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ffonx scAKSKhh AfKsarst: inn
JUtOTII Klt'S ItliAllt.
A rollllrnl Vendeltn-Tliti Hhnotln of I'ler
ca KrstBaell-llle l.llicerinc Dull. Ilia
Brsiher'e Terrible Oalh-IUw II Hill-
nllxl li-Tlionaa Donahue Mur-lereit.
After four distinct nttotuplA lo murder
Mr. Thomas Donohiie, Mr. John Hcannell, the
brother of the Lite Florence Scantif II. Onnlly suc
ceeded In killing Donohuo In Johnson's ol
room on Saturds) tdcht. The clrctimtances
loadlnt tn tlil extraordinary crltnv ar glvtn
The H I ' f I u g of 1'lorrnrr 'cauiirll -The I'iiih
11 Tom DtiDohur'a Dentil.
ttmll,t S in or Vic. 4. IN.
A most iiniroioked Jiul dcspcrale assault wa
committed In Hociitid mi vliit )csterdn), Ill the
I course of whim 1 lorrticiiScnniiell.iiwell-kiionn
ixillllrinn nl the L'lghtccnth H unl, Tin.. Doiio
liue, iciludit keeper, llcorge Johnston. William
l.iiiMtien. Jo,iph Martin, nnil, i-orbit. mime
others, were more or Ic tertotisl) Injured,
hcannell Ha f hot t Ii rough hi spine, mm. 1. 1 f.nilgli
lie may linger it few day, can hardly lc ex
pected to recover,
i A reporter ol The Sr.t w( prompt!) at lhi
I acriiH T the disturbance, mid from it personal
ulnin.itloli of the pieinUc, tho r.-i.iui1 of
ye-whiicsse. -mil the tepnrt of the police,
tiMTi lii L-ntlurlu,' an Intelligent account
of the hi oil) nlltiir.
The fri' u o turrtil In the liquor saloon of
Thus li hue. lion 'Imo In roHrted I the
liollce a - I.ei I'.tf a, quiet, orderly porter home,
n old- 'tain oil p:u"c. kept by the father of
Mm present proprietor for many jrars luforr
lilm. Ilonohuo lit personally a mtior, urdrrl)
lieiwin. though mi urdriil politician, lie I ex
tensively know n throughout the ward, and h in
fetvlfnii) i iieml. 1 he location of hi plaoo I
tn the ho. lit of th.it delectable neighborhood
known us Mackerel villi', ulitl iintny of the tattle
rough vt loi people t 'i.tt vicinity are undoubt
edly hi riivtnmcr.
I lOIIKM'C "CVNNEI.I. at uour...
Moronee Seannoll I the acknowledged leader
of the politician opiood to Ilonohuo. Ill
lieifhiu.il , t r was at the I'liinpton House, In Hoc
Olid uv. n. le. u place lioteil u Hut rendezvous of
repoatcrs and ulhcis. Miinncll ha earned mat'
tciK point, .il end social In the v-nrd with a high
hand, nnil made hlmelf u terror to nil omhwi iI
to hi poilthnl Interest. Ill riotous demon
1iMl"iit, especially at lection tlnies, are noto
rious, mid lime noli for him the reputation of a
first-class bruiser and rough, lie Invariably
Ooci armed, nnd I alw.iy- r ady for a mil, lie
eepa a hore market In Twenty-fourth utreut.
Mild ultcr employment to a niunher of hard
ties, win. are alnay r ady n d hit hlddlnc.
Heaimell lit the nominee of the mitl-Tnmmany
faetlon of the Deinoi rat ! part v for. MiUrman
of the ward acalrut John .Seli'tt. the reenlar
Tammany candidate. Tlie lutter I not popular
In tin- tr.nd, and h.n heen defeated In former
election. rVannell ha counted on nil eay vic
tory out him at the nnprojclilns election until
recently, vt hen lie dlio'iitered Indication that
Nrnl'ltl would prohahly carry the illntrlet. On
thli Scaiu ell prjto.ulcd to a vnl ninoiiut of vir
tue, utid (Utiiiinced the Ne.l.iU par.y na en
jraffed in fllllna the wnrd tilth repi ater Wliether
theie exMf-il any foundation for tl. .'harfe It
I ltunidc to tay; hut therr l no doiiht that
6euuiell ha 01. fornur oca.loi. ttiuiloyed
lari:e t.nln of unlan Inl M .ilf. ami i i n.eii of
uiploylnv! ie same now.
h i Aiu.tdon a imiiKiiiY orrtrr
Ahont noon yenterdav l'hirnt.e Heaiiuoll.wlth
i Mi half hrother, John S-anncll, u reputed ilepu
j ty thriin, and a fellow of the ainr Illi with Hie
' Alderu.anic aM'Irant. f. Hotted hy ten ora ilocn
of their follower, vlnlted the reslMrv oniee of
the Thirteen lilttrlct of the ward, which l held
In a turner hop In Seoond avenue, between
iTwcnty-loiirtli and Twenty-fifth Mrrot'. unit
wlttiout tny pretence of provocation cleaned the
place out In the niot iiniinary maimer. Tlie
Mlnele p. Iieemati In attendance wa pcrfctly
I imwerleiui Lefurj thlt catu;, and wait pltctu it Into
! the t r eu In company m the reclter. cleil,.
I and hytander. 'lhl wa what In Hint neljn
I bnrhood itn.l anion tha' ela. of pcopl l term
ed a Eoixl-iMtiircd uffa.r, there helnif mm.illcc
on either de. and all part ea cjcaplni: with no
, lirol.cn head or hope The n'tendlnk' l !lee-
maii reiioried the affair at th Twt nt) -second
titreet poll.,. Hint ion. nnd (no additional onicer?
rere aunt up to watch the dl"orderl cm.
I After act iinillliliik tint highly euteru.li.li..-
tn it, N-aiiii II wtlhdrcvt hi fortes, tin tli-rule-j
wr.ll., In tliu vicinity .r the reKUtry on ,
met a cltien named J' -rph If it iirhton. a l.r.i
i er of the Tamilian) camll late forAiltMit Al
Ueruiaii Naiiiitll at i.i.re n mcrtii.' n P u-ly
collared llauchtun, nnd proi etiled lo tluiko
li n well, wltn lliw polite nhilatloti, "I'll put a
head on v on. too. you hl, lull Hon of a 1"
A there ttu tin coiiceltuhlo caiiro for hi put
Unit a head on thin liiotfeni-ire Kentletnan, S. un
Iiell n luolher li.'erpi'.ed and peraiiadcd Mm to
defer tha' oiemtloii until uiotncr occaalou.
The party then moved alone down the ltenut"
until the) n ached IMiohue'n mloon. Whether
they viel'cd that pla. r vtith ireuiMllt.itl. u or
only dropped In he. nine pate in.'. Is not i lo.ir.
t lietneeii .--r.innell and liotiohiicuveiy iroo.l reel
liu ha nlita) heretofore etlrted. In former
election. Donohue hn upiioried Scantiell. hut
In the prt etit contet ho In thrnwlni: the w. It;hi
of hi tiiniiuin e for N'c'iltt nnd l" dnt feai.ii II t
thouch the colored pi t r-. of l-uli pnrtli adorii
the wall of hi rihuui In most charm
ItK Impartiality- f enimell frleniU n.eit that
Uotio'iue writ liartiorliu: a rod of retieeter at
lila place t work III the Nt-Hiltt Interri-t, and a
Matuiuci hi I. ecu ei.t to lhl olllce In the In
teret ol .-l anntll, aaertiiie that "the liniieof
Vlioma-i Ilonohuo was ued ax the headiiirte. a
of the repeateia In the Inti-rt'it of John Nethlll
for Alderman, nnd that Mr. I'lorence Mcamiell,
liearliiKof that fai t, went to learn uhoiit it. ac
companied hy hl hrother and several frleiiJ,"
It li further ti-erteil In the ttateuient referrid
lo, that when the door of lionohne' lucl. room
waa throtin open " ahont fifty ieeater' c. m
rnencivl nu ntta U upon Mr. flcantiell friend,
ujIiu i luli nnil pbt.ii-. '
I'roni the hekt Inforinatluii our reporter could
Cathcr Py ipic-.tl' iilnu all the vtltneiuet h could
find, the fcinnell party divided nt tha corner of
the Mn et. Florence am) John enierliu; the n
toon hy the door un the Twcntv-tiilrd i"treet aide
, of the c orner, and the othria proceedliiK down
I Tvtenty-t'ilrJ mrect to the hall di)or,ii.ar the
I i-nr of ihc-hiilliliiiK,tliroui:h which tln entered.
! (in entcrlic I'lorencu f canuell via ahead, nnd
Walked directly ton aril the door leiulink Into
the h vk mom. John Hcunnell wa cloee to till
luother. and f clni; llntioliue liehlnd the har,
addiuiai'il him In a civil, friendly nay, "How
aru )ou. Tommy'" Ilonohuo responded with
upiul Irieiidllnern, "I Inn are piiii" line ac
routit hvh thnt Donohue. feeing Horenee iroliu;
tonaril the door of the Park room, which wa
ro.e, Hald to him. " Flurry, don't no In there."
Iiitte.td of heedluu thl n ipieat.or. If tln-reipieiit
wt not made, follimliik' hi own pnrpoe.
j Floreiicti Kan.; out to pit tollottens '(innie on.
, ho)," and at ouee for' ed the door npioi. with
out ttopiiirn; to open l he latch, which iwt the
otilt f.'enln.'.
The i le ireitt nec uiiii, that can he t-'atlo'ied
aeree In Ktat m; the liiinatei of the hnuM' ut the
tune of .Vdiuicll Innption to have heen hi. fol
Iowk: 'lliouni llonolnie, Un- iiropnetor, who
va fctimlimr liehlnd the har; I'alwanl llarrett,
the hartender, who wili occupied on theoppo.
alt hide of the room, hy the lliptnr harrcln; Mile
T. Ci:m II), n liahituh of the iire, wh" u..c
r.titidinir hy tha llrxt pom from the front
door: .lixeph Martin of Ki Cnainhr -Ireet,
ulio wa hittliiK on the Parrels with hi frltiul
tlnnre Jnhnmon. The two latter had Jut
heen drlnklnir toznther at the liar. A part)
of two ii- three itenlleinen, htrariKer In the
liulchliorhood, wi re liitlnir In the hack room,
where ll pior hml heen hcrved to them. 'Iho
rtoorwa- cloed htiaii'B of their ilclre tohe
iihui". Thev were ini relv tranlent e iet it ho
had dropped In to tnke a drink nnd enjoy a llttlo
private i nvernatloii, na any other wcll-mcanlm:
party m chl huve domi Thu. to far fiom there
lielim lilt) rcnuater- in the hai k room, u al
Bllei d l H. .miicll a Irlvnd a htateineiit, there
noreluil elfh. H-ron, at nuoit.ln the entire
Idace, of whom three were wholly unknown.
ilVlimi Kcannell culled out, "Come on, ho).
