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mw MDi 'rnr that tit hkw to rite
l ..... the Wealth ef lifbol.k fea-rM.
it u ".cfirr l..l'n rer Frloce.
P Oi.tii.lc of wiilorn lio go down to the
in great iblMt """" who do bun
VZnnhkvW to have road the announcement
i.Vh iMpi m tilinc published on the
Jh ln.t : "AM,..!, .chooner Alaska, Career.
Mhtcrn data iron, 1' .otmiagln I -
JLof .n industry hardly known, whloh will
Hi Mm now source of wealth to the enter
wttiM P,ll, ' CeJlfi'roie. Tbe cod fisheries
Jo ing almost entirely monopolised by the
Util dshermen of Mssssohusstts. KovaBcotln
and the Miflueloti MU liare taken raot
. .nrf the ut riohas of the coast of
.-oaj us, snd tne vast neon wi
ilnUimii Hie Oehotsk iea are gradually be.
l.nlbl utlilod. N ine veitela belonging to San
j,tatucov now employed In those cod flan
in, ivnitallng of schooners fishing on the
mmt ol Alaska and brig which Bsh In the
Orrclk sea. Kmra 1(16 to aw men are employed
kj the Beet during tbe fishing ssason, which
eotuiusiicss lu March and ende In September.
The Alssks, on whloh the writer wss one of
erven during her recent cruise to the fishing
grounds. It a small four-and-sft ichooner of
thirty-one tone register. To look at ber mid
think of a voyago of 1,000 miles to the Choii
asgin liland wss enough to uiako a landain.in's
keart-snd that of many a good eallor, for the
matter of tbat-go dowu Into III boote. She
I looked the eraft fur a aummer era. but fur lung
tnyngee ahe suggested too strongly the celehrat
id trip of ibe one-and-a-hjlf-tmi city of Haguaa
icr.'M iha Atlantic to he reassuring. Howeyer,
buying once put my hand to the ploughing. 1
ld not look back, and sink or swim, determin
ed to go In be. Tbe reault proved that thtro
was no cause for fear. A better ae boat never
sailed cut of Han Francisco. During the four
nonius' trip ate ucver eicmptcd a gale, and wo
bad iuoii heavy onea. She prmed herself as
strong ss timber and copper holt could mako
hrt, and never lost a pound of bulwark. '1 ha-e
Belling bout are all the same. The) will conn,
round in any weather on the auif ire of n iriile
ouliar. While a tig suiu Ilea roiling itbout In
ttie sea like a "half-tide lock." luoe strung
little fore and aftvra are dodglnc about I It. c
tank, aa upright .is house, an J Just sa ate..d).
On the tin of Mureh we weighed anchor and
started on the crime. Uursulu's company i in
sisted it the Cauljin, too cook, aud lite Bauer
men. It Ie h .nllr necessary to a iv i iut wo n m
no two ends-uu it trter deck and forecistp-; It
wss sll quarter dack. and Jicknaa liu-raii. ua
go d an Itln muaLer. W c .ul lived logeiner, uifa
ed together and alent io.uii.cr. I - ir.U"
cabin, In whl. -h the bertha. atrvti'.iuJ f ,re ,n,l
alt, ered for cooking, ja Hell .- iiriynuu,'
el-e. It la deairalle In me n.tll i.jil. to ki'i ;j
tbe deck ttuan. On tbe floor. I t w .tit . f a t r-.
the cnarl la laid out. ulie coiner w-lgi.eil down
by a little preeeuted uy ai.iue I. nJ inoin, r t i
her little fledallug when he firm h it tin- i..iei.i
Beat tu tempt tha waate of water. It
brown and aea wa-Iiuo nun, but wim i ,n tea if
rualor uae baa coun'iiiiiil u. M m, lia.'ly i ,,.
former tUau the I hut, fir we I-hih;, .u,.
like the mldaUlp neii lea,'ilueil t din.
Marrvatt as obeying the cuminaud t "tdr, i,
tbe lloilpturee" but ,,nc.-, and ttieu luat in d
enly by tue hope of liming Dve pound iw.e iic
tween tbe leaves ihe bribes of pr.iertul inam
aiaa to agueuin young I'ifldab. " J aleaof t'natei
and Siilpw reck deligbtful to remember, when
Ibe force of tbe wlud la i iaaain.-yu down on
lour beam enos, and H e rigging la Miiihlng like
a cut auake In It agony, bol s down the oppo
site comer, while the i.auti, al ilmanac and a
dog-eared navlgutl mi secure tbu onea th ,t re
main, ,li'i eutble the rkiuoer to prica off liw p i
Sllion. Not rumu to Mfl'ig a cat In the in all
ee allotted t" m- i ru.i uf ln Auka. Out a
r. Dlca anva li "1 ia t oi peril, u, ' "Who
Wauls to awing '.!;" itnl in a c.jinupollte
knock round-tb wond kind of czutence, I
kav found f.ir kaa comtoit ,ule plar -. tn m me
eMu of the Alaska, eaieually uu noriu. wnvr
taw wind got uirougn tuuhk a anile, nnj
your teeia rattle like in t ne of the enu iu.ni
at a minstrel anuw, in spit u. t'.p Aiai ii-i,i.
Ibere Is a strange peculiarity about un ,iIki:
It Is Just e cm In ininrr a it I warm in Win
ter. In uniiner it kc p ti v ne.it fr ..u pet.:r.i
tiug, aud lu Hluler it keia it (um earai.,.-.
with tbe Xi'i'iion of tn am .11 nlier caoln
tverv availahl pan of Hie h . ner i uev. r i
ta alori ig tn h-h i iiturr,l. i) - ,ii'. u', ,,(i.
curifo con la. cj vt a,l Lw uieciVi .i.v lii , iritn
trnH to cplur idem ; col 1 jgi, i,ui ,n ,
cii.oa and ,iut. of pruviri i , not uiab g i t
pi ri. An, en, .iii door nut, ru.iu t i-, u t 1:1 ,k
Utd a uiuui aaica, on un laud ui me o,'i 1 ,m
m ii k i r ulil . IT .rd. inu ,v ii,, w,- k- . .
V.r.e it' nua, giving every one tfn e , n.i, t
sirep. fiaiilug pouuard never v,rr o.irncuiir
a. .1 it' .in ivc ill i tun tiiiheriu m.u
Ibeiu J mrr U ver 1'tlie dinger lu Hie .Nun i
Vuinlcof ol iiion, an.i even large auipt have a
km,iif nowmg no lights whater uutti IDt) are
Bidk.i.g tnv .aud.
Th" lal'nUs vvliicu eitei.d tetweun Karrt
i ar.u:a ,in l the peuliie da of ALiIti are ibe
1 f.i. i,i, . 1 11 -. . 1 1 1 u kloUll.IH. i UoH.I H, l,i.
win, ii uu i.ide among otli--r gr n, tiie tru
A'Cu'ui,. iho Andriaiiov and rok lalauua, are
auu.i.a In from l.nit.ide J2 to ,i i.orin. mi
In, gituite IT'." to 171 ea.t. In,') are ro, kv Hid
Vo,iu,L. tteveral of tue tcjiioea ben g c .n
Itiiii.) a, t.vu. umng to th'3 1 uture of the kuiI,
Vig iatioii la very acality and ugrlcult iro en
tirely uukiiowii. 1 he inhai itunta, about V.iiu in
nuiiiLer, nuiiaiat uiuatlv ok nuuling and Dulling,
otter, f... and other klna fjriiiiug their prill I
psl rip ,rn. We reached the irround shout tnu
(uu 1 Much, uu i com i.t-nccd to nah cbieSt
sr tn,J Oanga 1-lalid mil Nagev. All tu
I, i,era loiiUu themaelvea to tlioae tlihiu
rr.'.iili. wiule th aguaie-rigged teasel I'.in
Itir, i t;h Kuril atrait, between diiouish i Island
Slid Uan.Ui-iiatkl alralta, water al lialliglu river,
an,l enter to Ucli ,uk ea. Innvllau prln i
palli the mouth of tbe Ureat HoJonaya nvor.
llm .ivcrage paaaage lotue liland la iwonty
daw, Hid to tin- Ucu.Uk in tweiity-flv. ine
stli.oneia ruug un to IM ton rglat'r, and tnu
IrW mid i sra fmiu l!uo to ooj t ,na. i'teOeet
tins it.-on couipnaed the SL-buunors rielniu,
A.uks. Alfred Adaiua. Liiaiuy, Wild Gas. lie.
i, . three .m iller ur.fw tugstlier with tbu ui.jt
Jo. n, ion and Heaperlau. Buiue of th veel4
th.it no op are not regularly eugaged lu tue
Ira le. nut when freight ire alack tney g j up oil
lt-K uUiijii. Indeed, thl flahtug liusuieaa la at,
s.ei uistion. The owner speculate on Hie aiax
ol ttie murket. and whether their cargo n ill be
ear.t ,,i not; Um c..iluln wmil ,tet on the total
buUu, aud the moll oil their In.lUldual take.
Ilnw 111! Alii PAID.
Or, I ounl the lurg eela Ii.iV what l
(all 'U i ''ib.vihiii, coii i.titig of beadera, -pllt-ter.
tur iu'm and a.uti'ra, In sddillou to the
t'h'nui'ti i mi ir. Ttie header removes tho en
tiall ami ti,.i i,, -vl ; t, thruater out the
tbniil and ripe tn. U,o ; th aplltler apllu the
Bali o n. lenroi n ,i nurtiun of I lie bai kiione:
while ini a ,n, i .i'-i,cm mi ,,, theiu III tue
hold. A h"ter ; , (r , ., to ( A a month.
together jum Ji, I .., i r ,,y n.t. n may
cat, I, In bie lelaui ii ,iuii.t.; i tnr i nor geta
ti in J6 to ftu, with en ,i, , , a ,i t. r It.'i iha
k' iii mi. lia a cha'ic to tla , ,nt j h.,n ir KL
B'' kn a chance, fil'i. lie m Ml
tan I men in th drsgiig ori ti, -.,.r,.' ,,,,1
sal., r J o bpltt well and i . 1, i , ir ,., i -, f
Bali, removing tbs bai'kt.one Ir , .
Ing ii, ul tiiti time with the t.. r, j'. ,. ,
regular at pn ii'l, hip, and i un ar. t, r.. (
Wlmh nu !!. I. oni can acqilre win ,i v-n,
of practice. Ihe aa.ler la aleo an m,,, i..i.t
man. He uui-t I ," o ia,ly eip irt itn u,
Vr, while at the aan.i. time he ihiiat to e on , i
puraoiilllad, uli.g only aa noun nut as I- n,
amy tu aavo the tlu, lor ci,londe t,i a,ul ,,n
fo'ina a largo Item t it in ni.enie. ,,f a II,
truiae. The cod tioiignt Into nan 1'iai.Lt.c j lor
t'i" laatfew season! waa nolatiiy i, I, nn i ,1. i
li t omiuHlid n fair price In ine m.rnct. i.m
L.o.lli.., was glvou h tho sail o 1,1 II i-.ei v
li.g tin in nut having beeu tiro,init i.t.i. ji
ciiiuined a iiiaullty of nuiphuie i .... B
t,ti it Impurities which dried and lurotj uu
II. " Ils'o
I i.i, ,-aaon the fleet took out 1,200 tona of ant
of ..mi h up rlor cnaraoter. Hal nn.,!, uu
I I ii the Ala-ka waa hue enough lur lai.lo o.c.
ti,, 1 1 ) .i iii being largo, translucent, and oaau
tif ...y white. Although mailer, codflaii c.uvnt
' t, , loant of AlSaka and lu Uchutak sea con.-
i ire f nurahit, nl.eu proporlv cured, with t ie
k'i Iruglit Into the Usstern warke:a, 'Ihe
um, .u.j i. aid -o per ttiouaatid for all the flati
ti. k I. and in addition a prists of 5U Is given
t't " mail that ion the largest number. On
P it. .i boird the n homier belinu, wnloh nr-
i i f.i i tl.er dar, had n,ij n-ii lo his credit,
.it i er ti, o i.in'1. wouidgive him o
e i ,hi ul tur .n As I lie halloa la s small
f'l o. ir ik ilia Airka, ami does not carry a
da j. tiiu ny i mora likely to lm$.U
I' i i, ma,, I. n i.l. ii woin I vlve him $Jtl, or
J V' i f 7 a no.ntii i.ot I,'! paj for a fjilor. In
it.ii . miuiirri ll.u ttptaii, n-inly hplll tbelr
li Slid til, ) U.Sli do the die-Sll.g. Ill
fJ. i " t mua paid In it, month, reiviv
J' K ' itfllM. but more generally he hue an lu
J"' ' i , Mo, .luniity ,.( Hal, taken, mid rm eiu
j' .' li. flu i cr th iuand. Whero the - I
J i ill IM,- us ,i.i I to puy tlio cii-iaiii t.
