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uuvla icy cr.MHTjsnr.
I la ropln Hpeclacla In I'ourth Avannft
Tb Theatrical Profession Testifying III
Ttrcl-An InmeBin Train lo the Mcene
,( Burlal-Th Missing Maelclaa.
Yulerdey a third sacrifice to the brutal fury
it iBildeced Dob mas offered op bjr the Ninth
I ttxraent on the altar of American freedom. Aa
I iirhj u 10 o'clock the Intensity of that American
j (Mua which the riots of the Twelfth call.! forth
' teria to manifest Itself In the Katharine of respect
sM dretied multltode-s alone Fourth avenue, near
ptlrir; Church. Many were ladles. Aa the mln.
cim asat by, th tuultituds Incresasd until the
ilotwilks at lar aa tbe eye could reach upend down
rare lined with a patient, sorrowful eiaemblace
He Blrbteenth Ward police were tnere to preserve
trier, bit their dalles were merely nomtnil.
Tte rsmilni of poor Walter J, Prior had lain
eitee hit deith In Merrll'l undettsker's establub
, oeal In hlilh avenue. At It o'clock thev arrived
14 me clutch In n hearse drawn by four crir horses
111 lopped by i oddli r b'ack and white plumee.
Tbr were enclosed In a rich rosewood eoiket, lined
I wilt while satin, and alniltar In all respecla t'i those
Is which his comrades rage and Wratt wera bnrled
as Bondiy lait, A silken American Sac reposed or,
III lid. It wss taken Into the vestibule ol tbe
elordi end opened. Inside wss an oval silver
plate, bearing the Inscription!
......(MM... .. .It, ,.,,,. (. 11. .
' 1 WsltrJ Prior
J D.ed July 17 j. :
Aged 31 seers. 5
... .... ............. till....,..,,...!..,.
. The oesd hero wss dressed In the full unllorm of
hts regimen', with while psnUoons, white cot.
, toe lores, white silk s'ocklngs. and patent
i letlber otlpper. Hit left arm lay across his breest,
1 sad his right hand touched the peek of his regl
I raestsl shsko. His coun'enance was peaceful, but
E wis slightly discolored.
i The lesrse wss quickly followed br a number of
tarrlsgei Dlled with Private Prior's relallvea and
trteodt and tbe members of the theairloal Drofes
M use, msny of whom attended. Thru entered the
church and took their places In the pews reserved
for them on the right of the middle aisle. In front,
sad all alllred In the deepest mourning, were young
Pnor's fslher, mother, sister, ana youngtr brother,
sal ether nesr relstlvee. Poor Mrs. Prior seemed
IWrty overcome by ler tool. She was even Inca
pable of holding up Ler head, and had to be sup
port i ou either side and vigorously finned to pre
via! her Irotn fslnllcg awsy sltccettirr. Among
too who occupied pews behind were O. L. Fox,
Loolti Mocre, Merle rales. John V'ncent, Frank
Mordnnt, Nelile Younr, Mrs. Claude Hamilton, f.
U F i .urgb, Miss lrlce, Ilarrr Joeeple, and many
a Titinrtr rsox ms a r tonus.
. M the end of tbe middle aisle. Just In front of the
ebiacel, was the raised catafa.'quo covered with a
pall of hlsck velrot. At lis hesd w.s a pyramid
composed of a wblto regimental flat, siirraooiited
bj a croM of tuberose abuve a wreath of Immor
tals iurr inuditg a photograph of young Prior. A
I card etltetieJ to this showed it lo be ti e tlltol It.
A. Ll and employees, the flrm with which tbe
ds ad hero wss connected during the list eight icars
. of his life. Another floral croes lay on the tell ol
tie piran-ld, snd another floral wreath on the right.
' It wis Dearly 1 o'clock when the eonorout notes
ef the s 'leniu Dead Mucii announced too arris, si o"
Us mlitt.iry cortege. They came down Twentj
scsJ street, snd were headed by two plaloona ol
Slice, made up of Ave men from each precinct, un
rc ramana of Capta. Copel.nd, McUcrmott, Uur
dis, sad Cimeron. Company U of the btveot)-
6114, Oct. Dutch, followed. Then a dozen mem
trs of the Twent, second, without arms, and
l&en tte Ninth, headed by their snpeib band, pirad
lag shout 250 men. Another detachment of ponce
closed the pace.nl. TLe military Died Into the
taurch with Ihelr bayonetteit musketa und took
aeats along the aloles. Ibe sympitl llinr mulLtude
Kursi flr sud filled the side aisles and tnr or.n
I3H. Ths vaet church was crowded to repletion.
railed the casket and tenderly bore It up the aisle
Ihey were members of tne dead man's company
m. P' A1'), and their names are ; Harry S. Dunn, & A,
A. fknooomiter, W, J. main. L. S. lllack, lliomas
i tfil.on. Jr., and Henry W. Kelly. Aa llisy deposited
the coffln on the catafalque tne topmost cross ol
mir was thrown down by the shock and at the
asms moment a sorrowful wall arose from Prior's
neart'broksn mother and tbe women In tbe cnurch
tabbed sudibly. Above the sooad now arose the
voice of Chaplain Plag reciting tbe Eplicopal ser
e-fce for the burial ol the dead as he walked slowly
pt the aisle. Arriving at the chancel heatrpcel
pehtua the Bible desk and continued the aervlce,
the congregation rcept-ndlng aloud.
This basing ben concluded. Hie Riv. Mr. FUre
read Irom the Holy Itook, beglnntnc ai ne i Uth
verse 151 h chsptir ol tit, Paul's Epiitls to the
!jnatliun, and preiched the luneral serman.
Aller the sermon, Mr. Flagg gare out the 135th
fir mn.
When those we love sie inslcbed awsy
lly Death's resistless baud,
Our Leant the mournful tribute py
'that friendship must acmand.
Rut on account of the latenera of ths bout It was
not song.
The cofiln was then csrrled to the vestibule snd
openod, snd ti e congregation were permitted lo de
Sis dawn ibe centre aisle of the church and take a
whit pining out. The relatives came last. As
soon st Prior's poor mother caught a elance at her
,noy alio burst out Into the tnusttorrowiul nalllnts,
.Throw lug herself upou tbe cofnn, shu cried. In her
atonjr, " Oh I my darling, my roor darling I" Hl.e
wis bnally removed by her Irlends and Immediately
fill Into a fainting fit, from which she was wiln
difficulty recovered. Private I rlor'a sister sobbed
(oheminlly. Wl en chldtd by her fslher, she could
oiily answer, "Oh I 1 CJii't htlp II; my brother I
t Oh I my brother I" Everybody was in tears,
Ihe paimul spell woien b this eld scene wss
I suddenly broken by the solemn notes of ths band,
I Mitioned lu Iront of the church,
as the coffln was borne oot lo ihe hearie. The
pageant quickly rc-oiiui-d In t.ie eume order In
winch it i.id tome, Ibe l.e.rse following tbe bind
and ths carriares bringing up the rtar. It marched
tp Tvenly-lourlh sine, to Firth avenue, and up
riflh avenue to Korti.uflh street, down whlc I it
.tamed into the 11 rleru depot. Tne s.dewalka
tlwii the entire route were covervd with eight'
eerv, among them oHnz many thieves who had
allied Ibe opportunity in ply their neiarloui ro
TodHon. Ihe recession, police, and allloardida
apeclal Irsin and itarUil wli.oul accident. Au 1 in.
oieni hut ordeily multitude w.looesed their de.
Trie train stopped at the entr nee to the beautlfnl
I eeuietvry, aid eteilxdy a.l.hled. Trie do On was
tia.en out of tne bgsa' e c-.r in which it h.d been
derHa.ted and trsnsierred to a heirae In waiting,
and carriages were proilded lor the bereaved rela
tives. The procession then re-formol, and touk up
Its line ol ni irch alonx Ihe winding roods and u d r
(the lea.y Here, and uj.i the green cad hills und
Ucl J lounuins ol Woo I wn,
im wooolawm cimiiar
A lirfe siemcligu of country folks on fiot and
Isciirutes attuned the arrival of the cortege aid
M owtiil them reiieciruli) ua they kept ou their
way to the grave. I uii he corny vaults auj tomb
Hones ui i' anvof Ntw Vork a moat respected tltl
ans, iat the flower torered mound whli h marks
III lit ng sl.ci' ol Auuural F.rracut, went Ihe
soiling. ..nil the ieaiM anj Ihe bereaved f.mil),
oslil .it .. ngtn on loi. slope ol Tower HIil two newly
1'KMM ii ojnds, n heap ot sand, arid a i.ew undo
gra.ahir.t upon 11 e vio irom a turn In the load,
ind iiiuikea lie plot of the Nlulh Jterliucnt.
I r.o- opting placu n lo Ihe leltoi thoaool My it
ik " 00 11,0 lln ul " at h" ,MA 01
' Or liec ttiiicu growa ilone upon the regimental
Tin. Ninth nut dnwn up In line to the aouth of
"je gran., ai.it il.u police and the Hovcuj nl-Ih
J' .g ' la hi road which runs In flint ol It, Tub
lO'cuiors clustered a loulerertwhair else.
tue rmixu ranvr
Jook ilia r atlona to the east of Ihe rravo facing
"i I i. r w ne al.u meinhera of the dead man'.