Mid liiint open the hack room door!' the fol
Inner nil pulled very dancerou InoLlnir rliilm
from under their coata nnd hesaiiatrlkluiraliout
In thu most IndUcrliiiluutemutiner. John bran
hell dre,'. it revolver and heifunurlni:, and aacene
of uproar anil confualnn prevailed that lichen
dncrlitlon, In the riu'leV .loeph .Martin had hla
Ifiid cut open with u i lull ; llarrett, the liar
tender, wa utruck In the tide with a almllar
we,i,n Dnnohue waa "hot tin ouch the tleshy
luirt of the arm j Ilorence f cannell wan ehot In
iil i..(, k. tint hall Htrlkluir the nplno and Intllct
inira ivouiiil from which It I ilnuhlfiil If he re
cover! William Tliuuieu, one of the Hcnnuell
jmrtv, wa struck In the head with it eluiit
lleoree Johniton wa .hot In the neck, and loino
othom reeclvud alleht wouiida fromcliihi,
fjonohue, ondlfcoverlnc the dloiilon of hi
visitor. ciaveil tu net out of the place, He
jva Mint hefore iretiliur from hehlnd the har.
Ileaiiccetded, however. Ill KrtlltiKoul after he
;va wounded. He pasM-U out tliroueh the
Tiventy-thlril atreet iloor, ran down to Klut
JvenuiMhi'ti to Twenty.Kocnnd atreet, mid up
that ttrect Ut the pollen Million, report liur the
atfalr and hewltiu for protection for hlinelf
uud property, which wa. promptly wanted hy
'" aerceant In chutce, who aent a force of
ynicent to the place. I'onuelly dodeed out (if
j imiit door Into Hecond avenue, and went
, unit wa to the pillce nation for hilp, uml iut
lVinohue there, fully ooiiOrnilnK the atutenienta
lie made.
The two policemen whom ('apt. t'ameron hail
rut to the comer of Twenty-fourth atreet to
watch the fennm II party, where they a.w them
enter Dotinluie'a houe, atartetl down toe ave
nue. They had proceeded hut a few atep when
theyhcanl the Brliiir. They aaaert that tint one
minute elnpeed from the time the Hcannella en
tered tha liouae until the ihootliur wa heard.
They hastened Immediately to the apot, and
with the aid of a policeman of the Twenty-first
l'relnrt, who chanced lo be pnanltur, aucceeded
In nuletlrif the dlaturhanre, They had their
eye on the hulidliuf from the inouient the
Hcannella entered It. and If there had been any
crowd of repeater there, a charged liyHcnn
nell'a frlenil. they would have ecn them
citcaplnir, or captured them tn the hulhlliuf,
Hut there was no inch crowd there.
When the ofllcera entered they tiroceeiled to
arrcft every hod In the noii-e. fix additional
ofllcera wemipilckl) preaent, with whoe aMln
tance order wa reatored nnd the prlminera ae
Hired. Florence fcaniiell waa lylnc helpleaaoii
the floor, with n llemimrtoii alx-barrellcd revol
ver, fully loaded, by hla aide. He not thutdown
before he hnd n chance totiae hla weapon. On
John Hcannell were found a llnmliiKton preclaely
hlmllar tu the one found beilde Unrcnce, with
t ree barrel empty, and a liuite liowle Lnlfe.
Thtre iH'raoti went wounded by platol shot.
.No other aliot mark were to Pu found about the
premium. No platol but hi and the one found
Pealde hit hrother were discovered. Hid he by
accident ahool hi own brother Three or four
clubs, mailt of round viceii wood, evidently
uwc.1 from hay bide (ticks, were also secured.
'Ihu entire party wero taken tu the police
Uatlon, where John fcannell inado a chaise
r.xvlu.( Iloiioliue for ahootliur hi brother.
Ooiioliue cliari;cd John He mtiell with ahootltur
hlm-elf mid (leo. Johnston. Until Johiifcaiinell
and Doiioliue weiesentto .li tTemon Market for
examination, and the real hi Id it witnesses.
Florence fcapiu II and (leo. Johnston were
sent to llellevuo llospltnl. fcaiinelt, onthe wnr,
was IntcrroiMtail by Ofllcer Kelauhan a to who
shot lilm, lllareplv nu, "If I eliould reveal
the name of the man that shot me It would
drive m family to dlatra etlon,"
mil coN.nM.i.r'n fTony.
Our reiorter met Mr. Miles T. Connelly at the
Tweuty-second street police station last nlk'lit.
where. In the present o of (.'apt. Cameron, he
made this statement i
I ttas staadleit tiy ihe ttnt tost, mvrttie door In
Pooet.ur'i siloou, when Srsnneh' ernwtl esuie In. AH
lit in 1 reeocelred tn Hie erosil ttere the tao fsn.
urlts .Inhn soJ H trrnee.tnit there wsre seven erellit
elltcrs with them. Florence 8, aatisll entered erst.
Mr. Iicnotine then slanilleK tirtunil his bar.
1 Itiouftit ihe hetiuifll crewd hat come tn tn
frt driiitf. They said nothuiir, ricept tnat one uf
he Pcanuf Us fried out, llslto, Toinmy. how are vou ?'
Aail Ihea they made a rum for the door Irallnaloto
the tsick roein. drawieiF eiobs trtini under their enala.
1 tl Ink Ponoboe i'tued, when they first addiesard
hint. M How are you T ' As aoon as they made the rush
at the back room all ttaa eonfntlon. I saw several
tlasnea, but rau't ssy bow many. I its ll.inul.ue coin
ing from tttuud the bar boldloir hla arm u 1th one oakd,
a i,l aaw that he was shot. I left Immrttltiely bribe
heC'Dil avenae door. No potleeinau hail arrived when
I lefl. 1 went directly tn the pntlrtialal. .ii I did not
see D-JLotidfl use any pi. tot, and 1 do not thiol b nsd
fj'eorce Johnston, who Is badly wounded In
the neck, ha Ideiitlfled John fcanuell aa the
man who shot him, nnd has made a complaint
to that (feci. Doiioliue ai.o ideutlOea John aa
the onu.' of hi wound.
About three years nro this same Florence
ScannHll had a row In this very saloon with Mr,
Jamr Irvine, then a candidate for the Aaem
Ply In that district, when he shot living.
ThroiiL'h some chicaner)' he rcated punish
ment for that assault, which has only eiiilld
ened Mm and led to more fri-pient lawless acta
on his pari, until now he is really a terror to the
lletwcru 19 and II o'clotk last nU'ht the
wounded tnnu w a, sli-eplm;, and hv the ph)si
elm's advice hi most intlinate friend. Includ
In: 1 la mother, were denied admittance. He
i.tntiot recover, one side of hla body htlne, It Is
said. paral)ied.
1'lurence cnnnelia Aiile-IIrteai.
Jmill 7.f Sun vt July 11, 10.
1 ne f.'llowlii.- it the nii'-iiiirtrm statenieiit of
Florence f-cannull :
OntueSlda) of He.-mber. 1M, 1. wllh my brother
John sad fi'tir :.d ntr frlti.a..weut Into tbe tiarrrMimnf
Ibouisi liimobiie, turner of I wenly-thlrd aireet and
heeend avenue, llrsriiu- tbat a nouiber of men lloinr.
Iitoo'itr wards wtre rrjltiertn-f from mere 1 lu
len icd tellUuc thein to iro where they Uluntfd. on e.
'ertulwat atiout noloi; lotn the bark rixim, whre
th-re were al-nut fony m-n. ponuhue Uu nie noi to
s' !' 1 lh--ii went sud leaned Ss'atott the liar, inr
tv.ws riun en it. I loosed behind me sod I saw
livC'b jt- le.Miid the tar. The barkeeper lad iron-i out
- f- r nut I a strain atiout to look whrii 1 na
a. of fr .t'i tblmi. pt r-n could not hav -thoi nu-as
I t o.J -t-rpi hn -. . IM-Iilud th- bar I .14 no ri-raon
I . ,i ... 1.4-but 'flinlnaa llaaotin-'. S,iius liotiltad
i n i , .. i .1 Ottlitin in i lie tut k room, bmn.i ah. i ran
n-e-t nil I -tssshot IhalHatthf first .1"! fired, sod
I f' i to il.e Efroiind t) tre her .loiiti its uot near me
st It e tlio-' I wst st.t't. nor did 1 are hhu. 1 know he
ii I not thoot lite. I ami Thomas Ponohtie hid a dia
iutt tome dtyi pr. t.oiu tu trtle 1 had no weapon in
mv I ir.e b.,r,ild 1 t'irat--n li,-iahi or aur ouetnliti
p, ti ),. fore 1 vs fiiol. uor dd I ud llouolitie bate
sDr eonv-"-tailon I sin nos ittinc, snd 1 nritilv te.
n.-t ti,at no oilier person shot me but Thorns, fiono
lei. The Dentil of l'lori'iice !rniiiiell.
t'n- i ,r .V." of Jul It lain.
Yc'tiTiluy tunny filotuln onlliil nt the
dvliir man's residence to lnpiire about his i on
dltliin. hut very few were ndinltted. the order
of Hrs. Sayre and Wo.mI helue that the patient
should not h disturbed. Ijtrire iiumher ir.it h
ercd on tMith sides of the street near Ids resi
de!. cc nnd talked freely about the shootlnt;,
w lib h thy condemned At It 1'. M he wa sink
ing v.'iyfau and he wits not einei tt'd to sur
vive until inornlnu. AtV:JII'. M he died.
'1 he room In wlih h f cannell lay Is situated on
the se ond floor of a neat brown stons house on
Tvteuty-eeveiitli street, fui'lnz llellev ue llospltnl.
The bed on which he reposed waa n small Iron
crib, on which was placed a water couclith.it
had Kreatly conttlbuted to Icmcii the eicrurlut
Inu pains hesulTered. The room is liandsoniely,
almost luxuriously, furnished, and serve- as the
family MUlm; room. Ill bed waa plated close
to the window, o that he could set the day
Ight while It lasted.
