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) AMVSJiMryrs.
WiKT.n orr.tu norsK-u ne lie neiene.
tAU.ACK"9-The UnMIirrIji. r.lc-ent scenery,
1 aft-olntmente, o. A srleodhl rust.
BOVVKRV TtlK Al flU After Dark. Mating on Pit
, nrda. Hi t T. M.
XKW YOIIK THEATRE, Nor. 4-Undcr the Ot.
' niKATUK FUAXCAIS.-GtetvlrvederiraNint.
WOOD'- MtlsEl'M-ltlon, tlx Mm M ib Wheel, nd
1 ( e t-opnlftr farce every other aitersonn.
, tm YOKK llflLTS llth it., opposite Arartemr of
Jlnlc-eur Ktderi and Aciobait ttin't Vfl
tts-lrgs sud Sstnrdsys, l !H r. M.
, , )TOr,Ot'K.V ClllCttS, aaih st- snd u,.a'.ir. rr-
i romance tnry Mint at K Matlnta- . , I'. U.
Ilrlnrm of the Election.
At tho liour of fjolnjj to pros tho return
show tho election of Grnt and Colfax bjr rt
very largo mnjorit.r, but It Is Impossible, to
i plvo the details. Tho returns Indlcato that
tho following States liaro cone for them by
about theso majorities, riz, ;
Maine 27,000
Now Hampshire 8.000
Connecticut illOO
Massachusetts 60,000
Vermont !!0,000
f llhodo Inland 0,000
l'cnnsylvmiln 18,000
I West Virginia 8,000
Ohio ' l!.-,,000
Illinois 53,000
Nobraskrv -l.fiOO
Kansas 10.000
Indiana 10,000
Mlchlinn 20,000
Wisconsin 20,000
' Tim following filntes havo certainly pone
Itcpubllcan, as Indicated by tho returns, hut
' tho majorities arc. unknown, via. :
j California,
i Nevada,
i Iown,
j Minnesota,
J TIii returns show that Peymour and Illalr
htvro cnrrlod tho following States, hut the
1 majorities jet remain uncertain, viz:
I lxiultann,
, Maryland,
I Kentucky.
As wo fo to prosit New Jersoy boohs to ho
dose, but wo think Foymour hta carried It,
and that Ilanibdph, Democrat, Isprolly surely
elected Uovernor.
.' New York remains In doubt, but wo feel
1 pretty confident thnt IlnlTmnn la elected, ntid
I Indlno to tho opinion that Hymour has car-
-ied tho Flatu.
! The probabilities are that fl rant has sue,
, corded In 0." PtotcH, r.nd cjojintitir in 0, and
: Uiat Ornut will rccelvo 203 eloctornl vote',
and Seymour 88.
The Illfctlon of (Sen. Crnnt.
r rterday, the pcnpla of the United Htntoa
ek-ctsd Ui.yiwksj 6. (Iiiant to tho Presidency
J, by an oviTw't. l:i.'.ti majority. Thonsh tltla
lonu'.mt.'iii f a prirtractul contest was atitl
. dpatul by tl.o greater portion cf our citlitm
t lintuodiuiely on the adjournment of thu Tnm-
, tunny iVi.vtujliuii Ju July, aud han not Wen
doubtod by any iiitcllitrciit Amorlron slnco
Jk the October elf-tlnns, nevorthuluss, so much
j I of ho and frai has mingled In this i citii.i
' camptltn, that the popular vordlrt cannot 1m
C recorded without emotion.
Tho election of (len. (Iiiakt Is thojlnal of
" an eljjht years' mrucpln, which has teemed
with 670114 without a parallel In thu anuali
t of this or any other nation. During four of
) these ycnrt the Iti-publlc was etij.'Mged In ono
f of the greatest civil wars that over ronvulsn.1
i xnanU ud, and tliroupbout tho other four It
't hua bt-cn tho prey of factions and passion
,.' that have ln(lclil oviU hardly lu-ui calam.
,j tous than ft rife on tho hattlc-flvl 1.
R I'rom tho opening to tho close of tl.m
'f period ono man has bnrno a leading part,
J and fur the larger portion of U lio ha bcor.
I tho most conspicuous nctor In tho woudciful
drama. Starting in obscurity, and advourlni;
I by slow and euro stops, ho has rescind an 1
eminence where he challenges tho respect
and tho confidenco of tho body of his country-
men, and has mada his namo a household
j ' word throuhont tho world. This man, by
Itho sufl'mges of his fclloiv-cltlzons, h U'cu
placed at the head of public all'airj far tho
four years Immediately Ix furo us. And do
I ' loon an tho prejudices and tho pussloi.it
tu(tnderc4 by a furiously contented cam.
1 polgu shall have had tlmo to cool, no canlld
! person will for a moment doubt that tltu
I interest 3, thu honor, and th tflory of tho
Republic arc secure In his hands.
One of tu first objects to which tho new
Admln'tttrallon will turn Its attention, will bo
Iho completion of tho task of reccnatructlun,
lho paclfliatloii of tho South, nnd tho ivhtnin
lion of order aud security to that BUfli-rnij;
portion of tho Union.
As to reconstruction, the triumph of Ghaut
tnd the doleat of Bl'.vitovii, In a manner i
I'.jjnal and conclusive, will ol themselves vir
lually fcolvo tho problem j end wo hopo tu
tco tho threoStatrs now outside of tho Union
restored to their rulatiotu to tho Govern
ment during tho approaching tioskion of Con-
' fl grcBi. Wo entreat that body to hasten the
, ' M CompU'tion of the woiU, so that vhvn Gen
' Quant shall talto tho rrcs'dout's oath every
ft . 1 Itar shall beam with undlmmcd lustre from
lho bnnner that waves over his head. If,
howovur, It shall bo delayed till ho enters
lho 'WhJto Housn, wo aro sure ho will push
It to a rapid consummation j for ho Is awaro
Ihnt tho peoplonro desirous . of toeing th'm
obstaclo to tho peaco of tho country iinmed.
atcly removed out of lho way.
Tho barv success of a candidate whoso
platform and policy arc oroliodiid In thu
phrase, "It ub havo pcacol" will
tause tho waves of pass!on and vlolenco In
i lho Southern States to sink In repose. If,
however, after ho shall havo assumed tho
thalr of Stato, cx-rcbcls of tho school of
Hsiupton, Forrest, Wise, Bcmmes, and
Toombs contlnuu their at eaulls ujion a Gov
I rrum nt which has magnanimously spared
i their lives, and shall not Instantly refrain
; from Bliinulatlng areon and murder and
i coHnato crimes, the loyal people of tho nation
will demand that they bo tried by court
martial for violating their paroles, or by
irlmlnal tribunals for treason, and If con.
Uii Uui Uir la banlslied from Vba
' '
country or put fo death. "ix;t us havu
pence I"
Wo hope, howrvir, that rcftfin hax net
lll from tho old ruling1 elcmoiit of tho
South, nttd 'list under tho firm, pajraelons,
Just, and liberal ndmlnletrnt'on of Gen.
OitAirr, tho mIkt mnsses will turn n deaf
ear tn prditlral cg-'tatlon nnd violent counsels,
and devote tliemselrei to Indnstrial pursuits,
to tho mvlval of ngriculture, to tho founding
of manufactures, to tho tstaldlfhtnonl of
commerce, and to lho cncourif;mrnl of com
mon schools, so thnt thoy may tprcomo tho
most populous, entorprlslnp, and wealthy
portion of tho Union. I,ct them reajo to
hurl tho conteraptlhlo epithets of ' carct
bnpRrr" and "Kalawajr" at Immigrants
from tho North and from Kumpn, who would
bring them capital, labor, and skill to restore
their warto places, lest thry engender the
bollef that they aro venomous porpentx,
crawling on tho fneo of tho ground, rather
than civilized men, walking erect In tho dig
nity of citizenship,
Tho Incoming1 Administration will glvo
cnnlidenco to capital nnd labor In tint North,
and iufuro such vigor through every depart
ment of business as has not boon felt slnco
tho gloomy year that preceded tho war.
Tho absence of all fears of an attempt to
overthrow tho reconstructed coverntnenu by
force, and tho rdjnstmont of our financial
dilliculticB nu an equitable and solid bns.s s
tank to which tho new rulers will promptly
address themselves will calm tho public
mind, OTorrlao tho spirit of repudiation, In
vito and citcoursgo tho early return of specie
payment, and tarry lho whole country for
ward in u cfirecr of unexampled cntcrprii-e
and pmspority.
Among lho first duties to which (len.
Giiant will devotn his attention will doubt
less bo tl.o Intritductinn of rigid economy
nnd accountability Into every deportment
connected with tho oipendlturo of public
moneys. c trust that hu will exscind need
lens olllces, nnd urge upon Congress a cur
tailment of Its Invifh syHcm of appropria
tions, nnd thus relievo tho pcoploby reducing
tho burden of taxation which now opprCK8
and vexes both tho licit and tho poor.
Among tho reforms which wo hopo to c
Instituted clthrrby the closing session of tho
present Congress or the nen!ng scrslou of
its successor, is n rsdieal revision of our na
turalization coda Let tho right of aliens to
tho ballot bo tn protected by safeguards that
its administration idiall ceasn to bo a libel
upon Judicial proceedings, n burlerquo um
tho elective, franchise, and tho sport nnd prey
of reckless pattiaans,
In one pnrtleulnr wu antlelpntn that Gcu.
