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I THE SUN, SUNDAY, AUGUST 11, 187fl. !
I urn Ttirr.n .ir.s.
inr- of ntt Bhsltf Cfifl rr
MyslsHans " ''
Viy bnfltlnynl Knur lviiit. Iinlf venr b
iv- i. Port Bfwhinf Idge aad Ivtnthina. BBd ww
L r.-..- d II A Binge journey i ortliwnrd BOTOBB
u v. pralrla a il ten QlcBgarysBd lateral"!
I i ipi hangover tho deck rail sa wo approached.
Thei nn perched it various angles ol Impn-
t n -,. in, .:-. i.t .in Hi" hOftdi of British
iiiri cm-Mi I hi ' H '-. tvho, llk" ouraeWaa,
trerc I., inii to Winn i .'. Who had waltod for
US, end Who, doubtless, BltST IIMIllM and colo
Bn formulae, t .-! na In Hudr heart ne
l.i I IK nnd dilatory Yankees, whiaxc delay
hn i prolonged ti'"ir sojourn In a placo tortile,
if'" i, m inomnliopn, Mid reputed to he not
i! 'titeof cntflsh.bllt VBOBBt ol other soureon
p ,.-t ,r nctlt it v.
c mpnnr niimn-'rra more innn a score,
r.i idle time Win CeBaumsd IB tfBBBfoH i ntr
in, i ittpedltncnta lo Ihu boat, , 3 . i - . i u IBB BOB
(In i f i mi' lodgment, iiml tanking other
He ngi '" Bti which ii prosnaetlvs loufM! "f
Be r I .In' s". ncl p. render ncccsanry. Tin'
I .. ! ngi 'I I n venerable Md now almost
Oln ' o order ol rlter -raft, liming n nether. I
r ' nnd an upper does, n single t rend pad
(! wl ' i I nt Its sb rn. nml a system of frail
re'- ii - hi Ii trembled witli I'vi'rv revolution of
II i rudabul powerful instrument of proput-
lloll, ll BSenedBBlf tie trnnaniiealoti b II of
nn intpulM ol uBtittial energy might shako tha
oi 1 restructure Into n nbaon ol ita elements,
nn ' leave II adrift in loOM ami rtllBOIII MBltt-
iimi upon tho waters ol Uib river. Tim ium
hoi ol an aoeideninl eat upon th nMt vbIvb,
oi a heedless nvi rsuppiyol ooiBbustlblostotli
fttrnne, might hsvo been fraught with taedfcj-n-e
m ,-, nseqtience ol destroying tin sntlr j
c. ,i mereeof Hi" river, Tho isut realty v-m-
... ". I n 111 if nl "ii' Hunt MBerOB N IBd tOBBOttf
p' irgsnhtatloB limn il IBBBMd tO dp. Md not
withstanding its ni.thiuity. was 111 n respectable
(i " rlrar worthy, ltwn i'kon of t y it
Onittnln In ft titM Ol DSOMOrod Imt BtHdMtlf
din' ra BpprohatloB whloh Infplrtd ooDfldtBOi I
Mi l cftvi' ii 11 wohJoBM fooiiiur of iiOBrlty,
It wat lila iMd ballad that It evrn
!,.. Mfd n lnt"nt 'Hinlity of i",1. thouitli
1 1 It giivn no vmiMo slsn. an.l what
pyr ,'r''llt of tho n,.rt a K"n"rou eroilulity
n I aaorlba to It would hafi r'tt"'l upon hn
lei 1 iated and unaapportod avarmaBt Ifib"rt
hn ' n upontbr rivnr a rival cruft I Jo not
doul ' tlifti 11 Hiinttl !"nrt" of th rfponallilll
tn if his poattlon would hnva Impallad him lo
I 1' I to tt trial, 1111 J to have eithai ahown 11 a
dorl V" r' ftr ytoW of hl own rtOBMlOM pftd-
ijl,, wheal, oraant tha dfajrota mn',ra uf him-
t. I "i row. nl pMMBffan fly I ntr Into the
h i ntniilth bmadenlna vapora and aoafarvd
Iran nt of htaasplodad boii,r. But It WB1
inry upon the wlBdlnc watara aa tha oraft
ot.t on amid tha buffetlna blllowt ol Ibamya
t, 1 na aaa upon whloh ha adtraBttirod,
1: wonii d aoaii a bai nntUBali that iii oaptaln
ahould embraee occaalou on Whloh the boat
hi 1 I'M, unround to is-" n-i .
i.'V r. mi b iBtarrala ol Mforaod loiaura, Ib
d I. preaentel Invltlnff opportUDttlaa of con-
yoranlli n, 1 11 that eould not propltlata ft fn ,r
''l" liearlna lor "Iniine wh,'h rented on u h a
ilen.l rbnala ol porformanoa, Har draucbt ol
1 waavery albjrht, hardly asooadlM tho yar
1. il estnt ol tba c ik'a damUobn or tha pllot'a
M ppo hat, wblvh waa aotluua alovatlon,
to ilop 1 backward from a brow on whloh
in tur nt' ?i l "i with laadibttlon, mot b ah
w ''1 iV'-k. Hut ayen to tbia modarata diaplaoa
Biein ih" mi Isummer deptb ,f the river waa at
: nuro inal.and the enptaln waa freqneatly
0 n i" tied t" ft overboard nnd wade
forward with n sounding rod in hi band
in ai areh 1 f an avullublo ehaBBel, At
lucfa tinea )i" did not roaemble Clyaaea
1 1 rmi.'i h- r C'ulumbua, or any ol the
greiu laiiora who adorn tho I agenda of an-
tlulty. or the roenrda of mora authentic perl
rt.it : ' It What hla Work la 'ked in lm pi wing oiil-
wr, eirvumi - of dignity waa yeeom
penaed by it- - . 'Btlona almpllelty and dl
r -11 " purpoae, and by Ita ohvl uatuelul
neaa tad t." "--ity. Wh"n. after prolonged
lohreh, 1," bad luuud n deep chnnnal. he vraa
noi above falling into u: nor did be.al aueh
Uniea, dladala th aaloaal aaalatanoa of the
nine, a i 1 , , waawoBtln aerloua eriaea "f lmmar
ion n tlah him nut with a boat book and bang
hti 1 neroaa tha boiler to dry.
Iur deal Inatton vraa d ie north; the Bight
1' whl h drew ua burned loth natellatlon
I ibOear.but the Sugttafl on our bow, with
c lying in onatnnev, marked in lu prowreaa
.'a ii eiMi of ii,,-,iift". Hometimea it roae
tgaluattbi flame ol the woatering aua Md eaat
Ua long ahadow book ward 1 again, tha gulden
glota upon iii- xii inn 1 n burned in tha eaat, or t
ii lumlnoua aphera like an "riant borveet
11 wa eaaually adrift on dayllt apaeaa m-.n
ji ruaaei warmth "f tho aouihern horlaoa r
:h 'ol. grav . f the north, The river wlii'la
it I I in :" upon ii-"lf aa If moved by a
troubled Hpirit of changing purpoae, -r. if
1 Into tti" northern wnatea by a power not
' 1 rlated, it forever Bought to return upon
U 1 rin k, and follow it siater It I, which.
,iii ! the Mini fountain, irandara through
tunny ulhwitrd Ipaoea mirroring tha balm.
