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FtitUtR Theatr- le... i .i.. Ml
Chateau Mahfllr 1 rirtlra . .. .. Marat
ffanftTkHNn ' i''ith Mafia,
link llflM TMIIv Haines.
411th! 1 hralrr . il I M I
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Tars Theatre BraM MMMM
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0 ktrti-l'.arll Sir.l TMIM hHW MM U.i ..
t ate Ssanr. 1 a.air PrTfVM. Mali m.
WII.L'. Tbratr r .):.. iht VY ii. n BsltSS
H r. ClIIKWIi ( hnr. hi-.. and Itellulons
B AdvertlseroeBti of religious n k.. ind
il'-'. - i.M rtlitit in portioses, hold on lua
ds will b Inserted in"' ml CaWBI lu Ilia
H SuuUsv SdlUoB ol int. StTB
I April Fools' liny.
I Wsosnnot in iter ootebrste tbli toy dedl
I catmi to fool sntf folly, tiiaii by oonslderiog
B oiiid of Mic principal fraud., bumbuga,
B siaarkatBas, bypocrites sad foolt whoiofeei
Hp the oonotryi ami dwelling for n no
motit on their history and prospects.
H Tlii'.v aro a huge nml Ihorouahh self"
H iiti-itrii ootnpnny, raorultod from vnn
B 001 i uuks of society, nml nrmril with Ittpu
H dettooi pretension, ranti or si tuple stupidity
They like to in- observed, ami eotortain u
low opinion of thow wbo oriiiolM tbem,
B Tiioj- think they oughl to in- permitted to
W piiii ii-" t iicar trade uumolested iy Ituper
B ttnatii urutln sen of their ihoddy msterl.
H oi aiu'it weights, Rl'tl Ottrey tftokt of de
Ht saption To-day let us oolebrstt the glo.
B riv. of this entcrpru Ins a onpnnyi mi tfuliy
sbttainlng from but word or luggtstlon
0 to which thoy ' .m fairly take exception,
W Vint WS must spent of tTLTMM Bi
1 Grant, tin- brother of iirvilL. t; it ant, and
W tu. partnei in the trader and .utler business,
I OtTuurr cannot ttrtutly he called a fraudi n
I la not that by an means, tlla.praetloe of
I grct'il U Open, and be believes in it. Once
0 if the very luni-st estate, it soo'iul wreck
1 and failure, in- win lifted by n bloody wai
to the huii pound of etntneni position
wiirru ail man oouid wa hlnii if arar u
I man hud reaion to thankful for tbu
1 huppy fortnoa which enabled him to net
I out of the mliv mid to atnud in olou
I ptaoee, Mirely It waa Obat, Hut wimt did
I bedo whi n ho wan put in hijib place? IIst
I etMM proceeded to detlle it with tlm tilth
I of the plana frhenoe bu enmo. Thoucth
I everybody ha-i wished to think well uf
I hlui, to honor him, and 10 keep him ."cure
I In hi. exulted position, he bn. so behaved
I hluimlf that there uo rcjuect loft for
I bim. Iuatcnd of holding hj n priOelOSS
I. treaeure hit high military reputation, he
LS ban traded with It and exehauged it
for gift, and bribe., ami the money he
0heri.be. a. of llr.t import .nco. Tbotisb in
a plana where he miKht u hi. friend i
and aeipiaiutaucc anions the be.t in the
land, he prefer, low associates and sur
round, him elt with rclalive.-recily for
l! lucre and destitute of .elf-respeet, and with
B men who .h ire bl. own notion that (iov-
eruinent ofBej I. ohltfljT viliinble for the
opportunities it afford, for tnoner-rusk-
lOg and for the general ptTMnaJ pioOt 01
the Im ilinbcnl and hi. fi lends.
Bo, instead of keeping a good naui",
he has given hi. to a very vile .ysleiu held
lu reprnaoh throughout all the world,
to the .T.tem of Qrautlsin, In tin. he
hat acted the part of the fool and the Ira ml
both. May QnAVT tnednateon those things
on tin. April Fools' O.iy, and oourtgaousljf
rasolre to ntnd im wnyt, iiumiss his
thievlnp liuoeiati-., and, turning over a
new leaf, .el hnusell to regaining .in n
portions of the wrack of hla reputation as
be can save from the whirlpool ab out bltn.
Ui:i.kvah is lo.t, but he i. only a .mall
fraud in the throng of Qrautlsin, Reatetrod
bis sliii on the rouks, and -ho .vent down ;
that ia nil. llOOl RoBBKM ba. ho fur kept
off the breakers, but we heur the wutvrs
tplaslimg on the reef, clow by, and mm
bow hopeless i. hi. case, eveu with fraud,
impudence, ami admit thievery at the
buim. Hamilton Ki.h is a pompous ..uior.
replete with the airs of uu opefOM and os
tentatious re.pectubilily, but be keep, a
Jonah aboard iu Sidnev Weustsu, hi, m-iu-utw;
and iu fact I i u i. one of the hol
lowest of fraud.. Pikbreimnt 1. a wily
Uatintr, but hu bus not oocaped tbe frauds
of Q ran tlm, aud hu cannot escape tbe
storm which blows over the whole of
The tihetkltat fraud i. IIenhv Waui
Uf.t.i ii mi. Old nnd unblushing in lieeu
tiOUSUSSS, be take, the part of a manly
fellow and a holy in in, aud witli variation.
of buffoonery, plays il to the entire tatls
faction ol tbe brethren, lint p.iint imdgew
gaw. OttUnOl hid': the foulntH UBdtl'UWthi
ills reputation i. itouo, ami he lives on lie.
slid perjuries. Ha i. a man to be pitied.
If this April Fools' Day should mggwl to
UcKt utui the folly of longer fraud, and
the duly of confession and atonement, per
haps ho might have eternal OOOttslOU fur
Mlab rating with joy in- in . of April.
Jav QOUtsO ia u great finud, hut he
rus a fool iu buyiug tbt Tritium,
hiring the young editor in u stool
plgOOII, and building the tall tower. Ha
wut Into a binineiM he knew nothing
Sboul, uml lurntHl It into channels sure to
loud to ruin. BttlOt the disaster which
bo. overtaken his fourMUatla venture
The stool pizuon thought be could succeed,
by a prutaUM of virtuo and writing sweet
BOtbtngS, in covering up his ditgraotful
iteoii fobbing etnpluywtut. Uat lie ha.
BlMSafly failed. (a has discovered that
tlMHieli a newspaper have oven Jav
Gor i.d's money behind it, yet if it I n '.s
bruiu. mid honesty, it i- b mud to go down.
Jay QoUIsD is uu example of ho .v greed
muy make a fool of a in in. uml tin- young
editor illu.trutu. the truth, thai dress up
an ass bow you may. hi. ears will he sure
to di-; iver him. Let the master uml stool
pigeon I tin. April Fools' JJ.i in com
munion tOgOtbOTi and let the burden of
their disciiksious bu the thouuhtt WO huve
ont lined for their benetlt. It will be a
good d y to ai range for the ubaiidouincnt
of the TrtoWIt frand.
Of otbar fraud, we need only name Dim.
Ki Mm.- the author of Addition, DirUlOD
and lilenot as a formulated science ; dcuuy
ueu I'nir.u, the pioua bribe-taker; Post at)
lOSBVOati the Innocent rustle charlatan;
Taiiiai.k, the blutiint inim.teiial fraud;
Fawunow, the blj1t-tonad--gantletnaa va
riety of the fraud; Ilrother Hiicaiiman,
tho highly pious lawyer; and OtavEii
Johnson, the convenient witness,
i. jrWeB Hut lot us turn from this snd .iirvev and
think of brighter things. Let us fasten our
I f -110 "here genuine merit is, where tiim y
1 "' tU' niourufui inuae titadrapaa in
4 J blaarweuti.auatbeUiu.Dof Uus rood-
noes burns with a pure and stonily llame.
Let u. contemplate Deacon Hn hard
Smith of Ciiiciniiati. the truly goas man.
and (!. Washivoton CMtUMi A. M., the
an raptured bard of the Mar and the tomb
Mime! Thin Wf pain courage to goon to
th next tnt of April.
Oranti itobctun. Cattail a Co.
