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XBBTKIinAT'B SCltXr.a AT Tltti
polls .isn r.Laniriucnv.
rnvritsrrrt' ArlHlrrr Arrctt-The rramat
lllseliurxc ot Ike Prisoner by Cleur
limited fllstratr-Tko (Hi let est of All
Hrn York's Kltcllon.
UmliicM wits generally Mttcnil(-tl dowi
Mwn yesterday, mid even In llic up town dl
trlets, wblther bushiest men had cine to work
for tliclr favorite candidates, nit was pos.ee.
Under tin perfect Arrangements of the pnlloo
m for prosorvlnt the peace, the polling ilacrn wore
Itio quietest sita In the city, ami around ttio
boxes for the illslrlbullon of ticket the multl
tittle were we'l-behavcd noil almost mute. The
Hit.' reporters supply i nni luto history of tint
Hay lit Uinaniiaxcd reportn
ouk ilt'MiutD citiienh Amir.STED unrolls
The ileptitr mirthal! carried nut Davenport's
M kw-tructlons to tlin letter. Thev made about fifty
anesta Itefnre il o'clock, and fifty more at noon.
As-early n 7 o'clock In the morning a little army
f rlileu, cscottod hy deputy mnrshnls, were
liken to the Pod oral lltilldlii!, but mi flitted
M MMcm Commissioner being pref-ntt. they were
riamthed by Ueii. Shtrpe and his chief deputy,
Mr. Kenned). The prisoners were accused of
riving falo residences, but the charges proved
untrun. They were based upon assertion made
liy Davenport'" tplcs. who. after they had failed
lo get tnfotmntlon at tho home of the voters.,
roixirUil that they had given false, residence
The following named rltlen wero arrested fer
this offence liv luv eliporl' spies, slid dls barged
M by lr Kennedy :
WatrW-t ttcnfamtn r Vyc. James Welsh, Aug-iet
Mm fl-.'ia ,1 tt (..ne). Iiciinl O'llrlen, John (litittr.
Ausuitit slia-r. J line Ma, kiu, James llnyt, Priuicls
(VNc.ll t'jtrP kinrrr. Let l'oid.olSsl'ooeevcUstriot.
Mm tail
M James lllckey w arraigned lictore Commls-
tinner Sllllwcll on a clmrtteof uttemptliiito vole
B sn a fiaiiilulent nsliirdlUAlloii pa-r which he
had prH'urtd In the Siiirnio Court In PV. The
prisoner (aid he had not ileelnred his Intention
to lieoonie n cltl.en. lint tt luuhtthe paper enti
tied Idiu to aot den. Snarpe Inter eded Kith
the Coinmluloncr for Mr. Illck. i n l he wu al-
HB ktwvd ti tfo on lam own reco?n 7att''
Uracl Cohen. halni! been arrcjicd for a like
ffeiir. w.ia dln lurR vl.
lltVEM'Oltr fOl.lllXU COI'UT.
CointnUaloner Davenport ait on the bench ef
HM .he I'nltoil htaleK Circuit Court at II o'clock
llie nwmi friw filled with deputy marshals, aome
HB of them representing the lowest tj-p"! of omul
9 l hututidty. Twenty of tho offlcer had prliHiriers
whom they hal arrested for not answrine itiet
tlona nt the poll). They were dlachtrgcd.
K John Ifalrom. who keeps a barber's shop at tt
K Oliver street, was arraigned on charKti of at-
V teniptlni! to ote lllecall by clln a wronif res-
F Idenre. Mr Malcom satllled the C' ninilsslomr
B that his rrildence was correctly chen, and he
m was dlachsrsed. He went from the, court ci-
K vlalmlua-" I was born In this It), and I thought
V m Atnrricaii had a rlkht to vote."
P John MaKer, a rierman Rrorer. of :c Vadlaon
M itrect, was nett placed at the bar to answer a
B eharite of falae reirl'trallon. Tin- marshal who
BK arrested hltu. when questioned by Davenport,
BB laid ho knew that Mr. Macer hsd Ihed a; tho
C , residence he had invcti for many vnr. Ills
BK I algn mi on the door, and h ivinwell known
BK , In the ward. The marsli.il iwlded that he made
BE Uie arrest becaue he had been so ordered
BK ' by n supervisor, Commlssloiior aenpurt dli-
BK I cuarRed llaaer
jj Atio'rloik a vlllslnous-Iooklni; deputy mv
Bx 1 hal dragged another inars'jal narueil l'aulak
BE Kearney into the hall of the l-'nderal btilldlnc.
BE Kearnot'i who was Intoxicated, waa roiiKhly
BE handled bv his associate. He derlluod t enter
BE the Marshal's otTlee. but the oRleer rauiiht him
BE by the throat and drnfRed lilm Inside While
BE tlifl prlsonur was In the prereui e of l' I lies
BE Ancea and a larce number of lien. Hiarpo's
BK deputies. Hie fellow wp. arrnsted him attempt-
BE ed to kirk hltn several time, but Keimey
BE tiiken out of his way. He was locked up on a
BE thartfH of betue disorderly at the p'dU
B ah ihimt ixiimiMiiiM K ihiiji ills ni-Tr
Comrulaalraier John A. Shields held court dur-
BE Inethe day at 1- l"nlierlt pa e. About fifty
BB e-itixetis were taken before him on harire of en
BB ln false residences at the India, but thy were
BB ! honorably discoursed.
BB j niuothy Mrdulre was held forexeinlna'lon on
BJ romplalnt of a titputy niaiiliil, who secured
BB him of fraudulent uvlMratloh.
BE j A larve number of nalurilutbui pape
BB E dated ti. were seized by deputy msrsh-ilr.
BB I when presented as proof- i f r1tizenahli jt the
Bf 8 Jmlls.
BL 1 Shortly Iwfore the close of the polli, a uuiu
BE man appeared before Cnramiwioiicr liivinpi.-t.
BB and said Hint the deputy murxhaW would r. t let
BE lilm vote be a ,e he wa- not snoru on ihr lira, t
BJ iUv of the recl'trv.
Bk "That's not rlht," said the subtle Coiiiinii-
BjC 'loners "you should not loto your oi ls ,i,nr
E ef the neu'l'et of the offeors to w nroii 1
BK will cite )ou a leltrrtu the officem, and thuy
K will reicio )our ote.
Ht In the loner art of the, ity the election
BE pocsed off with extrnorillnari i' '.ne 1 laj t.!
BP any arrekt ere made for lllrirjl votlrj, and in
BJ? rui case wa H tlriutht tiecet.,ry to detuln I'u1
BP? peraorw iir.pl caled Rilmuml linen, of I'rarl
BJJ street, wa' " eu'.l by the -lii. 'man of the pulj-
BJP Ina bout hat lllllroid itrect of utteinptlni; ti'
BFr renlater a vde 1 1. 1 'igh not , ti,r uralled citizen.
Bk ' Ho said be had hem thirty )ear In the country.
BJ" ' and bad neicr been relu'ed pei minion to rote
Jf I lwforc, ll was taken to the New-street prn
BP" I station, but as bin greatest i run- apt ared to lie
a jj bis sliurular stupidity, th chairman rnnieutiil
Br" f to his rtKchajfc,
k Vdt'ttTit wAitn.
K P Will, In the rec lie, t Ion of the oMc! re.
BjLf V dents if the Fouii li Ward, there has ncer be, n
V. 1 a uioio orile.ljr ileilioii tnan fiat of )ea.iiduy
K. 1 Kr.iin ti..-o; . i.lni.' ir.t.l tnc , , tin of the r It
B n j eti ryllilpit pitsaed off rtiiootLlj, Willi tin esi p-
Bjei- I tion uf a few lrC4ies between drunken )ount;
Him 1 rowil,e. it fo.tioi wrtMl Laid f r It.
KIQ fatorurs, 1 ardly nv repi'ailiu: v.a attempted,
or tt,l( re eater-, w, -it-( ioUiol) air.tctl.
Bq lietoie ikkiii threeiuartcrs of the rots had
BEjq ben cast, and I) linen fce'nrd to It .do- id
Bu slauy of tha U'llilen uiuU sotod and worksd for
BUa I , (Iran
Eat It Aiikiistus r. Ilsrbarn la a i llccman In tli-
Kf. I? Vouilh Ward and resides In tin- Sixth. When he
Bj I atteuipted to toto In his dltiii t he was arru'ted
BW. U by one of Ilatrnport'e spies named Kole). and
K I; ofiarccd with attempting to vote on a Lcticloim
T Jy name. He waa taken before Davenport, but was
BZj Instantly duchnrfd.
Bjl- About 11 o'clock Mr O'llrlen csni" to tho
n ward In a carriaice and Halted the different
y rnlllne places.
Hit ilSenoant Utooks aneated I'atr'ck McVemara,
0 nl tl Mndlsmi street, f.-r ttieniptln' to vote on
the nim" of Patrick Mii' k. Its holds "oips po.
irj tit on Hi th" revenue service, and i a dr ii t i-
s. pervlH-r lie n a taken In I Davenport, and.
il. of course, r.is di chared.
a III a political dispute anions some ho) a In
vVtr alraot, I'r.incis Tin ruton, of pi New
m II Phiuiibers street, was stablnd five lltnoi In tl.u
y, U lei; by an unknown bc.y, who escaped.
ir- 1 Tim sixth vrAitn.
H In the Sixth Ward Hi" eloctlun pn'scd off
JS rpiletly There were no disturbance', and up to
)' the tlinu for cloelnu tho poll not an arrest hail
!" bsen made.
J I Till' KinilTII WAHI).
s I In the r.iirhth U nrd tho voteis were out early,
oa I and bv noon fully uirre-ounrti r of tin) whole
it II v..t wo p..'. il I' was feared that in U is waul
m II sumo Ir. ublii i-.il.-ht occiirr. owlmt to tl,ep',.
il. Il soik-o at the poil of mi u.uji) c-, ired men a t
n li 'nil as i:inr!iiiU and sui-i vinr i f i lection
Hut r-ambn evidontly knew his place, and
ra I throtiuiiout the enure diiv conducted himself In
m j a very . Ivil iio.niar. r.uili In the duy a junior
I wascliiitlat 1 iv',1 !i u' . n-d "i e Tedencetli.il
! in tl e low -i 1 1. . Hon Ulurl . f the ,ud miiiiu
- n o( Hie more enthu- a'tlc adheri-nts of Theodore
t Alh ti had dent' lislitil the lioxe- of tho (Join-
-it i lolttco of Seventy. Itnpdry lit the I'rlnce
o S stroct police sta'lon proved that the rumor wa
4 i aiuinsrd. lint one arrest i made durln,, the
I day, and that for disorderly conilii'it.
I Till! EltlllTII WAIU) HIVBII tllTltt(T.
I TntheTweiity-elKhth.'l'recln'l.fo-calleilbythe
Id" B poHue, there was much aiilutatlon about the
v Q polls, but no disturbance, When well-known
politician! made theirapiearaiice In the streets,
the urchins of the neighborhood, who seemed
to reuard the election as an excellent Joke, ceil
erally creered them with embatTnaslnii rei oanl.
Hon. A notable limuiui u a that of the linn.
