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I The Bursting of the Grett Rcscr
I voir in Leicester, Mass,
Devastation in the Villages between Lay
side Brcolc and the 'Jity.
Strong Brick Mills Crashed, and
Trees Twisted Like Straws.
m Wok bhi r, March 30. The fate that
r, wssfisrsd bM befdtsn tb elty of Worcester.
y Tbi lm MMWOlf Hint supplied the city with
i ulcr has bimt lU hniriirs, nnd I" 1" th.ui
I three boUfl TOQjOO 1.000 gnll M of WDtl r tint had
' bMI itored iv smnug tbi bibs nf Leicester
ID unit ipetl n of the heeds Ol II f I v t bOUSSOd
pOfBOni tn t i.o BpproS rhing Bigi ii. dsf u-tated
thu valley of Btoitiebroohi oarrytng ruin und
Donate rnettont aii l prostrating at OM ItlddM
Lion the Industrial 1 1' fit hid mule tbi valley
thr ah idi of pear and plenty,
Toe rem rv-ilr n'n sliua ed In the town nf
Lilt '.fdicr, ft bo tit BTO mllil ' I carriage ro id
floni Mia btftfl nl the cltv, ntid con
tained seven hundred million if Hon uf
Water, fbi 'l on woa trtgl nelly built m IMP,
bul WSS rebuilt ftlld filled otiie twenty
fi-i i in WTO, ind wai pm of tin noil substantial
nil itr.u' ter. Infurtu natch, al t fi DDI I bi
Ifftl I U 1 l.ik ho iftlfttid In tbi ntvlmd pDi
s-gwunder the dam. In hti-h the outlet pipes
were I -lil. and Jamei II. Founds of
Lowell, wbi WSJ eniloved BOOH after
the Mill river dWtsler to Inspect the
d mi. I ild f at he IbOUibt the weak
est put uf tbi slru lure was thU very
luce .n ftC OUDl of Ibi w iit of n lull d ie Iri
Verted fob to trie gallery, wi tch win omitted it
the limu of build I Id biC lUBB f the great Inllux
Df Wgtef from rings. 1 Ift pTObUblg tli.it these
to ings imve t ie i Inpnronptibly uodirnlDlni
tbidumfoff the pftftt Ove years, until at lenirih
ihe WetOI from (be rotfff ir Itself found Ita
w.i tiir.uiih Into Ibi Ch tuber, an I on W d nea
d v aft rnoon wai unserved working through
the 1 ireb.
'lb'- , . gi Incri p d In volume until
I It ami - l no thi ti log an ipict si to lead
th" ftut hurt t tea t atTO war. dug to the pec id e
living In thi v d ey b low, Aid mult mere Wei
in sltnust uulvertnl movlni f furntturn out of
the houses and of Stock OUl ol the mllla. and
during Wednesday night tbi naopli were
sntloualy irstoblng for Hie Impending catas
troohe. In the ntMDtluia the SUtbOfltlM Wifi not in
active i'ut bv nouns of a sst hngs of huv
weighted with stones to ugh I to fill up the
bras h sod ston tba task but id vain. The omU
noils Stream ateaddv trained In BiSS and ire
long paired In torrDDtl from the doof arid win
d k of the lower La' e house, baaing bursl
through the 11 or. Toward m -ruing the
e'lghtly derr-aalng hula nf w iter DDOOUr-
agad the workmen to heiieve that their
labors Weii DOl ID vain, and they redoiitded
thilf ' x rtloni Plni tree WSti fsllid and Bunk
Into the ore. k. and can I ud after nan loud of
itonst and grftral wars irnDtted b their lids,
White hill lire ' nt h i if hav were sueked Into
tbi boiling and isathtng curranti a i day long
the work Brant n At no time the BoWof
wn'ur 4fie I tn rterreBSOi tlllt BOOtJ It bffn
wit1) redoubled Trie. and ftboutiocinok the
Wfttl r has in fl 'Wltnr ones moie nut of tue dour
and wlndowi of the lower it i bousi
it was thought th u p minis a largs mount of
damn i"ii 1 l.e aveiteJ ty t.iotuhg the d un in
liliotliT place i tint it U rtloii i f the w .t-r
u teht tie diverted fr rn th- m re thu-klv t opu-
lateu vHilev, and ftvoordingly workiDiO o gan
rutting a t snob tbmusb ins iast dam :nd at 4
oelu fcn cut thr.- feel wide, ftboutfllti ffit
long and usasn fssl deep waa completed arid a
itrsnrn two fast di ei bagsn flowing ihrouirh.
But this expodlsn proved of iittls afallt is thi
leak id h . I, ind at Dae o lock t wa-
ter began buhbllnr up out of the groin
Dboas the lower g te. and In few niotionta
nbotbir -tieam big in Bowing s f w fist on the
tight nnd n moment later n lolrd dm n.
nnpe tt ranee on Mn left.
Tbi w ik:in were ordered to r tiiir
lnho -. aa It wss evident thi dam wnsdoomed
end thre Wftl daiuir of the wbde Living way ut
any inu i ent.
on u lbs flr-t new brink ma ?e li ap
I curat, e. n ease) gt r wars sent t" ft urn the i so
pie III trie v.Ilrv, n d th" bundfids who h d
oongregatad in the vlclnltf or ins dam stood in
niomantvry sspectntion of the water
rush down tbs railsv in nsoiid bodii Me dllv
and mpldly the turrente lrn-rtaed in aute, and
ere long the three ur had In one huge volume
that out sway tne gravel bank thai formed tru
laraeal t ortlon of tbi dam Hone trass abol uu 1
out uf the htoMiinif rum lit, iiiul rapid) i ipad
down htresm, llig atonai ami base nf hav f teted
along horns downu rdhvtns lame Irreajatlids
bower, Im nen-e pi jtiiulea of e-irth lllddenly
fell aw iy end dli 11 pearvdi nod hiii tin watsri
eac their way h u kward toward the ootid,
AtttoOIOCk nothing Intervened b tweenlhf
Volume 11I water and the valley huluw hut the
nasi of aotd fttune mninrv laid In cement ten
feet thick, nnd t he wj.tff wn rushing lhruuh
the ten-foot nrrti with Irristetlbli foroi( in a
moment the arch crumhled, mid the grant
block! of gruilte were earned dOWU the htre un
a though mere psbbliSa loon the Ion rivt
pousSi tnnt hud Itood flrm a rslnst tlie Immen e
prt ia ire of the water, sUGOUfnbid and with one
grand crash fsil
i he hrea h gradually wldi nsd nnd dnspnnidl
until 11 wan nt-ailv ek'htv fe-t whin nrol twenty
feet deep, The n Ild masonnry wull itood walf
an I t 7 o'clock lite w tr w n pouring over it
lu a torrent slv or eiuht en dee pi bui uppsr
sntly without making an imnriaaion upon 1
s'ructure. At that hour tba uprsrg tsbouss n a
Hiding, hut minor - iVrt tut it fell toon nft'f
Ward, I lie w a'fi in tt e r e rv If OOVSriHg one
hundred ana forty nerii rsli some sixtasu fnai
III the course of mid hour nnd a h II. and a It
ruai bi down i.vnd iiro.,u tan traee fall bsfor ll
like pi ps ptem nnd pouiijeiH rollsd and tun
bin ! ulong aa pent las hi th harnt of n giant,
Ahout h mile below the dam i, nd brook saw
tl-alnto KatUs brook. at the vljlnfi of Oberry
v diei, id lure wai where me itr-1 damage to
4 proper ci was dune, Tne ire dwelling holism
aJ ham o fieorfi IT, lnev itOOd dlreilly
In ttiH path ol the flood, end the waters
lifted t c ham from ita foundation aiu)
Bent It 11 timr down the itTSSm whil they
p-ur.il thr uah thi dwelling Itself, riming
UMh hall of the front nl the tiulldlnir. Hie
ro.ni t. Letet star end the brj iie was iwipt out
pi eglatsncSi and on the west aide of the a reain
half a do, n or more dwelilnus were tilled with
Water, ftultb pond l" uddy i - aeveral feet,
nnd a numhsr of teiiemeut uu the south aide
were ovsrfli we I,
Jamei a. Smith's two-storv brick mill below
the d m Hd.1 ul i oat aurrouiided by thi r ising
torrent, ind tba main portion orumbled before
ii I diing i ver a onlnrnnt vVrignt Dot
to in l v 1 iwo'itori frame 11. HI was thi next
atr.iriur iDst ayei Swept away, and (tn dun
11 m d like 1 its, A. K. .Smith leaned tu mill,
nnd old) few WSekt kgO effected an lumratice
Vpotl 'i . but -a the the imiIjov e.overa oply loii
Ol ti t; Iruurauui will do Mr. Sujith ilulu
g ' at.
li e flood had now reached the confines of
wnroeater, and the four Storv brick mill of Aah
Worth 4 Jonai wai tt.e Br-l to auffer. UnueiiU
Ol lbs UlSIU iiuiUiug w in rltuied off, I ud the
pye home, plcksr buliainii ttirrbouaesniins
bu did u 1- houae Ware swept awi' . Darling's
" In in ii. 1 mail n.n:. etructuri, end the
oye hi. pkgsr bousii feii vlotlms 10 tbn
on eiiiuing tioud. Next wai tna imnfl woodsn
l,Jdd mill tdii hiui.in Jamas, wblob was
1 1 i' 0 down wilIi the ft' did like a feather an 1
o iii ed to piH , h i lia tnrse stori buck wnllan
vi'hi.d thaJuiuest ii Mnnuf ctunug Company,
on-hautn .fn mifl below, wa vuiteUaud
nned w.th sand ins driu tarried away, .ml
hoie pr iises isvusveUa, Tbi wstsr after
Jatntiviiit), followed the atmam wblob
' UWII ul All Urn. .ha rivr hanks
raiMM WI' li ti luW UllLi Uoodid til dP
ootLSfu? 11 A-burn.li loeatad the Urn
ds V, r '! ' J. Si Stnun, with alar
au ,r. r,ia "lamnii at tbli plnonnmnot
ro.uM ,:ilV,,,;i1llt'-'11 9f Jhenndgea and
Prut Ma i being valou uway.