It e'eiwi little wonder thai it ahould go forth
I'lii'.naiitly through aueh nuatora and loneli
111, n -,f "Xlle,
1 in the bnnka were denaa and tow, ring groyea
if rtunwood tr -. among whloh r-v now
ml Hon a blaati'd trunk ttretchlag aloft
lakod urn of wrath or- aunplleation,andaomo
tniea :'i NJdihg hi jw-.i'-e abova the rag" of
en . .. la tm - a lonely eagle ant, maklug
1 diirki'lui ngalaattbe eky. Nearer to the bor
1 ra ol tlie wi.br were trewuloua lanka of wll
owa, and Uiyoud elimblng vinea "f the morn
uggioi wi i 1 bent their trumpetaof bloom,
liyiielnl itu , ro, -ti1ib d. mid polo, inilie dirou-
on of 1 lining Min. a- if out of tboaa allm
h.irua ire b! wq peala ol hail and farewell,
1 urd perbnpa In heaven, but trautlutcd to thu
Aaribly sen uly In delloate bartnontaa ol
1 lor i ! Iioverwd faint mid fluctuating In tha
'.' in ' .or. lib light thvyalwata grew about
.1 - and thrived not away from Ih" ii"igi,
pirbood o I "lui an ai diip "f mini. To dud
I" in ml'ing aloft, in aueh trouiuloua, brigtit
' titu 1'-, a I the fertile deaolotion oi theaa
laummer land aeeiuad a propheoy
ftheh 1 -..nn; time to ba builded
I re whl' hlliuy waited to weave their
1 ' - r ib'rvt noi alwaya -in. 11 their
t ti eir gathered dew In fruit-
nt naworiug wild. It uiuat
' it.-! i.lda whloh Ho- wild
' iidnwHlt. Uilllonaol
h"' - ' i" t Dud fo d on il. a
"'Id Wii II tin 11 1 mi 1 nml "VI !f,j jig .' ......
ui it 1 r 1 Huing It ih ,1
Mil, 1111,1 we nulil 11 1 - in, lm ... ,1, ..,.."
an run, II migh ii.- evut-i n n, H - . . ,
by Wllllj I n, ay ea l . N , . ,
bun a lege, waa nardi n ( ibm 1 . .. ,1..',...
Soineli'iblltton 1 have I." nil I .0 i, ..., ,.., ,
f "in iv day fought near it t ,v n ,'.
'b n - le-i in 1! .i for .I 1 1 in,, 1
lecording b ttiuatory, 11 wa- uhriateiied umb 1
,'' - 1 imilty "I 1 liia i.'Uaaugulneil liiini m
r n . 1 . .In Were gv'l to tlli'tladllloi ti,.
il 1 ' perlalied brnvna nna 1 ng ki,.,.
' ' H led down 11"' gi'iv oblivion ol t,,
I," bar ol gnl"a upon ita Mil ' 1
11 : , ' impart enduring wuaiai .n 'i to it
" ; ' iri ... u,,. d two day, mid t! it.-'
V ' 'ti in 1 nt, waa full "I Iran, mil
' ' intnn nt. Wo bad niiioiig ua
pne'" nen and wita, aonie taria might
''.' 1. nl none wboae eoiuponinu-
. . Mr 111 itglj have foregone, aiome
' r-t 1 , ii veraallonal gn mpa ;
J ' .'iar.ii aiiH'ly 1 r of ri 1 remi lit, and
' " r inn 1, 1, il... ii ntU o lb
1 . '' ; In dl'lUll' of the
. ':' ' !"d I Hi" 11... n at iha
f. I" ' ' : - ght bv aiibtla pi 1 inmr.
,, ,1 my rie of
ai ii ' , ' ' 11 n opn-
!, . i , "',w111 '' r i.:i , an I fowling
Klin! , " '' ,"V: '" d ''Ii iarn"
afford i: ; I" ? " -'--tamlght
j ! ., 1 wl 1 kl oil waa 1 . 1 SKii
iant, . oyaalei . 1 .1,, lf, US,i other
water bird. f,.r ah ad . 1 .' , o' a id
Iheu a aohuiry erane ll ,..., ,,,
gwieiomi,ut un.yn,i,.r , i. ' g. b
BlBdhluj Qucawi uugbt al.hl Td "hiJXa5a
mo her and bar eul -. whl-h. under tbeatreaa
of tome uukBOWB, uralnu liuouaally ,,r,;, . , "
Bung from oi,- eido of the riWlOttMtM(
Toward nil theaa ohjectf, a well nn the enaual
owl. which now nnd then eat uiion nn ovr
hnnliiB hough, ,,r 1 , pfgeona, wlil'h
went by ua with n whirr, our gallant
markamea dlractud ihnir ahnta, but with no re
biiIIh toward whl 'li even the linger oi partiality
eoiil, I point with nrldo,
Ob tlie lower dock, btuyM the fnrnaeeand
ilillgi'iitly ohaervanl of the crenl'ing win "1.
toward Which li" etood In the attitude of guar
dian and familiar, waa a gigantic nogro Wnn
waa brought Iron .Sfin-n in liia youth, and who
anil retalfled M..111" memory ol th" ",.fl.i gnng
nnd llni liorroia of the middle int.nag". AlaiVO
lua follows ol tin. Alabama plantation OB whleb
li" grew up he ivu-l hiiM.,.W"r"il aa Saul of Tar
ana 1 towered nl,v,i Ida brethren, and If b"
bad r"tiialii"d am..ig liia tribe It Bnemcd not
Impoeellilo llmt Ii.. might have 1 111" kiiu:
nnd warrior, t li terror of hi n-i 1 pro
pitiated by the lo wing in pi a before him of
captivea mid b v dark and haiigiiinarv una of
aaeriflao. "i he born Bo eigne ot cruelty
or ferocity; ),h eoiinteBnBi'O waa mild,
and except when It wa lit with mirth or
mnimitcil by aoina paaalng oluect of In
tereat, 11 aoemed veiled in Bjelnneholy
inedltallon. a- il 11, . tiling of th, i'i-TV 111 tie
graaa and aplendor 111 th" lloWer bad lad' d out
of liia life, lending but a faint after glow of re
Btent&rnnce, itial lumlnoua enough to eaat
aeroaa lua apn a a slindiiW of regrt. lint he
wore 11 v -it i.xpreealoB pi power Which,
mnotig lua oWB peolilc, Billet have rlpoBcd Into
autliorlty, and am. ug them ill" nnalgua ol auon
attrlbulea are Htil t" bp thoae Which are lairnn
heforodeairtl lion nnd eel up hfatde barbari.'
allaraoi bltaidaliel, 1 ii.l not, however, pie-
till" bun a 1 1 Iltral llgui" of u h dark ccre-
hionlea without .1. nig violence to the genii"
Impreaalon which he ma. I" upon me. 'rim
war had roleaaed linn from -nptlvilv.
and for Ih" reaaon.ll may be. that hia meBlo
rlea of the Houtli were but a bitter retrraneet of
-nil' - and oppreaaloBa, h" had drifted into
Ih" far N"ilh and "ii-l liia I.. I among Ua I. w
and aeattered but hoepitablo people. In th"
aiiniincr ha fed the tlrca of th.. furnace upon
the boat, made lugitlva but ln"ff". tual efforta bi
k'eii the mat from the machinery, and
P'tIoihumI the other ru le but ttaeful 00 u
pntlona of in- calling, in the wfntor hn
waa a trapper nun. ng the iimwy waatca b"ond
il," Bnakalchewan,
Hardly leaa Intcreatlng than thla g'.ntlo and
ad African t'oloaaua wne our f. ll. w voy
ager, ih" Atarney-Oeneral, who wa- return
ing from an Kaaterfl lourney.andwhofounda
lurbuleni reception awaiting him nt Winnipeg,
ll m iv- bruited hit. ad ntiiong th" p pula 0 that
he had beguiled away a cltlaen a wif" ami tho
virtunua mob maaaed together m dangeroue
pi . ttlmlly b o pile ol bi leaa whloh my m ar th"
landing, and. alb'n lcd by the most danger
qua and forbidding exempli a ol the I,, 'id
dog anxiously awaited hie arrival. (If the
Welcome which waa nr. paring lor hlni.orof
lua infraction of an imp,. riant oommanament,
We Were unaware uiiiil W" arnv", I at our .b-ti-
nati n. and in the Interval found great enter
tain me nl in listening to hla MUrlona and viva
rloua dlaoourae. Hi hf" bad evidently been
oneol remarkable activity aad ad venture, 11
waa superior to the weakueea of en
denvorlng to oonceal anything, an 1 ra-
hcara.'d without sign of "iiinarraaamenl
partb-ulara of ih" moat queatlonable ami du
bioua eaploita, He had been, if lua doelaratlon
could be Delleved. rrlme Mjniatarol an ialanu
potentate ol tin- South Pnclf! ; and. owing to a
dlapute between blmaell and th" a iverelgn aa
to hla salary, he "arrl"d it tin' i-ntir" hnrciii In
a War cano". Bold th" in' -1 mark, tab!" of ih un
to tli" iicunr 'h ol a in ighbonng is and. reim-
I nra... I hlma.'lf from th" pr da. r' turm d the
r'-mainlng '-oin -ubinifi to th"lr original p. --".-
or, iwcompanlod With hia ft. ..,1 portfolio and
the receipt in full, and then eft on a paaalng
whaling aim., in- departure being conatrued by
Jus Lit., s "r"ign aa an Bet of resignation. The
whaler wna wrecked ob th aalaol the ok-
"tak tea, aad th" fugitive atnteammi was caal
Baked nehore am.-ng llanchnW aavagea, who
were at lli-t diapoaed ! offer linn up a- 1
burnt aacrtflce in propitiation of their goda,
which hail r miy manlfoated eigne ol die-
pbvaeure, They had aent Ii 1 aisis in icatr. iy tic
nilllet cropa nml had deluged the vnlloya with
tl :- Moreover, the aupply of rata vaa limit
ed ai d prc iirt i.s. In tin- emergency it waa
i" aeary to appenae the deitiea, but It waa the
opinion of our companion that they would be
eufllciently pbieateil by the aa -rltlcc of a sn lor
wi . ha ! 1 n mat nehora with him, Alter brlel
1.-. illation among tl." ehlel men. Una propo
altlon wna Boeedad to, and bv ayervbody ax -i.t
the aallor waa eatoemed a brilliant Idea, Anon-
i' rtun 'Ilpaeol the moon happening an irtly
alter. whloh nt theunanlmoua aupplicatlou ol
1 tl " Italic he "uuaed I" d'-npp ar. gave him a
much preatlge am. ng t "wild and fen 1 loua
u.' ll iant- tha' h" was "nnt.i.'ii during a ao
I )ourn among them "f at'outayear toentlrely
, riconatruet their local polltlca and aowamong
them th" a la ,,f enduring aoelal dlaorder. II"
i("n got off on another whaler, and waa again
I wrecked, but after many viclaaltudea bad drift
: ed Into Manitoba, aoiaed the gonfalon nl opi
lion, waved it In the aatontahed laeeaol both
j political parti.-, act tli" entire province IBB
st ,t.. of ferment, anxiety, and n t na n m . mi l.