' Ban an I ti elr u .m are : coroonl A.eisuder
"i'.ei.a lilvali Wiil.ain Kni. Jr. Un.lam
?. .""."' ''at."" Mitiuwan, Allien Heeling,
; ." k ! r.d. Dickie '. Wal.rr W. II raer,
"j Wi.ua ii I rm . ,ir. Ihsiolatlves urnviHl Uil
fh J""," "' r fates behind Ihe crave They biiro
"isuiaeivo, ilriulr throughout etceot lor ti e ceuse
fii.i 7?" pin ul "'" women Major Mclean ol the
,'Ul,d catio utou Ihe gtound wiln anoihir
aarrinKof choc, fluuns from his residence lu the
auhli iriin ul.
The f.,mn laiinz been boted uo and lild on cron
i.trH1 Vo -' V Jia Vil,U steppoii lor
"I'll snd re ul
tu sgnvicK rou Tna naAn.
Ihe whole u.emhlage uncovered, The coffln
Ii'.'": i"'".' '"d .Mrs Pnur burst out :tito uu
a m , 4 ,U rl ' ut " d.uipe and. Tbrte limes
eirii w,.d,'',;1 V.'"" ' nr " 'dm. I"e
, 1 " V'""1 thrown In. tie bind pla)eal a dirge
and tne ,,cc. s.i, n Plumed lo I In. city.
allLa .M.V","1 hai.dwhow. not preient
It -.J .?.Vt'' ,l"y ' ""r ' 11,11 K'Jav I n
su..i, ',0'" '""!' " lake p.it In im
figeiot oier tne r.manu ol pnge tnd Willi, when
lu bsl.wsy nVan "'k" w
RSi. m . ,t',"el. ' Vou aie one of the u.oo y
iM&H.l.'i ."'"t. U'.m '""' bliw witS some
evasav Hill hu slues heea wnflnid to his bed.
and Mi physician nn It will be soma dsja before I
he can recover, I
Ueffmnn to bar a ftlonnmenl, even Ibeugh
He IMd let In One J)aT l,al,
ToaOHTO, July 40. At a special meeting of ths
Loiel Orsnge District Lodge of Toronto, resolu
tions were pissed expressing the gratification felt
by the Orangemen bars, that In aplte of the danger
which Ihe Oraatemen of Mew York bad been ex.
posed to, they atlll remained fsltbful to the old cry
of "No surrender."
11 waa also resolved Ihit a committee be ippolnl
ed to draft an addreia to Ills Eicellency, the Gov
ernor of the Stste of New York, and another to Ihe
braie Orangemen of the city of New York, eiprei
site of the feelings of thia meeting, us set forth In
the preceding resolutions ; and that when Slid ad
dreia and resolutions snsll be rrepsred snd engross
ed, they be presented by a deputation lo bs chosen
by the said committee.
It was furtner resolved thit subscriptions be Im
mediately entered Into by all classes of people for
Ihe purpose of erecting In this city sn Orsage hsll,
to be called "The llolaaan Commsmoratlon Hill,'
In which tbe lodgce of tne city may meet and anno'
ally commemorate the noble asssrtlon of Ireedore
on this continent, on the rime momorable day In
1871, as It wss received In Kurope In 1M9 by our
forefstuers al the Dome, Concerts, excursions,
Ac, are also to be given to raise fundi for the above
JtESVl.lS OF 711 K MOT
Itevrwrd far tbe Pollce-ilO.000 fer the
Wounded Pelleemen.
The Hod. llcnrj Smith, President of the Hoard
of Po I 'e, yesterday recehed the lollowlng commu
nication ;
Orrtoa or thi Ittor ItiLiar Fi kd. I
Naw Yoag Jnly .ti, isll f
flat The warm commendations ol all cla.sts of our
citiieni. and Dy tbe nuoiic pren of ths coodcel o' te
police during ihe late riot, the official wecof union of
metr icaoluie action by tbe Governor of trie tate and
by the Mavoi of ins cur, alien tbe great tervice they
bsve agate rendered In the defence of law and the
maintenance or tbe nubile peace , Mid wblie tbe under
llgnd most rordia.fy unite In the praise so Josile be
stowed on ihe police. It I. thslr further agreeable untr,
aa Trn.ieea of the Kiot Heller Fund of 13. to minister
to inch mrmuvrs of tbe lorue aa hare been injured in
tbe late disturbance.
They accordingly cnclote a cheek for 110.000. and re
oueet that yon will cause to be distributed lo tbe fol
lowing wounded policemen Ibe sums opposite their
several names
Ibe eleteiscstlon has been made with reference to
rank, and from autnentie information in respect lo the
fravliy of the injuries received l
apt. llion, TMitv-eccond Precinct tO0
Capt. lledden. Fifteenth Precinct. ,, hm
berceani YVbitcoinb, lneteenth Precinct in
bergeant McCullough.Twentietn iteunct sa
Sergeant James. Twentieth Precinct Si
ISergsant Ilsvens, Tnlrty secood Precinct la
Pstrolmsn Torbush, Thiriy srcona Preclncl.,,, Sc
Patrolman Juice, Thirteenlb I'rcclnct ISO
1'atrilman Ms her, thirteenth Preclncl tv
Pstrolman Covert, Futeentn i'rcclnct..., too
Pitrolrasn Phtlllpi. Nineteenth rreclnct 971
PatroH.an linon, Nlneieeolh Precinct f-"-)
PatrolmsnConstanle, t'wentlethl'rtcinct svi
Patiolman liurphy, lweuty second Precinct.. , 8M
Patrolman tiiirrr tweniy elenth I'rerinci .. roo
Patrolman McKenzle,Twentya,nthPreclnct,... Uo
Patrrlman O'Connor, Thirteenth Freelnct ?H
Patrolman Mci.rslb. Firn I'recmci
Patroimitu Douencriy. Flul rreclnct vco
Patrolman 8et.cc. eir.i I'rrcinci yrw
Pairo:mau Mri'hutt. Fifteenth Precinct. ... v
rstrulnitnLindrn, htxteenti. Precinct '.it)
Patrolmen 1 Ting Twentieth Precinct ton
Patrolman Uormsn lwenty-icventli Piecluct.. 7.0
I'atio'mtn Ifamill. Twenty-teveata Preclncl.... 7iX)
Patrol nan Cnrilirwenti.nlnin 1-rrcinit ?oo
I'atrulman Ilonb.Thlrtv fltn Fieclnci .-. J o
ratro.mao Courtaey.Thlrty.iecond I'rcclnct... SCO
Total. 1 10.000
Itrspectlnlly youri.
I.KONAlll) VS. jtliO.Mfc, TV.n.VKKMILYE,
lbAAL 1 KLL, BHhlTtlll) K.NAP.
. .. Committee of lllot Iltllef Fund.
To Ihe Hon llsxnr Suitu, Prrildeni, Ac.
Ia .llnyor O. Aker Hall Ilunnlng ibe Doard
of Aealetant Aldermen f
The Aaslstant Aldermen have held several cau
cuses tLls week, and mads as many attempts to
secure a quorum, wltLout success. Yesterday, how
ever, the requisite number assembled In Ibe office of
the Hon. Wm. Mslouj, the Clerk of the Hoard, and
In a few mlnulca afterward they held a meeting In
their chamber. Assistant Alderman lloblnson was
the first to move the machinery of municipal legis
lation. He tud spoken to every member of tbe
necessity of either rrgolstlng or forbidding public
precessions, and they, eacb and ail, agreed that
something should be done. Mr. Itobtnson subse
qusnlly prepared a resolution, aa follows;
'AMrrf, lhal a special committee of five mem
bera of this Board be appointed lo draft and report aa
ordinance to define and regulate tbe nse ot tbe streets,
avenues, rosus, and public place of this city for the
purpose of publio processions other then funeral cor
- Usee, and pageantry other than of military QraanlieJ
In itirruaace vftkt to lei of (All matt."
The 1 titer cliuie.w bother Intended or not, subjects
Federal troops to the control of tbe local anuort
ties. It Is understood thst tbe Assistant Aldermen
are a unit on the proposal to forbid all processions
In the streets.
Sloant Hlnal llespllnl.
Charlet A. Kattenbeck died last night about
0 o'clock. Mr. Kattenbeck was a notary public,
and resided at M,V Attorney itreet. He was a
nstlve of Oermsny, and 39 yeara old. On the day
of tbe riot lie went to Thirtieth atreel and Elthtb
avenue to draw a deed for a gentle-nan, and left
about 3 o'clock to rciurn home. Nearlng Twenty,
alxth street, lie saw the crowd on the avenue, and
turned up Twenty. sixth street to avoid them. He
had proceeded but a short distance ween tbe (ler
mm regiment opened fire on the rioters. Mr. Kat
tenbeck received three balls, one In each arm. and
one In the bark. He had been married but a rhort
time, and during bis Illness Ills young wl e waa con
atantlr at his aide. Patrick Held, who was shot
through the lungs by a mlnnle bsll which hsd first
fussed through tbe shoulder of little Willie Warner,
i sinking, snd cannot possibly survive Willie
Warner, although grievously wounded. Is doing wep,
and In a lair way of recovery. Tne rcat of the
wounded are doing well.
