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ftHIRTY-EIGinil YEAR. - - YORK, TUESDAY, JANUARY 187lL " ' " PRI08 TO CEm jfl
Clio Bombardment of Paris
tho Frenoh Loas at St. Quontin
jTiftoon Thousand.
fVm. Faidhcrbo's Army Oom
plotoly Doinoralizod.
Ciongwy lioportod to bo
' in Flamoa.
bit Bin e of Farle-Oen. Trechil ejeistnlaed
br tbe Council ol Drfenoe-llls IteporJ
Ik Ilattla or tba lOth-Wur aa Armta
ttc nai Itetused-The Preach, nil Froe
alan Loss In the Herllr.
Tondox, Jan. 3 7 A. M. A correspondent
W the Linden TtltgrapK reports from Paris tbt
bi only effect of tbe bombardment upon the city
Us been the dsitruclloa of tome old boom ind
rood vsriis, (lid thai ths German lire latterly has
i tssn bar mless.
oid. tbocbti triTiurxD.
Priests letters from Ttrlt stale that the lut rneet
ku of the Council or Defence wti stormr. Urgeats
lemaads were mads upon den. Trochn for grind
tortlei. The Genenl profcej to rtiun, end Hi
Council irpolnttd Ores. Vlnoy, FrCbault, tnd
fflenient-Ttomii trlumrlrite to replies) Trochu.
lubieqern llr, however, the Council recoiled from tl.e
letDoaslblllty of chanslnz the plirx for trie defence
If Psrls, end Oen. Trochu wss fatlr sustilned.
Mem from Firli to the 80th bit teen rteelted.
the letter! ttr the line of btltlo on tho 19th retched
kom V.cntretont to Lt Colls, end thtt the Freieh
inmbeied 100,000 men, eupported br t powerlul
brce ef srtlllery. Oen. Trochu, In bit report of the
little, rsjsi "The diy, which commenced lacceis
hllr, did net termlnste si we could hive wished,
the enemy were it flret surprised, but subsequently
Btoneentrated great mutes ol trllllery ind Infintry,
Bad it S oMocx In the ttternocn our left receded,
N returned it nightfall the offensive movement,
tat were unable to nold the heights which we hid
akin. The strugzle wu sanguinary. Ve hire
liked for an armistice."
wdt Tin Germans Kirrsto in ap.vuticb.
The Germans related tho Piench request for an
smUttee to burr the deed beloro Paris, because
lie application was merely a verbal one. The out
poets, however, muluallj fa'illlaled the remuvtl ol
be wounded.
mi ojrrison LoeiKa heart at charit's DETEAT.
It It Mid the ctrrlton of Parla would not renew
fee attack upon the Qermsns, beciuie Oen. Trochu
Ud beta appilttd o' Geo. Ch amy's defeat.
Adrlcis from Tarlt ear the newt of Oen. Chaaz)'a
lefeat wis received stoically by the people and
curATcn noM the mritot wiluak.
The Kmperor William lelegrtphcd to the Empress
tader dale of Versailles, Slit, at folia s :
"Yesterday the enemr ontlrely withdrew Into
Farle. Fl flcen oflleets and 30 men were captured
tt St. C cud."
ar. turns bukbakcid.
Jen. IS. C T. M. Tbe lunbardmrnt of Paris baa
teen un i trmptel foi the lait lew dart. Fire hu
tlto beei opened upon St. Denlt,
ma rniihcn and i bcbsuh loss m tbi tonrn.
YzsAiLLtt Jan. 20, 1'. M., Tla London, xlei.
ISO I il.-AII It quiet thla alternoon, tnd tae
broopt on both eUei remain In their poliont. Tut
rrueilin lira In the recent eortle wte 1JO, and Ihtt
If tie French tt eo lien that tier bate anked
ler if sinlitlce o! 19 hours lor the purpoee o! re
Bonni the vonnded and Lurylnz the deid,
mow ruciitiK niADQUABTEns.
VarsAiMie. Jin. SO, Tit London, 21tt. Under
rarer oi a denie fog to-dar the French troops Mere
again u.jned near F rt Mont Wirten, but sotblnr
tartker wat attempted. TLe I'runbu petition ul
was TAgts dt arnrnij!
by the Fr n-ii jc'errr nd carried, but was tub
tequei.ll) rctaVen br the rmfulin Nluth DlT.llon
tie to:.'. OfiniJO In both kOaln was 30 oCcen
tod SOM Ritn I moncrs taken b) the Qermans sit
hat theie are to be
epon tie Inrestlng lines, but isroit poiltlve'.y thm
tLe Kttn.nil Guirdt will not flsln.
fteogh adrlces to the 18th hare been re:elred. The
laaage br the bombardment Is ttat.d'le be not
taieoiT, tad only a tew persons bad been VI 1 d.
food ros rns rARisiAHi.
Large drore cfoien, Intended for Paris, bare
tasted Ithelmt, and are ready for the adrance or
Ben. Cnaiuy, who Is recelrlog reinforcements,
ma riCTius or tub doubardubbi.
Kewi frooi Tirli of the 17lh reports Jules Frre
fulls 111. The Tlctims of the bombardment It kllie i
tnd wounded already numbered S3 children, 4U
emen, aod 7i men.
tONDiiN, Jan. 32:33 '. il. Adrlces from li.Hie
Nrl to ILc 31st hare beeu recelreO,
Great ili'satlsfection and despondenry prcralle I
r lousKiuence of Oen. Trochu's failure In bla lirt
Rlffort to Iteii tl.rouch the lines ol the enemy Ii
B-as reported that a larce and avail ible lurce of a, -
Ibller)' and lufantry reserren Wok no part In the tc
too. Tiochu's policy was loudly denouncod as
areik tnd temporising.
it. dems almost silbdcis.
Vein hi ih, Jan. 23, The bombardment of St.
i Dvnii W progressing farorably j the fort Is almost
Bevrrul fires la the town of St, Denis sod all
within mc wails of Furls tr observed to-day.
inr. .iiiMr of nit: xoitrn.
sTrcni-h t,oea at Ht tjiirnttn Cambrnl Muni
nioncd to burrendrrAround Valeurlfii
urn Floodrtl Tlir l'euplo nrnuint Cnui
brnl Tirror-htrlcUon-V vclot I'uulabcil.
LflMioy, Jan. 22. Tlio Aririjr ef tLe Koith I
rapid!; resuming Its orgmintlcn.
THE rENCll L0S8 AT IT. Ql'BNTlN, 16,000.
The Ktnperor telegraphs from Versailles to ti
ttmpio's that the latest esttinste of the Freuch lo
Bt ft CJcentlu Is 18,000 men, including 11,000 prl
A depaich from Lille, 2M, ssys the city of Cim
bml 1 sa been summoned to surrender by 3 o'clock
U.l sTereoon,
Om. 'lieikbw, who bst sdvanccd from Ileau
guciiie is reported to hare captured the strontli
loriiCeJ rttods at Tallies llallly and the rlllass f
Feroue. Fits oBcers and eighty msu were taaen.
Ike German loss was considerable.
The countn aroun I Valenciennes has bee lonn
shite i In cmaeijutcce ol the tipected approach ol
Oie Ucrtnans.
Tl.i mobilized Nallonsl Gutnl tehaved badly In
n se 1.,.1'ls of ft. Qutiitln. Fully fifteen thousand of
B.i-il I eiarae punlc stricken, and fled from the field
rt to duur er.
Tlir l-luM.il ABOUND f AttPRAI f ANIC37RtCKBN
H A 'i"p;,tch In-m Cambral, evening of the 20lli,
jl br i'.i n- t :i ueuer.il panic among the poople. The
I B'wtium i ii. ini.roarl Ing end iinuonaoliiK la su ll.
U Bi-. i r, F,i !hi rbe and stiff hsve gone to Uuuui,
H s.1 i ,, vre lo Lille. Tue wbereabouU or one
H srisl n f ti e army ire unknown.
I A rein Lille the 21st reports the utmost
j Itillaicaltoa. aa.l Ilia xiumi aiul ckUirsa flying
from the cl'y, The troops are arriving In i pllltbla
Oambetli bss irrlved lit Lille. A later i1epatO,
dtted it Lille en Bsturdsr (31st) iflemoon, etya II.
Gamtctta hat delivered an address before enlhuilus
tie throngs of people, In which he advocated reilat
snre to the enemy to the bitter end, and ilennuurr
tl.e partlMn end conardly cry of " I'eare at eny
price. lie repudiated any intention to form nr de--aire
en bis psrt for. a dictatorship 1 urged the ren'-'o
and army to i!e their duty, and prophesied a final
tilumph for the French irini.
London, Jin. 31 4:30 F. M. A despttcb from Bt,
Quentln ssys the rallwsy station wis stormed br
the Nineteenth Frusilia Itejlment, and that the
Iowa wit afterwards eccnpted. Ten tliouiino
French troops were taken prisoners, of wl.om fvo
thonssnd had been wounded. Bit euns were among
the trophies o( the victorious Uermana.
The Frnislsns hare Imposed a requisition of forty
tliouiaad frsnci upon the people of Tvetot, near
llsvre, at a punishment for the sympathy displayed
for tbe Froach cause.
1 HdSTAOt.
The alsyer Of the town ot rtolbcck has been taken
el abostsce by tbe Fruaalins.
