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THE SUN, FRIDAY, MAY 31, 1872. r-s:TT . l
onu.iT svv.iu n r oor. valmvii
is nr.vATvn, ill.
An Original Itcpiihlleiin oil llir Issue of llin
ICiiirtpilgii-Criiiit's A l 1 11 1 t ru 1 1 fi n m lnll
urn -llrerlev'si Hlft-tlrm lo tin llir Ill-glu
nliiir of nil I'.ru nf Pence nml Honesty,
r'rti"is fwm Onr, tirmer'j iptech In Decatur, III,
Mil. I'iir-iiiknT! I Imvo Hid pli-nsnro of
helng porsnhiillv iii iiinliilnil with i great ninny
nf tni' oltlciis nf Mncoh rniinty, nutl I think nf
polling more niiiiniii.it) tliiin Hint you iMr.
( ii 1 1 mi tit t Hhoiilil liuiur mo liy Inlrnilin I utr mo
In iicnc wliiiin I do nut know, r-lxtocii venr-i
uj.i hi arid I were vvhut were culled " Son.
he.ds" then, nml wo Wont to the Convention
nl I'll ll;i' t "1 ti lr that tmmlnnlnil JiiIiii 0. Fre
mont. A mend nf mini' rani tn inn t-rfny tliat
ns wo nniiilnatoil l n-iii' nt we have no rljht
In i-omplalli of thnso who lliillllll.llc (Irani.
sihl In liini. " Wo nntyilbl It mien : you propose
M iln II twice. Wo nro Hru wiser tliiin yu."
l.nughtcr.l Myllrst n 'i t 'nl speech . made
Ihlrlv v"ars .lio. lwv then a incinbcr of the
jioui'M inlic party. I vvus liurii in the Demo-rrall'-
.uty. My father had v.ilcil for Jefferson
ami . I.1I111. it In have fouio cl'inn In regular mit.
rcs-lnti. When IvmntHit I Icnrn-il m hurrali
for Jackson, iihtl I stood with my party, hchev
liu. however, that si ivery and lleinooracy were
Inconsistent w Mi each other. I nn original
anti-slavery man. I belle veil In tlm doctrines nf
llin Hccl.-ir.ithinof Independence, and I bcllcvo
to-day Unit freeilntn nml ciiuallly boforo tho law
' Is n niituriil as II I" imw a 1 iinlitiitl.m il right uf
every man wllliln tlm limits nf this Itepublle. In
IsM I did what 1 could to elect Mr. Fremont. In
li I uxcrtod tnyielf to nssure tber election of
Mr Mm "In. In lull I win absent from tin; Stato
In tin- iiriuv. nnd did not vote. Ill 1 voted
or (Jen. Grant.
IKow llioo who seek tho renominating of (Inn.
rirnut havo undertaken to show )oil tli.it, WIS
lilt four yoii" "f czperlviiou, tie Is n success. I
nui not spooking to partisan. becnuso there Is
no wcll-finiinlod reason why thcro should lie nny
turtles to-slay except tho parties tli.it arc formed
with reference to the duties of to-day. lAp
iiliu'n. Thru addressing yiri, gentlemen, who
have boon with mo through those long weary
ji'irx of rt rife over ulavcry, ecclon, nnd tho
j-ltll war. nddresnliii! tlioso Kcntleineii who hav
dlilvrud UU im duinu lids dork and bloody
period In our history, nppenlliu; to e.irli 0110 of
y.111 at n rltlicn nnd a man, 1 nsk tho question of
t ni. ran it h nfllriucd of (Ion. (iraut that Ids
Xd'iilnlMr.itliiti has resllted your Idi'ii of nlint
itimilil lie tin Administration of n Hepulilleau
Hat' -Mi ill ' Wiihout uny uplrlt of detrsrtlon, nl
iiw 1110 to nk It you noro satlslled with Ids
t'aliim l in tlio llrstlitstancoy Do ou not know
thai, when Abraham Lincoln was nindo l'r, U
dciit, In- calli'd around him tint ero t men who
hail bi'i'ii marked by public opinion as Mis rival".
Hid who were, ut the same lime, irn-at popular
Um1it( There Hero Seward nnd Chase but I
nn d not enumerate that coiistvllutloli of nre.it
uieuKaUieied around lilm,
WHO AIIB visit AND mmiL?
Wlinn flen. (Irant lieenino Vresldent, lie rlinso
Mr. Waslibiirnu temporarily, und Iln. illy Mr.
I'lsh, for Ids chief counsellor. Iho !?eir.tary f
Stale. Now, who of you, Hide's It 1 eouie ol.l
, fnuy like myself, who linpieneil to lw h e
while Hso. had ecr beard of llmnlltoti l'lsli be
fore he as called Into flen. (irant'x Cabinet .'
Ilntnllton Hh! Who had heard of lilm Tor
becrutnr) of tho Tn ajiury. do you imt recollect
that he apioliiled A. T. Mewait, Iho uroat uur
clitnt or Sew York, nnd tin 11 found Unit in- suis
Im llirlble by a law pu-ed In the bi-t iilury .'
! And you will recolleit that bo nked that It
Ikliould bo repealed, so a to mako Ctcnnrt
elUllile to Hie wltl' 11. Hi cnlled Jolui lUulins
its t'i retar f War. and tm i iije. lion could !
tirifed to tliat appoliitnicnt. ISut do y.m rrnu'tiu
ber nho Ids t-errctnry of the Nny ,n) lo ou
ruiiieinlmr Imw. as lUc teli tfraph u'.iV"' 11- tlio
mini), some bad it llor.'O. or llo0", or ll.ivler,
audit crcat anilely of other naniw, and finally
It turned out to be liorle. ..lit who had r er hear 1
of llorle before 1 I will not trotibl-you wlh a
recapitulation of these name, becunw they a.u
only remembered on account o( the nxlmordl
11.07 fio t thnl Hiibody ever tliouuhl of briiijoc
them Into nCuliliiet.
THE PAtlltriL-!'. OK CIIAlllXl Kt'MNEII.
I)o )ou not remember that It lias been .1 cmund
of complaint, uinoiu: llepubll. nil-, tl.ut lien,
(irant called around lilm kiii Ii iiii-rtor nun for
bl cuuusellors.witboul foln; at U nirtli oter the
history of his Administration? I-Hot.' any !(
publican here who attempts to defend tliat
most extraordinary act ot iiiteiniaini: to 11c
nulre the Mnnd of Snn Hotnlnuor Uien den.
(irant himself was comprlled. bold as lie In. to
back down from ltlnlewof tho storm of pub
i lie sentiment. And, ccntlcmnn, you remeuilii'r
' how lie visited bis luillL-imibiii npmi one of tlio
t foremiHl stati srneii of Id-taio ? Vou lendln .
the man who wiut smltt -n down teiirnwn. in li
placo In the Heuate, ln'cuii-e be daird sp. at, f 1
t, liumnn freedom 1 Tho man whose eloipirtr
1 voice has been rdwus loudest nnd firmest
1 for liberty on this contlin nt v (ien. Crant dc
I manded and obtained tlio sai rlfltc of Cl irb
I Stunner because be was not w llimr to airreo i"
f Hie aciiulsltlon of S.111 llomliitfo. Sumner was
itrlckeu donu from n iosition wlib li lie ha.
W tilled, and for nhb li he Is belter lilted than nn
I oilier public 111.111 In this c.untry. mid iin -n
L'.uiieron made Chairman nf the I'nuiuiltiei 11
I Foreign ltelallons. Wliatw.is the ciiin,'? ri.aib -f
Sumner was not on on uood terms with Iliimd-
(on Fish. Charlos Sumner was nut In fawir of
f the ai qiii-Ition of Ss.ii llonilnco.
i Ia'I 1110 nsk you, Is there a public man In the
k roiuitrv. who lias dared to resist (ien. (Irani
will, wlio has not liecu vlsltod by his wrath atiil
iinltten dun 11, If ho could bo uvvrtliruwui Hi'
1 arbitrary temper l Inconsistent with my Idea of
n republican government. It Is not tho prov luce
uf n President to make war upon 11 rlilzcn bo
i cause tli.it ltl.eii preters to lie tnir to bis o 11
riintlctliihs rather than to be the serf ol tlio
l'restdent. Assent.
fill.l.N'r'S .NEGLECT Or tlL'TV.
sfn. 1 will not spetk of tb I.eet nnd Stock
lii'.' iiir.nl r. which bus so often made 11- blush. I
will not speak of tlio dlsjrxa eful .ipj'oiiuim'lit of
P.isey at New Orleans, the Mluu lliu L'll-ti.ni
House with armed tip 11, and tho ovcrawliu' of 11
loiiieiillon, but will simply allude to those
thlnirs, 1 will do no more tliiin mimic to the
(le t that he allowe 1 n revenue ves-el In the ser
(Iceof the (lovernineiit to bo used by f.u tlon
lus in Iioulstnna to enable u mlu m, of the
K'liato to escape from the lu.ij"i.t, wlio li id
the rli;ht to compel tliem. under tue c.n-tltii-Hon,
to attend and conntiiuto a nuoruni fur tlio
transaction of public buslno s. Nor will I mora
than allude to tho fact that (ion. (ii.iut, about
this time Inst yeai, left Washington, nnd spent
nearly tho whole season at the sea shore, an
I'lamplo of ne.dect of pulillc duty w hich bus
bo parallel In tlio hlstoryof Aiiieilcin l'ren
dtuiUi. Those arc thlniis to be iiientl,.iid.
but not iirccd. (ien. (irant seems to regard tl 0
onice of 1'rrsldont In tho llsht of 11 reward; a
loiiseieiitioiis stalcinan roi-'ards tlio ofSco of
rresldrnt In tho light of a duty Imposed upon
In. 11. Tho duties of the office of President an-of
the most solemn, Imperious, uud prcslni; eli.ir-
fhcler. Tliev Involve tlio well-boim.' of forly mil
11. -lis of llilelllk-ciit and free puoplc, and ,1 statcs
inau who fulls sliort of conceit Inv the hlisli poi
thm, or the duties which bo assumes, ouu'lit md
to bo rcCloitcd to tho Presidency. .Now. .you
uny say tliat tills is censorious nnd exnctltik'.
Hut 's not the L'ovornment of a free people 11
matter of sulllcleiit luiirtani'0 to reipiire the
fiilthful nnd earnest labor of even a treat maul
1 ti Ink of the Immense Interests e.uiiocted with
the .National (iowrmuent, nml ask yourvelves if
It is possible that any man, however industrious
h tst'icr earnest, and however faitliful. could
Dud time to triitel. to lilt from one ml of ths
c ill lii.-n 1 1. t ii 0 other.nbiindonincbls lacetoi,-o
I" Hie -e.uhore, and sjiehd inoiitlis there, foik'et
t'lic. it leurt iiiinri'Utly, and not allcudltu; to
the duties of his n acer
Xnw wo have pre-enleil on tho otlie r band -M"
es, tho L'ciillemeu who int't ill tun i11I1.it t
- Horace (ireeley. Is there a man In this couii
lryho Is n better model of patient, unfidier
Ini!. iiiill.ii-lni: Industry V Is there n man In tlilt
rountry who tins exlilldtod hlKher ovldcnce of
t-aiiacltv'f I say iintbliiu about the Jests and
nilrlh at Ids oxH!tie, for I propose to speak to
ion Kcrlously. In tills coiiulry our present
teachers am tlio newspapers. Thcro i, and
there has been for twenty years past, ns much
talent connected with the newspaper pres n
with any other pursuit. Think of the labor,
l.deut, and luaruiiit- tli.it prci-s demand
nnd exhibits. Vim icuaid the profession
of tho law J one re'pilrln' a Idk'li
order of ability, and if a man attain the
holiest place at the bar, you coticedo to hlin
Cieainnss. Hut It seems to me eipially lust to
tay that n limn who commenced thlrt) iars
kirn, has been clIKiu-eil In all the controvui ,ies,
pollibnl and social, that have aitltutei1 tlio oo
Plo lu the Ust thirty years, and who to-day is
the ackiinnled ;ed hend of tin) newspaper pros
f nf tlie - uti y . luis won n llitlit to bo character.
