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I." " ; 1 1
'j fflK sMttfe gftm. j
ICj IrMliI Deepitchel to Tbe ban.
Bj WAiiimoTOx, Not. I.
1 1 ArrAtltS IS KIW ORf-RAXS.
I ' P(rlches receive J to.day from New Orleani
I' llie President ind Secretary of Wir re present af
fair at quiet In that city, and no further trouble It
apprehended. A strong military fore U In rradl-
eae to luppress any outbreak ihould anything occur
t an Ihe diy of election.
1 Attorney-General F.varls bid a protracted In
1 lerTlew villi ttio President to-dsy relative to affair
! In the Southern States. It li nnderttood tbit the
President maintains that dome oilier commanders
besides (Jen Reynolds hue traniccnied their an
K aborlty.
' The italement that Speaker Colfai wai mar
ried on TucsJsy al Ashtabula to Mitt Wade li promt.
tore. A letter received from that gentleman a few
dan sgo contalna an announcement to tin effect that
the hippy event will not take place until abant the
I middle of December.
V rntraittxa roa jot-tirtCATiorr.
i There are about half a dozen Democrats In Ihia
tit who profeM to Delicto that Seymour and Illalr
will be elected. Tlifj are prertrlug for a fraud
olMCcatlon tomorrow night.
prodabli ncMovAL or or.x. nsrxoiDi,
It la antiouticcil a.-nii-olBcLlly that order n 111
le Issuodoo Wednesday by the President, removing
TT" flen. Reynolds from command of the Dlstrht of
' I'ciaa, aa lila coarse does not meet Mr. Johnson's
I spprovsl,
1 criAROKn with KtMArrixo.
I I,at Saturday night Wm. Towers, of this elly,
' Wss trrcttcd at hit residence ly Dernty Msrsh'al
I'helps, on a warrant Issued by the t'nlieil States
Iilslilct Court f r the dlt.rlet or Mlchlgau, on the
Mth of August tit, and handed over lo J. J Park
hurst, Deputy t'nlted Stalra Mirabil for the dlftrlct
of Micblzau. The variant was liiued to the Mar
thai of this dlitrlct, ami commindcd Mm to arrest
he aald Toner, and deliver him lutii the euitody or
lie llsrshsl fro in Michigan. Ton era, upon brine;
arrested, asked the privilege of giving hall,
r time to iuo out a rlt of AaViw
soniw, both of which requests were denied.
nd he wai placed In a hack and conveyed
by Parkhuril to Hladontburg, when he took the
train which I'avrs there at !:. 1' M In the mean
' time Judge Wylle was Informed of what wss trana.
t plrlnx, and pioeecdcd In person to find Farkhurst
and Mr. Towers, InorJer that the facit arid legality
I hf the emit imrht be Inquired Int , ind, upon tto
I affidavit and petition of John N. Oliver, Issued a writ
' ethab'iU norjuj; but ai the parths hi d taken con
veyance for ll'ajcni'ii.r , the writ eoud nut be
aerted. Uniting II la to he the true cindl
lion of aUaira, Judse Wylle tthen tela
V phed to tbe Chief of Police of Haiti
b re. In aubatance, that an oa'rago had been com
. pilt'ed upon cne of the moat rrarectable cltlieni In
Washington, and to arreat I'arkhurat upon tla ar
htil there. I'pon thla information, the Deputy Mar
ahal of the Pol.ce arretted I'arkhurat aa anon ea the
train arrlrrd, lie waa held there until yesterday
noon, awa'tlng fu ther adtlcea from here. Yratrr
(ay mornlac. Depnty Marthal Phillips proceeded to
lliltlmore, when I'arkhurat turrendrred Towrra Into
tls custody, aod waa hlmsell discharged. Phillips,
Kith Towers, returned to tbe elte last etenlny, and
rent Immediately to Jndge Wylle'a houae, when
Towers wta dlaehargcd nnder a writ of habtat
or""; he Judge holJInj that the writ
under which the airrst waa made was
Illegal and void This arrest waa In pursuance of an
Indictment found against Thomas, on HorJalo, and
Dthers, fur fraud committed on the Post Omce I)e
firlinenl. Tirrs and Iwooibeia were arrested on
lie 3d of Btptembcr upon the time Indictment and
rilsehmed An affidavit was made yesterday tie
fore Judge Wylle charging I'arkhurat with the crime
ef kldnaiplrg, and the Judge Issued a warrant for
lila arrest, but II w ae not encutoj because I'arkhurat
I, bad left Baltimore. It It probable that the clffn-
stances or this arrest will be brought before the
tlrand Jury ot Its neat rt aslon, and the parlies culpa
iU be dealt with according to law,
rATHixT or xorauDia ptrtDixni.
Warrants for 23,735,882.60 In coin iaaed the
Treasury Department to-day, and were arnl to earl-
sua points to pay the matured semi-annual Interest
an the registered and coupon fltctneuty bond
nblch fell due on the lit Inst.
IMr. King, counsel for Ulmstcad, llio Post Office
defaulter, In a nute to your eorretpondrut, takra si
ceptlon to the rlespilch of Thurada), whlrli aald that
Olmalead left tbe city lo arold Implicating high olB
clsls In collusion with Lira, and now threatens to ci
IHise them, Mr King disclaims any such Intention
oh the part of Otmstead, and aaya that as soon as his
" health la auClrlently restored (Jlmstesd will outer
s actltcly upon thcbuintas of settling his accounts,
andtlat his rotations with the Department will bo
Sloaed with honor to hlmtclf and without lose to the
Mr. Krarls lms astlgned W. V, Pcddrick to act
as chief clerk in the Atlornr) Oenrrnl'a oDce durlue
the absence ol Mr. Pleasants. Mr. Erarta lift for
New York to-nljlit, ao as lo sole there to-morrow.
Tho public debt alalemrnl will probably not be
rublltbed till Pilday cr barurday, full returns from
Various aourcea not having been received.
'. Albert Head, Collector ol Internal Kercnue for
the Slith Ion a District, haa tender ed his resignation.
More Indian Ouiraam-A Train Thrown from
tho Truck.
' Rt. I.oi'H, Kov. 2. Au Omaha despatch aava i
"Tbe Indians displaced a rail of the t'nion PaclCc
Ilallroad, near Hllney, on Saturday, by which a
freight tram waa thrown from the track and the Bre
Disn killed. The wrecking train going West waa
Dbllged to return In eouseiiurnee of the appearance
of a large body or Indians. The troops from Korla
Mcl'hrraun and ltursell have been sent lo protect the
railroad men. AH was quiet at tho last accounts."
St Murder.
1 WoiciiTtn, Nor. 2. In Milford, on Saturday
eight, while a party of young Irish people were celc-
1 bratlng All Hallow Eve, with gamea usual on that
I 1 occasion, two young rlrls went Into a neighboring
I i Held to procure a cabbage, and were Ored upon by
I m the owner Iljrtholomew O'Donnell a man about A3
years of age: ami Miss Uildget Murray, ot Uoslon,
m was killed, the ball passlur through her head, eaus-
J Ing death In one hour. u'Donuell, when arrested,
3 had on a large cavalry sabre. A large navy revolver,
B with two barrels discharged, was found at bis house.
He sprearcd perfectly unconcerned and indifferent
P about the matlrr,
I Tho Coroner's Inrjueat, held on Sunday morning,
7 ajteea with the above (acts.
Tbe Merchant' Siellonnl Ilanle Hull In
' 1 Iloalon.
Bostom, Mass., Nov. 2. In the ault of " Tire
Merchants' Nslloual Bank ngt, The State National
Dank," originating In the late State atreet Irregulari
ties, Judy e Clifford to-day read the opinion of the
Circuit Court. lie decided that the act of June, ISM,
ondcr which the Natloual Hanks were created, con
1 fcrred no authority on cashiers of banka to certify
checks, and that the powerto certify checka for third
partlea was not inherent In the duties anperta iilnsr to
caaMera. He alto held that the seventeenth br-lavr
of ll.e State Hank, which declared the duties of the
coahler, did not confer any power on auch omcera to
certify checks of third paitlee; and, In addition,
there appeared to be no question lhat tl e Nitional
Hanks generally could not certify checks. The Court,
In view of these things, directed the Jury to give a
serdlct for the Stale Hank. 1 he coonsrl lor the Mcr
chints' Dank Immediately riled exceptions, aod the
case will go to the United Stales buprcme Court for
final adjudication.
" Mnrlnn Dlanatere.
Tout Rowah, Canada, Nor. 2. The achooner
ii Scandinavian, from Chicago to Oswego, with twelve
thousand buahela of wheat, went ashore offthla place
on Saturday, and aa nk In tw elve feet of w ater. The
crew and the wife of the captain took refuge In the
rigging, and remained there until yesterday, when
'they were rescued In an eihausted condition.
Boston, Nov. 9. The steamer Neptune, at this
'Tvort from New York, reporta that thla morning, In
the bay, ebe fell In with the sloop llitty Marston.of
and from New Hcdford, for Plymouth, Masa. She
liad sprung a leak, and asnk to the water a edge.