The Emperor William, in a deapatch U tbe Em
pres Augusta, sayst
"Tl.e nurrberof unwounded r'l'onere captured
st Bt. Qutotla Is t.O.0, besides 1,000 wounded Liken
In lire town. Tbe total loss of the French Is 15.0W,
Tne enemy baa wltluirawn to Valenciennes and
DeuaL We have again occupied Cambrel,"
BnrisBLS, Jan. 21. The details which bare come
to hand of the defeat of Oen. Fatdherbeshow that
the Froncb Army of the North has snffered a terrl
hie blow from which It csn bardly recover. The
entry of tbe retreating army Into tbe eltr of Can
bnl was a sad scene of dlaorder. The troop, were
shoeless and lo ris.ind lbs army (rajmenUr) to a
grett degree,
Tna etRUANa in ttib west.
London, Jin. 23 A despatch from Havre, 331,
ti)i the Germtns ire entering the Itspsrimants of
Calvsdos snd Orne.
oen. FAiDnsant still placet.
Lillb, Jan. S3 Gen. Faldherbe lsiues a hope'ul
order;of the day, say ng that after a short Interval of
rest, ti e Army ol the North will again coafront the
Tbe Dombardmeut of IjonsTrr The Town
reported to be In l'lniiira-Alter llourbakl.
London, Jan. 2'J, 9:80 V. St. A ilcspatcb from
Arlon, IJ, says the bembardmsot of LoogWj
c ntlnue. The garrison reply energetically to tue
Trustlan fire.
rouTT rr-rssiANi bussed to iiiath.
A despatch Irom Arlon ears the Prussians are
rapid y occupilag lbs approaches to Longwy. A
French shell had set fire to aud destroyed a farm
houit within the fighting lines. Forty Pru'stint
perished In the flames. It Is said the fire of tbe
garrison baa silenced one of the Prussian balls rlea.
The bombardment of Lon(y Is vigorously con.
tinned, and the town Is on fire.
Later. The report that Longwy It In flamea Is
jitter pocuntai.
It Is laid thtt Uen. Frmneeky with the second
German corps has left Versailles for Dijon U con.
front Gen, Dourbskl.
a racuiAN crrrLSE.
AnLnN, Ptalum, Jan. 23. The rrueelans suffered
a lepulse at Lontwy on Saturday. Their guns were
dismounted, and they weie forced to place their tat
files at a greater distance from tue walls. The
batteries at Ueraelanxo ind Cntrr reply leebly to
the flro of the besieged. Tne Prussians are wuhlnz
for heavier guns. On Sundsy, howsver, ins bom-b-idnu-nt
became more vigorous.
rioiin.vu at E1JO.H.
IIordiacx, Jan. 23. Dijon was attacked by a
Hue liuistan force jcslerday, snd there were lev
eral enragements In the neighboring Tillages. 'Hit
Hoops commanded by llcnotte and rticcioltl G-in
bsldl v ere In action, and behaved splendidly. Hie
French maintained all their positions. Tin ad
vanced pests of both armies were close to each other
lut tl;ht, and It was expected that tie battle would
be resumed to day,
Ths Prusslaus occupied Dole after a bombard
ment. rnTiNd orr tornnAni s retreat.
Biiurstu, Jan. 23. 1 lie Indri thilanct Ittlge esj
Hero U danger tuat Durbaki's line of retreat will
b cut.
The Arm; of tbe I.otrr.
Londo-', Jan. 220 V. M. An attempt b tbo
French fnm Linares to sunrise tse Germans al
Cliaumont has miscarried.
irAii x or
Dlemarck Promoted Cumbetla niWecntrs
an Elernal War rntber than Hurrrnder
anr Territory The German I'niporor.
Count von Uismarck lias lioeu promoted to be a
7bs establishment of a Belgian camp it " Laint"
Is discuaacd at Brussels.
Advices from Verealllos sty the Bsrarlan regiments
v. ere represented at tbo ceremony proclaiming Kin.
William F.mperor of Germanr.
II. Gambelta, la replr to a popnlsr call, made a
, Undid speech to day, the subsuueo of v,lilob wis
.bat France prefers au eternal war to toe surrender
i am territory.
The French hae ceUbli'hod a Una of cruisers
nelween Gibraltar and the Kiulish Cnannel. Nine
vessels l-ave been appoinii-d to the service, six ol
i.kh are Iron-dads.
Hie rllliens of llsmburg snd Bremen celebratod
ti e proclamstlon of King William as Kmsuror of
l.ermsny by the filing ol eaiutes The cuuens
lolned hcarillr In the demonstration, and ducoiatej
. eir residences In honor of the event.
The Kmperor William, In au order of the day, an
1. ounces to the irtny Ms acceptance of the Imperial
llrnltr, and ncknowle Iges that Its bravery uud en
ilursncv have butened the unlflcitlmi of (lerinmy
He siilemul) cbnryes the army ever to remain the
strung armof the fatherland.
ii. (jjmbetta. In another speech at Lille
tixpreaiel coafldence In Gen. Faldlirrbe. to
nich l.e irtileJ that the General wouM
C mtlnno Ms resistance to the enemy, Slid
must. In the ind, be sue rssliil. M. (lilulit u si-o
iiiuoiiiu-ed that ire'li loir are to he r-il-fu fur un
urtmes ol France. His remarks wore the occusluu
of crest enthusiasm among Hie people.
Tbe London t'oufi-rcnce.
Iindon, Jan. 37 A. M, Ci-unt Ulsmitrcli
has, la 1 note hi reply to M. Juk-i Favre's request
lor a safe conduct, declined lo enter upon an) such
.etollatlon. Ills reasons there'or are sriven In the
following summary of the nolo: C unt llisiuurck
sas; "Piesumuig that the nuthoilty of the Pro
visional Government had not been reeogulzej by
tbd French nutloii, tho mil.tarr tinverunient foriiier
ly allowed il. Favre to ps without pri judl Uu the
quostioa of recognition. It is now iiupuisible to
jive H. Fare a sale conduct to imss His tlriui in
lines, beciuse ef kit declaration thvt an invitation
lo talie part In U.s proceodliv't ol U.c Conlnriiicu
would bo a roc tuition of the Hepuo.ic " Iu cun
cloiloo. Count Biseiirck poiotedly luquires whether
it It advisable for M. Favre tu prmwit to I.ond u.
since Hie inlerntl at nUkl nt l'Jlsfr (if mull)
and France completely overshadow the Uatleru
quesilonl .
M Favre bid held a consultation with the Mayors
of rarm m to the iropriely of Lis propose 1 trip to
London, lhe Mators were fouud to be divided lo
0- lulor, and no dtclsl m l.ud Jt been nudoln tlio
FLonitNCE, Jan. 12. In tho Italian Clumbr-of
Deputies yslerdiy, hisnur Vronosio, In rep'y to uu
1- l-.rpclUtlon addrtHscJ to tlio Mlnia.ry, said it ran
impossible for Italy alone to lecture brtiirn
Franco aud I'russii, 'lhe (lovcruuie it, lion, v. r,
intended to leUe nn opunrtuniti to coOperie Hlth
the other powerun that Uirottlon.
Dlun'e failure.
Cviille Dion, at the conclusion or the gimo Lo
twrin llodolpho snd Oarnler 011 Saturday night, ex
rremeil his determlnsti'u to rrcept llulolphe's
ehsl'enre, snd said tl at on Mondiy he would put up
his f&uo 111 -he Cifi'Yr office. Ycsti-rdar none of Uo
eiilrs el taal Jvurual ha-1 seen anviulDg of fllon
The luferonou is that Dior, u Ud u meet the
cbaiaplon JUiaUpha. j
run AxansT jiook 3ir.tr is nor
rovst J.y ritr. CAi'jrur,.
XVIint all the Doinnrrolln AsssiiiMymrn
Con vrnlrnlly Itemrinbrrcil - Alilrtiunn
llurnlu'e ()Kirrs nnit Ale.
C orr cm ondence of 1 he Sua,
Alrant, Jan. 213 A. M. There nss slim
Ulendance In the Home to-nlgtt. Business was
rushed through at ntlroad speed, ind ifter the
presentation of a number of bills, and the snmmsry
dlsposnl ol 1 few resolutions, the House sdjourned
until 11 o'clock to-morrow morning. Immediately
flcr the sojournment there was a rush to tho
library, where the Committee on Privileges and
elections were to meet to take testimony In
the cast of Twombly agslnst Carer. The Hon. T. C
Fields and Alderman Dnrnln appeared for Carey,
snJ Mr. Twombly was represented by Mr.
T, I!. Stewart, who had Just returned from Wash.
Intton, whither bo had been with Ms friend, the
llou. Hugh Utstlegs, to fiislst Mm to his tussle with
Brook). II r. Stewart was also assisted by Mr.
Hon e, an old college classmate of Twombly's. The
Srt witness callod for Mr. Twombly was Mr.
I t'hsrles F. Dennlson, who icled as lninector In tbe
ijsiienth District ofthe Sixteenth Wsnl, There
waa some disunity In getting rUrted, aa there wis
In the Committee room or In the Assembly, snd a
messenger was dispatched to procure one. But he
wss coue so long la sesreb of a Bible somewhere
In Albany that tbe Committee became Impatient,
and finally Mr. Dennlson consented to be iworn by
the uplifted hand. He teitlfled thtt hi was an In
spector In the Eighteenth District on the day of
election. Mr. Stewart then asked whether he could
tell the number of roles given for Aisooiblyln that
district. Mr. Fields objected on the ground that the
oCclol report ol the Board of Canvassers hid beeu
put In b Mr. Twomllr, and be could not now Intro
duce ultaerses to destror his own testimony.
at this position. He dittoed that the Committee
hsd a right to take any snd ill kinds of testimony ;
te.it they were not a court ol law. end thai this was a
mere quibble to trip Twombly up ind choke 01; a
fntl Investigation. He also claimed that Orey had
never put In an answer to Twomhly'i petition:
but Mr. Murphy, the Chairman of the Committee,
mid he bad put In general dfnlol On searching
tbe minutes no record of sny such denial was found,
but all the Democratic members of tin Committee
remembered that It Lad been put In, and of course
It as lhe faolt of the clerk of the Committee tin
II did not apnear tocro. Mr. Stewart did not deilre
to conduct this case on
but wlhed full sud free Investigation of .the whole
tuljni. If alter thnt lie Cnminltics should deads
aalntl them and the llouir tuoul.l susiiln their de
clslon, he and bis client would be satisfied. In reply.