a- a . n-".j.,"ti ", luia g. .Ucn into a high and
iiiflin'iitial offien,
It neemed unfortunate thai a geatloman of
aip ii veraatllity and aueh extended putji 1 a"r
vieeale old tin I ao atera a welcome await ug
him at the bandaofhli eonatltuenta, Inat "1
; being ui"t la- a bras band and a d"le.
gntl n with mi a ldr. a-of wel.-ome and con
graiulnlioB, It win mi - nnter-d by 11 vocn r
oua and di'iiunelat n rabble.Whleh crowded the
landing plac' and Hlb-d tin- air with eavngu war
i- and In howla of opprobrium and
nojurgatl in. W.'ha piaiol ready on the ml-
I Ingin-aide him, heat ml forth like g man tofiei' i
Ihi-b rr. m ol nnthllalaatn, Which ooutil In. 1
be llolay, I. ut not otherwlae luirtlul. until night,
exhauation. nnd heavi potatloha had .v-j, .. ,i
I natoiy iwoembly, when he fikawlau dl
apH'ured, We aawhim no more, but beheld
b s ,11! and made .1 flgtire m Hi" provlni lal
politic t r -"in" 1."'" afterward.
At Pembina the lb t:-h and American ft age
wave politely at a -1 1 ..tier aeroaa th" nn.- 0
1 ndnry, and It aecincd aa it our two engteia,
Which Were tetheri inv a-l,;iig U.a. l" a lnil-
, low bnaln ( 1 1 upon the after deek, might
1 lu.tu given at leeat a align t vob'O of saint it 1 n to
...u bunting aa wi pa ted, but they mad" no
aign, '1 hoy were pr 'loualy violoua bnd.
and hawk- I at evrythlng Whteh "Hnie nnar
1 them, particularly at the brindled dog be lur
ing to th" abward, whoae tall had atjtrerod atjeh
aerioua abridgernent that It waa no i.eig' r able
1 to "Xprcaa the full force ol lua feellBga, I.Ht win.
exhlbitett toward them a cordial though .me.
What wary diapoeitlori of amity, Muting upon
tl... forbidding and Implacable temper which
they diaplave.l while they Were yet only in
1 the pm feather atutfe of development, n n
value and n ilgnaney appeared in th" lament ..1
ll"u,amin ' ruiiklui thai tic ahap'-ly and whole- .
Home domeatia turkey had not been choaen ua
1 "iir nationni emblem. Inatead ol a bird aoaulleu
and repute! ve In Ita near napoct, and ao entire 1
I ly vulturnua and plrotioal In .1- bni.it.-.
we reached W lunipeg toward the an nae of a .
! flaming Auguat day: auw the atlll blue II at ol
the Aaalnibolne as it mingled it-waters with '
thoanoi itaiawnleralati r riven auwibti aeatti red
Ign on- along It ahorea.th" ur iv eir ! of th
de -nvng and rumi ling r n Karrv. long aiuc ,
iinii" "a,u y as n bulwark ol deb-n 11 u-
1 ia and ateeplea oi 11. simp Tauhee cathedral 1
and i-ollege nnd nunnery and nplaoopa) i"-:- I
denee n"r.s tl," riv- r. their bright gardeut 1
. ah.ping t.i Hie edge of the bluff, and the alrag
giing outlloea . f Hi,, town iteelf, with tm
I broad blaze of (he mn-' t behind It, A polite
. l"i. gat ..ii. ", nalating of offl nra "f the militan
iio-t and the Hudaoti ' )iny Company, gave u
weleouie. an I ndvlaed ua of niaitura 1,1. in- ..
tloapitallty. Tlasks and flogona were already
- t nut jess and unnumbered nrrny, awaiting
ur an Ival, and ll r.itory which win, brewing
.a. .1,1 behalf wueof aueh treuanduua aort that
1 :n ut n it e en attempt to dm ass il In re.
T. 0. V..
A i tiaiovi uti 4 iiialiinry.
Why, Wilt ihu itcar oM fellow,
W IffPB Man ' II .. .11 tli, m; .li-nrtf
bi Ku j.l In. Int. Kllive,
w ail 11... hi m - own voumtoerat
Hay yna acaled tha Ala er Anaea,
SHiie.i 10 lalet .' Ant 1..11-
What 1 iiami. . Will haa rhaoxial year flMI
I real bio a t DarltCt la elilu 1
- ihu iii aintyhni i, an. i in mint,
in ihs anna i'i una, n It nati wai .
Wa rtt.-iai ,tii.oii ,.ii tha Utar aid u acli,
Ami ii -ai.'. i '.at itaraay-
It am in. ' hut lltt .i "i .i gnala nlgbl
-i ,i. c -ii.- taio i. ,i.. . a u,..i giure,
Hut i ii.i.i i. ., . rmi re."
I ,'iii her liaial wliilt I whltaereil lew,
An. i you, .1- itrwlial " lie year
atari wa - t u mi tj ua Uti' mum wblto beach,
Mia ktkicd awaj yeur learal
V I Mrv a- i. l1.. ii ..l iwinty,
Alt.l I lo.lu i tin thrrs,
m .. i, m ins 1 1. ..a iheaearakt Ueaeli
II. It ' tie .nn,,. ',. inn m'4."
tanurnl hii - inw lo hei li.wk,
bti I n ili tai irri in Hi.. urii
ftn n Xl III an i i rmiin Ss.l
i.-i I tall you It i iwi i nana
Hill, whi in ' . ... h Migrivd"
" Ilia tti i iv U o i- n, ii-.i'u iii-
Baei 1 1 oho -I. 1 1 ih, .1,.. i gray oik
1 tin Qtw 1 iii i, i I'll a hot yi m- '
iha Muikar uioi liar luBtal Bavag,
r. ik pavaaaal ft ,aeax
Meailf ml the e.,1 - are thlvnred to at, .to- the
fnai, ai tinlirant i ar( in wlitcfi xyarc man nnni ttvv
aatttntaraj urataaBtif a niatt ie iliu iplhitrr Itwaatn
ihltcai 01 He iraalati iuaa "i ins la'rnrraii nn i t. i
huaa a.i". Miiald on wreeh u uainiit, r ,.t arvuttil
weaaertkal any oi u oci-upanti ..i.,.t daain and
101 -01111,. I.i MJ a a. Inll ll,l htl ha'a-, ale. Mi ll in
i-ii iri "i ihu ir wlian His cruet tanii wart
ttaannal a tea iiiiOU oi tin; inaal oi cyuaBvd unibari
cuu,.ainus. 1) uniu ur Jl
raw vwrn worth or omvm
Itfxlvlna hlnnmrn nh tytrO Arrritol ftir
Nrlllna I ,ilaaiprit liar.