C'apt. Thraaher and Ills sou were drowned.
Port Coluorxr, Canada, Nor. 2. The captain
of the schooner Oraee Whitney reports passing a
unken Teasel off Port Hum ell on buuday murulng.
'Three men wers clinging to the mast head, but he
could render no assistance, owing to the gale and
lilgh aeaa. The captain of the Mountaineer reports
eelng a large black barn water-logged, about forty
rollea touthwest of Ionz Point. 'oar or live men
were on the quarter-deck, lie endeirored for two
Tinura to rescue thrni, but his efforts were In vain,
lie alto taw another sunken vessel with a man on
hoard, lo whom, us In the case or the others. It
was Impossible to extend help. The captain of the
ehoouer Height Guards reports two bargee Ibe
JKmplre and Cleveland supposed to be loaded with
lumber, water-logged In the middle of the lake. He
could see no persona on board, These captains asy
that on Friday nnd Saturday they lind the heaviest
vtather they ever eipcrlenced. About ono dozen
tcsscIs arrived hero to-day, all more or less dam-tcd.
ThnuUaeiltliiK In New llniupslilre.
CoxcottD, N. II.. Nor. 2. The Governor of this
O'aU hat appointed Nov. 23 as adaof IhauktshUic
-1 "
The Nntnratlaatlen Frnuds In Phllndetphla,
PttlLADRLrniA, Nor. 2. Judge Ilea, In Court
of nlrt prtut this morning, delivered an opinion In
the natnrsllialloncs.es, dosing at follows i " Under
this slate of facta I come lo but one conelualon-that
the whole Issue of naturalisation certlneatrt It by a
nlil prim frank of the Suprtma Court, contrary lo aa
act of Congress, contrary to an act of the Assembly,
and should be rejected at the polls; and I make the
following ordert
''And now, November second, eighteen hundred and
slstr. eight, u it ordered that no more aliens be nat
urallieJ In this Court."
Thla decision will exclude from the polls to mor
row a majority of tie votea cast on fraudulent nat
uralisation papere at the October election.
Judge Read, In hit declson, alluded to the Indict,
menls found by the Orsnd Jury on Saturdsy against
persons holding high official ttttlont In alster titles,
for coming to this city and toting, and mad the fol
lowing remarka : "I bare been Informed tnat It Is the
Intention of bodies of men, organlied In the cities of
New York and llaltlmore, to come to this city on
to-morrow to lllegslly vote. I desire lo warn these
people, la my capacltr as ei officio Justice of ihe
Peace and as Judge of the highest criminal Court In
the Commonwealth, thai If they arc delected in such
violation of the law, they will be punished to Ihe lull
eaten! of the law. I may add that I have resided In
thla city, of which I am a native, for seventy-one
I ears, and I never before heard of auch outrageous
conduct aa that practised at the rleitlon held on the
IStli of October laat, and. with the gentlemen or the
Urand Jury, I nnlte In calling upon our Peal citizens,
without rr?..rd to party, to aid la preventing a re
petition of these scenes,"
A card puMI-hed by (Jforge II. Hlddl", Esq., and
eight other Democratic members of Ihe bar, etprres.
ea the opinion that It Is Ihe undoubted duty of elec
tion offlrera, when a certificate of naturalisation la
presented haelng a Prothonotary'a signature end
seat of tho Court, to rrrrlv such pspr; and that
any election offeer rejecting eueh pnper subjects
hlrnicir to an action for damages, and the peril of a
cilni.nsl prosecution.
Ihe city Is s.ry quiet Ibis evening. The politicians
are cngnicU In folding tickets fur to morrow, and uo
meetings are bring held. There la adecpfcrllog
pervading all claa.es which will call out a he avy sole,
and Ihe polls will be crowded at au early hour lo the
A Democratic meeting was hel.1 this evening at
headquarter, corner of Ninth and Arch streets.
Cot fare, the Chairman, announced tl at the new
District-Attorney would Issue a prorlsmallnn an
nouncing that he would havo arrcatcd all election
oncers revising lo rcrrlvo votes on naturalliallon
pspera Issued by tho Supreme Court. A series of
resolutions was passed calling for lh Impeachment
of Judge lb nd, and advising all persons nalnralitrd
by the Supremo Curt lo dctoill their totes, not
withstanding his decision.
Mot rmenla of llnT.Ne) moot Arrlvnl Home,
HcttANrox, Pa.. Nor. 2. tlor. .Seymour spoke
for forty minutes Ibis morning, from the steps of the
Forest House, to about Ms) people. Ills rrcritlon
was Informs!, and there was but llttlt cicltement.
He led at IMS lor Ureal Heod.
Outui lltxD, Pa., Nov. 3,-Clov. Peymour has
Just finished his last c .inpalgn spech from undir
lh porch of the Susquehanna Valley House.
Uiica, N. V., Nor. 8,-Oot. Hcjmoiir, who
left Wllkcsbarrt, Prnn., this morning and passed
through bcranloa, Hioghamton, and other towns,
where nu waa greeted will, outpourings of the
people, srrlved home In a special train at
o'clock this evening, lis wits received
by thousands of his fellow-cltltens, and
amid the blaring of bonfires, the firing of
roman candles and the music ol bands, waa escorted
to his hsadqnsrtcra at Ihe llutlerfkld Houae. II
was called nut and raids au eloquent and feeling ac
knowledgment of the kindness of his neighbors and
friends. A brier speech was also mad by the Hon.
Francis Kernan, who has accompanied (Jur. bc)iuour
throughout kia Western tour.
Mecllnga lu Counrcllcnt.
IlAUTronn, Conn., Nor. 2. Gen. Joseph It.
Hauler addressed an Immcuse audience at Allyn Hall,
la toll city, this evening. It was the largest Repub
lican meeting of th campalin. lie spoke over two
hours, and was frequently Interrupted with applause
and cheers. He waa followed by J, U. II u hour, after
which the meeting adjourned. There waa great en
tbuelasm, Nw Hatix, Conn.. Nor. 2. Senator Wilson
of Massachusetts addressed a great Republican
gathering here to-night.
The Crempnlcn In Oeorgln.
AcauiTA, (J a., Nor, 2. Kvcrjtlilug Is quiet
and orderly.
Satanxah, (la., Nor. t.-Doth parties claim that
they will hire a majority to morrow lu the election.
Canvassing Is progressing quietly.
The weather is cold, and there was a slight frott
last night. Wind nurlhwret.
lloth Pnrrlr Aellvo In Alrebnnm.
MoNioomar, Ala., Nor, 2, The Lelalalure
met to-day. There waa no quorum prcacntlnthe
Upper IIout,aud they adjnnrned until to morrow.
Doth parties are showing great activity. The
streets of the city are crowded with negroes from
the country, a great many of whom are minor.
Thectectlou law foiblds, under pain of fine and Im
prisonment, auy challenging of voles In this State.
Mllllnrr Arrnnermeuls In Memphis, Tenn,
MtMi'iiu, Tenn., Nor. 2. Tbe excitement In
regard to the election still runs high. One wing of
Ihe Republican parly charge dpt. Sears, the Com
missioner of lteilttratlon, with using bis office to de
feat Mr. Munn.
A Itrre number of negroes have arrived In the city
during yesterday uud to day
Five companiet of the rWoud Infantry arrived
here thla morning, which, t" her with the present
force ou duty her and the heavy police force, will be
amply sufficient to keep tho peace.
xui: Huvru.
Polities tend Crime In Arkansn.
St. Louis, Nor. 2. Five desperadoes were
hanged near Ollmer on Friday by a Vigilance Com
mittee, A despatch to the Jlrpulllcan ssys i The counties
In which Qor, Clayton btt declared registration In
valid arc largely Democratic, and especially affect
three Congressional districts. They embrace about
oue-slith of the rrglstrstion of the Slate. They
were estimated to give C.OUO Democratic majority.
The sssasalnatlun of Congressman Hinds was the
result of a private difficulty The Democrats uni
versally condemn the act.
A llelgn ofTerror In I.oulslnuaw
The following despatch from the Republican
Btate Committee of Louisiana waa received by the
Union Republican National Committee In thla city on
New OnLriss, Oct. SO, ISM.
7o A Xational liti&hcun Commt'iu:
The Republican State Commlttco of Loulslsna, In
behalf or Ihe loyal people or the Mate, represent to
the great North and West that a rrlyn of terror has
been Inaugurated by the Democracy throughout the
State. Hundreds ol Republicans have been killed:
ltr publican residences, churches, schonlhouses. and
pi Inline offices are being aacked; the flai(s and na
tures orrlub roome destroyed; reglttrution renin
cates of Republicans taken by armed bands. Demo
cratic secret orranlratlnna, press aud party, ar In
resistance to the lawa, and advlao the overthrow of
tbe State Government,
nenrrnl .Nrss by Telegraph.
Fort JIoxroi, Va., Nor. 2. Ocn. Seymour
err Wed her to day.
