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i! ll Mlura far AIL
. ; ---r;.---.
j MONDAY. M.Uttll fl. Mil.
-j ( Ainaitrocnta Todat
' l!rjoot' Opera lltels-l'S il. feliiM tit iil tlx at
I ji filth Aitkue Tjtatre t..iir.
i ttaae -.'aire l.uaie LuCr's'TBti.
. I Ma Kdnlii'a 1 Lclrt-'J'M SllKUh
u kittle' Cof-Itn-Tli 3 k Cla-A.
, tin Yk Clnu liiiL.tff. Ai.l!Urf.
Slyr-ipta 'fkealre- Pi.I1hi.
t !' lUJITfcotre-liiUIUOii'tl.
I! 6m rrareUea MlntrU-lll tra-i-ity.
t,'.mj rj-.-terOetra llauif-r-n't)1 I'll,'., a.
I7aen-ak rnettMAllaTnaatl----i w I a--.-.
; vaiiAi.v rt itiitiM -.. wki rn Lit,. n4t'
VmI'i slkieut-u-D'-.lltml. Miffef.
Terms oTTliO inn.
1 aiuf.---' vr. 'itil nt-.utt.i, , , i 16 PI
u ' U,U..r r ) ini
Tram i i. M.t m4U . tHUO
T.Mj -.r i M -i-tt.la t, . , , , Ct 00
' Siltf "K1 to-Ma-tln-. DO let
,k . !!. 1 (10
.1 1 vt I. ... MAn , , It 00
-i ' Mll4-tlr. ...., . C7 &U
' At'lbti .p tt. ui clV ..--si, net A n'.ia. ri i.t .A-iin-j
fcWj b- ,-..
-iTAc tfc circulation of Tin: Ec:r -jr
IAc (. ritft Jfliv'i J, 171. irtj ii
, 'oift :
oo.ur gs.tno T..-:ur o..,ion
I Wi'Jiitkilar !IU,UbOIturUa; I1..WJ0
f v. "SRsS
1 J''" kveiuuc for "ut.c.-poiiai'lt: week :'at '
1 r,', 110.117
I' "r tl a.-cominoaallon of vww resetls'i u-i
1 I S mf i i:tcuien for Tun Sex will be r.-celru.) at
Uli t reorder ritn at tl.o up town adreri itiui-at oU)e,
".It M.i Wel ri.Irtt tCjlUateiet.aMkc'ttnellonoIlttoad.
IIL' vj ma iii. k.cui . fioiii a. si. w r. u.
. I'icoi? com:l'iI'Hl, rail tho Ur-maM nrc
1 i, luarcliiuir livinc J'lio wr luis lusted jitet
i u : lis K'.Ttl's. Wl.rn It fh'ftjn Ocrmaiiy ivaa
Ji - wtcumeU the tl.!iu yrXii' tl.? rmjjfncut
' ! . ef Kur"; ; r. -. '.o W ihc. first. Tiio j).!;r- i
niiryi i"a - f ilic pir s.'jlo rau-t bi fiilly
ill,1 iimJi) froJ In 1- r y tb" thonMind milhuus
; ! 1 uf dollr,:u l '. Ti i:.. . Lai to pay auil y
r ,j tUe isrv tvit I'.ry an 1 futli kkb hhc nurrcn-
j ji ilnro. llio n of i-ui h'.iif im oM
; Ji rncmy t : J of e t'.Ka.nt l' t'-- ir " fuvor a
j j ,' quom ' tli-t l.no lu tc I .' r . ' ur'.. . U Jou'ut-
! $m elf 1 r.iii'i'-.-l at iw f'i'i .iluo by tiio
; IJlxvn the wIioV, I'mnry ranuot juwly
i ;S complain of tliu truAtinnt bin Iim rceclvod.
". jE Wtli tho zralona m.-r.t of all her people,
1 :,;! except Mr. Tiitunsaml a fo llcpuhlicana, bh.
; : lC(,'a'' l''B var,nn! tiio avowed oljcct In Login-
' 'i ong it iTiifl (j take from I'ruaslu hr eo callnl
' p) KUcnith proincoe. This had Ijooii a louff-
J itnndi'ijr dream wlili tho Frowli. Inlo3, it
t jp ho? b-Mi (rocd'm thirnf fapcra, their
, j( poctrr. nnd th Ir It-alidatlvH At '.ales for the
i I ' past lift y yeara. If thry had hriton tho
! UcrtBMiH, tlioy vonld hav tahon from thiin
1 j j all the t'-rritory btl inghito Qcnuany aontl
. ) J of tho lUt'.no. 15i!ng hcatcn, thoy have no
J i f . riaht to o!)j ct when their own policy In on-
j j P foicod 0'ainnt thiniivlv. Tl.oy went to
1 In war for dcw frontier, and tli y have pit
1 S. i thm ; nnd if th?y we nut tho tame u thry
, til drelrol and eii-oct whoro tault ta ft Y
' , A Kitat doal la said alioat t'ic barbarlia
;t ar.d nmjrhni'sa ths U.-nnri't aoldiory. The
I IP French cr' vry indlpur.nt at tlnilr mode ol
' !l nubinj; war. No dua'ul much of this India
I jR i nation m wdl f und'-il. lint who can u y
jlJ that II the l i.r.on nnn;cs jm-J .nvno-si Uci
j jJ many tluy w.jiiI J haw conducted thuinvlvci
1 jlJ with any greater forVcram:ef War Is, at
, !jl beif, a brutal and wrclli'M buintw ; end
' H f . men when It In condir !cd In npoirdauco with
j ! ' the ru1 which modini clvili.: itlon nnd re-
, ! ' ; fjard for hun.r.'i'uy jiroin-nl, It y mitt in-
'; I tolerablo to th'ir' who havo to ondni-? its
, fl ; horrors. Very probably there havo bcon
I ( many cai 'n nlrch tho German, havo vio-
' j I ! latod those rului i but there never has b-vn a
:f, ' war In wh:-!i tluy htvo not been Wolalwl,
I f i I and wo dnra rey there never will bo. In bo
; Jp ' Tialf of tho Oi rmai'H it It vuovrIi to aay that
' J) ! . nobxly tit-ppuaes that if tho Ungliah or tin-
I ' I. Auatririm Jor tho HuManM had iu.ulul
i , Franco, n they have done, thro wonld have
' ; i licen any fowor lnstanocc of wronc and out-
i 'j s : w-
I , i ' After the surrciidor of Sedan r.nd the col-
j , ' ' ' Inpfio of th bhum Umpire, lilural inon in
' other countries bojjnu to hope that th
j ' ' , Fronch might ult'mately lo tucccsful, iki far
' i ' j at least that poouo )iiif;ht bo ronulicd npo.i
I i i tenns lots were than thoso they havo now
; . i had to ue-"0 t. Thin li'ijio was not without
' f ' roaon. They were d- f. i.'lloj: themiclvoa
I j j! cn th- lr on i it id, n-i. no nation that U
' 1' j , tmltM and tboruu;ul. in earn'ijt csn be
I ' !! j ' overcouio whon It lliu for Its iiouieo a-.. I
; , I Independence, n Jf 1'ranoa fuiUd In Oil.'
j ', 1 I flbrt boennw) hor jx oplo were not united,
1 jj,! and were not In dnad onrnetU Most of thf
. 'It- 100,1 upon wli'im at Unit cnin the duly f
( i j leading Ihe nation dtvohbd comuilttod ill -
) ! i error of nhutiiny thuim-lviM up In l'.irls
jj ' fith tho crotdur put of tho remaining mill
I .hi tary re-.jur:es of ilio c-iuntr)-. Thin tin-
j jj , Prenalanp, in lH-Bii-lng the capital nnl
I ! I' : forcin;; it to snrrnd'T by Etnrvatloti, uain'"!
it'' J)oesofi3!on not only of tho Blii;lo tfraat army
, ' i ! i whleh Frauco Juwl been able to orpanUo, bat
J , 'bo Uoverunienf itsfllf. One man alone
f' ' ' of tal.int and eneri;y--G.itui;TT.i, woithv
. 1 of moro apphiubo than ho Is now
j ',!; j likely to receive endeavored to route thf
j Jj! pcoplo to a mipri'iuo ollbrt, to onhtt tho
' ; T wbolo nation In tho worlt of rupell'njr
jf ' tho Invader. Ilia exurtionB iroro j;roat and
! , htcwant ; lint mueli a.i ho accomplibLsJ, It
i i not onoiiKh. Tho whole people would
! 1 ; not o w'.th him. Tho troopB hu noul Into
j jf. the field f.nmd bttli- fympatby anions OkIv
i ' I. ; own eoanti.Mij-n. Tin y wore left to t-lei-n
. h upon tho6iio lusundof b"'.ti(,' flielicrod lii
' j ' the c,burchi$ uud clh' r publio bulldit'f ;
'! j and tho jHjawnls actually drove tholr burp
I ehootors, tho l'rait:i-Tiri'trf, from tin ir
' jtj ' lioufiw), lent tho I'riiiwhuut on their univ. l
ji ;i ! fhould puniah them by tho dchtructWi of
' : their property for bavins enterlelnod t!i-
i h ' defernlem of tli"irow:i oountry. Hwltlrr-
iil Iwen a reul upr nin of tho French nuw. -,
jC , aeli an in recorded of tho frruit Uovoliiti-i ',
i I S ( and had they been really resolved to pro
1,3', ' cute tho war uf umioual defenco to Oin bllli r
j i' end, the (l"miDii nrndeo would not now b.:
I jl , i.iarohiut; haelc to tho N'duu m tionijueroni.
j f ' I . Apparonlly the reoult of tho war Ih in
'1 ,fiHor of denpoll-.il). It Is truo that the
t ;, ; i Imperial fraud ia overthrown In Fmmv,
" " i ; ,,ul a re'd Kinptror has lcn in ado in (lr
"h I '"""y i w i It ct ix rtaln what will be the
I j L .tmturc- end tendency of tho permanent gov
ft f t frnment wlilfli tho Fivi.r.h jwplo l ow iavn
A 2 F' ,i"'il'liib tor theii!k.!lvii. Among tho
i f f Jiini iib tl o pr'tie idokof fcwkliiua, dl
rlno right, and of obcdlenco to an Irrespon
sible t ovcrelyn havo undoubtedly b cn nmeh
BtroDjrthtfLcd In these e'x montlw of war
fare; while tho French, huntuM, tmpoVcr.
Uhed, and hrolton, will for some Urao to
como bo anything hut enthusiastic upontlcs
of tho deniocratlo Idnaa which they havo
heretofore profefsed. Hut In tho long run
that Is of little consqnoncs. Democratic
Ideas arn strong enough to tako carcof them
aelvcf. They will not bo stilled becauso tho
polea ol tho political wotld havo hhlftcd a
little. Uc3"dci It la a i;roat thing to cxtln.
gulbb liamp, and sucli slants I and put truth
In their plncoj and that bos Iwcn dono by
this war In tho most marvclloiiN nnd nstnn
lehlnr; fnelilon. Ko that upon tho whoto wo
iriay hopo nnd btd'.evo that tho world will
not boworao but Letter for all this wis to
and bloodshed.
Frceldcnt Crnut mid the Plumtor of our
Sew York Merchants.
