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. tsTmm 335. NKW YORK, SUNDAY, AUGUST 13, 187G. price threecent I
kr iJ mH WIMI
kind Ik -' Kelalaed !,,w Varh.
fi,e.,xind rsoo for the Amerlo ohfU
wis sailed yesterday. It resulted Id
apnther i-nlll nt victory for tbo Madeleine. The
4,ert-n yaoht having tbui won two race out
f three. CUP '"" 'or another on, at
m our hand. I here wu a .toady, whole
Mil tree, with smooth w.ler, Ihe condition.
lng j U jul the .ante i Friday, except thai ttaa
kwteat we. ovar Ibo outside couraa. Whlla tha
Jistch bui of couraa. baan no latt of tha Cana
Un )chl' ees-going qualities In a heavy Kind
foil aes, rat It must ba admitted that aha haa
than n haraalf no match for our re'ire.eotatlve
goal in ordinary yachting weather. As sue will
probably accompany Hie New Vork Yacht Club
Mundron on the crulo to th eaatward, the will
peel a scupper breeie and rolling sea, which
Sll afurd a mora satisfactory lot of her apaad.
ough fairly beaten, she haa proved an an
tonist by no means to be despised.
Than waa a thick fog In tha hay as the Judgea'
Reamer, W. K. Uladwi.h, tenmed down to tha
Blub bouee, and there waa a long delay bafora
gke log cleared up aufflulcntly to take the con
testant. In tow and make for the atari lug point
MX the pulnt of the Hook. They arrived tbara
About 11 JO o'clock, and) after being out off
from tha fllrtdwlsb. made aall and tacked to
jod fro, awaiting tba atartlng algnal, which waa
stale) ed awaiting a more favorable breexe. Not
Ttb.tanulng tba aarlv hour, and the fact tbat It
am an ocean race, there were several teaniera
atustcrcd around the atartlng point, moat of
evl.ich accompanied the contea'anta. The couraa
K tweuty mllea to windward from Buoy 6 at
Ihe point of the Hook, 'the wind waa south
loutheiut. wblcb waa tha courae given.
At 12.4 P. M. tha atartlng algn.il waa given.
The Madeleine want over the line at U:lTtM,
and the Counteaa of Du Verio at 12.17:W. Aa
general liutler bad expressed a dealre to try
Ike Aiuerloa acalnat the Canadian, her time waa
nofflclally taken at 12:22:08. and that of the
Wanderer whlrh alto darted at 12:SB:41. Tba
truid. though light ut the start, gradually freab-
Kied and before an hour blew a beautiful
lle-"all brerae. TbeCansdlan warned by tba
blunders of Friday had enlisted thesrrvicee of
toe Klaworth. "whnmukn no mistakes." Hla
wood n t in sailing me stranger wae criticised by
Ee New Vork Yacht Club men on board tha
due a steamer, who deuouooad It aa tin
trlotto. ng coirraWT.
The tide waa blub water stark, and all ran
filckly off nn a leg to the euatward, on tha
starooard taok. Fur Oilcan mlnutea the Count-
Eh out pointed lb. Madele ne. allhouch thel.t
r puraued ber regni ir plan of reaching ahead
st, and showing her weatherlv qualities afler
Birde. At 12 JO the Counteaa continued to work
to windward In a way that, looking from the
pudges' ateamer. boded the Madeleine no good.
The Madeleine, however, waa slipping through I
the outer latter, and Increasing her lead eilgbt
fy. All were steering abuul auuth cut m eloae
kaule I ne ihev could da.
At is. to iiMock ihev were all atlll on the aama
tack, and fast setting aw y from tba Judges'
(teamcr, will, h r. inaincd hove to. The Mad
alloc now vvs mo point ' etter. slid by 1 o'olock
was eating i,p in tlie windw id of the Counteaa
t a milling rate, an well n rl pptng through
the wiuer I titer Ai 1:10. nearly an hour after
tile atari, the Judge's --learner gut under wav,
ana the log wue thrown otlt and ibo twenty
Ilea ate in to wind wurd commenced U tbla
time the hull of the Made'elne was iiemly out ol
tight, while those of tne rest vuuli be clearly
lutlnmnahed, showing that she was a coud
leader. . Ithougli from the onau-lne of the
tu-Mii.er. the r lattve pi tltlona to windward or
ewurd could not be made out. At 1: the
t Hiier Wua up on tlit q irrlcr of lhoconte.t
nta. I tie Ma tel. In wna m arly a h If mile
ahead ml to wlnuonrd of Hie Connies. I lie
Smjeilic looking tsnderer waa being badly
eutvii tv ttidluonUer of the teas on a wind,
t. Ameili ', olilrn nu to bliuw thealraugir
Hi at there waa a acht i.floaU built aqiiurterot
ti'iihirvago. that could beat a craok craft
jiK.,oJ but yesterday.
onaciivcD moat a DUVAmm
Aoiit i V M.. the Judges" steamer waa abreaal
f -nndy Hook I.ighl-lilii, tin wing that about
..!. mllea nf the curse had been sal'ed.
Vi .u .c steam r. wnluh was six or aeveu miles
elf it aeemed tnt tlie Maueuine was i ver a
fjrie to wuitlwaril, and ahead of the Canadian,
lhe Auieilci waa cutting out her writ finely,
an ei .ii. lung tier almost unequalled poweia of
Work.i. lowmdwitrd. She waa cloae on the
tael. ol tne Canadian, and aoon alter took tba
mil of her, and went lor the Madeleine. His
length uf the tack ui da now begau to excite
turorl-e It had ten conliuued for mllea. l
tliouiih p-iliay would bave dictated shorter
tacks near ahore. Tlie Madeleine, however, ap
peared du eruilaad not to let lueCouoleea b.eak
fa-kun her. Those on board iheCounieaa
Homed to ba awnre uf tola, for they still bung
trimly on mile after mile.
At:J the J ids of tba Madeleine were aaen
Very fUlnly. wulle those on the Counteaa were
scurcely vialule. At t ti they were all hull down
ir no ihe a. earner, on ti.e same tack, aud the
(auelelue only allowed balf her aalla. 'the
I nleleine at tbla luue muu have been nearly
turn inlua off from the ale iiuer, and the oth
ers neatly as much. About all toat could be
asvii w,.a mat the Madeleine was holding her
awn well, and thai the America wua on the
Kerla of the Canadian, if not actually leading
er. At t It was pi in that the America had
Ink. u aecoud place, . nd bad a position to wind
ward nf the Counteaa ( nearly a mile. At a. US
the log was bauled In. and It showed thai 1(1
amea nan been run. Hue was evidently a mis
tin.. . ii n from the he irlnpi from the shore It
tuoid not bave been more tu. n twelve to tblr
Wei. mil's, me run waa theiaore conliuued,
atid tba mllea taken t.y beariuga aabora.
At .1.10 the Madeleli.e went about on tba port
lack, alter a long bo.rdof twelve or thirteen
li.ilea, ind headed uu toward Ihe Judgea' boat,
lihe. w n al thai lime over le. u miles to wmd
tiihinf ihe OiuuUaa. and t 'ie A u.el Ii s led Ihe
C.ioiUiaoby i luaal hall 11.4I dieidio e. 'Iwour
three nun ilea lazier the Ameri. a weut In
lu a. and the ( I'liniess i.ud anderer
,l"et al luervau of a lew Uilnutes.
lioiu waa a aup rb hrei ce, and a very
aiigiil res, over vtnlcii the iiietty Madeleine
ana Sam y louknig America, dnliud in a charm
lug manner. Ttio la U now a long one, toward
ihe juugea' aleainer, nblch had nearly finished
l-igiiig off her twenty mllea, and as ihe superb
ti (i bowled merrily ahug, under clouds of
t i t i-, lienUIng gracefully, the almu Waa oeoutl
fo i lie Auiei Ii'j coniinued to forge ahead of
tin i niiileaa.and, as though determined tu out
I ' h l.er fdiiioue explolla of inenly five years
f. , . ifau lo Hala uu on the Madelelue, proba
t v ie Luteal yacht ui the norid.of ber slxe,
a. ii Hi- ix ei.tioii of the Idler.
M .i tne log Mas again hauled In, and It
' "l ihailjUli mllea bad been rolled off. As
I' ..id nlln the be rlu.'s on ahore. il was
s ni in it a ini-t ike In cuiunul'ttloii h,id pre
t. J iieeu iii.nl' ,tid lue oig bairel buoy waa
I ally and in.' nn ovui lo make tue turning
I ii' At 4 H the M id i lei no weui aiioiit on ihu
I'ul. rl lack aud ii'iatied down toward tbe
a . i.. mil had aiiotii. r anoi l lack to turn It to
ti.'- aiaiooard. the i,ii i iiieii way. Aalinury
b ,i lie iiiiuua uui'ieoaaiii for the club onro
t, i ii ii i .iving it lu i hnii'e which nay to turn a
a i k in a uiali n r ice, and iu tula race the way
' doiiuclly iree riiied.
" iiitIlu went about ou the sa ne tack
i vi ideluinu at i.b-i, and men actuillv
t ii ilvv ml iiotHioii of her as was shown
ai i ion; obliged to keep off lu running to
. i oe iiuoy. Ilolh whirled down on the
) ., tin io ighbre 1 r.,cers, but the Made-
! n o l too f ir a toad to be beaten around,
ai I. i 'io rt iln an.ii. lu aoloal time.
Aa thea faun ua cr ft i,iproacliea tbe turning
fn 'ui io H.ler.n i.f Hie e. hole race centred In
hern nrot ii,e I oiiiiieaa of Duffei lu, far astern,
- I ig iiien eiaiKiy. 1 be Madeleine, ua on
l. i'it. at the l.uhtanio made a iniauke by
! " i .' on it,e ala I, i.iM tack al le .al two
11 '.aiooloig. hhe went aoout on ihe port
t - . a t 66. niid iiaaheil round the turning point
' I '-' 1 I l.e Amen, a made ber last I ick Just
s ne Madeleine turned, and rouoded herself
' a), having i en I e ii the M .il . I. I ll J list 1
p . ut 44 seconila hi i u al lliue iii Ihe twenty
1. ilei, . sat to win Iward
.ii" fuffe.iin mule t.ui last tack nl 6 12, and
i i-'i the in irk at It 1 1 41, having tn-on iiualan
it h i ml el. me 11 tiiiiintea 4S en umli on the
ii. Ihu W.iudirer did not round, but
. : aw i f I h one uliui, within two miles
at irni.u iiolnt.