I Ired as one of Its nblest nnd most lntollcctu.il
I litlxpim. u not that fair ressonlniT' fele, t
. your loe.il -1 u..i,,uii. (eiiiiio lilm, in a pcil"d
of ten ,,r IWMity years, to win the plai 0 that
; Horace i.re. ini bis won, nnd who would he
equal to Itr The iiiotnent you think or tin
; aniu.'lu mi will inriehe somctliluu of lis
111 igidtudis. Vou will afireo with inn tliat uothliii:
. but Iho ni'Ht euiliicnt e.ii.u lty uud llidefutlirable
liiduatrv would enable a in.' to win that tol
tlon. Ill-Inii'iirlty Is uuiUestlouable, nnd lie is
uiiclih, Mvideulof an A nun ban stati'sunm
Is Abiu'iaui bin, iln-simple, plain, ounicj-t, hon
est, Industrious, imlrlotle, and true. LApphi'isn.J
Ill my Juilumcnt, lloraco (ireeley Is one of (be
liest typos nl an Aliierlc.iu -beiilniilnii III" pi ,,r
ttruv.'biij oh Without help. Industrious, putii 1,1.
I Mini hoin-.t has lolb-il and won tlie !... hi
liow 01 1 uples, and Is lueseiited foi tin- buhci
i nfll. 1 In tf Llft ,,f the American people. 1 f ti
bad a son tu-d.iy. and you denned to m i" t lot
I him .111 oxiuiipli', if ion nuie uoiui: to po.ul out
I t'.i.im.i man tn pillow whoso nourso wuiild
J nn ii-n sin 1 ess. Is tlieie olio whom )ou could
h bolter s. ii-, t i,d miy to jour son, " 1 olluw lli.it
fa mini - enup. nf Ind,i,tiy, teinperaiii-e, caiu-
i-ciie --..11111 iii liisir) r" I think joil would be
I' lili in tine . ,.ii .on should follow Ids maiu
j'le, i viu Ii lu. failed in 11,1111 a place as bL'li ic-
' Ji ' n ' lloi ice dru-lcy, this will bo the
' (-ii ..I. Mill a it yo ir dctei 111111 1
' 11 1 in, -ii 1. iiiui of the ritil ohm
1 ' ' 1.1 V i will ns-urt jour iiroier
1 It I 'ii 'I 11 dill ili.il LMnernmeiit
f r r t ' I ' i' eriimelit oil will in
sin urimri u Unit liercatter the l'ltjidcnl
shall bo n msslstrato with strict, well-defined
powers, and not a ruler, u Is tho presont opin
ion. You will do another thlnir, Vou will as
sert that tho man nho Is elected President once,
shall not, except In extreme cases, bo permitted
to employ nil the powers of Ids office to mnko
lilmsi If President nualu.
oiiant ASU oiiEi.t.EV As iir.rt'nt.irASA.
Wo also propose that there shnll be more ricld
oconomy In tlio collection nnd dlsburseinen; of
tlio public inonejs, I believe tlie Itoiiubllcjin
party Is Just as honest n one ns etcr lived n
lilnue. but nt the 11111111 tlmo, 1 believe It Is to
day morn selfishly nnd servilely led than uny
party that eter lived. Ijnmliter nnd applause. J
Take this example At the Cincinnati Conven
tion Iho Liberals nominated lloraco (Ireeley for
tlm I'resldeiii y. Tho ofllceholders' Convention
will nnmliiato I'. H. (irant. Now, jmlKliur of
these men by llctnilitli an standards, which Is
1 110 Lost Kcpiililh an ) When did (irant net to
be n Hcpiihpcan 1 I am now talklm: about (Ien.
(irant, tlio politician tie was converted to lie-pllblleanl-m
win 11 the Kcpubllcan Colivoution
of I"m Informed lorn that be wns nomlnuted for
tho Presidency. 'I hat was the llulit which ho
saw. tic li.ul d .lie tm Ih-publh an net before
Hint time, lb- h id in v r b. en an anll--livcry
mini imr nn Ahnliilotii-i. and had been a Ileum
i rut up to the time of bi noinlnatb'n. licit
tlu-se llcpiibllenns that, vvlien these youim iren
tlotneti were In their nurses' arms, Horace (iree
ley was lint! Ilim ni.'ninst slavery with nil tho
eticrvy of ids siintiir. viirorous mind, cdiicntltnr
tho coiiulry Into Im-diUty to It, ami struwillmf
eariieslly arid manfully ncalnst nil odds. Vet,
forsnoih. they have Just dlM-overcd that he Is no
Tins llcpnhllrnn nnrtv, hone-t and pure as It
Is, Is led b these false, superficial teachers, who
denounce the tern her of Itcpiibllcaiilsm and
take up and support. on the Issiienf lteptihllcan
Istn, this latter day snlnl, I'. S. (irant. Ivuith
ter.l I do n it s:i) (ien. (Irani Is dlslionest, nor
do I bctlcvo ho Is, but 1 believe his education Is
not favorable for compclllni! oilier men tu bo
honest. lApplauso .Not Intur before lloraco
(Ireeley c.uiic out of tho wilds of Is'ovt Ham
shire, un humble printer's boy. (Ien. Grunt wns
born In Ohio, '.Im-of them, with nothliiit In tho
world but a BtrohK will, n cool bond, nnd an
honest heart, lias, by the force of his own ener
cy, neoujp d n position of which, whether tin
Is 111 life President or not, no hum ncod bo
Our reeular friends do not say that Orcclcy Is
dishonest. Indeed, the) say lie Is too honest to
bo Prciddcnt. They say ho Is soft. Thevhnvo
nn Idea that a man must luivo a llltto Infusion
of dishonesty to make him fit for the Presi.
deney. (I,nuzhtrr They have an Iden that
Presidential metal must ho treated somewhat
like silver. If you mean to convert It Into pinto
It Is too soft, nod you must put In n Utile base
metal to harden It. Si they Insist that (ireeloy
Is so honest that lie reoulres n little Infusion of
rnsrnllty to lit lilm for (lie Presidency. For tho
llrst time In our history wo have tuado a mistake
in taklnif 11 man who Is too honest. Ten years
after (lrecley" blttli. (ien. (Irani wns born In
the State of Ohio, and. In the course of time,
sunn- f""d friend Rot him n place In the national
Institution nt West Point, and he wns educated
nt the expense of the country. .Vow. supposing
that (Irant .md Orcclcy had bad tho same oppor
tunities lu life, and hud vvoiked out their own
nihiilloii.wh.it do pin think would have been
their relative positions to-day?
1 think wo shall elect Greeley. I know that
our roi-ulnr brethren at first rcelvcd hl noirl
nation with n rcu-ul.ir culaw. but I have seen,
since then, that the l.nicli Is on the other side of
the 111 - hi t Ii. In tlie llrst place, the) suppose Hint
there nio no Iteiiulillcaiis III tlio country to sup.
xiit lilm. They know notbluirof tho stuff 1 hut
these nld-feshloiied HVI liepubtlcans are mnde
of. They do not seem to titiacrstntid these men,
wlm c niinenccd wnr upon slnver) when It wns
Mipporicd by a strain; part), and Imbedded In
1 he 1 re Indices of Iho whole people. Thei-o men
will Piilit in any b.nile win rc tiieireonvic.i.'iis
are Invo'v, d. And, mole ilisn that, tbe know
tioiinnii ubi'iu t ie iii.itirliil tliat this Democratic
part) It compo ed of. ri.mie of in Kood rectilar
!rl oils sa , " You 1 unr ee, t Horace Orel ley
wlllinilt the help "f me l)emocrnts.' 1 do lint
1 x:ct to. And If den. (Irant does not iret some
Deiio t'i.its. Ilorneedri eloy will take Ids plneeln
Ibe W bite House 1 11 the lib day of next March
I Applause.) These rcenlar trenllctuen. who havo
been fbiliMn. the Democr.its so often, are now
npnealliu; to them to iniike an Indepcndi nt 110111
iiiation at Italiiiimrc. There Is my friend
.Mosser, wlio piitill-hi's "the best family paper In
the country, he loves llnu Voorhees nnd nil
I hose patriotic fellows who will not vote for
(ireeley. They sny Han Voorhees cannot vote
for bun. for has bo nut utilised tho Democrats
'Ihey my. Can )ou Democrats vote for n man
who has nbnsed )oil so much? And If V oil
should do It. these regulars would lose their
faith in human nature forever.
Why. the Democrats nre coltitf to vote for Hor
ace (in 1 ley. I do not believe ho will lose live
li sjinl In Illinois. Tlio-o who support lilm
III d It upon perfectly rational principles, and
the) will not vote for (ien. (Irani. I am In favor
r lettlnc the Democrats run the imu limo their
own w.i), f .r 1 kii'.w where It mutt run. Hut
tho Itepublh ans who arc supporting Horace
(Ireeley Intel d to vote for lilm whel lier Diiiio-
ints or ltepubliciius do or do imt. Vou snj to
us : " if they nondiinle a Democrat at Ikiltlniore.
jo 1 will vote for (,1-aiit, will you not . r Ifvou
do lid, vou w ill defeat the Itcpubllcaii I'artv ."
I say. "If they li'Mliln.itc a Demo, rat nt Balti
more, had not )ou better vulo for (ireeley, so as
I" keep a Deuioiiat from bclnc elected r" Is
not that the best v-.iv to do It' Certain
Iv It is. Vou will vote for s. Ilrsi-cl:is
Kei uhlh-an. nnd If the Diinocrats nominate n
, in didatc 1 is Ii 11 1 1 blow the ti umpct and summon
.11 of my leciil.ir brethren to come up to the
belli of Ib piildii anlsin. At tho best, however.
.-. v. iv -in ill number of Democratic votes will be
irlviii for tlio nomination made at lljltliuoro.
N'ow Ironie to onoiiirstbin nbout which there
1- some difference. If elect (ien. Unint,
1 ou retain lu po" er men w ho, like Morton, Insist
that tiiei els still a fUht between tho bo)s In
hlie nnd the bo)s In crnyjthe class who arc
a I wiivs nppenlliu; to liulillc prejudices, always
eiiiter that there shall be some croiiudi. of bitter
strife lu Ibe coiintrv. thai they may have the
iioiu'fit of tlie popular 1 iy ; but If you elect
Ilnnu-o (Jrc le )ou recollect the admirable
laliu'ii.iee of bis letter-the ieople will shake
ti.ind- vi r lids pel iod of blooil, and we shall tie
bn-tliieu Hindu. What American Is there who
dots not ib-nlro to see It, w lo ll we shnll lie one
people auiiln Applause Vou may talk utioiit
the 11 hellion nnd n count Its horrors. No man
1 an cx-i-ireratc them, tbitwliat h-ivo wo been
stru'irlnu; for i Wo have not been struiritlltu; to
lay the foundation of prejudices that will
Inst forever, but to lirlinr back peneo to the
eoiintr), nnd teCrtablish tho bruthcrbood of
t li I crent Aii.erlcan people? If vou eloct
Horn, e itifi lev 5011 will throw out to tlio brco.e
the blessed white Uuu of pein e all over the Uepuli
ln , nnd it w ill n strong, hrcaii.-c It will lie united.
Ai'pliUMi'. Now I subiidt to )oii, and even t
those wlio uro most emuost In tho support of
titti (irant, do not you recollect that (leu. Uraiit
-a. d, " Lit 11-have pc n u ?" That wns asentl
ine'it which, bad it been clothed ill acts, would
havn been most ndiulr.it . Horace (ireeley Is
humane, his life is a peaceful one, and Ids let
teis and Ids ui linns nil liulicste Iho determina
tion t" ic store, frntf-rnlty and klndnoss throiiah.
out tho lie public. Hut sumo of jou say be Is
aolnu' to rcconUii tlie rcliels iu--aln as American
elevens, llx.ictly, I tun not ono of those wlio
shrink from the conseipicnccs of any doctrine
ihat I cntertnin. lam lor s.iylnc to every iniin
within tlio whole lenstll of this Itenubllc, "Come
back, wo have put down tho rutielllon, and ever)
offriico Hindi be forirottcn upon the slnubi condl
11011 ihat vou shnll sin no more." That Is the
c nly i-oudltbiii, Applause
Ml MUI1E ntrrUlM.Sd NOIl KATE.
I think I have as much reason for hatlnc them nn
toy ono, if hute was rntloiisl, but hate lit ver was
ration. d, hute never w.is st itesmanllke, bate
.dwa)s decraded and never elevated any people
I say If there were reasons for hatlnir theso men.