A Com; rcMlnntl Invoyt'gatin( Coininittoi
t Idom guts r.l tho whole truth on any auli
j.:et it is i:cl to explore ; and tho or.o which
)im latoly been fiittlng In Oils city, to Inquire
Into tho uotot'.oui Diiimnr.acinent of Custom
H'.m.tJ iffnlm licro, is no exception to Oio
KOncnl rule. KuoUgti fn.C bare, however,
ken brought to light to s!iow tht OiC
wholo coiiconi nccdi a thorough o'vcrlmul
lug and purification. In Ods conclusion tho
Comiulttoo are ui.ttL'.niotii', but they are pru
dcnlly client nuto tho ImlliiHinwiblo preliml
nary of any con) pic to reform tho rvmovul
uf the pr.-ssnt lucomiiot.'nt and marceunry
occupiint of tho l'reskleutlal chtlr.
One of tho grievances meet bitterly coin
l)la!ncl of by onr Xew Yori Importers U
what Iri called tho (j.'t'eral oi-dor Fjr'-ni. A
vool arrives loaded with a cargo of goudn
cowilg.nd to various pcm:u. I. t those
C0UHlgu :i:s ue over so much dillir-'iuo, they
CC'SOt t&l their I 'Tiuilfl from the C'u.totn
Houho itr1 cir RJ '8 r.wny from the c. A
ih flirt itn the i .vn ! and s , to acoom-
modulo tho vessel. :.' J4 fllio.ved t- dl
charge her w'.uo car ;o on ai;Mu'"il oiuur,
leaving tin Oovcii.mmt nnd tho inor
chants to o.itle tho.r offdrs btwoi
lUom a best thy may. 0..-n.iMy to
protect Itnflf against smuggling and cheat
lag, the Goverumont requlrrs tio cargo, thus
tuinbhil iKwdlortou tho wharfj to Ixi ltlncVi
In Ceituin desigimfd fioros under its control ;
but in practice thh rcqulrituint is made tho
tloalt' fer tho mo"t alioralnulle cslortions
from the inrrchar.ts. Thostorckvpcrschargo
enormous prices for c.rtngo and t-traao,
and no matter If gods are In thoirsivro only
)-.io day, they tnu.t pay for n wliola month:
beb'.dis which Hlkft, wine, and c'gars nr.' bo
plundered, under pre tet.r of samp ling and
appraising, as to cor mt'-.to a serious Item of
damage. Ono men!.T..it Willed to tho Com
mittee that he lo.t if-'.OJOO In tin yo.irs
by tb!j tp rl n of theft, and other i Bald
that thry bad hr.d n tliai'ar experience.
It !; ovideut at a glaueo that tho privi
lege of handling and Ucpp.ng all tho goods
disehargod un lor tlo general order cysloiu
Is uo iiiconeldomblc jeeau!ary prW. For n
time it was (jiven away to favorites of tho
Collector; but unJer l'rwldent Joii.nikjx'b
ailminlnlMtlon, Odl.-etor H. A. SnvniK in
trxlueid tin; 1 rx'idetit of "Se'dlng it outiiy:-!
lor u round bum. lo I3nke tile p"lvI ;,e
mciv valar.Mr, ('nllertur tluis.vu.i. In I eb-
ruary, 1870, trad a regulation tlmt all goods
landed ol Jersey City and IloixiJnn, an.1
which formerly w;ut bitu '.iri lh.ro, nboall
bo brought over to ihia city, etvl t'i'iB pny
tiibuto to th- New York tiotv-ki ,p"n,
through v.ho' b-n.t.- r.'l the Imports lo-s
at this jHirt now l.u to pas. In aicl
year their prifin arc t-t-tlii. d to bo lrm
$30,C00 to .W,noo tl rj- ure gon. rally lv
licvod t.i bo imt.'U lnro whiln the ur ibj
sum paid by the merchants U late-l ut much
above i100,(KjO.
It waseliclted by ilio Inquirlosof theCim-
mltieo that one (ii.'iitui; K. J.ect, formerly
on lion. Gn . t's ftafl', has u jwcuniary in-
torest In this g-snvnil or lur butlnos. ILnv
he got ll a pi -'are from tho U.liin :iy of Mr.
Fn.sfl M. UiNi-.v, a man who denorlbes
hiiimelf t a " full-bl ki led Uumo'.mt," but
wdioiw prw-ticl ii'vlUy in moaagl.ig tho
bnalm-is appears t-j have been found by five
Ilcpubllcun Colbctors iiuccciaively lnd!t:pcn.
sablo to tho tucct'si'iil prosvutlon of tho i x
traordiuary scheme of extortion in which
they linvo rdl ongnged. Mr. llixiiv tnyi :
"'lLi bu-lt cm ut iiu I line Mr. liuisxta rvw
Info tlr i vi'f. ' j.- '-Ui a niMor lta mairui j(
ilrrrj A miimi, Mr. llnwiiai. ohvircit It lo
'j' uii:r .t tci. -liu.'i nfur tUat dniiK'' I m.nl
mi . rrai.j-Tnfiit v l"i Ol. l.i i:t, -r.il rac Into ikm--H'i
mi ei 2 l-igu.' n of I ho bti.!n- Vila wr.ll
portion of II I l.-d ' m Hw Nortli Pit -r.
bm ie Inmr.n ik , up'i,)n hi, i rno-l
uuny I11.1-. Im". tVw ool. llr I.ictk .-.ifvitre
With ll- (IBIW'IL ln'jrl,l I!,1t III i'.'ii u;
lior.t.'lon. I.r.r r -ii.c uii I ere Ironi . lnu.ion.
Ih 11 .1'.'i'H itieU l 1,1 I rt nrll.'o njhl . I
it!itii'-l 0n 1'B.e.i ! bill Il iii r i-i utiy
llu. ii i ih iiicl t!-4i 1 it rvimt in n '11. It
bout u yer .iml n Imlf :i. u. I Ii el llu- m!nr, u
e.ir uiuUr tl.ii. tirr e-i otini, mel i cave U mi .u
dioiiIIk tto. I ifclac. l- caB.r 1111 lie.-e. lb. .11 il
tie liuuntKiinrf' rtlM'aiirululntr.itlonor.Mr. m.hki.1,
lr. llAii-.nr. ilr. Uiui'Cn, ami Mr. Kino, lie ui
Lit (VltT.'l llr. I.imaY rxmi'ieiue smt Mante l lo
uiike 411 rr.uci'ijin' 1 Ji fur iu- lui'lm u :
Turn I h.' 10 Col.).ri.T 11 ctrk.ln uln ol
munvy eir Mil Ui.-inrv. The diw i,v',r tt ' Jul'
fjW or tht 1. ...u..r fOuu y' tht sltjr. i'!..
10 it al- ult, thf, Mm, ti'.! 1 tiiili 11 aiilum inniut).
ly tuyue ui-, unit 'M 11 r to 111 mtu uii 'l u;i belorr
toiiuuiiti- 1:11.' 1 11 iitruii 'oiui t.t.
' tj Me i kunw wlcIIht lr. &vr bialnrd Ins
atMjii.Lini lit tlinuitl! i-u.Li.ii.utoi'H Iroua Wailiiimtua
ur mil ' A.- I euMibl nj , t lr. lie luld me th il Ui
ruuld control ib liu.uivMt 1 dul not kr.oir nnil
mi- l.tii hiin"4 1 fl-'i it . ttt ui ilj,ii Ir.
" lly S amlui I'ai riHH-y. HjiI Ii uy more
U;l i.i-ht t.i i i.ui lit j'ua tCfliler lioiiii; 11 1 1
ct tliu', tor IrMute e, nnv oni nf tl f 1 utiiivliU-e y
A I 'lo net think l.c Iti, r-.r. f Ae,f A' 1.' ju r
tnu ii.t-tfl to 1 f tUi l-iHiiirt, mil I ioi:rf iW get ,!
in timj othti- nuii."
Collector (!iii.mji. teMlflt on thie tub-
j.et nh I'olloWh :
Col l.rr.T on tlic flrnt lint to Nf Vr. lirr
rri.ti-l In 11. 1 rt !tlm ur iutrui.11. Hon Ii im tlon.
CHikf. lu rhii'il Ilio J'l'-lui'lit Itet-'of Lul I Ktr
..1 enr bm iti erir,l eh blbi 111 li.i .-i my. leid a .1
nin't Iw'tMvl piel I ii'weiiliv eSlcr. Lijinx Hint
ul. l.i;n mi- i nl lu retire Irun. Hit nrnii.aml
w 10 air I ' lu 1 nl' r upon louir miii.u in Hit 1 ny
.if.Viw urV. Ii Ii wui In mr ponur. tn ol'l
murrhirhl. In i'o bis I'iim lo lui A .nl In ii"., n
moiiU bu tcry urau.jiui! 10 ln,r n-en. Ubast)."
Mr. Oin -m 1.1. (joes mi to deny that l.o
knew of tho nature of tho r-riungeiuctit bo
twoui Hisuv i.ntl Lr.Kt, ortliat ho hail oi y-
th'ng to do with it, but ho admits that h
suggested to I.j".i:i howhoehotildg'itow oih;
while ltixuv says dl.tlneliy that ho palil
I.l.iJT t-.'l.OOO 10 g. t n bllrtlliehj he Could get
in no other way, aud that ' buvi'h infiutn'r
with (Im.NMii.i Iro 1A Uutthiius into u j
There uro ii multitude of other vnr! il-n
of frntid and m.-iuptloii dulalUd .n the report
of tho Commltleo, but tills imrtleulnr Item
of the unbliliihing way lu which tho I'kb
Iduit joliin In robbing our mcicbnnlb for
tho iidio of onjlehliig his favorites, over
tops them all iu enormity. Hecntsry
Hoirrwr.i.i, has repeatedly tcquwtrd Col
bctor Ml linn to rl'onu thiite abuf,
but tho. Collector ohsluiatdy rCtiBrn, and tho
President sutrta r.sh'hnlh'thcrefuNill There
can bo but, ono Inferetico frotn this fa' t, and
that Infeicnco wo JcaVo our rcadcfB lo 'Jmw
for thcmoclvoo.
Onr Dcntxncllro Tnxes I'undlng the
According to Mr. Kouiwixt, " tho largo
revenues of the (Joveriimcnt havo Wn the
chief means by which thf public credit br a
been Improved, and onr paper currency ap
preciated materially In raluo as wmpnri.d
with coin." Ho also tltluka "that tho
cliango which has taken pkico In tbo linen
tlal ryrtem of tho country during the last
ten ycaru renders tho pri'sorva.tlbn of the
publio crod.t a duty of tho highest impor
inuce, In.nnntich as every busincbs enter
pritw and ovory financial undertaking rofts
finally upen the public credit."
TJicrolrt some Irnth in tho fixbt propi.siiiou ;
but If it wero entirely true, it would not
juntlfy Uio nnormous tar.no which Mr. UofT
wi:i.i.'.i policy lmpos!ii upon our pooplo with
Buck lucrciLea pcrevcr.ince. A thtli'iy na
tion Is a bettor guarantor of tho value of Hi
ti.jurillca than ono taxed to br.tikruplcy.
Tho sober truth U that tho country cannot
bear this excetelv e titration two year longer.
Aud when the taxes cannot bo collecicJ,
how will tho public credit eiwin li"nt
Mr. HouTWbLr. ecems to think tlmt to pV
tho luitlinnl dolt it Is only nccowwry to levy
laxcs. Did It ever occur to him that eoino
hotly ban to pay them, and that tho capacity
to do thU is limit d . If ho does not suspoct
It now, ho will prosonlly bo convlncivl that
ho has gon.) far beyond tho point to which
ho can go -nd leavo ho buahi'ttof thecoun
i.iy lit a liing cond'tlon. What wltli n.v
I'.. :ir.l, t'Lin-, and tn'iulclpal t.ixcii, and tbo
I xacU'.ns cf bank" nilmadf, nnd othfr
inonnpolirr, the land is alr ady lickod bare.