Michael Norton, whom an at my of youtnters
. lurroundetl.
j the MMM ami linttvrn waiih.j,
PI I ..Tt,e -Vl'ith and I'lfteenth Ward- preserved
" the r uauul nutet.ido. Ibo vol! ,g douo
I J.-aldly, utid challeiiKlni: w a. seldm resorted to,
xi E I'l.sve.iTii wAitn.
0- I In the Eighteenth District Jacob Steffan of 2:2
t E fteeond ktreet was chaHonsed. Mr. ftteiTan is
- I Janitor of the publln primary school In Second
s n ttrent, and he la well known to tho registers, lit
est M HKM'tors, mid marshals. Hy a clerical error he
fj was enrolled as David Hteffan. The President of
I the Hoard of Iteirlsters said that It was his own
lulatake In calllniz nut David Instead of Jacob.
' Tho Inipnctoni voted to receive Mr. 8to(Tn's
I ballot, but Marshal Vouni: said ho would arrest
"? him II he voted, Mr. StelTan loit his iota rather
' ! l,'l vl lido Cotnuilstloner Haveitport'i
I flutrhei,
YrT iA' " ,he M'tw IHatrlct poll opened, the
ff inipecuirs received a w.irrant from Ihtvennort
t inr "e Jmes O'llrlen or iBJ fiutt Ninth
? ,I5'r"IV'lho al-enijit ttivote. Mr. O'Drltn
W j)llreu Ida ballot ami to Ills surprise was taken
L L?i?,U.'l0l,lfl, v'icn frraluned tsfore a I'nlted
IS r.1?,1! KV"!".1."1""" In H 'hamhcr itroot, lie
S ISKJ. AM'ff ,"' ,5k5r. I,nd rPrf ed that
2 ,iirt0.n,!b,.t."M,.'.,UI.10 relded n the Jwelllnirliv.
sV , ilicated. Mr. O'llrlen proed by several reipectr
t f',nlVr." th,t h" !,rt IM th'-eVaiid tl at II
4 '.yj8" !' liome n,,rly tbri-e years. This tea
's 1 llniony pi'ocured hl dlacharce, and heluitaiulr
I ralurued to th poll and deposited his tote. r
'j TnillTKNTH WAItD.
4 1 . V? .wr0 no disturbance! occurred, an
" i f'jrin rrcstwu made tbrouthout the day.
J vital a youth for litoxlcatlon.
ST V Ul. rtmitTM-iTii wAb.
for disorderly conduct. They were both dla
diajged. ma DAT iRTiiBiuTzntni vvanrj.
In the Blxtecnlh Ward the voting wont on
inletty but rapidly, and by It u'rltxk la tlso
niurjiln a Unio majority of Lbo doctors hart
vltlted their respective polllntr plaeea. Bmall
knot of inuo llturercd about th potU,and Uicru
wm some noisy estiTsaslnu, especially at Nlntli
avenue and fV'venteoiithstreet.whorolhnre wem
at nno tltno eymptonis of a serious row, hut tho
pollco prnmptlT slopped the illstirl-Ance, Tttctv
nertt no arraitii. The brlnclnr; In of tardy voters
wni very emertrotlcally attended to towurd tho
latter part of Hia day, but. there waa uverthele4t
a margin of tioti-vottnn men on tho registry list
at each polllmjr place when the hour for c(osl!nr
waa readied, vnrjItiK from ten to elxly.
TUB (tlXTfrJVTH AtVKllir.T llltrrltllT
lntltorllxteenth Assemhrv District, comjirls
Inix a lurce part of tho ltlchteenth Wartl, titero
was llttlodlatiubanre, ami no am'.nr wero inudo
tip to the hour of cloilntr the polls.
i'lm Hnltod Ktatea eupurvisiint and United
Plates marshals nenmed to carry mutters with n
hlfli hand at all tho polltmr places In the district.
challrnKlne voters and arreatlnr them rlrtttaud
left. Tito sttpervlsnra hail tha warrants of nr
ntsl sranled by UoturalsshHier lsavininoit on
Muidav already In their hands, eo as to bo ready
when the pcrvms (itesented theniaelvea lo order
a deputy marshal to arrrst them, rrivato In
structions had been given thn Mipervlori Ui
prevent the votlm of such persona, anil
Utia, In narly all onwa, wm euxeesfully dime,
At one polling id.wto, however, near Twenty-Erst
itmet and Kind nvenue, one of the Inspeetnre'de
tcrtnlned that this hltih-handed uvumdrellsai
should be etnpi ed. A Mr. Mrdlolno presented
lilinaelf to vote. The supervisor had n warrant
for his arrest and ehallentred his vote.
Inspector- On what (iroundi, Mr. Htijienlsor?
riupervbtor- I don't know. I have this war
rant, and that's enough for me. I'tnnUnlUsJ
Suit on ttrncor, and shall fulfil my duty.
In'reetor Well, tills Is aHtaio eleotlon. and 1
shall fullll my duty, (letitletuou of the board,
rhall tho man be sworn?
'llio board sirred unanlmnualy, and Mcfllnwn
w as sworn. The lusptH tor then moved that Mr
(ll wn'a vote bo east. It was swtotided and car
ried unanlmou'ly, and hi vote was deposited.
Ml the while the supervisor strenuously ob
jected. Mr. Mrdlnwii waa then orrostcd and
taken off by a deputy maralial.
About 12 o'clock two deputy marshals vrre so
cuoratit of their diulcs as to take their prisoner,
Mr. Adam l.iintr. of 2SI Ammo A, to Hut police
station In Tweutv-sci nd strwt. They had
neted I.iintt on one of (XinunlMdonor Daves
port's warrante at the tiolllnii'lace,'.; First av
entte, Capt. Cameron bade the marshals to take
their erlsoner to a I'nlted HUtcs court. He
w -old havo nothlntr to do with lilm. The mar
sluls tecueated the Captain to detain their prla
oner until after t o'clock last evenlnR. but tho
Captain refused, and told them to rloarout.
In the Twentieth and Twenty-second Ward
tho election passed off more quietly than In
years before. Even Tenth avenue, tlis battle
ground of the Wi-st fldew, woe quiet le)oil
comparison, and fliihts were few nnd far be
tween, and not serious at that. The order
ctoalnK the whiskey sluum had a curious effect.
In some quarter shuttlm; up whole bhicksoi
alores. Many citizens, f rv cltlr.i-n.aof Republican
America, were submitted to the base ludiaulty
of eiilurln? back doors fur Uietr mm, and tint
facility with which they found the entrances
did credit to their scent fur whiskey. Tho
ticket boxes were coven-d with povtcraamioonr
f nil "James O'llrlen. Friends of Itoforin meet
here," "Abraham It. I.twrenre. Friends of He
form meet here," "William 1'. llaveuieycr.
friends of ltefonti tneot here, ' and otherequally
patriotic and buvTlldcrlliR leceitdi. To Uu sur
prise of the uninitiated, Ureeley tickets wero
delivered from many of tho O'llrlen
boxpst. In the wants inentloneHl O'llrlen's
fnand seemed mora numerous than those
of any other candidate, and they confidently
cLUitivd an eveii creater vole than that lie re
ceived In the henatorlal contest lait year. Th"
central quiet waa bv litany ascribed lo l.irk ef
money. It la n'rtaln that dollars were not jdeo
t it ul. and the scenes of a year aso, when O'llrlen
scattered bank notes broadcast In the streete,
were not repeated1 The colored voter of these
wards showed a knowlcdiro of politic wbbtli
'hoiild brint: blushes to the cheeks of those who
s iv that the freetlmeii are not Bt to be Intrustod
with the ballot. Very few of the colored mon
v ted before noon. About that hour on emissary
of ullrieii made Ids apDcarance, and It wt
not ccd that the colored men soon ifterwartl
li.suii votlni!. Nearly all voted for O'llrlen.
Mauv Instances came to llt'lit of folded balli Is
o-itnlnllitr two tickets. Those votlni: on natu-,al7-tlon
paper dated Ir'Jt wen required to
swia their vote. a many paKrt dalsd In that
)ear were fraudtl'elit,
L to 4:JU 1'. M. but four penons had been sr
rctcil bv the West 1'ortj-seventh strict polln-.
ami two by the West Thirtieth atreet ofllcere
So arrests wero made hy the Thirty-seventh
street police, thoueh about 4 o'clock Kdwaixl
DoiineM), havim: V ted. ilelliered himself at Hie
poll, t station n u vauruiit. He had rested him
self suftlctcntlr In allow him to exercise thulo
.tltenatilc rtsht of rlttfiishlp by slprplna- twf
tiiL'hts in the station ks a lod.'cr. The Increase
In tht number of polllntr pla es Insured In nearly
all caw h the posslbtllt) of ivtstliu all the voire,
and ii died the crowds, lesseniim Hie probi
i-.l t) i f R;htl:tj Ttry of eotiro reqmrcif iihtc
otilieis. and in some precinct the rck'iilvr foriv
w.ts not rjfTiclent. Lapt. Klllalua'a comuiiuid.
West I'lr'-y-sevenUi street-was reinforced lei
twenty-llf otTlcsrs from tho Manhattaiivllli
IK'lh c. nndl'itpt. M'l'.lwalno's force, Vf Thlrty
auvelitli sticct, received a like acieaatuti fn u.
Uie ha. ne source.
At t o i lo, k tne poll- were cloned. Uie liquor
sti res epent-d. the hoyt l.,:un lo ret drunk, anil
the Inspector, becati l 1 count Uie totes.
IIAItLKat A IlErtTY MVKHItt, llt'VlhCI VOts.
Ill the upper part of the hlaml, on the en.it
do. the elei I on i.ivd off quietly. The few
arirsta th it were made were for drunkeiiue
itiil d' rderly conduct, hut iheru was no sert
oua dlsturbnnce. The mil) excitement In liar
lem waa creatod bv the oondi.et of one of the
fulled Ht.ilea Deput) Ma'siials, Jnhn Kiclrsci.
H:l'-"on bad bei n u oitned to watch the ele -Hon.
He nnpearrd cull) In the afternoon at H e
ut l.'.it'i rttert and 1'ourth aveiiue, with
a num'ier of ineu. Mh m he stippltid with n. k
ets. .mil whom he told bow to vote. One of
these mcn.Trary name, lives In 2;ti; Third
avenue. Oflber Henry Jaiobs, wlto did iut
k ,ow tl at F.itletHin was adeputy uumhat ordered
h in out -f the riMitti. and told the liirpcrtorsthat
thla titan I'lesoii Imd undoubtedly ooucht tin
vote! of those "Independent eltlrens," and had
cotno with them to m.tko sure that they voted
aa he h-d booked them to vote. IV'leaon re
fused to go out of the room. "If you haven
volu hero, you can stay line. ' (HDcer Jacolx
said; "but If )ou li.ivo no vote here, )nu will
have to leave the room.ai )itn ale obatruetlua.'
Hie polls. If you hate any electloueerini; to do,
iou can do It outside t )oti can't do It hero."
