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frr.l IWRTT",' ,' Has. 1 ' 1 ' . .. i . ' ' I -e-T ' jjjM
(Another Sortie from Paris
1 Repulsed.
JBourbald Pursued by Gonoral
Von Glum or.
'eeiuiax orccrikioN of tours.
Last Ssrllo from rnrU-It amor or
nn Armistice .Mobile Frozen lo Death
Flrirrn Ural In rr liar (ram lb Horn-
liwrdciciit-A Private Letter from I'arli.
' "VgimitLrs, Friday, Jsn. 20. Faldlierbe will
porsced to-day. Tin sortie from Ve'frlen ycstir
star wu made In great fare. The troops ere lilt
jntalde of l'rli. A fresh slttcV Is certtln today.
the eiteror's sxcoxd rtsfiicn,
r Xojtpoh. Jan. S3, ft P. JI. Th Krnperot Wllllim
lensgrapl sa follow a to tho Empress Augusts I
i " Versailles, Thursday. Jan. 13 A orti wu
nu!i In m V 6 len t. -Jit under eortr or a heavy
Bra. It w as tlrely resulilsss. The Aims or tho
Worth vsi beaten to-dev be 'ere St. Quenlln. Four
ihousaad unnui.Jed prisoners tad two rnns were
sttsiared. vYILUELM."
asotdir despatch.
"Lor-do:", Jan 20 :S0 P. M. The French, made a
errie ficra Ment Vartrltn yeslerdav noon, and tit
Bgbtliig latcd mill dirk. TLe Uoraiia losi wis
irtnxcn loss is rnc tome.
Tin rren,h suffered great lots, and five hundred
vcuuded men were ciplured by the derm am. Goo.
"Trccku tile X lot in armistice, but It was refund.
Loxpon, Jan. JO. rrlnce George of Satony tele
jgTasts to Dr. idea that tin Sauus, while recon
noitring on the 13ib, surprised a force Irotn Tarls on
the Fercis Cict'aT. and captured S oSctrs and ISO
prlva'es. The bombardment ol Paris coullnuei,
with cood retails.
i-eace isrr.nTiAiiojrs selieted to be rr.NDtsa.
I Tee Versailles correspondent of the TtUjraph re
ports on Iho 10 b that the (lennins have twenty-two
luttcrie available fur use against Pjrli. Tor the
rut threo days, 1 owover, Ilia bombardment has
slackened, ncd for the rut tweut -four hours hat
torallr ' cits.
t It Is believed ihat negotiations loakinj to pss:e
Alt pecdlu;.
TinsAULEF, Jan. 187 P. M. Overtures of some
ttatu.'e havo certainly arrived, bat there Is good
reason to believe they hate failed of success. A
tmmbardnunt ol Increased severity will recommence
lomedli ttly.
ralloox nrrottTi to ms 18rn.
Lomdon, Jen. 1'J Mldnlslit. A balloon lias land
si In Belgium, with advices from Paris to the 13tb
last. The bombardment was cntiMng considerable
dima:, but the Ores occt'loa'J br It ere etsilr
-eillufiitfl.td. Bono of tho cillli for the crin JIhk ot
corn ha J I ren damage, and sa'jllas of mil were,
Is cosrc,':race, obtained with crcat dlQcuilr.
Adcepnteh hat been received li'Te wtlch elves
fuller wri cuius of the bomb.ir luicnt of Purls up
lo e-rly on trr rccrnlnr of the lith. '1 he PrU'slacs
Temovinc tttlrslece t-nln nearer and nearer the
cit;, and abould tucy persist lu tho continuous Ore
many parts of the city must be entirely destroyed.
The cctcnct of the Inhabitants 1 decrtbcd us very
fcerolc, aUliou.1i tUcrj are cviCenl Indications of a
fltsirj to ctpitulato.
r.ruotiED rorn pit ahmistics.
f On the lOlli there was a tumor current that the
Germans hid contented to a four dars' artnlstlcs.
(The ccisrtlon of flrlOK from many of the forts fj.
fciree due teemed to confirm till'.
It was also fully believed Ihat Trorhn Intended to
KMsmccce a series of sorties on the SOlh.
unrtii.es ritozcx to peatii.
In tba sorties on the 15th thirty unwoneded
Uobiles st ere lound frozen to death on the road
la lbs m-oJ In the t onl of Meadon.
tcTas rnou tiie domdvudkest.
- Advices fro n Par of the 19th state that the nam
txr of deaths In the c ty (roiu the bombardment Is
cttlmated kt Oteen oer day.
A rnivATE utter rno taris.
, WAeiii!(OTii!. Jan. 31. A private letter, dated
I I'arli, Die. SO. which cane out by ballooi aid wis
received lure yi-b rdar. C ves tome very interesting
.Information as to the atate of affairs In that city.
B.bt writer, a well educated American cenlleman.
who preferred remaining In Paris during the liege,
iyt the fact is well citab'lslied that
'and Uiat ir he were out ol the way, there would be
ome hope of saving Prance, lie has been to flat
tered lor hit supposed greatness that he believes his
own siftty paramount to that of Paris, and has
talked of liaving Paris by balloon to avoid capture
tvbeo the city (alls. When urrcd not to do ao, and
(old that the French people would re:ard eueh an
act as cowardice, ic replied that his capture would
the ruin of Prance, and by Ills safely alone could
the people expect to succeed In driving the Qermaas
from the toil of Fmcce.
the run or reoviJioNS
is enormously high; thrro remains only enough oa
Hand to enable tfn city lo hold oat until the 20th ol
Jinuaty possibly a few days longer, llut no one
expects the tlese will cxtund beyond the lit of
Ttbruary, at the provision) will be entirely ex
lisusted by Ihat time, and the dly forced lo surren
dor. Horse meat has entirely Eivcn out, and Is am
to be found in the markets. Uulo meat relit for 13
per pound and upward, according to quality. Cta
bring 1 1 cAch, dots 1.C0 per pound, and ruts are $1
gxr pair. One luikey sold for 00.
' The Inhabltaiits have ixpcrlcnced
and t' ere has been universal tufferlnz owing to the
fuel being exliusted. nllli the exception of what
could be obtained from the fences about the city.
Coal Is entirely cone, and in coi.iqut-uce the city 1
In total darku.-as at nUrbt,
The feorr not Mm lleraored front Arrat
-I'n IiIIiitLio DclruleJ nud Drlvon Into tit,
, IiOm.on, Jan. 20. Tlie Journals of Mile den
-thai tUres a.o being removed from Arrs.
In tie north, the adv. need divisions of Oer.
' J' d lerle'a army have been diivcn from Deiuvuls to
"til. Ojientlu, r, lib the lost uf WO unwounded prison
ers tut i i:e can.
Ceu onfli,eben attacked Faldhcrbe yestrrdar,
suid alter un obntlnate flsht of neven hemrt drove
'lilu ool ol All his positions, end Into St. Quenlin,
TUK A Hit r itf unt: EAST.
Uourbnhl I'unnnl by (Jrn, Von (llnmrr
liuuasvy Ilonibiirilrd Vlgnrotialy.
I"vtox, Jan. 20. Oen, Von Wtrder lias com
'fenced tl e pursuit of llotirbaLI, with whom he had
"ctimiful tiigarimenls on Wednetdiy.
J . Ctn on f) omtr lelerraplit to Carlsruhe thai his
'"stPfunrj it n punalt of the retreat ug army ol
Oso. ll-.utbakl, and tliat there would b) a general
uds.nce along the whole line ol the German army
a the llilh. The lladen brigade Is marching lo a.
itiilfiiuht despatch from Arionsais the bom
(sWto;tiit of Lonfiwy by the pruxalaji tnud
1 1: MLH
slioronsly to-day. Three hutdrad shells have al
ready Ijllen In the town.
ir.dnlgM.U Is reported from the Itelr.lan fron
tier that Longwy Is In flames, but a heavy fog pre
vents the verification of the report.
The Army of the Loire,
LoXDOif, Jn. 20. 8:80 P. 11. The Germans
have occupied the ilty ol Tours, meeting with no
It It said that M. Gamketta bta requested Oen.
de Paledlnre to resume the command ol the Army
of the Loire.
JT.S7I AO 27:5.
Trench Ounbont Itun Down and funk The
Inactivity of the I'rnnru Kiivv Condrmnrd,
News haa been received that on trie 12th insl.,
off Vlco, Spnln, the Prasslan corvette Angnsla ran
down end sunk a French gunboat, and that four of
her officers and tweuly-tlx of her crew were made
M Gambella Is reported lo have Issue! an order
for tl, e cessation of enlistments for the corps of
free ehooters,
TLe lirts Sl)r!t condemns the Insctlon of the
French itavy In net intercepting the Germsn-Amerl-can
Larce numbers of refugees bare arrived on the
llnlls'i Island of Jersey from tho neighboring
French coist, In consequence of rumors that the
Grand Dake of Mrcklenborg Is advancing on Iienne.
Spanish Iron clads have been ordered lo Vigo to
enforce the observance of neutrality and prevent a
collision between the German frigate Augusta and
the French man-of-war Uermlone, both now lying
In that harbor.
Elruurck. In a letter dated the 17th Inst., replying
to the American, Swiss, and other foreign Ministers
In Pari, denies the rcasoDablenesa of their detn.-nd
that their compatriots might be allowed to quit the
city. Neutrals, he says, had abundant notice before
the siege; the oi.ly outlet now Is capitulation, Facili
ties for tho Intercourse ot the Ministers with their
lespectlvo governments contltue, though they aro
Icconvcnlrr.t. The firing of buildipfs rontalnln:
women, cclldrcn, and Invalids Is unintentional, but
The London t'onfrrener.