I' ' ''i' li'niiif Ja ijoO or JiVWl wo ad tu a
"' I' "I at o a thousand that woaiu only
'- i on lu isO ot JVJ lur a crulau ol loui
ri'iw nir ri-n are cacoot.
A". r. ti," laianda, naln to the mtiiM ef
, " " It waa tin i uslom to Bah by line,
'" i tt, tia:ing u th more common
, ' 1 I "h ng hy fine In done either from
L,' ' '' ri'i oi fi mi " dorl"" (flat buttoned
- ul ' i. ner upaet of thi'iineliea god
1 K'''i' deal to do to ii,,et them, fu
-0." -,i,id .lam, aie used aa hut; In
""' i.'.-'. ouit,,a;U aa saJaiuu of bal.but. Is
always used. There Is nothing whstever ef the
cannibal about the cndlah. Re positively de
clines to bite at hi kind, and henea it Is same
tlmtsj trouhlesnin to procure proper bait. The
trawl conslata of a long line anchored at each
end. and buoyed. On tbe line are several hun
dred hooka adjusted at Intervals. It Is hauled
and set periodically, two men attending to and
dividing the produce of the trawi. They go out
In a dory about fifteen feet In length, lake un
the line, remove the fish, and rehslt It. Under
favorable circumstances one trawl will take 1.00D
codflah par day. 'Ibe nights are so short aud
the days ao long that we are enablsd to Bsh
nesrly all the time. In the Alaska we were ra
ther unfortunate, having fearfully bad weather
for tbe gteater part of our time, whlcn sffectu
ally prevented us from doing anything with the
trawls. On the loth of June we started from
the Islands with 18,000 flth and arrived In San
Franrlaco, after a talr passage of eighteen days,
all hands pretty well satis Bed on the whole with
the take.
Lynde H Hough havejmllt a yard at an etnenee
of tlO.UUO, for curing Ind preserving the Bah. As
the cod tab arrive on the veassl they are packed
ar eloaely a possible one over the other tn lav
era, with strata of silt between them. At the
yard the first ope r ,tlon Is to break cargo. The
Bsh are then pi iced In a perforated wooden bol,
open on top, and let Into the water by tackle
open nn top, ana let into ine water oy incaio
from the shin. Across the top of the bos boards
are put for two men to alt nn. They take the
fish one by one, and by aid of w iter and elbow
grenae rub tbe black inner skin off. Their feet
are In tbe water, and although it I rather rough
on the hands, especially to a beginner, we face
It as Jeffrey faced the cat, and after a while
onc'a hand get cilldta and . a Inaetislblo to pain
ae the bide of the armed rhinoceros. Ihe nett
operation la tn place the washed Bsli In pickle,
fr which purpose they are conveyed to the
packing home. In tho packing bouse long ee
rie of lurrels sre ii i rained In rows sufficient In
number to nbkie fiuu tons of ash. The pickle
conslata slmplvof a atrong anlutton of salt lu de
with pure airing water, conveyed from th heirt
of tho cafi in auove, mid In It the Bsh are allow
od lo soaa for about ten days, when they are
taken out and placed on tbe"flks " to dry.
The "0 ikea" consist of a frame with a number
of laths srranged at Intervals apart, rising from
each side of tue frame, and miking an obtuae
angle at top. On these laths Ine codflah are
spread tu dry, and when nlgnt comes on taken
under cover. A great deal of care has to bo
taken lu tbe drying procrea, as prolonged expo
sure to n very hot sun would result In the utter
destruction of the I'll. When pnperly diled
the fl-h are ready for market, and command
from sit to seveo cents per pound.
Tmmri.HA or nonKisomtx.
Ellaabeib's Neaa ef Toll Aapeelleg te Ihe
Mttver for Kinplovnaeal.
I The repent tU'uviuMr.itl'UH of tlio unem
ployed worKtngmen of Eiltit.eth hav occa
sioned much uneaalness among tho bustne-s
men of that city. Hundreds of Idle men with
I families depending upon them cingregito on
tho streets dat'y. Scores of mcch mica who
manag.'d to support the m -iv-i ljt winter sre
out of employment, a id h v- in prnp"cts of
bettering tualr condition. With tho exception
of ibe 8i ng-r Sewing Micune Company, at Elis
abethpoit, none of tho numerous factonea In
trni r'gl iii, whlci la a pirt of Rllsabeth, have
I been running with mote than one-third their
, unu -1 comple'ucut of open. lie. Ihla hi
cam 1 widvspre d dis'rss. and baa also t een
tf e uieria of the org tuU iti ni of unoniptnyed
' u orkingiiieii for luulu ,1 pr iti'cttuii. ih lead
er i f theine men ar.' oiitsiok"h. and a .y that,
uiile-s f.e M y r .m l Cltv i'uu II do soiae
1 thing for them. the w II ic r ..iinelled to r.iaort
lu ex reuie in '. i. ii.oa il . KiiJai thvt paraded
i t,.r..,in '.no piliu ipal alr. e.a. and cnilc ivoreil :n
tic I Major I .wnlcy. i 'in o.tci .1 wa., it la sld.
I i' 'iivelilen'lv ali-etlt fro ll I.U flic; III tue l IIV
t II il, and on. i ; ul in an ai pe. r.ince at a late hour,
w:i..i lof imej that the in u t'lrerftcnej to
'a' ne hl h . i-e. V pon al rl vi u at hla ofBi . , the
f, llowtug ; it ion mil read lo tit .n :
1 f .' i AV e i(-' .. t4 M'fjvr . ". 1 1 1 v , iiii'!.
rue u lurraUaeJ have ieit a;,i u.iiteil a e uiiii.lt, e
to npixel lo yimr II n ir lor re -f for tue ui.-tuy oyi t
woraii'giu'-u o: t'-e city ut I a inelli. Oue taou.iiii el
tbe iiara flelea liporer. of me utr. aittitli. ir wiiva
an i aeloiu.a ci.neren u-peuilrnt oa tniir esertloaa. beg
yuuraasH'ianc, o a, cure l ie .i rk. An the ina I of
utr city U jtereoieul, we rial i, tiiSI Sll Clliscae, tl.s
po r a- i ue t i- nen, are i'u:it.e,i 1 1 yuitr tiruieeilun.
1 lie w. rlarfiliea, s ..ii lua a;.,, h. loi tile l.llerpuailloa
ot your ig-r--. aie iiaeea'ile, uv i a iiug culS'ua, sug
beilere that m s urc aaoal 1 b au.,pi-.l io enatt Hiera
by a lieal tan rto veeur tor tn.nor.ve asu famllle
loot, aiu.l.r, ni.J ,1 i' iQr. I' i.l an I forl't-arane
have tir.-ui .. "ifaiu.1 fan. 1 1 nu., a l ..or tiian'
tin, r abil m r.i .i"C-.lti I, e. ,i! i , j' i ii.-.eo, i tlleKl
to wa.t o.l t " i r .r , i. . '. , ia..r y , i n .v.- t aeeure
tb ui work sua ru i:. aioi .1 ) a u-ve i.o ulrect
power, lo nrae.y,ni ti b-b g la ne.r tk Inlhieu f
u-ii .ii'i'iQ uroa tue i ty i oj, en. uiree iitriured I
auaiweuti'iiv .a Uaiud iiotuii Mre cu bit a auuually
in tlx i, y . f i .tsaet , in t ie ,.iav n t s n una
i anio.iai es '.e rf re pU a lal .riea yen y ,u ihe city
i ortk-Mi- 1 iai una eun.iii..at uiu .h.mlu b" paid each
' ar lo mlny or forty n.-s. ul-ny of tarni uiruu'.d 'd
. by wei.'a eu'l luxury, aiiir ever one Umu.
, an.l uen lo our una i rd begaia for nor.
.l auff r,ug for the nnlniary n ret4iriea
1 uf lite, u s snmurou esiriwu eu Jaal-ce
i a t ngit. at once Oe i. inaiug on u 'JUu ret ,r,n in i'i
i ,i,' - i , -i ,,i the n 'i i i , il a- i a poor. I ni
I Tuscan be ie,i it oio.if. .nil lb $-'"' ttia
I m. a.ciub oevoi.-a to i'Iiv I nprorenieais, aivina' e.ii'
! j . ,t t l e i ", l; aiel t r ! a rs lirf neti,
i ll ,oal aa) a 1 n ,o . to , ie nu ,l-.i a. ue iaa. ii i.
la lie lul-r, al ,( auiu.ni'y, In Ihe .at. r, t
1 f ju-iloe a.iu iigt.t. Hi uDdiret;D"l. rc;i
I re-etiliitrf tool U or ua lll"T. t. , J...r ,,,'l
-l ".-.t..n f ttie n, ,1 lit v mule. .Ill loir
I eiiiionii? .I.J rtly.-aul raru.'-t "ffort. l.i etee llieui
e ,ri . eni.,1 ai".,l. a.al tins e lati.e Ileal to n.iiie,ll
priM'i, f rltieirwlvee nut lime on, In t'le breteut,
ana it leit tueiii iroai ike cat, nog oitie of u at-
Dro ,' i 14 4 n. er
He. ,'(,! :i Ullmllleil, Rnhen Merl lll.1, A. M.r ly.
too. K ion,,, I tiotuae eeir,), Mi-nuiy I iiau u
baiu, falrlra Howe, J l.gurd -u I oilier.
May. r T .wn.ey, upon reading the ne'lTlon, 1n
foroied th pokeaiu tu. aud the delegalioi nc
eonif in Ing i.iiu, mat he w , iid ir.sniit their
com i.iiuK-a'i ,ti to the City i ,iui".l at tta first
uioetliw, and thai n would d i all lu lil uo.yer
to flintier their effort to gel work. Ilia men
then diperd. i uev aio to meet next weak.
Tif i'aV.ir II i HOI'.
Oa .tlllllea Baskela Tble Year A gal eel Ten
Million t.ai Vear.
TheDelawaro l'eainaula, eitibraolug three
count! In Delaware and eight in M irti at.d. I
recognised a th fruit garden of New York.
From eight of these eleven couutic the
supply of peaches for tnla market la chiefly
drawn. New Jer-ci, too. Buds here anurket;
but tbe shipments of the growers lu tbatUt.ite
are heaviest late In tbe season, and even then are
light lu comparison with ihoae from taa penin
sula. Tue peach aeaaon opnad here about tbi
llh of I tat month, and atuce that time over two
hundred tboutand baskets bave bu shipped.
Ihe Brat peaches iuths market are ibe " U lie's
Burly,'' the " irutba"' and tbe "Early Yora."
