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j joi Mil' o ri n rry nrstnir.it
uit i s is i u.tuox.
Milioii WriMislil !'' Di nnalil mid
7 .,'(;.. itii.rr-Thr Plni-nr In the West
i..i ilbrd b) lbe Millrrir-A Plucky Wo
man's Ttn tllliiir Muty of hrr lliir.t-.lili-..
On t'' 'I'O' of November (hero
Mitd '".lv tl'ro-Jli Iho strrotsuf llio quiet
liitlo ' ' '''' Hrarit't lllc. In Susjcx county, N.
j scon rml.Tii t waeuii, drawn l.y n liny
laoriraiida'r'ymiro. evidrivty i.ot In ttio he?t
ott,'Pi' li lr a tlilnl horse followed luhL.d
,tlli n -nci-i will. A y nine, rii.whlkerc-J.
iun burtn.1 mi u tln-vr tl.o atorda. i-inl n young
roroini,"1"1 1 1'rtlll lrlir lit bluo cv.rj, tat
tetltle t""i. ' "l-lmg lis jr. A lively black ntnl
Un tirm r n liplo oil tho cnir.V'nde. ' Wlml's
(hst. I!il "ask " "-""st r lil conipnnl'iii.
Tumi i; -: I r -ekon; looksllko'cm." "Ily
CecNo! H ain't t u iiib. IiV young .lolm
W) ker a .in '! I'll ol lo' Jl:t come (nun
Jvii.i. 1 h - ird he wns n cotniti'. Out n wlfo
inilbaM.' "" H Wl" Wvkrr, wife nod
tuny, nn I U i y ha I Jut oonin from Kansas, bav
in mule 'in entire) Jour-iey In till! wagon In
ii fji 1 1 1 - it.
,n, r rtci found tliem lit the pleasant farm
),,.,. ,.r tlir yoimz in n's ftth-r. Mr. Divld
Wik.f. .i.i' two itt'le fp in Unnciivl le.
Yea. in c nil Hip w iy bv w.ig m." anl r,
In' n V l r- "1 suppose It Seoul n big thing
inl'j-i,- ; ; cude. luit It nlti't tniioli nfter :p.
Tiin i Mo t think of It In KiintiD, wherethcy
I'ttt f -"ii i nil C llf-trnlnln wug"tn drawn
l.t.nvi li..w did I come to start? Hint to, or
i:arve. I I tril "ii nil . bout It.
?eye-. ip " : I went to Kansas and located
three Ii "'red acre of I .mil In Le v,ctiwnr'tt
rnun'). nn' t .wh ol Toni-niioxlc I only staid
fit Hi. n' i". but f '"r year ncn I went bark
sriln. nn ' roinmri-ced to break up nnd paitlally
fonco in)' 'arm. HI c one Die llret year I didn't
domu inthewnyif crops. Tim second year
tlie result u nlr. 1 had tuillt n bourn and wca
bitctiliiL' It. Hut I col tiled of that, and o I cot
niarrie-' Well. I worked bard, and was setting
l ic it . l well. KCttliiK a It n lo ahead, 'llio
oii proiuiiea well I put In sixty acres
of corn, .i lew oat, noine wheat and re. Jut
tfforo the mnad lthIii was rcadv to cut tlie
chintz biiiH cune. Vou know what tlicynre.
Well, ti.i) went UimuL'h our oats, and wbeat
smlryequvk ciioukIi. At O'st tliey couldn't
dr, but Hiey crawleii lively enough. Thoy cov.
ttei I'io tit ,lii, sucked I lie julc from the Haiku,
tud qui. kly Oiilnlird It. lbun thev got Ida
cnni' li to Civ, and went to the corn Held.
Tberd'4tMyiu an .oil in my acre fur me bc
fore U:.' corn cot too ttlir fir them, llien tlie
Uih of Juiip tlio drv wo ilhcr ciMiinenecd. For
ttiroe inon .it we didn't lui'.v a drop of rain. 'I lio
tun mi if 'ifd. I lie hay croj failed, and It looked
tr.itjr duoloiu, 1 tell vou.
a M'w ruact.
"tint tbst w. sn't tbc worn, I can ttll you. The
llili d.iv "f Aiizuu 1 not i '.I a uood many cr sa
h mu r i itiiluc 'l.uitliu down fr.iin tho west.
Tuevliii: n r .ihIiik as afii'.w storm cuunieiices
-.tfew .it Mr t. then tlileker and faster, until the
w'i lo nl- ii full or them: tlie ground w.ia
MTrred ltli them. In r hnurs they had cat. n
i, rj . r i ir nine tho chintz liii?s and the droucht
h ill. lt 1'iry (trim vd ince irnot leaves and
bu) ui.it then ite tlie euro ol tho cob, They
dui.mie.l uil tin cnu. They swarmed over
cvtritmn.'. I coumt't -10 on an tV window
pane, rio re were a ere it ninny inorH bushels of
rriL.ili' l'i'crs in the acre than I ever saw corn.
We had to cover up our ciothes In the hnu.
T1 f i ,'liitiir to tbo si lo of tlie house In million.),
I and ale h k-ln the cljptio.irds. They c ivered
a barrow s i that ym co.ildu t tell, for the life
of b.it It n is mailt' of. It was simply n
EU'M.ii,' A of crasshi.iiers. 'lbe only tl.lni:
tin ) wi.iildli'l cat wus Uiii.iitocs. Thev say the
I lef.T t. iiiMtots Is an aculicd taste, and 1
fui'ii'.e tie hoppers tiedu't acquired It then;
Ltit ttioy'd e t l' liacco. 'the were the created
rbf m u t vir t..w. riirniirlot their cnllro
tobacio nop. And then they were
of the w.ir't kind. 'I lit) minute a hopper cot
kllltd tlier were a hslf dozen L'olnir for the dead
b'.'iv. and i didn't take lunc for 'em to Unlsh It.
Some ilio fuiincrs hearimr of their approach,
x. lit to n,,rk run In.- up their corn, and so saved
alit'.le. I didn't ..no n thine. And In six hours
frr ihr hoiMrs emne I hadn't pnt.icn lett to
winteraciw. Itvias much, uilztity touch : and
I tlionzhl the best Hull ' c could oo would be to
stsrt fur old New Jer ev, , r It was certain star.
' vaibni to stay there, lli.il a cood, urnuj I :m
brrwacon. I put a II. ur on tho top of the b..x,
a id then ldo board iilmvetli.it. liver all I bent
h mim uhd c ivered them nlih lr.it Ic sheets, t-o
I had a to.tnry wacon. I'l.Uer the Uoor we
p i 'sed what cood we bud to take and some
privi-liiiK We carried a tieei-lron itvc, and
on Hie side of tho Irnx and beliltid were the
K'd o ." for the horses. Ily the -lt of Sep
teiniier we were re nv. and, with two other
trains taiiltiL' f"r he l'.i-l,e lieati our Juur-n.-y.
Hut m wile can tell v-.ll ltmre about tho
I'm, y ih. n I can. Mic kept it diaiv and put
di.ni tn.' .iti ein'e w. trav.dled each ditv. tlio
t wr parsed throuco, t.ud an account of all
up. ii-, .'
Mrs. W . l,er was happy to tell of their trip, but
the wo .i fl-st lnir..iliii e Diss Marcery W ykrr,
tlie v un j Inly woo had h.nilu tho trip with
them. Hint uno was cb veii miuilhs old when
the) stsite l. Mr. Wjker was sorry mil to be
alio t luirndi.ee the t.t'C. but he had recently
breu sli ,t. '1 liuv had cuuutfh di-i'S at the home
lead w.t ioiit lam.
"Wo trosseil the .Vli.url river at I.eaven
wnr Ii city." said .Mrs. Wjkir, "audtticn set out
a. ros the Slate of Missouri. After leaving tho
bolt, m lauds ol llio .Missouri, we went through
the hilliest country I ever saw, rlcht stndtht up
and nxlil straight down all tue time. We crussed
tsentv-oiio hills In Uve hour. In Missouri we
found the fields for Hit v tulles aa bare at the
road, not a tieen tiling to be seen. The grass
hoppers had been there. And they will bo there
iiitveur, I believe, for Just under the surface
of the ground erernbere one could rind mil
It, lis of era-shoppers' rcg. We could turn them
up In va-t quantities will! tho 1. 1. .Up of a pen
knife. Alter travelling the tlfty tulles wo came
t" green grass and ttasslioppers, and rode fur
fifteen miles through grasshuppcrs and over
cranslioppers. Wo were glad enough when vie
taw the lt of them, I can tell vou. In Western
MUsuurl we uiei a m .n going West who said lie
had met over a bundled teams going enst. An
other man said ours was the Ullv-second te.ttn
that bad passed mat day. And tno week we
tuned there were l.V) wagons encamped on the
l'lilta county fairground. All these ueuple, like
oinselvcs. were driven out of the com, try Ly the
IT t.Hslii)Piiera and diouglit.
" We i-roMed tho Mllsi.pl at Oulncyby ferry,
Rolng ti "lico lo riprinctli id. III. I tie flne-ii
ciuntry I utr raw It lllin Is. Indiana l too
level, and the people wire very luliospliiible and
ri'Mfrvtl .
" InOiiiotlie tieople wore very cenlil and kind,
W and all lefu-ed to i ke oiv for the hay for our
1 1 horses; tun they didu t any of them seem to
know ihn dint ni'o from oiih plate to another.
; W Vet they would pieiend to Uiiuw, and would aay
j It tva twenty pules when perhaps It was only
If five. Wo cupped nun night on the top of the
It AlleuliHtiic-, and hud to go without tireakf list
l I fur want of w ter. IV mis v I vanlu, Is by far the
I roughest State we came t.iruiich. but the peo-
, I Pie are Just the lever... The Dutch tanners
' are tbe vtr souls of aiudnes-,
" Wo reaehoil here thc'lst of .Vovctnber. being
i out sixty-one das and slxiv id. his. Th" actual
number of days that we travelled was forty-
nine, fir we spent a week at a friend's in Ohio,
and only travelled two bundays, and then only
bt oauso wo could get no feed for our horsef.
'I he hole dlstunco travdltd w..s a llttlo more
than l.NJO miles. Our smallest dav'a Journov
was olgliteen miles, our largonl foiiy three, and
that In rough l'einisjlv. iilu. We crossed six
1 Htates i ml thirteen rivers. Wo had only one
rainy da ; but It snowed tho l..st tno days out.
