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r - 1 . . - I flVfl
f Mi(! 'II BA'ITLE.
Louisiana Emphatically Repu
diates the Usurper.
I -
twenty fire Thousand Liberal
Majority Claimed.
Grant Threatens the Voters with
i United States Troops.
Nr.w Oiim-ann, Nor. 1. l.otiU'riiin held
bor rrwddcntlnl mid Hlatc election to-day.
The. Stato ha uii(im.tloiiubly Rune for
Ot-eeloy ly twniy-flvc tlnniHtml majority.
New Orleans give twelve thousand
I (Jreeley nmjorlty. All the partial returns
Ironi tho country b!iow lnrse Liberal and
Utimoonillo piln.
Tim Fusion 8tnte ticket Is elected by a
tiMuLsomo majority; four Greeley Con
gremmen out of thu lx arc certainly
United tttnto. troops, with Gittllng Rim.
' were brought Into I tit-city this morning,
', j nnd other wore sent to Shicveport mid
other pliieo. Their object wn obviously
I to intimidate voters.
U Tho eleotlon xvn.s perfectly tittle!. Many
elorel men wtcd the Liberal tkM.
Ioulluni voted for President yesterday
In accurUiiut'o with special net of C'ou-f-rci-ss
which gave tlio people of thut Sialc
authority to vote for Presidential Khs tor
on the day of their State election, which
wm ycxtordiiy.
TUe AaiocUlrd I'reie Itelurne.
., New OiatsN. Nov. 4. The olettlon
1 throuRliout tho State pnsu-d off quietly to
day. No ofllulnl returns have been te
oolved. The Republican claim Hint they
ire 30,000 ttho'id in n'slstrntlon, nnd claim
that they have carried the State by thut
i The DwinoomtlcCt'iitralConimltleccluIm
the Stnto by S),W0 and the city by lO.WO to
I 12,000 majority, (lov. Warmoth thinks tlio
ft Hlut htw koiio for Crccley and Hrown by
I! ir,000 majority, and claims tlireo or four
V INuigres-tmon.
I' It w II probably be several doys before
ciioiikIi it positively known to ehow Hie
S result. '
a. sivnvr.H rovnrr.r.x ruins aho.
A Woman then nn Alleged Accomplice Turn
ing l. ni u Drunluird In Ihr I'unrih uril
- Iter lleeogtililon of sergeant Kelt).
On tlio lm ol Apt II, 1H5S, a man while
raking fir old Iron und Junk In the East river,
oppoilto lteektirui street, on tlio Ilrooklm side,
hauled up tlio lxdy of n young man. which had
Tory ajiarunre of having mrt an untimely
death by violence. Attached to tlie mltldlo of
th bod y liy cord w a Mulsh stone, wrlcliliiK
doiuir l-i ioihuIh, The rori'.'O lind etldriitl)
lrn In llio wntpr hut short tlmo, the clollilnir,
tialr, Ao., tielticcloAii, ml therouiitrnanct rlrar.
Tlie man lid thin fr.tturf.. blue r)K, and fair
hair. Hi. wm attired In a black cloth frock coat,
wltn llk llri'iie. dnrk imntK, nent, wrll-inula
ualtem, and a nallti to k The hodr ua taken
to the lltiekmati alreot police nation hjr tlio
Ixiatman, who tlinuulit tliut w York curnnarn
iiald more fur IhkJIch found In the rlvvr than the
irooklyn roroner.
The (Hidywai round I)Iiil' at the bottom of
a ilmik. The noundi hail hern nude nith a
A Unite or a similar Instrument, and had pene.
F tratd to the heart. The man'e linntalnon
? pooketa had been turned Inside out. A sold
chain, to which wm attached a circular veliet
oorurod caae, eontalnlnir a darucrrcottpo of a
young lady, waa concealed under tils tlothiuir.
rivrgrnnt Kelly, of the OaU atioet police station,
was trMi In the llrvkmaii street poller station,
and to Mm the cae was rcportu!. The body
pnnred to be thut of Charles Samuel, UM rare,
who rt.ildod with his parents at 'Vi Adams
etrnot, lnokl)ii. ills parents were Inttucntlal
and wealthy The likeness was of a Mls Cur
tUs. to whom tie a paylinr hi ndclresc. The
INilloe learned that lie had been lth 'I homas
rurtlse, an oyster dealer at llnrllni; slip and
8outh street, l'utrlck Kenton, unit llllen Malnue,
sthn lived with CiirtUs as llU wife, at II o'clock
on the nlclit preiioix. The threo ere arreOed,
and OiirUa denied eter halm; seen ramin l.
lie was nut beliered then, lu liu bore a bad
ITorthreo days the police searched the New
ITork waUtr front for stones similar to the one
tUd to Hamuel's body, without flndliiL' any. The
Ilrooklrn aide was searched, and beinern I'uW
ton and Catharine terries, In a stupe yard, stones
of the aame kind were found.
At the time of the murder Baiauel hud from
Jl.'itiifa) on his person. One Hmltbu n, em
ployed in a law office at ft Ileektfan treet, wax a
rival of rtainuel In the affections of Miss CiirtlM,
and It was known that he had entertained III
feelltiK toward Samuel, lie was anr.ted.
Coroner Gunnery held the Inquest i but no direct
orldence oould be prudured upon which the
persons supposed to be Implicated could he
held, so Utey were all discharged.
The only survlor of ttiee persons Is the
woman, Curtis died from itcHrtiiin tiemeiiK,
IKeaton Is supposed to have been killed. It Is
I "t kiuiwii whether Hmltlison la alive or nut,
I hnr thirteen years lUlun was nut seen In thU
I oily s but on Friday evenluc she became Intnl.
oatiMl In the fourth Ward, and was arretted by
Offloer Harris and taken to the Oak street police
Htatlon, whore Borceant Kelly was In rhartie.
The eriaiit reoofiilied lierj and when he
asked fur her name ahe was Mtrtleil by tlio
sound of Ills voice, nnd, nntwItlntanUlnir that
Hlie was under the Intluencu of liquor, louked
1 aharply at him as he a.'iked her If she did not re-
I ro(nli him. Her eyes wero wild and her de
li lueauor was suddenly chanced. 8h said, "Are
I y.","" rterireant Kelly (iood (lod I I didn't
think I would ever be brmwht before you again.
W hen I think under what circumstances I wa
broua-ht before you the last time, a deathly
ahlver p.wnw thruUKh ine." Hhe said sbo was
llvlnz at IH Hookevclt Mteet. She was locked up,
and sliuttlyafterwardvlslteilbythe serL'.'uut and
'!." reporter. Khe was commiinli atlve on
svll subjects eireptliic tlio murder of fouilcen
years airo, When that was hrouched slie hunct
her hewl and was silent. When pressed for a
reply, alio mid s " Vou don't want me to commit
I myself," Where she has hcoit since the murder
was oommltU'd she would riot tell,
! Letter from the Asslanec of the ."larkl
Hnvlnis Hank,
re ( h uiiyr or jlit .Sim.
8m Nn second dividend has yet been ilei larrd
by It Muriel Sjvlnm Hank, and It l ntterly Imnoislble
Voflt, iuio ar.) crrtaioty, ujioo the pricl.eilale whtn It
I'.,Il!!r.',.'.'li1r'"1 A"""' '! r.nshle of rant.) eon
m. LijiHii '."."r'' "' "'isuste iflD the Drat dividend.
My earnr.t eu.learors arc i.,w uni'li to i.tilaln .ettls
K:si4n'r"th!L'v:r.'!,'""",! " "" "'"
many or thitss nart es an- a. t,oi r In e.tste llieV ar
incharacur. ami a mure dim.-ult or liafa.!u.B talk ill
never set f.(or an a.tgnre and lil. r.'un.rlT " til"!
are prorcMlnir slowly win, the ork, and It everr effort
RSit "' I s mi cl. id""iefor"
the olwv of th year. Vtry rfiii.cttullr.
i'. . Hoiiui, Auljoee.
IT lie King- of Hnxony'a (Inlilen Wcitillng,
Diiudln, Nov, 4, The cold en weddlnir of the
ttlnir and Queen of Baionynat K lilmti rt here Inilty
lth eplendlil and Imposing ceremonies. Tlio orcailnu
si was maile remarkable by the presence of Ihc Knitiirnr.
Kifinres., and Crown 1'rinre ot (.erinanr. wlm thu. clre
firoof of the rrsloratloii of nood feellim betaeea
l,e lierinaii and fiasun courts, Au.i.ng the tilled uiir.ia
were ali i four liukes of fiaiotiy, the Archduke (Tisrlei
Uoulanf Anuria, the two draii-i liuiisnf M, i Wlc bu-,
and the t'mini of Klr di rs, 'Hie epni sir liinlnt
K '( ' ' t r
.i.v ixriiSTint's sviviim.
A riDalrlnn'a Advice IIUreanr.ini - I'.ntlle
I'rnvoal's I, net lllaiiiipaliiliiieul Tempo
rnrr Inaiinlly nnd llenlh.
Yestertlny nun iiIiik Kmllo Provost, a
Vrenclininn. died at his residence In Wnshlnston
plaee of poUon, taken on Frldav nlflit. He had
been a profe.aor la the sclentlfle school of Bor
bonno In I'arls, and both In his own country and
In Iceland he had achieved great celebrity as nn
electrician nnd machinist. Four years aeon train
In which he wastrnvollltiKln London met with an
accident, In which a number of passotnrers wore
Injured, Provost was acrlously wounded In the
bead, and tioier full) recovered, llewnannrned
at the time thnt aberration of Intellect would
follow If hn used Intoilcatllitf liquors.