The iranMctloM of thi dlrtlngulahtd
firm of L'cm i ul ami .pecinl Johl. r, ureal
last likely to ii Illuminated to the ntlifw -Hon
of the pnbtlCi Whan tht whole truth
.hull come out, us it mutt do II witntseei
do not run awny, and tiooks and paper,
aie Dot destroyed, llei.K s a p w ill appear us
an injured pal i lot, when OOmpafsd with
othei'S who have imide BoroUandlM of
their official trusts umi prostituted power
to venal uses, t'oncculiueut is no longer
When Kahimi BratBOfta CO, were .iim-
rnai ily ejootexl m the BaoaJ agent, of tho
(Jul ted Mint", in 10ri feur .in expressed
of the OonSMJUencM that poon ufier fola
lowed. Their agency was divided betwttn
two partisan bankers, both "f Whom broke
Within tWO years, largely Indented to the
Qorarnmtnti Jav Cookb, IfcCcixocn &
Co. got the cream of the bUStBtH for tliu
pay and maintenance of the uuvy in for
eign nators, requil kna mUUonf every year,
while CUtwa Co. had to take the .mall
sop of the diploma tit and consular ser
vice. A. Ctnwi bad been an actiTs partbtan of
the Administration ami a liberal subscriber
to the campaign tun I, while the bouds of
rtCOnst rUCtetl State, could be put on tliu
markol by oorpeUbtut uorernort," ht pro
tested agaltlol this lit!'" share of the .polls
to St.. oh ItuRttOX, Who wa. then umi is
.till regarded MQjburr'l next friend in the
Oabutet. RowaoM has put ou reooi d the
rcascni which ted toCooKE's appoiutmont,,
in a scmi-olrlcial letter, from Which the
following extract, have peculiar point at
tin. time :
"Nivt Pir cKTaejrr, W isanrsrov, m? ct itn,
HMV pSAMl. LV. : ins - l.'iir Irtn-ref UM itilfl
lli.t lit l.i rcseiQ lu t.l. ui, uiiitlu. at ul a H.imI asiit
i.f II". IriiTrrt m -hi .t.rosil. Tlif trulh l t .t lh-N.vy
liea irtiasal r. sily ii it.i'.i sassl niirei-i. bol sa.
I'lttHTti, hi., u. .it in. t wiin DAruie Bretafs
t it., uf Ireestoa. Tin. sr. mea I tran.t.-rr."i .ismi hi.
i-i nt tie prssi :it ui . .1 1 1. Jat Coosa's boem serued,
1 U I tlld l r tlii1 laHlSdest ptatMaSBJ a Wall as biueitlal
raa oas. looklnS to tns seed uf ilic .errlci aiir.ia.l, a.
aril ..to Mt ittiHgtAtuui0ofi&$p6n0 uas ia. aSeua
MtVStSJlM lit AJHeff.
' Tlir hug . of .JtT CviKt S Cn. h.l, a. TfO know,
Lsraesas rsisedtti isitra.ts atd niHu- un. thr,. ostium
tits couairj . I'i fir t 'Bsectiiie. ana lufljrnca a nu ins
n.llouil l.u ii k a . HWA ,fit Vn -tys ttl.n H tUi xnl. u n h
nttoti M. Sfall. uf ' iNtlriJA'l, and wtitttl, ti i .
tn th' nimSi ' .-ii, i a-ti7 wllesae, vc cvntrtti
A'tWttj Mv, she nr :. - irnin iu a.'.trru ttrmitiu.
net .us m nv ol ttir We.tsru Sra'r. far tow rd lh la
tific j lutir ImiTnti to ilia , '.. jtt4 . auu lltvir
eaurrsi liitf. ,'i.t ,ti ttit uu-, ry. mas. m is pt
wrJutJrUktH WSafS u .. . i ' la ll.s awc-a.i .f
r.t a .. i.t o.mit i. i, aud t.utmty. tiwntu .i iiui
letd.'ni. irtlrtl laiOTrftil or unfriendly.
" Very truly your friend,
" Gsoiot M. Rotiaaoif."
There is no disguise iu this letter. It wa.s
believed Jay CoOKafS OOnoeTO represented
a combiiiation of uutioual banks aud rail
road coip orations which controlled Penn
sylvania, New Jersey, and other State, for
the Republican party nml for Grant, and
thcrefoie they were preferred. Various
private reasons which operated largoly on
tin. oboii e are however not glreu iu this
letter of ROBItoM'a, The truth wrfc, that
Jav Cooke's bouse hail loaned money to
Grant ami Hours in. and there is ample
ren.on to believe that n pecuniary Inter eat
ill the prcllt. of the new agency was se
cured to A. G. t'ATTKl.I, whose personal
relation, to the President and to the Sec
retary of the N'nvv nr well known, aud
will soon be disclosed to tho country.
Jay Cooke's house was renlly bankrupt
when it was substituted for tho BsJUItOS,
and this foreign ap-iicy was given to it as
a prop to be upheld by the credit of the
United State and by advances for curry
ing on the business for the navy. Invustl
gation Will SOOn .how whether there whs
any capital at all iu the concern except
tiiat furnished from VTashinxtOU by ltour-
Tht teleflrams just preceding the panic
of 1T3 make It clear that Hoiikson hud
knowledge of the then Impending failure,
and sought to proven! it by a free use of
tho publio money. Hi re is one of Special
importaaoa i
MLoen TtaAvce less. It, ltft.
M (toiiimo't"' Wiiaata Bavaoijie, a. Mas Ssewssre
lis Wire, IViMsiiieie i. U. c.
Uivs raaotililoD fa f svor "i .ir ronss. MoCvii
UaeaACo, t..r i,0SurU0O for forplsa nr. ii ;t ..i:i .il
p.y ul SSVf, llsoltUK M. tttJBSSOS.s
There was sonic delay iirisinc. out of lieu.
SpiNsrn'M opposition, who, ns Trcu.iirer,
bud become aware of Cooke's condition,
and of ibe extraordinary effort, of ltuu-
KDaoXi then Secretary of the Treasury, to
.il. tain the Pint National llauk by Illegal
loans. Jav COOKS A Co. fulled ou the 18th
of Septeinber, anil uu tho Thi, four days
after that event, BOBMOM agtiiu tole-
g i aplnd to Wushiiiatoii in these words:
m feap. Met. i'i. nr.
" ft Cbsaiastsrs Sat aeiMi Jtsss ittwrtmeut, iiuie
inu'trn :
'('allup 'n Prnutrn l anil .land ready to BSSff out All
IfifAea in reu'ltu tnjotcijti .000411,
M UaOaQB M. Robkso.."
That telegram settled tho buslnesa. Uo
din bin', prepared thu President, ami he
gave the order which opeued the vuults of
the Treasury, Spinner succumbed, and
HicHAiinso.N hud no scruple in obeying his
muster ol the white House, tin the Mtb
of September a million ami a half of dol
lar, were transferred by telegraph to New
York, and ou that same day RoBBSOM tcle
gniphed to RICH StTrtOB a. follows from
the eaaldt capital i
" Li.Hn RntNm. Seiil tsltn, .
7 is .vi-r.iTi'y on. TmuHftt WuaHasViB & '-
" Tear tolstraal rssaivmli utauKi fur vwar uruuipt.
ne... H.v. .eeu is. treaioVaf issi nielit, see oy S s el
reci.cn t ut.l itiaujor s SnHwe ieir. t,t.tn'trrn'v.
" 1 i ... M. ICiuaatit "
Two millions anda half ol I he people's mo
ney were thu., " by difeOtlOB of tlm Presi
dent,'' turned over to the credit of Jay
Cooke's bouki upt firm six tiays alter its ex
plosion was known all over the world. And
of tuut .tun I here Is now a balance of 7iHl.0(KI
due to the United Stales, with a lot of old
railroad iron, cluims, judgments, aud notes
for so-called security. If the President and
his Secretary of the Navy had deal red to
protect the puliliu interest, they would, in
stead of advancing thcuu enormous sums to
the bankrupts, have at once restored the
agency to the BaHsKM, Hut they hud per
sonal ObjsOtS to serve, which are .oinrht to
b" hidden under Iceble pretext. Iiy ROBB
OMi in bu letter to Mr. G wive it of the in
vestigating committee, but which will yet
be ex posed
A. G. CAT? em. was at this tUBS In Lon
don, figuring a. an agent of the Tregiury
for placing one of the loans in BuTope,
nml lent there through RoBgtOM'l InflU
etiee. hm name appears kathti business,
us It tines iu nearly all the OOlTUPt Jobbery
of the Navy Department, III. associate-,
Pay Director D bad roan, was specially de
tailed for this sorvloe, b 'cause Rouesom
knew hi. man by experience and by repu
tation. The heat that can be said of both,
i. that they woro worthy to rcpruseut tuo
present Secretary of tbt Navy.
Il i. in proof that Cattei.i. was a partner
with RoBBBOB in a mill csiate speculation
at Washington, while ho waa direct mg the
patronage of uie Navy Department and
doubtless turning the protlu into a pool
for their mutual beneUt. iiis dealings
with tlib Syndicate are yet to be probed,
but it is known tbut Mr. liuisrow refused
absolutely to reapMint him. even when
pressed by the President, on two or throe
different occasions. Some of the London
bunkers could tell how their path was
Smoothed, and who was the bencllciary of
a Syndicate job.
Rn HAitiisoN, Who loaned the public
money to Jav Cooke's national lunik in
Washington without security and without
law, when he knew It to be rotten, nml
who advanced ItlOM millions after th"
bankruptcy of thwt wild speculators, waa
rnaden Judge of tat court of cia'ms for
life! Cattbix was rewarded itb the botl
pickings. RoBBtOM Is cherished as (J rant's
great OlUimplOBi nml the thieves and
knaves who broke into the public vaults
lire either shouting now for il third term or
for n successor Who will perpetuate Grunt
ism under another niinie.