Tbe Ilurlul f Young Stanton.
Owen Stanton, another victim of tbe 12th of
Jul)-, was burled yeiterdsy from the residence or
lilt father, 80S F.ait Twenty-fourth street, Stanton
died In liellevue Hospital on Tuesday laat. Little
alary Ann Stanton, sitter of the drcessed youth,
who so tenderly cared for tbe sufferer while In
liellevue, set st the foot of Ihe coffin deeply affect
ed. The room In which the body lay wss crowded
with mourners. The ei.fBn was of stained rose,
wood, handsomely mounted with diamond ebsped
nsili snd sliver handle., Ihe latter made In the form
of a iron pendent, lie rlste bore the following
inscription! "Owen fetanton, died Ju'y 18, loll,
seed 13 years." the feulurrs were well preserved.
The body was dressed In white linen. Around the
neck oppeari-d a email green neck tie. Young Hi. n
ton waa dilverot a milk wason, He had rlniahed
lili ds's work, and was led to tne scene of the con
Diet on the sienue slmp.y by curionty. His ro
mains were taken to Call ary Cemetery,
liov. Hoffman lo Ibe National fluard,
GgNvnAL IlKADQUAnTEns, St ati or Nxw Yohk, I
ALBANT, July 15, 1871. )
Ogxi'nAL Obdim No. 15. The (lorcrnor and
Comaianding-Ueneral-ln Chlef de.iresto express his
llaugsto MaJ.-Oen. Alex, Hhaler and the I'fflcera
end soldiers of tne Nitionil (Jusrd under his com
mind for tbelr services duriug the not In the city
of New York on tno tilth Inst.
'1 he promptitude wltn which the several onsnl
zitloin responded lo Ihe call for the severe dulv,
sustained tbe reputation eirned by tuom lor patri
otic devotion to the cause ol oroer and good guv
eminent. '1 her have demonstrated anew tue va ue
rr a wcllrcgulitotf mllltla to the security of a iree
Htate. Ily older of the Commander In. tinier.
Ofilclsl Assl, Adjulaut Ueueral.
ALrriLU II. Tatloii, Major, Ao.
The Ilurlul or Knottier Victim,
Yesterday afternoon Thomas McClearey, a
victim of the riot, was b Jiled In Holy Clou C'eme.
lery, Klstboih, from 1.1s reiideoee, TI Kent avenne.
Williamiburgh. McClearey wss only twenty sis
tears of sge, and had been married but a short
lime, The monda gathered on the walks mid c r
nets near the house of mourning expressed md g
nation at tne actlou of Oov. Hon" nun, ono old man
winding up his excited Imraugue by ssilsg thst he
wished he could make (luv, Hoflniau suiter wnat
pour Tom had to slider at home by those devils lu
ihe illack North. There waa no religious service.
A Deinnnd Upou Ihr Police Hoard,
l'orlr ddfKates, rejireacntiuir. the Komun
Cilholle Church trmpermco societies, met In con.
teiitlon list night, and demslidod that as icpreeen
tutives ol MICC0 law-abidlnr clllieos Officer Ixigan
of tbe police he accorded a full, lair, and imuntiiil
trial. 'J lie rherge sgslntt Oftlcer l.oju is that he
"t!tiittd snalhrr nfhrer fiom brutally lubhing an
Id man ll waa ssld tint Ofllcer Loian was oue ol
I e loumltrs ol the socle I y und a man of unoi
u pliona'jle character.
Now for the llrave OOlcer'o Widow,
Olio dollar subscriptions lor Ihe benefit of the
widuw of nergssul Vyeil, who fell July IS, loll
will be gladly received by
at, UUHCAii BNIFFKN, S Plae atrsel.
DASHES nRTlK ASD Tit CMS flr Tllji
awn UKPOnrens.
The Other Bide er tbe Jeraey Meadows natv
bery Hlorr-Wbnt wae abavrn by an In
veallgatlon by lb Ilelectlve Pellr.
Ten daja ago Casper Werder, the adopted ton
of a wealthy flour met chin t of Jeras City and New
York, complained to the police authorities of
New ark tnd Jeraey City that on the Bib Inst., while
returning from Newsrk, be bad been robbsd on
the Ussdows ol (718 In money, and of a gold watch
worth 900. He pretended truths bad been choked
and otherwise Injured by the robbers. Tbe detec
tives, alter a thorough investigation, tuld Hie elder
Werder that they did not believe there was any
truth In bta aons't story, About this time M r.
Werder went to retell desler to collect money
which was overdue, lioi the money had been paid,
andCsaper Werder hsd given a receipt for It An
Investigation rsvraled the Tacts that loung Werder
wss sn enibrxiier to the amount of II.IXJO or $1,300,
that he tad not been robbed, and that bis Injuries
Lad besn feigned. He was locked np yesterday.
The Troubles ol a Judge' Wife-Prom the
Coleman House to tbe Penitentiary.
Mrs. llortense Watsnn, a quiet, tastefully
dressed womsn, wss tried In Special Sessions es
terdsy foi not psylng her hotel bill, amounting to
fM Mrs. Walion sits tbst she Is the wife of
Judge Henry Watson, a leading politician of Cali
fornia. Ehe had been a short time at the Coleman
House, and when ber bill was presented ihe ssld
that expected remittances hsd filled to reieh her,
She endeavored to escape from the hole), but waa
arrested by Thomss Murphy, tbe porter, wno had
hsr iliruil Into the Tombs. It appearing that Mrs.
Wataoo bad misrepresented tbe racla In regard to
ber laetage. Justice Shandler decided to send her
to the Penitentiary. She fainted while lb offieera
were taklag ber out of the courtroom. A Uwer
who witnessed tbe scene, chsracterlaed the Hotel
set aa a dlsgrsce to ths btste.
An Aged Malran Itohhed Wr her Children
and Left lo Die Alone In an Atllc.
Tbe polio of Jersey City Heights veitcrdiy
reported thst the Oermsn widow Walter, over 70
years of age, w as lyleg In a garret In Franklin atreet,
sick, helpless, uncared-for, and alarvlrg. Some
months ago she ws Induced to give nearly all her
money about f 600 to her son In-law. About two
mouths ago ber daughter Induced her to hand over
to her ISO, every dollar ehe had, and then ahe de
serted ti.r husband and elooed with another ruan .
Last evening Mr. Dndler, Overseer ot the Poor,
wss Investigating the case.
Not the Place far nietrr.
A moroinir newspaper yesterday aunouueed ths
proposed formattou of a new regiment to be known
as the "Fearless Elgbty-elgblb," and all good
Irishman were Invited to attend the preliminary
meeting, at 307 Eighth street, list right The place
Is a Isger beer saleon. As tl e Srx reporter ci oss. d
Ihe thrcsabold the disciple of Oambrlnus siss
actively twisting the spigot ol a beer Keg. As he
turned to set the filled glssses on tbe bar, lie saw
tne hex msn, and quick lr said :
"l)Uli la not der blace."
Itepcrter Is this 3071
Lagerbeirlsn Yah, but It's not der Mice.
lteporler la there a meeting here 7
Ioscerbeerlan Neln. It wash a mistake la der
tam newspapers.
Ilrooklvn 1'olltlrlana Thrown Overboard.
Justice Voorliles of llruoklyo, cx-Scrgeant-Major
Lethbrldge, C'apt. Ilsres. and Joseph Com'
mois. a'l offieera snd guests of tbe Forts-seventh
Brooklyn Itrglmeat, were thrown from a carriage
In Poughkeepsle irslerdav morning, Juitlce Voor
hlea received sorer lajurlea on Ihe head and shout
dens. Mljor Lsthhrloge was allghtlv hurt. Capt.
ilaiea waa Bidly cut In the back of the held, and
Jo.cph ComrooM received Internal, though proba
bl not fatal. Injuries.
The New York Yncbt ( lob .Meeting,
The New York Yacht Club met yesterday
afternoon at Delmonico's, Commodore liennatt
presided. A letter wss read from the Kaitern Yacht
Club naming the aeveral different couraes over
which they propoied sailing a regatta when the Club
visited Boston, snd otfenrg the New York Club
Ihelr choice. It wss resolvrd lu leave tue scectton
of courts in tbe hsnds of the Eastern Yacht Club.
The Kony-seventh Welcomed.
Tbe Forty-seventh Itejjiment of Brooklyn re
turned from their trip to Pongbkeepele last night,
at II o'clock. The streets from ths lerry to the
armory Is Fourth atreet were brilliantly Illumi
nated. Juitlce Voorblea, Mr. Charles Hayes, and
!erveant LevrrUlge having been serloosly Injured
by being thrown from a carriage while, dm lug
around Poughkespils, were unsble to return with
xo.va n it a yen lovics.
The Tlelarn of the f JfiTernment-C'ol, Flak
Iniprovlug The flrntof tbe Hope.