Potir ChlOBIBOII Pnt 111 the Pnltnd Slalea
Harahal'a mom reatorday, Iha pMuraa of I
wmtohedBeaa and deapalr, Their Baateawnro I
0hB Akomb, nliaa John Anderson. Ah I' . .. I
Ah Soon nml Ah sin. Tbey wem arrweted by !
Sp -.'inl Agent B, s. Stlnaon f,,r selling OB
MamBod clgara, aad apent the night in n alatlon
hOttae, All ol lb-ill worn UllB-bodlml an I ,
iBBken-chcckod, with black, unkempt balr,
ami dull black "ca, nearly otoaed, Three ol
the four wore anfferlng for the want of (holt n".
customed opium, of which tlndr IfllpriaOBtBaM
bud deprived than. As they Crottchod in a
crner ol the ollleo their dojaetloB attraetedthe '
pttyol many who happened in. ami not a law
exproaaed wonder that the 0 ivornmont could
find nogrentor fi nuda to occupy the nttehtlon ol
itaofn . rs Hum iheae t r wretchea who had
i .ii guilty ..f aolllng a handful ol their ulaor
able iiennj clgara without khenaAtlalM ravenuo
John Akomb wnn the apokeaman of that party,
for II Hot ap..ke lutle Buglltb, Ho aabl
Hint ha w is If. M ara of BgB, and had hoOB nway
from China tiuiti . ai-. ii,. hnd i n in Rug
land, Oermanr Md Fraaea, and ut on.- time
a"rx"'l OB Ih" t'nlt. d States gUBboat Mnssft.'bu
lOtta, Capt. Hudson, nml waa BUWOB the Red
River expeiiitlqn iii the onpafltr of cook. H"
aaid thai he had a wif" named BdttV, nn Kngllah
woman at R Cherry street, mid bad tbn c ctlll
dri ii mat dnsi.
He referred 0 ptteonaly to hla anfferliigo an I
thai of hla eomiNIBloBa for llnur habitual opintii I
that a avmpatlii'tl" byalamb r Volunteered b.
get inm tome , .f hla favorite drug, Bat, uid
Akomb wuh ii pileoua wail.
t e g. i no ni .nee."
HOW ma li will it coat ?"
" Tell ""III ".'
" Ten "cnla for three'"
" N ; t- ti cent for one,"
" Where do you g"l It '"
Ai 1 1 Baxter street ,.f Ah i.t'i '."
" How anall We get It from liiui?''
Show him thla."
Then Akomb produced from the f .Ida of hi
w .rn v-ai n bearrirued thimble, the ni-tal of
which cuid not i. diatliignlaned Iron the
biaea coaling ti nt enveloped it.
how him that he km.wa that." and Iha
eonflding akomb aurraadered hla pony" to
th.- "iisto.ly of his aynipalhlKing oueationer,
.Prevailing upon Mirslml stralmn to detnlB
th" prlanBera until Ins return lue plum una
lonary Wended hia way to Baxter atreet. Th
front building Is a huge tenement houae. and
In the rear ia a c urt aurrounded byaplleoj
thickly inhabited teuetnente in which arie.l
notlonalitiea were repreaented. The prcnitea
of II piuni Vender Were found w di ail diffi
culty, rhoy .'..nsiat". of three r na...r rather
one room made Into three. he larger r.-un la
ftboui ten fcei s. 1 1 1 a re ii ii d c -tit ii nn a little di
lapidated furniture, dirty mi l forbidding, A
table cvere.l iTiin matting st I agan t the
wiill. with n hclf attached to the wall. Thiala
the cucli of tli,, opium amokera. and In Ih
centre of the table 1 a tray of utenalb for opium
nicking. A sl-ck cut iHy drowally curled up
ne ii under the Influenoe of the drug, The
oth-r two rooina are about the aire of a email
stateroom ea.-li. and in each Were two bunks
covered with limiting, nnd With tide-wall
ehoivca t.. aerynoa pnlowa. These bunkaa ..
accommodate from two to f an- person ea !.
Th" . uly ventilation la through n aiuull Win iow
nls.ut la inch, s -.piai ...
The oc-'upant ol the r....m i-trliy were a
cadaver, us old M ngolian who b a iked a- I'
n i urT ..f air w.'il. I bl .whim BWay, and two
1 emaciated opium amokera one in en -h raun.
, Then there was a ab ut and almoet eomoli Irish
woman o ni-ut ii, not ill .in-- ,1 who evi
dently waa ob good terma with them i
On" of tin amokera prove.) to be h Que the
opium proprietor. Do wna reclining on one .(
I th" bunk- am. king one of I ia an n ai-opium
111 'Inking n i-.l ..f the murky pnsld be
dipped a long r...'. in it nnd r iled op i I
the opiuill oil 111" . Of the o . Tl I lie
nlungi d in n burn tig tap. r ai d then r'i b 1 it
In the howl of th" p p.- aaingtllar r- d -na -1
turn. Then he took a tew x goronawl iff- re
' .-lining ..n In tide and enjoying the exhilara
tion o! the drug as its fnmca Spread 1 1. tough
the ro. m and went Olll of the li' i" win low.
The oth.-r I dii nn ma ii In the bunk WB avid nt
Iv m a .lull stupor from thcefi taol the opium,
and looked dreamily md languidly at the new
comer. Ei n the woman waa aptxar-'otly am
polled and dazed us though lu I bad par
taken of ih" narcotic, and answered the
lion put n. her aa though the wot in a walking
Bleep. At ltrt all were suapl loua. and dec ,i I
thai tin -y kre-w nothing of the men who had I n
urn -tel. Tl "1 aho k tli. ir I .. ..I. an. I ..I ....
tered ilodr pigeon English, and nothing ctw
cuid be got out of them. Hut the production of
.lohll Akolllb'a tlllillbl" i, p. 'lied their molltllS.
All Que r. ogBfand It Immediately, ami it did
not t.- k" lii"i long b. ii'p.-e! -ii I tti.f it wi.- t .
o tl . I. Hf pri 1 agreed with tuntof Akomb
.-... iii "enis f..r tic thimbleful,
ll" pr.. ured Hi- ding ti in a In tl ,
enrner.und covered th" thimble neiitly With a
p:- t f"il. Then b" got n curi ..- little
an 1 fllli d that with in i' ,-t f " tn th r I i
Chinamen, took hia thirty tenia, and relups t
int.. a st :, i enjoi menl : I i- ig.ir
Ah Q I" is evidently the capitalist f il. hi-
ii"-. colony In tl plum trade, aad hia dingy
apartmeute the fm .rite ritort ol the t.iuin
ami k"ra. Tli" old Luiuumnu t tic ffimey
anatomy remained suaplcioua alltlu in it
I." t ialiy ie d.l .1 usaetit wh u the womuu aaid;
I. ii know Johnny IkombaKUty,"
' -. she in.. ( herrj -ii t."
'J u tell )c r J l.iuiv ii nil. i- ;n pi :-
s : ne sen 1 w I."
Then the iipluni uilsMionartea found their
wa. t.. the Marshal a . nl again ani il .ii
appearanea was the aigunl tot a Iwam of
; v to lighten the lace .. the i...r
wrH le a who in their ahaenoe had bei'B
di . u, g in tiuar ebalra. Even tlie on., win i .! -not
u" opium lo. k.-d unppy aa be taw the
tnilliug faeea of bia f' How priaonera wlcn they
a . il Heir precious prize. Johnny Ak. ibi.
olutched Ids ibTmbie aogerly, lore ..it Uie
liutoil covering, and licked w.Ui avidity
the piece of foil before he tnr.-w it
away, Then be t ire ..fT the wh.... cover
and ravenoualy thrust th" top oi hiatongufl
into tl plum. roliiBg the tweet morael
iu hla luouth with au air almoat ru venous. Ah
S waa oiil) t..., eager b. In-lp htm. nnd
brought hitn a glaaa ol water. Ah Bin likewlai
partook ol hla ahare uneeremoutouaiy, dipt ng
Hint., s'.i k Into It nud -uia kng Iii-lips. Tie-y
paid no attuutlon to the liitlaknotol curb u
-I later who watubed them, but teemed only
'ag.-r lo have Uc ir goawiug hunger lur the
drug appeased,
Wi. ii tl" Marshal called them oon after to
BpPiLudlowatreutiall.ti whl l ComiuUaloiier
Sbi. i.ia had iomailttod ii. in. they shuffled off
submissively yet With an a r oi i n' : ttueat in
a.,, ng . oBttsat with their prcvl appeuruitce.
ii i-l.xi, KMI in ii i i.x.