Tue shipment of the latter cl.ua what are
known a " uiongiala" a kind of peach not
wholly pure from the auuiixtuie uf
the apricot. I rom th opening i f thu
ao.iaon till about on weeli ago i nlv about
flfiy tnoanand uaakat were received, llnrlug
fie week ending yeslerd iv the ieoelpt aierogou
flfiy car lo id iweiiiy-tire tbou-anu u iakcla per
day. tin Friday ah iul eighty car loada arrived
lu Jeraey c it v. t'ifiy-vlgnl of loe.o were for inn
uiniket. and tb rest vwj tnrougu cor fur iioa
ton, llarttoid. and I'rovldeme.
The Karly Yora. the urleiy now on the mar
ket, I tue moat. proliOo. ll .a n ,1 wholly a free
.tone, and for lini reas u is not use 1 tiy c iti
nera. HiQue. Ualtiiuore doea u t cotue tnt'i
coiupeiltl ,u nith Me it V ,rk for the auip. ami
the iff. I Is to glut this market and i nvr the
piiue. Ilefor- the receipt uf th K,rhYon.e
cra'esaoli at ir.ou 'l ,o l ; they are now a. li
lt,.' at from l.Atotl.aU. Ihe suptdy of this
variety la about, vxhjiisied, and uipiuul of it
will cease e il ly next week.
At this time laat year pe icDes wer polling for
twunty-hvu cent per biaket, and the ilat.l re.
i e on averaged over two hundred car lo.nia -,ii
nt hIxiv lu , isand Uuslieia. Ilul tne laat v u
an u.iprecedeiitud yj.ir, the crop tmgtcg iilug
I atonit ten ninii.iu I. i-kela, while In iiidniiry
i years it will not ex eed fo r ml'li ma. mis
1 vear'a crop is estimated al s lull nvr oti.i n.il
i il in lia--Kie. ll la thought by dealers th il tw.
i HI'. hi mas', of the entire crop hale a. ready cueu
I uiuiueteil,
lu 1. 1, Hint Is m ule In both grower and deal
I er. ,f ii.u n, J il thit uiacbtn aulTer at tne
hiitiiait t ,e i'eiui,yiv.inia Ititlroad. Ihuy - iv
that th; l)e...Wai i H.llioai ahva'.s iiliu"- cl
lolin, i tl o, Out lha'. aim nigh the rciiliMllv tuia
Hii road i ontiels ti em to p . before a c r H
in v !, ii, e , ir is fr,i t, oily run i if on a al iiim,
and l.irre ilela.aJ lor Ii i ,r. Hits la s serious
loa Iv di-leia in i.erisl.a i.e fruit
I'ollremca et HruuUliu on a slender.
Many of tlio 110 member of the flrouhlyn
p'ob f fui ' , a 'i , a , -it ,,a uu i ie ursi in to t, jn. y lal u.d
on f relay D i in i ir. .... au 1 tl. ir i n In ' a n , .1 i
graceful la ttii'ir i If.ris tj flgiii ea ii otiier and.iitle
out grudgea tiiat me 1 li'e l aiiint.sl ,i.,-i , are to try
theul. Bev,ral olll is li ,i,l l I i t, I urlli, ai I
lentil I'r is I ow..i Cral a ..-'.k' ti" i" an. a el
then Sfilu iv,i, ouu al,o wa i ..li rut euoimli to
bale aiiytliuig io suv t , i.,a u. li'ii.a.e i,m-"ii,el un
aiipearaucu of great ilisor ie . ati,l biiae n tl.e ell ,rts
ol tne iiruukeu nniu tu Oilii ami tlio eitoi ts o u e r
men to brevuut iiieiu froui aa doiag utrg viae ti,.
luelle.t klua of s tuna.
The Burning efae OH Train.
A loaded oil train on the Central Rallnad
broke lo two ooemilc west of Itoaclle, N. J., yeiler lay.
Ill, il. t h bed cart atvped, aaj a act .ud oil train ran
l.itn'i i. In t lie fog Trie locomotive wai Ul-ii'iiel
ui I ibe it. , i. aii'ltbree oil rsra were tbrnau od lbs
(ink 1 m: nit. la tue loto nollve Iguiteil the call. uim
au i f hit it Hi - oil care. T n. ca'iuuae au,l a ii.ol- u
Uti-aere, .ii. i ii "III. a I'lort tunc. Tue oil In no ee
bitter ens bu.ueil ai fi-rcely that trainee uld toil l taa
ob ii'ber itai s, ai. 1 lral I a aa etopbeil. Ouu Iralu at
leinptii t io run by h leten il and uear.y nrcd i-y
tss luivbtc beet. 1 lame were uelayed Iciilioura.
The Ceulrol of f'ustle Harden.
The Alduriueu'e Committee ou Lands and
riari-a re,,orteii est- r ti.at the bj,ver to oriler tlio
r t. ,11 Iv.j of I tst, i I. a , d -ii. or to dire, I tii" removal of
tbu J-'ui araut lleii.l i , War f Iilaud. Is les'e.l l-i Ibe
( rii.ii, ..aio. et , uf uu to.balug rubd, aud iit-l lu tin
COluaiuu (.ojuc.1.
mvbicai. rotcea.
The Tbeerles of I vera I Tendrre-The FalU
re ef Itallaae In (Jesneetltlon velib Ne
grees, and Wby-Tbe Wbeleaale Trade.
On nearly every corner in Chathnm
street and tbe Bowery, In Sixth and Eighth ave
ones, here and there In lirosdwny, in Fourth
avsnueand tbe cross stroets, eibo In tbese sum
mer nights the cries of the hot-corn venders.
Beginning at early dusk and continuing until
almost dawn, the negro vocalist who sing " Hot
corn I hot corn I" are heard the wholo nlgut
through. Why should hot corn have come to
he retarded aa peculiarly a nocturnal delicacy?
There are a few vendere of It to De seen in the
day-time, but they are In number as one to a
hundred compered with those who are In the
streets by night. I'soplo undoubtedly do eat It
at llielr dluner-tablee and as part of hurried
lunehea tn diiwn.li,wn paitaiipanta. hot lha
lunches In down-town restaurant, but the
treat demand seems to be after nlgbt-fall, or
rather between the hour of P. M. and 1 A. M.
precisely the time when rigid hygienic custom
forbids tbe taking of food into tbe stomach.
But who ever heard of anybody becoming ill
from tbe eating of good green corn, even late
at night, when the eating was In moderation
say not more than a handful of ears at a single
slttt ig-or standing? Perhaps the solitary noc
turnal eating of but corn Is prompted by a cou
scl lusntas that the occupation Is far from
being graceful. True, the corn may be shaved
from the cob by a knife Into a plate, there ass
aouod. and thence forked or spooned Into the
mouth vory neatly, and ecn daintily, but very
una itiefdctorllr. To on J iy hot corn It must bo
bitten from the cob, mouthful by mouthful. It
Juices, hot and fresh, cruahsd out by tb teeth,
must bleed, tn tbe lips of tbe eater, with the
flavor of tbo butter, sslt and pepper spread
upon It. Tu cut It off and serve It upon a plato
Is worthy ot film who would fry a steak to
Julcelessuess and bring It to a table on a cold
platter. Uut one's moutb doss aprsad hideously
over an ear of corn, and the effort to clear the
lln from tbe teeth for a bite gives prominence
to cne'a niulsre, Incisors, and bicuspids,
Such consider itions, weighty as they mty be
at the dinner table, count for nothiug In the
gloom of a nlgbt. Tbat tbl feeling of delicacy
snd senaltiveness Is the marked characteristic
of hot corn eaters, and accounts for tbelr shrink
ing from public scrutiny Into th friendly seclu
sion of the night, seems to be undeniable. Tne
theory is slo sustained by the observed tact
that their ears are ssnsltlva, and ravolt at the
loud, harali cries with which Venders of other
delicacies and naceasitle of life ok to attract
customers, i'tic colored folks, who almost mo
nopolise the hot com busln, , understand Uu
full well, and govern themselv accordingly.
Pour or Uvo year ago a good many Oennansand
Italian eutvred Into competition wltb them, but
made .i failure, in part, doubtless from tbelr
want of appreciation of the neceealty for aoft,
mualc il voices to attract their aenaitlve cualoea
r. " .V.i istiimiD dst lubs hot cawn," said an old
darac) v.-tiiier ,,n the Sixth uvenue, " wants to
he, ah a i"li Hung at him like mit'ii a gun. Hat's
go, d oiift for ue cmpa dat Ii liters 'taters,' an'
i ' iaga,' ti ' ii u ire.ini,' i ill for um ia ti yo want
It to no ind -ist'i't 'n mii-i al like. I'ao 'feard
dut sin t lotisuler'd a-. iiiti"h now as It uaed fer
to be. Mo de toiihg pe inle dat holler hot
cawn now lueawal ob slioutiu' 'hit cawn!
botctau!' wid de wolce rialug on de word
'cawn.' Now, dat' onjudlciou. Good tiianv
ob o women lias a way uf calliu' 'not cawn,'
wld de hot hgh up un' a lalltn' mi .Is cawn, kind
ob uiu'nful like, list's pooty effective, but to
my eab da'a uiiflln so sweet as deole cry liug
lug). 'Hot i-awu. h'yeas er nice bot cawn.
smokin' hot:' Ua, diifa not a coiniiioii. tiswkm'
yell. It's a song, a dulcera. 'ilffluns song, flt fer
an operry. A gemman eatin' my cawn, de neat
on ii aten-io Wnatt snnudder! Yea, aan.
Well, you do like I'lwu, fo' ahuab. Dots tue
good to aoe a gemman est cawn."
A OUH.V VXAPUl'S inxoRiaa.
"As I was a sayln'. a gemman satin' my cawn
kin htiih dat wid pleaaure. I don't eet his
tecf gratln' wld a roll. Dat )llln' good
niitf woer. yr a gwlne along aid a habbv pail
ob Ice cream a hot night, wakln' people up tu
feel bow hot dey la an' caueln' 'em to wish fer
de cool ice cream. Why. I klu rise a hull block
wld oue yell b Ice cream. Um ll w.m'l do fer
cawn. liesid , ue hot cawn cey mua' he mo'ii.
ful like. iHoii't do fer to have utirnn Joliy
like, ai-cti aa the ole cry wo uae lo ban ler i lams,
ll il w ta veals ug , w lieu we uae In go roun'
Miiot ti ir r . i a in -un. tner wld brt-tht tin palla
oti clam, 'p a jmeloiies eels, lieu we u-e fur to I
b l a reg'lar cam song. Go eta da'a tnlghti few l
de yoniik' to.ka now knuna dat, but It went ao :
" Hi alt's J , r .1 y atitte c1 una 1
lie; .in I fer I roa-l. an' it v're tO"d fer to fry, I
Ah'ieiiei: If it iniae a bol liaui pie. I
lliaa'e iir .ny wbi'u i .aula.
"N iv, i . sic-ah.de inu-lc oh duaot.gjea I
laffs ilisi . 1m' w 1 ll n't rto fe. In t c ih . I i) n'
ti t , nn , m it-lei d'i tolka know v h.i' y on '
an auat you t a ee.lili' 'thout 'atra t'h'dc ten- t
tl ,n oi dc geuiiueu dal'a tallll" a a fr Dtll d
i uw n. '
1 he dpi'rrrltv of th corn rooked hy negroes t
la n .. f iru i, d ; none know ao well aa 1 hey hoe. ,
to ilevel ip all the Juicmeaa and aweetness that 1
corn c , nt. una In alii iiiooe of preparing It for tl e
table, excepting perbspe convvrllug It Into
whi.kei. They know how to pick the tenner
cat, bvieeteat, and p'timpeat ears ; how beat to I
boll their, and sre very particular that in ai irlng
tbcui they atisll be hot aud accompanied l-v III ,
freahiftt and het butter. Tbia laat impoi'nui
c. n-iits-r.il I. ,ri waa gensrally Ignored l-v lb
Itailsti tender when thay wete In in field aa
cumptlti,r. It la realiv aurpnaing how long
corn ran be kept hot If properly rapped up lu
hot. wet cloth-, in a thick woouon pall. Six or
seven Dour Us beat and freabuea ef flavor can
th -is be maintained.