Lono Bxaxch, July 20. President Grant and
bli son Frederick, sicompsaled by Collector Mur
phy of New York, Gov, Bollock of Coorgls, Col.
Forney or Philadelphia, Wm. Flslss, John Hoey,
snd entries C'namberlatn, arrived here from Slaata
burg this evening. The President went direct to
his cottage.
Col. I'lsk Is rapidly Improving, being able to day
for the Srst time since be was Injured to be out and
take a cairlage ride.
The first grand bull of Ihe sesson takes place at
the Continental Hotel on Saturday. Tae Ninth
liniment tuil band will supply the music.
The wealber Is delightfully cool. All the hotels
are rapidly filling. The Continental, Mansion,
United Mites, and Metropolitan bare the largest
number of guests.
A Horror an Lake Michigan.
Chicago, July 19. The ateumer J. Barber,
piling between Chicago and Bt. Joseph, Mich., In
the fruit trade, caught fire from the smoke-stack
when twenly.flre mllrs west of Bt. Joseph, Mich.
Everybody on board wss to bed except a few of the
crew. The vessel was In a few moments enveloped
In smoke and flames, and a dreadful pmlc ensued.
The united exertions of the passengers and crew
kept her afloat lor aome t Ime, About an hour before
ahe went down, the etoamer Corron.i. attracted by
tne flames, bore down upon her, riclncupeiguten
persons from pieces oi floatinir lunhor Tne
steamer Van Hone also saved twelve persons. Two
of the crew are still missing. The passengers hsd
nothing on bnt their night clothes, ltlng every
thing else. The steamer was valued s $41,000:
lusured lor )7.("0.
How President (Irani Happened o Con
tribute lo a Holdtrrw' Monuuicn .
rouonggtrsig, July 20. Some tiinu ago I'resI
dent Orant p-.aied through here on his wsy Sonlh,
snd sccldentally left his wallet, cout lining - 13,
on Ihe counter in the railway restaurant. Not hav
ing any notion that he should ever see his money
araln, he telegraphed back to put It into tbe Sol
diers' Monument Fund. The money was lound and
such dlejrti.it mo waa made ol it. Taday the Presi
dent waa stain help, snd while being driveu n round
t.io city br Mayor Knstniri he wss taken to aee trie
Holdlera' Memorial Fountain, Msycr Eastman re
minded blm of his conttlnutlon. snd the President
repliel, " Well, I am glad I hute seen the memoriel,
for now I know where my money went lo," The
President promised to visit roostikeopsle acaln and
stay longer, probsbly norlni to gel his money back
In some way with compound interest.
Tbe Apprnnchlng C'npo May Krgatln,
Ailamiic Cur, July 19. The Comuiiltteo on
Arrangements lor the regatta met last evening lu
the United States Hotel, The grand day of the
three will be Saturday, July 2), when the prises of.
fered lor schooners und sloops of recognlied lacut
clubs are in be sailed lor. In that rare Uio llrst
prlie will be 500, Iho aecond (301), aud tbe Ih rd
ftM. Yaihts not drawing more than eight feet of
water can cross the bir.
(rnnl ItrvlcivliiK n llrooutyu Keclnirul.
The Foity.ierentti Hcgimeiit of Ilroo'xlyn pa
raded I u I'oughkeepile yosti-rday, end were Ihe
guesti of the T went) .Orel Ileglment. President
(Innt was on the psrade ground ten minutes, snd
t e two regiments passed In review before blm.
T.ie I'oriy-sevenlh returned last night lu a special
The Morgnu hlde-f nddlo Tree Patent.
Lopisvilii, Ky July 20, In the United Htntet
lirctit Court, Judge B.illsrd has alien n drclslou In
the patent case ol Josepli II, Uuthwright sgslnsi
Joliu II, Brand lor Inlrlnee.nent on thnpaienlgiioan
at li e Murfl.in rldo saddle tree, awsrdiug (Isth
w right I MO dsmagea. Oil. or msnuneturera era
ni ml to. r I v uffcnillng, ml an luioorlaiit ault Is pend
ing In New York concerning the ssme Morgsu Iree,
I'nlhoinlng n Neivurk Mystery,
An Inquest list been ordered in the osso of
Patrick llaOerly, Ihe old man wno was burned lo
desib In hia bouse lu Camden atreet, Newsrk. on
I Saturday, It la suptoied tb, t he was murdered
snd robbed, and that hit house waa flisd to cover
vp tne trims.
mora in hock land covnit.
A Weir ofnnces at Nanuet-Heveral Men
Shot nnd Two Family Injared-dermana
ratling to Plight the Hibernians.
Nanuet, on the Hackenjack extension of the
Krie road, bis been during the last week the scene
of serious disturbances. The Erie employs there a
number of Irish snd German laborers. To eoifd
agalnal nstlonsl disputes the Company stationed
fie Germans it cne point and tba Irish at another.
Bot;ibs men met In the vlllageatter labor hours, and
entered Into a deadly conteat. On Saturday the
men of the branch having been paid off, repaired to
the saloons In the village, A number of Oermaaa
were at ten o'clock In the evening alpplnx Isger la
Jscob Oross's saloon, and a number of Irlshmsn
under the Influence of liquor and bent on mischief
entered. They picked a qusr-et, and eventually
drove Ihe Germans out. Their violence was such
that Mr. Gross and his family were obliged to flee
fer their lives. The Irishmen having thus cleared
the saloon drank all tbe liquor, broke the glasa
and china ware and then departed.
On the following Tuesday morning while Rtan
and O'Donnell, Irish Isborers, wsre going to work,
Ihey were met by several Uermana and terribly
beaten with alubs. Bran may not survive bis Inju
ria. Then the Irish I aborers at a meetlug on the
same afternoon resolved to attack Grois's saloon,
the headquarters of the Germans.
Annsd wltii clubs and atones, they sppesred late
In tbe evening at the door of the saloo-i and de
manded admission. This being denied, they storm
ed tbe else with sonts snd damaged It considers.
bly. The Oermsns had, however, got wind of the
Intesded ssissll, aad. armed with abot com, du
chirred roller slter volley Into the crowd of as
eitlsnu from the windows above, while others
e rnaed with clubs mide a sally upon them below.
Toe rioters best htsty relieii, leaving three of
their wounded.
Patrick McMihon waa ahot In aeveral places. Ills
wound", thonth painful, are not necceaartly fatal.
Isaac Cullen was shot in twenty-six places, and I Is
recovery Is doubtful. Martin uobegan was slut two
or three times and severely clubbed.
How rasns of taoss who ran away were hurt can
not be ascertained.
TiJc or.RXAXa' ovi'onzvsiTT.
Wllllamaburah Taking Ihr Lead-One oflhn
Plrel Fruits ol Hie Kiel.
At a meeting last night of the Germans of the
Pltteentli Ward of Wtlllamiburgh to reorganlae
their ward aiioclallon and elect delegates to the
German Democratic General Committee, Mr. Hart
mann, of the General Committee, called upon them
lo set aside their faction qnarrela and nolle. Willi
out unity nnd harmony, he sild. they could do
nothinr. To them the leaders of Ihe Democric) now
turn. Great things sre expected of us, he sslJ, ana
we muit meet II oie expectations. The events of
the past few weeks bsve created a revolution In po
litical sentiment. The German Drmoerac) his
risen three hundred per cent. Let us keep It op to
that figure, and to do so Injury ward we mast here
Mr. Joseph Burger, Colonel of the Twenty-eighth
lCrgtmenl, wae nonlnatea as Presli'rnt, Wnen tor
nauie of Mr. heller, the present Commissioner of
Charities sud Correction, was mentioned as repre
sentative to Ibe German General Committee 'rum
the Hlxteenih Word, nearly every man In Ihe roan
shouted, "No. no; we Oou'l warn Mm. He don't
represent u. He eoea more for Ihe Irish than li.r
the Germans. He elves a poor Dutchman fllty cents,
and any other peraon who np.liee lor aid a dollar."
For a loug tlu-e they had a wcrJys'orm; but at
Isogth ll was allayed by rx-Aldermin Guck movlns
that tbe election be by ballot on next Thutaday
thk .iK.i7orir.icr defied.
How CJlndatoiie Kurtirril Ihw Hupporlera of
the Army Purchase Abnaer
Lodo. July 20, In the Home of Commons
thli evening, Mr. Gladitone announced that the
Queen bad eolvcl the pnrchsee problem by cancel
ling Ihe royal wanant legsllxlng tbe purchsse of
couiml-sloos In the srmy He declarer1 that the
House of Lords, though Impugning the Government
tlin for Its abolition, bad failed to austaln the
purchase ijilenj. Iienfo tbe Ministers had advised
Her Majesty to lake action which effectually dis
eased of tne qneellon la accordance with the manl
teat will cf the country.
This declaration was received with vehement
cheering in tbe House. But Mr. THsreell and the
Tory members generally were unable to dleaemble
their anger, and bilterlr denounced the arbitrary
course of the Government. Mr. Ou-datone waa de
i aiiit, and challenged the oppoalllon to move a tola
of want of confidence.