Ijndox, Jan. 20 6Jf A. M. The llerlin cor.
respondent ol the London Ttltgravh rll'S tnit
C- cut llerntorfr Ins teen utdeicil hv the Prus
sian Government to Irate the Confirrr.re II air
dictiilon .riles out of the subject ol tho war virtu
llELoiupr, Jan. 10. Tre Government of Persia
has dripatel cd u tcml-cfflctal representative to the
London conference.
London Jan. SO Midnight. Iterlln Journals con
firm tr.e truth oi He report that Loom Iti-nistorfl.
tl o Prusun Mlnl'ter, has leen Instructed to with
draw from the Conference if the Frencu question Is
Pruaaln and Amritrnn Shipping.
I.oidon, Jan. 207:50 P. M. Tlie XorJ
brutvht Ztltung states that, according to Hie .re.it,
of 17T9 between Prussia and the Unlied BUtes,
Prussl-n men-of war cannot caplurj American ves
scls c.iijin; contrabcxd of siar, but may stop their
voyage tntil the end of the war, or may take pes
tosa'.on ol the contraband portion of the cr.r.-o. at
the same titr.e giving bond fur future payn-ent for
tl.e same. It Is probable that lnilrucUousv.il! be
Immediately given to all coumnnders ot ve.trls of
the Gcrmxn nary to act In accordance with this In
tcrrrit.vlon of the treaty.
rnc nvau ot MoxrLriwo.
The Hlunroa Hurprlse and Cnptorr n I-ort
nud he finrrlon Tottil Itoul of Prveldrnt
Ituttlr'n Army-llrllllnnt Nnval Uxploit
t'uplurc ofn (iosrrnmrnt rilrnmcr.
MuKTiviuso, Dec. 1". Tlio war continues.
On ti e raorn.nz of Nov. M the people here were
tartlcd by a salute of twenty one guns Bred from
the Cirio fort, wntrc the llghtiiousu Is rltuatrd. and
their surprise was not decreased when they lenrnrd
tnat at 2 A. M. ol that day llbncu't troops bad car
led the position, ccplaricc the garrlion.coin-lnt.n,;
of sixty men and sli oflliers, ten pieces of artlllrrv,
and a large store uf laaiuunttion.and dolne all this
with a less of only two or throe men. Tlie attack
ing force, mostly Bpaulards serving at solunlrcrs,
surprised the garrlatn, aud enly a short and leelle
resistance was made.
At nooa of the same day President Tlattle. with
the advice of his Cabinet and the commanding on
cers of his army, made an attempt to capture Union,
a town about four mites from Montevideo, and
where the troops or bianco were making merry
over their success of the Light before. Pres
ident llattle commanded In person, and the
attacking force consisted of 1,000 men, sitili tlx
tleccs of artillery. HUnco's pli kets were surprised
on toe llx it nd centre, aud nhere not killed were
driven in upon IV.eir rt'eres. The ,arrlon of the
lovtn wore Immediately marched to the front,
jccomp..nli-l by the pickets, wuo had no' rallied,
ar.d eugage l Pie (o'oiaitos, holding thim In check
until tho arrival of reinforcements, vrbtn l'rul'lcnt
Untl - and his uien were compelled to make a I nity
n-treat ai.d lo seek safety in Ulclit, Kaiin: bchlui
them tnree pieces of artlllerv and about 'M meu In
killed, wounded, and prisoners.
Dlanco, e ated with these successes, ov'nlied a
nasal expedition, and on IheSlhol llccembcr dish
was made Into the port of Mercedes, where ncre
CAi.turcd the steamer Anita wl'n one hun.lrrd men
ou board, tne nnsssnger steamer ltlo Uruguay, and
the atcamer Itlo do la Plaita. Tie steaming quali
ties of Hie America saved her, and sue ran iaio
Alonievlileo and gave the 1 irm.
Toward roormug of the Dili IDsnco'a fleet appear
ed in Ike harbor, ar.d captured within hailing dis
tance of the Captain ol the Port and the Custom
House. tho Government steamer Oriental, which h.ul
on board a line quantity of puwder. This was c!l
Irlbutcd among 111 .nco'a veisols, and then they left
the Oriental, ateamlng awav under cover ol the tire
fromCcrro tort which they had previously taken.
They made for tre c -al j.ards of a llraxilliu, whlca
nerenotlar off, and touk In a roll mpply of coal
I he e.e not long h' re. however, when an order
w is recelvol Irom tne Ilrazilnn Minister and Adml
,al thai another oncaorage must bt tound.
'lie Uroguayan Government w.s powerless tn the
emcrgenry, aa their only war ship as stationed at
Colonu. The Villela, commanded by Capt. Morse,
au Americas, was chartered, an he carried a sum
mons from the (internment to Iho Cuqulmho to
came to this city with ail despatch and ancttiilate
fllanco's vessels, bho arrived nest day, but could
du little, as Ihiecwalcrbittrilcsrflcctuallv Ruurded
the prizes, and looked too lormldable for the Co
qulmho lo veniuro a serious aajik. HothsUrsln
nulsrd In some cannoiiadlnr, however, and It was
finally arreeJ Ihat lilanco ahould give up the prizei
to Hie llr, illnn Legation. This arranicnieut was
soon afterward carrie t Into eflect.
Pi-r three or four days row the Ilrltish Charge
d'Allslria at llumoa Ayres Ins been endeavoring to
effect a cotnpr "raise between the rival laclloua, but
without succera.
l'AiiA u ua r Jii'.coxsrn vcrr.u.
A New President find Cnbluct nnd u Nesv
Asuncion, Dec. 12. The pcneral elections
uascd off quietly, aud resulted la the choice of C.
A. HiT.irolo fur Prcilciint, and Cuyo Millos for
Vlce-Prrvldent. The Cabinet consists of Miguel
Palaiio, Foreign ACalrs and Btato ; ItuOuo Paboa la,
Inleil'T; -I 11. Gil, Tieumry; ralrador Josellano,
War and Navy; Josd M. Collar, Public Instruction
ani Worship,
A new Conitllntion has been adopted, and the
several ofllcera of the bt.ite have sworn lealty to It.
it is regarded as a vert' liberal Instrument, and, If
all Ita provltlont are properly observed, Hill he of
benefit to the country. The Constitution provides
for freedom of worship, Hie (ncuuraiemcnt oi Inuni
tr t on, the protection of ImmigrJiiis, and for the
summary punishment or any ne who may attempt
id tho future tl make himself Delator.
Hhrrmnn Htlcklua; ta an Odious Tax,
"iVasuinotox, Jan. 22, Senator fMicnnan is
preparing an elaborate speech agalntt the repeal ol
ILe Income Lux. lie Is willing to let it die with the
oresent limitation, but will try to prove that the
anllriniled revenue from that eourco cannot be dis
pensed wita the next year. lie does not rrgard
Gen. plcaionton's recommendation to repeal It us of
any Import ince, inr the ronon that he miilo It with
out thai knowledge of the situation which Is neces
sity to lorm a pioper opinion. When the Hecate by
a large majority fixed Tuevday next to consider Its
repeal, there was little more than a quorum present,
heuator bcott nlllmatoa vlgoioua flilit to carry
bis repealing bill, but the result Is yet In doubt.
Awaiting Urnnt'e Commissioners,
Sai Douinoo, Jan. 10. Tlio news of the op
ptilntment of a Commission by the President of tne
Ui.lied mates la gencially favorably received, and
ly m.in; th enthusiasm. Alfalrs aro at a stand
still, and proposed improvements ore awaiting tue
action of the American Congress, Ageiiis of Ger-
I man, Engllah, and American capitalize are travelling
aUout, making Inreatlgallont In order to be ready to
begin eAriaoi when annexation Is coatnmmatta,
nisr. liornr, Tiirttrr.s.
The TtemntUnMo itobbery In the Wrstmln.
alrr Holcl-A Hkllrul Omcrr'n Arrest-The
I'lnuslble Talra ol Mre, Taylor, alias
Miller, allaa Van l.ee.
1bt arrest of Mrs. Mary C. Miller, a notorious
confidence woman.ln a pawn shop on Droome street,
near the Centre Msrket, on Saturday, by Officer La
Rue of Capt, Cameron's fores, was a clever pleco of
detective isgaclly. Mrs. Miller has been one of the
most taeciiiful eonfUence operators and hotel
thlevea ol whom oar city police ofSclits have a
record. She has been a bold offender for years, and
has operated under the assumed names of Mrs, Tay
lor, Mrs, Ulller, and Mrs. Van Loo, In almost every
hotel In the metropolis. Her last case
Tan nortni.xo or urj. kanct r. tisnor
and her two daughters, relatives of Gen, Ilurnslde,
Irom Providence, is thus narratod by Capt. Come
roni Mrs. Illshop and her two daughters occupy
liberal suites of rooms In tlie vVestmtr.iter, and aro
known as weilthy people. List WednesJ.sy an
agreeable, tlillsh lady, modestly dressed In black,
called at the Westminster, representing that she
was boarding at the Orsnd Central with brr hus
band, a Louisiana planter, by the name of Van Loo,
adding that ste didn't like her rooms, and might be
preval'ed upon to change her quarters. The clerk
received her representations deferentially, as coming
from a lady of elegance and refinement, and Mrs.
Van Loo passed op to sarvey the rooms and the
hotel parlor. White In the parlor abe met Mrs.
illshop, and saying that she naa
a oonnEnie imr,
Immediately opened conversation tilth her. Mrs.