"Bow Irani- e.-iha a nlgbt. ash? eV ell, It's
mighty hard to say." replied an old negro wo
man un the Unwary; "some nights I has sold as
man) aa Sfty. an' ons time I sold eighty-three.
Uut dsl'a doin' a ruabln' trade. I's satiated ef I
sell twenty moa'ly, 'cent uu Saturday nights.
len dere'a mo' money afloat, lie young clerk
la paid off, nn' a good msnv oh doui Jest plunges
Into hot corn. An' why shouldn't dey. It's
helfy fer em; aheap sight better 'u whiskey ll
beer. ' arm It up again?' Nnash. list's on
p.aiaible. W uen corn gets cold. It's no mo' good
dia a ay. You can cut It off'u deeob an' fry it ill
b.i-n fat an' It's go id, hut fer eatln' oft do Coh,
It's only good when u'a fust hlied and kept hot.
le 'u loi ole man au' de chll'ii eat what' left
i her. Liws, now de young una ilkea It. Uev
gits Jaa' us fat aa pig In roaeliu' eah time. I al
Ina h is enough left nber fer detn, and de eah I
see de-ui eat doea inn' good dan deui I sells. Fo'
eal.'e null. Dal 'a lost a quarter oh a dollar."
1'iicea vary considerably In the retail hot corn
trade. In tbe early part of the season and very
1st the standard charge all ever tbe city 1 leu
i e ii' a an car, and that la generally maintained
mi town and on the west side through the aum
mer. In the middle of the ae laon, however, e
pei tally Una tear, there havo bau many vender
who graded their price lower and more neurit
In proportion to a hat thev had lu nay for the
i orn, i harglng eight, seven, all, aud oven as low
as live rent, which is the regular linwery price.
Momt'tliue the Uowery rate falls aa low as thru
No estimate can be made of the qusntltyof
g-ueu emu that la brought tn this msrket eat h
aummer. 'I lie en it leal of the aeaaon ,-oinee from
llurllnginn andKeyp nt, New Jeraey ; later ths
ni iln supil la trotn about Mackens ick, N. J.,
and L. .tig Island, and th very latest of allcome
from Melds near tbe sou chore uf th latter
pi ue.
In addition lo the hundred nf tons "hipped
l,v larn.ers to their ragulur consignee, commla
eioii merchant, and ui .rknt men, i-t 1411 intl
tioi uie 1 loij'ht In l,y the growers theniaelvi
and -ol I from tho wag n along the street moir
.ixhttigtoii darket and H ,e, from 1) j , aa lar
up 11- King street. I'heae firmer must lulim
loiif -dbiln ! It ts the hucksters w ho hawk gii'en
cot 11 about 1 be htreeta. Iney aunply the nucli-atei-
freii'ii'iitiy, but genersilv aull iltieet to
boo-, Keener, hutels, nml ri'-l-iiiraiita. whin, the
su it peiidh rs, ae u rule, load their nagor.s
from tl.e elocka 1 f atale and lea marLctaMo
KliilTs left on the hands of the laige cotuml-sl n
inert 11 nits. Soiu of these latter aeil uh u,in h
as XVMaaJ ear In a single day. 1'hn Is n. t .11
aver ire, t nt u notably good dai' trade I'r "ha
bit piuiai.to 12.IHIU ill cons-, near the iivorigedai a
a-ih of each uf the lame Urnis. Uut then fieru
uie a I limited or u hundred and si ft flruia on
tbo ni-.t il.lu handling green c, 111 am, ng otlivr
flei 1 proiluco and karden Mutt Inn n nailer I ut
atlll liniiorlsnl nay. And In .ml ul .- 11 1 I niton
Murk t tberoiire prot'aoli llfly or lent 1 -five
of tin cl -s of de ilers, 'llo may i.ult sell
fioin ,pibU to ,1100 ears per diem each, but evi ti at
tins loe, e-tim itc 11 Inch I-. an near ae tnei aeoni
elt her able or nilling to si tie tbeir loi-liicaa
the resultant tot il I aouu'thliig enurutoiis.
Ibu k lioiesale price vane III proportion to
the iiiiniilv In the maikct, and tho i.tniiaml,
from one to two dollars per hundred, uf which
lllc 11 b do-tale dealer calculalca upon a profit cl
about fiveiitv live per 1 ent., ,'illlioilgh sotnetiiiina
advu"e L.rcuiusiaiii e reduce thla tuiioiliun:.
'Ibe yricn U neceasarlly atwaia iinsntilod and
guna up x don 11 two or three ahilllnga In a da) 'a
tiiiin, an that the dealer who gel in n I irgs
stoi a, ut a go d bull Uguie. runs tho risk of hav
ing 11 turn si ilu uu hie hunda before he out do
more. Hi hi clear hi Inn slinenl on it. 'I hi
datigi r.belunga tiithe suuiuiiT. In the autumn,
alien gn , 11 1 ,111 will keep In gund condltlun on
the almoin lur three nr four weeks, the business
becomes more settled and pricea generally
llriuer. The sonann laat from the I'ioaTng win k
of the month of June until Hi" earn nirl of No.
veuiber, and often roasting eai have hgon men
lu our market aa late u Clirlsiuin. llf late
years tin-seaaoii lieu been ended Honour than It
used to be, ibe curu tbal coiuej lu so 1st.
commands fancy prices, often fifty or seventy
flve percent. Increase over rummer rates, ttweet
or sugar corn brings flfty percent, more than
the ordinary Bald corn.
a puu ron ROABTINO.
While aweet green corn boiled Is a delicious
dlah.the Yankee who wishes to deserve wollof
the remembrenoe of generations nf corn eaters
yet unborn, will apply hi Ingenutt rto the Inven
tion of some apparatus which shall render con
v. nleiit, mid hence popularise, tbe roasting
of enru Instead of boiling. Tbe man who haa
never vet cut en an ear nf green corn roaetsl with
the busk on In the ashes nf a hickory or maple
fire, on the hearth of an old-fashioned open fl re
place, has nn conception of the delight which
tbe future still ha lo store for him.
The Oae Thaw Mad Taar as New Terk Cttv
A tgaaek Preleealeaal Kxeeeed.
In moat well reitulatexl householdf the
parlor are eonsldered Incomplete without the
presence of pianoforte. The poeeeealon of a
pianoforte Involves the dftaalnnal employment
of a tuner who oeeuplea to the Instrument the
game relation tbat the pbyslelan bears to tbe
am rvisiuu sums tne pnysieian treara to tne
family. The pianoforte tuner, slthotigb he may
not he required so often as tbe physician, never
theless receives, In many sases, an equally large
fee for hla visits. There are In tbl city nearly
one thousand professional pianoforte tuners,
most of whom are rarsly without sufficient em
ployment to keep them busy. A booy, they
are quiet and unobtrusive, and many of them
are poeaeaeed of a good education.
The work of the tuner upon the piano begin
before the instrument la finished. After It Is
"strung" the tuner draws up tbe eords or
strings to a proper tension for Ihe Bnlsber.
After the tuner lis properly set It, the " regu
lator " receives It and adjusts tbe keys and
dampers. This being done, tb tuner sgaln
comer Into requisition, and tunes It up " for the
tone." From bis bands It pssoa Into the ware
room, where for the last time prior to Its sale
tbe tuner brings the strings up to the proper
tension for playing, slthougb, should the In
strument remain longer on band than la antici
pated, tbe tuner attached to the warerooms and
factory must keen It In order. All plsnos re
quire tuning st least every three months, par
ticularly those which are In use In private
houses. Of all musical Instrument tbe piano Is
tne most troublesome and the hardest to keen
lo nine, and all others except tbe plsno are
tuned up to what tbe professional tuner techni
cally term "perfect."
'lunera outside nf the manufactories and
warerooms have regular route of cuatomers,
and at their room await the Inevitable " I'liuae
rail our plsno 1 awfully out of tune," written
In the delicate cblrograpoy of tbe feminine
One thing may be noted ss somewhat singular
and that la mat a good tuner Is not necesaailly
a good musician. A quick ear to detect tne
slightest increase or decrease of toue In "set
ting the temperament" nf tbe tuatrumeut Is tb
rhlef faculty required. Uv the lempeiamcnt uf
the piano I meant tb Brat ven uote. or
rather tbe Bnt octave.
There are at present tn tbl olty two or three
tuners nt piano and harp who cuu c.trcelv dl
tlngulah one air from auoiber. and who t oc
cupy a tlrat-clas poaitlon aa tuners, and are ca
pable of giving tbe very ulc st adjuaitnent to
Hi tune of In luairumcnt. Ihieo tuntr ar,
however, exceptions, moat uf the pnfesalou be
ing capable of playing lu a c -11.111 extant. Tho
tuner do not col. fin ih.ir skill tj the piano
forte ; church ur.at.a, liurps.giiuara, com with
in tt.ulr nr. .since.
1 he ciu.rge ol a tuner for a visit and re to ring
the nlaiio of hi cut, nicr to ita norm! condi
tion of n.irmi.nic naali.i ranee! from U0 to
(A. lt .'iilar customer of course, like regular
customers lu nil busbies, are not charged so
much, ihe tuner's seivl.-ea are not required
upon th I irge church organs nfiener than once
In even live year, and tb ordinary rood organ
and meludeon o largely In urelu privste bouses
and ths smaller concert n.ill. seldom rrqulie
tuolug mora than once in two or three year.
Kept tn order, away from tne fir or beat of
the at.ne or grate, and al a dlataoce from the
window ,f the apartment In which it Ie placed,
aud also kept five or six Inchea from contact
wtlb the wall, a good ptano will last twenty-flve
year before ll ta necessary to retire 11 from ac
tive service.
tub aHAJtoramn or all rna piahoo.
In an old residence up town there Ie an old
English piano, one of the old Hoardmaa pattern,
to which the recuperative talent of tbe tuner la
applied upon an average of once In every two
months. Through tbe ear with wblett ll has
been kept It strange, tbtn. old yellow key hv
responded tn th pressure of the fair flnrers of
three generations of the daugh. era of the fam
ily, 'liter have er wu up, niai ried. end passed
aw . and yet there atan - th- ,1. suit old relic,
still a undlng. still reap m-lve lo the touch of
the tuni'-r end the player. I i.c tuiiir hss coma
to reg.,rd it. n be sais. a .tuetblbg In ttie light uf 1
"an i.ld grandfather." anu be a. esk of It a
reverently. 1 here la al-o a hern In ths same
rest lem e nlncii has been an heirloom In the
fa oily neirli liny e rs. and It is -till taku out
of Its , ovi ihga upon the oc 'urreto e uf f, stive
meittiigi and plaii-d. How luaiiv generations
of an, i.'s 11 kaa woru out 11 Ir Laid lo conjec
ture. It I a rule tint everybody who nwna a piano
thinks It "the best," snd no to tbe tuner's
1 ban,.- of evei tout uitig ihe uisir,! inent .igslu
shod,, I be in ulrwrientiv In ret 1 to the inevita
ble idi loii, " Isn't it a splendid I'istru nent 1"
or "ln't thl nuke of ptan the most r
lect .' tie about,! Mill. nale that ll laeke 1 i.ime
saaentlal requisite which Mrs. Minith'a piano
over tbe way had. Inetune:, tociefi re, 1 1101
Infrequently and not without perhaps some
quakihge of cotiaeieiice compelled tu be lavl-b
uf hia praiaca sutnwtiinea uf uisii diucuis whlca
all hla aktll can scarcely keep in order.
Tlti' a few weeks tines n tuner, otherwise
known aa a " Piano Doctor." wa nailed lu great
haste to 11 pl ino in one of the fasi. tunable resi
dences 011 Ibe Heights in liiouklyu. Iberewas
to tu- a part) tint 1 venlng. aud It wa essential
that the Instrument should be In perfect order.