Mr. Fields said: "It Is a good thing when starting
011 voyage to Vnow your bcsrlnce." He eUlmci
that for three weeks the whole Ilopubllcan press of
the State hsd been howllne because n bed ventured
lo think that Carey wss legally elided. He believed
lhe position taken by him was
but he bid no desire to bold the petitioner to the
strict letter of lhe law. He claimed that the filing
or Carry's certificate of election In the House wss
sufficient answer to Tffomblr'a petition. He
claimed that If the Commllteo allo-ved this testi
mony to beittken, It was a matter of favor and not ol
right, and that 11 was for the Commtlco to say
fiethor they would allow any testimony lnre:ard
to 1 10 vote for Assembly In the IllTtilrenth District
of tho Slx'centh Ward to betaken. After further
dl'miston tho Committee allotted the witness to
tisilly In answer to the question of how many
votes were caul in tho V. e.1 irei.tti DUtrlrt i.f Hit
t-iilerntli Ward for Aseirbl)iuan, snd xhotne,
rre for, he ssid the Mtmlo number o' votes wss
IW ot v. titcla Mr Twombir recrl ed 24-t, Mr. Carey
211 tnd thrro were scatterlnj 10. Mr 'lrl ui.e nst
Iheie end sssistrd In rouuting the votes bt-iure they
were unfoided. Mr. Trrnune was
lint was invited to asiisl by Mr. Helin, who was
lpieclr In answer to Mr. 1 K, the wiineM
i-.l i ne dd rot remember how hi-viv vo ts were
;ircn in thai dU'rl't for 1 1 ftinsn, W odfurd, or lor
any candidate but Assemblyman.
Mr. L'.dlow, a poll clerk, testlOed thtt he saw
Tvihune take put In tl.o cunting He remembered
tae extet number 01 votes riven ir A'seuihl) man,
but cou.d not rememl-er the vole given for sn
other R'tn.ldalc. In re ly 10 Mr. I it-Id, he ssld
that the Can y end Tnombly tl'-kcn rould be toll
apsrt by their endnrremtnt. and that It was pos
sible lor Mr. Teruune to chanKo the ballots wi.ile
r .online Hum, Inongh he did not think It probable
11 at ho did. Mr llcurlques wis -I10 soru, but his
that his testimony wus uf no ue to el' her slds.
Mr. brw.irl It-re avp.1, d ior au altsci ment to
cninpel tne alien lanee of Jlr. l'erliuue, wiio. le ald,
hkd bt-eu subrcc-isod out baJ not put in an appvsr
anro Tbe altachment ons trained and U.o Cum
laltlce adjourned until ! P. M. lo ni'.iioo.
Af'cr ti e aiijoarmnent oi the I'ctmmltre , A'ller
man Dun-In tell so luchly elated otn ihonault, that
h? Invited sil hands dowo to the Delnv.u lo kSslst
him in llsposiug ol nine oarrcls 01 saddle rock ost
lers und
of Scn'ch lie. which be brouth up with Mm from
Ne Tork to day. Al two o'clock this mom lot
they were nn the fifth carrel of on ten. nut the
Scotch ale bad been exhausted aud they had fslleu
back on milk Drought lu from Lelind's firm.
I'oresrelng the dofeat of Mr. Goodrich's move for
the repoii of the bill aiuhnrlzlnr. t:.o c'n-slflrutlon of
tne Directors ol the I'entrai. HuJsnn II ver. Ilarl.-m.
and Erie Itailrosds, u.o corrupt juiitiial" whl h n-ivs
been la.ed In hi ttnd en the tort-neided member
Iron Kinrs county liavo ulrnajy be;un their sh.vne
less attacks upon the lu'-mbcrs of Hie lEailrosd Com
mltters. The following nn leious inranninh Iro-n
the A biny ronestionilrnce of the Imprertd 'Jitnet,
published on the 1'Jlh Inst., lias glveu olTonce to tho
psrsuns retorted tu :
"Crouch Ii at his rnit aealn thli we'fc, f.'nrtni up
the aniKi.it thi on t rie He Anns me Ui lroil Com
inittees of boih llinseslna -slrikin-' monti, ant r.ii
inatei iho roil 01 ki-eilng the il.rectoia' act -in il.u
stututu book ani'thcr tar st ntt-mi llirco iiundt-v 1
thnutand t'olUrv. or not m fn-ui fliteen thoiisnnd aol
Ian pi r mau lor each tounber or the Coiuinitti-es."
This BtroUuus libel was pioinptly replied toby
Mr. V., but dir(i-iiiii( that thur r n.iei.lolli
had tiiantihictinid it out of ntiole clnil., tne IXirw
Ptoplo i.uie shirkid ubtishint: tl.e roiiir.idirtion
Ihis rnwaidlv course will not shield them, hon-t-vtr,
as I have it on good iit-im-iny II, at an official
I11V1 stluulio'i is to be nude at too tint uicetluf ol
the lloiuo Comuilttee.
The H ate Worklnginen's Assembly, which moati
hero touinrro, promises 10 be largoly aiteiuled.
Am ing tho dolo.-utos hero Itoiu New York are
Messrs, Jcs-up, Prisidont of Hie Worklngincu's
I'nion. Walsti of U.o Piinters', rmiuoily of tie
Pa'Uter', llossong of tr.o L'uivcra', l'01-oner Nelson
W. Young of the Journeymen Piinters' t-M3urauvi
Association. Fiuirerallof the Cooier.', Ii nuirana
ut the rullors', Kuhoe ol till Arooitir Union, and
luaqy others from railous lections of the State,
In the Assembly bills were Introduced for the
better Motrction of health and the prevention of
vice In Nuw York city ; relating to tl n sale of patent
medicines in Now York CI!) 1 lusLliig provisions
foi ilcnoc rap'iers In tho Sixth, riereiitli, and Klihth
Judicial District Courts; and amending tho Flushing
avenue Improvement act.
Tie Governor returned tbe bill authorising
School District No. 4, In Castleton, lilchuiund
county, to borron money to complete a school
building, on the ground that tho Irtntees have
power already. The hill was put ou lis iaia;u
again In the i-ennte, and rijeei. ,
Mr. I v. eed Introduce I a hill authorizing any re
llglout corporation to purcnaio land unci erect
school housisfor bund ly or parochial schools und
resiliences lor the clergy uud trnstois ol the ciil'ich,
or I hey may hire tho 1 .me for that purpose.
Tho Hi-huto C'oiumituo of tho Whole pasted the
bill authorial! g the Avontio (' llolltoud Company .f
New York lo extend Its tracks,
The Inipraebnionl Trinl of (inr, HnMen,
ItAt.tiiiti, Jan, S3, Tho High Court ol liniioai li
me tit wss convened to day, and Gov. Holdon flie-t
his answer to tho articles of Impeachment. The
ausvisr Is a very voluminous document, and coven
at least two hundred pages of fools.-ap, Tho ll.ar J
of Managers will make their replication to-morrow
ut 13 M end tho trial will H en proceed regularly.
Tho Managers retain as counsel cx-llmi'mor llrug -.
ex Governor Gr.ihnni.snd tho Hon, A. ti. Morilmon.
(iu), Holdon retains in hi counsel the Hon. W. N.
II. t-inlth, K.I Hani I'oiiikIjiii,, lticlnrd l'. lladgtr,
tho llou. Nathaniel Jiojdou, and J. M.Mct oralo.
Kllli-il by her Insulin IMuulitcr.
Alhant, Jan. 23, A colorcil woinnti, nanieil
fie-ar, waa louiul In her rvsldeur ill Kimleih-iuk
thi morning with her throat cu' ami dead. 11 r
daughter, who la intajie. coic'tisaud the uiue. 1
ox run tu Air, of a noauit.
Tan Fetrn. tbe HelalMn Hlvlndler-Wnvi
thnt nre Itnrki nml Trlrlia Hint nre Vnln
-Host tbe I'ullfiirula llnnk wna Iloue
onl nf 910,000-Th. Forger's Trail.
Wall street omonp; all of its operators, Ic(?ltl
male and otherwise, bat no bolder or more dexteiotts
hand than Lewis M. Van Eeton, who was arrested a
few days since In New Orleans, snd brought to this
city by Detective Sampson, tho Argus of the Stock
Exchange. Mr. Van JJcteu'a nsnsl lay Is the disposal
of stolen bonds, bnt to this be adds the less welfhty
srts of genteel swindling and occasion.! shop lifting,
l'he watchful eye ot "impson hid been attracted to
the gcnllcmin early list fill, ind he bid foiled LI in
In tundry ittcmpts upon the cash of Mr. Ollmin,
President of a Southern railroad, Mr. T. C. Durant,
of UmUnloa Pacific, and Mr. George Opdyke. About
this time tho detectlro ait lusted outofawigon,
tnd laid up wllh 1 broken wrist. Mr Yin Eclen
made much of the opportunity, and defrauding
Mr. Goddard. of Wells, Fargo ft Co., of a pretty
sum, and Messrs. Flsk A Hatch of j 7,500, departed
from New York with bis 111 cotten spoils.