Earl Gnnvllle In tbe House of Lords announced
lu determination of the Ministry, and defended
tbelr poller. It Is loiposslble to depict tbe scene
In either Iloase. The Lords were deeply moved,
but I'ecoroQt to tbelr demonstrations. In the Com
mons sitontshmont, enter, and uncertainty were
Ill-concealed. Tbe Toriea were confounded, aud
their leaders were punled to sutgest wbsl sctiou
snould b taken. The opinion of sll Is that the
ecllon if Ice .Ulntitry is bold and even desperate,
nnd popular reeling is led to anticipate far-reaching
coasequsnces In a democratic tense.
Tl.b Xonaon Common Cunnctl has rejected a mo
tion to give a banquet at Ihe Gulldnall lo ths Im
terlat and Royal visitors lu Enxlsud.
Another Ylrlorr for ibe Mmnal,
The Atlantic Club of Brooklyn and the Mutuals
of New York plsyrd tbelr second game this soason
on Ihe Union Ground, Williamiburgh. Although
the Allsntlcs are sery fair piayera,they have hut llitle
chance against auch a professions! nine as tbe Mutua a
aud there ore beyond the Immediate friends or both
organlxatlons, but little Interest wus felt In the re
sult of the gsme. The Muluals la this instance
avoided the mistake Ihey made In the bit game
which tbey played with tho Atlantic, of looting nn
the game as a foregone conclusion, and conse
quently plsylng in the careless, atipehod attlo which
characterlxed tb previous exhibition. Tney played
tbelr brat irom the commencement, snd therefore
there were only a couple oi errors in the Held on
their s de during the came. The Atlantic!, how
ever, played a miserable game In the field, although
t ey batted Woltera putty neavlly. The lollowing Is
the store by
Innikcs. lit. 3d. M, th. Mb, tin. 7th, glh, tth,
Atlantic s o u d o l i o s 10
stuiiial J 7 J 3 1 a 1 n-a
I'mplie Mr. J. Wlldey. of ihe Mutual Club,
Time ot grnie I hour and M minutes.
To-day, Ilutnal vs. Lxcclsior, on Union Ground.
Trolling nl Prospect Park Yralerday.
A lovely day aud the prospect of two iutrrtst
lug coi tests drew out a goodly number ol trotting
amateurs yesterday. The course had greatly Im
proved alnce the day before, and waa hourly getting
In better tlx. The first race waa a match for $300.
mite teats, best three In five. In harness, between
b. g, Jim and g, g Gray Charlie. The betting was
aa varied as could have bsen desired. Cnarlle dir.
appointed tbe expectations of his Irlends. Jim won
the race, to all aooeurances very handily, Bub
Jolued Is a snmuiary I
Match 1550 mile hells, best 3 In 5, In hsrneal,
n, IV. Iiowo's o k.-Jiii 1 I 1
L.B.bamuiU'sg. g, Uray Cuarl J i t
. tint IIttt. ttcotm (. 7ifnf ttntl.
Quarter 1.-J m so
lialf-iulle Iimvj ijigv l:lv
Mile Sill)!,' '.'ill V;ll
Aweepelakea txo, mile beats, best i In i, in harneTs.
II. IV, ilowe'a br. e. Mack I 1 I
J Co) ne . blu. g. Tapioca il
Owner ss. ui. Mrlis d st,
. fisfmr, Sctonil lltul. 1 Mid Hem
Hustler saja, w i
lUir-inl.c !:! lnv IffOW
H'l' fcSJ.V :UH Sill
This race was a one sided contest. Mack won ss
be liked. In belting he held front placi'. and con
siderable money u auisll amounts changed haudt.
A Murderer Ilrlrnaed.
Charles I-uncuieulher, of C.21 Fifth street, quar.
relied with his employer, F, Ksgel, In a saloon in
Flliy-tlilrd street, nesr Tenth avsnue, on Ihe lt of
June, and Kegel etruck Languieutuer over the head
with a stool, knocking l.ltn senseless. Lw'igoH.uiher
a led in llelleiue Hospital estrrday. Kagil was
arrested at the time, but waa olacliarged uj Alder
man Plunkllt.
The Wounded In liellevue llespllnl.
All Ihe wounded art) doiug well, except Kue
hoik, wno itinalns shout the si me, and may be
pronouueed still In daui'cr.
vvmosiTiKs or vuiiii:.
The Rev, Mr. Ililpps. a Unitarian clergyman of
Kmci.on, tun., out nu liiroji yesterday,
John Itesmer, a German, sged 00. drowned him.
self In tin- Hudson at Poushk lepsle yeeltrday,
James Devtne was held at the Torr.ba yestarJsy
for being concerned In a Ocht In front of lb liquor
stole ai IhO Muiberrv s reel, during whloh Aotaouy
Orosiley.of IM Molt urcit, waa fatally hasten,
Hubert Ilulehluioe, a Long Iiland farmer, Is held
?,lili,.T,0,lM vOD lh' fhsrge of reckless driving oa
Monday leal, whereby the awning In front of 71 Cbat.
ham a reel was knocvea oown, and Kuoert lieaae, a
Utnaao, so badly iaiua4 that da ajel ytaiwtttjr.
Iloneea and Furniture Hbaken and Hell
II nee-A MIdntafal Alarm-A Church Hell
Unas; at Lake WlnnrpeeauUee.
A severe shook of earthquake wax felt In vari
oua parts ot New England st 1 o'clock yeiterdsy
morning. It extended frcm Boston along ths ssa
coast to and beyond Portland, Me. In Portsmouth,
N. II., windows and crockery rattled, beda ahook,
and the plastering In the old Jill fell. Is Concord
the shock wss sccompsotcd byadesp, heavy, rum
bling. Buildings were violently rocked, snd a church
bell was rung. The cities of Paco, Biddsford, and
Brunswick, Me., were pretty well shaken,
A gentleman living on Mount Pleasant, near Bos
ton, felt three distinct shocks, tbe first of whlca
aroused himself and wife, she Insisting that there
was somebody else In the room. The shock wss
very perceptibly felt In all parte of Cambridge, many
persons being awakened by the aame, A gentle
man who resides on Ncrth avenue, Boston, was
awsks st Ihe time, and tla Drat Impression wis thst
some one was trying to get Into his room. t Im
mediately after tb e bed shook, and tho whole
Tl Jar lasted about ten secoads, A Mr. Simon
Algferli, wlo resides al Ihr corner of Norfolk and
Worcester streets, Boston, wsa attekeaed by Ihe
shock, snd believing the noise snd Jar to be occa
atoned by burglars, opened one of tils chamber win
dows and shouted londly for a policeman, Officers
Copelsnd end Livingston socn sppesred and searched
the premiers, bill without finding a thief. They
tnen Informed Mr. Alchcrla of the shock, snd he
and bis disturbed family retired to their rest, ap
parently much relieved.
Two shocks were felt at Wlntr Hill, Somervllle,
Mass., the first being the strongest. Tnose who
were awskened b) It lern tbe second ss being a
rnmbllng noise, nardlr explainable from Its queer
less. The clock on the brick church on Highland
svenue struck one a few seconds sfter tbe last
Residents of Jamaica Plain, Masa , felt ths shook
plainly It wss alao very doclded at Concord, Masa.,
and awoke many people from their aleep.
At Deilham the shock was tell very perceptibly,
some ol the nouses belcg considerably rluxen and
causing n general awakening among the aleeping
occnpsr.ta. The shock lasted aome three seconds,
and seemed to pass In n southerly direction, The
alioek was slio felt In Maiden, I.ji.u, and llkewlae
at Hanover.
bALEM, July SO. Tne gentle vibrations of the
earthquake were Indistinctly pciceotibls here. In
some Instances the shock was sufficient to rattle
dlsl.es In the psntnrs und ring door belli. All the
nlxnt officers on dull Ir It the oereilonal sensation.
NnwrirnTmiiT, Julv&i. About five minutes past
one o'clock this morning a lesTy,J.,rrlug sound was
felt sll ovir this vlciulty. Ua.lng from twenty to
twenty-fire seconds, snd wss the eevereat shock of
an earthquake felt tor many years. '1 Lere w ere but
few perrons tbat were not awakened by It.
If vug lMtttion.
LowriL. July SO. We bed a rerceptll.le touch or
an earthquake tuia morning about 1 o'clock. Tna
beasy run bling, which continued scleral seconds,
el. con buildlnrs erounil here and awakened Ihe lu
matra, No rlamnge w.a done.
l.twKXM'C. July 20 .Mont fire or six minutes
belore 1 o'clock II Is morning quite a brisk shorn of
an esttbquikr annke many of our citizens. There
was no vibration, but a sort of a hesvy J ir, and then
a rumbling and lounctng aounj, aslfn m-avy wajon
was going over roc.i icait.tia!ly 'Ihv shock and
noise lasted four or flvo eeconds.
MANcursTtR, July 20. Hovers! shocks of earth
qu.ke were loll by the people of this city at about
lire minutes be'oi one o'clock this morning, Tue
shocks wrre accompsnled by a heavy, rumbling
noise, nnd tbe doors snd windows ana furniture of
many r.uusre were rallied, causing considerable
ala m in three in such. The Mirations lasted
about half a n.lnute.