to New iv ii i-' . lu T Vrr rntracni ite ooufM
VrldSB tu ' 'I"! from Htiliwaier
ii thi ' lbs i-lty to within one
Nisptn it) from 1 ? wnslnundnind to a
Brain win i , " 1 ' ril t"h "i the boat
fSMlayllfdiuiL. ! "l al o-clouk wi
A t S w W
MMrruir! ihl" 0"M tBn m"e Iron lht
wwi vvyiMwiai ttftt l and Uoojiub buiia-
I ffVa,
ft I H ggggggHHHB
Inn Which tti fifteen fuel above the or'tnary
At lieearllle. tn New Wnrrter, are loca'cd
the WOOllin mllle tf Alm-rt (urtla. The dam at
theieinilU withstood the pree-ure of the rnr
lent for a coiialder.dde time, raualtuf the water
to not bncM upon the dwelling house In the
vicinity, , . u
At length the dam micrumbed, end wllh It
rain a loud eraah, which Is opposed to have
been the falling of one of the large mills. Hut
any attemp to reach them was In vain, owtn
to the raptdir-flling water. Neat rame the
Momnn and Albani rallwiy track andthelnrge
granite arched bridge, erected but recently,
fnese raatralned the water for a Ihoffl lime, t.ut
oon the Wf-t'm ami centre piers of tba hndgs
gave way. and on rushed the tudllng, surging
atrnam to the large flve-aior brluk carpet mill,
owned hy Oiorgi OrorDPton,
I he d.un at thee works hd been carried
away by the hrenklna of the rraxtun rSierVolf
In t Hundav. and Ilia water being afforded a free
; i k" bunted on In Ita courne, doing but Ju
lie damage tA the mill. A ama I wuollon mill
jnt below, on the OppOStti hank of the river,
una lifted up and sbsttftffsd Into mine. Suutb
Uridk'e street, which PTOSiSS the river Just be
oW Wei SUbrnnfgndt the I ridge swept away, and
the roi.d gullied out for e distance of fifteen
I he next opposition encountered bv the flood
was the track of the ProVl lines and W. rrrt r
ituiroad, which -t Isst sceounti wm tnndtng .
but 1- now evidently w shed away.
At II o'clock (he Wttir had Set hack Uoon the
I w part of mo i d) known Dm " island and
inenumsroui imall dwslllng ooiuplad prtncl
pally hj laoorsri and micbanlcs were rapidly
being lllled with water, nnd the OOOUpSBU Oom
palled to vnonti them huirledlv to bjvb th ir
All of Hie streets lending to Qulnili imOOd
V I II ige. where the iltSMIVi w irt WOntl of
w -himrn Moon sri located nre flooded, nnd
all comtnumcailou with that ptaci is cm ir.
What d una.-e I dme there can otiltelm
igtned ; hut I lie dmnge 1 hus tar known
can be lint trilling compared with what
must unsvntdah'Y or ur before the Inl
ine' e VotltttlS of water can WSiti It
self In I e lllaek BtOtti valley uetOW, tlrdlna
1 1 1 (lu ro WOUld he low lands enough to rrrelve
the water wi'hout de-ttoylnr much proper If
ex-'ei I tb r in ving ewav of dams, bui at the
prsent the wbofi valley t oompieteiv tide I. and
t his Hnmeufi nuuntlty of w.tter it win into it
must add 1-nude gnd Wldiapri d deairurtlau
Id that ulremlt don bv the recent U Ntd
Ample warning h id hern given In thN vicinity
to avoid any loss of life, but the w.rnt faiM are
that the mil ibltuntl nf the itritlS I lilanuf ic
tur.ng vlhagc helow sfl not auBOtem ly aw Ifi
f 1 1 1 1 tm:endlug danger, an 1 lost of life iipiiu
aluioat iiiBVita de before ib currant IDiodJ Iti
There osn be but llttli doubt thst Iblscttvtt
hsbliforthip rmnnl of thi damagi dona, ii
! stated t hat the Brn of Asnwortn Jonsa of
i 'tierrt valiav hvs n t n i tim otit suthontlot
Bva times Within thi pattweck of theihr at
1'iinl djiigci. l hU tlrm, ll la s.,id. Were m post
live yeste dav th.t tne dun WOUld give way
that tbiV offered tW.'W for in. i u v sgaintt
witar dam age for ths nasi thrnt da vs.
Wbin ton tiriibli volunsi uf water was futlv
rsleased bv the giving wy of too gates it
idunged al dig doWB the Villi lo JamseVllla
pond. WbifS a portion of It struck the track
of thu Huston aud Alhanv Hal. road a'
tne depot. The valley caused bv the
railroad rovd ncd tui ntsbi i .in out let
for tbS fislstlsii masi anJ down the track It
Btsrtid, TbS tracks warn laid un an embnuk
mem end filled In all tne Waf and on each ulile
the torrent -wept un. lifting the tracks like ilry
twlgg and twtitlbi thu elcel relit end Wooden
ties into hnnaliss heau. carrying the smba k
lueut on wnich tin v Were lai J . long wttrj It and
Is v tig a deed ragod tin l in Its wake,
just as It started down the tTSOk fro u Jumes-
vhie it incountirsQ the ttonsHironad hnuge at
thtt ntltdi, which Is ahou eig.ite. n f. , t in
height and ISCUrsIf lastened nn each aide of
the ruul. llie budge dUsppsafwd as If by
magic, offering not the a igatcsL lm i-til imeiit to
the ruahlng strnaui,
I ha streaiDi about ten feet deep, continued
down tbs tracki lifting the ratlaaaii wonUnna
Weeping aw the new hn gs at biSSVtlli, a's
a at ne arched structure briw Lesvilio, Some
frigiuful ex -avail ins w-re m.,de, the w .ier cut
tin.' in to a depth uf forty feat,
uu urn v hi at t he point Whsri the ro.id croaea
Curiis'a pond, near Mid vVi tCtStsr b doubts
arched stone brl lgD It Uemullstu d the I ittST ae
It hail thOii at Jamas Vtt Is and LiesyillSi and
pouted lu a bud) wuh all Its accunud il-d rub
bish Into tne pond, where it Wja SUDSitUantly
Joined by the maiu stre .m which found III ay
Iroiu Jameavllle In a roundMbout w lurougn
Moneville Into C in la's pond,
The New V ork train, due in H iston about uild-
nlgiii. ittll no on the tr.uk nasi of Janissvtlls
wltn ait lis passingdra, and tue & o'clock end y
o'clock Nee) York iratna from Boston are itlll in
Worovetar, tbi s ocloon train having trntisfsirad
lu tnrougn p.ui-euger bvlor 1 aving Hoatun to
tne Saore I, tie.
Ibi strenmon reaching CurtHi Pond had
d v.alaled a ulstrb t of aOOUt I U miles, and en
tirety or nearly avid tbi Boston and Albany
Huilroad tor OVSf h If a mils Wheie thr ro.nl
t ad i n it now a deep, unsvsn end ragged tuny,
wnich ir wm t lie a week or mors of the harueel
aci ati hing by tue company t i repair s officii ntly
to aend i aaa ogers over it. Tne loss to tm- sor
pur tton I- piaCSd by cunpeieut uuthoiiiv ul
ab ut t 10,000,
It Is utterly ImpOaelbti to eui'iiatv even ap
progln Staly tue damage douu lo pyopirtl oy
the disaster, hut abrew ii gne .-er UK it all the
way from half to a million end a hulf d liars
It wiii laks manv das to asci rtaln the dsn usn
and ebouid me tiuod pursus Iti devastating way
lb rOUgb the vadev of UlS HI ick Ht hid l he total
iuiii ni y too. up iwo or mree millions
Alter the bad dSStruci Ion of tne lh d c hub
the QUSttlon Of w t. at 1- tne city to do for watvf
untlfaoma parmanont iuppIj cm be restored
There are SiVef d lolUtlOUi to the QUSaitoOi all
uf nbicb bays their dlsadvantagee, tint la to
ruuncct tue Kit tie brook with the Ild a brook
by in ana ol a large pipe, Whlik pi li
Dai prt vlously been dlsoussodi Anothnr is
to puiiiu w.iter from the New Worcester
ponde Into tbs email suppiMng ritarvoir thers
being a l ug" ate un pump now in wo, king order
foi mla purpOag, Kuiu r uf thSSi plsOe WOUld ln
v. ivs great egpousr, w- Ion h .a barn me bugbnar
oi tne , resent city government to suru an exit nt
thai tm have glveii no heed to me mani wai n
Inge of i ne doiigr ol thi cntnstroplis wmcn n.ie
J.iat i slallsu mem. In tne evuut i . t- egten
I blVS 'he a thi" time, the city would be In a
I p.- -i di plorabls o nuiuont and some means fur
1 a tempuran water suppli must bs ipiedU) us
Aroilier Aouiini.
WoCCBiTSBt M iuli 80 lu I. M. It wax
hoped t'-day that dlDiwI from the r aervoir
dam had beiB uvrried, but ut f o'clock
this afternoon the Water w.e seen bun
bllng i tne eartn of the dnm baok of
the Wttotc aatehouse. The Stfitfll when Drat
noticed WM not lirffif than a nun 'a linger. It
wns ut once thought th it the dam was
going. An al irm was given. Thi men esoapsd
to the Hide fill!-, the teams wuro illivuu off
to places of sjf. ty. and messsngifi were sent
down through Iho valley ti Warn thu p o lo
that the 11 lOd wai c uniug. While the men bad
beeu Dining to piaons of safety the itinsm bad
grown lu lesg than half a inlnu:o It was us
l-d4.o ai a in m s leg, In another minute It Vug iu
large as a bur. el and throe or four feot high. Then
at nei and earth were thrown uu In the stream,
ami gradually the e irth nsgan to oavs in. Foot
Iter foot uf the once aolhi einn.dikinunt, now
thoroughly boniy-Oombid by the O' nun of the
wutt r. began to cave lu. I own sections vary lug
In is 1 J tli from two to five feet begui to urop
nn ll the imbankmcnt gone, awn . back to
the face uf the d.un. The cement si I ling
wall held for u moment after the eailu
had all hen w.shed away. Then a
hole appeared In me centra of the wall.