Vestenlay he wa unable tn articulate a slnirle
syllable, but by an evident effort he showetl Ids
atrertlon to hi mother, who has watched over
him In hi seven month.-' slow death aa only a
mother can do. For scleral days he has ex
preM'd his teailllicss to die, realliln-f the hope-'essne-
of hla case. To Dr. favru, of llellev ua
Hospital, he en. rested the rcatel ifralltude for
hi Btli'iillon.
While In a comatose state, toward half past
P, he ntisetl hi hand toward his brow, a If soma
thnuu'ht had flashed B'To's hi mind, then made
an unavailing effort with tils lip to ieU, heaved
a sL'h, und all was over.
Amoni: thoe Present at his death bed were
hi mother, his three brother, bin little sister,
hla brother'-! wife. t'l-Ahlerman I'roker. and lir
MlOlwui, ot Ht. Stephen's Itom.in Catholic
f hortly after his death Warden Ilreiiu.ui called
to impure Into the state of hi health, and v.n
Introduced to (he chamber of death. Mra.fcan
ni'll. Hi mother of Florence, thanked hint in
her joPs. anil said that her poor boy wished hi
water bed should le civ en to llelloviie llnpltnl
for any Hair fellows Hint mlcht he 'hot. Sun
nell's face wa sunken to a wonderful ext. nt for
so stout and powerful u man. who hi health
welched over an) pound-.
It Is considered that the carrlnire rides he has
lately taken III Centra! Pari, had materially
hastened his death. The wound between Ids
shoulder hladcs Is perfoi Hy clctrloed, and but
a faint blue mark shuns the cause of Ids death.
The ilt-crased mull wa !! )eara of a-'c, and In
In'.- wus the ( dun llinan from Ida diatiict,
I'lftei-n )ears u.'o, In Iloiioliue' saloon, where
Hcjitinull receheil his death wound, hv (fcau
nell shot .Vfcmhl) m.in .lames livlni,'.
The Wnke of Florence Mianitell,
t'inm Hit Sun fif.nl' 11, i
Tin nuke of tin-linn. Klin I'lioo Si iiniicll.
late Alderman from the Fluhteenlli Ward, wa
celebriited last nlirht at the rcsldeiiee of his
mother. 1117 liast Twenty-sevcnlh street The
body was In preparation for the visits of the
Mend of the family at nu early hour, and was
kept In view nil nliflit. Visitors he-ran to drop
In about M o'clock, but the full fid" did tint set
in hiiHI nearly eleven. From that lime until
utter :i o'clock this inornliu; the Ihrnncwa In
cosHiit. Man) locnl ct li-Lrllh'i. were amoii'-the
visitor, and home soldiers mid tiolltlclnn of
nutloual fume also paid their respects to the
At the lefl. as the visitor entered the hall, the
Brat object w hlelt uttrncted lit attention was n
larsfe mid Imndeoiue plioloriiph of the dc
reused, elegantly draped At wo looked uion
that life-like picture, and noted the frank, hon
est countenance, the boyish itleefulnesa of It
expression, and the unmistakable stamp of
trulhfiilneas upon Ita every lineament, we were
astonUhcd, and asked ourselves If the original
of that photosraph could possibly he the rulllan
wht.'h we had supposed Mm to be.
(In a'cenillm to the first hlttlnn room, where
the body lay In Ita aolld rosewood burial case,
we found an usseinblace of relatives and friends
of the deceased, latllei and eentlemen. rrouped
on either tide of the coflln, and stretidilnK In
two crescent lines to the door, Tha scene waa
solemn and Impressive. On the bono in of the
co O ii lay n massive cross of white ramellaa and
tulernf-es. At the head of the cnriHtxi stood a
rotewood crosa, and behind that five wax can
dles were arranred to u to form another
cnoss or iixiwrJtH.
The cortue wa arrayed In tat In, with while
n user, elegantly disposed around the face and
on the breast.
The apparition In that richly-decorated coflln
wu and lo look upon. Florence Hcannell. when
ho waa mortally wounded on the 3d of Decern
her laat. wita a robust man. wclchlnc over two
hundred bounds. 1) urine tho iiionthil of uifony
I In which he lingered lieforo hla death, his body
dwindled to a akeleton, weighing only eighty
poundi. The eiireaalon of Ids countenance
had hy hit nutrorluifi hen PurlUud back to that
of childhood i slid a he lay there In hla coffin
he looked so femlnlno and ao much like hla
uiotlicr.no believed that wo were able to pick
her out from Ihe assemblage by Ihe resemblance.
We converncd with many of Pcannell'afrlenda,
nnd with Rcntleuieit beloimln to the Jackson
Club, nt the corner of lexlnetnn avenue and
'I lilrty-thlrd street. In regard to the career and
character of tho deceased, and were told many
t hints concerning lilm. One gentleman, who
had known Hcannell from boyhood and used to
Kit to school with him, said t
" Florry wag aa nnble-hcartcd a boy a you
ever saw. He wa sharp and smart, and would
never run to get out of alight; hut he waa tren
eroits, and always kept his word. That wa n
trail wiilch stuck to lilm to the last. He would
sooner die than break Ida word,"
" How dldhek'tt such a bad roputatlon. then?"
ne uskrd.
"lli sot It hy
rlllllllM) THE TAMMANY MNfl.
They couldn't heat hlin by fair mean, and o
the) played foul on lilm. They lied about lilm,
a they do about every Inmost man. nnd Anally
pot him assassinated, a they would like to do
with every one whom thev can't buy or bent."
" What wns the secret of fcnnnell s hold on the
people of his ward?" wo asked.
"Tlie secret was, that he wts a warm-hearted,
Bonerous, honest man. lie wa only twenty
thtee years old when hn wa shot. He had boon
elected ('ouu-.lluigll.lu lMiI, wus cheated out of
hi election for Assistant ldcrmnii In HV, and
wns shot to prevent hi holm; elected Alderman
In l.W. Hut he was elected after all. And they
tried to beat lilm on the count. Hut hi majority
ma n overwhelming they couldn't do It. and
the) had to let hint co In. dying as he was."
"How toon did )uit see tilui after he waa
shot 7"
" 1 sat? him In n few hour. He look It cheer
fully. The llrst thing he said to me was, ' Well,
I'm a
nrvti Ai.iir.ttM n,
ntn't 1 1 tried lo keep nwny from till. I knew
II was the only nay they could beat me, and I
thought they'd do It this nay, if they got a
clian -e. Florry never drank n gin of liquor In
hi life, nnd hit head was always level. While
hi opponents were lull of beer or w lilskey, hu
vt mild be sober nnil rl"r headed "
" I should think the fact that he never drank
Ihpior would hurt him a a politician," we ro
tnnikcd ".Not at all. On the contrary, It helped him,
Ju-t as It helps Sheriff O llrieu. l'co.ilo who
drink the'iisches rct-ieit u man all the mute
who lias the grit to go It on Oroton."
F.very person we talked wltn on the subject
bore similar testimony to Florence fcaiineH't
character; and as no look unto of the tokens
of comfort nnd elegance vltlhlo India mother's
homo, which wa hi home also, and studied
the countenance of Hint mother herself, we saw
tha. It was ioslhle for the testimony to bo true.
The manner in n hleh the wnke was conducted
also bore witness to the character of tho family
and their station III life. It was nothing like
the vulgar revel which awake Is supposed to be
bjr those who have never penetrated the heart
of tho custom and know nothing of the real
spirit which Inspires It deeorou celebration.
A we came down the llowery to the Hrx
olllre, after leaving the house nfinournlng.lt
teemed impossible tn us that the eulogliiui we
had heart! pronounced upon the deceaed could
be wholly true; so, seeing a saloon which wa
filled with people, we went boldly In, and asked
if anybody there knew Alderman Hcannell, and,
If o. II ho could tell me why he waa shot. In
response to our tetiict. a countryman of the
deceased Alderman, with a dudliern set In the
centre of Id mclain holy countenance, with
tears In hi voice, and with sutpldnna, and ono
droopirg e)e, said .
"Hie poor bo). Ilorry. fell a victim to purity
of motive."
"Fell a Tlrtlm to what!" we exclaimed, sup
posing we had not heard aright.
"To purity of motive. That's what brought
tho poor boy to his death. Vet, sir, a lot of re
peater had got together to degrade the elective
franchise, which ye know Is the palladium of
our liberties, and Florry went In to stop the
devils trom prostituting the palladium, and they
shot him, knowing that nothing short of death
could stop him."
" Did you know Mr. f cannell Intimately ?" we
asked, " and If )ou did, what kind of a man wa.t
he inside "
" I knew him a I know in)elf. And d'ye ask
what kind of a mall wat he Inside Faith an'
he wa itgllitleman Inside an J outside both. Ho
wa the man to stand by his frionds. An' so
tliev'd stand hy him back again. There wasn't
a in tn of us but would have glien lot best eve
for Florrv."
'1 his elided our Investigation.
The Fuuerul of I'lttrenre --t'nuuell.
fixnl Ikt A. 1 OJutl II. HW.
YtYti'i .luv iiiiiiiiini; litrpo throng n.i'tn
bled near .117 Fast Twent)-sc tenth street, the
late resilience of ex-Alderinaii 1 lorence Mi an
Pell. For man) hours the house was crowded
with friends, atixloiis to view tho remains. At
Hit, o'i lock the irocesoti formed, mid started
for St. Stephen's Church, Twenty-cignth Hurt,
in the following order.
I The Andrew Jackson Club, of which (W-itrd wai
s nu ..tier, with emblems of .it..iinuuic tu Hi -tr snu.
II Ihehearte drau bysli trou gray rara lbs
b'-ai., wst uiul&rtnt In Itself, ant the hors,-s were
vers fine.
HI Ihe eoffln liorne on the ahnuldert of four of the
pit bear'ts. 1 he pall bearers were twelve tn uumher,
s-Mlow. I'.i Urrmau Kl. hard Crokrr, John Hallo,
ran. kdsard I'oltou, Thoinaa lEour'se. llernard Cottello,
tin hsel I atcati, II 11. leriuaon. John n . llrown. Pat
r rk I latfty, Leander llurk, Joseph Itesd, snd John
IV The Hull's Head and the I.llierlT AtiocU'loo,
some in atr.'bg, all i arlng I 1gea and other tjuibola
of luourntnir
V t arrlairi sronlalnliig In muter, brothers, alsteri
and f rlcnda ot the dt'Crst 'a Al.termsu
The tirocesslon p.vs'.eil tliroueh Twenty-seventh
Mrrcl to Lexington avenue, up to Twenty
eighth street, nnd thence to ft Stephen's, (In
their arrival at the church the corpse wns borne
tn a splendid catafalque near Hie main altar,
and twenty or thirty candlos lighted uround It.