Kirleson replied, " Vou can't make me leave thle
room. I'm d If 1 leave- this room I llle used
- tue "In, one otl, I am a I'nlted ht.iti-t
Deputy Marshal." The, iiH, er asked him whe
ther he was a marshal lor the dUlritt. I'xlfi' n
liowi-d bis -lilrld. and replied, t makes nt,
dllfeience. I am a I'nlted States Deputy Mar
a'lil. and I tan do nl..tt I 1 1 .e. He went on
ulklin; end sneariUL'tintlltJie llepiiblleansupcr
visor. Ibrnle, lold hVu to keep Mill. IVIom ii
ehonteil that thev could not est lilm Out, .mil
dmcd t ie olio ,-r to la) hands oil him. Ho r"
mnlni d In the rorpi until a'l his men hsd voted,
and tl,'h retuiued to tils ow ii diatrn-t. I'uleMinV
behavior crented nun h excltment in Hurlcin.
It was rumored that nine men voted at the
polls In Third aven tc. near UUth street, who had
been boiiuhl to vote for Grant at $0 iiploce.
uit. (i.irii.i-v.
Mr (ireelev passed the day at Chtpptqua with
l.l fvo brothers.
I'liiNriMt iiiuri: hi tur.
I'.iulj lout evenltie I'rliitinu House squaro and
l'.uk row I ivi.ii to be ihroiiKod by men, wotnrii.
auilinild.cii.dll aiiMuiis t' Isaru the t.ailieht
ri t in ns ot i lot clei Hon. The newsp-vper oflleii
h..d made a'ui le arrarurement! t'i anno, m e the
it-aull upon bolletliis, and ' all ium llu'lita bud
b cn pl.io, d in poHltlon to throw their rays iinott
the Ujuch. l'rintiiu House szu.va wa il.iA
illnc wall llirht, and a the exulted thtoni.'n
moved to and fro, aenibllni In uroups to dh
cuss probabilities or to vent opinions, the scene
became one of Intense Interest. It was a kalei
doscopic picture, In which lltlng men and
women were the fliures, arid tho ever-charmlnc
scetip was continued until late Into the tiltfht.
Ilockcta uud bunllres served to enliven the
icene. Old barrel i, chnmpiii:ue baeketa, tiuce
beaim, and other combustibles were piled hluh
and then fired hy boys who were fully a much
excited as their eltlieii fathers. The musty tra
dition which has held In the city for neni-ra-tlous
that election day Is one for uuaiilmoiis re
lolcln;, was acted upon to the utmost, and the
uo)a enjoyed their fun as of old,
'lite lartrc't crowds were In and around Tnr.
Pi's and J ft mid biilldliicrs. In front of 'fur. rlt x
the throtii was in densely packed that It i;a
almost liuiKisallile to push one's way throtiL-h.
ami It occupied the entire space between tne
step and the car tracks In tho street. It was an
orderly, but not n quiet assembly. Whenever a
new bulletin wan puktod.lt waa received with
enthusiastic cheers, or dcrlBlvu hisses, accord
Ink' to thn nature, of the news. When It was
annpuured that the Fourteenth Ward of llrook.
I)tihad flven Mr. Urenluy u lariro majority, the
enthusiasm of the va.it aaemblie burnt ull re.
strnlnu. It maulfeited Itself in nno inltility
cheer which ran? out upon the air like a thun
der clap. Friends irrasped hands and ooneratu
Uted each other. The bn)i lauphed and shout
ed, and the spirit of rejoicing seemed to relnu
on all alilea,
The spaco In front of the TrOmn nfflr wai
alio throueed by men of ull parties uniluiia to
learn the news, Tho sUituo of Franklin wa
completely surrounded, find men looked upon
the.bronie and rtlieiissed the chance of mir
Later Franklin. The return wens scanned with
profound Intareit, and tho ot t-repeat.nl snntl
inent was "Well, If wo lose thin time the road
I paved to victory for the future." " JVU Dope,
randum" irrined to ha the motto of all.
The crowd In front of th lltrold office
stretched eoinnlotely t-crowv tlrosKlway, and a
densely packed. It wa numbered by Uieuaanda.
Enteral men clambered up and aeated them
selves on tha cuya which support th dtrrlcks
to the niw l'oat Office. The return were poete4
aa fait a received, and th enthusiasm for
Oteelny aud UberalUia was Intena.
In Ui bar-room of the Aator House, Col. AUck
Btsuon read the return aa fatt a they were re
ceived. Hood on lain rottruin, erM4
for th egeuloa, id UMd u orUlowy DaitnH
to arouse attention. III hcarern wero mostly
broken, and men wTmi h-vd risked money on tho
election. Hut the irreatcat aooil faeJIns pro
valtnl, and th xenbvl OcJonsi crooked hhj Jokes,
and laiiKlied, at the looeer, to the treat delecta
tion of all esmenret, Tn preponderating elr
ment vnss Ubml however, and tha returns liv
dlcatlnir Mlieral calna were roeelvad with en
thusiasm. When the Oolonel rvaul that Lawrcncei
wan far ahead Inttio Mayoralty aonloet, the will
Astor llouso fairly elioxtk with applause.
Ar Tint r.nmuL ubauquaktbii).
At theMboral Itepobllcan Uoadquarlera In the.
(llenham HotelnlmuiensethroiBt(rntherel ear
ly last evening. The usacinlilaire boiled over with
cxcltiitucut and anxiety ubonl tbo result of tho
rlortlonln the city. As the rettirtui eauie In,
ahowlnt; gains for Abraham IU f.awrrnco fur
Mayor, HiaenthiisLiitu rose to Uia hlKhnat pitch,
antl cheer on rhwr ront the air. Kventhe street
In front of the Ulsiihom waa Ihronirevl w-IUi an
excited niiilUtudn. Thn rctiiina canie In verj
slowly, the result In tbo city not being known at
n late hour.
niti ecr.MB t Titt ruin avehuxi.
Peveml thousand pentons srnthcred near tlic
Firth Avenue HoUtl last eveuliur. to leuni Hmi
results) of tho clectlona a teleirrniihcd to tlw
Itvpubllcan Central Committee. The crowd vv as
In good humor. Th various campaign clubs
had evidently revolved themselves Into a rham
IKiane club, for they htilloned and yelled like
Mends let loose. Tlio)otint! man who manrured
titn sterecoplali with which tho election returns
wero Indicated on nvaal pleco of canvas, was
evidently the first to Join tho club. Ho
displayed his letters ntwlilo down fully one half
the time. Ill other llltimlnstlonn weni ailver
tisementa of the disreputable Vlmrs's roaiiw
caricatures of the liberal candidate,
Iteturnv worv slow, and the tlirmu irrew lm
Patient. When II was atitiounced Hint Vermont
had itonri for (Irant by aXi majority Hu-v
cheered, and as Horace (Irecle)'snaine aptuvirwl
nt the end of the sentenre 'On West" they
lamrlied Immoderately. The next dlspateh said,
" The Kepuhllcana claim Ohio by "D.onu majority."
snd then tho tlirotnr worked off tho rhnttipasiK'
with another serle of tells, after which the
funny man who manured thn macliln, exhibited
a picture of the noose plurkliu: tho bone from
the fox'a thniat. As It waa not rlivar which
candidate wit the. irons and which the fox, no
demonstration arreted this legend.
Thou the arltiimetlrlan said that North Caro
lina had iflven Kuril fr (irant, Delaware 3.U0.
IikIUiihui.uo, St. f.twretiro county T.IUJ. anil
that l.ittMohn was defeated for Uie Assembly,
and a liiitulred or two similar drspat lies. When
It was written that the Heventrenth Ward of
this city Klveal.Hi! majority for (ireeley. a train
of 1.7H.U voice crlsil " Hub that out' and tire
offensive despatch waa quickly erased. Tim
arithmetician report were evon too nun fur
the most Imaginative Republican, and Hie
throes flndliit! that they could not trust on them
ilowlv dispersed.
vol . ariNoni'a nBCEtrioN or tiik itrrt'ii.vs.
The large hall of th OKiper Union wo Oiled
latl nlxht to overllowlm; by an luimcnao multl
ttiile. nttmberlni; over 1sXi persons, atneitx whom
were man) ladies. Hkortlr before the hour an
nounced for the meeting to be om-d. Col.
Charles H. fpenrcr made his appearance on tlic
plat form and w.im received with a bunt of ap
plause. When 11 siiliehWd he said :
Lviurs axo tlcsvi xwbn t I sm vrry happy to Inform
you that PTilltlpituwii lias been carried by s majority ef
is cite, aaa H'Dfcs FlrMs haa rone Itepubllrsa by 117
s ntstortty over last year, I am alao prena to tell yuu
that ltanfca kas hern Uefcateil hy s majority ef 2,tot.
This was received with rapturous cheers, after
which the nude portion of the audience Joined
In the s nn: "Itally llouiid lb Flat:." Th sow
having been ended, Impatience was inanlfesleil
by Unix) la the body of the boll far the ineelliu;
to be opened, at which Col. Mpenrer acaln sp
peorod and apolocted for the delay by aa)tiv:
tluu the teletrrapli operator had not yet made
hi apiKtaronce, and to kceutbe audlenoe quiet
he tnforniea tliein that the Ninth Ward hail
none for (ten. (Irani by a majority of eoo. (Oreat
applause. An Interval of uftccn in leu tea then
elapsed, during which a brass bond played a
number of national airs. Col. Spencer appeared,
and said that a the, hour was ii'ttlntr late be
HUujvmI he would open the mcctliu,. He then
reviewed the pnceedlncs of the last campatini
tour )ears ai:o, and gave a brief sketcti ot a sim
ilar mrellnc In tho aajiie bull Jlnc He concluded
by in) Int; that when they separated tn-ulitht It
would be with the awuranre that Hie same !
snd eacucloiis man who had iiilitilnlstered tho
affairs of the country for the last four )car
wotiul bo hl'.iIii In tho Fnteidetitlal chair, and
lie would only add that the sixteenth anl hail
clventfen, (Irant a majority of an. Applause.1
A campaign son waa rendered by the Idlen Ihl
Quartette, and t'ol. Spencer romuiutilottd tlte
Infonnatl. n that the (irant Ilepublicau party in
Maine claimed n m.'Uortty of UU.UD.
(ieorce T. Downiue, a colored man, was the
tioxlsix'aker. At thn close of the speech Fetor
Cooper took a scat oil the platform, aud wa.
received with vociferous chcerlnir, and Col,
spencer took him by the hand w Itli the quota
tion. "Still In his tu-hru, live Uie.r wonted
fire." Col. Manning of Woostnr delivered
a short address and was followed bv
(len, Owen of l'cnn-thanln. Mr. I'ope after
wards iccited "The Mckv of Frede rlcksbtui:.'
A short address was then delivered by Cul. Mil
ton of Msln, who was fnllowrd tiy Hi Hon.
Frederick (1. (ledney of New York, and Hen.
Frunx Sl'i;el, aftr whlcti election returns went
read until it loir hour this ukhuiuk.
(ieotvu Frunela Train about 10 o'clock walked
tlirouiih the Jimuted rorrldorH of the Fifth Av
enue. It took him fully half an hour to reach
the rcailini; room, and his proirn ss was a eon
t inn il 'pevch, iKirllous of whhli were loudl)
Ax,llu Hall and the pool roouu under It were
irowdi'd aim ,t to -uffoi atlon. The O linen
ueii made theturelvit very happy over the
earlier ten rn rticelved on Uie platform of the
hall, and when an announcement was made tli.it
the Iteptiblb an cotii't lttec-. in the Hfth Avenue
innoedcd the election of O'llrlen bylkou m.