One )ear avo I'rm'ost. then forty-four years of
axe, eame to New York and took a loom li, t'tit
verelty llulldlni;, ill lUst Wnslilmitoii pliuo, In
partnership with Adrian llahlat, a brother set.
enll.t. ToKether thevcomtdetod more than one
useful Invention, nmuni: which was a novel kind
of L'alvnnie battery, the Idraof which, nccordinit
to i'rovost, waa stolen by a friend to whom ho
explained It, Hecentlytlie partners turned their
nltentlon to the construction of an electrlo ma
chine which was to do all the work of a four and
a hnlf horse power endue, and. unoim othor
things, might be rendered of Inestimable service
as a substitute for horses In the street cars, (sci
entists to whom Provost applied were willing to
purchase bis Invention provided they were al
lowed to w lines the stitl.-fui tor) workluir of the
model', but this l'lov.st. with n morbid dread
of a repetition of lu former disappointment,
was very reluctant t.- nr. tit
At length n company was ni ,rpnrat.-d. which
was desirous of ni.ikimi terms l li him. and he
eonscnted thnt his model should be tried In
their presence. On Friday, bis hmoll. ti not
wurktliK so siitlsfn torlly a he had niilb ipated, j
he became despondent, and drunk to ei, e-s,
Isltinir the theatre la the uvenluir. The result
was, as had been foretold four yeura previously,
a Partlsl demmrement of Intellect.
S.iturda) inoniltitt was set down for the trial
of the model, but when the persons who wero
to nltn as it arrived, they found the Inventor
unable to rise from Ids bed. On hcluir question
ed, he admitted that he took a lart; dose of
laudanum the nlitht before, lie said he had
used It merely to Induce sleep, hut the quantity
taken leaves no doubt of his Intentlonto commit
suicide. He llucered until yesterday morning.
Coroner llerrmaii held an Inquest.
The I'nrt Jett'craon Church Maintaining Its
Hlghte nnd Hurling Defiance ut the llnp
list AaoclntlonA I-'Inuilug Letter Iroin
the Iter, .sir. .Ii.nee.
At the llftii utmtial session of the Lone
Island baptist Association, held last month
In Uabylon, the llcv. I'. Krnuklln Jones
appeareil as pastor of the I'ort Jetlereon Church,
ills right to claim that title was doubted by the
association, as It was said that Mr. Jones had
once severed hit connection with the llaptdt
Church, and become an adherent of the Presby
terian faith, It was eiperted that the Iter.
Messrs. 11) utt Smith and Hr. I'ontncost would
be arraigned for practising open com
munion, and as the arraignment would Involve
the question of Individual church rights as op
posed to the authority if the association to de
termine them, Mr. Jones's rase was looked
iikiu a.s a test. After a spirited debate tlio as
sociation struck a middle course, allowlnc that
the i'ort Jefferson Church had n rlitht to send
Mr. Jones as ,-t delegate, but doubting his tight
to appear as pastor of the church, and recom
mending his parishioners to call .route II to set
tle Mr. Jones's standing.
The I'ort Jefferson church have i-sued a pro
test, w hlch shows that the) do not think as the
Assuclatloii did, and which. In fact, hurls the
most worldly brand of defiance at the body
which attempted to tell them what to do. The
protei.t sa)s that the baptist church at Port
Jefferson acknowledges "no head but Christ,
nnd no nntliorlt) In mutters of fnlth, church or
der, mid din '.plme but the New Testament;"
and that "the lmg Island baptist Association
tun trnn-cendinl the limits uf Its authority, nnd
through the Influence of unsuspected and de
signing men, for the aceoiiq ll.nnicnt ,,f a bae
purpose, has erected it-elf Into no nhg.iri lit."
itid "h.is tyranh alii and with lifio rlsy nt
tempted tosehe. arraign, try, and i!m Inline our
pn.tor a. one of Its meuiuers."
The protest goes on ti speak of "gag law,"
"depilwitlou of the sacred right guaranteed to
every citizen of our free llcpublic, "ajerrd
boons," " priceless gems," and so forth, nn 1 re
wdves that the i'ort Jefferson Church views
"with disapprobation and alarm the Insidious
approaches of such forms of spiritual t) runny
upon the Independent) ami sic red rights of
baptist churches," ami the efore enters It sol
mn protest. st)llug the action of the Associ
ation "acrellglous Indignity," und tendering
their pastor unbounded ennudence and support.
Mil. JO VIS'S I.KTTI'.tl.
The itev. P. Franklin Jonee has come out Willi
a llnmlhg letter, which op ois as follows:
7oll(ee yl.or.l hrlgk; l).t.. f.'l.' r 1 Its ,Vw
Pier ni.rt C'r' '1 .', .
Mn, Eiutos In your paper of the 21th Pit.. in elvlnc
an arriiuiit or the tlolnga of ine- I.ng Island linr list
Assih Utl'in at Its late ee.sloli, yon sj
"The Port .lecirrsun thnrin seiitssth,. ps-tn- IP v.
1. Franklin .Iniua, whom they rrc i-.t u a ItiP-r
tilled July. lshv. laklugno notice ut t . ei t'.st ct
lit cemher, ls9. he was rnrolltd t. a lu t..eer ef th,
l'ri(ti)le;Un tliurth," Ac.
Mr. Jones's letter continues, with man) Italic -
"Tsking no nntlee of the fact"- Ihit Jut iri.si
' A. II. ( anwell, Ksi.," atttlnrteit In nuke thes.-o-tuiltn
tielleve, vlx. - that I had crept Intn the Port
Jrflrrson chnrtli without letting the fhtirch li ,.u- ihat
I had been a niemur of a l'rub)tery. I kll.rd that
sllitht tletlatluii fruui the truth at the as-ociaiion,
Kt len wa. i'ie rras, in why " A. II. faiiu. II. Jlnj V re
port was r, roiiunlttcil . and mm here It Ibt a;ain.
apretd out before the ncr-omlnatton and the world lu
your paper, ami ground up il.arp on the bark for a
I stioiild hardly think of liking nu to correct any
fabrication that you mUhl puhll.li merely ronceniltiir
lue , but this 1. kueh a two-etlged Ihlt.g t .at it rt.ts liolfi
wart-eut the chunli. I beg jou la luiurc to spare
Mr. Jones then shuns wlui action h had
taken on his standing lu the llaptl-t Church,
and says s
MiT A est IK.
It thus app.irs Hut, in my return to my own Uennui
Inatlon, 1 pad the unammona attlonot three baptist
churchi s of no tnesn standing, sod. in petting into the
I'ort Jetlermn ehnrch, tha sanction of two llaptlsh
rhnrclcs besides the one rectlrtng nie. If joucsu In
form the denomination how I conM have gotbsek In any
Irtlahtrr, or stronger, or more Par Halle nay. let 11s
hate It Perhaua I may be lndoe-,f in try It lor tin
gratlOcsttnn of the mils nUgarcbv In the soulheait
corner ol Brooklyn, In whose behalf and Interest " A.
J", Uaowell, i:sq.," brouht the milter Into ihe Loos
l.lind Assoelsllon. fine thing t tau .ay to)uu.sir,l
am not a sneak lu anything that I du for (iod and iimn,
and tt I hid an enn-l rhunee with yourself and others
to he heard, wonlu put every set of my life since 1 gal c
iiiyi'lf to Chrl.t as .tralght as 1 bate put till..
Mr. Jones nays that the i'ort Jeffcr-.tin church
was fully Informed of ids atandliu, and he con
cludes aa follow , ;
.," A' ,l'..r,r''1 ';.'." tils slders and abettors, have
the credit of the boldest and limit audacious attempt to
aubvert and suppltint tha Intteiietnleney or liaptut
churches, and tn corrupt a baptist Association, that
was ever madii la this country, Its rules of
order were privately violated by partita to this
atf.tr. nnd Us minutes were luutllatut and rendered
false last year without a shadow of authority from the
body, solely to keep m name from appei.rlng therein t
and Hits year, In open vlotstlon of Art. (li. of its consti
tution, It was induced tn orfcr Its unrotlclted adltce tti
Ihe puft Jefferson church, by way of coercing the
church Into Instituting disciplinary pn , e dings against
Its pastor, H Is euourli, sir, In nuke honest Ilaptlsi
blood hot, und If Paptl.ta du not w ake up tu the danger
they are In from the power of suih mm the denomina
tion will go In pieces, and spiritual anarchy will take
Its place. I'rrhsos, h) the lime you get through your
espianatlon of the rigl.t of the association to Interfere
In this mslter. the denomination will see that there
was aotuetblng tlse at the bottom of this movement
thin what ippein on the surface.
err 111 is orTjxit i otjs it.
DKN1 .s'tl.ul.SAI'IDXH run KIM.w 1.01 M'V AKD
For tlovernur,
1 or I.I. ulinsnt tluv. rnor,
CIIAt'M FY M. liFI'Ktt'.
Fur t'unal t'umnil.sliiuer.
JOHN F. III'llMAItll. .li:.
For Icsprctor of Riate Prisons,
fcMis c, ItltoiiKH.
For Miurln",
For Commissioner of Lhartitei -1st District.
JOHN J. Will ru.
For Commlssluuer 0(1 hsrlllr.-?d DlttrUt.
For .liiitirs of the hessloos.
Judjte of the riy Court of Itrnoklyn,
IIAMFl. 1'. I1AIINAKD. ' '
For Police Justice,
JAMr.h hsljlWhllK,
For Justice of the Pi ure-Flnl District.
JOHN lll.I.MAI;.
For Justice of lbs I'r ace-Pecond District
(In nil i si m, nil,
ha viii 1. LYxvh.
Il Justice) of the IVaee-Seeon I Mstrlit
(I nil Icriio,
Pori i.'i.. .flh p,.re Plllh Dlttuct.
Til I! IMlltlSOXVt) IlltOKEItS.
Wnn.lliull sm list Clnllln Indicted, final Stephen
I'etirl Aiulreww Arrested - Col. lllood
tlnbrnsed Out of Ihe Police Court.
Tito fuse in which Victoria Wood hull
and Tennle C. Claniu nro secured of sending
obscene literature through the I'nltcd ftates
malls was called before. Commissioner Oalioru
yesterday, at 1 o'clock P. M. An Immense crowd
had gathered outside the Court liutiso doors,
and pushod and crow tied eaeli other like frenzied
animals In a menngerlo In their efforts to gain
The accused women entered the court resvtn
half an hour before llio appointed time, both
attired as mi falurda), and letorla haling her
little daughter Zulu, aged nbout ten years, with
her Assoonastho door was opened the Im
mense crowd poured Into the court room,
tumbling over each other ami over the seats In
their entteaiois to secure eligible posit Ion a.