Loin before 11) o'clock the church was crowded
with men, w .men, and children, all of whom
seemed anxious to do honor to tha man who lay
low in death,
Thepewa 111 the centre aisle were occupied by
the member of the Hoards of Aldermen and
Assistant Aldermen. Deputy f lierlffs, and mem
hers of the Hull's Head Association. Among
tho other prominent men who were In the
church were Judges lllihy, Hhandley, Curtis,
and Scott, l'x-Strect Commissioner (ieorgu W.
Mt Lean, Police Commissioner llrennan, Messrs.
.Iniuet Me('al-e, and John T. McUnwan, the
clerks of Justice lllxhy, Deputy Sheriff James
McDoverii, mid JuMlce Edward llogaii, (leu.
Splnnla, Assemblyman Timothy J, Campbell,
Coroner Hjnn.and many other,
At II o'clock the solemn requiem man wa
c imtueiiccd. tlie llev. Dr. Henry acting as cele
brant, and the Itovs. Patrick Loughran of the
Fplphanv, nnd M, A. Caravelll at deacon and
siilxtleat'on. The music, which was under the
direction of Henry II, Danforth, wa very fine.
If consisted of Mozar'ta lleoiilem, Chopin's
Dirge, offertorU; "llono Dvut," hy ltnatl, and
other teloctloiis,
'Ihe funeral sermon was preached hy Dr.
Henry. During the course of hit remarks, Dr.
Henry said :
V) e srr i. si luhled hi re to dsy to ofTer up our pray era
forone whom we all knew . oue who wss endeared to
ua by the reniimtirsuce of his great charity, by the
vlr uoos actions and deeds, which wilt live long afler
bun, and wbirh will help lo aeure fur htm that future
baW'inrtt In the other world which we all desire to
eiit itn. )e should nate no csute fur sorrow, nut on
two eontrsry, ihould be rejoiced thst he has passed
fro n this world of aln ami misery to a hippy
home tierond the skies. Ilesth t cot sn eternal
aepsrstort it la only a translation from aula
to hestrni from wretrheduess to everlasting
Jor l.lfs It at licit hut a pstalug linn full uf caret
and troubles with which weare tmicled to try ut for
iliut other ellsleni'e r.rnnd the vsle of deitli of whhh
tte know ao little and fear so innrh. The good mirks
snd pons of our departed friend are known snd huve
been irlrd, lie lias aureorrd insuy sn orphan snd
hrou-rht hsnrinris tommy a bllalileit snd cheerless
home, ne an- told thst ehsrlty lathe areatest of all
t lilues. snd blessed Istlie man who praeiiirth It. We
need not frsr for Ihe future of hlin who is iiowno more,
for he Is slresdy enjoying Ihathetvtnly bliss tuuhlrli
lilt clarity snd other nmul de, ds entitle hlin. Ti.ough
e will mist bit kludly mile, snd no more hear bis
etieerful mire, let us not give wsy tn sorrow, but re
member that there 1st home beyond the tkiet where
aueh ri he the In hapeinoi fur eternity.
After the nddress, anil as Hut rite of the
Catholic Church bad been concluded, the un
dertakcr. Mr. Heed, unscrewed the lid of the
colIln t., Ite nil opportunity tu view the body.
For three-quarters of an hour tha people, four
ahrenst, passed the catafalque on which thu
coffin rested,
'1 he remains were Inclosed in a beautiful rose
wood casket, heavily mounted with silver, bear
lug the follow lug Inscription t
tiled ioih of Jiiiy, iVw,'
KbOKXk'Ca fi .KMU,
Af-filJS yean, a iiiontlit, tudSdsjt.
As soon a the friends hnd viewed Ihe corpse
H was carried out und deposited In the hearse,
mid the procession then pasted through Twenty
eighth afreet to First avenue, down to Twenty
seventh street, through Twenty-seventh atreet
to. Third avenue down tn Tenth street, down
Tenth street to tho lorry, and thence to Calvary
Cemetery. All along the routo tho sidewalks
and houses were crowded with people anxious
to see the funeral cortege,
The fatnl hall was extracted yesterday after
noon from tho body of Hcannell, It is a small
one, mid It Is said that at tho time of the shoot
ing John Hcannell carried a large pistol,
Aa a mat k of respect to the memory of the
deceased Alderman the tluaa on the City Hall
were at half mast, and the room of the Hoard of
Aldermen waa draped In mourning,
John Meunnell's Terrible (huh,
'loni Tht Sunn Sfpl,l,iffl.
Wlii'ii John RcatimiU wuh nni ntcil In De
cember last and taken to the Twenty-second
street station home, not knowing whut his bro
ther had aaid regaidlng the shooting, he knelt
down In the presence ol the captain, aorgeant,
and other ofUcera of police, nnd with adramutlo
all iiiaduontli that he noiihl itioot tut mtutbat
had ahnt hi hrother Florence. The threat thus
dramatlcully and solemnly made before wlt
netses, he hav tlnco repeated on many occasions.
Since hi brother's death, anil the finding of the
Coroner's Jury.ht has coupled with the threat
tho name of Thomas Donohue. Thus Is the
publlo Justified In at oneesusectliig John Hcan
nell na tho disguised murderer.
Ilonohue's fatberdled a fow weeks since, leav
ing an estato estimated at taawardtof XM0.
Thomas Doiiohue'a I'ltfr'Ji. ni.lbU ettaU will
amount to more than $P),OMB, He waa comfort
ably well off before thlt. John Bcannsll It a
Deputy Hhcrlff.
The Coroner's lutneat maa Florence Sean
nrll't Hear.
(1M lhl A'-lll Of Xtrf. it, UTO.
iHimiHlliitoly iif U'r Benmioir tlimtli n ton
tr.t arose between two Coroner of rival political
nlTHIatlons as to which should hold the Inquest
upon the doceased. After a protracted contest,
the Coroner whose sympathies wero Willi the
tlcnniiell party triumphed, and the Inquest waa
held by him. resulting In a verdict which charged
Tlioinna DonolHiewlth tho shooting, from which
death resulted. Dnnoliuo at that time wait absent
front the city and State, and had he anything.
to fear, might successfully have evadod arrest,
but consctou of hi own Innocence, ho returned
voluntarily to the city and surrendered himself
to the offlfcrt. Ho waa subsequently admitted
to ball In tho sum of tin.OOO to await the action
of the (I rand Jury. Subsequently the Grand
Jury heard the proofs end refused to Indict
Donohue. Ill behoved by many that the ac
tion of a partisan Coroner In accu tng Donohue
of the-nitirdnr was tnkeu fia' tho purpose of re
lieving John Hcnnni II from all suspicion of the
horrible ctlme of fratricide, and with no Inten
Hon that Donohue should efor be placed upon
The First Attempt to rlUl ounhle.
Ili'fiii o I'lorrv Sonmii'il tllwl, Jnlm Hotm
tielMn prescn i'of Ciipt. Cniueroii, knelt In tho
Hast Twcnl) eecoad street police station, and
raising hi hanilA exclaimed. "If my brother
dies. I promise Almtchty (led to 1:111 Tom Dono
hue." On the litis of July. v,0. nt tho Inquest
held In the Ctroncr'tt jimcobycx-Csimiicr Fivnn,
John S am dl drew a pWtnl and would I avo
killed Don hue then, hnd the weapon not been
wrested fiom him by Sergt. Joseph Nkliolson.
Strange ! sav the Sergiinnt I now I) In- ulitiost
nt the point of death, and It I not prohahle that
ho will bo able to testify to the fact.
a ,
The Hrronil Attempt tn Kill Donnline.
Folli'tl ill hi. llrst iltti'lllllt to kill 1)11110
hne. John Scannell dctcriuliied to lay In wait for
Mm, and n few weeks efter the inuuest the two
men met In front of John J. llr.tdlev'a stnbltvt,
Foirtli r.vcniio nnd llighth street. John Scan
lu ll ilreir hi pistol, but was prevented from
killing Donnline by the luterfdtence of friends.
Dotiohiio made his escape (though It waa stated
thtt ho drew a pistol to defend himself), and
mule a complaint before a police magistrate.
Scannell wa thereupon arreted and held In
$I,(U ball to keep tbe peace for on year. At
the expiration of the twelro month he made
tho third attempt to take Dnnohue's life.
Tha Third Atlriiiat to Kill Dnnohue.
t'i otn Tht s , , ,vi.f. i I. Wit.
Tlu Kinlitciiitli Wind hits lieu i 1 1 lit-onitut
Hie rene of a sangultiar) tragedy which l Hie
sequel to the killing ol Florence Hcvnnell.
Shortly after 11 o'clock l.vtnUht.Thoniis Dono
hue (who was accused heforo the Coroner of
killing Florence Scannell, but who, after ho had
been declared gulliv, wiu out on ball awaiting
Ida trial i, while walking along the Third airline,
between Seventeenth nnd I'lghteenth streets,
with lilt two cousins, Dennis and Thomas Dono
hue, was met hy a man who approached hlin
with lil head hanging down, evidently to con
ceal Id feature. W 1th a short start the man
slopped In front of the part). Without a word
he pointed a pistol to the breast of Thoinaa
Dnnohue. nnd inslatill) Orcd. The report waa
distinctly heard at Twentieth street by the ofll
cer on duty
The ball entered Thoinaa Dnnohue' left hro.tvt.
The assailant after the shooting, turned round
and ran rapldl) along Seventeenth street, pur
sued hy several citizens, but he disappeared III
Irving place. Un Ids road he throw away an or
dinary slouched hat- a gray spring overcoat, and
a brown wl, all of which had evidently been
Used as a disguise. He was alto seen tn throw
itn ay a pistol, which wa picked tin by Mr. Mc
Donald of 1.V! Third avenue. Tho other articles
were picked up by Sergeant Itonlo of the Fast
Ttvcnt)-setonil street police, who. while goliii
his rounds, was tal.ing tn Officer llurlrlgh on
the Thud aieniio, about a block from the scene
of murder, and who both hurl led to the spot
upon hearing the report of the pistol, and found
Doiioliue bleeding from tha wuuitd in hit left
The Sergeant asked Donohue who had shot
him, ami the w-oiiuded man it once replied that
It vii John Scannell and that he had recognized
htm In spite of hisdlsgtilse. Donahue scomptiu
Inn also said that the iiiunJerer hrul run nway
alt ng Seventeenth street The Sergeant, th-rc-fore,
went lapldly In that direction, and saw n
c.trrlaae. In which were two lersoti, hurriedly
driving nway. Suspec.iiig that the murderer
might he In that vehicle, the Sergeant overhaul
ed It, but found that he w a mistaken, and till
delay gave the fleeing itstaaaln a chance of
escape. TheSer cant, haling found the c othltis:
before alluded to, then returned to the poll, e
station, D inoliue having been borne b) hi
friends to his tetldvuce at ,U) Fast Flgliteenlh
Dr. Klmhark having examined the wound pro
nounced It very serious. He could not poel
tliely assert that It was fatal, although the fact
thai the bullet waa a very large one, that It made
a Jagged wound, and that It did not bleed much
externally, I almost conclusive evidence that It
Is mortal. 'Hie weapon used by ttisi murderer
wa an old-fashioned Derringer rifled pistol,
near half an Inch diameter In the bore, and must
bnve carried a bullet o? about one ounce weight.