One tuner had attended to It the 1 revious da),
but bad failed lu bis task.
'1 ne n-coiid tuner, one of the most experienced
In New York, cam and " felt the pulse " of the
patient, aud epeedllv discovered whv "tbe thing
wouldn't work." Ih tuner who had precede 1
him had In lieu of one of tbe wire stretched an
ordinary catgut airing, In which In tbat novel
position there wa about iiituuuu music us there
Is In abli of wrapping twine.
"That fellow," sal 1 the tuner, "wis a quack."
The tuners very olieu secure very profitable
customer tbrouuli the muic teachers who
recommend them. When this Is douo the ususl
division nf profit occurs.
It rsqulres from three to five years to learn
the buaiuesa ol "lulling." During the Brat year
Uie learner or aptueiitioe pays Ins own ex
pense ; In the second year It is a matter of ex
periment ; and If they h ,ve In tbat lime bee mi
thoroughly versed lu H e mechanism of the In
strument, Ihey Mil bs ablu nt leist to parilsilv
earn a lit Ing. 1 he reginar tunera of ths menu
factories receive salaries wnh-n rauge from f J)
to tii per week, of course these have not niucu
opportunity to attend to customers outside.
t if the thousand tuners In ths city more than
half are able to make very respectable incomes,
and their occupation btlugs them In contact
with the neslt tiler and more fashlcnahio class
of our citizens, so tost as tu drssa aud gantlilty
of appearance they ar under certain deflulte
The Trotting lleise ttmaggler
Smuggler Is tbo property of Col, II. 3. Kussell,
of Ucstou. uud is a insliogauy bay 1.1 ti-inus 3 taco s lu
height, Willi a 1 mal. white btt, uudlug able ou tliu
front of tlicuo.e. He waa bred b) Mr. J. It Morgan,
near Coluuitius, Ohio, sired by blaoco, s son ot Iruu's
(.uduius, utel bis Usiu Is s bay psemg mare
r.wosd by Mr. Wililsm Timeo, of Wust Liberty, tv. Va
Mr. Mora-sit tuuk Htnugler to Kauiiai lu 1H7-J. ami
blsrni lilbi lu trillion', au 1 tliree inoullia aflvra ,ril lie
wa Iln,, d a mile In li'Ho fie had a uatur.il prorllvlty
t a 1 a 111a nail, iiihentrd tn, 1, lis -in. an 1 bad 10
in 1 I.., tt , 1 1 111 n ti degreee. luirlvi.i mil 11 lu,
1-7 I. intl.eli 1 1 ti ,. Kins is, trnek lie tr.,i,..,i tu'Mnti
llisuunei.l il. 1 nigh, brought hull Kist In Ausu-l
, ibl. uu I e I1I111 a i.rlvute ti ul si .',us,.eit 1'sra IK
I linn tr.,lted lu 1! HH. 1 -'1 1 tfi.l last hof 1
I tl.e irurd niile lu 1 ue lauiiu uatsly utter lull
pern, nil nice 1 ol liita-eil imri iiased linn fur li'i," 1 1,
slues wtiicli he I as In ea t Miltou. Mass He woo im
st 11'.,,., 1 . 1 i.iu rtnu imii s- ,,f Xltl.11,1 1 at post. in ltt-Mii-i
a 11.il" In -'.-'o Aftiratri ,t liel'u nt i'ji h. le
besl Kul erion 111 .17. At I evel md I'ark he net, a f I
(. , .islillili Mal.l, K.lllertoil, II I'll'. mil I llell.e l.,. ,.
,iu-i 1 . j imv .' m, a laia. -' mv '-' if At Itulsi.
be iv 1-ill--, ,1,, ,-t lu uie s i-jU-i beat li l, il-lsltlllli M ud
111 -:l.-i'4 Al Itoili.slei !'rk lie ben rulleiloii, ll
dlue, auu Lucille 1. u ddusi 111 -':1M, g Ik, aud 8 lut,.
, Jtyorn ! Aic yi.i i cupptr.
0 sea, with 1 our bream rs. mar '
tl rocks, Willi your surge. 1110 nl
Ui ioi. 1, mv .l u .iiik. iT. cuuii uo mors,
Auil 1 uiii ..luui , afouc '
Hi, left me at break of il-iy,
A till MS III! ll 'tilt out III i ll t
1 aateli b t til. 11 till, sill ,,u ll,e bsf,
but Ue mv, r conns baik tu uie,
1 esrrr bis bshe nn my breast,
Aiol 1 ill 11 1111 llsti.-i ma r priib' ;
Its sai 1 t Ibis 1 lose Into nuiiy rest,
but lie ucver i-uuii'i tu my stib:.
Al nigbt, on tlie harbor bar,
I In ,11 t,. a il 1 singe, ui -mi 1
Uut 1 1 11, h n 1 in ui' " of in 1 bsudtng ipara
Aul 1 am Seiue, aluaei
I all In mv even home,
lloau ui the iruubluj sea,
Aud s.ui.i talK I., tu, sense ess foam
'that brings l.lui uut baik to tue.
Ofoam' bale you klssnd the boat
I nat li. sr , 11 11 lice. 111 v sa tet ?
OwiiiiI' .lot o -, r ! rbeiTily Heat
Ilia bark to roy waiting leut.
For 1 1.,11 slena, slonsl
1 wii for bun uisiit srtl 4y 1
The wil l wans uisa, an rue vtsksrt moso,
hut he c .met uul into tue hyy.
1 ft. boafsg Quggitoa.
Tb Vrtaeaers Baeectlag Pellileal saeer
fem the kepaMlraae at llarrlehara-The
Freer ef the Trial al Pettsvilis.
PoTT8Vlt.Lt, Aug. 11. Thlt week ha
been occupied here with the trial of the gang
charted with the attempted assassination of
William Thomas. He waa left for dead In a rnal
company's stable, but he subsequently recov
ered. McParlan, the detective, told the story
of the heartless attempt at murder as the assas
sins had told It to him. They went singly up to
the stable where Thomas was with the Imraea.
ll was early In the morning. The first one who
stepped Into the stable was Hurley, who fired a
shot at Thomas. The victim threw bis bat In
his murderer's fare, and Hurley fired again. By
this time Ulbbons made his way Inside, and he
shot twice at Thomas. Morris then worked hla
way Into the stable, and fired several shot.
way 11110 me susuie, anu atreu several nuoev.
Thomas fell among the horses. They were sure
ho waa dead. Several horses were shot. This
story of murder waa told to the detective bv tire
men Immediately after the occurrence. They
were atlll nn tbe mountain when they met Mc
Parlan. Thomaa was picked up, bleeding from
numerous wounds. He recovered. This wa on
June 28, Hit,
The persons accused are James Koarty, John
Kehoo, John Morris, llennls K. tanning, Michael
O'Brien, Christophor Donnelly. John Donahue,
alias " Yellow Jack," Prank McHugh and John
Gibbons. It Is an unusual sight tu a stranger to
see them go from the Jail tnflthe Tottrt House
enter the court-Mom and take seats. They are
all chained together and are under guard nf stal
wart men composing a part of the coal and Iron
police. The prisoners were all companion uf
detective McParlan when he was a masque
rading Molly, and they .listened with deep In
terest as he narrated lu dctajl all that he kuuw
uf tbe IrasMdy.
In the "chain gang," aa they are called, la
Rimrty, one of the convicted murderers uf po
liceman Yost. A Molly Magulre by the name of
Hunger.)- was shot at last year, and he brought
hla grievance before a mooting of the order. At
that time ho said tbat If Jeane Major, William
Major and William Tlmmas were killed Ijo
I bought be Would be anfe. Trieste throe men
were hll enemies, ami it he wan a Molly ho
could elaiiii tlio aid and protection nf Moilk-s.
At that meeting the men were picked out to do
the murdering. The detective was present.
.After the shooting, which the officer tried to
prevent, but was frustrated on account of si, k
Ueaa, the abovo named men were arrested aa
principals and conspirators. Hy the testimony
thus far offered. It la plain that all of them lie.
lung to the uiurderoua gang. The detective bos
mentioned dosouauf name of men coiifu ctetl
with them whom he associated with lu the Ma
gulre meetings.
a coNrmnsiois.
On Thursday there wa a strange development
In court. A second Jimmy Kerrigan appeared
In the person uf young Frank McHugh. one, nf
the gang. He was called to the wltuess -t.md,
and when hla fellow prisoners realised what lie
was doing, they grew iale and shuddered at the
Imiienillng exposure. The young fellow spoke
fdaluly and distinctly, and there wu not the
east agitation nntltealde. He waa a full-Hedged
Mnllv. and was secretary of a society or division
at Mahauoy (Ity when nrreated. He corrub
orated Detective Mi Parian lu everything lie hud
aaid. and will make an i-i. client wttuca- fur the
fimsecutlon. When questioned he replied that
te thought it would Ii better for "all hand lu
the gang" to make a clean breast nf It und con
feu everything, because Uie Court would he
Ismind to nude ven thing out anyhow: ll was
only a question of time, lie waa present at the
meeting when It vtii arranged for the three mur
ders, and he avtore to the truth uf all the detect
ive bad said. HI le-tiinniiy created an luterae
exrltement, and tbe prisoners at the bar looked
Next 1 ame the teatltnnny uf the warden of the
Jail. Mr. Ityerle. He lealiBed that John Kehoe
had a coiiier-.ttlon In hi- cell 1 1 tt him. kehuc
I represented to Iss cue , if the leading Molllea
In tbe regions. He asked how the trial of the
I ,.st murder was imiceeeltig. and how the ac
cused would "make out.' the reply waa that
II Mould "go vrr loos'li ' with them. Kehoe
then said: " I think It will go rough with uull,
for I in ufrs.1,1 that we won 1 get Ju-tice; but if
we don t get Justl, e here, the old in to at Hama
Imrg won't nr dareii t go back on ue." A liuzx
of aatoulsbmeul wa beard all over the room.
Several week ago President (iowen. lu hla
speech to the Jury In the Munley murder caac,
charged directly that these murderer were pro
tected by political Influence, aud some of the
worst had been pardoned through political In
terference ; and when Kekoe's remark waa
sworn to by Ihe warden, aim la a responsible and
reliable man, there were many present who knew
ttiat Kehoe. If he waa siiicere. alluded In Mm, in
1 11 rotiM.ieii he referred tn the "Id lo.tu ut
Harrlsl'ii'if several wce- atf" people In Putts
vllle roll ..led the Idea uf the Mollies arniing
Ibeniselies with weapon furnished 1 tne
Mate . but what lmpreiuii tins uiy-terlou te
marK nf Kehoe mil make haa not el been ile
v.h.ped. At all I'tenls ll I v ulent that tln-e
desperate, wicked uien have their eyes illrei led
tov inl II irntitirg. the homo nf l, i . Hartrunlt
and r-eiialur t auieron. und cxpeil , It-men. y
fr..m thai -our, e if the Mlpr, Ine four! n : tin
the lower voiirl und tl.e sentence uf death is
what Tnr: rnnsxrvTon saip.
President tiuwen's rem irk were- "1 have
seen tin s-.i-letv ,,f murti, rei, Moll) Man.nrov
ulnl a-a---lh- Ii lliln: It- 111. ml , I.j the niglii -t
I 1, of hut Ik III . unit t- I n tve seen I h III
t-le.-ud to llll the p., sill .us of , ..ii-talde- and
police ulUcer. 1 have -,-eti a tiu-li d uicmU'r "f
tbal l.at ol ot tiiurdersi at oniinissbiner nf r-. Ini) I
ktll county I hae seen tn - org.iinniioii of
murderers wield a pontl. al power in Hie Male
hii h ha controlled the ele, ti ni ,,f a cre.it
lotuiiioiiwealtli. I have received the Inlorm itt-.n
of meetings between some uf the hlghe-t ortl
1 er- of the Mate and the 1 niuf I the uiuiderrr,
at whi, n large sums uf utunc) wcie paid to
secure the voles uf this internal association to
turn the tide of the State clc tbui. (i,,d an ,
If ever in the world there n- a revelation 11
Cecil and aa damning a that laid lieUnu the
people for the llrst time."