Illshop politely replied to ber questions, nnd gave
the desired Information relative to tho hotel. Her
winning ways charmed Mrs. Disliop, who soon
lonnd hrrrclf In full and delightful conversation
with one whom she supposed to be a representative
of the title of un aristocratic circle of Louisiana
planters, but. In fact, the most notorious conftd'oee
woman of metropolitan reor.l. The conversation
ende', Mrs. Van Loo departed, and the Incident was
forgotten. On Krldar Mrs. Vat Ijo c.illed at the
Westmln'ler again In rof.'renee to a sulln of rooin,
and meeting Mrs. illshop In the parlor, aoon won by
and simple nur' aa Invitation to loik at ber
room, 'i his Invitation viaa quickly accepted, and
the covetous etc of ti e c nnJer.co thief were soon
ravished by a sight of lace", cimel'a lulr slaw Is,
and diamonds, nbllo sli entertained her new friend
with stories of Ler beauthul residence la Orrull
Parish. I.oul'tma.
In tho tnldit of the conversation It wits then
about S P J!. Mrs. !!bop tjrnl.u tj a srrsant
sail, " it.irr. tell the ccehiuan lo be at Ihodjor at
an, to drive us all to dinnir with Mrs. , m
Pi uricenth stroet."
Instantlr the conflder.cs woman saw her oppor
tunity. This was the plac". and six o'clocc the
time whsn she wu to make a grander and balder
operation than cny slr.co ber rerjus
robucrt or si-RRoasTa iiitciiimis
and the Grand lintel.
bit o'lliex eauie. and, Mrs. V.in Leo bavlaj ex
etised liersell, Mrs His hop and ber daughters hirli-d
oil to the trpiintd dinner, where he wis lo meet
irn. Ilurn-lile. llut tin- coi.tlitenec woman did not
return lu lr htishai d at the Gr ind Central, fur,
slttn c In an ont-of-tne-w.y nlehp In the hall, she
saw Mrs flislion take her ileparture, an 1 1'ien she
began ihe ork of rohblnT i'er new maile friend.
Knteiing Mrs lllhu,Vs room with a ski-li-.en key,
It e ey,- sif the nlldenrc vomvi roi n fell upin a
tieautiiul camel's h.'.r shanl, valued al 1.30J. Here
she found
Tit rets or TOE tnrSES.
hlchsr. Imraedlstelv opened Taking out arllele
by article, she came to the bottom, where Has tlie
Jenelry Lox of sirs, lli-hop and l.rr daushiers
TLrce thousand Hollars' una of jewels i-io u,.n
secured, anil then the tbinct itu careit-lly laid
hark uml the trunk rlo-enl. locaed, and .Mrs. Mary
C. Mll.er, Li.e uev -uiiule Irieud and Ihe wl.'e of the
Louisiana plauter, led the hotel, unsaiu and ulsus-Dci-te
Light o'el! rime, and Mrs. Itishop and ber
dauahtera rei-irneil. Opi-ulD-; tn nardrobe, the
btaml'iil ahai.l with e:rn"l's l.alr hordi-r nud r n
Iro nu nil- .i.. lU.irly the truunv. ,.r tipruid.
but ihe ustoubLcd t)ts of Mrs. I'hop looked in
vain for
and set of cameo, itart-et and rn-srl. Soon the
r -i-m s l-i a-i u,..-., .r. t'i- I -ifa vere mug. and
tn, re f. n r.if- ri-ni-e with clerks nu I the pruiiri-1 ,r
as to the thoitut oftrarill of tlmllug ti.e ihlef. II. r y
in Hi" incin tnj ipl- Can ir u w..a pcnnnoue.l, and
ho sent Oflieer La Hue to Mrs. ilis.io 'a tcom to
"loox up tlie caae." Flrt the servants were stis
riccted, arresleil, and their rooms searched. .Sotti
ng via rouu4, and Mrs, lllshop'a Ituaiilnalinn wa
evi-ii huTJcd as to whom to suspect. Here Ufilcer
La line can.e to the rescue.
"Wno has been hero to ice yon lately" be
asked of Mrs. llishon.
'.vu cue Ual O.i. yes! a Mrs. Van Loo,
a sotintn.v ladt ;
but we don't think of her," said Mr. It.
' Give a 0s,"iptinn of her," said tiiaecr L Hue.
" .-tie is a tu.l, craeelu. blonde, a iiltln punt, with
restive manner, and dres'v I In buck. Hlie lives
with her tiuaband at the (JraaJ Central," said
Mrs II.
oaictr La line looked wise, and, going to the
Twr-ut) -second street po lee statlnu, soon letarnea
with aphut-icnnh of a ieu..nliiL- ti.iel arreated a tew
weeks ao hi umoor Mulii;an lor robalng a cucst
of tho Grand Hotel. Mrs. liiih'ip ri cognized it
saying, "That la the ver person who called Una
offl.-cr La lino hurried off to the pawnshops on
the liaociv with this desrrlrllon ot the anldis
atulca written out by Mrs. lli.jop:
1 earners hair shawl, st.to-. 1 gren lion' csmeo ring.
1 diamond crtss. tlW. 1 stone eamco act sad
I iliitmootl eur-riosi. bi.uu:rt.
1 il amonil elu'trr ring. 1 lolA nnu pcatl set, with
1 dlamont on x bridal Bet. bracelet.
1 Ui ae iy, carat cnu raid. 3 dln.nund itnls.
1 sn all diamoni rina. 1 ir n: ol go 1 1 heads,
1 ring a nana with die- 1 lorir gom chain.
mono. 1 tiiori gold cbiln.
I l.cuvy nccalacc wlthlock i I pair of pearl and rnhy
el 04 aids pendaaia. ear rings.
1 hlacK ami wniw ttone 1 inch pia.
wmcorlng. 1 pcail anJgarntl bracelet
vns orncEtt's H'.WAnn.
In a small pawn 'hop on llroomo street stnoen on
Patnrday, OSIctr La line ran upon tne very object
of his seach, nnd In the act of disposing or the verr
articles stolen. 'Ihe rings were on Mrs. Van Loo's
Augers, and the camel's lialrshawl was on her back
Mlartled at her sudden deteeilon, when confronted
by the officer she. acknowledged her guilt and was
taken lo buperlnlcndi-nt lielto, then to the Lssex
Police Court, where Justice heott committed her
without ball, fihe lies in the Ksscx Market prison,
but will go to tho Tombs to-day.
TnE coNriPKNca Tiller's son.
When comrontcd wlih her crime, she said she
'flidu'l care for herulf, but." said she. "I am
sorr) on Willie's account." Willie is a nlco loukuig
I. tile lad, about lllieu 5 ears old, and lives with his
irraudmotlicr at 11 filth street, where his mother
has also been kissing. About a car ago. Mrs. Van
Loo. ttnoer the tllas of Ht. Miller, rubbed Mrs.
rturiozute Ilntcbliigs nt the Kvcretl House of Jew
eny and diamonds, for whli.li eho was arreated by
Officer ilctirt, convicted, ai.d
for a year. On account of her good behavior she
was released after ten inontna' Imprisonment, and
returned only to commit a rohbtry ut the Grand
Hotel about six reonlhs altrrward, for which she
was arrested by Ofllcer Muillgau, uuJ la under bonds
for oppearahce.
On Ihotllh or January, ltto. the same woman, un
der the name of l'nlnr. went lo the Ashland Homo
villi I cr ion Willie, nnd took a nice kulto of roums,
remaining until Ihe 27th cf Match. H'io paid her
bills with scrupulous exartness, seemed llkoan ulu
rated lady, nnd conversed oa every subject ultn In
telligence and candor, f he nonld lnko
no one know whither, returning again silently, and
causing no comment, bho gradually won tlio re
sped and sympathy of tho KuesU of the hotel and
the credit of the shopkeeper In tiroxlmlty Mr, Fred
Urockvvay, one of tho proprietors, says the Is
about lift rears old, haa blue eyes and llsht hair,
is a blonde, and would bo taken auvwhero as a
n ot rcpectHble widow. When she returned from
11 ackwc.l's Island, sir. lliockway met lier one day,
ond adv Ised her to change her course of life, aud be
come a l'loiI womuii.
" Ive been ten months on Iho Island." said s'io.
"I've got good niany new points, and I'm nrqualnl
ed with a good many oraclsls, and 1 now know
bow to rn to work right ngaln."
"Ves," rnid she. "Ill show i on some nice Jobs
bc'orc many mouths, but Ihcy will bo
Aiionn men people tiiij time."
It was while at tho Ashland thai she robbed Mrs,
Furrogale Hutrhlngsoi the llveielt House, for whlcn
she was Imprisoned, Ofllcer McC.nv arrested ber
vthllii in tho act of paying her hill,
II was soon discovered that sue was tlie author of
a robbery at the Ashland House, though not sus
pectod at the lime, In which
OEK, cisripcs
lost a diamond ring and a bag of silver, and a Mrs,
White lost a pair uf diamond earrings. Their
rooms were unlocked by false keys aud tho contents
rilled ard pawned,
Mrs, Taylor, alias Miller, alias Van Loo, says abe
experts now to go le Ming Hlng. tilie Is a constitu
tional thief born a thiol. For her there It uo re
formation. Her sensibilities are dulled, her con
science seared, and ahe Is never roelled to tears,
even In the most distressing tlluatlons, Rhe tells
one thai the wss s Boston echaol teacher, and
.n.ii. - -.tvj Lbs daughbar of a noted dlvlno.
jLitnzsT of a ronamt.