' in k, ihe Cuiiiit. s winged out her fore
I1 Hie oiner i'. kept hnih oouina lo star
5 I ml i, ne. All i la ked oh c mv is III the
' I irioii. raxera at, I akt s' raier, and
I the a hi in let l.i,' i 1 1 1 -. 1 1 ti t the
f ' Oc I ill ill i.i rtw ii 1 1 1 1 ne. e ,t when
j" ' Kl-n. ri . t , hi iu ,, ,n iimin-
1 Uls.IHe 111'Kl.Je lo.Vli ,,li ',I oi.itess.
HI'-' MP- ' I'll.
' o vvl'igeil out,
J, ' ' ' .in- Ii
J - I ' III '.II
. 11 ' ' W HI
" . . I n.ia
Irual waa ctuted by aaelng Blawivrth work tha
Cmadl m in inward tbe beaoh to oatoh a ahlfl
of wind if It came from t..at dlnci'lnn. a. waa
probible. It, however backed to the aoutlt
w. r l, giving tha Madeleine a better chanoe lota
"li' liejao to grow dark rapidly, and tha move
ments of the contestants for tbe rest of the race
were -hrmiried The In.taeenof them, aa they
dlsnrp-ared In the darknaas, the Madeleine was
leading, the Anterlra waa dimly to ne asen, and
the Connies hud vanished. The Judgea' ateamer
hove to at Muoy S and awaited their arrival. At
1:30 tbe white sail, of tbe Madeleine war aaen
tnrnugh tha darkneas, and. gliding along Ilka a
pbaoiom a.ilp, she pasasd the finish at 7:31:11.
The revenue sutler Oram manned the rlttlnt
and gave her three timet three, and the half a
dozen iteamera burnrd colored light, and blew
their whistles. After passing, tbe Madeleine
from .tern to siern wne In a second a m as of
line pyrotechnics of all klnd. whirling through
the air from her decks until she had passed the
point of the Hook. Ih America arrived al
T:4. and the Countess of Dtilferlii at t:(B;M.
The following table givea tha start, finish, act
ual, and corrected timet
Maaehlne I:l? 4 7:.tT:lt 7:19:47 7 1 41
t'uualS'S r.M7 JS IW1:M 7'4l:oO T.4HUU
The Madeleine beau the Countess M inln. 13
sec. actual time, and ST mln It aeu, oorreoted
time. Tne America be .ts the Couutaa. M mm.
tseo. actual nine.
Fleasarable Vachllag aa tha Waand.
The regatta of tbo (Jrocnwlrh (Conn.)
Amateur Yachting Association waa sailed yea
terdry. The eourae of tba Oral class (thirty
feet and under) waa from the Morton House,
formerly tbe Amerleut Club house, aoroas the
Hound to and around Hog Island and Lloyd 'a
Neck buoys, and return twenty mllea. That of
tha aacond elaaa (twanty feet and under) and
the oyster boata waa from the Morton House,
around the buoy at the weat and of Captain's
Island, theooe around Flat Neck buoy, return
ing hy the aama course reverted-fourteen
miles. The wind waa soutbea-t and light when
tbe fleet got under wav, but shifted gradually to
the southwest, becumlng strong enough to i ling;
the keels Into the sunlight. J'he Judges were
Charles H. Hall, Joseph Jeffera, and Steuben
SI itthoff. The entries were the Cornell. D. 8,
Mead, Ceres, W. K. Ward, Tltanla, liouis Hrvey,
Anna, (I off Tierce, Cornelia, 1. F. Ferris, In the
first class j end the Mystery. U. W. Uusb,
l. Bclslr, Albert F. Fib la. Fanny (., William
Clark, Lively Turtle, Joseph Jeffries, The sena
tor, and II. J. Black In the aecond. The oyater
boata entered were the Ueorge C. Wood, W. H.
Locktsoid, The Constitution, and John Clark.
The time allowed waa one minute and a hall to
the foot.
The starting gun waa fired from tbe deok of
tho Mratlc Tbe Ceres hoisted a gaff topsail and
swei t ahead; hut she was ruled out, gaff top
sails being forbidden by the rules of the regatta.
The Cornell led throuvhout, winning ihe silver
cup In her elaes. Time, 4 hrs . 48 mln., ao.ec.
'Ihe Mystery won a similar prize In her class,
lima, 4 hrs., U mln., ID asc. ihe O. C. Wood
waa aw arded the silver cup lu ber close. Time,
4 hrs., 43 mln., 45 sec.
The Newark A asa tear" U o wl ng A asocial lea's
Beaatla at Hathvrlerd I'ark.
There was regutta ou tbe 1'aasulo yes
terday at Rutherford Park under the auspice,
of the Paasato Amateur Mowing Aasoclatlon of
Newark. Tba raoes ware three In number, a
four oared shell, a two-oared gig, aod alngle
scull shall. Tba number of entries In tbe two
latter compelled rowing them In beau. Tba
four-oared stall racs had three entries: the
Triloii'a nf Newark, the Eureka's of Newark,
and the Bayunne KowingClub. After aeveral
false stalls thev got away together. Aftor the
fl at twenty stiukes the E.ireka's were ueirlv a .
lenith ahead, when eundenly tber oeaasrt row
ing aa tba aeal of ihe bow oar gave way. The
race was thus left to toe 1 tilon's and llayonne's.
At the half ill tani'o ihs Triton's were three
lengths ahead, which th. v Increaard to ten
lengths at tbe ftnian, winning ihe mile race In
4:30. The following Is the crew: 8. A.
Smith. M. P. Hayne. A. R. Pomemy and
H. 8. Truax. 1 na next ware a series of heats be
tween tbe entries for the single scull aud pair
oared elgs. In the third heal of i lie simile sculls
Mr. (I I). Small of tne I'rttons waa run Into and
cpalied. As It was probable he Wi iilil b ivs
uu he w 'S allowed lo enter lor the flnaj one.
The latter was won by hmall of the nitons
In V J, th others brln f) McQueen of theAt
laiiiu'a, llobuken, C. V. N letiniif of tbe lirv
mercva. Harlem, and W . II. John ui of lue Ailel
plil'a. I' .ter ui, lu tha order named. The llnal
heal of the two oared git:s was won by liavid
Ho ,i'he end William Welch of Ihe NaullliuCluo,
Harlem, uter K. W. Ad mis and J. A. H. Uun
ulug of tbe MjstloCluli. Newark.
The Caraaaa Rawing Aasoelatlaa'a Ham.
The nnuual .Summer Rcgnttn of the
Carman Rowing Asaoctallon took place oo the
Hudson yesterday sfternoon. Their pleasant
cl ib houae at the tool of One Hundred and
Fifty-second street, and the adjacent piers,
were well filled with tbe Irlends of the club.
Tbe raoes, four In number, were for single
culls (shells), elght-oared barges, and tingle
sculls uulisl.
The first racs was two mile, and the entries
weie U. lie Long. V. Hunt, and I. Manga.u. Ihe
water waa too besvy for shells, aud the race
was led by Del, mi from the start. He waa,
however, closely hreaaed by Hunt, and was
wlunrr of the ailvsr cup by but live seconds, 1.1.
time being eighteen minutes.
The barge race over the same course, between
the Carmaua and the Heeolulea, waa cloaely con
tested to the slake, where tbe Caimans got
around Drat. On tne home stretch the UU solutes
rowed well, and won by half a dozen lengths, ID
It mlu. lu sec
The next race was between the gig. Kate 0.
and A. I.. Soulard. The latter got away a little
ahead, bui waa soon caught by the Kate, and
from the elakebo.it bouse they went evenly.
Within a few lengths of the home line, Hunt,
tbe -trcke of tne Soulard, called upon his crew
for a sp rt ; and the) shut under the string viu
tois by hall a length In 17 mln 27 sec.
Tne tub race which followed was made un
usually comlotl by hsavy swells fmm the
paasiug aleauiera, swamping each orafl almost
aa aoon as launched. Peter Hunt won.
A Mognllrsnt Tllden and Hendricks Banner
atalaed kjitbaalaallcally,
Uleocker atri'ot waa In n bhuo lust evon
Ing. The Fifteenth Ward Tllden and Hendricks
Campaign Club, having Its rooms at Sullivan and
lileecker streets, raised a bai uer with attend
ant enthusiasm. The banner la one of thu larg
est und handsomest yet shown In New York, Is
forty-five feettn length, thirty lu depth, and h is
oil pictures of Tllden and Ilomlrlrks, aich oUht
feet long. Outside tho building, on Htllllv.n
street, a large stand had been erected, and the
street wns so deusrly crowded that ItwucltfQ.
o lit for the cars to paaa. There waa genuine
enthusljntn plainly show n, and when the banner
was relied such aetioul weul up ua baa been
aeldom beard.
The t uildimr waa Imaullfullv decorMcd with
,the dags of various nattoos, the laisand Stilpes
being uiriii uliriy prominent. Col .red lights
and Chinese Jauierus ran from the buuse lu svli
I be mee'lng being called to order, Col. T, A.
Men unit i, President of toe Chi ii. liitinduieJ
Mr. Aiirernoii S Milhv ,1.1, who iii.nl,. a convin
cing spueilli. lue other atu.ikela Were UM-a,
Allen vicl' ih.ild. John Mull.ily. Hu e. A Olove.,
John 1.. Overtleld, Ihomaa 11. Vu.inrir, l.uku
Lozai a, Nelaou Voiuig, and A. B. 'aloia.
loe mee.ihg was one of the -niri'est, best
conducted, and most tuithu-i ietn of 111.; tw-i -I'algli
vet held. The ilu'i la raldlv lln're muu'
In me mberi.hu, and I'.oinises lo be one of Ibo
luigesl aud uiosl Lflkluhl 111 tliu city.
A Fight la which Hal a, (Tuba, and Paying
laionra were Freely I aed.