Wo camped In our w.gon forty-six nights,
thouch some ol tlie tluio John slept under the
' wagon. No, we had no lUventuics. Nothing
romantic nor exciting. Wo wero often taken
furg)p:i,ia In reuiii.y)v nl.i, and tho culldieti
. n-ed to boot nller u, ibat was all. It got lo lie
ve.y UreMimo ndlng, I assure vou, We didn't
i even lime u spriiii; seat; but the trip agreed
wnh us, for John gain, d nine pounds and I
foirleen. Our exiiensen were Ju t JW",
. 'Yes, I drove .ho same lioists all the way,"
fatd Mr. Wyker " I hud a third whn-h followed,
hut never tlrovo It. 1 got one sho.l once, the
i bluer wears the sanio shoes witu which ho
Marted. Tho hortes werj poor when tbov
; aiarii'd, and t lie v haven', chai.ged iniicli mu
way or t.ie other."
1 "What have you done with your far.nl'" Hiked
the visitor
i " 1 rented It to a man on shares, but have bad
a letter s ij lug hu mut lot te aid. And there are
tliou-und, liku i. tin, It's all wrong I. r the Kan-
I J,., papeis to suit llu.t K. nsas can lal.n caro ol
"wn pe. iii. 1 say Mm cin'i. There are
thrue cl.s.es iii K.,iM... One 1 1 ss wtui have
i friend l.i whiuii t iey c u ;, liko ni)se.f. The
tee.imi .ili44 e.iimui col not itl the Slate, an I
villi starve iniles helped, like my tenant. Tho
ford da. ,.ie .he ii.nii. yed men, the capitalists
i. wiiii urn g. ttiiig llrh luruii.'li ol.ier peoplo's mu-
i.riuiits: moo me Inning ,ud i.ud stiu.k for.,1-
in .st nothing riii ro aro I lie iiien woo ssy
ihri.iigii iho press and who wrlio i:.t-t thai Kim
Jih is proMieiiuc and chii t il. caie of tier onii
"iiloriiiii'iic. hue c 'ii l do It. 1 ri'K).il,:snd 1111.
if t aid gnus to .hoso furmers Uiere will 00 uil
J' M mUery thioughiiut Iho oounirv. 'J'here la
; I" w an In, redihle .iinouiil uf uir,'ilng. All tnat
, uaa .lie, 11 wriileii bus not, nor ciiniuil, nut Iha
uultluii of Uiiii In tcostrwuu a lii.hu"
coal Tuovm.r.s rniii:nii.tnoiri:n,
Wnges lo be Itrdurcd -An Army of lllnrrs
Idle A l.nrgc Stock ol Cent cm Ilnud The
M licill'Mile It cites or I'oul In be Kcdiieid.
I'ltlbtlirLPUtA, Dec.'-o. Tlio p'lttl opoiit
lors of tlie IVliuylUlll, l,chlgh, fpper l.ohlgh,
Wyomlii2 and l.tckawatini regions have de
termined to re iuce the miners' wngei on Jan. 1.
In tho Pctiuvlklll region, whetctho men aro paid
on tlio " bmlj" pilnclplc, a docreaso will pr.ib
nbly bo nude of twcnty-flvo per cent, on tho
present JS..W nru Is. As soon ns the new rates go
Into effect thf) collier- will strike. It Is said lliy
lite prcti ire.l to " stitul out" furnytar Ifneces-
rv. The general Itn: ,'es-ilnii Is that tho miners
wbl be tho vicicrs In iho struggle after n four or
five months' si t ike.
Jn lie otnei antiiarrltc ill trlcts a reduction of
betwtoii ten nnd twcptv-llve ecu a will be
minuted, nnd tlie n.iueis will icrtatuly light
ugnltist the ilo.'iti.i-o.
'llie opeiatnrs In llio middle, 111 rtliern nhd
other en I lb Ids 1 ro cotiiiiiiilng to mnko n ro
due b n In the mliirrs' wages. It Is understood
that toe wholesale rates of coil wlll'io lowered
about Dfiv cents tier tin. It Is s Id that Iho
mal coititilnatnin lutemls to reduco their whole
n le prlera sftcr tlio first of the year, .mil sipdi a
tnuvtmetit Is pioli.dile. Tills week the produc
ers operating uitlie various rrjluns will meet
and arrange all bultn si necessary fur the gov
ernment of the trade during le;:..
At tho present lime there ire between fiO.OfO
and 60,0.0 miners out of employ iiient, conse
quent upon an almost entire suipenslon of oper
ations In the cosl country. This number of Idle
Per-ons will b Increnscd bv at least Sa.tnJO more
bv tho liupfiidliir strike. 'I ho companies, nutlcl
Ii ding a uilUculty With the colliers, hive stored
(111 neii.e quaiitliica of coal at tho different ship
ping points.
the UKitat.w 7i;..v:. Accinr.xx,
Ttir Jtirj'- Vrnllrl C'ennurinz the Compnuy
for llirlr Nrsllcrnrr.
Ywlenlny was the ncpoiul' mid Inst dny
ot Coroner Kelnh.irdt'a Inquest over tho liodlet
of Martin Sullivan, II irtiejr Curly, James Hums,
and Daniel Murphy, who dropped in a bucket
down shaft No. ft In the Delaware, Iukawanna,
and Western Hallway Company's new tunnel
through Ilergen Hill rind were kilted. The tes
timony of fie witnesses only strengthened that
of the day before. Jcrrv Scanlon, a miner, who
was on tho platform when the four men went
down, said that the t.ireo links between tho
bonk and link werj kinked, and when tho four
men got 011 the bucket the kinks caused the
rope lo twist and the hook tn slip sideways un
der the ball. He could not tee the hook when
lbe accident occurred, but he thought that this
was tho limy way that It could have happened.
Johu Louchcry, vho was In the tunnel when
the men fell, aalJ tint tin one was employed to
hook tho chain securely to the bracket before It
was pulled op.
Thomas II. Parker, who repaired the wood
work and cars In the luntiel. snowed In his evi
dence that the Delaw re, Lackawanna and West
ern Company control Nie tunnel and aro in
charge of the works.
Tlio Jury was locked up for five hours. The
verdict was thst tho four men died while In tno
employ of the Delaware, Lackawanna and West
ern It illro .d Comprint'. Ihocmnp ny was cen
sured and alo the contractor, " If tin re Is a con
tractor," for not lurnishinc b .lis annexed to the
buckets and noous f stencil to the rope for I nr.
enng tho buckets Into Ibesbalts of suftb lriit
streiigih and mutable structiun. To this negli
gence tho accident was sttrlhu'e.l. 'J hcv re
commended that hereafter the company provide
ladders or ctges to carry the wtirumen to the
bottom of the smalt slmll.tr to those ied In tho
construction of other lui.nels. Tlio " topsni .11 "
should aln ho Instructed, under the penally of
Immediate disc larrc. to suffer no one tvi lie
loweied Into the tunnel until the nook and ball
ore properly e. -tired.
jiuss M'LAvani.rs in: rir.o.
A t'uuitl.lnte who bus not Asked I'll nil--lon
Train llcHihiuartcri..
Tlio unUttiees of tUv noiiiniiitloii 01 tiered
by Iloss McLaughlin and Coroner Nolan lo Oil
the placo in the Kings county delegation to the
Assembly, tnado vacant by the death of Mr.
Colahan, prompted a number of Influential
Democrats to put an Independent candidate In
the flsld. their choice tell upon Mr. John W.
Flaherty, a gentleman of probity and cultute,
widely known and ret petted. No sooner w. s
be fairly tn the Held than the rank and Hie of mo
Democracy Hocked toliistaiidiird,and straight
way word was sent to the lluss that his candl
dale was In dancer of defeat. On Monday night
one of tlie llus.'s licuteli nls visited Wllbams
burch t) III tbinzs, but be was unsuccessful.
Yesterday alleruoon vbe Iloss went In pers m,
with Mr. lhomas Murimy. and held a consulta
tion In the law otTl. e of S ipcivisor-iit-largc Kox,
to wnli b Mr. l'l.ihcitv w a Invited. I'ne object
of tho consult turn u U Induce Mr. H.iherty
to withdraw. The ilofs ile-lf-s Klhct conniy to
vote solid in the Assemidt caucus forllenrvC.
i 111 pi, tor llio I'nlied Mates Senaie, and as
Mr. Flulicrty th.nks nnd acts fur himself, the
ll"ss vert naturally tears that he tnu-ii! not obey
his orders. Hence bis desire to pi rsuade Mr.
Kiaher-y's withdrawal. Having been plaied in
nomination by a larger party representation
t:.Hii voted In the "n-colnr" t'oiiveiiiloiis, nd
tielug supported py tue l t't woikirs In llio
psriy. Mr. l-'ialo-rty wl I stick, and his friends
are olTcilug odds on bis triumphant election.
I ll I O II T1X I Jl If A I A I.' 1 i:r.. I II II .1 II.
tin Usplnslons Shaltei lug lliiors 11 nil Wlu
Uov In l-'U'lv-ev cntii Mieel.
An uxplnsioti of K'.ts nt 41!) nnil l.'.l Bust
Flf.y-sevcnth street lait night was followed
within a half hour by four other explosions.
The dsmaco ut No. 431 was trifling, but at Nu.
449 the doors and windows In the basement
were shattered, the farnlture was broken, the
flagstones In tlio area were torn up. and tho
outer brown slono steps were cracked uhd
nearly thrown down. A part of lbe Hag. lug of
the sidewalk near the curb was also lorn
up. Mr. Charles Held was sitting tn
a seennd-story room at the tune of
the urn explosion and was thrown out of his
chair, but was not Injured: Cipt. .Mount and
Hergeant Hamilton of the l'lfiy-nltith street po
lice, were In the building i.t the time of the last
explosion, but were not hint. The escape of
gas w bleb canted the accident occurred some
where outside tbo building, and seems to lutvo
been under tno pavement In front of 411. One
of the Urcmeii mjs mat Mr. Douglas lanlne
dropped bis iilcht key when about to open llio
basement door of his residence 451, and lighted a
111. tell Pj look for it, and that the gas w-s igni
ted by that match. Mr. Held'd lets It estimated
at l.&UU.
;.v. niii:uiii.t.ss .: mishiox,
4)rdered lo New Orleaua 10 Furnish Iufni-mn-1
1 011 lo lbe I'l r-iill lil.
CillCAfio, Dec. SC. I.leut,-(Ion. Sheridan, ac
ci.uiphlP d b Gin. Ititikrr, Major George A. l'orsjthe,
ana Col. M. SucrWsD, ot Ids ttarf, It'll here Hit olgtii
tor St (HI. sup. Iters Is high official anlbority tor
iijlug Dial tlcn-Slurl'lan tloia notgu to New Orleaia
la olifdkoce to iujd.ri.ct orilen, but la coinillaare
wllli the persi nal rvgiirtt of die rrritdt-ot, w ho tie. Iris
ti h vc souie uue st last nuliit la bom lie list Implicit
conn, luv to I111 nl. 1, bun sl.h truti.ful tii(iirin..iiua,
uuil of sutti rsuU Dial in esse of no eruergeucjr tie csu
ici tv.t tout spit-lsl orilers from Wasiilaiua. Oeu.
