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fSr-ElOHTll YltAR.
I M i ' - -- m
rv l(r-l - KISM.lStt A.f KIT XllK
" M it.tin of itttsituas.
a ( Vcu.runce-riindled Hint nl
"nl.oJihfJT.III'iir the. Mob Ibnl th No-
" ' i uu.irJ I "oi Wtrone- TUnoutti In
rru.l. Ihrm the Nrat TImr-lnllnmlog the
H rnsslous of i rnasloonte People.
i .( ;l,t ino thousand Irishmen assembled In
i m-,,m HH- lV;' 'ourU tUttt' ",tr Tr,lr4 "
I hit evening m nwe r " inflsmmstory e!l
r iRctint'- sfmrcnilr lo denounce Oot, Hotr
. imi: J""f' ,l0' of ,h 15ltl' pr
'' i-natl.rr ThIiiik'iii roo-n, H lent I0J
' , ,,a,,r, vae pained, seals, etslee, find around
,li iiluwlih an orderly, decent, determined tnul
t,M Not " I""1 of 'fa remained
8t; o" m ,!" ,oom lK,i'1 "ke " 11" '
Tb "eiders ' on f jl1 p'stform al the north
rtw rf tte room. They Included Blep.icn J.
y,,oi i : i' f Iruk I tn.ecTcl. I). 1'. Corrngbiiu ot
,l,tWy tsmetrat, Jol a A. O'llrleu, Dr Waters,
lit tHite, 11 r. Jle'-orunck, and Messrs, Tbornlon,
Hnl'). "4 Crlnitnlns, lb Commutes who Issued
j till.
..la A. O'Bilen waa thesen to preside. tl In
bjttei M-phsn J. Meany as the first si. ker,
I Ilr. Hsitiy sld I
J lOs entering iht room to-nlrht I have been
kiJliee m as-emoltge to different from lliote
Mrs been tlm habit o itdJreasmg.
I it oner rl ces I was msl by lb enlhastaim and
tnliiatnl ul politics. Her 1 pereelr lh itf ady
1 ..asirior wblc.i befit me object which hat broiu.ii
siltcelber l l.er nr Hair when Irishmen must
I w I" heart son ot thegitietl ihouglili vhlch
(ifOllr.l man'a be.lt I Oral, Loir can avium
11 II io,l ulilcli ha been shed 111,1 appoint);
ni, secondly. Low we caa scui to men o uur
gieod, our breeding, and our bi-ue, their proper
, f.itf lu th laud of our adoption, iTcrisf.c
- maniac it anotdbi. riot,
Ii rour call for the ineeilDt to nlcbt I Unit a verr
eafctia lint, Hhlrh I ahall Ornrejfft or Know
j NjUml'm rn"o t lievuntrt (t'rlo( "Ntr "J
Horr nr Irlen., aerr. nee. nrr, v.i If v
(liferent l!on ha to b tautht Irom that of Wed-U-t.
Never null (he cn or that da) be
t epelfJ.
II l,io inrrtatj villh I)r. Walcra, itf. Conjthan,
ulilr Wilt alted at th dejtn eceaa ol teal
M Wiien I aloud In trlfh b'oodmronn b!oo I
cardled, in1 1 prareil til .t I might art thadir whrn
aieotiQirTraen'a blooJ would oaven:d. Indei
1i!ie nproir l
Inn iruiej and clnbbtd ruffians rhootlnr Inno
et men, Icr the crime of looatnx nt Oranseineii.
Hi'.fi ' bn'll Orantemee rol .New York ISo;
lrt!id. our dear nntlie motoer. the? after ahall,
titer, rner, nierl WIM .irphinte
lilt nut a iiloitom triumph (nr authorltr that rtia
iiocld t-e down, ultra m.ide wlon cUi'.ara i
etpic, bioiliera loe their alitera , lather their
a-iiil lor nhatf To ilea ,nr caprici of on
' ran. ni o .ift h!a rUMlul pl,rc In Albanf and enma
1 D,.wii rf to revoaf ',c buniane order ol our
Hi;.r Itiu-Jt cx-.iMinent, Crtfi of ' Ma's mur
J'lff' "li'ji LiJiupv.na lamp pott I" Ac.)
I' ' , not rati
1 -"3). fft suit not talkot hanxlu; up oa linppoiia
ill Ve brvr wene to do; but e mutt Ime no
isBsliire ''vrn;e. 1 havo atreadr taken tu
(ear-a le.al revente. Now la not ih tinn-Ijr
I jm; reftji Xurae jour ratn to keep It wi in
I LelU" Ct't be lcja:l .itcnted, and allf rwird Mr il
Ii aiioitirr n.anner with the men who Inantt u w It It
ISeir bjnnrrt and their .fatly ttLen. He D.tlent
uUo i.ol re t rs-v.n?. llila mtv not b? a Clirli
Imb ronpii'l, tut uith tho accnes ol WedneHiv
Ulore no rjrca, 9cd rtllli. mar be, tht reltiilreaol
utii of Iho-p I o if '.I br the murdarous lire of the
BsrJfoni roili'uln iront of me. It It til onl ad
cm uitt uu.
ImTfauit veccauce ray do harm. Ft He In
fc jm bum mt n.rm )ou nuuld Ilk to Inflict upo i
f&ilitlisifR, f Tea thouh joa ahimld know cue per
tinin; Let Uo Ijii firtl like Itt roars, and
a'-.t-wiiS 1 rltdju lou rou will he fa'le ta:lrt"d.
Wt ar ter in niaae a solemn prole it. Nimt uo'
timtntf to lae our venirance. Ween H ro n ne
i, nm It, etcu If ihf trirole ovrr Iht bi-me
I o' erst) liiisn.in in Ainerlci. Karl.i: jrtiu J
suciniha tu Han aioT.
Svnr tLat Oi.Dteinen stall niter a; in par.de
I din I nr tnai turj ahall never riincarrr tielr
ilitiliih Big in cur irete, ll'ro'otxed entnuaian
ui en 1 1 " Let lu Irlahmaa Tots fn llolr.au P'J
la Ibr Dolly's Krjf massacre not one tent 1 o! the
rnnW ol UTfi iter airnOctd as there wis in
B'lbih Mtiur. Yet tb Itrlllah aoternnieat ilc
nuiiCed tl ai-niilnt as Orange Tjtaboa'a, and a
Dl-tin act or IM'l.irucn: eras r:a'd, nhlca hit
Betsr !,- a rersk.-J, tuxbMnt Oralis ;r ;eis o-
ln: (on u In Cu;I.,nJ. Ireland, fcjiUnd. or Walet
Aaani.l tlir; Po psrmltled lu this coumr , unJ'r
lliflnri miJ btrtpe. br the caprice ol tacu In to
Wonl) ! No never I lApplause.l
I lite hr.iTi v'. en 1 1. link I'.iat Vdnesji;' seen
iii'l be iv, ucl and never repeated. II or their
Mil mr.lrtrii-y Inanttoaoa a law on the t'at'its
hMki cf II, li S.le pruhlbltlur theie yearlr Intulti
llr'l,r who hive loisl.t, vrao bava bird,
nl I,C" I.ocei hate wl lie-, uu ever battle-1-11
HI. ii. rounirv Wh did Tfr an Uranirainan
Mt fur fie land of Ma adoption f lliitea and
.Nir.r "1
"iht at rk .r"iT mornin tiwk?
"Tht llihernljii' r.nJ Cat'. olio nobl kept i!oo(
frm tlie pmude If ti:e. lud not, there would
tfttilidmnt slori to te.l tu dn. If fie county's
, at O'.r tx-locl Axhb mop and li e cl rzr and tht
VireiDzttf tlu pri l,ad not reitrj.ced thulr Juu
aiCU4l, whfre nvul, thpaa IV) Oraiuumen luv
tm-wl ere the bravj Klzhly fo-irth t llis-et
I Whit fii oT liav . these conaroa for thalr rrcilcis
' ae Out niiliti iun mav luvu been till on thohti.l
Willi j rtoni , one mllltumaii nar Iivvj bexn a.iot
If'OJ'lifr luliltuTiin. Tars Urau&ointu jre tali
V' to lint Urn tliihllr 1 urt, and for tnls tlilr msn
I tin ,ntd. ai.J Coil knows how minv iaor.' are
niVlux r 1 Icr ih cocxl offlcra of lm uu Jrrl.iK, r
Uon't ki.jw how thelrlah lutur is able to restrain
, ltilf, llallaskiou lo continue to retrain y. in--f
slreino. Another tlm I uur hare somethlu;
' J Circ-,1 u sai lo you.
Will Hie Oniiirunn be a'.lovrcd ta paiaja, or v;il
I h be ihot don T 1 leire thai ruefl,ou lo )ou, lo
1 bs poMrrril over, to be talked about, nn l to be le
Ii;iO'ii- rreterveu unill tho proper time curat s for
uiwi r.iii; ' aloud. Neter foreet the mai. Mho
ucnui t-1 l ie Insult in sou on thr 11"', thou' I he
ftercetne up at a candidvte for anr ofllrl u pntit.on.
(" 'u I jii.llco Itu'l aonc. It will oetoli'jlt of n ine
ot 9' iu ceniKroen who net Hi lb me,
At i wind up, Mr- ilrnny rcjd a lilililr Ir.iUiiL-.a-it;
loiio, entltl'J "lied Itjin," rrllc'i nan ruh
l,fli)J in the last number of the Irli't PtiKnut. He
Ois tl roushout In a v ry inipattioned manner,
el Icti runa'csly calculated to arcuia tl.e nortl
fiiiiiom uf hit eicllable audlcLre. At lines, when
tier fceln;s reached a elate bordering on lier.tr,
tier to vent to tl.elr Impotent nr'th in fearful
tells and met. Tl.ci, ho artfully blnled tt t.ls or
Uttt I.., iiitf rivm.e.tiid followed m li urehss
v'silini for tell coullol,
Wnen Mr. Meany had rnumeJ his fc-l. tin Tres
ll'at tppolnled a CMi.uii;tce, contislini of tlajor
Boiler, Martin Hauler, and Dintcl Crlnimloa, lo
dntt rfioluiloos cutidcmnln: the National Uoard,
ui eiprriilng Ih contenpt of the nive'lnr for
Ost Hoffman. Mr. O'Brien aid lie would nlrael
Ui Uotumltte to coflperats wlta th Irlili brlcad
elctrs In flndlnz out inch of tb militia at ft, 1
filaoul orders snd luipeacalnc tiem for murder,
coi'Mixa milk cuiNCia.