IlurrALo, Nor. 8. Ole Olson, a aallor on the
bark T. C. King, was drowned on Sunday aa the Tee
tel waa entering this port.
IIoston, Maes., Nor. 2. A northern atonn with
small squalls prevslls. The mercury lu tbe thermom
eter Indicates 40 degress.
fir. Louis, Ho., Not. 2. The United Rtales
Court made an order to-day for the sale of the Steam
artlrrat Republic, agaluat which quite a .number of
deota arc standing.
IIojtox, Nor. 2. A seizure of smuggled goods
wasmsdshereon Saturday, consisting of two nun
dred cases or gin, brandy, and wine, tour tcven
quarter casks of brandy and two pipes or gin.
IIarrisboro, l'a Nor. 2.-A man named Geo.
Harinsn.of Mt. Joy, to-day, whl e Intojlcatod and
aeeklng an Interview with tlor. Heavy, fell over the
balusters on the stairway eading lo too Kijcut re
Chamber and auttalned Injurlca Iroin which he died
wilbln an hour,
St. Louis, Not. 2. A Denrcr despatch eavt:
"Mr. Weir, the Commissioner sent by Napoleon to
eiamlne tho Colorado mines, has organized a French
company, with UaJ.UU) capital, to tulld a tralmway
from the coal beds. In view or lurnlshlng cheap ruel
for the smelling worla. He also agrees lo construct
gaa works here within ninety days.
I'utLADiLruiA, Nor. 2. District Attorney Mann
Erescnled tho certificate) or hla tiircesanr, Furman
heppard, In the Court or Common Pleas to-day wl o
was sworn In. The Judi'". in taking leave of Mr.
Mann, each made very eomp imentary remarka at to
tbe ability and energy disp.ayed In bis care.er as Dis
trict Attorney.
A Cnitt3TiiAi Stort. Mr, John Hrougham,
the popular actor, eccentric manager, and prolific
author, In addition to preparing several original
Plays for Us new theatre which It soon to be opened.
Is also tnguzed m on u Christinas story. Iheflild
la clear for him this rsr to far as we have i heard, is
Mr. Dickens will hot Btlle a t(,r' fcr Cbrlttmaj.
ronmax iHTr.i.Liaiiscn.
timet Itrllnln.
Loxpox, Not. 2. The llritlsh florernmenl de
clines to recognize the rights claimed by the llndson's
Hay Company In the territory between Csnada and
the Pacific coast.
Loxnox, Nor. 2. The Standard (o-dar stales
thst the formal dissolution of Parliament will be an
nouned on the 11th Inst.
Screral shocks of earthquake hire been distinctly
fell recently In the western counties nf Englsad and
I'llnre Alfred has left Plymouth In Her Majesty's
steamship Oslstea on a voyage around the world.
Mapiip, Nor. 2. A decree will aeon bo issued
making a reduction In Ihe numbers of the stsndlng
Dissensions hire broken out among the members
of the Democratic party.
IIataxa, Not. 2. The Government has re
ceived Information, which Is published In Ihe Goctta,
which stslca that several skirmishes had taken place
between the troops and tho Insurrectionists, In all of
which the troop, were successful. All the disturb
ances hsve been confined to the locality In which
they first broke out, and the number of revolution
ists Is diminishing. The troops jjad etorn-cd the
town of Hlcana, and defeated the Insurrectionists,
causing them to flee,
Tho General commanding the Oriental Department
reports that Col. (Julros had met and defeated the
Insu-gents between tho tonus of Ilslre and Jlgnanl,
killing thirteen of their number and capturing many
arms aud horses,
Maurip, Not. 2 Krcnlng. The Provisional
Government has Issue.! a decree sanctioning the
holding of public meetings In places where tbe peo
ple have rronounrrd for the Government.
Tho city of Barcelona desires to proclaim Espartcro
Klrg of Spain, lu case the Cortra should pronounco
for a monarchy.
Frit lire,
Paris, Not. 2. The Monittvr of to day edilo
rlally reminds the Journals which have been In the
habit of rritlclsln: Ihe Government that such a course
Is forbidden.
Loxpox, Nor. 2. Tho rloU which occurred in
Rotterdam on Saturday were not of u political char
acter. A quarrel trot" between tho rlllrens snd tho
police. Tho latter were overpowered, when troops
were sent from the Ihzne to rrsloro outer. A sever
contest ensued In the streets between the troop and
the people. Threo men were killed, and shouts
hundred w onnded. Up to tils morning slit)- arreata
of parlies tmp.lcated In the riot bad been trade.
The city Is now quiet under the guardianship of the
lluller on (Irani.
Tho following letter from (Jen. Duller has just
been published I
Hat Vliw, S'eta I.txtSTtLii, Masa., I
Arnrsr 3, lxrj. (
Mr little Stai I have read your letter lo Mr. Smith
npein the proiKised nomtnsllnu nf tlrant, with much lu
trrrst. Its criticisms on eirsnt's career are Jeisl, tun
what will you do You cannot get It orinllhtng else
concerning Grant thai Is not latnlatory published. And
why? Ileeanse both sides are rtinrllnir him fur the Pre
sidency, and so llictlulh limit not he tol.l. near,!
fer,to try the experiment agslnthst we did witn John
sop, I.e., nomlnsts a man for supposvd avslliMllty with
out knowluc his ptlneipies or fitness. Ilraut's election
will tie a misfortune, because It will pnl In a man svlth
out a hes.l or heart t Indifferent to human aurrerlug and
Impotent to goveiu. I am youra truly,
" nr-NjAtfiN r uii'leii.
W. Joxas.Nreuah, Wis.
II res.
Ix Jtmir Citt. A fire occurred at e) A. M.
yeatrrday morning In the drog mills of Hllller dt
Son. Ill Hudson street, Jersey City. The tire was
speedily and effectually put out, but the damage, II
la said, will amount to tl.UiJ ; fully Insured. The
cause of Ihe fire I unknown. Durante building,
adjoining, waa damaged by water to the amount of
Ix Finr-sicoxD Strut. Earlr Teslcnlar
morning, at 117 West Plfty-second street, Involi Ing a
loss of about f 3,U)0. The fire oris, lusted on tho first
floor, occupied by Charles Williams as a rectifying
dlsllllcry, aud supposed to have originated from a
defective kerosene amp, which wns left alight when
tho store was closed at 0 P. M. Loas, fGuu: not In
sured. The second floor wss occupied by Mrs, 1111
debrand, Damage, HOd; Insured for fSOO. The re
maining upver floors by poor families, who lose their
ill, being uninsured. Tho bulldlug Is under tho
agency of W. Wrsl, Hroidwsy and Fifty eerenth
street, and Is dsniaged about I,M). The Ore ei
teuded to 115, owned and prtlr occupied by Caro
line Ruhrickner. Loss on dwelling and furulturr,
11,(10; Insured for 1 1, MO. First floor, occupied by
Joaeph Henry, butcher: damage, no Insur
ance. No. 11U waa also slightly damaged by water.
AKOTJiEit i:kovii Aitim.y Arr.un.
A llusbeind Returns niter Terr-nlysla Yenrn'
Absence-lies Find bis Wile Married,
('Delia anil llrrelve her at lbe Ago or
fyomtht Kne Albany (tint.) CommircM.
Thursday morning tho aiildects of this sketch
passed through this city on their way from Putnam
county, Indiana, to their home In Lincoln county,
Kentucky, and from a gentleman who talked with
them, we have obtained the following romantic atory:
In 1941 John Elliot left hla horn and hla wife, who
had born him eleven children, In Putnam county,
this Slate, suddenly and In passion at aome slight
misunderstanding that had occurred between them.
He gave his family no Intimation of hla departure
previous to leaving, and they never heard of him
tgsln until after th lanse of twenty-sia years.
The wife believed her husband dead, and after two
years' waiting she gave him up aa lost to her forever,
and married a respectable citizen of the county,
named Ballon, and has resided happily enough wills
htm near Cloverdale ever since, until laat week. It
waa then that the first tidings ot supposed deceased
butbaud were received by her.
It waa In thla wise lhat these tidings reached her.
A letter came to her through the hand of a person
who was a stranger. This letter set furth lhat U she
would visit a little town several miles distant from
Clorerdale she would meet an old and very dear
friend, and urged her not to omit making the visit
at a crrlaln time. The letter Impressed her strange.
ly, snd she concluded to visit the towu named, at the
ocelgnalcd time, and did ao.
What was her surprise on entering the bouse
where the meeting waa appointed, to meet her first
husband. Twcutr-six years had passed, and time
had left Ita Impress upon the man, yet she recognized
him at once, and throw herself Into hla arms; fur
nolle Ithslandlng she waa now alxty-elght yean of
ige, the light of her Orat cholco warmed tho loving
pulses of her heart, and broke open the fountain
of her affections that bad been ao long acaled up
She threw her anna about hla neck, klsacd his
wrinkled check, aud wept like a glil, the tears of
The husband'a heart was also melted Into tender
ness, and he embraced his aged but long deserted
wife, with all the fervor ofa young and ardent lover,
Tho pist waa talked over, tho sudden disappearance,
long absence, and continued silence ol the husband
eapislned, and then and Ihcre it waa agreed lhat they
would spend the remnant or their lives together.