Gradually ita use Inorensea until, with one
grand crssh, the spiling wull crumbled, letting
off TUMUIAM) call i ns uf water atored Dihlodi
Tbi nntef rushed down the ravine tn a body
twenty fret bight whirling and rushing nt the
same time, anil the roar w is terrlbli, First tn
mo due of the aweeping fl od woa the stone
wu-de u When the Hood sirucft tti-.
It tot tt red. ii'ii rn keystone of the arch
dropped out. A coipr of the building next
gave wu, followed by thu wooden loof, which
was SWept onward until drawn Into a whirlpool,
when li w a crushsu to matt ti . u and thrown
Int' the air. 1 he gatihoUSi wai tipped uver
bodily, anJ not even aslone of ll baa mnce buuu
Down through a narrow ravlno 100 feet wide
and one milt lung the Uood swept on. I ha side
were gullied" f ul r ly dug out clean-In an in
atunl for fifty feel until the edge ul the em
haiikment was aluioal purpoudn ular. I hrough
tim pine wooda on olio aide of tbi raVdie ibu
watara toie. The largeat treei were twisted
a.uiindlike itfSWe, pulled up bv the fOOtS ami
carried onward down the decline. 'I he flood
tore out everything In the ravine und
rusbid onward toward the blgnwiy i low. A
rge barn was t.tken up budlly end carried
about Dlty feet, when It atrock a lion mil w j
broken in i u pieces. Next was 0iO. W. Kney'a
dwel Ingi one of theUue-t In the village. The
ruahlng masa Bird k this broadside and Com
pletely cleaned out the rear end front wsjis.
I ha ends stood, and, Birance to . .r. supported
tho roof) under which the water pouiod in a
ulld stn )! fSSl high and .K) feet wl ,e.
When the dam bioke t he gup waa anout twenty
feet In width. I his Increased raoldly afler the
water had once gulm-d n p hn ge tin uugh ll, and
continued lo lm reaao until nearly the entire
ee lion, win i. waa eighty feel lu width, bid
been destroyed. 'I he ravine I eing narrow, how
ever, held the water back, and It continued to
run for three huiire hi fore the reaervolr w.ia
exhausted, and the worst of ihedangurat Cherry
Valley, the Aral village euonuutercd, waa oyer.
A am dl colt in nouae atood ou the opposite
Bide uf tbe road from Mr. Olney's. ThU wa
takeu up whole, wulrlsd aiouud ou tbe surfaos
like a ton for a time, and then down Into thi
water, Ihree ur four othif small dwelling
were taken un and rarrinl along until they
eras h So together and sank out of night.
I hp waters from tho riierVolt now reached
KettlPbrook, Spd the, v , nmount SWiDl
pOfMi a pond, SU nek a line beyord,
and waa turned down toward (Jberry Val
ley, Janesvlda 1,eesville, Htonevllle, end
New Worcester. J. A Smith 4 Co's woollen
mill stood at the bead of tne pond. In
front of It Whb a dam, which h .d
withstood many a severe tost, but tt crumbled
under the Immense preavnra brought upon It,
and gave wav, and the water of the pond wore
added to the already uncontrollable mass. The
mill, a substmtial brick etructure, was
next struck and crumbled, one brick
following another, until three-funrtas of tba
null waa In mini, and the water was sweeping
through wh it waa left Mending.
A short distance below wee the Hottomlv Mlft,
operated by A. K. Hmltb. Ibis waa woodeu
structure . bout fifty rfeet squ ire, and itood he
low e dam which tie Id the water of a pond above.
When the waier struck this ll gave way ami tha
waters of the nond aeived to attll further in
oreuee the vaat emonut which su alreedv
swecplnc deatrtioilon before It Tho mill
was next stiiick and lifted burtlly to tho
top of tbe rushing mnaa. tin It was swept at a
tertlflc rate, whirling end turning tn all
directions until It atruck Ash worth A Jones'
mill. TbU Wai the beat null on the at ream, nnd
one of ib" h at tn tho country. It waa a sub
stantial brick itructuri funr stones bih,
witn an " LM for a boiler bouse. 1 hn
tlottomly mil! struck this ' L" with terrific
force, knocking It to piece. The Bottom If
waa in Completely demollnhtit by the IbOOk as
though It h id burn blown up with dualtn, and
nothing more was seen whlrh could
be reoogntged ea the mtii stnndlni but
a mon (tut bef ur. T ia bolter bouse of
Amworth and Jones's mltl was ruined in an
Inatant. and one end uf the tnalu atructure was
awvpt uwav on the U .od. Thu boiler was taken
no an t carried along a If tt was only a shingle
In a mill lire am, i an SlplOslon w-aa heard
above thi r ar of the flood ami a It ream of
w.iier w ae thrown several feet above tht surf .ice
of the cuirent. Another ex; lsion f How. I. md
another, umll Ova hud OCJ urrcd and the hollar
waa i iown tn pieces, Mr. Jones also lost a
I rga burn, ll wue icUed und crushed liku au
e.'g stu ll.
Down through the pni at Hunt's mills thi
w-ter swept, but the mills are aituated so tar
from the Una of the Stream that thev did not
receive tbi full sboeltt and the flood utter taking
away the dam, swept into the ridlnnid. 1 here
wasnoinems of Donmuniontton with James
vllle afl r the dam hro.,e, but ll Is thought tho
mill is uninjured , although the dam is gone.
A the Intervening pi uutry Is low lard, nnd
me r.rce ui me Uud e.n i artiaiiv bioa.cn b
the waters aptpjillnv. the next u -trm ; loa en
countered was the bltfhwiy to Ruondale.
Hen the II od struck a small bridge JUSt as a
man named John ir. t land, a i - aid ent pf .lame
vllle, w i orohliig. It- . with his tuun. Wai
Seised by the flood, and a wept on ward. A short
turn in tho atreiun thmw Mr. Kueelmd into !
SbsllOW wa'er. and he wu- raSOUcd by those
wai china ton progrsss of ths flood. Hta horse
a- drowned and the Wagon broken to pi icei,
t Olievllls He nam gave w,,y, and tho i
ooiiran of thi flood was tbmuun n narrow y II , .
and the foal of the rushing water- Was dlStlUOt
i I.e. ml fur neurlv a mite
I be mill la lb light to be isfe. The tl od to xt
pnaaed on to a small uam ami th Uot n an i
Al at v h di road. )utt iovo the JamesvlliS ae- ,
, pot. Bpectetors wno were standing nssr tns
, ii i t a.v the Water wai tinny feat hlgii '
w hen it nnproncbed the Uacft, With one tre
mendoiis oraah the relit ad embsnkment gave
War, opening a gap 4 ) if 5UU fret long, bp 1 SW I
fr i desp, A it dl at ih ' arched i uiv ti St lle '
west en i of tbi break withstood lbs prees'ire,
and re. p dned In psut n. me coal abeda were
carried awsvbui the passenger and frelgnt do ,
POiS were i 1 1 standing,
just n.'f re ths ino ml tins of wstsr itrueh the
railroad smbaukmsot il .1 imesville, a section f
theatre am f rred Ms way Oil to the Hns of too
road, and passing on both sides nf ths dap t .
ruabed ten feet ntgboown iiie track carrying
devaetatlon befotc it. lbs grads i log quits
atuep ut this point, a nsn impetus was glVi I) the
water. nd In Ita entires ll lifted thi r.d.aand
lies bodily Horn me road bed and turned lorui
topsy turvy.
for more thnn a mi e It rusbsd hiidlong ind
at lust. Just before i each i ng I tie s' one arch
btidgi at Curtis! poiiu.it oored a noli down
into the rally ad end modi n gap about 80 taet
long and 4a ur o feet deep, lb-- WaUr then
found Its wav into ( uril-'s pond.
'J be devastation nt tnts poloi win be as cosily
as any along (be entire route. The two long
and leap cap will rsaulrs miii ii time and great
I exen-e to repair. A mile of reltl and ties
' are piled up lu even COnOilVdbls shape,
and tm) road rd undsr tns north tr.u k is waabao
OUt ID plic s three and four fee: oeep. 'I be !
1 braneft railroad track wue tenia up bodily, end i
parried over to tba main road, Iroea etumita, I
i sod ebaotlea were alo mrowu dwu anu woan
sd away.
I'he flood reached Leeavllle about two n ura
i after mo d un broke, aud itruck tba Kntlncl
i mio. owned b, All er: I urtle. witn lemfflo force,
! I lie mill g ivo wav nd ctumbled Into ruins, and
, the dam waa ruittd SWaV, ihr.a hours after
, the d.un biukuuway ths eUcct Wai It.t in vt or
0 slSI. I
i he COUrss of the fdre.itn fr.m the re-erv-dr
I thr uigh the other vol ige 1 id.. e mc a. sir w ing '
; tn.it me Water advanced at tho rati ol Hi PS
mllei .ui hour, li e iiiat mlii bowavsr waa
I m ode in t in ee minutes,
Tne tlr-t indication I f trOtlblS at I ir:l 'a Pood
I Waa thi rlee of t ue water, At 9 o'clock tbe aiu
; u itlon was uiltlcal, ins waterbudout a hols
tin nigh the nam. Tns lloal n and Albany
Ka 1 1 road sii red u-s a dutui and w abater nquari
w u- lamdiy oonvertctl Into a reisivolr
, few mtuutes past B o'clock one end of Oun
tl- ,4urblc'a huge i m-n s,, ,t, g.,vo way tailing
Into ths stream Brtttti lima ins gan in th. ,
t Curtis pond dam bad lucrea -d to tWDUty feat '
i nnd soon aftdrward the Arcads bulldtug t-p.cd ,
over and Sal left Standing ui end.
About a Quarter past tell tho double arch
I lil IdgS op t nrt Boston and Albany llailioad bo
i low Curtis &t M.irok's shop gave way, enaction
uf thu smbankmsni seventy feet long nnu twen
; ty feel wide with it. An outlet was made and i
i tbi deogef .it New Worcester u as a rl d.
Alter i no ae. oiid break of tue r.dli Jad, the
! mill of the Wicks Itanufacturlni Coutpanv at
: Houth Worce-tei, waa deatroved. Tne water 1
i then spie.ul out over a scries uf nundoWf, and
In th" BOUtU art o the CltV thrre waa a geuefal
iii'iiidalion. o furtlisr damage has occurm I,
und thu Wfttif is rati dl BUblldlUgi
1 he Itoaton and A I ban y ro ol w ul not, tu open
for travel for svaral dsyi, but their train will
tun as usual via the vVars River and BoiioDi
Hull.- and Uuiuner roidi.