Haw it." Blnrwi -i Rysrythlaa -a.nt in the
M saageHa in salntl PwrB,,
Tueaday tnornlng'a atorm wr ught -ml
havoc In the menagerie in Central Park, Two
ami n bull in "lies of water loll m I' a- than thirty
minutes, In the antuli pe In .ua 'lb" water roau
to the height of flye feet in flvo mlnutea, Thla
purt ' f tlie menagerie is situated in a hollow bo
biitd I'." Arsenal, The water pouring tr im th"
higher land- ran into u us Into u liuslii, Tho
tlefectlva tewurage added to the trouble, Tha
Is'iira, foxes, Wolves, jackal, lli" giraffe, pee-
aary.and tapir are nil k'-pt in this ucloaure,
in ih ntr" la the tank of the two sen liona,
surrounded in a mli iron pnlisodlug, All tbaa.i
annuals, w it n tho ukoopljon of tic glial).-, had
to swim for tbelr lives. Tha tapir wa- the most
frightened, Tlie peccary, whoso cage i-. ipeu
.-.I the top. w.i- lb nited out, nnd splashed in
mining ti ihcr nnimnla, Tin raccoon clung
to III" lo 1 ' f II, ell pl isoll.
Tho giraffe kept th lest. It at.,... I ipilotly
hew ng Us end as the wntey rose over it- ' Ips,
The -"., lions' tank i of a md, fastened down
by iron atuuehiona, It waa foj I Irum lit
baindaii ai. its p., lis,:. bug broken, .oi l it float
ed like ii huge mi. ground the neb ure, The
sen 1 1, .us made their SBiatpe and pad. II". I about,
enjoying their UnuXL pnl liberty, K" pera
w nl". I in ii,. to Ih" "liln to . in. till" thtfltl, n' i i
some time were unaueenasfut, Twice th" ani
mals darted I. 'twenn Iho legs of their PUrUnrs,
llpaettiug lie in iii Ih" w. iter, and 1 an lug them
loeoinn lo tl." urla;e sputtering nnd gapiin,
for breath, Tlieywore ai length oupt ured an i
coiisiguud lo uuollior lank , situated on higher
'rno other nnlmnls k"pt up n ''ontinttoiiH
.I isof howla, barks, nnd grunt. Mr I
t oiiKling. director of the in-nag.. rie. v is iat
pnilud I" I' lii" theiu as they Worn, as hn lui I i ..
room lor iiniin HlseWliere. A valuable South
Amerlenu fox sunk exhausted, after vain m
tempts i" kenp it head nbovu Hie surfnee, I
was si lily rescued, but it was two
hour- I. ...re il WflB rtfUeitnti'd, Th"
dog Juno did go.., aervlco. Tliontandt
ol rule, driven by the tllddell inllux
..f wiiter front their holes swam nl m. t u
f rig lit en "d to land. Juno dllshed in all- r t luui,
nil ping them Up llttbn rat" of njio every sen
..lei. Iii.- thought 1 1 nit over two thousand of
theao rodents were ill Iroyei citllefb) droWll
iii" or by being kill", I by Juno,
ll iv.,- Uiieo hours laifiir III" W'.'ibT tllbsi b '.
Tli" di ilea and paths in III" park Bl'o III many
ens s entirely destroyed. In sotnu parts ar
rnige , , , nig is Impossible, Mr. t'onkliliJ SHI'S
lie never B llnessed sin h It Storm, 1'llU l ain f"il
m l in drops but iii gn ai shoots,
PsIteBed bi ii Fertiliser,
AliOtlt oil" mouth ng" Dflllli'! (', Lor 1 of Mo 'd
tttaiiit tun ,.i in. a-... enifaio'd n. i be Held ii..l,i Inn
ii w.-ii 1,1. ..an itrpliatr, aaa toon tittt nil lliri'r er
l.lki'11 -ll 1,1. Hi . tlld ' 1 1 1 ' , 1 111. li! ill. II llil'l'i mi 1 till '..
I- nnir iwalleii and .. m ral iiiiiiiIiikim ol tut trim an I
Irga ata i aniplaiiMal ,.t A uui .1 mil, a Im wst at ois ill
tin. in la i. -a h l in. 1 1 ..a in . ..iit.i, i uitli Mm i icu. i .
...i- not Rottit in i. t. i had oiii' l-n tuiiuilstaii an
wcilattJat at lu t imh. sin iutilrrl4t) ivtufu
BKCAtttm tiik OZD tivfa.
An acd niut who im Baea nit the Cjlnsngaa
no lle BgBIB Rlxar r,.r BaBBMf X ears.
Just trorUl of Uin little vlllipfo of Now
t.wn. I. ng laland, on Mia Aatnrta rraid, nearly
opp -it" the WOBlber beaten I.uth. rnii OhUroh,
there standi a well-shaded cMtaga, where for
twenty yeara haa livod Capt. BtepbOB ItofT, an
old North rlvor pi! i. whose river BXparloaoia
date bin k rrtilt Seventy yeara. He la Blghty-flve
venra old, but biBBtep Is flriB, hia blue uvea Bp-
parMtly undinmnd, and hla mind na aotlvo as
ever. Ifeaatonthi little porch In front uf lu-
oottago ynaterday,
" 1 wna Is.rn." he inld, "In PoOkaklll, In 170.1.
My father waa u I iboring BIBB, My parents
dlod when t wna young, nnd tho Bevon boyi of
ii-1 at w. rn left bud to look nut for ouraelvea.
Wo nil took to tho writer, mni baoame l loop
imn ia. in tin .se days there was n great aval
Boas dons on the North river with Sloops, 1
Waa eight yeara old when 1 shlpptal on hoard a
loop thai ran between Albany and New York ua
cook, I got twelve ahilllnga a month, and had
t k for three Biob bealdea myself, It kept
me pretty baay. You wouldn't exnoet n ih,v
sight or tea years old to mako mneh of n k
nowadays. The sloops thea used to oarry paa
Sengers, and nn,.. tig thsIB we enrried fi.iv.
Tompkins and lua wile and I .ked for Ilium,
I retni nifior him well, lb- wore km u bri Ice
nml hi ball' was lied up in n cue. II need
generally to give mo u dollar. II" lived down
on stiii. i, Island then.
" l a- i i.-r. xi ii yeara," .-. ntlnued Capt.
It.-ff. They call that an angel'a Bpprentlai
Ship, don't they ' TheB I wna promoted jo
'blind.' nnd got f HI a lllolllh. It wna nl. ill thla
tine that Fulton a Ural etoauibogt.tho Clermont,
began running on the river, sin. waa a queer
looking coBeerBi with Bo Coverlnga to her
wheeia. She made BlaiUI lli" miles Bflhotir,
Well. I waa de k hnn l until I waa IWeBtV-flve
years old, and then i atna sailing maater ol
Baloop, sloops anil played mi important part
. ii the river, Th" ap'amboata had iiol begun to
tow then, mul II," sloop carried most of the
BierchsBdlae. I have teen ne mnny ,e titty
sloops going down the riv rtogethor, Sometimes
ii was tedious work. I i 'member Unit ouce
It took us lourteoB dayabiruB from Jfew Tork
to Albany, Thsf was IB the spring of tic year.
The water waa high and runtiing doWB the
river very swifny. iiut somstlmes we mads
ru k tunc, an I luiiu gone up to Albuuy In
twenty b ur hour.