Man) person hereaoout are of the opinion
that ttie !( .oil. .111 party 1, . 1,'is .11 e so llrnily
hound tn these lu'inlercra that. If nn other re
source s at hand, the 0x10 uthui will mil he
allowed tu go on. There I every reason tn be
lieve that the trial wi.l be brief aud the men
promptly found guilty.
American Woasea tb llaadseaacst la ike
From tht Stut Harm Journal in,f t uurier.
Foolish and tadly iuformcil iit uplo nru
often latueiitlng the deteriurstlon of female
beauty In these litter days. Ihey aro fond of
referring to the Aspaalaa snd Cleopatra of p isl
centuries, snd sssertlng that these tynes ate
practically extinct. Thev mat be found in oar
art galleries, standing with arms tiki nbo before
a oast of ims classic statue, eveinc the tiool
proportion with an air of ureat apparent wis
dom and appreclatlvenesa, mid Oiling the circum
jacent sir with iiiuuruful complaints of the de
generacy of our nineteenth century belles.
These critical persons evince a truly wonder
ful and paiufulisck of acquaintance altn tbeir
delicate aud attractive auojsct. If tiny knew
veil In a slight ana parllul degree w . at they
were talking about, they woiil 1, on the cuitiar,,
gladly contend that, o far from deterlonttln.',
the "fauial form dlviuo" biobahly eii-- 1 ,u.-n
inure frequently In perioctloii of bea ny imn ,
day than It did In lb tun wbnec 1 rale, thay
are 111 the babll of cbantiiig so loo, 11,-. IVbati.
hare assert a nf tbe flgur 111 1- a so ,c a, 1 1,- d to
th coiupUxiun aud the feature. And ,!,-,.
(ally la tl.ia true In regard to the Amuuctii
woman, who ar conlesaudly the baudaomest
women In the world.
A great ado la chronic ill v made a'. out Ihe
Vsnus of Mllo and the Mad, tin 1 uf llai 1 ,ei,
but, duubtlaaa, ther ars lu New 11 uen. or am
other large American 1 n. a doi-'ti women aa
perfectly beautiful in foiui, col.n uti leature a
any chiselled t r tialtiled In the gieatest urtisl.
Admiration for beaut) I a Vir) natural aid
Very commendable Ir It 111 tn.inklmi. nd theru
Is no orcaaloti to ill.ra;e eithei the ol I or the
11, -iv manifestations uf liiiiuuu beauty In its
moat sttractive shape ; iitnl the liolls, 'rlinlnat
and exclusive laudation ut the old ul In - t x
pense of the nw I a nre ilea winch ha neon
i ot uie 1 n 1 1 'd ever ti,, e the llihln waa ivrlt.cn.
und Indulgence 111 w iib'h a ivur f Iguuruiii e and
bigotry, not to ay plir-hes,dednesH.
It Is a instter of devout tn inklulncs that wa
live 111 ail age and 11 c umry when and w here our
eie bear witness dauy tnt tbu r c-c is 11 it
generating In etlbcr branch t ieie ,t, in s,me if
nlat gloomy wtaeacie and naiiiuta 111. u
say, but rather Inn r .ring with the di i. iopuienl
uf time and clullzatl 111 ; and p rtn-u.uu in u
we of tbo sterner sci ou this side of the Atlan
tic ate permitted lo gsther const ,nt i- -0 r ill m
from lite marvellous lieiuly nf 0111 Amun. 111
women, to wlioiii wu lake pie mum In prulfri lug
this ca-uul and pua.-ing ulbuie of our lepewiiiil
A Horse I hut Vaudsrhlli Ueugbl.
from Wilkn' Si lnt
We aro ndvisiil liv 11 Wcatiun I'nne
apomleni I I1.1t public aiienlioii will like1, -.01
be illl-ei led lo the hol-u Mil ill II ,pe 1 oe I tti-l
biiri base of I iimiuodorfi Vainh-ih.lt It s. os
he wivs not tuombt ouliigbl In in t oiuni I n
for t he -uiii of ll. ism. as rep.ot.ii I 11 .1 m uu
ailed Nellie Morris, and 1 l w in 1 mlitolu,
lniuouev.ua patted with f n I. on In,, inn.
has 'lot linnet out us reiic-eni, I ami an it-
totne) has bee nt lo -Ne.v ,,i l,,,l,-i lauti
the let 111 11 of ibe liur-ii in hi f uinei ow m-r
A f'elered Jary In Hsflelb I nliilr.
Thomas Fra.tar. colored, of Huntington,
waa trt"d tor assault 1 0 Imliy, anil the euttre furcs
of juror wi ra colore men. Tim i.r.-s, eution t couu
Svl ui Js teU lu tl,r. ferr biususe all suist , lot "it 1 lis
priaoue sctiuiael UrgeU Pil t lie y a, re ills- a an. I
were via wee 1 to act fini Jttsiai pi-oi ia 111 1 lea ,
su.i at the . d 1 el -iu r.'ial tu cularia Jury luuai t.a
coi.inu irisutir ga-r j
Cleelag 17 Half ('eatery ef Temeeetaeae
Rasa Lire la Werk act te hie Taete.
A bronied and weathor-markthl man
went forward 00 tbe psestngsr desk of one of
the Norwloh line of boa's 00 Frlasy nlghl,
clossd th shutters to shield tbe deck from Ibe
glare ot lights la tbe saloon, and took hi pi -toe
aa lookout. The boat, in pasting out of the
Mw London harbor, must plok a safe path
tbroueh the many boats at anchor or astir.
The old man peered down on either tide of tbe
vessel, looked ahead of her, and then took up
his Jog-trot soross tbe narrow stern, which he
tramps every night. The night was thick, and
the many llgbtbou.se lanterns shone dimly, be
knew every light as be knew hla fingers, and waa
obliging to the Inquisitive passengers. Tbe
light on tlartlsit's rssf ahone from two bright
lanterns en the aide. 1 be pilot blew tbe whistle
three limes In passing, and tbe lightship men
rang tbe hoarse fog bell, which eobeee from
land to land In tbe thlokeet weather. "When
It's thick," said the watch, " we whip along at
full speed, running on time and oalsuletlnsr
where we are by the mile we've run. We can't
see anything then. You talk now about those
lightship lights beta' bright; we've brushed 'sm
elmuel and not seen 'em. When we are lo
doubt sa to where wo sro we solid out a lead and
after sound In' snd tetlln' our plane, we go long
again aa fast ss slsam'l take us." The conver
sation flagged, and brightened up only when a
queatlon wa hitched uu to a memory of what
tbe watch had been he wa slur odd yeat eld.
and sunt have a hlatory. " Yea, 1 reoknn I
have," b said (lowly, " slnoe I've followed tbe
eea bow moer'n forty-four years, ablppln' efure
the matt at New London, and after getttn' tn
charge, ttavln' In charge until commerce went
down and all of the eeauien who bad apent their
Uvea aim oat at their business were sent bsck
home to start fresh at su'tbln'. I have been all
over the world, sir. I have gono Into almost
Svery bit of wuter. I have gone as lar north In
ludeon'a Hay a I could go for tb Ice, and
have gone as far south aa tbe South Shetland
Islands, where we took seals ot the Ice again :
bavs hunted 'right' whalas In tbe Psclflc. and
sperm wbslee, toot have oven tuCeyluo, through
the China seas, In Japan, sll over tbe Mediter
ranean, and in every port lu this country whsre
a ship could draw six feet o' wster. Bpsnt two
score o' ysars. sir. all tbe time busy with full
cargoes, and making my owners glad, sir.
I came home ontie after huntlu' o whale
with five thousand bnrrela of oil, the
largest lut that up to that 111110 had ever been
got, air, at on time. Mow, I'm here becau uf
the death uf commerce, air, which I gone I ruin
our handa, und will never com agilii-no,
never, atr, at all, bad a It la for me to want for
10 say It. It was a puny slgnt, sir, years ng, to
see uur flag a floating In almost every port you
went into; but look at It now In New York harbor.
There wae Kto : we had all thai trade, but von
don't as our flag there now, unless ll goes there
lu stress o' weather. Ibe Weal Indian trade It In
foreign handa, us Is all too trade 'twin here and
Liverpool, and you know our malls are all car
ried hy vessel owned sbroad. Yuu know in
tbe war the Uovernuient seised every vessel
that could be of use, and tbo rebela snatched
'em up on the aeua, and confiscated them.
Owners, o' course, sold whenever tney could get
a price, and foreigner stood ready to gobble up
all of the shins they could get. Insurance com
panies would take only war risk, and what
wa there to keen coiumrc In our nandaf
Now, If th Onvvranietii bad aeut a inan-o'-war
with every fleet uf veaaela to have protected
tbetn uu the bleb es, aud bad hown a favor tu
commerce then In peril, It would not all have
been taken out uf uur hands, and stranded hun
dred o' poor ineu like me, who nre ending up
tbelr day In some hvlf-wav following u' tbe ses,
like tbls here watch o' mine, where I've only
got tu keep awake and un my feet until tbe boat
Is tied to bsr dock."
forcing late Iaarlnraeat Mllltlaasea a
C'aaaet Pay tbelr Dae.
In a corridor of Ludlow street Jail, hut
weeh, were five members of the "Nstlnnal
Guard of the State of New York," who, through
tbeir total Inability to pay company dues and
Buss, are Imprlsonsd under a military code that
reads: "Tbe Jailor shall keep tbe delinquent
closely conflud, without bail or mainprise, for
two daya, fur any fine or penalty nut exceeding
two duller, and two additional daya for every
dollar above that sum, unlees tbe fine or penalty,
together wltb tbe coal and lo JaiUtr' fees, be
soouer paid; but uu such laiprleuiiineut sbsli
extend beyond tbe peilod of twenty day, pro
vided, however, that the prUoner may be lib
erated at any time by order uf the commandant
of the division or brigade to wbleb be bslougs.
Mo property snail be exempt from tbe paymeut
ef such flues and dues."
Tbe prisoners are Thomas Cox, Company A,
fstxly-ninlb Hegtinent. arrested on July M. for
115 dues: Jani"s Sackstt. Company r. Niuth
iUgiuieut. arrested Aug. 4, fur 17 dues and fl.iss;
Ironist! Hon 111.1, 1'oiuuaiiy K, -Ninth Iteglmeni,
arit sled Aug. . fur IT uuea anu fine ; Abdrew
11. 1 ,,y lor, r i npany K. Mulh Itegliucnt. a rest
ed Aug. 7. for fill JO lines and dues; and William
H. l-i-'. Coiiiuutiy 1. Mulh ltegiment, arrested
Aun. J. for fjduis au.l flues, laylor 1 a truck
u river, a id b.aawlfe nd child. He had been
out uf work for nevrly nine month, aud nail
Juat fotiud 1.1.1 ,o)mui wueu h wa arrested
i) sjursbil King.
sackett sals tb it hi time expired on the Sth
of May, yet he was arrested on ihe 4th Inst, for
S. does -ml lines, and then the amount was lu
cresse.l to $1.1. llutilar.d has been uut of sin
plovinenr. be sat, for a inn time, und e.innot
pay ni Bus and one, ol So. Use says that ins
tine-, and dues, when he waa arri eieil, were t 0111-
tiute i at to. tmt sIikc then that tlivy have been
ucreasvd tu (10.
A Marderer Escapes Tbreagh the Forgetful
ness of Ills Little Daughter.