Slierlnsu ttal luti'UUlog I.i ko lo I'tlba in a few Kress,
anil till- imp fc.'llta la oult anticipating tbe t me. for
at er a short slay in f-ew Orleans tie will sail furCuna,
Hit tiunieJUti-tturk la LiiiiUUns Is lo cumtrvc tlio
pt-se una bewilunl remove SDyotlleir or Isio. sny
part 111 intlitary atf Irs thero iinfiss 11 Is sosoiutely
ueceaSar) tu acconipll-b tbiti onjcit.
Ilitllel (ill Is In Ihn .Major's Office.
Hiree prelly ballet girls, representing twenty
others tuiplovetl In llio dole theatre, vlsllrsl Hie
Mayer's i.Stce ycler.tav anil totit till Honor's repre
suutsuve nut Mt-ssis, Cainpnell aed Maitna, tlui niaii-sg.-rsuf
ilieilt uir, ueil In. rn ovi-r s wees's sslary.
lieu. Wen nil e.,t Ibrtn to the WorklLSLoaitli'. l'r.
U-tl'Ve Lulou In liit'tcKcr strrtt.
Why Niiir
Tho evening high schools are kept open until
April, bill tlie loser grades of ulgln sibools are to be
closed la H'lmnrr. Mnny of the pupils in the night
ic.iooU sre uut tar enuagli NdTsneed lu enter the i.ign
fcnifuts, mid wlii-11 lbe nuiit sc iuuIs are t ocU suth pu
plu must go ulihoiit ui.lriiciiuii, A 1 m l a.ssulir
lbe bls'iil sobools sauulu uul be kept op.n all wiulcr
I'niyer Inlei 1 iiptcd.
Tbe Ftauncli 1'resh) lerlans of llov. Dr. Iloolli's
Ciunli la Unit eraiijr l'l.ce, were astoiiNlisil 011 hui.diy
Ij a iletnut Cslliclie tvno walked up 0110 of Hi J aisles
ju.t I.e. ore ti.e iiiK-rnoiia fei vlce.trussi-tl lulus. If, knelt
inline tlie piiipi, iui,l tiega 1 lo ur-y aui-lnl, wbila
It u.lr 1 outiiiii. his lis tilt, Oj otlnj dtiturootl uj lh
teiiou Loipiekly rtilrui.
The l.iie'fv Ninnbcrs,
NoMKOi.it, Va., Dec. SO. In tho second and
lul ilras Ingot Hie Ms-aiulc lliliet At'oelalpia ot Nor.
folk this tveiilng, I lie It. Ilaslng numbers tlrnw tho
prim. pal luls -ei No. lu.ir, u r faMJ No. VI, 1W
drew IV-K-Oij.Nu.W.o.u uruw fi.ux).
lint- Is this, Uil-. Ilcruhf
Ira A, 1'iilno of this city mid (Japt. A. II. Do
raidua ofCliUam areloanoola inaicli at lOOpiguont
eicli lor ,600 aside and Ibechsuiplont'iip of Anu riai,
I laur near N. w Vurs, on iiki it h uf JsnUbry. I'.lus
I akows tao Wtsieu aaootor VM tor eiiiosanHs.
Arai'ST lW.t.MHSV CASTIXO 1111:
tlov. Tlltlen's Ilr111l11lMier.ee nnd his I'rnv of
r.xbnii'itlns lbe I'nlleuep of llir Club
Blnyur Wlel-.hiuii's I'nlr 1'rnmUcs,
J.uU niolit lliu .Mtttitinttmi Club Home
was full of the magnates of politics, who bad
pathcrcd to receive (lovornor-elcct tiamticl J.
T;!i!en and Mayor elect William II, Wlcklmm.
Fifth nvenuc, bittvccu Thirlconth and Klglt
teentli street, was lined with coaches. Gov,
Til tie 11 and Mayor Wlckham arrived rally, and
were congratulated by August Ilolmont, lohn T.
Acnew, Win. Itutler lluncr.n, S. L. M. Harlow',
Judgo John It. llrad)', tho Hon. II. Cns.erly,
Smith l'.ly. Thos. II. Flther. Kmnnuel I). Hart,
Wm. II. lliirlhert, Geo. W. Davids, John I..
Mi'Cjiiley, Itolit, II. Ilooscvclt, Augustus Scliell,
DoubI.is Taylor, Sddnoy Webster, l'resldcnt Mat
sell, Commissioners Duryee, Illsbccker, and
Voorlils i l'cter Cooper, Judco Davis, cx-Clty
Judgo lledford, tho Hon. Denis Dunnhuo, Ab
ram H. Hewitt, Surrogate Hutching, ex-flnv,
John T. Hoffmnn, John II. Dos l'assos, fleorgo
Mldtllcton, Unelo DlcU Schell, Major Geo. V.
McLean, Waideii John Qulnn, Cominodoro
Garrison, Itulicit I,. Cutting, Leon Abbott,
Got. Joel l'arkcr, (Ion. Ingersoll, Gov. Kan
dolih, Attorney-General Gilchrist, Orestes
Clevcl'tml, Senator Stockton, Got. Ingcranll,
Gen. rrntiklln, tho Hon. W. D. Illihop, Homer
Nelson, Judges Daly, L.iwronce, Donohuc, Har
bour, Hapallo, Jones, I.ocw, Frcedman, and
Shea: ltccordcr Hackett, Judges Sutherland,
Harrett, Van nrunt. Win. E. Curtis, and Monell ;
Ferdinand ill Lucca, Consul-General of Italy ;
fommodoro Vanderhllt, Manton Marble, Iloyal
1'helps, Wilton O. Hunt, and three hundred
Iho Governor and Mayor eleet were escorted
to the main reception room. Then they heard
read letters from the Hon. Fernando Wood,
Gov. Wm. Allen of Ohio; the Hon. Michael C.
Kerr of Indiana; ex 1'resldent Andrew John
son. ex-Sonatnr Doollttle, ex-Oov. Howie of
Maryland: Gen. Sharp, Geo. T. Curtl, Ciarkson
N. Potter, the Hon. Lucius ltobluson, ex Gov.
Sejiiinur. tho Hon. ('has. Francis Adams, tho
Hon. N. I. Hanks, William Dorhlielmer, llevcrdy
Juhnsoii, Gov, Groome of Mart-land, ami many
others. After thereidlng ot the letters Mr.
August Helmont s.tld :
nu. iiki. host's spkccii.
We have met bere this evening In order to ti-ntlff oor
gmd ftehngsr.d great r--pret to two mentl eis or our
eluboa wboiiithe rlt-rt.irs of this Histesi.,1 city lisve
beitnwed the bighest otQeei ttliblu ttirlr girt. In s few
dsn Mr. Hlden mil s mine lbe tun ti ns uf u-vrernor
of lie Cute of New V.irk, snd Mr. W Irknsiii sill rnier
tinoittbe equiUy tionnrsblcaud arduous uuil'snt Mayor
of tau great ni.'trnpolls. Our nest wisiies follow itieai
totbclrnew spherenf action, sadwe rejiit-e tb.it the
people of our Slate bare chosen for titeirruVrs tno
men who In a ueh an eminent iteg ce possess itie p ttrlot
Isni, the a.garlty, anil the Iniegruy in requult- in tbe
tx lied pOMtiOus to which they are railed. It is aa so.
dp meal source or prtne and 1 rallies. Pui 10 n-a iiiem
Wrsuflhe Manhattan!' uri. that thi-cblrfuiigtstrate-of
tr.e Kinplre etste and Kinp-ri-l 1 t liav-i- beeu talc- n trom
amoag us, and I, rnr one. am very much In.- lt.t-d 10 be
Here thai ibi-lr I ring nirinb. rs of tin. clab h j.I s great
deal lo do w nit thel, ttuprt-c ilLnte.l s'lecius. It 11 true
that tbe eminent qujt.tiet of I or Tlldea were la ta.ru
selves a sultl 1 tit giMruniee that the tick -t hraded br
btm sas aurp to win, but 1 doubt whether he could bavo
scaiev.l tils Tktnry by lbe vverw helming nisj.rityof
ot.r fai.iHHi rot, s If be ci.ul.t not ti .vt- poinied.as sn a .
ilitlousl claim lor support, to bis prou.i ill e ot a mem
her ot the Msunattsu Club nor do 1 believe last evea
th well earned popularity and iterhnir etiaraeler of
tavn vv Ickhaui w..iii,t alone bate enabled tit-.i 10 OTrr
eoine the eiimmnat oaof two opp ungi tn t.-.ites but
lor Ins po. rising tue same rovltble dignity iLuubter
and applause I
I nuy be 11 use propnst. nut I mte hot 1 to predict
that there wit be In tsic numerous cai.utd t.-s lur
t st.ii. rl Minlstirs. lorrun MlDl.l'r., tiorernois, k-iu.
tors, niembrra of I'oiuress. Colln-mr fcu vejrors,
I'mtliustrr. Ae. It.rt-at lauebter.) Now II Is evldrul
mal alirr the brilliant rriulis In our own Stale lae
electors ttiroubom tbe I nlon, as well as our next
liriaocratic Preit P nt, will torn rirst look among ths
mmriera of the Manhattan Club tor the mia to ail
t ee dilfrrent oirJees We, the old members. ure far
fr m wishing to nionopohze all thrso good ttilug.i ro
tbe contrary, we lnrlte our Iirinncrailc brethren to
s)t.,re with us readr to recelr them with open artni,
I Laughter and cheers. J We hare tiren calli-d lbe Bilk
siocsiog ArtiU'C-acy of the tietnncratie party, but we
sre nothing ot tbe kino. We sre gno.1 lieuiocraia,
gathered uud r this hospitable roof far the promotiou
of the best Inlerrsti of the party snd the coualrr. The
Isiitge of our e'ua 1st 1 ree social L.tercaangr of pel-ileal
iipinloi.a, the snrest mraua ol foiuuug a narmouloua
and .rogrrssive lieinoerscy.
The club house rang with applause when Mr.
rtelinoiu took his seal. 1 lieGovi-ruorelett uroe
nnd in a clear, ringing voice s.ld :
tn. Tii.nrs'H HPI.KCH.
I dr-iretoremorea slight doubt which seenti to exist
In the iniiid of my inen J. l-te I'rrsideut ol mis eltin. br
saving tint beyund all ipu-sllou be whs one of loose
y ju g mrn whom 1 adTi.ed tipou a former tH-eisUn to
lasenlll reactive mtriesl In polities. I.a.lg'ilrr.1 I
'ht-r.-iore do not derm It neersiart 10 snr mat tary
itii.iil I tisl'iag to tne Manhstinn Clu-i i.ri- 11. , nr. as
wil is tbo rrst 1.1 lttsni, o a laru taicLt, h.,s alrtudy
lutrllied thst pies. tug oult .
