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IVV 1 W s" 1 4HU.HXI.L1 i'V""' .1 'JLJ-i
Yit, It Hhlae f.r All.
THURSDAY, JUNK t2, 1871.
1,1 ? I Amueementa TA. day,
t'J ttT..i,' TWtr-TUMi0,Alril.
' inswery Ikeatre-UssfUi.lalli.
'f'V I'llth A. Theatre-tit,nU'i.
i Cran Oa-ere lUase-TsMS lllackW.hu
J 'I jMkU't Uardea-I'ss! Cllff.tl
IrU " PaaUr'A Optra lloiflttt.
Y' - Blfiaala 1 hei(r-TICill4S.is'.sr.
M.l eliaek'slks Uii su Is.
tj.B H lUm-llrr rllit tiki.
Ittiljfn The !un In Ihr Cuuntry.
Vl'i'' l'trimt r,olngto the country may line The Hun
Ujll enl to Ihem duly hy null, for fifty cents per month,
j by oaJrrttitie the Publisher,
I WW I The Ohio Convention.
jfcTj I Ocn, E. P. Novns of Cincinnati tv nonil-
T I hated for Oovernor of Ohio by tho Hepubll-
wB J tan Convention at Columbus yesterday,
ttj; j President Ghant una especially opposed to
Mk. v Korns, and earnestly desired to have Wadk
Wfj In preference, or ovon Hitui.LAnAitarii or
l.jj! j UCCXLAKD. Hut Hip Republicans of Ohio
LSs" vcro moro aTlouB to nominate a sujtablo
MJfj ' man, who could be cL?1cJj Him to plows.)
ju; f tho fancy of Chant. Tlie nomination Is
Uj a good ono. Ocn Nona lost a leg in
LlP I'ad war, but bis mind Is frerdi atul vipor
11 ' a Mun politician and n moot
mill rtTectlvo public orator. Ila will giro the
, Democracy, with their Imperfect platfom
Jf 1 ' BnJ unsatisfactory candidate, a harder flgh
fy'j ' than tlicy lmve counted on.
B,t Why ore the Itcpublicnns ngntnst Ctt
j j bnn l'rcrdom T
I Tlie fact that the Republican party, or at
? ' least the majority of it, Is opporwd to the
? ,' success of tho Cttbuus In their strusfjlo for
;( J fremlom and Independence cannot be denied.
I With tho exception of Oen. Risks and
'tj ' 4 Bonator Wilson of Massachusetts, Sonator
'jtjs'f CAnrBNTEit of Wisconsin, and Senator Fi:.v-
4 tON and tho Hon. Hfilt.u u 0 HUlll.KY of Xew
fiW) York, rc do not now ncall a single leading
Itepubllcan whoso sympathies aro really on
"Jl j ' tho fide of Cubs. Among the Itepubllcan
nf. ' I'ross thore is not one paper which Is earnestly
fjr '"S und stoadlly In favor of tho Cuban caiwo. or
jl ij) tvhlch devotes sufficient attention to the sal-
u ) jecttobu ablo to understand it and judge
M Intelligently about It. On the other hand,
1 f J) there are plenty of Hrpublican newspaper?,
( i nnd tbosetho most Influential, that constantly
IjjM j rnisreprcsent the Cuban i)Cople, and seem to
wjt;$ tako moro pleaburo In prophefiyiug tlielr
V ipecdy subjugatlou by tho Spaniards than In
almost anything clr. Here, for instance, Is
flM tho Evening Journal of Chicago, tho princb
bmi ra' organ of the present Administration In
Mpjl Illinois, using such languogu at this:
pSi 1 " 1'oor Caba li Inklntt c'etprDJ uxprr Into thr
K' .blooJy oilfnot Uoirctlon. The l'ubiu bvi twrn
ti, t ra for aukUaed tint Ihr revolution clrcn pUco
lalf It lo i mtrc piM-rllla imnrrcctlon. Tlio painotlc
'Ft? ' rrmjr bu Uictl ettwiieil In eluractr. lhcbimlli
f!r : linnt o( tha UUu.l b naiunlly -IrlfUxl Into tl
JjJ'lV i Intiirtool nnki. The I'ntiaiia be brra Tor.r nn
Jortunil tn Ihtlr Yankfa alliance. The Junta at
f JJfW York matiact 4 ui ntte u rooj 3mi of nutav
fy) . and raise conflikrahl roonrjr n war or naother ,
r.'- lnt the orronlatlloo han v.inlntied away and the
( men of promlneic In tt bure dltippmred (rota
'Ji t ruhllc Tltw, bow or wbtra nobody catea to In-
r gulre "
i Wo cito theso foolish utterances not for
?f uny Imjiortance that they have in themselves,
'X - but as Ulustratlnu the general dr. ft of lie-
j publican opinion upon this question. No
'ji doubt tho Journal oxpre&Bcs tho tentimeiit
j 'I of its party very fairly. That sentiment Is
. ) cither oto of utter contempt for tho Cubans
jt j nnd of total indifferenco to tho result of their
I ctrnggle, or clw It Is one of hope that Spain
W .1 may soon complete the conquest of the Island
3 nnd restore her outhority, with which the lr-
Vti ,J B'.ltutioos of elavery and tho slave trade luu.t
a', i como fcaclc of course.
If M VJowod superficially, this state of feclln?
j' t nnd opinion among the Hepublicans Is omo-
?H 'if thing astonishing. Hitherto tho American
s r H rH."Oplo have been remarkable fur tholr eym-
t patby with tho revulted coloules of Ettroivan.
V' f i powers In their strugglt-s for lndepcndenci'.
Hi! -. 'l'licso struggles it has been tho uniform
I V 1 i jioUcy of this country to encourage by moral
", ; n' ; I and diplomatic supjiort; while In every In-
ty ' jf Etanco our mcrjhants and our adventurous
r j ' young men, anlmatitl b a dmlro for the
If t rpread of republicanism, have furnished
' ' material or personal aid to such colonlts.
? Di-eldcs, there Is no instance in which such a
't ( colony has had so in my claims upon our
j.) I j hindncM as Cuba, 'i'horo U no lnstanco in
I'M which a people havo had such reason to re-
'jjj !, volt, none in which tholr oppression ban
'jjbj ' boen soextremo, tiono in which the hcroipin
j' of tho rising has been so marked, und nut
,W1 t oue whose objects and whose principles have
Vf : ' Lctn so largo and bo humane. For the II rut
tlmoln hUtory wo have lu Cuba a colony fight-
jy' t Ing against tho mother country for iudopun-
f,t) ; denco, and at the same time fighting for tho
liK ; abolition of slavery and tho slavo trade, aud
for tha endowment of all her citlrens with
equal political right. And yet this horolc,
this admirable, this unptveodento 1 revolu-
m tion is regarJod by tbo Republican party,
$V Itself Utely the mKit ard- nt champion of
(Mi.' , freedom In tho world, with In.lUTjrcncu, with
Vti ; ecorn, and even with hostility.
C.S'tj 1 J I'"' feLC'. we HaV I" astoiiishing, but it Is
jt Sh; : not dithcult to uudcrstunJ ; and tbo uxplana-
n ! tion Is one which ought to fill every thought
' 1a American with anxiety and alarm. The
(jty ' ruasun of it all Is that the Katloual Admin-
if ' Istration regards Cuba with Indifference and
j'.K I w'tl1 t"nln',J' all(l the Republican party con-
'in' 1 ' lalna so much servility, so little iuloicn-
fyt deuce, so l.ttlo vital Americanism, that It
-ijt.1, takes not only its priiclplrfl but even its
)Wr Binotions from tlil.t Administration, 'and in-
M Uulges in no thoughts and no Ideas which
'Jl1; ' liavo not flrtt passed through tho mind of
fij' lbs l'rwldant and Becrelary of State at
Jjlji I Watiblngton. When at the Ix'giuning of
L'Hft his career IVesldont QltAST proftsst'd to be
$l fr'er.dly to Cuba, and when that noblo-heartud
' utan John A, R.vwi.i.vs lent to his councils
. jW eome of his own inspiration, tho Republican
; I ' Tarty was full of hopo and sympathy for tho
j Cubans. It was against slavery lu the
jf- Island ; tt was ajaluit the slave trado ; It
.y was hi favor of freedom and Indepcndouco,
lint after Rawi.Is died, Hamiiton Fisti,
Inlluenccd by SpanlHh gold paid to bin sou-
'j ja law, succeeded in turning tbe AduiliiiHtrtv-
J '
Hon against Cuba. President QUANT having
no lduns of his own upon that subject, and
the Republican party not daring to think or
speak Independently, the President adopted
the present policy, and tho Republicans allow
him to adhere to It. (Jlliorwin, they thought,
the party would bo endangered ; nnd a party Is
of more consequence in tho eyes of partisans
than anything elso whatever.
Mcnttwhllo tho Cubans havo fought on
bravely In tho fnco of their enemies In the
Island and tltflr enemies In the United
Stales. During most of tho tlmo they have
not had moro than five thousaud inukots to
arm their soldiers with; and while our
manufacturers have constantly sent tbe moat
Improved arms and ammunition to the, Span
lards at Havana, Mr. PiBit has solzcxl nnd
f mbargood every vcbscI which he thought
likely to tako guns or powder lo the Cubans.