The woman returned to her home In Cloverdale.
She explained to her second husband all that had
happened, and told him that she Mt It her duly to
go with the first husband, from whom she had been
ao long separated. The second husband, Ballou, wai
loth to content, but the woman wai unchangeable In
her determination, and he waa compelled to ac-
iuleaeo. Their worldly effects were divided, and on
londay Inst ths old ladr left Cloverdalu to telolu her
husbtnd In the little village where the meeting took
rlace, and Thursday they pasted through this city on
lirlr wty lo Kentucky,
When the husband left home he wandered off to
Kentucky, where he remained until the California
fold discoveries created such in cicltement In 1BI9,
I wss seized with the gold fever, and left for th
rich placers on the Pacific coatt. There be worked
aod saved hla earnlnga until he had accumulated tome
forty thoutind dollari. With thli he returned to
Kentucky, purchased and stocked a farm In Lincoln
county, and haa bcn living on It ever since laG'J.
Hsvlug accumulated eonsldcrsble wealth, he It now
prepared to comfortably care for ber whom he to
cruelly dcierteti twenty-ilx yeaia ago, and to give
"a good tttrt In the world" to the children the
bore him four of whom are yet living, and bare
Plumes Travelluv Five Mile an Hour.
Tho Ortaonlan girci the following account of
the forctt tlret In that State,:
"A correspondent at Martin's Illnff, W. T., lends
us the following Information concerning the destruc
tive fires lu tho woods on the north sldo of the lu
lumhla river. Tbe tiro Is mora destructive, snd ex
tends over a larger arcalhan was tier Ik fore known.
On Ihe morning of 11, o 11th. as the family of our cor
respondent Hero silling down to breakfast, neigh
bor rushed In and Informed Iheui that tho Dro wai
rapidly ippioachlng the dwelling,
Leaving their breakfast untouched, they ran for a
Llace bl safely, and were barely In time to escape
ting cut oil from retreat by the lire. They reached
tho usldciice of Mr. Martlnon the bluff. Ihe wools
for miles iiround tho residence of Mr. Martin wrre a
mass of flames. Men, women, and children all wen,
to work with a will lo sail' Ihe buildlogi. Hie mill
nd o'her buddings belonging to Mr. Martin took
fire groat many tlmest one of tho buildings had a
iarge holg buined In tho roof, and It waa only by the
most strenuous efforts that anything was saved.
I'll, fir ii ran through the orchard am burned uearin
all Ihe fences on the place. Mr. Juslh-r, whose place
Is nearly half a mile Irom lhat of Mr Merlin, lost
everything hit house, fence, crops, and everything
Completely awcrt away.
The telegraph line Is burned down for mites, ind
In some places the w!rr have been melted for seve
ral fret by the heat. The wind created by the fire
tors up fruit trees by their roots, Dr 11 ,rko lo-t
ome fences, and had the hardest kind or work lo
ssve his buildings, I learn that O I,nehtd lo aet
up all night and walch hit houses, Ae Mr. l.cwlt
Mlller'a place In the timber is all burnt up nils,
fences, houses, Ac John Bogartha had a bard Urn
to lave hit place. The fire travelled at the rate of at
leatt fire miles an hour for a lime In the timber. The
lire Is still raglnr, and there Is no telling ihe amount
of damage It will do, The roads are OlU'd with rallen
timber. The wind carried large pieces ol bark full
one mile; leaves, Ac, were carried lor at least three
F.apected ITetnrn of I.lvlnjstone
n Ihi Killer oflhi London Times.
Stat I am happy to mile known to the pnbllo
that letters which I hare Just rerr ved from Dr.
Kirk, ol Zanilbar, dated August 11 and ), Inform
me that he had received, through an Arab messen
ger, abort letters from Dr. Llvlncstone, written at
Marungu and Cazem be, placet which lie to the S. and
S. S. W. of Lake Tsn;sn)lka.
As lhee brier tellers were written In the months
of Orloticr and December of 107, we have now oh
lalned Intelligence which satisfactorily accounts for
the delays thst hsve occurred since l.e winte to my
self and others from a mora southern latitude In lh
month of February, 1K17.
II appears thsl Livingstone has heenllvlng during
three months with friendly Arabs and waiting for
the close or a native war before proceeding on his
wny In VJiJI. and he told the Arab messenger thst
alter exploring I.sao Tanganyika he Intended In re
turn to Zanzibar, This Is the first nnnowneement
from himself that he Inlrndod lo quit Africa by II at
ronte, and It confirms tbe atiggestlon I mad loig
ago lo thellnval Geographical Society, as slated In
lh 71wnf Oct. 1.
Tho letters of Dr Kirk sre eery comforting, Inas
much as they make rlcsrty known to us that provis
ions, medietnes, letters, and Inrnrmatlon had been
sent In Inert Llitngslone at I J.jl. and that our great
traveller wt aware or their being so sent Dr. Kirk
also Informs me thst whrn Livingstone went on thla
expedition (and ha bss not reerlved any
numcan news since) hs wns unacquainted
with the discovery of IlaVrr and the south
ern eilrnslon of Ijke Albert Nysnza to
wards the Tinman tiles; but as themepof Hiker
has also been transmitted to I'jIIJI, Livingstone will
at once ec that It wns more than ever tncumbi nt on
him lo try to tnlve tho great problem of Ihe Nllothi
watershed of Africa, by determining whether these
great laket aro united or separated by lila li lands,
and, ii aeraiatnl, by as rrtalnlng Into w'at rncr
sjstein Tanganyika discharges Its surplus waters.
With the authentic dsl row befoiu us we may
well believe that tl o news which cam by telegram
finm Hoinbsy dsle l Oct. "., wss perfectly correct, for
after LlvlngslQne qtiltl d the southern end of Tan
ganyika, he will have hail nlout ten mitnlht In ex
plore the whole course of that lake, and afletwardt
to find his war to lh- teicoatt.
Your readeis mnl remember lhat the ordlnsrr
rost from .auzibsr, whether hy llie he) chel.es or
he ('ape, usually takes six weeks eir li'iiru to reach
Knglsnl. and bene If my dlstlneulsbed frlrnd
readies that place In a week after tho departure of
II c steamer which carried the news to Trliiroirmlcr,
some weeks nisy probably elapse before we cin
know or his arrival at Zaualhai He may, Indeed,
bung the news himself, snd enshle bis admiring
countrymen to glv him a hearty welcome before
Your obedient servant.
Royal Geographical Society, li Whitehall place,
Oct. h.
Incident ot se lluffielo Hunt.
oni Mt MlhciulH Wlieomln.
An excursion parly' over the eastern division of
Ihe Pacific Ilallroad, which traverses Kansas to Fort
llayaand beyond, has Just relume I. Ths psrty wss
composed of general ticket agents or v irous rall
losd companies In th United States. They were
jolly set urrellosil, Their main object ippctra to
havo been to get a shot at the buffalo. At Foil
llsys they borrowed carbines and breech-lnndlng
rifles, but most of thcin were so Ignorant
of the use of flreerms thst Ihey bed to he Instructed
how to load. Of course there wss Imminent dsnger
that such a patty ol hunters woulj kill mors or their
own company than of the bnfltluea. They were whit
we would rail a Pickwickian let of hiinten, who
handled their firearms is If they were no mure dan
gerous than a walking stick. Thirty miles west of
Fort Hayi they unexpectedly ctme upon a herd of
buflalort, and a correspondent thus describes He lu
dicrous and exciting scene which thereupon ensued:
When about thirty miles west of Hays, Iho cry
"Buffaloes I buffaloes I" was beard, and amid a
general rttli for pisiform and windows, and the ex
clamations that arose from every side, great numbers
of huge, hairy monsters wero seen galloping with
unwieldy movements from Ihe lino of the Hack on
either side, As the trsln rolled hy they strung out
here and theie, many or them within fifty yards ins
tance. We had surprised llietn. Great was the
eiritemcnt on Ihe train. Madly Impatient,
yelling and shouting, tho men rushed for the
plstlorm an I bagLago car, got In one another's way,
dlscharcea their weapons iicre and there st random.
Not a few narrowly csraped being victims to Impru
dent snd headlong carelessness. The tide entrance!