I have n inany lis anvbi d) else. Knun the ver)
llrst until Iho last day of the war I was lu the
field, separated from all Hint I loved, lust ns
otiier men were. In the sprlni: of 1n;1 I went
Into the field with one of the llrst three )ears
regiments raised from this State 011 the lit Ii
day of May, lsill. 1 remained lu the service of
the country, sepa atcd fioui homo, until tho 1st
day nf N'ptember, InIiI. 1 went over tlio home
of my childhood desolated by war, I saw my
kindled in tho South, nnd my kindred In tin
North find down In battle, sometimes on oppo
site sides in tho same llfhl. I saw, too, Ken
tucky roelments em!.ur"d In tho strii'jule,
olio III tlio leliel niuiy, ami one local. In
01111 reelment tliero wile relatives, and also in
the oilier. I iMuraued in stiuuvlcs with men
who fouulit their own lircthrcis In that Croat
strife. 1 havo ns tunny reasons, therefore, for
bitterness, as iiii)body, and )ct how foolish bit
toilless I. Hllleineiw, like niallco. Inluros him
who is lilt ter far more than tho object of It. 1
contributed my small mite of service to re
1 sluhli-h peace, not for tho privilege of hatlnu,
but for brliiulUK llicui Inn k Into tlio fold of the
I lovi'imni 111 tliat 1 was seeli'tm to maintain, for
ilii'in as well ns myself Iapplaiiso.n(iovernmaut
that cannot ho iniilhtiilni'd forever by forco.
I dcslie to be Just, because I hope for Jnstlro.
and I desire to ptve them the benefit of free
tuvvs, beciuse 1 hope, for tlm bcnellt of free laws
to be ul 1 en to me. It Is ea-y onnmth fur us now,
while vie have the Ailiulni-tration In our favor,
to hold tin se Southern ineii under military law
Hut the precedents we establish nitty somo tlmo
be used nir ilust us. Some man or somo party
may couio into power, and imiy desire to ruipln)
these sumo despotic am Holes ncalnst jou and me
And If thov coino.wliat answer can wo elver
'I li:il Is tlie history of tho downfall of lepublics.
We shnll havo pence nnd unity uud lou, If
I I "in, u liruoloy Is elected.
They say Hint tee want t" pardon nil Hie
ri-lielp ; I do, licause I am a lleimlilican. 1 ho
ln w that every mull otinht to be cipi il bcfoii'
: he bnv, unless he lias been convicted of crime
b) some 1 inirt. Theysay, " Do you want to sec
icir. Hails li.icl In iho llnlted States Senator'
No. 'J li.it is Just the same old conundrum Hint
our In 11101 i-ilie fi if mis ut . il to kivo us, when
they suld, " Do vou w.uit jour daughter to marry
n nliwery" I Uiuuhtcr.) No. " Do ymi want to
ee .li'tf. D ivls hack In tlio I'nlted Stafes hen-ate-"
No: lull 1 want to apply the republican
doctrine of the ciiu.ility of all men befnie the
..tiv lfuin.iiiisbl.uk, I want to foiulve him
1 I r If a in 111 1 l uiityof uiioiili .il if
Ifiicu. 1 1 1 1 1 . s . hr ha been I'onvp ted by a i-oiirt
I v nt hi hall be cpial liiiforn the law I do
not w ant to cultivate theso endless hntes. I do
II t LcliciU that bi-iuuao tlm fallmrs alsuur
irrnpos, the rhlldron's toelti shall always bo on
edno. ILaiiKhter and npplnnso.l Wo are now
entering upon nn cm of ixood fcellru:.
As for you Ketittcmcn of tho Democratlo par
ty, you will hnvo to voto for (Ireeley, and I will
toll you why. A vob-o "Wo will lint dolt."
Vou will not? 'I hen voto for (Irant. "No.no,
no." The peculiarity nf this (ireeley ornnnUn
tlotilsthls. Wedo not claim the rlitht to bind
nnybody. Our men went to Cincinnati bocnusu
they wanted to. Somo of them wanted to mako
Presidents, and sonic of thcin wanted to bo
Presidents. They nominated (Ireeley. Tho
Contention whhhmctnt SprlnKftchl the other
dn) I'lalms the rluht to iiitnroionround n man's)
neck. Tlio reuulnrs denoiitiee any man who
does not voto their ticket. The support of
(ireeley Is n free Ihlni.'. If any Demnrnit wants)
tovoto for (Irani It Is his business, not mine.
A voice -"Wo will.' Vou will? Hood for
)oii. I mil Kind tlm tlmo has cotno when
a Democrat cm say he will cu for (Irant. I
nm ilad the time has coin" when tho people
are benlnnlnir 10 sn they will irons Ihey
please. If I could see lids dc-poilsm of pnrty
overthrown. If I could see nil tlie Democrats voto
for (irant or (Ireeley, I should believe that tho
bbiodv iierlnd of the past was fortrotten. Tulk
about the Dcinocrath paityl My 1:0ml friend",
did yon ever hear of tlie person who, w hen tho
doctor said, " Ymtr Constitution Is all cone," re
plied, "Constitutional! cone 'i- I know that, nnd
1 havo been llvlnir on tho bydnws for years."
Vou hnvo been livliitr on tho by-laws latiKhlerj,
nnd my rcijiilar lleiuibllcnn friends, you nro lly
IliK on even less than tliat )oti are llvlnsslmjily
to mnko 0110 ninti President. I Latin-liter. .1 011
know you cannot nomlniito nnvbodv but (Irant.
Vou know tho officeholders will not let anybody
but lilm bo nominated, nml you know If ho wero
not nominated, tho Ilepiiblicnti parly would dis
solve. Why? Ilceiiiiso tlm mission nftho lte
ptibllcnu party Is accomplished, and they keep It
allvo to make offices for themselves. It wits too
crnnd. too noble for Hint. It was orirnnlzcd to
defend human liberty, to put down secession,
unit to establish the cuunllty uf nil men. It has
done Its Cionoiis work, and It Is n shame to use
It ns n litem peddler's c.irt, simply In peddle out
offices, and hnvo It commanded by tldc-watcr
Tho supporters of Mr Oreeley propose to or
cuhlze 11 now patty, Just lu this sense. They pro
pose to Invite ever) body to voto fur (ireeley who
will; wo shnll not rcjert an)body,wliltoorblnck,
without rejrnrd to color or previous condition of
servitude Haiiffhtcrl -come one. cotno all. Wo
sn t 1 tho Ilcfc-ulnr ltepiihllcans, shake off the
shackles, and como and voto for tho earliest and
best Itcpubllcaii. We say to tlm Democrats, you
have been flrjlitlnif n battle In which jou have no
heart. Tho battlo Is settled, and wo propose to
bury all the past como and voto for (Ireeley.
Wo propose to snv to the colored men lit was
(Ireeley, who wbcn.tbcse men were still thornlit
less and careless, was teachlmt hostility to
slavery. We Propose to sny to them, tho tlmo
has not been loiur pnst when tho possession of a
copy of the New ork Tiil'Uiic nt the South was
dentil to the possessor. This man was lenclilui;
freedom when his life would hav" been In dan
cer IT ho crossed the line which separated tho
slate and the free States. Cninc and tote for
Then you sny tons. "Are ytu itoitur to voto for
Demoirnlsj" No. Wo nre uolntf to voto for
(ireeley men. 1 1 jiicbtcr. If a candidate pre
sent blniself, tlie llrst question we will ask 111 111
Is. "My dear fellow, nn' jou honest " nnd It
wilt not bo cnoueli for lilm to say yes, for wo
shnll want to know Hint all bl viielk-hbors and
Irlrnds think him honnst. because Hits Is tho
bc.lniiliik' of a new order of things,
Honesty Is to be a reeominendalloii In the new
party. oii must undeistand (hat ireiilleiueii
Im want otllcu ln Hits now party, lion, sty will
1 c reenrded as souiethliiL of n rccomiueiidntli n
ll.iiinlitf r mid applause nnd tin 11 we -hull de
sh. to know wl.i t'icr V"ii iik-roe with ns In re
pi - 'toin!1 o.d ;i"itl -s nod whether vou ii rrce
with ls 1lioll tin' l-elles Unit life 11, , -elitf d bv
the Cliieiiiiiati plnifoiiii. and by Grcelcv's let
ter. That Is a inlwhty po,,d Icttir. L"ouure
ruiht nliout that.' We shnll tin n wlsli
lokuovv vt hat tire vourtlews In reirardlo these
new questions, nnd whether Jou are propar
tint yourself to meet them. If you nre, wo
shall take you Into this new party, nnd then we
want to hear Just as lit I In about what )ou have
been heretofore us possible. (I-iiushtir. If) "ii
liavo uny deslie to tell us Hist sixteen years two
toil were nt the lint Kcpubllcan Contention,
like Dr. Jones, I sny: " It Is very liitcrostliu;, my
dear sir; )oii nnd 1 will tnlk It over; hut, lu this
new oru-niilZiith.ii. thnl does not make us nny
better than nnybody else." We shall say to
those llepiibllcaus who eamo Into the pnrty ns
(ien. (irant did, who 1 limbed over the wall, or
vvelo born out of senon ! "Come, nnd we will
like you in. nnd nk no questions." As for our
Democratic friends, wo shall say: "Come: we
shnll not nsk where you enme from or how you
pot here, but come. I.nui:litcr.1 This Is a new
orirani.itloii. for tlio old purposes of honesty
and irooit (internment, nnd we vvnnt tlio help of
every mini we cm cot. The-e regulars say we
will need It, nml 1 am Inclined to Hilnk we shall.
l all events, we shall have Just enouitli, nnd
Just oliolikii Is as coud as a feast.
The Two ItiibeHiin Itepurts.
ft the .Vi'ioii.
Tlio itiiijorlty ifpnit ol Hip cmninittt'onii
the llnln son oa-'e U wiltten In the same stronu'l)'
Isirtls. in spirit as that of the committee niit'ie
sale of I'mu h urms, and Indeed in spirit ns well
as laincunm' nunts Hie term "wliitewnslilin.'."
The two prim it. id i hurfes ncalnst the S01 retnry
vvcietbat be 111 ide, without ndvertlseineiit, nn
tlleiral eontrnet vvith ono Itonfh to lake tlio old
eiik'ines nnd boilers out of tho steamer Tennes
see, and imt In new ones at 1111 exorbitant prbe.
The defeiii e wlilch the majority make Is, that
the usual advertisement for bids was dispensed
vvltli be. ausetho new enclnes to be put in were
"f the peculiar kind called " comii' 11ml i-iulnes."
the construction of which nobody In this coun
try hut Ito.nii understood; Hint the prbe
pnld Is admitted by nil experts to be sinull,
tho sum ullovvcd for tho old cuulnes
nnd boilers lar.-e, nnd the bsrtf.iln nn the
w hole an excellent one. To which the minority
(Messrs. Hlslr nnd Archer) reply. Hint whether
the barcaln was cimhI or bad Is not the prlnclp.il
question; It was certainly llli-eal to awnrd such
a contract privately to it. inch, nnd It wns con
trary to tlio practice nf tlio department. If he
Is tho only mnii in the country competent t"
construct the-e eiurlncs, Im would have obtnlni d
the , -null net uf tor lid vert Imnncut ns well ns with
out It, If he Is not the only mini, advertisement
would hnvo produced the others, and have plvcn
tho (internment tlio bcnellt of their compel I
lion. That lloiu li paid 11 1; 1 prh e for the old
etiulncs nnd hollers is nlso nothing to thepur-po-e.
The Secretary has no IckoI right to barter
away old bolleis uud engines Hint put lu new
ones on his mill motion. If ho mny do this for
one steamer, he may do It for the whole navy.
On the Secor claim, the majoilty say the claim
wus 11 good and honest one, which had been re
peatedly examined, and that the question
whether It was burred by tlio words uf the
statute under which the 11.VN was pald
' wld' h shnll lie In full dlscliurge of nil claims
against tlie t'nitcd States on account of the
vesMcis upon which the Hoard made their ulhiw
nnce," ,o., Is one 011 which lawyers may differ,
'fids ire iitisf cull nn nshmiuKiit nsntfioii. 1J
iiufris con di."'- ns tu Hit iiir inlmj 0 skci a
phrase, lanmumt rnmiof nf intcfi net tn tnu-ytrt.
Hie Senate Committee on Naval Affairs do
cl.iicd lu their report of May, Hiu : " that In law
such n receipt In receipt for payment made
under tho statute Is a complete bai tu nil fur
ther recourse, cannot ho denied." Tho fact is, u
tlio mluorty report shows, niidns tho majority do
not deny, I hut there was at least very considerable
doubt, nut as to tlm Justice uf tho Secor claim,
but as to tlio Secretary's power to pay It; that
In order to pay It lie bad not only 10 construe
tho statute for himself ngalnst the plain and or
dinary sense of the words, but to disregard the
usngn of the Department, which forbids thu re
opening of accounts closed by a previous ad
ministration, uud In uso, contrary toliiw, mono)
voted for tho ordinary niivnl expense of the
yenr to pay nn old claim. Moreover, ho did this
when the Appmprlntlmi Cominltteo was sittlni',
and when, on application to them, the claim. It
proper, might lime boon regularly provided for
by Coiigiess, This Is the plain truth of tho mat
tiii: i.oxu isi..txh T.i.vjr.txv,
lluvv Iho Newtown Justices were Helling
Itleh And how Ihey Connived lu Keep
themselves In Office.