Giia.nt's adminlitratlon will prove an emi
nent success Abovo inut charactcra who
have played a eoromnndlni; part In extraor
dinary times, ho jmhtcsiM-a raro skill for put
ting tho right mnn In tho rljdit plncn.
This (piality Isementlal tn tho successful dis
chargo of tho duties of tho I'ri-aidcntiid
olllcu. Tho Tresldent mui-t trust very much
to thu honesty, tho sagacity, tho dltcre.lon
of sulmrdlnntc s. Gcu. Giiant has proved
that he enjoys tho fnrulty of selecting assUt
nnts wUe.ly nnd wall to n very reinnrk
ablo degree. Ho has t-howii thut hu linn the
capacity to dlscovir nnd tho cournp.c to n)v
point to Important positions those who mo
worthy of his confidence j nnd wo ftel kmc
that ho will not fuil to exerclso both In the
new field v hereon ho la nbotit tn enter nc
eordlng to Ids judgment, nnd in splto of prcs
Htiro or clamor from friends or foes.
If the uew AdminUtrution t-hnll prove as
succikidul as wc IkiIIovo It will, i completely
mint it dispow of nil the lending subjects
that havo troul h-d tho country fur the last
ten j oars, and nunc of which rprang Into ex.
isteura as minislcrs of evil n third of n cen
tury ago, that It would not be marvellous If
rru Its cluss there rlmuld boa reorganlation
of political parties such as occurrcsl In tho
sdinlniktrntl'iii of Ji;rKUltsON' nnd In that of
Jai KsCiN.
Under each of tho great ehieftnl'is just
named, old icsues and cfl'eto orgsnhntlons
and decrepit liadcra pafscd Into oblivion,
and during their icspectWo adminitnitlous
parlies utsumed tho forma which they woto
for tho succeeding thirty years. Po wo Im
rglno It will bo under tho role of Oiiant. It
would rontrndlit tho precedents, I t lio tho
lessons of hlbtory, and ret at naught tho de
ductions of philcsojihy, If tho convulsions
through which wo havo pnn-ed, and
of wl Ich tho election of Oiiajot
Is the logical ronrliiKlon, did not result
In a new order of things whoso culminating
point will bo n reorganization of political pnr
ten. Our civil war, thoubolitien of slavery,
lho enlargement of tho uufi'rogo, tho recoil
Htruition of tho Union, and lumliimcnt.il
amendments of the Conttitution, havo car.
rled us thioni.h a revolution not 18 radical
than that which delivered us fn m tho yoko
of Great llritidu.
Those who aro loo blind to reeognlito thu
ik worn, thefce who aro too slow to keep
paco with the progress of events, must bo
left to wander amonjf the tombs of tho dead
past ; wh'lc men of clear vision and elastic
step will becomo tho guides of tho n:tloii,
nnd lend it foi ward in a career of expansion,
of prosperity, of power, nnd of renown, such
as have illustrated uo previous peri oil In Hi
history, nnd will tcarculy And a parallel in
the aunals of any people.
W!int Docs it Menu t
Tho follow ln 1ms U'en extensively pub
lished a-s a trui copy of a circular tunt, just
before yesterday's election, to leading Demo
crats in various parts of this State:
iYlru oii Mi icily Vnnjttltntlot.
Oct, X7, IbW. (
Mr Usui Bin! rime nt ones to oommutilrilo
wltb hook rcllublo r"" la thne or funr itlirlpil
luKiit, jJ la cacticlly of )our coaul, tntt rtijiu-l
lilui (ripcsve July arranf nl (or U.I. dull tp Ulmt. li
to William It. Twreil, Tiaimanj Hall, at Is e nlnuto
of cloalaj lbs rolt, ""t altln( for a roirt audi
j.cuon'a estimate of tlie oto. I.i't lha toiler ih bo
aa foUowi! "Till tou 1U ihow a Ueinocrutla
gain (or loaa) our last )tr of ." Or tbU one, It
umcU-allr Cfrlulnt "Tlila town will glru Itcpuli
llciin (or Utinocrsllc) rnajorltjr of ." Tritro la, of
courae, an Important objuct to L ttUIned. Iljr a
almslUseoaa tranauilaalon ap to lha hour uf ckxlsg
the poll, bat not longer waiting, opportunltj can l
UVta of (lis uaojl bulf-Uxur lull la Ulvgraptitc com
inunlcitlon over Hum Ualora actml rcauita bcelu to
Le declared, and tcforo the Aatorlatrd I'rrsa abaoiti
tbe tclegrapli wllti return, an J Interfere with Indi
vidual ineaaaaea, and tia oidtra to TjttcS cartful!
the count. Very trulj jouta,
HAHL'EI, J. TH.IJE.H, Caalrman.
If this document bo net a forgery and tho
story of Us Issuo a pure fabrication, It is cer
tainly so suspicious In Its apptaranco as to
call for aa xahvtuitlo4 of U tru wands a
i i niii nwmmmmmmmm
from tho gentleman whnso nsmn Is nfTirrd to
It. His jHjflitlon nnd slandliig In tho com
intin ty are such that ho cannot rfi rd to'rest
quietly tinder tho Imputation, which It fastens
tiMin him, of Loing n pnrty to n conepi nvj In
defmt tho jiopulnr will by trickery and fraud.
As the mailer stands now, tho iwdructlons
which ho appenrs lo havo Issued admit of no
other Interpretation than that It was his In
tention, In easo tho majorities of his party
elsewhere than In this city should lio Insuffi
cient to secura. tho Htnte, to supply tho lack
by false counts hero. Tho mennnem end
wlckcdnern of such a transaction rorjulro no
Observe, in the first plsro, that lho object
of tho action recommended Is not plainly
stated In this circular, but only hinted at.
"Thcro Is, of coumi, on Important object to
bo attained." Hut what object? Wliy aro
Mr. Tlt.DKN and his associates so anxious to
know, In advanco of tho Associated I'rrsa re
turns, tho approximate voto of lho pnrta of
the State outside of this city 1 They do not
ask for exact figures they will bo satisfied
with estimates. Betting stJdo tho Improba
ble supposition that they desired, In case of
defeat, to hedge their bets on tir.TMorjn and
IIoKl'MAN, thcro remains only ono conclu
sion, nnd that Is, that they had somo plan in
view which thoy dared not explicitly do
scribe, but which was no less lmiortant than
tho figuring ont of a Democratic majority
by foul means. If the fair result of tho elec
tion was ngnlnet them. This view of tho
matter is corroborated, too, by tho conduct of
tho canvasscrn in tho Fourth and t-eventh
Wards, in holding bnck tho returns lost
evctrng long after tho time nt which they
should havo madu them.
Hero wu hao a mrnsnro originating with
tho Democratic Htnto Committee, and sanc
tioned by Its Chairman, which, to any ar
son of common honro, teems to conUmpIato n
disgraceful pleeo of knavery. Let the Com
mittee, now, nnd, abovo nil, let Mr, tl.i.Muni.
J. Timi:n enmo out and explain to tho pub
lie what this circular meniiM; for, If they do
not, tliey will hnvo no right to repel any
charged which may bo mado ngulntt their
honesty as citizens and their honor na gentlemen.
Whatever else mny bo tho result of t in
Hpaniih revolution, it bids fair to uiaVo Itself
lil.toricalljr fnnoua for tho abolition of human
slim-ry In I lie lost of tli clrilitcd countrii-s
wlilcli linro upheld that Institution. All tlie
members of the Revolutionary Junta havo sljmd
stncuioilul, nlncli drclmea that alarcry l.uu out
rage upon huiunn nature, r.ml n blol upi n Ilia
nation which mnlutuina It; Ilial it la ao repug
nant a tliluK Hist It mikIiI til bo sbnlitlied, lint
gradually, but immediately i but that In i len of the
ilifllcultlcs In tbo way of II immcdlnts aliull.li
mcnt, they proporo to tho 1'rorUional (locrn
incut ns a piclluiincry incaaurv tbo cnnctinrnt of
a decree declaring fno all children born of alutc
motlicrs utter Sept. 17, 18f8. Not only la Ilia
action thus rccoirnicndcd likely to bo taken,
but it will alio, probably, bo followed by the
librratiun, uuder proper iufcum da and restric
tions, of the ihiilc adult alau penulutiuu of the
ppanlali colonies.
Tho recent controversy between tho ('olh
olio llUhepof riiic)o snd rome . f hi clerR.V,
tliurli II hna for thu pre-int nsultrd In tlie lll-li-op's
farnr, has nsiertlitlsss jnornkt-d diacua
klun which aerms likely to result in dtpiiviux 'dl
Iho Cathiilio lliihops tl this country of tho nrbl
1 1 ut ioiMrwlth width tbo cic now invent. d.
Tbo I'liiirrli here, being repartlisl ns n missionary
Chinch, la ao con.tlliitnl thnt the pnriab prir.ta
have no way of obtjiuins lbs rewrsst of Ibi ir
l!ilmp' decrees except by an uppenl to Ilnine,
wbicli, from lho delay nnd rxpctiio It Involve.,
la prsctieslly nn renmty nl ull. The ltiiLo.'a
will Is nbaolute law, oi.d the priests huvo lo atil
inil lo It, wbcllier tliey think thry nru tieulcd
Justly or not. To obviate Ibis evil, It l. piopostd
ihnt the American Chinch be put iiniKr the same
cinon law an obtains ill lililopi', mid thnt 1 1 tests
who feel npifl lived by tbo cclnm of their lliahnpa
mny havo n rlht of appeal to h cnl councils, who
shall bear tnd decide cares ncceidlng to will es
tablished and prc-tiou.ly known principles, A rc
form of (Ida kind Is In entire urci rdnnce with tho
democratic spirit which has always charnctcriitd
the Ca.tlic.1ic Chinch in its luieilor orKsiii.ialion,
nnd, In this country especlslly, is eertuin tn be
aciouiplikbcd sooner or later.