In Ihe baggage car were bloekrd up, and within those
unable to obtain a shot wrre frantically stamping and
lu.'glng al tlio.s In li out ol them. Men who had nee rr
be. ore held a rifle In their lisnds, discharged their
arms not thlnklngof taklugalm. Some who had for
gotten the Instructions about loading we re I Idlculoua
objects of dcialr, aa tl.er atood bowlldered, after
having vainly endeavored lo thrust In the'r cir
Irldgeie al Ihu muisle. Leland, with unusual activ
ity, clsmbered lo the roof or one or Ihe cars,
and thence blazed harmlessly away wllh a pocket
revolver at the fleeing herd, Several crowded for
ward Into the lender, and from there kept up a
steady Ore. Morsn was seen wrangdnz about the
fmsaession ofa biilTalo riho, unliarintd. was mak
ng good time over the plain -with his Honor,
Judge hwecur, aud offering to bet four dol
lars snd a half that It was hit bullet, and not
that of the Judge, which had brought the game
down. Meanwhile many a gigantic monster was
teen to falter, while thuso jet untouched galloped
rapidly away. Th raiding of bulleta was heard
from tbe windows, snd the Isdict' rcreama were
drowned In th yelling and ahnoling of th men, The
train viae soon slacked up, and many not waiting for
It lo slop, leaped out aud gave chase. So deceptive
waa the distance that Iho pursued did nut seeoi lo
gain, and It was not until many a one had
given out from abeer exhaustion lhat it wsa
seen to attempt to ovcrlske was fruitless.
Still th firing went on, and bulleta flew In every di
rection Some few took effect, the most railed,
The parly were soon scattered over the plain, heed
less ot tbe admonition they had received lo beware
of Indians, and Intent only upon the sport. It vas
ludicrous to witness the excitement, and lot behold
er and hnntcr ahared alike the common fee-ling. The
burly figures of Atmorc and Dsy were beheld run
ning oluibly for awhile after the lugltlve animals,
and then gradually lultcrlng, until, after having
vainly chased fur a mile or mure, yielding to fallgu
and excess of avordupols, and sinking, utterly
fagged, upon the earpel like plain, gazing
mournfully upon the rapidly dltspciring
herd. Lighter weight kept up a lunxcr
chase, and only ceased pursull when far uway uud
out of sight In depressions of the seemingly level
plain. To the northward waa seen a rust collection
ut animals, covering several miles of ground, feed
ing peacctully, heedless or the firing whose souud
did not reach thern, 1 uward this herd several of the
wounded animals made their way. They were pur
sued by others ol Ihe party, and one of them fell
about a mile from thu tialn, having received a well
tent ball. Within a few moments tho body was sur
rounded by a score of excited men, who with axe
and knlle soon had th quarters, tongue, skin, tall,
and horns separated. With these they returned, uud
then let nut lor fresh victories.
The train meanwhile moved off with a portion of
the parly in search of fresh herds further on, From
the summit ofoneofthe embankments thrown up
by the side of the track the sight wss a grand one.
to clear wss the atmosphere, snd so deceptive, the
rr..inire irom tliO absence of tee or break In the
turficc with which to mentuie the distance, that the
Immense herd feeding to the northward on tire slopes
orthebluffi teemed tcarcely a mile off, though lour
times thst distance awty. Several of the parly were
anxious to get a shot ut this diove, but, being unablo
to persuade those who had already had enough
of chasing buffaloes ou foot to accompany them,
they wcic dissuaded when drily told by Curry that If
they wished to get back they should hsve started
early In the morning. To the south and east the
hunters were strewn, singly aud In twos and threes,
endeavoring to steal a march on the animals, who
wers divided into droves of from three to a dozen
each, and who bad ceased fleeing when at a safe die
tance. The sport was pursued with varying auc
ceaa. In aome cases two or three ahota sufficed to
bring down a monster of an animal. But tbe
buffalo never gites up nntll he Is dead,
and many, after having run ths gauntlet of
a dozen repeating rilies, galloped milca over the
plain, and lull llleless too far distant for the tlayer to
secure his trophy. Tho legs of some were broken
with bullets, sud lit they ran off at great speed,
sticking tnelr mutilated Hump Into Ibe toll at every
step. 'Ihe game was pursued with the utmost reck,
lessucss and disregard of danger, and when the day's
adventures were afterward coaaldered, all felt thank
ful that no accident hal occcurrcd. 'At the afternoon
advanced the hunt r begun to return to tho render
tout at tho railroad, where they uwalted th re
turn ot the train. H it nearly S o'clock when thli
appeared In light. It h'd proceeded out some eight
or tin miles, whero wss encountered another im
mense drove, grazing hard by the track. A number
or anlmala.wero killed nelore they could rcmoto out
of raugo. One gn it 'oil ho had been wounded
from ihtrtraln, wai pursued tome distance and finally
brought down bv Mr Day- In Ihe bazgago car weto
deposited Iho quarters of no lesa than thirteen bulla
loes. It waa coiupuod mat not less than forty bad
be.cn slain, the luuti of tactn falling a lon distance
Constitutional t'nion Committee,
The Executive t'omrailtco of tho (Jencrnl Com.
mltle held a atrlctly prlvulo meeting ycalcrday at.
tcrnoon, at Masonic lltll, and made arruuxeuicnt
for tho distribution of ttckola for to-daj 's election,
and also for rulalnir fuoela to defray exiieutna.
ii il)'lijtjtatlli -iitiljf -
2Jfl2ljlWiBBIIBHaH2vts"V -sssa-tv ji -p .: i
I,n Helle llrlene.
The reproduction of so popular a work as " La
Belle llc'k'ne" attracted, as might be expeeted, a very
large audience at Pike's Opera House. So much
honest Indignation hal already been etpended upon
the atheistical works of Offenbach and hit librettists,
thit It teems needless to Inveigh longer against their
tendencies, snd we suppose that, like model artists,
nude bsllels, and hoop skirts, Ihey will have their day
snd we w 111 return to belter things, In spite of mana
gers, If not by their assistance. Kpocht of coarse
ness come sn 1 pi wlfiont our special wonder. The
growth of lewdness and lit decay In th direction or
Puritanism might be milked by hlsloriana tire,
lulling from bad government or bad fashions. Paris,
for three centuries, possessing both these motors,
has provided the rest of the world In alt seriousness
with a stesdy stream of God forsaken literature ind
art which his required lh earnest efforts of decent
critics to item,
11 Is lo 1 lauded that the clever libretti of Offen
bach's co-workers have been set to music which will
not live, If Donltcttl had consented to write such a
builcsque, and Ids genius had been lent to perpetuate
such grostness, Low much less promise of reform
could be obtained. Odea) ach's success Is found In a
keen appredatl in of what Is prctt) and what Is gro
tesque In musical form, not allowing hit ftneylobe
hampered by iny consldera'lot a of his origins! pro
prietorship In his musical Ideas. Never meaning to
be serious, he uses ths slower filter for speclsl moil
cat mnnkc) lima, snd puts to the basest uses the trans
cendentsl chords that In other dispositions would be
sublime. In Ihe spirited air, lu two-four lime,
" I'oM Ut roll ef Al OrJev," tliero occurs lu
the four opening baeri a atarllini viola! Ion or
all precedent notions or musical roprlrtiet, and
It Is a ipec'men trick of our eotnposer'a lyrical struc
ture, for which, is the Inventor, he deserves full cred
it. To detcrlb II, Is difficult. It Is a trick upon the
csr, nnd a brnve use of dissonant chords used In me
lodic succession, and seclally accented ao sa to
nuke their nslure rlalncr. There are ablo writers
who deny this ccmposcr'i talent, and say Offenbach
is Ignorsnt. Wo cannot find this In any of Ihe three
or four opi raa that havo been pnduccd he e. The
variety and contrast which are necessary to Interest
the hearer, added to a keen knowledge of stage busi
ness, are now here w anting, while Ihe musical changes
aro natural to tha plot and sllusllon. Thrss operss
etc re designed for one of the smcllest thealies In
Paris, where every chair occupied by an orchestra
player was a visible encroachment on the auditorium.
Hi nee the Instruments! department craves Indul
gence, and culls off very Utile allrnllou from the
scene. In a box of a thcatie like the Houflct Patl
slrnnes, a 1 road Joke or a bit of Improi rlrty may be
chuckled over In a cosy manner by an audience, pi ci
ty much aa a parly In a comer inty hear a questluni
bis conundrum, snd faucy lh rrst of the w Id world
Is not much Injured thereby. Hut II Is not so here.
A test theatre of the dimensions of Pike's or Nihlo's
enlarges the opera boutTo to very different propor
tions, snd wl si was a tlllfe quiet naughtiness be
comes positive Indecency, and all the harder io tol
erate lu thli era nf vocal decay, and, as a lulutiluls
for the Italian opera, utterly deplorable,
Having aald this much about Ihe libretto, lei us re
turn lo the performance of last evening, wherein
there was everything to commend In tbe prolm llon
of Iho oicra, In addition lo TosleV, Lauibelr,
and the comic tries who made the foilurie of "La
Grande Duth'sse," ihere were two first appearances:
Mr Houdln, who Is a low comic of an oilglnal and
exceedingly funny kind, and Mr. Decrrl, a tenor of
fair voice and an agreeable singer, who took tho part
of lt:l$. Mile. Tosteo atng with uioro voice than
usual, ind made Ihe classic Wen tuprernoly ridicu
lous by her rakish offen al Ihe cancan, lh absence
of which breakdown it keenly felt In Ibis oi era be
caj.rj It occura In tho other works of Offenbach. The
tcenery and drettrt were very fresh ind attractive,
and In all the detalla of slags business then! was
a care and attention that wai comnieudtbte. The
opera will be repealed.