The, Leader tjT a pc,pg of Wall Btrtet Cttrch
Mlercrt ArrfsleJ In Now Orleana-The
(Irent Forgery on W'rlls, Farto de Co,
An Operntlon InvolvlnaT 877)300,
Kaily In October a very gentlemanly person,
giving the name of J. If. Livingston, wis ln'rodoced
to Mr Ooddard, the Treasurer of Wells, Fargo &
Co.'s Express, by a Mr. Clark, a broker. lie ex
pressed a desire to purelitse flOO.000 of Kansas
Padfle bonds, and at once commenced Ms negotia
tions. Say after day he called open llr. Ooddard,
and U was not until Oct. 11 Hist be concluded tbe
bargain. He then bought $100,000 of the bonds at
T7,Yi giving In payment Hallgarten & Co.'s check on
the Park Hank for JT7,W0. Uo had been so long tn
deciding on the purchase, and had acted so cour
teously throughout the transaction, that Mr. Ood
dard was thrown completely off his guard, and ae
ccpl'd the check without question or Inquiry at to
III genuineness. It alterwards pioved to haveleon
altered from f 1,003. while the certification of the
teller or tbe Park Hank, which It purported to bear,
waa a al.rer forgery.
Mr. Ooddard endorsed Ihe check and deposited It
tn the Continental Ilink, whence, In due course of
business, It was sent lo the Park Hank. This was
on the mh of October, nnd Ihe check should have
been verified on '.hut day, but owing to a pressure
o'bnslnes thn matter went over until Ibe lltli. On
that day tho bank officials discovered that Hallgarten
A Co.'s accnunt wai overdrawn, and ao Informed
them, and this led lo a discovery of the alteration
of the check.
Mr. Worth, rubier of tbe Park Dank, Mr. Ood
dard, and Mr. Cornelius F, Tlmpsou, cashier of the
Continental, held a consultation as to the case,
when Mr. Ooddard mggested detectives (a moneyed
man's universal panacea). Hat Mr. Timpson knew
too much to give the case Into tbe bands of detec
tives, and In two hours did ns much si a detec
tive would have done la as many months.
He found that Livingston had depolted tho Kansas
Pacific bonds with the Commercial Warehousing
Company as col'ateral for a loan of liO,CH,
receiving checks on the Park Ilink and Manhattan
Company for JM.irsJ each. These checks be had
deposited with C.iuldwell & Co., on Wall strsot,
wllrt orders lo buy him f.ti.uVJ In 1'. K bonds.
After they had purchase! tne bands he cilled
and demand?! thruv, together with the cash
lVfce. IiVjO. k.-uldwrll t Co. refused to do
liver either .he b.'i ds or the money, ns something
had excited liiolr su-plclonr, and they nanUd Llr
Inj'ton io CI tinii-holy to Idontlfy him. He
brong'it a Mr Cli iilwlc'r. a llraadwiy brok 'r, brl
tl.eLrui iiemsndi d that he be Identified bt Ihe Presl
dent of the f mmerclal Wanvhouse ( umpsiy. He
went tn search of this gcnt'rman, and while he was
gone, Mr. Timpson. who vus "looking uo" the
carets o' the W alehouse Couipinv, enter.'d Conld
well d. Co.'s c filer, ond riflalned the tine con 11
t lo t o affile, tlr. Tnarsin was accompanied by
two well-krnwn ile!ertive, and It Is supposed that
t e rpnvnee deterred Livingston tiom returning.
At an rate, he di In't n turn, bnt aturte l post bailo
lor California or notno otn -r ill-Hunt Kint.
Alter he let It was dl-eoven-d that his trtt eamo
was Lewis Yin I'.t'en. au I that he wis the leader of
uKsng of v-cunier'eitera. who btd everything rraJy
to swindle Wall street to the tune of bn.i a million.
Detect, ves wero at once sent after him, and at lenc.L
traced I mi lo New Oi leans, where he was arrrrtnl
by the Chief of Police and hviJ to await a requisition
by Guv. Hon jinn.
YiilKl.enias l-rontbi to this city Inst Dltht by
Detect Ive Mmrvon. and is uow lodged lu a cell al
Ihe leilce Ceulral Otace
JLt7., $10,000 EACH.
The West rlldo lllaliviaynirn'. Hnuilny
.llol.iink- IlMilolt In iv Mxlh avenue
Cnfl'.r fnlooll-Itu.lltinn In tjuii I.
Yostenli tnornir nt about 2.89, Mr. William
A. Christiansen, of 413 W -t Twcnly nlnt!i street,
went into Ihe us-'suract of Wil'lim li. Slack ell,
at 'M blslh avenne to get a cap of coZer. A gang
of seven or iljht rrrn seon afir envered, nniorg
whom v. ere Kdwird Hoyt, John Kane, and Phllls
KcGovern. Hoyt begin fooling Willi Cbilsliansen.
wno requested Mm to pi away. Hoyt t tie o seized
Chilli, iuacu's wn'ch an 1 wrenched It from the
chain. Givrae t .Iloid, who witnessed tho robbery,
went In seaich of an offh-er, and was fn'lowed bj
two ol the c i ? Hcyi 1-ept the watch about Cl
(ecti mttiQtrs si.it returned it to Cbristliu'en. ut
the same lime elilmlng a reward, which Car'stlnii
sen rrfurel to give, win roup jn he was knocked
down by lite, and klckcst and beaten until Insen
sible. Hojt tui I Is knee on Christiansen's throat,
nnd lie and his companions ruled his pockets, tak
ing the nate'i aud 10 in money. Chrlatianacu had
on bis flogtr a valuiole diamond ring, which they
s'to alo e, an I in removing It lore t is flash from
the finger. The murderous gang then left the res
tauntat. Mr. I iced in I'ae mean time had cluJel the two
ri.ainns who had followed Mm, and l.ls repe it- d
crios of " l'oiiee," Lrought to the spot olPei-r 1 ur
tiu, ilaan. and Ua'oney, and Uoinlsuiin track
er of Ihe West Tnl.tieih f.reut Police si-tion. to
whom ho related what had occurre.1. Tbi-y started
quickly In pursuit of I no rohWrs, whom mi;
louud In a saloon uearlr opoo-lie ti e restaurant lu
wlilch the rohoery had be n committed. They cn
t'eavnred tn e-raoe, bul five of the cans were csp
turel and locked up, 'Jhey gave their names as
Piil.lp McGovern, Joseph l-'itilicuii, WiUUui Sn-.--man,
John Kine, ami Llward J. Hoyt. Wi en
arraigned bilori- Jiulice t jx Jetcrda)- at Jeflcrsun
Market, they pleaded nut guilty, tlr. Herd, and
Mock well, the proprietor uflhc rrstauiant, swore
tosilltely to the Idci.iuy ol Hoyt, Kan, and Mc
Govern, on ! Jii."c- Cox held incru lo ansner In
doiaull of UViXl bail each.
bbuLcspcarc lu "The l.lllle Church Hound
tin- Corner."
"Thf litllo church, round the corner" is well
filled every Sunday, many of the wonhlppeis being
strangers, wl-oic attendance tcsllGus approval of the
conduct of the teacher of Christian coarliy who
feared not to soil Ms robes by giving the rite of
burial to a comedian, fpeaktng of tbe power of
prayer, lio repeated Iho speech of 1'ivtptro la the
the epilogue to tho " Temped":
Now 1 want
fplrlts to enforcs art lo enchant I
Ard my ending la despa'r.
Unless 1 be rcllev'd by prayer.
Wnlch pierce, lo that It nvaults
Mercy Itielf, sad frees all fsulls.
The quotation was prefaced by the re.nark Ihat ho
rresumiil there was no harm In uaitg the woids of
the gieal diaiu.tial in the pulpit.
An P.xeurslon Hound the World.
The long jirnjectrd excursion around the vvoild
by a seltct party of New Yorkers was begun on
baturday evening. The excursion p,nty which in
cludes Diehard Murphy, son of Collector Murpl yj
and George Hoey.son of Hupt. Ifoey of the Adams L'x.
press Company sailed at 7 P. M. In the Alaska, one
of the finest steamers In the Pacific Mall Companj's
servloe. 'I he vessel I.I loueli nt many of tun sea
board ronllnuntal cities, sccoinmndailng heruiose
inenls lo tl.c convcutenrc of Iho tourists. Unlit
C.nn.men were on board, who are returning to their
native Uud.
The End of Ihe Liquor Dendlorh,
II was currently reported on Hntiirday among
Iho largo liquor dealers that tho Secretary ol thu
Treatury hid lUteriiilmd, toiethcr with tne Cum
mllteti oi Ways and Moans, to ugr o to the terms of
Iho pelillou of Hit liquor ImpoiUrs, and that tho
uullorui tax of til per proof gallon would be the
i aio for a I liquors.
Another Itnllvvny Itobbery,
The moll ear uf tho eastward bound train on the
Cent'al Parlac Hallway was robbed al Alia, u ar tho
summit of ihe tileira Nevada, on baturdaj evtn.ng.of
all Ihe registered Icttcit und a pac.age of IIU.IVOIU
Hrlvlng nut the (irminns,
The Gel piaus of Iowa hare p-issvd resolutions
disapproving tti.t llovniiineitl's neitoii In nllonlna:
arms and ainiiiiiuilion lo b3 sent to France, and with
ar.ln; their supiHiit Irom the Administration,
Tho Italian Consnl has ceased diplomatic lutcr
rouiie with the tiuvrrnment of lunls.