CorrMporidrncs ta ie'eina Hmti.
nrnus, July 3d. Tlio Iloniiiii munlor
lia-ju-t been tried at the tialwa) A-ies. When
the ca-e waa brought 011 there w,i a limited at
tciidam e of Jur r, and though called nn line-,
hut few answered. Mr. VA est, v.c, counsel tor the
t low 11, declint d at ttrst tu proceed Willi theci-e,
und de-lred tn have It pn-tponed until tlie next
assiea: hut the solicitor fur the prisoner
Mo hurl Schulcfleld und Catherine licrnan. wife
uf Patrick Hernim, tlie uiiirocred man-made
an athdavlt tn tho elect that there were Uvo
count) magistrate, ten owners nf fee-almple
est a; os. autl uuuiy wealthy farmers lu the pauul,
that a matt r'ul w .tne for the prisoner wa over
Seventy years uf age, and that he would nut
challenge many. If any, of. tho Juror. Chief
Ju-ti- e Morris then directed that the trial should
proceed. '1 lot male prisoner I described a a
strong built, handsome man. about forty years
of age. und the vvuiuaiit who la a)-u good luok
iug. is abuiit thlrtv.
The facta related In the atatement of tho cae,
ml supported liv evidence, were that the de
icuscd mid his wife had rlceii married aeveu
year-, and had two children, lie wu ailing
aotuet line, and w a- le-llon- of Si holeUeld. who
was in the habit nf visiting III house (in one
occa-.un while the prisoner wa there the de
icasid hid hlniself in a loft and o urhcard the
conveis.lt b'll hot wet II t-cilolt'lll'M aud his wife
and aul e ted mat thev h.,d ilfsigu- upon in
llf, Mei.t'iie out of ttie ,, t and at ow t'd t bat
he bad be it.l it l.at t bey -aid. and a si cue ensued
lit went loi .ne pi it's'.. 11 ii 1 1 ame and repioieil
her for hei oollilu, t nil Ibe lil.tllof November
In went with b w tfe and I, ought some w hi -Ley.
In the fit ii'.ii-. be laid diwti on a slab In t he
U 1 1 1 .is-ii and fell a-k-ep. and hla w Uu thru, aa
sil :u to b) lo- ii., lH'lltel. II i tills! live leal
,!. who was tbe prim tpai wltne-s,
w ,.t out and hrougbl in , holclleld.
wt . -t rm-led iietn.iu I'V prc--lng his tbr.'it
and kneeling un Id- , he!, while the feiiial.
j 1 i-otier pi uuded Ids leg and arm w tt h a " but
t. 1 utitll he wa k 1 i.t d. Mic then wiapped the
1 ,1 . 111 11 -1 i.l! ii. il 1 1.. I it Iii .1 lu d. from which
it was allei w.i id 1 at ried mil und li tt 011 the pub
I I 1 ul, 11 l.i-u 11 w ,ir f.oind lu Ibe morning b)
a fi. end if ihede, , ised I let nu 11 - lu ot hei , on
ht.tr. og of the 111 tiller, went 1,1 the house, loll
ould hot get .idtius.ion. 'I'll,, woman, who w i-ill-tile,
told tti in that klie Wa atr-ild he Would
Kill her, and alleged unit her hu-tiand w.ia p.-t
III home, bl,t ll id g '! ' "Ul. tint -he did Ii t
I, now where lie was. lie at oine cbarited her
Willi haling murder, d hull. I.tldcmo was
giic 1 thai ,c'ioelle,l 1., I.l the female pi is 1,1
in the piest 11, e ,,f hei I01-I1 uul to sp, .1 . to I.1111
us ill ue li to. site lliittd. Hid lli.tl he would tone
Ho- I.l.-..f uli) , 11111 . 0111, 1 I toll with lor
1 he 1 III 1,1, th, pi 1,!, ll w.ii,.-.. tool, I n-U I--lliembei-
any I tin i 1111-t no-,-- or blet.i I)
tin male pi isoiier, uti.l tbo jui) relinucl .1 1, 1
dlit ol " .Noi um"). '
'J.V.tAC'lJ. .1 l W ( Oil ll IK I tl
Sati iidw, Aiifi. 1'.' -I". M Tn.' wi".
closnil lit the ick I'.l, li nig,' on -l restli te I
volnuie of bu.llnn .ii i'ic llual dai's ii" od,
alth.oi.'hin a tea- sp lulites tin- tin tualL.tis
wire wile and l-e pieui. Ihe stlrutlou- of
ths ischl i.u woie added to the mil in tt y , all,
for n.emhei of tne II ,urd ti willnlraiv fr oil
the 11 Use ami be it of tin, oil un M it nr. I ay for
the purpos' ,f si eliding llin Inter l al hefo-e
Motidav elliier, ujou tbo wuter or among the
s)lvan grivo. Among tbe lutlcoabla featinu
oi the d.iv'a transai Ho 1 wa the rlsu In Mlclil
g m Central itm k fi uu 4.", ta 41, and Its su'-se-u
lent dei iiuu to 4J y and reioier) to 4,1,.
iialawaro and Hudson Canal a a prsssid for
sale hy sm ill Iiivi-.tj, na shown by l'ie Ira,
tlonsl certttlcvtes, who were probably ludiKed
lo pi-tee themselves ou the safe aide b) Ihe
statement winch appeared In one of th morn
ing paper. I be range of this stoi k during ' Ii"
day wis 5 V cent., fiotn vi 10 an. al inuigti lu
lot of lot) n 11 e, ine pll.c tl'l, loi.cd belli e-.i
WJ and ky ). on,) , clo Ins uu,)
Nollhwesleln iref-'liel a.tlhee.l Irjtinl'i
tlesi, lul luiuiudlatci) before the vlosu so. a al
G'4. The common stock was steady at tt. Tlorlt
Island improved H9 cent, to 108,'i, Delaware,
Lackawanna and Western lost H 9 cent., with
final .! at 4 w. th lowest point of the day.
l ak Snor. BU Paul and New Jersey Central
closed st the hlghsst polnu after advancing '(
11$ Z cln' lhr? Iar figure in tne case of the 1
5f J".1 P,0,B0 " " soiling at M kj, .
declined to Mm. at wblcb prloe It started off in
the morning. Oblpa were heavy at iaaU'4 until I
the close, when U was bid, with oltertngsat si
cent, better. VVesiern Union waa cnnanlcu- 1
ous for Its strength, advancing from Tl lo 7I', Pi
and closing al TlV. The remainder of the nil L
was quite negleotsd. m
Ibe following table repreeenu th opening,
highest, and lowsst sales, regular way, during
the past week, together with tbe number of
share dealt In 1 m
.' QM Big- !. fM
AtlaatleaadPaelBe pM. tt" ''
Alloa anolerr Haul ut loo 1 iP u
Lr -SF8- J8
&Wwni:. i 10 '
t'lev. sod Pittsburgh 14 aaVi tUi waiZ
LhiCJgo aUiea. Bs 10C loifi lot
Pel., Lack, and Western., fit Ml NW WH KM
Del. aud lltiasua Csasl... M7S 97 7 aiiu
Weils, rargo Co MB at Bfl agjl
p::: :::::::: M M
UM.aadSt. JoeDh....... Soo Tl 11 tow
Ban. andst. Joeesn pfd.. too fi M uo
Illinois Ceatrsl M10 S aa S7i
iju; Shore Kfjlo Mis Ml 63m
Mlchtgsn t'wtrai rtJMS tofl 44 iml 1
Miirriasad Cases.... H 101 101 utiU
Mllwsake sadBI. Paal.. tfin ff 174 mi
NilsruseesBdet.Psalpt. 70 MM WK tMM
K.Y.lJaBtrsl. SySW lota lolT lnr-fl
K.J. Ceatrsl tg$& Mi M MM
N.J. Southern loo s ft n
pW&r::::::. ti$S m i?S m
f aelBeirl Miesdari . . . 160 T
Cniun Psetae..,,, t7 60M 61m 6WW
81.:r:::::;:....:: ig ,rrM
Total for ths week sso eoa
1W..C 11a? 8Jf. .."""OU . oaOOi Weaiera
lijlon,U.41; Michigan Central, BUHO; Ohio,
1,800; Paclflo Mall, SJHO; N. Y. Central, 1.430:
ii.,tt,tt, ,J5f,:iSt' tt W' .hapre'ferred.
MOO: D.,1 and W.. t.110; Del. and Hudson
Canal, IdTS: Rock tajand. LirjO; Northwestern.
atU; tbe preferred, 1.300; Alton and Terre Haute
preferred, 800; Morris snd Baasx, 155; Union Pa
clfic, US; A. and P., preferred. 100; M. L. and
M. t o.. 100; Pro. Con. Land ami Pet. Co., 100:
Fori Wavue, 10 ; Illinois Central, 60; and Wells
Fsrgo Bxurees, tt.
1 Be gold market wa (xceselvely call sad lbs pries
steady st 111M, ibe only Ogare recorded dortsg the
day. , '
. fn loans tbe rates pstd for the oae of gold ware flat.
4.l. ott lis V em., aua for carrying, Haas 1 f nut.
llie total claarnigaai ihe Uold fvieliiuge Moa re '
21.1iifl,UO0 1 gold balancea. I1.31T.1HJi nd currenry 1
ualauces, l,47t,7M, the gross cleatlogs of the tek 1
lisviug beeu small, amouutiog to oa y (linl.SB'.' isai.
The bill -Tresaury paid out to-day adi.fmo io coin io
teresl oa ibe pnollc uebl, aou fur th we, a tLgSi-'.ouo.
Ihe day's business at ihe L'rillaJ Kulea Bub-Treasury
wsst Uuid reeuieu, saMoVJi.Tl 1 gobt payment. SIM,
STV.tli gulJ bsiauce, SJl.4P6.B4a.4Ui currency reeeluls,
X4iii.nw.fl0; enerencv asymeuu, KSv.tMAT i currency
balame. liSi.aua.Vott 71. iustonis.SHJS.duo.
The luteriijl rereoue receip a al Wasnuurtoa lo-dsf
were S1M.000, sad tbe customs receipts IM0.0OO. Tbe
Treasury at Wssbmgioo received (600.000 In national
bauk notes for redemption, maklag a total of t4,euo,uoa
tor the wssk.
ths experts of apsclj for the week footed no 7.. I
Oil. sad sue Jan. 1, M,1M,S2II as sgslost ND,an,744
same tune last ytar. sad XilO.tUl.SOS in ISTt. fbe ex.
Doris uf domestic produce, currency vslustloa. foi tbe
w, ek eueliig tuesjUy Ust r ta.eu.uee, sad sine
Jan. 1, 1 Mom IM, assagai ssl ilis,lsa,u;4 sans time
Issi year, and lUI4J7a 111 1871. 1 he Import of dry
goods, gold valuation, lacluatug general merchas.llse,
lur tne week cndlog to-da ainouuted to So.700,71S. sua
since Jan. 1, IWW.loe, aa against Mj,ois4 asm
time lasiyssr, snd t8M.a4S.St in 1S74. Ths reselpts
ul eulinu coaatols aud oy rail during in past aeea
ere ,3o6 Dales, and the number exported wa tk.oin,
Tn luul receipt atuce Kept. 1, tbe commeaevmaut of
the cotton ner. were 4.06O.6U, so tncreaas of eoK,S4q
balsa aa compared with tb corrcapoodlng period of ' ,
laat year. .
, Money was to liberal supply si IteSt cent, oa csll
lusas, snd sras cent, on prim dtt oont.
TB teeasirublDit nt the ssociated bantu shewa a
falling off of antR!,Vt!6 In tB Bel reserve, a cornea it-d 1
aithlust wee, n duclag the el, -ess tn it3,llC4 ft.