Joilty. thcte vrus ,i storm of sppbuise suei;eet tip
it.uii.-er to the bull Uu.'. Ptnnue to n. there
was no ruhtitit: or trouble observable lit I hid
lira lltVIVr. Itmt C AT TAMM V.NV II tl.l.
to cl ick last evcnlnir Tammany Hall was
1 1 r, i .1 I tlo o anrioits to he ir the litr-t re
turns reirnrdoii- the protfrtsaof Hie Mate and
Xatlitud tickets. Iteporta came In ver)
-l'jli for Hie f.rvt two houni, but aflir
f r'cl' ek they prrived In ratdd eti eeiuii,
Tlie leturti', vvl.t h were read by the ("lolruian
(len. fplti'ita. were, aa rvirards tho rlty. suf
ficient!) enc iiiirclnn Ui ellciio coustaully roiter
ated bursts ot applause, and such States as were
heard from wire ssld to tin alvlns; liberal ma
jorities. Anioiti; tho apeakera of the eveulnc
were Mr. Dawon of (lenrirla, Mr llnldwlnof
Mlaaottrl. Mr. Spern, Capt. Ilvuders, the Hon.
John Kelly, Mr. Alfird T. Ackert. Isaac Oliver.
Mr. Chandler, Mr. Sulllvnii, Oeit. Cochran, anl
many others.
About half past T o'clock creat entliu-lain
was manifested on the receipt of a despatch to
the effect that 'M election dl'trict hail etven
(recley a majority of 15,u0. It waa evident,
however, from the tone of the speakers' re
mark that rnmddsrahle doubts were entertained
as to the ncnenl reMilt of the election tlir"'n;li
out thkt state, constant alluslotia bcltn: made to
the anticipated sin ceof the IKmocratle tliket
ill I'iTH. Mr. Isaac Oliver sain: a eampalL'ii sonx.
Tha Clialrmaii received a despatch recardlnK the
icult of the contest for the Ma) orally, and
wltt ureal excitement he read as follows .
O'llrlen, ill.nnj; Huvemeyer, .tuO; Iiwrence,
tt would bp Impossible to describe the Impel
of enthualnstii elicited by thla announcement
Tho whole of the Immense uxsemblv ro'o to
their feet tn mit-, tunny of theni standlni; iiihiii
the teats, and chcrrliitf inilll the hall fairly
shook llandkernlilefs were waved, hats lliiur
Into the air, and it waa fully five uiuiutra be
fine order waa nstored. foveral speeches wcte
delivered and a number of turns played b) the
band in Hie gallery. The mectliit adjourned at
Till: Itmi'llNS AT Al'Ol.U) HAM.
Apollo Hall wan crowded last overdue by the
warm adherents of Jemmy O' linen, all of whom
exi trwil the r certain convli t'oti- that O'llrlen
wits elected by a larue majority, Mr. Ilonrv
Morrison presided, and read the ret irn,
which were all tn relation to the Mayoralt) r.ue,
and nearly all of them were from the Nine
teenth, Twentieth, and Twenty-Unit Wards. The
returns were generally favorable to O'llrlen,
and wero received with creat enthusiasm.
The fact that neatly all tho telurn read
were from the ward In question soon excited
much comment, and tho enthusiasm wai anno
dampened by penons brlng-lns new from Tam
many and the Iteptibllcau Headqiiarten to the
effect that O'llrlen was runnluu behind bota
Havemeyer and Lawrence In mauyof the ward.
a wonuertui change soon took place In the
pool selllni In the basement of th halt.
O Ilrlen, who had been tho favorite at e-reat
odds, havlnc fallen to be the last man la
the race, odds of 150 to 100 belnc hot that
ho would be beaten by both Ilavermeyer and
Lawrence. About this time Joseph Ilempaoy
entered thn hall and said to hi friends, "The
Jixtaup. Jlmmv Is nowhere. Havemeyer It Hi
next .Mayor." The enthusiastic crowd now be.
catna despondent and began to dlsperie.
The l.ast:rnl llefors F.leeilou.
The following Is the return of th Pari Mutual
Peola aa they dosed prior to the election-
At Thotnaa't aalonn O'Drlea, not Haienievrr. Mo
Ureac,lt:, Du.JiJ, Keeuau.lU. ""'"'""
At the Alter llume-tl'llrka. ui . Ilsirrucicr. 113 1
Lsmeinr. utl . Ols.sist Keeiisn, Ul. ' "
l.!?..,5''.r';'.''t.,, ,'.'"' r"c,.Lon fur I'retlileut In .c.
Jrriry l.rinl, t'l (ir'flej.'.a.
(lij (he rnutt of Ul elcclloa la Coanectlcut-Uiir.1,
N urccH'y,3ti.
Women Vetlntr In llorhester,
ItocituiTrit, Nov. B. 11il momlnt at an early
hour Suain II, Anthony and rlitkt ullirr frnialrs seat la
a body lo the noils of the Ktidith Ward, aiol presented
tnilr vnU'v. The tnapeet'.rs reeelveil the v .esauil-le.
puMtrd ilirm In the hoars. There uree rlgMreu wo
men rrgliterca In the tame district.
W. IV. Thompson, alia Moxley, who killed
Joha Martin la lliiHltni; (Irerii, Ky , mc yeara airo.aui
esv ball In 110, which lis fcrfellrd. waa arrested on
Muuday al-iht In Luulavuir. II ba been travilllnr
Writ with a inluatrel csiupany,
Jonathan IlardliiK and John Ollabannon, farm
Itborrra In the eniploy of Milton rol, la Uracnt, vlallril
Lowell, Mau , en Moaday, became Intoxicated, an on
tbelr way home late at ntirkt quarrelled, aad UarUluic
wMkUUd. UllihasBoahM been arretted.
IVor wather atrlo for doom and window (
Isjt.B. 3. Tttnj'a, iM rulits mitt, mar Vrcaawty.
ltAnnn.i tmnu ,xn rnicnti nr tub
I.naollc As-lain AbaMsHtman TVsllraaar In
Favor ofltnae itlcCabe from the Opposlns
Wttneasea-Not so Craar After All,
' Tho cavo of Itoso McCabo waa continued yes
terdsyby Jodue Bedgwlek. Klbabtth lUlty rxl taia
Carr, who had been aernaed f rusltrtlng HI as Ht
Cab, testified thai tin wa contluslly annoying the
sUniKlintl la the aayloni. They denied Deal to her.
They broke, iinwa 1-adly on tlie orotseiarnlattlon. Jti.
Krsnctt Mshon, Hliv McCsbe1 sttendlnc pliyililaa,
twere that ahe 1 ntonomanUe. nt denied that be rf
queitnlDr. Newton to aim acertlneat that Horn Me
Ctbe wai Inaaoe bifore he law her, or that he told Mai
liy thing about arttinit hlapay (roni prlrtta. 0 cren.
exaralnatlon It appeared that he was a betanle phytt.
etsjt,admtltd on exsndantlon la Clnttanail thai he had
been nnpleaaaiitly eonaecUd with the Detrdiley dlveroe
eaie, hating gone throegh the furm of a marriage with
IKra. Ileirdilty, and afterward being tlis rblef wltaris
aaalmt her, and Ui that sad another snlt ha liad come
oil with little rredlt to hta charaeter. Ito had not are
acrlbod any polaun to blater Mary. Tho medicine be
had pnverttied waa something of Ills own ootnpuciDilhir,
amtitnnof aogar, uillk, aud lodldoalmvrrary. It was
Ma tecrel. It wia good (or eatarrti and dueaan nt the
hraln. He made I: uol o( his own head. In Insanity Hie
brsin had s kind ef Prclal dlarharcs ulilrh beeamc a
sasaldtachani. Bo this medlerns waa capital for hslk.
Ilshsdrnrrd one Insane woman with ills medicine.
Khe had died alsre. lie thought " nungilsoa on the
ltraln"aemiil work, peltrslon he denned to be when
one man drtrlvcd mother. A man mlicht be tol-Uectiiil
and not moral. A man tnlgbt be a hookworm, sad lo
eeste to be a tnte man, then he might be morally Insane.
Demented was t wrong atat of tho ulnd. Tlie doctor
gave Ida account ef vsrlons Interview a with Bl'tir
Mary, HUhop liugldlu, AretibUbop McCloekry. anil
olliera. He waa vrry weak In kli nudlcaj ue&iiillona,
and not les ao a 1 1 the Inclaenta nt ita trilluiouy. At
liieeuneluaioaof uia teatlmouy the cue waa adjuurnod
lo Saturday,
The Internationals flefendlig Wcodhnll,
CUltln eV Cn,
Yestenlny Mrs. Wnndhull and Mlsa Claflln
apentaqulel day la their cell on the tier known la
Fifth avenue In the Ludlow itreel Jatl. Their counsel
and a tew frlcuda vlaltei them. They seemed cheerful,
aad aald that although public opinion la now very ranch
agalnit Iheni, yet tliey were confident thsl when their
cat we rightly unileritoml no Inlelllgeat and fair,
minded Jury could con? let them.
In the afternoon Ihry received a visit from a leading
member of the International Society. He ssldUata
few luituentlal iiieiiil'era of that body Intended lo meal
In lli eve nlog at tbe rraldence of one u( thrin to make
prrparathma for a meeting of Internationals anil othera
at the roopr Initltutr. or aome other large halk lu
rrnieal agstnat th action of trie I'nlted Slates author
lilt a hi regard to Ike women brokers.
The 1'istol Again In the llnmls of the Fonrtli
Ward (inn.
A William Mcltride was (tandlnj In the hall
way of 31 Frankfort street, last evening, eenveralng
with a few frlenJi, Peter Tlghr, of tt 9wamp gag,"
stepped tip to hlffi, snd. It la alleged, ibot htm near the
hipbone. Mcllrld waa Ukca to the Park Hospital,
where hli wonada were dressod by Dr. Amablle. who
thlnka tnat he may not recotrer, SlcHn-le wai arnt lo
hla home, 41 Oliver atreet. lie Ii a primer, S yean f
are, a native of Ireland, and waa married recently.
Tltthe, ihi la 31 ) ears of age, via 1' eked iu la the
Oak street police station. Delays that Mclirtdearrw s
revolver on Mm, hut that he (1 litis) eld nut shoot
Mellrlde. He adda that he knowa li did the shooling,
but that nothing could Indue lilm to till who II waa.
The Horses.
Tho slok horss were recovering rapldle yes
terday. All the ear snd stag llnra were running regu
larly. The Third ave an lis still loss from four to eve
horseasday. The superintendent aaya that good care
and iklltul treatment will soon pot aa and lo the
The trial of tlie dummy on the plceeker street line
l,s. Pscrtixiitpoecd until Its wheels can be aiapled to
Csnaertlcni A Just Tribute la Isaac II,
II mm ley,
vu tit i i mitLl Rrpr&Hcan.