He took with him a lady, but not his liwfnl wife,
Iho Istter remaining lo the city. The worasn who
accompanied him wsi a Mrs. Werner, who obtained
a divorce from her husband during tie preceding
month, aed linked her fortunes to the swindler,
tho wsi on intimate terms of friendship with Mr.
Converse, 1 business mm of Piss street, and shs
represented to him Ihit shs hid got a divorce from
brr brutal husbsnd and was married to a wealthy
gentleman named Col. Auinsiai O. Van T.issell.
lbcydeslied lego to Calltornls, wbere the Colonel
crooneed to Invest Isrgely In reel estate, and she
would feel obliged If betwould give her 1 letter of
Introduction to some real eslste ngent In ban Fran
cisco. Mr. Converse wis very (lid is oblige Ms
dear friend, so Uo 111 down la I penned lhe follow
ing letter t
Wm T. Converse A Co , P.O. DcxMo. .
bo 91 line it
New tore Beet. 13th. i7S.
Jt'i'r: Wattlrv l'f. ftm ttai ct"o, Ukitironutt :
Dcsn Sirs - I h' wilt serve to Introduce to yonr se.
quaimsnre and kind mention the besr-r, Cnl. A. C.
Vs -1 Tit Be 1, ngrnle:ren who hAilw,) cashmemi.Wii
with hu food liy-tle latter an old icqniliiunce ind
fnent ot onrs-li si out lo visit nitforalv with 1 view
of tenure and engaemg In some scllee hotlnes ikere,
llsy we ask that ;un Bo lie needful iud acreeable.
Hliow them Iho b. st place to locvte, 11 possible, for all
of whirb we trip feel greatly ohtued.
ISeipectUilly, WM. P. tO.STP.bE & CO.
Hating received this, the lady depsrted indjolned
Mr Van Eeies. wso leime llitely innpted Iho nimi
of Van Tasesl, and deparied with his friend for San
Fnncisco, When Ihey irnvel there tbe) eoncht
out Mr Wsketey, aid he welcomed tl.eni klndlr.
At Mr. Van Isi-fl's rtquil he Intiodirod him 10
-he flank of Callloinla, wuere tui Nisr Yorker de
posited A BOND or (10,000.
It bure fie number 13 till, ml viai reItprel In
tie name ot Atlm-lln C. Va-i Tassel. Tt.ls Utile
mutter being srrtntel, the Cnlnnel mids p-utirnlir
inquiries ot the red eiti'e agon is to the most re
nitiueratlve ind rell ible protK-rty In the nelchbor
hoo.l. Ho hi 1 a Lnowls Ige of gripe growing, and
ho dleeiitcd that; he nut onie Ilea rf frnlt or
chards nio I c la'ked a'juut them, ami he Impressed
the Ma Franelseo mm Isron' ly, tdh is In his In
telll eice tnd his Intention At list he tlo-d ulth
a tempting oiler of a fa.m f r fS.OUO. and coin: 10
the b.r.k with Mr Wakrler, tali tn tl.e ca-liler:
' Wei. have yen Irvestignted my bond, tnd put II
throurh thi usual lerrnUal"
"No," said ILec-ishler; "It's such a mere msttcr
of lotrn Hut we ire ilways dilatory ibunl II. Wby
do yi-u ssV T"
" ivl.r, I l.svi about rontluded ts bur a farm of
Mr. tvakeley bore, and 1 waul tLe lands to piv
" Very good ; we'll let yon hive lbs (9,700 on It.
It's 1 five Iwrui., 1 believe ?"
The money wss banded over, and lbs frlesds
parted. Van Tt'jct engaging to call In the morning
snd c nsttmmvts tiie bar-.ain, wlilch he inleodod to
be In hi- wt e's name, bcraugs le ssy. In the morn
ing he never went near the real estate oQcs. Vr.ke
Ice went down lo the bank.
end mentioned lbs clrcuinstince. i us Hank of
tVtlornta il once le egrarhed lo their New Yora
i,,M, les ft Mu.ier, midroccired lar snser that
tbe Lted wus prvhettls a stolsa one Altered, it att
ut onet forwirded for ideutifl.'silon. ah 1 police were
ei-ut to ton Nin Joi6 ucpol lo 11 rest Vis Tastel t
t.i-r c u d und l.inj. tnd to te.etarh roricei'iilng
hlin a one the line 'l'he ro!. cnun louud thai sncn
a m.ll hid entered four trunks ss lugxsre snd bad
bought tick- Is, und hid sfteranid bevn seeu leav
inline eittioo wilii hu baxgsie. The deirctives
hunted all oier the c.ly but ten I.I fl. d no clue to
his whereat ool until the 3d ol ,un tiiher, wLen It
wss dlcovired Hist ho sud his cohipsmon had
lateii the ile.mer lo Acspulcv. Tuis wis recoiled
to the Hank, and one of the cnl I'M wrote the tol
lowlsg letter te Snpeilnu-miett Krltu ;
sror Tiiirr t
tN 1 r.st-cisro Vov I, ifts.
Oatt. KiliO.S'trerlnfitirinfif Jhct .'. Vrtci:v:
A III in t''ir,i.j:tinK to hs A. C Van Ti."rl.ch .hs
1 a 1 or 1'a i.'i-rii a n f-r e t l"i thoiiaann Si i,o) d -I
lar Uoited Hiates t sd He wan his wi 1.-,. on the
ctei.m r or l'an iniv this d tv will qlIm line fy si 10
Houih Ani-iii or Kurooa Jh el. I"l 1 ir-iuworthy
ulttr. r 00 sta i.er for Va- btn n is to mor. jw 10 srrtst ;
be toil in nn i-o.i.iijn lea thauiaal aonsas ea.-roacj.
wi h-h i euro
Hesrr 1 tiei : Five feet riven or e'sM In.hes litch,
il'ht roinpleslon. elite tb-wa nr aery light, il.in
bf.no ILh l.ruwn tislr, rot tflrt. worn p ala ; taoe lull
mil r, c Lii-'-l 11 esranee. On d -lieu deied. very
geniten mil 1 An e-iesn . ipa.i French . when ires.,
tin; e lupru-ae I. ! lips; hai Li ooitcs 'n tnodur
tenon waietif- o ,e nuuiirel 11 t 'V r. e lhe, is tj.
h lc-m w iter-, oil watrh also Nn '.-"tl 1 111 n
solitaire dt lamJ r.nr anl slim, lis ,li n ibunl
Lr1- lei t I iffh, r.n loohln -. 1 . n 1 .t iiumi 1. mil
rorl ind douh 1 chit 1 1 tv ir.e, rmnei u, d"i -n rt,-en.
la. une duinoiid. a ..ei-Klnr, , 1 1 au r oi on 1 1 in enr
rl in, h-sri ot ; hat new s. t r,f fun , sivin il pir tea
out of inr tint w -trhoi : hn n J-v. I 1 ss m irked
Ahhy (l-i'o " had lo ooileeil iu four larwe trnuks. iwi
ot them new. Us sure and se -i ef'.c cn' mnn All ox
peucsis.d. v r. IIAtJliii.N. aih'cr,
I1 . e bank ol Ciillfornla.
and talked tie matter cv. r. '1 1.0 asiutc Knpeiln
tendenl sill, and batufson agree I with nlni, that
sending a tui,n to tl.e I-tl.inua w s rure wmta of
laonej, since the mm cou'.d not be arreted II ere.
as the I'uiled States has 1.0 extradition treaty, a id
monoier, tho nature of tho man mads it certain
Unit he woald not slop there. He had a friend
nlihtum, snd that M.nd h:d diamonds ; and, ss
s.mpson oS'-rvil. li e hly w-ml I like to go to
soruo place where sM could show thcin without
havluo' her tbr it cut lor tlio lidicrolnn t-'o It
wsiorrsnged I etween them thnt Sainton should
keep posted, end snuuld scq isint Mr. l.alJIaiv, of
the I rm ol Lei-s ,V W.i Lr. with nn tl.nt Iranspirol.
Tho astuteness of Ku:ao ami batnpaoti wis no. at
fault. A lelerrm cams Iron l urwinc .t Nelson,
bankeri of Jarc dci, r.n Ihf II h of N ivemocr, tlat
a Mr. Vun'lus'ol had arrive I at Acarulco in the
siestnei t'o or.iJo, had tnnre rt-f abirUod under 1'ic
nsme of J I'nil ip. had rule I Iroai Aspinwall per
steamer Neva in the hauie of J. I'. Fullrrti n and
wire, had gone from that pli-e to L'abi , touohlnz al
,l.,iMlri on the load At lliv.ni tie Hpanidh pa
pers In orii oJ tiie cniiKiiiinii,' ihai aa American
named Pul.li' hsd attempted
to swim 1 u a jruEiLru
out of some vain ible diim nd, hut mete hai been
reclai'nrd Just as lae resei wa about lo sail for
Now Orl'-ans.
Uainpiin inimsdlalslv teleernphed down to New
Orleans tu hold nrn until he rouhl get down there.
He was nrre-lel and reloa-e I, aud arretted und
ri'leaed. severnl nines In rapid euc-et-lon, until the
Htork Liihango Yldorq wei t tinwn wil,i Ins icqul
Itlon from lloUmun for lhe l-ody of Lewis ('. Van
III ten Ol Ihu ltih he sot sn order fim dov. War
mot'i to take ins pnsoner, and it.ut d wit , kirn lor
Now York. Hardly had lie lelt the t , tilt House
wnen hs was served wiihn VuiV.n rutjnt. Jift as
lowss senilis Ii to tLe cm 1 un e lo di ire I u 1 nc rt 1
II a. The 111 in who served it wanted to get Ii, bur.
rUinpson slaiomed 10 tne 1 ocr ,iod lo'd the coacli
man 10 dilie olf. In Is was ni-oiil 1 u'e.ock In the
d iv, and tho train tinned at S P. M. lie eh ii'ed lo
the conchre lo drive ull round tl e tuw n w l.orovcr he
liked, and was so -is aware t ill be wis being
i'oi.lovi r.h 11 r aniiiIisu roii-it.