" In tJ I went lo Steamboat tBg. I waa pilot
of tho Henry Kckford, she waa s small steam
boat, only about Hla feel long. She WBS built by
James I'. All ure lu IBIS, and wnethetirat steam
boat on the North river that had high mid low
p: --ai . Engines compound engines, you
km W, Mi" belonged lo l-auc Newton, who
lived in Pike struct in Hew lork, The ll -nry
Kckford was the II r-t steamboat that towed, and
I wa her pilot Whan shs took the tiret boats out
of the oanal ami towel tham to New York. Tha
canal boat In those days oarriod only MorlQ
tons, We used to take a tow down IB about M
hour, mi l return in (0 hour. 1'hat'a nl-atl
three turn a as oUgBB ll take. the ateuiuls'iita
now. We didn't USB " .ai in those day,
bill burned nh nit f .nv Cords of wood In a
trip, The flrst tag steambooi that was built
wa the Chancellor l.lvingaton, but I .In I n't i nn
ii Iut. Alter a while I Went "ii the Commeroe,
n g I 1.---.I 1 toy ateanih ,at, and in 1491 was
P a on the Illinois, she waa owafld by laaao
Newton, and towed, with th" exception oi two
i yeara wt, "ii -Ic ran opteialtloB toihe Peopln's
I IIbb an I enrried passengers from Albany tu
Sfewi irk tor ft shilling apiees. IgotMoiia
year n the Illinois us pi t ; I bud Is en
g. timg f.Vm. Alter Seni ng as pilot lor
t- it i. ..t's I wa- mndo Cat t on of her nnd
my anlari wn ll.'jnn, In IH5J I left ihellll
Utiia nml went a pilot on the Oregon, Which
wusowued by George Law, You see, 1 had
! g. t hi t the ton, and Wna now going down hill.
In ISM while at one ..I the New V. rk do"ka.
bidd ng -"in. friend good-hy who were about
to Bull for bitrope, 1 wa- tunatruok, It wa- n
- v reattn k. and I never have re.-oycred from
it. I be ame nearly blind, and was obliged to
give up piloting, M r, Newton, who was ai us
nt il friend ( mine, gave tic- a i altlon s
ah pkeeper, whleh I hld 'ttitd l-r,7. when I
I cane out here and tvwight this ilttle plaep, nBtl
here I l. ii- stayed i x. r slu . 1 bad a tu as
ful career nt a nil 1. 1 think. I never na I but
ones i'ldeiit. mid that wna nt Albiiny. Wowere
making up a tow. and there waa a very tr ng
current running, A man wna greasing the
I crank, aad the crank pin caugitl nim audt..ri
I - ly ail to piece. I . n In'l p it iy have
I helped it. But I've bil l - li e nai r .w i" s
Iron drowning,! i I have I n overboard many
time. On., dark night, wh n 1 waa deck hand
tin stoop.Iwent to let down thepeak. Tl."
halvBnta slipped and carried me oue hundred
. I eel up. and then I fell, Luckily, the I in
swung around to that 1 f. I In the river, Had I
j fallen to the, cek I th uld hnv" 1 n killed, of
iHurae, As it was, 1 had u oloo shave, 1 Ii"
wluil was ni iwlng hard, anil it Was a- lark as n
P k-'. T ere ! lu'taeetn to I, ' any i,.,pe r .r
1 me. when I -ru iigalntt a . ! -..t fn the
river by net flsberiBeu. I hung on to that aad
! and we xv r Uliig ill Tr y. I got up in my
aleep and walked . i I . I Wuke up gules'
enough, "lei in. tiret lllollghf was ' V ell, till
' will la. nl " iv ., - t trrv t t.. family, that 1
1 at. i droivucl :' but when 1 ame up I awmu to the
.. -I and crawled out.
Mi old f rlende and nmrades arc in nrly r'.i
dead N ne ot my brother are living. M.-t..f
then), pi..e ar-got " '. ... I wh looking lor
Wilaon. who uaail t.. n the river, tl th r
lav in Now i rk. lb. loo, gone, llenry
, ll.i f. I. the Prew'a pilot, ui-a oyer to ee uu
. m't, tics. Ke .aim -.1 his trade of me when
' I w i-on the lllin.es. II" gnta 11.20" now i n
tic Brew, 1'ilol.ng an, t what it used to be,
e got 1500 and Mou . fear. und kadPikeep
lo k-i nt and turn Hn- wl I. N w tl." V rtB
river pilots g a doubts tnn' money, and have
two men tu turn the wheel for them, All ihy
haie tod i ia to k.ep ft lo ,'.i ut. And r 1 1 don't
believe they save any more moncynud have
any better times than we ne--1 lo bavo,
" Alter nil. ilia old pilot concluded, " I never
bad asg I times as whea I wo caiklng on n
i sloop for twelve shilling a month, Ihi.dn ire
tic :: I'm an old man now, and my friends ure
l lie IStly gone.
K i li: i i i run 1 1 n TUB LYCKl'N.
The l.taM not Throtya t st,,. n, ,
Make ii Pti Bar ThJPes 1 .-era.
Mlsa Kato Claxton wasnoi Ing I humor
yesterday when itueetloned coBeerBlagthsLy
1 esum Theatre. "Wltj will the newspapers per
i sin in publishing misstatements about mof"
ale naked, aosted in her pleasant home in Eaat
Twenty-eighth street, "I believe I have mora
untruths told about aie than arc told ahnut any
I othor woman living, Why la it done! Now tlie
! truth ..f the wi.oie matter is simply this: Last
I tprlng I waiit-d to g. t the Broadway Theatre,
and was advising Willi my friend, Mr. V. M.
Palmer, about It. Then ti e Lyceum Theatre
Was ipofci ii and I d el 1.- I lo g. t Unit, if las,,
sil l.-. I found ilc Mr. su..,.., contemplated the
ssinethlugi Mr.MllOok said that In- nnd Mi.
Palmer Would rent ll and relet It to me, Tle y
i did SO 111 July, mid lllcll I rented II of tie in f..r
i tin years, the h iisi lo begin tl . i-t u( Hep-
leniber p. tmesslou to ls given the l-i . 4 iigu-t.
VThun it wni kmc. i, thbt I had tnc theatre I
b id many offer, and nmong them one fr au
Mr. .1. N. Hni o Chicago, wl ftjmgca Mr,
1'. ti. Thompson's btislucss. Mr. Thoiniasiii
ins 1 niunklngnsu' sa with 'Jisibtia tvliii-
i comb,' and it oivtirred to uie thai ii lie played a
i bw we- ks in th Lyceum us u prclimfntiri
BeflSOB, it Would be a-lvniitugeoiis to inc. Hep
I terata'r i very warm In re Uaimily, mid I woul I
j in itch pref.-r i lay Ing in the Eosleru Htutos until
ii tolwr; ao I wilted ibetlieutro to Mr, Hill for
a few wceki I -hall go East with the ' Two
, Oi plume' mid t lew play. '11 a hum.' by th,,
rron h dramatlal, Louis Ider, 1 don't euro to
I ring lli" pluy '"it llrat Itere, but Would much
prefer trying It in th" hastern eltbsi. 1 am
I quite c,. tn i ii of making from ILSUO to ll.Ntsj h
week by tills mothial, I nindu liluell more Hum
this lust season in iln East, nud fuel uonlldoul
1 USB make till l. w.
" No," she continued, 111 ph Oil ally, " it i. BO
H ue that I liay.- thrown Up the Lyceum, and I
enn't Imugine who eoiild wish lo circulate am h
j a report. I have the Lyceum for tluee yettfs,
! imu hops tu make ii pit) me well."
I be Old Home.
rtuM la, ' v'- "i
i I linv tone -1 iiuiol alwa.v. uu, vial know;
Ii. a 1.
. Item, tcrott tlie di-tant telti' of Iks yvsfS
1 In. I lilt eld l.ea-. . -n... Illm -till idl tlie old .rum.. I,
lit tlie parlor In I 'aaey, coatd trsca
I in l no in 'in i. .' 'I. .. t ni i 4 . ii-t.-i I lr.
ll l.tl. I., Uie tin-Ill ilellier- -Oder, true suit SSOtl,
I Piri ti-'l, ttie -tiilt train ll nt at -imiiii- r t.irt.
Ana there -in r.-.l
. 1 1 1, il,,- sail tin' leal ili .'ki-d uiiikiuiit . u. iia alow
1 a i.i ii "in .ill i ic lot .nt ar- I satclii'd nr. .nn i
, fhl a 1 ... ia Up -t in ti W1 nil 'In 'lllld It" lr lluuina
ta.l I
ot iti brtatlia 111 I ih'W'il tbi'dra-ri Is stsl Irs
1 ni tha to i timt p 'I ' ilr nsal tu inn
a it,,- audiiisi taiiirln itomiaaiii frian tha sky,
i in His Italatie and th, aiii'i"iiliaidt'ti tUit,
Hoc. a .... I Imii
i a Uie itrrsnili I. tl ' lie' shliigt , end lln; n,l..
ia, k abide.
lint Uvi'utiil it- start . nulUna ... trlu mt
1 Ire liiydt ldi
rhnustl Uttil irsvyt a IS .Inn .irl in n.ain v. I,
JiSiUet tnoi.l'.