IchtBOk'l Crooked tntghte
The following extract from the report of
Thursday's proceeding! in the Bchbncb
InvMtlgatlon .how. that the committee is
getting very uear to the heait of the mat
ter: " Mr HrwiTT oien rsst ih.Tn lowln. csMe SsspStel
rrntu Mr. Ui bore ill, tht I'm. deui ui iho Kmats Mies
i unifialii :
' ' LeBOOBi M.'fl .m.
MTtlkt CAdtrmtnttttht QnmnnlttriuH m tia ijfaire.'
" In rui Ariii.iiiiti nt i yoa svldoees, I ti.v. itio
nrt.insl dr ift uf sciiesi'K's Irlter ol re.lii.t ps in
Pass s hun land . ; nti.i respeeilog opera inns, I hays
pa, ol ti.st Srjiseei reran ed a ssibfi Ii losfaai 111 l'ai-t.
mi lot' Itl.Ii uf I lei'.-tii Di-r. from I't.H, antlslaf sals OS
th' Inteuilesl t a.atuic of autd .i-.. s ..t sruiMCK ..nt
t uK.ai.oHoi mi s i.Rwrsai in .''it 'j. a.. Hors tuf hua,
- ' Mi lioi'iitl 1., 1 I. sir ii in Kilima Mi 6.
"Mr. BcatST iad ha mi i .iiitnii-n' thtt sossob
dealt uf . Itll.r in 1'...'. Iiauianliii. i-si.n-.l."
Tag Srv bus repeatedly i ailed the Atten
tion of Conercs. to the charge that PoKEB
BCBKRCa hud early intimation from this
side of the water of the Impending crash
lo r.tnm.i, ami was lecrstly advised by
Park and G ur.H to unload nt tbt expense
of the confiding Britons, This Is the vital
point In the whole ease, for if it inn le
shown that the Amoi icitu Minister w u. in
the inside Ring of speculators nt Ihettrae
of the brink U0, his own Story that ho was
one of the swindled iBtMBd ol one of the
swindlers becomes so, very foolish thai it i
not i veil worthy the utteuliou of the mu
rines. Si RBBCS himself, It would seem, appri'
OkttM the eritloal nature of thl. point, for
he blankly denies having received n moni
tory cablegram from Pass, ami also do
lues that be telegraphed from Pans to his
Secretary, Col. Cmbbbbobouuh, selling him
t '.ell BCBBBCa'a .hurt'..
KotWithStaXUHng Gen. BOHBBCK'I denial,
we think that the committee would do
well to reQuirs of the Western Union
t ompnny oUdMDBtObes OBbled to Sciienck
b) either Park or QAOBB during the w ni
ter of l7l-rt.
VTe also repeat our -n that the
committee might tlnd It protltuble to SUb.
ptrnn Mr. OlJVBfl A. Gaueh of New York,
and inquire whether he did not pay to
ScMBBCB in November, 1H71. the rum of
tlfl.iKjO as the American Minister's shat e of
the proceed-of a speculative pool in Kinina
Stock made up hy a little circlu of Ameri
can pukerists then sojouruiug iu Louduu.
Marhino Politics.
There SB Squabble among the regular
Republican oandldatM for Hreatdent to get
control of the political organizations of
the several statrs. For public optnicu as
manifested In the u-uai Independent uuet
BBOrganlfled way vhey do not core the
nap of n linger. It does uut touch their
p roe poets or their future votes; at least lu
their opinion I mid a well-founded opiuiou
it is. Votes co bV, with, for. and under the
direction of party organization. Control
Certain men in a Slate, and yon control the
BtAto Committee, control tbe State Com
mittee, and fOU control the comity eomniil
tec.. Control the county oommttteee. and
yOU control the town committee.. Control
the hitter, uud you control the vote-.
This is the rule lu all organised polities.
The great body of the people have uo hand
hi tho business. They are jusi at much in
tho baud, of tlm train baud, of polities at
the people of a country invaded by :m
army, are in the hands of thu regular
soldiery. Obey or be .hot, is the motto in
both OaSeS I uud a. people don't uke tifbo
shot, they obey. Sninw nay this is not so,
because anybody CSU le.-ist who has u mind
to. Hut the unorganized multitude are
powerless agaiust thu ruKiilurs. Lord
Nai'ikr, thu historian of the Peninsular
sin', remarks that of uii the 01 ueltlea that
can be pnictised upon nil invuibMl people,
tlie greatest II tbut which Induce, uu un
disciplined multitude to think they enn
successfully oppose ..umber, uguiu.t mili
tary organization and discipline. It 1., ho
says, to put .heep against wolves. It uau
only end in wholesale butchery ami de
struction. The remark Is just ai true iu pontic, as
lu war. The regulars have it all their own
way. They take control of the party chest,
the party fortresses, the party oanaoB ; they
officer Iho division, the battalions, tho
regiments, the companies, ami the squads.
With all the wire, iu their bunds, they go
forth conquering and to oonquer, They
mpe iu everybody, uuli.t everybody, and
suppress everybody's squeal, uud moans
who don't liko the discipline applied to
tilt in. The chap who object to the Gam
ing tire dragooned into submission. Tbuy
are refused rations, and threatened wi h
the loss of ull share iu the plunder of tho
victory. They must even cheerfully suc
cumb, or they can havu uo OhgAOS ul uny
kind of delicacy that muy ho going. No
one can bo constable, or road nurveyor, or
have a job, or be tldewutter, or postmaster,
or aldcriuuu, or councilman, or ue.cs.or,
or surveyor, or lumper, or lie on a coininii
tee, or have money to buy votes, or belong
to Iho engine cuinpany, or bo u policeman
..I a .itb .a go Ui Iho Legislut lire, or have
u clerkship or an agency, or if fact be any
body or anything anywhere, uuhrs he
knuckle, uud goes iu with thu crowd, and
keeps step to the music of the party drill
and never sniffles nor Whines, That is
political discipline. Is it suppoigblt that
thu lenders who havu noun rutiu.ug tin.
machine for cagm an I year, and profiting
by it, don't knownTho benellt or It) And
don't they know thut tho.u wiio get umi
keep ooatrol of it uru bound to make their
OUllllia and election sure? Talk to them
about Independent votertl
Hut there i another thing. Tbt gn at
majority of these lenders being " ou
the make," they will have nobody nt the
front who isn't livoly in tliu distribution
of tho pioglBBS and steulings. The Huston
ajCrnnscHpf noted th" faot tho other day
that when Hmsrow's name was mentioned
recently at, one of the gathering of a Hus
ton local organisation of the it. 'publican.,
it wa. received with derisive laughter.
HniHrow was no machine mini. Wuut did
thoy want of hiiu? Uu could neither hold
nor drive iu the kind of ploughing they
had to do. The TnslUOftpl deride, in its
torn, and says Uie rejection of bis name
was u feather lu Ohistow's cup. Ah!
Irloiiri Trrtiwcrtiyt, we fear tbut remark
oulv covers an auhiug void, It may be a
feather in Mnisrrow's cap, but Is It vote In
convention or nt the polls?
If Huston retpOBf ability and Independ
ence cannot nml any more appropriate
response than this (o the nnme of nmnTow
In one of It. regularly Organised RepOb"
In an clubs, what nre we to ixpect out
side the pattern city of the universe?
Where nre we to look lor Independence
nnd Intelligence, if not to n State whloB
has polled seveuty-flve thousand majority
for the Republican ticket, and yet could
Indignantly turn about ami elect a Demo.
tTB tic Governor bv seven thousand ma jor
ity, by way of giving a piece of It Bind!
in a hot campaign the regulars do not
fenr. They believe discipline 1. yet tho
foreordained nuency of triumph In our
politics, and they rely on It. Hence the
effort of the OBndidBMS to secure tin)
regular organizations of the Slates. PUm
BOWLM says but for tho personal am
bition of one of the candidate., and his
efforts In this direction. New England Re
publicans would bu to-day unanimous for
BailTOW, Wu don't believe a word of this.
If it were not one machine candidate, it
would be n not her. The machine are nil lor
a machine man. Ami unless we have MBit
kind of u spontaneous political revolt ami
earthquake thut will shutter the machines
ami engulf the engineers. Hie men who
have made so much out of them iu the past
w ill take another victory out of Ilium, de
spite ail tht .how of unorganised public
sentiment that Is cliunoriiin Tor reform.
Hut shall wu llBVa the revolt, and .hull
WO have tht earthquake? Wliat say thu
revolutionists ol 1H71?
Tbe Trne Inwardness ol the Mew Meg
iro Job.