In tho Inst muni cr of bin willy nnd innn
tic .unlinie, M. IliHtirrm.T sti ikingly ill ibltstho
contrast belwesn tbo purpose with wlilcli hun
Icnii III. ui.deilcKik bis ilexiesn expoditlon, nnd
tbo mulls wbkh it nclually i.ccoinj.li.hid.
Tint eipfdillor was set en feet estcnMhly to
compel lho puymcut by the Mexicnu Goreiuiiii'iit
of money due to sundry l irnrh subjects. An
kiu.y wai uiutnUlucd In Jliiico dining four
years, cut cf which lifly thousand men peiished
by the diaensca of the country, lionds were is
sued uuder the patronage of Ibe Kiench Govern
uiunt, nnd those who look tin in euro ruined.
Jllnlslcni speculated on lho fall of these bonds,
nfter tliey bud tbcinselves rrcommrndod them to
tbo public, nnd gained eneirnons sums by the tlo
cllno in tlx ir inuiket vulue. An llmpcror wns
shot nnd on Umpios inndu einzy. lint ncenullng to
M. Ilcciiwriiur, uot t ns of tboao lor whom llie ex
pedition was cap cully undi'ilukrii hua curro
eiind a cent of tho sums wlicb wtio lo bo col
lect -il from Mclco f r theii beneflt.
1 be uutitiieaU set lorlh by this ponerful huU
ponl.t of llie f-'erond Kuipin is peifect; but the
tacts of hittury are net ultegctber ss bo repre
sents tlicm, lho money which was to he farced
fium Mexico was inuinly to cover tbo famous ol
llgsllons liehl by the Siviw banker Jeckt r, a gient
pnrt of which rosily belonged lo NupoUon's bulf
biollicr Morny. H Is true Hint tlioso bonds
luio never paid, sj tliey vught not to lave been,
for tbry woio fruuduluit; but Merry and .'niter
suci ceded iu selling out tin tr iiitcreat before the
expcdillnnnnd the Mexican Kmpliehsd collapsed.
Of course, tbo purchsscis weru swindled out of
their money, Just nslhe Krencli taxpayers lost the
whole cost of the expedition) but tbo friends of
.Napoleon wcio euilcbcil, Thut great end bciii
secured, the calamity ami dUgrc.cs which 1'iaucs
del n id from that luckless undertaking must b
reminded as of litllo couseimtuci).
Bamuel It, ltotta, nbo was Judge of tbo Uultcd
mates Court for the 8outhcrn District of tills Stat
for a period of forty-live jiar, aud nbo not lon(
sines reslcoed to luako room tor Jn.lfo Ulatchford,
dUd ut Xtyt lljrin cu Monday night List, a;rd 84.
He was s lawyer of lbs old acuool, an able Juibjes
and s worthy allien. Ilia death carilvs Ibe memory
back to the times of Monroe, who appolutcd biui to
tbo cfScs be filled ao long.
The latest accounts from Chins aud Japan
show the prospects of the CbrlstLvi missionaries In
be anything but encouraging In those countries. At
Ysnicbow, Mr. To) lor, the brsd of Hie Protestant
mission, sad lis party have narrowly escaped death
at the bsnds of s mob of Infuriated Chinese, some
tbouasnda itrong, who attacked and burut the mis
sion house: snd s decree laying the Christian religion
under a formal Interdict ha been posted op at Ho
niara snd the gates of Yokohama. The placards
deacrlbe CbrlsUana ss "the dullish sect," The
N .iiuii and American Consuls hsis stilt sis UUrfareJ
lo Trluntybel
A TUAKEiaitll-a soxq ro 1648.
T STT, UICT.-COL. i. n. WIEIDirn.
Ttlng out, glad joy-bells,
O'er land i l o'er ai
Illgtil ts tiinmplni.t,
The Nation Is free.
Thunder, O carifnt
Not vain was onr tret I j
Tlie Faithful hsrs eonanered,
Aa concjorr they must.
Beat the drams gill,
And shout. Loyal Iljnd I
Tbo Cl.lcf of our Army
la Chief of our Land.
Emits the glad cymbals I
Ills motto shall be,
"Stand fait and stand sort.
Cnsio litsenisl"
Ware on tlie free lads
Old flair, so long rlren ;
On Its neifd folds thine,
fiweet stars from yon btasta I
Flash, lightnings electric I
Tell tho nations abroad,
Tblapeorle Is led try
The Hand of the Lord.
Dram, Bin of Autumn
Where Elcsntrs hare com, '
And slow wslbs are hearing
The Harvest gold borne.
Buille, Moon of Hunters,
And tenderly shed
Thy radiance where slumber
Oar glorious dead.
Itnst, sword, In your scalbnrd,
For von Is ti n flsht;
Orsnt snd Cnlrsi are eho-rn j
Co (Jod si ceils Ibe Itlght,
Illnr, ye glad Joy-bells I
I.i l enmity rroto
O trotheis, yrssp bands In
Thonksglvlnt and 1'iseol
lie direful uf Your llonde.
7i Its llder 7dsin.
Siu: The llghl-fingTed scoundrels In this city
bat e become so bold snd adri.lt tl at the plan I Lav e
kdoptrd may 1 c found u.eful. and It la aa folio li
I will mention. In the llr-t place, that I Lave charge
of the aceurltire of a coiup i ly, snd they are kept In a
bag (not carjs t bac) In an Iron sen) v-Wlls s asfo.
When rercssary tu take the bsg from the safe,! calls
clerk lo stand beside me ; 1 take nut or ut In the bag
a bond or othir security; and when tho hair must be
kept ont ofthe ssfe for sny lenstli of time, w bleb la
frequently the rate, I band It to ths ctirk, saying,
Kitp that lay in your hand unlit rt- L youor It.
In these per' ous Urate I act on the prlnciplo that
treuilllre must be lurked In a flrr-pri-of safe, or they
must, when out of li.be actually In the hand of a
trustworthy person nntll returned lo the safe. II.
A evr Orlenns llnnker Hwlndlrtl out of
Veri i A. e ttrl an Times.
About two week ni?n n solid-looking gentle
man, with eh rkly air nnd business hnblts. arrived in
lids cliv from New Yoik, iirrotupsnle.1 by hi goo-l
Isdr. Ills visit was specially directed to a vi)i:n-,
hkh-teiiel anl popular rnrrrhaiit who lately ad
virilaed In tho New York psi-ets ror a
firtnrr with ratl'al tn rngngo In s Iner-i-ive
bnmch of bu.lness. There was an air atHiiit
the new coiner prnl ulr sttraetlre, n Irankne.. of
I urioe, a scorn uf all show and shtiu, a devotion 1 1
sinrt often hahiis, and an rahliiUinii uf quickness
and aptllnde well raleulnled to Impress rvrn tlie
mostwsrr lb- slnod to iter )oiimf fill ml. In the
shorten snd must hii-lncse.lll.ti terms, that ho 'was
ontof nut luvmcnt. Irml soin Ihn udtcrtl'rmi nr. et
sinlnril Mir rri iiei.nnl nierprt.i , ItVeil tl, con
cludi d to gn In. slid -I ere ho v os. I'rt hsf hi ea
IUI was Ion Until .1, lint It was n I he had, conl.t'it
of llilitv flvo tin usnndilollar slshl exctenje, a note
offlilieii thou aiel cV'lars, already due, gilt rilgis.
Ac sad there II wis. If l i..i, rtilrctlon our friend
ll.,Mtt f l.v eoiil.l tn. Ire li-rm. uliv .n. If tin tn.
flection 1st thi uclit di leremlr. why. su aim; no
huriv, n. W''' rjll srmn to-niormw, and
gooil niotnlii . The nest dwy's sun broniiht,
punctual to II i sppo luted time, the coot
ineielvl rsnln'iie. Yh tint h ut deelde.1 to rnterUin
tl e peitrwtllten t. ' ihly. Ih leuacln the t)tt nul o
meri bsi t .hone ,ti, uf coarse, a iroper know I
e.lpe of I och oi i spilvsts and cointueri lal sbtnd
i was lie n: i nn - It s . lie h id ulirwly eitln
Hid I Intei .f i-tt ilte politl. wllh rrtinrd lo lis
Ni-w Hi una it ten 1 1 e font he acked a shtrl turi.uo
hen 1 1 ti.l h in t-T itiat he 1 1 w I egired leiive lo r
fi r In hi. o-.ii ru .1 luls; and there ther weic. In
the sbnisi f ab ut n letter, nil sie.iklng In tl t
Idrhct trm s 1 1 tl t I enr-r. and all staniied wllh thn
piloted lieotllncsol u writers' firms, sninp uf which
weie among the no t iiotuiiiert In New York clt)
As if Iht.e were not i noiigh, tin pnvedtd to pile Te
hull i n ei i, by Hie produttion of one from Oov.
rniliin. ot New Vot-k. exhlhlling tho clnst Intt
l.uei wllh It at oflli lul, sud a ci nfldencit In his In
tecrlly, cnine tv, aid himrsty rather rnrc fur the
d.aitu nd-eul-ilmaiiiiul ac we lho In. Tho srttnte-.t
aipiirriit lullliiilo nne allowed for Iho ilo'.eclli.n of
Inn ti.litre, supposing itny ciisledibiit so nestly and
uttUliishlicly was n.e cuire pt.yrd that not the leu.t
etiicion was asaktixd cilber In the mind of tlu
v etiiu or tie ohler i ltd no re dis'nterrsled Lend
whom he very rlghlly coitsuUed. Inl.ko the course,
of true lev e, tin uii.ou ran smooth ; tho bouna w ere
published under tho usual cepsrti irshlp brail;
sn rxiiiivo nfl'co was cmaced. In npjtost.