'liis-ikingyuu for ih,- kiu'ttirss of your rreetlng. I
inillt li'-g I remind you thl in a very few il ts Ii,. re
win be a document which it wlu be the duiy of all tne
mi inbsrs ot the Minh ipa 1 Clu'i. tltsttutuishipa- Ihrin
e vr trom tne rest of he r,iiiimuDity,to read (l.sugi
ter.l You will, thrrcf .re. app eelat,- hit prud u.-e in
not running tb riss of exi.aiistin your pan-nee upt.u
this uc. asion. (Ilriirwrd Isughti r.i 1 rt .oeinher w nru
Mlas w rl hi made lu- first cm niiuieallon tu lbe h-g
lalive podli's of th.s yiat'-. Ilwaslnc nailawbruh'
wrote it. and sen. It down sheet by sb.-et ; snd eras, d
tonatea y j'oser tu coucette bos' nuny sheets ttitre
ere or how lunch imterlst tscre was, or how tnucli
sp-re ,r would 01 up when printed. Hut win u it tame
out a v.-.v st-c n pushed Journalist, not unknown tu
this e.ul.. .lo) 11 1 (i'wiiiiian, iieicribnl 11 as b mg pre
par. d with c.'nscienilous fullness. l uultniied laukp.
ler ) Without venturing 10 reterto tne neat meumb.-i.t
nt ine onlce or to isutste a tnau tvno baa left pet. hid
him such traditionary renown In anything. n. n In the
leng Ii of t.ls message, I am forced to say tnat I cannot
run the rl-k of exhsustlug the patience of tie Mam.at.
tanCiub st this lime, ro short)) bifore that paiicace
may he called ou to a larger degree. ILaugiucr and ap-plau-e.
Mayor elect Wlckham was received with deaf
ening cheers. At first he seemed at a loss (or
words, nut suddenly be burst fortli with plain,
whnlesomo truths, and tho Manhattan Club
men weru wild with excitement. He was deter
mined, he said, lo do all that he could to creato
an honest government In tlie city. Applause. 1
He believed In piudlo Improvements, nnd hoped
that tlie laboring men would find all llio wurk
they could do In building up tills great city.
Applauae. Mayor Wlckham was followed l.y
lints. Iledle and Ingersoll, ex-Guv. Walker, and
others, Tlio steward Fijux provided a line
iiijv rviiiiv 110 a 1 collisiox.
An Cnrlv 1 11 s rc I git I Inn to br .Undo by the
htcitmbont liispecloi-s,
Tho living victims of tlie ferry boat collision
are doing well. 1 lie boy, Joseph liution, of iii betrnih
street, WilllainsburRli, who was taken to Pellet uo His
pllal, la already in a ronvalesteat ward, loroner Well
luann viewed tbe remains of John (lruniDather, who
died aoon af .cr bta aduuislon to the buspltal, 1 i.e rtgtit
leg w aa ground completely off. and the left leg was hie.
rlhly inaiiBh-d. John Wllim nt H'ai llroaussy, Uil.
Iiamsburgii, lies at lis Henry street, nitdly battered, but
tu a f ir way for reeuverv. lbe Alaska is in her slip
and the rss'geu tiole 111 her aid- was Insptt-ti-d by Itiou
s.udsot ttirlotis people yesterday. An torly luvetiga
lion Into the re.piinsUiimy tor the accident is tu be bad
h tbe Local lluieau of Mramboat Inspcttluu.
Alrdlenl I'.iliirntloii for Wiinien.
Thrco grutluates from Vassnr Collegti nro stil
denlsiu thoMciticaltollegeof tbe New 1 ork Inttrmsry,
at Second avenue and Klgtitli street, tlie) aro Misa V,
II. i:illoil, who graduated two ) cars ago lust June, one
of lbe moat thorough of her clan, and the Mlasra M. II.
Marvin and J. C. Mouree, who both graduated last
June. 1 ne ilisiti'cltng room of the colli go has bud 1111
siti'Jeels tills term, using prnb'toly to lie rtetm si
teli'Pl lo suppl) liudli a iroui hospiluta to s claas ul till
dents, wlileli aiti-inpl ended In the arrest of a malt 1 nt
plottd ta convey lbe bodies, and aa order from lbe
authiiilil, s that 110 oodles should be delivered lo uuj uf
The Mute Trcnstiry III fiib nllous.
Among the tlrifts belonging to the Slate Hint
were misapplied oy Charles 11. rtiellpala llio nltlco ot
the Male Treasurer waa one for 7e's drawn for the
Hlatetaxeaof Lewis rountr anil eadortrd to TI10m.11
Italnea, State Treasurer. Tint draft, endorsed, " Pay
I'. Iludsou, hsq., Cashier, or order, ntais treasurer by
c. II. Pin-it's, tsshlrr." was preeenled tu tne imiru)
Nauonai llauk ol Ibis ell) tor eollt-cllou. The h uk's
law tt r Iliads a motion yesterday lief ore .ledge Hanoi, ue.
lor a cominlidiiu to take die lestlmouv of r ultoii Paul,
now llnitiii mails l'onul In SI. Tnnma , who nt tue
Uuiu the draft w aa git in out waa Deputy Hlate Treasurer.
tlxpi llcil from lbe Chicago llonril of Trnile.
ClllUAGO, Dec. "9.- I'ltu ClilOigo Hoard of
Trade to-aay re opcueil the ballot box for tho reception
of vulva on the question uf exp.'llliu w, N. Rlurgia for
tinniereanlilo conduct, Ihs voting upon wbUh ttss
steppe 1 Nov. Ul ny lnjuiittlau. Toe re nil ut tneiu.
lliu t'Sllol shuwe.l tl.it vuiia for expul.lon sill g7P
again. t. bturgla will laku Ibo ca.o lo llio bupreiuo
llobbed In Ills More In Dnyllcbt,
Toi.i'.ni), lto. ai. At ubout Z o'O'iick this
altenioon, whllii A. Wllllaina, proprietor of nn auction
store 111 1 til -a clly, was alone In Ihe store, thru 1ne.11 it.
u-riiil, knocktt.i nlin down, gugiteu uno bound I1I111, unit
alii r s jstritelliu 110 from ma pocket utcainpod. A
l.niuer soon slier entered Ilia stole, when lis lound
Wiblsins la the abutu helpless posiuau sud ttiltuid
Uougb nn (Irani,
Tlio Washington temperanoa aooletlM hive
reaolved to request the i'r.wldsat, Uablatl Mlulators,
and others who expoctlo rsoelTO oillort on Nsw Year's
ti. y, to rifraiu from atilUu liulvro taclr nutialt lu.uil
Oailatf drtaiau
31 lIHVl.t.'S "1 lOl.lt J or SO."
The l'aller (.u;niiiJsoiier nl I.Pllgtti rrve?d
lo Hid Tbri-iseliM nf t'.tpl. Irving The
llrlctllve Poller to br OverliRtileil.
At llio met Kli.f of tlie I'olleo JJoui-tl yes
terday, 011 motion "I Commissioner Mats ell. lie
let Ives James Ms llllyatid Cuarlcs Heidelberg,
who bad been accused of stcallmz properly
placed In Hie Detective ofTlce for safe l.rcplii',
were ui.oi!hcJ, all tlio Commlssioticrt vollt..
Coninilesloner Disbcckcr more:! tlittt a special
meeting bo held at II! o'clock to-day, In execu
tive setslon, for considering tbe best mcnis of
reorganizing tho Detective office, lie ald thnt
them was general distrust among Hie people its
to the imiiingctiiont of Its ntTidr. and bo wished
the people to understand tliat the Comuilssiun
crs are In earnest. J'he resolution was passed.
Tho liens of the anion of tlio bo til pro
duced consternation In tlie Detective ofltce.
"It comes to mu straight Iroui i.'oiiiinlssioiicr
Voorlils," ssld one detective, " Unit thus" w tin
want lo pavo thcmtclVis havo got to tell what
they know."
"Thai's very hard," said another.
"So It is," was tho rejoinder, "out It would lie
harder still for thieves and honest men tu suffer
Tho Captain's 1 .hlhltlnn of anger, on the trial
Heidelberg and 'I Illy, tli.it tho stolen nlmketi
recovered by D lecllvcs Clanp, l..ihv, and
Walling had not tiern entered on the blotter,
was montlonod, and thero was a hearty laugh,
and when asked wny thev laughed, tho detec
tives said that under Irving no property had
been entered on the blotter.
President Matsell heard of ths suspicion", t ct
vosterduy for tlio (list time, ami could hnrilly'
believe It; but tho testimony of the blotter
Itself was unimpeachable. "Well, well," and
the Commissioner, " 1 told them trom the first,
on coming Into tho board, that I believed thst
the Detectlvo ofil -e was rotten to tho core, and
Il stems so Indeed."
VAiti.nr's vnnitiM.i. riti:si:.Ts.
The Httow Hint Citpt. Wllllitins bns Oprntd
In lbe (Ink hired roller Million.
Dclectlve O'Conner ot the District At
torney's ofllco was granted by Justlco l'lamuier
yesterday a warrant to search tho premises uf
Michael Vnrley at S( James stiect for certain
stolen property which bo was told would be
found thero. O'Connor, with the aid of Capt,
Williams, 111 ado a thorough examination of
Varlev'a t iloon and house, but could not find
tho pruperty. Hut they seized three silver
watches, 0110 oroitlo watch, one lady's gold
watch with an opera chain attached, one gold
watch and chair, one gold pencil and chain,
three cameo studs, two diamond studs, threo
topaz stone, one p. I i cross, one bltck marblo
French cloc.'i, thrco dozen Nixon lead pencils,
ono cuso of Fiench wine (nurKed " I'remelt 1 "),
Uve brass beer taim, two wooden beer taps, one
gas bracket and two humors, ono ostrich leather,
one feather duster, one I. ox of fam-i ao.ip.twu
pairs of boots, new, two pairs of rubber shoes,
live pairs of children's shoos, new, one ptir of
cloth leggings, 0110 ltussta leather satchel,
0110 roil of worsted serge, two pieces of
poplin, one pleco ot silk, ono piece of cotton
edging, one table cloth, und some other tillles.
Vaney salt! that tbo thin. s were bis Cnrlsiiiu.s
presents. They were taken to tho Oak street
police station, and he was locked up. VurL-y is
a brother of "lleddy tbe lllack-,m.lh."
Tim 01.11 noiti.tfs xi:s.
The Fills of tbe l'nssrngri of the Ilitriied
F.inlgruiit Ship.