It bore no marks upon It by which It could be
particularly Identified. It waa khort and heavy,
and the barrel closely rilled. It wa. evidently
nude to fire at a short dUtamv. and Intended to
kill. Tlie clothes bore no marks upon them by
which they could be dlttlnuulahml Tho coat
was of gray tweed, mid evidently made for a
small man. The lining la of a dark color, except
the sleeves, which hy the gaslight appeared to
be drab. In the pocket was a common white
handkerchief, with n common border, repre
senting tings around short bars.
At Donohue hat asserted positively that John
Hcannell had fired the fatal shot, a visit to tha
Olennoii II oiiMi, I hlrd avenue nnd Twenty-fourth
street, formerly kept In part by John Scannel,
wa deemed necessary.
The person in this house said that John Scan
ncl was at Copake, on the Harlem Itallrosd. mid
had been there for al least eight weeks. If,
therefore, the assailant was John Scannell, he
must have coiiio to this cllv to shoot Ilonohuo,
as he had often tlirealenad he would do on the
llrst i portunlly.
The A nel af John Sen uuell-lle Is Iteleastd
n 810,0(111 Hail,
r,ui .no July ii, un.
The ilidliMllty liutwoen tho two Eljstit
eenth Ward Demoriatlo factions has been a
long standing und bloody one. In e political
free light Florence Scannell, brother of John,
wa shot, It waa then alleged that Thoinaa
Donohue was the man that fired the fatal
shot. A coroner's July brought In a ver
dict that Hcannell wa shot hy Donohue. Jloti
ohiioaald that he was at that time absent from
the city and Htato. He subsequently returned
to the city and was admitted to fKMU) hall to
await tho action of the 1 1 rand Jury. Tho (Irani!
Jury refused to Indict Donohue. It was at that
time rumored that John Hcannell, and not Doit
oh ie, was the murderer of Florence Hcannell,
John Scannell had before attempted to take
Doiinhue's life. He was arrested: and placed
under $IU,(IU ball to keep the peace for twelve
months, The llrand Jury Indicted John Scan
noli for assault with Intent to kill,
dipt Cameron was on the alert ready to cap
ture Scannell, as soon aa he should come lo .New
Vork. Vestcrdiiyufturuooii the Captain heard
John Scnnnnll was at the (iletihuui House,
which his wife hnd managed during hi
since. Tlie captain immediately icpalr to
Hie place, and found Hcannell with his
old pals. Si'unnel waa nnested and taken to
the I -ist Twenty-second street htutlon. He told
('apt. Cameron that he hail that iiiornm;' appear
ed ut the Dlstrlct-Altoitie)'a oflifo, und furnish
ed tllMmu ball for hi iippcnruiice, Sol Meeroa h
became hi biiiidaiiiau. 'ihe Ciiptaiu said that
he must hold hlin till he heard from Hupefln
dent Kelso,
Scannell took his situation very only. Ills
friends were numerous. Atnonghls visitor were
ei-Alderiunn Ciocker, ex-Asslstunt Alderman
Michael llaiightun, ex-Alderuiuii Med rath, Mike
Fagan, and many other small fry politician. A
despatch toon cmue from Superintendent Kelso
that Scunnell should he released, tu he had
furnished ball. Hcannell was led out In
triumph by his friends. A Bun mun
called at tho (llenlmin House, He found
Hcannell In front of the house with a num
ber of Mends, enjoying their lltnry Cla. As
soon us tho HilN man's mission was know n, Hcan
nell came Into the barroom on the first floor.
Hcannell Is nearly six feet high, well built, light
hair, whiskers and moustache. He wit fashion
ably dressed. He said he came to New York ves
terday tiiornlng wllh two friends In a carriage,
and that they wont directly to the District At
torney's office, where they furnished ball. When
uskod where lie had heen Id the meantime, he
refused to untwer.
The Fourth Attempt I'pnn Dnnohue's l.lfa
F om Yt'ltnUigU U'erdt.
Three years' dlckeilng with Juttlce over a
murder, lisle engendered by politics and fos
tered by the toes of n brother, and an unvnecesv
fill nttumpt at revenge brought forth fruit lust
evening In Hie brutal and deliberate murder In
Johnson's saloon under Apollo Hall, and In the
presence of over MX) politician. end gamblers, of
ThnniHS Donohue, the rcpua'd murderer of
1'Jrrcnce Hcannell, who nt the time of hla death
last night wa under homU to answer for the
Uigtdy which occurred nt tus corner uf Tn enty-
third street and Bepond avenuue on theSdof
December, Ibou, by John Hoannoll, Florence's
brother, who Is now under ttonds to answer an
attempt on Donohuo'a life at Hie corner of Hlx
teenth atreet and Hecond avenue on the lvth of
bepteuiber, 1870.
inron Tns uuitbKit.
That the murder waa prearranged and every
chance of Its non-aiiccea guarded against, und
that the assassin waa aided and countenanced
by three or four men hired for tho oocaslon, or
v olunteera In a cause which thoy believed sacred,
thero Is hardly a doubt. Johnson's saloon was a
source of nttractlon last night on account of the
sale of pools on the election, the main feature of
Interest being the Mayoralty. The pool buyera
began to aatomblo at a little after seven o'clock
and whllod away tho tlmo which Intervened by
talking sport and oolitic. John Hcannell was ob
served by several persons to be prowling about
tho saloon at half-past seven o'clock, but ho had
worn tho Interest felt In hla movements a year
ago to a thread by tils Inactivity In the course ho
had openly declared to have espoused, namely,
to rovenge the death of Florence hy killing Don
ohue. It Is nut known that he spoke to any one
at the time, probably not, for ho had but few
friends In the crowd, nlthoitgh there wore many
who were struck with a feeling of pity when
they tn7eil nt his once handsome and now eager,
exei Jd, pallid features. About a quarter to
eight o'clock Hcannell went nut. It Is not
known wliethor he went to his residence, 1M
YmX F.lghteenth street, or up Fifth avenue,
but many surmise that he Jtit went homo nnd
then walk, d to tho lllossoin Club nnd gazed
up nt the windows. Tills supposition Is based
on the statement of a, gcntlouiaii who positively
declares that about right o'clock he saw Scan
nel looking ut tho club from the opposite sldoof
Fifth avenue. When Scniuiell returned to John
son's he hn-1 three or four men with him. Thl
wa a' out half-past eight. One of lit- com.
pininns nmy I .'; i-l- o.iMi.t ,V.l-
meaner. Ho was about tlx foot bight very broad
shouldered, wore w hat appeared to bo it dark,
thick, and rather short beard, nnd hiul on n
slouch lint, which ho kept pertinaciously pulled
over his fin c, ns U to icenl the upper pnrt of
hi features. The Innnldiial seemed to hnve n
atrong nttacliment to Hie corner ol the bar near
est tho door, over which he kept an unswerving
Scannell on his recond arrival appeared more
nervous, eager, nnd excited thnnever. He kept
taking off a felt but he wore, n if to nllowtho
airnhlih circulated In the saloon lo cool hi
fort he id, on which heavy bead f perspiration
stood, nnd now and then would pnss h' right
hniid meclianlcally under a heavy overcoat he
wore, ns If to assure himself of the presence of
something he carried with lilm or to ciso Ids
shoulders of a liiir.lt n. HI restlessness was ex
treme, and he vacillated fiom the north end of
the bur to close to n here Iho auctioneer stood,
all the while
While lhl was going on several person no
ticed hi actions, and Knowing of the veiulett t,
a-keil, ' Is I'om Donohue here' but falling to
see Scaniiell's arch enemy, shook their heads
suggestively. Hcannell unit' spoko twlie.it fnr
ns can be itscertitlned. while thu prowling
nroiiiid. Ill conversation waa with two men
who had come In with him. and wat brief and
About a quarterto nine o'clock Tom Donohue
came down stair, and nuild tho contusion and
nol.o of the pool Helling glanced quietly but
firmly around a If set king someone. A pe
culiar Instinct common to hunted men carried
hlin to single out Hcannell, who wa then stand
ing almost concealed by a knot of nion al the
northeast cor er of the crowd. A friend of
Donohue, who did not guess the reason till after
the murder, wa surprised tn see Donohue palo
and bis feature assume u scared look. He u
Hareil fascinated, and although bant t.n pur
chasing some pool tickets, remained aa If rooted
to the spot near tho left side of the staircase
and Just on the edge of the unity crowd. Here
be spoke to several friends, but mechanically.
Ill emotion was sucli as to cause considerable
comment, one of the gentlemen n ho spoke to
hlm.Cnpt .lone, remarking to himself that he
could not when he spoko to Tom imagine
Donohue waited In the position above de
scribed about five minutes, npparcntlv unwilling
to advance further or retreat. About a minute
later Scannell na oilseed and Donohue, evi
dently under the Impression that ho had sat
down or gone away to another part of tho sa
loon, ninde tip his mind to go, and half turned
to.vard the stairs. Just na he got hi lefl foot on
the mat step llieio wa a half murmur along the
edge of the crowd and a sort of rush, and Hcan
nell, with hit right hand under his coat, stole
swlfllv toward the door Following hlin were
two of the Individual who bail come In wlthlilm ;
the lull man kept nt Id post. One of Ilonohuo s
filendsmust have made aomo ex. tarnation nt
seeing Scannell stealing along toward Donohue,
for Tom wheeled pnrtlv loiiiid and ,'oiifionted
t e inurzle of one of Hie largest sized navy le
toilers that are made, which scannell, hi face
pale and hle)c riveted on the human target ho
wa pointing at, Iwaa holding up to hi. fare.