Cabrsl wiile-i proclamation", aud continues his
depredation, without, however, taring to uioel tan
Hoop, ol llaaz.
The appointments of the lit. Hon. Chichester
Forli'ictie ta he President ol the Hoard ot 'liade. and
the lit Hon. William Alouacil lo bu i't.tmaitei-ticuuil
aie gazetted.
j,'Eir j.'K.vffr,
The JcrreyClly Charier Convcnllon finished III
labors ou hulunlay evening.
Mr. William Kdelsteln.of 73 York street, Jersey
Lily, will entertain his friends ueit Thursday evening.
Yesterday afternoon Ur. Nidler, a German physi
cian of Newam, utier leaving the house ol a patient,
was set upon by two loardles and brutally beaten. An
drew Uonoe'l aud Kdward Morrlaney were arretted.
On Saturday afternoon a servant, emploted al 201
Cnnitatroel.Miwark, waa tlandlns In fro.it of a store,
when her clothes caugnl fire, aud before Ihe Oainet
wereetiiuzulshctl aho wai shockingly, tniMi U ltaied,
fatal! i haw
last want's scese ix titk teu
j'jle oy the uhianra,
Tbe Appenrnncei of .llr. Ileecher-He Joins
In Iho Htnglng of " I'nmci yo lllseonso
late" AHIItbt Nervaiianvaa aadUssp In.
wnr4 Fmotlan Apparent lo his Maaner
X Classical Herinoa an Christian Uhar
acter. ---: ' - - -
Mr. Dtecber tnterctl Plymouth Church last
evening at precisely half-past 1. He mounted the
platform by the stairs at Us right, end tossed hit
black felt bat beneath a smsll stand al tbe head ol
tbe steps. He walked acreit tbe green carpet to Us
mcdluval chair, and tat down, lie removed his
overshoes. The doors of tbe church were then
thrown ores, and a vast multitude who were not
pewholders poured In, filling every empty teat.
A beantlful calia Illy reared Its while bead
from a slender atcm upon the stand at Mr. Heecher's
right, while a magnificent bouquet of flowers
adorned the fli'.form on Ms left. Mr. Heecher un
buttoned his overcoat, and drew a small roll of man
uscript from bis Inside left breast pocket. lie
placexl the manuscript upoa the table with the Illy,
He then took a large Testament from his pecket,
opened It, and laid It upon his lap. A slight ner
vousness w..s apparent In Ids manner. He opened
the Plymouth Collection of Hymns, sod laid II face
up over the Testament. By a strong mental eflorl
beseemed to overcome Ms nervousness, anl gazed
ptaeld'y over his audience. Ills eye rested Cist upon
sir, CUflin'a pew. and then wsndtred to the seats of
llr. face an I Mr. I), H. Howard. These gentle
men were absent, air. Marcher then looked at Mr.
Henry C. ilowen, wLo sat upright In bis pew. Mov
ing bis bead to the right, the reverend rentlcman
glanced at a pew near a pillar. This Is Theodore
Tilton's pew. Ill occupants wets strangers. Kven
Mrs. Tilton, who rarely lails lo attend tbe services
at Plymouth Church, was absent. The waathrr was
bitterly cold, and many or Iho regular attendants
of the enureli were missing, Mr. Hecetirr's dau'htrr-In-lavv
was the only uioubei of his family who waa
While the organ was playing an overture to the
Inlroduclorv hymn, Mr. Beccher drew a long breath,
and nervously drummed with his fingers upon the
open pagea of the look upon his knee. Dnrir-g the
singing, Mr. Ileee ier appireiitly ma lo a strong cflort
to control tome d.-ep Inward emotion, Taero was
no indication of ferl.ns t'pon hit massive fare, but
his tl'igrrs and hi. I ands wrie ever rclicsi. He sat
for tomo time as If Kinr.g Into ILe luluto, with two
r.ngeiaof Mi loll Land bulled lu the leaves ui the
New Testament.
buddunly he tremt'lon"ly raised the hymn book,
and began to rapidly tun over Hs leaves. Tneu be
slowly replace I tho volume u- on his Luce, ai.d again
seemed to dillt In. o fututltr, ILe sweet Voire of
Hiss Morgan was hesrd In a solo. He ctosej his
eves during her singing, and only opened them as
the last strains of llio ergan dleJ away. Mr. II -icier
then nrosn wlih much dignity, walkej to the lee urn.
and. In a red, love tnnecf s nice, rend the fol. OA log
verses, apparently with mil hireling! .
The l.o:d t ui) : l ' p'ickI: I iii..'l nol want.
He luakelh me to lie ilovrn li greeu palluresibo
leadetu n.e heil lo in.- .nil vv .i-rs.
He netoretn my t"ut: h' h-idi-ih mo in the paths of
rtghleousuess f-ir his name's i-nk.
ea, tlicui'i I walk ihr-'iieh the r.ntle of the shadow
ol death. I win fear noevil : tor iiiuj ait villi toe, lay
rod and thy slat, llu-v eomfuil mo.
Ihou ire -artt a tanie before me In thepreonee of
mine er.i-oi. -i: thou auolalcai my hvad wuu on. my
cup innneth over
eutely goodoees an1 merev shall follow me n'l the
da, oi t v life; and 1 will awell lu the bouso ol tuo
Lord for.-ver.
Alter the rrofound Impression caused by the read
ing ol these sorrowful wotds had uiod ana, Mr.
reclic.- laid n-ldc the bouk, aud opeued tbe Ply
uioutli I olio -tlun.
" lijmn Sli," slowly looking ud from the book.
"M7I" He then removed I t. oveero.it, nnd ngnln
sat down, lacing Ihe op.n books upon his Knee
foe organ stain Lroke foith in a llod ol l.armuuy,
ard 'he com.-re.iati u arose. Daring tho singing of
Hie fuit vi-i'r, Mr. UeerLi.r't eyesngHln swept over
the congregation trom Mr. Cl.iiiiti'a pew to tl.e bench
near the pillar on his rlgl t Again boiu.tcdlis
book, and a.-aln hu lurne.l over Itsleavi.i. As II
overcome by his feelings, lie joined wuh tho choir
In tingle: tne last lour itun at folloivs:
Come, then Father or the poor,
i . me, wuh ireiii.-i t r. tuaarcy
Thou of all con o! -rs het
iiltloz lbs trouulkd bicait.
Thon In till art comfort sweet,
r..-a ant eool.ie.a in t ae hent.
holat-e la ine i.ndt oi woe.
Comfort wneiosoe'ei ne go.
I.'gnt Immortal I Light d vine
V -.t 1 hou theso hraris of 1 lnuc
If I in - uLo 'f I y gr-iee aw-iy.
thlng pure In man will sta.
Ileal enr woun !- o-'r si-.-nirth renew,
i in our uryiie,. p ,ni liivd nt
VI ab the ttnl. i-t guilt a iv.
tlutde ihe steps that go as li ay.
Mr, I)reher then made au camtct anJ Impressive
prayer, lie prated for alrongth aud wiadoiu. "Thy
love to us, O Iml, Is greater than our love for
ouiseltes. We draw near to Thee for comfort la
our divs of sorrow and woe. 0,1, Ihnt we might be
sodiliveied from tin that our hearts might ever
druw i ear lo Thee. Oh. that we mlnt Hi ,a as lo
Inlieili Tine here and enjoy Th. i. hoacaft, r." A Ur
a bun. inn appeal Inr the sinner, Mr Ih-echer con
tinued' " u beseech Thee, our Heavenly l-'auier,
to ' ! all tl e i C -its wh!-!i aru bi-lng mala 'or the
reformation or morals. Deliver us irom all covet-ou-Lesa,
from all uni'ighuou.ucs., from cli 1. adel
Ity. Oil. for lio day when all daikui.a Mu , llo
away, and when the light ot religions trutu shall
sidne ovr the land." The prayer concluded Willi a
peiiiun in behalf oi our rulers rt Washington.
Mr. lleecher then gave out tlio Sulth livmn, and
egun sat Uowti. Ho seemed lost lu sad thoui.t as
the cnoii' sang tho boautllul and expressive hymn
Come, ye iMsrnssolatc, wherever von lancutih,
Come, at the shrine u; Ood fo v ent y mueil.
During tre sin;l'ig of the first nnd second verses,
Mr. Ueecher rat like a statue. Then drawing n long
sigh, he- sang w lib much eurncslncri the chorus ;
How speaks tho Comforter, tenderl) isyi-ic,
llarih has tiu sorrow- that heaven cauuot cure.
Aa If lost In deep thought, Mr. Hri-chrr beat time
Willi bis book while tho third aud last i-rac vr-ia
ung, enllng vv ilh the words t
Come to the fi-ast of lov e i come ever knowing
l.aitn has no sorrow Ih-vl ncavcti cannot care.
When Mr. lle.chcr arose lo speak, a slight and In
exp'tcablc nirvonr.ess was npojreut In his manner.
Ills voire, however, was llrui, and his grand f.,ce
was slolld aa uiarblv, lie gave iho text Hum Pull
Itiiplans. si'i'ond chanter:
Titer -fore, my heiove I. ss ve have always oheyel
nol a. ii. niv I ri-senco onl , Put hove mueh more iu my
ateuci. work out your own salvation with leur and
l'or It is Ond which woikcth In you both to will acd
to do ol b.e good plratnie.
Ills sermon sa slrlctly classical. He began
preaching from his note, as If under restraint. He
rroord his hands behind his bnck. aud his fingers
plated wildly with onu aoother. Hu muted
barkward and forward as If bewildered
and In a dilemma as If his body was
not strictly undir the control ol his powerful mind.