For PL'vt'ttil yeiirs il tin licon known (Imt
tho most outrageous corruption existed In New
town official circles, which was winked nt by
tlioso In authority. When the reform wnr was
waged against Tamiminy, tho infection spread
to Nowtown. A Cominltteo nf Koventy-nno wns
unpointed, nnd Instead of going to the courts
Iheybcgniitlielr invest Igatlons before tlm Super
visors. At tills Hum tlm Justices and constables
bad presented their bills for ls;, uiiiouutliig In
llin nggregnto to fl.loo, Tills was seveial thou
sand dollars more than thu entire bills of the
other six towns. A portion of this . 'inn unt un
payable, by Long Island City. Tlie U1.01SSI11C11IS
lu tho city wero ten per cent., amounting to
net 1111I conllscutlon.
llefore the Supervisors It was nssertod that
Justices McKenn.i, lltirke, lb l iliantv, mid Mad
leu hud collected enormous lines ami mnde 11..
returns to tho CnuntyTicasuri r. It wns inougln
that tliey Intended to deliKUd Ihe count) v lieu
thrydld not lllo records of conviction. Again
It was charged Hint they had niiiile excessive
charges In their bills, uud put clues 011 them
which never hud 1111 uxUtcnco, The (Ituiid
Jury indicted these Justices fur malfeasance
nnd corruption in office,
At the election, 11 mouth later, tho Itcformers
were vbtorlous, although the Itlug m.idn 11
desperate, light. The Justb os iccein d tho bid
lots, and the Ibfiimeis with deterred from
voting and assiult -d In tho presence of tho
Jilstb o, wlio icin nil to tntcriere, Mullein. 1n
eumo so ilospeintn Unit Culled States marshals
nnd policemen had to take chnrge. One of the
llefnriiieru, Mr. Wnrieti, was nssaulied liy Simon
I lability, win) Is out on ball under an Indict
ment for In. out to Mil. lie Is to bo tried with
Tliero nro twelve liidli'tuientH i.'"lnst tin
Jutites, mid if convictions insult from hnlf of
ihiiiu tho rest of tliulr lives will bo pood 111 the
icrv I if tlie Suite.
The priieoedin -h )cslcrdny were on motions to
(ilisli tho hull' uncut-. Imt (lie lb fnrmers were
victorious. It is expected that McKcunn will Im
put 1111 trl il to-day. (inn. Crook mid Mr. Covert
for Ihe Justices, nml District Attorney Downing
uud John 11. Aiilliou fur thu Ucforiucis.
iuiti:s AsuTiiun vav.
Dr. I.nnsilmn'e CTinnies I'ullr Hastnlned -A
Fruitless Allempt 10 Kush Turauiih the
liiTi'sjilcnllns Ciiinnilllce'p Hnport trllhout
Dlsciislon-Dr. Liinslmn's Hluiiat Vlrlnry.
llisliop Kosfcr linvltiK invsliUsi on Wed- '
nesdny, llisliop Wiley, U10 next In order of elec
tion, occupied tho clmlr yosicrtlny.
Dr. Matlock of Now Orleans presented a
memorial from tho Church In Louisiana, setting
forth that great excitement lind been caused
aiming the colored brethren of that section by
tho failure of thu rtcncr.d Confcrcnco to elect a
bishop of African descent, Ono church of 2H0
members had seceded from tho denomination.
Unless serious consideration was given to tho
paper, Dr. Mattock fenred Hint ho would not bo
able to prevent grave difficulties. During Hie
pnst few years over lfW.OOO members of African
descent lind Joined tlio M. 11. Church, bcllcvlmi
that ecclesiastical equality would bo necorded
thcni. Thcro wero millions of colored pooplo In
tho United States, tho majority of thcni friendly
to Methodism, and only wnltlng to sco ono of
their race elevated to tho highest offico In tlio
llrother Lakln of Alabama said tic had rc
eclved advices of similar uncoslnoM iiiaong tho
colored poopto of his section.
Dr. Currv of New York said this wns an Im
portant quostton, to ho met very calmly and de
liberately. Ito moved that It bo referred to a
special cnmmittco of iitno.
A coLoiiED niitoi ron coi.onr.n mem.
llrother Mtilr (colored) ot Lexington made an
earnest nnd Impassioned appeal to thcConfcrcnco
t send n man of African descent to prcsldo over
the four millions nf colored people. They did
not nsk that a colored mnn shall preside over
Conferences In Now York, Philadelphia, or Hus
ton. " Vou nro called In the South," ho snld,
"blicknhnlltlonlsU. I don't caro what your prin
ciples are, how grand your families nre, how
royally you havo been rnlsed, four million of
colored people are looking and waiting for you
to elect a colored bishop."
The Hev. James Lvtich, Secrctnrv of Stnto of
Mississippi, arose. Lvncli Is n llght-cumplcx-bitied
mulatto, witli pleasant. Intelligent fea
tures, and of medium height. Ills vulco was
clear, his delivery forcible, nnd the cloquenco of
Ids language has not been surpassed this session
on the (ieneral Conference Hour. Ho jirotestod
ngalnst the nnlmiis and the mnnner of tho de
mand made upon the Moor of Unit Conference
by some colored brethren. Tlio colored ele
ment nf tho M. R Church wns mil properly re
resented In the nnlmtis of that demand, and
the manner tn which It had been made.
lie looked forvvanl to tho time when color
would bo forgotten. Ho desired the colored
men tn hold tlm same relations to tho M. K.
Church as the lilsh do and tho Hermans do, or
nny other rnco. Ho asked nn particular licnellt,
110 part Iciilar nil vantage, no particular s) input by.
The colored men would not brand tlio Itcpulill
1 nn imrty as faithless to the liumnn nice liecauso
it did not elect n colored President npplnusol,
nor the M. li. Church for falling to elc t a col
ored hlshnp. The colored man Is not discrim
inated against In Tim M. 1. Church. Ill cry ono
of j our seminaries, everyone of jour colleges,
Is npt-n tn us.
I lie development of the South depends upon
l-l I- I Ml', - if. 1'1-nt peun-llop,. ,1 . ilo ,- vrlli tin
the future home of thecolnred 111 ill In I tils great
oniiutry. 1 Imld that the colored mall is us vveli
endowed Intellectually ns nny race on the globe,
Provldenre Is clearing tho track, nnd wo wilt
stand some dny w here the proudest stnr.d to.
ilny. 1 hope tho Genera' Conference will not bo
lulliicnccil by tho disconnected, excited, uipro
meiliiatid cxrress'ntis of opinion to will h wo
bnve ll-toneil, and will mako no discrimination
011 -u-couut of cnlor.
'I lie subject wns referred to J. Lynch nnd Mack
lid . M.-si-slppI; N. F.. Cohleigh, llolstoii; Win.
Hunter, Pittsburgh! lion. Iliown, Wiislilukti,i;
T. Tusker. Philadelphia ; J. Corwln, Ohio; N.ll.
Taylor. Islington; 1'. II. Hoot, Genesee; and U
C. Matlock, Louisiana.
Tor the editorship of the (V iifrul Cfii Wtin .Id.
ror.ilc lleiij. St. James Fry and Hubert Allyn
wero nomliiiitcd. The bnlb.t resulted; Whola
liumlH'r of votes cast, ; necessary to a choice.
ls ; Fry received and wus declared elei ted.
D. 1). Iajvo was elected editor of tho Xoitlum
t'lirirtltin .liciHiifr.
For tlio editorship of the I'ffrsMirnh f7irfHm
.lilisicic, S. 11. Nesbltt nnd Win. Hunter worn
nominated. Dr. Hunter received IHll out of U0.1
voles cust, nnd wus elected.
II. C. llenson was unanimously elected editor
of tin- Cill.innil.i .lilfottift, nod Dr. Diiloii uf the
I'lirlSY .Idt-iHvic.
For the editorship nf the .f.tnM A Irntote, li
Q. Fuller, N. U. Cobtelgh. 1). Stevenson (Ken
tuekyi.lJIsha P. Plielps.and A.C. McDonald wero
nominated. Tho llrst ballot resulted as follows:
WhoUw.uint.fr vf votrs K.O. Fuller 8J
c-l . . ars A. i .Mi tioDiM 10
N'ci.s sri loscholii- lsi I), stevensun a
N. h. lublcmri 1( b. P. I help. It
On the second ballot N. P.. Coblelgh ol llolstoii
received St; out of ITTJ votes cast, mid was de
1 Isicd lected.
Hi other Baldwin nf Ilaltlmore culled attention
to the ballot (muni In llrother Wnrliiic's hair, by
which Dr. MeCauli'v's elcctloli to the editorshlii
of the Li. dies' Dijsudfni" had been defeated.
Itefcrred tu a speclul coiumlttee.
Mr. Homier of St. Utus presented the report
of the special committee unpointed to Ini.-sil.
ate tlie frauds and Irregularities In th" Metho
oist liooktofirrrn. Tnc-trrrrros.- artif.ttr.r ir.t.
.riven while Judge Cooley rend tho report, ot
which the billowing Is on abstract :
Tho cominltteo say that they hnvo made ns
thorough nnd searching an liiresligiitiun us the
limited time allowed would permit.
The follow Ins course of uctlonlwas resolved
Artor tti proefi snd etp'nnvtlnns arc nil nlmHtst
tin c. Mi'iiittn rlmil slum-, m ltli closed doors rruec.a
111 11 rili r to lou.l.kT (ud vote on tlie f dloirln
t jve frsuilsbi'cn irsituril In Itienrlntlne.tiliidi'ry.
tir sny uilisr ui-psruuciit h) wi.u-h ilie Honk 1 iili -rn
liss sti-tnliit it loss) if so. l- nli .111' Hun niut.li hi.s
was siikiuu-rd? At ntut limn ur ttmcswerc kal.l frsub
2. IUtc tlicre bi-f n ny Irregulsrltles In the m.innuc
mcnt of the business uf il.e t oncerii tiv nlitcti loites
hsve been or niifiiii tisvr In rn uMstniU?
9. Hsve losses, if any, bren of such insgnlttnle si to
rmlaiik'i'r the iinuta isl stri-iigth of the Cuiicirn, er tu
lliaterlnll) Impair Its capllsl .'
I. v rn- tlie iiiulius tncihiiilsnf the depart incnts such
ss tosrfnrit n;iriorluiiitlra for fraud suit pi'culail us hy
rsit'oriltnsti s 1 And Is It resfnuatite to prest.m ilui
mch Irsinlj ior peculations!, If cniiiinltti d, cuiihl line
tit-en pri vi utcil tiy the inf'iriciut-ut uf inure thurouk'li
and liuiluesK'tlWe ineihiiits
5. Are thorp resiioiia'ile grouniisto presums ttiat any
Agent er Assittam Agi nt la, ur lus been laipllisifilur
Inti rritcl tu sny frauds that may hate tiei n prucilicil
un t tic Concern?
r. Are the present tncthoili of srrounta and modes
nf ruuitncting the buslm a audi ua lu intiire rc iann,lic
and oiilluary prutcclluu nt-iliM lrsuils and IrnguUrl
11' ?
la tt.e report nf tho Agents to thla (Ieneral Confer
ences fair exhibit of thuussita sud llablllllea of the
The moro resdlly and thoroughly to Investigate
tho several matters teferred to them tlio ma
jority mid minority reports of the Hook Commit
tee and the tostlinuny therein refeirod tu, tho
statements nnd exhibit of Drs. Cur, ton and
Lamihan, with the reports of the several au
countniits tho following suli-cuinnilttccB were
appointed 1
Gov. Fvnns, Colorndo; Surveyur.Ooucr.il llen
dle, Iowa; and the Hev. J. II. Ljulgg, Wilmington,
on tlio majority uud minority n porta of the
Hook t'omnilltt'c.
John (Iwen, Detroit; J. C. Mcintosh. Indlnnn;
and tlio Hev. Dr. Ulln, W)umliig, on tho reports
of Kllbielh and (iniin.
(iov. Hvans, Colorado: Alex. Ilradlcy, Pitts
burgh : and the Hev. .1. II. (.'ulgg. on tho alleged
fiiiuds In tlm printing deii.utmeut.
Judge Cooley. Iowa: . Deerlng, Maine ; and
Win. J. Moses, Central New Vork, tin frauds lu
the bindery.
