
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Tobeiecn at 41 I'm .1. 4,
T70K SALE-A "IIAV HllKSF. lii.jllan
hlfb, Tjean old, warranted lound ana kind It
all barntia, lultibl for sny kind of beat, work
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err Stable. 4th av. bel. .Till and i-tb it.. ,i 1
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-L -1 lorret. 1 pay -ther are 10 10 ltc mails bith
4 Ii 1 rrm old. Ju.t Horn Ihe country, in
talkere.iii for carl, truck, or any hearr work. 1.
einc.i. Warranted aouud and kind, luboirena
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-L old, lo Hindi hub. 1 und and kind, iU. Hat
bone, I, bsudi, 6 yrar. round and kind, 111 10
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d-'i 19
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tut, :iui k. o. any kin. 1 ot wo.k. Call et -.'.! Lr.ii
19tii 1 , In thu grocery itore, till sold. Co
f -' 101 TASll'ItE" IN NEW .IKK.se Y
J Lcotenlint to tba city. Teuua ft - r month
piyiUe In advance. Aiplr at lac oilice ot I'ountyl
t a.ua Toil Co., 1001 tl Hit st, N li. z
TJoi:!'; HAKMs AND I.XI'KtsS YvacT
-X--X on fn salaclcip. Appl) at uca .l.uJ, coi .c
s . iud etili sre.
T 1 bine truck or wat'ou, wuh tin. ex rt tatci
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and b.ruwi. ,H-y earl - in. a uiuiuins' 10 v m
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CS)I A-S"Y '!,i"r IXI'Kls." Of.
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na.1 wr.ton, f I , 1 n I (oi cotbitei. lot c a s
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.SAVl.X.S H.V.S)3ar. '
1,-KA.NKLIN .sTviNliS HANK. full, (il
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JJI , I'or te't and maoliix. SASH 1 1. .. tv'
llk.l'ieai. .1 AS. f Cii A AU, III. i.s, c
59 lloa ery, cor. 01 ' a i-l at. Imrreii on all aaioutm
irom Unto Mrs Ibounad Dollais. Moieyd.pos
Itcitoiv wUl(Uiwiaitj.-n,ai juu . 'jji

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