The Commissioner called tlio ease.
Counsel for the accused snltl they were ready
to proceed, in accordance with the adjournment
granted by the Commissioner on Hnturda), the
Commissioner haling then set down the case for
a healing yesterday.
Assistant District Attorney (len. Davie said
that the eae hail been taken before the tlratid
.liny, thnt nu Indictment lind been found by
that body, nnd bench warrant,. Issued for the
arrest of the accused. Tble at Hon he pre.
eumed, as n matterof i otit-se. took tlie case from
the Jmlsdietlon of th Commissioner.
The Commissioner salt! he li.nl been Informed
of the fact that the (Irnnd .Itir) had found In- .
db'tments against the nceused. and that Pencil I
warrants hail licen Issued for their nrresl. Ills i
Jurisdiction theiefore . ca-c.l.
Counsel said he w. old li'tve been surprised at '
tlio aiiiinum eiuit.i that Indictments had been
found li.ul he nut alt . .ulv heard of that fai t,
haling been present ut the time the llrnitd Jury
came Into court. His t liepts ete prepared to
go on with an examination, anil had a perfect 1
defence. This paper, which was so much com
plained of, and which was the c.iuse of the arrest
of Ida clients, was III n i setiro all obscene publi
cation. If It were olnceiie.thcn the lllble.Shake
speare's workti. the works of Itrd llyrou.nntl
oihur books, whl, h had obtained a general circu
lation and had hitherto been eoustdered unob
jectionable, wero obscene works, and roiise
qiuntl) llr.ble to the same objections ngahi-t the
paper published by bis t llelits. This prosecution
had been commenced for reasons of which he
was personally cogiitzunt, but which he would
not now stale.
The IftmM bad published verbatim the very
matter e-'inplvliied of, and doubtless thousands
tfi'i.phsof Hut paper hid been deposited tor
transmission through the malls, and vet no word
of complaint had been raised against that news.
paler. H by wore such Invidious distinctions
made? Ills clients had been pitched upon In
hot hate, three warrants having been Issued
ngalti't them almost simultaneously, and Indict-nicnt-
bad been found against them with an ex
pedition almost iiiieiamtded.
If bis clients were to be Indli'ted for publish
ing obscene nutter, why were not the llri tM
and many other pniep which had been publish
ing from time to time matterof n far more "b
s ene character prosecuted, and as vigorous
measures taken against them as against his
clients- 'Ihe defence was ready tu answer lm
n.edlu'ely, mill could completely vindi
cate the eoiir-e of the nceused. An ar
gument had al-o been prepared attaeklng the
constitutional!!) of .ti-e nil under whhh the
warrant had been issued, and eoun.cl were
mu. b chagilncd to lind that they had been thus
debaired from entetlng liumetllately into their
defence. The a 'ctoed felt that they hint been
mnde the victim of n er.t'l ixrseeiitlon. Insti
gated b) persons who dare not come forward
ami had , loaned t.,cuisclic s behind the power
of the Culled Mites. If the accused were to
be piinNbeiL the Itible Soetet) ought to be pros
ecuted for semlliu ubroad through the malls
obscene publlciul us. Punishment tn this ea-e
would set a precedent which should not bu
uiHile. as there was no Just reason for di-. rlinln
atlug between the publbatlou of the paper In
question and tlio Publican .11 of the lllhlc and
other w.irksalreadi mentioned.
The Coinmlseloner asked the Dl.ttlet Attorney
If the Marshal was present with the bench
tlen. Dalles, without replying to the Commis
sioner, raid that the remarks of couns.-l would
have been very appropriate) before a Jurt. but
wire entirely out of plnee on the present occa
sion. Counsel said that his clients hail acted with
pcrf-i t ItiDocee, e 1 f guilt) Intent, even admit
ting that the Us covered the a e. The) had
published matter no more objectionable than
what had been published almost eicrytlayln
periodical". In this city, and they never thought
lor onemonient thut they were vlolatliigthe law.
In fact, the women had published the articles
lu question from the In -t of motives, viewing it
from their standpoint. Tlie) believe that thev
wete Inspired In the holy e upc of rice jove, mid
had been moved by a higher power to pohll-lt
tlio niultirlti question, and the) believed that
they weru entitled to a .peed) eiauiiii.it ion. a. id
he b iped If It Was possible, that. not llli-latul-log
the Indictments, the examination should be
proceeded with Immediately.
Tim Commissioner said that It was not only
utiiieceesar) bjt that It would be utterly
futile to have 1111 examination, since tlie
tlratid Jury had found the Indictments.
The Oraud Jury was a higher tribunal
than the one which counsel was now before,
and no action which the Commissioner might
take would be of any effect now that the Grand
Jur) had acted, lie was nut called upon to paa
upon the merits of pe eas, and all he could do
now was to se that the defendants were sur
reiideietl Into Ihc hands of the Marshal In obe
dience to the bench watruots which would now
bo si rved upon them.
The bench warrants were then served by the
-Marsh il, bull being lived In tlio same amount,
".ol fin each defendant, tlx had previously
been ltxid by tlie Commissioner Counsel asked
thi) Distil, t Attortif) when the case would be
se do w 11 fur trial, t ho District Alt irney irpl)lug
that the innl will probabl) take place In the
course of .1 few days, tint counsel would have
ample notification of the time.
Mis. Wootlbull ami Mi' I Istlln were then
taken to Ludlow stieet Jail. During Ihe after
te on they were visited by 11 few Irlenda ami
their co inel. besides Mr. Train's offer to be
e '014 tin r lionds.t nn. several others have sight
lied their resdlnesa to become eecuritv for their
appearatii e for trial. The accused feel confi
dent ot their acquittal. Their brokerage ofnea
nt its broad street is In charge of personal friends
who aro conducting the business.
Mephcn Pearl Andrew was arrested In the
afternoon on .1 warrant Issued by Justice Fow
ler, und taken to Jefferson Market. He was ad
mitted lo ball in :.vai. Mr. Andrew is . barged
with complicity In the publication uf II omIiu(
iiti't f f'ttm a II tthty,
Col. Mood's counsel has procured a writ of
ml., ii rurpuj from the Supreme Court Cham
bers returnable to-morrow.
He Yaat home Hoed llnoka for bis Sunday
Scbnol, Hud Kspiitlalr upon Ihe lleHUtlt
ef 11 Doubli Itarrelleil I'lsiol.
. "wlAe AT. onH ;iMo,rul.
Duvr.it, Oct. 3. U',i.
MvllPvlt Hoy: The double-barrel that
)oii aenl came safely to hand, and I was only
shot atom while carrying It home, bill Hitvcr
popped at me from behind the fence as 1 was
passing his house, but I had loaded the two
shooter aa stKin at I cot tt, and he didn't Jump
fioiu behind that fence but once,
1 am irla.il that ono of tlio barrels Is a tlfle, aa I
needed It for long range practice. Thu other I
can load with buckshot, and can riddle a wait
nicely at cloao quarters. I mean to try both
barrels on those Jettswhen I meet them. You
see, old man Jett stole a mule from us In the
war, and pap laid for him ami killed him. Then
Nigger Tom Jett, as we call him the black-facet)
one -ho laid for pap und plugged him. Then I
picked up a fuss with Tom, ami cut lilin Into
giblets, and since that time his brother Ham has
been la) lug fur me. 1 know It I. Ids turn, but I
think my double-barrel will prove too much for
If you want to see fun. come down for a while
and bring u title. It don't make any difference
which side you belong to, and It Isn't cvoii ne
cessary to Join the inllllla. It Is ey to M up
a griulgu against somebody, ami all vou have to
do Is to la) for your man and knock him over,
behind my pig-pen It one of the best hiding
places 1 know of, anil It Is so handy. A good
many people come within range In the course of
n week, and a nun can pass his thuo right
I wish you would send me a catalogue of Pun
day school books with the prices, If there nro
any In St. Louis, if wo can get tlieia on tlmo
wu will lake a big lot of books. I nm Superin
tendent of the baptist Sunday school now, and
am running It under a full head of steam. Old
man llyers. who waa turned out, Is right mad
about It, and swear; that he will elm w 1110 up ;
but ho will chaw lead If lie don't keep clear
of me.
My wife wants to know If you can't send her a
set of teeth without getting measured for them.
Her t set waa bu. ted all to Hinders by n pistol
shot thut went through her mouth, but It didn't
hurt her tongutf. Write soon to
o v,.mr "lend und pard, John Cask.
l'.S.-That sneaking, oruory russ, Ham Jett,
crept tip Inst night und tired ut ine through the
window-, but ho didn't happen to kill embody
eieept a nigger girl. I mean to go fur him,
though, tn-dny, nnd will be glad of tha chance
lo try the double barrel.
Interesting to Itrpentei.
The Liberal KepubllcuiiK and Dcuiocuta of
New Jeise) oiler a reward of IJOu fur eviry person who
il.ail be detected, arrested, and convicted of fr nubile nt
j iitiiu- or of procuring liuiululcnt voting. r nf iiiiuln.i
fiaiiiliileut reiurus In ihe Mste at the coming November
eli nu, n Kuril rewards t ) the aim, mil uf tic 00 u 111 lie
paid, upon cum Icllon, lo the pirsou or piranha who
shiil be Ihslitimcntal lu dttsaluz suili fiaudi and ar
1 i tii .ti 'ters
asi ri.osi: at 4 v. ti.
Carinas Tarn or the Mnjorallr Itnce The
Helling Men Aalonlsbetl-O'llrleu Not le
be Neat Itlnynr of Nevr York-A New Co
salltlon Uuiuoreri.bat What Not Known.