Lake Viilaou. July SO. The most aevere earth
quake shocK lu this region for many yesrs occurred
about one o'clock Ibis rooming. It lasted nearly a
minute, and people were very generally awakened
from Pie' r sleep. It Mas let at Merldetb end at
Plymouth, and waa particularly sbsrp st Llvermorc
Falls, above Plvuiouib.
I xntrx II a mo u. Juir 20. Last night two severe
sho'ks ot eurihqnatr were felt at this place. The
guests of the Moulion House neard the home bells
ring. The churcu bells also rung some time Many
clocks were stopped, and olner Indications ol a
severe shuck were visible in ibe morning.
Cheat Falls. July SO Two heavy shocks or
earlaqnake, lollownig In quick auccosalon, weie
lelt here tills mornlug about 1 o'clock. They con
tinued about II iny seconds, and seemed to pass
from noribrast lo southwest, bo violent were the
vlbrstlons that wtndcwa and furnitur were ahaken
end door hells rnng. A heavy rain of aeveral hours'
deration followed.
lilXKl Jul) 20 Two severe thicks of earth
quake weie felt here thia morning about seven
minutes of one. The motions aeemed to be from
eiat to west, and were of ten eecond'a duration.
They were accompanied by a heavy rumbling noise.
Bell were ruug and l-nildlngs violently shaxen.
llujteull Rvacnatcd Moro Explostana at
VlneraneAn luconio Tax Advocated.
Paris, July 20. The Germ am bare evacuated
Ruxcull to allow the Invalids to visit the bapis. Tbe
Frei ch Budget of JS71 list been reduced JH000,O,J
frauc. Xxplot.oi.s continue Z tincennos, ii.
I.-dru Rolllo Is a candidate for Ibe Asiembly,
Tue Silclt favors an Inicnio tax. M. Oambetta,
during hit dictatorship, aulhorixed the opening of
private letters. A committee has voted for a iIstp
duty of 10 reutlmei on all 1 tils ot mure tli n 10
franc. The Minister of Justice has demandod tho
resignation ot M. Derlenne. The mobillxatlon of
the " mob lots " is projected,
Veiisaili.es. July 20. In the Assembly to-day M,
Brunette moved that eerulles who do not take
ihelr aeata within a specified lime be considered to
have resigned. This is alnu-d st the Orleans
Monarchical Demonstrations in the provinces are
exnected during Ihe recess ol the Aiaemblr.
Bxiu.isr. July 20. Ii Is officially reported tbat
403COU0O0 francs of tl o Indemnity were receive I
Irom Frsnrn on the 15th Inst., of whlca 12.000,000
were In sliver, aud Ci.WU.OOO have arrived sine
Ihe !5th.
Gen. L'Adralrault prohibits electoral meelinxs In
(lea hherinnu'a Opinion of Urn. drum's
iVixa Qxoioe, July 20. On. Y. T. Bhcrman,
with aeveral membera of His fimllr, arrive! here
this evening, snd Is at tbe Fort William Uenr) Ho
tel. He Is cm his wsy lo 81. Albans, Vt,, to meet
Mrs. Bhermen.
In a conversation with your correspondent tills
evening tbe Genersl citresied the opinion that
Oon. Gram would be renominated and reelected,
and he thought 11 would be Ibe best thing for the
country, so far as he has been able to Judge from
hi travels In the nuutb and elsewhere, eieryii,lng
Is prosperous under Grsnl'o Admlulslratlon, snd
there Is no occsslun I ra cnange,
Ihe General cxpiei-ee the opinion that In a short
time nothli.g mors will be heard of tno Ku-Klui.
Aa ilia, Ihe roi'orto about tbtni have been rreat.y
exagzeiated. This net is proved, the Genersl says,
hv the yldd of the cotton crop thia jeir at the
Booth. Were the stories told noout tue Ku Klux
true the General thinks the cotton crop would have
been much less, As it Is thejleld Is grester than lu
former rears.
Gen, bhermau leaves in Pie morning,
Oranre 8. Wlnsns has announced blmsinf a candi
date for uf lection lo tno As.cuioly.
The present wife of the Hon M, M. (llrlek) Pome
roy i. a gnat grand daugnter or Jesn t-uul .tlcnic.
William i Oakley, who was kll'e.t by llnilnlnc, at
P'lnci-M Il.iy.ou ennd.ir, owul in, J?vj toaiurtal
ha Ue wnich ne wore on his orejs , aud wiili-h all rail
ed ire leial alien. Mr Oak ey wai a orotheMu law of
Capt. MM.r of iho aNi.itn .teif'meut. """"" 10 ' 01
Tho body of s womsn, uoparenHy German, was
lou d on the beach at Foil Hamilton, yetlorday.
Iho new hall oi Esther t'haoier. No. , Order of
the Kutern Slar, bcberuirruoru aud Oiuri slricti'
lirc-ikiiu. wsd dleatod wliu appiopnaieceremoPlei,
on Wcdiieousy eieuing lait. -,
Assessor Juurdan yesterday caused tbe selxure of
s still ot KM gallons, torelher with n worm, uouoirr.
an1 other armies snpenalning to an Hl.cii wmer
aUtllls.-r. wbiris nad be -u t.aen Horn tho rifm Ward
and stored at 138 Pearl street
rLASUES moat the ocean caiii.es.
The Ministerial crista In Bpaln Is at band,
Parepa Hoe ulll on ihe 29th last for New York,
Tne Mexican Ooyernment Is rehiring ilttt-essod
Amtrieaca from tno Mauilneua colony.
Dhuurbmccs sre ripoclel In County Monaghan,
Iieiand. Troops have been dosdnxaol imther.
Tbe Lerdlstu and Porhrlstas are uniting closely
tooppo-e J a are t, out the irlumvhof Juarea Is eou
siderut certain.
A meeting of Reformers Is to be held In Hide
Park. Lonuon, on huaday, the sanitarian of (bt rrsat
rta.csl nets of laM.
Tha Royal Inhabitant of 337 Msullson
.ttrret-Tbe Monarch Itecclvlng the ill
nikco s.f Ueaulle In Jonra'e Wood.
The fa'cbueticnfeil is over. For an hour Iho
rairkimen shot away without being able to bring
down the thin llttlsblts of wood, the hit remnant
of the tsgie. Every ore despslrsd. On a sudden
a loud shout waa beard j every one rushed forward
to the spot where the lucky markaman stood. One
msn frantically embraced bis back, another pulled
his Majesty's beard In an ecstasy of Joy, aad all
killed, and hugged, and pinched, and squeexsd the
man until be cot out of Ihelr wsy br being lifted on
Ihe backs of two enthuslsstle mirksmen, who trl
umphsntly carried him arnund and exhibited him
to Ihe multitude. When the shot bad been fired the
band struck up, " Hsll to thee In thy laurel wretth,"
and the copse scene resounded with the echoes of
Joy Every one. with the exception or the women,
tried lo get st lestt one kits or hug out of the new
King, who brre his fortune with much seeming equa
nimity, Tbe new King la George Aery, a bright young
Pruulan of 7) irars, who lltes at 237 Madison
sirs st. His Msjeity received the gratulallons and
handshakes of his subjects very cordlslly, snd then
lighted a cigar, which ns smoked wltn gusto on the
shoulders of the two who carried his royal body.
The excitement was great, nnd Capt. Gerdes or
dered his marksmen to disband tnd to cool off their
Joy, which was done by dsnclog snd drinking good
beer In Mr. Rcbulihelt's Inviting place. Tne band
played, and tne mirksmen marched np to the coro
nation plitform, preceded by young girls dressed
In white, snd looking pretty In their golden bslr
and the white wreaths Ihst enclosed then- long,
wsvlng ringlets.
Tlisre the little snd the big glrli formed a clrele
round tbe kmc, whom Miss Bchnsckenberg, aged
IS, presented with a golden medal which, she
told liltn with much grsce of uctlon and felicity of
expression, "he snould ever wear on his heart, ou
that hosrt which would ever loyally beat lor tbe
weal of his corps."
Ills Majesty took off his bat. and advised all the
bachelors to get married, which was rapturously
applauded by Ihe matrons, and greatly lambed at
by the alrli. Capt. Gerdes presented his boverrlgn
with tbe golden wstch snd chsln. which was the
most solid oi tbe rossl Intlcnla. Then Ihey marched
tacg; dancing, drlnklni, and feasting.
In spite Ihe great number of spectators, the order
maintained by Capi. Gunner waa excellent, Mr.
Henry Bmlth received an ovatlonlfroni the Society,
of whlcn be is an honorary and popular msmber.
a DnvaoiST'.s rum nr.
A Myalerloaa Woman villi a Tnllse full of
lluiglnra' Trrnsurrs-llna Hen Huller
been In Wllllnmabnrgh,
Late on Wednesday night Mr. Adolphl Dulow,
a drugclst ot 150 Broadway, Wllllameburgh, aroused
Ihe neighborhood by hla ahouta for Ihe police.
Officer Writenour, on hastening to Ms place, wn
rtqueited to take a Urge leather vallie from behind
t.ie counter.