Ily reference to our Utah correspond
tnooi published in another column( it wn
be seen that Bbioram Yotnro and ins r. i-
0Wi rs ur ut lust in a fair wav of having a
kingdom of tin ir own within the bounda
I ics of the LT tilted States, where they may
reign supreme under tho provision, of a
constitution to lie I ruined by tbcniselv.j
and adopted so. ion as the necessary num
ber of voter from Utah oss be marobod
into th" in w paradise,
The Senate of tho United States ha. al
ready kindly provided for tho admission
of the new Mormon kingdom into tbe
C moil as ii sovereign Suite, uml it i. un
derstood that the House ( oniiniliee on
Territories are prepared to report favora
bly Upon the project,
Wu think thut the revolutions given iu
our Utah lett-r supply by all odds the
most interesting coutnbulioii to tho Ring
literature of the day that bus lately been
published. Here im. poor old Bbiobam
ViU'Mi heen hammering away at the gates
of the Union for years in the endeavor
to gain admission as chief ruler of the
thriving anil wealthy territory of Utah
without the slightest prospect of suc
cess, because polygamy is tolerated there;
uud yet by trotting around to the back
door, and tlxiug thing, with a quiet but
exceedingly iuduttriou. ltuig, ha i. to bu
let 111 as the head of another Territory.
nlorsoTcr, CoBgrsm proposm to arrange
mr.ttcrs for him in advance, so that there
can bu no trouble whatever in regard to
In. takinc possession of his new dominion,
under whatsoever constitution it may
pit B'C him to dictate to Ins followers, as
thu bul for tho admission of New Mexico
provides that the Territory may como into
tbe Union Immediately upon adopting a
constitution, without further action by
Congress, Wbtob might iiislit upon a pro
hibitionof polygamy, and other provisions
Which would be uuplt'Oagut to thu king
bee uf the Mormons,
Our Utah corn spondnnt also throws a
i! od ol i t npon osrtain other measures
which have been inlroducd iu Congress
during the present session, end fully eg.
plain?, what Inn been u gloat puzzle here
tofore, why tht bill admit i ing New Megloo
as a State should contain such unusual and
extraordinary provisions as havu never
before been in: ml need in any similar bill.
Indued, this New Mexico job bus been so
beautifully uud artistically at muged, that
it stwns almost a pity to spoil it.
line difficulty in the wavnf Investigating
ttto boundless ana Bottomless eefraptlM of
OraathsBi is that em.! Democrats of dtstiaetloa
Besot to bo rtiv-'iileil at evry new troko of tno
dissecting knife. Tnov Md iMIr frtsods mske
vrfttt eBorts to .tup dii sush Inysstlesttoas t but
ttits SBOUM not I e Allowed, Lot Iho DoUSoetHtl
now in Congress so on and do their dutv with
out fear or partlitlliy toward thu Democratic
rascals that wore there in termor days.
Wtitlo tlm sudlonro Thursday aftsni'ion was
waliiiiK pie Mr. MooDVs srrtvat, u of tie .id .
0'i.ir. paSj.S with a . U-turn ffSsb, sad a .nrtcln-' 1 iwS
of uea sas wosisii rssbos la over tbe easlr.sndd ws
froBl the ssll :. In rarftr hS'lt ni secure .ejth. ihe
erfttl' "no ,l"r 'tir lirnu.nt t Ii- saSleSS. Id It left In .to
llet nt, nltil every "lie KlOSOS III a lrllit. u-d w.ij in
I lie itireeihoi nl me er'iwilu.g tlirtiug, auticlusliug eniu'
arc. lit ut. - nisei rspoH,
Tide I. adlseredltsbbj sort f thing nt lbs Rip
pedroms nhont which we bssr frota tlne to
ttrse. Wlillf passing the Hti'P'idrim. bstwe.0
.even and tight o'clock on the evening of the
day when tho ahove scene waa en letsdf we sua
a etriuEjill'ttf crowd nt tho Madison uvetme side
trylaa SO wet through the line uf p itios lu front
i f the doors, and we are informed that audi
sued, clea aro often lu lie scon. Tti pae'do
were Jamming each other people of both sexes
In a selfish, III mannered my, and .me or
them were very migrv at tludr enforced exclu
sion, it may lis pleasing In aotne men's eyes to
see shuiurs eicaued In these buttles of salv itlOD,
but we should think th.y must be oS vetv
unfit frame Of mlBd to rtMlVS any benefit from
tne prvsehlna. Courtesy and self ahnsgstitin are
importaot parts of reilulon.
The reason why certain ptctnre. of
foreign srtlsts hnvc bmughl nigh prices at t ee, -ia
aue ion stiles, iioiwiiti.t.iiidlng toe bsrtasss of
the times 0d the spread uf ecuiiomy In BISttsrS
uf luxury. Is uasllv got. at. Ii Is Hint the market
for such pictures -tho more celebrated ones by
einli.eiit artists is not oouQiu'd lo this country,
and that they ran always tlnd purchaaers abroad
al ihete full value. They are like gold coin.,
which bave not only an intrinsic value, mil cau
tie marketed anywtieto at ilieir propel valua
tion. It I. different with the ordinary run of pie.
tore, thrown off by our feebler ui lists, which aro
but of local olro il .1! on, like our greenback cur
rency. There are picture, of renown In Ameri
can gsllsrlsa which would fetch great plies,
even iiuild general bankruptcy, fruui men who
would buy iu order to sell.
Mr. Boutin Bpggasa oommunloataa io
u. a lutlur puohshed in His t'ottohc BstSstti
call 1 1 u u on Ii . .in (atbOllOS to reject Hi.
HSTBld atwspspsr, saying Hi it "the Htril.t't
SlreUiStlon hn. fallen off upward of Sii.tshl ooplss
par dsy a lihlti His iiual six iiiouihs, and It Is
gr.nl ii illy becoming less poptilnr than usual."
We dc.lie to stale thai we have no lafoiOlSttOB
uu ibis subject, and while we liav. ou.erved lu
the Jtiutd one or two It.Jidiulous art I Ics
wtiioh were ilkulv to he ntf usive to sincere
Caihollcs, w do mil thlt.k ttidt there ia in tha
uiuiiaeeuieni or geuerul uliurucer ol tbut JjOBmsl
any purpose ol being unjust or Injurious cl her
towurd the ltomau Csitliulio religloa or any
otlier form of rellgiuua f.lib. Mr. llENarrr, lbs
diior of Hie ffintht. Is a Cutliolie ; so U Mr
Co.Naisay, It. uiauauing editor; and .o, we be
llcve, aro some of lbs principal writers who
contribute to Us eotumas. The Heraid steins to
us gsucrallv fair aud lesusoiful tewsxrt tb
Cethollc Church as toward the doctrines snd th
people of other Christ I .in denominations ; and w
trust Mr. Spicucmi will tartlBltf SoBStdSf tbe
whole stii ject before he turns our contemporary
from bis seats slot SB OS,
This week two hoys hsv been convicted tn
I lie i on i of (jii.rtcr SessluaS ' r .tenting trSVysri
fr.iin the noun of .nheri Iner. slier lle-y hau Sees 'inly
delivered Ry ifr- ngulir carrie Ileltt sere sell
pr orn Irers. pari tsith hsd he-n roiiB.i-'l tn prison erne
tune tn-furc it i.l. In these case. Ijuthltie OtBSS Jury
Snd the p..lt Juries tun. the itshl view of Hie .nt.Ject . :t
coiif w'ni-n ii .... ma sleays h.ip: en, s. ..inietluies
He .i' ho lie bnld the otitnieii iii.i s prosepoUea lor
stealing hall s doges nessiisner., tti- rust of whlcti is
in t srette cent., i. l.,o Irlvisl s in itler lor cunt lit Kta,
Hu IheeVlflS fsr c r insulin. r of sseSey
lionlv .1. II is n" llgi I tiling for the fnlntlle. Ill a
a ti'itc ii.ostilinrh'iiid pi he rtenrlver ilsy slier d.f of
ilic newspaper, wtiicb II In th"ttt ir i emy a mutter nf
SSttSfactlOB. nut . in. Iter "f eonteril or- . ins .avtnf of
lalmr In their .linviiug, and ihe rnritliiiii nf lafurni.illuii
uiMin afT.ir. and event, .miir tirue. of ,t. t moaivut aud
eten uf life and death. I'hiUiarlphta l ' 'c
Clin ns. A. M.. Is right. It la no light thing to
ho deprived of tho solemn Joy of reading the
cam. which glisten like so many tears hi the
o Unary tOlBBJB of tho JSgoifS .cdoer. In coin
BartsOB Ithjlbll deprlVal Ion. the lues of tb two
cents SOlBdltS Into in-lctitfli uncs.
It Is yet the OOnVlOttOn Of Sam Harii of
0 so revs nnd Alabama that Oasst ought tovet
a third term, so that. Instead of leaving the Gov-
sfBfnsai ablis it i. nut partially purilsd, be muy
con, id, te iho Both of Its thorough purification.