I liven, Mcintosh, nnd Olln 011 alleged falso re
ports of nmoitut of mult rial used nnd goods
turned nut nf the hinder)' department.
L. .1. Critclilb'ld, Ohio; the Hev. J. II. MeCill
Iniigli, l'hiliidolphlii: and (ieiirge I'.tliullt, Prov
Idence, on tho ulleged falo entries lu tho bunks
of tho Concern.
After nil the sub-conuulltces had tuado tin
exninlnatlou prnctlcalile lu tho tlmo ut their
dlspiisal, and had submltti-d their several 10
polts In writing to the Special Committee, nnd
Hie several iiieiubers nf said cuiumlitoes had
be. n iue-tlnnod be fi 11 11 Ihe wholo iHiminlttee,
as In the evldeiico examined, and tlio facts found
by them, nnd after tho hearing of tho other evi
dence before tho ooiiimlltoo, tlm commlttou
went Into private session, with closed Honrs,
uud discussed the, several questions raised In
tlm charges profound, and the questions pro.
posed to be considered mid voted upon,
Tliero wero present on roll'call ut this private
session llfiy-ldim of the Spo l.ll I'niiimltlno,
which was about tho iivcrngo number who hud
attended during tlio hidings. Thereupon tin,
committee piocecdeil to vole upon tho ques
tions us per order of proceedings.
The llrst clsuso of uuesllun inn II.110 frauds been
prm tlse.l In llin irlulh,g ili i iirtiiieiit t na ileculsil la
the lu-gslll'' sji a, 7 i 11 his. UK
The m find 1 luiisc ut ssl'l ipictliini -Have fr.tii'W licon
prai tbcil la lliu 11 ill.lhu by niueii thu Hunk t'u.i.e .1
iiua eusniui''il loss .' , u ili !!l In the i.ttir.1,,111'. .- tj
u)es, 4); noi-s, (i,
'Hie third cliiian of a.tld iiui'silua Have frauds Is' "i
iuiiibi'd in any ulln r ili'iurtiiii'iit hy ulinii Iheinti
tiliituia suit din' I luis wus Ueildud 111 tin) lugsllle
hy ayi-B 7 lines. (7.
tpiikt.un a-II ivo there brrn irrrgulsrliles In Ihe
niiiiingi'iiii'iit uf tti" Iln ik rum i-rn? hiw Uieided lu Hi
lirlrillllli. h) n)CS I'l i lire a, 7.
Uuiisliun .1 Have He liiu.cn been of mill liluk'nllu 10
UStu elliUllker the llllltlll lul bill llgttl III Illstclllh) l.il
pair lliu r.it:i) of the (uiuenii' w as ili 1 Un tl 111 1 u-uck-uliveli)
uycsStiiui s, (1.
flu lltal liaiise 'd uucflltin I W lietlu r Ihe limb -iiicthii'ls
if Ho il -part i ills m-r -m il n t stlxitl o;
poriunuy fur frail a ami pecuUlluiiw was ilcciicl lu
the allhuutlli' h) s)ia U tu nlie liu.
'Die acciiiiil rhiiisii Wlii'liicrincira tluirutish and btui
licas lUu uiLthinla tiuubl it sua liiiauusole tu uii'iuui' ,
hsve prevented frsn4-wi deeldei In the sfflrmstlve,
(iumtlon ft Whether there wss reansMo around to
tirrsame that an scent or aislatsntsmit (is. Iwii rm
plli slid la frsmls-wsa ilrcI'leU lu tlio ucgatlvc, ono
only voting In the sfflmisilve. .....
Tin ninth qncstlon -Whether the present mctliniti of
bualnpsasrcrnch sa to sfTord tcssonstdc prolrctlon
sirslnst frsmlt snrt IrreRtilsrllles wts dcclaed In tho
sMIrtiisttTr by syrs, (tinoes, n. . .
The repott ofjhc agents to tho Oencral Conference
ws iirctilf d to be s fair ritilbit hy sjs s, tl l noes, S.
Vour cominltteo thereupon, nfter ns cnrcful
nn cxnmlmitlonnf all tho evidence at hand bear
, lug upon tho subject siilunltlcd to us as It lias
. been possible fur us In the time ut our disposal
to give to it nrrlvo at tho colicl.islon Hint re-post-d
fraud t have been pracllsisl upon tho
iluok Concern.
Willing THE rilAtlDs) WERE COMMITTtl).
These frntiils nre found In the manufactur
ing department, 11ml uro located clilclly, If not
wholly, in tho bindery.
Mr. Hofliunn was Superintendent of this de
portment nt the tlmo of tho periclratliin of
these frauds, nnd tlieevldeiici) tmlicates that for
a scries of tears lie carried on asvstetu of frauds
by which tho Concern sustained great losses,
the amount of which It Is Impossible to Indicate,
with ncc uriicv.
Wo nre of the opinion that the business
methods of this department wero formerly such
ns to afford opportunities for frauds and pecula
tion by subordliiates.wliU'h, these lnv cstlgatlolis
show, havo been taken udvunlngo of.
Your cominltteo concur with Mr. ICIlbreth In
s.tylna "that In former years It Is apparent tliat
tlioro was a great lack of system In tho business
transactions of tho house, ns shown on tho
bonks, nml a groat deal of confusion nnd care
less bookkeeping," ns nlso lu stylng that " tho
business entries of imt! nnd lOI, Including also
the bindery nnd periodical accounts of lNil, nru
totally Inexcusable as specimens of accounts."
Vour committee nlso lind that tho losses sus
tained by frnud and Irregularities aro not of
such mngnltiido a tn endanger the ffuanclal
strength of thu Hook Concern, nor materially tu
Impair Its capital.
That thcro aro noreasonablogroundsor proofs
to Justify an assumption that any ngent or as
sistant agent Is or has been Implicated or In
terested in any frauds which havo been prac
tised on tho Hook Concern.
That the present methods of accounts nnd
modes of conducting tho business nre such ns to
Insure reasonable nnd ordinary protection
ngalnst frauds and Irregularities, )ct they nro
not altogether perfect.
In reference to tho purchasing nf paper through
Mr. James V. I'ortor wo concur with Mr. Kil
breth, that under nil the circumstances of llin
case we unhesitatingly regard It as n decided
business Impropriety.
A tTltlOl'8 TltANACT!Oy.
Wo deem It proper to tefer to tho transaction
of the Hook Concern with Messrs. Ilrovvtt llros.
& Co. seo Mr. Kllbrclh's report, pngo48-be-cntiso
It T70 mi unauthorized use nftho credit
of tho Hook Concern for tho benefit of outside
parties, nnd nlthougli tliero wns In this case no
loss to the Hook Concern, nnd wo may reason
ably believe tho motives which prompted to tho
act were to promote tho Interests of tlio Con
cern, and to nccommodnto tho Missionary So
ciety of the M. li Church South : yet to guard
ngalnst It Inlluenco n n precedent, wo call
jour nttentlon to It as an error fraught with
peril lo the Interests uf thu Hook Concern which
should not bo sanctioned.
A to' question, whether tho report of tho
agents for 171 Is 11 fair exhibit of tho assets and
liabilities of tho Concern,
We report that no testimony was Introduced
before the whole committee on that subject,
though severul members of the committee ex
amined such evidence nt the book room as wus
mailable. As the exhibit Is mado mi In part of
rstlmnted values ot real estate nnd other prop
erty belonging tn tho Concern, such estimates
mu-t depend largely for their rellublllty upon
tho good Judgment of tho iersoiis niukliig up
such exhibit.
It Is. perhaps, sufficient to snv that your com
mittee have 110 evidence before ihcin lending
tn -hoiv Hint the cxML'.ls should be different
from what they nre.
Appreciating the Important duties devolved
upon us, we submit Hie foregoing as a summitry
ol our com lii-lnns. 11. it. lli.NM.il, Chairman.
A. 1). Wiijso.n. See.
on the ijiie-tlun of the ndoptloti of the fore
going report byj.nir 1 oinniltice, the sanio was
adopted unanimously by a rising vote.
llrother Jcvvctt of Hock Jihcr moved tlm
adoption of tlio nport. A dozen voices seconded
Hie motion.
Dr. Ijinalinn. who had been sitting solemnly
still during the rend 1 11 , anise nnd calmly guzed
around lilm. lie suld: " Mr. Chairman, I movo
Hint Hint report lie on the table lo bo printed."
ICrlcsof " Vote lltliiough.' J
Dr. Iinahau Mr. thaiiniaii.I hope no attempt
will bo made to rush that report through, t
hope It Will be laid oivriio table, and made tlm
special order for to-morrow morning at ID
o rlock.
Dr. Lanahan motlun was put mold somo ex
citement. Among those who supported tlie mo
tion were Drs. laid). Mlcer, Curry, llitchcoik,
(ioode. Chancellor Hales, Oliver Hut t, Jildil
lie) nobis, and Suuiinerlleld lUldivlii. The mo
tion was carried by a large majority.
A report from tlm Standing Committee on tho
Ibmk Coin 'Tn wus taken up. It prm Ided for
elinnges In the Discipline relatlvo to the flection
of book agents, one change being that the agents
may be liij'iicti. and aiiutbi r that tin re shall Im
two ngetits, w ith equal powers. Instead of one
agent and un assistant agent.
Too following was adopted by a unanimous
rising vote :
The Hook Ai-ents nml editors nre required to
glvo their undivided utli ntioii to tlio duties of
their respective positions, mid toiequlre of their
cnipbi)fcs thu Uuiiful dUchurgo uf tlio work
assigned them.
The section giving tho Hook Cominltteo power
to suspend an agent or editor by 11 voto ot two
thirds or their vvlmle number, nnd providing
that not less thnn thrte bishop shall be present
at (ne trial uf uu agent ur editor, was thoraugldy-
: ,tisfv-'vv.-.vvt..sA:-ie..i4j. thikVJve. "wt't '
of suspending ngeiits unit editors be given to un 1
executive committee of thr e.
Hlsliiip Simpson thought tho bishops should
bo excused from noting as a court uf trial in
mntteis of this kind.
Tho subject was referred to n special com
mittee, consisting of Drs. Ii (J. I linen, Steven-,
sou, ltes, Hlbbard, and Held,
maki.so jew coMTtinrces.
The special committee on tho Confcrcnco
liniindar) troubles lu this Stnto reported carvlti r
out of liie live Coiiferenci-H, tleuesee. H.u't (idi-i-si'c,
lll.ick Itlvir, W yonilng, and Central Nov
Voik, four Conferences, namely, Ontailu. Cen
tral New Vork, Western New Vork, nnd Wy
oming, liist (lelicseu being blot led out. Tin)
report was adopted, after some lunientuiluni
from the Hast (ienesee brethren.
Adlournod until this morning.
Col risk' Itnllroiid Pass.
I t om Il.e limgor : ij.
Conductor Pratt of the li and N. A. passenger
train, running between this city and Mattawam
keag, asked a fat. couifoit.ildo looking old lei.
low for Ids ticket tho other night, when the old
chap waked Ids hand bcnevolenlly, answered
"Pass," and spread himself over two seats
again, Ilo wns quite Indignant when the gonial
conductor asked to sec the pass, and vv 1th nun h
gruinl ling pulled out i f a greasy wallet a freight
lecelpt of tho Saulurd lino of steamers, eu
ilorsed :
' Pirns pa thla Man if he Para Ills fair If he donot
It I'm him uf.
ol good uulcss cuuntcrilgued by
J. ITss.Jk,"
On being further questioned, the gcntlemnn
with a pass said lie could not tend writing very
well, but did lint doubt that his pass wns good
for un unlimited time over ml (lid r.lTIttoofs In
tlio 1,'nliod Mates, us Jim Flsk gave It to him In
llo.toii l,it summer, and ho " had travelled eon
sbleruble 011 It." Ilo paid his faro vvltli not 11
vei) good grace, uud got off the cars swearing
vengeance on tho Individual who "sold" III in
the pass.
jtht ij i.sta ti: ma iticur,
At the r.xelitinco Salusrunni jostordny Joseph
Mr (1 litre aulil, liy orilr r of Supreme Court 1,1. J. 1 )uns
referee), one home ami lot on itffcl street, ucir Fecuml
svuiiue, for fiUW,
Mulltr, Wllklna A Co. sold atsblc and lot on lOltli
street, near 1 Iilrd aveuue, for f S.iul.