Occasionally Ins rlgnt hand nerrauly tippe.. his
desk In emphasizing some particular point In his
discourse. 11 was at least tea mlr.utis
before this v.iuo undi'fiuab'.e something
eeined to wear otf, and ho bicamo
in a mca'nro the lleecher of old. Hut the
sermon wan sttlctly clasleil. It contained
no heart - scarrhliig eiiotuilon", no pow
erful appeals to tinners, no strains of
bazins eloquence. It was an analysis ol Chris
tian character. This, the sneaker said, was sot an
srlicle of Divine uiniiiilacliire. The ft cat elements
of Christian life were wrought out In men little
by little. Aa Ihe apples begin to Mower uud hud
in Ihe spring nnd tn rtnen In tne niiliiiiin, so did re
ll.'lon llnwcr, bud, and ripen iu the hearts of ra.n
who worked out their own salvation,
"No man," said Mr. Ilei-ener in a and tone or
volco. " t ver lenrue I tolovo God nnd his neighbor
ns himself In a single ilav no (with a sudden en
ergil, nor In a tiuale ll'e." Then he ndibd, with a
touching uud Imle.iriii ible iimuinlulni-.e. "For
tint Is a love Ihat vvna never learned and nurer will
bo learned upon this moital s'.iore."
" I'uoughts ihat mm do n"t know from whenco
Ihey com-, come from Gol." sal I t.io gteat divlue,
nndpiusi'd, as if nut quilu sure o' hit asserllon; bui
ho allcrvvard applied 11 to the cases of grat crim
inals who felt Impelled by siring ond conflicting
emotions lu cantons, ihtlr crline. Hero ran a thread
of ci tinlne pathos as if comlug from the very bottom
oi the t-penkc r's hrort.
'-IIiii heart of man knows not how to love,"
rpoko Mr. Hen her, 111 his most Impressive maui,t-r.
"Ills only iho heart of God that knows bow lo
His sermon was filled Willi diamonds. Thoy
rbuno brilliantly, but, liLo diamonds, they were as
cold as Icli les, They was no warmth iu them. Oc
casionally ll.eyseiined to ittleci u bc'iin of slrango
per'onil emolloit, bul bryoud this Ihcy were tho
same ns uny other diamonds.
At the cloeo of the sermon another livmn
was supif. Mr. Heeclcr dll not ting, but
Iraned nls bead upon his baud as if In
torrovv to deep lor utterance, Hu then
gavo his bcnidlclion, and hit heaicii slonly dis
persed. The gieal dlvlno then tat dowu and drew
ou his ovii shoes. Hetlirn moved over to Ihe beau
litul white Illy and iuht-led Us fragntuco. Mr How
nrd, the lather oi Joseph Howard. Jr., spoke to him,
and warmly pressed his baud, Mr. Moses H.
Heacb idso greeted lis pastor very warmly.
Mr. Ueecher then descended the plitform,
nntl spent aminule lo conversation wilb a lady, who
apparently compllmonlod Min In high terms upon
his sermon, Mr. Davis, the Wall street banker,
licit shook hands wlih his beloved pastor. Alter
a short conversation with a second lady, nearly op
posite Mr. Tilton's pevy, which was then empty, Mr.
lleecher called to his daughter In-law, ottered her
his arm, and slowly led the church by the Iroul en
trance. Tne calls lllly and the magnificent boquit were
then wrapped iu a newspaper by Mr lleicii lo pre
serve them from tae froit, the gat was turned off,
and Plymouth Church w an lelt In Uaikuess,
roLAND, xaou tin ai.t xsrxn viei
A Brilliant Anntveraary .Heeling tn Cllnten
1Inl-Tb Proseiibrd I'lnse under the
frateeltoo of the (stars and Mtrlpea-Llaht
frara The Han open thn Night or Poland)
Yesterday was Ihe anniversary ol tlie last
Polish revolution, which burit forth on the 23d of
January, 1SC3, to fall is io many other attempts
have filloJ, Ytt It served Its rosin purpose, and
kept alive the spirit of nationality among the Poles.
For many years Ike leaders had had no hepss of
scceere; bnt when they Judged Uiat the lime had
come when meoshould dlt for Poland, they gave the
word, and Us Polish standard again rose Into the
air. ---' v - i.ji,. -w . ir
The Poles of New York met last nlibi to com
numerate the lost tacrine. Clinton Usll was dsco
rated with flags which perhaps could not be unfurled
la any other plact lo the wide world. In the centre,
nnder the protection of the stars and stripes, wss
the old bsnuer of Poland, red, blue, and white, with
a shield In Ihe centre quartered with the Polish sil
ver eagls, crowned wltn thorns, In a crimson field,
the armed Knight or Lithuania, nnd the hi. Michael
ol Knthenla. Ihe oe vice was "Pro nostra at ves
tra llbcrtale."
On the left of this banner was the flag of the Pla
vonlo lliothtrboed, and on tbe right tbe ttandard of
HohcnMa, a ttlvtr lion In a red field, with Ihe legend
In Cr ech. " Unity and Equality." liealde thole were
the French and Ameilcau bannert.
The lane ball was well filled. Col. Hlrronym
Zalewrkl was ehoiea President, aod Mr, Aodrze
Jowakl S crelary. The baud played the Uonibrowtkl
war song, " No, Pol md, thon stisll Never Dlo I" and
very holy clapped his bands. Mr. Kolikosrtkl waa
the first speaker, and, atler giving pralso to the
tlecrel Commutes of Warsaw In ltO). which baa
ruled for fllteen months absolutely without a cilme
and without discovery, adverted to the present war,
and spoke of the Germans at barbarians, who were
destroying libraries, works or art, "., from their
hatred of tba French, Ha said there were hones for
Franco and lor Luroee ta the republican societies
and In tbe American repnallcin (envlmeul, and,
taking from bis pocket The Son of tne 2Hth ultimo,
he read In Polish Tue Sun's edltorlsl article entitled
The French will Mneceed Kuropo lo be Itevolu
lionized." Tbe spoaker dwelt upon tbe passage In
Inr. Hum's leader whlih described tbe formation of
a United Stales of Larope. a confederation of
varied nationalities snd equal republics, by which
the peace of the Continent would be atcuiad and
standing armies aholtshad forever.
This great lilt drew forth entiiuslsstlc cheering.
Col. Z-lowikl. Mr. Lntuzenskt, and other prominent
blarona also delivered speeches.
Tha Mtlllnry nnd Clllrrns nt Hvvords'
I'nlnta Hayonete, Clubs, nnd Axes
Irlded-filu ul tho lloltom, or Course.
Tlio Sabbath vriu wantonly desecrated In
Jersey City yesterday by tho riotous conduct of
some members of Company A, of tho National
Guard of New Jersey, who paraded with other of
the military at tho funeral of tbe late G.-tt. Wrlzht.
And but for the prudence and firmneis of Major
Hart of Hoboken, commanding the First Ilatalllon.
blood ral;ht have flowed copiously. Tne trouble
had Its origin In drunkenness. At about 0 o'clock,
two pr vatos of Coin-any A. left Iho r inks during
tho services si tlio gi ire, tind reoalre.l to Coma J
Ue'dei's lager beer s i ooii on I'.lliJda avenue,
where they Indulged excessively.
During Iho carouse a dl'pu'o ocenrred between
the soldiers nnd II o ruprietor. Words Liou.ilit
blows and before many moments Kel.er was struck
nn the Head with a club, splitting tue skull and
closing Hie left eje. The soldiers drew llieirbavo
nets and Krilcr aimed blnisoll nlih on a.lze, and In
this 1'ireslcr.iiig aUItu ! becatno sn clamorous that
the attention ot Polite Ofi'.e.T KoxforJ of the Fourin
Precu et was attr.i trd, aud ho entered ILo eaioca
lu erne II the dis-niban-e.
'1 ii officer disarmed Keller of tlie adze and tbe
tnl J i rt of a bayonet, and a eiusket with a i.vcuct
attached. A cartridge, au epaulet, et'd Kelly's cap,
ucn- alio louud uu th- II or nnd laki-u lo the 1 hlid
Pirclmt. 1 he olSier Iheu undertook to arrest the
rembatanls, bnt ttty threaten.! to give l.iiu his
quietus If ho lid not csl.-r. Hoxford cal ej in iw
citirens ta bis aid, one of whom 1- t.r.mi-d Kun,z,tu,.l
t ok tho selJIcrs into custody and wor irncecrt1!!:
w'ta ihem to the oliee stt.tloa wl en thev r ere en
countered by ae t.UJIou under the cosiciad of
Mrjor Hart.
Company A, teeing their eon-rides prlseners,
rnsln don iniir c.-iptore with dr.wn bayoutis, knock
ed Kr.r.tx nnd the oQeer on the prouod snd recue I
Iho men, Hoxford drew lit ) ltol In self-defence,
in I would in al t rtbjLl.H 1 havo flicua'ged it l
hi. assnilnnts bad not MrJor Hart rltd.-n up nnd
urdiro t Hie ii-cn to lull In. After tniici murmnrlng
Ins command was obeyed, ami the Major took
charge of Kelly and Dwjvr, sauna, he would uoJd
hlm-lf rcpoiisiMe I. r io.d.riag tl.e pnsiiiei..
Kelly's he 'd was then bsndaerd up. snd wl en the
mllit ii y .-lived at liohol.tii Kelly un 1 Dvvit.r wire
banded iv.t lo the cl,.,:gc of Cat. Da-aovan.
At 9 o'clocc l.st nl'.'it, .MiJor Hsrt and Opt. P J.