On Saturday night (ho Custom House
gang hired twenty men to tro up to Johnson's to
hull tlio pocla for Havetacyer. Tboy succeeded
to the satisfaction of the O'Urlcn betters until
their money gave nut, which was long before
the end of the evening. Tluin O'llrlen stork
went to the front nnd steadily maintained that
position until eleven o'clock hat night, when
things took 1 sudden nnd unexpected turn.
All evening Johnson's rooms and Thomas's,
where the Pull mutual ihioIs have been opened,
were tlirougixl with old stagers In politics. A
very heavy liuslnee waa done, in Thomas'
O'litlen was the favorite, lu Johnson's tho
pool, ran Ilk this ;
. ft- l.iir- ti. lute-
roVoOI. M;f . Ce. tt'll.t Mer. lenee.
IW PO l tin Hid 50 '
i ro si an in so
Shi r lai nn m as
H.V no III pil 01 !U
Aboit II o'clock It became known that John
Morris. cy had bet Chris. O Connor f l.nuo to t:iJ
that O'litlen would not be next Mn)or. Further
Information showed that Monlsaey had staked
overt hi.irai la this manner. On Inquiry It was
ascertained that Hherldatt shook was doing tha
nt.io thing on tho lv nil last week, and
tint he hid Invested from II.Vl.KO to
fj.i.l'ii. Mr. Hhook soon made Ids appear
ance, nntl tn confirm the rumor, began
taking all bets 0f to $i.on that O'llrleu
would tin Mavor. This created a decided stir.
-Mr. Hulllvati. the contractor, sailed lu with t.'M.
IMI, nt otitis of f Mill to f 7(0 against O'llrleu. fill
more, of the I ullfornl.i clg.,r store, took i"i.nu)
of the same. Jimmy Kelly nlsti bet heavily
against o'llrlen. James M' l'loud followed suit
to the tune of li.tol. Mr. l ord ami Charley '
Hansom also bet from $".isj to f.l.u.1) each
against O'llrlen. .
This frightened the O'llrlen men. and they
drew In their horns a little. A story went out
that Lawrence's friends anil llaveiuoyer' friend
hail 1 tune together and ngrcetl to concentrate
their vote to-day upon one or the other candi
date It was supposed to be llaveuiever to de
feat O'llrlen. While many disbelieved this
story, the get ernl Impression was thnt a new
deal of .some kind Is 1 oliteinpliiled.
Among the heaviest betters on O'tlrlru am:
John O'lionnell, IIVlsl to t Ji.is.ai: Andv Hhee
han. H'olai: Oeurge Flnnegati, t-M)! William
Hleele. ti.ii.si: Mr Von llelmer, tin.(Xi;
James McOowan, fl,(i: Mr Itodger. to.mi
to t,ai; Mr. Montgomery. t'-MiU; and
Jack Kavanagli, fl.UO to (VuO. Neil
Jones Is also belting heavily on O'llrlen. I'cter
Mallun nml Tim. Ihnu. the billiard player,
have been taking long odds on l-iwrence to a
very he ivy extent. Joe Crochernn Is on the
fence. He lias attended Ihe pools every night
prepared to bet. but never could muke up tils
uiiud which candidate to select.
A Card front Mr. Lnvsreuce.
7o"e I'd'i.u iht 111; f rr Fell.
1 am Informed that 11 circular Its teeti pre
psred t-y ene of the rival csu lldates for vtsyor sn
nouuclng Ihat I bsve wlihdraan from the tontt-l.
I desire to ny that there la nolrnthln tbe sistreirnf.
and that I ahall be a candldite until the closiug of the
polls, an 1 cuufidrntly t ipect lo he else P-l.
.'.unto w It. Lawrg't r.
(inltl-l'eu I'olel'a Cniitlldale Mill In the field.
It wav ritporetl yesterda) that Mr. William I".
Ilatemejer bid retired from Ihe Majuraliy contest.
Last nlybt aSt.s ieiMirtervUlle.1 the rooms of ihe com
nitihi ofPevenl), Lverelt llou-e. and met Mi. tohu
Foley and Mr, Ilavrtnejer, Jr.
Il porter (to Mr. Filer, whu wa flourishing one uf
bp own gold pen-!s th rumor trae that Mr. Ilsve
merer has wtthdrswu Ironi the rsre
)Ir Foley- sir. Tbe rumor Is not tnte. It wss
stsrted ss a dvdge lu make votes or one uf the ulher
I leper. rr , Innocent!) -VTMih one, Mr. l'elev
Mr. I'olej ll's 1.01 (na, sir. I.iuc ine, w ill jou ?
writing) I'm ver) liusy nit note.
the n purler nevl .unght Mr. llareme. er. Jr.
Ileporl'-e Is II ie init ;otie talhcr lias wllhdrawn
from the race, vti. Haveni very
Mr llivrtue)er Jr -No', air s It Is n' t true. Father
wltln.n an.l ishiistrc a tvrge pie'cagt 1 ere ar sou
of ht tit kels. If.ouare gulrg tmr us) tske "lue ef
taese ait dl.trllinie th, in
It. Iirt-r So. I lhauk )uit. sir (l. t.d 1 'ght.
Mr lla.cuiej.r.Jr. ..uimi nig.it sir.
I ThU the Vt'erl. uf lliiveiueiei'a ( oiiiu ll of
Pnlltletil Itrfiirni '.
'I hoiisnnds of circulars, beaded wlih a heavy
cro... eetiing un 'l good I alhullc. tu vide for Kerna'i
nd uther t alhullo. on Ihe l.lbenl llepubllcan ticket,
were not v.stiKiy tu many I'rotesiint Democrats
and bits mi ;,-pu, heaos. Hiev were prtiii.'U and ilc
rulitrd under the lu.piceauf ihe llrani pirrty.
Dnvriiporl'a lllrecllons 10 Inspcetnrs, u
privlsor', und I'utl Cleil...
1 he Instructions to the Cnltetl State. i, Inl
deputy iiisrilial.. In rrlallon to their duties to day, have
alresdbeen pnbllihed, and the following, tn brief, were
th dlrei tlon. to Mate Inspectors and poll clerks, and to
tne I nlted Mate supervisors of electloo.
7" ' re roil.. 1 JTti itt ; ..-polls open at and
elms at I n . oitr may rhalleuge any one ottering lu
."!'', r' """'ring 1.1 vol ou imiuralfivtlon papers,
dat. in snnilit te rliatlenged. No vole tan he
legally received tictsi Ihrei of the Impertors find the
1 1 am, f the peisoaoirrrlng lo vote ou the reul.try llsti.
t 1, ?,',".,''" ,,,L' ' " 5r'f ui',,f ,r" "ilrante it. Hie
p illing plate It pi nnilti.i No Inspector, polling clerk,
challenger, w alrro-r, or superv's ir, ceu ke. p ani bsllole
In the polllug plaec, and nu ball, it 1 can tn) eildh d 11,. re.
'lb canvass iiiuit tie continuous, and cKiinol tie ad
iuurncd tu any other lime or place. I.ach candidate can
have an- is-in present during ihe count uf in tiatlois.
The ballots are to Se counted as follows Hr.t, I'resb
tlentiseroad, Uenersl or Mate . ihlnt. ( unit res, fourth,
AiH-mhlyi flftb.i'ity or Atdermein slvth, Cuusiitminiitl
Aniendtuent. li Is illegal for uue in.pcclor to rount
part only ot the ballota, and another to eouut the other
pari. After the returns are simiej, they are to be
sealed and certified b) the Inspector and polling clerk.
Jo A'.peiil.oe. or .'ee'pwi.- Hnpfrf Isors will ctisl.
lenge all persona who they they think have no right to
vule. Including all whom Ihey have toted In their liuoki
ai returned lo Ihe chief supervisor as questionable, un
less noleto the contrary has been made b) him. They
win also challenge all other persons whose uamea have
bet u marked for Ihat purpose by the chief supervisor,
and shall appear on the rhallenge slips furnished by
bun. Certain persons will tie marked In the super,
vlaon' book, or on slips, for arrest lnsuchri.es war.
rantawlll t.e fllared In tho supervisors' hands, and on
the person presenting himself, It.ey will rail In a deputy
marshal, giro hltn II e warrant, and direct blm tn make
the arrest before the person votes, Itiereiiiutt not be
anr oversight as lu this. Supervisors wilt espt-cislty
like rsre lint they challenge every prriuli w ho regis
tered on naturtllratlon papers nf )ss.
All the above d!r rtions arc front John I. Davenport.
Chief euptrvlsor of Flection, under the Culnd Mates
Flection Is .
.Ilaiahul Miarpr's Instructions lo III Depu
ties. Culled States Marshal Hharpc list published
tbe following ord. r t
I'MTr.p briTr Mtr.stm' timer,)
Nr Yoitg. Nov I, toll, j
To te Ll.ltf epnv J'"i ''
Instruct s our Deputls to bring anv person arrested
to you, Innulre rahiilv Into Ihe ess, and If It be trivial
let the prisoner depart, on bis personal application,
taking bla uame and residence and the names and rest.
deneeenfthewllneB.es. Kierelse a liberal sllacretloii
la alt caaea when a reasonable explanation Is ottered
by the person arrested. If vou think the prisoner
should tic held, tend blui, Willi the witnesses, lu the
nearest United Mates I'otuml. .toner. Culled Matre
Commissioner Jot n A Ostmru will be at Ihe northwest
corner of l-orD-ntnllt street ana'iMrithseniiet t'utted
States 1 utnuits.ioiier .lului A Milelda will be si PJ I nl
verslty pure, aud two I tilled slates Commissioners
will be atlhitr headatiarteri. II t'liambera street, if
anv of ) our uwn Deputies are Intoxicated or disorderly,
arret and ttnd Ihrui liuutedtaitly tu these head
quarter. Ukoiior. II. Minrr,
I ulledMatrs Marshal,
A Covvartlly Allenipl 10 Dl'llaut hlae a Nulu.
I si 1 1 r o.l t'lllrn,
Vestenla) Mr. J. l'clhrlt k of 1:.'; i'ourlli street,
llrookljn, F. D aipllctl to Justice Flliott tor the re
covery uf bit cIllncnshlD papers taken from blm by a
Mr, Allcuru, a wislthy shoe dealer of Fourth street.