In the lust j'.ariuoro pi'ip'.e hi.vo 1 ortuwed
hi mon y to pay tii'-ir lavs t'if.ti ever
b I'nre bine tho Fniled Ht 'les hu.M oxlsie.l ;
end Wi t.ll the F..:r :t..ry ;l..:f hi: ir 0be.1t
th- end of lit." te'li' . b a. blc'.er law than
c marcfH can . a,
At to Mr. tui iwtt.i.'s r.ccnd propositinn
tbst t'ic j Mlo credit is thii Imp s of all
irnxisactl'-.iis tho pyramid stands wtacily on
t'to olhir cul. AV.thojt private oiolit
there can be no public credit. Fvcry banhor
'miows th.U prjH-r .' oaly lujiimd by adding
bad endorse. 1'nbllc credit in a com
lminlly of lisiikrtipts may be toiuetlilng in.
telbgiblo to Mr. UoCTWKt.l but wo conks
II le bcyundour powers of midactanding.
Wl llo thf) business of the country Is
ruined by absurd and linpr.-.rtleabbi Ir-ttt, bo
that tboTrc'sury maytnakoa tietltions sltow
in nrilor to help the ISxeroUry to burrow
money at n lower rate, the puhlUhcd de
tails of tho funding r-Jicmc that l.an born do
vlscd arc woribyofsueh n prermstcrousnnd lu
natlcal pl.'y. Thero arc already s iniu fifteen
or twenty ilif-rent cliRJcsftnd di -aomiurit'cs
of tho public ilebt, arid It Is prot,Kivd to aild
to Oisin tiiiw more ; and now Uiat tho whol,
wotld Is b crowing, and money Is d. sr, the
Secretary exports to sell bonds boiling four
Kt cont. and four and a half pr cvitt in
terrst 1 And in order t soli tliem h nixes
'hmn np w".b fio per rent, bou'ln, at) jnedi
.iiio ii n:i 1 w!'h ml.i . Wu i can
ciu:" of it '; Netlii. g but .oi;!o -J-jii w.ir)
c.i: '-.irvl. !.
With the rntuta Ut h'gh tss s this p.ip
B.'on fir ur ' i Ijing tl.o t' n"f.i,.atlotiii of
oor nn'ieif.l f' urllirx In u-M Incntifi-ie t.
M'jj.wl.do I.e. 'r is th -lining, iidti":y
ofivrykl'd l r'rji'i'l d, nr 1 t!i" Uru'it
borrow th tie 1 y l'i p.iy th.'r taiis. Th"
D'ltitry i- ri.ol .ly rpj. jae':'.;. ; teh a pir?
Iyr!r as It has not droamed of titioi. lij.;;.
The! criiiti p-.ilu vd h jid 'V:il r v.,liit''tt
which sw.qr the 1 1111 r.ie out .if Fight.
Wi.ot ilei Mr Hor-iv 1. 1.1. ex;-: vi'.l l.ni--pen
tu him and hi tmy In M7i 1
A thf. r I limo Hgn tin- tlvgm1t biougt't
iU1 eroi.i.t ct die mT'.'st out M nf a lira.1
in moil Chirk, vh'j l.r.il uti'ti lieictn'. in nn at
Uuipltn 1 di on exprc" compare. Tn gain ac
ccv In the expi'.is car be had nuujgfd to hat e
Iiiu.f.lf liiiioil in a bu& s cxpteti 1V Ij-lit.
Tiio Vii item piper, Imwetcr, are of ilicopiuimi
Otat Mr. t'Ro.r lu l 11 1 r-ucb Jc-Iae at licit, im-.ii'-d
In bhii ; but th .1 lilj obj'i:'. nas nwrcljr (o
j'U himself Iratii-iKirtixl to Mai Ji.liutcttH u
fifijjlit tt a reHuotlou uf aliout fifty ilolljrs fri'M
pat'cticr ikies of flic, lie bid titlod up l.'n
Ijoi nlib a rerl fnr !ii licad, ami nipnlivil it wi'S
protUion, ne:paT.ii, and olUor iicccuaiiee of
life. Tbo only Mnpieioa? article found uiion bim
as i plbtol, but iU poue.io.i did lie t ucecjuati
ly imply a foioai.naltit'.'it. The Dcnvi-r 'Dtlium
it of the opinion thai (be man ii partially de
mented. It ia no render if be i iiif-e by a
eulpaUa diti 'rjnul of the injunction, " Tlili t.'.dn
ptiilli oarc," die box wai tt 011 end in the
Cipreti eTiec itiiloc.l uf u llu bottom, ai.J 111
uiilni'.enaio imnalo wa compelled tuti ' d "ii
hi lu au f ir neaily half a day.
Aii"-.ig tho in w Senator hworn in on
P-tlurdie, yi.if tjor. Mmws f Koulml ). Ho
IjuL ilio oith of titlieo witb'.-ut i ppuitiou ft 0111
any quarter. Abo.it the linic rl hu oleciion il
ir ailrcd by Mime of his nntaj;rnbu that le'
bad i.vl liceti le) ul dui'lc the rcbeltiuc, and en
tbat ncec.jiil ouaht tint to lie allonril to take l.i
teat iu ll- yxuule. "llut iLik iilea upiejr: lo hnve
L.'ii lii.ai . abanduiied.
Tl.er. npjKars to bo n lack of harmony
JumuX llu. r ,aie ulli -i.i! of licergia. Dr. N. I..
Am. 1 r.11, iu u 1 1 port iuUliew " To bi lix -el-IciK-y
Iltria Ii. liiLLOn', Uvurnur tit Ui'.rfij,"
aula, iu bin ullii i d cpaciiy of Stale Tieanuiii,
tu be cxcuri'il li-un ici.luiiin; on nn ettiiunte el'
Ilia oijicniea for Idil, glvini; .' bit leusou that
Ocorcla U blc neil wlili an czectnltely prodiKu!
ami uuicruuiloui CbU:f Kxeeiillve, ltliu tlunn llie
public lu.ids bioad'-unt nitb the hope ef buyiuu
iiiUiiecee, iicirjioil pmvor for coiiupt purpoMa,
aud nbo, lor inerceiiaii , turdid eodi, bad iraurd
01 ci four uud a hull iiiiIUuub of lien State IjojJk,
rUleli, ia Ms auxtei.i 10 keep Ibc motif r oor
cevlt'il from tbo Tituaury Doparluicni, be bul
failed In iiuio rxeeuled Slid l''Kiatercd aa I lie luiv
mjuiri . I.'uii tbeiv bo any truth lu tld
oIiar;tr l'tum what uu Luon ef iLc (iuu'i'i.oi
re do uol ln'liuvti it.
Our reporter in another column Int'ujites
thai llie t'cjliiil l'ril t HL'ly lo be eliei-iii be
Ilio TtuatecD of tbi. Taecil Moiiuiinui i'uud a.
lb" plwcto pul up lit ktstue of Hons Tirenii.
In behalf of tlic Kill 1 Side uo ubjeet lo thU ; unJ
c bare a ri,lil lu otijwl, beeaute ca evoi)bol)
Iuuf, but for Tus hex the idou of cinili.g "iiib
a alatue would never luie beu renliiinl. 'flu.,
latue aliould be placed in Tweed 1'laiu, as was
eiliiiallr piupoicd l.i u; and uflerilix liuitticd
and ereetcd, if llie fiiemli ol Mr. Tn urn dor-Ire to
erect snollwr eui iu the Central I'ai k,tbf y w ill liat 0
a perfect right to do so. Our reporter ako aj 1
that Oil mil Ui the Hunt bronze ttatue in tiio
un! Muitiwi tliat the Wttttni Cuutiueut leaj
ACL.i-L-U '
! boaat of. Ve glad loMHbt Ilio H
to bs a fins one r bi ' poiat .,', 2
all partita eoucefoiW iful t!is great W of Com.
raodere ViKoailBaV, wlilcb stamis oyer tin
frplglit deps of tbo Hudson Hirer Itatlroaif,
wefShs fear tons. Tn of ' l"". that
nill bo hard to beat. M cut rtndtrs aro well
nnare, It was designed by Capl. Atnrr.r no
Ocoor, nho fias been called tbo Michael Ai.oki.o
of America. What f-tdptor will Iisto the honor
of designing the statuo of Mr. TwrtnJ Tbi is
a point upon which our reporter Is silent, and w 0
commend Mm for It. The firs.t rule for a ro
portcr Is to tell what lis Lucn?. ond to l.cp
silence t to all the rei.
"What wis her porno " was tho old
French Jmlirv's firt question when a crlminil
was broujlit bcfnro him on some imutitally alro
clous charge. Ills experienco had tfugit him
tbat when eomctbing quito out of lbs usual course
of rrlino happened, a uoinnu was jirctty ccrlalu
1 1 bo tound tt tbo botlotn of U. Ho when llnrr
UiiiT!.'i empty chair nxs socn at tUe Chienj;o
bnnquct f4lcu in his lienor by Wint llEirEti nnd
I1I1 friends, (be wlso onei siirmited tint a wo
man ires hidden onicrilicrc In tl.o niyst'.ry. I'oor
Uritr.r. fi.lt himielf ccilulidy an Ill-used inanr
He ajard ct lilj gucn's vacant chair as wildly as
did )l ICVKTII at II. 0 leenullc'S teat (CtforllAV.
gco nt the (ft-it. There wi'.i lids dl.lercncc, heir,
crci-, btittreoii llie liroba'i'jitrt givers, 'batilARic
did not even nctld hi glioki lo supply bis place.
Uexrsn, it is said, bss epiilo a turn fur dramatic
lllcrsti irbe hadfilleu baok on bis Pbali-t-poaro
in tliu emcrgciieyj bo nbtht bareniada
some capital hits, l'.,r lii'Urir.., bo could liavo
exclr.irncd with tba 8?oloh Thane, li-luly allcr
lit( liii pbraeilftryt
" tlrro l.a 1 n now Cm :w A honir ";t l,
Wure u.a crarvi 1r1a.1n.IeAr Imr. IIa.-.i rrcscr.t.
Who"i ma? I rsili-r oU iilenc; toi a-.i.aliO'
'I nad pity for mltPHMUt
, A Hum 111! al wi'ce.i.r,
bl-me tji-on pro- 10.
lur Hrxiaa-iHydo j u.aU lueL fact..' ilo
olf none.
Toe tfA tit tn a utool
11b naeli bmle.;iie ef Ibctr prlf fs Ilio retch
ed company wbn had gsth'-rid topilliT l le n
er the Ce.llfoi niou ln.tM base iniprorcd their
tc oiperc oil. I their eppc ii.". Hal the nines wore
tear to Uiciu, aud the i..n I " re but " fm, 'l
bul id r.icata." H.-cb lean f b 1 tt. I llie in nil to
ileir '..oil was rn iiu'ill lo l.i- elf , aud : the
xti: Holt bi. ing
" r 1' 't - too.1 ine. ire
Wii'i most alm!rrl cli ..:..'
rl.o i:.d gnont giK'rtj v nt 1 1 llic'r s' ial lumes
heaping anatlituiai ii;-' u the head of " i'iUiUlul
Tbo fact was thai IIattc aul bis wif-.- were
staying at the tioire ef r. lady wl. , tlitough -oiue
liindrertenee or neglect, had not been properly iu
vltiil. IJJl'V th" I'tt l'iry In tho tals of etfr
jouili, the) ixvciiKCil lierself finely upon the
company that didti't want her; fur ou Lcr ac
count loth Mr. and Jlii". IlAUtn atayed on ay.