Nevertheless, they havo constantly Increased
their strength by taking guns from tho
Spaniards, and now tbey can bring twenty
thousand well-armed men Into tho field. Tho
Spanish Government, unable to ruiuforco Its
army In Cuba, Is at last not ouly ready but
anxious to treat with tho Insurgents, whose
well-grounded confidence In thonpproachlng
triumph of their cause Is sitchtbat they may
well decline to entertain any other terms
from the enemy except the proposal of un
conditional snrronder. England, moro faith,
ful to the policy of emancipation and free
dom than this boasted Republic, Is now their
friend; and It Is lafo to say that tbctr
independence will very probably bo con.
duviVfly established before a new President
of the United States Is elected. Is It too mnrh
to liopfl that the Republican party may then
bo able to treat tholr Robin devotion and per
wveranc with something better t'"n 111
disgulscd enmity and hateful misrepresen
tation t
Don Ilnmlltou Is Koine.
Tho fact that onr eminent Spanish Scere
Inry of State resigned his oilier on Saturday,
May 27, and that the resignation was accept
ed on Monday, May 29, to take effect at some
future day, was published in TUB 5TN of
Friday, Jnne 2, three weeks ago, At that
time an attempt was mado to contradict this
rtntemcnt, nnd both Presldeut Uiiamt and
Mr. Plflt himself wero reported as having
denied Its accuracy. It wns true, ncvertho
ho, and thet vidence of tho fact Is gradually
coming to tho public knowledge. For In
stance, tho Tril'Mf yesterday contained the
following rrjxirt tn-m Washington;
" The act that Sf ere u.17 i'lmi olid 'nmllf r pick
lax uotbr.r (urnuutr, Meters, wrki 01 art, nnd irr
ronil effect', ! taken by li.e roriira a cunclu.tto
evidence that ho 11 to leive Waaalngton .it unce oer
mtnenilv, nnd thn e h:" ulrradr wlthdrnwn ftom
ll e tabiiiet. Tl lacl Iik.i if l iunrr.deted to
tie (iwnr. cx-" n.itur Mci;hn. tlie iea.e vt the
houe be notv pceoplea Iroui lie lul cf trie prc-nt
icotitb, la iirr.tid aa luu&ruatlon ul 11 r. t'llll'l
carl) departure. "
Onr contemporary might havo added, If ho
had been better lnlonnt-d, that at the Cabinet
raciting held on Friday last. Juno 10, at
which Spanish affairs wero specially con
sidered, Don Hamilton Fish, although In
Washington at tbe time, was not present.
The interesting question is, who is tn suc
ceed Don IIahii.to.nT Will It be Judgo
Ptunitui'ONT or Borne other man T
Crnut Admits It.
In an Interview with a reporter of tho lie r
aid on Tuesday, President Quant is said to
havo made the following statements :
Iteporier Ttere U another raitter yet, Mr. I'rcil
d ui. It la not ncn exactly, but 11 li luUrtitlu.-,
frealJant Whit la U.at i
Iteporier A repiTt thai yon ordared tbe Comnli
elonrr ot Internal Hi-rcnue 10 KU'.iend dual action
In the cate of the tix ou the New York Central
road. Ihe rery mort contructlon U placed on
year condort In tuat uiattur. 1'erhapa too will not
cui i :er tlie itatcment vorthr o! no, Ice f
Pre Ident Woll, I dcn'l, only ao Lur nn It rtforda
a vutj -el (or ronwrtation. butemcnia weiu made
to u. while I wbb ul Well ToiLt wliicb lull a duobl
on Diy Dilnd wlmlhor the amount ol t'.e tax cltimed
llMn tne Ceutnl road was c-rre-t. I ttlcsraphed o
the r-ecrttan of IiiterniJ Herenue not to eeixe the
road now. but to wilt until the centlemen appolnle 1
to uacertfJn the exact amount had reported the re
mit of ll.dir lnTeatlit!oai. That iraa H about 1L
.Nothlbx will be done tn the natter nutll the exact
unnunt la aicertained. The propar mm wi.l (ben
be collected.
L'nlcad the truth of this report should be
questioned, it must be taken as a confession
by President Quant that, on tbo solicitation
of Gun. Inoalls and Riliiaiiu Sciilll, he
ordered the Secretary of the Treasury to stop
the collection of this tax. This was sub
stantially proved lieforc ; but It Is something
to have Qen. GltANT'd own admission of the
The movement to introduce Chinese labor
in Ixiuiii.a ap( cam to be luiceatful. Many of
tlm richest and most influential planter of tbe
State are cnpigcd in it slbcklioldm in tbe
!,itiiiiiiin It.itpipralion Coinpany, jtet ornninxed
with a capital ol U0,OOO, in tlw .liuri-s. A Mr.
I' trii(, wf.o is nt presciit In China as the agentt-f
Kcvirul imliviiltinl planlers, baa etiacl one
tlmujond Ubortrs in that country, nnd expects to
retch I.outti&na with them In time for the pi inl
ine of the next crop. 1 bey havo all bcon idectcd
fiom I lie rfiriculturnl district! of China, ami tliry
bay agreed to work fur eight or ten yearn for 18
11 mouth in ;old. T l.v Chinese at prexeut in Im
UKina lira 111 perfect harmony with tho ncgroc.
Tliey are nearly till unmarried young men, and
aro ucat and cxcdlcnt workmen, llioy alitu ap
pear lo be perfectly contented. They ore paid
(18 a month lu cuttency. Their cabins are kept
with great care and cleanlinrsH. .Vo doubt Iajii
itiana will soon hare large Chincia poi jlaliou.
Tho following letter from Wim.iam VVtnT
relatva to his appearance as counsel in dtfendin(
a murderer in l'rince I'd ward county, Va,, who
no tried for kllllni; his wife, and, notw ithitaud
Ing the effort of his adrocate, wa conyicU'd
and lunged ;
" Iticn va D. March N. IMS.
" PrlE tin 1 It msrptrlmti look tike aUectatiou to
r eal, uf lu) rcpiian.inca to appear for , Dili the
timta la, thai yon excittd w ninch liorror In my mturt
b. your ii'rreirntvtton cf till ea. UiAt too feel tne
moil lerieus reppatiatii'ii to the nndertaklnx, Tne
man, however, rulttled to a defence, ana It U 'In the
nay of onr Trcatl'.n, at Fnb'ajr payt. 1 am wilitnt:.
ih.rrfore, lo aopear for biro. A Ihoutand dollar la si
n.ucb a 1 1 ut tana 1 becauiu I believe. entr$ uout, that
t can ilo Imn no rood and lira naiui, r Jmtlre nor
mricv lu flecrloi: Ins chiMri-n loi hi guilt Hie youna
nisu.I licltrve, would ulv iuTt', but I ounht uoi and
wnl not acci-pt of more, lis i lo pay (sou rash and
Let it be t-iriritsed both in
the b -nd and deed ihut the conrldc ntian is fur my
attetidine lo defend tn est i because. If from any eause
beihoull am be trn.l Hie lamt wi.l lie li: and net
nilue lui- ad. It wni i im n luriu.iaia IhIuk for him If,
or ri uirita. he could luipabd bis fate uuultlie norm
of UulUnalloa has alined.
Msm,c, WM. WlItT."
According to the doctrine which Is now set up
in some quarters, Mr. Wiltr did wrong to under
take the defence of this wretched criminal; the
man, btliif; accused, should not hare been de
fended at all, but should bays been bangod with,
out lrl.il.
The wooden pavement which has been laid
down cu extcntirely In this city and llrooklyn
durini? tho last few years, and which is already
rutting awny in many places, has cost, it would
stem, about three times as much as it might to
hurc cost, The puce paid ban been usually (5
Ui f 8 per stpi '.re yjrd. We have before- us a list
of tonrtcrs made a few days ago to tbe City Cohu
eil of Tvioutn, (Xanadu, lu which tho NtcouoN
pavement la offered to bo put down as low u
(1 ST'u per r-nuarc yard, the McUxtu pavement
at tJuba uul 'I'lrr'n jiuUutjjivcuicut at tl,V6 per
qturo yatd. 1'or similar paremenla Imnrej
naled with carbolia cld, so aj to be pi oof aaiowt
ret, only t'J.16 pefsquore yard is asked. 'lhco
Cktinialea, it it true, arc for specie, or li timu
lenl j but eten tuldiita the premium of Yi)i per
cent., they slill shew what enormous prolils
must linee been made by the Sew York find
llronklvn contractors, and confirm the H'cri n
recently luudo by tliu ojiioiiouU of tho wooden
pitcment in I'biladilpbia that f 2.W) p"r r quale
yard is quite its tnueli 111 ought to be paid for It,
The swindle lni already cost us onr ? l,',''U00'i,
nnd it is time it was put an end to.
Tho Roston Jhi'j Aih'rrliier deprecaics
with judicious earnestness a quarrel tlint has
sprung up among tho Republicans of Philadelphia.