Inn to the younrer end mote prudent mer
rhunt.whiiso Itlcis of rconcmr were Inr-
thir oelr..,rd by New Yoik Inslitinx upon
l.svli'K the i mi o e-trpeted. lio Intended to Introduce
"lew wilii !,!" ii'tn hitslcess here; le saw mi
ri.i-i ti tll.y he- sliollhhrt be r'ltufottnble. Ho did lll
tn -ttiee new w tinkles, nnd Limine elrcldediy eotn
r.rlil'i , is f Hows : AHcrsdsy or two elapsed ha
iiijuiUstid til rcadli ts to call nt the bank snd ar
raime he (Inni-clal bsm of hl business. TldiLerthu
litrlnrrs went; II e letter went here exhibit! d snrw,
tl.e bids of rirlsnge . tilul and dcro.lted, hu
mt ilce.ii tue to no them until I rude Imd lalrly
eoiiinmiii cd. Tho 1'rrsUlinl was equally chariuid
w 1,1 hint. Tli' loufhly toslcd ntHin tbo tujslulcs of
finance, a-, he u with the details of trade; person
ally aequalnnd with seme ol tlie corir.poKtic'nts of
the bstik.se well na wlih the naturu of lis business,
he speedily laiaMlshed a coufl ei.re In the mind of
the n. lute rnuneler, fur noire ppiHtalile, as It after,
wsrds tovrit, thun that with Uie young mtreiisnt,
lit fore le .vine he showed u letter from a New Yoik
tlrrn of v.'-ll known i landing, tiurenting tlie 1'n-s.
blent In qunln n lo pay lor them lho fifteen
thcusind ilollnr pnte, If re-o eted by the bearer, and
druw ut slyht, with coiunilsslons and esel anije, a
t'.i'nl He staled Unit ho mlht prnbiihly reeinirr the
niur.ey In n lev.- il.tjs. and would they accommodate
hut, or isth.-r hi New York friends! Prtatdenl
wn ill(iord to do so. hut prndmtly suggt-Meil trei
smoniit be p.s.ed to tlte rt relit of tin) flrlu. This illd
lot ceripeitt w tli lur lilei.d'a binJnes' Idensj
good-hnmorrdlv ho couldn't think of tins ;
tiwrtiirr uiight dto tcfore they were fairly under
wny; no, no, It sni a trlvnte mattee. If tie rc
crlvi.l it, II must Lo on lhoe conditions, aud he
andled n hspey. ciri h4. shrowd smtie, tho free
liiatoiirv 1 1 w idi h is so woll k now u lu h ink circle,
ami which wirt otiectly tu Iho riestdint's Inert,
w im v.i old only Im' "too huppy to obllxe,' At the
colic'u.ieii ol tl.l pleamuv lu ervlcvv 1'ie two palt
liens .trolled iij tun street. New York' wife, I e
said, was nnsloLs to seo Mo-'ile; he Lcttevt-d ho
would taltit u run uvi r tneio. New lil"ini ussentid.
Je would t 1'icli 1','e i'i nfli r to n oriov , on 1 l-o
altheuulco at 11 o'eiCHs, iharp. Uoiild li p.irtmr
.lt lor 1dm If he happen) I In le a lew minutes
liter Orlalnly psriuer would, ami he did. He
walled the vv hole .lay. He I waiting yet, and the
Clin rpriMt g iiieielisnl his to make his np
lur.mee, rlllur t thu offce or nijwheio
tt lie iiel go siiuionlur. , bit befuru r'o
Ing he visited the Oauk, tnd hud another
i hut s, lili lie IV -uli li, uud uk d u:r Willi n.e
tr.ixm. Nn -umI I 0 wus siuiuid fur two day,
when Inquiries suit over thu wires revealed Ih fact
thst the tellers snd I tils of eiehanro were all Torse-ru-e,
and the d.i-iilug pisw Worker awludler.
That Aim hi vli.eo been dissolved. That
bank l"reldent bis grown susflclous or nil knowlne
bu.ti.u-s nun. lie look sharper at vlsliors than ol
old, and his dep. rl:oi mo bcglunlng lo complsla of
discount sillies ui g drawn light. Tin gloom
hantinK atom iho Unanclal norta'sof lis lus'liuMen.
and u vuuiil olhri. with roll of carpeting to let cm
Cnrendehl stn et. le itp sum and risvlt of all the
brilliant imiieiikte cs of that rum w.th the new
w rluklc.
A Nxw Mods cr Tins UsTOiixa. Travelling
In the West suiun weeks since, I stopped for a few
dsye at Ih little elty or Wilniiuiton, lli.,iebout Btty
udliw south of Chicago, on tho Alton HaUniad. Just
before v.o arrlviil there, a burglary was committed,
by whli'lialumti-rdealer earned Cuuvol lol about
380, tski n troni a desk In hi bonse In s very my,
lerlous manner. Couval is s keen-eyed J-rencbman,
aud alti r a few days of dose observation In a quiet
mnner, he concluded there was Jusl reason to eis
pect a u an by tho name ol Tomb.eon, who bad re
cently been lu buslucss with biui. who knew some.,
tldug of his sualr, and was familiar with the differ;
ent apartuienta of his dwelling. He tell sure of
his nun. On Baturdsy night, ofter the bersUiry,
be went to the cemetery, sllustcJ sboul a lullo from
the city, and dug a grave In a couspleupas plate,
Esrly buuday morning bo colled la s friendly way ou
Mr T., and invited hlra to take a walk up the river
a abort distance, to see a lot of lumber pretended lo
havu been purchased by him. snd lyUg la that tflrec.
tlou. They atarted oa together, and o Ihclr way
passed throuyh the cemetery. V. henlbey reached
the nevtlynude itrave-whlch the Kienchman look
care shou'd be seen oo their way-Mr. T . Inquired of
blmwbit It mesut, snd for wbois H was dug?
When, drawing s revolver, be replied. "It mesr, for
you , you must be bury dare If, " l 'ell me
where my monce." Tho rascal, taken by surprise,
scarcrly knew whnl to ssy or do. He, however,
mustered ccuraxe to deny burglary apd as.
serl bU Innocence. But the rrcnehmea had Judged
bun sulliy, psd sentence upoo bl, asd swore he
would ciscute It unless the crinis ere coasd sad
IU raoaas restursd. ' . " svrsjf oas ulouu."
cried he.holdlng the lnstmrnnt of death sear tho
head or Tomblcson. "and den down roo go -Sae-c
Ilieul you must." The fellow, snow It. we'lthe i.
roeltlnn of his arsnllan'. dtopped on his knees onr
lite Pit, and. feiliitg tut Ins end tad come, with
licmblliif ll. amid Ins cy for mercy, enn'eseed 't s
f;ullt, and was relieved tiy the l-'iei eiimsn. whom he
ed io the pace where the nnmii defo it d
Nearly the wno.e amount was restored to lem. ai d
theii uetnlutlt suii.lmiyhli fur parts nnkauwn,
CbfTMiWKfmrc Hoclifttr t V.len.
Kernpe of n frnlnlnn Porger,
The lhrtford (Conn.) Couranl has nddltionsl
pnrtlrulars of the escape of Mr. H trper from the
lltnldun Jill, loiether with aotnc fnrlhir facts con
cerning her forgeries. She got mil of the rw.ini in
wlilcli she no kent hy picking the lock, and Ihrn
peering thronsb the J tiler' residence gut Into the
nticn air. That nlcM the, o w ss an i xra-sh n boat do n
the river, conveying political clubs, and It Is probable
tl at she got sbosrd, and went far enouib to connect
with the Hhorp Line rosd. Of course when on escape
of 11.1 character occurs every Incident connected
with the movement ofthe trlsoner is ciliated, to
f.trnlin some clue to the stair i how it was man
endi, etc. And the fad that one of her counsel
cslled upon her the dsy nrrrxdiog the nlcht of
her escape, and eeenred from her an cmler for
t.VDT) on a bnnk In New York, the r. 'iney to be
nsed la providing bonds, paylnf fees, etc., Is
talked of considerably. When she went away
she left a novel, In which were written ths names
of parties, all residing In Alton, Illinois, ss follower
Mrs. R. U Ilargese, II. M. Use.. n. James Field. Mis.
K. K. Dlnekley, 11. A. V , Fred flush, and Ucntlcr.
Hhe lias been ipcrsllng a a swindler for several
yrars. four year ago she was In Hartford : then she
waa heard of at Chh-ato and Cincinnati; In Moss,
cl.usttt she commitud forgerlee on Iwo bauks,
and In Maine on fanr dlCennl Looks, in
New York she keep a bank account.
Hhe bis ri presented herself as an authorras
trying to dispose of s copyright, and In other cIlvoc
tcrs ha made her appearance In different States,
tinder the alias of Mrs. 8, R. Ilirrer, Mia. -I.