All tbleago is indignant at the ailght. They
bid made up a big putK to buy the ZeliiiiU
JAinM'y for llinre; but they hare pulbu& their
uioiiejr into their i tK-let.', and buttoned lliem for
cer against the editor. Indeed, Cuicao nill
never bo a eufe place fur bun tu no to any more.
When be baa a call topi to California, he will
bate to go by wiry of the It'.bmut, or slip round
Chicago by dcrl'iut railroad. It will bo aa den.
tpreua piound for Idrn as the itreeta wliere bia
creditors lived were for that other il'Mitriotis
pott, I'.iriiAan SiviviLLcn. K.
riilll.nimoiilr Concert.
Tl.c lniilbaroionie Society's fourth concert was
CWea on faiortlo eyinln.r al the Aeaitrtny. II
i.a tiotlretle as coa'nRilut; upon llie procrtraire
only miere of tiie cioa iMeUru -otiool, tnilict 1.0
of 11 at cbtotle klmt that tho t 'tra cio.len.a it light
In. Tl.ere rat a mp :b tit'bu.nun lymplioij, n
v.ltk 1 1 picit ut;iy rr.d li ie-.iity of thouaht, iiel
' iHi ry Lir til ! -:d i "t.i. nf fn aBicim'ii
fi'.L n: onforienrt' .-ly i, bin elwir in lorm and ex
1'" le lu trcMm-i .1, l!i 11u1l.ll T't!or artaLI
el. auJ .-ii1rpen.lenily T. rk.-J oat, lie cannier
Ite-oerf a well xpreS'd as tn 1: l.llna; oo5 The
)f.:'.iu.nv ir i--'s wasr'-.Ml l-i a -nly mtunor
' v the hoeii'tv. At tiir.'.i wl.n1. naraee were
e -iclby iii-iinll'a. " o' L.-n t"l.- 1 ilia ililti r
'"t iurn n' the orw 'tr.tr--. In.i I:- nn heme ie
fiilty 't fan! The othT lu'trnei-etal wnra
'r oririnrr- hv II rtU'l ant IPSovcke
both ronip.iT of at l.'j .n '. of t.1 ie.)Dl onl. r.
Mt ! re a m.-an.Se' ct or-n itlc sceni ?ol
rU I ItuMinte'n, hrire ar.il broa I In trratinrnt
un l fell of teider exorelm. Sue It wcil
oili'lr. tl.o ItmiUtloLi 01 tier voic. III -Ii H on'iiml
lo i rl. ut uch mlliire. Il w-j i-urprlliii; with
wli perfect Inrl'ffennee, nol lo'sy eoldnM', tiil
i.Iy was ri-ceWrd. Her riitrnnco wa wale In
eii. Uii fi'ence. nnd her eiit ullli coecly n Land
mind In appian'c. tn ihe trcivd part of lb.
rroxr-iaime Mli Kello s Itolnl's "Bel
Itaxsi 1, ' aud an It rltli aduHnbie ixt and J-nl
An uaearur wit male lo zlve b. r a iwjII, bet tin
ro" luet by eoun'.irr demor'.trjtl'iiu, nad lur nearly
leu nilncles tho .Mot.fcnniM and Cupr.leM foucht
it not nline Il.r;mami eiool nnletly iniotu his
oiclnflm Willi an tvrtvMion on lib- Uee thai eleirlv
li noted tint he tnonylit I.U .lu i ie n actlni n
foi.llb and chlWItK ran. in I that tit wai wllSrr
luat th.'y . cul l 'ndn'cu tae'r (oily to the uttrr
wet. Not till tt-e lae'loniue tee! M.l and th
la'l h.md had r.t.ispr.l dl I b'i con tcerninl t.i tnu up
nls baton. MI- Kl'a l an ar-li .win( ol n
mofi r.' e.nna nceflTim Inn th'. vlul-.r the
ruaou itAl may nadcr.Ie th- rtTainfrttlm.
Krch.'a t'onerrl.
Tie pr-nmtne ot'Mi.u Kriibt's e.ghlb inatl
eve, fiti'uoo Salorday, vn van; I jnd Lrllltaut,
cjnpi.-:c worki by llic'i, feMlal.l, I anpln, lle.i
deU'.mn, Itubtntkln, aid I,'t. Ih-li' fnene ri
lu (iiMi.ttl'u a cupeola:1 nail' ea'ila fur Ka difil
tul'j and beaiily. nnd fur the c!"nrue.ii, pr. .-Itlon,
and fir Wilh Sflrrrh Ml'a Kei-ns plivMli. ThU
anut bits lb" nohl" onelltr of tlJ'iK .th lir auo
Jee'. fhe nmrr A.Drillt a nler-i ..y n n'tllt , the
Xrr.t'r the wm'T iilih nhli-h -4m cifvis and oter
reneili. Win Active Palner. a l inn? lady In
fieri J In Italy. mUa br flrJt iippearanee m k v.l
CiNt. Her mir-e Is : mn-nprano of nine'.,
Tier rim h-mim", whlrh Ho iu well rmi,
town T. Ml'liutit oin fanlts of lrle, ns rr n-a'aiu-r
1 hat.' 01 rl'InrrM ;.erito(ot the tinfiuriini:
of a i h'Sif, lin'.i sd nf InVias the Inie lone al one.
Mi Itindnlil ali. vans. Met In u mnnly wjy lual
file s-nrrji nitMfilton lo Ihe auHtrer.
Ilruniullr lirmt.
The in.ift policeablo drwiiatie ct tut of the
.r. teat irk 1 the prodnelton lo-iilght at lloolkH)
T.ieatre ef " iiucJi Ado About Xotliine." The pale
He cenerilly, and Uio livers ol Hhiketpeare eipr
elelly. are under renewed obllsition lo fir. lkio'.b
for prs- ii.inu thli eiri "it'ly pn vifd series of the
wn K nf Hoi rnat inaili r. Mr. Iloolh iinueara aa
fttfifHi A", Mr. Laim-iic. Ilarreit ui Diu Vrfro. and
llr. .1. II. Ui'Vtokir lsi.il.cui ajhiclaily utwd lor
the pj.t o. IKybtrry.
At Ihe 1 ifth Aieuuo Thealie tlieii ii 110 chance
if (ilait ul Hli-c-al. Mir Linda ))" la Im Immh pio
mnt.'d lo the tun lately acted l j ,MI- l)jieiiioi'l, nn
:i.'.-ount ot tre illU'-as ol Hie latter. Mln Ajih i
Kill, It Ii until, wri.l uinur next roSM.u l u.
luok'4. 1.'i ilare .0 Ihe I'llil) icuue bans 'UpjilleJ
b Miss Sluif ear,', of llo.ian.
Mr. and Mia. Wilt'iun 11. I.incard coiiiiueuee
Ihl-i einiliu t I.Ioj r.Jwin'a Thoatir .1 fnir nivlf'
11:11 uniMil. Mien. Ilinl'ae and I'oimay and
nu'uiVuia of ti.r ttock eviiHii'.v will mppuil ihcm.
Mr. I.l'ijt id m iei vniindy lie'.' n rl"!- .if luiiu r
o'i.imou! iioai lluic i .retoloro re; reseated In thia
The cpvaci.ti'ent nf Mr. Kurr t at the I'onr
lei nib t-irmi IhvnUo lau.e 10 au abrupt tiel uu
lire ti end 1 1 fiii'te Mire varluua eaii'es
ol 1 IS'.i'lty. 1 : tc It. added lo Ihe lael lh.il Mr. l'or
r. - ' 1 wl n v .1. uol mt (Cud, ci luLiiiiul lo briiiK
a.i'iui I hi n .111.
Mr. Wjllacl. give? u tbia week no later novelty
I han v . H...ui.'iuii.'a ' Itoruai.i'e in I Id thli," whien
aa o i l. y-an'ljr ueelii.d nt H' iiiudueimn laat
Miik. Tliu irst ttl it. 1. v.ck l illicit onl llh thou.,
cimi'dira inoM 111 I'aor Mill the putiuii of luia
tl, i-tii.
loey I'att'ii'.' finiill rlngowill be Oiled in-niu,ht
by Ihe weal P 1 1 cuuil. ( el. Hoi.ib i..a.ln n, who ,ii.
Iii-uri' In muiit mid builtirque. 'I n' I irj.-U lie.n In
llie Mtild It 1 i'iiilenii nted bj the Miiall it, a beuu
ti'jt iuupll) iiuined lluii. tlruui, Jr.
Mr. Hddy appeiua to-lii(lit at Wnnd'a Miiaeum
In " J he 1'iart Ilnait." a onitrij 1 no ii'tana mi hli .
Icaa at lt lume wuiihl iudlcile lluiii rumejy uml
laite Are alto kiieu ut the Ua'.'i uutiiu'cv ui ihlt
Mita NiUi-iiti'n reappearaucv 111 conceit hue h
iiiiiioiiiii'uI ur Turailar of nr at neck. On Wid.
neUay the oratorio of "The I'reuUoii " will be
glti u, the .Mindalohn Unhia MUiiiie; Ihe ehorue.
The "Uieholieu" L1111 lo-utuo will soon be vtiih.
Ji aw 11 ot the Oljmpic, to waiio leuui lor Ur. Dali'a
At Niblo's Ilio " Itlacli Crook " sllll crjuthmea
to djrzlc the eyea nl nuinrroua aiidleaecn.
Wadame ritwlncb wiptsrs tlu tivtiiiu iu " lw
be gimt tu uuu XlwaiAv.
How .Vmfonmn inncloHnndiy Cnmrurlr,
nr.i! Tew '"" ,frp 'r'"'"-Alao boiv
ho Jtobhorl Workmen and ssonl og'
wlltthl lantur l0Dt't
To tu LMor 0 iti xuii.
Fir : In T3(itday's !-'o:i '" " "delo
lieidf d, ' Tr.ivora'1 Canal Ihut," i."1'-" ra-rl" Tray,
crs cb a eeufidettrn opentor, bet 1. i"e )ou a
llti: moro ol tbat resirs liltlorr. Abeut'-'ltttif
Dostnibcr a man cailrtiK. htntrnll Caleb TraveiN crno
loocrphM looking tor a fj.taliie elte on whib to
put t H an Im hoese. Aflr a fow dayt bo found oiJc
to' 'US IlkMc It was a piece f around edj.ii.ib S
the coo"r thop, known us tlo Duhsls Coeperar,o,
at.d bel6fc;!atd Jto aapio est'ite. Tmeri and the
sxent fir Ihe prdpert (file t an t draw up a leis.
tbo pnriort f TiMcli v' ".' 1'rSl JiS'J
11.0 latnj for liic jijh toi a ccitiiii turn ef noaey
to be paid oyery linen riiont'u, an.l that In thouid
erect a b.ill lie i Minmon. and a wlcef I.Lfiont of tho
Moy-ily T5 (ctt la Inixt'i. Travers then went to
tlrvrire K. hnyilet'a lum'K.r amteoal oCco,lii (iauifcr
Mi, ai.d r.i ilu n taru.'ti lur tho lumber and timber
neea'sarjr for a bnltu..i 'Uii)re, t ainl 25feot liltb.