Lut evening. John Cunningham, of 227 Atlan
tic sveuue, wsut nit') Oeurga I'ai'u's a.ii" in, at Ii... rum
strscl sod Atlantic avenue, Ur lukiyu with a comiaa
loo, who, ,lke bimaeif, waa drunk nicy e.ayed ti. lire
sail grew bolateroua, sud I'apo truai.i J ilia cards ell
thetstila and 10 Id tne baricncer, J iiin Amleraon to
fmt ihsui up Aa ilia bartender took thein. ' tinning
ism .irui g si linn, hut Ainu rsoii kn.irki.l filial ...vvu
Pipe tried to put Cunningham oui, hut nn kuucsv.1
A.ider on almok CansliiKtiam'a liesd wl'h s cliih,
inaalng the bloud apurt ( uiiiu.iglialu liov.li i sail ran
Into the street Autlrrann w ei.i to Hie 1! or, i.tnl I'ji 1
kinoil heliiu'l tit'ii iinnmgliiiu hurled s pat inn a'one
si Atid. rsoti, wlm do.ieti, til tliu al ne airin k 1'aii'
hitw'irri the ives, knocking hint uui'ihsiluua lu I lie
floor CuuiilnuiMtu ran up Uu' ruin sir el , slut dart d
Inln a liiciy alanle, Wlile ullli'e.a scan n ,1 for Mm,
l,e riuiul ol Hie sla.ile alol altetiuileil tu Jump on a
rsr tie nd aid Ida lontha and f. 11, the uarpisalng
fiver It. e hie. ol his light bo .1 l.' VII rsrilidl'itl
l'i v ry stih.e. kiulir.ng III VV utollihs l"un I itiat
fain1 a n.iae waa hruken 111 aeverai idai ea unl thai loi
lis i i i un .aw srape iroui s liaclurud skull. U la I
dlaQgcrtl lor Ida.
Tbe Hi aull ol I ructlslng Kemblelsm.
Poi i -v ii i.i, I'.i., Aug l'i Kiihranu Phillips,
hil .- I ' , ,' St..- .. Mi-, i'i. h, li'ljUlll muni?,
1 , i i) n ol f .-l'i r i in ! rgo
i , i I I i i .. ,: f i in din in ..if re
i ie i I ,- . II i a i p.vuilU Ul UlaU
in ii .. in bvre a hig.i uiiirs.ivr.
TfMea erfee have barn Preasleed lasmaalty te
ba Arrwlgaed far FMnteaoe Uraat'a l.ateet
Plea te rasalrch Brlatew and Wllaea.
WAtntNOTON, Aug. 12. It It nutliorltt
tlvely announced here that the President haa
determined that In every Instance where Immu
nity waa granted by Secretary llrlstow and lllu
ford Wll.on to Indicted whiskey conaplratora,
the partlea who were aufered to go free on con
dition tbat they give ta.tlmony against other
person, are to be prosecuted anew.
In cases where parties pleaded guilty and have
not rat bean sentenced they are to be brought
Into court and hidgtnent moved In their cases
This will make thlnge lively In Chicago and Mil
waukee. In ibe Brat named place It I. said that
there are about forty distillers and subordinate
revenue, officer who pleaded guilty on the ex
pre, understanding that tbey were not to be
punished. These men bare nut been senteneed,
and If the court consents to this breach of faith
In the cues of these Individual, they may be
Judged ssverely. Io Milwaukee there are a le..
number In the same condition.
Just what the object of tbla move la ennot
ba surmised, unles. It la to enable particular
friend, of the President to revenge thetnielvea
on tbe weak-kneed fellow, who tquealad en
It I. undoubtedly true tbat Babeook and the
leading spirits of tha Whiskey Ring are In full
favor at the White Uouae, and that politician,
like Logan and Farwell are dictating the pres
ent policy. Tba Prealdent evidently means to
deny that hla sanction waa obtained by the Sec
rotary of the Treasury and the Attorney-General
to the granting of Immunity to the majority if
the Whiskey conspirator who were let off.
Il will be clslmod, probably, that the action of
th Secretary of the 1 roasury In authorising Im
munity to tbe Indicted parties 10 chicrgo wsa
against tbe express problMtlon of tbe Pre-ldet.t,
aud, moreover, tbat ihe Secretary did not author
ise the District Attorney In writing to make
such terms with tbe afureeld criminals, nut
even sucb a claim as tbla would have no weight
with an upright and feartea court. The crimi
nals, of courae, acted In good faith, and believed
tbat the man who made term, with them were
duly authorized to do so by higher authority.
No honest Judge In Christendom would suffsr
himself to be trifled with lo this wsy.
Tbe District Attorney in every Instance had to
act witn tbe knowledge and approval of tbe
Court, because the Court waa not bound to
agree to tbe dismissal of easea on tbe mere ree
ommendatlon of the prosecuting oflWr. But
even If t' e prosecuting officers deceived ihe
Court, It cmnot be held that tbe criminals who
profited thereby are lu be held le-i'onslble, un
less it can lie clearly shown th I there was col
lusion between tbem and the prosecuting ofa
oers, Il would therefore seem that the object of
this movement la In some wav to smirch tbe
cli'r.it'ter uf llrlat .w slid tVilson. It Is alleged
liore 1'ial Emory Morra, liabcocli's counsel, ts
ahapinglhe policy of Ibe President In this mat
ter, aud that he la Ills udvlaer In more way.
than one. He haa rerl.ilnlv managed the Ad
ministry lr-'s dsfeiu e before the W maker
Fraud Commlti.o, Mr. IT.ilaved, the Republic in
member of the same, being merely a mouth
piece for Storrs ami Hai.ihiCK. Mr. St .it, la nl
moat dally at the NN bite House and holds
long Interviews with the President. He I.
at the eame time here as th paid
attorney nf the whiskey tbiev'et In Cblcwo. who
are seeking pardons. Indeed, his ostensible
, business here le to nhtiiln pardons for these
men, and he bos anno, need on tbe s'r-et cor
ners that he men in to have them. If be has lo
stay her - nil summer. He Is in cl.i.e commu
nion all the time with tbe leading !! iniblli sn.
from ail p iris of the country, so tbat I e appears
to be a aurl uf general adviser, not only f r
Tlrant. Ilanoock tu.d Porter, but for tne Repub
lican narty. as well as for the convicted whig- i
key thieves uf Chicago.
It is a notorious fact that several dava ago tne
President Intended lo .end lo the Whl key
Fraud CommiKce a letter giving bis side of the
i'A-e, but was diaapii.iiiited lu this because the
con, nut lee did not call for It, as w a expected.
I he atory h, d cot out th it me Chairman uf the
aiili-i on ti iltee intended lo write a Idler to the
rre-ulcnt r ilnng lila attention to :he le lluiouy
uf lliuford NVii.,,11 and inviting hlui to scoear
betore tne committee an i make a statem, ut.
lu view of this expect' 0 llivit.il Ion. 11 1- aiated
on the ve.r heat authority that Storrs prepared
u statement for the Prcldeut, which It w, sin
tendsd he shuiild send to the luuiuiltlee In
snawir to the Cn .iriujn's lelier.
In tbla ihe President went for llrlstow and
W ilaon In a lively la hi. ui, and end, avored to
show tbal their sole object lu Ibe whiskey war
waa tu make atdt.,1 lor tbe secretary of the
treasury asa I'reeideti'lal candidate, ihta ar
rangement was Interfered with by the failure of
tbe Chairman of tns Committee un NVInskcy
Fraud" to write the letter above Indicated to
the 1'ieaident. Il waa then determined lo have
.Mr. IT l.ted write a letter to the committee,
but tbls dodge wae anticipated by the publica
tion or the plan lu IhxSuk aud other liswapa
pera, sod failed a seound time, (irant and hla
advisers now seek for another luporiuuiiy In
get out the s'atement prepared by niorrs, and It
may be tbat the talk about moving anew upon
indicted parties who bave pleaded guilty la
merely another dedge to enable tbem lo gwl out
their side of tbe atory.
Aepereteae a pea ibe I banner of Ceaaael
Dlsllaeily Kelaleg.
Dr. Rufut Wanner Flint wag actio in
the Supreme Court Chambers yeaterday, on a
habeas corpua for hi. release from Ludlow
.treat Jail. Counael urged upon Judge Dono
hue, as reaaona for bl. client', discbarge, first,
that the stitute under wblob altaobinent waa
obtained had not been strictly compiled with,
and second, tbat It did not appear by tbe evi
dence tbat any contempt had really been com
mitted. In the course of bis argument the coun
sel contended tbat tue eutlre proceeding was a
conspiracy on the part of Mrs. Flint and her
counsel, Mr, John D. lownson l, to persecute
the Doi'loi.u ho bad b"en rubbed of Ihe society
and affection ot his wife un account of Mr.
I nwiiaoiid'e frtquonl visits aud relations wltn
Judge Donohue Interrupted to sav that the
aaiieialoiis upon tbe character uf Mr Towneem!
were unwarrmted, Inasuiui'h that the defend
ant own letter, which waa attacned to one of
the affidavits on Hie, admitted aa hs left his
wife for utner and entirely different leusoua,
mid therefore be had sWurn lo a deliberate false
hood In attributing to Mr. John D luwiiaund
the v uiae of tho diffl.'iilty. Dr. Fllul'a counsel
lieiile.l the geii'iiui'tia-a of the letter, Hid said
former, to establish his cliot.t s cl tlm as a r.
sii (liable iTlUiin, tloit he hud been n itroulied
and emploveil ty eo dietlnuulabed a ptrauii.igu
sal lie Hon Eiwarda lTeircpoiil.
Jiidire Dotnihiie in bis decision, a.ild, i hat the
I riMiiier m.irrlod tho plaintiff promlaluu lu chur
lali and support her, and the evidence showed
th d he Ii d Ii ntally treated her. It aiu e.ired
alio t i the prlso tier's own showing th it he had
deliicrateJy lu t 'represent od thu facts In hi
iiftlJavii, and that, therefore, tinloaa there was
bomt'lhing lu the legal points raigiid bv counsel,
l,e should deuy the application for Ibe pnaon
ei 'n Ola. hiirge.