Mr.Pathrlck said that berttoforc be bad been Identi
fied with the Itepublltan party of Kings county, and
was frequently a member of nominating ennvrntlona.
Mr. I'rlliikk la a grnlleman nf blch attalumcnts, and
wields grrst Influence. When Ihe Liberal party- organ,
lied he enrolled himself amouii Ita ineiiiben. This be
coming knuwn to the Itepuhllcaua cf the Thirteenth
Ward In which be resides, they uaed every iiieauatti
bring htm back tn their told. The oth r tiny, ou look
ing over the printed list of registered vulera or tha
ward, numbering over s.to), be found at the sldttuf I1I1
name the words, " To be challenged." Tu be fullv pre
psredhe sought for his papers lu Ins trunk. Mr. Allcurn,
with whom he boards, reluted lu give blm tut trunk,
saying he held u for munev ow ed,
Court Officer liron wss dbpstrbed to recover the
papers. He encountered some oppoaltlon but Dually se
cured them and lestorcd Ihciu tu Mr, I'rthrlck.
Allcriug Nnuira nu the Krelttry.
The Federal Hupeivlsors of Flection, acting In
concert vi lib a number of Ihe Male Inspectors, liava
altered hnndrcds of namea uu the Ilcglstrr for the pur.
J'ose uf furnlslilog ground fur the tballengea and re.
ectlng voles. In some Instances Initials liave been
rrvcrred.furuamcs wrongly spelled, ami Ihe number
uf Icsldenccs uttered In ull such cases the Huper. laort
have rcieivid lustriictloiii fruui )vcnpurt tuprrvtnt
ell lens from tleposillog bsllntt. This order will crcule
Itnuble lu svuie 01 Iheillslrlrtslo-diy.
Two (iuod Men It mining fur Ofllc In llroi.lilyu.
1 In 10k I jn's Commltlco of One Hundred have
withdrawn their support fium 1 dgar Darbec, the (Iraat
candidate for Miprrilsor uf Ihe 'thirteenth Ward, at
I against JuxW, Cue, the tiicmnbcnt and candidate of Ihe
Demncistt and Liberals, All examination of Mr t oe's
rcc rd lihljlili tu bit ftver, wldls VI Darbea nollt a
..... t.
alnetuiiu -lea trie and Is consequently aub
Ject topati; .-! Mr. Coe Is a member of the
Liberal Itipnbile c Committee, and was a dele
gate to Cincinnati. His best clllrent of tho ward,
wiiliout regard lu party, favor hit reflection.
I tepheu J, ( olahan. the (Irccley canoitlate for Con
gress in the Fourth District, wat one of the first of th
Hlnvttuuntr Democrats to Join the tlhersl movement
whit h csrrled the regular urranlratton by storm. He Is
a young man ol Integrlir and ability, and Is making a
valiant, mSnly tight for the Liberal cause. All Demo.
erataand Liberal llrpubllcant should give him tbelr
Huperlntendent Ilrlao'e Order.
TI10 following, which Is supplementary to
flenersl order No, 106, Issued to ttto pedice captalna by
Puperlntrndcnt Kclao, and which la Intended to be ex
planatory, waa lasued yetterday by tho Superintendent I
To rctnuve possible mtsspprchention as to the tnesn.
Ing of Ihe Instruction In (lenersl Order Nn, lut upon the
rights of Supervisors In respect to acrntlnlrlng and can
TaaalagUlli.it, the puller are Instructed not to (nice,
fere with either the inspectors or the Supervisors In the
mods of acrullnlilng.ranvastilng.ind counting ballon.
Jama J. Iliuo, Superintendent.
The Election In New Jersey.
The Interest manifested In New Jersey over
the election to-day Is Tery grest. The rontett In the
Pevrnth Congrettlonal District It very close, tlreat
preparation! have been made to receive the fall re
turrit at Taylor't Hotel, the rooms of the New Jerser
Hub. and other place In Jeraer City. In Hudson
county, up li,eseelsr, wot is, .ttsn set! -, Mil
ration pabers bad bcea lasued. The registry In Jersey
City exceeds lA.uo namea, 8aT0 more thin last year,
and there haa been au Increase tn the registry ta every
city tn the state.
The Drsperittlnn of .1 utter Itedfovtl.
oiii Ise .Ve.e Vork Ttmft.
Whoovcr Is elei'teil (lovernor, nnd who
ever I elected Mayor, dunning B. bedford has
resolved to participate In bis triumph. That
political trickster ami Incompetent lawyer, who
disgrace tho position of City Judgo, has had
ballots printed to suit people who vote either
the llepubllcan or the Apollo Hall ticket, but lu
nil rases bearing the name of bedford for City
Judge, Instead ot that of Joslali Sutherland.
This latost trick ought tn holp to bury IledforU
under n heavier majority than that which tho
people tire preparing against htm. Could the
mail who tries In this way to cheat the voters nt
the eltv bo exported to condemn from tbe
bench u rspc.itcr or a ballot stutTcrr
tlore lufnmy from Dttvenport.
from (as -Yeic Fort .Viics.
This cretittiit' of despotic power, with his
United States commission In his pocket, lias un
dertaken la a circular addressed to ltepnbllcau
only, headed "Directions to Inspectors and Poll
Clerks," to deflno tho duties of Stato officer.
Hn authoilres I'nltcd States officers to count
the votes ot State candidates after they
have been counted by Inspectors of both
partle. anil the arret of rltlen by
I'tiltcd States Marshals even before they
Tote. The only object Is Intimidation, and wo
trust no man Ij row aril enough, or mean enough,
to be moved by his Intimidation! or til 4 Instruc
tions. Mr. Dutoupnrl has no more right to Issue
Instructions to State officers thin he has to
usurp the powers of a Stale officer, and no moto
authorlt) to arrest a man bifore ho commits a
rrltne then he has to commit n crime. In this
cure, Indeed, ho commits a crltno against the
Stato by lit Instructions.
After thn third Inspector has counted any ten,
he must call off the names and the office to the
pull clerks, who must keep a separate tally.
The fourth Inspector may ulso count tho ballots
If he chooses, or may watch the others, or If a
poll rleik Is absent, may take his place. After
tluee Inspectors have counted mi) ten. If ( leg
out" Hi' 1 l'j.(. hut Ihr iut" 0 l.'ic A'tqwi rleur to
fount If Of'".
titai:iTiON to (.ppEitvisnas.
fKtct A IN PfiistiNs will be marked on tho Super
visors' books or on slips mit .vimi r.sm; n urh
cases warrants will be placed In the Supervisors'
hands, nml on tho person presenting himself
they will call a Del ity Marshal, give blm the
warrant, and ill rcc 1 blm to make the atrcsts he
rout: thi. I'gr.etiN voir., There must be no
oversight as to this.
This circular, kept back from Liberals and
Democrat, was n d Issued until Friday night or
Saturday, and our Informant, hl .nself an Inspec
tor. It Indebted to a decent (Irant man for Its
apiearance. Th ubuvc .ire merely extract
from two or three pages of like Instructions and
direction-. We think the day I not far distant
when the legal right of this petty despot (John
I. Davenport. Chlet of !-upi rv lsor), now wear
ing the liver) of the Iresldcnt, will be tested lu
Another ut Judge rtedrord Tilck.
teii..e fim't of Ifturday,
.Indce (Jtiniiliip S. llodford lm caused to
be circulated throughout the city a circular,
signed by thirty or more prominent citizens,
endorsing his fitness for City Judge, nnd recom
mending his reflect Ion. This endorsement was
f riven month ago. whei, there aqeared to be a
uipe that Judge bedford was In favor of genu
ine reform, and was actuated by honest mo
tives. We need not say how grievously he has
disappointed those who Indulged this hope, and
how little right he ha to use the names ot his
former endorser at tbe present time. Unclosed
lu bis circular, which has been left at every
bouse up town, are the State and county tickets
of both political parties, Willi a lot of putters In
scribed with tbe name of bedford for City
Judge, which voters are requested to paato over
the tiume of the opposition candidate.
The Honrs Itrroverlug nud the ltn.llron.la
nntl Sli.ge Keaiiiiilug,
The horses are gradually Improving. A few
cases ef death were reported yesterday, but aaawbole
the aflccted animals wero much better. One of .Mr.
Itergh't men yesterday Hopped an LigblU avenue car
aid compelled tho driver to take his team hack to the
stables, saylog they were 01. tit for u-e. Tbe officers
of tbe cotnpsny asy Ihat no borsea hare lecn allowed to
leave tlie tithlea tfut are not In condition to work.
The ttcrond Avtiiue Company ran three-fottrtht of
their rar )calerday j the f lord. It! 1 the Fourth. Di
the Huh Avenue and eighth Avenue Companies, their
usual number to the Astor Hons. The llruadway and
l-eventh Avenue Companv are running one-half uflhe
liirctiy street cars. and lion the itroome street branch.
Ibe stage llnea run two thlrds of tbelr v chiclet, lbe
horses are all Improving.
The llroadway aud Fast Hide Mige Cotnptny, the
nreadwar and Fourth and Madison avenue, aud thi
T wenty.ihlrd atreel Mage Cunipanlra base each sued
Mr llergh'a Such tv, for stopping tbelr stsgrs, and sr.
letting driven. The cit wit before Judge Inly. In
Common Pleas yesterday, and was adjourned until
MEN DltAWIMI STItKirri'tllsl IN I'll II.A PILI'll I A
riin.vpii.riiM, Nor, 4 The hrse disesie prrvillt
tiers to tn tltnmng client, lite Kvcond, Third, Cnlon.
Fifth, and Mitli alnel Hon of cirs are not running In
day, me rare on therheatuut and Walnut aireet tinea
are draw 11 by men to-ulgbt, peiMeugera having lo pay
fifteen cents.
Ibe business Interest Is ttifTertng eontlderably.