Mei-han v,s'ted the Uoboaen Police bL.tion, and on
a-, ert.ilnlng that no person had appeared lo picler
tnj- cob'piaiul agelnil I Is men, they obtained tht-lr
lluharge, Kelle,- was obrtd up. hut Ids lace enj
head prvsanted a shocking rpecUHe.
Later in tho cvoh.ng, Keik.-, tLo saloon keeper,
ill plied for a watraLt for the arrest ol tho private
tolii-.i-rs, while Offleer Itoiford made a sluilur Ue
innn.l for tho aireit of Majir II. ut, Tho Justice,
douhttug l.ls jnrlsdi. lian, heaiiaU-l. end raid hu
would JotcrmiLu what uc.lon he v,outd taa lo-daj.
lierm of Itcform lu tho llrpubllcnn Pnrty.
A Grant Club was organized in tlio Scvcutccntli
Assruibly District on Saturday evenlug. Thooacers
are: President, Col. Joel W. Mason; Vlcc-P.el-deot,
David P. Hell lib and B. II. Wells; Secre
taries, II. F, Plnlcy and II. D. Smith; Treasurer,
Gen. W. Crtgler ; Serjeant at arras. Julius Itelehe;
Dileiatcs to Central Committee. John It. H is-ell,
IlinJ. K. I'I.elps, Lniislng o. Mouie. Charles A.
l'lauimir, Via. .1. O'llryon, Thos, Is. Ilerry, 11. Trv
tor, E. O. Jenkins, Satnuil .Mlnnes, SV ilson lirrrj
man, A comtnittee wss appointed to diatt resolu
Hops cxpr.'S'lve o! t.ie sentiment ot t". Club that
rc'orin it ucecssary in the part) orgaulzatlon in this
itlurdrr iii-nr Trrniou,
On Saturday rvciilntr Asa Downe visited
Trenton, N. J., and drank freely. With him were
two coiupinions, who drank ol Lis expente, but cot
ui deeply as did be. Yesterday morning Dow no
was lound dying In a bain in Hamilton lownrhlp,
about one milo Irom 'licntnn Ills left band ami
wrist were hadlv cut, and there wero deep hlack
marks from tho clutch of lingers on Ids thi oil. He
was removed to a house near at baud, where he iny
groaning and unconscious during tho day until lour
o'clock jestcrday alternoou, when be died. Hu
pockets bad been rliloil.
A Are at 40 Hose sired, last evenltg, caused (1,300
Gildnf-kls's mrnltnre mannf iftorr, But Cum
bridge, Marc, was burned jeitcrday. Lou, liO.lN,
The Hon. John A. Lolt, Judge of the Conrt of
Appnali, I seriously III at LU residence lo flatbiuh.
Ilobeit Wnbher, sevton uf the Uev. Dr. Gallagliin's
church in Nokksu street, waa fined X br JiKitrn
llurtilcy for throwing William hinith Qowii slabs for
inii behav lug himstiU darlug service.
Tho Pourleenth Ilegimcnt Veterans' Assnclstlon
havu pelliioecd Congr ss so to ameul the eoidim'
i. nnd fiianl Act that oil veterans may dispose of tneir
lands for money counJeratlou.lf tliej da uol Uellro to
settle oo mem.
ll:l:s()Al. ixtki.luikxck.
Madame Scebach'a benellt In the Btadt Theatre on
Saturo.iy niihl jlrlded over 11,500.
Tl e Ti nlli Ward Wllll im M. Tweed Association
oi baturday cveuln. elected fl'itothy c.iniior l'real
iiiii. Mi.iio't Lin. Vlco I'rrsnltnt, Jov.pti llauc)
'luauii-.. und liaaiel l-'tuzcy bccrt-lary.
Tl e .lefii-reon luh has elected the Hon. II. W.
Genet. I'residuut i Tnomss alcripeoon and ilnhert Pu.
iner, iie-l'ri-ndenu ; llio Hon. John Mitjuade. 'Ires
suieri aud John M. helicon aud ltaae 1. llioiru,
fcrcri tanti.
Oilenson Arter, son of Jesse Arter, of Danville,
ra .myilerioiHly dlsappearrd nboui lonr month, ago.
lie wiu sent w-ito a im-.ri"o Iu a relative, and nul a
word or a truce or mm ha been tlun far found since he
left Ihu Louie lo wnlch he was tout,
Judgo Homcj-n died lu Troy on Friday, In hu (.01
'Ihe Hen. Thomas K, King died lu Pawtucket ou
Saturday night.
H. llohlu.on of New Orleans, a rroinluont planter,
ComnianiU-r H. K. Wood worth, tT, B. N., Is danger
ously III in Han 1'raueUi o.
Mr, Daniel Kprlgg. lor .11 yoars cashier of tho Me
rhantes' 2vattoual llauk of llalllmore, died on baturday,
Mis. Sophia lrelind, aged in, who rimo lo Amur
leu In 111, was burled on haiurday Irom the Moravian
Church, Lexiugtou avenue.
Judge W. P. Chllto.i. Grand Master of tho OranJ
Lodge of 1'reeiaasotis ofAtalituoa, died In Montgomery
ou I-1 Play nlilit. lie was fonuerly Chlcl JusUicof Iho
Supreme Court of tne btale.
Mrs, D'Arcy Mctlee wai found dead kneeling, wlih
her prom-Pout In her hand, evidently having died In
the midst of her devoito . Her funeral waa umucout
ly attended al Montreal ou baturday,
MaJ Mordrcal Myrn, who died al Schenectady on
the :wili lull., wai lonnerly an old and Influential resi
dent of this rltr He served wlm diillncllou lu the war
of Itili as Captain la the Thirteenth Infsuiry. snd was
wounded lu tl.o battle 01 Chritlei's Farms. len.
Wood'Bdealli lelt MaJ. Myeit the oalysurvlvlug olUctr
nf the leguneal. UI latt years as resided ta habeiitc-tady.
x nvsnisa hack ur tiie rovan t kj
DosMiis rost nn i:"fref.5 I.ocomollve-Elec AQ
trlelty nlmost Iltvnlleil-A Thrilling Hpec !'al
facta an tha Frorca Ilarlaea. . !'Tl
Pouanggf r.sii, Jan, 22. The Ice-boating; thU Id?
winter thus far tas not beta good, but nevtrtheleM Jijl
lbs owners or boats havo entered Into the sport with. js J
teal. On Friday there was on tho river north of MCI
hero a race between tho two Ice-boats Zephyr. fUf
owned by Mr, J, Uuckhout, the IcUlo, owned b
Mr. John Itotevell, and the Chicago express train Br
from NeSr York. The boats named aro among tbe jUj
faateat In tne Pucghkrcprle Ice-Hoat Association.
rhe wind waa from Ihe southwest. Doth vessels (WI
were north of the Whale Dock, and at a stand-allll iu
within mo hundred feet of the shore, whoa the jfflj
WUIITLl or the loco motive tHjl
of the train eouuded. This to tbe tiller-men of tha ijbl
Zephyr snd Icicle was a starting ilgnit. In an ta- IVl
stent they were In their boats, lying ot roll length, ft j
when Ihey "doun slick" and put tbelr crafu oa j ('
the wind, if, jl
Thou came the race. The passengers on the cars s'jlj
raised the windows and wared their hits and band J If
kerchiefs. The engineer blew tantalizing whistles ! if
aa his train thnndored throogli the rock-cuts and if )Jj
over bridges, gradually lea v lag the Ice boats astern, JI l
until suddenly the breeze freshened. The canvas
on the botlt swelled out, the rigging tlglitenel, Ihe ,- jf
steel runners began - . i'jj
and then tho tiller men ol the boats knew they had
their Iron bound edversary.aad that the laugh woald j til1
soon be on the other tide. ?
Tlie passengers who had forgotten the boats be- lJljj
enuso they bad been passed aud were out of algut, JJif
again dropped their books and papers and arose to THi
see tho Zephyr . aUt
OVEU UACLIMO TnE LtdnTieilO TRlllV, " Sjjf
with bow "dcid to the north," and then tha dill
rxcltrm nt all over the train from thn engineer to JM
t'-e last brahoman was liveliest. Close to tha ' III
Z-nhvr followed Ihe Icicle, both beats flying aheal t
of ILe lightning train. tf B 1
Again there were tho waving or handkerchiefs and H.l
hats ani the bloving ol the locomotlvo whistle, bul i
tLls tlmo in honor ol the victory c.tntd by tho Ice- -fjl
bonis, for even as the rejoicing was rolni on they i j
bad pissad the trnlu and Here far ahead, datblni ,Mi
over the Ice at the ra'e of If
Never was there a prettier racv; und never waa a -.1,
railroad lril-i. and a ligbtrilng Irala at that, so badly ,Vl
Lcaten. Huunlng lino Iho poor Ice district, tlio vie- IS .
tors whirlej about like a fla-b and Le.dcJ down tbe I F
river again, giving tua engineer of He train as II ".'