' V.litulr officer," said Ihe frlthtened and excited
druggist, please to tike him right tvaj, Idon'l
want no troubles rull the ststlon house. Please look
him," he kept sijlnj to the offlcor, who was en
deavoring to I our ii whit wss ihe mailer. " Plcaie
took Ihui to du duitcl or the station house."
The ufaccr finding that he could not oulvln snv ex
rUnatlnii from the eicltel Mr llutow, seixed the
hag, and took both It snd Mr. Ilulo't to Ihe police
stsilnn, After much truuble Btrge i'.t Most quieted
Mr. Ilulow, who told the following story.
That inornint an elderly womsn eillcd at his place,
and nskrd permission to leave one of three bare In
Ihe store The request was glinted, and ahe went
awar, laying that ahe would call In the evening tor
it. WLcn it waa tiino to clos the atore, Mr. Bnlow
becsme curious In see what tne bar contained.
Polng It r-pen, he saw some spoons and forks, lie
then become frlgutcnr.!. .mil alionteit for lh police,
lutendtug lo give the bag Into their custody, as he
scented a rooberi.
On examination by tne sergeant, the bag was found
to contain oier thirty dozen allver apona and forks,
four dozen neavy plaiod napkin rings, and a number
of gold cbaioa. Each article was wrapped In tissue
paper, Tbe woman has not called for the goods.
A Struggle srllh Larry McNalr-U'hnl a
YorUrlllr Magistrate) slop when a Mnn
call blu n Liar A llearlmaud.
The Hon. James K. Coulter, Justice of tho
Yorkvllle Police Court. cilerdsy afternoon met a
friend and accepted bla Invltatlcn to take s glass of
Joe Swab'a cool Milwaukee lager beer, In the saloon
opposite the Court. Aa the Justice ana his friend
were entering the place, a msn In bis shirt sleeves,
and evidently In a fearful itatt of excitement, milled
forward, and called the Justice a liar. At which Ills
Honor turned In anger, aud aaw mat the mau who
had ImutU-d Mm wai Larry McNalr, an honest,
hard-working Protchoiao, who was one of his sup
porter In tho Twenty second Ward, snd lor whom
he bad promised, as la alleged, to get work In one of
tbe publlr parka Lsrrv ili.rrssr.i hltn fuithorln
Insulting lauiuaee, snd the Judge, getting bis choier
up, stteinptod lo shove him slide, Larry aeisrd the
Justice by the si milder. 1 hey clinched, and a
fierce stiuggle was the remit. At length Officer
Nnlrces arrested Larrv. aud be wai locked up,
Tne Justice calmed himself Cowo w lift a bottle of
soda, and went to the court room. After disposing
or several cases lie ordered Larry belore lira Lir
rr. In his lorn shirt sleeves and scratched and
bloody face, was arralrned, anJ els accuaer and
Juage, after tiring bits a aevere reprlmvit, dlt,
charged him.
The Map that rirliled a Boundary.
WAsmrrpTOK, July 20. Tbe map tiaa been
found over which tha Canadian preis bss been
msklng such a fun of late, as being tin sdmlsilon
on Ih part of the United Stsles that the proi er
boundary gave the whole or fan .loan and all the
adjacent Islseds lo the English It turns out to Le
a map of explorations in Upper Call ornia and
Lower Oreton by Fremont, inJ only a rough out
line of tbe islsnd In the Btrsits of Fuca are given.
Ti. ere were uo surreys of the chennrl, nor eien
any explorations within a hundred miles of t -a
Strslf. Ths map in qurstloe has no bearing what
ever upou the boundary, nor baa It ever boon tup
posed to have by either Government.
Mvaterloua Death In PI I lb Avenue.
Frederick C. Swcetser wai found dead In his
bed at 273 Fifth avenne at 7:30 yeaterday morning.
He retired to his bed In his uiual health esrly on
Wednesday night. One of Ibe domestics going to
his room yesterds) morning found blm lung ap
parently aaleep In his bed, Not wishing to awaken
him from hla alerp the domestic retired, and In a
alert time returned, as It waa his direction sol to
he allowed to sleep after a cert ,ia hour. Araln he
arpeired lo be asleep, and on attempting to arouse
hi in the servant lou-M blm dead. Be waa 2S yeara
ol age. He was supooss.1 to have erjoyed good
health by ill who knew him.
The Monlauks beat Ihe Union Stan 10 to 8.
Tie Atncnlana beat tb AJi-lphlimciteiday, IS
to 10.
Tli Athletics of Philadelphia heat the Keklongaa
ofPort 'Aarne loitorday M (o a. Ituns eaincd-Kekl-ooge.,
6 1 Athletics, ti.
...,.)'Arolelon A Co.' employees picnic ia Spring
lllll Grave on SaturJay, July tl,
Wuramen are forming Orientil Park, at the June
lion of Km liroadwuy and liraud street.
The centennial onnlvorsarr ol the New York
Ilnsplial is to be relebrered In Ihe rooms of the Histor
ical eoclsly ou Monday tvealng, July It,
81' AltlCS iltOSl J11E TELEUIIAI'II.
The Grand Armv Encampment made an excursion
from 0 out T to naiktne, K. Y.. yesterday.
Ihe Con.errativi'A of Virginia will hold a Con
vention Aug 30, (or the rcorrenizatinu of tbe party,
Owen Connolly, 30 ye rs of one, wns Instantly
JjjJJJJ M'n I'oudout yesterday by accidentally falling
John Stewart, steward of a f'uninler, wss sr.
worth of alikt'icTi 'c"'"'1' ' 'muigllng sooul lloyo
Jamee Bhefllcll. formeily Postmaster at Wirron
Ion, Pi, was lun nit dua l In -'a-i Fracchco on Wodnei
day. He bud been disiiliug.
Gov Alcorn Is about to call an rxtri aesiinn of
the IIUiK.ij.pl Uii.iMine lo dsrlso inooauroi lo re
ueom ins repudiated uteto noads.
The yacht Gauntlet, wulc'i thie week best the
Phannou. the wlnimr of tne late rcatta at Uueucc. has
becu.old to n New York gentleman,
The Tyne crew will arrive at Ilali'ax noil weeV,
aad so lu SI, .loho to row against tho Paris crow, ailir
which Oiey will Isle part in the Halifax legatta
A small stetn boiler In Ihe repair ahop of tie
riinwood cut ion mill In Providence.lt. I., eiiloltd
esioruaj.dotroylug a Iwuilory frame nui.uior. Ku
on wt Injured,
Charles Dilver, aged 19 years, sn Knsllsh sailor,
waa kilted vei.erlar at Iho Charles lllvor oildee lias
ton. by setunir entangled lu a rope while hauilua a
vriiel through Uio draw,
lllchird Aiken wno had bean continrd In Jail
In Pi.aihkeep lo lor a lonx time ou tne tnaige of
iwliilMg New i ort. brokers, was discharged yotlerdar
b order ol Judge Joi pli F liarnard,
II e Kentuckr and Great Eastern Itiilrnad Cit
peny pruno.e lo build a road Iroui Cincinnati thrna, r
Lemuel), arrow We-I Virginia to a oomi In Vir and
Ihrare by made now (-.instructing ttirouio Yos tta j
lleailint, I'., to .New York. Tins route Work l
miles shorter tuan or Ihe Prnnsytsabla Couniha, aid li
will be begun in Krdiuoky within threes tku two ll
Ihe whoti una will be complsted is i
Till! 30,000 811 A EES AWAIT JVDQM
Hr-ath nnd Raphael's Allrmpl to Our st
(Ireal Corporation's Lrallliiiat Action
Counsel Caves In 13 Mluule. j
Yeaterday in tlio United Stales Circuit Court, I
belore Judge Blalcbford, the argument on tbe mo ,i
Hon on the part ef Heath and Itnphsel, tbe ICiiglUli i
tnsreholders 1 eajom the Erie Company front
Issuing 80,000 sbsres of stock, wss agalu takeo op.
Mr. Beach, Mr. Bherman, and Mr. David Dudley
Field wesocouasl lor Ui Erie Hallway Company,
and Mr. Soutbmayd and ex-Attornsy-Generst Hoar
for the Engliab shsreholders. t
Mr, D, D. Field, In resuming bla argument nn the j i
part of the Erie Company, ajibmltled Dial the bill
praying for an injunction waa of an anomalous char
acler, that It wss neither original nor supplemental,
and should not be allowed In any ot lu features.