Frrlght It accumulating on the whines aud cannot be
delivered. Draymen who are running their horses are
charging from $15 to t JO per team per day. Numbers
of fatal cases smong the horsei sre occurring.
t'ltn v.io. Nov Mtny ox leimt appeared on the
atreet today, and many more are oa their wsj hare
from Ihe Interior.
The Funeral nt'.llr. Thonian lloiioltur.
The body of Mr. Thomas Douohur, who was
s.satsltisled on Hsttirdsy night by John Fcannell, la tu
tie burltd at V ncloek to-morrow morning from the
Church of the Kplphauy, Hecond avtnuc, near Twenty.
first street, but night Ihe lllosaum Club decided to at.
lend Ihe funeral lu a bodv . The Amerlcus Club, Plgu.
teeutli Ward Taruuiau) Atsuclatlnu, Tammany hucttl),
aud man) other organizations will attend, Tbs rtmalut
are to be burled In Calrar) Cemetery,
A Schooner burned bi !
The steamship Henry Cliaunccy from Aspln
wsll rrports ou Saturday, latitude 91, longitude
"LIT, passed the hull of a schooner burned to the
wster's edge. She bsd been piloted white, and
had a long, narruw cutwater or head. M10 was appa
rently about I'll lona burden. L. h, Austin, a steerage
Iiiasruger, ttltd of coniutuptlon on Suuilsy, snd wat
lulled tt tea,
Cutllal on tit tspunlali Frontier.
M.Miutt), Nor, 4. Armed Carllsts have np
pesred on the frontier near Hie tow n of Ffgurrss, They
stooped thrte diligence, tiirued the pa.aengers out.
and robbed and airlpprd them. Two per.uus were
w uiindvd, an Fngllsh passenger un t a posllllou.
A "linn mid III Wife Kldunpped.
Cincinnati, Not, . A special despatch sa)s
that ull Friday ulgtit a band ot armed men went to the
house of Samuel lliwklne.a negro, living In Hickman
Precinct, Fayette county, Ky., and took hpn.hli wife,
and daughter away lu the direction of Licking river,
Tbelr wtirrra bonis or fale bat ntil been ascertained.
loss km nv nut:.
Francis Cutter's ihvellltc and barn, la Arling
ton Mass. !.o.",U.'.i'i.
The Lochlel Itollltig Mill, lliirrlsbtiigli, l'n.
boat, liw,uO lu.urauce, ITivso,
ciniosiriL's of citiMi:,
On Aug. S Frederick W, Ludlow, real ette
broker, ut t.9 Llvvrly siret t -ate John H. t hr .it twu
bund, rt prett nt Ing t 'to,1 to sell thrtsllefsu I l-j re
turn Ihe bouds or their valua, lit wis locked up for
axaiulQitluu uu nedurtdaf,
dashes iteue Axn titeiii: nr the
Old U'lchl. the fsirnvv JIIuu Forty Veara
I'ettdllng Straw In Ihc Mlrects -Anil Wurlb
Old Wight, the straw man, Is n character.
For more than forty years ho has peddled straw la this
city sad llrooklya to tbe poorer clsst of the popalstion
to make ttraw bedt. Mity-flro yetrs of age. or there
aboutt, he la still strong and active. He has an honest,
farmcrdtkr look, anil wears old snd patched garments
of an ancient fashion and appearance, hut which, never
theless, look comforUble and appropriate to tho man.
Ills overcoat Is of bine cloth, with a double cape. He
wears a atnw tut r Inter and auminer. Ills boot are
fastened together with thungs of leather, and were
fashioned br himself, The soles of them are at lraat
two Inchra thick, and have tbe appearance nf having
Iwen worn with tnndry repaira for at leaat ten years,
lltt horse, which It blind of tine c) e, appears to be well
eared for, and It probably the only horse in the city that
lias not bid the nrcvalling disease. Whether he Is loo
old, nr hoa an Immunity from contattout diseases on ac
count nf his mode of life, tt It dlfncul! to tty. T he har
ness covering Ida borto'a back is composed of tmall
pfecea of teatbe r, rope, and bltt nf chain.
at.W.l.l.iWfS.,mYn-o.d VVanir?on.n.VlUUThTm:
air. lie liaa acquired great riches by nieana nt bit In
duttry and mlarrly habits, lit property, composed of
lota and amall housea erected on them, scattered all
over llrookl) n. Is variously estimated as worth between
f.iojiaii and (.vono-all acquired by selling small Pun
diet of ryeantl ost straw at five cetitt a bundle, and In
vesting hit gains In rrsl estate In llrooklya.
Three I'unernl troin M. ('surge's) Church In
One Morning
There were three funeral senlrcs at Pt.
George's (Dr. Tyng's) Church yesterday morning. Such
a series of sad events his never before occurred la
tbls church, The most Impressive wis that ot Mrt.
Vincent Colyer. who waa drowned lu the Connecticut
Hirer last Thursday night, alter driving ber husband to
Ine Hallway station In Darlen In the itarkneas Mrs.
C'ollyer drove off a hrKlge Into the river. Deceased waa
a nailveof Itoaton, and a grandnlece of John lb ncock.
Mr. Colyer It a celebrated artist of this ctty, snd wss at
nne time a member of Ibe Indian t'esee Commission.
Theetegsot cisket cnntslnlug the lmdy wss homo Into
lit, the) church tiv etgnt artist frleotla of Mr. Colyer,
and fillowed by the widower and a few relative and
friends. It waa placed in front of the pnlptt. and vari
ous noral devices rrsied upon It. The services of tha
Fplicoptl Cbnrch were read by the Itev. Dr. Tynr. There
waa neither veeat nor mairnniental tnutlc. The body
w at conveyed to tlreenwoud for burial.
A Dowa.Town Merchant Mint In Nuasau
While walking along Nassau slrcet yesterday
F.dwtrd II. Conn of fl Christopher street, a down town
merchant, was shot In the left thigh, It It believed
thtt the shot wis Intended for a dog that was In a ball
way, for aa aonn at the report wis heard the tloi wss
seen running Into Ihe street. Detective Hi Dwell was
threeted 10 mike a thorough Inrcsllgallun, hut was tin
sMetn learn whence the shot came or who fired It.
Tl.u sound Is not diPirroui.
The New F.rn In City Itnllrmitlbig.
The street steam rar from Illon. described In
Mondst's Hex, wat yetterday ttken off tbe rar on
which It wat brought tu Hilt city, at the tipper frrlght
depot of the Hudson Liter Itsllroad. Yarlon. opinions
were expretted by the epectttore. Some were good
sstured, but a mslorlty felt and acted as though the
steam carwaa tbeir rnemv, and they thought lta Intro
duction weald Injur them. The Introduction of the
spinning Jenny and locomotive rugiuc wai lecrlved lu
th lime way.
The carwaa takendnwn Tenth avenue tn the llleecker
atreet line depot, followed by curious c), s, Although
It looks Ilk sn onllmry strel etr.lt excited much cit
rtetlty It wu to lite wbrnthe depot waa rut lied that
the - rial trip was posipon. d for the day, and the car wilt
probibly be run ou Wednesday
An I'nUnnwn Jin 11 Killed,
Ail unknown man was run over nnd killed on
the Flushing and North S.de Itallroad. near Woodslde,
yesterday morning. Coroner Watt of Flushing held an
Inquest ycttcplsy afternoon. The man, who had the
appearance of being a foreigner, was about 83 years
old, dark complexion, black livlr. heavy black wblakers.
and wat five fett two Inehea high. He wore grav
trowttra. dirk real aud vest, gaiters, white, low.
iruwnetl wool hat. bine and green tcarf. with breait.
1111 attached, two knit and one white shtrt. A pocket
took and t.175wi fouud. Ills wrists were tsltnoed
with India Ink. Ills legs ere crushed aud Ike left arm
A I'ollrrtnnn .wbnt It) ix Skulking Aa-nlrj.
Ycaterdav mo-nltiKJk'tllccr August Willow was
shot by au unknown man while on pust in Fourteenth
atreet, nitr Ninth avrnne. The man atood In the shade,
au.l after firing escaped through a stone ) ard. The ball
cntert d at the left wrist, and pasted upward through
the t loow . The unlet r was at tended It) Dr. Heat h, ami
lkeu home. Ofllcer Willow It a very emclent police
luati, and has lurnrrcd the enmity of the Mitccnth
street gang by Ihe strict watch he keeps nvertheni.
Some tmie ago lie wai badly beaten by litis Lang. an1 it
. supposed that tbe attempt un L't lift la due lo their
The Unite In Moll Street.
J.n-t night, Charles Gorman, aged !, of No. 40
Mott atreet, and Jamet Harvey, aged 3), of IIC Mulberry
street, qnsrrellod In the Hitler store st 39 Mott street.
During the fight which en'ned, C.nrinsn ttabbed Har
vey tn the tide. Inflicting a aevcre wound, (lonnan wai
locked up tn the Friuklln-ttret police ttatluu, and
Uarveywat likeatuttie Centre Street llospltil,
layor IlnlF Itrrnlrllrnllnu.
Mayor Hall has Instituted libel suit against
the Jlme, IIIIJ Oili.the .VtiHei, act! Wiryer't Il'eetlf.
The Ma) urholda that there la no Justification for the
publication of defamatory caricature), and that It It
merely a question of amount of damages. Whatever lis
nu) recover bs wdl glto to chirm.
Col. Spencer's) Itegbnent.
The Fifth Heglment N. II. S. N. Y. U next
to ttit ttrongrst Iteglnient In tbe State, being only nne
hundred men less than the famous Seventh, to) spen
rrr has lu.plred the regiment with his uu tier) cut rgy
and Indomitable perseverance.
Tlie Chnntplnit Policeman.
Ofllcer Frank Murphy last night rescued Daniel
U) mrt. who had fallen Intu tbe water at latbarlne
terry This makes fitlcru.
A Young Clrl Outraged and Murdered by
Her Cnclc.