Mr liullady, of Xouuljoy 1'ritou, next arote and
ai4 tl, .i ilia in riot del eloped one lacl, nimelv:
Tan u. e n lima nt not capable of que lin.' ant ilot
liicli nuy be allcmpted in the luluie. D:nervilae
' MnlUiiy waa noii-coiiiiiiiltil.
It'll i r, r ins rcruuika a mun at tho end ot the room
rl!. ii'il "lino in lb UU'll I
"aoot I, loi " This mined great upror fur t lew
tnoo, -ns
Uj ,r ) ' (,'uiumliam was the nest tpetkrr.
f I'm m:I, ii.ilore, Meolieu J Mfni-. Tnlt
n ,11,11 irmhinrn ! ba beatlni: ari iind the
" A it I'li.ouncinu Ihe tnlllll i La inurder.rs
"I ; ..i 1 1 ii ilr. .Meanr, Mr. V tubttoud.
i t ii ii or mi. watcik.
Itr. Wiii. ,imj j itr npulo:ifl,i: for ti
"on in, ),,. , ,j .L.n n iicouuliv e III "I
nt li, lu.rm m mtri) buttle, l.m iui tlm ec
" t.'uie,- ii,. i icrurrtKl. 1 never miv more
jesl tm ii ' ,. ,i nniitiril ! "I fe I unroll pro
I 'lm liN ii , t. , n. , veiisi-anre, Holt jour time,
"in a i ,,ir,u i, y . lWi j,,,,) , juu , ,,- jmcof.l
' "if"1 if" " s'lnt'ti itie Oito,"
"''"' i trot Ihe foilowltie reiolu'ionf,
"'iili tl o-i-1, ii i- i b. Hie f rtU Conventi n of
iiill" i "' H'1'' ''"d hem pre ar. I beloie-
Tim nuobtTioNs,
At ii, ' k.,, t u , ,el,n , 0f iruli-AnuTlm clil
''."o't Ni .( Mill, Wat.l. held July I'J, lell, in
I'ts.uu a., linn,,,, ntr introduced ;
j'loi.i, I,,, ,, ,.,,, ,,, hiale. hr lauln til
(i , ' 1 I '"' 1 "' 1,1 ft oratis tiucii I) on
r" ui. .1 , . ,n i,,.po,iinii io tim Mm ui in iiii.
'.; . ."'"' '' ' "'I HiDoltut blood Hut 4t
i o, l'i j
.''"" ,i i v. Jw.,i,jinsr ci'iz ui ot tint
' ' -t II ir lliltllt III lirliulf of i in wilml aid
mi, , ' . 1 ' '' " ol,, "'" asaimi our rc by .nr
Iji i '1 ,'' ' J(''-''. l'0 would lain huso II a putsll
r.i? u,v wr si s lilirrtv-'ovlni anl bbrral
l-ii.,. ,.; , - ." " i"Vrm 'I In I ie ivin ol our
i ,' 1 ' t' i'H" tint e are a tctianan p -ople. aid
. 'tuilifouirarr
ii if!-"!'' 'I1'" 1,1 toll Hot. Ilonmsn iripnniiMefrr
anil i . '.."J. " ''et'n by his muriierous
L i , 1 11 ' " '' dlkeii b'ni l.m.iiiury
III i, ii ! "'"' t'd to loot lor our si5.-a- lor
1"' O II, f liu II, 4 I,
aoi ' I!' ,"" I" enndemlns llonin,e can.
K r'111 ol Hsiurllsii tint all in
"Ks-rlo iiisiu ala pttct aud netent Iht willul
f-f drtlni of blond, we think he It dfterrlnr ot the re
gsn s oi the Irish rtllssna of Oil. great city of New
.itn-nl, 7hat w. Ihe lrth-Amerlcan ettlrem of tne
Mnet-ilith tVrrJ, will alwatt id independently In
es'ime onr btiloit, and carefu If etamlne the record
of every or.f whomayreea our tofTrate.
):tir,t. 1 hat while we deprecate ihe action of som
otlhe mencsn pfiti of llili ctiy we raaeoi etriisrt
.Uncut (ivirt our warme.l tnank lu the oreii wnicn
t oonir deleodid it irom ralie and malicious elisrgrs,
and lliai we lhall hold it our dntv to catronito on
psptrwlilrti litiotlaroiabteto ui ttapeaceable and
law. abiding people.
tPTkR till MiJOl'RXUEKT.
TImt were carried enthusiastically without a dls
sentlrg voio
Ihomeiltnz now broke Into a r:ular uorotr
rhetrs tti-r tlrrn for Ilvnltv and for 'he Youni
Detnoeracr, and crosns for lloflinin, and est calls,
yel.s. and horrible noltoi nroa on all tIJet,
I hl- brnueht Mr tlrsnr to tils feet, tnd order
Vfat ull'i difficulty rettoreil.
A Mr. MrUo'mick now stepped on Ihe stage, and
bro'er out Into a rimbilne discourse abont the Ooth,
the Nuns, the Danube, 1 urkey In Atli, and all sorts
of peoplfs, places, and Incidents, Joablsd toiethcr
wltboat any apparent object. II n.vde history aa
he went along, and Inflicted a terrible blow on
James (loi don II 'nnott. tny cilllii; him ' Jonttz
Maxtmia, vtlib hi Ifrnulort."
'Ihe president mad severs! efforts to put bin
down, out MeCormlek couldn't e through the
movement, and he had always on mnr point w lilch
he wanted hit audience to " dlgeat," Tne crowd,
tco, who were Infinitely amused at his absurdities,
cried lor blov lo " go on I " hut al Isst Mr O'Urlen
summarily d'clsied tl.e meeting adjouined, aud
Ilr t!ct ornilek vttt If it alone In lil rlory. Keen
tben lie waa sot rqnelched, hut protested that h
had aa good a right lo sptaa aa any other man. He
waa perfectly sober.
Inrltlf Another lllol-Tlic Wise Cannaets
r Col. Tmlor of the KlghlyOllli Ileal,
ment llrjected.
A number of Hibernians of tlio Highlit Ward
met last evening sltlfs tious of Mr. Murall on Sul
llvsn street, Dftr Spring, lo arianae ths irellmlna
rles for aa ladlcusllon msetlng lo be held to d
noui.co th action of Oov HoSmsn In Issuing a
rrotlsuatioa to preserve Intact the liberties of tht
Ose of the most actlrt and bitter of those present
was a fellow nsmej DlrOlnurs., who waa sirtsted
on lb morning ol th riot with a plilol, a police
man'a blllfl. a box ol cartrldgis, and a roll of Hi
bernian volunlear on his person, and beU lu $1,000
McOlanass offired a atrlts of resolhlloni cob
de-nnttory of Our, Hoffman, denonncieg th k militia
for firing oa a "peaceable hody ol men," and call
ing upon th cltUtns of th Eitnih Wnrd to meet In
mass meeting and giro lprci.lon Ihot tentl
Among tho who hsppned to b present was
Col. Jota Taylor of the Tacelslnr tlusrd, who,
Ln tlitse Incenolsrv ttealntlons sew irT,r,l,
(toss to his (est sod denounced them In autneaenred
111 Hibernians listened to the Colonel's abort
speecu with tnsrk1 attention. It said thst he
could noi sit and llslea to denunciation nf III Hlat
millua whrn he Inmstlf and his commsnd were part
and pircel of that orginltstlon.
The Colonel w.e counsels ware unheeded, how
ever, forth resolutions wero pissed. A commute
! three wer then appointed to enxss a I, all nn.1
mike oilier arrsnemeiits lor tb lon'.etnputed
rnu MOT OF TUB wr.i.riii.
Thieve aud .tlurderri Iliitiglus tiny, llofl.
mau lu lCliry.
An efTigr of Oov. llolVnisn ivas liaiiRfil jester
dav morning near the Washlnztun avenue bil.ijo,
Brooklyn, by the aympathlaera of Tl.oiuat McCIf lry
late proprietor ol the "White Honsr," and one
ol the victims of the New York riot. The etclle
rrent cresled l-i the reighnorhood by the suspon
aiou if lha i fllgi and Mis- sl.ouls nl ihe crowd slsnd
lux around It, attracted lo II, sci-ne of dlmrder Ihe
poll.-e of the Itlfhth I'reclnct, who cut down the
Farced lata Ihp Ilol.
James Cttrtln, tlie last of Hie riot inisoncrr,
v.ts dlipoeed of yesterday b) Justice Uojsn, who,
la bl eddrrss to the prl'oner, said :
I mink lour non-narltclpAiion In any cullty desire Is
proved dv ihe fact lt,it no ball 1) trnueic I lor ion. 11
ton had belonged lo aav orua.nxi-d party, nny eoni-bim-a
oppoitttun on tnt dav,inibiieii youwonia
nave been liatled tiefora this. I rtlichsrce rjopy"ir
own lecoxntzsncc in kesp lbs penc tor ls montiis. I
teust you will ecopt the lesson id a wrek. impruon
iiictii. and trkrn to kerp awsytrom suen place. In
luiure ana mlad your o n huilne.
S:epten J. Mesny. who apptired as counsel,
thanked the Court, and the prisoner was dltclisrged.
A Fund for a 1'atrlal'a rninlly.
At a meeting of the veleraaa of Hie Twenty.
scond Itegiment oa Tuesday nUht, a committee
was rtppolated lo raise a aubscriptloo among the
mrmbera for the benefit of the finally of lb Isle
cScrgt, Wy.lt ol the Ninth, Y, l. Hesann, treasurer
of ice committee. 3d John street, will receive kills
Irom members of th Twenty second or olber.
I'very member of the Tarnlv second villi clve at
least fl, and aom will give tlO Older lelinents,
Il Is tbon;nt, mil ;u c lirxrally
A Free Academy Oov Killed.
A voiing latl, Ttiomai J. Spring, a native
Aiavnc-in ol hope and promise, who nai shot tnor
talli In the side, lay In Ihe linproMsed hambles at
Kuhtn avenue and Twenty lonrtli strjet for an hour
and over imuns ihe dead, and dial In h tint aun
Vount ilr Hprini lud liken a w Ik over Irom in
1'ree Acideuiy, of twilch be wsa one o the brigutesl
pupl a.
.1 itrltrs. Cnrdo'o'a Opinlnu of tli Itloter
I'at llogati, one of the iniiriuiioJ liilli of Jul.r
rlulria, was bilure Judge Cardozo tisterday, on
htUtc fctjivi to be iMfCharsed. He I ad bran com
milled In Ofaultof fl.tWball by Ju-llcs Bbaa Hey.
1 h Court ri lusid to entertain the rioter's case or
iulsncir, Ihe prisoner wjs reminded.