Legs! tenders wars decreased 11460,100, while the
remaining llemi shuts ed an increase aa ioIIowb: Ln.ua, I
asiPoMiiecle, gtW,uoos deposit. SSS.aou, and circa- I
Ouvcruuieai boads were dull sad strong. At IB I
u'rlock ths 'Irassnn-r upened tbe bids for th 6 e) I
eeuu. urdared suld un account ot ths (teneva aril. i
The am uut bid fur wa ttto.vlo.doo, sud at. asr. fiak 1
a llstch Wflrc awsrded the emir,- lot to b dlspo, d ul I
(g,lnMJ se lns.06. Tneluai t bid wis loa.J!4. I
TB tullowlug wer the S f M. clustug prices : j
-wg. Atm.' ma. ah fi. I
r t rurrvns.tM iu t .a Ss.Mr.e .. hihs 11. I
I s.Sa. lsxi.r list II1M1 r a its.'il r- ...Ul 1. 11.
u.B.as.iai.c.iii) isoi 11. ss.na.e... igi 1310J I
lj..8s.2y.r....li;,j llialb'.e. Ils4)us.r..liew ill J
p.t.a'06.e....U6a little I'. 10-40., c. liwu ill 1
..6..tl6.ur...tl7Q UtS'lI.S. . 11.1 .1173 I17 I
U.a.us.'ea,a....li7ti 117, i'. . u. 'Si. ell?! u;i I
fJ.U.BsM);.r....lllsS llWHiCsnt. Psc.g. b.pjsjj iov! I
But boed ra'ed firm, with a moderau basinets. 1 f
W nola sale et TenueaM a, old. at 47 j do. os. I
asw. tMMUtit do. , nw series. 4ltsi sod .1
Ueurgla fa. goTif bonds, st 106. lUilroaasrcurl- . I
tl wr euTl. btil atajdy. lbs principal dealing I
ware a follow 1 Mil. and Si. Peal. l-in. IliMa MB. aud I
Bt. Psui lai mort., Ls froste div.. I01A ijaJT sad St. . J
Paul con'ds. f isteiii ; Coloago and Mortnwestera I
ff.,c,S,' '.,w "V1""' C-Vc . in. and ludp'a lets, j
10W! H. snd M, J. as conv't, 30. 79 1 Mlenlgao tauuiti- (
era ad. 103, I uiou Paclnc l(ailrad 1st uiurt., lo.'iii
Uuiun Paidnc Jluklug fund VOissalsu s American Uoc.
liiil.t. to. 7s, SS: Missouri. K. tuu l.cun. a. f .. aaseuteti,
64)4 i Tuleuu aud W.baab 1st lu-irt.,87 ; E. leuaessee.
);.IUM,i,.l''.j,,i.8i'' ,'ut," FortW. sud Cb.csgo lsis.
1WI; W.I'. Tel. coup.. MM, 1011 til. and Bt. Jo. '
Ha ci n., 7U' ; Galena and t uicago Ills, 10? , North Mis- "
suun 1st. 4.1.1.SU7H . siiehtganno iiiisingFoud, loo'.,
I. ebigaaud W H cuu.. Sots : Hank uf Cuiuuierce, 114-Ji
n no aud Miss. cuu. e. r ., ul, lub du and wao. cue. c' e.
:i7.l f snd l.t. let mort.. 40141 url Wayne ti
mort , P"oSllo. I
he opeuiug, highest, lowest, sod I P. 11. closing 1
prices u! itiasi tu-dsy wers: I
'Ciaeing- I . !
."T'S'"' 'TletM. tMU. M'l ,.. I t
At'anttrsnd fee pref. SV i. tu u ua I
Alt uaTirreltautcpfd IS U 13 w I
4tluitl aim la. . lei . - 17U is f
1 Ine a Nurtiiweatem... 3U 3U SU XNt aiua t 1 '
1 un. alio wo.teru ul '..! Citl 03 Hjfi l l1 "
.IIC. II. 1 SU,l PSC. .. 10at loOW lool UK) la psllj I
II, 1 . Uur aud 1,111111')' . Ulo 1W f
mi. nu act lua cau. . as- 4 I
1 lee. loI. 1 ib an,i lou S8 In
t.ev aua Pitiseurgu... 9.3 v;pls! t I
iblcaguaua Ailuu lull, lua 1
iincaeo sua Aiinu Mm ins no ' ,1
1 uusuiioatiun coai sot. tl 1 1
1 anion - go ill) , I
Ue .. lau'k. Western.. Pll IMS WW mi w4Wt , !
lu . a iiuoeou l aua. .. Pol IMJ swl vo Pi f
Acaiu Kaurea - H'J 11:1 , .
Auiericau as res-. . ou'a uo M
1 liicu eia.es s.aures.. ikhj 07 1 '
t is. rsrgjai.il U.. H4 sa 14 '
If - 134 l.tai
lianeu -- lll.l. LIS
tut. auda-.oue ll lt,ia '.;
U u suj si jo in . lot vi Y
I il,, s i en.rai .... go hi.'; a
l.lo M' ... Ml'. 644i 63H 644 Mi 't
Hit. Ceatis -'( 44 4tMs 4ali ll'l ,
Morris au Kssex D7 uh'2 f
lie. ivu sua lex.. 7t H ,
alii aeat. fam Sd ..il( Sola SAW 117 ! '
bi .anu at i'..i ul. . ea- i,u inn: miu i.nas 1 .1
Sew iter. t. ii ra luM, lu:ij 1065 li. H 1' ,1
New jraay i.autrai ... 01i uir, 1,114 HlV iiitm i
New .ii-rsef aouiueru.. u 1 - (
I'blo ana Must 13 13 line, ll last
l-i cine Man UH UH ini t4Vs -i's! I
lanama - - - WH 136 J
lit, au.l Ft. itayne .. - luJS lo I '
l'ai.itc. uf Ulaauurl - 7 a I
I. 1. sasiiver - - 11) 13 I
wuitkaiver L.reternd . 16 IS I
im.l. uu.ig 1 a N. uf - - 10)4 31 I
tu t a Wao. aud w sat. - - - a .'i
un. Pseiuc . . ill "a 011 OH ni S.I 1 ,
"l" C ll ..mis Uli 7l 711 7.4 711t I
M Llll Co nref . K s a (
I I. .1 ou. 1. Pel. I o 1131 U3' ll.H, JI
Hie estluialiil isrutug, -f the (h lo and Mlisis-'nnl 1
llabrostl for ttie rtrt aeek tu ugusl aer, lul,
sin I..0V7, tu ia;o. iii.'kw.do. ibciiaas ui tu,-
44V Jtl.
Meal Estate Market.
There were no sales yestsrdsy at tbe Ex- (
elisnge. 1 t
btuit a Myers adjourned sals of property on the ,
north aide of turt). eighth street, 176 fuel auat of I .ret j
avenue, to Aug. -tt.
A iiuinutr of forecinsnre ssica sre sntiouuc, it for
M ,11 isv at tnt Kxi n u't
I lie lotal talue of ,1 ) real estate suld at lite s i.
t'lis ise f r tbe past we,- hiii uut', I t, 11 iii 7-' ad
Sfc-siuel l-'i!H.;ia. tut figures for His ates, prctiuus.
New erk Market a.
HlTVItliAT, Aug. I3.-Kl.ni II ANli MltAI. - T'
murkel w,l giliertil) quilt ltl bit, e. utk .Oil I
in os or us n , . ti 111 1 lii.lib i-ri ,s a re 111 -rd
rell) ai,-',l-,l, lo tiier aa- 1 1 ry i.til
,., il,lil. il Ii r flolu til- Telu --r t ell' r-.
U ii.iot, H ue and "- eu.urliu.. I .o j
4 JO rum Mal . i II ."tls., . rt e-t ,11 ; ru g
Ki.tal exir, (4.lo ill s u A n I .l;
U -.'..,!, n.t, : 1 ,-i' nil tl'.'it 7j Mi-n-sot
ist,'iil il.. . ll . tli-l'.u ,lu-. '
. 7 , , .,,iittierii i,s-'rs s 1 foil- t iraluls. lli.,f, . ,
UUieril s' tl, ,n eil-. 1 " ll.', '' ' 'Tl, lul ,1 -West,
rn .' 7o is.'iai III i-ui) lli-. I.l J.Jif.i..l'l. li)d
II. tur- '-ii ,,-rlliii S I '1 , 1 1', I i
I-,,,., i.l, s. p. r. i ii I ,o, I I. u-r l Ilu lutgSlQ '.'.', mr
j. -, m I I lilt- - '. I lor h, i!eiiiuer ileliver) al
il. i ii, ..ui i.l ,i "u it a etitlit f .cut tin at it i ra '
ii re tlr i I) I el.l I SI I loaer Slid null si lnsje for
t,i iiv il' b r li,st,ti,bui I r Heeieiu',, r
j . '..it 1 1 iitt- .1 ! 'ii.ui, ' ' si il. anil 7,fei t. -.
eiiiu-.-.i t " I op, mua- at 91110 aud dec. lul '-' m
111 I ' . t l,il t.111 e -I lit 111 I ir .,,
I, .- t i . r. . .'" .I. trf'it sreig tu ll ii , r ri' i I
s .1, tiistis tn, i lub., tioj;- j, tus, if, ijo, il '
ii :). -L- llisieru tlratns anil mi,, l t a)
. , i , , c t.esilli r , eta'.- factory, rsio',. , Ytc.u-ru
.. i.s,
ii is w. ii .-I'',, .1. ;iressi'1, sud unsettled. Fa .-a
1 uu bu'i, ul , i ', lor veri pour ted aui'er . J -.
I,,r t'-iini r ai.u sail order No. i nlcago si'itu ,'
II UH t i N . Milws'K'ti si nu Vi 1 i ri i,.' a
91 'i.sli Is. IV lliier ulit tl ,iu,'l It) e lu unl li t . I'll
e-lii i t, "!'t Lu i r I 1 1 , Ii i, -I , -u ,J o . t us i l-trt
f r ru rt, t "H i 'O I ,r li,-t.-,t u . ' il . 1' I r
I'll to i 1,,,1,'t-e . m ud. II N ' i 'in,',. ,il 4i .
t ., .i .i.t . i , i . r o , t si i i , .,1,111 r
r, l int 'ill'ie Ir-'it, w . , n , .
-a , ,l , i ', ni .' I i n t l l .'ti .
i ' i- . ,, - ,. i 1 , al a ',s s l rime Ui I I
f I - .. u. . i .' 1 ,
I , i i m, ts I i si in I "t'l ful ' n-
, ii M . , ' '- ' 'I ' "I. ,11,
sot all e.l I HI. . - Is . " " i ' lou.g III' tl ' i S
Ml: l'l, . t,,r Ills'"-' I-' . I-. .!' I S,-l,lll'iliir II
f ,r . i,. i.i ii ,1 n H I ' liii N . i . "i", r and 111
i r I ii . , . ' - I i i , ool i.iataui Miruug uu iui u.. i,
.an i. i l oi t
,,,, . ni, ir,,' mirk t r r ' ta- b I'linc i ie H
- ,, ri o. I sil 1 ice no i i il ) as .si U 'Is. I
- fc in- , i. ir ,ii oi- -.- d arm at
u i , i ,-t i. u. sslt "f u'i ' i ii i' -''., . ro-ln ii , ie
rut. i siote au t sb'iUt t Sieiiiloi lur common
i l -ii ti . t -1' - - ' ' ' ' b s on it, is b i- p. i io.
um in -ii. It '"' ' taiiu'l U'.l''. ctU'le, In I.iik,
1"',. . s ss b 's'.i uu a refl ir,! ai l.sae lit-eu tri U' is
scleral ui uup". " 'el lu nti i n !"'!,' "b
tel., however, reuisill sleSil) 1,1 llll lo i.l VI niool , I'J
ste uu s I , eli,-, . I,.,, p lou . ft mr h) snl lo Lt'li.l' ii,
-.' ut r.niel ietr , eu u lo r.ugl io I. .F,,ilu lo sil'
iii-ii i i ,- ii., ir uu Pliil.UIi'iiu io Hie Halt As.
ii ..ti uuiiiiusi at 1 l.ku.11 li. i-.w i nuut t B)li.
fur urlmv.

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