At n luru In the road ho slipped out with l.lsprls
mer, and toak r.'fu je 10 tl.r boaso of a true geul o
man, while tbe haltat cvitvi man chile 1 the eniplv
hack ll.roiieh the long .iflernoi n. Banm-m and
Van Iteten walked aero.) a plauu'lon lo tile boat
house of the river 10I e. anl was taken up In the
police sleimer tome eiichlceu unlet, two 111II11
shore Keniulr I le) c they landed sud wolkod un
til they r a mo to tho railroad track, where tlir t
wai.ed until the tinln came by. Hamcson h.id a re J
Hag In his rocael, w l.ieh he fastsne I to a eii;sr
Cane 'talk. Ho Mated Una an I rtopped tl c train.
nortueun louiu.
Hatdlv was he s.Iciiii bo.u.l, 11 1. an up catno an
clhi'r tnaishul nlih 1 other A ikoi e rmn. and he
was uicoupsnled by u sirapping big fellow with a
Here's f omethlni for you, Mr. Northerner,"
ssld the nurstiul. bunding our the pater
"Thank ou I iiiiichoh'le I," re r.tncJ Sampson,
cool as a cucumber, pullin I It in his Docket
"lio)Oii intend to dltohey it 1" Cliod the roan,
fl ibtiergtsled.
t I'iiIiii, then, I do," said Mtmpson, "ant what's
morn, 1 don't believe It's It tal. No v, let 1110 usk
ou 11 q net -Ion : lip von lut' 11 1 10 11 -e hocr J"
"That's us II may ho," ii-puel ih Soir'n-iii mar
shal, coiniii; I'losir. his uileuUanl lieaiingup his
huge ri'iUel omliuLsly.
" All right," ci li d M impson. " Now, gentlemen,
here are sit good icasons why you should t.ii uotn
qulutly and le ivo tne iilnue," un i he pn dured a in-vlM-r,
aiming II qulell un inch bo. oath tlio mar
stai'i badge,
Too marshal IMS aintnablo to logic, and sub
Hill nil nlniig thrmi.'h I.onl'lans, Mississippi, snd
Ti iihixhee there was a feeling rgslnst t ic dctocilvo
I' 1 -iiiui.iii i 11 n Huuiliein , m err, und Hump .1
-1 it.e line atrn ol the lllni Viit , 1 11'n ir satis
1 i-non Iho p. . cnir, wlo b h vod reniarkail
lull duiuiif the tnnslt, w s 1. 1111 lerroj la t'ae
Tombs )e 'ei.U nun ulnar by au orner f"oni Jud
Homing, pvudiia ti,e actlouot Um tliuud Juiiaia. 1
mmritvcTittx rnost rut; ntAinir.s
A Thousand .Ullrsi of Telcarnph Wire Ilosvn
-llnvoc In tbo Went -Tlio 'I'rnrlt of the
Hlorni-rrnes In aud Around Iho City.
Correspondence of The nun.
Cine too, Jan. 21. The storm which seems
thus far to here expended Its force upon the belt of
country lying between the 41st snd 43d parallsla of
north latitude, and wblcb, aa we ktrn by teletrsph,
Is doing much mischief on Its course toward tbo At
lantic, has been especially severe In Its wrath In the
district within 100 and ISO miles east and south of
this point The ttorm, sccordlog to our wsathsr
nisi people, arose In Canada, passing through
Michigan to the lake, and then sweeping southward
with renewed force snd vigor. Wheresoever it mar
litre it tried, whithersoever It may have swept led
ra ty bo (till sweeping on Hi ruthless
wimiok or nrm,
certain It Is that no such norm or enew, fleet, hatl,
wind, end ruin hss visited this part of lhe country
within the memory of the oldest Inhabitant
We first beard of tbe blowing ot the wild winds
snd the sweeping down of the snow sad tho rush
ing of the rsm rn Wednosday, the tills Inst. 11 was
then playing havoc Dear Chejenne. On Thurslsy
II gtve os a premonition of Its coming ; snd on Fri
day It case with a hoarse roar, rising In bounds
like 1 Wagnerian crescendo, ind spreading like 1
wire ef terrible vibrations. All irousd 01 roofi
were blown nwiy, btrns upset, bouses destroyed,
snd hundreds of eallle killed. Within 130 mites of
Chicago, according to Oen, Stager, Oenertl buper
Intendcnl of tbe Western Union Telcgrsph, more
Hun 1,000 mltet of telegraph wire are down. No
wire lias been open betsresn Chicago and tho East
alnco lest Friday, except by the way of Bock Island,
Omaha, St. Louis, Cincinnati, and Pittsburgh.
f nocsANDs or men
sre it work In all directions from Chicago repairing
the datna:ci, which sre ettlmated st from tS.bOUOOO
lo fll.COO.COO. On ths Fort Wajne road the fire
wires are down ss fsr is Plymouth; tne six wlfos
on the Michigan Central, six on the Michigan
Southrrn, two on the Illinois Central, and fire on
the Chicago and Alton are also down. On the latter
line both wlrrs and poles ere down for 130 miles.
On the Atlantic and Picinc the two wires running
to the East were down for 30 miles, bnl ire now In
working order. Tlio damage west 01 Chicago was
slight, lhe storm reached New York yesterday,
snd greatly delayed all the railway trains, bone
can, and ferry-boits.
As OBIcer Itsr of tho Williomsbnrgh Toilce wis
Milrolling tlnnt sn nnfrequenlcd pstt of tiros limy,
near Wtliou street, sn object lying In the snow by
the wnjslde iltracted Ins attention. It proved to be
n hsnd organ. The officer attempted to ralso It, but
In vain; and on looking more closely discovered in
eld criEz!) bearded man lyin; uoJor the snow, ap
parcnt'y dead, wlm the strap flrnvy grasped In his
hand. With assistance the ofU -er born tho body to
tho pn'tce nation, and every rdbrt was made lo re
toro animation. At length these efforts were sue
reesiiil, and the roan was moused from his stupor.
He had lost the use of his right arm, as well as of
Urco finrept or his If it han I. Hi was Identified is
sn old Dutch orxan-grlnder, -well known In the
town where he lives, wUh his wife and fit 0 chil
dren Ills name Is Edward Howe, ind he Is upward
of CO ) ears of age.
T7I; xatiiax iii vuui:n,
I'rlhrr to Hupcrlntrndeut Kelso Mnrshnl
iMurrnr nntl Col. Wood behind thet'hlcn
go onicer The (surrender of lbs 8300.
To IAf i'lIKor cj iht 0.1030 Tritium.
Sir : I em not fond of now.-papcr notoriclv, Lo
Moving that the moro quietly a detective officer does
nls vtorktbe moro successful be will be, but there
nre certain Instances where silence would bo ,1 great
wrong. And however much I mtv deprecate news
paper controversies upon any subject, Inistaoen as
James J Kelso. .u-rrmtci.dcnt of New York Police,
an ruthlessly rssalied me through the New York
papers in concretion with the Nathan esse, silence
on my psrt ml l.t be ropstrnea into an ic.nosttiV
11 cnl or the troth ef the false and esaTgeratt-J stail
rnonts that have, lor the list lew days, been roini
the rounds ot the pullic trims, thereby Injuria; my
friends snd myseU. These statements puipori to
bavs etusnaied from Kelso, but 1 betiive seme one
who desired to engender sli Ife between the ttupeitn
trndrnteiit and inytell, caused lo bo printed In a
New York paper li e article claiming that I "ex
1 tilted a K.ciet and the diamond studs stolen fro-n
Nathan at tho time ol his ruurdi r. to Kelso, or to
the Hon Albeit t'ardoza and claimed that 1 know
who killed Mr. Nathan, and could put ni) hand on
I. nil: that Ee.sn wanted til the reward, nnd that I
had left hnn, remains 10 have urn thing to do with
turn, and was negotiating with Jersey CU) dettc
tlvei." 1 have little donbt that Ke'.so feH Into the tnp that
wus set for lino, he know tug such ststemrnla 10 be
ci I. roll tube Helieimg thai 1 hsd csused them to
Pe pilntt-d 111 derogillou to lii'nsolf, he Lalus.lr fel'
livitaied, unit, in such a stale of mind, caused nnd
dicla'ed the isl-o and scandalous newspaper reports
betcre mentioned to be put In circulation, with a
vtow either to itjuri me as an .ndividuil, or to do
(rat any 1 Curl t lal 1 luigol be making lo bring to
Juatlce the murdcitrs ol Binjamin Nathnn.br ap
liising the oC'enilcrs that 1 was after them.
IV'i ether Ills le eo or not, I fiud misell alttcied in
such a warmer tn.it I deem It but Justice to mytcll to
g.ie the pub Ic the reil face In the case:
1. A great many of tha nsasoaper articles are not
. Keiso nas neen oetrayra ana raotea lew mis news
paper controvert ivn.iuever I waa in New York, I
was in the hsbit, for the istl live veais, of calling at
headqnsrlcriSs 1 bavebeon acquslulea with Kclio for
n Ioor time.
t, mi mat was done br me wai dine at the Ioniza
tion aud adure of tlaralul Alurrav aud Col, Wcu, t.
YV ood, in good ulth.