Attempted Asiialiiiillnu.
Fivmlht lirtroii Tilbunr.
rorintno lime past Miss Mary rtiford, a young
lidy residing wllliMr. DeerluK. a dry goods mer
chant on the corner of Sixth street snd Mlrhlr.au
aieime, has reeelve-d letters from in enonvtiioui
source, urging a private Interview with tho wilier
al locations designated by hlin, as the letters wero
evidently written by the hand ofa man. These
ceiminiinleailuns were uribrode-d until several dues
ago, when a note was aent to Miss Han ford al Iho
houso of Mr. Decrlng, ugalu requesting a Drivate
Womanly enrloslty fully aroused, unsuspecting,
and aware of no enemy In tbe world, she, accom
punltd by Mr. Decrlng, proceeded to tbe
appointed plaee at Ihe appointed time, but
without meeting the mysterlout correspon
ding Another note soon lollownd, requestlne
an Interview with Miss Sanford alone, and desig
nating Monday cvenlug a the lime, snd the corner
of Fort and hlghlh a'rri ts, as the place oi meeting.
On this oecssion snolher gentleman escorted Miss
Kanford, whllo Mr, Decrlng and his wife walkrd
leisurely behind. Upon nearinc Iho appolulcd place
of men log Ihe gentleman withdrew a short ills,
lance out of slht, aud Miss Ssnford proceeded on
her way.
While she was passing a secluded spol near Rich
ardson's match factory, a man sprang from near the
fence and dealt the lady apowcrlul blow on the head,
nh Immediately screamed for assistance, when her
secreted escort rushed to her rescue Before reach
ing her, however, the cowardly assassin had repeat
ed the blow twice, but observing help at hand flrd
up Eighth street, hotly pursued ; tho effort to ruptur
him, however, proved usunccessful. Miss Sanford
waa round to he seriously Injured, aud waa taken
bark to Mr. Drerlng'a residence
'Ihere stems lo be quite a romance connected with
thla llttl tragedy, aud to help clear up the matter we
gtesa tho atatemeiit made by Mr Deerlng, which Is
substantially as rullowst Miss Sanrord's parents for
merly Bred In Lyons, Clinton county, lows, and
were quite wealthy. A brother of her lather and hla
wile lived In New Orleans, La., und the family of the
former-Mary being the only daughter -went lo New
Orleans In iay a visit lo tin Ir relatives there. Miss
Saufoid was then quite loung; she Is now 10 yetra
of tge.
Wnlle at New Orleans hero father and mother were
stricken down with yellow fever, and died there.
Her uncle and ftunt subsequently moved North and
took possession of the Ssutord estate al l.yous,
lows. Thsy csred tor Mary, as relations should,
snd lived In comfort snd e is upon the tortuue of
her deceased father. Mary slwais passed and was
known as the as the duughter of Ihe surviving San
lord until very recently, when the facts were made
known to her that "ho wai living wllh her uncle;
thtt her father wai dead; and that tho properly
which the supposed belonged to her uncle, wss
rctlly her property,
'llietn tlilngt were made to clear to her that she
could not fall to understand them, and alio b.-jran to
assert her rights under the circumstances, From
thst lime thu was regarded by her rrlatlres as a
dangerous person (to them) to hare about Ihu pre
mises. Grievances, real or supposed It matters not,
came thick aud fust, and Miss Sautord, tiav log pre
viously funned the acquaintance of the Deerlnz
family, who were then engaged In the dry goods and
millinery builr.cn al Lyons, lows, was aUorded shel
ter br them.
About two months since the Peering! enme to De
troit (or rather returned here) aud opened a place of
business, the enme aa that managed by them In lown,
on the corner of Sixth street and Michigan avenue.
They brought Miss Sanford wllh Iho family.
1 Us story, If true, Indicates a deep-laid and vil
lainous plot to put out of tbe way a young and Inno
cent strL
Hucceaaful Hecelon Not Hrapitlred of.
Ocn, A. It, Lawtou, at a Democratio rutillca
Hon meeting In Savannah, Ga., said: "Now, for the
first limr, we have a platform of principles and lead
ers sround whom we can rally. It was tbo noblest,
best, boldest declaration of prindplca ever laid down
In tbe Unltod Slates, and the demonstration to-night
shows thst it was In unison wllh tbe feelings of
the people. There waa nothing that tbo
South wanted waa not there. The military despotism
which haa held ut In tbrtldoin was there tet In Its
proper lUfal, For the first time wc have a platform
we can adhere to, We have a work to do which can
be accomplished. We have leaders to represent
thoso principles who evlll carry ua out of the ' Slough
of Despond. Peace has Its victories aa well as war j
those great principles for which w fought, aud
which wofeaied were lost may yet be achieved.''
KircuTloxor Aradiak CAXMnAiat, Firo Arabs
were exreutod lately at Constantlna, AUerla, They
had been condemned to death lu June lost ; one (ot
the murder of a beggar at El Kantra. and the four
othera for the murder ofa boy at Aln fjuerfs, snd tho
eating of tbo body afterwards. The criminals wcru
informed at 4 In the morning that tho fatal hour
had arrivod, and, after the usual toilette, were taken
In a covered vthlcle, escuited by tohllera to the
place of execution, where they ai rived a little beloro
1 In a state of extieme prostration. They, however,
ascended the scntlold without flinching, slid betrajed
no feellnzwhateierwl.cn seized ou by the rxuiu
tioner und his men, A lace crovid of Kuropcunt us
well us natives were present.
Mm. Slnry U. Hutchinson, mother of the once
celebrated Hutchinson family nf singers, died re
cently at tho age of M. She knew stta'a Psalm
and Hymns by heart, and constantly quotcJ from
them lu ordinary couicraatlon'
. ,ttw- - r sr 7 m jav "sr 1 ,
KhKCTlltX 1'ltAVOH.
I'.aeltcment nt Police Headquarter.
Late on Hatunlay night a telegram was rer elred
from one of the police prreinrta snnounetng the sr
rcst of a man for holding ind trying to register upon
false naturalization papers, and asking for Instruc
tions as lo his disposition Mr. Kennedy thereupon
at 1 A. M on Sunday morning Issued the following
ordert It Is proper lo say that the title " Alarm,"
given to the order, la a technical cne, understood by
the police force ipplylng to a eertiln cists of tele
graphic ilgntli requiring the attention of every mem
ber of the forget
OmsaiL Alarm. I A. M dnndiy. Nor 1.tw All
rersons arretted fur rrg siermt or voting, or attempting
o voto.upon false and fisiiilntent nstnrsliiatlon papers,
will te held and taken, with the witnesses, tTore a
.Indgenr Comnilssiouer or the United males, snd not
before a Police Justice.
(Hignedl JOHN A KKNNKIir, Superintendent.
This action on Ihe part of Mr. Kennedy gave great
offence lo the Democratic members of the Folic
Board, and Ihey decided, If possible, to countermand
this order. A meeting of the nosrd for this purpose
wit In havo been held al 3 P. M. yesterday, but after
a series of skirmishes between the Commissioners
and Ihe reporters, the Idea wss given up, and at half
psst S P. M. there had tceo so meeting; and as one
or Uo of the. Commissioners had gone away there
was little hope of holding any. Judie Ilosworth
hid, however, prepared tome resolutions lo be pre
sented, denying Mr. Kennedy's suthorlty lo Issne
such an order, and countermanding the same.
Commissioner Brennin also Intended to offer a
resolution admitting rrportert to Ihe meeting, inch
councils btlhg by a itandlng order of tbe Board prl
vate. Hence Ihe dodging to avoid ind evide the
publicity. Kach one of the Commissioners had been
sppesled lo pcrsonallr to know nf the truth or
falsity of Ihe rumor. Mr. Aclou wti rery reticent,
and leferrcd all qnetlloncrs lo Mr. Manlerre, who
denied llie Is-uvnee of iny general order, but is Id
lhat a special order In c ne case only had leen Issued ;
and furthermore, that Mr. Kennedy had discretionary
power In the case.
In section 10, chapter rD, Lawt of 1157, eslshhsh
Ing the Metropolitan Police District, II Is msde Ihe
duty nf the Hoard of Police to "promulgate all rrgu
tallnnt nnd orders through the Orneral Superin
tendent of Police, who shall take the place of the
Mayor of tbe city of New York end of the city of
Btooklyu as being the head of the Police Depart
ment or force In said elites, but alwaja subject to
the orders and regulations nf Ihe Hoard of Polleo ;
snd It ahsll bo Ihe duly of the police force to respect
snd obey Ihe said General Superintendent of Police
as thu head and chief of the same, subject to the
rules ind regulations and gcncial orders of Ihe Board
or Police."
Under this srctlon the Hoard of Police have a
Handing rule, 113, which reads as follows:
."Ihe Puprilntciidenl shell Issue such orders as he
shall thn.k teo n.noi inconsistent with law or the rales
and leirulsllunsofths Hoard."