It BlUSt be admitted that tillAM I agent hi the
ptirifilng lln.' hnve not been entirely SBOOrtafUl
dating these savea years of bis PresidoBtVi lie
has been i Misted iu lbs busiasm by s rssrlBisftt
ef Ids relative.. laeladlBg brother llnviL at
hrae, Brotaerdn-laa Oabbv at New Orissns,
rt"W V ik. uml tVashlngtoti, llroihtr-in-law
Cbambmbi DsBiBark. tbe Dbittc all arauBds aad '
many others. Il" Pss a'--o Ii n,t ibe sssislnce of
other msn of hi. appointaieBii hue Babooob in
the Won. II . us . Doss BMBMKBS III Ihe 1)1.
tnetofO lamblai Bauta ap m lbs STar Depart
meats Sboob Robbsob in lbs Navv, McDobalo
at Ht. I. title. PllKBB BcaSBOB nt I. nd"ti, ami
h'lndrcils of others of SI 111 list clisracier. II
hss also so Jo red the eauoesl of ins leadiag
ftlSBdS in both Houses of Cmcre.., IncludinsT
such pur.tien as Spfcjn SB of atobama OatMSBOS
of Ps nnsrlvsalBs PaiTBBaoB of South Osrollaai
CtgaToTuB of Arkansas, bAaouiT of Cslifornla,
sad othir. Bvea with such asslstaaaa bo hi.
bssa UBshla to prsssm u. with a perfeoUy
pun- Qoremmi nt, bktbteaer1 nnd sSWient. itui
rive hltfl a tliird ISrW, Ulth Pleaty more mutc
rial tif Hi" same aorc. aud lie will then gd on
with the work of partflesttoa in a wav last musi
rlrase SAM BaJin .lid make the rest of the
people stare it take, time t i carry IBfOUgB
such u Job. U lth sevcu years' experience of p.,
llS bSS '.nl' had tUBS to gel hi. hand In. H" ll a
eecu how things work upon its wai of working
them, tne tot to. poet h.o teeo sueh aa to give
the people .unit' idea of tae Prospvut.
Elsewhere iu to-day', issue of TUB Si n
wdlte In. ind so account of the mstarkaOts ex
ped nco of a detective wlo mm emptersd if
PrssldSBt OBAMr, ai tho public exiieoao. In
watch District Attoiney DtBM while BaJJOOCX'S
cue ass pond las lo St. Lools, it a an iBtsrest
log and I tat. Sell VS story wult'b will well repay
Our oorrep mdeul who sign the name
of Oemmon Sn.e thuilia tbt plan of redeeming
Iks areeaascks hi a four per cant, bond win be
lasgsetlTSi beoSUSS it will BOt reailt In tasit ra
demptloa, Rs i. portly right, Tne plaa will
work no sudden cbange, and no plan
sTonit b good one witch did. We
must be content to wore tlowlv. We sre
satisfied If any movement whatevsr can Bs
secured in the right direction. Our danger la
Ibst tho poller of oosoiuto lasetloa win no eon.
tinned vet touger. and this w i deslro. above all
tbtags, to a volt. Kver so smnii surreal will
filially wear a channel and dra-r o.T BurroUBdlBg
Stagnant waters ll does not i1j in practical
affairs to rej '. I ev.trvthing be". tare we canti it
baVS J OSt W not we want. H.lf aloif is belter
lhan bo bread Batbesldsetbls.il is a mattir
of prbus necessity to fix IBs VSlUt of tho green
luck, snd sn-e.t ibe extreme Sactaasioas in gold
tc which wears n w liable. Th. four per cent,
bond will do this, anil II It had uo oilier merit,
till, would bo s controlling reason lor adopt lag ll.
Candor requires us to stale that the stock
of Hi. aim. of Mains 1. rlslaa si pres.ni.
"The Hoys' Club " favors us with a
potamuaioAiion somslalBiog uf "the shameful
wnv fonng men In tin. city as finpluv.es rs
c mpellsd to labor for lUOb entail salaries."
iho bor. ougiil to undt'ilaiid luat ttie stn.tll
ne.a of salaries Is not a thing lo be complained
about It is regulated by tbe asters of the work
in Bbteb the persons arc smplovod nnd the
Bomber of persons who nre seeking for such
work. Tile rut. of wage, hi every dtpartmsat
ef labor Is regulated by the state of the market.
It literals more work tnan there are workers lo
do it, the trlei of work risest aad If tbere we
mote workers Hum there Is work to be done, the
pries fall.. If the salaries pntd to members of
the Hoy.' Club ate below the murkt t prioe, all
Hi ItheybSVetO do Is to leave their situations
and get better pay elsewhere; bul It is useless
forthemtU write to toe new , papers about it.
No .ngiunenta or appeals csu change iho l.ibor
in rktt and all that tno newspapers can do In
His matter Is to report the current rates of
wuges. The boys should begin by gelling Jusl
and SOOUre IS notions into tuelr bo .ds.
Celt. S' BBVCB describes his fliend nnd
patron Fauk as a " liberal and gSBeroUS mail."
Hut thit is no nana for It. Sen BCUBBCK
PASS is a SBbllme philanthropist who towers
head and shoulders un,.vu all Uleo ly liner. J and
seaerous sUauelers ju.i rsoolleet w hat bs did
for you at a Urns when your luck was ruanlBt
bad uii. 1 you wero lodditig baud taat had no
Rionef In them. Ho fairly forced iotO your
picket. 090,000 of stock, lent you the moass to
pay for ll and charged vuu no Interest, oveP.
whelmed you with dividends ay blob the .lock
had never rc.lly earned, aud wt IB the time
cume ai oillid fur the tiiril SSttleBMBt Insisted
that pot owed him BJMBO lest than you thoilgbt
you did. ThU waa loo much msgBOBlmUy for
even you to swadow, uud you paid up your ob
ligations luxe a Mai ir tienerai, irsntfsritns to
tliu wbobHMMISd I'aiik Hie sunt of tadoUJ, In
tbe following slupc :
Ossb, ft (TOO
CerUttCSt "f .tnek in t'ie VSrSllllloS r".l Cnniesny
ut I Hauls, th Nations! lusursueoi ostpaut uf Uiai.
Ingtuii, .tidi'tlier eea lraillsS to III. SsUOual "f t'ts'.o'.i.
I'r uabuvary ants ul M. woouiicll fui J,"tsi, ru-U"is-1
In St nsaiaj
No wonder yon ooosldsr Ptiia a liberal sad
generous luaii, QeU IfOHaNCK Hu. pareiv be
nsrekent Saaaotsf must have itnoera that Ysr
iidiiion Coal Uompgny oertuleetee arc not worth
a coiit btSBtal tuai Hie National losiirauee Cn a
BSBy of W Sail UlS tOP is BOM mikpukiui'. ex
ploded 0OB0I rn, and thai Hie nolo of WOOD
HULL, endorsed StBIBMCBs Is paper too mart
eight of wi t b would muko any s.iue ti nkur
Ibudder No wonder, we rep - it, ttcit you are
gratoful to .ii . p.titK. lie bus seee ktadei ihsa
uu uncle to you.
Wp have ibe be.t sutborits fors.ylnii tiiat
PauufSP Bill SQI sstof me it'tiurc uuia.-II tut om.
NeMbor wui BssoaBS.
The Rmperorof Bioxll Is to be salsed by
tbe Board of Aldermea upon ids .naval here, a
eomtnlttea of tno board has been directed to
muko arrangements for a graod oivlv reaeptuia
in bis honor. Doni Pi.mio ll. is a wtde
nwnku mun, w. 11 informed as to the news of in
ditv, uud has doobtlo.i. beard of the eiilcriuin
meatS provided for royalty bv Hie Aldermen of
lids city tho turn out of th e inilitnt, the dtlvo
up Broad way lbs banquets, the baUs, ami tno
SSfsnsdSS, He muy have Imcn utli .eted hereby
IbB . ccounts of these tblDgS that huve reached
blto In llruxtl. Wo buvo never nud so gru t a
monarch HBOBg BS an SrO I eror nt that ; aud the
civic reccpiloii tu bim Otlght to siitpaa. all oth
ers as mil' Ii as he .uruaasos audi atiioll-potato
iiiuturchs a. King K snvaAliA If ti Alder. nen
tSO Und th ipoiiey fur Ii. Il was with Kala
k AP A that our Ala.rinun bail Hour last royal
Jolllfli'utlon, sotno of tbs bills lor woieh hsvs
uol yet i.e. ii paid.
Au Income Tub la tlaba.
Havana. M reh tJO. A ueeroe lias been Issued
widen e.i.ousti'-s se tin ouie tax of 30 t.er c.-i.r. ii ya
iile luguuiur as c, uivsl.ui tu sauk Mil.. Tu. Juuts
dt ui i. ajHiUsates
Pohlmaa SV nnah Foand - . oa Fonr
ou.it. The ll.lltnsn I'enallT.
CaiCABO, Marcli .11. On Ihe opening of
th I'nlted Slates Mstliet Court this innrtung
th. Jury In tho Pohltuan ft Huh esse raroe Into
court with a verdict finding the defendsnt.
guilt? of the first four counts. These counts
charge: First, Hint th defendants being die
tillers distilled lim.OtlU (idlon of spirits subject
to tax with Intent to defraud th t ti led States
out ol tho lax Iboreon; second snd third. Hist
the defendants carried on s distilling buslnesa
and removed spirits subject to tax. and ou WbtOt
IsS had not lieen paid, to ulhor warehouses
than provided by law ; fourth, that Ibey snf aged
In an unlawful ci nsnlracr to put on the market
Bl.000 proof gallon of distilled spirits suhjsct to
tax without paving lx, threhy defrauding th
United Suites of the tax thereon.
The fines nml Imprisonment nn thes four
Counts. If .ggregateil. Would b In Hie minimum
2.pm fine, hiiu v.ar's iniprisonnieni, and a Dtia
equal lo twice the amount of the tnx. fjpdsr
me second and third counts th ,
woo Id heaat,0110lns and ten yo imlmpris m merit ,
Mr. stoirs enn red a tiiottuii for a BSW trial. Usil
Was fixed nt f ItaXO each.