Hie prisoner was thon remnudod until Wcd
iieaday next, when the case w III be dually dla
poaed of,
Where Justice should not be Tampered with
Jamos M. Carpenter, the Grand street, Wll-liaui-burgh,
dentist who, louk llaa from Miss Dors
ho. a, an iiuauapertm tlor.usu girl, on the pretence of
pure sm.iw inr ner s iicaui to i unr.irnts. has n'd. lesv
l.g Ida auri ty. his mother, to par his ball, tl.ooo Jna
th e Ion iu iraiiaiiuillnii the papeia lu Hie liiatiii t
Ailorn.y vest. rdsi. suj trial ttiia csae aaa moat
sfcarv. ilns T'..e msii. sfter per-usdlug thu girl lu
ii.is'rain kcrseif, bad rouued ber of bur bsrd.earucd
Tbe Hienm Engineers' Complaint,
A number of engineers gathered at 10 Green
shhatreei, yctcrday uinruliig, tu take uiesaurea lu
regard tu tlie grsullng of ctr ini atoa. It wan claimed
that Inr.inipeieiii men often ohtalned ceriifleatea, while
fun I inaetlcal c-hglneers. who c-nu l slsnd Sll elaiuius
Il ai nv e(n rts, could nut procure them, rvenaoiua
wl... in-lu niarlue snd llrui'kliu cerilncsics were uiuiile
to iii.t ,in s i .-rililc tie iu New Vora. Il la their mien,
tint, to iii, si- s teat ca,e iu iho cuurts ss tu whether Us
uu'h irite-a nave tuo right lo rcluac a certificate tu a
COillpcU-Ul ui.u.
Looking lor a liuabaad.
Mrs. Ilattle llinea arrived In Jersey City, on
F. nay, In starch uf tier liuahsiit. Tney stsrled fruui
lii iilwood lily, in the llisi k Hills, th.ee weeka ago,
anil on nevring Iliiirun the tiuallind uult the e ir. cum.
llilMliu ll it lie let! i At Hum. u she einilil la. I no
ti.oi ol nun, und hi Niuara nin wailoll ill i l.e had
If. l,i to Uu Co a.lian .hie All r a llllltleaa auarch she
rest lied riev, Vuikuiiii niaulte I iisu'ctivcs.
The Duuget's ul xircii 1,'iir Truvel
W in. H i-in I ill.', il. id 28, of Fiunkforl mid J i-
coh s'reels, Willie ill' IIIil III ' lo lie. on 1 II f rotll p lul
form fiirlH Hell Inn al VV i .I'll II vent h . I eels,
In. I i.lh'i.l I. I iii. lei i e nil i s miiI rila viire
btok t ..I tu, leli iii i iiij.ii, i U. .is ill iu tlie
Cnauiuera aire t hu I'tial
raj; LEOTntATirx nut.
Hew the niaTercer.ee were A djast ed-The BUI
Paasrd hy both Hone.
WAnniNOTow, Aug. 12. At Ihe erenlnrc
teuton of the Senate, Mr. Wlndom (fleo., Minn.),
from the Conference Committee on the Le rela
tive, Executive, and Judlolal Appropriation bill,
tubmltted a report tbat the committee had
agreed on tha bill. Tne report waa read and
adopted. Tbe bill eontsina, in lieu of
tbe Houae provision requiring a reduc
tion of ten per oent. on the salaries of all
collector, of ouatoma, and employee, of tbe cus
tom, tervlne, who now reoelve more than 11 800
p.r annum, a new Motion, dlreotlng tha Secre
tary of.the Treasury merely to " institute a care
ful .orutlny of tbe present condition and com
petency of the faroe employed In tbe oolleotlon
of tbe revenue from oustom., with the vlow of
reducing the number of th. same."
Another section added to the bill prohibits all
executive officer, or employees of the United
State", nut appointed by tho Prealdent nnd con
firmed by the Senate, from requesting, giving to
r! receiving from any other nffloar or employee
any money or thing of value for poillloal mir-
P2?S: ?.ldf rJ.al!n prorlelon are to
"0 immedlalely discharged from service, and
ahall also be deemed guilty of a mUdemeinor,
punishable on conviction thereof by a One not
exceeding 1600.
The aalarle. of the ofBrers and principal em
ployees in the various mints, assay offices and
sub-treaaurlea throughout tne country are not
at all diminished from the amounts reap ctlvely
appropriated for them last year. Horn small
reductions are made, however. In the salaries of
a few of the euburdln-te clerk, and other em
ploreee In these establishments, and the bill
provides aa heretofore stated for the discharge
of 7M clerks from the present force employed
In the Executive Departments at Washington.
Ily a change made by tho Conference Commit
tee yeeterd ay on tbe euggealion nf Secretary
Morrill, the bill now provides that all these
clerks shall be discharged un the 10th of Octo
ber, Instead of September 10, October 10, and
November 10, In three Installments. The sala
ries nf members of Congress end of the Presi
dent are provided for at the present rates.
The contest In the committee regarding the
United States "designated depositories " result
ed In the adwptlon of a provision for discontinu
ing the tleoiisltortee at Buffalo and Pittsburgh
from and after the flrat day of September next.
The depoalturles at Charleston, S. C, and Tuo
aon, Arizona, are retained.
Ihe committee alao In.erted an appropriation
of tlO.OOn to dttgai i tha expense, of the survsy
of the I'nlon agtaV Mrem Pacrlo Kallroada, tu
be made In pursuance of afje act of the House of
Benreaeniatlvee adopted on the lilb ult,
..TllS.11! Passed by the House aggregated
tlSBtJH. Tbla total waa Increased by tbe
Senate tbv tbe restoration of existing e .lsrlea)
to ll7.latH.75e. I he bill, aa It goes to tba Preal
dent, segregates lft,aT3,9tu, showing that the
Conference Committee made very nearly an
equal division of tbe differences between the
two brancbee of onwresa, tbe total being In
creased by only 1103.49 more than one-half of
tbe total amount uf all the Items In controversy.
The Crafty Lawyer Anaieas ie Try tbe Meal
loa-Ueceher Malt ae Haea aa Possible.
Tbomat U. 8lioarman aald yo.torday
that he waa anxious to have the anlt of Moultoti
agamat Iteechar tried at the first trial term uf
the Supreme Court In Kings enmity, am! that he
expected to be ready on the Oral day of the
term, aa he supposed Mr. Moulton s counsel
will be. He regretted very much that he could
not carry the queatlun ralaed hy the demurrer
to the Court of Appeals, "here he felt aura he
would have been suainlned. If Mr. Ileeeher had
allowed a wherlff'a Jury to aaawaa damages, the
cry would go forth that he had allowed Judg
ment to he entered amnit him, and this might
be construed Into an admlsalnii of Mr. Moiil
ton's charge. Then, too. If the Hherlff'a Jury
had allowed the plaintiff h" than .V damages,
and Mr. Shearman thought that he could not
have got mum than six rents, Mr laeecher could
not have appealed unless by consent uf the
Itwneral Term, whlrh In tbla csae. because of
E lira. e i. pinion, w. mill pmlinlil , l-rf o-axl Mr
. Iiearm.in milled thai lie had nut tbe allghteat
hotl. ui that .m vi. rill, t win. Id vi rl.' iI.IiiIh.mI
sgalnat Mr llec licr. nit'l In tl i tl, m e rf nn
sueb a v'nlh I, aa th chv ti, iv stnoil, he did
Il d s"i hi.w he i ould have lie I our! nf Appeila
p,sa ..ii tin. . .ie in ui i i vvhli h lie liud iluVntrd
" inn. h time In i-i.t t tl ui with i;,. tlemurrer.
Mr Slieiinnan a de-iro f..r a -ihu-iIv trial i a
ihoroiitfh Mirpnau lo ir.-iitleiiinn fnti'ieiteil in
tlu'i'i c. in, ui II, ..marked that Mr Micar-
inan hurt never bo f.ire evlln ed -n. ti allllet) f ,r
a apexdy trial On the c .ritniry. he lis.) pur
sued the Fuluan bnln y Afiet a few nwiiienta
nf brown -tudv. he rn 'alined. " Oil '. I h-.ve II
The flrat trial term ,.f fie u.riMiie r.nirl will lie
ill tl. toiler I,,. n Holler will hi thai time l.r
liii.il) uugnired In M.i. i olts in th.. , atn-
palgll, anil nf i onra, i .mint In, here with ,111 al
most abtliduning the lace for I'l'ikTea ti, n
Holler la tn lend tin, plaintiffs . miuael. and
therefore have the milk in th . mul. name
ly, the true inivariln. ss of Mr Miual man a de
sire fur a trial at Ihe tlr-t term of tlie court.
Oae aa Oewege Caaaiv Fa rawer aad the Otbar
a Break I va Uraoer.
Daniel Bowe, un Oswego county fnrtner,
yesterday consulted Juatlra Ililey, In llrooklyn,
nn a matrimonial dilemma. Hu aald that in lut!
he married a pretty maid In a geiilleman'a ser
vice In Montreal. He had been gardenei for the
mail, and started off In life well. He began to
auapeit his wife because ahe whs frequently
away fmm home, and In HIS he determlucl to
teat her love by a prnpnaltlun tnm.ivo She re
belled, and he then acriiaed her. Mie took a
hundle of clntlina and went nut of the houae.
A year ami a half later the wife returned, pro
filing penitence und he forgave her. ii.nl took
her back tn lila huiiac llefore the end nf a wook
she was off again, till- lime with her sun
Martin Ho bought a half Interest lu a farm
near lioine, anil w bile at work there a few weeks
a.,, he heard thai she waa living in llmoklvn
with n muu who nl. I i lust he vv i-Ins wife. He
pMi-ured a certified cnp of l,l marriage certifi
cate from Montreal anil went to llrooklyn He
found thai lila wife parsed a- Mrs. tlnive). and
that vvlnl, her hush ii .1 kept a gi i) In Kent
mar Myrtle iivemie. h kepi ITu, inters llowu
i a I led nu her un Ftliiav. reireaentlng that he
wanted Imard. but she nl nm i ueiei led lilni ii.nl
nutile sin h a fiina .'iliout liii pic-einc tii.it be
haallly nultleil the pin ,.. f.,r fear Ih it -he would
luivu 111 ill iu real ii nn -.nine , ha. no .ln-li,o
Hlley a advli e waa In tbe i-'i,nie , f a vvarr.int for
Mrs liurve) a arrest nn a di .rge of bigamy.
While on ber way tn fleo from the -tale .lie vv m
captured In thlaiTtv and w i- taken tn llayiumul
sin cl jail. Howe rouml hi-, ami Murllu In the
lloiie nf Kcfuge nn ti i hnrge nl Ian cii). lie
was Initialed as a member of tho Jackson IIol
luw gang.