London, Deo. 29. Spec ul ilesftntclirs
from -Madeira to the London niorningJouru.il
ctvetbefollowlpcaddlllon.il particulars of the
burning of the emigrant thin Cospattlck :
The fire broke out at tnldtiU'ht, Nov. 17, and
wl bin a half hour enveloped the vessel nearly
Its entire length, Tho scene, was one of the
wildest confusion. Only two boats succeeded
In get. lug away, each of which contained thirty
person, those remained alongside the ship
until Nov. 10, when the bull was completely
burned out and sue s-nk. Tlio two boats then
started lor land. They kept togollier for two
days, when a rate arose and they became sepa
rated. One of them has nut since been heard
of. Tbe other was met by tlie llrltisli ship Scep
tre. At that tluvv It .ontalncd five llrlngper
suns, two ot whom died bcfoie the Scepuo
reached tho Island of St. Helena.
Ittiitioreil dinner la Itie.llHbnu Cabinet.
London, Dec. 29. Tlio 7'lnitVs mit-ilul
despatch from rails says the retirement from
the French Government of Duke Decaze, Minis
ter of Foreign Affairs, Is probable, on account
of his opposition to the undecided policy of iho
Cabinet. The Legitimist and lloii.ip.utlst Depu
ties In Assembl) demand his retirement Irnm
tiie .Ministry as tue ptlco of their support of tho
the I'l'sse. senil-oftlclal newspaper, howover.
announces that there will bn no iiiodlttcailuii of
the Cabinet tief-ue the meeting of the Assemlily,
and that Its fate will be determined b) the lute
ou the proposal to dlscua3 tbe bill tor the crea
tion of the Senate.
lllsmni-ek's Circular Note on 1 lit- I'ope.
Hliilin, Dec. -"..-Tlio oliiclitl UuiCttc ot
to-day publishes l'rlnco Hlamarck's circular nolo
of the llth of May, 18T2, which was read In the
secret session of the Yon A rutin tilal, The note
dei lares that because of the declaration ot the
dot-ma of the infallibility of the l'ope It Is de
sirable ti nt the powers should tao slops to
ward concerted action In view uf tlio noxt l'apal
A Curllsl Defeat.
Mahuii), Dec. '-"J. An enpiKcniiMit lins
taken place at the town of Hoda, province of
Ilarcelona, between a band of Caillsts and a
body of national troops, In which lliu former
were defeuled, with tbe lots of thirty men
Where Jitnic Mc('lokry Ileallnled.
James McCloskey was accused In the Tombs
Police Court yeitrrdaynf aieallng a watch and chain
from l'rcitcrhk Kllenbergcr at lbe Spring street Ire on
bunday afternoon, James pleaded utier Igaorance of
the transaction. Justice Kaimirc aikcdi
' What Is your nickname?"
Some people cad irs " V anlih."
Win ro uu you llvi ? '
"In 1 orty-nxih street, with my mother."
" Where do you work '
1 don't work al all."
" w hen did ) uu gel out of prison ?"
James hesitated.
" loine now," sail the Justice," "110 humbug."
.tames still ponnered tnii.iiiKly.
Justice liasm re 'll.Mi'l do for you. You ncedu't
answer the quuitiuu. l-,tsxi lo answer.
A lMitnfer .Mitrtleied by Negroes,
Mi'.MPills, Dec. -J.-O11 Sunday last Jack W.
Biulili, a planter who lived uesr While Haven, tea ml tl
south of this city, and bta brother, whllo returning
home, law two negroci huatloz la his net I. Telling
tils brother to go 011 and tie would order lbe negrots to
stop hiinilng, be rode away, ami Ida biottier we.it tu the
house 'I hu miter shortly alternant heard two stints.
After waiting sumu tune no went to look tot tils Urol tier,
and found mm lying dead Inn Held tvillt a portion 01
his bead ,li -I off and alar.e bide Iliroii.lt lus nre at,
show lug that lbe w sponi had iieen discharge 1 cose tu
bun Adogtbatbad been with lliu ucgruea waa besldo
lbe butty, but the lit tiroes bad rled,
Mealing a Corpse,
John Miidter of Third avonuo and Amity
ttreet, L'tlaibeth, law two rr.ea digging tu a vacant lot
at third avenue aud Chrlatlue itreet uu Mod lay night.
After thty had gone aw.y Llndlcr examined lbe sput,
and fancying thst be had discovered a grave lie dug and
au n touuil a eotllii fonts ning tbe bod) of a t blld ai.out
tnree rear. old. He hurrii-d lu Inlnrui t ouniv l'ntsieiaii
Ternli. who was cat.eu from tils but, but wheu tber ar
rived st the place ot interment, body, eotttn unit all tut I
tils ip,ieared. llio Doctor laubtdut Linuter, but lbe
Isller Intlilt'd that lie bad found a bod) mere.
Princely (Hfl In Public liiatlliiilon.
Ti'iuii: IIauti:, Intl., Dec. SU, Cliimtiooy Koto
of this oily made a donation to day to lastltutlons Iocs,
ted here of tlk'Kl.ixx), itlvidM as follow! i To tlie Teiro
Haute Keiiiml of lndnur id srlenc.- I Jod.ooo, aud tu Ine
Vleo I ounty Oipliana' llollln fl.'SMssl. Its llaa Is foio
Jit en I'tra-e sums tn tienev deuce and charity, inehiniiiu
lisi,is lo the Ladles' Aid Society of lull city, IMi.Ooo
to Wuoash College, and a Urg-t sum tu chanties lu N. w
Vork. lie has uiso pronnsisl 1100,000 tu tbo ludlaua
biulo Normal rjclieul, totaled hcie.
A .tlonlrciil Ituibe.zler Cnticht,
Ilolert J. Dallas, tho oaslilcr ot the Mid
ion's llink of Monlroal, who oil the 7th Inst., It It
rhirgeil, emheraled lIH.Os), visa arretted last nil lit or
Dt I t-ilte T llus. who 11 tutered Wii,7UU. Al 1 uMui.it
Ibis morning ttins urilved Willi Lis priMiucr at iho
leiilisl I'uiiee Olbee, Hr. Halt a waa found miner the
iissumitl name uf Dump, r al lbe piliwwria lloiel,lu
Kiuaoelli, N. J.
The Witr Upon tho Abrrlglnr.
(Icn. blioildan trJegraplis thai. dpt. Koyos lias
raptured tl Clieyenacs aud 7i p.inlei at the uiirt'i fork
of lbs Canadian river (I -it. Pope reports lbe surrender
of IHO tuure nosiilo cbeyennea aud Arrup i.uct to
Lloul.-Col, Nulll al tno Ageaey.
Ashninril of lltelr ItcprrwenliUlvr.
Adeuiund oomoafrin tlio Wool, irilcubrlyy
from Oldo, tor ttio recall of dsn. Bchcnok. ihs Uaiteil
fllateaMlDlilerloUnglaud, on Ilia groun l Ihtt lie hit
iiaultrd pis oii ouuutr by wil.Uig a bunk uu lbs arl
Of llaUlvllilat,
Tin: tsi, 1 i -11 o.v.i ncn AdAix ici:vr
111 .s r v s. II. Milt -v h: it T.
Iltnltig Willi n rilvitic of Mow York
vvbiisc Inconi- (j,.,.,,,,,,. ,!, i:,uiro
Itcvruue ol' the l'ncl.lc Oernn Klugdis.Jr
On lils return from tho Lotn Club on
Monday night King Kulukaiia entertained tbo
coinuillteo nnd tliolr friends In bis parlor.
Throwing off nil reserve, bis Majesty enteted
into tbo cotiveii.nllon nnd spoke flatteringly of
tho places of amusement vrlilcli lie had vttltctl,
regretting Hint lilt stay in tho city was neces
sarily so brief a to deprive blni ot tbo pleasure
or visiting nil the theatres. With " Lohengrin"
lie was delighted. Hefore hn went to bed hi
Majesty nutweted several requests for bis auto
graph. Tbo King arose restrrtlny at (en o'clock, and
with Gov. ICapen.inml Chief Jitstlct) Allen drove
tn Hie reslttenco of Mr. Clarenco King, United
States Geologist, nnd with Hint gentleman tlio
party breakfasted. At one o'clock they lunched
with A. T. Stewart In lilt white marble mansion
in Filth avenue.
At half past two Aldermcii Gllon, Koch, and
Kelir, nnd Assistant Alderman Hrttcks, drove to
the merchant prince's residence, and tho King,
Oor. Knpcn.i, and Chief Justlco Allen stepped
Into a carnage and the whole party wtre driven
to the Hippodrome. At tho entrance they wcro
met by V. T. Itanium, S. II. ll.irtl, and Mr.
David Thomas, who conducted them to a box
facing and near the grand stand, hnndsomelv
tlecora'cd with the Culled States and Hawaiian
Hags. As the royal party entered tho box Hie
Fete at I'eUIn" was lieu Its conclusion. Just
aricrward the Chinese Juggler sw Mowed one
sword, nnd as be wns about tn swallow another
a hundred packs ot powder crackers cxplodod,
the car was wrapped In sheets of flame, ami at
the he'd of lbe rsc course n piece of fireworks
teas set oil. It was n Picture of Justice, tho
scales In one baud anil an olive brauch In tho
other, seated on a tiedestal, on the front of
wnlch wit tho word "Kalakaua" In lettcts of
lire. The house rang with applause.
MU Hushy, Hie vlc.or In the flat race, rode by
bis box. Hi Majesty took from the laupel of
bis coat a rnebud ami cave It to her. At tho
rloso of the ladles' chariot race somebody cried,
"Tho King!" The cry was taken up, and Irom
all parts ol tbo building arose shouts ut "King
Kalakaua!" "The Kind" "The Kltigl" A car
riace tlrovo up to the entrance of the box, and
tho King and Mr. Ilarnum stepped into It and
wore driven around the cnuise, the King frc
niieutlyliftlng his hit in response to the plaudits
of the multitude. At the close of tlie petfor
niatire tho royal party wcro escorted by Mr.
Thomas through the dressing and waiting rooms,
nnd I hero the lady rldent und charioteers were
presented to bis Majesty.
.i,r. Donaldson, the aeronaut, Invited the King
tn take n oalloon ascension wltn him on bis
visit to lliston. His Majesty replied that ho
would accept the Invitation If he le trued 011 In
quiry that a rido niiove tbe clouds would not
ltlate his life Insurance policies.
On his arrival at tlie Windsor his Majesty wa
Invited by a delegation appointed by Mr. l'.iltvard
F.. I'liorne, Oram! Master of llio Masons, to visit
tho Masonic I'e.nplo before he goes away, and
l.v ntioturrdelcgnuon tu attend the hall of the
Cere e Fr.tiicali tie rilarmutile. the Invitation
ol the Masons was accepted.
In the evening the Kmc, Govs, Kapena and
Domlnls, Lieut, totten, Aldermen .McCatferty,
Kehr, anil Gllon, Assistant Alderman HriicUs
uud (ion. l'lnt'kney saw Mr. Haviiiutid play
" Mulheiry Sellers." Tne royal party wcro re
ceived at tho door by Mr. William Muari and
Mr. Ctiattdcs Fi.lton, who conducted them to
tbe lower proscenium box on the right of the
stace. 'I he box wns decorated with the Ameri
can and llawrilan Itacs, As the King took his
seat the or, uestra played tlio Hawaiian national
ti ) 111 ti and the audience cheered.