I bu i wo counts on which I'ohlmon Hush
won loiiud not guilty aro th so Which eh irgo
theui n itii tmnsplrmg wita rord, oinor t oo
An AfBdiivIl rrom Ibe Itel.ei Fntitllv In An
swer lo lr. John tteHaPi
To Titr BoiTOM or The Sin Sir; fit
view of the IrtlOlS tha, have reeenilv appeired
In son, e of the BSWspepSSS. purporting to give
Inti rvlrw. with on ,lohn McKay, of this village,
snd In WhlOb he Is represented ns bSVitlg Insln
ustotl thnt we h St henrd from our brother
since Id. mysterious disappearance ou the night
of Nov. 4, IflXi we have thought pr per lo
make tho Pillowing kflhluv ll lu answer to such
Very re-pectfu'lv yours.
II ins tn I . hi i. si v, iBAB W, Vi " "era,
,t afs ' t .v. it Toir, eaaats "f Mifhtk, .RtpT7 r.
K'-;.ev s nl lis. in Ui K. Ki'i't-v. hi. w lic, W lilaliis Bel
r, ihii.o .. geitey, rarsh W. Wilfstt aud Pi itf B.
wtfletl h'r hiishni'l. lesing Self sn .ev.-e. It it r ,
ssf each tor himself uud hut..df Hist ISey Save uev.-r
sees or nearl ot or fn n i'lsIfbriitRer. Charles Q. S1
Sey, ell er nlrfet y ivr iiunrei'ily. li any w.v or manner,
lines Roy. t. iSfs, Ami sssoerat fsrtaet lay nui
i. v-re f'liv sattSded s ul verily bsl'evs ihsth,lb
. .a Cnsrl O.K i-v. ws. inma,re,i ua i lie iiiaht of
N 1 . 4 ISTII. sad list tn reiu.iu. roead la ny.ttr Bar
hsesor in auaast.lPrn wets Hi. 111118111-. of Hrsmls
I II iriss t. R ''s. . o, , j.
Him'.i V Kti'vs, 101 ki "i 1 9. .1 Ksi.ar.
H.'.'.tii X. Kli.rr. Hvlttll W. WILteVTS,
win isa S, awiiSSTi I'lirr u Wiixstts
'il'ui'l' t'. .u.l rswialo ui'tor.i to' t'l. M'tl. .lay of
MsreS. is.d. (110. M. Tilsstos.
Nuturv PBalts, .uffuia cvuuiy, N. Y.
BeamioTOBi L u Msmb n.
The rlnlure Seuater and 111 I'relty Yotiiia
Tmm the it Iiiiii'ionN. .V.irs.
To tite sk ich of Cbrlttbtnoy should have
bssa added nae of hiswl etbsnrett) rreesurr
elerk. 1 called to ppe Ber With SOBS friend, on
her reception day. We found her lo one of th
blest houses 111 0110 of 11. snidest streets. ;thl
Itotlana 'ivemie. N W. Wo wore led IbSl sirs,
Chrl- dsn. V was it liottle. und w re 11-heied loin
a ilt .gv lit t lot isrlor on th tie.; flo r, where we
eef kl .div received by nn "Id gepi.eui n who
or .eotesl ns in these words: "Mv wife. Mi.
1 tuistiaaey."
She Is prettV IPtle dot of a worr.n. and, iin'li
n:v h r. I 1 k- d us pl.-ased as He 01 I. Whh it.
It was lmpo..lhle to reallBS .he WOS it. wife.
He must be hulf a etti'ury her senior, and
though a spry old rr. in. would bn token for no
lie r.-r relntlve than grandfsther. SasMltotrsS
out of aer teens, petite, but aot sllgbtiy buin.
1'iing s dlmpied and plump as a bahv. Her
bair Is siihtiru, and. warn in a si nolo brail
ban Ting 1) own her hack, udded to ber yoathlal
sppesrsaee. he wn dressed in a . inn brown
.ilk gown, cut serf high In th n"' k. and with
long sloeves. She I .XSeedtngiV f ur. nnd the
throat nil bin were nestled in Hie s .ft folds nf
the rich, creamy luo 1 now so inuch w an. A fall
eflhossinokliidoi lace couc -aied lbs . nit, f-t
bands, u.ou which there were two plain gold
The modest dress did not conceal the outline
of a we rounded irm and superb bust nnd I'm
question In my mind w-s. how l-.or It -vo'iid t.
before sue would .me" ir in soei tv in the scatitv
c -111.10 which bore prevails to the envy of
Women and the odtelrittna nl men Ko. the
old msn's darlurr lis. a beautiful figure and
face, nml her complexion Is perfect. If I. pure
nnd fnu,h tit centra t with dnikevea nnd hair.
Seek clear, h-own eves 1 huve not seen In msny
u day, and they li.iv. nB tiepi-alit'g ex' rOKsinn
which 0110 cannot resist. A dimple In Ibe left
cheek and another lu the chin complets tno
oharai of tho face. Tbt trnmh is only ptetts
when BlOSSd. It w,l he fairer to view when csre
sh :l have given length to th upper lip. Tics
s cruel te si. y, tint 111 the nature ! cause tud
itect then la mans s liesrtaehe for tier.
In cotiversati.'ii .he is eersssblO. uud ber man
n Nr. ste quiet und self-p sd.ssed.
PellttOBl MeealtlV of Women at a l.osv K.bh,
f r m it4 .Villi..
Mr. T. w. Hlgginson, in a recoil' number
nfrhs U'onMn's ,,,, frtfSS 01 bitere-tm z .'
count of bis subrnissliin of tn Belkn nesssto
five 1 diss "f b'- seoualntsnee, one of theoi a
po son ' w tio.e mor 1 standard Is rathe. exs,t.
Ine sad whose insolute dlrsetnss sndtrutn.
fulasas would drive CBsrlss Ke, .! : lc.o l.',
'i to. last ono saw nothing wrens PI Belsmap's
p.rf .irmsaees snd nrgued tae msttsr with Mr
ulBginson tf the other four nnlv one looked
st It as an bonorsbls man would lo.a at a ease
of bribery th nthsrs deaooneed the ex-Seere
tnry and his wife solely on phtlant lir" pic grounds
f. e . hecMitso thev raised the price of the sui
let's goods lo the gejldlcrs
Tlteeooclusl in Air. H 1. ' o drsws from thl.
.tit'- of things (which he deeply deoloresl is
Hist th loose views nf these ladlc on th sub
J ct of pubUe niorshtr were doe. not ti their
sex. but to the habit of their sex that Is. to
their remoteness from public atrnlr, and th.lr
w nl of fsmld irtty with them ; and he compares
their notions about briberv to those ol s recluse
nr unworldly man to those, for Instance, of
Charles I ,vi . who humorotislv approved of
smuggling. As a matter Of f set. WO think Mr.
Illgelnson greatly nmierrites me pihticai
niiirallty of rSClUSS and unwnrldlv males. We
have nev.-r baOPSBed tn coin across on who.
In hi. retirement, was nut much more sensjriv..
and exacting on Hie matter of "fUci d purity
tbjn "tho.o more settvely osajasod.
Drtaa Wont. i aeeeai .iniisinrD,
SVi iaie .ST. tseif .l ies.
Shed no mulete PS lor me; H, II. Ilris
low, 'I be -.me is rlov d out. Poker 11 ib Sehenck.
Si nd to your post Ir uler .nips . c.u u'arnieo.
I am glad thai I die voting. It would he A
terrible thing tu grow old and sluful tvVIl
II ims,
Nl v s. n. never w rite letter. tPlertepont.
If I hud only been born wins I nnuid have
III ids Ju a twice us much. - b li vil I.. Uratll
s one tuv. to roam "'er th, dark se 1 fosm but
us foi in-, gnu me a woiui-eateii n .11 hi u snug
harbor. (Itobeann,
II tu'l weep for me I'm gild to g 't out of tho
wlldemsm Msel tuo iu tbo bsppy hunting
grt initio, - I Duliuio.
I.o i not "ii iho .1111 when it is crooked.
IJ.ii. 1 MeD maid.
Tuey say ttie btreets of mo New Jerusalem
nr.. payed witbgolu, twanltogo, -lioasSbep.
Who would have IboUBhl that cold lontue
would sin a m in .' - bliin ill line,
1 go WbSrS "Hi iu s the word." .loyce.
A Frrsrnl of tlld tVBIakey far lies, llrnni.
Veai the tt$4tHQUm I'-ei.
W" saw nt the express Office a few days
Sines a paekaee addlstsased to tleu, j'. s. Orant
SB Washington, uud learned ou Inquiry that it
was 11 esse 01 old Lsxliw on Oluh wulsksv, .tdp
ped 1.1 . 1 nv Messrs J oltson 1 Ucnd 01 i.fs cht.