Had li en have bought nominations there as can
didates for important city ndlcc, nnd a larce
portion of the party tefiise to support them,
' Coutiict nnil bittertiess In l'lillndulphi.1," snr
ths Aiittrlitfr, " ennnol but hove a depressing
and dentornlliltijr. influence tbmiifb the State,"
Yet there cnu be no question but that su-li con
flict and bitterness are better than that kuaics
who have bought their nominations with money
should be elected to places of power. Hut what
does the AiUirtittr think about the conflict and
bitterness aiuooir the Republican of Xrw York
city, brought on by the officeholders ef (InAVr's
Administration, solely for the purpose of securing
a delegation for their cbtcf In the approaching
Republican National Convention t
A general council of the nations occupying
the Indian Territory assembled at Okmutjfce on
tbe Ktb inst. to consider the adoption of the
new Constitution under which it Is proposed to
eonsoiidste the sfTeral tribes in one iroTrmfnent.
The population of the Indian Territory is not far
from G0,000, including Cherokecs, Choctaws, and
other tribes who have made more or less progress
In civilization. The lands comprised In thin Ter
ritory are among the finest mid most fertile la
tlie I'uited State, and are said to be capable of
supporting millions of people. They have been
ectiod In peiP:,uilI to the Indians by frosty with
the United Slates Oovernmenij but ''"Q is .
powerful Influence at work, in Washington and
elstwheti), to deprive the tribes of a portion of
their lands. It is bsllercd by friends of the In
dians that a ratification of the proposed Constitu
tion, by plying strength and solidity to their po
litical and social institutions, will render them
more secure In tho enjoyment of their right', and
enable them to present a more cflVctivo rcisl anco
to the encroachments of tho who arc slewing
their valuable posieanioui with covetous eyes.
There is no doubt that determined ell irts will be
made by whiles to acquire a Urge share of tbo
Indian Territory, under the plei that it It larger
than its owners have any practical n for. Pos
sibly the best thing that could -be dene for tbe
lrdianj would be to put n portion of their super
fluous lands uj on the market, applying the pro
ceeds to their benefit ; but the great uhjtction to
this is the probability, nmuunting altno't to a
certainty, that any attempt to rflect such u
transaction would testilt in fraud and spoliation.
The Troy Time says that the Hon. JOHN
lloKKlsstr is distressed by the publicity attained
by his otuLlishraent In Saratoga, and that he
specially requesta that newspaper men will fur
bear from all uotice of his place other than they
would make c fatty other gentleman's private
residence. The request I' quite reasonable, and
doubtless will be acceded to. The same paper
says that no curiosity-seekers of either sex will
be permitted to visit Mr. Moaussn's rooms this
season ; and that if clergymen and others dealre
tn see his bouse, the clergymen and other must
come in budncss hours prepared to do business
In a buincss-like way. This I' also reasonable,
although it is customary for menagerie proprie
tor to extend the courtesy of complimcnlary
ticket to clergymen, so that their example may
enconraga a taate for zoological investigations
among their parishioners.
While many SpanUh papers of Madrid aro
openly advocating tho cenon of Cub.t to the
CubjLS, with or without ptircha, the volun
teers of the island are endeavoring in their
various cafines to raise tbe sum of fbOO.OOO, on
remission of which to Spain they fondly expect
rtinfui cement of 20,000 men to the regular
army. Tbe money may or may not be raised,
and if raised tbe anticipated reinforcements may
or moy not reach Cuba. One thing is ch-ar,
uamcly, that the galiaut volunteers prefer to pay
others to do the fighting rather than du it them
selves. There are over alxty thousand of thern
to-day in the large cities of tho ialaud, the num
ber of one hundred thousand originally organ
ised having been much diminished by the enor
mous exodus to Spain ; and yet VitakiiDi waa
unable either by bribes or threats to induce two
thousand to accompany him even to the city of
Tucrto Principe.
According to trustworthy information, there
are at present about thirty-three thousand regu
lar Spanish troops in Cuba, located as follows :
111 Havana, Matanzas, Cardeuas, and Sagun, 8, TOO
men; In the Vuclta Abajo, 00; on the uorlh
coast, westtiaid of Havana, including Guaunjny,
Martel, and Uahia Honda. 1,200; in the Cinco
Y1II-3 districts, including Moron, Villa Clarn,
Santo Ksplritu, ltcmcdio, and Trinidad, 8,000;
scattered over Caraaguey, from Nucvitas to
Santa Cruz, and northwestward to the eele
bruted trocha militar, 10.0C0; and a like num
ber in Cue Kastern District, from I.aa Tunis
to Cape Msiai.
A late number of La Fpoca, a (iorernment
paper of Madlid, states that the total reinforce
ments sent to Cuba sines tho outbreak of the
revolution sum up 9,313 men of all branches of
the services, which number, added to tbo 13,000
regulars on the island on Oct, 10, 16G8, proves a
loss of nearly 33,000 men ; aud this loss tallies curi
ously with statistics carefully compiled by in
telligent people, and In which the loss of the
Spanish unity is estimated at thirty-live men per
It must bs bonis in mind that of the 33,000
Spanish regulars now In Cuba, fully twenty per
cent, are invalided, and that tbo patriots couut
to-day not less thau 20,000 well-armed men.
By the bankruptcy of the Alabama and
Chattanooga Railroad Company, some two thou
sand laborer are likely to lose large amount 1
due I bun for wages. It wns originally estimated
that tbe road could be built for 17,000,000, and
thut sum waa duly provided fur; bat it has in
fact cost 112,000,000, and tbe odd (.5,000,000
remains In the form of a Healing debt. Tbe
leading ofiicer of tin Company ia Mr. J. C. Stik
von, and tho Chattanooga papers ipenk with
admiration of his tkill in putting off its creditors
with fair words and promi-c, and getting Ihe
ror.d completed without cash rvsntuces. Just
ss he bad kccomplished bis task, howeter, aud
bad begun to tun trains onr tho road, a few im
patient claimants commenced bankruptcy pro
icedings, and now lum stares the enterprise in
the face, Kfl'ort are making to rjtiash the bank,
ruplcy and at least to secure the laborers, most
uf them nrgroea and Chinamen, who have hud
no pay for months, aud who aie couaaquetitly 111
great distress.
aon. J, M, TllAYKil Is President OltANT's
candidate for the Itepubllcan uomlnaliou for
(Joveroor of Nebraska. Very good ; aud now
wait awhile and sea bow the Republican of
Nebraska will deal with Thath.
Tbe following answer to a telegram aent to the
1'ope. on Krhlay last was received lu itullalo on out
urdsy evening, tha dsy afterward i
Homo I). frli urn. Ituffalo.
h nunui Tannics train anlmo tlbl c'rro el popslo
llullalensis apcilotlcsm beucdlciionrin mlt'lt
lHluaiu. U, CAIJJ, AM OS 1. 1 1 1
tax fjjiraiLi;.
The AnlrrrilenlH r (limit's Telrarnm-Tlinl
Tclca-mm cm-rcctlv Iteported hy The Mun
tt nan procured by IliifiiH Iugjlln nud
Itlrlintd frhrll-Tlir nhole Military Kluu
In Vitnilerblli's I'nror -ClltTorit Thorn.
on merely n Hrvwrxnnt -I'lrnaaiilon
ssni AppiillilPd In Vnndel'lilll'H llilerr'l.
Corrtspomir nee ot Hie nn.
V.'Asms-orny, June 21. The fads respecting
(Iran's Intcrlcn nee to save the New York C'outral
lti'lroid Contrary from Ihe necessity of patlnx
their income tax have been, so far your reporters
havo gone, correctly elvcn In Tna hen. It Is trne
that when the nnU of tlii Company found Bout
well to be Immovable, Oen. IukhIIs and Itleiiard
Hchcil were sent to West IVilnt on speclil trsln on
t-unday to secure the lrelilen.'s Interposition, ; nud
It Is true that (Irant then telti-raplied to liootwell.
s lylnrs ' Miy Jtnal acthi la Ihe mcita- 0 Arts
Pot CVafraf llaUrood until Tartim."
Tbi' tolwam kept the thin banyinr by the sills
nn-lll tirnut reached Washington on Friday morn
ing, June 18. Then he hal a coefcrenea with Sec
re ry floutTell on the suhject, an 1 alUmnub Itont
wcll was a obstinate as troal, and at deUr.alned
to nukn the Csmpany pay and to to tbo coort for
rrdrews If they thouibl proper. 1'rotldent Urant
fnally arrangcl thai paymiaf should not now tie
enforced, bat that the Compcay ahowld havo tlmo
to show that the dividend on which the tax Is
levied was In great part earned prior to the pajuio
of tbe law anler which Ihe Ux la exacted. Tale
they now contend Is the ease, and they aay ihey
are prepared lo show It to th aatlsfactioa of Mr.