Another second and an exploeloti was heard, and
Dolt hue. shot through the left e)e,
I'tt.l. ON Hid I'ACi: STONK UFA 11
amid the lusty shouts of Johnson of " How mil. h
for the next t holce" A nioinontnry silence en--lied,
and under the gaze of ,'tti spellbound men
Hi'iiuiif II drew himself tip to Ids full height, and
deliberately emptied four more chumlier of his
weapon at the rortise, three of which took ef
fect, two balls crushing Into the Inanimate
brain, and the other cmnpletelv annulling the
left arm above the elbow, lit this time tho fa,
dilation of the scene had fled, and amid a r ar
of Imprecations, cries of horror, and smathlng
of bar glasses caused by curs rushing to a pis e
of safety, and the nveituniliig of tables and
chairs, Scannell, as If relieved of a heavy bur
den, sprang up the stiilrs aa nimbly as a rhrv
rciill. and dashed uway In the direction of Fifth
avenue, accompanied by the men who woia with
Tint AimST.
Capt. Mcl'.lwaln of the pollc force was stand
ing near a t Igar store on the southwest corner
of llioadwa) and Twenty-eighth street when the
firing commenced, and was tnlng to ascertain
from where the sounds came, when he saw Scan
nell rush pat lilm. (Hie of Scaniiell's compan
ion etldcutly recognized the Captain, for he en
deuvored to hustle hlin, ami sung out, " Stop
thief I Stop thief I There he goes I" pointing up
Hroadway, McFlwaln, however, was not lo be
taken In by any such shallow dodge, and swiftly
following the fugitive, tracked hlin to Fifth ave
nue up to Twenty-ninth stroet, and came upon
hlin Just as he was turning to Hroadway, Hcan
nell was wounded, and feeling himself iinahlo
to distance his pursuer, turned and said,
"What the h I'a up what'a tho matter?" ami
then recognizing his captor, added, "Ah, li s
vou. Sergeant. I beg jour pardon. Captain;
well, I'll go with you." Mcl'.lwaln walled for an
ofllcer. and whispering tn hlin to have his plsloj
reaily in case of any attempt to l)tich his pris
oner, marched Scannell back to Johnson's, but
before he got to the head of the saloon stairs
wa told tliat Donohue was dead. He was re
quested to burr) Scannell to the Twentv-nliitli
Precinct station house, na the crowd which wa
rapidly Increasing was getting excited and de
monstrative. After considerable trouble and no
Finiill anxiety, Scannell was locked up and a
stretcher wa sent to bring In the body of his
Tnit RTiictu or nmnn,
A soon as the truth wns known In Johnson's
saloon the excitement wat terrible, and an Im
mense crowd surged into the place, some horror
loving Individual actually stumbling over the
body, from which a stream of blood began 1 1
crawl, like a snake, over the floor. The arrival
of Ihe police put a atop to this Indecency, and
till the coipse nua borne unay no one was al
lowed to leave or enter. A crowd of several
thousand persons gathered in ten minute', snd
when tho stielcher wa borne nnaynlthlla
ghastly, quivering load, order began to be rees
tablished, iipiI the echo of the hrogvti of the
policemen who were bearing away Tom Don
oliue'a clay chimed In with the cheery lone of
the uiictlonecr's voice beginning a now deal, and
with the bids of the political gamblers clamor
liu"fl.Y for (I'llrlen, fuO for Lawrence," .Vc,
A.C., a if Hie tragedy Just enacted hud lent a
new zest to the proceeding.
As usual in murder of this sort, the talloii
house was besieged by n crowd. (In Dnnohue'
chillies being searched It was found Hint lie was
armed with n weapon but little Infeilorln calibre
to the one Scaiiiiell carried, lie had In Ids pos
session a large sum of tnon-v mid very valuable
Jewelry, Deputy Coroner Marsh gain a permit
to lumove the body, which at un early hour this
moinlng wns taken home to tho bereaved wife.
I'ht lllossoin Club, of which Donohue na n
member, will hold a special meeting to. ilay lo
make arrangement for Hie funeral.
UEi.inauATi: tt'iini:n.
Mr. Until)', the artist, who It detulned u- a wit
ness, malic the following statement "I tins
standing to the lefl of Ihe foot of the stairs at
Johnson's to-night, w hen I heard a report and
haw it ilssh close tn my fnce, mid n man I did not
know fell down rial. Another man stooped over
hlin, and then llrvd slowly four times ut the niiiii
who was down, while I was getting unay, not
understanding tho disturbance."
The pistol used by Hcannell was found in the
area of XI Filth avenue, where It had been
thrown by the assassin In his flight. Five chum
hers were discharged. It wat ascertained from
a paper In a leather Imlster which was found
suspended by a strap around Hcsnnell'e should
era, that It was purchased ut 1." Ilroadnay,
where It I supposed Stokes procured the is capon
with which he killed Flsk,
Detective llagan went back to Hie prison of the
station-house to wie Scannell this morning, mid
Scannell who was looking through Ihu bant of
tho call, suld, very calmly " Where did the I alls
hit lilm)" 1 1 iiu'.in, astonished ut the coolness
of Hcannell. vvas disgusted by the question, unit
replied I " 1 don't know ; 1 didn't look at thn
body," Hcannell said nothing for a moment,
walked up and down bis cell, and thou, coming
again to the ttuor, said I "My mother It sick In
bsd. ThU will kill htr sure." ilo did hot say
anything more, and the detective left. Dnnohue's
brother came to the station house this morning,
and rat In Capt. Hut-den's room, waiting tho ar
rival of the undertaker's wagon, to bring his
brother's body home, llewa completely tin
norred, and teemed almost crazy from grief.
Up to a late hour this morning, politicians of all
frradet poured Into the station. house, to tee the
lody and learn the exact facts regarding the af
fair. Among tho number were ex-I'ollce Justh e
Dodge, Francis Iloughtallnc, Commissioner
Thomas Dunlap, and many others.
Coroner Yeiina'a Inquest upon the Hodr mt
At 2 o'olook yi-attiixlnytiftrrnnon Coroner
Young Impanelled a Jury, who were awoni In,
and who then viewed the dead body of Thomas
Ilonohuo. Tho Jurors are t
Lewis Carr, broker. Union sijsrri William Welmore,
inauraiice. Kit Kaat Nineteenth street i Frank A, I.clU,
builder, 177 Itlrlngton tlreeti John Msrtlu, sospt, lir!
Psrk plseei Krsuk Pant, dry goods, tlWrst Twt my.
second sir.-et i John Ilolsni, upholsterer. IIU Third are.
tine i John Van Coll, feed, 3a Pitt street i John P.
henmenger, Herman v Hall, mo Third annus i Libert
Van I'ott, furniture, 11 Canal street i liaac l.tsti.Jr.,
clerk, HO Last Kit leenlh atreet.
(,'ouo.sr.ii vot'xn'H Anwtr.n.
Coroner Young then dismissed the Jury until
Friday morning, nt in o'clock, when tho Inquest
will be held, lie thus addressed them i
Owing lo ihe frequency wllh which mnrilerona st.
taults hsve been committed of late mert-hsnts Iwlng
assaulted while going tu or from their places of busi
ness -the common!! are rapidly arriving st thu eon
rlutb n that there Is no safety fur life In this city. Urn
tleliien, without saying snyllilng to jou to pit Judge or
prejudice this esse, the community ueuisnit ot yen thst
jou shall mske s esreful tu-iulry Into the psrtlculsra ef
bow the doeeated, Thonina flonobne, came to his d ath,
snd ) our etlli re. lulte you to render s terdiet accord
liiu to tho law and tettimnnv. Tbe In-piest will beheld
ifillit: Ccroner's oUlco, City llsll.tt liiu'cloik en Friday
Then tho Deputy Coroner began the jiotf
tnr.ifem. Ho wu usslstcd hy Doctors Vnnde
water. Hardy, mid llenr). The examination of
thobodvwiui matle In tho second story fiont
room of Mr, Doiinhue's lute residence In Fast
I'lghlcciith street. The walls wero freely hung
with picture, and tho deceased innii's certificate
of membership of the Ameilcu Club, signed by
William M. Tweed and Charles II. Hall, l'ollio
Captain llurden and Mcllnnlun, Deteetlte Ha
can, and several members of the prtyt were
also present.
Three wounds were found. The ball from the
first hot entered above the bridge of the noso
on the I ft side, Just below tho eye, toMcd
through i he bndii and out behind the right ear,
fracturing the skull into several pieces. Then
there were four abrasion on the forehead,
hluinliig where tho dead mall had fallen on hi
fnro utter retelling thu fatal shot. The second
allot entered the back of the head and pene
trated the brain, lodging at Hie root of the nose,
wheie the ball was found. Tlie third shot en
tered the Inside of the left f.rm. fractured tho
bone nnd passed out on the outside. The two
last described wounds, from Ihe direction of
the ball, had been Inllh led while Donohue was
Iving on bis face, doubtless nfter his death,
which mutt have been Instantaneous nfter re
ceiving the first shot, 'thirteen fragments of
skull were found Imbedded In Hie brain.
an oi.n n ti t. i)iscori:iit:n.
Tho heart, lungs, kidneys, nnd other orjant
were remiirhably healtliy. tliougn the brain mis
Hindi. Ilelneeii the seventh und eighth lib on
the left side wa found the ball with whleh he
was shot on the night of September !!, s;o. It
hud not penetrated tho chest, and evidently had
not been probed for ut the time of tho shooting,
or It would have been found.
After the )suf tnortrm was concluded, the
body nu placed on lee. Tho funeral will proba.
lily take place on Wednesday, though It has not
been positively decided yet.
All afternoon aiiikeveulng crowds of personal
and political friends thronged Hie house and
took a look nt the remains of their friend Tom
Duuohiie. The murder nnd murderer were both
denounced by all partlet. and lis political effect
freely tlicu-ed.
Capt. llurden told n tt'N reporter that nobody
had been or would be allowed to sec the pris
oner. Two police oflkcrs snt outside Ids cell
door, and even Cad. Charles H. Spencer, the pris
oner e counsel, was refused an Interview with
hi client. Col. Spencer thought Itn hard case,
and add: "My client Is Insane. No one enn be
lieve that he would deliberately shoot Tom
Ilonohuo unless he wa Insane, thus fore
shadowing the line of defence.
I-aat evening Hie body was being watched hy
the sitters and brother-ln-luw of the murdered
mun, nnd a Sister of Charity. Had Donohue
lived hn Intended leaving for Havana next Wed
nesdaythe day on which he will probably be
itn: u on sr. ins vase.
It .Vlukea lis Apncitriilitr In llugbtlid I la
tiruleuce lu the South.