Illberiilaua Puulahed,
O'Nell and Miilcury, wlio beat one Mation lit
l-'iu.ling bcause h was an OianKenjau, were sen
tenced yistfntav by Judge Hsrr.lltnn Muleiry to
pa, line ol 1'A sn1 O'.Netl JH) snd 'Hi Ijjs In j.iil.
Auolhrr Vlrlliu or the Hint.
Tliotaas Ict.'U-ary, wbo risilcd Nviv Voik to
see Ihe Or.tue procestion with his birkteper and
was s'ict. die 1 st his n-.i lenre in Kent avenue,
nesr Cljuier street, Willi, rai'jnigu, uu Tu-sJay
The Woimded lu llrlli-vii Iluspllal,
Willi oue cxcntion tltc wounded men in Hell.
i u Hosplt il are in about tbo -inf condition as on
Moaliy. r'iiohock, who ws. shot iu Ihe thlfb. has
'.aki-n a turn for the worso, and the lives of the
otbtit ais In drngtr.
Juallc lloivllua aud ihe Iluralar.
Tb ;tJff Ma'l Qazttti of Jiilr 7 savi .
"Th Hon, Jusilr Rowling, chief msg'sirat of
New York, Is a uselul person to l.att stajlnc In th
house on vsrtaln occaalons which are not to rar ta
theyonghl o he In Ihe nelghaorhood of London,
lie. ring a nolit the otner ul:hi In Ih houte of a
rrieud to whom he It ou a visit at lllcbrroud ter
race, Wettbourne grove, and gol-ig down stairs lo
see what caused it, the American .lu'ice found
hlaitcll In the presence ol lour black-Heed bur
clais. whom taaliu tbetn perhaps for u!ggrs, and
despising them according') he al' irked with in
umlirellt stand, illiperilng tbem and putltn: tbrn
lu Hin t.
'- Without undervaluing Hie sire nzth and courare
of Die Justice, we in i) be permitted to rtmsrk ihil
hla Inlrodurtlon ol a new weapon gave bun a do
elded adianl'uo ov.-r his opponent'. It Is not
stated whether or net the nrabrc'ia stand wis tot
e I with iiinMelHs ; but. In tiny r."sa. such an engine
Is in an ordinary houss'iold wjjpoij s iv, for In
stance, u p.irlor pokei much what tlio mliralllour
it tu t'-v common muski'. O-i the otlur bund, like
i.g club of Hrrciil.-', H Is not every one tint cm
v. le'dlt; .Hid wo nte nfri.d llietc are b't lev per
sons In tli' cmin'ry by whom an irnhrrlla rlinJ
would b found, us It wss by Mr .I.i.in s Donliois,
a cnnveulent liislruncnl lor tlio puniinnieut ana ei
pulslou of housebreakers."
A .1 nl I Hint nt l.urue,
Samuel f. DarlitiKi wbo was tnnnlsoned in
Ohio lor forgiu: Oi-n. Uuitin Waid't nvtii to a
check on an Ohio bank, It in tins illy, olnlming to
be a rewspaper repottfr, snd blsckmsdinj Iniuronre
runipuiirt and clttreiis ganar liy. Ye.K rday alter
noon lis w.s al the Anicncnn Hotel, .Irrsey (Hi.
'Ins C'l'ifinnafl C'vuiviiltiul and s lie bi'N have
alnadi warned Ibu titl.c apvr.il this slumiless
inipuitor. It is In b hope that lis will t uu IM
Into Ihe bands of the poiir.
niotllll Sliul llosalllll.
Tlie condition of llic ivnundcil patients late
list night was about the satna Cluiles M. Kuten
leek and Tatrlck llesd, who were so enoTonsly
wounded, lor.trsry lo Ihe eipectations ol li u tui
eou lu attendance, weie Hill Jlnt, Willi tuoir ion
Union all;till; luiproied
The Orenl hlk'Onred Haul Knee.
SrniNaniLD, Juljr The A'alsttla crew beat
Iha Harvard crew tula aflernooi. m Ih su osrsd
net, lbs Urns Psion Alalmla, JNlU'i i llsrvard,
aVX'X UltVOtttRttS.
Karlv Rlrdt Calchlat tht Vrni-A (lana of
HeveaThleves Captured In llnlen Hauara
llove Ihty Hob th Hleeper.
Ycatenlaj morning Dledetich Mjerboli, of 478
Rest Iliosdway, feeling fatlined. 1st down on on of
the benches In Union Bqnsre I'srk, and fell Into a
lltht slumber. He was anakenedby somebody's
going llironch bis pock sis Hts'tlog np, hs fonnd
himself surrounded by ssvtn Ill-looking lellowt.who
had been trying to rob him. II called " police," and
Officer Wade of the West Thirty-seventh street tl.
Hon waa quickly on th scene. The offlcer sstlng
the gam h had to contend with, mppsd for aitlit
tne?, and tli teven robber were taktn to the
station house. They described tbamsslves as I'eter
Wllllsm. 11 esrs of age, of JT Kill Kittff nth
ttrest Jamea Creedy.IA year, of ttOS Third avsnnet
Michael IloacK 18 yesrt. oM0 Kasnweniy-thlrd
street! Jehn O'Nell, M year, ol 914 East Twenty,
fonrtli street; John Cvpher, 31 years, from Loot
Isl.nJ : I'atrlck rlmlth, II fears, of 14 Tolrd arenoe;
P.itrt"k Hhorl, 19 vesre. of SOI K.sl Forty sixth
itrest. They ar sll Hlterlana except Crtidy, who
csllt blmsslf an Atuerl:an.
A rtfull Hnce for $300 Ilsand the Islaud.
A Roodl number of aquatic aporls met last
night at the loot ol Flfly second street, East Hirer,
to witness a scull race between Oeorge Mitchell and
fleorcs Dsumgardluer, ot four miles, for a parts of
tSOO. lhrry Tence, City Hall Llhrtrlsn, Janet
Stanley, WllllamIIshop, tnd Jack McDonald, were
among the prominent backers, and beta wtr mad
to th amount of ssvsral hundred dollars.
. Tb contestants at 6.30 o'clock entered their boats,
and both appeared In good condition for a struegls
round nisckwell's Island, th court selected.
Daumrardlner was lb favorite at slight odds, hot
Mitchell had a many backer and frleads. Uarry
Pence bscked Mitchell for good money, and Jsek
McDonald backed liaumgardlber freely. Vlo Mnr
ray acted as releree, sn,l aecomosnlad tb msn la
his own canoe, Harry Well being th starter, lltom-
gardlaer took Ihl lad, bal was quickly caugbt np
y Mitchell. nd for a time bolt rowed well, when
th latter tell off br degrees ; snd allnooga tb racs
was rood throogboul, llaomgaralnsr wit th win
ner. Th four miles a rowtd In 'ortr two roln
utss. !ullehl coming la one minute and thirty
seconds after his opponent. Ilsrry Pence waa al
one sought nfter, as bis money waa known to be
Eood, an I of coarse lie qalckly shell. d out the green,
icks, although evidently dltsppjlnted In not Being
a wluner. Tn men were loudly cheered aa they
A lluralary t'lvrrlv rrrvenlad.
Just be for li o'clock laat night Olficer I'eler
O'Neill, of Capt, MrDermott'a command, saw tnrc
men on Tenth avenue acting sutplclomly ; sob
watched their movements. Sooa lis bsard on of
Ihe man say,
" All clear now, go In and pass oat the swag. "
On of the burglar then entered Curlstopher
Smith's provision stor at 21 Tenth avenue. Hie
door raving been freriouslr broken open. II
begsn passing out a lot ol bams to the other who
toe)d on tie sidewalk revlr to recelre them. Officer
O'Neill then qulally rtalkrd towurd th store. Tne
two burglars on the outside v wary, and catch
Ing tbs sound ol his footsteps iffcsinurd, nut ".A
otner was arrested, lie Died two al.ots al tlie re.
trrattng btir.-l ir. bill may escst-ed. The prisoner
l I'aiiick Ilil'-y, ttell known lotue poln-a. II re-tu-e
1 to reveal the nam -s ol his conlederates.
Anolbrr Uralment lo Aid Ibr roller.
About six weeks au tlio olliccri and members
ol the tlarde I.a.'sjellt proposed th formation ot a
French regiment of National Guild. Th oncinua
Hon then uumberrd elxhty men. Sine that time
Iter hare enrolled Ui names, eight of wblch were
obtained latt night at 100 Prince ttrvet. It I In
tended to enroll and unlfoim a battalion by th fitli
of rJepterohtr. when. In honor of Lira. tile's bin
dar, li-vy will pirndo. They will apply to tho nett
I.Cglilalur for ac:s of Incorporation under Ih till
of " ll.Ulllon ludc-psnJatit df a UarJes LaUrlts."
On the lrh nl Amuvt they will I are a prnmrnsde
concert tor tb (urpoie of uniforming tho band,
ivLlfh rni,sll ol t a enty-five men nnder the lesder
snip ol M. V -JUlIC 1 be nOrers nre : M. Liton.
Cil.nn; M. Chilvln. First I.leulrnant ; M Le
llantbre. fecund I.ltntf nsnl ; an I V 11 Ayme, 8ur
gton. Field officers bav uot yet besa el. tied.
Nat .tlurderrd br Ihe A. O. 11.
Thjwife of .Mr. John Grace, 97 llotttsss street,
Diooklyn, went from her bora on tn morning of
the lMi, wearing an orange colored skirl, and
ah did rot return her husoacd feared tnat she hsd
been murdered by Ihe rrddnnded A. O. II. fill
yesterday Nr. One learned thai hit ulfawasln
Hie atrium on IllackweU'a Island. Mie had liken a
Wall street ferry host on the mninlnz or ihe lttn,
and ridden back and forth until her rambling man
nrr and speech betraied ner liissnliy, and she was
handed orr lo an cMcer. As she use unable to
tell her name or give any acconnt of herself sha waa
lakan to th" New atrrei pollee station Ihenre to ih
Ti.mbs, and thence to the lllsckwelrs Island Asy
lum, A Kins lo be frowned In Nrvr York.
To-day the festival of tlio New York Shooting
bociety will rome lo an end, the iniuipldoue
weather having prevented the unrksmea yesterday
frum proceeding with th shooting. The king o!
the festival he who is so lucky as to bring down
the last, the bod) . piece of Ilia e ixle which form the
Crirs-lur.-rt i to lie frowned by Miss Hchnacken
rts. and m bo hade 1 king br 60 girls clad in mover
white and strewing ttom rs on Ihe path of the happy
shot v. hols lo lerelve not only '.he golden cor mat,
but slro a gold wutrh and chain rained al 1).