4. No one could hsve been beaten out or ths money,
si It was agii-cd il succcrs did aoi crown our eOoru it
wss lo he lelunded.
6 Kc so wai b la ill r elsted lo see me, ind commenced
the .Natlinnsubit t tilaiielf.
6 He atiu ed me thai no one could or should be
allow, d to woro; the easa only through him or by his
sss its na.
?. ilene trcd all the men In the detective Prsnrli ol
the police sertice, conn4k,tcJ wall beadiuarters, to
si are In ther-'wnid ana ere Jit.
8 lie dec.ared that neither I 0 nor any one connected
with the det 1 lire force st h.s oillee knew inviuins re
lstlve to the e ise : that with them 11 wss ro ,J"Cttire,
aud trul he thought lie knew who did It, out icll u very
largo nisrjfln to be wrong in.
V He ssod ineif I had any oMectiocs to seeing Jo
seph Howling I told l. m tout I prele-reil 11 , tuat I
Ii id told Minsnal Muiray mo Col. Wood il.al Duwnng
w s in.- msnlo ice In rrfcr-m-e to ihu rate, aud no
oilier. I 'urorine 1 Kelso at the outsei tha 1 ni 1 not
denie sh) couue-cttuu wuh nun In lue mutter, and iuai
I in-ant 10 gelslnni win nut hhn out wris advued by
nv fi 'rts 10 see li'iu UhO 1 the mbjeci, and, conn si y to
1,1) oa 1 lue LnAtltiii-, 1 turned h m.
10. Kelso and 1 natu Alwnyt. nuce our acquaintance,
inn mat id a verv filen il) retail n. sad paneit ni we
met. luti-ned and fnondh-at tnr ai 1 Know, ilerrdn 1
chsractenz ire ss n "trnud."oran "iuit.osiori" it
would not Pecome hlui to d so
11. IcnllcJ on Monda) and handed him tho money
wh'ch lie h .d given me itiW, and t dd linn that I did
noi deilro in rt tun it, ow iuj to n nil 1111 terstuodlng tie
tweou inraelt and Col. vtood. Ha wai surnriicd, and
1 api e.se 1 resrett, an.1 doiiioit me to go ou in lhe mai
ler. I iclnse.i tu eo on and riquoili-d linn to give me
the icccipt which 1 hsd given hi.n, and he hunued 11
lo 11. e.
U. 1 hsd an Interview with htm nfterwstd. and left
rum ss neinro staled, inendly. Tnoonjeclul thnnuws
1 neer nrtu lit w-aa to warn the perpetrators of ths deed
that I wus ai,er Ihein to dele d mo, 11 n.iiMhl
CmcAiio, Jan 30, l'-"fl,
On Ssturdsv ths Ofrman florist Mills' of Dutch
Kiiiwai taken Peforc Iteceidrr t'arceili el long Ii
laud Cty uu ehame uf u heiiium 1 1 1 ne : hut 110 uei u-er
uppranng, ne wss roleaiud 011 hot own recoi:ulzaiice.
Yeilerdny morning a young man or Oakdale at
tempted to Jump upun n car on tbe e-oulli Bide IUH
rna.1 wlille the nam was Ii motion. He fell and the
wuroli ei Uo cars woul oicr him, kllllag him tlioiil
ri..isirr:s run 31 r.irn on it ax cm i .:.?.
Consols closed at 'Jjt,'.
In Lltt-rpool ) osier Jay uplauds closed at Tid. uud
Orleaui ul3,.i.
Tne iteainihip Earl ind has roturned in (uoens
town, In oonoquenes of a sateru gnto bsviu; isuset
lhe eaeai e ol gat froai some daukoiou. Lheiutosli la
lnfoimatlnn list been received In Havana of the
landing of leu hlioul'r st Ilia m- la Palms 'i'nool
Iho men, a bout ronintulng Iti-nnnKion iruns. ninl
ouoiesof u frocluiuaiiun slguod b) vuisaua, wcro i-uj -luted.
jonixas a ho in' ro n x.
Josh H.trt lias tucd Hie Suujjy Utrtur-j for libel.
Police Comml'ilnner Muulerro ears he will try
lo have s law passed to imnn.i people who ma police
luea to dunk nolle on uuty.
Among the J-wel' nt the bill of the Yonng Men's
Aasocl ill .11 for tlio ncnefit oftti- (irpnn Aiyluiu I i.t
mailt n Holllhorn lal) oie u chain and Uo sells Hi l'
hsdoeill wullt tir tlen tleoli;i 1 rhlnlon t'lli- ol
I lie .c.,i w as n telle ol Ytualu .. ua List btlll'Ucld.
liradduik'a lieu out.
Mrs K II Do Kroyfl will leeiore atsielnwny Hall
toiiiorioiy (Vtetnuioa)) ev-i n uu - ii.a l 0..1 !
I.v " l.tr-. I 'e K i n 1 1 i - a I i' l oi i i' 'ii ii-ul ullne
in ii'.. wlio, tai iii.o.y yetr i i i. t.n-t i -. , n, ,,n 1 oi
h r eyi -i ' M r- I' ii .t ,-1 im i I. Il i t
Win nn r- I' I t I l. i.l t. n i'" Af,
tin, Hr Ihiotts. A ( Hi ai... a i n lo ' r rt
"ii - 'I our osil ciUxeus nave aik'd hor lo oriUat out
1C. Ills.
a men xoavo islaxdbb xtnAixsD.
A flnlnrday Nlsht'e lllipat In m. fyosset
llnrrooin-l'onnd Dlulllntrd and Dead an
the Honilsiilc-Ilevense Tor a Dlscharae.
On Ssturds night Mr. Usrrett Worl Nostrsnd,
a woalthy farmer of Long Island, dropped Into the
barroom of the hotel In Syostet, snd Joined In con
versation with a number of residents of the place
who were discussing politics snd topics of local In
terest. Two other sncn one named Ketlr, who
until recently wss track wslker en ths Long Island
ltallread, and the other Levlno were among thi
party, ind drank isrstal times with Wot I Nostrsnd,
ss hs wss fsmlliarly sailed. At about t o'clock Mr,
Nostrand said Hut le gnessed he would go home,
and started frooi L hotel, his friends bidding him
good nlcht Levins followed hlro, snd thres min
utes afterward Hilly went out, both leaving the
hotel by tne btck door, a fact which was generally
noticed by the party remaining, At 10 o'clock Mrs.
Nostrand entered the hots), snd snxlously Inquired
for her husbsnd. She wis told thtt hs bid sons
On Sunday morning a milkman, whlls rraklng Ms
nsnal rounds, siw body It Ing by lhe roadside ibout
I hundred yardi from lhe hotel audi like distance
from the Syotset blacksmith shop. It wss that of
Mr. Nostrsnd, The vlltago was soon aroused, and
In a little lime cverybodt know of the murder.
An examination of ths body showed that Mr.
Nostrand had met his death by violence, A large
cut as If made with a hatchet hsd nearly spill his
sku'.l, wbtls hit lower Jaw badbcoc shockingly bat
tered. On a dose Inspection of (be plate footsteps wsre
found leading from the back door of the hotel
direct to ths spot where the deid farmer lav. There
were slo many footer Inti In the soft ground.
Suspicion rested noon Kelly tnd Levlne, and they
were arrested by order of Acting Coronor Davis of
Oyster Dir.
Al the Inquest yesterday. It wss sseertatned that
for some time past a feeling of snlmoslly bad ex
isted between the prisoners snd Mr, Nostnnd. lt
was said that Kelly hid been discharged By the
Long Island Ilallread upou representations made by
Mr. Nostrand. The stories of,'llyind Levlno
were conflicting. They sold tuat they met Mr.
Nostrsnd alter leiving H o bole), and that the throe
went to Kelly's house. One swore thnt they lelt in
an hour or so ; while the other iwore Hist ibey re
mained until 3 o'clock In the morning. Olbsr evi
dence was elicited which points conclusively lo
Keiiy tti ivne.
Mr, Nostrsnd. whits in it.i hotel. firCltl. I POCh
etbook, ipparenlly woll Oiled. It seems to hsve
contained papeta oily, as tt wis found near mo
body, where tt hid been thrown by the ipsastlns
slter examining Its contents. The marks of bloody
fingers were found on the waistcoat of the murdered
Mr Nostrind was worth from 130,095 to (00,003,
money which he realized in ths wrecking ol Iho
psckolshlp Mexico, which wttstalhoreou the south
side of lira islsnd In 1833. He wss disliked by msuy
people. His family lived In Jamaica. Judze Pro
dick, of .Ismalcs, lias for a number of rears hsd
chsrge ef bis propertr. Mr Noslnnd Irsvcs a wife
and four children. When Ins wife went to look
slier her butbsnd she rna'l bavo passed within a
low feet of bis boJ. The prisoners bavo bcon sent
to Jail,
Tbe I.andlnz ot Ten Alen nt Iilo de la Pa I run.
-OniHuro nr their llotit nnd Arms-A
I'roclnmntlou Signed " Qurandn-"
Havana, Jan, S3. Tea filibusters havo landed
at Hlo de la P.tlma. Two of the men, a boat ron.
tatnlsg 43 Itemlngton guns, snd copies of a proclsma
Hon slgnod by Quesada, wero captured.
I.alfrT'ao Clibasters came In a schoonrr from
New York. Two of them were killed. Lljlit re
mi In with the leader, Felipe Iievera. Volautecr
citizens rre pursuing tho rest of them. The capture
of the boat and arms Is confirmed.