A tho curt tin fell at the end of tho third act
tbe King and suite were escorted to tbe green
ro. 111 and there presented to the Inimitable Col.
Sellers, who offered Ills Majesty 11 turnip. At
the clnso of tlie fourth act Mr. lUymond 1 ti l
.Vls Kellogg e.cre called before the curtain, and
the King gave Miss Kvllngg u boiuplet.
From tlie thratro tho Kmc and suite went to
the Army and N'avv Club, anil wero presented by
Dr. McMillan to tcveial or the members, the
King played a game 01 billiards with Gen. Nel
son Davis, U.S. A. His ltoval Illgbiirsswontlie
game, making 'Jl points while Gen. Hails mailo
17. At midnight the s ivereUu went to the
Windsor Hotel and to bed.
rut: xr.w ji:itxi. y t.i:nsi..nuni:,
Au Fulling Caiivnn fur lbe Finer of Honor
uud ol Tritsl.
Tmlnton, Dee. V, Tlio New Jersey Legisla
ture uircti on Jan 17. There tt every Indie .Hon that a
lively le slon w ill follow. Among the more important
measure w ill be the electlou of a I'mted States Sena
tor, anl the enactment ot statutory lawt regtrdiug
crime. The absorbing theme In New Jersey at the pre
sent time is the organization and etectlon of ofllerri.
tie- se ate elects lis President ant tne Ih.u.eiti b teak
n .attinar. Ii is the genrral opinion tnat senator
t ii.r or hssrx will or ree ic.e l President. Hut Mr.
loi.n Ilal.iotk, t, fto has beeu cretary for a number
of years, will ond a strong competitor In ex i-cnator
Henry .). Filck of llur lugtun.
'Iheeauvus for 11 e Speakership Is tbe most excllln-r.
Meiirs. (till ot I'nton. I- uzgertl-l of r-s.t x, and ander
hill ot Mercer are the prominent ciudidiies. l't,c
House consists of 11 nt nibert, A eareliu canvass shows
th.t tbc vote on tint eadoi win stand -it for 1 apt. III,!,
M for Fltrgerald, and 7 for Vsnderuilt. There Is a
pronahilliy thst 1 apt. Hill may receive une trom an.
d, rhllt and two from Fitzgerald, willed win gtvehhn g-
As tbe niemners now stand, 't. are pledged to (.apt. Oil),
wb.cb will insure ul election.
Joan Carpenter. Jr.. ol Hunterdon, and Cot. Johuion
ot Mercer aie candidates for tbe Clerkship. Mr. tarpeu
ter's ihanet 1 ate at present good.
X Probability ofiipeiiet- l'eltls's Itrlrnse.
HosTO.v, Dec. SI. Tlio controversy over the
case ot eptocc Fcttti waiea wanner, and the subject
hat become one ut general dttcnsslon and luterest. As
additional light Is thrown upon It, the probability of
bla rrleaie becomes enhanced. II ts now authoritatively
asserted that a requisition from tbe t.ovemorof New
York will or foiineomlug immediately upon his par
uoa the opposiiiun seettia now to be mostly confined
ti the trtrulsnf l(beria and llteason, who-e convic
tion Is sought tn New Yors through the eiincureot
I'etria. It ii claimed ny a representative of the prose
cution now he: that tbe tndlcttneuta agalail l'cttlt la
Nw York are still lu force.
The ('niiffi-rsftlnnnl Committer In Alnbninn,
MOM (iOMP.lt V, Dec. H. -The Congressional
Committee reached Ope Ilka on Moaday. The first day's
examination was entirely of Itepubtlrans aa lotheal
legrd v lot ttlons of the Knforeenient act Among other
things the Waei uihee Valley arlair, uientiniied In the
Haves llitstey letter, wai up. Tie negro, tt hose luctn.
dl try la, a caused lbe dtsturnance, was before tne com.
lnlitee. To.it y several Democrats were rxamlneo.
Tbe cuuunlittc win not reach here until Monda) ncxt.j
Collrclnr Hlininoiis's Ht-rnrius,
Hoston, Dec. ai.-Collcctor Simmons has
sbollshe.i '.hlrtv Inspectorships snd other positions, tn
cludlug one deputy eollectnrshlp tn the llo.lou Cuslnm
tli'tise. 'ihe.e eiiang s am- faO.iHSi per siinuin w.trt
the prospect of so additional ri-'luetioii of fifteen to
tweniv per cent In the clf-nra! force In the spring,
winch wi.l Increase the sat lug to ia),iM per annual.
An Imprisoned .Murdrrrr Klltrtl,
St, Lor in, Dec. st'. An unknown man rotlo
np to lbe county Jail of llartow county, Mo., uu riuuJay
iilk-bt, and, through a window, shot and killed one
Hei run) mils, lbe murderer uf t ul. Nnrns, also fatally
wuundlng Ins accuiuiilice, Dixon. He then escaped.
ri:srciit:.sii:it co I'.rrr.
The Supervisors after much lighting on the
Earl of the uunoriiy for a reduction, yesterday passed
bt-rllf Caipeiitei'a bids for the yeir.
Warden Walker of Sing Sing Prison has a look
that a convict lias Invented wltn wuleli any iiumlierot
doors, trout one 10 a hundred, may btt locked or un
locked sliuultaneouily.
xr if .1 i:v.
Judgo Iledle tuado bla farewell address to the
mciiibcrsui the Pas.aic t-ouuly liar and the utile, rs of
Iheeouri icatetdaytsadtho court adjourned uuitlJaa.
u, lb7S.
A well-dressed mlddlo-agod man about five
feet -even Indies blili, wnh dark hair anl wnlskiis,
was killed al houlli (lrauire ye. ler. lay inir.iliig by a
trtlaoii Hit- Morris and t:asi Kallro.nl, 1 ties Rudy was
ta.tu tu Newark for Identlllt-atlua.
jortixus mi i 11 r roirx.
Coimulsdoiur Duryeo will pay tbopolleo on
Tlie exrl-e moneys, umountlnz to tlW.OOO,
were apportioned yesteiday
Tlio Wnniaii'a Temperance Union have pub
lished a elretii ir asking ladles out lo st-luutwiuo ua
New Year's day.
Jolianno l'aascbe, a rptlieclablo Nonveghn
girl, sua , lames Jeiiiiseii, al-u a Norwegian, were mar
rlea by Jio.II.hj llacuilixi lu t.10 Tuiua 1'ulxo Couil
ol0l Jujr.
It wits reported to tbo Ho iltli Hoard yesterday
thnl Dr Jieie.li us of '.'111 W st I wealy-fourili airesit,
had sltuudoil Henry l,au,.-e, a lad aniiiul wlia suia.e
pox, lu UieiluwiloJ Uuemi-ul at 7o) t iilru -viimio.
Mnryjrinstnitig, a serv int omplovcd by a Mr.
Davis, a ti oknr, waa found wandering In llio alrce s
Isai tilglil unable tu tlud hit way Ii me. Hiio has ucoit
In thoooiinlry uuly t furiuliht, Bluwai taaea lo llio
l'ollco Ceulral utllac.
' Alexander Gorncr la a Dane, who Is unable to
rV-pon bta family bring suii)m-i to eptlapilD tliti is
uVr tresttnieut la Hie inettteti cohego at tlio fuel uf
KstVwenir-sliili it reel. Do pat a wile sn-l two small
Oaiiuxui i us-v & WUJolalrsjU tvouisV
a Mii.i.ioxjim: iMi'itisost'ii
A New Fpls'.de In tlie Checkered Carerr of
Joint A Mnrhniln, vvliot-i Murstinl itlurruy
Tliieittene-I lu Hung ns n Mlnvc Trndir.
John A. Mitelimlo, tlio apnnlsli Itniiortor,
was committed to tho Yurkvllle prison, without
ball, by Justice Morgan yoterdav, on complaint
ot Chariot Mclntrre, who charges that bo wns
culltT d perjury In tbo colebratcd Mclntyro
dlvercocase. ??,;rbado Is 57 years of ago. fia
recently abandoned lilt wife, and has been llv
lug In tlie family of lur sister nt ft! West
Twenty-third street. Many is alters In Wall,
Ilroad, nnd New sticels will remombrr hint aa
ill-man who used to sell them choice cigars
ninazlugly low prices.
Yeats ago Marshal Murray threatened tn bang
hi in ns'a slavo trader, nnd bo ha since been
known as Macliado, the slavo trider. In 1872,
Custom Houso ofllccrs suspecting that lie was
smuggling cigars, followed him to a houso In
Flfiy-iillith stteet, near Lexington avenue, nnd
theio they seized a large iii,tntltv of contraband
good. Macliado was then arrested and Indicted,
tint was tint tried. Ho bad rooms In tho first
slory of tho rear of 48 Ilroad stteet, nnd did a
lively business with the ncciiimnti of that build
ing. He was visited by suspicious persons of
both sexes, and nt times held high carnival. In
his rooms were thou. nnd of clg-irs, cases of liq
uors of nil kind", furniture, sewing machines, or
iiaments..Vc. His customers were mainly brokers.
A lew noturlotis women were also his customers.
There was nos'gnon bit door, lie iir-nid tlmt
tbe ofllcc T3 of the l?w 7Trr li-oulng for him, and
be removed bis property lo quiet oul.c: : 5J
New street. A fowdnys ago Macliado was told
that tho police wcro again on hi track, and be
sent bis cigars, liquors, .Vc, to 4U llrnadvr ty.
Sergeant l'hllllps.of the Fourth District Court,
having been given a warrant for Machado'a ar
rest, ascertained that nearly every Saturday tho
Spaniard went to llaynnne and stayed thero over
Sunday. Later tlie Sergeant searched for Ma.
cbado In Mrs. Millar's houso In Jersey City, and
tlirnco he was traced totti Wist Twetitv-thlrd
street. At length the Sergeant found blm In
front of Ilootli's the tre, late on Monday night,
and yesterday morning Justice Morgan cumula
ted hltu as staled above.
A SlllAXOEtl'S svintux ItCAIlI.
Hiipposrd Hulelde of (Irn. M. I.. Smith af
Washington In Jersey Clly.
A well-dressed mnn, nppnraitly nliout
forty years of age, arrived on tho early Wash
ington train of the Pennsylvania Itallroad on
Sunday morning at Taylor's Hotel, Jersey City,
and registered as " M. L. Srultb, Washington."
Ho remained In his room nearly all dar, only leav
ing to eat his meals. Soveral strangers called to
see blm and left their card. Mr. Smith having
Instructed the clork to tell all callers that he
was not In his room.