IaiNpON, Nov. 3. -The liorso disease has ap
peared lu several place In Devonshire. It Is
especially severe In Tiverton and vicinity.
WASlllNdTON, Nov. a. Tho majority of the
horse hero are now suffering from the louse
dlseitse, and others have premonitory s)iiiitoiu.
Yesterday It made its aptearnuco lu the lullroad
stables lu full force, mid In a few hour num
bers of horse wete relieved from work. To-day
none of the cars are running, the ow tiers gliln,
all their horses the benefit of rest. Ver) few
harks and private carriage were un the ttteets
to-tla), anil thero from necessity.
1'HiI.tHKI riil.v, Not.8. The horse disease it
Incrt aslni; under the Influence of iinfamraM
wo'thor. An effort was made to-day to run
dummies on the city tracks, but was ursiiccer.s
f ill, tho tracks not being suitable, the engines
constantly Jumping. Fen or no cars were run
ning to-da). 'iho 1,'ntnu line, the most exten
sive here, with Its tracks making it gridiron over
the whole city, announces that no cant will be
run on Monday. It Is thought that by the middle
of the week utfalrs will be a bad hero at they
were recently In New York.
Kingston, N. Y Nov. 3. The horse disease It
rapidly Increasing in this city. Ktfry livery
table I affected mid closed, and a hoi " cannot
be hired in the plucu. Some of the cue are
very severe, hut only one horse has died. A very
few private stable are unaffected, and horses
are seldom seen upon the streets, lteports from
the rural v Hinge a) that the disease Is prevail
ing there lu equnlly great proportion to tna city.
I ii in intra to be I'srd la Chicago.
("lilt vno, Nov. 3. Scarcely n horse wa seen
ontli. streets to-day, though the weather was clear ami
beautiful Ihe Mayor has rslled s speelsl uiietlugul
the Clly ( on. .ell fur to-motTow nlrht with a view tn
authorizing street esr cotupsults 1 1 ute dumm) t lulues
within the city limits. There will be many oven In u e
tieinorruw. Home hsve slrrsdr been put lutosertlir.
Haggsge wagons propelled by uiaa power were teen en
the atreett to-night.
llrlherr Must be Stopped,
It Wits lll'tcnilllU'll lit U ilU't'lillg of till!
Democratic mid Liberal Keptibllcan Kxecutlve
Committees, held on Saturday: First To pay
all persons who arc offered nnd refuse to accept
bribes at the coming election ifouMe li iimoiiiit
so ojtrtd, when, by their testimony, the person
offering or promising such sum ha been tried
and convicted for l is offence against the law,
Second To furnish tho fund nccoesary to
prosecute nil violations of the statute relating
to hrlhoiy In this State, whether It be against
person offering or nct-optlng such bribes
The Cliulrinuu of esch county committee has
been requested to Rive lhl subject his special
The I'lrteenlh Assembly IMli Irl-Wllhilriiis -ill
tif.Vlr. Joseph llnvv.
Wa have received a note purporting to be
signed by llmiiiat Htw.t audUUte lor Assembly In the
I in. - ii h District, tn wbirh be sura he has wii, trau u
from ihe t oniett, and urges his friends to mine wtiti
lilm hi the iipHirt of lr, Joseph Pltimeutlial
A Keitriii't .lliaiery.
Nearly two weeks ago Murray Freeiliinn, an
InlellU'i nt and much respected colored man living in
Newark, wst mined from hit home, and fr ,in his habits
hla lonir abtenee excited suspicion llitt all wst not
ll.-l.t. The diiecilvea iinilerlook lo Ira 'u lilm, but II a
out retult.and bit frlrndt hsve given up hope of sty
solid Ion to Hie 111) 'lirj.ls lieu his bony was found floa..
In K tn Ihe Psssati titer, near hesiney.TealtriU) after
noon. It was tsken lo Ihe r,ter hunk, where It w.it
ti'cmuted, and tlie auti.orli a s notified, An examination
of t'ie body showed thst there were wound In the
head wli.eh tnlc-tit possibly htte rattaru d ath t id
woiiiula and conlualoua u-iou Ihe bo, I) w bli li led tu t'ie
belief that the dead loan might bate I ecu niiir.'e'id.
lbewonnita may possibly bate been orcjsloned while
ihcbodt Mas Healing In the itaier, Hhhvii ii la tn ousi t
otherwise, ami s I'ohmoitim evsuiluailon has been
ordered to determine the cause et ileslh. An ttuiuett
will be held by Ihe lludtou counl) autliorllu s, w. o
have the matter In charge.
The Lulu .lira, Vincent Colter.
II ihicn, Conn., Nov. 3. Mr. Vincent l'n)er,
whose suiiiien deeesse wst published on esturdty, w as
a grand nitce of John llaueoek, the patriot, slid nut of
Ueu. 1 Uncut k, st aisled, The large concourse of t)iu.
pallitiing neighbors who hate visi'cd her remains oi
I onlriilinent Ulan I t'tllfy luw di rpli she was be
It lid Her funeral tike place on Mouday si et
Heorge'a church iIir.TjiiKlnf which tht wsss tut mber.
Au HutrHie by k Fulled Mules .luiWe.
Noill'OLK, Va Nov. 3. Twoof Ihetupervltors
of tleetluu lu Ihltrlly, tppoluted by tho chief Super
tltorof thlt httle, hate been removed for no ctnte h
JulgeJ.l. I'l'derwooil of the Fulled titles Circuit
Court. This it looked upou st a greut oiinus-e on our
people.snd will bring hiindicdt of totts furl.reelty
tbat he could not otherwise have obtained.
Chinese Converted lo Christianity.
Sl'lilMlilil P, Maes., Nov. 11.-Ch.ni Lul Sun,
IhoChlncse liuneiisl rmnmlssloner of Fdnealion, to.
gi'lber wuh Ins Kile, to dty jollied Urn .-.uutli loiifriga.
Ilonal Chiireh lu thlt city
First Assembly lllsliicl In Wcalchcslcr.
Thu Hon. Wllllmu W. Nllcs Is the cundlduto
fi.r Aairmhly of the I Ibersl Pepubhcant snd Deino
erilt In thlt uisltkl. l.tl tht frlvudaof lief enn vole
fur litui.
vAsimn ltr.nr. axi rnnnn nr run ' I
avx'H Riiponwits.
Anamallea af Hie Halslrnllan-Daveaort H
Stultifying Himself.
On one of tho first days of registration George V H
S, Ilsrnes, of the Orsnd Hotel. In tho Twenty-sixth Rlee ti H
Hon District of the Eleventh Assembly District, reals- "f
terodst his proper plsce, On Ihs evening of Hittirdsy, H
'M.S,tlieia.l,tsj of reglttry, he spplled st the pltct H
cf reglttry of the Twenty-ievonth Klectlon Ulitrlrt ol H
the ssme Assembly District, preaenlingsn "oalhof rs- H
tnovsl" from the dlairlet In which he bad slres 'v reijla H
trred. The nafi belns Imperfect, Hie Chairman, lir. W. H
i't Man oe, ot the Hoard of Inspectors of Iho T wcuty. H
aevrnth Election Kbilrlet, nsked Mr, Harms ninth ,r In H
had been tworn. The reply wst " No." whereupon Mr
Munroe declined to rrgltier htm. Mr. JisrnessallthsUie
did not then lit a lu thn lwcut-evtn!h i'lectloii Ills-
trlel, but liittmlcd lo move Into It en the fullawlnjr H
Mnndayi ou the tlrcugtli oj that Intention he had pro- H
enred the "osib of rcmotsl." Finding, however, that
Mr. Munros would not seeepl lilm. bo went swsy, sty. H
lug be would see Sir. Divrnport shout II. He soon re
turned, with t litter from Mr. Davenport rcqustln( tsV
Ihe Inspectors to regittir hum all thlt In fsee of tha fLJM
fact thst he did not live in Hist election district, aid LJM
did not Intend to rimove Into it uutll the Monday after LW
Ihe isst dsr of reglstrstloii. LW
Thomas Howard, eotu id, Is realtlercd sa living st IM
West IMrtle li atreet. Ills real residence Is In Weal
Twrnty tlfth street.
Patrick n'Nellot tit West Hilrty-seeond street, has
been uul West for som'i time, but s nun hta rectlstsred mrmm
In his name, snd of course la not eutltlud lu vote.
Defending his Wire and llrrnklnc Drunken
Itufllin'a -skull.
Last night, at o'clock, Patrick Hrsdy, rt-red
-i-i st. VI-I...II -J. j, li-..-.VI,n yhlls lni.sls.i .4
inttred trnierlek Hlivs's sisrliueuts, st iH flecs.nd
svenu. sud Insulted lilt wife. Mr. Sllvt, wnllt t-
teinnllng to eject llrnly, wit atruek byhhn ssvorsl
Him s In ihe face. Mrs. Hilrs's shrp l.s sou i called her JJH
busbsnd lohirsulc. At thlt Uradr r l 'tsed hit hold on
Mrs. hilta, sud elliiehed it llh her lnia3si.il. who, break.
Ing swsy, atnirk lir yon Hi head with tun bsrriJ, WXm
fntrtuting Ida s .till 11 air was sue nils I by Dr. llur- Wt
ton, of wrxiaeeoud steioi . who ordered him to Hrlle-nM
Ik.pllal. Sllvs w si locked up In tht Flil)ntutti stmt
pellet nation. H
Charges I'rcfrrrcd Agnliist Joliu I. I)aTt- H
A few days furn Mr. roster, of tlie law firm of H
(limy & Foster, appeared btfore Jnd.'e Woodruff la
Chsmliers and presmled thargst of mslfsatsnce In
ofllee stralnst rrmmlstloiier John I. Hatenport. Tha
chsres sre withheld for the present. Judge Meodrul
deelluid to take rction until Mr. bavrrpori bail av op
pi. ''-in ty tu be In ml. The .lodge, however, protnltcd
lo .ok into the faclt after the el cllon. 1
Another ;llu cninrcnl Temple.
The rotigregntlou of St. Ilartholomew's Church, H
who formerly wvltblppid lu laifsyrtte place, yestenlsy
held dltluo arrvlcu st their newchurth, Madison avenue
tnd Forty fourth ttrcet. Thtt beautiful edifice, olwhlck H
the Menrt. Ilenwlck & Randa are the architect!, It ot H
the llyiantltic ttyle, and la built of three dinercnt varte- H
t et nt sindtlene. The interior Is v try elsborstely fto- H
Ished. Tbe columns sre of poluhed Heeteh grsnlte.