A Pteelc Party Attacked by lloagba-Peraona
Mevcielv Hurl.
The euiployooa nf RonldiiiR'. wlro mill
held .private picnic at Hetile lirove, lust uul
slde of 1 ronton, yesterday. A party nf twenty
roughs fr mil "(1 onset own" Invaded the grounds
and endeavored to take poaaesalun uf the danc
ing platform, but were roitatud by tbe wire
workers, whereupon tlioy formed outside Iho
ga'ea, aud, aruiuil with slunea, made a charge
upon the peaceable picnic paity, hurling v llov
aiu r vollev of mlisllca. and ciulihing Iho.e proa'
trated nv the atones. I'lalola weie aubeiuuniiy
used with slight i ffect The following i a-oi..ltlea
wire reported iiuioim tho phiili kms : Joel
Hugliea, avrioualy Injured In tlie aide by a atone
ftll.l Utlll Oil, . .I.u. l. ...... VI,. tr M..I....I I I. , i.
un.i niiii nnr.iiisi'ioiia ; .vi, ca m ujord, body kicks
mid stuno bruises upon the f.u e : I'hlillp Kor,
severe scalp wound and Internally Injured :
Win. Kane, long cut across lbs temple smi
many body bruises ; he waa ki ked down ami
kicked until unconscious, and life is deal aired
of; William Chambers, eye badly goiiired and
severe shoulder Injiiilea, N'veral women were
hurt. "Kidney" llrown, Jake Id or, and Peter
McCormt k of the roughs were well hammered,
andtbeOr-t named Is In a critical roiiillilon.
Ihuruweie no police or const ihulary force mi
the vruuuds, but warrants have been gr.uted fur
tbe arrest of several of the rioters.
Tallniadge dV Co 'a Trickery,
Mr. 0. U. Aborn, commission merchant, IT
Pearl street, New Vork, visited Newsrk yestsritiy, sc
ceiupauled by s iswyer, ami claimed ss properly stoles
from him nine esses ut una that had been rcjileviui d by
oilier Sew Vork Onus, ere mora of 1 .niiiia.l.'e A U l
laa allegation of Mr, Ah.iru Is thai lie had the oils
siurediu laiiiu usgi 'n place in t oriiemlt ir. el, and lh I
when the nrtn filled the oil was i srrn .1 i.rfio v'ra .ler
ley Ui'iin riliilittiug lila pronfs l . .Iiisn... ,l, ,ini a
ear. I; iriunl waaglanleu ami orl.-i ra eere ilelalle.l
tu a-alal Mi Miwn 11, aeeinlm; I, , h . r. i.,ri), wlilili la
valued ai tl.taju, ami aloreil witn Mr il i ifsmlall It
Ii i asm thai the Hank nf M al t'on. ,11 Lit, i lias lust
Mo OU" III gol'l by till- Iru ai n of the alllliailgea II Is
belinveil that otl,ei lianas liavi loll lare uiiiounla In
Hie aauie via), silliuuah tliuy are ke. plug the luaaui
Providing Inr Another Itilailte.
W isiiiMiiiiN, Aug U T'no I'r eiileni'i fun-
I V is till L lim i.r.n I I .1 f.,r Tin Pi m n nl II, is ultei
h.'iih m ut I In- ii. mi i, si ion ol .1 il. 1 1 l J h ul lj ue bu.ublt
Lhutuuaut lu Ihu Iwi'Ulleili luisuny.
The Tarb. Repelsrd and Nearly all ef Ihea.
Hllled-Cal. Anlltrh'a Army not oa tbe Re
treat-A Baltic latmleeat Neat Baaja.
Raousa, Aug. 12,-Glght thousand Turki
landed at Antlvarl on Thuraday, the 10th Intt.
They were going to Podegorltxa. The Prince of
Montenegro haa delayed hla marob toward
Slenlti i, the point of Junction of tbe Servian.,
for tbe purpoao of operating against Djelaledln
and preventing relief to Moukbtar Paaba,
niwiBADa, Aug. U.-A bulletin published
here denle. that the Servian Col. Antltcb hat
retreated, and declarea that he maintain, hi.
Prince Milan hat arrived here from Delegrad.
Tha Turklah foroea attempted on Tuesday last
to break through tbe Servian line, at Javor, but
I were vumpletely repulaed. Nearly all of inem
Were killed.
Oen. Banco Ollmplct malntalnt hit ofentlra
poaitlona on the Drlna. Banja, whioh hat been
ttrnng'v fortified, I. held by TchernarefT. army,
while Col. Becker's army occupies tbe moun
tain, on the Tlniok and Morava Hues.
It la expected that Prlnoe Milan will proceed
In a few daya to Inapoct the army on the Bosnian
Thirty thouaaad Bulgarians, principally old
men and women, Il la aald, have taken refuge In
The atrocities committed by the Turk, lo Bul
garia and Servla are reported aa being beyond
Stireeona and officers are arriving at Belrrade
from all countries. One leeTun of volunteers
bearing the name of the Prlucess Natalie baa
gone to tho seat of war.
Uen. Zacb'a wound will necessitate ampu
tation. It Is believed a battle I. Imminent In the neigh
borhood of llanja,
Oen. I,oachjjiion, with the bulk of his foroea,
haa taken una position near llrestnwatt.
Tbe Comniander-lu-Chiof of tha Servian Army
haa decided not to abandoo tbe Morava valley
without a deolslve battle.
Baelaad'a Prtaae Mlalaler Elevated le the
Peeraae-Tbe New leaaervaiive Leader.
London, Auit. It. Although Mr. Disraeli
la to be elevated to the peerage be will remain
Prime Minister, sir Stafford Norlboote will be
come tbe leader of tha Houae of Common.. It
I. the general Impression that tbe Cnneervallvee
are weakened hy the chaoge. but Mr. Disraeli la
pbyalcvlly unable to auatala tbe labor, of tbe
leadership of the Houae.
Il Is rumored tbat other Cabinet changea will
be made after tbe prorogation, namely, the
Hlght Hon. Sir Charles B. Adderley, baronet.
President of tbe Board nf Trade, and Lord John
Manners, Postmaster-General, are to be offered
peor.ges. Mr. William II. Smith, liberal Con
servative, member lor Westminister, and ono of
the Joint Secretaries of the Treasury, Is to re
place 81 r Cn. rles Adderley, and some subordi
nate member uf tbe Government to replace
Lord Verniers.
Ihe Xiilu AVirsto.dav.ay.: "For more than
one aeasinn It has been a manifest task leading
Ihe Houae of Commons, growing too burden
some for a Prime Minister who never spared
hlmaelf when nubile rimy demanded hla time
and energies, his accession to the peerage I.
not ao much a promoti ui as a development, or
rather the crown of a career. The poliilcul con
anuen"cs of tbe chiuce may net at once unfold
themselvos. Mr. lUrall withdraws Irom the
House uf Commons ut the close uf a see slon In
which he haa been the centre In strong pi ron il
dlseuselons, butliomnot be doubted tbat hla re
moval was contemplated before theae discussion,
could be foreseen. I be transfer nf the leadership
of the House of Commons is an event far too Im
portant lo stand alone. Before long further
obangee must take place to bring the relation
ships of tbe Ministers to one another Into har
mony with the new state nf thing'. In his new
position tha Kirl of lina-mislleid will h" able
tn lerva as the bond uf his party and without
effiitia tun ond nl strength to uld It, Willi exps
r.i nco acquired a..,l aagactt train d in a long
and arduous p.llti'Wl 11 laa. RngllahnuMi, irre
spective of party, will loin In the wish that In
I, la new position Ihu Prime Minuter may rind
that eicne ami ilu-i.lD.'.l rrp n which I. a
bcllltlng reward for hla public services."
The Veal ef laelaa five Heads! nilee
A lean la Ms Days Acceaapliakeal.
Thpre wasnn immetiwnii'lleureBt Ameri
can Inatltute Hall last night to sse Daniel
O I,srv finish hla wslk of fmo IDiies In six days.
He came on the track at 1.21 o'clock A. M , hav
ing walked 411 miles. He felt strong, and
walked at a brisk pa -e. He rested at the end uf
the 418lb mile for 15 minutes, and finished 4'JO
mllea at 4 o'clock. He stopped on his 4311th mile
half an hour for refreshments, and completed
4J0 mllea at 7 o'clock.
At in o'clock, nn the 441at mile, he alopped an
hour In change hla clothing, but started brisk
again. The assembly cheered him w rmlr.
He flnlshed 4.V) miles at about 1 o'clock P. M..
and toil at 3 o'clock. He had for company at thla
time Wilson Heed and Mr. Nugent. At 6: the
end of 40 mllea was reached, and 49 at 7:18.
The wonderfully plucky pedestriau then
seemed to walk with renewed vigor, and be
flulatied 400 miles at 0:14, amid great eulhu.
si ism; and at 111:18 started on the 4IMth under
tho spur of great excitement on the part uf the
spectators. Tbe feat uf walking M0 rr lies within
tlx dava was sccompllsheil at ll:.t! o'clock tbe
time of tbe last mile being IT minutes and 45seo
niuls. He hail over half an hour to spare. A
sieneuf wild excitement ensued, and O'Leary
was barely able tu gel away from ibe admiring
Two Arsalew ef Laborers Headv le fight
liver a llorwe Hallrsvnd.