Alter arrat.Kii f m.h Hnjder, '1 r..vera tulJ him that
iis 1,011.0 l'.iv cisn
Inrall iv gd'-Iivniid lo l.i-n wleuotcr lo toi'lii)
I110U uik for it, o.- sreiy two wracks, it It inaje no
lifers.-!-, 1I (Trator-) t;U lie Intended to pay
bl inci tvery t'vo wrftl'.'i and la ncutd fy dnydtr
!l..r, inn, f ii weald l sitteh rijier fur fciia. Spy
U"r eid ic reluni that every Ityo Trteka nould en
er h'a. purpcae, an I a'ter otaorinj hlaiself a
well as he eoi'M tbat ev. mbliw wae i.Ulsfjclcrj
kclkl kjai ImVv thi stun iht he wauled.
Trivere hired utt tti'li: vnly 'n mil y wept
to work Jn bealneis-Uko wey.to 1 at up the buud.
Inf. ri'bia' 11 all his allcntlia. lie tiuaie.l tho
ovinur of iLc baancisUs luiT, lipt. it. A. hartley,
lo carry bis lahoiam oyer lie river from flvoll in
the tott'.. its aud haek al ulrl t, ae ocirWall lived In
1. vol', trtrTrivura L , vclf bonnlnd In tiio Tirol)
Until ctth a yo.nj w juan e'al'n.u: to Iro Mrs.
Mean-u..' 1 ll.e br V ox S'b! on rapid')', aud tko
'IliyvD A I. '.I'll
l.c nAP PSOMistn to p.it
dr r." r. tin v.it ti fv on B.ilnrday, tr.e Ttlh
".i of D. .-. n,l iiiil.i hel I ntiiiiM him, aniunt
m .1.1 ... . lu ''ii, :' ndci'a b.'liifi Uio laraoat,
in . it-n 'ui t 1 1 uearly fl '.'JJ.
')n i ei i-m , Ih. 1Mb of TV-amber, Travcs 'nr
ff . i il il 1 N ll.l 111 it. P. l.erk, a bonkk'-.'per, to
I .cb lor .ilm and att. ud 10 til the dotalla of Hit
In- 1 . a. He wn to lave an vSlco Is Nriv York,
ati.ei.jt nt Tir:it- c.-t.t.i alr-ot, X. It., and lo
V.-iu w r.'uj 'er nlm .'i fie 11 nl .I nnnrr. A .1
1 "iiiii".e.aina fur Ms acivicii lie was to draw tt)
M. cklr. and 10 ! ivj a ciulti thare ot tl.o profli.
ll'jili 'it ipnt, in:', rnd tbe la"t flanan In the
Mr.trtct via that imiicc t luc-ild forfeit 18 J l to
itkii ksnpiiw cart 0' il ru,iisa. Atler tla
tnii ih ptkli''. ' raven iu-i tc 1 llni I'ollccit ahoaid
Oio'ii tie Xl wikl I'a It 1 seei.r'ty, l.tt l'ollock
cialft n it i i .1 1 tful liu-l'f, . iJ rrr.vi rt limn sal I
at t o loch v s ro hot.cul ll'.-t it ni.ulJ 11. U.' 11a
i';ufj 10 iits" x aenuTtrj ...'. J t.cnl siu.ITtJ
a Itk c 1 c 1 yt ting aa evera boJy
vtts costnicr wnn poilocs ,
n.is lii"l on the lOtti of lice oilier, ai TiT,-rs wes
lo pay no too Hlh. All 'In on Friday he fin yer.I,
, Ulkias about n vdu, . mil rfanted Saydjr to
end his bo.ie to JI'iMiy M d uet tt.-1 carrues, but
l-'nydei eould t.ot do it. Ti.irera hml botm'ita kr,.e
canal bo.it i.rc.i'it. ICaivi arviijclii, for JJ.i.'W, auJ
was to pay In rruli ou Ihe l l'U of .nnuarv, .ivir. ' u
pr niieaory n lo to tail ilv'.t l.i ttvoniy U..y tor i: 1')
lo Uml the harrrin. II" jTnpntod Ul aeud tcli boat,
llm .Mm Ik HoU, tn J.iw fork ur Albany lo id
itwdiist to d.l i.i bit teniae Willi.
tat'irda) inninlni arm .1 1 ur.l the tnen rll bt?an
wora. aoruo liit nrl ;ht fi oa, nt thai - i Iim 01
on ipt'.li lliey icrc 10 rc-civu toeir luoney e.r l.o
wrflki' work, hoiau of tbe workmen I1.1t been ti
Ihn ciP"0'o of buy ni; In-.:, a.ieh at .'1 hi. I pli'l.-,
and pow dcr to blast Ihe rooks need loi f.Hint lu.
At aimul 8 o'clock 03 & 'lur.l iy n.iri.lnj wo, 1 0.1 a.'
fmoi 'i 1 1 u l, luat frivca wai ruluj to Ki V-irlt
to ' uy :..i'ifusl and would ui l.aeK .it 1 n'u. el th
au.e day. and that the i.mi'l " ,i'r mi..,. id u out
tbe Utne ol the men end cu Ik-el In tb.i bills in 1 be
r.-ady to na nil ut 4 o'clock, .J wo.id rotuiu inUi
a aiipoly ol oi'.nry.
flieu iho A uMock ferry arrlrel e.l eyes wore
tJruial to the r ut.rid lo ic Ike mail l,.io c llie. I
hicacli I'r.i it, but tlia'. Llj.i
nuspirK it it and uitii coir
failM to pel In an ar-rennfe, e-.d after a o'. !orV
tbe u nit did nut po In co but tl a -tt ! " l .iit'l
aa t' e, l.'.i.l done befnre. Cic'. fniil. r, 01 i..e f.ny
0 .a", ii'kc-J whether he l.i.l Pe.o-d or . en a-.
" iu.- ..f 1r.n. Ho aD'areJ tnu hi hiul'i'a-'l
pot. !ne. out had ircn Lit. 'Ir-v.-rn ao e-f 111 ite
eur wun tier Irunk and tiai'ltu-1 u.f. Word en-t.
ov. r ih" rlrer Ironi H7cli the ux' day thi.l l'r..ti
a.td liorro'ed 9.1 of lljrdtoter, '.he hou I keeper, and
that In v. .'- ha I borrowed a like autonni tu ihe
inatd rtrvabt lu Uio hoiel ; akw. luat liardiulir kail
;one to T:avr'a room, an.l foand uutlilos Uiere
but un ol.l Hunk, la wt'lcli were noib! i- bal a pi. c
of l.o'uU) bcn:, . few stent, cad loua tauvJ
rurpur. r.icovr.acD
a larse qu ntlly of t.l luia'icr mi l tlr.t'itr b ilr.i-r
in1; it a nay 110.11 lie uiouu 1 111 y on 11 e. 1 .1 1 . ....
1111! and up. calm now atiada at .b .ut Jl.-iM. fur
wuich he has a juibttpent aaii.-it tl jVitrra lee
llot.e. Tlic workmen hale tr'wii um . il.oj a m
rriilnx unrUiinj. an 1 we wllhn.' to cell :.i iivo aud
a l""f cnta on I lie dollar.
Nullum baa baeii beard ef 'jVoT.r' .,u-. In nu,t
lo ct btwdU'l. Tl e Lo'.lii.ic ilnel . ibo' icil?
thhe.l. and l'oi'eick it aoxi.iot lo -: '.i 1 r .tjt).
1'ii's i tlw adyeulii.er who Umht ..u- ami ee. 1
Mr. X11.1 tin's wood y.ir-l, t.i Hi 001.1,1, .nl, r r
rliotklior: nerybn ly. uieafon.le.l. "U ilkl.
bilcini'.tlL-s, N. Y., UarcCi 3.
a r.ui3u:ii t.'iu yniis 111 s Jttxn.
lie I'.rllc.vca lie silll Vnr n Wrallbr Ilelle
-thp HpIcBdor of alio Wrddlnz IVnal
Thr .Tllsvln.t llrldccronri I'.iHnd I'eeilltic
('oivj-'fbo Jinn Flecnu'l W nut 11 Wtlr.
''oircruoiaieuce ef no ' .u
I'lTTH'c.if.ti, M.ncb Iii our ih lililjortnt;
lerouxh ef ileK"evi"l, on ttt Honwn.fil' ' 1 r.vi-,
ihcj bad quite e liviy 1 ee la'i nlji.l lexaase a
wrddln clld net tome elf. ITio Van hu-k injnaloa
las been azltnlrd fir tome tine mcr the appiouru
In? nepiisla of tk fair ilaug'itor uf lla- '.ouirl.ot I
with Mr Johneon. 11 nciiteR.n v.lio tueortlleelly
boldt the rloif.li icout 'ono mi.ea frual UcKoi.
V.'erku aso all tlic leidliic "tnrei ol ihe city wrre
Invaded for the purpose of msknu- up a ou.v.
worthy Ihe ou.lon. Home fv Co., on l'.inn Hr-.t,
ucn uieicib rai bi -1efed.ar.1I Sbolb' ell Ibnve lovi .
of thliif that LnVf cu a hriilc'a wurdiobi cr
procnre.1. Jewelry In t r.ifu.iu was ..rd. d. .111J
.he lamb like March wai lo iv a hatioy uiarruti;'-.
I Mr" hundred xtwin 1 uiblnl al too S a 1 Kir
mtnamn at ua cany hour nwerday uilerajon, 11
ilier alnaja .lo la thnte il-llrhllil rui-al iihcoa, ui. I
Hie los nf aatin una luehnMnci of u n . 1 h 1 vu.l.il
the whole rtuklHiltuitin'. Tho wadtin: hour c. jie
un apac. The delieale wap-wi.l?ted tltn"i' oyer t to
rnrnlD minlelplecc of tho main pallor pid mIi
n'eluek si uh iu ciiokoo lone, end jet the hrble.
sro-11 came net. tiome oiie ij'ieltd T'Uutaoira
v.i tl.knnwri Hitrft
"All riecloas Uiinii.flljeaitie.i
In lie le ll.MVf. k llicill bine foil,,
For I.oti- In er tii work' w.s i Pf.i
And draws Ihe lull ir.wn bildi-u lur 1 1.
Ila tracel far freni utbr oj.
1 1 In iimnlie alitteii. en Hie rue.,,
A fair) piuci' anhl l 'le. o.
Ai.d Hani. 1 iiijiud thiu ci-101 "
Hat II itemed to do no .otl : for In- e.iur 101
A ony ctpreaa lyiin tent lur Ihe ImsiiIuI 4u!ia...,i.,
nad ibo ui. iM-nxer iltM.Ur tounl bin .111101.3 hi,
m-iiMitlil cooks uud bulla, Am . wal.i. 11; inr .,i,i.
Iju mcitice thai IiikI been m ul lef b.ui, he n'
buck b) word ol moulii liii ieilun ius ititorui.:
"If inn iiliikie, sou tray aud tell Ib -ui ik.t I
Inre luailv up tot l.iind 1101 10 cc'. nu.n id."