Itootwell. On this pretenca 1'nildeat Otant
thooeht that the; should havo a hearinr, and that
there should be soJtclcnt tlraa for them to prtxince
their proofs beforo the Collector stioalj h ordered
to raise lb mnney.
alms the msttar now rtands, and th Company
Lsve gilnel, turoatrti the President's cooperation,
the delay which they desired. Ifeaawbll poor
CIIITord Thoaason, brother or " DoesUcks," but
bicn Died aa a scapegosi. 'ITils yoaog man, who Is
a clever, Intelligent, and well meaning feilov, serv
ed doting th war as an ufficcr on Gen. Wesson
tou'a staff, ant has s.nee been kept near the peraon
Of that eHehl wlltntver he baa beea enployod In
Uie pnbllc sertlc. Wba l'leuantoo was Collector
of Intern d Revenue In Now Yerk Thomson lbr
np an editorial situation oa the .Vric Porit Timtt,
nnd waa brs 1 utht hand man; and whea be came her
to ill the blxtier office ot Cosiml-sioner, be brousht
Thotiison with him, appointing him bla chief clirk
and Klvlny tdm special control of tbe dstectlve op
elation of tha Dareau. In fact, Tbom'on has far
nl'hed mu'h of tin brlns of I'leasonlon's adminis
tration, and has been altogether inJupcasahle lu his
However. Secretary ncutweil hid got wind of
so'iie negotiations ot a pviuntiry nsture whlc't
Thomson ha J undertaken with the Central Itsllroad
Company ; and wLen 1'reiUri.t Or.ut proposed to
lUmlodve the Cutopiny more tliue, and to heir
their arenment npon Uie qaestlon whether "ty rtrt
of their dividond had bn ranted prior to the pa'
sacc nt tl.c law. Mr, Itjutwelt turned a'lout and ro
quired ot the 1'iesldeot Uie.lntaelUte dismissal of
I'ieisontor's chief clerk. Tuc evidence was clear
uiJ the detnand poiltive, and U.-ant agreed to It.
Thoi Thomson, who was nn wnrs than othm, and
who mitntHl fullowinx themmlern mle offatttnz
a llt'le present In return for 1 little service, has leru
McrlQrext ta tha Puritan notion 1 of lu,' beereury of
the Trea'tiry. It It hal depended os Grant Mm
Mlf, u.t a hair of Thomson's h:ad woull hitu been
Mr. Ilontwell l. as 1 Jud. still Brm la hi ro
lu,lon thit the Company slidl pay; anl as he his
thus lar rolled all the effort' (if the Military Itln to
obtain a rerertal of the dclslon Irapmlnj the tax,
I sloold not be surprised It he bevl them all
throuili. Th truth is tbat lien, lteasuston wa'
appointed Commls'loatr ot Internal Itevenue in the
expectation that he would be able to save the Com
pany 'rom tho painful neciselty of paylnr, this
money. Such waa the purpose of Ihe Military Ring
lniecuil: tl e arpotcltnont for him. Tbey knew,
aa well aa the ltepuhllcins or New York city kr.cw,
that Plrasonton had no claims to th oSlce : th 11 be
had no knowledse or ability to administer II proper
ly; lut thev jt thought that lie would be able to
accoinplnb the par)""' "I the New York Central
Company. lhatpurpee amounted tr over mil
lion of dollars ; ant accorJinzly he was appointed,
and proceeded to do the vrirk which wo set 1,1m.
Uo acte ally prepared a decislun relief In? the Com
pany from the tlx, anl this decision was sustained
by an elaborate opinion of no less a man taan Caleb
Cnshlnr, course! for th Coinpsny. Hut lloutwell
oveiset It all, and actually male I'leosouton sop
pres the decision he hi prepared, repudiate tn
view of Cehlnr, and make a new decision sustain
lu: the tax I This waa a bard blow for the treat
monopoly and for the lillllary Ring, and In this
aieriency they reanrted to the President at West
Tolnt, and obtained from him the telcsrain which
youhaTo already puhUshed,
You are tow In ponron of all the more Impor
tant facta relating lo this extraordinary case, aud to
tl Interference of Tre-aldent; (Irani lu baliah'of Una
enormous and odious inonfp. lr.
It wiulJ be tunny If th louipiny ' loutd really
try to re: off on the pretext U! 1 In their behalf by
Grant with Itootwell. Thl pretext Is tail the divi
dend of twenty-three raldluaa or thereauont, for
which they are tix-d, waa nialtdy. It not wholly,
san-ed before Ihe law tsxinz It was pa.sed, wlilc'i
was In l-OI. The diDleulty wtth this prrlexl is, tl.ut
tn tbe winter of l?ri-0 tuc Company came before
the Legiilituro ol Now York with n petition for In
creased rates of rare, fortified by the afflj.ivlts ol all
It' iifflceis, and with every variety of other t!
dtnee to iruvu that up to that timu they had made
no money at ail, and were entitled to public relief
011 account of their poverty. This denionslr.-m
that tho whole of tlio twenty-lures mllllous must
have been mado after that time.
Natlonnl Ilurruu of .lllurulloii.
7o fs miutv of Uif Sun
Sin : I purpose lo endure without wincing my
bare of 1 lirtprriiiitalicn and obloquy; but your
reporter's sccouut of the meeting on Ihe 'lh, at 20
Uroadwty, seems calculated to piejiid'cein Impor
tant movement, and I therefore make this correc
tion. The Inlrrnntlor.n! Ituresn ol Mlgrallon Is an at
tempt to orcsnize and reduce lo system whatever
facilities already exist, or may hereafter In) created,
for colonising and improving wild or bow unculti
vated lands in any aud every teciion of onr country.
It purpo.es to make plain end easy the pathway of
any American or any forelencr who may choose or
la Induced to mUnta to and settle upon any of
the lauds aforesaid, lletlavlng tht lurpos ben-fiei-nt.
It sek th approval and sympathy of tn
Hut Its operation Inevitably Involve expense ; and
I am anxious thai tMitxprstt ihaU Unolt upon ami
It lorn tn lut ulto dirltt admnlagi thertfrum.
t-ach la the ohject of my solicitude, which I think
your reporter iDinrtieheudid. Whether the Oureaa
shall defray lis espentes by billing and selllnc
lands or otherwise, I cars not, provided Its neces
sary outsoes shall be met In sump way which does
not Inrolve an apreal to tho charltablo whenever a
pnbllc meettnr Is 10 he held or the real of an office
secured. 1 only insist thst the concern sbsll In
some wsy be rendered self-supvortlnr.
Your reporter was right In making me disclaim
tho character of phluuitliroplst, I have done a lit
tle, mid hope to do more, toward securliK to every
human being opportunity to cam un honett livli.g
by his or her own useful labor. That I hold tote
naked Justice. Hut a phllanthroplm, lu the popu
lar conception, is an e,v, credulous simpleton,
who cieoes tn work excessively nnd live meanly In
order that mines and ta.'nhundt may h enabled
lo llul lu Idleuesu; aud this 1 am nut.
Yours, IIUitAtH CIHiUlLRY.
VII1I1 Avenue Tbeutrsi,
A light and iu sotnu re"iv cls uiiiu-itig extrara.
ranr.a 111 three acts, entlilid ' Ilrliuauico's, 01
Lines np the lledon," was brought uut uu Tuesday
eveuliii! at the Finn Avenue. Tt.o play-Mil reft-r
Its paternity to Vlftorlon rdoj but In this ln
stanco it wnnld probably be a very wine parent who
know his omii ehllJ. Certainly, " b.i I'aplllon" ha
had Its wine dipped and Its colors tery much
1 hinged sinco II How Iruin Enrdou'a tinml. The
!Ucu repr-'ainta the amours of a faihlnnihle re-,1-dent
of linkers, and the puiiUhuirnt lor them th.t
he receives ul the linml of his wife, Hum of tht
sltuatluus aro cleverly contrived, and Mr Lawis, la
tne character of a doleful lover somewhat past bis
prluie, lends to the larce almost all the humor thut
it .osaesiies, " Delinonico's" la only a pleusa'it
souuding name fur tuei ay, since n.inaol the noil 11
lius 11111 r 'fVrrnc to th jtabuakoiat of th col.
broUd Ul-a-,
TUB fill ft'VO Of TUU ULLPhJCaS.
Mr. rii-rgh nud ?lr. I.url.ln'a T.lttlo Drndue
-Hnnllghl In New Jrrey-Th (Irand
mother or Klgtity Comluir to tbe Itrscur
of her fSoti'ly Mnlttenlril (Ir.lllilcbllil.
Mr-., r Cho,ile,ori3" Wist Twenty-first street,
Invoked Mr. llcrch's interference In tehnlf of a
little f-lrl, u drudge, living with Mary Ann I.arkln at
11) West Twenty-second sheet. Justlco SUaudloT
committed Mrs. T.arklu, mid In tbe Special Session
sl.e wn fonnl collty, tut Judgment u euapeudrd.
Mrs. tlirnte tisllfJe,! that si t l ad seen Mrs. Lnrkln
heil tho child. Mlts Rose Wilzht had seen the
child besteu, lilted by Ihe htilr, end knocked 0(1 the
steps. Mrs West, of 171 West Twenty-third street,
nit the ehllJ about six weeks ago wllh tbe woman
I.itkln In a butcher's In Seventh avenue. The
child's tie k aud faccwere Hack and blue, and her
eyes blackened. II. I,. Halisbnrr. of 133 West
Twenty secud street, had been duturbe t by tho
child's eriaii'. Mar Moore, cook at Mr, Hills
buiy's, had seen and Poird severe bealioz. Ilrljjel
Hradr mil MnrLuret II irlon, cf Ct West Twcnt
secondatrcet.te'tinedthit for monthithev had heard
the woman beat tlie emit neirly every mornlnz for
an hour at a time. Ml. Martin and her sun Theo
dore had lived In the hull's with Mrs, Larkln. They
had aren the child nbu'cd, and when ihty rota
plained to tho woman I.arkln sh cavt tlism nolle-
lo quit tlm nous.