Justine nariinril huvitij; dissolvoil the In
jun. 'ii. .11 I.) Ju-tlie We-ilin.nk, reatralng the
(il.ilie liiaiirain-o I'nmpwny fmm taking posses
sion uf the mid foimerl) opened h) the Hunter s
I'nlut and Aatnil.i Kallmiul l'niuianv. that miu
paii) vcMciditv went u number of men to repair
the mad. Un rea-hlng the place they ascertained
that Patrick .1. (ilramn, Pieshleiit nf Ihe Umg
Island I'll) ami l',vai II ill... ad t'omjinn), I111.I
men at work repairing tho roil .mil laying u
il., nl. le Inn k. He bad pun li.iscil inun the owner
nf the Asti iia mini mi ihe training nf iheln
iuln ' I m l.v .ludfc-ii W,.ll,i ,,,k Ihe rljlil and lllla
In t In'l. pmi'i 11 v . they cunt chill ng t h il Ihe C0111
111, .11 I ...nn II, vvlili h had grniilril .. the liiMir-
1111. c 1 .imi'iinv Hie lllil lu nii.iato II ml. Iin.l
nn ant l.ni it v for -o. lining Tlie iiisuraiice pen 1 de
applied In the p.. lh e fm p..esl.,n. They. I.ow
eve. were uiivvillni! tn inke an nrllve part mi
1 lllier side, 1 n.i.i niliig tlii'inselvea with vv.ilch
ing ami prcvcii uitf au litciiTi 1 f the .cacc. I he
vv 1 1. do fori v nf the ilepnl Iliu nl la slut i.uieil mi
the lino. Mr. ttlfuaim, hcldes Ihe men em
tiliived nn the i.i.ul. ha-, over tiflv men it-adv to
I'l.iiect him lTi" inaurain u inmpuuy's force I.
about ua laigo.
Teai hluu a Hon Dishonesty.
Tlniothv lialv. a lad of twelve tears, wns bo
ft re Justice IMollhet ut Jener ITIy yebtorusy, crisrged
with ohtalntug grnrerlea under faHe iireteucea. The
mile lehuw sai l I'ut lila falln r ruiuirlli'd hhutugu
aroiinil snioiis tlie .11 II, r - ri I grocers and uhlalu the artl-
tl,a, un h r tlie pret lh il hs waa m.ii nv llieir reifu
lir enaloini is llu .imiii I r rifilsilausa tieailug.
He .ie. mre.l that Ins fit n r on several , om had
anil 1 . I 1,1111 aiu heat 1, 1 in men II ss ) I he mat urate
aiivl-i I one of ihe cuui. lining gri.ieraie 11 g.nacmt
auit ugslu.l 11, s Isu'a lal.iei.snd III,' .lualne grained a
warrsui fur tlie parent's at real. I'lic Coy wsa lieu.
Feresi Plree In Ibe Twin Uounlalee.
Woiiu.iug, N. H., Aug. U.-A heavy fire Is
rnguiK in tne wuoila bitweeu the I'alu Mountain llnuaa
smi tin- Kb, yan Houae. 1 tie Huston liv.1 ,s sill nut get
i'iiousIi tn lor. inornln Ah i i 111 at ,11 1 1 aln ov er the
l'.ri ,'vu.l and lindens i.inrli Kthriai Ir uu M Jo.ius.
tini 1 , Vi , eo.ii lining ah.'iir 11 1 nei suui. are cut off, sud
wl I Uut be side tu get tiai k iu nlgnt.
The llriilh ol h -uldler uf I SI .
Uoniiim, Aug. IS - Col, Thomas Asi inwalldied
In bruuallue yestc.ilay aged ninety. His aervicca lu
Ilia war ut ISI'J ue M .J r ol the Mnlh I lined Slstel III
fuitrv sre uisinors'ili . sinl Ii aria ttm n'deiil . f the
S'l vlvora ul tlie III. rs . I tnal .,r He ass United
blstui Luusui st Lmiiluii ft. .111 lata .0 lat, i.
Hpraker Kerr lirowlug It orse,
Wasiii.mihin, Aug. 1- Siuaker Korr'a con
1III1 n la aucli sa lu alarm lua friends, and It is not be
Itevi'.l that he aid Ion- snrv ive A despatch received
Irani ..Ilil, dale I ener.l.i), rrnm Hoi sh-nlgi'. Aluui
Hiri.ii:s. says "1 am 11,111 h wuiic, aud huuu is urua insr
A Hwlinuisi's Pmiil Hive,
Oi.KN'ri Kai.i.m, N. v.. Ah;. 1.'. Eugene Cramel,
'-'1 ji sr. uf ag. , w i.ll l.atlniii.' in it,,- Hu is.m rlyer here
tndiy ill Vi .1 II. lo 11 1 11 1 ,. 11, 1 -,' ue h. - 11 ri . i.,c-ic
, !' , " "l ", "' , 1 " " ' ' '"' 1 ' ' r llr' bun
tin uiiih ki ling lilui iiivlsuli) krsutl sai autlpiil
The Probability era final Adjearagaeet bv
4 V. M, ea Monday,
Washington, Aug. 12. The Ilouie will
be ready to adjourn on Monday at 4 P. M.. and
In anticipation of the Senate agreeing to the
Joint resolution propo.ed by the Hou.e rooter
day fltlog thl. date ant hour for final adjourn
ment, tbe Houae took a reoess to-day until Mon
day at 10 A. M. Tha Senate It still In session at
tbl. hour tbla evening, and haa taken ne
further action on tha Houae resolution than
to lav It on the table, whenoa It o.n be
' taken at any time before 4 o'clock on
Monday and acted upon. Thero It, undoubtedly,
a atrong pressure being brought to bear
on the Senate to Induce It to postpone adjourn
ment for at least another week. There are a
number ot Jobbers who do not want their
schemes postponed until nest winter, and they
think tbe Democrat. In the House are ao
1 anxious to get away that If tbe Son .ta ahow.rl
a determination tn stay until certain las' -'-
la psrfsoted.that thsv win " -X'
and I Ji tha ' ,...u a..eir opposition
spa in toe An throuf n; Tn, aena'e hut
already put Through the feet mall Job, and I.
now preparing the Hawaii.u treaty Job vigor
otielv. Ihe School amendment fnu. .,;, ih..
trlct nf Columbia Job have boon pissed tn
Senate In tbe ab.pe of amendments to the House
bills. The Hnuas, however, can die doss of tnese
by referring them to the appropriate commit
tees, where they will Heap the sleep of death.
There will bo some difficulty in keening a
Jiuorum of the House here If tbe Senate pro
ongs the eeaslon beyond Mondey next, and It la
poaslbla that the Democrats will have the most
trouble In retaining their men; but If the Sen
ate persists, the parly whip will be applied on
tbe Democrats, and momhera on that aide hav.
Ing leave, of absence will he reo.tlled, and thu. a
new relay can be lei off fur a few week..
At 10:30 tbl. evening tbe Senate was still In
session, and had passed tbe legislative bill as
agreod upon bv the Conference Committee and
Eassed hy the House, and Is now discussing tbe
ilploinatlo bill. II this bill Is alao passed to
Light only tho Indian bill will be left to act
upon on Monday, and It I. possible mat Con
gress tnaysdjourn that day at 4 P. M.
Later. The Conference repurt on the Diplo
matic bill waa finally agreed to without dlsous-alon.
Hie Hawse Pilled with Uae aad Fired while
He waa Aalee-A Narrow Rerape.
Ntw Havbn, Aug. 13. Thorn na Benoe
owned a realdanoe at Martin and Day streets,
the lower floor of which be occupied as a
saloon. Laat night tome person flr.d the build
ing after fiance had retired, and evidently In
tended hla deatructlon, Tbe gas fixtures were
torn down In tbe barroom, and tbe gaa waa al
lowed to flow until It AT led the b irroom. Tbe
only entrance tn the room waa then secured by
turning the key In the lock and bending It.
Then Are waa applied, and the gaa at once broke
out In flame sll over tbe house. Ucnce, who
slept on tbe aecond floor, had barely time to se
cure hu money and e.cape with bis life, tbe
building, a frame one, being soon consumed.
Some time ago 11, nco hsd a quarrel with bis
wife. She split hi. head with a buttle, and they
asperated. She has threatened openly to burn
bla house, and to-day sbo was arrested on sus
picion. Hence waa asleep when the Are was
atarted. and had he nut been awakened by a
pollcemab, wuuld bave beau burned to death.
A Blight Cbeage for ihe Better la bla CeeaM.
Ilea -Religious Esercleee.
Tho condition of Cnminoiltiru Vanderhilt
yestordsy was not much changed from that of
Friday, aud the llttla difference was for the bet
ter. He restej well during Friday nlgbt, sleep
ing more than usual, and yesterday morning
wes bright and cheerful. Mnny friend, called
durlna- the day. but tew saw him.
In the evening tbe Key. Dr. B. S. Moran of
Hal 1 1 more called, snd talked lor nearly an hour
upon religious subjects. The Commodore lis
tened with evident pleasure to aliiging by tue
ladles ol his household. Dr. Moran trtt at 10
o'clock, and th" C.uniiiu.loie was wheeled fmm
the library, wboro he had psaa-d fie day, to the
b ck room, where he passe, his nights.
Dr. Llndeley considered bis condition so fa
vorable tint ho went home earl), aua Dr. Ill -Holt
went a few hours later.
The Brttlsa Admiralty and ibe Fagtllve
raiavv liurstloD.
London, Aug. IS.-IT10 Admiralty have issued
s new circu sr re pec'tlu fugitive Have, It lu.trucis
thu urUiera of ike usvr Kiri, .10:111 it a fugitive is
tsam under the in l-ctloo ul the flag, nu dcuund
lull he enter atne.l I r 1,1a surreud r un th j irr .un 1
sav.rr aecun I, . Ml ra are 1 ft in thcr 1 wn discre
tion rtvarduie the circuiustauees uu h r whuiiiher
iiu.'hl I. reielve s tigiuie sat-, thirl, wh 'Lever
witbiu terriionsl waters sny on damn 10 be held in
alsv ry luulrary 10 Hie ireau uf llnal Urllaiu, he
S -uuiil De nr. 1U1, lei until 1'ie near -st Ur.llah LuuaUl
Investigate! aud ilucldce tin uuiatluli.
Hew Ihev Panlsh Mwlndlere la England.
London, Aug. U.-Mr. Kl -hard Banner Oakley,
manager and proprietor of tbe Cooperative Credit
Datik-a scheme which he sisrtcd la March or April,
1874, and which prove I tu be s failure-waa adlanicatod
a bankrupt In J .uuarr Isat and c. .11. united fur t iai ou
aeiargeof fisuiln cuuuei Hon with li.ai in.iiiutiuo.