Lit ut inf.. 1 1 l.o uir Aruifr broke IU upun ike
Kl.'oiuy 'oishejiusa 01 Hie Urlilat uny itb ,.ai
bu liciitalii.l-.ike kiitwur, met Uie Ikiii'a wmi um,
llie m.tthre xeeala departM,.vid lielvc . anorl 111.
derwwil Hi lint rcnuuto ujiny. in.iavit 1 uli
tho talk 111 ttrlklO'-r.itiu elic.c iu Ike all, and ..
blench el priiiuu." cat" la Ihual nmt,
Tbo hl'M ciiiuaj'undoiit liainii! I,iturtirwi'd 1' 1.
nfutinx brUIeureoni, cou'd nbi4 Inia Iroia I
' ua. bi diJn't n iui to att married, "
A ouiioua wager lia r i.cutl uecn decided in
Witehliiaion, Mi. II i'mntiuaii tiet that he would
uat i.o painlilfe curb lunriilnx btlwc n the huuri
ot uluu and I111 lor lklriyi.iiceei.lvii iluy, while
Mr. W. 11. Seotl ww.rel (16 4J ttal he eooj.l not
prririm tint gatiioiuin.te lea'. In f.orope ltnll,,r
uijtihea, iigcnot U'Isk tubttitutsd fur farirl.ig '.
have brin cuui.no'i, and those bn have aUjniU- .
uob 1 eneria mci i liai e cn.enilly tuifeu d aevi-r: i
from nausea, filer, and proilrallenafiur linvtntj con
lltiucd Ihutr tsptnmeuta auort Uiuo. Mr. Trunk
limn MioceiMltil In wlniilos Ills wer wiiiiuin cxia.
I.enc.iig uiiy 111 iffwiaj but Ida h an rxeepl I011..1
can-, lor l.o u a man u.o n.ntt imve a iii;otion
cqiuil In tint nf uu iMlrieh, at ao lu be u kuuivu lo
cil ain ilnjjletliliii llurtcendoaen raw ojteni,une
down oai.i (ifgraeu 10111. and llu J.ueu law eesa, If
Mr. Tuutmsu would baie tie I iinlnot to liy a
dozen of lobatiri, wasl.it duwn with a ta'Ion of
milk, the r. rult iiihl be vain tblv to colct ec 1.11J to
the coiUDiuit'iy.
Mr. neadell l'Llllipi it lo lectnrx tt SUnwuy
Hall en Tueiday tiening or Hit b'mf.t ul ll.e
tUIrriuat V'lii ch.
OhaxojTJwvxn jiojti.xstssh.
nrltorynnd HinucalliiB Hronclit lo T.larbl by
Ibo laveellsnl Iim tomiiilltco Men auil
yVoracnsTrjotinve been rurlebeit.
Tin Coiigretsluiial Comiu'lnoou Ite'renebmcnl
and Ilef'jrui, cpe. .'illy as rd.illnir, to l iuloai Homo
raatterf, lute reportod the result of their
tibors, and recommend a conlinnatloa of the In
teAllja'lona uorinc the (umrr.er months. The
doielopiutnla alreaJ male before them aro of
Ho !il;hft Iinoortance, cmlraclns wholetalo amui
Kline ly tomoef our wcnlth!ctlcttlrcn, who by tbo
piypient of bribes to C'uttou llou-o oftlclats have
been able to suittfrtlo Ivnluabto pictures, dhimnnd",
arlic'es of vulo, tail cosily weaMnr; appirot. In
qujiitilles almost lufUdenl to Hock an ordinary re
tail t(t,tii,t. f..t. tl.e revenue of which If projiirly
ccllec'td v;uu!J Jtiieimt (9 iijllllor.a of O'd'ars ?n-nu.-illy.
II Is tl.e tfsjl custom of tba Cove,rr,nt nlSciais
tdilaaiino iy opcAlnc Ibo trunk of r" rn;ere
;r,t t acrtaln whether tny dn i.iblo nMlcti-a aro
con. r.ite.1 i the ba;: if,e. flat 111 many lie 0 1 tint
Wi re hion'.-rttbefoto the CinuilMi r. N--w Wke rof
itepei '.eutiilv Iistj been tllv to I Ins fian.li upon
Ibo tcirnue, Iho Ilie-Jcc'-oH ",:.'l'.j (runlet and
tae ley the tloKSii wllhoul 0an1'lf, Ui"1t.
Antrnx tne persons wl.o woro eunintoiied before
llie CoainiittcR wet a Mn.iltny with,, who i.ce'im
r ui I. nl by y tie d.uijlhtc.t nulled In the itr.imer
lisfayelle In JSetri rarier im, 1 avlns i l ei bufsa.-e
tv, pain Inii'ks in 1 hvn Isrjo einea, n:. linn ' i.uila
I' art el. tu llie ..mount i f nueut t-l.d'J. llie tDiyy
1 fw! 'ch vmcu.ed by the luymeut ol J-id to tl.o
cflk' ; iu c ui-te.
't'o-'io y Ii.- I .n 111 c of l!irao ci-aace.l In the
I'tHl'.. ..'. Ill'i.V'IIIiatfllj opuh ul willow wr- the
afitetate and besom friend or the 1.i.-"i.'h oo
l'cta...ii', w'fi ol 01 e of Ntnuleou larorli.. ., made
tlilklM' rjj'iiiil'.ns undr ibnKinrlro. other
n. iiise , u a.,:. J tmio.i .ICK- he- fufi-ni an la well
knftnn rae.eli-int of IJrVi'1 llf-i. .fire ex itnlticl.
Wmiilna I'vae, iUq yoraailtiafviviauoiiiiljii'ij.e
tl.e intnilitallonftalhcroouti as tti, uc"n d ; oCt
on Iho lux' xueln iiloii Uiey wn! ri.lly oieluro tho
nnnarobr.r. 1 frci Is of mo Cunom 11 ,nc.
A l .innua Toism nnd a l'niuoua Ilortor on
rriinivlTniiht uvenlie-Tkc Drilled llnjn
Oyer OliSUUn liny rot' A.KenUlnK.
trjiy Me irnaityton C'A.eu..if.
rcrhnps 'mo of llie gre-ilesl ucircUies wbi -h
reel tbe eye of the prdcatr.an t.i .-i'i; alone 1' 11 11
iMvaiili svenu' la tl e d.ill.f ippea am o of a be m'l
ful Oxford ewe iil. wn bs il. 0 ' lo.-int nay hortes
caily caparitoii.-1. One rem but i.u 1, as far as the
eve cam reac't, aud feel (Hit I v. t"i .nu jllon nt tne
inov -mtnt aud pn ci.l id of lb" Ii rice and the n:-.n-tor
in whloli thuy bod tin ilbbns h. id crhknt'r
by L'10 prlie-o of ill Ivei . J' til tea n i louxs to llr
Ifeluili'dd. uf Yeik, and ro-t lilm y ir of
trtn'.ie nnd moCi cx" se to fit eu'. A'l are L es,
of tl.o aain - h 'lil.t, 1 -.orcmi".!, e nl era. ". the
lend tior-u rl'tcee ina fuel, 1. 1 t'o fie rest, as 1 i.nen
.e aisi-'i tff tin otlu r fellow, rlhouhl ht Iclt ' el
t il.e tl e flr.' t. p, ttin lcil f..ot of I'm entiio to. 1.1
kicp.i pace tliin'-i'.tb, rr-nladlns one or a well
diiil.d vrliixn r.'jiai'jnl of rrjraiy yi.n ir-lc-e.
Tko lenui tt drWou UTu-la-naed, th.ee tan lau.
and 10 ut tie wheil, and wa nrourht htthtr by
Oie Deeior al nitali 'xnenie, lo tutu pail In our
Ur..KS korenal fr''L.U.
T' O'e v.li J 'tl 1.', A lej fjien nv n':' -.ecu, em
act l.el call t i t.in.I iMj nn'ol in.ii .at is ti
P"W)d bp end down H.o ll.oroCi r', abd 1. s'.r
was tip fixture of tpi.t p.rlloii 01 Hie ex.ie!j.
Dr Hilfil.ol.l left V -i-l Ington city aoois (weiily
years aro. m Is h acr.-ele iheaomi to f0Hi.urm
trtr. inrvlie.i U -N. w Vork. A le.oluto will to
nice I, inie 1 ti.l p. .n ii. noe 111 I I. lues". pl
Ik" trea ptai nr ti.nl' r'e i'lK, enol.li'. .!bi to re'icn
I ar.d ""care for liierteif rn 1 wife (hi moat enmft.i.
ons ad I'.rpT.n ipaitmii.ts tt the -irilnrlon Hotel.
Hi l .10 necou.wiiled by Ida 0 did. Mist Aldaia
of i"uh,. nn I Ooa it) m of CnV.111 n'rto'kly, In l
e:i .a 10 le ie. Id drl'"r, tn.,t ner, froo.as, ant
Vo'y "i'hi '. forni!n(a re.li.ee Ut toatcB(asy a
;ru .1 '.1 1' .0.
ono wen d Ibvrlne II'mlMi1!'a vail'jr. perlKipe.
Uldured 1 1 i tn 11 ik - Ibi "how. Not so. koweyer
lie Is flan. r.tl.T h..ndon e, and "oeltl man nf
U11 werldt h.s aa uciite a'.d kicu perception ot
Mcmau liulv., la rally a",'ro..ehcd. genial aud
coo I natnred, imd Jut aneb a lean M tkoes niakinx
Ills aca.11 untauev wonll al once ttl down es a
nhok-aejteil, Ju ly f no I fi'ilow. He n akca niorey
hat, and tw nfl It like a rrtnee; eatertalua Ola
frirndt f innpi'jiio.ly; tnk? taetuero In eknwlna
them Ida I a dsncte u Sal, i.ud Is keen enouch 10
iPpKilatti i.'ei lalas of ad.ortlalesi bj diuW t-x-tenses
tor tl.'s ll 'in ntere utnennlluf lo llie alnioit
inetrdible sum 01 f :0H per dir.
Ti a Uoct tt II.. ll"j e Iv of tVathioston, and dc
e'are. Hi c ipltu1 flull nerr U' moied. Ilu beem
well pi -d wltn the u-.'t-'S of oar earsltal, anc
rre'li 'tt that at the r.i it held 0 -.-lander neee a than
evu ihe ore which n,i jo.l tiki n plaen will be ILe
result. And it. utitl all Ida plen'0-e, an I ti.o a
leavers to p i-' llico-e ivb" iialt kim. oc airs r nrsf
l ets his b-inii4. Daily ho is la r.-cMinof to
f aeii f. oin Lis inantu' 111 '.ore In 1' illwlelnlila
and :i"W Y rk, and (tirea tie. p-rrontl dlr-ction in
tiio st.,;.pii ot Iil" colt to ell per'.a of thaw.ir 1.
lie In- at ci - e--t.ihll!i.-d In ta'iros". Koatk ta- rl
ca. an I Ae..i, -u I '.atdi a sci a .'la wr a f'.i-euxn
p .,: i.eat t-king oat a l.-r,.-.. luioioi) of Ualai
bul 't Unci u.
YHerd ..v, tl.e Hoet.ir. with 1. f w f.-linda, ristied
M, uel V- ri . r, ai.J to .t.tr pii-- ltit tH i.
pcCnu 01 ...le-et In ai.d a'.-, el V.'u heflo". lie
will Ir. T" 1. r 1 ia h. . N 'York " M nfUr,
a:..l In lu- h-.a.'it. i 1 ' n! .-a ri-ly 'o ex'..-a I a
eord'd 11.. J I...-H .. 'lee ' r..i 'o -P win ra.l
I.-. I.I'.'-. nnd ,'i l!'"in in e.i H,i.i ytoiijclo
. :i.d kit l.vcty thour n d il.l...- . -
TlrOtd "l"iho:ii.t t'!.ur.-!i nt Itocncll On.
tre, I,. 1.