Yesterday morning he was found dead In his
bed. On tbo bureau were three t-ird lelt by
visitor who called on Sunday. Two bore the
name of "J. M. Currle" and " II. M. Toinlln
son ;" and a third was an Invitation to meet tlio
writer at tho Aator Houve, and bora no slgtia
ti.ro ; on the back was the address, "27 Wuvcrley
Place, Now York." All tbo cards were directed t
" Get:. M. L. Smith." In the evening a letter
was received from the Klaphdnellrtck Company
of Washington, addressed to the dead man an 1
teqiiesting Instructions as to the manner of
Pi clng soiiio ornamental hrlck on a building In
course of consiructlon lu Washington.
In considering Mr. Smith's conduct prior to
his death, It waa tielleved that he committed
sul Ido, and County Physician Stout examined
the body, lie considers u post-mortem examina
tion necessary.
Tin: carixi:t ox lovisiaxa.
I.nudnulet Wllllnms Urging tlir Nrrrsslly of
Hiislnliiliig Hie Returning llourd.
Washinoton, Dee, 29. Tim Cabinet wns
In session to-day for nearly au hour and a half.
The condition of affairs In Louisiana was the
principal subject of discussion. Attorney-General
Williams said In bis opinion It was neces
sary for Hie Government to sustain the Itoturn
Ing Hoard In Its recent decision. Tho views of
tho Attorney-General were fully set fortli, and
although the mouthers of tlio Cbluct decline to
give specific Information regarding the state
ments presented byjudge Williams, tbe opin
ions emphatically expressed by him both in
public and ptlvato during tbo examination bv,
and since the report of the Hemming Hoard,
are known tn have been reiterated by him In
the Cabinet meeting u-day. these are that
there It a necessity for tho Government's sus
taining the report ol the Itetiirnliig lloanl ut all
Ii izardt, ami that Its decision is right In law and
In fact. Ihee were inserted at some length,
there was no other discussion of tlie subject,
and no decision of any character reicbed.
it Is said In high nui.-lnl circles here th it the
farces of Hie War Department In Loiil-lana nre
euMclent to preserve tho public peace and dig
nity should their violation be threatened.
Tin: xi:v oi:i.i:axs thaovvy.
Wnriuulh Mill lu Pilxnu-Trylng to Fvude
Hie Duel with Jewell.
Xr.w Oiili:an3, Dee. 29. (Sov. Warmotli
Is still In prison. The Inquest nn Iljerly has
been completed, with a verdict of death at the
hands of Warmotli. The examination before
the committing magistrate has not been begun.
Warmotlt's friends wish to gain time to evade
tlie meeting with Jewell, who was placed un
der t5.t" sj bonds to-day. Judge Howe ami
Alexander Walker aro retained as Wm mom's
counsel, No disturbance It expected at the
meeting of tlio Legltlatuto next Monday. The
Conservatives aro determined to preserve the
Jersey C'll' Klval Coroners.
The man who was killed by one of Adams
Hipresa wagona at tbe ferry In Jersey City Saturday
utgtit baa been Identified aa Ttumiaa Penny, a collector
tn the employ of Tl.omii Pitt rf Klizabvtbpor1, N. J.
It It not probable that an Inquest wilt De held, owing to
the rivalry between Coroners Lynch and W'halen, who
bulb assume authority to conduct the luvestigttlun.
t'nder tbe laws of Hudson count) it lathe business of
the County Pnysieian tu JmUe whether so Inquest Is
nectsssry. 1 lie disc ret binary poser la rarely eieretsed,
us Ing lu the expre-sed belief uf lbe people thai the law
was enacted tu smother luvestlgatlouaof criminal care
letsness on tbe part ot rsproml eouipaules. Coroner
L)nch la aa employee uf the I'eunsyltauta Itallrnnd and
exhibited a tlesire tu ban-lie tbe case ; Coroner vvhalen
was determined to thwart ( oroner Lyueb'a dtsieus,
and hei ee lb - thfiliully. Frauk.1. llewsen, the nrivrr
of llie express wagon, waa discharged by Justice Kct-tc.
Ilutliiln'a Live Slock Trnde,
IIcri'ALo, Dec. 2i). The annual statement of
the live slock trade la thti city fur 174 ihowt tut re
crlpta of cattle to be fOI,Sl bead i litre p, 783,1100 head ,
hogs, l,';5S,tUu head, aud horses, St,n:il head. Tho
shipments were Iss.iiJl bead of cattle, S7,ri bead uf
sltep. I -,'M.tlis) head of bogs, aud ..'0,730 head nt horse..
The loial estimaieit value of the receipts of cattle,
lint p and boga la Jll.l.r.'.lB.V
A Successor to Jliillrll nl l,ut,
Wasiiimiton, Der.Sti. Mr. William A. Potter
of New i ork hasacrtpli.t tne position of supervising
Archill ct uf tbe treasury Department, and will enter
u ou tin dutlts uu tbe -d proximo.
i.oxo im.AXii.
One Peters, a laborer, was fatally crushed by a
faluug Ireaile work lu Lung Ulaud til) ytsirrua).
Two hundred dollars' worth of clothing wa
atott ii from Mr. Murphy, In Astoria, snd an utile r fouud
It set-reie.l lu Kngiue lluu.e o. u. Thomas llurke, who
w its arrested ou susi-lt-inn. confessed. Il has long been
charged thai Una engine bone wasthe ree-piueleof
stutou goods and the retort ut disorderly puraoui.
Lomn:.i it v run:.
A fire at Ottnwa, III., yesterday, destroyed the
Opera House, valued st Sdv.isio ami Itussep a Hons
furniture store. Kussell A. sons' loss Is fls.rsH!. ''n(.
iusuruuee tin Ihn Opera lluuso la f-Aao-y, su-1 uu the
furniture store f.1,!),
G. W. Crosmnn's stnliles at 401 Kast Thlrly
alillt street were damaee.l bv tire yesieidiy to tho e.
lent of ra.oisi. A .1. IVoi-ert's teed store al O'U fust
airuiii., Kl.isM), :. V. Davia'a ru.lil iicc st 0.10 First
nenue. tl.iNsi Wm. lit illy slid trod M)cra, tame
building, H.ouo.
Hi'Aitics ritoM nn: Tiu.r.uitAr a
Theestluiated ehllinients of bullion from Utah
during Use psm year are f7,K),isw.
Sir John A. MacDnuald was redlerled to the
Humlaloii 1'arliamout yesp-rdiy uy a itiaj irlty of 17.
The Carllst organ Ctiiirfel llntf asserls Hint the
well know u bpaulsastatei.uau, Hspirieru, died ouibe
11,1 m.l.
Mesjrs. Iloyal Olrnrd, I.siidno, anl McKay wee
elee el yesterday la Manitoba by acclamation to tbo
Provincial Legislature.
Mr. Alvlnzii II ay or anl of Hail Francisco bsv
soli bis l.'ruwa I'uiul mill snd iiilniug pruptriy for
SlaUsltst). o baa donalod uf lbe prueteda lu a
charitable Institution,
'I he Directum of Iho New Jersey Fire and
Msrlne aud Inland liisur.ncit Coinpsi. h .v - r.-sailv.d
t'luiiid tii ua aitilrs. I'lie eouipauy bad t.a oilioj in
1'bltadelplila ami uue in Csiiidcn,
A daughter of M. Duree of Port Jorvlt w a
btirnol lo death uu Hunday ovenlnii last by llio fx-
Kloaionuf a kericue lamp. Iter tsotlitia took tire, suu
oing tlouo aho wa burursl lo s or-sp oof aro swUtaucu
roacJiou tier.
The election In Nowhiirrport, Mass., ypitterd y
for llayur lu place uf Custitug elected aud titxibui i,
resuitod la lbs clinics of the Hon. II. V Atkinson, lie
publiean.uver K.li.baPil (irllUu, Deauvcrsl, bIUuia
J.ruj-la i luiai tule ( ijtut.
n.tsiil's uviti: ami riti:tm Jir TitH
svi 'a ltr.roiiTiuis.
C'lirvv Cblpelinsr en n i.2rk-T'"s Itcninrktv :
tile I'.ltetls of ii Third Avs-oue Puntb-s$
llnlrldoseoplc Htory of the Hcllle. 1
Odlcer Murphy catno forward nt Justice Ot'.er-
bouig'scall yevter.lsy inorninr;, and presented to hut '9 a
IloiiCr : "rnllcmsn who bore nnrnlttaktlile cvldencea ' t
of harlnz been tcmporarilr In tome UiornugMaM 9 I
ttiroukh which no Ocrrtrrd Police CoinmlOLrt
funeral had pasted for a week or more. 'vA '
" What It jour name?" aaacd Justice Otterbonrg. bS
"Chevy Chlpcliarc," was.tbe inbdued reply, tt Iha .jB
prl'iner teroped a lajer of nud from the bridge of hi .
noaewitfi iLctllfftltorof Mscsp, 9 (
"What's the C arKOtgai.-jt him, omcer?" 'SB i '
"Intosiiestloa, your Honor," ni Ofllcer Marphj-, Wi
" Hut he was only rrdlklouily drunk, tlr, ana r.t quir-
rrlsome. He was ntsyin' down romforlsble tn Fifty .3 '
sixth sireet, sea I had trouble to gittin nlin to Ibo eias W
tlon hotite, u win to bit silpperlaCaa aud the siipperlneM jjK
ol thetireets." -2P
" iv i st la our occupation?" said hit Honor tour. 3(1
Ciupcuasc. 2s7t ,
"In urnary tluici, ilr," tahl Mr. Clilpchaie, with a Tj.
aeries of tilt etips, but w llh aa triicn dtgully aa waa coin- -JF .
patible wph bis plattlc roiiititlnii, "1 ockerpT the post- ,.'
Hon uf Injlnrer ua s third av'nno rttllroal ear. Hr - -
reiioa ol s erl'la I am now ihtengset-d. Yess'dtytt -aJt
wss tun much for me, snd here I am. Hope y'e Honor1. 1 -K
take It tnlu rcipecKltil consid'ratton, au' cot dguble up Wfr,
on me." ,ah ,
How dllyott get to terribly drank?" aikedtbeJat- m :
tlt-s, with a frown. evSi 1
"Toot one puiit.1 only one solitary tingle pttneh, nr. 7fm 1
ria'r ouly uue. It w. t a puue.i from t trip Heart -, VM f
tf."! slewed me, sin aud It all comrs of the cuplnlty ot WM ' 1
the company, Mau'a inhumanity tu man, r'rII mors rlB , '
makes millions cntintltas moura. and Fin another." -Ra i '
"Ten days," aaid Ills Honor, quiet yj and Mr. CtiSTT -SHf '
Cbipcnatc waa taken sway to oe aaltounneu, ,
lttshop Poller's Wife's Fnnrrat. -
Funeral tcrvlces over tbo body of Mrs. Mar 3V
girct A., wife of lllthop Potter, were performed la 1f9c
Trinity Chtpel tt 10 A.M. ycilerdiy. The officIaUrut 'WA
clrrgymea were the Iter. Drt. Dlx, Swope, Honghton, jBB ;
(llmtlrad, and Ilishop Towzer. Tho body was taken to '
l'ougbkeepsie, accouipaided by the mourners. Mrs.