CONCOitn, N. II.,Nov. 4, -The disappearance of
Mlsa Georgia Loverlng, of Nerthwood, which begin In
myttery, has been explained, and with the explanation
eomea the development of a fearful tragedy. The last
that ber friends taw of her she was aeen lu cutr.pany
wlih her uncle, F, 1), Fran", a man about tlxt) yean
uld, and formerly a rlerginixn In good standing. Fvant
was trapping lo the wuoda aud gav e out that he w anted
Miss Loverlng to mind hit tnarct. Vthcn the failed to
attpcar a thorough search uf the neighborhood was
inane, aud a few pieces ot her dress snd s broken comb
recoverrd. Mesntlme a targe reward was orTt red fur
her recovery, and Ihe sherlU. lltnry Drew, had hit au
plcloni to tlmngly cxed upon Kvns Ihat tie made htm
1 prpposlilt.il by which the latter should discloss what
he might know about tbe nailer tn order that Drew
might get the reward, stlpiilstlog lu return that be
wntitd assist the guilty man to t'auada. Kviut took In
the Pall, and uu Friday guided Drew, who had posted
tea or twelve mea In a convenient tput, to a point In the
wooda near How lavke. where the mangled corpse of the
Roor girl waa discovered bulled under aa old atuuip.
vans waa at once arrested snd locked un, and when tbe
newt got around, tha clllrena assembled with Ihe firm
purpose of lynching tbe miscreant, aud unly with tbe
greateit dtracully were persuaded from doing tu. The
remalos wete brought tu the village store ndn lu
qucst held upon them,
The Weather To-Dny.
WASHlMtTOiv, Nov. 4. -In New Kngland and
the Middle Btatet high barometer. Northerly to north
eaiterly winds, and partly cloudy wialheri In Ithe
South Atlantic and (lull Dtatet cloudy weather, south'
eaaterli winds and ram.
On the I'pper Lakrt aud In the Northwest to the
Ohtu Valley brlak northcaaterly to southeHaterly winds,
threatening weather, and ralu extending tu the Luwcr
The Coat of the l-'raiif o-Urrwan Wnr.
l'Anis Nov. 4. -France will pay to Herman)
this week 0,iuiaTDO frturt, aid will contuiuo to mike
elnillar Inatallnienta until the end of the year, an that nn
the tat of January only two milliards ut the war InUeui
ulty will remain unpaid.
Sl'AltKS I JtOM THE TEl.KnEA I'll.
Snow fell In Hrunawlck, Me,, yesterday to Ihe
depth of half an Inch,
Yesterday morning Lucius nilbcrt, tleorge
Dover, and a truckman, whose name Is unknown, were
aiffocaled by gat In a new mineral welt opened in Avon,
Mr. II. A. lealle, Manager of the bank nf
Ilittlth .North America, and Ida aceuuntsnt, Mr. Me
Donald, were drowned by the upaettlug ofabuat at
Napauee,()nt., on Saturday,
I, at evening Michael Cavanagh nf Middle,
town, K. Y., In allemptlog to cross the track at l,oshen
to reach Ihe Orange roiimy express, was run over by a
freight tralu Ucklug down and awllchlug, aud Instant
ly kliltid.
Nearly all the physician and other atliithh of
the W aril's Island Luuatlc Asylum resigned yesterday.
The Fifth Assembly District flrant llepubllcan
Contention last night uuuiluated lltury Wisser for As.
sltlanl Aldrriuau,
Olymnlo Lodge, !MT, 1. O. O. P., havo paa.od
strong resolutions rel.t'v I . fie luhnnian ireiliitnt uf
thrlr brother, bonis (. Stmiuels, who Is alleged tn have
died from trut lilts lut' 11 lei on him tu Ward's Island
Luuatlc Asylum,
The Veteran Association of the Corcoran
Irish Legion, composed of the Officers and Member of
ttit' Silly Math Ittgitnent, N Y S N II., IVMtl, lUIIl,
end till1' Itt inirnia, N Volunteers, who served lu
Ilia Aiiny ot the I'otuitisc, 1 niuy their annual lurlta
ttoubiO iu t vtlc Hall, uo lkaukaglvliu; bye
Mondiy, Not. 4-1'. M. To-day has been Tery j I
quiet In Wall street, the election to-morrow having
been tbe leading topic of tx nrcrsstloii In flnsnokvi
circlet, and but for the gold " corner," w hlch created 1
temporary excitement, would havo been tu
usually devoid of even the mlntitrtt fealnrrs,
which nsutllv make an Interesting risy la
Wall atreet. The railway and mlirellaneoni
share speculation waa tame ou limited fluctuations, thtt y
widest change on the whole list having been only IK
per cent, and this In but s single inttance. The market
at tho opening wat ateatly. but racllle Mall declining
fromltiJ-f. the remainder of the Hal fell off In tyro-
patlir, tliotisrt. there waa nn particular pressure lo sell. kH
sud In t he sbsence of this important clement the rieclto
wat only if tn V per cent. Tnls waa aubsequcntly r- . (fH
curerrd. and In several Inalsnree even hlgW flarare) . tH
were rhrnnlcled.Tbe business waa Isrgeai In Pactnc Malt,
Northwestern common. Union Paelflc, We tern Union, JtatJ
Hock Island, Lake Shore, Ohio and Mississippi, and taH
New York Central. The miscellaneous and express! tttaaaaal
ahare were quiet, but apeculatlon haa revived In tho
coil stocks, thete hiring been tttong snd higher. Coa- TafM
tnlldsttnn ringed from IS to 4tl, Amerlctn from U 10 14. Vassal
and Maryland from SiH lo 25, while Spring Mountain JIJH
fumped f rom M to 60. Aa the day advanced the market
ncreased In ilullneea, though equally Improving ta m. JJH
ilrength, and the street waa left to Ittelf at an early JKS'.JbM
hour. The itnertl market left off strong. bwsjH
The regnltr Wednesday smi Thnrsdsy bond our- JIJIJIJljBTal
V.-.-k. - w-.S .-. h. hm. . M.i.wMI Te,w H
follow It
"mv'iotei of Herat: friltt of Bold. Hafl
Nov. tjuui.itm Nov. H titmjm IBH
Nov. n lam.o" Nov. 11 uoii
.Nov.) U.'iJ.li Nov. II lJVI).0f
Nov. Tt l.U'l.UO Nov. ;M IflVfTD
Total Ilwjjui! Total HJXOW
Thepnbllratlonoflhls programme. In that tt differed H
so mnterlally from Ibe expectations of last wtek, when fS twVBBJ
It had hern sunn tied ihat Secretary llnutwell would
throw at lettt teu millions of gold upon the market dur- W
Ing Ihe month, gave a firmer lonn (1. the gold market.
The hcavll) oversold eontllllon created this morning a M
very brisk demand tor gold to deliver on
leculatlve talc, and so large waa the In- m.
tiulry, and so scarce Ihe gold to obtain, txlll
ll.sl borrowers quick!) bid up rites from KVci nt.it faWtH
tho opening to uco per vent, pild for the use of guht rwaa waawaa
until Wednesday, equivalent tosepenAirtititedtituiror. Hl
ty .ercent.psrtinH'int. Ilnldert of gold.consplcnoualy J"I)'IS
the lltnk ot Montreal, withdrew largo amounts from tMJfH
Ihc street, and thus aoded to ihe scarcity. This newly HtH
developed aqueeze, coming u cloaely upon tho heela of IJjISS
the psyineni of the November Interrat. waa not thor H
oughly understond by the street, and the extent to which B
the corner may be carrttd leatla the mlnda of Ihe unfor 'Jfaawj
tunateahorta through gloomy eunlecture. The rates
paid for the use of gold until Wednesday were a fol- xVjHJ'i
lowi In the order quoted tK.lt. 9-K. K. 14, S, I, V, Kdt. aVBWjl
H..1.1.1,H.1K,I. !. 1-1. and I JU nf I tK ceni. the M jl
silts were at til,ig(ll)ill'l'ii(lllS'lli"v'3115X at tho iVH
close, JBfaJ
The Anlstant Treasurer redeemetl In called bonds f
tli b, paying out (MJUI In coin interest on the pabllo L-awJaV
debt. The tutal cieirlugs at the Unld Fxchangn Hank J
were tltt."t.Ui gold tislsnres. $5rT-0,(cv): ind currency iraBl
htltncci, tJAfoOi. The tliy't butlnrss at thn Sub- JBJB
Treasury covered 1 (told ncelpts, tl".uri.'r-t gold pay. afaVjaBl
meuis, ftrr.m.l.l. gold haltnce, IIIW."u.m rurrenoy twfljBjBJI
receipts, flTT.IIO.n, currency pifnicuts,llf,U.H cur- jbBI
rrncv balance. yvnA-iJ-f i.il t ciisloms, tiisxaj. BJbB
The follow line were the quotatlooa 1
KKIIA.M. .llltll::IA.M. ll!t I SJK) P. M....IU
1H15A. M... .Illlj lt:UI,.M....IIJh SOr.M.,..IHS JsVjBi
Il.OI A.M. .11 J I M IlljJ I 4-0) P. M....tU!s; taJM
Fnretgn exchsnge waa weak and k V et nt. lower, oa xjHB
thelii.lsof lO.sulinx for prime elxty-day bills, ami
li'Jkdttro.'s foraignt.
Tu-iiiorrow, lu lug election day, will lie observed In aSJBJB
Wall street as a close holiday the same aa Thanks- jjVB
giving or Fourth of July, and consequently nu business TpBB
will be tanatctcd. tJBBb
There wat a more active demand for money early In atBBBJ
the day. owing 10 the activity In cash gold, and loan. BjpBB
were mails mostly at 7 V cent. currency 10 71 cent, BBB
gold. hut the readiness wlih which cath gold waa tent
on the currency advanced gave a belter aupply of fundi I BBV
to Ihe street In tlie afternoon, suit the rales rundown BBh
tor-t7. Tlie tnaettvlly In ttockt alio give an easier HBB
tune to the market, which otlierwlse wa featurele). fABB
Intllsconnta there la nothing l ew to notice, the very aBBB
bett gradet of commtrctal piper going at to U BBB
TboatliTnesaof gold and the firm condition of tk BjpB
Iuidou market gave Ihe (loverument bund market a BBB
strung appearance, and the bl la were st a higher rang
nf price. T he dealings were Ittlllted, tiow ever, holders
of bonds evincing no ill. petition to part with them. BBBJ
Tbe transaction sre eliPnv 111 tl.OO lu t-Vvu tiunds. BBBJ
Henry Clews & Co., til Wall street, report price ai BBbJ
follows, at the clove at IP. M.t
r.l.Ulrl. Xt.Attet.