Tne proclircitlja of Luetsda te the people of
Vuelta Abajo, says:
, I sin J yon whst you aiked for. Tour opportunity to
break your yoke will hsve come when I disembark a
powettol ixpcditionsemrir.s.rreand aend yon irini and
srunianillun. Your brothers In the Ala.t-ru Depart
ment Pevan with lies sud whipped tin ir enemies. To
arms, aod war agslnst a cow ardiy Sranlih aiiassla I
11 Is signed " Qoeeada," but has no date or place
attached to the ductinient. No luiportanio is given
hare to tbo landing ol these flilllbuslers.
A letter ftora Nassau, duel the 13th lest, an
nounces that the sehouner Eastern Queen is loading
with arms aud ainuiunltlou, osnslbly for ben Do
mingo. Tne English brig Lecna riu Into the English
t rig Trunk, from livnfuegos fur Halifax, loaded
with moltsses, O J Matanzas the Frank was sunk,
but tho crow were saved. Tho Loom was dsuugid
and leaking.
For three days the bells here will toll and the
guns of tbe foil be flrod In tnomory of Prim.
Antonio tllreis, a Post OJlco employee, has been
arrested on charge of being sccessorr to tbo col
lection ol drifts mil had Uen sbiractid from tho
a nvnatix itri.r, uoiutoit.
The I'nlllag of a Horse Cur ever n Precipice
A Ilrnve Cundarlor Htnndlncnt his Post
lo Ibo Lit it Tlir rnesenxera' llacupr.
At Bergen Tunnel, on tho Long Dock and West
Esd Horso llallroad, Is a perilous curve on the stdo
of the hill, where the horses sro lomotlmoi detached,
leaving ths car to descend under control of the con
dueler al the brskes. At 1:30 yotterday afternoon,
ifter a cir bid run thus a short dis.anre, the con
doctor lest control of the car, the wheels slipping
on the snow, snd the vehicle, gaining fesrrulmomen
lum, dished down the declivity llku lightning. Tlio
conductor stood st his post, ind all but two of the
passengers leaped off. The car daahad down tl.e
hill, nnd, when about $00 yards from the starting
point, Jumped the track on the bridge over the guily,
about fity feet west of ths tunuel, aad daiblng
through the railing, went down with a crash. The
car fell en the rocks twesly feet below, and was
demolished. One of the rsssengers wus slightly
bruised, while tin other. Mr. It T. Sherwood, of
Hudson City, was buried In the wreck and badly
injured. The conductor, Thomas Koiley, was taken
out rnconsclous, though alive. Ills Ujunes are
Four Mru Killed.
Indianapolis, Jan. 93, The boiler In Steven
son's sawmill, near Bt. Paul, Inn., exploded ibis
stlcrnnun. Horace Stevenieii. Abe Demont, Jamti
Ksliurd, nnd bam McCsrty were killed Instantly,
'lhe todies ol two ol the men were found one
I undred yards from the sawmill. Want of proper
supi'ly ol water in the boiler as supposed to have
been tbe came of ths siplusioi.
CVlllOSlllf.S Ol' VtllMB.
Minnie Davis, whose trunk was burned rerentli,
ftcr It had teen Insmed for ts.noo, e.otnrtl tr alien, r
d iy, through a buuclo In Hie Indictment. The Uruud
Juiy wilt make auullier al.ouii't.
Lewis Van Etlen, tho leader of a rant of Wa'l
street furgert. who was bron :nt to lhti eny from Now
Hrtcans on bonday morning. ws uoiuiuuUd la lhe
Totnvs yesterdsy by Juilice Howling.
Willnni Chapman wus sentenced losterday to tl e
Kings i otiniy Pen P unary fur o iu tear for niieniiitli z
in pa.e toiled cheeks of Apuletoe A. (Jo. an I tori. lut I
A co on Mestrs Wise A lice fuiiou siicetjcw Her-.
Ho iilnided EUlltv. This Chuninsn wss st one Hire a
partner o iho uotor.ous icuundrei Writ of the" Ann
Hiiubllig Hoelot)," w-n-t is cl ilo the Male ifrlo.' n
binc;8iii; bu: he lelt lint n-,,uudiel, aud luiuc-dlita
attontiou to forgery as a n.ie art.
a'jcif ii:usk r.
Oen MrClellan Is orectlaj a handsome. iasl.1o.io
st Ui.oze Mouutsln.
Al Hs present rate of Increase It Is estimated lh.it
l'alertoii. Hie hundrcdyoars hcuce, will bate 4lW,iai
A wealtnv Newark family nre having a while
marble vanlt elected lu Koicdsle Cemetery, Oranze,
at a roil ot 113,000,
Messrs. Deraarrat & Co,, harness manufacturers
or Newark, Inn e jnit iccolicd a f IO.DjS contract Hum
the 1 icnch lioterniiiitil,
Jersey Clli'e new charter reduces ths number of
Mdeiineii Irom 8i to I., nnd innl.ea itiem a iinnc nitty.
Ailoardof Puh'ir Pi'orls is inovian'i, and l pnid Mis
Henartineut and Department of Finance an author-lieu.
The Police C'oamlsilonors waul new headquarters.
The Fulton ferry boats Union ni.d Mi o-ola were
in rui:ifli.u )oitri-diy afieruooi, nud the taller was
slightl) ilsiuajed. ftftuue wushuit.
The Comptroller will Ply the Brooklyn Art As
sn .ulun tl,ts), in ol'OjIcu -u to uu n'-i ut the I.cgitU
lu,i, if he has any eatra cnt.i ou hand.
I'l.o Aldermen oslerdS) lutioilrnd Street Com-niln-iinier
I'tirey tn Appu.ui " spei hit nieim-tu s" ou
stiect lo be gtuded nud patcd. at ii pi r ds. eiich.
Tho Aldoriiiiti le-teular oalled on I'lre Mntshal
Heidi lot iniuiuisi,.iii touehi'.i- lint nuiaher of rlres
lurliiE Hie pail year aud ihu ellluuncy of the Kirs He
The Aldermen hnve rnlleil uoon the Pullee Com.
iiiiraiitneis in state whether In tlidr opinion thj pro
p.ncd lin n ate ol tho k ages of thoiueiubois of lliefulce
it ii nei.essil) .
.Insonh Wnrren was held by United Utiles Pom
mi vi,,,,, hi- ,w )Oiterilsv, P r nit in-di nr la is- a
,- niliei imt le U'.le on tna nihuui sie 1 ai.mi'a' and
M ..on " luurs' Nail i il Dan v
'ie ci'y Hiioeiviso will nr nt on Krld.y to sn
1 1 iii nt ii . is ,'i the Hoard nt aim r to bll
tin -KCi a inns by t te o u u i Jo.iu Doncrlyiud
tciuirsiu,a of lhe lam ol Asscstor llissu
run rovxa Mux's associate ia if .IH
A ftplendlil nrneflt for the llenian Pntholls (S
Oritbnn Asylum-I'lne Dlsplny or Dress- 111
Tbp Acnilemy Filled from Floor to Dome. ttiDiH
Tho annual ball of ths Young Mod's AssocU islsaaaaal
tlcn for ths benefit of the Iiotnan Csthollc Orphs llsi
Asjlora, was attended lsst night byalorge ind very itliH
fssMansbls sssombtsge of ladles snd gentlomea, 41
eontlstlng of ths elite of Csthotlo society. The ta. It
clemency of the weather did 'not seem to hire in If
etect upon sllher ths numbers la allandancs or tlvr Jfl
dlsplsy of elegant dresres. In
The batl opened at 10 precisely, the music o il
OrnBiila's band swelling throuih the brllllsnllj m
lighted halts snd galleries ss COO couples walktd K
out upon the floor In ths opening protneasde. By 5
11 the Acidemy was tilled from floor to doms l
with fair women and brave men, those on ths if
floor chtsing the hours with flying feet Ths it)
crowd wss stmoit loo great to permit much en-
Jormcnt to the dancers. Tbe spectators fared f.!
much better In ths boxes, contemplating ths brlO Jl,
Hint pinoraraa of moving forms below. Vf
Among the dincsrs wero observed the nor. Clus, j;
9. Cornell snd lady, Judge sad Mrs. Lcd.vltb, (t
Tlios. Shields rod tidy, tnd Mr. lad Mrs. Thos, ijj
Comma. Mrs. Joseph O'Donohue, splendidly t
tired lo pisrl gray silk snd point lice coiling ovsl ll
2,000, occupied prlrats box on lbs right with 1,3
Mr, Klngslsnd snd tidy, Miss Edit Murphy, ind Ijj
Mrs. Joseph Itlley of Brooklya. Sheriff Brennan ja
ind party, cent Isllrig Of M. tad lllsi Crsani", Dr. L)V
Jimes Itlley, snd Mr. Oeo. Wlllonglibr, were seen lei to
a bog on the left. Yonne James Bidller ind hU l
pretty litter, Miss Kate Sidllrr, snd Miss McBsr- l
row, were strung the spectators, snd occiilonallj HI
spnearcd on the floor among the dancers. U
No previous ball tor the benefit ef the Orphan t K
Astlum has been a more successful than that or last I ;1!
night The ten thousand dollars snnnally railed I J
heroto'oro for the orphans will doubtliss bs fours Il
In the treuurei's hands this morning. If
x. o. r. ji. n. ffflH
Tha Funniest or nil tbe llnlls-Tonv Harts ) l
mna cV C'o, In Ihelr ttlory, (1
Th: funniest ball of tbe season was that last V
nlgnt In Irving Hall, under ths auspices of the Nonf i'
of Yonr Business Association, Notwlthstaadlng thi t
Inclemency of the weather the hill wss crowded II q
overflowing, oven the balconies being woll Oiled .1
At 10 o'clock precleclv the committee look thcll ,
places. Tier hid no bidgcs, The Floor Commlttet J
were recognized by their Politeness, the Itecrptloi ?