Tralae dtogned bv the FloedJl Deecrintlen
ol I bv Ha m.
BpmiroriKLDi lloroh w.-Tho newi f
the bursting 1 1 the Worcaster rssarvolr created
gre it iSoltimiOt In this city. The ftflO P M.
train from New York Wil I topped on Iti arrival
hero by order uf BupirlOtiUdittt Husk i jf the
Boston and Albany Railroad It c irrled the
mall which, If necei.,rv, will be nut around by
way uf Provtdincii lu tht tinornlng. .several
Worceitir giuttomnn were on board the train
hurrvlng buiiio fiom New York, where th- v had
heard the uovva of their danger, and in me
diately started lor home. 1 bey w ere obliged to
remain here uver night
Tho through ii press from Boston for Ban
Francisco, due hern ut M;. IV M., was Stopped
by the flood, and a train waa made up her. und
deapatched westward in Its plsOS at ItSQ 0) lock.
Kfforts win te pjidi to fit tbn Dtufnlng irnJni
from New York und Albany through to Itoaton.
All freight tr . lit) bound cast w HI havu to lie over
'Jliu bunted dam was built on livable brook
In 1MB, under Mayor Lincoln's admlulatratl n.
In li?0 and '71 It wus reconstructed under t ha
supervision of Fnlne Hall, City Fnglueer, and
it was liu-rcBsed In height nineteen feot, lu
Oipnolty w hi then ' gallons, I'll with
the use of flash bourds "o,a":.0U0 gallons 'l i e
Iron outlet and waste pU'ea were each twenty
four Inches In utauu-irr, und they w. re c .rrb-d
undurtbedam on a lid foundation of good
ui usoii ry ten feet t nick. He low Hit re was a
was e gate thiity inches In dl dueler. I hr d un
w a faced with heavy niMaoiitv. end It Baj
sirungt hened within bv seven aplling walls nin
tilug par.ilhd with tho face of the dam, and fill, d
In i.i..', with clay. Tho foot of tho d on was
pro tooted from attrltl on on the wutT aldu tiy a
iieavy and uloaelv laid muas of cobblu atone.
When ft woa rebuilt ll was Intended. If It should
beooiUi neoeasarji to raise the dam five fsst
hi .'bur. und the w.dl was cousldered amply
ationg for i hut purpose.
The Mill Hlver dliuster aroused some suspi
cions of danger, and In TST1 J . ll. I'r ticis, an en
gineer, of Lowe wua employed to msfii an
sxamt nation of the am. His tnoort in mb
atance won that the einhankmeut wus nf i
tent maleil.il, well hudl, aud amply thick, hut
not high enough above, the level uf the wu or In
the reservoir ; thai It ought to be raised three
feet because tl had moie water than It wua I i
tended to carry; thut tho able walls ami
wing plllnga should be r dsed In order to
in .ke It entirely aafe under all ctrciimaiiiure a
that the cluniiel Irom the rollwuy Was ll dde lo
be washed out If Ilia roilwav discharged water
to Ha full rapacity, bSOaUSg thi paving waa m
sufDrlenl, am' If lbs chunnul ahould be WSibid
out thu roilwav would go, and then a break
would be made in tne dam Itself ; thut no suit
SblS arch bud been put In thu gallery, and mt
want ul it made the d .tnwoalteetat the bot
tom ; that a pennanent giUffl ehould ue placed
below the dam to doiermiue us leakage, ami the
amount of flow from the spring, ua thea might
become Important.
In Ki ptember. IH74, a petition waa bpiiI to the
Common Couucll by U. W. Olimy St DO and
other mill uwoore ou Keitle Hrook, btdow tbu
junction of Kettle and I.mdo Drooka, aaln2
that In tlutr opinion the dim was not entirely
sale, end asking that Mr. Krancls'a Hiigueatlnns
he carried nut. It is said that the daui ha
leaked at the bottom for aeveral years, and the
recent heavy MUM have bad the eff. et of gr.v!
ually widening the hretich. t,n Numlav en em
pluvee of the Wntr papiirtvient named Marsh
put on Big Inchos of flash boatd.aad afterward
si Inches more were addsd. Tlita rased tbe
water to a lvel twenty-two tnchee ahova the
mllway. end sooie of the null owners of lelcei
tar, feellna alarmed by th i llss of the water,
went to wofceitef and trie i to obtain orders for
the rmnoval of tbe flaeb boards, but did not
succeed. Afterward they united so itrongly on
their removal that the hoards were takeu off.
when It was attempted to rSfSS the gate of the
waato pipe It wae found to be Hogged to inch
en extent that tt could not be stirred, and the
pent-up water finally began to force Ita wav
through the lower gate houee lo tori cms at abuut
a P. M. on Wednesday.
I he alarm waa Immediately spread down tha
vallev, nnd tho Inhabitants removed their fur
niture In great haste, an I fled to the hills,
which were Boon dotted wllh their camp
fires. Much of tho at rk lu the large mills
along the v.. I lev Wai removed to places
of eafety. At X A. M. the cltv hydrants
wer oueued. and the water wr.e allowed to
fl iw out Into the gutters, W hen the
water atoppvd running througti the tdpes at
W or -ester at 3 A. M. to-dav. the wildest ex
citement ensued, os It w IS thought that the
dam had given way bodllv, and the water was
coming With a rusn down thu narrovv valley,
ready to engntph the southern end of tbi
cltv and eweei' SWUf ell tba mills. Kor a
while people, almost held their breath lu
exi rctam-y, but as tue minutes wore on and tbe
flood dl 1 not come, the liopi a of t hose whose
property wue In danger were revived, itnd It was
discovered that then oppagc uf the flow 1 iuough
the plpeg was caused by the hydrant becoming
clogged with debris, and an hour afterward the
water WSJ In full 11 w again, The eill7 ns nnd
city authorities Went ShCNStloatlf to w ok, and
bv throwing cart loadi of earth. I irgi trees, b dea
of bay, and other bulky ar.lclas Into tne gap,
the flow from lb dam was partially Itopped,
Men were set to work with p idee ind tucks to
dig c Inn if Is tor the water to run off uboVS ihe
ii un and smnty ituif luto a . .. ., itmnm io tho
Saat ward.
At noon 'he warerfro-w the iNm found n new
Outlet, and began to ruati n it t he aide of
tna getaway. At - r. m.. the stoltemsot In
creased .gain, and Onlof K:iffttier Ulike put all
bis efforts to cut a rbaoiud thrmign the r natern
Sloi of tns resrrvoir The track of the Albany
un i H t ui ituiir i il tua bean wash id nwsf in
four placeit and SOO feet nl in itls work nlu
ti vc to be DUlIt, A cons iructl i train w g xh
Bprtngnold wiiu a benvi fsros of meu u a. m.
m .i 7 r.M .; f A s ft h n s ABOUT 12
Kldaapnttts thai ibi Qaldanaei or the Mireet
Profess to Know oil About.
It hns lo rn sniil iu vTgtll itmel foff rume
daVS tbst a w rll-known ideetttUVVf bad taken
ItliOOO from Jay OoUld by thre ileUlOg lo tli uf
ti s biing kidnapped and foroed to change iu
Stock lactic, temporality at least, borne of the
w Lee acre i of thi street praiifldad to know nil
about the kidnapping, ami the fcruld no u
Honed it In Its mnnsy urtlsls aatsidny After
discuasiog thi mvstt ii iui dlegppeef inci ; Mr.
Wm. Conner, 0oul4s l urar broksri a u nt i -nian
who Is wanted aaewltnese In the Black
i 1 1 y suits, the ei tide continues:
f ptaBot fores or&i nt be setposj tbst iny member
of a bajiSlj sou iraoi B "ty m n u tbi etocs 1 v
ebangi u. i t tua n j i by -. It icrateli
a s., ng tdmeeu ireai ttic nwAdexloooi lucourtai
ti ec l i- tailure Ui i ear u b -i- itvd f is
ma nl r irasner, i in it h" soestble t .tat be im
f oe i a vle'b: t i tf aatui' a ri d r ituplraey slili-b lu
r iii r to provnleidiadi eesueuf waa there pa
-.t.k" lilBd I" rrr to- in Dtvt, and Bfeaeat 1
t iui! i se: vice sftcrwsr4 os thi i itltnu i rgtg.ua
b tna a? ih ve nu at lie i - lou d One Uaalel
end i - V rig nperator, asd then whet leer
snow abent sTdoaui las f Is Mr, i ettatr the rn mu ur
fOUl p i ' 1-- Ih rePSIS su lU .tl.n of the 4Cg
and tue Iiopaor is?
A Bvu reporter found (Tncls Dan'l Drew In
lis in. ad wav mansion i.ti nutht, seated in is
cost iitting room rending sn evening nen ip iper,
Alt r the rep rtor b ut read the hi tl I fr m
Whlritt tbS above tur srSpta ll quoted lo ( ncle
llau'l, the uld gi um ,.ian I mived ptule I.
VVbat hev I to dn w it u li v" Mid be. ' I paint
been in tha street for m n n i rear, w nut dots
tne feller mean by th.' sack and Bospborus r 1
i li" reporter n pinned Am Oriental nulutn f
dlvorc -.
"th: that's t ts It? Wai. I tell you I don't
know notblO1 about it. Why, 1 ain't aeen ( uild
for over a e.r, so VOU SOS I Can't baVS iiuttiin
to do With this ihing. Ibatl the worst story I
ever heard."
.4 muni, wm MWMDXM,
Ci ii shed vs ti it ii Huh bet nnd Thrown Thirty
live I nl lulu a I iui I - hit I !