The salo of lots at College Point oo Tuesday, l y .1
Johusiin, Jr., visa fciii-cesfiil, cuiitlriiiliig the must 1 n
tliutlaktlc prcitlrtloht of iiibiirhnn deabrs. Thirteen
car lu.nU from New Vork, Jului'd by su eqicil uutul'i'r
from the liitgliliorlinnil, mailu u large iitleiuliince,
among vvtioin the (leriiiuns prcdiiialnuteil. The chlnf
fe.ilurotif ihe sale nun lively cuiiuieilllnn nnd tirumpt
I I'luliig. mini nb'lit kiiippeit the aid-; ;u) lots Hire tula,
renlllng f l.'i 1x1 an 11 v. rage uf l?."i rsrh.
At A II. Melllik, .I1.4.V Pro's very rarellent sale nf
Wyuuiing lul-, l.oki 11, rsotia irnin en Vork vi rre In lit
tt-iiit'iiicc , .'li luis ap" H k Unililng liotiso aggrecatcd
1 he lots were sold In pints and hlorke of from 3 tn 9.
Tie- l.ir.'ei pircels wie iiirrh.issil hy spoeu latin a
Mghtklul'liiiltlli- aalc, tinil It sila pustpulud lurtllli
Wei aa.
We nole nmnng the I cporl.iiit Innsfi ra of the week
tni) entire blocks 101 l.lclilh .1 venue and liUtli, ll,th, a ml
l.t'ih trei-ls, lots hi 1 111 li, to Vlr. poll. in fur ts' J"1
The linporiiuit s.il, of 11. c nock la the vir) viiluiiiili
1 riiperty uf the Nh-u'aun I'nliig r,niii,in) utnl I., il
I ne, hy J. Jiihusi'ii, Jr., in 1 tiiiliclti, N..I.. As l-lls
tn th , tun fsvurlte spot for imr tiiisiii'-ss mnii resldutg
In thu billiuttis. and I lie urns' I In . fit of Hie ell lea uf N- s
,li rsey, this a de 11 III limit in as l.e I lit limit ntlrsi I lie of
Ihe veasiill, I lenl, is all! 011 the tft 1 0 1' fur ipecululloll,
slid Hints beokliu 11111V' iiti-iit liuiiica lies r ,N os- uik
are lousing ' i 11 ard iv tl ti lei' 1 csl. Tie' pints uro tn Iln
p. piunr pun nf Iho cit), mill ipnie lame, the sslo silt
be uu h itur'l.i), .fu no 1. Tue s,ihii' (inn iiuiioiuue it sslu
uliljS tills lit t rt I. b. I., "II Weill s,Iiiv,,Iiiiio X
,1 M.i I hunt! niiiioiiiices u s.i lc nl imi leu In West Her
in n isuleinlli Ward uf Jersey Cllyi, l ueoliy, June I,
Un (,'npcil) is Illicit lutali", s.-ci - tl'V oy -tlStll tll'l
Inn si 1 111 a, only Ihlrlci u iiiiautes frum furj.uu.1 1, Ural
cIjss lu all KaKita,
('null Cut 1'iidit in Ibis liny,
sillirsa I. Ill, 'II4.IIIIS .. II, ti, SS. tn. It. si, H4
I . I .. I, I , 1.', I.I, I ,, 14 1, I... I !-, 1 t, ,., Ili.
,1. 1,11.1
-101,1 t.ii 10. I'll 1 tit I' I I S.., M, t'l. VIV1, t H
1 . 1 ,.!,. 1', ., 1 .1 .:, . 1 , j.-t, J," .. 1
'on I 1 .. t.10 lr-ii-l',1 I K'. I. SI
II . I' H, I I 1.1
. I 1. . . 1
Il'iirultiiro.i artiets.nml bcildiiig An linnien .0
tuck anil low nrli . s ul I' M unci I' 11 11 lull il
Usui II. WivUt and uioutnili fsaii 1 "'s iskiu. .Uu.
TnnnnnAT, May fJO-I'. M. The day In Wall
street has been s broken one. occssloncd by Ihe sdjourn.
meat of the Gold sad Stock Exchsnges st 13 It, and
Uia) P.M. respectively. With couple of hours or so
to do boilncii, the dealing were of courae restricted,
the ipecnlstlon In stocks being feverish and uncertain,
owing tu the difficulty of detcmilulng la Iilck way the
Alabama question wilt be eventually aeUlcd. The pro
babilities (according to reports from Wnihlngluu) thai
the President -w lit convene Conuress In extra arsslon,
did not tend to allmntato the ardor of apoealators, and
centnvct lo-dsy sere not of sn Imposing nature.
Prliea opened weak, advanced to 1 V cent., nnd
eventually lost the Improvement, cloalng weak, tho
full lliictus.llo.ua being fuund In the cuuiparatlte table
at Ihe font of Dili article, boms cooildrrs
lie amounts of stock-about 3.1W) iharci-wcre
aobl out under the rule for tho account of a broker who
did r.ot link- hla appearance at the Exrhangc to re
spond to his contracts. The party In question Is Mr.
IMiiiird Wolfe, an old and respected member of the
I'oiird, nho la reported to have committed anlcldc last
Liiiht, thongh It la not understood that he aa Involved
In any r nil.srraiiincuta. The leading features vv tie tlm
ususl active stocks,
The peculation la gold usi limited, tho changes In
the price laving been Infrequent. Tlio early Innc of
the market waa one of tlrmnrrs, but the reduction In
the Hank of Kngland rale of discount to 4 V cent,
caused an easier feeling, and the closing quotations
were nnvilll. The market left off buns and spirit
less, the advices concerning tho Interminable Alabama
queallon not encouraging any linporlsnt business, Tho
rates In tho gold lusu market wero 4, SH, and 8 f cent.
forcarrjlMlo "tat." Tho total clearings st the (told
Exchange bank wire f W,.W,M 1 gold balances, IWt.l'.n 1
and currency balances, 1 1 ,303,217. The specie shipments
amounted to nearly isoyjuu. The following were the
quotations 1
10 A. M HIM I MM. A.M.. ..Ill H:1A. M....H4
tOilJ A.M. ...Ill II A.M ., ..HIM I Hist A. M....HI
W.i) A.M. ...114 1 11. 15 A. (.... Ill 14M ....HlXbld.
Foreign exchange has been dull aud steady on the
baala of lWSiJlWV for prims bankers' tlxty dsya bills,
and HOM-aHO for sight.
Thsro are no new features to note in money, the mar
ket continuing very csiy, the business being att'ep
cent, on pledge of acceptahle collateral. Fomn of Uic
tvestrrn wool growers are c ailing upon the hanks to
move the clip, but the movement has tint )cl ls-en fairly
inti rnl Into. DUcmiuts are In uioib-nle request, sales
nf prime papir titlUE erfeeted st Cdl?, a cent. The
II iitiielrMfjv passed slilll permitting ihe national tnnki
lo di posit United fclstis notia wtlh the t'nlled Hales
treasurer In sumsot not less than f IIMU). and tore
celve rertlOcatis of depo-it therefor, tlie said certin.
rates to bear no Intercvt, but to be lounttd In the legal
reserve of the Iniiiks.
The (lovrrnmrnt bond msrkM wss In the main low er,
though s ttrathvr feillngwaa noted at ihesicundrsll.
Tlie volume or business was necessarily llmlteil. the
lowest quotationa having been msile at the opening,
whenquolallnnasereMl'f luwrr all around rutnpsn-d
with the closing ngures of ;. .tcnisv. Henry Clews i
it.P. currency Cs.ll7 U7'( V3i, I'M. eonp in.'; IK
.IsSl.reg..: . 117 Hi t JSSV. PS'7,ciio(. .iijk 11; ,
fa. lssi.euun.. ..I1WK litis, ,VJ. HJ, foiip IPs 117 s
r.aw,ri g.,M.4kS.lliv iit I', s. v.'si, M. r.imv tu
5iw, psst.cnup IHV III s t'.K5s,l,cuup ll, III
S 'is. pen, coup. IIS14 IHX in4es, rrg lit Ills.
s-JOs, PS, coup lit Htw iik4iw.ci'iip .. Ill 1m.
5ii!.,'C7, r.,J.i.I.im tiff cm. I'atirlc g.li..iiiv, mu
In Plain aeeurltlia there was a small business, tin
lone nf ihe market titliik- heavy on! riinrssrcssi.il steady
on 1-iiulh Carol'nss. Hie funiif r luuchisl 77,sadltu
latbr rearln d TI'J for the new .Isiuiary snd July Is.
UI-. Virginia ri.nu.li sol I at U, and liruukl) 11 fa Vv jl; r
I evil st lrs. ( Ity bank sharra were iii-gleeti"!. In
railroad bonds there wus s moderately lsrso biislmss.
The fluting iiujtatlutia of the i'ai lilu innriiraifes wen
as follows : Centrals, Iu4i to HUV 1 Union Itu. tm), to
ts.i( ; land grants, t lu SI 1 snd liirumrs, -H tu s,.
Kile litis snlit at m. Mlrhlk'sn Southern Sinking Kim. I
linil, Wi, bake Shore divldnii liomla, 'i l upin
Partite llallrnsd 1st lunrtssge. wt 1 t'lituu Purine 7s.
'nrd irsots ,. tr, 1 II U sg" slit Nurlhwosiern 1st".
In a. .., im . Inledii and Wabash H mortgage s.'( , M.i..
lis s,ol fs. k 1st I- .r'inig", !m. t-Vl- ls-i't so. I l".tts
hnrsh M monirage,tiiij : m. t.outs and Iron Muuu
lain 1st ne rtgnge bumls, vn97N , MIlHauke, sn.l hi.
Paul Ists. Wli c. C. and I C. 1st mortgage, ;i io.ts's
Itoston, Hartford suit Krln tits, 41W 1 Cedur Falls an I
Minnesota tit mor'miie. Sli American Dock snd Im
iwrtstlnn Company 7s, H.
1h" hls'irst, lowrst, and 1530 P. M. closing pneea of
stocka were st fuiiowa: tvio-.
(..". Iht.Ailet.
V. V. C. Bi.d Hudson cnn... r, tt Vit 9?
V. Y. C . aud llutlauu cer... . V2 W Kt! Vl'S
llarbui 1:1 IK VCt lt'4
Krle )' f.lV i.l M
bakihhori'.ri.dly SfjiJ Vfsf IK )
bake Short si rip - SI W
wsbssli ! 71S 7-iV; &S "Uf-.
Pltlstiurgh VI1.
Northwrstern 78 Tl' 7SI4 TJ )
N.irt'iweatern preferred... - vo
li,). li l.lar.d Ill'Vf III) )lu( 110'.
Fort Wayne VH VS
Milwaukee & st. Paul . Sis; 57 '( M ' sis)
Milwaukee A- m. Paul pref. - - '- 71
Otiio ami Mississippi. 17 4SI, 4. Pi,
Vokteri, Hartford -Vk Utl tl; tj ili . S'(
Del.. back. Western II6H trtl t liB'4
Mb l.lgan Central Its 11 Its),
Sew-Jersrr Central - - liv n;
Futon I'a-ftle as asv
c.r. tnitianarentrab... sx sit,
Hannibal A- M. Joseph ..41 4 s 4uw 40 ,(
ltannlli.ilikSt.JoH'pnprf. it a ki'i 1,1
Panama.... , ........ . II' lis lis Its I
Western Fnion Telegraph. TDK 71 . 74 H "IS
Pae'.Bo Mall tin 74kf 74 1 1
(luleksllrer 34 SI
(Julckallver preferred ...
(Wnlktalcil CimI uf Mil... 4J 4)!f 4)), 15 1
Aitania bvpriss V
Wells. Fsrgufti'n. Kirrs.t. -- M U
nier vien hums' b. Hi... 711
Vnlli it States Hxpreaa. . St tllij l
lua rcuiuved from 27 Wall street to
under Ihe Pji.V of tho (puVU,
corner of Proadway.
Si Wall strtet, New Vork.
mill of Exchange on Engljad, Ireland, Scotland, anil
Ihs Continent.
Commercial Crrdlta forme In T.urope, South Amerlcn,
Katt snd Wttt Indira, China, and Japvn.
rireniar Notes and Trsv cllrrt' Credits, available In all
parts of the World.
Also, Telegraphic Transfers ot Money on Lurope,
Havana, and California.
lit-poslt accounts received, bearing Interest and sub
ject to chctk at sight
Ltrllncntra of Deposit Issued and Collcclluni made.
Ftate, City, and lisllroml Loans nrnnilutcl.
CLLWS, HAltlrilT Am,
11 (Md Proud sireet, London.