Judge Hof worth kept his eoamc'.s close, but It was
easy lo sea lliat he was smarting under this presumed
Intuit to the Board, and stsumpllnn of unwarranted
anlhorlly br the Superintendent. Commlltipncr
llrennan was outspoken la his denunciation of the
"usurpation," and no doubt Ihe matter will com
up again. Meantime, irrcsti. are belna made of par
tlei having In pos.csslon or attempting lo use, sell,
or dispose of, false and Illegal naturalization papers,
nnd they ar taken directly before a United States
The following wrre arretted yctlcrdsyi Alderman
Rrppcr, for Inning fraudulent naturalization papers;
discharged on f .1,(00 ball hy Commissioner Bells. R.
C. Knhardr, for toglsterlng on a false certificate;
discharged on tM ball, to appear next Thursday.
Matthew Garrlgsn, for making use of false naturali
zation certificates j committed In default of f&.Onn
ball. John Moru, charted with bating " sold or dis
posed of such certificate; to a person other than thu
one entitled to It, nnd to whom of right It belonged ;"
snd Charles Kdnird Norton, chtrged with having
"disposed" of use ceitlffcitea of citizenship, and th
witnesses sroth persons who held them; commit
ted In dcfsull of $5,000, to be tried on Wrdi.cs.lsy,
Got. Fenlon, Commander-in-Chief, snd Gen,
Shiler, commanding th Flrat Division N. Y. 8, N.
()., will make their headquarters al 300 Mulberry
sttret lo dsy, and lh militia will be ready lo repress
any riot which may occur thst may exceed the pow
er) of the Police. Sheriff O'llrlcn has also sworn In
three or four hundred special constables, and Ihe
probability on every hand la lhat we shall have pcaco
lu Ihe city to day.
Meeting- ol Iho Police) ComnilsMlourr.
A meeting of tho Hoard of Police Ciiinmli
iloneri wai held at half put aeven o'clock last eve
Ing, lo take action on Ibe recent order Issued by Su
perintendent Kennedy, tud alto lo consider Ihe betl
measures to preserve th peace of th city on th
day of election. Mayor Hoffman, Sheriff O'Brien,
and Got. Fcntnn were Invited to be prctent ut Ihe
deliberation, but only the Mayer attended lo tho In
vitation, Mr. Acton elated that la the Fuurth Ward over
1,000 Illegal volet hid been registered, In Ihe Second
and Third about lis) rich, In tin Filth about 1,000,
In the Sixth about SOU In two districts, and from t00
to l,eoO In each of the other wards of the dly.
Th General Alarm order of Superintendent Ken
nedy waa than brought un forgerisral dlacusslon,
It.r. Acton asked the Major If he would eld In put
ting a stop to Illegal voting; that If ho would, he
could do roueh toward maintaining the fairness of
llie election and Ihe peace of Iho city. Mr. Acton
also said thst Mr. Iliennan could du much toward
Urn same end In Ihe Sltlh Ward, snd lhat Sheriff
O'llrirn conl I do the same lu lh Klghleenth and
Twenty first Wards.
Muyur Hoffiuau add thst he would go aa far as any
man lo assist In having a fair election, but ha
thought tint If Mr. Acton was as czcltuble on elec
tion dsy as he then was, ho would not only loss his
own llfo, but occasion tho lose of those of many
Mr. llrennan thought that such eicltemrnt as Mr.
Aeton hsd exhibited would ho npt to raise trouble.
Mr. Aeton was of opinion that the Major's procla
mation would have thst tendency more than any
thing else.
The Mayor ttited that he wit ready to defend hla
proclamation when It cum up; but at the present
time he did not with his name mixed up with the de
bate. Judge Ilosworth then offered a resolution to amend
rule 111 to at In read "lhat a Irue copy of every
order Issued by the Superintendent should be fur
nished to each of the Commissioners," Tho volo
tuken on this motion itood 2 ogulnit 2.
Judgu Butwoith then moved lhat no order should
be Issued by the Superintendent lo Iho police force
on election day, unless first approved by tho Police
Commissioners. This rraultrit In a sinillir vote.
Commissioner Bui worth offered the follow log rcto
lutloui lltiotrnt. That the Superintendent or rnllrci he. and he
It hereby instructed, lo rescind lorthwllli Ihe order re
eently Issued by him requlrln policemen lo tale per.
tons arrested ror votlnur, ur attcmpijng to vote, ur regis,
tel Um, or attempting lu register on fraudulent natural
Walton papers, before a United Mate Judge orCoiu.
I imssionrr.
The vut stood as before, Mr, Manlero then moved
the following resolution:
Itnolttil, That In pursuance of the power vested In
the Hoard or 1'ollc Commissioners ty Uw,s!aJor-Mcne.r
al Hhaler, or ihe New York Slate Mllltle, I requested to
Immediately call out Iho military torcu under tits com
mand lo aid the polleo authoiltlis In preserving ths
peaceof lh cily unlhaday orclecliou, via., Novembers.
The vote being taktn resulted as before 2 to 2.
Judge Dos worth slated that facts should bo stated
In tho resolution to show Justification for any such
Mr. Brennan thonght tint lenso of sbtenee
should be granted to Superintendent Kennedy until
slier the election If he thought that his lift was la
Mayor Hoffmen thought It would be woll for Got,
Fenlon and himself In ride together from poll to
poll on election day, and belles ed that It w ould have
more effect toward preservlug order than auy other
Mr. Acton asked If Ihe Mayor would unite with
Oor. Fcntou to prevent fraud al the elections,
Mayor Hoffman replied In tho affirmative, and
stated lhat he would be glad to pievcul fraud, arid
would unite with tho Governor to pi event both fraud
and riot. Ilo added that he would be tiillm; to do
anything that Judge Boiworth, the leal udvner of
the Board, thought Jutland proper
Th lollowlug prutett wax thcu put ou record ;
The undersigned disapprove of the orter Isined by
Superintend. -ne Kennedy, requiring p. lh men arlestlnz
persons votlrm or reiitsfeiina, . r ituniliiiit lo vole or
register, un Iruuduleut naiuraiitai.jn psiers, tu take
tiiem befure a I'nlted fctatea Judiiv oi IViiiiulsa oner, in-st.-aicriakluvtbeui
before a I'olo e Justice, as Illegal,
and lalculateil lo produce iciues of v o.cuee am! out
rage. Tho orients of votlnir or re glsirrnur. or ailriniit
inc to vols or register, Illegally, is an uffonee su.. use
lh laws or hs Hist, of which a llniud Mates Jude
or t.omiuis.louer has no Jurisdiction. I no oitmie of
foriiliiii or causing a eertlffe ats or naturaiusilon lo oa
torg d, or using as true such act ruth iti-, is an oUeuie
sgalnsl au set of Coogress. The two classes of otfenees
kit uidolr u ttercui. Due Is s,-lu.t a sisiuie of in
Mate, and tlio other against an act ot Congress, we
bsve pioietstod re2alutt lh salu ur ci, and have In la'n
attempted to hsvs it rescinded Wo havo In vain sl
temi'ltd to secure Ihopasiazu of a resolution rcMUinug
inoiui.eni.lJi.dot tu turuuh cscti boniinusioner with
-j:? , r? r-zsat
. ,
a eopr of everr order leaned by htrn before tndtaf II I '
the (i. embers of the force, when it waa praetleshle foi ,
hl.n to do so, sad, whan ImprscllcaMe, to faratsa eat 1
copy linniedialeir oa isetaln r the order.
J. S. HOhWOHTII, I folic
M. T. IIKBNSAN, Commlsslonsrs.
Preparing far the Fight.
The Fifth Avenue Hotel last night was like i
beehive swarming with Republicans of all ibede
or political filth, from th rery Conservative lo lh
most radical Radical. The ground floor was taken
possession of altogether by them, and th tolte of
rooms or the Twenty thirl itreet tide wer ailed.
The regiment of challengers and poll goirds who ir .
to do duty to-day from annrlts to tunset were roar.
hilled and drilled. There were minors of the ar
rest ofa Republican Inspector laat evening, tot It i
wai tot positively known. There were also rumors
of tho srrest of fraudulent registering voters, aal II
tny of these gentry present themselves at th pollt
today they will be taken car of. Police Jostle '
Kelly will attend to any who maybe brought before)
him, and Mr. John II. White and Mr. George Bliss,
Jr , are prepared to do their share In th protect!
tlon. The City Last Kerning.
A itranger In tint city would hare failed (
notice any indications laat evening that we wrreo
the eve of a great national election. At no lime dnr
Ing Ihe campaign have there been so few meetings or !
in little excitement on our principal streets. F.ren
Ihe hotels wrrequlet and devoid oflnler?st. At the
Fifth Avenue, where committees were holding ses.
slons, the halls were full of gentlemen collected
small knols, but beyond a few bcls between private,
pai lies, and speculation on to-day's election, thtrl
was no demonstration tn speak of.