Of ull llio epi-.llii.if oil the Llbonil side'
during the lauvase. no one haa made good an
Itnpre.'lon as Mr. llnimley. the Liberal llepub
llran leader and late editor. He la no orator,
perhaps, like Katon and Hawley, but hlv
tliuUMlilful. tuutdld, and Llear talking, frelgliled
with genuine feeling, and asuced with a natural
humor, Is found to carry great weight HI
style Is Indeed a novelty for ittimp oratory, lu
asmucji as It la not paiulonate or denunciatory,
and apiatals to reason rather than to prejudice
or feeling. Hut the welcome that It haa received
and the reputation It haa given to Mr. Urnuitey,
even among his old political enemlea of the no
mocracy, show that the time haa come for Its
use, and that a higher diet than the passlouato
aud partisan tlapdoodle of newspaper ornatu
and professional stump orstora Is now In order.
Hall Trial.
J e tse Aimer it TH Sum,
Bui: Tho tvport of a convfraution wllli
me publ'shed In the -Veu Fort, fliae of Mnnda
Is In aome rcnicrU erroneou. I did not mean
to be understood as asserllns that two Jurors
" wvre ceitalnly Influenced." I Intended only to
say that, In the opinion of seveial of the Jurors,
there were two of our number who were t-elleivil
(o have been Influenced. The report Is also In
correct In reference to. Judge llrnily. I Intended
only to say t list a Juror, according to ul own
story, had been suspected, and had been railed
before Judje llrady for examination, the ruuuaeJ
for the iieople Meai. Tremalu, l'eckhaiu. and
Garvin - and others belns present. I make this
correction In Jmtlce to Jtitlsv llrady, ngalnl
whom I did not Intend to utter a wortl of Insin
uation. Jouk I). IUlCk.lt.
A Secrelefihe Deittorallrallou af the United
Mules Nuvy.
7o IA Ullltr of Tht i-iit.
Hill: I beg leave to cull tha attention of Hi
public lo a few uf the many i-rlla cabling on board this
ship. To btgui with . The atmo'pK're onl here It fully
fifteen degreea colder than ashore, especially In tbe
early morning. We are ttirnM out of onr haruinocki at
hall put fonr, at Itaat aa hour and a half before ,lar
break, I." saah down, aad are eompelltd to reuiala
on the wtt, cold dirk from that tint until night. Si, re
tUroata, rotulia, rolda, and other vouid aila are ihc
order of the day. Tbe Oovr ratacat has placet) a num
ber ot beaters ou the berth deck Intended for tho benefit
of the men. but the only person i who hare received any
benefit from them thoa tar are a (tw prlvll. ged oues
who are permitted to remain on that deck. Theitenu
la turned on only during the day, and thattajuit when
we cannot enjo) lu aa we are. prualtiitcd from going bo
low Imagine crowd of Uruuiubed asllors and ins
rlnea hugging tlie " lee aide" ot itte galley, or anything
to fart thai will afford the lean protection from tbe
rutting wind, and yoa hvve a fair picture of tbeeulltted
men on the Port Admirsl'a flagship. There arc but
tsealy lallononthe ship who are reijntred lo do the
work of fifty Th,- bmta and boats' erwa areaitli
g.aee lo the American Navy, Ilia sot the fault of thr
in. n tint tin ,rtl ,'Mng la dirty anJ n.'.' d. s. they are
raited frcui their v, ork. w hstcver tl uia) De, to man tlie
I'lsta, 1 tie ship Is o short funded that were a nun to
fai uvi rboari while one boat was swsy il would he tin.
I. ii toman another tn render I lin aistatatire. In
order not tn 1 Hy tue work during Iheday, il Ii neces
asry to scrub hatunoefcs la thedsrk. I Ihhiklf Adiutrsl
Ilowan was asare 'f tbe condition of things he would
efieet s radical chanrt. Our haeisiilt' utii. r is nil a
(ul man at trearr. I tit he might if he f' It so disposed,
ad'lagrtut deal I,, th. comfort of the men muter hia
lii'iviiumind. Ttie other orfieer tif the alilp, with one
ctccptlon, anensltra, show sdUposlllou to treat tht
meu at men shculd Uo treated. () . or Tu.ii.
t'xirro SiATxa STKAumtr rr.otic, off tbe Pattcry,
The Thunderer's Opinion of (iraini.
I.O.MION, Nov. 8. The T7iae.v of this morn
ing, In an article forecasting the mull of the ITnl
denllal election lu Americt, aayvi "The re'lretUin of
President (irant will be luilueotly itttafattory, and
will defeat in audacloua Intrigue to secure control of
Ike llnvtnitnetil nt tbe I'nlted ftttes, President (irant
haanulrrovtd a pi rfect llilef .vtsgutralei he haa bee
guilty ol extrime caruleatnesa, aud it Is lu ta- hope
that ht will lake lesson from the development of Hit
Esat six months. Ills rrrcrl were errors of Ignorance,
ul tbta defence will no louger hold guod. The past
oiuat bt' tffaced. kfform of tlvll aervlct urgeully de
mantis the appointment to office of persona qnallf ed t
tdmliitittr luelr dullt. Accessory lu the power of tht
people, (iranl'a w 111 must force the national LegUlaturt
lo taactlea reform."
Hynultk ,1IUIrarmwll frem Cuba A aolher
F.iif ateiuenl.
Havana, Nov. a, via Key West, Nov. 5. The
Oovcrncieal troops met a body ef tsaurgruta pear
Trinidad, and defeated theui. Forly-thrrt of tntlalttr
w ere killed, and the real dlvpenr J.
Ijtte otltclal trlecrsint anmitince tne progress ot tht
raiupalgu aa satlsfsclorilo ibe tvpauurds.
Ike stranisldp City of Merlda arrived IM warning
fruui Ntw Vork,
A Cheillrngc to Metldon's .House
n itt miui of tht -mi.
Hin; Havim: noticed lo much bragadnelo la
your psper shout Stephen O'lietlly, otherwise kuown at
biddun'i Mouie, and that he II looking fur somebody to
chair up, I hereby rhallesre htm to light uie a a love
aiu ut lis or cutch weight, for aviirl.'ils (hie. It
tlirce Merit. 'tluu trulll sinning aruclsa. iniili Weti
wini hta approval he rsn nnd matt antl muney on Thurs
day euulug, Nov, J,ai 8 o'clock, at H10 Srrunil avenuu.
tlostl'U (.OaTgLUI,
Henri Itoehefort' IHnrrlaae,
l'Allls, Nov.fi.- Henri Hoclitfcnhaa bean oer
rollted to come to Vertallleato inirry thedylng mother
of hla children, lu srdtr to leglllurlie bla offspring.
When llio ceremony la concluded he will return to
The evirnallon of the Department of the tTrpcr
Mirne by the Herman trotma haa been completed. 1 hat
of the Pvpartuitnl of (he llarne Is alowly proceeding,
LOHSKA ii r rinjt.
The extensive wagon factory In Knoivllle, III.
Loaa VAfitv.
I ",uifftbtnrj't we'"nt 'n ewtcnvlHei M,
W. II. Allln' harnea ttcreln FHchburc. Mm.
Lost fiU) laturance l'J,MV.
At a fir at Ul North itrcet, llotton yttterday
atertoon, Thontu Young, a Sraman, fall from It
f eurtk atnrr tbrough the cleritor la drone r.CeralBt
Htttei Ir-tltry, Ul iu UtliaUy iLttltd,
The Alnk Crmfalttl-Tb Great Antwrlcttn
Desert Oonnlrr of Hare 1'ertlUii Uapld
Pruaresus el Nebraska.
m4 Editor or n Sim.
Butt III pinruglug your valuoblo pnptr wo
notice frequent communications from vulou'
part of tha country, and especially tho West,
but scarcely anything from th Btate ot Nebrn.
ka. Whll Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Colo
rado rccclvo their meed of praise, Nebraska,
possessing a greater ore of fertile land than
either, la fcareoly,mmitloned. Aa a readtr of
your widely-circulated Journal, I will Hate tome
of lta odvantsotea u an agricultural region, ami
some of tha many Inducement It offer to that
largo claan of people to the Hoalcrn and Mldillu
Btatee who denlro to ko ivher land are choapcr,
antl whero they can enjoy the advantage of an
Independent home, Rood society, churches, and
freo schools.
The area of Nebraska 1 122,000 square mites,
nearly double that of the five New Knglanil
rltntes. It Is that region which (len. Fremont In
his report styled the "Urea. Amerlran Desert"
or " Kalnless Holt." Buch a tlcsurlpUon cannot
be accented now, for the proportion of fertile,
arable land Is, beyond si doubt, greater than any
other btute lW or West. The soil, which Is
from two to flto feet In depth, I a dark, vege
table loam, underlaid with a yellow marl, loose,
and porm, affurdlua perfect drainage and ren
dering the soli capable of realsUni: successfully
Hie most lone-continued drought. His a fact
worthy of note, that In no single )earslnc tho
rttlument of the State haa there been a com
plete falltim of crop or Buffering among the
people resulting therefrom. On the contrary,
nou.iTtrui. cnopa
result from a proper cultivation of the anil,
which tn fertility and richness la excelled hy
none except, perhap, Uio rich tula land of
California. iicot, corn, rye, oats, and barley,
aro the principal cereals grown, and yield prod).
Ifioualy. The chintz bug, that dreaded enemy
of the grain crops In many of the Western Bte lei,
I but UlUo known here. The vearc table prodtto
tlons of Nebraska aro remarkably prollflis and It
Is a fact beyond all doubt that for all kind' of
fruit, and particularly tlie aiipln and grape, tho
soil and clltnat of Oils Btate are itocullarly
adapted. As flue a display of fruit of all kinds
av could he shown In an v of Uie flutes wa re
cently exhllilUtd at the NebraakaPtate fair.
The air I dry and pure, and Uie rigor of
winter ore grraUr modified by the uniformity of
tho temperature. Itt unnecessary to add that tlie
elluiato Is very healthy and remarkably frew
from malarial Influence and teudencle, bohur
Itullar to that of Minnesota, except that the
winters are much milder. Th rich and ex
tensive prairies of this Btate furnish peculiar
faclllllon and Inducement for stock raising,
which I at the present tltno th moat profitable
branch ot agriculture, lite comparallvely low
price of grain, and Uie eaao and facility ot mak
ing hay from the wild grasses of the plalu (Itcan
be inado for $UO per ton) will for many year to
come render thla one of th leadltu cutUo-vro-dining
States. Timber lu considerable ipianU
He Is found upon most of the streams, and coal
of icood quality underlies at various depth near
ly our entire surface.
Within the limit of Nebraska are millions of
acre of land as fertile aa any th sun ever ahoiKi
upon, and which can be obtained, we may any.
merely tor tbo aaklng-that la, Government land
ubjert to homestead and preemption. These
lands are, many of them, within convenient dli
tauce of the nutneror lines of railways whlcli
traverse the State In all directions. Some of
theto rood have grant of alternate secUona of
land fortwenty mile on either tide of tha road.