Fintas Thompson, the little or-)hsn, Is the dmzh
terof the latfl V. 3. and Mry li Thomas of Pull
tlelpbki. lloth i-arenu dknl, leivlrc a family or six
rlitldrea. Ihe rrnndmother, Mrs. Olekom of Csp
Maj, New Jersey, took chsrii of all Uie lauiily, aud
roard them, when th parents died Kmma waa
only two years old. The woman Larkln while oa a
visit ti suuie liieuds lit Can May saw the child,
and persuaded Ihe granduinther to part with the
fclrl, and then t,xi her to ti lions In Twenty.
second street, w filch slie oaiis.
Oa Mondsy I lit Mrs. lllckom mw notice In Tun
Bus of Mr Derxh's Inlerterlnc In behalf of a little
girl In pe-atcsslon of a Mrs. 'Lsrkla of Hits eitr.
Although algbtr years of ae, Mrs, Ulekom packed
op her baz and mad track lor Mr. Herga' ofbc
lo find her srandchlld,
Jndg Ilarnard sraolel a writ of AiAi corvui,
and eflrJiy Marshal P. Peony or Uie Beeond Dis
trict Court sceompsiilod Mrs. Illekom to tb resi
dence or Mr Lartlo. The IsUer relnsed it first
to give up the child, but, sooln U-e offlcar snd th
writ, t louzht better of It. The me-etlnr between
tho child snd her irnndmolher s atTecUng, Cn
tua sprang into her arras, saying:
''0t, dear crandmotner, ah told m you wsr
Mrs. T.srkla on ber trial positively swor thai
Mrs. Ihukom war dead. In Uie afternoon Mrs,
llickom and Uie child called on Mr. Herrh to expresa
their rratitnde. Eiama H a very pretty girl, but her
fvaluns clcarW show Lie cruel raaltteatmsnt lo
wolca she has been subjected. The grandmother
snd grsaddsnxhter were recu safely off by tbe i
O'clock, train for Phl.tdclphla.
.1.V O.Y TllJJ lt.Ul
The l.tttle I) 01 Horer'n Itrmarhs-A Wo
vttnti'fi Fare nn nn lnaornnce ('mpnny
Itucbeater r-oupA Mocbeater Tnrueul,
Cortctpondence ot The bun.
RocuuTzn, June 10. I did not find the luxu
riant case who atole my watch on the llleccker
strict care In byrirne, and hearing thst an awful
nican-lookipg fillow had been seen In Rochester, I
wont there. TL watcb wa on ol Jnzgernatit'
make, and I wanted It. On the way to the depot In
S) recuse a rest nlco little lap-dog Jumped oyer a
fence snd scran at m. II weighed mors tun 110
worth of coil at June price, and I gazed down
hi mouth, I thoutht of Jonah. He rcmaikcd to
mo, "How, wow, wow," and I sold to him In
pacifying war, "Nice leaver, prtt'y little Teatr;"
hut a Ijdy (huutt-d, ' Hover. Km tt here. Hover,"
and he kit rue. T cnstequietl) Infuru nt ire mat
I needn't he frla-hiened; the Cog bad had bl dlu
ner, aud wasn't huuary.
I u. Into the car sad took a seal It Juxtaposi
tion lo a female. Thtt fcnule' lice was a pirfect
insuinnco company for her It Insured her against
ever eetlin msrrted to anythln: but a blind man.
Her mcuta looked like a cxick In a dried lemon,
and there was no n.or expression In her face Win
there Is In Ihe sni'.al column or a cup uf cold cm
taut, blio ap-iearid as if rhr had been lurouzh one
lamina aud had f t abnul two-talras through in
other. Hie was old enough to te creat-;rand-siothcr
to Mary that had Iho little lamb. She was
cbewluz prize lop com, and carried la hr hand
a yellow ruse, while a bundnox atd a ottoa urn
biella ntatlsd swceUy by her sue. I conldu'l guess
whether she wss on a mission or eusrity vr pilns
tei to stnrt a saw mill. I was tail of curiosity
lu hear Ler spek, .0 I said:
" t'he exlcrnlis ul the uuies require great cir
cumspection in a ptiweu who Is travc.liuj."
bays su. "What!"
b) I, "Tbe trb of dsy shines rcisleudent tn
tbe blue vaall almie,"
tih hitched around nnes-y like; then she ral'ed
ler a-nbrella and said, "1 don't wuail none ol your
sal pit out;" snd I got uul.
lhua I touk a seat alountJe of a male fellow who
looked like the ghost ol llamlet Itnglncned out. lie
was a stalely cuts, aud he was reading.
taid 1, " lllu.t. dll yon cser tee a camel leop
ard!" 1 said cabtt leopard because II Is a piuna
snlmal, and It never c.t any cr.ss with'int gettlug
Oon on lis kne, . lie said he ludu'l seen
camel leopard. Then 1 ssld, " Do yon chew t"
He saU, " No, sir,"
Then 1 said, " How sweet Is nstnre J"
Ilo too this lor a conundrum, and autil " be dlin't
know." Then he said he was deeol, Interested tn
the history of .1 tir.t man. "Alia I" u exclaimed,
we Lave but ew."
I tola htm I knew on; "the man that mad my
cooking stove wua a urate man,"
Then he asited me " wuiild I read ?"
ra)s I. 1 V hi; you got V
II replied, "'Walti'a Hymns,' 'Reveries by
Moonhclil,' aud 'How lo bend tho fihoalh.' "
I aald, " None 01 tlictu for llanuih ;" but it he had
got an unabrtd .ed Uudnees Director! ol New York
city I would lik a Utile read.
1 hen be said, " Youag mac, look at these gray
1 torn mm 1 saw mere, ana w tien a man got as o:d
as ho waa l,e ought to dye, baid I. " You nerau't
think thoso hslri lie an) iigu of wisdom ; It's on.v
a st.n that your aystem lacka lion ;" snd 1 advis.d
blm lo ro home and swallow crowbar.
He took this lor Irouy, and wLal little tkttnlt cor
tilalt there su lotween ua was spilled, lltursed
out thst he wa emrlatu to a bae bill club.
VI ben we t-ot In ltochesler 1 called for a bowl of
lean soup, It ooght to be called Iran soup, I send
you the recipe f ' r uiUingi:: "Take a lot or water,
waaa li wed, nnd boll it until It ra brown oa both
sides; then very caiefnlly rr ono bean I11U1 It and
let It simmer. If II won't simmer, pour In water tin
III It does simmer. W hen the bean begins to get
restlets, sweeljii 11 with salt, then put II uj tn alr
tliht cans, hitch eaeli ton to a hnck. and chuck
Ibew oveibovru, aud li.e &4.up Is doue "
(hint-see Fall' are at Ibcjesu?r. Sam Patch
made hi last Jump there. Hi jnutn down was a
success, but 1 1' Jump up was a lailure. because l.p
has noser 11. 1 bei tillow that 1 cntilu tell to a
quirt how much water led over th fall In a jnr.
I10 bet, aud 1 uld two lints lu a qusrt, 1 won tin
bet. They seitle coff-e with cudiiab sktns. but
they settled Hoceustur with in 'in snd woman. Th"
only urltiuil sett er who ia living dked a U'k yeir
iiko, H"Chester Is celebrated lur it duo tainoiiis.
1 si a tuiy lino turnout ln-ihy 1 a wojuu upset su l
spilled a lot uf ivuiueu, N xi Sunday will he verv
cenirlly observed nero as tio Sibbsth II h not
kopl wnolly. ltomumoer m to the piece makers.
No cards. Jons.
The Hon, W, r. (Iroeabeeu.' fulony on C. I..
At a meeting of the Cincinnati Hoard of Trade
on Monday, Mr. (Iroesbeck ssld ;
Mn. ( itainniN I have not com here win the
eapectatlou or luaklug any remaras to 111 la urelliu,
and 1 am iree tu say tltalun ureasiuns like inn my
own slews Incline lo silence rather than to any noise,
i nve come here as others list e come. In order to
uulto tn expression i-r sorrow ovor this great
bereavement, thla family bireuveinenl. this auclal
hcrearemeut, tola hereavcjieut of Uu btatu, and lu
my Judzuieuloflh UnlUd Butes,
We have lost, iu moat unsatisfactory msnnor, a
distinguished and valusble citizen. 1 knew Mr.
Vallindtalism many yeara ago, ami quite Intimately,
He and 1 euleruil L'ougrcu Uuriuj uiu same term.
Ho cunilnued tnero, and 1 was left at home, Uul
nior recently, and In the last two Months, I have
come to tsku a renewed anJ profound liitarest In the
views and plana wblcJi he entertained, I don't pro
pose ou an occasion like this of sorrow and beieave
lutnl to make any lengthy allusions to the political
or pnrty life or Mr, Valiuidlgluim. This blow Is rail
by all, and I tnlak, without exooptlon, we are ready
to res that he w as brave, honest, able, and patriotic.
And I kuow, Mr, Chairman, that If Ma life had been
spand, thai life, so full ol strength and vliror and
II Is no speculation I e w ould bt demonstrated to
the people of Ohio and uf Ihe country In purpos.
tho Iniemltyof his purpose; alo, his patrlo'tsm,
and his lore ot the Htatenud of the country at large
1 have these Impressions In regsrd 10 ldai. I l ave
uUrrcd Iheui elsowher; and It Is my duly, as It Is
ol all, uter one stricken down to unnecesssrily, tn
nusatisfactorlly, to reudor to him the proper trioute
fur th vinuta which we all know he powrssc-l.