K. I'ratt. Mrs. J. J. Van llleet, Mrs. I.. It.
smith, Mrs. J. C. Wakeman, and Mrs. M. C,
Then-peon. Officer Harzcnnl, of HosUin, liad the
buslmss of the Maine bunk. In 1,1 charge, end
was looking fur her when Officer W ilcnt caught
ki r In New York. CnL f of Police Cbaniberlln im
mediately notified r'arseant, and be raine on,
bringing one of lho bank offlcera who rreoinlird
tho woman at the preliminary trial In Middle
Inwn. Arrangements wero made, In easo she
should serure the Lund of tl.ouu, to inimeellaiely
resrrest her, snd lake her on s requisition to
Maine fur trial, but h'r cecepe has ui.st llistsr
ranxeinent. Hhe reprcsmt herself to Le tne-niy-eight
year nf are, theuih she looks to be tlnrly
eighi or forty. Rhe Is annul live reel high, has dark
blown hair, whlati .Low ears twl.lcd, hi false i itl ,
sallow cumufcxlcn, and small fiet. when she waUs
one shoulder le elevated above tl.e oiler.
r.lnqtieneerjf n ltrlll.li Mnycir.
Th gmiiil annual dinner of thu Licensed
Vletu tllei.' A.soclsllon of Ulsrkhurn, Knglsnd. ws
hi d a lets tlsjs elne-, at wliletithe Xt'vor r. - l.d.
"It would I Imp 'X-llde," ssy the S'effM lltrtUI,
" tn iloin.tiee lo tho vtiror and rncrsy of ur thor
oiiirhly fauieiislilrenixyiii' utterances on Ml oecss.
Ion by any trautlal on of ouis. Me theteiuie srivn
i n m iu iheir native brnronepe.. onlr re'.rin.ng
lh.il words rrprotliu-ei o Inadequately the inlmltabla
tone und manner of the worshipful speaker." Toast
ing .ho Army and Navy, his worship raid:
Th'nesltouMIs "Ur nrmy, th' nry, snd't volnnte
vers " Nsii, at prcneut lime, ilieyr's i. erevl rry atiom
iii'riuy nniVtutvy. Id mull be tu oeini' n u ,nnie
lieyi I--In llil ktlnlry 'nl wo eon rto w.lli...tt I mt., n.
iiiint-efpienreyeliep, in I welteou't do wlihuat Itoihin
t n y nnu. in' i vv,eiitl lne)so la i wut i,iitu,t la rvl
ii.il ilr'nk Tli vie two so. is ev hecouon.1 for
tin loaulry, theyr u'l fuoll.li heconoml an I
tli-yr. s a w..e un. T m snch a llnna a littln a le-t
n' ta ruin to r eh P r yrs.sn i in n imvin em All to
leti n tip sn. Trew lift oietml t'twrctldr tor war
i on) Mimiiit If. lu'Vicrua, oroi.vwi-re e .e. iliey'te
i ellcii li-n nuoder, let's be Me to setiil n twe!,et
Vm put nl .'. t'oio we tennltue nt h'fto' iir artuv
nil i svy a. ' I ray awordsnd Us una wi-enlhei've se.1
it Wer cniisrd to I'l-tt' army ud t'usry In thst
war, web K-nd.lr maetieennrywud pseer to niske 'em
le't.nudawl tine cwsls fmentut. w'e her a third an I
thnt lit' rlfl lOrt. nnl I tM-tieve ifiiiev're ii.c-a
uHiti they'll lie red.iy V feytlbr lids luolrl, und 1 her
met rleaure tncli ina t Iom.i.
When the Mayor can.e lo tho heit toast, be ob
sorvcdl I sei le't n"vt totivt on't nre-ram nh rhel wnrt to msk
little altetnetiun. It " I lie Li.rd Ms'iop and '- vrz uf
lhedocee" An wont In t.adHv' mlnl.tr sol nil relU
uii to th., ss ah tlHiutd nol pereo ttili totsli
lmlM fur ollv .ic-l-'ty I don't l-elltvc In It tun one c .
o' i at.ons Lev It n' lo ttieianlve. Ah h. T .-ri-.it 1rsur
III ti ov in H et I ord llishiip and n'ers) sni the u.lul.lura
o' t'u I dcuuniiuosbuu- an hawl o' em tngetticr,prerls
an al.
As lie reenlng advanced, Ibe worthy Mayor be.
rime more n-nl.l. wlihout any bs of shtewdne.s.
l i'h three times litre his bcallii wa drunk; upon
whl h be rose and ald :
Mr rrttdne. I tlu-nk you for the hansoms msnree tn
wlucit )oa hev iTopiaieil ny towt, net only Juitstr.
I il.'ti, tmt i t.ortt of the Manor o' thl. oo, n I think
It it h-'lior el i.e.f lo hate a meu.bi r of I'arllauiBLl nnil
the I .id or tlie Manor to t rep,.o a tnait to a poor
iumii in c nte An.t 1 1 hank voii,(rntieteen, fnr ihel -vi-t.i.unlo-!
Itltan'ht I. a ,'-- tuon who ennnolenlny
his 1' when lie nition lait. as he were IruMtupwI.
VV l. revr I e ot I l,ke to e J"y . -1 ,1 1 n.e I l taiuetnr
art Ed.-I lad I don't knews-ve-r I -i i in ti-onier
e vi nun tlnitt lo n-el, I'm i I ou m le - n ' : t stael hed
d'k.t.utiD. I 'i' i like 'ii's ttt-in i vir.r1!" i.i I'tc e.-enborn
I' II . M tn litil I I el'rvi I' t d mi uii.speyls
brtt'-r ihan ln'diite.iiin. And I ot - ,o m hi n A'der
man I iiotttixi.u imined ttuowt ih w..r ou-et ir-or th s
town. And 'ho' I kbit 11 1, m t a olliu l uieietlive. I
i-in ..y s. t1 en '-. Loud hi nt- Pi-ilf.it .i i,. n.
ri.tt It at k e-lotli 1 1 s All rreil v to It i. i.uio i.. i Audi
i.ois. iir workin elossett will tnln. f,.r ii,i-r.ei, n nl
nl te - it lul Hh chivS I 'ope tlivl thv wu i. nr elas-, s
w j'1 'tvt k or ih in. ii oi rsjy neti iw.". w tiudt.'.u 1 1 liti.-ir
lit III s wit'i ehaS, hut tri-ad snd ehet.e. Yott wouldn't
nml l Hi s men t-tttine lie n. l..-4-en.e nte-, ami wcmirn
'.il I. Idten wni letl sin -i llil, a I' tin r In It Volt do
n d Lord iirrl y ran g lo Maui hu-tt't nml cl.mirlil.r -ur
ur live lliuti.ai d Oi Ih In n -re ior Tlioii.-ti, . .imor,
I am ni-1 In tioilUcul mseiln. int 1 tlu sv to ev. rr
w iri-titv nin ri't-eLurn,M ThluL of IStqat " and r,nur
ho r Pel itiert.i-ily. And llhlni-iiity wl I roifocnet
It Ihltik ofi'te men wtio tlhi iheli best turye. nut lr
t oh ...nt tr) In ts lacilNte. Lie lirnrlit. but wet ping
.in cl tin- way of tU'lciler ineclhigs, whsiu limy waaled
souie hru.s.
Hmuloir In Cnlorn.ln.
Psurrr. llowtra, ofthe Sprinirltl K'pvSllean,
.v leeemly uken astagtt 'tip In Colorado, writes of
It s follow: lhsrlninlnd that tie rreat I'eilflc
Ksllroad does nol touch Coloroilo. It roe a few
mile abovo thu uurlhet ii Lordir. A brmrh roal Is
now bull ling from II e nntln trnek st Cnevcnno to
Henver, the rapllsl ami local point of the Territory.
Whllo vvinliiig lor that to 1 e finished, neat year, wo
travel thl 1 ) mile In s l l or.o ron-h. If wo
could do it all LyelailikLt nothing could be u.oie
pleasant. Tlie road lie srraw lho lt
lifty mile of thu plains, through I lib rolllnir
green rrsrles, cut eveiy llfleen or twenty miles
oy a visorou river, wllft border of rich nnd rnltl
vuted liitervalc and line of trri-e uaarklnz Us pretxress
troui nn utitsln dttiouche to the nlow-rlnklng, wble
rrnrhiug Imrlzon to the rlgut the grim mountain
with tuweilng totsot rock and snow to the le i
the unenilli g ruirle o"nn, with nlv an octaslonul
cublii und scattered licit! or cattlo tn birak its nia-j-stlc
solitude and Indlcato human sitinietiU; there
is such utaznlflcen! uuldootnen In the contritions
set nc as no nm rower or dlffercnily c, nil Innl Isnd
. t-pe ciin oSer, nnd so long us the day l.tt It I. n
thing of biauly and of Joy. Hut ' It Is u twenty,
hour rtdu, and tho stace arrnni.cmcnis tu.ike a
nlcl I of it. And In state rldln; It I peculiarly true
thut It is the hist nlpht that cost. It Is mure In'oh
lutde than the ct nihil atlon ofthe sun ceiling half
tloem, wer t Jonrney prolonrrd forawrekt lho
bri.iktngln is fearful. Theprotoneatlonlsbrsrili'e.
lho . Ir tci cold, ths road grow dusty and chokes,
or reu.li and alarm you: the Irr ret stitf and
numb, the ttmper i-dtee; everiliody Is ovcreouie
with sleep, but csn't stay usleep; the strnK
gle nf cnniindlng nature raeiis erery nerve.-fre
every feelln1:: evirybedy knocks snd flounder
nitalnst on ijbo.ly clsu In helpless dcpidr; pi rh tp
tl o hlj-pi st man In the staco w III gel renlly alei n,
which dt lug, he Invclnnlsnly and wlthlrr.'prrsll lo
momentum spresd hlmelf, lens, ttoois, arms, and
heal, oyer the whulo In'ldpof the roach; the glrla
srrrrrh, the profane swear ; some l.utwaiita s smell
Ing-bottle out of her bar, and tho bit Is sinncwl.cro
on lho tloe r nolnKly knows where bul found It
must be; ev .-rytio ly' tuick bstr comes down, snd
what Is nslure end what Is art In cmtsnic
..nd ehiraelcr Is revealed nnd then, hardest
of all, morning brinks upon tho seme, ami
tho let Un :e everybody eliri), grimy, falit.