A oldter of tbe late war can homestead 100 acres
within railroad llmlti. and hi time of aervlco la
considered constructive residence on the land,
nd It deducted from tbe wholt tlmo (flvo year)
which would otherwl'e he nocetsary. Civilian
may MUewb-e homestead N acres, and perfect
the title by five years' residence, and Uie whole
cott will not be above $20. Uy preemption any
one can by six months' residence and by inaklin;
certain Improvement, purchase the land at
H-Sd per acre. If within railroad limits, or tlJj
outside. I-andv belongliur to railroad corpora
tions rominaud hlghtr price, according to loca
tion and natural advuitace.
The statlttlc of the Nebraaka Hoard of Emi
gration show that tbe number of Immigrants
settling within the Stale during tbe present
year will not bo leis than .0OU; and It Is won
derful to observe the rapidity with whlcli towns
and villages spring up hero. They are built aa If
by magle, almoet In a fortnight. Iititcrpriae, aiul
Hie progrens which follows It, are on on ever)'
hand. Italltoad. tboae great agent of progrcta
and reflnein -nt, are hern constructed with n
rapidity entirely unknown In the lVi'tnrn States
where foreal and rock ore to contend with. The
educational Intcresta ot the State are provided
for by a munlfleant grant of land, cnniletliiu of
two sections III eucn township, or one eigh
teenth port of the entire domain. Ileslde thes
pnivlalons, separate grants are given lo colleges,
linlversltlea, and the higher schools. Tha vnl
ver'lty of Nebraska, located at IJneoln. receives
from the State the liberal gift of Ikon acres of
land. J. W. ('.
Linrout, Xeb., Ort, 31. ISC.'.
A TltrX llllSll Oil AX.
A flank Clerk Caakes n JO'O.OOO Hill, atud
Drops n S-IOO Note-Where It was 1'ouiiJ,
and buvr II vvns Uecavered,
.Mr. J , tlir eou of ii well-known Gen
eral of the Confederate army. Is a clerk In one of
the principal down-tow n banks. Tha other day,
In the absence on leave of the clerk whose duty
It was to attend to that aort of business, Mr
J was rciiuested tn take a 204X0 note to
the rutted Slatei Treasury to get It'caaiied. On
reaching the Treasury he asked for K,0H In bill
and the remainder lu a check. The teller said
he could not do that. He would give him the
tltt.uun in hills, and then he must apply to an
other clerk, whom ho pointed out. for tlie cheek.
Tlie teller eo'inted out f3',nno In 11) bllli,
Then he counted the money a second Hint.
Mr. J saw lilm count It twico, and then
counted It himself. He carried the book
across tbe room to the clerk to whom ho bad
been told to cn, and oskod hlin to give him a
check for $l-ui. The clerk said It was not cus
tomary and declined. Mr. J then most
earefullr put the bills Into lilt pocketbook,
closed It, and placed it lu his side pocket.
On returning to the bank Mr.J handed
over the book to tho cashier. The cashier co .nl.
ed tho hills once, twice, thrice, and then made
the astounding annnunenment that Uiere was
1,'sOshort. Mr.J also counted the bills.
and sure enough one f ""I bill was wanting to
makeup tho 'Jt,0(iO. Mr. J went luck to
the Treasury. The teller was positive that he
had given lilm the full amount. Mr. J
looked all around to s-co whether a bill bad
been dropped, but his search was unrewarded.
Mr. J Is a very honorable, high-toned
young man, and the ln of the t'ol annoyed
him greativ. O i returning home In the evenlnr
ho told hW father the circumstance, and said lie
Intended to go down town and nut an advertise
ment In tho morning papers. His father thought
It would be iiitelc's. The son, however, was le
solvetl to ail' ertlsc, and did ao.
Next morning a young Irishwoman called at
the bank mid asked to see the President. In
due time h wm Introduced to him. In a mod
est, straightforward way the aald that tJiu hud
come about the money that had been lost, and
without more ado she produced a f.'sk) bill from
her pocket and handed It to the President. Hit
l'rusldeut was not a little astonished and grati
fied. Young Mr J - w as called In, and tht
young woman told how lua bill had come Into
tier possession.
The pruvimu day she sold she h.wl got. leave
from lior master, who residue In Brooklyn, to
visit her frleud lu New- York. Ou returning
home In the afternoon ah pasted the Trenaury.
On the last step but one she saw a greenback ly
ing. She took It up. put It Into her pockot, and
went borne. She showed It to her matter, w ho
Informed her of It value. At her request the
gentleman took charge of It. Th next morulng
the advertisement was een, and the yotnut wo
man came over to New York to deliver up Hit
Mr. J took Uie bill to the Treasury, nnd It
waa Identified aa one of the bllU which had bveo
paid to Mr. J the day before.
The President of Uie bonk gave tlie woman a
UW bill.
Heroic Conduct f Ensign Halle,
WAantmilON, Nov. 6. The Navy Department
la officially advl'ed of the heroic couditct of Fnalja T
I). Holies, of the I'nlted Stitea steamer Invjools, who,
at the risk of hta own life, rescued from drowning the
Slatneae engineer of atesm lur, who had been blown
overboard by lb explosion of bullrr below la the
river lUugkok.clihu. Th commanding estrcr ol the
Iroquois sayst
" I rushed In Ihr starboard gangway aad waa followed
Ii? Mr llollea lie ssltl, ' I rsu save Itial Ulan.' 1 aald,
'So,' antl dlirouragvd hlin lu the attempt, sa the n.sn
was some distance uft, the h-s rather rough, aud. In my
opinion, he would aink before aaslstnncu could reach
lllt'l. Put btluis I -.IU e.il.lt Hi .tulriiti Vlr Holle
was overboard, and lu lew aeeondi was alongside the
man, snd supported hun until the culler arrived and
picked thcut bulk up,"
A (ilrl Owlroted nnd her I'ulher Murdered.
llAi.Tinoiig, Nov. 5. Augustus Wilton, a white
msn, attempted to ravish a colored girl on fetiuday
ovcnlsg near I'utlcr'a Post OSlcr, Carroll county. Tlie
alrl'a father. Washlnitoii Valeutlne, wai attracUd hy
tir crtra asd went lo her siiUtance. Wllaoit kuiakeil
Ii I ui down and suaiped snd beat him to death. The
murderer has been aecured.
A Daring lisenpe trniu Jail,
Can KrtANCiaco, Nov, (. Ijist night the Ilro
Ihcrlon brothers, under aente ice for fojgtry.one llllry,
and another prisoner confined lu tbe county Jail, buck
ed and gagged' tht lalltr, and putting pistol tn hi
head, thrtiatrned to kill blm U n gave an slarui. They
then acalcd the wall and eactpctl. The ofoceri were
toon la pursuit. Eherlff Adauis offrra fl.ouo reward for
tb rtctpturo ot th Urutherton brotbi-rt.
F.aay term for furniture, carpet, and bed.
ding, l II. M. I'owptrthwall Co.'a, litCLatliam atretl.
AauatiKnat stack and low prtrot. liargslna for tasn.
r payments received -weekly or iiiolhly, Ptrleriui
( Ma-toW rovJtti kt girat TUllT.-r,
hxb im ao-vru cAaouurA,
(sisJkrParchalg .PIlJUUrvr Int.
fort-Whal Breame of the Canon atv-i r
tato CrM -A Qowker Ku-Klax.
CtrTtttendtnce of Tbe sun.
Wamiinoton, Out. ir. Tlie Xollu-erlng
story, which wast told to me by Mr. Joeph
Stewart, lawyer of thla city and a perfeotly
truitworthy cenUemwi, llltutratea very aptly
th condlUon of the white, people In South Caro
lina, Two Pennsylvania Quaker, or rather,
two aona of a Quaker, who had served
In Ui Union army In Boutti Carolina, at
thocloto of thenar obtained 112,000 each and
purchased a plantation In Potith Carolina, near
lleaufort. They Intended to plant cotton, and
ttocked their plantation for that purpose. Aa
they wero original abolitionists, I torn nnd brought
up In tha faith, they of course exjiected prctt
thing from the freodmcu, and gathered about
tbem many of these poor unfortunates. Tho
first season they had every prospect of a fine
crop of cotton, and woro felicitating thcmselvo
on the good fortune In Hore for thorn. When
tliclr cotton wo ready to bo picked, they were
tunirlsed at the imall quantity brought to their
gin. The freedmen tole and wasted tt lenit
one-half of It, and, to con the climax, when tho
crop hod ben nearly ill (fathered, the negrooe
set Ore to the gin and burned up tho remainder.
The next teaton the brother! planted sweet
potatoes, calcu latins Hi anttclpato tbe Northern
market by early shipments, beforo tho Virginia
potatoes were ready to ship. They accordingly
put down their whole plantation in potatoes,
and as tho Maiun wa favorable they had cvtry
promlio of retrieving tho disaster of tho pio
vlous year. About the tlma their crop waa ready
to harvost thoy noticed something wrong with
tliovlne,and theykept a watch In tho field dur
ing the night. 8om of their most trusted work
men were detailed fur that purpose, but (till the
depredation! continued. Tho ncorroc protested
that thev could never sea anybody In the field
at night, and teemed totally at a loss to account
for the disappearance of the potatoes.
Finally the brother determined one nlgbt to
goon guard themselves, without letting their
negroes know their Intention. Providing thein
telvoi with armi thev took their position bo an
to observe all parts of tne Held without them-r-elvei
being olrserved. They had not long to
wait. Boon object were discovered moving
about In the field In close proximity to where
the trusted negroes ought to be keeping watch.
One of the planter, getting within gum hot of
the Uilcvea, fired and wounded one so seriously
that be could not runaway with hlseompanlunt,
who. iiirprited at till unexpected entertain
ment, mode for the swamp. When the plant
er scanned tbe feature of the wounded man
they found bhn to bo one of tho negroct thoy
hid bueii relying onto protect their property.
Thla opened their eye, and tho next day upon
making an examination they discovered tbat
the negrwa had by earefullv IffUng tip the vtnrw
and craplng away tbe dirt from the tide of the
hllle, succeeded In removing nearly the whole
crop of potttoe. Indeed there wn not enough
left to pay exiiene. Till was not all. Their
rup of misery was not yet full.
The brother who had fired at and wounded tint
thieving negro waa arrested aa a Ku-KIux,
thrown Into prison, and It wiw with much diffi
culty tbat ha was tared from conviction. Tim
negroes, even those they had given employ
ment to for nearly two years, wore to the most
nutrageou lies against them. P.ren after tine
Qitakerwa released, ho and hi brother found
tlie negroes so Incensed against them, and to
determined to do Hum serious Injury, tbat they
packed no a few ot their personal effects and
started North, abandoning their plantation to
th negroes.
This story 1 given Just aa I hear It. I have no
doubt that.It 1 true In, overy particular. Mont
than this, I believe It Is not an IjoliUd case
either. It 1 the same story tbat you hear from
almost every man who come from poor, op
pressed, nogro-ruled. South Carolina. Tho no
Krone are the absolute master of the loll.
The triumph of the Mow a party - Uio election
of another negro Leglalatu re will Intensity the
vlclnuiues of the negroes, and Ilia whlto eopl
who bare remained lu the hopa of some amelior
ation of the evils under which t hey hara groaned
for so long, will now he at the mercy of the
black and whlto vampires. iArruu.
Kiaruiaa Profit af Ibe Hotel of Ike Great
eva lAe Ci(eUo Triune.