I have seen Mr. Vallaiidialitm Bevenl times
during the last month, hive heard him t ilk, ant
have known his desire lo serve his country. He
had no mean amblliou. He waa a great man, of
gnat Intellect; an l.uuuat n.au, aud notlUua mean
was harbored by hint.
Ilia death waa such a waste or valuable and
promising lira that I coniena I cau hardly be recon
ciled to It. IthsB 'hncked the people throughout
this bUte and nation ; aud I am xlad to sou the uuan
Imous, uuqiislllled aud eneruus tribute und to his
knuwii 1 qualities or ability Mr. Orocsheck's voice
trembled here -Hep., bmery, aiu luiegrlty. li
never enlcied Into my Imagination that he was not
honest and patriotic. Had nnv cuUlde enemy etcn
hkreil to touch the hem of his country's zar.ustit
with evil luieut tou would nave Men such au exlil
II1"."," "I Palrlutliiui as would have aaionUhod all.
1 lit brother IlKhliiig against broli.ei-Uainon analust
Vn hlab-.hat was anot icr nutter with tins miu.
II was all 1 huis said ne waa; and be was even
titu Thl ha Truu f Hid llon'iililu Hiiy f
r, 'A0'" ,he 1 '"em"ii.'( Vvr.tmirc.iU.
O.'V, llnflmati of New York, who is still an as
pirant fur the Presidential nomination or tha I)a.
mocacy, rocMiilly undo the rolluwlu. remark in ret.
i ieocu to tna oil-repealed chars 11 1 his siiMcrvienc
lotlie'l'wsed and Sweei.y ring! 'When 1 can talrlv
ulure these gent n men," Hld llntUmn, "I m
fiwayaalsd t.idoll; uul whenever It happens that
1 can ouly 01 lite them bv doing what I hell.v
1 1 shall du whit I Uuieva uilit,"
Tbe Vrk or the Ohii, i;euiucrnilc Conven
tion lloir (ieu, F.tvlna- wnw (,'hi nteil out
sf the (Jiibprnntorlal Noinlniitlou.
Previa! Dttpatch to lAs Lteiiing lt,
WiJui.NQio.v, Juno 21. Tbe very aurious mi
tako made bythlato Ohio Democratic Convention,
hy w litch (fen. K lng w as cnoalod out of the Oub. r
nat0rl.1l nomination In lluttate, has attracted rroie
a'.tontlon Hero than say other SJiill political ctrsut
of tho season.
That lieu, Kwlng was really nominated I now
kubstantnted beyond all questlun. There sro sev
eral persona now In this city who attended that con
vnnllou i some of tuem In llio capacity of delegatus,
who krpt tally sheets, cr -dlUng each county delega
tion with Its vote when cast by the Chairman and
unponnced by the htcrilary; aud according lo nil
these tally sheet-, i;lni wua nominated ,by aboul
twenty malorliy,
Tho first t illot was announced hy the Secretary of
tho Contention as follows: -V.cl'iiok, ,"!; Enlni,
131, Iu UiU ballot Huliues cuutit, which hid six
lutes, and which were thrown fur Kwlng, was cred
ited toMd'ouk. On the second ballot, accordins;
to the announcement 01 the Sicreury 01 the Cnu
simtlon, il.u vole aicod, for Mcfoik, 25-1; Uwiug,
I'M ; anl Mct'ook waa thereupon declared the no ni
ne 0. Hut tuere aro six other tally i eel 111 ixh.t
euce which were carefully kept by men or lutrill
fence and long experience In politics, which show
thai on the icond hrdlot th vote really noeilmled
Uwloif by twenty msjorlt),
Whaf courss will be taken In this matter by tho
Ohio btate Denucralic Coamltlne, whlc.1 will
shortly aeeemble. Is nutter or much speculation,
Th Irlcttda ot McC'ook hold Ihst his lub-teqaenl
unanimous nnmlnauon by tha Coun-ntlon, as a mat
ter ot both law and fact, corrected nit trior errors
and mistskew. Hut this Isjil and tcchata.il rU-w or
th tltaatiun due nolg,ve muck aatlilacilou lkhr
to w lug's personal Iriends or lo thosn stroag par
tisans ul his In tt Convention, who reel that after
fairly winning the victory tbe tuv beea swindled
out 0 IU fruits.
T11K VllAitriOX xrovt visur.ii.
HnlllTH Connlr Alnrmed-Tr-rrlblr ArT.tlr.
l'lMrr Jsavn, June El. Tbe citizens of Sulli
van county are greatly alarmed over a report that
Jams Csarsly, Ihe champion Wool fisher,
la abost to visit thetr mountain streams.
It Is rsld that a aaeattag cf prominent
Citizens has been held, sad a committee has been
appointed to fell al' th trews along the brooks, H
tt.lalsdone. It Is believed that (Jaasldy wilt not be
sble to catch a solitary trout, Cnsetdy ha rone
completely I rough like county. The tree m that
county are aitd to he leaded with from.
A week aro last Prhtay Ool. If. li. Abbott, lielvls
Bote, and Cupt. Sam Ooodwln of Oothcn, went
trouttng up Can's Rock Hrook. Tlicy were fishing
down the slrean, snd cam to a brautlfal cascsle.
It fell In a lovely pool, apparently Oiled wllh too
speckled beauties. Abbott and Rose went aroend
ibont an eighth of a mile to get at the poof, bat
Ooodwln, carer lo get the Ural chance at the trout,
begi.n lu swlug himself down the rocks by Uie
bushes. Finally a small sarllng gave way, and
Ooodwln, wtw Is very fat, pUiupoi to tLa boltout
like a gelaUee pud Hag.
Fortunately no bona we-ra broken, bat Ms
Clothe were compllvly torn Irum his body, anil b
waa covered with cut and bnum. Cut. Abbott
Immediately picked a lar leaf Irom what
he tuuk 10 be a bench of plsntula. and
funned Ooodwln to ki-p ih files away from
blm, while Hose visllod aa old larui
I ouse, and rot the rarmer's wife to moud lb old
CiPUIn's brreche. (loodwin was sfUrward dress
ed, and the parly stsrled lor Cirr's Hoc. Oath
AhUitt cnrupjnd or ameldnr a skunk. Ha
smelt the skunk all th iy tu Can's Hock. When
he rntereJ the car the DiiMiiiseri all smrji a
On Ids arrival at Port Jsrvl the scent wa still
shout Llm. It waa not until lie reac'Md Ooshen and
put Goodwin to bed that th mrvUry waa ezplaln
d. It wa Uieu dlccuvcied Uul Abbult bad been
laanUg tbe ci tdn with a leal liom weed known
as skunk's cabbage, wttlrh Is said to possess extra
ordluary mJu.il virtues.
A l'urchnsp and Snip an the Day of (Jen, J.
i:. Johustun' Surrender.
James II. llrooiue, apruiuinent citizen cf Flori
da, sold to ltcuben 8. btoughton, near Ualneaville,
Florida, oa the till or May, 1MU, eight bales or cot
ton, which were Ibea on Mr. Ureome's plsntatlon in
Marlon county. The price waa 3 a pound In Cou
fi'Jrnte currency. On the same day Mr. Uroome
learned that Oen. Joseph R. Johnston hal snrreoder
ed tu Oeu. Pbcrnaau. aud that lie Confederscy had
collapied. He immediately Informed Mr. Btoughtoa
that he repudiated the sale ot the cotton, and scut a
measea(r at the s us Hue lo hi plaulatiou to le t
bis nephew tn chtrae not to deliver It. Mr
Stouxhton wa ahetl of the messenger, and the
next mornlrg took posacslon of the rotton, Itith
pen slterward run vest 10 this ci 3, aud Nfr.
Hruomu aud blouchton for the valu of lb coltou.
l'Ue case co uie lo trial yesterday before Jadgu
III .idy,
Mr. C ShilTir, for defendant, moved to dismiss
the romplsint on the rroued thst the Snpreaie
Cuurt cl the United State having held that aeon.
tricl mode dunnc tue existence of the Cua'pderacy,
payahln I a Conrdsrat curronev, was valid and
could be ealoreed, and tin Confederacy not being
at this lime al an end, the unwuient roads by Mr.
Hrnotue was bimllux and could sol 0 rttoudiaUJ.
The I'uart denied lb motion, sddlnir th.t tbe
tiesllnn tu b determined wa wnel'ier tlio Cos fed
enl Ouverauieat existed at tint lime ; aud luat If
the parties carried out the transaction under the Im
presslou sn.l bsuef that It did exist, whon In tact
it dll Lot xisi, th cuutract was void. Can Hill on.