Last evening a ' binquei" given by the Soiiet)
In honor of Mt maiksnien from lljliimure.
Ths Fnnrnil nr Mr. Clinton (lllbrrl.
The funeral services over the remains of United
States Hanger Clinton Gilbert, who died from a
plslol-tl ot wound received while cugaged In a raid
on Ihe Filth Ward (llrooklyn) whiikey distillers on
Friday last, were held at Ihe Washington avenue
Iirptlsl Church, near Gates avenue, yieterdjy after
noon, and were ntten led bi a large throng. The
Iiilarnal Itevrnue Department and L'nlled Slatea
,Mar ;ial's offices were Cosed. The body was cs.
curled from Ihe Marine Hospital lo tne church by
tlity memhi-ri of tlie Fourteenth Iteslment under
command of Msj. J. McNeill, the Veteran War
Club, and ali connected h Ihe revenue and Mur
thai' efflccs. Tl.e casket containing tho body wss
of rosewood, heavily ornamented mlh silver trim,
roloz. "ho pall bearers were lien. J Jotirdao, H.
11. Dutchcr, Col. C II. Morton. Col, Connolly, Col.
tllllsn, I'hillp Hrcnnau, Col. Mosscrop, and dpt.
Selvage The tarvlcts were perlormod by the Iter.
J, Hyatt fjmlth, asalsted by tiro Her. Dr. Taylor.
The remains were taken to Greenwood Cemetery,
Tb Catuii firnal .Mnttaere.
WajHtNOTore, Julr 10. Ueut. Wbitinore sends
Ihe lollowlug efnclsl repoi t of th uiaasacr al Camp
tlrant, Arlaona:
Ttvlr camp was surrounded and stiacked at dar
broaa. So suaden ana unexpected was Ii ibat no une
was awake to gire th alarm, mid I found aulta a num
ber ot women toot wnlle s.leep beild thair baodl of
har they hd collected to bring lu on that morning.
Tn wounded wao weie uoabta lo gel awav.bad
Ibelr brains beaten out wiib riuni or stoaes. while
some wie it.ol full ol arrows after baring o.-on mor
tally w-mnded Or tunshoi,
liie hooire wore sll stripped. Of the whole number
hurMd, on was on oi 1 man and on a we It-t-rown boy.
All Ilia rctl Homrn and cbiloiru. Of lie ho . num
ber tilled sLd ml. nag, sbont II, eight only were men.
uovits of i.r.isviti:.
Tioop O, Third Hagl nent cavalrv. l avo their an
nual target practice in r-ltn 1'ark, Mncly second street,
Jul) So.
Wotneu'a Ttpogranlile l Union No. 1 have Ibelr
third annual pifuic in 1 .tun l'ark on HaiuMay. July
7'. I'ne uisiu li pos are all ordering now suns lor tho
oies-ion ''bo vensrjI'lJ ,1 isopu Itrsi'Uv, Hit only
pi Hilar livli:.-'vbo 'voik,-d ivit'i Han Irinklln, s nn-niun-an
io l. sd olt in the but uancswiih Mm Uuiaa
11. .Million)'
Vl ASllllH I IHIM Till', on: AS VAIII.'JS.
A tl.reitmed rising Ul Jst ulca has been r'jecked
II 1 s.i l that Mr. 1, la, Mono Ml I abolish 1 1 J ami)
piml.aie syilein by iv.il uarrsnl.
The Msruuls of Lome has purrhated '.be estjle
of ihe Duo da l'crliiii) st Llimniiruud,
fieu tiuilleltnn Lards, and Col. I'liu'rho Cnnsue.
gra Mote uiciutid ul ViIih l lars on 1 uvdny.
Franrrsro timral, ndjulniit. and Doinlnco (.inral,
sri-retsry. of tn'tt. AKraiuouio, lisvu soiiendered al
Puerto 1'ilr.cipc.
loss us ii r nil it.
Tl.e oil refinery nt I'atiflj ami Chestnut streele,
Newark, was buined)cstcrdiy. Lo.s,
Oregg A Hleele's carpenter shop, and George
l.snib ,' Co.'. tlU works, in l.awreuce, Mass, Lois
Proctor's lllock. In A'nlou-rCenlre. N II. Among
tun v-i tipanti v -ie am. I v ii Ktu.oill. sn I tlenjsmin
Merchant, lawyers i lao Kesrssigt Lodge ol Masons,
snt u.l iLtrr shoi'.
bw sin's s.th 'aitnre, Aubery A narrln:ton's plan
Ing mill, tht rtil.encei of 'i Mtyor lluri'on, l)r itox.
rt, I, 11. Artr, tad Dr. Iltnlneioa, la Marysville, Cat,
Lou IM mi i laiuranc IV Dim,
ANOTllEll OV OttANVS rAitnoKs.
Dr. nialadfll, the Motoiiou llllflt WlsltUrr
Distiller, ns-nln at l,rg-Jndes Pierre
ont and Dnvls Intrredln In al llehall,
About two year oro Dr. Alrah Mlslsdelt was
convicted In the United Stttea District Court of de
Ireudlng th Government. TI owned an extentlre
distillery up town, nnd th testimony showed that
he had entered Into a consplrscy to flood tb market
with Illicit w hiskey. Thousands of barrel of liquor
wer removsJ from his premise In ailnglwek,
and sch Iteked the revet-ne brand. Th Doctor
oon begin to do a flourishing business, and aa bis
wealth Increased he excited iheenvy of less tnceesa
ful competitors, who hid compiled with th law,
Finally hla rivals In basinets gar Information to
the lata Collector Daltey, tnd Dalley determined to
make a coloaaat pile (nt cfths Doc or. lis ami
bla officers to watch the distillery, and In a few
hours they laarned enough to Juellly them In eslrlni
tb whole establishment, which was subsequently
condemned, (shortly bslors the distillery was
aelted Blslsdelt lormed an organisation, ot which
he waa elected President, lo protect Ine Govern
ment agsiott wblaker frauds. The members helj
tattling wsskly, and th Istdsrs, especially Dltls
dill, decltlmed Utterly sgslotl tne dlsllllei who
bad traded paying Ih tax.
Marshal SVtrct received a pardon from th FrtsI
deal for Dlslsdsll yetterday. Tn pardon aartlhst In
CODtldtritlon ot th fact that Dlaladtll was th victim
of circumstance, and had btsa srrsitsd sad prose
cuttd by a defaulter (evidently llalley). It was pro
per that h should be relessed. Tne application for
th pardon was .lined ly ex District Attorney
1'ierrepoal, Judse "ioab Davis, and others.
Dr illalsdeU's name was at one time promlnsnttr
aisocltled with th Cni-r.lnilisin-nardcll rosrrtSr.
His partner, tlielste John J. K.kt,i. was In th boat
la Bond street ot th tlm of th tragsdr. Illalsdall
bear tract of kl cor.'cjaient In Flng Sing, and
looks nremtlurely old. 11 wss st on time a sklllal
physician, and aold oat a large msdlcal establish
ment to engage In the more proOtahle work ol Illicit
alsllllatlon. Itnl he lost bis ttrlun and his liberty
by Ih latter.
Landing af Two Fxp-e dlllons on th laland
Msre VltVitlng Itepertrd.
Uataki, July 19. den, l'slanca leleRraplis on
th 131b Intl. that enggements bsd orcorred on the
day before la which on hundred Insurgents wer
killed, lb rest were dispersed. Nine Ppsnlirds
wer killed and ten wounded.
According to the Msnssnlllo correspondent of th
Dlarto, two expeditions of filibusters from Vene
aoela bad landed In twba. (Jne.aila's proclamatlou
annoaaced the tallleg of ti.ret expeoltion In tb
steamer Virginia, Poliv.r. and another, name not
known. No offlelsl confirmation of Ihe second land
Ing bat come to hand.
Karlhquakra al Hea.
Tba tblp Don Quixote, from Calcutta, on June
10, at 4:S0 A.M., when In lit. H DO 8, Ion. 14 40
W., experienced a bcavy seaquake, which caaed
the sblp to tremble violently. Th motion sppeirs I
from esst to west, and lasted eotr seconds. Fif
teen minutes later another ihock was felt, not so
violent, but lasting longer. The sersatlon,wa ss If
the ship waa movluc over a rongli boltoni All the
day following th ea waa very ninch. enlisted.
There waa a heavy roll from Ihe west nnd aoutnwtat,
much mor than any wind common to that locality
would ctus. The wind al tho time was sonlhssst
by east, and vemnoderato. For acme dava uievton
wind waa iblltr, solng suddenly from point to
point, from noif&oart lo.auulb.wott and pack.
A Hood Hepntnllon I'lnni to the IV In da."
Aluant, Julr 19 Joseph Ilogaboom, clerk
for William Tilling! aat & Co., of la Hudson street,
was sent to the Commercial llink Ibis afternooa to
deposit $100. On his return the bank book was ex
amlned, and It was found that the $100 bad not been
ontered. lloxabocm bad gone ta Ih tatan tlm.
but returned and went to on of th lode. Mr.
Ttlllagnasi visited the vsnk ant waa Informed that
HogaoooTi had drawn f PS). lis harried back to
the atore, and lound llogaboom groaning no the
Door of tn loft, llogaboom Inlormed Mr. Tilling
best that tne moev wss la hi porki, and imme
diately aimed a pistol al hla harl and tired, bns th
hall lode, I In a lira poekt-book. II tntn tflted
the hoisting chain and awong Llrcsslf Into the street,
filling neavily on lit lead, He waa picked dp and
taken to hla boarding bouse. Iiogsbooai bad pre
viously borae aa excellent reputation.
A Light UunrJeuinn Drowned.
Wblle Ibe Monroe Light Guard Association
waa returning on Tuesday nlxht from their excur
sion lo Dsdlcy'a Grove, James Condon fell orer
boird snd wsa drowned, Th captain of th barge
signalled the captain of Ihe ateamboat Scbnltx to
stop, bnl the latter (so ft) on of Ihe (luird) paid
no heed to It. A row boat waa arm off from the
oarge to the rescue, and the two rowrrs In the
small lost were compelled lo pull un In iho city
from Gultenberc, 'Ihe Associstlon adiertite for
the bodr ol their Iste rompaulon.
Nnlllng a Fnleeliood.