C S.cur fi. . .111 IHK 5-JOs, l1!. conp.JHK till;
6s. iwi.rcg. ink iim tJts. i-s,;. coup.jnu Hid BB
1st. Issi.eoup. . .Ilbtf USX MO. IKS, COUP..UJI. lilt BBBJ
rt-iw,reg..vf.t N. HIS HIS to-tna rrg . uriV Its-kl
Mius, 12, cullp .HIS ItlS 10--1" coupon.... 10M lOJVl BBBJ
S.'.-is.,!-"--!, coup.. HIS HIS -isuf lsst.reg.. ..too Mil BBVJ
V3-..l'A3.coup..lll'. 111'. Uot 1-tJI. roup. .109 tosi BVB
&-.1s,-b-;,rg.el.ij.ll3X ll' Ccu.raclflcg.b100! KMX
Stale bonds were steady. There wat a fair butlneat
In Vlrglnlaa, much sold at 3I!( to Co for consols, and 19
for "oiterred," but otherwise the market waa dull) BBBJ
smsll salea of Tennessee were repurtetl atia.c, alia- BBH
ourir-a attl, and South Caru'.lnaa li of l-rait:u. At BBV
tbe close, Tennesarea were quoted at 71 Ut 1C(, and BBBJ
South Cirolinas at U to K tor the new January and BBB
July, and at T. to an for the April and October taanes. .BB
I it) bank shares sold as follow as llatii uf Commerce, iBJBB
Hit I ontluentil, Wi Hank uf t rmmonwealth, Mi On I aBBJ
Iral National, p(i and ocean al l(. Itallroad bondi I BjBJj
wer quiet, except in ttio 1'aclttc mortgagee. Tbesalet IBJBJB
were a toliows . 1 ., 1'alnsvl le and Ash. new, Bus (ten BBBB1
Irall'scltlcOoldtioiids, 1i)','4liiii C. I'srlllc Itallroad BBBB
nratinorlgtge.K'. it Picltic ins income, oitttil: Chi BjBJBB
csgo and Northwestern firsts, ltiti (Jumcy and To rjJBBBI
ledu first innrtg-igr lti Milwaukee ami M Paul 7a gold, IBBBB
t;f i fol..( . und I ml. Central firsts, sis I llnrv. Codas flBBtl
tt. and M. flrsta. tea. . ... BBBI
Ths esrly completion uf the Chesapeake snd Obit BBB
lSallroait, hull will extend tt. the Ohio rlter.wlillK
an er, i.l of tnutb Importance, ticeause adttlngavalua BLBI
ble line to our a'read) deflclrut aiidnvcrcrowdedtncaiu . BLBI
nf transportation between t r Western state and tha ' BBBI
aiaboard, and al.o un aeculllit ut Its beating on the cual BjjVLBJ
mining and Iruti Industries uf that section of thecoun BBJBI
try. II Is well known Ihat the thoutauda of settlers It ftBBBJ
the Weitern Mates, although enjoying fertile soil, ch-s BB'I
lands, and a ailnhrlou climate, which enable them tt JJBJBB
produce with grtitrr ease than else where tlie chltf agrl BJBI
cultural staples, yet a lartru part of tbee proms pasaca BBBI
Into the exelirqiiirt of railroad anil transportation llnei BBBI
who have Ibua far been unab tu move the whole sop
plus to the Alltntlc porta lor dl.trlhutlou. The Cliesa BBBI
peakc r.nd Ohio liod will afford unusual facilities lot BjjVLBJ
t heap sud also rapid transportation, because of bolt BBBI
Ibe ahortrr distance aud also the enar gradrs whlcl BBBB
t haraiterliu the careful contl ruction of ttila Important BBBB
Tbe following table shows the hlghcit, loweti, an BJBBB
doling prlcea of ttockt i r-Vloting.- BjjVLBj
'.0-ifir. tynrett. fl.it. JifedT, BBVB
S'.T.c. and lludion con.. .-.' si mx M
IikeShore vet Wij Six H -BBaB
Ittik Island HuX ll'J' H"X
NtwJersey Central - - IW BJBBV
Del., taick. and Western... 'X'l JjX "BLBBB
vvaliaah 73 V 77 73!i .TI"
Harlem - - - Its
Cantnu Land Co. 101 104U BBBB
VNesirrn Cnlon Telegraph. 7X 7)( 7Ss)
Northwestern 1'. fX w BJBBB
Vorthwettern preferred.... ssi hh kX i BBJBI
Milwaukee ami St. Paul ... Ss't, M' My tupa BBH
.MllwaukoeaudSt.l'uulpf'd 71 76 v BBJBI
I'auxtna lit lit BBB
1'srlHc Mill SIX !V l U4 BBBJI
Ohio and Mississippi I-VJ Is 4S nu; BBjBB
Itoaton, Hartford and Frle. s.J X S H BBBJI
Union I'aciec 19. :isx 39'. ni)
C, ('. and Ind. Cent MS 3.1S nd " BBJBB
llatmllial and St, Joseph... tux - BBBBJ
Hannibal and Ht. Jo, prcf... - ro'j fit BJBJBB
ouickitivrr - - 4ti BLBLB
Otilckallvrr preferred M 01 BBBBI
Ailima Kxprers - mv Yj flJBJBB
Wells. Faran 4 Co. Kx ... six BBBJ
Amerleiu St. V. Kipreit... 71s 71V BBBBJ
Uullsd btatei Kxprrst - "IX 71 BBfl
tl JWH
i Nssaiij arr.rcT, N'kw Yokk. H
We receive deposit! ami allow Interest oil baltncett H
Issue CritririciTas or Dri osii' available In all parti VMVBJ
ottlic country i aui CoLi.rcTto.vs lu all parti uf Hit 'MVBJ
Cnltetl Slates and tantdii and execute ordert for H
Srocxs snd llojtus at the Stock Fxcliang, on commit. H
Weneal In IIovhxhnt lton and In the following H
Fiisi.Cmss IlAlLKOtp SKcpuiiiia, which we can re- vMVMVJ
commend with confidence, from a thorough Vnowledgs H
ot Ihelr ihartclrr aud V slue, H
CiiasirgiKK am Ohio IIomk, 6 Per Cent. Hold, KVMVMj
fllo.tJtXi, aud tl,(0 denomination., lntenat May aid vMVMVJ
Ckn'tiui. rmric llopi, 1'er Cent. Hold, deno-nt- H
nation tt.i't1. Intent! January and July. H
Wk-iib.v 1't.t-irtc ItoMis, 61'ir Cent. Hold, denorab H
nillou tl.iiii. Interest January and July. All ot wliluh H
wc buy and tell at current market prices. t
We have Just publlibcd, In connection Willi Ikt) pay. AVMVBJ
mcnlof the November Interest ci the Ponds of ths BJSMH
Citatvi'giKi'. sm. (lino itaii nosi. i omi'vnv, snd tho BVMH
early opening of the rout ihruiigh to the Ohio lllvcr, t H
full statement ot Its ailvsntages, cbirartrr, and prut- H
pert., and Interesting Oeologicil llepotlt uf the Iron, WpVpVBJ
coal, and other mint rala along it. route, which ma; lis MH
had upon Ippllctt oil. Fills & II ATI II, H
Hatch Foot R.I'J Wall stieet, pay the "blddlnif VMVfl
price" for gold, and sell it lbe"unermc price," aa quo- H
ted al the old F-tclisnge, In sunn tu suit.
New York lInrkt. H
JlntusT, Nov. 4,- To-morrow (election day! H
beltig close holiday, business will hi iliiiiui ulioll, SBBBBB
lutpendrd. Our review of the weak tiruilnates, there- BBBBB
fore, with the report of to t!i)'a transactions. BBBBB
Hoca Axil Miii-.-At the recent tlellne lu shipping BBpB
grades if Dour Ihrr hsve been sold largsir. BBBBB
ptrt for future dtllvery, and the general mar. BBBB
krt haa beo.i more artlie, bu without buoy. BBBBB
ancy. Ity e flour It firmer. To-day flour quirt. BLBLBB
Medium grades tluw, and to sell rc'iulred coua BLBLBLBJ
cessions, Shlpntng gradra firtnlr held wlih inutlersK BBBBB
lnqulr). Mliineiots sltsly. High grades steady but BBBBJ
alow. No.'.' and auto rflne In ver) muderate ttetuandf
doled dull. For fol ward delivery there ws some In- BVHH
qnlry for Nm eii.be I Dec tuner, t oru inral quiet. l!y. BBBB
rl.iiirniuier Wt iiiii'li Fl ur Siu.eiflncMateaudWesl. BBBB
em, V tibt., t .; lii "i txiia Mate, Ac., til.vJU.I1J'i BBBJJ
VVrslern spimg wiirnt nu a, s.. tt lai do. ituutill BBJI
exliaa, jsk , is ,t. do. wltil, r wheat eitna snd dou, BBBBH
ble evlras, t.' I . coy shipping exliss, II s.J MKHH
tl H i eltv trails end funi ly lirsutis, a.tt,tiu.vi. boutht BBBBjl
rru baktra' ai.tl faun)) iiranda, t.Utii ' 'j S'utnett BBB
shipping runs, HM -l-tvi. lb i' tl ti r II "i ifart. JBBBB
urn uieil Weal cm. 4c .IJ.tVjs .HO, llrai Ivw n-. k BBBB
lroiW Uuikwhcat flour, V l 3 1., 1 at '' H

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