Messrs. Rleecktr, boa t Co. sold at the Exchaoge
salesroom, yesterday, the five-story brick stores, and
thr lot No, 47, 0, 43, an-i ta Worth street, plot lOJilff),
to William Wat win for fjS!.0-0i and hteveason it boa
struck off lo li. Va'euUue two lots oa tn N. aids ot
mib S'.lesl. IM feel E. of lua avenue tor 14000. The
aotel, oai bultdlnea, and lli acres, on Main snd Droad
tree's, laFuhklll, X. T., were sjldby DeaJ, P. Fi.t
eidlt for la,rog, hlabteea lou on tehuck anl
rieuben streets, Oiaait and Park avenues. Brook
tin, wero yesterday sold mi tee tue hammer
st Orurei rsorins trum 3TJ lo I7M eicu
Ihe tullillnss aim aOuut I lots on tlie N. . .
corner of . 4tn ami ;ui uecu. known aa the ouoon.
were loutnt by Itiot. K j.iet,oa lor II7JO0. r.o
trnus anJ lot JO Aiulty strwt wero bouxtii by w,
Hotlltnu Mr a.id the Ii mia and lot Sil Pnlou
itrret hv Wui.Wnaito lortu PC. rourlnUon tne
yreorner 01 hvergrwa aud llaniin streets bou.ut
the' sale hv fe'lt-.t, Jr . A H'oWr "f the Oal,,r.d
pr,' rtv. i , criaford ant VesU I N .1.. on
1 ursday afu i noon, was iueeu,afnl. A ri celal tram of
13 inrs, cruweed with nu)ers went o i ,i the morn
Inr, and by 6 b 'cluck Ihe ancli neer i a l dispasca ol
i"A o'i nn 1t,?t and -S-I avenue. Wataut. tiieitnui
(und Ltdsr. tlsple, ami other Uriels Manyurtse
i ue-s i.iok Hire Ims, wbil-olbirs -eenred live, Hi.
nu.e twelve and twenty-one t 'ts. Ihe nnns rinred
Hum tl'J la Ifki p-r lot. Hiomk ts (till lu piugrtis.
How the L'lllzsn ol Human lleanrd ttir
Plouw .Ninth.
The following Is a specimen brick from a pile
of letters received by Col. I'nk Unce his reluru
from Donton :
Ft. Jamm liom, Uostox, Jane ), ISn.
cot, Jamt tut, Jr.
IJcinSlii! Permit me to say thst Ihe visit of tlie
Nintu Italment of New York lo tins o.iuse, ou tna
17th and lrtlh Inst., will be remembered by ni as an
occasion of unalloyed pleaaiire and gratiUealion.
1 he remarkable I'lscipllne and gt-ntk-uiaiily tsh ivuir
or Ihe entiro corta, ofllcers and men, i a 4lpl.ieii
dnrlug tl.elr sojourn In the M. James Hotel, chad,
leuaed the respect and admiration or us si Ilia
also most srrerable toiknow ibat your unrivalled
comm.nd produced the same impression npon the
cttlsens ol Hoston, whose enthusiasm throughout
your entire line of miici wa a rare and earliest
ovation. Yery cordially yours,
M. M. BAL1.0P.
The Oriental Club.
The bouse of this famous Kast Plde organiza
Don has recently been entirely renovated, and pre
sents, If poaslblr. a more attractive and comely p.
Vearsne than ever. Numbers ot workmen havo
been employed In beamirylnr II in muny wajs, snd
ou Saturday night next It will be thrown open tn the
csn't ret kwaji, upon which oecalon a ttistlas
lunch with tr.mmlng will be furnished by John
klcKlnley, of corner of Fulion street and South.
Iho stonnlng cililhli tne Oilentsls made last week
In their rrocesklon tn and from their slenmboit
rxenrsloa down the bay to see their Irlends oft lo
Eurupe Is still excltlnx eoiiuient, and the fathering
nn haturday ining next will affurd I ho in au upper
tumt) for telf-cunttraiuiaUiie, and be marked lur Its
geniality and eurubiiliy One of Ihe features of thu
lite excnrtloii escuood mention. John O'L'nuuell
.liicli, editor oi t e ifM-.trnerfwri, one ot tuv
L',r, V' Htuokljn's paaaenger, a genl.il, whole
(ntlcd Oriental, was priweuten by his Itlluw mem
hers on that occmiun wn.i a mngnlflcenl rlueir ring
au emeruld surrounded with dhuiionds, and valued
kt tTW.
The Heaviest ol till tho l.riiiul Juries.
At tbe opening of the United .Suites DUlrict
Court in Trenton on Tuesday, Ju Ige Nixon w s ah
lonlshed by the entrance ol three tous of (Irand
Jury, by name us follows :
wnltstn B Vthitehend .hi .fchn Moore l-'i
lleu.iah II I usen if William Mi.ore . ... . ii
-ion ii i ll. pkiin Via James N nnueuie .... .v
1il',"J""".,;.V"f! 40" J"ser'n en. ..... ?,j
f, J' S'""J ua 'li Ssuiuol it ei.u s.i
VhLiJIi' '; ''rsinll Htnsrt. !tv,
Si. J,.nr,K i '.harles IMneoek ., Jni
(leura-e Hi upuu .. t0 r!DCl H,ct,,, XM
f'jyhea ii smiti m Kin"it," . ;::;::::; w
iV.rjr,i)tu'!:n $ "'". - w
hdwurdb, Packard tso Total 8,u?
Mr. Whitehead was chosen fore-nan, and sttnds
six feet elilit Inches in iieisiu he Judge MiUued
thejnrt the Assembly Chamber fur their dcliben
tiuus, being evidently ifrnd tu trust then In un up
imr f? '" . " Cl'"si)iiuc of the stitutu of tho
O VVICU'UOt. I) h its ' VA NOMA IB.
For Prftulent :
nclallcns of Useless S, tvliom Hie other O.Tlces
boldem want to Renominate along tvilb Hint, 1
I. Jesse Root Orant, President's fitVr. Posh,
m isier at Covington, Uy.
.,l,.o.,,,"l.,0,.".ll, '"eshlenl'sh'-oiher. partner with
Ihe I olleclor uf the Purl at l int uu, exinc s so,. ,.
thing very tood srter the next etc I .n.
Uf Frederick T l)nt. President's rather 'n law
Claimant ot Lsndi at Csrotiloiet. Ho. eac lei br
Wilson, late Cam aisnonernf the l.tad Oifire, ha- not
let got tne lands, but hopes to get them alter tv n it
IV l:cv. M. J. Crsmer, Ireldent's hMtner 'n law
Minister lo lien.narKt unght lote msde Mini irr lo
lictlln w.tnonl waning for the Pre-ldrMi.il elec-imii
V Ahel llalli Kiliet-urbln, I't, -lUcnt'a liiui,, i iu aw.
tierotlator of cold and p-a' . t.ve se u n-,o.i , ia
tanuw Flsk,,lr, anl JsrOmild hai not nad tuiicu
yet bnt hoi cs t Per the next jl o 1 1 1.
VI. Uretetllrlr tlen. P T, D.'iit, Preel snt' hroiher
lo law, ( hist t'.aer at the l ist ntitc Munsl iii.
VII. .Indue loan Dent. Ficrlileni hruther it law.
Counsil ror Ciatmiutk before tbo Proil'leni Ket ettl
mated st fl0.rce a ytsri ci;cria to mate ni .rsafiw
tne n.-xt e.evtian.
VIII Ueorr V. LlerU l'lttl 'inl's brother in law.
Appraiser of Custom r-u r.inc-scu
IX John Dent, preal'ient' brotnerlnlsw only In.
dian Trader for Sow Hi-xlco under Indian Uurnasa
place wurih HW.0J) a year. '
, Al-x ?han. Praildeut's brother In-law i.aal
ol tie liuuict of (.ututuoii
XI. JamesF Pasev, Pfd-n 'a brother hi law rot
lector ot lb Pu. i ot Sew ilncaus i place worts I njxii
XII, James Inncitreet. President's brother u -law"
C "Jin. hurveyor rd the P n ol New (irle ins.
.till, fcnai Haasou, liiaia.nfi own couitn, Minis
ler to (Isstouiala.
XI V, Nat. A, Patton, Presldsnt' brother in law's
Uiirdeoastn, Collector uf ihol'ort otO've-uiu.lei.i.
XV UitanitoH lts, PieildenlVown eonsla, t leitr
In th Third Auditor's ofBcc, washlnztoni i.oucs fur
somethlnir mncn bitter aner tho next election
Xl. lr. AOilUoo licit. Preildent'ahnitlieriadiw'u
Ihtrd rouilu. Clerk lu th HfiiLiler's oUlre. Tr jrr
icpas-trnenl, Washlngtm i trusts his menu wul t
eiler appreessied alter the nest election,
XVII. John KiniMon. Preeldant' own con-la, (c.
cod Utt-atsaoAt, Fnnrth Artillery i promotion hODed
lor azier Harcn I, l,1.
XVIlt. Oeos-ire n. Johnson, President's mother's rs
nrt enasia, Aaseeaor or lattrnsl Kcvcaue, Thua
Hlstnci. OHIO i bolter Ihluji loniej tor.
.XIX- II. 1,. Wlnani. I reiideuf cemlti's hnsband.
Postuastsr ol Newport. Ky. 1 ready for a hlihcr piaoa.
XX Miss It. A. llagru'tet, Piealdeni't brother ia
Itw's second oouiiu, Cleik In Oen, fipianer's offlc,
1 reaanry Dtparuuent.
XXI, O.lver W. luiot. President's mother's grtrK
tephew. Assistant District Attorney, Corlnrton. Kv t
would not mfui to be Disirict Attorney titer th
Best election
XXII. A. W. Caitr, Prasldent's brother In-lawl
on hruUicr, Appraitor of lastauis. New Urleins ,
t od place, ad wanu, to kesp It.