Tln-i hnvi golbcrc.l mil in BSlliBlttH I Cinic.
; That .i avui.' 1
n-'oken.llo-an ll,itnea Men. ATlltlnf to Do
Anything W.tnien Inrllie Nlnge.
Mom than forty Applicants answonid an
adrsrtlsemsai Inserted Ib Tnesday's Hub by a
I biuor dealer, who wnnted "a young man to
tend bar. Apply at Iff Vat i. k Street, corner of
Chnrlb.il." The proprietor ani. I Hint he wna lis
ten lah"d both nt their number nnd their g,,.
BppnnrBBoa, A yenr or two ago be hnd put n
similar wlvertis.-nient in Tun Hint, mid not.
more than flfteBfl or twenty snsasred it. Am.. 113
Ihosothst ipplind yesterday were several who
luui kept bin r .oias thetnaolveB, and ottloH who
had been proprietors in other kind of bwlBesa,
ll" wna surprised to And how BBB? oapabls
men won mil of employment
Another advertlsemnnt whloh attracted more
than liny appllcnnta, rnadi " A respeotsbls
Irishinaii, wiin good raferBBBB aa sooharaetcr,
A.'., can ot tain raaiUBeratlvB omplnymaBt by
applying nl .nice of Thomas Roily, 17 Harder
street," Mr. K. iiyian publisher, and desired
rJBBynssers for hia nuhllcfltjoBB, Mr. Hllka. the
clerk who r" nlvtal th" applicants, said that on,,
of IheBi had onoo been fl mombar of the sio -k
Kxchnugo, and hud only lately return, d fnun
South America, where he hnd likewise been en
gaged in stock operations. II" was completely
1.1. m d. nml had bai lly enough money to psy
in- wny Istck lo New York, ll" was n matt of
go... 1 business . 1 u 1 well dressed, ll"
was told thai I mid moke fr II. .VI to II n
day. according to tin. antllude hn should die-
p'ay. II" wilt nivny ti li-nler 111" inntt I,
proiniaiiiglo call again. Another anpilOBBl had
been the manager of ulnrg" hotel in BlftrgB
Western city. " If W" w n id gnrinintec 11 enhiry
ol Up, or even fa. a sroek." Mr. Iiilks an d. we
Could got men Who Were a islolln'd. III better
times. 1 in 1 1.600 or il ,801) a yenr. AI btiai-
Insia men."
Among the more nnpreposssaslng Ol Ih" nt-
1.1 lentil wna a in mi who, haying no cash to ienve
naaOCtirlty for the b.-ksl Itnatist to ben,
trusted with, offered a character reference. lab d
KM. sine,, that time he would not Ml whore
he hnd been MnployerL tin" waasodenf that ha
coiil, I hardly hear. Aim. ml nil the trades wrc
represented. S un" , if the apnlicanta hud In ld
g I minor political Is'rtha. The Is-at men em-
ployed were usually th..,. who had boeu book
OBBVBaaars in liut-llii or London.
... aaioiuiiiy tnn ndyertlaement of the hnnae
called for " eduustod Irishmen. In that oase
only twenty ,,r twenty live iipplleatita were
likely to make tbelr appnarBBes, such mi ad
vertisement wa used where oaflvaaeora were
wanted to s.-ii aueh ft book as rictttroaqua
I re 1 am 1." Ho- beaut i - of whi"h ii reqtilraa seme
education t iBiproheod and pnrtrar. whsn
excellent men Wi re wsntnd, appllcmita w-era
aoinetiiuca directed in th" n.lvertlai ini'nt to ml
dr. ia th" Poet Oflles Boa of the Bouse, To aueh
an advertisement nearly BOO snawerabad 1 n
r lie I, many of tln'in from rftctl of nnohnal-
Beaa address ami abilities, though But n --a-
rily ol th- kind ..( iilolity tbnt would uiuku lli.'ia
successful In '. .ok OBnvsselng.
Aaothet advortlaeiaeut aaia that twenty -Ave
1-iys who understood singing were wanted to
apply ut stag" Joor, UBIOB s.oiar" Theatre.
Ih" geBtwoiBB wh.. r iv-d Ineboyfl nt tin
entraneu said that there were nearly iiti of
thorn, Nearly all were Well clad ami rnhorwtae
apparently reepsetable. There had never been
so msuy SpplhsntS 1- .. .1, answer lo a siiui-
lur advertfsuroent
Last rebrtiary," the speaker said, "while 1
wna in San rraneiano, I ndvertlasd lor ten au
peraumeraries, and rooelved SIS oallera in re
spoBse, Three vents before John Ncrulbiugh
I d great dilll ulty III gixlting llfty or sixty men
toll I up tin- Spur" when Itigiiold wis .lny inst
' If r, for bun. Among the SIS who an
swered my advertisement Ware eleven t 'him a..
wh., . IT rcl b. serve lot t"ii ccn'- a Bight The
white men ixan'. d H ti "en's. 'I'll, price in the
thestre had formerly laain IL They ltiinli y ao
oi'ptisl twcnty-llvo cetipj.
"Thorn'enota day that Mr r,.lnier doesa'l
r i" biters, mostly n women, nnidying
lor posltl ai-011 the -tag .. Tin-, ..f our.-, in
Itaell is im new thing, but now tie njipllcatt -ar"
more nutnerons and from B dlffereBt ehsia
ll le-r-Ul. 1 ll"l Use. I p COIMM ,ll,,,- c, ..,
fr un stage-struek women, Now they Bppcsr
t me in many .-, s.-a from persons who are
Without in... me of BUPrt and ni" driven I .
examine tli- atiute to a u 11 11 will nut ..it Td
them n llvelll I."
'lie layya sob led will aing in the chorus of
il,.. 1,-1 net ..( "Ullvia," t" be produ "I 011
o lip'oda) next.
'ill III I 1 III ll LOH tUH tOSS,
.tint Hlased a Veeatlsa wblek he ro:i.ij
Mini. I bole tdtoncd.
To Tiir Ciiitob if Thb Hnt .? in isti
It her was the young pnstor of a church in
Indlanapolia, on a meagre salary of atsmt 1480 I
per annum. At n meeting of rtlroetnra of the
Modi 11 end In Ibmapoll Railroad for that I
year the board was casting ahont forsomansw !
and Im) n an as 1'n i h lit f Ih nipany
This wcs ih irlexsi completed railroad in the
Stuteof udisas.siid prior to (list date tin, in-
cumbeBt of this. 01 whs tin late Its I M-r-
1 I, a itinu nl unlet an 1 retlrln t habits, ,f not I
n a h force in the new enterprise of nillroud- 1
ing. and who wna form rly I'i - dent ol He I
In llall 1 Ktllle 11. uk ..I Indianapolis.
1 1: -bail..' d riatora con prised many men
who haie mad. tic-ir Impress ss promltmnt
.. .-. 'tis of tie Uiaxslur Si.,!- and f the u nion.
Attn ng th...,, wna Cbsncey Itoaenf T"rr- Haul", i
ftorwaril . WBr ol ni- Terro Huut" and in
dlaiinpoll llailroau, and founder ot the News
boys' lb.m,. 11, ..w V ok -it v. other were
It. II. VVinalow. long and favorably known
senior luiimb r of th" banking house ol Wins
low, Lanier A Co., N. w lork; J, IV Lanier, I
afterward a member of tha same Brroi Hand
White, then President ! the Psrmers nnd !
M 1 ml -' I: ink "f Ma li- n. nnd who a- n
long-lllBO popular Caiitmn in film .na steam
1 is.at racing times on the Ohio an 1 Mississippi
1 vers 1 inir.-i the sobrluuet ol Old Ciibirprise ;
ami R)tart J, t'ravens ol Ma lison, well known
He a member ami proenimg ofltoejr of thejn
dlans Stab- S Hal ', an, I who defeBted Will
! cumtiaek f t ih" I'htted Btntea Senate by put
, t ng foiivnrd p, D. Pratt, the tallest mnn mat
I ever wore the HeniUorial toga in tin- notional
Capitol, being, when erect, Bl full length, n . ic
ti. u, s.x (eet seven inches , height.