At a meeting of the Irish brigade Officers' Aa
aoela Ion In the Astor Houss last night, Capt, Dsw
son said that It had been stse.lid that the Hitiy.
nluti Itfrtmenl bad been Imprisoned In Its armory
to prerenl msnr of Its members from Joining the
rlotrr, and that It bad tl.o rx-an stated lost mem.
ters ol tne Association bsd been engactd in drill. ng
rioters. Neither the member, of the Hxty-nlnth
Itegiment nor of the Association were rioters, nor
In s)iiipjlhr with note is, and these Ilea should b
Immediately nailed.
Vaodrrblll'a SIOO.000 Tax.
Vt'AsuiNutoy, Juljr 19. Messrs, Augintus
ttebrll, II. F. Clark, snd tt. F. Falrchlld ol Now
York were In consultation to-daj with both Secre
t.irr llonlviell and lumrrlssloner Pleasonlon con
cerning the laymont of the tsx decided to be due
fro-ii the Central Itsllroad. As a portloo ot ti e money
upon nhich tax If adjudgrd to be dne la alleged lo
bar been earneJ previous to tho passace of the
revenue laws, proper tins will be uerotsd lu sn
investigation o' the books on this subjoct.
llumlrldei at n Hall .Hutch.
During an ufTrar on the Champion Date Hall
Grounds, Jersey City, one William Macklin tliuck
Luke Dulgnan, of 4 Millivan slrett. New York, on
the bead with a bae bsll hat, 'raciuring his skull
nnd wounding liltn latallr. llulrnan waa taken to
Ilellerue Hospital, aud Macklin was arrested In Jer
sey City.
Auolhrr Dash nl A. It. II.
The New York Slate German Association latt
nl,ht rrltrrsled Ibelr delermlnstlon not to vote for
any men who woull not repeal the statute tiling
the power of nppolnt'.ng School Commliiior.ers and
'trustees to the Mayor, Instead ol slluwlng tbs p.o
pie lo ebooso for themselves.
Tli Virginia' F.xpedlllon at Trlaldnri.
St. Tuoms, July 14. -The steamer Vtriiuia
baa returned to Ibe Island of Trinidad, hiring besn
unabl to land her expedition In Cuba. The hpanlsb
war eleemer Tornado, at Porta Cabello, will proba
Mt gr o Trinidad.
rKiiSOy.il lyrkfa i.inE'scn.
Thntlow Weed Is sick lu London.
President Orant ia tli guest of W, B. Dlnsmore
tl btaatioorg.
Mr. Charlet Gayltr nas' returned from a dramatic
tour la which, he says, bo made ItW.oCOoot of Uur
r rlia."
The Hon. Simeon Kshog iave a p'lvta exhibition
In Ihe Indian club 'ielclic yeilerday to President
(Irani aud family at the llranen,
Mr. Charles NnrdhoO; has resigned Ms nli.co on
tho frtittnq in. Ilia pott ofQc addie.s lor some
mouths will be Cloilor, Uergen county, N. J,
Tennle C, Cluflln has printed nn eddre's "to the
electors or lnin s xe', of Ida I'tahih Oonref nlonal ,
Dim ' ot ihe slate ol .New lork," oflertnt bene. I as
a caodhMo for congress, I
-Vi.'lr JKItKKV.
I'ate -.oil', mu'ilclpal dead-lock continues.
Jjines K. bl.lirk Is n Deinnrr.itlc candidal: lor
ni mberor Assembly in the l.ighth Ulitrici ol lludio.1
tountt .
Ti e New Jersey Huts Tenoerince Allltncs trs
Irrou) lotedtuilart a dally lonmerancs newiiup'r In
Newark gamltis steal dors fro n Iho prfnilsa of
the ownets and take tlism lu the dog pound. Ti e
Ma) or his ordered Iheairi'.t ol sli luih hots
Chlel Jmlii-o llfAslay h.ia reverie, 1 the decision ol
tlie lleigen Louiiiy Court in tba suit of King nut lluck.
man. ininivmir properly north noariy H.UU.CkH.
In tl e l'nltrd Hlnles District tMurl nt Trenton
ciliTiliiy. I'm. Tre.i livrll was .i-ntmiced tu six niouihs
In l l.o bl.to Prliou for pacing co iuterVl inouev.
Mrs Nttni'iu, n Hullsnd vioniau, attii.irtod lo
I lir lit a lire ,t'i keiosece on In Lo-li. llorjea roiiiity.
Hi i hints . li saved hr tor nelllihol, bul the wniiiin
Hiisbiirni'd so b diy llul s.n died durlug the unlit.
Yesterday ullcrnnon IL-'iird McN'ojIly, aged 'Jt,
of I'otiiiele avnue, J-isey C v lloiglus dk-d of b)dro
pnobia alter thrcj (In. o: tcrr olr mil -niu A lew
net-at ago ha was billi-u In llic li nnl ,y u-ie ol li s doit
A prou.lneri w'.iolesjlo liquor dealer ol Palerton
Is under $l.rx 'iail for drawiiu apliiol upon M ( i htu,
Itis proprietor of t eloie In Main street, foi refuiii,g to
aieede lo bit demaud for thice paper woltaii lor a
Charlra Iliinlxlemin waa arretted In Newtrk yts
terday for healing hit wife lo line .nilillUy. Allbough
Inerufflanhad periittenllv besfn and outlaid the i
woman for Ibrce yean pan, iht tvtni io the police I
nation at toon at tbt could go out tad pltadtd lor I
hefhuiVand's r;lsats.
nix rsoi.inii .iTOOKiiin.nnnt stii.i.
uovxmmi sin, oovld.
Kr.ry llallar af lbs 8030,000 Hex-el red by
Mr. Juld Applied for the tlrnni f th
F-rl Itond-Ne Injunction Yet.
Tho I'rla litigation wa up jrslenlaj morning
In th Unllsd HUtes Circuit Court, bsfors Jcdgs
niatchford, on nrftument to settle tn order to been
tered by tne Court nnder It rcul decision calling
upon Jay Gould to mskf good tb 30,000 sbaret of
stock which, It I alleged, lie abstracted from the
Court. Mr. Bonlhmayd, counsel for tho Kngllih
slockLolders, severely crlllcl-ed tho action of Mr,
Gould In abstracting the certificates of the shares
from th custody or the Court, II asld that that
was an outrageous proceeding and a dishonest trick,
and asked, Ih Court to compel Mr, Gould to restore
those csitlfleataj to the receivership. It ssld
Gould was a wrong-doer, and consequently should
not be permitted to rut money Into bis pocket and
keep It there at t'te resnlt of fall con.
tempt of Court. II should cot be per.
mltted lo bold th properly of th Court, and
thns put $0,10.000 Into bla pocket whlrb hs nrqnlred
by this so.tractlon.but mak good these certificate!
or the value tbey bore at th time of their abstrac
tion, rrgsrdl of flnctustlons la th market alnce
that tlm. Mr. Gould, aald coansel, was a man tar
tile In all sorti of tricks and dsrlera, and, at he bad
showu himself tn b In till proceeding, was wbollr
cnscrcpulon. II (counsel) antlclpited, as the re
nit of whatever ordir which the Court might enter,
any amount of what mlgtt be commonly called fili
bustering on th part of Gould to avoid comnllinc
with tt, and thei was not th slightest chanc of
jsltlng throuxh with this pnsmess nntll the last
trick which human Ingenuity could devise on th
part or Mr. Gould to avoid th substantia! reilllu
lloa of tbo oroperty abstracted wss completely x
lisnstee. II (Gould) should be compelled to bring
back Tibet be hsd taken rrotn tb cosioiy ot lb
Court, or b mad to suffer
rtegsrdlag the proposed elisors ol ths registering
agent. Mr Boutbmeyd said thst when a man ao on
scrncnlous, audacious, end tricky as Gonld asked Ihe
Court, Instead of providing thai the plaintiffs should
have ths stock registered wltli tbo old scent, tint
It should b registered with any agent whom be might
see fit to employ, the presumption wss that II wss
done for Ibe purpose of enabling him. In eas this
good old-fashioned company (the Farmers' Loan and
Trust Company) would not b facile enough to serve
bis purposes, he then could put In thoir pises some
other concern thst would. Tl asking of such an
order tlould b tlken as sn Indication of a dalr
on th pait ol Gould to exercise one of bis eubter
fuges. Much had been aali about the persecution of Mr.
Gould on tbe psrt of th petitioners: bat there waa
not one primitive foalnre In tne petition. All they
n.ksd w as that this ma Gould who cot $W1 0J0 at
th proceeds nf bis wrongful act, who got tb mooay
value of 3).00j shares nf the Krle ltallwar Company,
ahall restore these RO.OCO tbsres, or th money value
thereof. He wished there were some luetct of pun
lal.lug Oonld, bul he did not see any
jcpox PLATcitrnitD nam or minus.
At the coi.cloMon of Xlr. bonthmavd's argument.
Judge lllatchlord aaid that probably ous hair of II
was lor Ibe newspapers, and not lor tbe case.
Mr. Sonthmard ill. claimed any such l-Unllon.
lie never thought of brlmin; a reporter into Court
excrpt to tike a stenographic note for his on ose.
Judge lllatchlord aald tbat It would be wrll
for coin-el tn confine Ihemslevea to the points aat
facts of the case. This relieratlon or epithets hid
sons on now ad nmseum. He hsd become tired ot
listening to th usa ol expressions such aawrralu
dulged in by rounstl, lo wit, calling men tricky,
dishonest, and audacious. Much a Hue of argument
codsnmed Hie time of Ilia Court unnecessarily.
Mr. Hoiithmiyed iratit that he tnoaitt hs nad got
Ir. sit tbe le (al polnli o'the cast.
a ntosiriio nxrLT
Mr. Ilea-h, on Ire ptrt of the Krl nallwar Com
pany and Mr Gould, replied to tbe arguiv nt of Mr,
Houibuiayd. Ha remirked thai Ibat arxu urnt ass-n-ed
to him to be excesslrelr uarrofets lonil. snd also
unprecedented. Mr, bcuthma)d cause toreoeat his
entire srinu-ent previously presented to tb Court
on th merits of the esse, and to renow Ihe epllheta
and calnmnlea wblch bad been herelolor fully an
awered and rebuked. He (Mr. Beach) would not
pursue connsel through that argument, neither
would b alterant to dlsabu tba public mind.
which lb connsel srtmed deslroua of Impressing,
by making anr extended denial or tuns reoeaod
Imputations. Tbey had formed tbe atapl ol thai
eounssl's argument In this and other casts (rem 11
commencement of the Erie litigation.
ik ATkiotrnxii or luroairr.