New V01U .Mm lu is,
Tilftsruv. Maym). 1 1.0111 vvti 5tr4t. Tl ere
was a small ti'islneas at Irtciriil rtihes, r-omr ho'il -rs
demai.'teil futl ratis, tituers msile cnuci'ssiiiits. High
grnili'b iiiilto cent rsiiy held at fi.II triers vtinnesota
ipint. Itn' tlnnr slow. 1 urn meal dull. The ttnnn
snd Dciorailun D:iv Intirteroit wlltt I'litlniss Wr
quote! Flour-siuperfliie Mate aud Western, fit 48
its.'. I' hid. 1 eairs Mite. Ac, 17 m ; vi, vv, st
ern spring wheat cilrss, l!.'A'"ii;.ii ilo. double ex.
traa. Ik. Ms 19 7ft . winter wheat extras anil double eatrss,
is JV, ti'lHi.etty shipping cxtr is, S7.l0isss pi icily trails
anttfamllybraniis.l.s.Mf mi. pmithcrii hskcrs'aiidtaiu.
Ily brsmls, lis-.lif S.J 1 il... shipping extras, l-l.-'kof I.-.I.
Kye flour, eO's-fl -is. Corn meal-WcsIern, Ac., fS W 4
litHflt do.liraiiilyslne,e.,fl'4f l.m.
('orroi -wiih moderate trsnsirilons themsrket fur
cotton on the spot la Arm at k,'e. avjUiec. Mhhiling 111s
lauda at ;Cii,i'., and luw middling do. nt .5 i.e.; salrs 2.' St
Imli'i, of Mi.lcn 1.4S4 were for eiport, H) fur eoniumis
Hun, VI for ipiculiiihin, auo '' In tr.unlt Furwar.l Hi
llverlc. In nuidi rite demand st i.c ndiniirs 1 sales tsid
tubs, rlui.ug. by ulttcul report, ul .'", ,c for Mav. 3Sve.
lur Jut'C.ai'41:. for Jul) . A lis-, for Augtiai, tl i n , i,,r
Sfytl'!n,.., Vis i,,f ik tnlo-r, iio X T s..,t,.'..ip,, an
la v.c. for December. Tl ' I iv t rpool nurkei n as uuuled
II r iliblllng nplanda. lit,, , HM.
iihais VV I10.ll rusli r 1 sslca Ss.oli hush, st ll.Tl f. r
Viirlhsestern spring, itcllvi red, ii.isl furilo., hi .lure,
tl.7i. .f I 17 fur No. il Milwaukee sprlli.', 4.,r fur anibi I
Mite, ti.t" for white vt ichlgaii, 1 1 !i lor rod winnr.
and st .VI fur white Canada In hond. Curtis shade Itrini r.
but less active ; sties of lis.iio hum. at oJ tes'. tor
stisni,7tSsiT4kc. fur s.illjulsi'd, atlu.it, and 7ilij7iic
tor good In 1 hull e old West' rn inlved ailoat. o.uaiiiill .
snli-a iil.vu bush, ai Me. atliut for Wes'ern 1 Ki te, afloat
fur suite, and SSjrnc. f ir bt no uhlt,- car lots 011 1 t.e
track. Hurley tuat-ilic I've easier at UsuU'ic. lur
.Inter, l'eui Hnli-n -.iiohu.li. 1 .iii.cl.t ul (1 lu bun, I.
Pi.ovisioNs Pork was ng'itn luwi-r, tint quite sittii
at tlie ilertlni! 1 sah s s.nvi I, his., mostly new mess, (or
future dellverr, si fit JSslHiVi fur June, H -tv.isin.,1
for July, and f bi nwi el for August. Iliet vi ry qui, r.
Il.11 on stouily 1 sales I bus. short ilevr, it siiL.. (;u.
tiieiii s qub't, eveet't the dcmainl for rmuki d haius,st 11 I
lie. I.iird t rm. wllh a gnud ili-iiui.it , a ilea 4,Sn In., ul
svc. lor prime cllt,u Mne. for pr 1110 wrsbrn strain,
and (or luliire delivery, siuituu'r Western at yic. tor
.tune and July, prime ufsiern, yivc. forJuno, ami 9c
for Itigust. Dri-ssi-d luik-a lu very larmi tuppl) , ami
loser, nl m.rS'.e. lliittcr dulli western, 17 i47e
stale, ftysav.i palls, VT-i:i. ( hi ese flnn nt IV'f.il.v-.i'.
bo faetuilca, anil iiiillc. fur dairies. Lga Ormerut tit
(iKoris-Coffse Tin1 deinsnd moderate. Imt few
buyers luck. ng intuitu!, mid liohtert more l.opettil : no
sulci, ri ported Mokisse nn sales , limn, in fr -out
furelKii siimiwlial Unilill.ir. Kb e dull ui.d tb.ul)
ah a 175 bags linuoon al li'tuis,'!' . and lltl lias's P 11 ua
si 71)1. Migars-Nut uuu ii gen in ili'iii.tml. .md mar
kit weak si Ss,.. He. for fair tn ki d l tilung . s.ib "1
1, 0 iitnla. mid lilu Ins.. 111 isiti iiioUa,, tiuur si s'.ii
',e , luu i,u I Puitu fiico at 11..., n Ui.i'o, 14), u. v
fur ciirils.
Mt-H t.r.i Kfi It-sin ipili I at f'l.f'irv r ,r siriined.
spir.ls lurii u'lii. kiurie, slih J ihlluu bslea at tnV.i'e
I. lit ottered for lo'XI s Ci k ut (tic. I'etrol'-lllll il shnilc
lliiinr. hut uul't; retlni I, 'f .'I i , spot nml lime,
1 nuie lu hulk.lile lullnu fuiil) ui t.ve ut JS iUS-li.e.
loi pih-ii' 1 .oini.-i vviit-k') linu-r i.iol ii'oic ,11 tivi- it
I n luiiis n sloi'le iiiiniT snd iiitlei , grsln lo 1. in r
iniin st IVsiM, I. Iii sml.miU (savliiid. b) steam. IVIrolcum
uo.irti is 11111 s iiillvi'.
Live siliii'li 11 tllliet,
Nr.w ViiltK,'l'liiir-ilay, May .in. The receipts of
I cues iiiiuu 1 1 ed '4,vi, m.i .11,1 ii.i'i .men Slonili).
1 .ilnst 2. Pis lor the sunt II 1. 1 Us wt-ik I be m.ir -i
wustutrl) urt vo, and, ipi iliiy 1 ,111-1.1 r"l. tirlc-s were 11
-ti.'tti' stronger, hiiiuo uf tan intuitu ti u.itiic siceia,
., ,1 I'ic.r ! a.l. of itill f .1 Cl.n , ..til. : ',1
ut ll),e. f tt.,lu dlibt K7 Bs. uud li4 Its, In llin grnss
. ut (snd all olln r lots uf iiii.ie . I'll, al 1'4, .I..'- ..
lu dress it7 rs, tu &') fts. tu lb' g ut, cut. 1st bulb
III re sol, I ul 5, , . V r . lo, el,.. t.
hlicep ueie ilull 1 i',i. ) R for nrdlunry In guoil
tills 1 Hllll kllllbs lu If 111 I,, IIJIIll, with lllleltl Sul.S 11
IlitllC. . Ill CI IS Will' l.oll, iM.OiliS .1.11,4 l,.f
Vniut.iy, agiunai .s ,. lur tin sitiue tlm.- list neeK.
I iln s sere pl. my, nml i In.eil t,,k, tlr.ll aiy m
(.rune -I lie V, 'il 1 ah, s were S"lil at t'( 17 i'' I'll u
linn ,' .leini'i 1 iv i1 ul S iSkj.-.i nml buUi run k
ji ,' .1 1 ', , ,il ., n i , - n.
-1 1 . 1 1 -1 1 . .1 ' ' " 1 its to ilar. iiivkni.4 I" I
,vl 1 11 ,K 1 -1 1 p- (r th, 1 ,. ' ,,1
hi ' k iv i , . , , 1 j w ihe ip 11,11 .11 , , it t 1
1,11 1 1 li a , I I 1ft fill'. sul I irk w I
i J 1 and Uiu.'pcd tu js,.IH. (or bisvivtl tu liehlcti
itiikuU. I
MAttiXE zxrvLLiarxct:. m
' iit8
imrrTcst almanac-Tnts pat. llrfl
Bun rites 4 U sun sets 7 21 Moon rises, . 1 4f mil
. mini wsTKn mis utr. ',.11
Bandy Iluok,. 9 lV.Uor. Island.. 4 W HstlOato..., 9 30 ji .J
Arrived TitfnsnAT, Msy ). i ili
fUeamshlp Acushnrt, New lledford, mdso. and pass. ' hi!
Hteamship Old Dominion, ttlelinionit, nulse. and psss, i .;i
Rtesmshlp City of Mexico, Vera Cnu, tmlse. sod pass. 1'
ritfnmshli Ilrltsnnts, (llssgow, mdsc. and pass. ' jt 4i
Hark Canny Hrntt, Ragus. augsr. X,H,i
Hark I'lrlks. Antwerii.nidse, ',f y,
llsrk Pallor Prince, Mstsnrss, sngar. 1 di
Hark Leviathan, (llasgnw, pig Iron, Ac. ' ill
Prig Marlpusa, Matanrat, sugar. 'f
ltrlg Lllta, Clenfuegna, sugar and roolssses. ' t,l
Itrlg Fanny, Zars.Cuhs, sugar. ... ',
Prig Petrr Itiitierls, Wentworlh.K. S.,lurr)p plsstcr. , fl
fcchr Olive. Two llivers.M.K. piling. I 1
hebr Illdgew(sod,(le,irgetown,8. C., naval stores. ; ,f
Hchr Allantlc, W indsor, N. H platter. 1 !
r-lir Lyndon, t-lastnnrl, lumber, Ji
rlehr Lllllaa, hnraeoa, fruit. S
Alto, llir mull rircraii'icoastwlso vessels. ,
htltsti. steamslilps Bilesln, for Hamburg; City nf 1 ;f
Antwirp, Liveriuul Murru bustle, Havana) Niagara, 1,
Norfolk. ln
; srj HO,
Jltisintss Holict3.
The ltuml (Irgnn ijiri
Of the body Is the itomach. lis purveyors sro lanumers ' Ir'o
able. The fanner, tho gardener, tho horticulturist, Uia V j
butcher, tlio baker, tlie cook, sro among Its prominent H
caterers, snd Its provlnco It to rccclvo Uclr 1 5
gifts and convert Ihcin Into a basis of life, health, snd I ,1
strength. Purely Hits Is a right regal employment, and . j j
one of which the kingly organ might well bo proud, J J
Hut, unfortunately, like other tnouarchs, It la often !rf
derelict In Its duty, and requires itlrrlng up, IloitcttcCa jif
Stomach Hitlers Is.liowever, the only spur It needs. If ,pl
it Is loo Indolent snd weak to perform the work of dl- ij'l
gettlou properly, a wineglass full of that pleasant vege. j4
table cshllarsnt and corrective taken twice or thrlco a ftj'-l
day will soon rettoro Its vigor snd activity, st the lima Il'fl
time relieving all ailments of the liver, bowels, nerves, Jil
snd train, to wlilch Indigestion may have glvcu rite. t,
Is asnbitltuteforesstiiroll.sndhsstSeiiiottremsrksMa sjil
itrcetsever prodneed hy sny remeilr. t'nllke oils, pills, Jjil
or nsrenlle syrups. It Is plrssaut to take 1 does not nau. At
scale the stomach or gripe the lmwelstoo the contra. iCs-j
ry, It assimilates th food, snd Is sure to physio where b'11
the bowels aro oi.t of order, We have tlio record of ;CI
many Instancca of sudden relief where tho bowela havo 'AjJ
not moved for live, ten, nnd evisi twenty diys, and w hero it:!
ennttant vomiting had existed, with violent eong"atlon i J
and serloua fevers. It routalna neither mineral, trior; J
iihlne, uur alcohol, and la equally adapted loadulla asd l(i
thll'lrrn, II ariallko magic for stomach .ache, wind. M
colic. conitlpstl.in, Ac. Iltery famtly should have It. dl
We know wlut I lie Castorla Is, snd desire that physicians ift
nnd nurses thill thomughly tilt It. We will tursliU Vfi
such persons without charge. ...... ' iT
J, li. 1103K te Co., 53 Hmadway, New York. , jA
Aritelr 17.-Is ri't', mlsset' cents' and boys' boots ' iS
nuts in r, bathing shoes suit India iuterst al styles)
and prices. Heal plico In New ) ork 1,1 Ikiv iheni la al j 'Jp
MILLF.lt A CO.'S.S Union square. JJk
The best plnretn New Vi-!( In buy reliable 91
wan hi s. nne illamnn'ts. lieh. fush'-iiialile jewelry, and I'sk
sterling silver vt Jill-"- ur, s,'ul. liMJl'lllbT, W lultun ; , 1
n. Dljnu nds a specially. Hjl
Xnt 3fenn. riekand eh'iose. and gratlfyyour latte, j.f
hy the sole. t,,n nf sn elegsnt iml I'C-iimiiig bat (ruin ,
Knot's snb mild variety of genlb'mi'O'a tulinner halt at , t'l
313 Hrosdway. i ,
Nn Sedlnienl nr .MeliilHe Poisons In the fjci
Fgtpllin llairi olorlng. 11. c. ,1111m lob-d liy plijikUna .Vk
sa periectly tunnlces 'fit
lit 'V'nliteii viedlinllnii-Maklngtip yotirmlnd to f.tf
try vv tiiiiutis'a Jai laica btugir. yid.