He claimed that It should have been framed ss sap
plementsl to tbe original bill of Healli and others, '
which was still undetermined In this Courts bnt II
waa not framed In that manner, neither was It
framed for any Independent purpose. If the bill
was properly framed aa an Independent proceeding,
It null falli because the Court bad no powrr ovir j
the Internal affilrs of Btste corporstlons, nor Indeed , X
any power, except as a court of equlir. Tae Court
could nut determine wbo were or who were not la
corporators of the city of New York or corporitora ,
of the Bank ol England. The neorsaarr partlra 'if
were wanting to the bill. Neither the holders of
Ihe iJO.OOd aharea nor Mr, Coleman were before tha - )
Court. ! i
Mr. Field thsn took up Ihe quetlon of reglsterlnf
the stock, aud contended that aa the roglalratlun
wai Instituted by the Erie Itallwsy Company for tta
own convenience, that company might Icontinue or
reiokeauch registration at Its pteisute, and tla
Court could not deal with It as a thing permanently i
Inatltuled. He argued thttthe Erie Company bad
power under the General llailroad Act of New York
to Issue convertible bonJe for the purpose of com- I
pitting, finishing, or running their railroad. Thia I
point bad been adjudicated In the Supreme Court '
of the Stile ol New York In the one ot Belmont ve.
too line ltillroid Company, SI Ilaraour, 171, and
alao In tae ease ol Jcnks vi.lthe New York Central
Hatlroad Company, referred to In the first nimea
case. He denied thst tne convertible bonds were
soam or orotence got up for the purpose of menu
fscturlng and Issuing lU.mjO shsres, spurious seal
Irauditlent. That allegation waa fully met and de
nliKi by the amoavlta read in the case, whlcn show
thst these convsrllule bonds were Issued In a legal
and proper manner under n resolution ul the Exeeu '
tie Committee of the Erie Hallway Company. The) ',
Board of Directors ol Erie were advised In that
metier by 1
and among others by counsel who now represent '
the English stockholders. i
Aller reiemng at crest length lo vsrlous other I
points In the esse, which hire already been discus
sed snd publlsbeJ, Mr. Field closed his argumeut bp
sutlng thai no sufficient srouud had been msde oul
lor granting the injunction.
Mr. Hoar summed up slid closed the irtumenl lot
behalf ol Heith and Kaphael lb a brief addreia, not
occupying more than a quarter of an hour. Us aim
ply denied the propositions ol counsel for Erie, and
elated that 11 the Injunction prayed tor wera not
rranled, Plsk, Gould, and the Erie Company would
be able to accomplish allthe ends Ihey deli.ed, and
Ibua deprive Ihe Engllah stockholders of Ui lr Just
rights and claims.
At tbe close of tbe arrumrnt Judge lllilclilori
tcok the papers and reserved his deusiou. ,1
Juitlce to One or ihr Military Clilrfinlx 4
Ihr llnnqiirt In the rs, Janrs,
To Me EJUo) of JSt Sun.
Bin: The General Duncan, who made 111
offlcebolder'a oration, printed tn Tug hen to-day, la
not Commltaloner ot Palenta, as you bsve him. Ha
wss a" General la the war, but when and wheta
he served " I' the tented Bold," whoknows ? At snf
rate he came to Washington and got a clerkahlp In t
the Treasury. Thence be was attached to Mr. Com. jL
mlssloner Thesker (under the A.J. regime) as sa 7
office clerks ditto under Mr. Commis
sioner Foots. Under the Fisher manege I
inent he wus msde a Primary Examiner,
and tlterwsrd, tor aome wonderful reaeon,
through Flatter a Influence, waa promoted lo Iba i
pott of Aiilstanl Commissioner of Patent!, whicU
be now bolls. He la a little, wiry, lendy" com
plected " gent, excea-'vely wordy, never waa an As
sistant Examiner, Pol cam up to his present
patent atalus like a mushroom, lu ' "t his scien
tific slulnmrnts seeded, sprouted, and saop.j in a
single night. He Is a devoted Grant general. Alio) I
has ths reputation of being a great lawir. though.
no one knows tbe courts or cases lu which he mada 1
hla fame. He Is as modeal aa most ofnee aeeksrs,
and will do all Dial modesty. Innocence, and great
dislntereetedneas cau aid him in to aecure a plica i
aud liol-t on to it. I
To call a man like thia a tnady la an error. He la I
the pink of ' lolily," a prominent me.i.bor of Iba
party leayue (Grand Armv of the Ilopublicl, and a'
tuunderlng gentleman generally. Wnen rou apeak?
of great msn, Mr. box, 'lu important to have Iba
record right L,
New Yoiijc, July 80, 1871.
Two Yean lforUll Lhlor for Dr. flburoaa.
WasntKOTOK, July 20. Judge Humphreys
tMs morning sentenced Dr. T. T, Hbutusn, recently
found guilty ol raauileughler by producing abor
tion, lo labor In tne Atbauy Penitentiary fur two
ye.rs and six moults.
A WlUism K, Fields, a farmer, was working on
Iheiltteora rldve opposite the Andrew mine, la hu.
sol con nl r. on Tuesday, a piece of ore fell upon big
head, hilling him Instantly.
Tbe fiinilr viutt ot J II. norlisui.nl naledon,
near Peterson, wai yeaterday fount open, tho ooiflne
broken to plroes, and the nlvor plain and mounting)
robbed from catkett that were deposited there twenty
yeara ago.
Edward Fowler, an employee of the Delaware)
and Laexawanna Itailroad, was arre-tod In tloboken
yeaterday for aleatinir coal from tne Corapans
wharves, Fuwler carted the cost away tn auaitltte
of a ton or more at one umo and lold it to hu trtcnua.
Col. Flsk Is Improving.
Thermometer at 3 P. M. yesterday, 75.
Tbe stcsmsblp Tttin Irom Sjdney is in.
The Ninth will go to Ihe Branch on the tJKl.
Capt, Helms Is to be triad next Wednesday.
The Veteran of the Seventh enjo.ed Iheir ex.
curirou to lona Itlsnd y sterday.
The Grrnuna demand a Superintendent of Publle
Insu uctlon for the German tiugua;e.
Mayor O Akei H ill. Judge Bedford, aud lircorder
Hacked were In consultation reatcrdar.
Workmen are emplovoJ night and day on Duller
oi Olllmoie's now tbo.tre. Uuloa square.
" Belter late thin never," ia d Hoffman, when at
Ihe eleventh hour he wrote his proolamallon.
Gens. Aeolnw'l. and Btirnalde were stx-cta'or ia
the crowd when the Orangemen arrived al Cooper lo
am to.
William nnd Luke ItlekfYit'd were arretted rosier,
day for Inlcrfoilug with Capl. Farrell, a U.tt. tiartaalt
John P. Boyd died yesterday, aged B0 veer. II
was the lal surviving nieiiiher of lbs clasa of Hit, of
Howdolii College,
A. Marx's atock of Jewelrr. at 81 Allen street, wst
damairco two hi rjreliptcno Ing.ciuiei by the exalo.
Ion ol a kerosene lamp. Insured.
Ttoop K, Third lteilmnt Cavalry, eatutcd and
icrenade I Tux hex yeiterdsy morning, whlls on ll.eir
way to hint Park for target nraotlce.
Ouitiv Ob-rhotr. a glaxler, ol B Clinton elreot,
fell while litoxlcoiled, and reo-lvel a ha1 colon tha
lorrhead from a knife wnkii foil from his pocket.
The bark Nehomlah airlied ji'itcrday front
rolumbo with nine eleui atua on Hoard, tin. Ilia IV,
I'rc.cott.Mlli; of li e United Stales C'omul al Ceilon.
wa a pas.entier.
Goilmtn Court. In Ol errv atreet, notorious fr
being the fl thlust and most now il, d . e of iriionif ni
In ihe city. as ovaoualed yriterday by order of ths
Hoard ol llealilu
llrtro OanlelKsn Itallin ofTriy, N Y.liln
this ctiv soirrhtiig for hia o ilr c "M ., to i..u, gut of
ten. Qrenred swar. tl Is u .r"'e., by lllaoo no am.
taule, an orzan urinder, In A'ull tail.
A mrelliif nf those hailn" rliinis again"! tlieoK
flord oi Kilneatlnii wns liel.l li nl.-lit at Maeanlf
ll I There are seventy flvo calm eimiuntlng te
tlv.tsM, Hie Isrgril beiug tl.M. and IN lea-i II.
The colored clliaeni ol Htrler- gave n receptloa
last evening for the r.inelii nl "' le ll ilium nn,iih.
an octogenatlaai mulatto, who - vert im -utr wtt4, n A
roloreit iilciius In llnleiii, "' ha. latil) (ecu
ixo.lraiod by Illness,
Tho Alilstsnt Alderri" "ere cell-t iiu,)n ve.'er.
dar to par for leve,-;,. "nrrso4
drlvun them lu inc ji.;. i.".!, ' 'ntrivrU I s It ve l ho e
le-t broken lu thr,,..,,!..f.?.. f1"1 ' 1 " 1 lk" ' ihe
wnaivco. 7hr'",-"'u''l" ei, waiiH.ndlcaii
that iho aulm wt"Uen.
At a ms,"' ' 'I'"" ,o.M ye,.r,iT ,k,
folow,n.1y"Vl t iui. Il-i:,,,,,,
niatii HnJ . Kali ir.n. in..l('(,, uiii. Pa.
t'O n. Vrif I ,'lrVl i K '.!'?'i'u ",M o 11 .1. If.
Catist-.;,' i ,! ";' .I"' IS' 'V,'0"' Tirausl or
Jo'tuci on in", ",," n",J" rjuaa.raeu lor rallsit
it, ro ihey 17.7 u".0,,"1'1. m was me airani.
ad then ilr'ko lb. Vjif.J"' L " '" ".r
sslsirt. u .-is n.,a.us, 11 .

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