He w .1 fuiiuo guilty lu-day, sua teuteocud tg Ave years'
peoal servitude.
laieaae Ileal In Madrid,
Madrid, Aug. 11. -The heat bare I. fearful ;
It exceeds any recollection since ltoo. The city la as
serted snd ihs streets sre silent, s-urty geld laborers
died Imm tne effects ol the hest near neville. The
ytnea in Andaiu-ls sre scorc'iing snd fsilmg Count rl.
shier, a member of the tcuste, was uvercume yester
day sou bsd tu be remove 1 tu Perls. ""'"'u""
M. Pufaare Elected a Life Henaler.
Paius, Aug. 13.-M. D.ifaiire, President of the
Council snd Minister of Juitlee snd Worihln, wss
elected tnilsytu a lilr-ieusluraldp vice II Csslmlr.
Perier, iieceaae.i, hr nil vuioa. Two linn Irea und
nv. ui) four rtenaiori vend. M. Clmucluag, Legiti
mist, ublaiued 1UU rules -v....
Holds on Ihe l.amblers.
deigeant Cass, acting Captain uf tbe Bldrldge
street police, raided ihe gambling deu st C3n Grand
aireel, near the lluwery, at aimut 11 n't lues Isat iiiiu,
snd captured shout s dnren uf the tntt'stei The n u.
pneturn ilea' rltied tlieui-elvi a astleurge Vlulier. entii
iii.isi .11 niirriiuit, and .l.i'm N. Uullck, buut sua alius
dia.er Sulh of Wl Uailisliiirs-1
A Kri'lli'inali iolii, .me., tn I anlslll Vjii Ilu-cn of
the alircer .mot j...ln alatlun lust i veiling that lie
hsd he, n swlnd.ed uu. ul s large sum of tnouev in a
gambling houae at l'.'s -mil avuiiie, kept i, a mau
Usui. 1 Henry h'Tliar.l Lie limli e enti red II e n'si e
and atreaieii the prnpnoiur and two iierauua shu were
plajlug Ilnrleeii c nta wsa all iho iiiunuy luuud.
Molly Mouulrea Mentenred,
rorrsvii.i.E, Aug. 12 The Jury in the case
agstua. Kehue, chief ufflcer of the Molly Msgulre . ider
Ii HiiiuiUil cuuniy. sud laoulng, cl.hr utflerr uf
Norll.un.lierl m l couniy. who six ulher irninlni nt
num'iira of Die iimsntailon, tu day found t.irm all
g'lilti ot aseaul. und nailer) wlui in tent tc, hill v 11 1 .m
I'hoinaM all IllIKh who mrn-ll Sites evlle.iee waa
re.oiuuiil.il .1 1.1 u... men 1 1.1 the I oiirt Ihee'samu
un 11. mm m v . ral ot er-. will Ik nut uiio.i lnui i,ii
wees lor conspiracy lu kill Wl.iuui auu Jeiio Malur at
Mahauu) ill). '
OfT-llnnd Mhnolluu al Crccdiuanr.
The 11 1 nt Ii competition for tlie I'm t, t'ii M, uml
farm '.""J vsrdl clubeuge hsdge wsa lull al I rei I
luunr y.'.terday. Nearlv dftv entrie, were iii.ut. Hie
leslliig .eons were: U i I'.n.ei. 11 y 1 1 iu. i.
It H K.'.'lie. lit , I I' Urn r.ti. V in Id a'rla u II
I.I. AI.en, 41. K K Mil en, au ,) I'. 11. ll.cliai is, i i ,
1 t rtavlils, 10 Th AuhIisiuu Ulflc iiuuimsii: su
luspecllon ol Hie rnnuo
joiriMJf .moi l loirx.
TurSraj his received '.' from C for the suf
ferius I' mil) at Ju VVesl Furu niini .ire. t.
Ml. 'haul t'onrud of l.'il West K.fiv tblril st.eet
fuui.. ii ii.to me Hu Is ni r.ier near 1 i.iy-aei iii'iiueit
last i v i uluir, and a aa ilrowui .1
Mr. Annuel (1. Willi him in. fuemtn uf tbo
man Dug ri lialier,. I, (lot the I'onl Ollh i e ni iv.i. v. I, I
wsa i iiared wit a seuaiu ul, i in Mi i. i oui lo ui g,
llr. Joseph I re it. who wua arrested on tbo
1 har.'e of a hlie atfa'ti-l Vu'l.iriai' Woilli'lll, I'eiinls
1 . i lall it. .lain. sH lilou.l, ami nun ri Wiavesteiday
libilsleil llotil II . I ilibi uu lu 1,.U1 nail.
The lui.eral srrvnesover the late Carl Berg
man. Hie I -run r t ' 'lu. loi ..f I'm Via ,,rs rnilliai
lu .n " i' l 'a or neiira, wire nenl lu t lie Vsueu
hrod. I "I I-sal I i i, in slit !, , ,ler lay Ail lllo llus
lug sud liiuskul lucleiles aeul Bur .1 1 rll alea
The nimuil convsutliin uf tlie Orand Lodgiv
Keatn r SUi I llari- I, iMali id Nn 1. i eKlua un luc.lar
in I'vinaimrsa Hal. I.ll i anal air. , , huluv-f,,,;
linlgia will ue represmel Iron New York, NuvJt
so Sew kngland, aud csuaJa. Ihe l.jdy U.i now
ahoui ii.uoci ihi'iuhi ra. i
n. C Ludlam of asa Cherry street owns an '
Afrlcal ah,e. wi.n fi'ir liuiui lici.no f.,"n ' i" At"
Isa uiuiiulalua. am four uiul.i. sgu was ', ue I of
"'"If "a'dn Kv.vi'M, r tl " ", ..", , n
.."i'.'i , "'.,l'll,''itr! ,,'ll. aawtl.ii sin. l.ni it, A I us. ami
st hi, re i"-l 8 h Mart in. suesliuv r.sn m nf I sn
gut Morocco ludtlied III ora up. .era I ,,i . a n I, li.
The coinmilteo tn rei eive propiva,a for the
isie iii.tl trans! 1 1 ol Hie c.aiuis n. He th u. ra f i lie
I o.i in ra' It na, ait r iu isi,, an i nu a n i ,n of ihe
aa.ei. report thai " I.u. n ink's -Loi ii in n n
tiwius' lu ur i, inn.iuaiias' I, I,. 1 1 lu .siiiiik .Ii
IU'i la 'ii Uiaili'iiuili oi ., tin r a ,n I I ,
"I u 1,1," ll.yn loi iil.ii ii, i, lln
' II '. " i i hi oui II'- ',1.1 . I i - i. I' ii l'i a
no It. II. iv inr unl lu . ,. . m I .mi ilaiUii, .mil s
lr.uf I ul tin (l.ths 'a iaal lar
dashes nun a and rnnna ntntm U
The Baae Ball Field -A Uaae la BreajMfBi I
where Balk ISIdee weal la te Wla-Aaaaw I
teera aad Prefeeeleaale la Prospect t4vtej
ThoCbelaeai (amateurs), and tba Mataall I
(profeaslonala) played In Brooklyn yesterday. 1 I
TheChslseaa wenHrstto the bat. Before the I
game an eaay victory wa predlotad for the Me I
tual., but the Chelaaae played a remarkably tea
game, and gave the Mutual, hard work to trim.
In the first four inning, theneldlng waasoabary
on both aide tbat neither olub acored a rag
and It waa almo.t Imp'on Ibl. for a man to reaek
Brat baae. The Mutual, earned only OM
run. The pitching on both side, waa vert
effective, and It wu. hard work to gat tbebal
through the Infield. Hules's pitching and Duf
fy's ba': were tbe featiirs. ef the game.
2U:.ri plavSd a fine g.me at flr.t baae, aa 44
fest at second. The Mutual, play w . .pleadU;
aiid ihoy tdsyed their hardest lo win the iasM
i . '.v. by Innings i
Appendeu ia .
asuvua........ ioooiiiiiJ
t,.A.i?0id!tnui "Uf Played on Prospect Par
tul M;m.r.0.,in2fiL.onJf tin terday betyreeS
il-.i NIn'" and Hudson oluha, and alWl
SudVu'aT::::..; M i i i U
The Lafayette, beat the Eagle club 41 to it.
ease of FewleVe Prleade la TreaMa.
Jamea Burke and James McCann, ot the Jaotav
at a Hollo Oang, who were held by the Coroner's Jaaj
aa accessories to the marderot OBcartlwsrd atooetj
were before Judge Reuuldi yesterday, on a writ at
bsbesa corpus, lo sa snpiicsilon fur bail. Jaeae
Keynuldi reser.ed hiadeola.ou that he mlgni aiasxlaa
Ihecuruoer's tnaus.l testimony. Tho iiiemoersofike
rang bel I as principal! sre Jamea Wnolshsa, or Wbee
in, andJuhn Hurley. VYhelahai is a low piii'tlclaa.
Who fo-merly kept a aalouu la the Jacsson Hollow r
glon. Hr was rscugnlsed as the lesderof the saag.aai .
was rewarded for hi. puhiicsl tatlue.ice by Wbj.TC
Puwler, who made him Hrdrsat laapeetor. a ilBaaMg I
poaiUoa Has the was held by Crow Murray.
A Trip le Earepe Prostrated.
Adolpb Boiler of tbl. city did a large bualnea
with Cabaa merohaala, who, last summer, owed htaj
440,000 Louis ooldanger of Cuba off red to get laa
munen a power ol altoraey was given him, aaa H fa
lleged that hs culiicicd SU.ooo, none of which waa re
ceived by Mr. Boiler. Hull wai eegua agalaal OeJaV
anger In Cabs, and bs fsllod lo answer. A day or law
ago Mr. Holier ssat la Ihe naaener list of tlie Oenaaa
atesaier Duma, snuoascod to sail yeaterday, tltr aaaa
ofUuldBngsr. Justice Unuonuc grants aa order ag
arrest, aud Oxen the pail at H ikio Yasti rday OelsV
linger wss srreated aa the ale imor. and waa e roaghl ea
lXdlr.Vt,JlLLM, T,a,Q W" 'ock "
Akdectlag a (iolered Ulri. j
TheVan Sooalcka of Bayoone.have had In theey
employ Maggie Frsaler, s yoaag colored fl -Urartu,
who had been ladaatared to the n Irom ths Colored I
Orphsn Asylnm la Mew Tork. Oa Friday Mrs. Tea ' 4
fichslrk. weul befor,- Justice Moualey, and msde eoes.