Hi: We f.'.t au!jnl".l on tullti; i'i yo.il'
1 --r ef t . l-.e tho .-Ucr of C. r.il. y, a'.j la
4:1 r :r to a eni.U part of tho c nsfr.Mu
wdeb l.e 1c1are.1r1.aenK, In wi 'di be tM bat
.-.'(! Ul: .'j all ll.e ordiaaasj oat or 'Xo o.J euareli,
1 k oS tl t.i give Ui :n nue Sanity ercin.
V should lik" to Cud mil what &rd naaoos be bi
lell. lie uaa m'tird ta (ireaah in the old ekurea,
has kikes poier fn-nttaj clae-kiid:r. d.sivcaeJ
tko PnWrcth aeliuol, even a4i!-ed nue xyorlliy siettr
to ksrw awnyllej tbo old cuurch, i-ali. run
tlaio eb alteuCed nieellitc ihutw that alio sinned
.ah'St lir nititer. Tbl rs strnnse talk for one two-M-lnat
ui tre a CI i l'ilaii ulaei'ee. Ha data rot
ami dare uol dasy that hit Inteniloas wt.- tu el .se
tho old church which Ii.m tioad for uuwwJ of
ekctily jearr. imd at preien: rs.tfna ioar.,iftha nl
lite e m-rrexiUao. tun) M In a flani.inp ttaie. We
intend or.ld una In Hie old church In a nronor
1 .rlii in tpeli aeiolte any 1 iitcrfereatv Ir in anr
c ;hrl.'.liu ion'", ne it t". !lk"y, tn prei-ld!"
tl ; r, or auy other aililji cler-emm.
1-ii.As ii. in: k-irt r
rtxusaux 3 ConvrB, P-'b. Ul, ISll.
The rnu Htimlnsu fwliidlp-Tki I'nlKd
Ktntea lo l.e lnni ulalecl ullli l,epraa,
ro-ii l Cli-fi.nuK tinnU'i'.
One ef the frbfhtftil pLpKsof Oner-la! and
IrouP-i! eocitr'ti Is tepru'j'. In H". .-ires1. eUies ol
t'kl ID. Irom whVli w- iro uonr rejeittaj initnl
I'ruatt. thr.- n:i 'wains ef l-p". mid ll atmrara
Hist tltc mirfil - ntn . ee-err--. e.j lug tue Mm Ho
miuifo vxpnt'tlou h.- dirOii.rcd ihlt leimir eih"n
tiler., n it 1 1:1 Hem 10 now tap .tv leper tn Ui
lean of :-an luiiilni,ti tire'i'. It do-s pel enpear
thai th-i 'n'dl.i' .-fkeer wa awire 01 ttni cxljien.x
01 1' '.roar all ecr lee rrhnl.
Iti tltf tt c ut Poit-.n-l'rrc.oe letiera are plenty,
aud li eu- awjvaraa..-e us lieypov. r near the erlmvh
flonrt Is hnrrrhlc herond d' I'f'ptjm. It l to t
honed that wbl'e wre alv inf-i.'nelaJ orl-ukil ttnrnl
panti and t.nnexln tr.'.'.c.l 1 ).tua, we will trjl
lit 1 tntrodtiiie the tcirluie . , 1 "on'ste iii plaii je ol
I' proy bv winch liny n.vto te.-u t-.Tilri i,.r ten
lurk a. We t- o il. 1, i. ,-. .. 1? .11 'be
toMo'i-v nlroa.W. It i ' 1 i..ii to ..1 ir.- u
uecn em,. 1 111 Nev. Yo.-k.
A Murrle.1 Wemnii ,rh oe In f lioel.
ei.l Wia Vr .le'-if.
The l.-io ef Icatni'.a la 'oii.e ininrla dof. net
dls iiifi mar1 1 .. e. 1. ii. I e-ili'tn r"l dlfr .Willi,
TVrc is a ink; pjyiei . ,ti un. llix-n lulr, a
llr- .il.t, t.. .. : o-i'. 1.11 1 w '.iy 1. , , . 'i- d.nR
o of oui 1 Hi c 1 1'. , v i. 1 i.-.a tn -ii nmrr'' 1 nv c,
uyeie ll..rieif j . 1 kt - ii .r .dd man 'V-ih- iMn
Inn. 1 n,;i4 .iho : ll. j r .e la;.i r.otu Al.i'uin.i
In.l'.e ..tu.-tl VV " . il.-, "I'I. y were eon--il.
.nil -.ii' nr i .v li i.. t'i" 1 eky rhanei of
'...icruput. us bom 111.1 iiin t m ia. .uul wtie
keui l.iiii. k i.a: arokii.l i.l.i t" .u 1 ,11 a ka! ot uinA
fer seine 111 1.. I". I .nill .1 m.t r, pen-., uttbd
ur'.ii them Ii. two t.-mee 1 i-.il'ix' in biek ellev,
wirr tl "t et lit.' rLe.p, t ' kaa twlii ;olux In
ec iuol fur i. ei-uple of mesiiti.', util what otur tbe
w -itkir It tin.' tier li'tle ic -f , aortaM tines to meet
tr wilh tl.e bsbv aiinal Iroi o'elos In tko afur
;..... It ia aa lurtuue at iu' -ittluix tu "uaervu Ike
!:'.- llai' ;i...;r."l Biotktr xelumsu her kuoka ltd
al 1 1 f.ir tv Uiii,i..' ofabtiwl with a lee pairpioa
uul or ll at int. ala-oet rersar. It (a alao aiteulms io
uuem IU little Cam rfiow iv I till r li.n luillt
pitrd ki.ie.iof tl.e rrhl, uJ. .Iiey are a; i... nl, w 1.1
uucui 'uhibeil Irrsvr, dy alter day.
Now Troualut Inn nl the lllhlc.
Zo.. f; I'M rt.j ti it, ec eM C-e. 'u.'. ...... '.cn'.
I leant from a pit si: but : !.u..i.' -jure',
lb .t tbe CuinieilU un U." Uvi-ie . - d I. r.u-iU-Uou
o' the liiiil .1 i i i. vir i 'i'i n l i." .. solo
to r,I'c its t.i rai ' el '-- l'i.a..i . m n ...I ..'wai
four) cm liu.,1 ti - .ul I. ll.l 'li'.ii..il hot
tint1, u littU over t.n - , I'. i ill l.ai lb 'e
lexih, th, wl.. .o '. .e '.'t ii .nl. tear I'nii
Itirse ic'. n.n i -s i.r iu'.i i i. .it 'It. J f tftu Weill,
Itey i.nd i!i .. lu' el. .ui t i 'e.l ui.' 'll ll 1. 'iv the
uu 'i .leu" t . n-oii' or - aa ire y. i kirJaiiJ
St lln'V ale kel .e'i. N . 'I I 4 ivir.'.'a l lT.-T bS I
I. bin. in 1. 1 lr .Iv ..i.r. I in iu udooi : .nt tntrlexi
Ur, 'J . vim" -,i.ies Ina nit r a. 'h tium
Uta .in- we'd 'i I' H.I..I' 1 i.a waa nidi'. I known
b.. 11 i..'... t '. Iraielali re, who lb.i.'.,i: h.ut lliv
r ,:ut tiji..l it,.in ..f iha i, tiiioii wa-, J'iwiiis na
oar .loi i.t we i, iviib cur Ue .'.ci' " H it uwae
ualuia ly tho izi.t that ihia mo tr.iialji o' nil. lit
todK.iin the ulth ..fall I'm ' 'pk.t per;, le i:ouland
a fr.ueiii. y pel mu h i: l; .;l lo fo.x.t.j ai ir
A In fko Tllhuue I'lultli. Ihe U'oiiieu.
ie..i fA ,!!. HhkiUii tiM.
The leoent ciiiiciauis of ib IKhuif en (be
arlialle abilities ef Mils Vtnnle Ileum hue broustil
out the tl.ttr.ient ll.lt WliHtl.iw Held, tho n.ui a,
ok editor uf that tupe'. U-. -i ref(td skilei fr lU
baud ul the aruhlli jta itelplmas.
joiix'h n.irciT. 1
Let thn Lndlee Krjoice .lohnona nieMkM I
eirerl !nr-HI. Ancnlunaie liroeilt. ! I
IUo Hack I'lntlurn.-lle l.o.cs hi. I
Whitl llln.l ol n WnlrU It woe. ,Ci-
"And he went for that Hcalhea u -, . '
To Ma Mltvref Ike sun.
810: hast Tuesday evening was tin wont
Tnesdayevenlne I have had for aotne Un , (.aldeit
by itio worst lad of Instincts and in ';ns.ior!j r
int on i gfeecfiet erect car. It was tin twitcii
l.onr of S:OT P. M.aud t wasboaud ferrul"n fttrf
1 ba.1 a uc.iutlrul posllloo on the back pla'lonn aS
ihere was a real nlco looklnj lot of ceDtlcmrn'har
Klna: ine Jest like they were next of k'rt audio,,.'
mo dearly. 11 anJ by, pretty sooali, as srowet,
rtlldlnx with tho rapidity of thouiht dovn tl,tie.
Iljtlitfal street tilltd llcckman, a iicathin. Ctftw
vcllrd, "IioK ont lor your watrh. .!"
Ala, 1 have been loak-hij oat form e f.-r (iacp afi
I pit mr bsul wheralt was and it v isn't tlt'r,' H
Sc'dficM aiy(4-!ialnatidall. Ipiu-.t ntUi't
it In a .tr.-body clc'J Tieckct. The xcuiLiusa wtti
owiititniw has pi o' ably foand oat tro ihlsuiti
"a'l ibw clltters is not told." Tlia watjiihji
pwiasotreililiipr, and ibo ulher Paris sre somnhli'
else, and It won't a'tad acd worth a ' daia." There
tcvef wrks ibler Iwrcmlaae or Ina- inanotj
bra'akcttlo than there is In that clirni. and IlUa
lot, l'.-t sinner who t'.oMltfiom be-'dc myUirob
bin? I.enrt has ta mueli br.t'S In tit .ice as tht
chain contalra, he'd make an rxeellei t MrMMcj
Mil lo a loiiulry woo.Nlie.1. flilll I wrs -ouiwhit
nt'vhed to that wn'ch. boeaue itn'll I lockui
was niii'cr the lmpreilon It -vas re-ally e .lie. and II
II e mldr'cht rnhVr who flea's vatel "- h-ifp.-si
flie P. M. will brinf mtno lisek I'll ask h'.-n all tti
fi"liunr I cm thln'c of, sml flro hli.i t. a pure'.t
".lui'i :,e"1 f'rWil'.j any man aai had tloea
HotilSr:''aee nsa brn.it.nt upon ont e,ir."siUl:,
I will sluz In eu"l Wuos
Wnioti-iniu. icif ? of .lbs nisi i,
Wlmlila -liisol l.i ,.?Ui'J
Asd 111 donl'le me 1 mwiiv H-t,
Acd I'll svior tint h.Mttieu Ci i-'.- Ml
t'ur ii.. .tr years I ikive 'togiil np Ihii iian) II
III... I luiin i ilao, uul now iu ijoae i 1. '. yllui II
I WeTi ia It wlln rt t.s ij-ii' ly In my "hi tents" I'
poe'i-'. 11 e IU nn loi-o'l-.-iiona ol w,ii I onto ll
own-.l and .f that lleit'ie.i ''hiii ie wi.l - Ids ad'
dixt' I l'. pnsi'iil It to bin. In ilisud., a. i i.. i-.Jtiij.
liui-.yr' ttie c-r to kinw that In t jharvcii
peel-el I h id Jfkfti I In job!, onl 1 alw i i . jrry
oiif-fl pn .r mat'";. I ..m e i led oil r. iliiox. It ,
he'd bf . -mut eno li t to tiare wen1 r..i me 'v ben i
ho o i.l.t i, lave wi.s I ir nt.', no"'. 1 ?cn rlori
enenth lo rel.re i m ta .n s stel ke-T a liont
ll.ll . aud I til - lb id 1. ll'.l C'l.l.' 1 y ,viVj
ht i h .