Pott, r waa tlx y-ftTeyrara of age. Bho had beta alliusr. "tWE. f
tmt while visiting retattrcs lu Fredericksburg, Va-, waa W : '
auddenly taken wor e, snd died. A natlre of Scotland- ffl : .
the first taw lllthop Potter while be waa abroad about taw - (
twenty je.ri ago. Tbe next year ih visited bertrtenus ;
In Oils country, and waa man led at the same altar from V '
which ate w-st builed. w I
A Hero of 'OS.
An old man who laid that ho was " big enouth fffi '
to drlre a four-horse plough la King'! county, Ireland, jMn
In the rebellion of 'I'D," wti found w andertng about the JSR '
atrreta by an oillcer of tbe Thirty-fifth atreet police 4sK i
last MsM. lleaaldthathls name wss IVIlliam Farrtlls IIS:
and that he lived with Mr. Michael Harriaon at SIS Kaat ,31 :
Forty-elgnth street, whose wtfo tie bad adopted wuea -aJH
auc waa eat Ibree yeara old. He went to llrooklyn ibis -al , !
morning to aro some fnenas, but tailed lo a..uihemt
and loat bis way coming back. He bad fal.en In Iha i
street and rrenved a illgnt hurt on hit bead, whlcUht ?9' '
thought " wuuld tborteu hit dayt." jl .
Ilroiihlyn'a Fashlunnblr Bhopllflrrti. . 'K
Mrs. Fllzabuth Jones pleaded guilty before ''K
Justice Walsh la Hrooklyn yesterday to stealing artt- .Wt l
lie from Loeier'a alore and waa icutenced to pty 19 tWf
fl ne or go to Jail for three monilit. X
Asslittnt Duirict Attorney Moore of Itrooklya styt Jl '
he waaapproaebedby a peraaa who oflcrrd Idm a dlaw TM
mond pin soitn l.ot).Hnd a toil tklu let, 11 he W'ltilrl Vm
secept nsil in f2,t) lor Lilts Kmilh ana Msrr Miller, m
the w omeu wnn dressed la velvcis and aitka, atole fays
worth uf artlclt a from Loeier'a auaJouruty tt llayars
hm'a lu llruoklya. il '
New York Drlecllvcs Arrnlanrd. 3-
"Spence" Pettis, for whoso unconditional n -9 '
Irate from tbe Misaacliuielta Etate pilaon a number ol h
Influrntlil New York merchant are petitioning, ilys ! S
that ne can earn an honest living If Iho New Turn do-
trctlreswill not molest Mm. He sddai "If I goto Jm
New YurK I know there la an uld case that will be .
brought up agunit me, but tney can't sentence me FH 1
mure titv . flee years, and 1 will willlnrly aerre taat If I ,
can unly aui'C'.ed in breaklrg up the gsu a uf detectives, tjB ,
whu lu a 'ministerial capacity are la league with ? ,
tbierea aud torgera." ;gjf f
A teierlnu i Charge. 9
Dr. Charles Demoor of iHU East Sixth street M
waa committed to tbe Tombt by Coroner Klckboff ycav -jjl '
terday In default of 11,000 b. il to await tho result of aa .TK -lnvettlgatlou
Into a charge preferred agnnat blra ttr
Lalberiue htz i, a ilressiiiaker, uf Lexington aseaue, of M
ki. nog her child, of which slu. lays ne waa toe r.taer. 28
bbe a.ya that lie iirucs it lu the breast and threw tt oa fl
tl.vilo, r DeuaoorV brulher Herman is nehi la touo aa - S ,
an accou.pllce. Dr. Leo thlnka ibat tbe babe uaeu rfgsK
natural death. mt
Tiv o llrllrw Disappointed, J
Mrs. Hell's two trunks, brought In the Nockar, 'fl
sud irlzed on a charge uf rn attempt to imugile dullts 3
ble guods, were examlued la the Cuttoin lloute yratefs
day. The tu e thai was for a Mis, VVinthrop of Annapo- " .
us, contained Christmas presents for several oeraoua.
Tne oiiur was ruled wlin a Parisian trout eau lor a A -
vt.ttug laoy in Tallibasie, who Is soon tu be tnarrlid. 4 tH
Mrs. ltell brought tbe goods from Southampton at a fj
tayor. 1 '
Hull, Helorin f " I
Sped .1 Acent Klnaellaand Itclslnger reported -'
to the iccretsry of the Trea.ury yeiterday thoir plaa j
for remodeling the Collector's, Hnrv lur'a, Apprtlier
and Natal i'Ult-ea. t bev reeoiiimcud tho equalisation of 7
talarlrs, and tbe nisml.sil ot many rmplu)cea. Tne ,
old ilnecurlati are, however, to be retained.
The New Flrr Coiniulsslonels. !
It is almost curtain that Mayor Ickham will ' , J
sppulnt tbe Fire Couimlsslouera' aurcesiora. TL . .1
tiamea ot Aliterman Flanagan, (len. Hhaler. George At
Mat Irto", Henry Wllion, aud Aldcrmau llcldy bay -iJgf
beta miotioned. jpl
The l-'nrer of lite I'llmailrs.
The Tammany District Associations lasom ,'
Med last evening and dutifully cast their votes for tht yjr
men whom Ihc Hon. .loha Kelly had tlriurnatcd at tbe
pel sous lu make the tammany Uencral Comuiutee lot
The Giinrdlnii nf the Night.
Inspector McDermott ontering the Meroar
tirit-t piiilre station al I o'clock yesterday morula,
found fast asleep aaergeanl whu should hayebeoaea ,
Tweed's Pi Ivllege Abridged. sf
President Ilalley lias ordered the Warden of -36.
the l'ei.iuntlar) tu treat Ywlhani M. TwecdJustPkn TJ
au ordinary convict. Vf
The YVonlhcr Ofllcr Predlellon. -S
Partly rloiidv and decidedly colder weathrrs jS
with brisk oorlbwtai tu soulbsesl wludt and ruuic II
baromiter. n
HO v its Ol' T.KlSVltC. '. .J,
Sherwood Club, Heethovon Hail, Jan, II, ''
It ax Mill Association, Irving Hall, Deo. 81. 1
Independent Social Club, Dlttmar's Halt, ,
Dee. lit. '
Monroe Light Guard Assoalatloti, Irving Hall, 1
Feb. U.
uonsi: xorna.
Commndore Vanderlilll bits purchased from
Mr. H. Mstersoa of New Jersey llio bay trolling gelatag
Ho) for Jfl.issi.
The .Monmouth Park Association have deeldod
to oiler a iur.e uf fo.issj f(,r a lour-aillu tieat race, tit
take place ul the fit it meeting In D470.
Ten htiillttitia arrived a few days ago from Glas-
r:ow, Hcoihnd. ttiey were sire I by such eeitbratid
ii-rses s Invernees, tl tribd II, Ittnnn, Hobin tlsrgass
luie, Crusu Priute, and Donald iiluiile.
A Coroner's Jury censured Christian Halts In
ltroukt)!!, yesier.isy, for shoo log I'mimaa Corr. whom
be sup, 'used lu ti s clitekeu thief, wutiuul furilior
cbatleiigingtilin. Kcks waslocedup
Tlio delegates uf tho Courts of the American
Ordi r of Kuresteis, lu puipinnt-e of a call from tbe
High Court tif L'liL-laiid, niet lu a convention lu Iha
Deiiioeraile tlenersl Coui'iillloe'a ruolu In llrooklyai
yesterda), to form s subsuliiry High court to havo con
Irol ol lbe older in this country, There areaaidiobe
f.oo,iio Iiiemoers of the order tu the Old World, au I lo.s ,
tsjui.i Una toiinlry. Last year's total receipts were ,
(:,6'.ej,p:a, tLU total pa)iuruial,Sla,ulO.
cvmosnir.s orcmiin.
. i
In the trial of Ilvrhel Cowird for the murder
of t hart, a 'leniiri eck, in New llmuaitief, N. J.. Tester
a y, wilnesees repealed lbe delalla of the tragedy aa 1- I
reaoy pin tuned tu Til r. Svn. 1
Alexis Peterson, a Danish Jeweller of (S3 Jane
street, illlod a glass with dilultd cyat.lde uf potassium
lust i.lglit, dr nk the liquid, and retiru.l. Au hour or
tw o a.ierward an nher leu ut of tbo buuao eutervd bis
ruuiu, aud ulseovered that he waa dead,
Goorgo, all ts " Kit " Itellly, wa convicted of
Imrglarv in llie seeiiud degree, lu brea nig In u Luiltea
I ryaul'a ruonii, 1 Curst Hi slie, I, front which ll.-s.ood
worta uf moi.ev and valutblo, wero stolen. Ua mm
aeuiei eed on Monday b) Itecorder llaiolt lo lou yeaart
In Mate Prison.
Two men, captured lu Pui ukl county, Ark , a
few wiekssgu lor rontduc a sture auu boat lu Yell
oouniy, were eoiitlt'lu.l la ll-ti Ciicuil Court at UlUa
Itock, yeatenl y. aud sunt lo lliu peitlteniltry for riia
yei.rs. the me.i belonged I.i t gang of lour whu iitn
su pusod l-i be tbe tutinuiillers.
Mrs. Cionk of Winnipie, N J., wlio was
chaiged wltn killing James I, use, a netgiinor, whalrc
C to. od nllered her lusillls, has bten luultledf-.r luaa
s augh.er the Pa-sstc eou uy pnivieitlor initio un
tllori lu indui e ihc Or ml Jury lo mulct lor murder la ie
tho lllal degrt-o, but ttlllioui siici'twa. gg;
Dtttotillvo Dusi-uberry nrros'oil llonr-' Dalhs, tW,
a c erk tu lbe i molov ut Mtuo-r. Cuil'iHrt, Wtililurd A sJJL
Cu.,clolhlels,o tip. lllii.ilt.ty, teslerdav, uu oliargs .
ol r 'Oiling lbs firm of roods at tlilitri-n. Iliui-a, tin)
drn-cllve i.rr.t od Dallja I . an ev r et olllro In t anal v
alioet aa ho waa tending off l ptr el uiiitainlu, oioUt
lug aildieaaed lu Win More, ageui lor tlso Akriiicaa
Ltiireaa C-.nm nr, a H -honeoiauy, D.llaa traaladaod
U4I la Ui l'ollco Ctu.f al UJJooy

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