vf iK'ff cj ir
vt(ill.-HF.ACHLi:i!.-Kloiel ftim psterml guard- ' XV
ialis tpi ami i'lln. il liigetlier HT licller 111 Worst ill Win- l-J
rhcsier. but ,May .:. Windsor wtf, ,1rto Ml.a Manna rs.ij
I J. lk-aclil'r, butiiot C11I011 City, Ind. '
lttronvr.n. V ht
MII.IlUltN.-In.la--ksonv4lle, lnd., Mny 33. tho Itsv. till
U l. 11.011 11. Mlllnirti.lettirkiiiiKns" tin Ultinll'ritca. Ju"
er," frnlll Mrs. Mllhurn. I'sus, deserllon. ilJJV
MlilKIAN.-ln Hartford, at the Msreli term of tha ;!
r-np rtor Cnuri, Charles P. Morgvn from Martha 11. .'11 1
Morgan, ot Katt Grant,)-. Cause, ndultcry. Married la Hit
Mi use 1 71. sfls
MSKLlll Hll.-Ii) Hartford, at the March tetm of tha 'At
nirlorl ourt, Mur U. M.ilnutli frum Limy N'le-1- wl
I ush, or 1 am. tn. Cs im. diaertlou sud mUcoudoui 'is
Married In btiiluilwr, isu.. Vb
HI!Vf.-In London, Mar S9. foienunder Charles M!f
,,run,l, s ulln 'I mil, er of I nival n ivy. He was pre- r.'S
rtit t iliecsi tiireiif Wukht tu-l.,.1 hrthe Ilrltlali in ml. ill'
H. :in.-la llf.i.n Mib K,-is;, :,laj o,ikirliig o lit S,'Si
lb unci, .issiii lies, wl'ii So, il l V i ll 1 ,1 Ibirilui.iit 1 rll. i,ej.
lendeji county, tub It. M. lUleii. IU li ul rive built Is In 1,0.'
1 ly. 'I'i
nil.lll KV. InVeiisrk.N. .1.. Mi) t7, Dr. A. (1. P. CtI
colhurn. jgeil i-enrs. 1p7
DAVIs. In VVa-luugtuii, Ma) e, vlex.ir.dcr McDon. Hiv
al.llijili. VV
i:)tANi;i'.L.-InLonlan, March 31. .falls, wife uf K Kli
Rmsniiel, I. I'.,nl sn ilt.sra, u.-ctl w ictrt. .'U
KtNOsni'I'.V. tn ilr-iftnn. Miss:. Msv V, Hannah, ;;:f
wife of Capi. Hi iiia'iiiii Kingsbury, aged ss yeurs. sai.
I. nt Mi:. -s,,f, ,11,1111 VVciIiiesilai. May 3S, Sarah, !VJ
wlfeolWII'bmLeck1e.luthe03tl)earuflitrakC. li' I
The relstties tsii'l fiiiinls nf the f unity are rerpcrt. fef
fu'li luvili .1 1" alti lid the fll.i. rsl. friiiu her late resl-
d, ui e 611 katt tftti t . on suturitvy, .lime 1, ut '' o'clock. rtire
MAIth TT In MtH.11 pur, Ind a, Munli 1!, Herbert J .XVI
son of rapt. J lb viarcit, ssktullr 1 iiiiimisalouiT. I l-l
Mi'NKvll- 111 1 tn Isim, Muta., 'ny J7, Lucy A., wife ii.;
of stmuel ktcNi ar, and daughnroi the late Cspt. K. C. (Vis
Kills, seed II years. jfi,
SAbU.-ln I In, lunatl. May 37. in the hospital, Honey ';
Nath.s veti.r.iutitien,atsn sdiant-id sge. AtJ
I-KSSIMAS'.-In Mluniopn l., Mm.,., recently. Pr. h-j
William A I'eiiiilinvi. He I. fl 1'ti.iio fnr Ihe istubllih- ',i
meni of a Ibimno. ullilc lln.piial In Mb iii'.-ipo i, un Ihd H.
eot.ililion tl st tie be urr adtl. d tutt from otm r sourei-a. st lis
The utter Is. to remain upen fur fourteeu years. Tho tbss
Hiiiuutt tn reiiwln - n deposit in the mean tline, the lu. ffej'
'erett uf which is in h,. auiti'tl in f tc,uvi, to tie used tu j.Cf
1 mliiw a ehnlr uf hoicnopithr In the state fnlvcrslly. ,'(3
ITnnN.-ln Itlerstrr. Lngland, MaJth 35, Sir A, VV. JislS
Pei toll. Ilsrt.. agi tl its j f ara. ,tJ
."p.ds.--u.....i',.i'-ivT;.:.li..,t MsrcTi zt. Licet. ,- Vis-
Cot. 11. It'ibeson. lit" MHParv I rstn. aged kS years. (LiJ
. ..tVi).'JYi ifti.tii'-rt t'lvAS-JiliVJUWily, i Jf't
mlr sou uf i'atrii k S. aud bill u lieifl) , agt'U 4 1 csrs, i Tt?r
uinnilis. and II dsyt. ArJ
The friends .if me family are rcitieted to attend tha ,"(5
fiuieral. from hit late rt si h nee. s Witt 33th St., on ,s f
Krt'isv afternoon, at 1 o'clock. Jsry
m'l.Kll. M il si, J. iuile Maria ll in lolph Ppcor, aged 11 I
tvears, fmo tl,s, sutl 44 da)s, , l' i
Tiinersl to lake place 011 salur.liy, June 1, at 3 o'clock T ,
V, M.,fruuil371icliiiiccrsl. ,U'A
our Jennie la gone. 1 hft
r-IIAPTElb-OnTiiurid.iy.May 30, John T. Bhaptir, Ifl.f
In the :rM v ear of tils aire. A l
Notice of the ftim ra hereafter. . IrjV
ri'HMIin -In Wlimmsinirgh. May 37, 137), Henry C, HS
Sctinildt In lh.-ivith )ear nf tits age. itltlf
belsllvis and frlemls or Pie lamily are risneetfully iifr
invited to attend the funeral, on I'rliluy. May m, Isrf, is.. I
from hi 1 He icsltleiice, 141 'lib sr . vvillltmsliiirgh, b. I. tt.'l
-coi'T In New- nrl. an.. April is. 1 ul. John ft. Scott, .i t:
fomn rly of Pie I lrt l oul-lin i 1 mahy. ugrd I) ) ears. iij
SS VDI- lf.-In the ilin n 'a. ks, rcrcntly, Tony Sny. ' JI)
drr, one n( Ihe ul'lrst gullies In I ItSt rcglull. Til'
iVIH'LI.ITt -nn rtiurs.l'i). tin) in. of scarlet fever, fU.
Frank K. yuungeat suu of Milium uud Lvclluu Wlitaler, Vr
sgeil II- Venrs. fyfs,
1,'elstlvea and friends of the family are respectfully t A
invltid tn utt 1 1 It fuiu rul, from the residence of Lis .1
parents -sn i.oriuicrit., lirotisl) ii. L II., .in silurdsy. "si'ti'
ut 3 o'i lock P. M. jLil
W.Ml.KIt.-At Pleasant Vallev, N ,f , formerly s ifV!
reihlei t ,,f VMIllaiiulnirkli. I. I.. (Vllllam Wagner, Ua- IJIij
porter, lu Ihe ftth year of Ida age. .1,
Noll t fun' ral ht-reutter. liht
WADbLLL. In Li gtun.Ry., Ma) 13, William n. n.i
Waildi'll, I s i., s leading 1 llli-cu, ami nt onn lliini lirgrly I'o'
engaged lu the trunspurlJItun of oovcruuuut frclklil l.r
acr. ss the Plains. If,
WHAltroN -In London, March . Susan P., wife ol II W
,f. L. vv hartmi, M, I1,, aged'i; yeurs ' If.ti
WIl.t.tAVIs.. In Mldilleinwii. I otm , Mar 3"l, Mrs, 'i li
I'mlly Willi jiiis, mollici of IHiliop Williams, nf Iho dlo. jl;Ji
cue uf Coiinecilcnt. and relict of the late Lphralm Wlb ii.JE
ban. 1, uf In erfti Id. .Vlats.. ai-cd M) years. iW.l
-1 I,B
rrpttinl Jlolitts. jMj
PXTKNT-s.-MPVN CO, Publishers fV.tlc
-.'(iiicrli si'. Tf- irv tils-. New Voric (tn-Tit. n.vr. ufscn- v-
iure 1 '.er.rv me ti ars' evt,'ii.'i , I - eryihing con- pt
tntililisl neiuffoi I'aliiitl iwt in ' (.11. ile to Inveuturs. ,
II Ts. - WAItNOi K .V 1 'i snv. dollar sliver pearl fiff
e is-l 11, re 1 at Is a gentu mtu'a hat in ipuillt) , st) le, aud ' !'
rliilth. SI J llrnsilway. jil
(JIAT-' MII'T I'I'.l.T II 'r, all ihe newttyli s, (ItI
at inoilcr.ite prlit-s. WAIINIH I! a 1 o , su Hroudsay. jjf
Prh e rednred lu f;s. .1 II. VIAIITISK, ic CO., Hank i'J
era. pi Wall .1 . l ox l.i a New Vurk I'ust omro. ;f
m Cl(0(tj. ' Vif,
V T I.T fit TII. II T, -Mnnev bnned on ills. .ft
1 nionds, wan hes, aud Jewelry. WM. IIAMMON. ill i
"i r-i J" 1
. . . Sol.... ifc:
I IllilV IKI'IT'.I., Warren it , 1 h'oek frmn Hma l. "I t
1 i '1.11 , 1 li'in, lllit rnoiiis, 11 th 11 -s I,, 1-. ,'sk u iai, 1)1
14 'si and Ut stek , family rouins, ti mnl 4 1 511 a ilay. jf ry
t'f'iticnl. ! j v
( 1 1: v ti.tss ii:i.itm.'. ine grmoi M
R ii 1 11 1 li J nl clll t-na Irn-lolli t , (l ,, , tet hun if lit,,
ilui: vi 1 1111. in- v un 1 n l.i, vi. niiiiivs win (, I'
ll,. 1,, 11 a. I ,, .(.s-t Intlllllte o'l VlnMlAV I.VI.NINU, 1,'tf
June I, 1st.', ul , u'c. ,Ck, ltli
l)llTII As:iMI,) lll-TII ICV.-Hio'un.bT
1 1 smile I I oiiiiolil"!-, appolnti 1 by the Llltei.il jr Ui
tti-pntih' sn Assoi ai Inn. lur ihe I'lirpttae of 1 unpi raiinii ,11 IT
silll ol In r iirguiilrttitiiit Pi fttrnit'ig a o Icy and jhrv
Hi on 11 cuiniiiliiii t lull, slit met 1 tills 1 Frhiii) 1 e veiling Ir, fl
st snj 1,1 nr. All ciltei.s ami nigiiii.. itliins of the! 'in if if
Vs i t.tv Ulstrii'i t. ici tavur th tu Imutl iit'ininalioii is 11
ate un 11 ,1 1,1 .un 1 (I. 1' 1)
II H. I .uiiiiii i.in u. . I.iiiiiln " 1 I, H fi ks W. Culver, fill'
II V in Illicit. Uu. 11 1 lyt.oi, .1 N. Hrgruiiu, JliV
I litis, f kllOlllt.ltfc, S IIOll llS'll t" 1 Ii' f,
Jas P. WslKuK.bri. Al llll.lll ONliKtl.Chvlr'n. iHfi
t.lfl'01V.ll 3lBilttS. j
Vl.l. snlillera riillticl lielnrt July 44, pl, for lien it, ' j'll,
. uu ct 1 (in" I,... 1 ) ir.,,',tii 1. i' iiitnitic. 1.110 ffff
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