Thin ahi'i n..'".'v '...I -i l lael ir it Ii t' ( e-n rs
pair'hr.t .a'.ah. hi 1 . . .i.c lilal n it . Ja-.l beta
i 'inr "I k .tl aand I M 'i-i . ..
A1. ..1 rtlli.slil. d'.i Il"p-.J ni'-ipind. S'uu'i
co' two aieret eiiaie.li r nr tided i"li piuraloot
zlyciie, ihe oihi ti .lii a 1. ial of 11,' tue, aaj '
at 1 e it uj time after Lain - i.niinl up - ... trl'l butt 1
and de'lrovnny mi!" Inlu '-;i'. who li.n ll In hut
poek'.. Ifie tolest war to e.jos It ks to mrry ll In
nUinlnf water. It will viaj Jual aa viod Uian 1
unuor w .itr aa niitot it. Tin an urpl.i i V yeaie
ckl, and I'd like to hare tint w.lleli n:.eikip)y
with. Thi.l wateh. w.nen I lot It. wa t . ..art bt
lilo.l time ; and if tht rated takes I' fbr iaide. It
will always lie M. inlay nnd fith diy to !., when
to everybody eUn It seHl Ia Swurdayond piydiy.
Will IU nuriihte.ina cusa listen lo Ibia apowl, o
will he run tho ri'le ef bc:u hioUi.it Iwiore tb.i
Court of Appoila? Vlrtni la lis ov.n lev ,ril, so i
won't offc. any. JOHN, Champion IVriry Ho&
There it a man dobig busineaa in Chicago
wholo uau'v is C Nooody.
Hop i Co., the hankers of Amatctdatn, u
laid to be worth 1 1 J.OuOar'O.
Then aie or or 900 Japaneie ttudcals ti
prutcat ta the Uallel Sutes.
A man iu Uhieatci was fiued I2i Hie ctktt
day for "prnrlupt oarloali,." ,
On iho nurago lliroiijhout the ysr, caa i
rullina-l traia p-r inluut- ltavei Liailon. I
l)t.,ing pence a rcfjinicut It qtwilvied j dar fi
;nj wsi ti nes ll la oceaaioniily em to pi -. . Ii
The l'oitinaUr at Xaalius, N. II., - lvcrtitcs I
a latt-r .or Thomaa Wio.kenik:moireic:..'.'rpoasty. I
b'uleat uext sujuuer ptovoa a xcoicticr maxy i
al tbe New Unfland ice i lUe iera will be hta; loreri: L
Texas celebrated her "allrcr welding"
lVb.it). the had ikoo been trrcatj Ce ycv. aamlUcit C
to tba Caloa.
About rix thouiand women huse to far I
ilxued the ni..tr.iir.al to conarcss, aaU'aj tlul ia;a;a 1
chould not be .'Xtonti l to tb.ir ex. , J
Tbo Louisiana t-leto Library, which ootfl j
"0:.tlii,l about 0I.1M) volumes, now lav only 11,(37. J
Ihe oitivra hare been uehT -i'i or stolen.
A llnrlfnrit abm icjda thua ! ' nu enirm y
ato k . i h li than cat. No I liiimbu.-." The ti Jamu H
lion pntnt ua) a the wionz place this time. .
A Wctlcrn jounial has an arse:'" en "tht j
cft.o i f Idiots." A oerteniportry ai s tl- .1 rarer 1 J
.' '.'ii u.ait.'iii; larally aaalra tKIcrc tke pui'lir.
iiiiinesota has a poeloes who can irTtta a K
noeei 'ai.lieur In lencik," lellliux all about Uio "neb-
ular I', poJiciit." un; al o luiitleet in polio :il cat io I
Hess. 1
Ills ealimaUil tlia'. 230,000 pcr. us Ure on I
too bau .1 of the Meirlmao river, and to a isreal eikat I
are d-rendeol upon it for motive puw r for their ft; 1
lories and worteh-ap'. 1
A Verinont child, nln; roou'b- old, eancot Ft
walk, but can talk, and i.i) .t.bilnotl ctuu h afaib-x. U
eoiass In, "Came. Alvlo, la'.o Un bah. ," or. If a I
m.uii"! h-ta beau ureiit,at, "U uou i' Uutnita' ' fi
The MasraclutscltJ b.'sinbiltite he refuted.
by a mho of 17 lo 9. to Incorporate tb-i i:o't.ii'Hia J
lla'l .".t.'ichnioli. deeinlnc tho nil'inM ra-ne rldJ.-o- ll
loaatml crnchatal euwcrih) tbsreeozn louefeoClty II
vjaeil a ldr. fa
Moiwure I). Couivay,lhe meiKan I 'iratfir. I
prcrehes tao radical sirnions "very Hvoday I ; laitiaa ll
In ekap' li three miles aiurl. 1' . r.i: thai aoiae c I
themoe t celtlvaled men IntriUrUiak iui r.i, a w are
atucsx hi ccrcrik'ttlioui. (
A b.idjflroom In Monroe, Wi . Ci -ii a
Clin Intanorad ofooit vlio had cm. tv;rcaada
tnu no. I hli bride, and learned Ihe net; m.-nluiUita
he had le'iar'.ly killed nae of t la new bru' '.:;ii.h.B. '
bct.d' :i, nail) woundlraz la ..ikcr pt,r. .ui. I
Tlia DivUs Ji V llitouit, it liadieal Krctci. 1
orsaii, late.) enllvanid oa of ta ait e!c with thafal- I
lowliu paiaiMo'i i "Yo i tull iu (;.. t.t ui aeki h
atulelp'.te. V.c tie ie.1 myit.h it wee- lyaiklo bfi I
co.nc' i -wo mil t -.-I r. ''iiihetd'jil .-. '..faitex," T,
Th" Ural Iron '1 b'nilt in Ui:;'Uud wis ,
c-.nal barie."fe,n -1.-, i fttt si, lcetr r-Me,ba!ta,
of JW tceh r'alee, 't lifrn'lacliai.i, In tttei 1 lit Ursa j
Iron ktrtp Ihw went to 'ra was f.ie A iron Mmljs i
bu ll i--.r Hlnnioyhaui, nad utl ta-sna-1 lo koa4eo. I,
In ih. fc
A Coiineetictit toll-fate keein icuoutb rf f
eeli.va iwent) conn tto-a a man nho aiu tkM tblrly I
Seen a.i) he audi Iwo .ulur u.) sot tkroiua Iheeatn
mi fal'e pt'i-iiart. Ilia olh-ri wero do.fi, anil Uki
tneni) ce. ti wrr IUo original -It they Akouidkara
pall, nub .werued iniareil.
Oi.n if the laat illostiiitioiis in the 1'arid
tiaittif i. aljued "llutui,' tepuweu a crowd ct
i i un a earrj lug away In Ihclr l.an.l. .ou 'inir bteki,
and in th !. 'jia'.'ll all the clucks In frsne ', jndl.'Uim
r -iri.t ki '-Ihey may cirry on all tho rWn. but Ikes'
w li vet rreveni the hour of vrnseaoo I-. . rtkwc-
- A goo t old lady lu Maine, wbo on eiauaiid
rloaed l.c cro.-cr to buy fur . er, tn j ,ti uks, e,
anlnee 'n It nion.pald bh.i the i..oii'.) u 'i.v - teitut
.l. Al it liapptuM he fnrc i tl.o uu nir;, and wtira
he rolur-...l liou.e ttieoid lady d i-.k-Jol itt-ireit a
tor imjney, .idrtnand wlnuu the Uuu'. -ai.. I H Ifil
lair I r a lica.Ha.
- Ahboiish ll wai otiee eu.t.uniu-, t, Jleitry
blc'i peak cf Ike Kooky Mour.lii.at l..v.j e . .a kiUluiie.
hut ouc ...oar HUOO 1ml ..n acUil iu.'i ...ut. 1'ktie
are iiimii of U.OOOI".'. I: I, foment,.'. i--UijimUe
how r.' ulji'v this h.i.:'.i i. . -I or-m. -lUrasoit-tn
d ti.ere are tweet) p".i a'loit. i..C"i, acd 1(3 I
alio i tl .. 1 iei sbovc ih. -t ' ve'. j
- A 1'aiia taiiTuipumt' n wi l. s: 1 he tcforl
I'a.e h. i piuiikonet in' Hi . link -f ''.o Nalloatl
iliiai-1. 'i!a well-kJiow.i c ci, ki -u-K-ke, eke,
fro. i the nine he hat t. . n i.-i-i e ti". t.i.r -i, cauuol bo
a i, , v . in Ihe aifai' of Mini inn, an.l ,i molls .
i.... .I'd hi ui llie al.ill' i. thic am Mil, and nl
A''l I". ai-eo:dliitf ua Ih I'. iHa i i.vo'j'it. r.evtr
moda aich a nokto b. eire. Wtett hiMinf,' trnA
ta.. ite'io -, one would ihiuV it Ike .li -t rpncit
lal'Oil of one of 'a plaoe.' "
Ti e editor of ibo i'Miaos (X. .iJitrtivr
liiur-e. Iptn'itaeoli)wiiiioaist:ij lc .o.teaalir.
f. .i J w i Ibu - her I
" llelii-: a aiiiutser lo ".d Ik iu I came ui : -Jvraiii&b
i d.'ciii.'.
W.-1!0? 'IM 'heai Ken rs! . ,
Illtt.Vlohiil n. hrni I
tbe earth reaeU v i. e I
kird waa wITi'n n. D
Iievel ws eiu'i io i.T'i 1
"Ui'liasiHul i." I
A few weens ago e ileiu -.t 4n.'.ii is V.'ip.' I
reiiton, Va ,ind alvr.i .iinthow.. . r.-aneiol I
of a . t ou'i. fa Pi fur t a a i u .-.icforU! f
b' i-.ii'i irivi ia lit iii.u.ii..' .il " i'.. v ,n b'y fl L
tnii i.a (.',1 in ei- il . l" t t. mi i .,' I'ttt ll ao Z
hi :f it" io.iiki cf Ike loan 'n.l run Ii"
wl.de llie poi4 wrr.- . tlu ur Ik , ,t ui fl
Hum ii'iiww aen, ihe a.iia.lo. i i ia n .1 iiOi-d 1
wilh li .'hot -I kai-per'a u,v, . tt-rtvotr 1
'tiri-n n...niijno proi - to Cir.i..' i on " . wij.ol cal I
ai.i.'l i'oi ;in llautuiwa -ua-iua '

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