The gentleman aeemed lo lit In an atmospl.tr
winch did not admit the possibility of an Idea tbat
hla adveisaries might be occsslonally animated by
par and proper motive. The condemnation which
be so bitterly expressed on many occasions sgsiast
bis (Mr .leech's) clients necessarily reflected upon
the counsel by whom tbey wer represented, If
tt-elr court had been characterised by tricks and
devices, and by a dealgn tn avoid the Juris Mellon
ai d ordera of the Coort, their counssl were prlry to
that purpose From a somewhat long acquaintance
wlta the Court, he felt allured I lilt It would not
adopt so nnjuat and undeserved an asptrsion
ax rxrocNngD caicmxt.
Now be (Mr. Heacni oeiecled to the atatement of
Mr. KonlbmsTd that Mr. Gould, by Hits set. In rets.
Hon to this English slock, hsd pocketted $r3O.0().
lis (Mr. He. rhl asserted to the Court that upon tbe
atndavlts and proofs now before the Court there
never waa a more baaeless and unfounded eilumnr
uttered to the public ear. It was undisputed upon
tt. records thst whatever proc-eja were derived
Irom tbe stoik, which was pronounced fraudulent
and void from the bonds upon which that stock was
issued, el err duller of It went Into tbe Erie Hsil
way Company : and It was lurlher In proof that
every dollar of It had been expended lor Ihe pur
poses lor which convertible bonds under ths lias
of Ibe tstste or New York could be Issued. The
onl- contested point arose from the unwarranted
and reltsratsd assertion ot his lesrnet frlsnd tn the
erect thst Mr. Gould hsd fraudulent! abstracted
the money from somebody. Kvery doll.r "I Ihe
fiiM.OOO received Irom tho slock had Veen appro.
(listed by the IS le lload to Us benefit,
In rsgird to the claim of the Kngtish slockboldtrs,
to did cot believe tnere wmM hs any necessity for
sending a commission to Kngtand, Thai, ho.vever.
waa a matter for the discretion ol Ihe Court Hut at
the same lime Ihe slock should nut be ImmeJia'ely
turned over to Englishmen while there were Amer
ican claimanta to tbe same stock who were entitled
to a bearing In re'e rr nre to It Thute rrntlemeu
wer entitled tn protection, and bad a rlxlit Input
In It.elr claim. That privilege al lain should be
accorded lo them.
Ex-Attorney (ieueral Hoar replied to Mr. Usach.
He went over th asm crnund ns Mr houtiimaid.
This closed tbe argument on tbe motion tu selll
tb order, and a'ler hrl-f recess ths aigumenton
the motion lor a Injunction to rastraln th Kris
Company and Jay Gould Irom Issuing .10 .00(1 shares
or Krle stock, and the Farmers' Loan and Tiust
Company Irum rertttering the asm?, were com
menced. They continued until a quarter past 7
o'clock In tbe evening, and were eubstantlally a rep
etition ol the points submitted on tbe prenous mo
tion. The Court sdjournsd until 11 Ibis morning.
Jomytm aiiovt xon.v.
8 .ii siting at Ih Assay Offlc lias bstn dtscon
T.ls steamship Java, Minnesota, sod Stnmsrk
sailed ytaisrdsy.
Ihe cttv rontrae'er art to I protocoled for
throwing oral luto tha Hudson riser.
James Ward fell overboard al lbs foot of Eial
TwctifCOnd tlrcet, sod su drowned,
Loatta S.roin. wbo waa loated by the mad ball in
'litn avenue oa Wedieiday, died yesterday.
The lion. Michael Hrophy pild bit $.V) fins for
disturbing Juittct Hogaa'a court, and waUad out,
Jlnberl Brown, the roaal.ir V. S. dciecllrn at the
Tirsiury bu lling, Il I) log Uangaro".ily III al his reil
Carrie Freed, nged 4. felt from the third-story
win, in v of 4 Aveuus U.liU cv-MIng, sad wasfataHy
Hose Ted's ne'.r hotel In West Twenty-third
ftrtvt. n ar l.ighth avenue, Is rapidly ap.roscbing
com. Ic.ion.
II. D. IV D . anolhur scliord bo, wants to know
whera Ihe lund foi' buying Ibe Viruiuu Ti ail.i iion
b".l has gone io.
'I lie body ol Samuel Glbinn w hi w is drownrd
on run lav while lialhlug at i'loi ii. Lail liiecr. as rs
cou el )csii-rta.
Ti'e Hon Mlcli.trl ,1 llropln s.ivs as soon as hs
gen out his papeis ho'. make .New loik bom .oi Iho
Indl.'nii) put "l", ii him.
T'vnlons of sllrer oie, vilue.l al $100 001, fiom
Nrra.lii, urilu-i h) Ihe Kile Kail way iiiurd.l,. ibe
siilpni't.l was In n sal 1. tndrn.
Mirhail I'laheitv, ot Ihe tmililp Ida' o, I) ing a
Pier ii North Itivor. while in llic rtKjingof tbeieiicl
lell into the dor and was ilrowmd
Siier 1 ol Hie oihlUtois of tbe Col ,1 into s risk
ststueties have bandaged Uic tel. ankle sih t-Mion
chillis, ii d haia ilium lu win Ion 1 1 uull-d " 1 h.- iuio
of liieh'in.h mil 1,'tO "
(ii oigo 8 Cook, who was h fov years aro a pros
I from ' u Idi-r of III ouki) u. ittci i tM i-i i .. ui n.o
illy 1111 l"nk on I in slay u.g t li) in ,,..i,iiii.c a
quantity ol bo Ibuy poison
As H e strainer Elm City was pssslrg Iniouih
Hen (Isle on Ti.riJry n'g it sue i un lulu tlie ,cn .uiu r
li.csr I Acker ol tVrs'porl sn.klng her lu uri-ne
laihomi of nattrcfl' S'ig.-oi Poiol
At th liiffllng of Hih lloinl of Hrallh veMerdiy
Mr Hit ni u-1 that tho counsel lo the lio.nl he
a.kr i for hts lexcl opinion as lo hetber Ine Hoard
hsd tbe power In enforce rraulitiooi lonceiuing the
cLanllnrsi ol cur Is, hold cars,
Arrived latt nigbt stenniships Arriron from Tlrls
tol, Bug., Coluinbls from Has ana. and south America
Irom Itlo Janelir i barks Snowjon i-om SIJ-ie ) II.
Iliadley fiom llavsns, Alleles,., from slaracslen, and
Dig, .alien from saotoi , brlti A'brri froii Uraud Key.
Aoot Irom tlsnruegot, Dslear Irom Aqusdtlls, Kliss
from Denmark- tad I U.Utvllaal Usui uuct Utj.
Running, IValklnr. Tlrlpede nldlng, Leap
lag. and Olbrr Athlello rlparta la tbe
Hink-rspart srllhant KnOlrintam.
All jestcrdsr sflcrnuon snd evenlug llis Km
plrs nink was Ailed with th mor re epeclabl class
ot sporting men.th occasion being Ih tenth annual
sssslon of Ih National redestrlsn Asioctsllon. Th
progrsmras mbrsced thirty rscs, walking match
et, wrestling, rsloclpeds rscss, and high and low
Jumping, Fust la order wtt a four mile handicap
walking match. The pilrs was a sllrer cup. with
tlO lor lie tecnad man.
The eontestin'e tiers, A. P. Messlnger, Patrick
llughet, William Young of New York, tnd Ihomat
Drown of Nmliaitthvllle. Twenty-eight rounds ol
the lllnk were made, and Drown won easily, Wm.
Young coming tn tocond. Ilnghea, who wslklrg
waa a kind of dog-trot, waa rulsd oil on th third
lap. II conllnusd Ih race, delplle Ih decision ol
tb Jadgcs, sud clslmed tb flrtt prist tt tn end.
When lit applied tor lbs champion cup be was re
ceived with Jeer.
Natl In order was absadlctp In thrss bests for a
liver trophy tad t second prixa ot $10. la the
fljsl beat William Goode and John Thomti wsre Ihe
competitors. Thomas won easily. Ooode bad three
yards start, Th next heat wat between Young
Deer and William Flltgtrald. Fitzgerald, who bad
received a atari of Iwo ysrds. earns In the winner,
lathe dnil best Joho Thomas beat Fitagsrsld by
thro yards.
iA wrestling milrb was th next (vent. Four
names bad boen autere-d for Ih contest, but th
only ons who appeared were Homer Lane, tb
Amsttcsn champion, nnd Malt Grace, Ih gbamplon
of Ireland, Doth wer heartily cheered as tbey en
tTd Ihe arena. Thar wort llnsn tight tnd short
grar Jackets. Tbe enco inter was InleresUeg. Lane
and Grace appeared very evenly matched, although
Lin displayed skill which bis opponsnt licked.
Th first bonl wss a long and ssvsre one. II ended In
Lin being thrown haatlly by the Irish champion.
In th two rccedlng encounters Lane got the throw
and wat proclaimed Ibe winner.
It waa tbtn announced last Mr. Charlet Carter, a
novice, had mads a bet thst lis could do a mil In
nlo minutes and a half for $50. II succeeded,
with twenty four tecondt to spare. Tn tola were
awarded htm,
Tlie most etc'tlng contest of the erenli g was tas
four-mile walking match between Jamea (Smith, the
champion: James Adams, Duu yards stsrl; IC
Plumber. 300 yards start: William Toons-. 3J0 yarda
start; and Thouiae Ilrown, IV) yards alert. A. I'.
Mretengrr, and F Charier, wno Is back-ed to beat
WetlonTs time, alao participated. The rac waa
vary cloaalr contested by Hmilh, Younr, Adama,
and Brown. The Ja igea decided that bmlth waa
the wlnutr, aad gave Adama the acond pltc. The
Irlendt of Young and Itruwa, however, claimed lor
them the first and second positions,
After the w taking match came a vetocrpsd rac
betaesnJ. W, McColetnsn, the charcolon veloce
pedlit. and William G, Harding of Hie A'eice. It wat
In three belts, snd was easily won by McColemsn.
The nett feator ws snolber wrestling mstch, in
which Graco and Lane were again th contestants.
'I his time Grace came on the victor, throwing Lane
twice In a very clever manner, John Thomas and
an uuknown then ran ICO yards lor f '0. Thomas
won by a few yards, 'I wo mors races of 100 tarda
snd one mile respeitively were announced to come
off, but owing io Hie lateness ol the hour II was lm
poaslble to gleam th result. It Is probablr, how
ever, that K. 1). D.vls will win the HO yards rice,
and li e one mite contest will be awarded to William
Cevidlrtnle for Ttt ssvilrl ana I F.lrrllna-An
Absurd Itrporl-Tho Kalian (jnrsllan In
tha Assembly.