Ilotli ill these reotloilli a Were foriUt rlv rebel
sol I rs, but concluding that nepotism und
Uelktl p IBB sprang r , 1 her from th 1 Im nor of
wiuskev im dn uk 10 n from tn innate viuiuiis
pes.. determiBed Isioorrecttheeiilsof lln Ad
miuisirauon to mine extent oj ssudiiis ti,
riasideut soinu sonq nid.lasblousd Buurb n,
such u. uo BSVer dr ma before.
a Prestrtertaa Himer the Bsm
Pretg ia. as h .
A oommutstloti ptissouBor ou one of our
suburban trains got tu nsslf Into J ifieulty iw
1t1i1nceu.lv re n rkfua tbati fur h s iNtrt, he liked
u licallhy. Positive, str-ilff'll.UP-Hnd down IV us.
pyierTAli woiit.r. A mi.tv, stoshy c.n i,..i
tioii.il winter, like the I si, did not .1111 hun.
Re mod to sxiustiii us beet ic c out tiiroush
the sfoklnPi m 1 Ounetegutlonal winters were
good for ,0111.' cotes I 11 iun.0ul wa nlv lei off
ou a pro 1 iss i" bs mors utiuperalumate iu 1.1
ooiiipaiisou, bersafter
The Ki. In Tribunal to IVv lleecher.
vi i ui las JfsMeiMsf
Kvery dny rcinh is it mure doulltfnl
whether there is suvhody free enuuth ft on hi s
to luipartlullv luyestlifats ins llssotier .caudal
why not aaaitt the astlonel ImBuvtanes of tbs
case, and have it r nir ted ny a vatboilc, .
slalll od 1st, an Kpr.onpad.Bi a Pre tn Isrloo und
..I, nn Wu will uaree to design ite a Meth
od t.i nlshop who would decide ilia cam, so fur
as ids yule would ko, upon tue tacts presented
ut the Utol,
Ono dollar sxpsmled now In purchuslne a
botlle ut Jayue's Kxperloraitl hy thus. Imu tiled 101 s
light Uuugn or 11 .1 1. . T.iru.i, uisv s.ivs
the SXPI hst uf s .1 .1 A tieglrcleil Cuugn of leu
uuds Ul (Xinsuiiipliuu. A sltathl laa.ininauuu of the
lining ul the wind Ulue , tha U.usl .l lllpluui. of wlllcll
sre Htire Throat sno a Pain In the rris.si, fr queutly
leuus lo hruuomils. A a iy' delay ulsy eauul innollis
uf saSamuv. Betier try st oacs J.yue . r. tu- . r i.ui ,
s .1.111 -rd reuisily, vh.,se turalivs iireirerUss ssys
tieeu tesiM ut iatiu.auus.-jds
-Thii Jy-ftmrCJ tVv'. rimt.nli will be nivi
rwnlrti st IliiUdeliihU. j Wl
fsllHTca wtird in 1licKnjr1i-.il lntiiiagfW
which ( ..nt-ilnll th. vows? Umiu.'st.unur, ) Jrfk
The Kiiir of Hnihn,,! iM K,Vt
lownr.l tur m iikm nt Dmck ckdrc't ia UiU rnr.' ' M
Tbfl Sun KninfUctp Oatl aayt that vf r ff
Mnnri; m ry mm nm for mmm mim II
Mna ami ksllvrr mUts. n
-The 8ooU)h hcrrl&g nshrrirn rani 17 J II
fr"",ss. rttrtf, ami fi.e Ugm n-ticrltri oo not falj il
inurti li. low thut flsturo.
A DCW BUMUtll hiM bftP OpMMd i I
K ifJMi in whlrh wi 1 li,- rt rliHtW tho MUffWlM -ns .' I
flOU r.l UrtTt tHBjg t)l0 gjsj ,tvt rfi.
..111 fraooUco has adjournrti f, I
Nbooll f-T v. st,t of now, ttif children nuw bo aroaadj M
tl.rowiuf Btone tt liei.Lit i CIiIum to UMJI bfaruH 1
tODTitit. ' I
A tioa!hffl(1 hnn lf(n netilrm-fMl In' J
IsOBd n i mix nioiititk' iiiiirlaontnii at turd tibor. A
Hrir.it a rrM rallr ml tl .-t hy rUil ftlllDtf tLiecut' I
iliit h(-hid loat hi pork ti int.
JobB Clrtrk, until I year 50 a ronortet; I
Bmplt.yrd dt the Hr.okivn ft ffZf, and MINIMI mm-
glial student In Milan U$ botu erigtagt 1 fur ictio Tt-r I
bv Maplcsuo, ilia Loudon opert mauaifr. B
-Tho iWi Ur. IlliukU, of Ethnhurgh, I
aajt tbut tlia umdurn atrntuu u like Mil uf V
ottctrui!i iil-Hcy aad nl . c ptlie ayatcr.'' firvtUsxr H
lHaekl Idea of toddy) rrr.;, at ia.it. B
A DltO wonh :(i,00() htui xtnttnd frornJ W
Ch ir . -lot, for ssv.'ii fi, m orufug hu p .stabir as a sutlur I
i Juttfal ei ffl
hrir to th it s im, and tmt nn iiiona wito whicri to ftj
I .gbjji
In fintifT )ny, wIiti n nilnnman wtW Wf
pu'hsd ,n,o the nirid by a Im Kranriit h m Itaro. Ht! H
wonid nulr aay, " on hnu io, rn- tir' g -o'ry H
N .w Jufei crarka rrar.lc with a aiuDgrshof. aul tlv sport' B
ui' to piss ng: n way. B
Mm. VaVO Ootti tht? rfTlvitllat, nr thnfes B
I r-sMirot f t'oHsrhgrapstr, a mart wall known tolhat B
puUic, n centlv aatcrd her, " La tbera uv hu, r for aa, B
mu h j J a aiDuvr aa 1 am." bin told httn there waa, n.a , B
hu is no v aluut tu t-r oriatru hla 'QTursl ju. B
Anxlotw timmina of IhrtM " fourHMaVn I
MN dautrli'.ers apt'aklnf, sho tuioks, tn her liuiuand1 J I
JgggVMt Uuai, 1 t..l'Jk hf iiaa cjiulit him. fit t .mi isJ
pr'iposiiis;." ,) Bnrf (Wi... tor trav) : " I do;i't ttihu ha I
aiu, til I'a ii be'eo Just ns' n:r M hrlu ht n M rie'i." I
MAtrocioui ujii? of cMldren ha bwo I
tin- pnctlec ll tbeOili liiMHW" Oftlitll" ltd ju. Aa
otn itt inv'stirfstl in slio a t Mt poindtrtf w.n trirrel I
atave'. bluns ta th f re tht le t 1:sfl i,ri i . niirka, B
ani uiht-r iquaiW atsvrtre puaisrimoata, ware dally Bp B
' Ai,r.ih ; lriiTrtM'!;," Mid Klimthftn.. 9
as th y w. r wntnirir down Uli noery, Dfl at. d-ir. H
aatd Mrs. lturvtit. srinpatiiatiCA.tr, 'wii-re? fl
"lu rr," and t'u.ih ui. iJii.atli.tr to a dtad log Ift B
gdttar, " Tbafa! a bark tliai'a tost f jrevtt." "tjtil" W
aail Mr. t iru'lna. B
A qM ljt?!uttuli.i to IV.-sth.tn Wil-mi of
l.ttu-'i n recrnuy g u up i i his hod and ak 1 bin by
srrit tii'iif Ttirtian olT. t nnmelia'f r-:irart anl IT
r-u'wtllts itnnntr itt nig, llttl M lM9 gm up B
aud t i:ni thr llstaa oq Br ab iat tha flroplatr.', Jimi la
tun fd Mini tne house aad the fim If. B
Th t.Mvertior f '.i-ni t)rifain'! lffst. I
sr.ia;g'Hoii. thr Kljl I land, tr Arthur .rd n wovia '
a ji t o he a t tfiy utffi'reul iuil uf raaa fr. m tlie oroi
Dary Auiertcgn orllrej holdvi or salarr grauurr. Ovlag
tu Ilia reeeuua haTng falttM ah'irt ol prtftaOl eatuV
mairs. Hlr Arthur, aUbotafb euttticJ to hi, ni-rj of
j too t jr tart art cuts ottl) ISSfiOO,
A Londoo hostler wh no.u-ly (tcrapi-
teteo r--rent!r lo a curtoa msnner. lie wn drlv'ug aa
uiiiihus into tha it&Me y,rd to charuj the noraea,
whrti a tf.rgraph wire, writ h . i broaoa. and o.n eatl
of VhlCb had nerour fjstrned to a fern raittag, iq
tint It litfttg a r.'sa thr rard, rauht him tin-far tl rhli,
nftiattM a ' rnh!.. wour d. and kllllag Mm mai -,!
They'vo found out t ha a-txri t of W
1011 rduraice in logl nd. A L ij ion paper saya tbat
baa gkiii.f ioag diaaiie-a, ;ha " famuaw pedt Btriaa'
glMra llM dried lemt ul' ia ' C yea," a Wsjttd hoim
Id Dsi lia, wlncn la sxld to art im a raual woadcrfui
" VI ta preveut-r." gl ini'Oi tlM p-rson uaii.g It to bus
talu thr gratt b p irsic .1 e& iltlM H cau ill tve loog
Ottta-ic prueatrianB uuw.