Thu oonJ ward of the tkhllade1phln ami
Reading Railroad Oompany ut the foot of North
Ninth itreet, VVIlllStDSburgbi Was last night ll.e
sosos ol n tirrlbli tragedf Tbe company hive
a large number uf hands em; loyrd lu UUlO idiug
the COal from the buaie. and by means of small
trucks, Tho railroad is called the "run,"
and Is situated about tblrtyflve feet shove tht
level of thi yard, i hi run. b msani of a chute,
communicates wima small row nf pousei lo
North renin Itreet, l tween 1-iot stre.t and
the Boat river, belonging t the company, to
nhl hanumoerof tfu implorees of the com
psny end their tamdies live, Among tbti num
In w is ons llllnm 1 unmlmrs hi- wifei Jans
ind four children, tho oldeil twelve and me
youngest seven yean of age, Cummlngi his
been a hard druiUer, and has frequently b-a'en
his wife on more th in cDeocca.sioii tbrcutnilug
her die.
J.awt night, a'. ut 10 u clock, he came h'tne,
ai d finding hi w ile on tbi bad drunk, bi Com
menced abusing her n i l aiie retorting si f) roe
V be took ut1 a hatchet and Struck her w 1th it
un the ph. under, fine leaped out of the bed. und
half dt eased t ruihed OUl of the bouse, and up
thS ihUtSOUS on to t he "run ' He followed hr-r
Oloeelv and wrtvn about h If wav down tOWafdl
tho and of tbi pier be OVsrtOOk h-T, and Itrtk'
ng her anotbor blow with the bstcbet, knocked
her down Into the 0Oi ' in, a dtatSOiS of fully
t ilrtv-flv feel. Miatt While the eldest uf tho
children run lu tiie Station hmi -e, half a nnie
distant, and rep r ted that tbeli father bad
killed their mother.
t'uiuiningM WSS found In his roout He waa
srreateu ami taken to ma station wblls a aoari h
was Instituted f' r tne woman. A Ut bslf past
sloven she was found In a dvlng condition on
tin- ti ior of the coai i in. rhe uvins woiunn wax
IttUuu to Ihe Long 11 u d College tloSPltaf
BJiOTBZH BOH i:".s Tin XL.
- 4
The Plymouth Commlitei Baeiodlag TmiN
mouy Relative m Beeeber'a Uullfa
Tho Plymouth Church ipootitl oom i all i'o,
nppointsd to try Henry & Dowint msti as ususli
at 77 Kicks itreei Inst night, but Mr Bjwen, bis
buds, and bis editor did not eppo&r. At the
olosi of Tuesday evening's iriiion the commit
tro bad yet under c mild ri'i n ths proposal to
Introduci tiitlnony ui to Mr. Bieoheri guilt in
Justlflostlon uf tho charge of slander tn de
tigslnst Mr. Bowsn Tho first witness on this
list woi Mr. Andrew HradlbSW. On i I i-
ussday Mr. i iper tho olurk of the
oburchj Informed Mr. Ward, Mr. Uowsui
couusel In tt.o trial, that thu commit-
lee had determined to exolude tue pro
poped testimony ai h sffiotad a sutije. i wnirh
they were hot Pallid upon lo tiy. Ir Ward
answered the comrnunlc itluu In Mr. Howen's
behalf i t night protesting sgalnst ths action
and refilling to attend the leiMOUl Of the coin-
mlttas if it did not consent to givo him a full
opportunity to otiprovs me charges sgalnst
hi ui. The O0m tun nidations wet u both denied
the PUbllO, Tho c uuniiltee SpSIlt the evening
framing a reply i0 Mr. UoWSU'l letter, WhlOO
will l u Bint to day.
ii. h. Claflti a Cot's Import nttonsi
ludgi Blatobford bag filed a long written ds
BtsloS ukiatnlng ih drinurrcri of t lie BsfSUdSPPJ in
the lag null! or the OiVSrSttMMll Bgsiuat tho light
uit-nibKri ,r die Urm uf 11.11 ( laflln Co from VhOB
uia seslarationi usk eWQ0S in tbi nrl ssasi ami
i ' -' in tua second, for alleged sndsrvsluaUiBBi sad
pi UJlili B than fur, upon illg luipurui .oai. I BOH L'lVil
BSIIosi STe -'.-..its fiiuuueu upou the a iui fasti
an iha liidu-liiieuis upylBtl th- . ilet-udiiits tor
i" 1 1 1 ind (selliiattng ilia n.uo of the idSl ttnl
cuas. L, I. iwreaee et Deputy Collet i r ul lai I' ri Dei
A ii -vp. and niluri, a-suil ttirougli the 1 . t Itour as
eotioh goodi It sow rcinsini iu iu seen whether thi
lUhinri A t toraey wdl aig u av lo sin. ud or agoui lue
(.Sbl-i, ur lilup llieili.
a dlnih IVurd Ngater?
In excavating fur tbe new BeWSrat VTOTth and
Clfltri ItrsStSj iho Isuurrn have tuuuu ; i : , of two
Bkllaloaj and Uu Satin skull, aud a I White BOdCSU
ire ,trcf is thev nug in a in irnli grivitne, ipoui t--u
feet uuUiTgruuml aul (nui four feet fiom t he lde
smik. ll ii anil 1. 1 j Pi While ilrael, broheii ia io
ulvoes. It la la im iii"rv uf Unpi and llrltlget
Mr riMinln ami their iingiiter f tiurine, who died
in taw, ia:?, ma la.g respevilveiy, but m body
k ih) mi si t tit r wuttre i were buileu ut uuyiUmguf
ILL' gtHVcnlOUe.
A Iui ver HentinCDd 99 FOrgirfi
Bosfon. Manh no, Abraham Jacaion. the
lawyer, and fortrer and iwlailler. wai toauur acuiuuced
lu leu i . .ii lu lliu Blule prllOUi
Aceldenl in lloin Pedro nnd the Imiprna.
Iu t'nmh littlU'l Popular Monthly fur April Is
a beautlinl ehruuu iui.ui;r.ti.i fru.n a pilnihig nf ti e
ImrUiU uf ItPi JnDeiro, wiiera th necnJi-ut Inppt-ued I
ii. . piulraltii, .i. twenty two ihiiaimthui vl Ituxd
ami Ita feopie." i , i , , ,!, r i .
iur MvnUil u suiu every wUuru Iui VK.- AUv.
HO VTM n BM TMMX Hon i:s.
F. P. flawver Cbaratwa flJOO.Oon for Keen!
expense n WaahtDgtAii Twenlv Thou,
and Bellara to Department OgJrlal
Vas!iikotok. Mfroh 80. The I'oit OflOfl
rwmmtttee exaoilnad to-day Francli ('. Taylor,
whowas formerly the hookltenper of f, P. Saw
yer, tho king of the Southwestern etraw bid
mall routea. After lervltig in the capacity of
bookkeeper and superlutetideut fur some time,
Taylor woa given au Interest In tho - 'nets of
Pawver, olong with various other peraona whose
Influence end experience were necessary to
muke the comldnstlon strong enough to control
ill the valuable routes In that section of the
country. Taylor says that lo l - ember, 2t
Pawver came to Texas to settle up with the va
rious parties, lie bad one settlement with Major
Klcklln, at which Taylor was present. Sawyer
ecuounted fof 1 1.12S.0.10. which ho had drawn on
the mall routes In the contracts fur which Fick
lln was Intereated. In this settlement Piwyer
chimed credit fur y0,0ili), which he asserted he
hud expended lu Washington under tbs color
of legal expense.
I'rcvloui to this he had also been In Texas,
some thus In November. IflTti and nude a state
ment of expenses un account of certain other
rOUtii In which Ficklln was not Interested. At
this time ho presented en BOiOttM for about
ft MOO, to rover legal expenses In Washington.
1 his amount wai charged to various parties In
Interest, and among the rest Taylor hnd to bo ir
his proportion, be having a one-thlrty-econd
Interest In the routes on account of which this
money waa expended. There was one Hem In
this account which TeylOf says ho remembers
very distinctly a charge of $20,000, fur which
Hawyer claimed credit, having paid H, as he
i verredi to one Individual, but for what pOfpDii
iho account did not eboW, BaWVef woa very
r lb ent noout ell tbOSI expenditures, and da
cllOSdtOglVI his associate any other Informa
tion eoiicernlngtnem than that they were necea-
s.irv to protect their Interesti in vrasblngton
T.im 1 iii t.url Kiii' nf li i4 laailmnnv will l un.
dsrstood when it is remembered that Bnwvif
v, ii ssttling witn bii partners for the bosineas
of ihf v, .i. . i! ending June 30, UTS, for all
these m 11 contractors follow the Government
year In their hookktoultig. This, at lenit, ta the
atntenient of Tailor, BDd he expressly swore
ih.it these scttlenivtite above alluded to were
for the Cecal pst ending June 80, 1871, Tuts
period covered tbi first Investlgetton of the
Straw bid frui. Is by the House I'oat ufllre Com
mltteo Tbess disbursement! of $S90fiOOwtt
undoubtedl . mi'de for the aume purpose nnd
probably through the same enamels as the
n sdi bv Bradley Bar! iw. He, It will ho roool
e pi d paid out durl'if thU a nne fls al year
i ISI-; U aornetnlog l 1 1 Forty tbouaond
dollars of tula m ney Ii u low dnutte 1 wua used
to stop the Investigation Ii it not prob bis
tiista portion ol iw . i ' rV., wu waa dloured
for the p.iuie purpo'is?
Ihe war wis chiefly directed sgalnst htm by
McKlbbsn and Look Wood, wno bad beeu bid
den on the routes tn the South west, md hid
been driven ofl by thi straw bid oomblnitton
I SVior al tesUfl Id t 'tat I one t one in 197A Saw
yer, i u a BSttleni ent with t hs Texas parti! a. pro
aeiitc I an BCOOUOt I or Vl.is.O, which he Claim Sd
bed been expended tn WnshingtoD Taylor do
murred to this and the s, tlen ent waa atopprat
uu account of pi refusal to agree u te charged
with bin proportion of this sain. He said to
kw i Bf that he Was tired of having to pay aucb
levies on them by blsohmatlsrsi ami if tbay
could mt do bus mean with ut siiuaudcrn.g
money t this way tney bsd batter stop, Saw
vrr replied that ii wua Impossible to man gn
these things without thr use uf money. After
Mr. Tayl r had concluded tils testlmonv In
chief, Ur Cannon tbS Heputdicsn muml cr of
the c immlttas, who arts a thr attorney for the
Poet OfUCS King, undertooh to croea-exanilne
ths witneea, Mr. Cannon is a pettirogging law
y r, ami tn hi z- al to badger a witness who
give- tastlmt ny unfavorable to bis side of the
Case he not uiifrcquently brings out the most
iluni iging facta, tin this occasion, Cdiinon In
BtStOd mat Hr.TaytOI ihoul 1 t - IT htm whether
H iwyer ever roeolb uu-d any names In connection
with these ( ayni'Mita uf moneVi Tho witness
man rted a relueteooi to tell, and Oannon
prosed him all the harder where upon Taylor
re lied, Wi . be did mention the name of one
person ti Whom he said he paid the twenty
thousand dollars whtob w.i charged In tbi no
co tut f fix y thousand dollari presented at
j tUa ovembrr etledieiit of IHVJ.'