"all to piece.," cross su.h i dlHenchnnt'tig
iihlbl'lun I The ctrl thut I li vely tci n, the rrw
vv ho i cnllant and serere Ii I thrm be eatalngeetl for
poMerit) nnd ti-ansl ited at onre-heaireiiestiiiolspsro
such uitiHiiiei.ts, aud liny aio too atrcruvutleg fur
i ntii. Ilvei-y ten mid vie a' p to change Imr. a,
mid i lie dilv or, n i:hl or day, slirindtie the sppn u h
to a station by a mlnlattiie war who-vp, thvt, a the
liintiiidsnoay of thilrmesl onrnn, " uiuat be heard
tube sppi oelo' cd ;" li;i. iclUinlj ilbir .i.irllitu to
iicvvesrs. Uvery thirty mdu or su, a 11 hoti.t-" st i
t.iin at d a "soujiC rc.-ul." Dloti. r, si.pfcr, or break
fil nre all obke i luvurtbly grncruus and goed, more
u lftinnly so, tn.ltrd, than lhou along the- railroad
i.no iroia 0 n- o to the niountbiu..
VVe.loit' tlreut Walk.
One week from lo-ttav, Not. 1, Weston is to
remmenre his walk of lira tbousinj mile, bavins
accepted the proposition of l)jn Itice, sn scconnt of
whlih we published In last week's ruebwf. lly ee
eeptlng the term of that proposition, Mr. Weston
pledge bliuscll lo do his best to walk Are thousind
mile In ono hundred days, exclusive of bnndays,
which icdui-e the actual lime granted to complete
the uurcll luto eighty-sit day, la case he accom
plishes the tssk, he pledged a purse of faO.IXX),
The usreb of S.lKJO mile wlU curry Weston from
llangor, Maine, to HI. Paul, Mlancsots, and thence
bsck by a different ronte to tho city or New Yursi
and It Is well calculated to-aruuse the enthuslasni of
our sumcwhat mercurUl psoplc. Oa the walk from
I'ortlaud to Chicago, the distance and time
to aeeompllab It required that the pedcetrbin
should make on average of foity-eevcn miles daily,
aud thst walk, made lu a more propitious srssoa of
the year, called lortb the wildest applause from the
thousands who. night and day, thronged the line of
march. Iu theS.CMJ mile march Weston will be re
quired to make an average of (8 1-7 miles, or
more lhaa eleven miles In execs of the average
on the road to Chicago, and this at s aeaon of the
year when rain folia aud snow Impede the progrree
of even railroad trains. If the past msy be taken as
an Index lo Ike future, considering the greater dim
etilty ot the feat, tho hero of Hie wonderful walk et
While IMalne wUl rally around him unnumbered
thousands to shout bis name and cheer him on bla
weary march. Aa a tastier or course, Yoang and
Old America will pray for bis success, for it Is an
element of Ainerlesa character to rrcdlt s
native-born here wltk extraordinary prowese and
to natter tbeeaaclvre wltk the belief thai ; tbo
world doe not contain bit equal. The rrtds It
peraonable, even If Judgment 1 warped by san
guine hope. The march la for a purse of t,00U,
and starling on the lal of Pecrmber, conclude the
101) day on the lllk ot March. Weston will pssa
Ihrouxk II cUffsraut Slate. ICO counties, Sard WJ
cltli and town. When ho react eBt. Tstil, Mln.,
he will havo walked a.fWS miles, lie rttsr iS by s
ronte thst will trleghltn to City 1111. New Yoik
city, at Ike end of 6.011 miles, 'io tins perfortnlnj
mure than he comrade to do. A will so seen I om
the tone of Ids letter, he fee. c i ii'Knl of snereeM
'rtg, and we tru.i tl at he Is t ut onr emtguinc,
llionch we mnt sdmit. under the rlrrnmtaner. the
luture scin li wh'.pei failure. Mihav fdih it.
Ine peelcstrun' hou-ity. and be le" end what It
mny, e prv that this eliding 'slih may not be destroyed.-
Troy lludiiit.
Ilovv Mile O'ltelll) Wtotc t'r.ivnii's I'rlsoii
1.1 Te of llnvl In Nino llur.
JYom IA c irlin Af-' en g. Ocl. .
It It asserted that tbo book entitled "2'ri.cit
Mrs of Jeffcr.on liavle," and piirportln to le the
work of Dr. Craven, was wrttun fn sinudsye by tho
late Oen. C. O. Ilalplre. . ,
the above pamtripk la going tho rounds of tl.o
press s sn Hem or stranxc no- s
Tbe hook, our readers wttl remember, eame olI In
New York soon tfler the release ol Mr. Hatts en
ball from his imprisonment st Fortress WVnroe. It
wst the sensatloa of the dsy. and excited deep in
terest for the Ismons prisoner, who.e story of llie It
assessed to give. While It stirred the heerta of the
Southern people, of who list cause be was the
official head. It awaktnM the curiosity, removed
the prejudices, and en'lstcd the sympatblet of the
Northern men In behalf of one fslien froui high
estate, a weary, freblo captive, ret who challeneed
sdmlratloa for In rqaanlmlly or uls bearing and the
accomplishments of hit mind.
Oar readers will be a.oalshcd to Icara that this
statement Is true, and that Ibis popnlnr bonk, over
which so much ol rerlhvi, of Indignation, (lly, Inter
est, and admiration has been created and expended,
I a work of Irnoc I nation a novil woven upon
alendtr thresds of fact.
Boon after Ibe sdmls'lon of Mr. Iavls to b.lt,
Craven. Ibt surgeon ot the post, wtot lo New York,
where he met ids quondam messmate nf tue same
staff, Oen. Hatpins. Tide literary friend eoatrutn
Isted him forthwith on the opportunity he hsd In
Imioorlallte hlmoelf In print, an I at the sometime
make more; by a beak on Jeff Dsns. Toe Idea
stemoil new tn Mr. Craven, and be ssld It wrs Im
praetlcaMe llalptne ekci) bun where his note
were. He replied he hsd none, and mold nol do It.
then said llillne, "(live me whatever materials
yo'i hsue, and I will write In jour name, sad we will
st-.sre the pro.lis." This was agreed to.
t'rstrn furnt.lied IhiM letters of Mrs. Dsvls to
Mm, snd some note written on the msrcln of n lUr
filJt by Mr. Davl, touching the romt he deslre.1
Iti verde .lohnson In make tn defending hltn for Ires
sou. Tids was sit Inr sulhentic tnstlcr supplied.
At the icqne.t of Oin Ilslplne. Craven ai-o made
not a II. I oi the officers nf the post, and their dav
fur roiug en duty, and other details ol the pod uud
garrison, and uf Mr. Dav Is.
Ilnlelr c thi n ralleil to see several confederate tn
New mk, and anion1 other. Oen Dick 'laylur. lie
rmtiip'dthent a. lo Mr. Diets, Li. v low ami oidn
on un ublle matter; ao. In reuard It. leading
Huttthrrnmen. .md Mr. Dev.s's rotatoria und feeling
toward them. Ac.
A l'MUilel, lua ubilshlng hone now advertised
thst It w.t soon to pnt fnith a life of Ihtvla; and
llaltilho eawlhe IntporUi.c of anilrlpaurur ihi. pult
llcation by til book. It w is arrunec.1 InNvworK
lo rt t It out Immediately. Hu anccd to furnlsli hi
pub I. her forty page of fuol.rap mat uccupl dally.
And he sat down to wrtit ind wrote torty page
daily fur nine day, when llie buok ua coiupb-ied
the we'O of hi fi rtito bm.n and ureompllehed mind.
The book w.i nt greet seivlec to Mr. Halls ; tnd
Oen. Ilalplne' shsr- of profits wus (7,issll.st.Marcb,
whon hu cointnunlrattMl to u tho shove facia from
bis own sraphlc and eloquent lips.
This I onr of tl.o cnrluslliia of literature, slat It
Insitkle the Lilcnl ofthe man who cuuld so plan
blr mai.uf irture out of whole sloth the "1'rtsou Life
of Jitltr.on Hsvl.," witn hi private view and
ojlnlonsconcenili'g men and tnlngs.
Au Indltiii Cnptlvo Four Yenr Among the
hnsnges-A Mrnine Htory.