PhlU'ophcr Tllton Think CJr.tut !ia Ilatt
from u tiotim ,te, Juniti.
WTille we would luat takeaway a single mlHtarjr
Isurel from the bruw or Prrsldent Orani, yet oo lb
other hand wp would not Invest blm a second tlm
with the civic crown. To nominate him anew would
let thousand orator to telling over again. In a
slum and Eery Presidential csinptlzn, the whula
s'ory ol Ihe bloody leud between the .North snd tha
South, Such a campaUn woull awaken on iiimltf,
which ought never again to be revived.
'Ill renominatlon ol (leo. (Irani wuntj necessa
rily revive It, llul the presentation of Mr. On elry'a
name to tbo Souia would b a lender ot Irnternal
kindliness and th oblivtun uf civil slrlle We ara
ortr.ellrm opinion that Mr. Oreclsr'a election to
the l'resllenry would do more to Invite the Nona
and cuutli Into a league ol amity than we c in tea,
touably hope ror from any other candidate. This hi
the leading reason whlrli, toccther with many
others, has Induced OS to lend our sympathies, lhua
luadtanc, lo the prospvcUve csnJIiicy of this
great-btaried and humane suiiamin. ,
We are not opposed tn President Orant we simply
want II' civil services to cloao with lit prrsial
term. No one un point to any word of bitterness
which wu have ever ullerel ajaln.t elUier his m I It
tar V or civil rrcurd. He Is an honeet man, w bo has
done a tnne'j ot bis duly aa ho has bad Knowlelr t
or ability to do. Hut his administration bu not
been smJi a success us to entlUe It to be repelled.
Accurdiurly w cannot loin the elaquer who west
l lm to sine his song, or play Ida pari twtce uvsr.
Onoo Is euouzh.
f.rnnt Frightened About Greeley.
AVon tt CfucfniMlf CoMnitrctdL
It seems that Orant ts very much troubled
about Orecle's recent political movements, aud Is
especially alarmed at the project for nointuaUng
Creoles at a Presidential candidate uext year. lf
some of the aUtemcnl mad about this were sol
very saddening, Ihey woald be quite amusing, lis t
kaa luard tf the deep-laid schemos ol the aatl
(Irani Hepublicans of New York; lie knows some
thing or Oreelei's spirit and determination , Dels'
snate of his ex. ended populirlty ; and he regards
tim as by far his most formidable coaaoelltjr lor
the i.epuhttean nomination. Waal he atands rnosll
In diead of, however, Is ibat th Oreeley party, mi
Cat they anould see that the Prealdenlisl Con r en
lion la bound to renominate Orsait, will start aa il
aependtnt movament like luat which culmi
nated tn thl Cleveland Fremont (Juuventioa'
la laVM Hy sues a movement, n is be
lieved, Oreeley wonld not only be able to
defeat Orant veiy easily, but would stand a c'lanevi
ef securing his owu elicUon. Oreeley Is slruuzlyv,
In favur of the ' one term prlnclplo" ror the Preei
dency, and has repesimlly givoa Grant nolle of
lata Uial he Is oppoesd to Ills renoulnaUon. It)
(Irani be determined 19 ran nstt yctr, he must dot
so In spite of Oreeley' warnings, anJ with the
kuuwleui Ihtt Oreclo) hit announced thtt he him
sell Is not unwilling lu sccepl a nuiulniUon Ore
I y ha publicly declared that ha bu " settled ac
counts and passed receipts" wltn Ui ltepullcia
party, and Is now, therefore, ruij, to tct on ma
his owu leaponsloltlty, as k has au often dm un
trevious occasion.
II Is a dreacfel stats of things. It Is hard to say
wbal draot should du about it. U can easily ecUle.
tne dincttlty, huwever, by wrltlnc a letter like thai
whlca Oen bnermao recentlt wrote, peremptorily)
refusing to b a Presidential candidate next )etr.
In Ililt way he would get rid or a disagreeable las
Ject ot Ihoujut,
itrpvitLicAsisM in tub trrsT.
The Kesolutluiei of Ihe Ohio Itepubllrna
CuuvpuIIuii-A rsiupenduus tl'utl fur tha
Aittnlnlalrtitloii (.r uit'a Order Obeyed. -
Co Li' mb i , June 21. Tbo rcaolutloni wblct
were adopted by the ltspablicatt Conrenlloa to-Uy,j
declare that the ltepublluu party uuywe.l chals,
haiu the adtnlrution and cuntldence of the country
for Its patriotism, courage, aud wisdom In preservi
ing the I'ulou : for IU Justice, firmness, and main
ntnuty lu establishing fur all liberty and equality
befo'i' me laws; lor Its luviolat honor and sooti
fa tu toward tho uatluatl creditors ; aud lit success
ful sdnituistrutlou ol national allilis. sj
They recognlte tlio Thtrto.mtii, Fourteenth, and
IlfUeuth auiaudmeuta aa Just, wise, uud valid arti
cle of organic law, to bo zealously defeudel and
ci.forcej as puts of the i: unlit, r.ioit ; sty tie dn-l
lies) en l uporlt should bt n a Ijnsieij as to nr in1 1'
the Interests id every sec ton .ml branch ot Itidui
tiy as far st lonltilr.
The rt'tuitulons lu ly approve the acta of tie pre
eat Ail'iiiniiirtti' ti as faithful, houost, au I e- ono-'
mical as ahuwn Uy thu reducituu uf uver a uu Ir-t1
million in laiet aud Iho payment of two bun -red
u.l thirty million ot the national dobt, the A I un-t-trttlou
has been eq uity successful In I's I ir, i.-a
nollcy, his achieved mii'-ri-hajlo li iii.-r lu l u sit
tleiuvutui the dilTerenoes w.Ui llrual ll.i.a.n oa
terms creditable tu both ootiulrles.
Tbey condemn the policy of grinllnr suhiidles to
-orpor itlon- and monopolies: doeliru 1 1 tt t . tv
lie domain ahuuld he kept for Ihe Uburltu pulia
tion ; fivor reforal In the civil servli'a ol Ihe i:ou dry.
Tbey hearlllv applaud the action of Pr." isif
Orant under the Cull tvmcu act; hope i ittha
enmities and ment iicnt ol the war may he v el
Uy ended; tint the day miy soon corns ta
evsry .siata every citizen may oe nfo lu nt pv -on,'
Piupeity, and civil rihls. and onjo, Hi a eouil pro
toctlou ot the laws, .nd ru-omuiend tn ''til 'I uf
Convention to amend tne Bute coualiUiian,
('. C, Carpenter Nmnlniiipd for the Governors
liip ol lims,
Da Moikes, June 21. Tbo Republic tit Stat
Convention to day nonitniloJ C. v. I'lrpautr. lor
tiuveruor by aeclainitlon ; 11 C. Uutlor, L.eu.e ianl
loveruor; James 1) (Ira, .lu'ga uf t.te lap em
lourt; Col. Anson Auoravthy, bupriuual"ai t
Public Instruction.
Itesolu'.lun were adopted oougratuli'l".' the
country upon the a IJuilmimt ot the d,fn u.i. s .li
(liuat llrltaln, 'avonnz protocllou on no Jim f
revenue larlll, a uniform st,'in ot luati -i in 'h
Btate, the eonirol of rsllroijs ny th I. ';i- a s
nud the anoexn'i'in of tivi fliuiinzo vy.iui ta pe
Vie of thai Hlaud deaire It. ,
I'll r'S,,iiliiin uImi approve Ihe icl "I i.r irt '
A'linlnistrailoti, iiivur Uie ruc.'urigi' n" n o' i
cultural Interusts of the Btatu, Hi" ml !' ' ' '
tne revenue system tu mitig He t,ie ou, ia it j. t-i-l
j it and oppote subaldies.
Mrx. Viillniidlalnthi'. I'l l II.
DirvoK, June si, Mt. Valiandiglu u " -"I
uuconsctous. Physicians, aim iro m cm,- i -tendanoe,
are roticeut .is to I er in'-ivr "'"
tu recognize her molt iu.huatu fu u.: i" '
her heilrlde.
Hy niaiiy It Is feired she has hxtorwi'i ' p"
ruwsou. wltlle nttieis deeia e Unit t.i--I i' i i
she h.ss encountered durins I ih I i.i I v I iy ' "
loss ur both brutlinr and Im'U ni. . lu ' '' '
ii'ust lata! einstfun ici's atil toil h r ui - '
ti.eieli a uiatur ul brut nine.
Another Fnrlliu.uuht' lu Cnllloiul.
Hi Fiuxi'i'Cit, .luist. tl. A sh irt' 11
shuck was felt a Cilist .u-i ,ii ', - "I
inu. Iliuiihs's Hoi 'I in h 'a o Vl- e w "
hy a cnimuey being im pu .1 'u hi w i -'t q .i -ls
The Tiiriinilu In Insvii.
ClllCitlci, June Jl .ua; tie t 'i '
i-autuu Iowa, ,m u I , i ' 1
Hum n h ,i wa I ,wu ' i Is a i ' y
Mr lluntii iilon w u i km,il,""u J
uauguti-r tu, sue la J cj,

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