Committees on roth sides were bnsy dlstrlhsllni J
tickets from their various hcadquail-ra, snd In ons I
election district voters were wondering whether ths "
"-."l Individuals In their district cou d deposit thelf .
ballon conveniently In C'rtenlnutes-Ibe time allowed I
If Iho temper of the crowds we met with last nlghl
Is the same lo-eliy throughout Iho city, a wonder
fully qulel election msy be looked for. -
Tlir r.lerllnn In llranklyn-I'roclnmallon br
Ihe Mittnr.
There was considerable excitement throughout
the city last evening In consequence nf a reported
difficulty al Polleo Headquarters In New York be
tween the General Superintendent and teveral mem, i i
bera of tbe Board; and this excitement was some- '
what heightened by the publication of th following
proclamation by the Mayor :
Mavor'i Ornci, nrool.lyn. Sot. t, I site.
Whereas Information has been rerr.ve,! by nie etisl
an attempt wilt be made In otwtrnel Ibe free exercise ol
Ibeelectlve franchise at the polls lo morrow, I herebf
rail upon all of our rlllrens to aid In preserving th
peace at si! the election districts lu this city I have
so requested Ihenheruriif this county to appoint tXM
ettia deputlea, ao that alt cltiteni insy be Insured thai
protection which under any snd alt rtreunistsneea If i
..uaranteed to every American citizen In dlscharglnj
the most sscted duty iletolred upon htm.
Mainr.'s Orrtrr, CtTT Hau-I .
ll-m,s.wi S'OT.t.l-SH 4 ,
TnTnttirl Conipf,ie..sAsilifii iiajs CasK?
hi a I hsve reeelved tnrnriistl n which IndneelR1.
to bellesr thst attempts will be msde lo Interpol sn.t i
obstruct th rree cirreisenrtherlectivefranchls at im '
tolls to morrow, and lo the end lhat patce and order '
tuny lis i reserved, I hereby reque! you t.i appoint two
IhiHieso.t aspiities in nhi In keeping the pesce, and pro
vent the dlsordtr or rt-1 anlle-liutsl.
Yeryresie trolly. .
In compliance with tue rrouest of the Msyor, '
Sheriff Campbell at once proceeded to his office fa j
the Court House, and commenced Issuing commit
tlont to all able-bodied men who applied. Among
them wer many loldleri of the lit war. Tbe '
Sheriff expected to commission about iJW men aa
deputies, tores of whom are lo attend each polling I '
pltra In the city, wllh Instructions to preserve order, !
and a rcacria will be kept on hand for cmargrncle. , 1
should any arise. The Sheriff succeeded In commit- I rl
alorilug about 1,000 men last night. '
17 iV rOl.mVAl. .U.IftK.T. i (
Melting on Ihe Flections, J '
l'oolt were sold hy th redoubtable Under. ',
woo 1 jelrpt for tone unknown reaton th Doctor
In the Atlor House burooai In the afternoon, ao I '
at I.lffl Broadway In th evening. The wagering dl I
not vary mors during the day than that of the Slock i
Kichsnio does, The following pools will show lh I t '
tendency of lh afternoon sentiment nf the many
gamrslen who atscmblcd in tho Artor House bu-
room t s.
Indiana, Presidential rote :
Giant I) tH
Seymour 2 t i
New Jersey, Presidential votot i
llrsnt st V '
Seymour M ,
New York, vote for Guvertiort
tlrltwold.. Ml KO -S 41 50 K1 1 IK ;
Hoffman. ..too ICO too tn M nt w al I.
miswolit ..s) aw ago r HI f
Hoffman, hi til S IJ 10) 1
New lork Presidential vote: ;
(Irani twl Sin MO lt l tOO 104 fj J
Hermour. .11 1)1 M tl 11 II n I
Genera! result, Presidential election:
llrsnt 1004 j
Seymour , - 94 i
Pennsylvania going ll),Uud Republican 1 '
For. . ! Itaf '
Against It
eihlo going lU.UOil Republican : '
For lot ;
Ak'slnsl .4
New Jersey, Presidential vole: 1
Grant U) M it O 75 61 . ,
Hermour lis) Its) M 10O 1J4 '
Peuusylvanla going 15,000 Republican: '
For .'
Aealnsl Tt
New York city golug bO.tsjt) Democratic! j '
For ...V....V 'I i
Agjlnat. 104 ,
New Jersey, Governor:
Republican..'.. M
Democratic list
Connecticut, Presidential vote:
Grant 10
beiiuour... U ,
The feeling evinced hy the venturous In Ihe even.
Ins will be shown by the following pools;
Now York, Gorcrnor:
(lrlswohl M 100 I'M ICO 200 IM 171
lloltmsn 50 lis) in) lis 20 Sin) 204 ,
New Jersey, Presidential i ;
Grant , it 5
Seymour ., M .
New .Irisey, Guvcruor: "
Itepuhllrsn U 54 , .
Democratic U la i
Missouri, Presidential: '
Republican W
Democratic 04
Connecticut, Presidential:
Itepublcan I.tj va too J04 .
Democratic evi lis) VI td '
New York, Presidential : ,' S
Grant IJ ill IC4
Seymour Ut lit IA f
. - f ii
1 1 1 1' II si 1 Itriilstrnllon, I'
From (At vrenfiif fVsl, ri '
Tho United States Uruud Jury have indicted j
Abram Hyatt, of Westchester, lato Collector: Loula k fi
I 'uddebaek, County Clerk of Grange county ; Vm.J. , l
Dieklnton and Wlckham T. Shaw, deputy clerks; . p
Simuel K Domlnick and Henry tl, Millapauzh, two S
Democratic lawyers or Orange county, lor aiding Ira T I
frauds lu tho naturalization of voters. .
So uumcroui have been the fraudulent regittra f,
tlont, as to imply lncomietency ou tbo part of many
Inspc'clou, If not direct complicity. In the Slitu (
ward, which hat lett than 4,uaj legal voters, J.M1 l '
ntiuen iro found on Ihe registers. Fifty periona , ,
registered from a tingle House, where only nine Ida- 1 I
ally live. Vacant lots are made to teem wllh popu -
lation In these d)s. Twelvo persons who do not i i
live at Ihe Splnglcr House registered wllh that ad- - ' '
dress, Kven that most Infamous plaee, 119 Mercer J I
street, turned out a cumpicmcut of men to be regie- ' .
tercd : and old directories have been so Industriously i 1 , s,
used that numbers of dead men arc on the registry , .
llstt. ' i
Private residences of prominent politician have 1
been used In the same way. Five person! regltter 1
from tho boute of Supervisor Tweed. Flv mors) J
data from th residence of Police Juatlc Sbandlay. 1
Kleven ire enrolled aa from the house of Coroner
Patrick II. Keenan. All these places sre In tt 1 ,
Seventh Ward, whero four gangs of "repeaters" "?!
are orgaulxcd and actively operating. 1 ',''
Statu Senator Michael Norton has twenlr-alz mere 1 '
registered from his house. Peter Mitchell, a Tarn-
many caudldate for member of Assembly, baa threa e t
lrj.il voters at his house and twenty-four reglatcred, i '
Due Thousand Dollar Reward. I ft
Union Lraodr Clou, Niw Yosi, Nov. j. l.Wt.
IVAerriu, Uur esteemed lellow-rilizeu, Christopher .11
Pullmau, a man whose modest Integrity and patriotism 111
hsvobcen tnorotighly proved, si. on rnday,c)ci ao, IfrT
ttruck down in Ihu streets or New 1 ork ta opeu dsy by lit,
tho hands or assassins, with avUtut utcutto tak hut Lf,
lUeitiy brutal vtolenen, and IB)
Use, rut. There Is abundant resson lo believe that tht Iff'
murderous ntttck on a peaceable and worthy clilzeq L;
waspiomptedaolslyby atpliliof reteuzafor lr. fall. Ill
nun s Irglilmatennd prauvwortby efforts against cor
ruptton and fraud, aud .......
U'Aereiw.Ihe Hsjorof New York hat thm far takes (H
no official public nolle of thla outrn-ze, therefor 11
We, (he undersigned mombers of ttiti Union Leaa-u ' II
Club, hereby ofler the turn of ono thousand ucllata lor II
tuen Inforniatlou ai may lead tothe de'ecton audcon 1 11
vicllon or the assatttna, or a portion ot that turn ror the 4
arrest aud couvlcllnn of either une of them. ,il
John Jay, W, M. Vsruillve, O. K. Dttmoht, LU
Jsikeontj. Phullx Charles ejniiiua XI. II. ilrlmcll, H
Minuet T. Peleis, Wni. II. Webb, Wm. A. Darllag, JU
l.'haa. P. KlrkUud.ltu.liC. Ilawklnl, II. H. Van Wamer, W
John It. Hall. I.eU. H. Csnofio, Geo. P. Putnam, aStM
Win. II. Ue, Henry tl. Tabor, Richard Uutltr, MM
W.W. Parkin, 1 hoiuas N. Dale, O.S.I'arllldcc. Jr.. 3
Ihos.H llaghee Win. II. Warner, (Jtrae lauils MR
Jlsnrr L'lsw. T. II. bhorwoext, Hi
rr- "v.. ..r"V-w-

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