Mr. Tuft, wifo of tho noir Sr-t i t-'iny of
Wai, la I'j tivatod uuv. itti dtaMad pf iiifctiuo
for Uf -i i.r. Hn- is r m re, sine f tr her 'llrlrolroe,
and ) vinrf fcaaa t iMtaiittj eagai ii ia vatti t cnartty
for s ntH tiiu paat Iter riMioral tu Wat'im ;i will rm
a at?rl ut lose to the asjof af t'luetonatl, Aitiioara
wt-ull: y, Judtra T ft a id Mr. Taft tiave a.uapra
Ivrrud it iiuipia style ut litiug.
Thl week MtM BiiMti B. fVnthony iaV
drvsseil tue luresi Maatt winch hna aaaatfl etf in
ChlcatsO tltli aeaon. At tliu olose, Loog .'oliu Went
Worth waa tna flrsi la rua'i u;-on tae ; ,. ,n ..nil "L
iratwata tier uuou hrr noaaaii Tlta pfaaaatla oi una
ii H Ihfi u-ld-'d eO alia: Mi a Aothoiiy had otHutiird at
oi i r nu t' Utga tins aa.tts .t t-njti ,i ur to uir hr
iubb- s at u rm in putitihlitiii Kftl RtroliiUon.
otrtalu pompoua Judge ttu-ed -'vorni j
law rs 1 10 earn f r OMtanpfl of court. A f t-r thry
h d t adl th-lr di)ta. a sir dy going old attorm-t walked
tfkfHf up to the bv-,t Ii, aud laid down a 1 10 hill.
" Wa ta thut tori" latqalfasl iho Julia. NVof eon
truipr, y ur Honor." " W .it. I haro col t o tuv
Ct'Uirj.iit. ' "I know Hut," mid UisJ Mlprngjr. btf4 I
Hau: faa to Ui.dunt:aii I 1 OsMfWl a toci et (HM i .uut fur
this couri alt Uk4 lui , a.; 1 I H w lll;ig lu p y lor Its'
' 'ii tiiu Ul of July an MUlbtUotl ol 11
tuauui id urea, an 1 ajfnfa.iurv will ut op.ui Ui-
fllif.'IB, tlie C-lpitai Of Kit: Ltud. flit-aJlli'U'l lu I'C t'
liiuii d are aurh as Iff pio.iarrl lu thr aOUatff . wltri
the t-lt'rpllon ul ttaMtttfJ wit.ch foreign n . iiaviug
ag-nta ai the counirr witl he pentiittd 19 rxhiOii.
jpiepara J at tor ihe aot ui'tiodatioa of Tietiors ara
bnug male io U UuuMor-, aud tha owu win tM vary
gay, as ii it arud that Mm KiuiMirur ul ltaaia, who la
Oinuu Uuao of Kiuiand, wtU vlait hi sjii) ,! ia VlUr
laaJ uti wila ffOTaaitHl Tb cuu.it rv in liacif bai aUf ss'
t una tor a tOttftlt. thf-sfu a t il uua gagjg jj: litna
BBBTb6 ' 'yutdian Fanner trllf nloi ntnry
ofa n an naiiit il Laallfi aha VatttM Me M-try'sha
gaia bnatiaj laatag a atamaa oa Im apioaita ataxtvaigj
ba Ore si. a. id, at the aslllf iiioinent, a poipolst,- lrspt.it
from IMaUrai4 thr hu lei killed tu:h i and tho
HOi si in porp ivM loata kl lla Bhtirr, and IM bun
tt r av4 it ai a raft t paddll ai roaa to tli mnosi-.
Three ha found that the tiuhet, aftaf klliiug in niiHisre,
h d gooa into a hollow tree, in whkh wa a siovsjos
si ii mi woirp waa d iWVM t iruuirh llrsa boia MM
b iha ballad ' " ; for what ho Uiuugui waa s
ItlOVi lt piUsf up tho tude, In caught a raobtt uy tka lag.
Ktttur suiilrd, ha ibr w it vwlauily frotu nn ami
strui k a UOfaj oi figiittM ii iar'iiUs("t ailllttg tlu-ui ..i
It Will bo ivuit iubt'iud Unit two oi
thrt-i- years since the QaaaltOO uf ti e purc'ia of all
Uia rat I way i hj OovatiMiaBl wa t$$Mt4 u r-nstiand.
it nat, bowavafi vitk bit ItlUa favor liiibjf vltl uuk-
lio.dtTB or the pi-op Ht urge. In lia y, however, a
like i ropoMtloii ta so -u to Iw carried out Victor u-
Kn ai.U". in a n-retii frtim Uio throne., a.
u niii d that t;o- QOTafDniOBl Intended co purt.hrtce u. t
Work ttir ntiMtal railwaya uf the km, A lid Ul V
tt a l'ru lan Hiel a Mil beuu lutrotluord uy tha 'A
UuVaruOituUt pruvidlug lor ihr sale of Uir f( rll
w ) lo t.iti tuiplre. Tbi hi . uiaktB tue aalr u pi Mail
upon Uiiai profal ut iba inipt-riai PafUavaiiia uwl aisii
dt-. n t a i bal IM biate IIMY1 MIM over privatt i lllwafl
q r.tis ii shall ps to i i.t' luiptiial OoTrfPfOrtTtt
Tla Mil has wxeit-d ilanil In ib" imu if tier n ib Staiaai
Tho SuprtTiio t'niirt of the I flitted
Bt.i'cs h fill divided nit thr ClIlfOfOM li-i-lanm
atalMI ttie OaiM a imr isiltirl n.tl nnd v ht, tho
QiaaiHM af Ohlaaaa MinUrallai ut iiltaMI atvtw II
r & rniadtnn Thi i.t ua.ty .i i-r jun o uiara may
be Jti jfceu bv the fa-t ill J LUI a Ull lid lib-Unlltl
plnt . u reypoii'iud to p pi.4- eUtlOf by icliLlng to
aiUptl i :im iin'i Ii t iittiu -ii ig ills o;su M'.ory,
Th I Mgvur ol M Kra.jt lt. -' aay In a PVbllfl I t tt i :
Mn'i fiis.i irgiiiaUou tn p 'W rtaaj to vvial wbal v i
KuuwtdtM utoai ii! puidgfios) ltowi.i,: orii iiata
. (ei,tif ou li i Blbauata I Itaalf lo dovlve a nmi -dy.
Our ' alf lunfOfl Ol anl is from thr treaty- Milln ' plWIr
an I fp ut tha g n T.ti C infffsMa nt tna 1 - utes.
1'tio ClilfU la kfa I8fl led IM h urt of our fily, ua 1 ure
dealroylDH ltd lr.i -rty vlu Tllff IMOfftf nl v irfy
ur po'lur autnoriiy. utik.-ii; UiatfOVI laws
ItUilQi and t bturi'iug Iba r tm b) tMlf 0W0 attthoft
Uai i ibaf afr crovdlsiti "ir pr laona, Mflnni ia1 bit j
pit - is, .ud thr- t vi. lriWl)3 I t BUrl Pr'Jp irtirtBiaati
t rmi ii th,- pMwpaiity oity fti4 tu uu U r t
pub it: aufuty." j
iii tin; itt'eiit proieKNHllniri UUi n ln"rhi Jjf
. t oil 1 1 ol An ii . ' M -1 Hit l 'J . Kb
I CbUH il. F" k n' . ' . I I i !' J
nm.rinlt retl.dtti id 'u that it isu ilawfr f 1 u: t t i
loaaifMsflalfl Milittaotii Ui ua afrr bw U 10 tlm
H' ly t'uinniuiiloQ, to giaad in ih' edWiMUl aw'fWI
1Mb nil mm lo tha i , .u.a to bava a onirdhi u n
the tp ol ib"- tcr in rii.ti,fnig lg eh iUt' I ffOIII IhOJ
mV. Krolll Hits drci-loil I f nil .te hat ,i '
the Bsfjll(M a to a s n . cm 1 Uim prudu CV ol I aaH
Mil came uo Mfora UK Judicial BoiHiuluaa i 1 " lflvf
Con ill oa Mavrah Us fua lVraCiiiwll4)fiid uei i nog
ti jjndgiiicni if log BOsaUniUtasfi nvoi ir-i iiprt I "
oplniuu on the menu f ihe agaai, and asit "''i aTtll
regard lo the vetmrnta prononnred llHWftlli ant
dlrrrtrtl uol io be worn. Q t e use of waf i' fU i .. ua
to lb m uea of atauiiug duriutr tue prav- i of tha) I
oawuorailon al tha wral sob of itn-tmiiti'ruii u UUi ft
tiiav ihoatgai ih' do lrreiuouiabiu n'cuiveu eiu r or a- 1
Jury would aria, fioui toa gMfaa b"ln utayad In tul 1
I'taUera posUdiug Utn app. ai ; mi' iw pgyt of tin- d r t
directing Utj our. la ! iciit-v. tbfl cruCltlX ahOJld DO
auapeuded oaiii tba flual dalarwuaildu ut Utv IM -

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