Punic day a iin, I mt't Mr. A. II. Ilusklui,
a wldelv-kuonu room-clerk, whose experience
I probably equal to that of any one of Ids avo
catlun. Iu a communicative moment, at Wll
I anl a', he gave me the following figures as to the
profit of the leading hotels of the Kast. I took
them down at tlic time, and believe them tn be
as nearly correct ua anything of the sort ob
tainable, :
Fifth Avenue Hotel, Now York-Itent t2dl,.
us', not Inclusive of stores beneath It; proflta
f-'tMUlx). Tbe greatest business lu America of
the character. Twenty vars ugo, the grojnd
was offered for M yeara for f.'sji) i-r annum.
Metropolitan Hotel, New York-Itent at pres
ent flit'.tn' Juat resuming and recovering from
youngTw red's management.
St. Nl. hola.s Until. New York-Kent 7,flP0;
annual nrotlU rising JlT'.iiJ. Hawks, the ito
prietor.haa leased the uew Windsor Hotel, Fifth
Continental Hotel, rhlladclphta-llcnt t0,000i
profits above T0ni.
(iraud Central Hotel, New York Very cheap
rent, said to ho the che.iost for th opportuni
ties, only t5,liij profit finosn.
Attor House. New York -Kent 173.0110. Very
slice jf ul on the Furope.-ui plan. Pnitlta fIWit,
New York Hotel, New York- ltent fitUM).
Profit (MAO, being full of Southtnitrs all sum
mer. Parker House. Boston--Owned by th pro
prietor. lrotiu Jia,rai.
(ilUey House, New York Enormou rent,
islam Iront. (tn.tiY).
Hoffman House. New York rrodts, 173.000.
Arlington Hotel, Washington- ltent, t-MX.
rroBts. 7U"i.
The following named hotels dear W,0Oilper
annum! llrsioort. Clarendon, French's, Nrw
York; Taylor's, Jersey (Ity nloeis the largnst bar
tiuslne-ts In the I'nlted titales); Cataract House,
Niagara Falls.
The following named hotels make f40,0nnper
annum: Ht. James, New York - Coleman. New
York; Sturtevant, New York; St. Cloud, New
York; West lind. Long ilranch ; (irumrtv)
Park. New York; Keren- House, llnstou ; Tre
mont House, Huston: Metropolitan, Waahiug
ton, FJibltt House, Washlngtou.
Tho following-named hotel make profits as
npiieuded : Alhertnarle, Now York, t iiO.UU ;
Weatmlniter, New York, $.W,O0O ; (Iraud. New
York, J-Wjultrcnt reduced lo t,tui); Clifford.
New York, f2i.i:o ; Cultetl States, Now York,
(I3.no ; lletmont. New York, (lll.uio : Mer
chants', New York, (:i,lilj Mansion Home,
llrooklsn. tiVml; F.verctt, Now York, j.VUini ;
Plerrepolnt, Ilrooklyu, f23,ftt); American, llos
ton, (:n,oii; Congre llall, Cntio May, (.',.! mo
(It; J . Stockton. Cape May, (5T,(AXI ; Congress
Hall, Saratoga. f-T.Mnl.
The largest liotel In the United Slates, ns to
room capacity, Is probably the (irand I tiloti at
Suraloga, Mr. A. T. Stewart nw Woman
Hotel, New York. ha above r) rooms. The new
Windsor, New York, has about loo roouu.
flow (Ifflerts Should he Filled III Hits Cniinu v.
f-ffft 1'iiu.lnnau (ooiMriti'.
K.x-Sonutor Ili'iiilcrson of Missouri. Ill
stumping for Grant, tells howll Is that netmtlim
has flourished at the White House. After re
marking that (irant had appointed tome of Mia.
(J rant's relative tn office, ho said ;
"Huppose you wero l'reildent, and your wife
should ask you to apolnt somebody, friend or
relative, what would you do? If you did not
appoint lilm your wife would give Jim a curry
ing over every night tiiiUI you did. I expect you
would appoint lilm eventually." Laughter.
Inhuman Cruelly at West Point,
Correspondence of Tlie Sun.
Writ PotriT, Nuv, 4. A mast heartless pun-Ulimt-nt
hai been lunleted upon eleven men of Com
pany K, Knglafn. A dlituruantt waa alleged to have
been enmmttud In oneot the room of the company,
and a buttle thrown dean thr Hurt. For thla the men
belonging to the room were niuaterrd ami told that If
the maa did not it once contest to throwing the bottle
tht 1'aptaln would pualah all the men. At 9 o'clock thr
same evening the men were again mustered, ordrrrd to
" Attention, company!'1 pUcrd Inckariteuf two nou
coinmlasloned omcen.. each with eight ruuudaof am
munition, and Informed that they were to stand In thai
position tbl morning, and If anyone so far forgot him
self aa to fall aslteli he waa lo be tied in A coll of
rnpe waa placed tn front of them for that suipose. One
ut Ihc men, having been for some lime sick, toon fatttt
nl. The others were rnmpelled to stand eveu ami a
half Iwuit in onr position, la tula Justice, or l) rutin)
Youra, very respectfully, UiUTaiu.
Contemn el lh Weekly feun.
Tiik U'Ktiii.v St'.v, iiubllshed tlili iiioruin.,
contain the fullowlng
Tbe Contest k'tided -Keaiiltof the Prraidrni al Klee.
Hon lleturna from Kviry state, ,iw in liaise Mil
tlona Addition, lilvlslon. and silence mi a nrvml Scale
In Washlngtou i Thu sail Juau lluiindir) lieeisiott t T lie
Horse Kpldeiulc The Duels.- AUiIhk III New York -Its
Itataiiei In Other CUlts i The Last Awaaiinallou In
New ) ork- The lind of a Political Vendetta i Heath of
Mr. (Ireeley i A Daring Kscwpe from the lUiode Island
Penitentiary i Arreatof the Sew Vork Woman brokers
Th( Ir Indleimrnl fur Puhllahtnii and (irculallnr Oli
e e.ie literature i Froude'a i ourth Lecture o Ireland
Father Hurst and Mr. Kroudst Che liuhteil title of
Arltona t Ttie I'rlnco of liurglara- Narratlte of tht Ar
reit of Lagravei A MiuagerUi un Slrlke t A I'loua Ar
kanaant Tennyaon'a New Poem I Tint Farly Life of
Joaquin Millers Discovery of (,old liepoiitaonly Korty
Miles from New York i lllnta ou Faslilon and Hrrasi
Noteaon Krteoeeandlnduairy i Many I'ulutnna uf tolltt
rial Artlclea and Agricultural Matter i Life In Hw Mo-tropolla-latrriiaUng
Skclehesof City Ness t bUtrles
We Four and Urate of t'arirldgti i rinanclal laltlll
r,eend Market.
Tkt Dollar Sum contalni a complete tpltotne of tht
newt of (ht week from all parts of the Hulled Italel
tojdtkt AmtrtaaocontlQiui. Copiti la wrapptrt rttdy
fer mailing to Hit old country otay ke had M to Ulk i
yaryatilrttlkitatt. Frit Ihrtt (.
' i I
TorafiDAT, Nov. S I. M. Tha Btoek Rirhtngs) ,
tad til of theipecnlatlrobeinHuiTVallitreet htvlng ,
re4erdT atjitiroed nnlll WedneAdsy, ltd Ut tank
having also been elated beeiite of the legal holiday, , r
there wtt no builatM transacted tn financial circle. I
!x5,nf4,,",, chie.an. -f,.Fiit, m t .
N. V. Cent- J. reavl eat. M llanak rt.Jo.ltnif grtt, W
W.Y.Cent.ta.inJ M ifan.tcHt. Jo.ronv.... Kit
N. T.Cent.lflTS...... M DeJ.4etV'7iyion.l(iua
Frle 1st m. extended.. uo T, w, lat mortJCx'd. 90 .
Krlt ttti m. 18W JO Tij, tat m. fi j Jtv. W '
Long Hock bdl tn T. A W, ennila. bond!.. M
II. sTr.A K. lit m.,1811. TJ T. W. eona'eon. .... It .
llsrlenilstraort. tt..., V Its, and Nsoleslstm. US
Aluariy A Sua. Id lids. IH (treat Wrsl'a.lsl m. Hi 5
Mich Cen.lstm.N,1W.IM (Irest WriCn.id m.M, Ml '
( hl.,11. Atl.Ip.c.liiin.lU) qma. Tot. 1st, 10,.., nn
Mich. Bo.Tp.c idm. ri (Ttl. A Chic, exlended.tto
M.S. A N.I.B.K'd7p. C.KO (HI, Chit. Id m l
ritv. A Tol. 8. r 103K Chle., It. la. A. I'tc let if
( lev. A Tol, newbdt... tflHi Morrii R. Itt ntort..tta
Cltv.J-vllleAAah.o.b. MorrleA ts.JJ mort,. t-i
I)et kfon.it Tol. bdt.. Wil N.J. Cent. 1st new.... 105X
nutraln A Erie new bdt tn'pKt.W.c.titniort.lir
UkefUioredlv.bdt,,.. nsiciev. Flcti.id iu 7 .
Ijke f. tore eon. c-ltjdi.lui (;ler.A Pltti.dh m.. Wt
rac. IM'tgrd by Mo.. 1I Chle. A Alton t. f A .
Cent. Iao. gold bit.,,. in lChlc s Alt. 1st oi Vtn
ll.i'sc. Istm.bonda.... M lohlo A Mtas. cons. a. f , M I
H. Pae. Itad grant U...TI Ohio A Mlsa. eonioi't) . IS
1'. P. Income 10a tl I Ohio A Mlat. 2d eon.,, St
Alt. AT. II. 3d ta. prf. to i
And tbe following for city bank shares : -
New York tn ICorn Riehsnge 127
Merchanls' , ...IK Continental,... i'J
Hecii sales' S Marine ICA ,
America UK ICommonwcalth t3 !
City M Park , MS
State of New York., .n-l Ccntrsi National w
Camnieree.,., ...HHf'Foorth National HO
ltroa-dway WA iTeaUt National to t
Mercantile.. Ill jorlental , Dti j
Atn.Kirlmnire Ill IlsnkV A UrokV Asa , Hi )
Hank of N. Anttrlca. . .104 (Icrman Amtrlcan 1C3
Llllieni' 10 I
Live Stock .Hnrhot.