1'akis, Jul 19. Tho inhabitant! of Mc!i ask
tb psrdon of Gen. Itossel. Tito Journal d I'jtii
attacks the circular ot the Prefect of the Seine,
wblch deprlres occapauls of furnished lodgings of
th right to vot ir tlisy have not Inhabited th
pramlsrs continuously tor twelve months.
Tbe l'arlslsn press have put forward a psrtlal list
of candidates for the municipal elections which ap
pears to be eMlslactory to the public. Mr. Rouhsr
anaouacas hlmolf to be a candidate for tbe first
Yscancy la lb National Assembly.
II la rsporud Ibst Mr. Waatiburns, tks Amertcen
Minister, has assured lb French Government that
no person convicted of criminal sets In Paris
Igslnst tb National Government darlnx Ih rtlgn
ot th Coramun will b permllleJ to rctldi In tbo
United tKatea.
Tlie debate oa tb Italian quasllon In th Assem
bly Is fixed for Saturday. XontelgTeur Duptnloup.
Dlshop of Orleana. ia expected lo speak. The de
crees of tha 6th and 19ili ol September, 1870, levy.
Ing en Import duly of three tranr sixty centimes
on each bait of cot, on bav, been abrogated, and It
It thought tbe Minister of Flnarce, Mr. I'ourer
Qusrtlor, has concluded to absnaon the propose !
duties upon Ibe laiy milerlalj
An V.x.Foderal (Soldier Ku-Kluxrd In .Hla.
Washixoiox, Jul 19. Col. Ilitulns, who
served In the Federal army from Ohio during Ihe
war. and I now United States Assessor al Aberdeen,
Miss., testified before Ihe Kn Kliu Committee to
day. He laid thai while on an official lour In tb
vicinity of Aberdeen last March, Le waa capluiej
by band ol about ISO di-gui.ed urn, who, alter
makinx him promise under threats of destli lo leave
tie county and Mate within ten days, whipped him
and lell him Inssoslble. Tbey told him their object
war to rid the country of It idlcal office. holders A
number of scpools I,a1 been broken up, one c loed
minister killed, snd ssveral whit prracher dm en
awuy b) violence.
As an indication of Hie sentiment or tbs people,
tb witness said thst whoa be first settled In thst
psrt of the coi-ntry, '.en l n .'.ap.ist, he applied for
membership lu the loci! church, bul wss relused,
unless ha would conlass his wrong In lignttn:
stsinsl the South. Afteiitsrd, l.oarrer, lm and
his wife were Invited to Join, but lonclui'ej not to
accepl tue invitation.
Ttnllranit Arcldrot aenr .1leuiphln,
llirni9, Jul 19. Aa accident rccurrcl to
the eaelwarJ lound trsln cn tlis Memphis and
Charleston Railroad, about i mile east of Grand
Jciictlou, si ds break Ibis morning. The rsln tbe
night before had washed a trestle, snd tl.e rngineer
did not observe Ittinlll too late tu slop tlie train.
The locomotive, tender, baggage, and two pas
senger cars fell Into the ditch. The rear piseenger
rar became separated Irom tba others and was not
The following la the list of killed nnd wounded as
lar aa beard frum :
Killed-Gtorge nibjs, engineer, and T. J. Montgom
ery, fireman.
Wounded paissngers Willis, clirck severely cut i
James Tucker, a lev broken t (1. M. Atstns, sllghtt
hurt; Mr. and Mr, luckir, and l.awd.'h llama. -i
about tha lace . Jamei Dalson, arm fractured. .J'5.:'
or sli others who names are uok-wn. - ae
Bl'AKKS I'JIOJl illK SCi;ailAI'll.
Charles n. Abbott, of Golhaui, Me., blew bit
brains ont yesterday.
Keen Averlll -a-1 til tou Willie were killed by
lilhlntnu rested -,r at Vfllton. Me.
The IrKit .'lasmr Joseph Barber wat burned on
1 uesd-,r On th Missouri, Two men re mlislnx.
tt Is enrrently reported la Ml Louis thst Ssnator
Sf hurl will sooa sever uis coaoeclioo with lbs D'ol.'lvAi
Th nw trial of Horatio Polsler, convicted of tb
killtog of Sonny Jauics In Waibingtoo, D, C , baa been
aet for dept. 1'J.
A train was thrown off nesr Albany, on the Con.
trsl lisllroad yvileroay, aud a car wsi burned, bal
nobody wa hurl.
A boy age.1 13 and a girl of 9, children of AuJrew
rtarnuin, were urowned In the Pcniigeiraiiei river, al
AilOsud, N ll yrsleidsy.
Tho body of Cant, ftlodretl nf the steamer Car
lisle, musing since mltnlilil on Monday, a as lound In
Ihe river st Cincinnati ye.ti'rnay
In the Connecticut Legislature yesterday a reso
lution Appropriating fa-ruon ror a new .ita:e Home In
hew II ni en uat deleaied-cJ to II').
'Ihe lottery commissioners ol Covington, Kv . ar
restod lor trlaatul drawing of n lotlerv. waived an
eiaimnation )ileii).), aad iri eicb licld iu tM
A storm In Moiiiulili on Tuesday night surpaisa i
in lory aavtliln: wtltiei.'' t Mien- for ve.iri. 'I i le graph
polei tuu prolraii-a, traol uprooted, and a ver. dam
age dons to i ie crups.
The Iron steamer China, of lbs Allii.llc and l)u
lulli and p.incc 1 nke line, was tsur.ched nt llt.ri.ilo
yi'iteidav sfternnon '1 ul. li tbo s.s.h nun tuanier
built .i llnrlslo tb s Hiring.
The night eiriees i n ihe Memphis aid Charleston
Itsllroad on Tur.iia- rsr ibr,iti2h a trenle n sr Orsnd
Juno Ion wnirh had 1,,'en ws.tu-d iwsi hy il,i noi.d
11, engineer as killed and taelic or fifteen panvn
geis wounord.
'I he Matyland D-tnocrillc State Convention res
ter.isy nomlnsld 1111 Pineaney Whlls of Itsllnnore
fur (loiernor. A K. Si , tier of M ui,io'ton Lounty
lor Attoruev Di neial and Lei I Vt'OJdlord ul bouuriei
county lor C,mpiro nu.
The Burvlnit nf tho Ma.sirliuielts rogimrnt
which S'-neu In Hie Mexirin wn M-iti-rdai' tiirnied
su orgsmrstion. lo hi- known si lbs Atioclaiion oi
)l.il.actiusetts vohiil ers in Mexico. Lol lissc 11
it riubt wai '-hosru ci'iuitianuer
A rumor Is ctincnt In Ssn Fran Iseo thst the Cen
trai a-i I Calif irma Par-trie llall-nsdi lisv be -n sold lo
Ihe Pennsylvania Contr.l. rausiny almost a panic in
Sacramento A heavy decline of real eiltle tbtrs Is
anliclpaied, II Ibe rumor provsi correct
The steamer Arctic, o' ihs Kiie Ilailroad lint of
ttrameri, sailed Iroin liutraio yetierdav allerooon on
her aerand annual grand excursion arounu Lake supe
rior, with a larae number of paueogeri from all ttc
liooi si tbs Ualltd antes. Tbt trl will occupy 31
Ml LIT AlU OI'FIVK llOLllEtia. '
Da these Hire Hepresent Ihe rtnldlara of Its '
Army of tlm James f Atlanlahtng Hpcf-ch
r (Ian. har.-Vlmt (Irani Kssnl ' I
about Jnpnu- l'rnnndo Wood' Hingis
Rye Itovlvexl. ,i ,
Tli second triennial reunion of the former otTJ. ij
cers of the Army of Ibe Jamea and present oBc4 jj
holders nnder Grant's Administration, took plscs
yesterday at Apollo Ilsll. About on hudr4 l
offlc holders were present. Among thorn werl '
V 8. MtrthM Gen. Geo. II, Sharpe, Assistant Dls , ,
Irlcl Attorney II. ft. Davie, Commissioner ol ,1
rattnta Samuel A, Duncan, Urcvet llrlg.-Gen, lira' 'j ,
Vogdes, II. s Army, and any qnantl'.y ol lessor frj
from tbe tdorahal's, Dlslrl-t Atlorney's, and Inter 1 ,
nal llstenus offices In this e'.l).
Ilealdes tb officeholders, there were present ot j ( ,1
the platform Col. John Hay, ltrevet Capt. John II U
Howell, formerly or the Army ol th Jme, bal I
now ol th Coney Irtand New Association, whi I I
want tn offlc Ih ltov. C. K. Trumbull, Gen. I I
Charlet Dtvens, the President of li e Society: G. I
Cirlelon, Oen. C. K Oraham, and others. The ma - J
sic was furnished by the band or Brevet Ilrlg. aco. I
Israel Vogdes' U. r. Arllllcry.
am orricx-noiDta' onivioy. M
Gen. Samuel A Duncan was the orator ol the day, I
The General Is Commissioner of 1'slcnta In Wish- H
Ington, and believe that It Is a man's highest dull H
lo fight for bis country In t'.i Army of the James, W'
nndsr Gen. Duller, lie w. lutrodnced by Gen, 8l
Devsnt, and waa received with grcal apalaus bj
Hi offle-hotdre, II i drew from bis pocket aa ora sw
lion, flv column In length, which looked as though U
It nsd been pilnled In the Government printing "
ofilee at Washington. He then reviewed at gresl 'a, s '
length the blitorv cf tho Army of the James, and al ft I'
the end of each aentcne paid a glowing irlhate la M
the crcalness of "that crralrst of cblsltalnt snd ,1 I
purest of meg U. S. Grant." Cheers from Ih
offioe-boldsrs. "Cotnrsles," bo said, "la Grant M
there waa no aurrender. II matured bla plan. (
selected bit Generals, gave taem thtlrina.OT.ler. t
end, when Ibe finsl moment bad com, th whole j
broad continent rocked benestU tb trest ot Hie Wt 1
msrchtng hosts of the Union. He Is perlect In nail- i
llarr knowledge, sublime In geatua. and brilliant la k
execution. A greiter than be h.s never lived." m I,
(Inimens rneering from the orBce bolders.) Il II m !,
ttld that Gen, Duncan has an eye on Piesiontoni H I
place. j
The General ll.en went on and aonnded anew ttti V
praises ol Hi colored troops, and revived It clap I)
trap and iU'o platitudes of " lOTaltr," " the Btsrry 1 ,
Dinner," "th gory Oold of honor," snd Ih unc- 11
tuous plrasur which American citizens take la II !