S int Hist iho gtn had ne .n etiiice 1 swsv by Mr. aad
Ir-. Kuasrll.tbslr uelgiihors. tin&iresenllng his war, I
raat uiisiahle Id lawsv wsa told by toe Ciarka. a 1
lawyer, that Magsio waa not in tne huus... Ths Cos I
stsble threatsaad to brcsk open the dour, and Mrs. , I
lluiaell gsve way. Bun equcntiy Mr,, liu.a li.eadMg ' fl
Clarke were arrested ou s cuarge of abduettoa. j
The Ocfaclaa of Cola. I
Sliver half dollars, stamped with the word, II
"Psrinso Vsrletlcs, Sixteenth street snd Broadway,' 'I
a-e tn nrcu'allon, snd leveral p-rsuna have wrltlea sa M
Tus 8i iu ssk If such com i ij,i. X
" Hulled Males culua " said Caa.uer White, U'WDoran it
chief uf riMii rnaury " niirae I with the uaine ef al
Dlaee of bu.lncas uf s curuuratioa or an mulvllBal M
aru i legal Any defacement, lurihuruiure, uf ear- fl
rein v, hard nr soft, of ttie t'nltcd Hisrpa, mskee at fj
valueless oefors ths law, and reuders Ihs oue who de IB
fiirri it Hsb.e lu unprlsuumt ut for two yesrs sad a Oae I
of es,uou.
A Sliwiea Uluad Traeedy. I
William Jones, a oolored man, of rttapleton, . B
B. I, q isrrrlled with hla wife llsrnet on Sua ay I as. I
and shot her la the left cheek, ths ball loagmt ie the
Drek. Mrs Jnne.'s hrottver, ftsse il. Ilravea, s Isaltat i
ol 17 Naa-sii street, on Krltlav afteruoun eased an off. I
car ol lite N w a're.l, New Yora. pop., slulmtoar. I
real Jones, who aid just I I'liicT frum a niat.'ii Islasal I
bus-, .luuea was inese.l up. and veaieriar afieraooa
was taken un a Coroner's warrsut tu tlie KI bra oue
ruu.lv Isd. Mr. Urave, ami me yen. rday ihsihai
sister ss silve, though lliim Uupo is culerlslutd of her
recovery. &
A Clerk's Dlsgrare. I' j
Arthur Donnell, tbe embexxling dug olera j
employed by Ureal a C i. of Brosd i-trret, Kltsabeta,
waa commuted by Polio- Juiluu Ceumui uf that city !' j
yeatent ir lo the Union r uuly j il to await the act loe i; f
if tin lltsiiil Jury Hustles num. Tuna C"tlr arllclss
fuuuu lu hi- runs sn.l ,1 .u u u, ni.n ii. , in ,,i. eniniof.
,r, j, ir per v vain.' I at IM,',, tule i from Jam . al ' ,
I aae. fur wh un h" h ul a. ie I a- druj mrl In Honmr-
ft'ut.'. ''! I""" "u ''SS sckuuwlodgodblg ' I
galll. 11 ia thefts fuut up -' ooo ( i
. i
Where there will be ne Pew Rente.
Open air meeting, are to be beld In Jersey- !'
City, ic-d.y, under the ai sp ea of the T. M. C A. A Ii I
in c unard w harf the services will bs under ths okarge
uf the Yuuug Peuple's Aasouiallou uf the Kirsl OsMlst '.
tiii.rclt: atTlaniiilun i'srs, u ider the direction ofuS
Sunday S.huoi ul ihe Kree Iteluriii.M I hurcn, st Jersey ,t
sveuui t. nil brlugu, undi r thu aueerinteudeuce of ttm 'i
llsllr .sl hranci uT Ihe Y M C A., ami at ureeue sag
fcssex atrseis lbs Usnuaua are te os addressed la tbatr j
osulsugusgs. jol
Uermaea Car Tlldeo, bel Aaainst Ring Rale. I n
The German Indepeudeut Deiuocratio Asao- I :
claiiuu of the Kigbiseath Ward of llrouklyu, ou rndaf ' ti
S, "Ji;. ri'ISl!i'- ,u "Pfort the national sud auaj l M
tn sets, snd Ihs' mr rs be slluwe i to vote lor whaS t IT
ever osadlusus they desira ou cuuoty sud c.ly ticket. :; a
A Menllanemal Italian. .,
auttava Walters, an Italian, of TS ClirrsMe ;
street, drank beer sn 1 isudsnum in s concert saluoaei V Ij
100 II iwrry on Friday night, am' was tskrn tu lleiievaa -where
be died. He had lo.en deaeiiHO by a girl eat
pluyed la ibe ssluuu, lu whom liw hsa ueea siisoues. '
Usaall Pox In Jereey CUv. i
fmall-pox la reputed to be spreading on Jee .
.?'., f't" Heights Six children of s fsmllr named ,' I
K. Illy are aunerb g, .uu at the residence uf Mr. Ura '
tuw, lot) Lsidlaw sveLu.'. trirei cnilaicu hsve it. 1
rainbbrd with a Chisel.
John Struokliar I, a louth of fo irtnen yeara, y j
uf l.'.l Leuaiiru s.iett. ai. st ..n u in tin. b ua with a '
culavi, laat uignt hi in unk ownaoy. .
tVeaihrr OlUce Prrilielluna.
Nearly s'alluiialy or slowly fslllng harometat.
ailai l t liaiiges lu iruii i raiun , .aslerli l suulhert
wludi, aud paitly ijuudy westl.er aud poaalb y islu.
The Thermometer In New ork Yesterday. '
At Hiiiinut's at a o'clock A. M , V4 : tt. 71 : 9. .4
7U, u m. , j.an i' m u' , ii aii, v. ,r , u ii., ypr j v
The Germans of th, . ..i,i : h I H-i i l.-i. .lersei I
Clt), nave otgaii.zeil a lihl, ii ... l il ui it i.s i lull V
A Itlileu anil lien 1. 1. k l,.inn i ni.riiasdal t
1 Utliy kiatu sireel an.l I II r I .n . n ,i .si i i talus. I
A I HUeti mul Jlciulri. I.-. Tub h..a In cn funnel 1
In i' miiIi Unu a J t,oi ii.v, s.i ..an. wuucj 1 1
llienihirs m
I'll ii I lid on and lie.iii i Ii ks i i nil i if tlie Ktghtb I
As-i i ..ly I i -r i . . h . .- . I .,u r, .jui tuns la 1
su, p 1 1 uf lh I l.,...s ti, .. .1,. ,
Hit' ham .irit.al II n ,n,l III : : I, I f Jew
se t fv liive ore ni I i in i, i , u tliu ulcks L'ittl
v, ii one liuu .ti a m. ,i it , in i.i i
At i inuell. j , I I ,il. n. hei.l 111 the ifU'o of
I I l'i . i . i . , II I r.. i . )-!, r I ij, it wal
r. . v a i.i j nn snu tUu 4 m.p iu niC licuiocraiai
tu.i I
A I il, leu ami Ileiiitrn La Club has boon formal
111 letk,s I. Wll'i I -III Wllitf niilliel ofll i rs ' Jo
s'i i i .i . in -i ,e,t, vvimaui Mshlu aud WulA
II ..,i. i. i . ',i i h, i i i is ii sMiiir
A 1 ),, lull ami Hendricks I'd, I, I, Kn
. i ...inn wnu iirnuricas i uiu uua neen oreask
li.l iii Kal.. . Ii, with im folluwlug na a ..rtuetlj
J. ii in, iii I r-snie .t , hi riss sii. i Jusiius ilsiiaS
Hiintvi.is d i put ti Wheeler, lieasurer.
I he Democrats uf the .Seventh District of thl
1 .1 . 1 1 in vv ai.l uf I iuokIvii iiavr h T ildeu snd Hesy
i i i. a i un w in Iniiu t.a,v .u for I'n sun nt, Juhu alas
die fur a e I'resi.i. i,i..isine i arlln I ir Bocislsrr, asvf
Usuu r uipai ru k fui s, igeaul at Aruii.
A Tllden and Hendricks Itefortu iTub waa
ur.'snigln tne Iwuilv I or I M ul imili atr-4
Sl.l VVts.ilUg. n avenue, on K Id.T ev.lill.g Til.
offleeil ale- Adu pit Huepfel l'rishle.t, V i hula.
ne l'r. aldeul , AiuUl' Caii, litasuur.J II. svuriae
avr, ei lelarr,
A Tllden and Meforni I lu' haa been organ.
Is- 1 iu I h ipuaiiiia li.e ..Cl. i it. I vi iliini, I'rest.
Il nl, I "I M, en III, J.. .,o I A It'll, .1 II Lay.
I ni-. , Al.rsiu Weeks. I' II lii..ii II Van I .as.-U,
Vic I'. "lueiiia , Win J Aisirn r, becielary , vluurge
llui.i , 1 1 asa ci
I lie I .Men and 1 Ion Ir'cki (Tub uf tlie Sucond
War , f ui. n i n ' im n u, rs al ihe rrat iu u'lug,
.nil r r , ill- . win.- .11 us Win J M, i oniirlT.
1 1 i , i , in-, uu, .. IT. I, i ii , II. ury
(an., '-i . n t ,. i . JaiLi-i 1'ayu' , I lea.ui er , 1' tulcy,
btug atit al Ainu
ilia Ninth Waid In 1apoiiiie.it Democratlg
Clu'iua. j.uiii i ail i . ,i st ij li i ,so,t sli eL
l'ie fill w li si I I'nel 111, .11 i.i, el i it i,,,,?
mil l'i, u i i I Item) I si I ru, l, , M,u5
N " I r. a I i n . IV ui. VI ii , j ,,,! j ,,, M",,. g
a., i, la ha. in; a Hu'l, lieaaurer, Il i,tu' indeJ
Jl.i... I.i. ai.l f 1 ani i IDT
In Dtswr llsv i ITIden ami HeiulrlcWs Club
" , !'. 1 1 "! "fl ' ' l'r a I. it, Hi I ,uT
unl W I re, I.I. ills. Hi, no., t , , i
' " - WH e, It. is ., vv ,, "'f' ',, ', J'
V,",'"1, " " ''" ' ' V I .,', H i v, ,
' ' 1 a i '. ; II l i 1 , . ha,
h r .. i f , , ... i , . ,V i , crs
s,.i'L 1 1 lid - ,ti,r, j, v,

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