The Colomio 'JYitrttiu lias lho following strange
story: We saw t Hie Haulers' House yesterdvy a
woinaii nirm d l.lsle llUckl.qin, a native of Mount
Jackson, M c , who claim to hve lie-en a crlsener
aittong dillei eiil tribes or Indlsns atiuqt Tour ytars.
bhels bow s )esr old, nd I a nipple fron1 the loss
of both of her bmhs, which have been amputated
twice, the first time at lho ankle Joint, snd agnln
about three Inrl e t elovv thn knee. Her story or her
enpturennd liui r.-. nuietit I about sa lutiows, eom
nienelna: with ho. he enrne to be In the fmllaii
country: When ho was live yrars old her lather,
Tluimii. niackiiuin. eimristed fron boulu t'arutlni
and join kI lho lloti..ons at Nauvoo, III. He
aiconi aided them to Florence, Nebraska, und
finally rtnlgrsted to Cull witn tie earliest
eiiur.ints, ami pievehed among thcra. In ltUJ or
lsril, the falher, having bci-oma xunowlut dissl-
riated, and having fur some time bleu act ustoii,cd to
lu.ne mnonx too Morniuii Indian. Uiie- .ml her
mothir and two yuunrer s'slers, u.ti nsectlyrly
len and lourtee-n veais, concliuieil iu run aua Iruui
luui an I the Mormons, and II posslMu iraclt I alitor
Ida. Iheytisik with tlicm unly what they could
pnrk aiott' their pi rson. and wllh a tlllc uud suine
aiiiiiiunltlo.i, starnd westward lor ba.t laihv, vvan
tlcrtsl lur nine inuitlh, vihci they weru cittuiod by
tuc D.Kfir India .. 'liit tuoiher and two rcunu lug
sisters, whtn il.t y lievird ot l.lish-'n aa'c. tab sway
troiti the iisrrs ami erc piiteueit. V, hi u fi uit.f
they had iiv,uaud Irozen unleath.niid were buried
nu II rc rreek. Tim Koies sold I.lsilu to tb-Huake-s.
Tl.co. ho learned or lite death of Iir
tuoiher antt sls'ir. and suw Iheui huiletl. She run
u'iiy Irom Inc roi ,kcs, but was cip iirtd. bhuwi"
bsuly Iroren In tlte attempt, ami v.u niiciwuttl
axilu fruren. bhc savs that Iwo hall bn-eds. i ituuu
Towsiittnus ami I'mhsnrtah, tu. k Inr to Wa-hing
tun, lr. C, wiiere her Lriils wtre ainpt tnie,t, and
teal she wss returned to the Hi uke to her Inthei'n
dlrectlun, lie bed - stnottg thim ns) a Ktnd of chlei
nt the lime. Hhe says that her I. liter has so vik-oI
nio-t of his tlmo nmong the Inuiacs lor ervui or
clglit jests, tnd Is one of turn ruw. He Is with
Ibe Arapahoe ur ( heyenncs. Tl.e Hi ikes tinc'od
her to the Arapahoe, from whom she is'sppil
ahout one year age. by the asn stance of 1 red.
June, a Government scout, and wss bioiighl into
llll.notth. At the lime uf her eraw the Art
laiioe-s wero encamped at the Ltg end or the Ar
Kinsas. A ltorlon ofthe time tluco her esrape she
h i been elicited as s scout, bul fur the last lew
niontt I n he, n dnlne housework st a ttac station
down on tho Hmoky 1 1 II t road. Fred. Junes, her
ii'.eucr. ws illcUrgcd fioui the liovi-rniiiiiit em
lit) lu.l spring ,iut hclora the oulbi.uk down on
the Si I. mnn In K.iusis, and a he inre-atciic-d to gu
wun the Indians it wu supposed that he wus with
tnem at that lime, bhe ) she couiitnl IM while
men In ouo lud.sn camp she visited while utllug In
Iho cupntity of a scout, and that there aro a gust
msny ami. ng all the tribe. Too digger treated her
inn-l truelly, tint sll treated her vc.y roughly. Her
fathet, Ihouh. oite-n protrctcl rrrfmmsevt iu trel
uient. yhe ssv lliat she has an uncle livlug suuio
whtre on tin- Nurth 1'lsttu lllver, aud "he Is now ou
ber way lo him.
Ahem! of Ills IMmtre.
Tbe San 1'ian iscn JiuIMin lias a story lllui
trail ve of tbo speed with which the Tactic lullruad
Is built:
"A few dai slnco a mercbaut came down lo the
city from lho eastern side of lho rilcrra Nevada,
llaviuc hoiithi un extensive anrfmeut o," gooils, le
gave dim tons that they should ba shlpinlto tho
end of the Central l'.cllc ltal.ruad, wherever that
should be, ri Ctlr.g to have a con.l.lernhlo Job of
tesming lo llll up the gsp bc-lweeu tlo worktnK end
of thu load nnd his plsec or buslue. HI dlrerlion
were cuirn-d out to the letter. Hut, In hi astonish
ment, ou returning be found that the goods ordered
hid been carried ahout Ultccu mile bojond Ins rest
den co.
" The Continental Ttultroad I now on lis tnrels
II I not saie to limit Its pnijrrss. There sre pro'i
tdy twenty tl.ou.and da of work perlormivl on
every secular day If s merchant send, goods tn the
end of the roa-l, they will brln-f up somewhere this
sldo of Hull l.ak'. probably lu some ainbllhiu Hutu
town lit it ho luver heard f before hie d paiturc.
Miles of road uro createit, and even tiwns, In a
single day. The doioulhemap shotvlnir llie werk
ing tiriuluai oi il.o road at the loKintiiug o. the
week. iuut bo united lurwnrd at lho end uf tl.o
wrik to h polr.t ri presenting from elehtcen tn twcniy
n.ile ui piuxres. t'nly all w mouth will rhtpsa tie
loro a j.riu ml ctoectlon to st-ud coihIs to tl.e end of
the ruad will Insure their brlu.inc up either st
Oiunt a or New- Yurk. It might ho a saitr pi m Juet
now fur the Interior merchant to drive a slake bo
fore having homo, and order his t-uuds not to be
nit I., j nil-rill's take, lust hu sl.uu.d luv o to chae
tccui lulu llie wndbruess,"
A Fat u I l.etip,
Tbo Cain) femiersf give the following re
count ot ildr i rte allcnipt by two tl Uvea to eocsrsi
Irom enstouy hy 'esplni flora tho train on willed!
Iliev were Iran llinx iu Jail: "UuTnnrsday
tnornlns, shi ut 1 o'ciuck, while nn tbe vv ry io their
ftiture huine, thry fnuud an opiu rtnnli) lo cut their
shackle with a saw pecket kulfn iiuulc of tlu mie.t
steel, llul Mr. M)rr. being a a aro of tl e rh.tr .etcnt
with which It i.d to deal, watoiied litem cloaely,
nnd dlscovcrcl Ihelr one-ration. He honnd them
t 'Cithcr sg nn Willi bsnilenff nml returned I tem to
the prisoner' car. Hu had not becu hero lonf, how
ever, heforo Un i ton and Zane. relied to thu d T
snd rolled off II o cars, which werr at tho tin e run
ring st the rate ol twiuty mile an hour. Deputy
Mitrs Instantly in the bell snd slopped tho Ham.
Alott Ll yard baek, Itlng on Ihi side ofthe l oil,
ho lonnd the In-irnsible pnuia ot llurton and Zinet,
the fuimer In a lifeless condiUoit, and the latter so
severely Injured In tbe hips that he will be s cripple
for life. Mr. Myers succeeded In conveying them
from iJulhicy'e btotlon, near which ths ahslr oc
curred, to Julllet, bla nine prisoner In taiety. If nut
ta good condition physically. Jlurton canuot pos
sibly survive bis Injuries, and has ere this time
piubably sutlercd the Isle of all mortality,"
IurouTXKT Dxcisio. An Important decision
Las Jusl been rendered by th New Yurk Court of
Appeals between the Amerlcsn Mutual Ufs lnsur
ranee Comovny and the widow of aa assured party.
The payment of lbs Insurance wss refused on the
ground Ihsl ber husband bad Invalidated his policy
by commuting sulddeaTlikv Company also attempted
to provo that the Insured man was an atueltt or luit
del, sud therefore that the suicide wss Intentional,
the deceased not having the fear of (lod before him
but the Court ruled out this at Irreleaast, and bald
thtt In an action to recover for an Insurance upon .the
life of the deceased, It It Id competent to Inquire Into
his relltlous faith wllhavlcwoflufluenclngtkequcs.
Hon whether, In sncli rase, desth wss occa.loued by
an Intent of aelf destructlon or of accident. The
Courl of Appeals therefore autrmed llie Judgment cf
the lower courl by slvlog Judgment fur the reapoud
ent. thut virtually establishing tho .principle t-iat a
lifo Insuraaco policy Is uot of noccsslly Invalidated by
the suicide ot the Insured person.
Miss Auoa E. Dickinson will lecture st Cooper
Institute to-morrow (Thursdty) evcnlog-tubject,
"A Btroygle for Life" for Us benefit of tbe Work
lax Womca't L'.-to.
I nntmmmmmmmmmmmnim ' MSS"i e.VirVllV)i.'r.l.'l
gv.ynr.iMS. 1 1
Ills lropoeil tbat Hi Austrian srmysnd 4
nsvy shall l-c esubllslod on a war footing of IXtyXA j
men. j
Sill. Uejssot. 'It selrci.. who msde lict t ''
dlbut auder the l'i Empire, and rt-ri Ived her flist
coramanloa a few months ago, has Jml been eonv .