" Weil, let ui haw all unotii it," laid Mr. Can-
: nOD
"l will tat you Just how it oecurred" said
'l av I '. " I came t j W ahlugton In Augu-t. 1014
to see what wsa the mitter with mys counts
Bawvcr bsd allowed a number of mvdriftaon
, him to gu to pn tei, and WO WON In haste f r
maoer, t-iwvrr said tbst lie had been black
mailed so tn snd out of the Poit Ofllcs Deb rt
ment, nnd tiled to end, in the protest of my
drafts iu nut inn ; but 1 w is augn.uti.i not dls
posed to he put uff with this explanation. I told
blm it we were to be ul.u a mailed lu ibis nay.
w b bad better u,uH tbi buitnesa, wi w re
riding slong Hsunsylvanta avenue In n buggv,
having drtvin over from hav)er's house in
Geo! goto WUt an i BB we were going al -ng wo
passed Postmaster-Cteneral Craewell. felawyrr
I s dd. i h re goes Creswsllt do you know blm V
1 rep-leu ibit I ought to know bin. fur 1 bad n
doiiot ihat bo got that twenty tboUB nd dollars
which you charged up lo us In .November leT!
'No,' all Sawyer, 'that is wrung; I p ild 111 it
money to dorm 1, Routt "
'line was nothing like what Mr. C union
wanted i but luviug brought tt out himself bo
could not object although be afterward Intl
in at d i hat Itiusuiucli as p iwver w as dead, ll w as
led proper to have w hat purported to bo the
iii' I rations of n deal man g i on the record.
Ihe Chairman of Un comuilltee said lo bun
turn if they w re not uble t show tn any other
wav that It iu t had rtc ived iha twenty thuu-
sand doll ire of t-uui -e tm. pait of Pat lors tes
timony would he uricketi out. 'I here is, how
ever, plsnty of evidence alrendv, wnlch
showi tnnt a susnli lous Intimacy aidted be
twssn Itoutt and flawysr and lo more than oni
lust ah re Wtlirg UlS ImpOCtlon Clerks of the
Contract ottce worked up caa a against soms of
Bawysr'i routea in Tenas and reported In favor
ui imposing fine. for non 'Performance of aer
vloii H miii ordered ths Unci remitted, although
the sridiuco wae strong uraltist suob n course,
The I uaiil iii loii Ibnl vi ui Kouiided b ihe l.ate
Cs r ob ur i. H aborts
(1 IV, TlldSD bSlng UUSMi to fulfil his encnt-e-inent
i ut Bvihtns i address the Tout g wonunVst i ne
tlBi V'S ei thai at the cpulug of their urw uui dlug
stTKssi PUteentb itrssti portnsu P JBitosi i'q., de
livered ths Bddress, lie lastUutlos wu fooadedflvi
rears ago, haviav for (is oojecl the tempoial aonai,
hi I.U., lieu al. i.: d i i ngtuux w rlfun- nf ) ou: g m uii:e t.
M miv Minug women uui of B4iploymeat tuve laves
kelped io timi iituatioas, om tim departun ut u yet us
di valoprdi Uaee a oecg resetutohi are given lo ne
poor worsiug wi seaof this clly, end triers la a clren
Unas h rar of uvr S,0JU voiutaei t which these
womuo have sceesa free of charge. Two hundred sad
eighteen aoiusn inn i overy Suodiy atti ruoun at j
uVlocK ill till l-'hle rlaas. Of IhMI betWSSB uluaty
aud uue Liuinlreil are SonVirtl,
IVomOU PalOlll Honied.
Mrs. Mary BuVSS of if) Drabrossei street, while
Irntilug lu Irout uf a ItOVOi was fatally Duriird last
Slgbti Ibi bsd put ruine ibaVPJgl into the siuve aud
tin hed to r.uiih bar work. The lire pulled, SlOwltUJ
OOeu 'he d 'OM Slid sett IBI fire tO her ureas. :ia
a reamed and rsa uuu iha afd. The seignbora cuaed
her naek ai u (orih. and fihSlIf OlSghl her, iniiuiiip
pli.g a blanket aluut bPI pul ulll thr fire, hut not uutil
ll Lnd lu.ud) Luru J her. B lie WSJ w ) iai of age.
iTbe AntUTammaay Pemosrntsi
The Anti-Tammany tieueral uuuilllee meet
to nUlit to pSffSSt iheir SrgSSlSltlOS fof H i current
year. Tbi Hun. trs IhSfSf IB tO bo BlSitei PrelldrSt,
tint Mr. laha D. ruugii'in, lecretsrv. Atnoag the
ylurPrgsl'leiits me t .ii-mmu nuiarrl H
noose veil and iho Has, Hutu y, andreaa. Either the
lluBi l.inaiinel ri. Han ur esAriewblvmss i lurlua
Lrary w 11. ue the Chub in-n I IbeMacuUvaCuuimitlSS,
AtlnnllCf Nlaalealgpl nod Ohio Huilroad.
UlCUatOgD, Va , March :U)1 be trustee of
Hit Atluitlc, MlnlftlL 1 aud Ohio llailrosii, under a
lle.OpOfOOQ mortgagfi lo-dav BlSd an apiilleuilou In
I i.o t'uunl biatea Circuit ' oun. asklogi on behlif of
the lornin soiidhuiders the appdutuieii or bhsrlei
(iii- ui Sew y ork ana iiiuiiias g, iicuck ul ViibiuU
iu ct juiuiiy di rsoiivirai
The Chiangs Whiskey Trial.
Cnioaoo starob ot. Judge BlotJgett's nhargfl
to tbe niry In tbi trial af I'u '.n.iu ami itain sosspird
ahnut torir in inn tea, and at 'i 'el nek Ss iui v retired to
inaku up ih- ir verdict, A' b o'e ock tu night ti e e-uns
Into eourtt ind itatuil that ihey stood ruin fur a uit
i .. o.j tuui iui cuuv cuou. Tnej rcUmXagsiu
Misty i nbapp) IMeii
Tim Oolliotorwsi in thu Custom nousilsit
SVealOgseie inigihe nsinei oi tne Uiy uitt rrs witn
are to De tBdiovsd tody Phs uniwaar vi cd several
i tna'. H 'taity Co dector bydeskir mn ubvui,
King Kalakana! Beeepilnn in New Vorb
The Aldermen have directed the Comptroller
to pay Out in iiu J rarlcy SIJUU ior rsnuge. used iy
Hit cuuiiuitlue thai eub rUlUliJ King aaiSSSVe
I Ou i TawDnyi
fVonli Lassi Paputir Monthly fur April, uu
pagea, too Uuair,l jus. sfoccuui. -a Jr.
Ilverpaysuenta Made to Contractoro lo the
Amount of 8.17.000.
Waphinuton, Mun h .TO. Tlio fluli-rora-mltteea
on Naval Aff drs to-day made their re
porta te tbe full committee of their (Hecovetiee
at Portsmouth and h- nr.-n. They foued that Q.
Wi Orlfflthi. the contractor who bed built tie
new uloop Knterprlse at Portsmouth, had, by a
system of fraud connived at by Constructor
Hanscomb. been overpsld $lft.000. Donald Mc
Kay, who built the sloops Adami and Rsx at
Huston, was by tbe same system overpaid $22,000.
These overpayments are In the nature of allow
ance! made tho ootitractor! un what are pre
tended to be delays caused by the Government.
There were no changes made In the drafts for
the vessels; but there were changes In the con
tract which It Is not protended Increased tbe
cost of the shins, but wblob caused some delay
to the contractor.
The oommltteoa after a patient etamlnatlon
of these cases unamoiuusly concluded that thov
were frauds upon the Government, nnd the full
commit toe to do. after receiving tho re
ports and onslderlng the facts, directed
the chairman to notify the herretary of
the Navy thereof, and to rSqUISt blm
to withhold any further payment to Grif
fiths and McKay. I here w s, under Hans
coin's lyititrtt something aMIl due them, but, aa
the committee r nteiid, not Jus'lv owing. On
the cunir.irv, thev contend that lndo.td of rd.
lowing (Hitriilm $lVnn addition il there should
have been w ithueid from him I ..
tVOMMM than iisiun.
The Man IVhS tniid llciwrfn tbe fr liar
tie i i nusplrulnm eud JuNtiee.
Wasiiinuton, IfflTch 80. Bflfoffl His
trlut v.' in Wells entered upon his duties
tho Attornov-General's attention was culled to
charges that be bsd not prosecuted cuituln crim
inal!. Mr. Merrepont declared that tbe Pie.-ddent
was satisfied that Mr. WsltiS would make a flood
ucceeior of George P. Vlsher. The result
proved thnt he Is even better than Fisher-far
more pliant and even more cunning than tils
predecessor. Pkrrcpunt was warned that the
if I ii I r i! ri' SJI mwl iti wnulil rhn lit. In ti.r,nu,il
blm, and that while Wtdlc was In office there
never would ba nn attempt m ule tn prosecute
tbe persons ena ged in that damn,ihle plot.
Pierre punt replied th it Writes must be tried be
fore he waa condemned, and he believed that
wfeiles would make n sBelant offl ter. "if tie
fulls to du tils duty white l am Ait rneyGen
rait h't me know, nnd if a higher authority n
ternossi to pi event me from remuvtug him, 1
wl I promptly n slgn my ufllre." All that wua
rhuged before Welles entered upon his duties
has cotne true, and yet .Mr. 1'lerrep mt continues
to ta ibe Prostdfut's cloik iu thu iicpirtiueut
of Justice.