The orgtn, built ly Mettrs. J. II. v C 8. Odell, Is oue of
the beat In the cits The bouse will teat comfortstdy
Lao people. Tlie cost, exclusive of Ihe ground. Is 1),. H
ito The building wi 1 be opeu to th" ptrjlic for Inspec-
jii iu Wednesday morning and evening, prevloua lo
Ihe rale of iiewt.
Despite the tnclemeney of the wevlber ths rhnreh wis
filled lo Itsutti rmoat capveii) , many prominent eltlceas
bring sinong the eongri gallon. Aftir the uiuslFplseo
psl aervleea, tn which ttio Hev.Dr. ssmuclCtHike olUrls-
led, lllthop 1'i.ttrr ascended the pulilt tnd dilltered sa H
rbtfiuent discourse, whteli wts listened to with marked mWM
attention. Atler congratulatim the eongreKatlou upon
the tequltltlun of their new and ivesutlful house of wor- .M
ship, hn gave t succinct history of the Church from the
time ef the Apostlet lo the present dsy. He asserted
thst tenisrkalile aa has been ihe hl.tory of the t'hurca
In tbe put, the future w uuld be atlll uiurr insrvellout.
A linost n IliirCerln Franklin Square. H
Thouins llenianl, nllas Scotch)-, who Is goner- H
ally to be foiinil loitering In Jstnei tlip, inetunrThoniaa H
McC.ulre. uf 1(0 Wctt tlreet.ln Ihe hallstyof s Cherry H
street tenemeut ou Bsturdty night, and asked bira what H
he wanted thirr. Mcdulro r, plltd that It wsi noneof H
his biisinets. Ibn they qusrrelled snd llerutnl. It Is
si d, was kroe'.td down. He wal'ied down Cherry
street lowsrd trsokltu sousre, followed by Mctlulre. H
Wisnlnthe square Melinite claimed to hste twin In- H
suUc.1 snd tiisl.teil iiH,ii liavlng sallsfsctton. He H
knocki d HerDsrd dow n sud thru tlaaho.1 his lac fright-
fa:iy tvllh s dlrx, alunilnj it Into bit left tlu-i'ksnd H
serissbtt note tu the right eh, e. tasking a wound
n e me o. in lengih. The ftel'l srierles weraseiend,
suit be reeelted Ii uircut on the left tldeef I. Is ne.'k. 1
ii'Tieer Kepy snd Curry, attracted by Hernstd's rrirs,
b .ttrned to the scene snit bit -strd "uctiulr-' Ju.t as ha H
Wat s'loat to plun the dirk Into his victim's heart. Her-
Hard was tsken to the Oak street police s'aitonnns
s'reuler. lie prt'teLted a most Ii Igutf til S,pesraijee.
h-r-isat KePy s, nt for an am nil re which arrlted H
w tit lir. wbosfi. rdnssiug Ikruard's wouadt,
tuuk hlin t.t e i ark llt apltat.
.Mr. I'nitdr O'ltell t's Attempt ol .-vulclde. H
I'alrlck Sarsfleld O'ltnllly wijs locked up lu the
Oik street pu'ire ttillun yetterltyon s chirks of In- H
t xlestion He eouipltlucd of ter -re pain In hit legs,
and sppesred unable lu stsnd up. lie was tsken to hit
celt. At toon ss tioorman llrown taw him b. Jeclarrt -H
tl.st n'lteil y would not be la his c. II tcu mlnntea lie- H
P re be would sitempt siiittde b) hsntfiiK nl, ii.elf. The 1
ooornisn's prid eilon was soou retiued. st Hie Irca
dour bad hardly been closed b lore he uisa prsrii.,B
to end Ida life. The doorman, however, wat on tha UJH
watch, tnd aaw paddy wind a bsndkerihl-f tlgtitly
aroui.d his neck, atep on the bench and atreicti himself
up almost to the highest har. II, then lied the ends la
tlie lar sud lespe I from tlie I enrh. Ths door was fm
ovtued b Ihe duormtn, who tut duwu tbe would bt H
tiilicer O'Toole tttemiited to puts atrslt Jacket ot
O'liellly. who ttrug led terribly. He kicked vljurousis H
and bit the oalrer's hand. Ii'l.ollly was finally bound
band and foot sud laid out In Ihe corrlior lth s pillow H
under I. It b-ad. lie rolled orf and kno-ked his hest H
sgslnst the tloue floor. Then be waa qtitct lor s time. H
Ilrnkr from Male Prison. H
Ou Saturday night John Hurley and Samuel H
Moody, sllst (leorgc Thompson, etitpcd from Blot H
Sing I'llt. m. Ther sre smong the mo.l dsrlag and de H
pcrate criminals lu tbe State. Hurley la a brother of
Ihe noterloui Dan Hurley, lie wst s frequenter of tht
thieves' dent In Ihe Fourth Wsrt. On tne Itth ef May H
llurle) wsa eonvtcted In fore JudscTrur lu Prooklyn ot
robbery In ll.e nr.! ileeri e snd tenteuee 1 to fifteen yesrt 1
in Mug Sing. He Is W )e.trs old, i b-et 1 Uiehes la
hettui, ruddy eompl.'Vlon, hsrel eyes, brown bslr, scar H
it sr Ihe corner of the right t ye. scsr on ttie left hsad H
teiw ee n tbe Ihb d ti.d lulls Hubert, and tiu ibrvs India
Ink tpott on tbe lefl band. H
bsiuu I Moodv. sllst (leortie Tboinpton, It tn expert H
crseksmati." Ills confedersiet are Johnny Dobbs snt
Dennis llrady. He wst eonvuted tieforr Judge Hedfonl
ou the llh of last Srtiteinber ot burglary in the I hlrd da-
gree, and tt nteneed to five ) enrs' Imprisonment. About
one )esr so hit mother, t'.usan .Vloodt, lived st CM H
tlrrenwiehttrret.snd his toother, V) tlllsni Moody, is
sides lu Witt Twintj-flrit tlrert.
A (Junrrel nt Hen Itenctteil In Tort H
I'.arly yesterday morning Henry ltenny, t I
1,'otchman, sgi-u77, t r.remsu of the tlesinshlp lluult- H
Title, wts ilangernutly rttblied st Pier IS, North rtirr. H
While on Hie up trip from svtsnnah ltenny had a dls- H
pute with Thomts Csrr. slio nrcmiu of the ssme H
stesmthlp, shout Fie food whiiti w-t trrved to ths
bauds. Its mi) iouiilalue,i sboul the food, snd Csrr,
who wat s friend ol the steward, took Ihe latter's part.
Ine dttpuie wts aeiilid at Ihe time sud nothlug mora fljl
st. thought of it tarr buweter.uiirsed the quarrel snd
tn 'dltsted rev i n-e. Hi un) wst lying tn ids bunk la tat H
for, rattlt when I arr and s Patrick .Murray, s comrade, H
entered, Murray aroured Heuiiy.and st he turne.1 la
hit lunik t srr tttubed bun lu tlie back with a large H
sheath knife, cutting tliroush Hie muscles and Inlllctlog B
adar.gerout wound, li'licer hlatln arresttd Carr, who
sat locked up by Sergeant Lonsdale la ths Chiirck
s reel police stsllon. Murrsr esctped. Kenu) wu B
liken tu the Psrk Hospital, when Ur. Amablls look
li 1 lit lu charge. Carr was held at Ihe luiubt, -
I'nllrriiii'ii Well F.niploied,
Oltlcer Frank Murphy ol the Fourth Ward
pillee list alnsdr ri si tictt some thirteen person
from drowning since he hit Inlni d Ihe force. On Ha
lerdty nhilit he s.l led another tn hit long list. Thomts
Miilth, of tl J-'.stev street, wslked uvt rbosrd st the foot
of Oliver street. Ills erlet wi re beard by Murphy, win
promptly rtn to the foot of Hie pier. With one bsiidoa
I Ne string piece lie but ered himself front the pier, sud
with i i uilii r he caught smith It) the bur, snd rescued
lit in tta lie was uliout trolug down the Istt lime. Lsr'y
yitlerda) mm ,lmr liulicr Aurousoa of the sauuiusrd
riM'iie.1 .Isines .Me)rmotL from droonlug at the fuel
of Peck slip.
The Knife In Ciithni iiie Street,
Daniel O'llulorun uf W Catharine atreet, and
William Moori of fsotlter street, Prt ttiert in Ua, has
au sllercatlou last nljiht lu Calliar.tn tlrert, In wlilcb
O'llslnran was slsbtu'd f uir limes In Ihe b fi tide, on
cers Pike slid KoHsll arrest ed Moure, slid hess locket
up lu the iisk sireel pulicf tiallou, sud II iltlorsu weut
lo l ark Hospital.
rHiirilcruii -..-null iu Mnlnu Mleet.
About 4 o'clock )t'hturdu) moriilngtitoi'olored
men, VMIIIjiii Allen sud John Manning, quarrelled at
ti boring atreet Ait.nciu vittmlug In set ersl places
i c-,ss Ihe face and In id. he also rate hlhl cut of
siioiil leu lui'li, .In leiisiii mi the bit arm. Manuluc
was taken lo Helirvue llospllsl. Aleurtaied,
l.'et iiiiiut and t lis Fulled Stitlca, H
llmu.iN, Nov. 3. Mr. Hincroft, the American
AmtitssJd'ir, soou aftir Ike Fiuprror's iltclslou wts
reudrred Is Ihe San Jusu boutultr) q'lrtllon, sppllrdto
Hie Foreign tiltlee for su terount of Ihe evpeuset In- H
curndbt Ihe llermtu tlovtrumeut lu the course of the
sihiirslloii, w.lli a tlet uf ri luiluitriiienl. Ilusasln-
formed lu rri'l) that Ihe tlnrman OuterniiKinl had ut
kill of etpeusct sgtlutt Hie I lilted Males.
The Il)de I'm lit I'eiiluii .Heeling. I
LONDON, Nov. 3. The hums meeting ut Hyde
Psrk to-day In fsier of amnetl) for Hie Keulsi. com lets H
wat very large and older!) . .Nu utliimit ttst tnste br H
the suilioriilit In Interfere with the roceedlnirt,
SiMt'rluswtre delivernl and rttolutloas sibqited do H
iiitndliig Ihe release uf Hie pilsoutrt.
Winter In Fumes! In Mil I lie. H
Al'ilteTi, Nov. 3. Tho Orst snow of tlie season
f' 11 thlt ev nlng The fall eontlaued tor nearly sn hour. H
Too llifrinuiiiu.tr uitrkcd I degrees suvo Irvctuig
pi lui

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