Ntw Yontc.Tiieaday. Nov.5. There wa noths Bh.
tng uolng In beeves to-day, and no (rrah offerings, aaajfafa
Sheep and limbt were quiet, with limited sale al um
changed prices, ranging frutnl lo B) c. f . for ardk "(((
nary to choice Iambi, snd sacc.fnr common to prltnt
aheep. Only 5 car loads arrived. T hero were ao aslea " "
of tlibtr live or dreaaed hogs, scud Ike 30 cars received " mm
wereeieluilvelyforlmporllsg alatighterrrs. Lire hegt WM IH
r. w,a at t&A.'.Lte., sss dtssssj si ttta7)s4t. mm mm
nAXKixa Axn vixaxcial. '
WAY CO. will, ta January next, complete lit Wetttra j II
Dlvliloa of 15 mllei, Decatur, III, to Monletoin, Ind., j jL 1
opening the flocl Ctxit field to tht entire Wtiterniyi. , tsssi
tern ot rallwiyt, and com tnan ding a Urge lmmeilktta I ll
tntSa la crop aad coL Tbe Eastern Division, (1 j II
mlli,oomplitlDc the line to tndltnipolli, win be fin Lmm
lihed dtrrlng 19TS. TV rood (I butUing uith IU monty 1
Of IA itaeaAo'tlert, among whom re leveril leadleg
backing hone aad cspltallaU ot New York, UoiMD, aaTal
FhlladtlpMi, and Cbleago, and from liberal donalhtn , H
tlong the line. Tbe Executive Committee of Director j H
It compottd t IL 1). lltrumoad, President i WllUun II. , Wval
Onion, Sidney DIUon, and Channcey Vihbard af Itw
York, nd Geo. M.Pullman of Chloago. With na ten- JH
tlrurtney tt to the means f or completing tht road, aor j B
Mlo Itt tmilaott when eomplited, the First Mortcaga
Saren Fer Cent. Sinking Fund Hold Boadt, lamest open rH
t for tVllVIX), must be contldertd abundant)!
curt. For aala by th ftnancial tgrnU ot tb eoDpay,
H Wall street. New York. AmM
DIUi of Kldiange, Circular Notes, Traveller!1 and i tH
ComnitrcUU CrcuiU Issued available la til pan at tha j
world. ( H
lleposlta received, inhjeet ta theck at tight. Inteitil H
allowed on all llallj Pslaccea. H
CoUecttoua mada. Inrtttnuat Orders cxtc.tsa. t
x.inixi: txtKi.i.niusott. ' I
fan rtstt. ... iii Sun sets 4 SI Moon lett... I tl ' H
inn war nits tnr. mM
6dy Iieok,.li ll.Oov. IsUna. U iu,llcU Gale.... I 3
Arrlvrd-TcrtoaT. Xov. 5. H
Stramthlp Kan Pali ador. Savannah, mdse. and pse.
Stestnshlp Aahlaad, Hnvsanah, Kla., tndse. sud i-a. , MM
Steautshlp Manhattan. Urerpool, mdae. and pas. mM
Steamship Spain, Liverpool, indse. and pas. MM
Hleamahlp Celtic, Llverttool. radae. aud pass. mm
Ptcamshtp Old Dominion. lUchinond.tntJsf. and put, 1
Kteamsblp Itolsatla. Hamburg, nttite. and pa'a. i MM
steaniship Itotterdam, ICotterdam, mdae. and pat. mm
Prig (leorge LaUmrr, St. John, P. It., augar. , Mm
ltrlg Mary Olivia, Wlndaor. N. U., plaater. 1
llrtg Heaver. Rocklvnd, N. 11., building alont. MM
Schr Nymnb.Trrtaltln. mdae.
schr Sparkling Sea, Jackanuville, ytllowplite.
Sehr Terrapin, Calais, lumber. "(J(J
Schr John snow, Shnlee N' f iitllltig. fH
Also tbe usual rtv cr and coastwise viaaelt. (
SaaiD-Strainatili", Ci y of Havana, for Havana! .Mm
Virgo, Savannah . James vdger Charleston. I !
QrrtxsTowK. Nov. j.- I.kipt, New York. laH
iGllBllltSS Jlotitrs.
Piles or lleuiorrhnldnl Tumors.
I'ttrs. Internal, riternal, blind, bleedloir and itchuir,
perfectly snd p"rmanently cured by "a6rorwBoi ,'' Mm
without psln, danger, csuatlra or instrument. Wo
ssy perfectly and irrtuanntly cured, ami wo nttaa sB
what we aiy. Kverr vestige of tho dlaease Is ersdl- H
sted. and (he parts placed in natural, aonad and
hitaliuy condition. In a practice ut tweaty-onet
years we have not to our knowledge had a csao ef "ajfj
mum. There Is not the shadow uf danger attend-
tng the cure, anil, furthermore, we have ntver I MM
hatl an unpleaaant symptom or Indication accompany or 41
follow a cure t but, no (hi contrary. Hie health and com- Mm
fort of body and mind are alwaa miprured. In preot mj
of what we here atalr. we can refer Ihot sulTertn lo
huudteda of theliesieil em of New Ynrk.PUlladelpItfs, . MM
lliltliuore snd Itttshurg. whom wa hive treated snd f mm
cured, n . A. M ( ANDLIbS, M. I)., A SON, ?,nol Arch Mm
street. Philadelphia. t H
At bt. Mcholsa llitel. Vew York.t : '"inrsday tven- I
Ing. We visit the sr. Nicholas every fourth week fruus , Mm
klonday till Thursday, inclusive. MM
llairiforse nnd lluiminn. H
Itheiimitlim, is filings, lameness, and my kind ef mm
flesh, bone, nr muscle ailment upon nun or beast, la .foV
cured hy Centaur Ltnlnirnt, the moat wonderful dUcovc
ry of ancient snd modern llnici. , fH
l.ndlett. call at our manufactory for bargains ,
Mink, seal, am! Alaska seta, i.11. Large variety ot
ut'irrfnra nt our mwinfaciurlng prices, svotdtng fsDcy
prices at retail. Altcrlog antl retsttrlnr thine. t mmm
FLL'hI.NO.Wj Fullon it. t
Theht-'t plneeln New ioi-l( lo buy l-rllabl's ;
wall lir'. Hue auuiinnds, rich, fssliionshle Jewelry, Slid ' JiTH
Her n ; .ivt r wedding preaenta.UstJL'llH's 1 FislUa ssssi
st. Diamonds a specially. f
Pnllllrwl I'rinlds are l rrvnlenl. To avoid he. s
I g vlitluilard buy )uur whiter hala al KN'UX'B.Sli mm
Itniidsav. mmi
i r IMm
in rum L it, H
MAZ70C(ill In the tit) of :,ew York. November 4, aH
by tie Hon. J,ha SetlwleV. Justice of the superior
(nun, Hi nrteits Miiuucthl fromChrlstopber Coluuibui mw
SI ()IIAI1I).-In the uiin tne Court. East Cambrttbre, a MM
Mnta., by Judse Jlorti.ti. 1 Hen M Stoddsru, nf stmie. MM
ham, from (le.trgo IV. bloddard, uf Uakcflold, for . MM
neglect lo provide. f MM
SAlttiLM' In the Popreme Court, Fvst Cambridge, v MM
Mass., by Jude Morton, Mep'ien W. Sargent, ot Hud- , M
son. fruui i.enralauua F saigml, of 1 raiiUugtiain, for MM
adultery. Decree absolute. Mmm
V) AllliRN. In the supr, n r Court, Fast I'arr.br'dge, mu
Itasa , hy Judce Morton, Krs. lie W'artleli from (trace r aH
W Warilen, botli of Walthsm, for adultery. Deere mm
abnlutr. t M
Wish. In the i Ity of New York, Nov ember 3, by ),t - Mmt
lit, il. Daniel P. !liL-rsbalu..luslu.cuf the Supreme Cwoll, M
Jane )Mse (rent Charles wise. i Mm
i M
in H
DtCKKH. -InNeshurg, N. T., November S, Ptggv mWM
Dei ker,colorr.L aged 101 years. "
khlsll.lt. tlii Mouda.Nuvcinber4,HT3.t?aridi,wldow 1 H
of -lacob it. Moslcr.aired 67 yrsra, sinoniha, and 7 dsya. mm
The rtiatlrea ami friends of (be family srn resiiectiul- Mmm
ly luv Ited to attend the funeral, on w eon aday, Novetn Mm
bert.al 1 (o'clock p from the reattlenre or ner ana. MM
In-law, (leonre linnhell, KN'M at., vviniamshurth, I.. I. . ttfl
SMITH. Ha Monday, November I, lleo, W. Smith, la '
lbs 3'th year of his sire. - MM
The rrUtlTCt tud frtemls are retpuctfidly Invited to mwm
attend the funeral, on Wedneadoy, November 8, at 19
o'clock, from the ri aldrnce ot his parents, 37 Lafayette M
it. Hta remtlna will he taken to the Church of uur Laity .
of )trrcy, Deherolte at., wltere a high mass vHll b fV
orTervd tor the rr;oae of kli aoult Uienct to Flatbask "
for tntermeui. s "iJH
Spttiul olUts a H
Made to Order snd Warranted H Fit. ,' AmM
Bent by F.vpri ss, ( . (I. D loany pari of Uie country at . mMM
Ut" fononlngrrlrra. Mmm
( Shlrla, good lueslln and good linen (:'l vi i mmm
6 Sltlrts, Masonv llle ninslui ami fine luit-u -4 io . "ttl
( Shlrta, VVainsutla nuisilnai ,1 ver) due linen .. .iimi ' (iJK
6 Sblrli, New York Mills atidbist linen . ...13 10 tH
Fancy sl1lrlli.es In arest variety. ' ,mmm
Dlrtc'.iena for tiieasiirt meiii st nl tu application. 'AH
Ull IIAItll Ml AltLM. , I ijH
Ucntletiii-n a 1 urnlililni Ooodi, iH
tli ar and I'll' it .Sew Turk.
A .UKTtKTir:V I'tllt HIIHS'l' ASTII.
MA -Hive Olive Tar liii'rn. II) andanply It lo lbs neck. fH
toreheatl and hrea.t, I'taie (ilivo far otcr hot wall r - MEM
and charge well theal. nf the itahlet with Hi II will , MMM
rive great relief to the Inntrsi for roughs, tore throat, ' MMM
urdiilnnper s-iiuroto a clotrt wllli Dlivolar and lit It MMm
troiind tne hit sheuustog iht horaei relit I will he tui- , MMm
uiedlale. Sold h) all druggist!, ; MMM
"SHHI.OIMI FOIt SIO. -Nolielteruiecanhenitda WmM
i money won on election leta than an Investment la ! MMM
tleketitif lite I'lltLll l.lllltillY of KUN'l Ul.'ki Y. kt. ' MM
(,ov. llrauileile, itutaager, the drswlugot which ctune 1 mmm
uir UeaeiiiiHr7. IjOj,uu In casu lo llckti holdari, ' mmt
office, ewiirnadwiy, r M
"tICKF.TS a-fi Cl, ItltF-Nny.-Rortl Havana I
Lottery, A. UAUlKS, aole atent of llnval fiavajia Lot- I Mmm
liri.fsti llroadwty, P.O. hoi 4,W, Ntw York. PrUei mmm
cashed d Informitlon furnltlitd la all legal lolterlci, MMM
Bend for clrcultr, mM
. t ' N"H ir A 1 .1' TlTv KK CAN CONKHI.T lilt. J.' '
ILbtilKSCk af Fblladttlpkl, tl tl Bond it.,ou Tuca- r
day, Nov. 13.
Trict rrduetd to IJ9, J. II. MA It TINE IS A CO,
Bankers. IS Wall it., hot 4.teS, Ntw Tsrk Post Omc.
Tlckala. t-t. Ordtrt tiled. Information furnliktdw mmm
PiLki (uhed. iTAILUll A Ca, Danktrs, t
HWlliUMivXt( H

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