A fltnnblvn HherlgTnnd n New York Anaeni
blymaa lielleved oi their Wntehee
ALBAItTi llflroh no.-ShrrlfT Dnputt of
Brooklyn and Aaeemblyman SUIIen of New
York were tasaengers In a sleeping car from
New Tom this morning. W hen they started,
the fhcriff carried a tnagulflccnt JUffWeOSSn
sa'rh, Valued at $400, and the Assemblyman
Sported at the end of a heavy guld chain u supeib
lever, made by Hugcra uf London, and valued at
.TJ They tat up late and chatted aoelatdy.
1 he Sheriff explained the detail of hl prepara
tions for tin- bunging of Hubensteln. and the
A-, mblym.'iu told the unsopbisllcated Sheriff
uf the Intrirai lea of le.lslatlun and the tricks
and trmptatluiis that beset the path uf tha ver
dant an I honest legtaUtur. An luterestod lis
tener tn their converaattnn wai amanwtthan
aguiltne countenunce. ibe two at length re
tired to rest. When they awuite st Album, each
reached fur bis natch to aee whether they were
un time, but both watches were gune, and with
Ihem Mr. Klllian's oucketbouk, und the iimu
w itb the undine face. Tha latter hud got uff at
BudSOOi saving be was gutng io l'lltatleld.
Tbe i.iti lalor Merrill Snmnieoed be-
fbre tho Vllliinry I uiiitiiiitre.
ITAflntnOVOlT Msrch tO, That eminent sol
dier, IfBj r Merri 1. Obo fuuud It prudtaMt teSITeSt
trv -n i;i bon'h Carohni on the rharga that they were
Kn Kins, and drvw pay fn m OoVSfnSSSni funds while
reeetVll hia pay a Major o( Cavalry, u tu ba i-iainloed
b) thv Military Oonwdtissof thi Boese He ta a m-
liOC' CI that he aakrd the i t idnnao tu dav why lie hud
I sea aunimcDeil, If it ts to get inv viewi uu anv b
trn-.it- u P el. I with ou amiiu ti ll me nuw. ro I ran
atuui iur. eidl. Iiten y'iir Culuiinttie." -in. :
pleuoli Informed him thai he im, i ds tmard st lei gtu
i u Ihe aouitiuu ul alTdn in K mih Caruhna during tbS
Ku K in rai ls. Men ill turned tns h.ick aud idunk
awat with tbi phaatom of s eonrl martul ami p aets
du.iiiaaai :t .. tea lervloi fct uing hi ti) in the taw.
bOUE n t$tttHGTON Toru s.
The Prealdeui! Cam pi a lai Mali to be a Mild
A neglect li Bttrehet
WAgntllOyOMi March ath TbS President h s
not yol reco red hum ti.e levsri co u wbut ha.i nisds
it nssiss y tor him ti refrsts from i cieui bsameaa for
the P st two dav. He asw no vbltrs to-day. It In ro
m rd ioblght tha I the Preitdt ut m bedimtldapi
i' i l.e atruWe. I l l hollo it r-t nut -rs Morton, Anthnnv,
Ed nuuiii sad LogaB who f.- r that one! f iheir nata her
miy h i alb il upm lu finish tba U-l term Im- Hi pUD
uiau p iny will SsVl in tne While Uuuae ltd ct-uiLry.
u Need oI'hii lui. rior Hepnrtnit ul.
WAsmnoTon March go. The Military Com
ralttie Ii sorsldertsg the aspedisaey of trssaferri gto
tba Bnglneer Corps me iuno)i of yahUs Isaas, n.e
snrv aj orsOeaaral i f tin bitei and Terrltetiss are uot
a uve aUsplCloB and IBI surveys winch annually cost
the Goveroeieul a large miui Wm; ha d apebned aitb
b the trsuster in luci. Uh the triuafi r 1 1 the ind Las
io. 1 PeiilloB Bnreaai and tinp, r-sru pan, of the 1. mil
M p, ii i- nueetion BTWes a SSI ui-m u( .n li.u nor He
i si tatsai at an
Hlmon rnmrroaa Delegation tor Con It Hog
AStnttaTODi March BO. -The delegation sent
to Cmstnasti by me Pesoayivsaia n ; sblloaa Conven
thiii -ahii at entirety owssd by fltups Cssron.aad
v ih uadouste b in fort onkllug os the second hallot.
N ui om i ball s doseu diligstci in frlsnaly to nuiue.
Reni Sherman to Return lo vYaehlastnu
WAiitinOToni Msrch BO.- -Oen. Bbermnn bad a
iml innrvies rest ci day altfe ihs Dccrotary of nar
and it a a agn tlb tarvrn them that the he quarters
uf llii? arm) aliutil 1 be broiigM bacg lu V aaidugluu.
fltepptas rhe I sane oi Prncttnntsl Onrrwney
WASiiinqTox, March flO. With this wash the
Treaasry will seaae io bane sen fraetinsai surreucy
rivep In P Utieiit of rli ipgS hi t Uin- irunaacUuUa
The adrct bill a IU pass Ujl UOSse
attMtllni lu the Clovornmenl P Hating (iflir,
Wahiiinoion, March The Oovernment
rrintiiig rtl"r lno bees doing srors 'r private iinna,
ami the I'Vllleuce tippeara In . ihat Ibv ..,:...,.
BBt haa puvki-ltd Ihe moiiey.
The Hauk ul the riale of New York.
It Wag rumored in Wall atrert yeeieruav that
theoRi an of tbs Baas of tea state of New Yurkisd
rsMhrei ps wtsd DP bv tbs 1M ol Mav, bat VteoPresl
iieul Turner kaiS 1 ' Wf anv kach IptSOtlOB. Il la
FeneradT Dellrve t thai I till r I Patru, the Vice
'h ideal si iba tuns of iai fsilnrei ha mail partial
The Ore Hundredth Nlgbt nl IsllOS Tieaiir.
Julius Osrssi woa praaented in Booth's ' beutre
Uat f VSttJttl to over II .boo poriuus, Ihe laigoit sndlStiCS
ut tBSBSBSOn H wu lintuiadble to arrure BtSOdlrg
room nt ' dl I'sal 7 uVloca. and the Do sent - vtcie
aoid iur 1 1 0.
Tbe Vn. unr A MiirnUerablo
ihe lion flll sb n Dutohar niibei to bs An
ptuin r, and la Sal 1 to bv ei Congressmen r iiuib's
Tbe lliidnon BlVDS Hpen.
The Ice In tha Hudson si vsn Wie'e point haj
mpVldi suu llii- uver la upen fi un Troy lu New ura
JO Til Mis i HOI I TO H V.
i a
Qsnrgi P. Smith's building, at 1& DUU h street,
ana ilaumged 6t000 hr Ant y al rdsf.
Heorge Ayrsult'l big oattls are drawing multl-
IUUM lu the ut lghtiurlioud uf the llareluy kireet ferry.
lesec v. Prsnch, rsrelvsr of the Peopls 'a
Ka ' j ' , nsaki sib pay m ,i s ' 1 ou ttir tr si April.
Tho Aldermen huvo suthurtZHd tho payment
uf New Vuik'b m.are of die u rcuutriO iur t.io
euiiiph'tlnu ol Hie Hroialyu hringa,
Five hundred Oasii of Angostura blttors and
laeiiiybigsulcocoB, me cargo of tiiu img btarlignt.
vetc a Mid tr lua'.uuu utile yeaterisy.
Mis. LaUrS 0. HollOWH will lecture In the
laive hall I (he Cuupor Inaiiiule uu Thur lay SVialhg
April 0. bul jeet ' An Old i.rudge A Ngw 1'uu "
J din H Mev rs nf HI Amity atreet, a aab-aman
for lleuiy J. W olsb, inleajl liquor ursiel st Pi
'I iniipiiu aireet, aaa arretted vei-riar un charge ol
fulgery and embt Blismentl siiKmuliug t 11,000.
Tho ;i&0 pu 1 tbu PreS Drawing School of
the soots y ff MecbaQloi ami I'radeaaiL'O, t7J Urosd
wuy, pari addreiaeu IjU evruiug ur llavi.ati kl. Mint 1.
I' Mil nt uf ihn inetv , H. H w iiiaua, Huiiennlt o-
dentoft lie SOhoell A 'I.e. C'h.i the cuuiiult
leu , T. 1. bivlauu, agu w Uieri.
The Denial rhel Park Drew aa the OrlataoJ
I 'entradlrted bv a fable HeBpaicb fraaa
tbe Prraldanl of tha L rasa a Mlae C'osneaBfv
WAanivoTow, March 80. Mr. Hchtnott
again appeared before tbe Committee on Foe
etgn Affairs to-day. Mr. Swaun said he waa tn
nt 1 uctod by the committee to say to Mr.Srhencbi
that the committee would renin the oootrol of
the eiarnlnatlon In reference to matters con
nerted with him. All questions would be mil
to him throngh a member of tho committee, and
ho would retdy to the committee, and not to
ouUtde parties. Mr. Hchem k made an explana
tion with regard to his reatgnatlon ai a director
of the Kmtna Mine Company, denying, as Lyon
hnd testified, that he bad ooncenled the f icl
from December till the 12th of .January, lie
said be made no . ffort to ruiiceaJ the fact, aud
was rather nettled at Tark's neglect to publish
tho letter Immediately. He also eiidulned the
discrepancies, aa called to bis attention by Mr
Springer, between tho letter nf resignation to
tho company and that purporting tnbeacopf
tranamtlted to Secretary Fish. lie had pre
pared and retained the rough draft from which
ho hud written, nlih mudtflcatluii, tba li tier
Sent tO 1 he roinnnny.
Mr. Springer a ked Mr. Rchenck If It wsa true
that Park a-kad htra to modify the loiter of
reels list lOD by adding thereto the p iff fir the
Company. Mr. Scbench replied that he had no
rerollectl in uf anv mm thing having 1. m-d.
He never sent two letters aud on!y enlarged
upon the first rhaft by adding a acntetirt tu tt,
while afterwurd he tbougiil It bad been un
changed. Mr. St ringer Has it Secretory Fish's letter
which Induced you to resign your poat as di
rector? j ,
Mr. S- henck So, I think I should have dona
It any W ,y. n I
Mr. Hewbt Tld Mr. P.irk draw up tha lettoe
f ryottf
.Mr. Seherirk T should think not. I
Mr. Hewitt Ari VOU ure Ibit you never saw
n draft uf this letter, tu be aunt 111 by you, lu the
liandBof Mr. Park?