Committee by their Liberality, and the Police Cora 5 H
mlttcs oy their Dlgnlly. The rrogrtmmra wen
gorgeous, being two vulcnllucs, a one-cent sonr 5 BwMj
book, and a list of tho committees bound 1 'H
together within tho foils of a sheet or tho chcapoit
Manila wrapping parcr. In ths hall wai a large 1 fl
und correct llkoaos of Judge Tony lltrlmin, Ties- ,
Ideal of the Association, (uriounJeJ by gas Jell ,
Willi the symbolical letters, " N. O, Y. B. Ass'n." ! i
Promlrent smong lbs sreclators were Oen. Jos. O. ; Baal
Plncknev, ox-Stieriff O'Brien, tho Hon. Itlchard M. 1
Tweed, Judie fccotl, Ibo lion Fatly Itehl, "Aged" 1
John Monaghan, the Hon, Jsa. II. Hell, Ool. Wm. ).
Gleeson. Tax Commissioner Glllosple, Alderman ki aaaal
Hellly. Col. I'aion, Col. lunk, Dr. ltohl. U. Wil- ''
Hams, tie Hon. Gus. Smaller, and T J. Heeuan. V
Tony ll.irttaau appeared In live different cbutac- i I
lets, first ns ' a Judge, nut is Joe, t
the Fit Boy, then ss a Monk of
St. Ikrotrd, afterward as Willism I'enn. the
Quaker, snd finally ns a Portuguese Count. I! J,
Knight personated Othello John 11. Wilt and Geo.
It. Davis appealed as the Druiulos. Frank Duffy ss
Moe, Jacob Hstzell aa Haialet, and John .1, Farrell
ss a Saanlsh Count a Friar, a School Bay, aal a ( 1
Quaker In rapid succession. , Bl
Brirands, flower glils, foolr, vlvandlercs, harll I"
aulr.s, fslrlc-s. nrcrocs, peasant clrls, klnes, qieens, ji LVH
ukes, duchesses, coin Hers, Jestors, Indian chiefs, V 'H
squiws, wallers, sud cooks were mixed iu a post (i
lively deiuocrtllo wav. 1
A Jersey I.nrryrr Mni vlnt- nnd Insane. ijjl HJ
I). It. Sheridan, a young lawt er In Jersey Citv, fjl HJ
was arretted on Sundiy ou suspicion or lunacy. He liVl HJ
had been to Ilrad)'s livory stable, and ordcrod alt jjAI HJ
the horses out, that be might show which of them IMI Hj
had come (from Massachusetts. Dr. Prenderrait, l ill
having bion kuinmoned, pronounce I him iusuao and ' ijl
starving. On Dartlallv rocovorlnr, Blierldsn tali hs IX
had been without food for over four days. ' l HJ
loss ks n y rut b. J HJ
Skinner A t'o.'s ttnnrrv In Woodhurn, Mass., was ' H
bin no J on biiudar. Lura (.'0,000; luiured, 1
The rehpoll'onae on Was'. Ingtnn street, Newbury 1 Hal
Dort, was hiircei ycstoidiy. I.uss (I9.IXU. v(
Henry Bio.lis's hou-e near Pialnvllle, Ohio, wia il aaaai
burned on Salardar- A child perished I a ths names. .
List eveninr Buck A llchmolx's woollen and : I Hi
worsted goodsttoro.il 31 Howard stroct.wasdAinsgcd saaai
13,009. i J HI
In Mllford. Mass., yesterday morning, the Bay I ' Hj
state mi Alhrnil-ra lilocls and Fisher's s'shles were d ,
deitroyed by Urn, and seven horats iieriahad. A Mrs. I aaaal
bewtoa, who o.-cupied one of tan dwelling', was 51 bbbbI
buiued to death. Jl HI
The sleambnats Chlppewav snd Johnny Schmoker. s( Hal
owned by II 8 liuinacy. of La ( ros-e. tu.., were bnrn- SI aaaal
e 1 o i fsliii'tay Cienoon at Hii'iii'iy'a lanlinr. Loas "J jiaaal
ai on t o ooo. lhe Dro is bsllevcd to havo been ins ( iBJ
work ot aa lucondiary. i HI
MfAIlIiS IJtOM 111B TKLllUUAI-ll. ' j BJ
Onebee hss voted f 1,030,010 to the North Shore
Itsiirosd.and tJOJ.LOOhal b-aeu toted by other maul- '
clpalltlca. HI
StenhenD. Lamper. of the Irmof Lamper & Itrota- : Bji
er.otl.yun, Haas., was killed nu Sunday night by faillna; tl
down slairs. , HI
In the lloossc Tnttcel yesterdsy, a Mr. Jones fell
from tho top in Ibo bottom of the central shall, a dux v H
lance of 1.040 leel. J HI
The examination In the exoress robbery cue at . .'
Albany hub-enpost.oneit until IhursJi), owing le f' Hjl
tbe condition of the messcuzer llaiptu. ' - HI
The schooner Itivlngton, heretofore r noried t I
aihore south of Cnpellenv wsi borne I on tne tilth 1 ' HI
tntt. The lire orlgl.iatod in her circo o( ii.no. l
Tlirre match gnmes of bllllnrils I. tvve 'ii Juieph ,
rt.on and A. I'. Hudntphc, (or II0.X) on n -ide eicb
giuie. are to bo played In fan Frtuciaco iuuii. 1 I HI
The Dominion (1 'Vermnent orgins st Toronto f ' Bal
deny moil nuaiiively that 9n- John i.oie villi. Wualniur. ?, '
ton on nnnlle hunnrss, or Is charged with iny lueiaags a ' ubbI
to the United blitci Ouvernmcut. ' HI
A resolution was paise.,1 by the Massnehusettl f ' 1
Home yeiterdav approi'rla ing JMPO0 to ent oipths
rlchti ol the stuti iu eounei ii, u w-.tnihe Iterdeii bonds .,
and lloiton. Hartford and Une P.ai.ical.
The schooner White Hirer started from tie Tales
of Phoals on fnndsv to.au t wonm . la a boat snd wss
wricked on loswica Hsr. 1'n eievr were aavu i, but
bsdlr fioslbuteu. 'Iho men la Uu buat well else Hi
The dead body fonnd In Qtilr.cy. Mass., recently, H
and ereaitng sntulrlon ol mmder and robneiy, pioves
to hsve been James Vennevar, a rcsldeiil or Che. sen,
whu wandered away lussue, aud probably Icli thiougt
inebtldgs. H
lr.tsmxuTO xori:s. H
Poaimasirr Oenertl tVeaweU's card reception last
night ant hull ant uii'leiowded
htenatnrs elect Ferry oin1 Lotan were In their sestt
in Hi" ii us )istirili), und rcceivtd the cungiatula.
tl ma nf their friciiila.
Tl.o Treasury Department will be ready In n fevr HI
d n no an tpl) all demands for the now bonis author.
it. d onucr Ihu reoeut funding act.
Ti e report lh.it Gen. Pleasonton requires mem
tiers ui CoiiL'ress to write out their husineai before hs .
grttnts Ihcui nu interview it incorrect ,
Tho Senate jesterdav confirmed John Murphy of ? H
New York Comul nt l'svta, a id lloiijainln F riacAl- 1 , Hi
toruey for Hie l!atern District of Now Voik. ' '
The Congrrssitunal Library rnnlaiu' 137 'Hit h und
vnliimri snd SO.OOO iiamphteta I nwtr.i ol sinieooy.
nghu bnvo Lien rec nileJ lu tas lulnauau'a utiles duss Hj)
lu.- Hie last six luunthi.
Some amusi-ni'-nt was rreate 1 in lhe Senate yee- kl
lei-av uy the iniro lui iios oi i b. l by isonttor lisiets. ,
entitled, " An si t t me tiporatii t!iu National Tabor- , fJJEfl
1110 e of Ua.ileau I'lahu-uteu."
Tho Air l ine bill goes ovrr sgsln for anutl ei '
week. Jmlee Uulley wanted in imeuctaint r quiilnl
Hi eon.' nt ol I'hil tdelphli licturo the roul h rui '
u.ruiuii Fsiuuount Pirk, but II wis not e.lmiucj .
Mns llenm'a statue ot Lincoln is to be line it d on '
,il ie il.i, evenlnz. Addresses sre to ne n i i '-y H
s uiiors I ininhtill nnd Hai punter, ninl H or i it ves '
Uaals, lliooks ot Now Voik, auj fa 1 mat n:iu m i BJ
I l.e I'nllsd Hlutes nn.t Mrriciii t'omnits-mn yes-
trids) awaidrd to I'himiss H ver II, I' ",' will Bfl
s x i er cent. Inurest irom Mae in, 1 ni i'u i aim ug BI
Maiy lluiieouii ws- rejected fur waul uf Jurl.duuon.
Henslor Scott Mill opeu tho de' uie to. lay on bll
hill for lhe rcptul uf III.- ineoine tux. II. rxpit ta tt ' B
carry H throiiuu Hi- Seniiie I ,lny unt If inee.arj HJ
w in ina.it upuu u uiaht son jii in order to elo- it up BI
ThoSeiute yesitrluy euiiflrme 1 s ilah II mL "H
t'l.liu ir tit - ti ii' in ul I nnrliuetlon und Heptn in iho BI
Navy, t co I ,-i.ih ,tl, wlioa-t t -roi or s"rvitn h is et, i a. BJ
and who li.it bucii i, il. nil ua sccou .t of uae an i lengla BB
olsori ice. BB
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