c-me along a parting wave, be sendlag whistling -ft
shrieks In rcspoosc and, tho ras- engers also giving I'i ,
tare a ell waves of balsam kcicl.U-ls. ,1
tiu rinsr r.iiAL actdsnt hi '
tn the Mj'ory of Ice bo lting wiis that at Iledion ill
li e samo da). It was a colli. Ion. All reporlJ say n2 '
it was una ol.' able, bt.t lee boatmen here cannot ljit ,
account for It. One of tl.e boats belonged to Athens. if i
and was saiisd by Ira M hiiliu. Tho other belonged, Ki ,
to Hudson, and was sailed by Walter Worth. I'.icli $' ,
boat bad lire or alt ticuipuutn. 'ihey were bound II,
r.ortb, and raillini nl .nt nt a very high rate of JI '
speed. Jacob Hast, ti.o jouiig mnn who was killed, JI 1
was on boa id tie lluileon boat, lying at lull length ,J,
on the wal'thoard en thn windward aide, the Hud- 11
son boat oilng ahei.d about 110 feet. Sulduul) on H
of bei lucners ttiiick luto t
and before the tiller man or the Minns bo-1 conld , '
seethe d.iiur his vessel, whii li waa humming along A
ailherale tf forty ulles aa lour, diihtJ uito lh i
llnason boil. . . 1
Her bowsprit strurk yonng Best on the left '!
breast, Jo. I above the h"jrt, stavltit tn bis ribs. I ,
He cried " Oh dear I" oaee, ga.ted iwoe. and wasu '
cori-ie. T. p o-capo of the ot.'.er oecupicls w is ml- if I
ratulous. As It si, tlu-y wore not hurt. Wl.cn It ,
Is known thit tho les't move of the tiller ol th
h Id I boat would have averted the accident, the caaa li
as I: stand. Is singular. il
It was thon 'lit that tho Panghkeeprle Ice Host V1
Aseot-ia lou iould race on SitanUy, but tao tnlld ,
weather r-ndeied tho Ice unlit. During tin day th II
lep boat bnow bqtiill, wlih two men un board. l'
broke through, bu, uo damso was done. t
lilOX AXU ltl llOl.l'ltE AOAIX. 'r I
rvrllrmrnl In Apollo Ilnll on S.ntiirdar i
Ilvenlnu- '1 he I'rtiichti-.iiii Loslughls Tens- 7
per-Aunlhor t ballemrr Onl. Pi
The li)ii?,-niiiioit itcd billiard ciatch belireen ' J
lludolphe and G.-rnhr waspl.iyi-J on Saturday night i' 1
In Arollo Hall, resulting In tho victory of Iludolpha 1 T
by COO to MO. Hu lolpho's aver igo was 5V and Gar- t
nlir's S'i. H.omas Mead of Philadelphia announced V
that tbe gome wea to be a three-ball carom of COO Ah
lolnts, for ilAX), Garnlcr receiving the oddt of 15
per ceil , or IKI f-olr.ls. Cvrl'le Di n acted at nta- J
Dire lor l.arnii-r, and V.nurn o D.ly for Itudolpbe.
On tne lloh InniDg Huiloluhe rin thogamsout, 1)1
slioiiting In tl e most excited manner ea ho made tha J
last snot, 1,1
" Mr. Iiinn, I will p'ay you anywhere, at any time. ft
forJl.OOO." t
"Go on with yenr game," replied Mr Mow, 1 g
"aud we will talk about that when lou eel through," 'K
More wort's rii.srd, and tho frlinds of Dloa H
crowded round lludolphe, who was bscomln: mors rf
and inoro culled. The two renowned bllllanlisl.i i i
su.od at opposite sljet of the tah'e enirounded by ,1.
thetr trictids, shaking their flsls at each other, and if j
pich inslug words In a high tone. At length Ho- li
dolpho'a frlenus took him awav, and Dion went alter 'If
the l't.-jr reporter, and told Mm lie would accept it
Itu-lolplip's ehrillenge. whalpvi-r It was, nnd would &
deposit 600 at tno CVl;;vr office on Monday, " J
CVKWSlVir.S Of VlllMB.
In Covington, Ky . on Friday night, Fred Kohcra t !
esl'ed upon shnnle vVelilnghoir,audon her rejec iou of I
h sunt, he sro. her dead. ( f
Alfred Gutmaii has been held to ball by Jusllro '
Msilrsun to acMver the ehargeot aiteuintlng to poton j i
Mrs I'liimn II "iirlqui.1. of Lnlou lowuibip, N, J,, after 1
lUe had rejected hts addrcsics, f '
Col. Hob Clirk, convicted of having in hlspos-
sesl.-n counierfeit revenue stamps ati'l eotinterieit
plans, is lentenccd on hiitnnlay to five icais at hard V-
labor in ihe Albany resiienllar). H A;
Mr. O. C. Perry, Auditor of Darke conntr. Ohio, ' '-
shot and killed lldward ll.iiiiuit in i.nenville 011 1,
Ihnrsday. ll.irlllrgeniered his oBi-i vyli-le inlnilealrd .at
and aunulteil him, ond Perry suol htm 111 tell c fence. , I
On Salttr-iay Mrs. Donnelly of Patchotnc c- me to ' ,.
thli city to e'niin a waieh worth HV, li ch, seeor Hog '
lo llurton & I'o.'a riretiiar, she hud drawn i'i tn hpaa 1
Mipolii). fine laite lto Und iho llriu ol llurtos & Co. e '
Meyer Elaas, a lounger at Juitiro Koch's Court, !
wi tt 10 Mr aunrrbaeiu's store, In P. lit r'lfly-vlclilii 5 ,
iireet, and, pietending to be a deputy inartbnl. seized , '
a number of cold rlnjf. for nn alleged debt. llr. 7.an- , '
ni-ri sum dl-ln't recollect the Uehi. and aecordlnflf' f
vim 10 iho Court to sceabout it. II. 1 vllt lesaltedla 4:
the arre.l of l is is. -1
There I good reason lo billeir Ihat Sona'or Mor. h
too wilt not be eat'el upon 10 act as ekculary af btale , ,
nun spring. ,
TLcN-w York Air Line Ibiilroad bill cornea up 1 ,
In-day as uiiOiiltli-d hutineri, lu the uorulng huui, bul
It csuuot pats tlie liousu.
In the House on 1'attirdnv, Mr. Johnson, of Call .
tornta, spoke 111 commend nlon of an nitirio 111 Tua
M'M roiilc nn.ng the prmclplcs of a bill lo create 1
mining bureau.
Tho Senste Judiciary Commiiteo will rpeommeml H
the a In lilnu of sir III,! ns Heuator from (lpora.ll.
Mr Mill r.wbo wss eoried at ihe 1-111111- unit-, 11 In
elegliile nnl tils du itnlliiLi me such that they tanoot M
tie itinovcd t) Legislation. ,
Sir Jvhn HO--P. frriierly I'luanelal Minl-ter of .
ranaila, and now of tlie London banking houio of '
stoiton, ltoe 1 o. has Peru tnro fur the pabl fori
iileht as a vu'iif secret agent for the purpose of ascer
taining the view of the tiovciuuicnl ulu public meu
oulho fisheries difficulties.
Corro.pondcnco for Ugvpt sn.l Greece, snd for.
Tutu. aud Tripod, may now Vp forwarded lu the Italian! .
opeu niaila. The ro'tsge to Hgypt. I111.11. ami I ri Is. . 1
is lutirtteti cents pti e icli half ouni-e or unue 1 , and far .1
tlrenee Klxteen t-uots, the piepaymrtil of wi.tih lsoi- 1
llonal 10 Aii-xandrls, (Ireepp, 1 no 'lui's, n 11 eompul . 1
lory 10 another 1 at u of l-.gipt and to Tripoli. '' 9
joirisiis . 110 I'i" rotry. 'II
The Piliein, Acushuti, .Ueu, Darnes, and Tileo H
armed l.i-t niht. I
Blierifl' Ilrp'ii. ill handsomely beat Ihe Hon. Is iaq 'SI
J. Oliver 111 tnu roowi of ILo lljiom Club ou .-atur- I
d ly evuniug. ; I
Th North German Lloyd Company has directed 'ill
foi me pieienl turn ihclr steiimt-rs shal' si.l from New I
ork au 1 llreuica hul onur la eaen fouiti-en tayi ' I
Yf'lerd.y morning Jamos nohertaon was fount 'I H
In llotisio.i en, rt with two icveru tvoiiinls on ' is a I, 'I
lie iciufi-d 10 mil how ho ictuved lu- ui. Hit pulicu I
sent hlua lo llclleyue, , ,'i
Tlie great silver ware rt.ffle for the benefit ot the I H
Uiilou Hoine and P1-I100I for no'dioni' and Kallors' Or I H
p'latis u bittl open foi nitin run, on. al III John sire -i ' I H
and 1,375 llioadway. One thousand tickets si II each. ,,'.1
'Ihe iteamtrs Ncvport and the City of New Lon- 1 il I
don cxpei imcod a i n my pi.,.o on their trio to ins ;l
city oa baturday nlglii. 1 ii-New-port was Deluud tune t I H
two hours and a hair. The City oliSevy London did uol .
arrlvu until a 1'. M. yeattrday, 1 H
Fredrlcki, tue photographer, bas Juit got out a I il
I ft- iyo and life-like pholograoh of Judge llarnnrd, I
The Judge Is one uf the liaaiiiomcst men In Hie rnv 1 J JJJJJJJJ
not only on the principle ihnt " handinnie is that hand- I
some does," but he is ono of tho bel looaing. He bas tM
been getting a little stout lately, aaH
Ihe Itev. Dr. Ostnod will deliver the annual ora-
tlon before the Hums Clnb In Sp-inwnr Mall to-m urow kfafafafj
evening. On the following evening the dub eat their
anniversary dinner In the Itelroiiolll.u Hotel Among 7JJJJJJJJJJJJJ
Ihe guesu are William Culli-n llrrani, Judie Uradjr.' ITaH
John a.TUayet, V.J, Uwe, anl U U, Kieiuau. - VflH

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