Mr.fdbenoh Itblnknot, '
Mi. Hewitt Tho Kason why I ask von these
rjuet tlons la bee man a desp itrh ha Jusi bceo
received from Mr. McDougull. in London, which
statca that the origln.. dralt uf Setum, k"a lettor
Is nuw in tho bauds of iho Knim 1 Mine Compa
ny, ami ti In the haudr.rtiliig of Pnrk.
Mr Hewitt then read the following eabtidd
snatch from Mr. Mr I bnigall, the President l
iho ggn mi Mil. Company.
... LoenoN. March SO.
7rtr' f hairrtf t ft tf thf C-mrlttr,. , n f rngn 4nm
In c nnrtnati 11 of I "n'a i vnlanci'. I have (he urig
nl urafi id nheiu k'a letur of realgiiaitou In Pait's
hitolrnngi .uu ressectlag oner utuna, I hare pruo!
1 Hi (irnek received a cable b legrain iu I'aria, rn 1
loin December, tr.-m Para, uv - -u ane ud thu intend,
adpaaaiog ol dn ideada sad echenes Best uasseiis
uubh a ivtrgraiii to aed l oai ah rea for htin
Mi.Ii'U BALI . 1 Bdfrnii u 1 1 s Mine.
Mr. Bchinctt frald he was conOdsot that na
such draft uf a letter lu Park's hundwntlng i-
Isted. aj
Mr. Hewitt then QUeSttonid Mr. IchiOCh ns te
bla 1 llezed knowledge of thr Impending riush
in ih7j. and 1 f Prki notlSoation to him by
DSbla that tue next dividend Wonld not be pold,
and also us to Bchench s gOtfon ontMssfcret
Information In h lllng out 2,up) abates Imme
0 lately. This, U csubllahed, would almw that
Bchenok was In tho confidence uf Park and
Mewert, and Wai secretly udviaed by them ol
the Impending crash, so that he c uild sell oul
In time. Mr. Bohsnci dinted having reeslv d
suob Informstiun by ceJftlegrnmi from p.irk,who
was then In A mm ha, and united that bo, who
waa then In P rls. sent I deepateh to Col. f'heaw.
broUgbi iu l. n ion. telling him to well 2.0UC
sharoa. Mr. Bebeuca will bi croas-cxuminud
Mr. MoDnugall, who sent the above telegram
from Loudon, la a "lock dealer In that ell v, und
I ibe proprietor ol Tht notfr (newipaner) nnd
IU money editor. Htnce tho K nma Mine shnrea
wentdnwu lu the market be Is said to h ve
tiuught up at a verv low price enough shares to
secure a continuing Interest In the company.
He is reported to have profited largely by Ida
own epeeulatloiiM tn the K nma Mino stock by
buying When tt area down to ll or i per elm re
He hlmseir was not orlglmdly in the rumpny,
Ii Is aul J. nor 1 ns f tho.o who suffered by tne
depreciation of Ibe Itoik
The Itonl Tilled Dill rad n Hrcoud Time
lu tbe Iteuaewf i.urda.
Loirnov, March ai. In the Kouag of Lords to.
night there am a lung dehaie rn til Roysl TltllS Mti
Taetmaeif Rlebmoad sad ssarsjula si laltobnry ds
f BtV I ihe title ol BinpreSl as accurlely BSPISmlng
the QoeeDsrelstioa to India. Lords Soaerset Orey.
l anrenre, Wnnii'i, iiranvlln- and Kuiii" r . ,i
It. Tre latter e.'i.grattilute I the atioi-trra thai ther
hid n it trpeMlnl Mr. iha.Jtb'a miarli.ut ui argiiineul
e i.i " 1 ii,. ttua.11, 1
The hi I wai read a leennd time a ItbOttt a 1 : .q,
the uiipuklllw.l announcing th'-ir UlteatlOl nf BUpp 1 1
IngL rd M.uM ahupa i-i di n iuijli-g Ur.-O m, l uol
lu aatuuie Ihe UtlS gmpffaSB.
Tbe Leaden Mineh Marker.
Log DOW, March 00 Noun - At the Stuck Kx
ibsbgi t ds? loyelsi secaiitiei epesed itaidleri tm
BOOS beSSmi badir disurhcd avilo. One laiijra m the
forSlgn murkei haa a!read) pern poated lu thu huuasa
nad others ire riper led. Kgvi ttan ano rurainh secarV
ih are tlu.'tua iiig r ipi Mv. wlih price i f ihe turuier
fruiu mo to fiim perct.uiu.u lowei th n ft aP raari
cioaiiia, aud ih - i tier ens to two asrean'u.i osrrr.
The Hiun UIK enie it l ,'o.:aUUt Illuple ahi it I li
DOSt puOrmeat of Iho payieenl of ti,c Apr: ,
iiiuil July, la likely to prouuoi a atiu furd,er u, i.tuia
lu lue priSI uf TtVSlU tuodl.
The ni'a Romnrod Abdleailoa.
LOVOOV, March ."A -The fofl Jfdll (hiiefrVs
Berim speslal asys tsat ths proposed rsttrementil (he
i sir BPpssri pirtiy rnnnnned. If n mid in t tip
I'ssrewucQ b) be lui.u-teu witn ihe Hegescj ; -i g
lbs tuiumer. belog ti-iupuaMi l..c.tcd aim tbu full
aoverLigu pu er.
A Plasms In the F.nat.
T.oNp.iN, Msrch x Tbs tenant iTeruld, pub.
Hiked iu instant inopla, ansouocea Ibsi th" p'ngua
kia reached nagdadwbsrs there are ibi r iei daily
ll.e kgyplisii a 1.1 ..r i uii.ordp's uurauiiuu arnvaia
from tu- Pir iau i.nif far ifteeu daa,
A llonae Blows Down
A Isrse unoccupied bouss belonging to Mr
Ritchie, la ttsTnaica avsass, astorls wa ti'nvn uowa
in Taesday sight! iterm Lnss 915,000. A Wall that
remuued itaudini after the Bra in ihr 11 a oi tue
1.1 tte sisters of the l".ir aiu Islb srnsbiog iste 'ha
Oespel roof, Lusaaboui Vsj.
l Uv Weetmlaater lintel Tragedy
pra.Grayi Klti'hon, and Film iii report to
,l..d, ' li.u u lt thai H uialiir (hi u0,WhU "hot and ' J
.) utiu ii. pnk bet iu tue w i punstet Hotel, u laaaaa.
Weather llflb r PredlOftODDi
Cold nor horly tn weiterh wtndi ami putiy
rl udj m rather, aiid rislSg Ssrogl o r
Thi colored neopteol Newark cslsbratod thi
Bdoptiou of ihe i-'ir o i-ni'i Ameaiiuient y relet at i a
mints ol i" 1 gum ssi proses los ibi sags me streeuk
Jacob It. K hiiI It. one of the men Injurud by
the hiier es plosion in Kiwari un Tueitfas died yep
li-rdav. tleoi gs peonert aiolhrr riOttOh Is ai k i nsb
Ti e Jnry'a vrrulci CCuSUrSU Ih ur) Mauerhb r fur umg
an sii hollar,
Tim pimnersti ol iioboken hint night nomk
naled J' ai'ph Ibiaaell for Mav ur. .1 dm A. MelliiargS
fur City ' h rs, duini K uu ua f o i lly Vr-'UMiirrr, J ofl
Ii loley for ass sor, aud ilhaui J. w hig iur Wa-ur
Ur iah s fROM tui; TELBQBdPU
The old live DeDOb Hotel woe burned yester
day , lOSI .Ouil.
The PbCBnlS Mill al Flooaac Klls was burned
'!-. moi sisg, Lass t ' K,
Tbs stenmshlu Labrador aground near Dele
wan- CttVi got oB at H A. M. jeslrr.lay.
Phi Dei rats yesterday nominated rabogp
ator A 11 ui-ber llanka fur Msvnr uf All. anv.
LOUlJ Xavler Fymn. the French auth r, ll
drad. He wai buru 11 bl. Pierre, MsrUUlQVii In IM I,
Ch-rles Hutchinson, midlcal Btudsnti abut
hliiiS' If in MlltuM, ti. ll., yaiiTdMV muruu.g. CjuS
ihrumc iiraiu-si.
Pssbodv's Hotsl, at Middle a ran villi, N. v.,
ua huruni na Vt uduead iy uignl. 1 hu ia sevrral
tliuuuuJ dul ar.
Deacon John Mitchell banged himself lu M i-
verhlll, Muhi.., j l-.u r l He ha I BSSB hul a luw weeks
uul Of an Uiaai s Iuiii
After a trial of two days, Oenrge Miles the
burre (Verin in) Mmk roober, wa eleni.,jr f.uud
KUiuy, ... . a hi Be BlStauSed to Jay.
Mile Anns do llolurca, the arllst, aocouitit
uh'd hv Maurice ItflaosehjSlIsu frum i.i r . ., thi
BtSSUilhip UirUMjwl r riUar lor NlW York.
Mr. Q SOrgS Wright, formerly nf Wvahtngton,
uperinisudsst of tbi Urdnsoci Uepartiusut ai Yoty
rea hluuroe, tiled un Mmi-iuy reuisg Iron p ra is.
Ilia reiU Un will be takL'U lu anh.ug;
night fur mtsroisnii
Charles t'. Fuller of Norwl h, t'onn.. Presldenl
of ih ( imp iu Paper t 011 psoy, who lorgetl Botes io ihe
aiiiuuiit ut over Suu.'HSi. negotiated I hem, an i abound
eu laal June, waa fx arreslrd lu 1. UagelnUia. and
(aglS l Norwhh laat uighl.
The division I" the llniise of ( ommons nn
Tuea Isr ulgid on Hub lrlah onruuh franc-use uiniioa.
lo w huh tin' lioVeromest h id maj nt) uf wniy 13, ihe
vol-' ataudiiig 1 70 agaiuil lild, i- Oiled a ev ideucs of
Uio tii iNiug .n u.ui of thi UlQrais.

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