Armed by the Archbishop nf Lyons,
Mr. Stetson bat retired from Ibe PL Jamci j I
Hotel, Do'toe, after a brK'l seson. nd Mr. HjIIoo, 1
the owner ot tLe tstobllslimcnl, has succeeded to tkt
msnaerincnt, s. i
The velocipede mania has reaelirsl Ilaltlmort, II
On Wednesday l-.t a hrge cot ennr- of people t U
semtlod tt Hrsld Park, to wllntft a race betweex j
the ltanlons on these unique vehicles. j
A Hpanlsh Journalist who bad been sentence I '
lo 10 years' Imprisonment, for attscka on tbe gov.
crnmcnt of Queen Isabella, was cue of the first po
llucal prisoners liberated by the revolution
At school tl Wsllsend, near Newcastle, , ,
England, the master aiked a dtta nt toys the mean- I I
Ing of the word "appetite," when, after a aborl L
pause, one little bov ld I "1 know, sir. Whenl'tf I
eatla' I'm 'tppy, and w bea I'm done I'm light."
Ouo of the most significant and disgraceful
stories of He time It thst which describe the Qucet
of Spain, the Klug ber husband, and M, Marforl bci
paramour, beuklnflthtueclve all In one coses
together Irom tie scene of Ihelr glory In Spain.
There era tlxty-eli cburclios In Hie oily os
Loalsvllle, vlt,! Methodist, lSjCalholic, II; Kplseo
pal, Id; I'resbynab, ntpti.t, 8; Oi rman Kvan
gellral, &; Herman IJithcran, 3; Christian, s j Jesrlsh,
3; I'mtarlsn, 1
All advertisement in ibe London Times so.
nonncrs the forthcoming public ilnm of a flrsl-clss j
dally pnper In whicii the .p-ctsl feature is to bo the
sbsnndottieot of tho snonymons system. Alt tht
leadlnf srtlctcs aro to bear the signatures of their
It having been hinted to a btrristcr who wu
worrying the G mrt with a long and dull argument,
that he ought lo bring It to a clo-e, he angrily re
plied, "I will speak a long ss H pleael" "Yot V.
have spoken longer than you ptiau already," tall I '
hit anlagunl'L ;
" I wi.li I had your head," said a lady ou
day to a pentlcmatt who had solved fur her a knotty
point. "And I Mill I bud your boart," wot bla ro
ply. "Well," .uli! she, "slnfe vonr besd and mj
heart can agre, , I don't se.why ihey should not gt
Into psrtr.ership." And thry did.
"Ma, if I should die and go to Itenven,
should I wear my moire antique dress " No, mj
lovo; we can s. ireely suppose wo shall wear lbs
attite of this world tn tho nexL" "Then, ma, how
would the angels know I belonged to the best so
ciety I"
A steam sloop 281 feet In lctigs.li, and 1,121
Ions new riea.uremcnt, called the Alaska, war
launched at Charle.tuw n, Mass., navy yard list Has
urilvy. Her lattery will con-lit of llvnl gun 01
Inch) and 8 broad. Idc guns of 61 cwt. nn the gnr
deck; 1 CO-lb. ntlo on the forecastle; 1 1Mb. rifle. .
and 3 13 tb. bonltiera on the poopdrck. l
The lYoriJtnn IltraU of A'ov. S says t "Tht tf
Jury of rrtshylcrs wern to hsvc given Uiclr Jndg. V
menlln the Hub'iard case yesterday, but we under. I
stand that tome further consultation Is nccset-y, '
sud that the verdict will not be rendered for several N'
days yet. It Is supposed that there aro some differ. 1
ences of opinion anions the member of the ccxlest.
sstlcal Court upon wni. of tht points Invo Ived."
Thcro is a real Idol temple erected snd for
roolly established la the United Histii, al Portland,
Orrzon. The tulldlng la completed, aud tbe China,
men are actively engaged In furr.lu.ln It. Tlte ves
tibule contains two Irr-c oil globes, in.lde of which
lamps are burning, so at lo show to advantage tht
bralhriilsb 0 juris pulntcd on the ou'sldc, Ouo ol
the Iran.parencles represents celestial warriors ot
talnta, lomecn foot and tome on hoi jc back, who go
round and round, ttntpelled In totuu manner by a cur
rct.t of heated sir.
Under tbo namo cf " Jumf" rs" a new tect I
his Lcen formed In West I'russln. At Ih. lr "Mar. E
rta;ewlihtbe Hi..venly Iln iegr om," at tl.ey col
It, they fsll Into tcstaeles rapiestcd I, wild Jum I
logs Tlie whole congrr;'atton rl n st a certala n
mon ent In order to Imitate David's asnrlng befort 9
tho Ark. This -tew sect Is chiefly r cruited from a M
village near Siatxlg, where some jeirs ngtvuvlrclrs I
couimenrud prephtttiM vlth great success, antU 7.
the Oovrrninent sent her to the won I ucte. If
tn lehalf of the Injured iuttouar!is. A
Croikfunl, on retiring ftom t lie niauagctnenl I
of the club In Hi. James street, Loudon, .when I
grniblltig wss catrlrd cn openly for many years, snd U
larae sums lost 11 vblly, g.iv e a fare a ell dinner ts bis
patrous, at which be look the opportunity of expo. ' I
llstlne on tbo good use Lo bad niadu ofthe wcalt) I
wh oh be bud accumulated at tbclr expense. Uo tolcj I
theui thai be consult red It as a 'rust. "Often had I
be fed the leurrj" (hts suppers, free to all the hack I
tecs, were unexceptionable); "many were the naked J
wLom be bad cluthtd ;" then he paused for an ln I
alanl, and Loid Avanlcy finished the tentcnco.fo I
htm, " And tbe rich be bad sent empty away." I j
John llright liavin; been lately consulteel hy I I
s I'alsley tlectur as to whether Liberals should stand
by Mr. Crum Ilwlng, the old L'beral member, 01
vote for Mr. Klntrea, a new and more radical candb
dale, who was formerly nn agent In London forth! '
CoiifaiUralu HUte, replied a follows: "lata an,
willing to Interfere In your election mailers, bnt Is
answ cr tu your question I cannot h -sltate to say thaf
llie wirklnjnun. tho new elector for your burgh,
will In my opinion mike a grievous mistake tf hi
attempts tu remove Mr. Gum lining from tho rcpre.
senlatloa of I'alsley. If Mr. Klntrea wus the conQ
1)011131 ace, it of tho friends of the- slaveholder, bolt,
a bold man lo olTi r liuuselr us tho rept csci. tally ol
thu now free men of this country."
- The MlListcr nf Jii;tico at Madrid has le
ncd a decree formally ordering tlie Immediate aut
prcetton of all tnonastrrics. coi unit, chapel, eon
grccttlon, snd other rcl'gieu establishments, of 1
both sexes, fiiitndnd since tho 3!ih of July, HIT, aa4 ' 1
the tranifcr of nil their property, movable and itni
movuble, to the Htale. The convi his established be. I
fore 1S37 aro lo be reduced In number by one-half, H
and those lift are forbidden benci forward to recclvt K
novices. The monks and nuns thus released from r
their cloisters can enter the ccnvi nttial establish. f
meats which are not uptrcsscd. r return tosccnlai If I
life. All congregations of women tvho nnve deyotod J
thcmielves to the education el joulh will be pre Lj
served. B
Some time in August last, n box neatly pro.
pared and marked "Hon. Frank 1 Ulair, Jr., Omaha, H
Nebraska," arrived et that place by express, sn H
ws placed la tbo bands ot the Democratic nominee, H
llelat; naturally of generous and couimunlcullvt H
temperament, Frank Invited his friends Into hit l
room to witness the unrolling. 'Ibe cover was rc I
ir.ovcd then ratno a little sawdust then a plei-.o ol
thin board then anollier layer of aw-dnst and ft
ahavioga and last a paper bun.llo about leu Inches.
long, four Inches thick, snd seven Inches wide, TbU 1
was very carcrull) ursealcd, nnd cn removing tht 1
very Inner cuticle, wlut was dlsplavcdt Why, I I
package of Ucke's, "Oooi run a 1'assins up Hilt
ItIVEa,TuxsDAT, Noveiir.su So os 1.1," and an aC
fectlonalo noto oJtrlng a Curlier supply of tho sami i
article, If Mr. lllnlr should think ibera might be
mom men who would like tbe tilp.
At 0 Hue Mont Thabor, 1'uris, ouce upon t !
tune, there wa an oQce for s certain Mexicnu lote. )
which, as aa Investment, was not so strictly renus
ncrstlre as mlxht hsve been wished by shareholders,
la fact, arrears were due, and tlx office having beeg
closed Air some time, all hope nf dividend was deal
and burled. Tbe other day light was let Into tht
shop, snd that event let hope Into ths minds of tht
shareholders. Aa English eompsny hsd taken tht.
plte, aad gusranteed the payment. Xverytbtnf
looked rosy. The office opened ; enter s man wltk
a pocket-book tnd papers. " You are English I"
"Yes, sir," or "Oul, monsieur" (English ajwyt
speak French, and French English, when they should
nol), "Then I require four pound, sire." "lion,
sir, four pound. Will monsieur hare It mixed tn
"Obi for that, tt la nothing If I get IL" Flr4
minutes supposed ta tltpae, tnd a large parcel
offered. "Ah I Uls copper I" "No, tlr, perfectly
pure." Then came the explanation. Tht English
company which bad succeeded to the Moot Thsbol
otace waa a tea company lbs Licentious Victualler?
(Unlimited) Te snd toast Association-end thej
hsd guaranteed the goodness of the cup which:
cheers but not Inebriates, not ths payment of dee
parted dividends far a loan which dors not cheer, but
may possibly drive to Intoxication. Ths dividend
bolder went away tearing his hair, snd eipUliitctJ,
their error to hi brother tuffsrer.
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