"dllsx lor llislr eoonliy " Ills oration occupied an H I
boar la Ih delivery and et lie cluee the office-holders I 1
applauded vocl(erouly. n 1
COL. OAT'S HANPrCL of wrfna. j f
Gen. Devens then Introduced the poet ol the day, II (
Col. John liar. Aa tne Colonel adv meed to the II j
nesk, llrevet t'sptsln Howell, of Ibe Coney Islar.4 ,1 5 I
News Aasncljtlon, caught his eye, and smiled aaeol- I J
ly. Col, Hay waa much reassured, lie said: 1
Costaanrs sir Fntow Cmzxrrsi Tour Commlllet ! lj
have sreorded ni ihe dl.linu shed honorof an Invli. i '
tloo to contribute my ml'e to ihe entertaliment or tm I I.1
day. I feel thst aftar so learn ad and eloquent an effort j t"
as thst io wkich yon have Ju't llitened, sntthlng j; 't
could s would fill ou miles ear. Nevertheless. I I ! I
have picked up a little handful ol flowers-ton may Ii
rail I hem weeds Ibat with your poiinlnion I prano.s r I,
to sra'.lrr upon Ihe irraves of Ihe hrnvo dead of tin I .
Tcnlli Arms Corps-ouradvame gnard. bo nvr beta rfaf
sent on detached set vice, (spplanse). ,1 1
Col. Hay than read an orixlnal poem entitled, tfljl I
" Tb Advanced Gu.ird." which was well receleed. Mil
and wa . re illy a beauil.nl thing, Al Ihe conclusion Ifll ;
of the poeui. Col. liar was wnrmly conxralrlaled Ell '
by Hreiet Cant. II. Howell of Ihe Coney Island If -
News Assnrlatior.. Is
The band of Brevet Brlg.-Gvn. Israel Vordra kf. I
Flret U. . Artll.ery. then plaicd several pretty V
alis. aficr I, 'nsljieas meeting waa held. ttit ,
Ttta k-routT. -8
At tVOO the cfllceholdera assembled; at tb fli ;l J 1
James Hotel to pirlake of the banquet which had aja.f I
been prepared. Tie guest were manballaj Into) tM'l.
tb dlntnx room on th Drat floor, and awarded Blk.
aeats al Ih long tablet preparad lor than. Gen. Kaf -
Oraham sretlded over tbe least, which was a vers $af
choice affair. It waa announce I that the Prealdent vasaaK
waa to bo present, totciber with Geo. Butler. Gen. ImVv
Terry, and other dlsllnaulshed gentlemen, but tbey Kf
didn't come. MmK
The band or Drevet Iltle.-Oen. Israel V.gdee'l mVS
First United Mate. Artillery were stalloasd In on KW
nd ol tb ball, nd plajed " Hall lo Iho inlet." and ,
other patriotic airs during tbe repast. About 150 Uk
aat down, to the tables. Ilrlg.-Gen, Frank Arthur, TMJk.
of Ih St. Jauic Hotel, acted a master of cererao IB
niea. He worn in elertnt suit of black, with a tea- !P BH
rose In hie butlonhole, His hair was neatly brained ri!B
ind eonjbtd ml Je l?okeJ hspny. Ml
ANorHiR crncinoLDtu s irggcu. R'aB
After the courses had been served, tbe presli nt," K K
offlcer arose, glass In hand, and proposed tbe d sl afelsBf
least Tli Preeldeut or lla- I'nltoJ Mates." fm W
The (ifilicholders at onco nroaa aud dran it. . .M
Gen. Grahsrn cilled upon Gsn.llio. II Murp to re fiK.
tpond. Thst eentleiusn coughed and blushe I at'd Ir is
stammered, ana mad believe ho couldn't, and tu 'ta?'
clre him lime to find soTiethlne to sa the bind of 'Bi
Brerft Brig. Hen. Ir..rl Vugdes's First l'nlled ill
Stilus Artillery struck up a lively air. After thst
Oen. iliirpe pulled a in.r.u.erli t out ol his pi cket ;
and read with bate 1 breilli iho lullowinsi
IvuaiDrs: When so groat a loan as h who bul a
few years axo llfled ih dsi k stisoow that eor.otinint '
our country, and brought to us anew ino blessings of
peace. 1 honored lu till, a ay. n I bardlv nn-'e that so
ob-eure a pepon ss inyie'tsnould rasrH.nd, The A-nir
or ilia .lame, trill ever delight to honor the crratest - .
soldier that America ever produced I nr created
bi-e luse he developed the moil oriklnsliiv of thoualit ,
and brlllUncr of execution, aad at uieriu lime exsr ;
ci.inf the hardi-si prai-tii-il c luiuioi s-u-c ho tuucla V -I
for his inllnari reooid. Now for h'.s civil oar. Poiple 1
navu said tha. our grcit haro Is no stat--s:nan.
as. nunr ux .viroTiiu. t I
The other ilsy I wsi drrnu al Long Branch snd la f J
coinpsny Willi sfveiai oil er gentlemen vas t Ikinx its 1,
ths Pres. dent Wc crnveried togethar loi sune lime, i, J;
when finally Ihs 1'resid.int broke out with ariaus In ! :, ft
Japan her ststem of (lovercuiant her raliwajs and ;t f
other Internal iinprovciiienis YYhv, coniradrs, he waa Hi lav
ts thoroughly informed sbout affairs in ihst lar d'a- Ma?
lant country, and In oilier countries at ws wer our. Ly m
selves. jiB.
I rounder that en President, store the daia of Wsih mk
tiigtou. lm. ihown a greater spun ot unaa-iiihci'ss, if an"
greater tairabnrgalton and regard lor Hie ronnlri's 'PI'
welisro titan hss nur beloved Coininsnder-ln Colel. ,
fit .set s (i rant, lit foot s rlifi tt tlrylc tv tit iht gmd
of hit oirn reor's, end il.li is hut an avideuce of lb 1
grand tcueiolcni nature o tbe man 0- .(r-
but I no ty pe ol all ol us. He Ii our repre untr (r.-'t " ' f I
ario.-uxs' voonts's banp., " 1,
Tl.e baud ol Urev. Ilrla ('in Israa ,.,,.., . ft,
United S'nfs Artlllfrv Vf , t Oldest First
miislconilniote' tisV- ili)d sjme mnr
Tl I,.,. ' . It tit CM. ! m
I weie kept up llll a late hour, aftsr 'I
,.lw - " eellhg adjouined, t.) mtit three yeait 1
I ii.iicr. I
J.r).VO 1S1. l.l, 1
There is an ezclllnz controversy In SmTuli county f
ovri the fallutit of the bortiruitural lair, hIi ih is tllrl- : i
t ilt., I lo the m-w rules of silr.iuslon anj rihllilllon, v
I resldeal Carpenter shows lliai ibe chanji-s weie nr I
cs arr, as lb horiely wit bing twlo'tlfd by iht men i
wbo proMsad lo lake Interest In Ii. One family ticket
was usad to admit several fsn-ll-s. and 'fc to., lo tha
Sacialy a noanied to thousand, ol dollars, la one veal
tb loss wss H.OO. president Cerpenter Islks of rsa
Chirks II, Darns alia Ju k Straws wss yesfer '
dsy i-ouvicleo In the Boston ( iimlnal Court of perron. ,
atmg n pollco officer and extorting money h) the panel '
game. (
S. 11. Loreridge was shot In his office al Pills.
burh irsterdar. by Morns II Ilea y, of t'tlci Mteh.
The dltncu t grew mil i,f a sun biuurht tu-ougb Mr.
Luvindgo tu iccoier mouey Irum Xlr llcn.y. 1
In an aflisy cn Tuesday nildniuht, st Soring aal
IVooster streets, balvadu I'aterno. an Italian who
Itvis In Ibird iiteuuo nesr tllleenlbilrret.badbli
tliro .i cut p) an unknown ruffian who escaped. i
T h motion for a new trial of Dr Sheraian, abor '
ll'inisl, cinviotod nf manslaughter In cauiln tb
death of (leuri-itts Piddoa, has hi-en uverruied 1 y Hit
Criminal Cuiirt In YYashlugtun, D. C. Ho II lo b sen- .
leaceil to day. !
Mr George Meyer, keeif r o( a Jswe'ry tore at 31 j
Avauue II sni hit s n Charl'i iu liireoar street with I
a bime-l of riitiis to be intense i and to have stones ;
seiinthf-mi hut at Houston iiieet a rordy snatched t
ihebai.et and vaulslied. i
The loung'ler who lias hn n sw'indli'i: Williams. 'J
bnr.bwiv.s by ssvlnx tnat their kuiosudi hid sent i.
bun lor inoui-y to get ttietn i ul of prliou h.i rune over i
to tiraen point. Yeilmday afternoon ho .'ot fM from
Mr. Iliad of llur-,n street.
Ill Hitmlton, Ohio, je. tenia.-. Jii.lte Ollmnra
grsuied a rliingaoi ve.iue lu li.eiaire "I Dan MrtiDim ,
and Jaines Mrilei ",.iu. iiiou n-,1 ,.r tha nniriler ol
Meiers, lo Pron e county nnl "I Ichaood aaA.ey la i
Monlgon cry Jack ssw nr nmtins in lluiiir-
I is a sboollug affiay In a ssloon In Hays City, '
Ktnsss, on Monliy hl.-br. hc't,en niu soldleisoi
tne Hlxtli t ivilrv and a oariv of cil zstis, Chai les llsr '
i son wat kllieu. and blisr If Laniiaii, mio sltemptea
miiunitiu tlzlit. wss mortally wounded in me breast.
1 u ii so diers s-id two c.liiem we. c alio w oun led. I
A loung wuniin entered Ihs Usrktnan street tta- l
lion st iiiidnl.hl. snd told Selk'sot Blsl- thai Hit had j
tlkoo ?f.o w.nlh of inorrhlof! and wauleo to die fta
rt 'ii-r.bed brneil as Lame Miller, sired 1, of Buslo, j ,
frhe s ani'i"T.d sscoik onthtcsusi bosi A. k. llul 1 1
but, or PoilOlbsoo bhe wsi Iskru to ths Park Hot-
pltal, snd a nouiach pump n as sp lied. ' a
Louisa M Sinllb, a tervsnt In an up town family, L
now lu ths country, and lid ward llankln, colored, P,
hostler lo Ihe ism employ, weis seen srm in arm la
l.ennglon avenue ycsisrusv, Ihs worst for liquor.
1st Irishmen tl work on toiii new buildings attacked
lb eulorrd man for walking with a w hits) woman, and
a cry of "lynch blm" was railed. The polts inter
farad, and Loolia and Kdwsra wer removed to tn
ruty-nintb ilisel Halloa tad lucked up lor Intones.
1 tittv.

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