Mr. I.aiu.'i andi ant. white, having frequent
occasion In their visits to Indianspolts 1.. ob.
I serve the character and SBterprtso ol Beoeher.
nnd believing ihat in lie rising young minister
Wn Iftb'nt material for na effldeBt mi l ucc .
tu I President of the new road, placed bun in
nominal. ..li for thai ..111 ". His competitor was I
J .im Ur ugh of Cincinnati, whoan name 1
pron Inently sssoointed with early railroad en
teriirlses in Ohio an I In. nana.
1 .t icversl xinsocutivo ballots during thetwo
days' sesaloBs of tha board the vote waa atie
il," tor Bseeher, Bve for Brough. The eoatcst
w.i- flu illy di'teriulaoilby theoaaofaoonpier.
uafngacixin of the old oumbroua kind, known
s " lluugtowu, apopulai idivUMtllig mediuui
1 1 niorotbuu ball a natury before tUBdaysol
bi k"ls and bill Mils.
"itcada b.r li her, talis for Brough," eg-
clnliued t'apt, Wiin... no .1. w. McCulloueh
fiippeil the copper Into the nlr. it wn 11 miss
call for the young minister. Tail sheared up.
I'. oeher lost lie railroad oftlce. the church ami
' tl untry returned Ins hf..oug lorviooi m
tl." pu. pit.
Tliej iregolng facts were Barrated by Capt
hite, now d used. wluleoi..uriiing with tlie
writer nt the Maxwell Hons", in Ssshvllle,
I I'i'Uii' -a..". in tlie winter "I laa.i 7o.
Sim I.iki i'i rv. Aug . K. M. B.vBM'M.
The PaastBB "ftke tlsttS,
rsaa Ms las-Ida siasasi
rhtrs esiat s tlisst avsr . ..n tr tail,
u hen it,,- ,.u.i a ., 1 mutlsrtua lew,
Bolllld aii.l Int.' A- lie- tall, 11, 1 till
ll In a Ua- wind r ll,. uvusn SO
An. I ths aktrta id tin' cloud wars inawy slut..
ma the heart nl in ri I - tdaeki
Ai.a ii..- untliin n- a. and He1 Irtei in iriiu
Muminn u and Uosrsii tie in tisra,
in. i tl iu. I a.. un ...n. I whittles' at, rill.
And tli" -call a m l edit .1 in turn.
And the eaal wiiatbrleksii. "I iant nee n ti. I k,
.In 1 Ih. sttt a ma -uie .1. ' IU-1..I a
Kin in. chaalsave heed ,i sdi net sn
Hut awest "l .'I' lull Hl.'l nl. nn.
ri,.. - n-i w.- iii i, . in the t.r.o.t bis sky,
A o l Un aUlttlltiia tun. usai 0
a Pssvlet'i Bsveags,
lr,, n an, v, .,.. n,n
l'at Flvtin n nonvlet in the penitentiary at
Oarten, ttalita 1 una alinutl ia-unitu kii'.-d tnothtr eini
ilit ntiiwil Wllllaili Bttharda Bellurda Utd la-en lut
-..ai" b a il," aiek li-i. tint waa lit en Ike ireenani "i
i in ana a reuni i -a in rliiui Mat di Isited nulu sitiie
wiirk t nil - n atst nil water, a. la'lleie In Uie
.Itnins i o.tni a liateher km., pell htan lull an s Idu'k.
el.'. - ins in.'Mt ' . I. .in . ill. at i.t 1 1. aa .uddi nl aelted
it. kan... and i. in. ..nt a ward tai lilt iiimli S.-lti ir.ta a.l
1'niiuiS'IH'eS rarvuii lain lla tbthhed litin, in ai. aeveu
IHU- --tll, l-l llll).' It- AT 111," IIJll lll- .o I'., Kllll,"
ii a ttineti larutlali thi led) ..i n. lliarda, in the lo, ,
una "i the listl I in I mug ha vi eillier aiiui iii.ii art in
er Mne tri-al artery aibacetit, fm ..iiitm rive iiiliiui -aii.-i
receiving hi. a. .in, I Bi'thiirit I,. I pcaaeii In
hri'stlni li ,i-ail ti.-m- in in. .in,. ia i i.t iliiniuiiti
sat nut slew ati-pa twaj snen the tttact a in
ia. a-i-.l. ltd -lie. ..- iiiil tli a- i-o-a...- Hal s'lred
II. aa, I. nl lli Mark MllH 1 ban'. Il-'lli I'll-
arere iroui liile Pttie in I u -eeuta Kethanit fiad 1 . a
s,ie.iii, aiieriit, Slid had arretted rh n a .'liit 'I
i. i.i, sha'ti ant iiliu la iirianll titerward Bi'ttiarilt
kin," oi tlld inlluwed ii' mi in in bsnilvnUai)',
na it.uoi . wat in let UiirS'i'ii j i ui
"I'xr .lllgl.l Mayer."
!, ..... r, A
(.bun, a sen tut lop wits crnoi nl in a private
li . .its' ii, ' in , ,ii. i...i,lo. ..lu i, list tiiiutud nan Ii
., incut at III tain'll-! al ll. lib.-..! twn rt . I j
ants tannin- 4 burn netre brake into t iumte, and
a i. a.' . ri'iunu i. . . ui. ii a. -. m ,!-... i . ntiiit lad r, wiin,
111 lie diUI lie-It. i aula acu tlicli S lllftll lu tin riailll,
a.' i, . I. i ifie ia. ia. .-inn ti. . ii a'tt her own in-other,
a n i- -en. i. -i... i i. i-t. asid. ' '"' a. ubal da yiai .. ni
I' It clivllliai ll - I ........ si, I -II I loll,-, ill.- it tn I., ti
laaitiiei aiie em tier head nana the ar i un- Intruder,
nn.! mil tluim lllllll Ilit tli'Sli wa leai'lu I, a in-a Un an,
aiton wn-rtsliti'd at utice, aad. iiiicidiiv iisth hands ia i
ilc- ic atnSsi'd ia. wlieu- luasa litail io -. traiiilus
i vi ratauil s in,.",' Tkt sssro taut iitvi in, una ,
Ibst whai th laity eausbl hnai al nun tn- hsass'iii.'
slm-li lie inU-lidi-.l ni in.- II llll..'..,.,l .1 ah, I al lis, ,.,v'
''V . i.i.i.t a bUipir," itii.uJ nun il,i u lursul
u v . until u ! iw ii k
DtOOtlfO run um n ,v:tr xouk.
TAThnl tars t'i.!ir,,rnl,i Mtnera r,o,n.l In Ilia
r f , ll ,i .lawelry aiioi-e.
The Appbdon bnllttltlg In Bond elrcet,
then RUod with fewelcf 's warn, waa barned
on March 0, IK77. Niirly nil of tho Immense
properly in gold nndailv r ware nnd jewelry
wn n total .m, (Im precious ni.'talt liming
Icon nu'll 'd In the BaitMB and SOU ta rod about
among the ddbrto, ThBoatlmated io-a in ihu
dontructloB of gold nml sllvot wnro. Watches,
nml iuwalry aloao waa estimated ut mors Utaa
11,000,11(10, The properly and morchBBdht
being heavily Insured, tha lost lull heavleet
probably upon ti, ibsbmboi oompafllss,
Thaae, tbereforn, had tha privilege ,,t i
neratlBgthemsolvsaliy gleaning from thnddbrls
tin. precious motabt thai had I a nmlbtd,
Thetirat gleanings wore an sasy matter, and
grml BUggetSOl melted gold ami silver Wers
oxtntcted, and a large sum waa raaluted, Hut
whan ih" nuggota won all aatractod tha Inaur
mi a. oninnanlefl rutlrod, ami then the ownoi . i
lb" huilillng, M'-ssia. It.,), its A Appleloti
overturned all Ibis tunas, mid Slllinctlnn i' to
what limy doomed a lltoi gb washing, ob-
Inined many tin lUSBJid dollars worth morn,
The miieh-Wnshod ddbrlt wa - ne n allowed to
rent undlaturbed until about ibroe mouths ngo,
Whllfi it waa determined bv other persons lo
give It another mid m tin. rough WBshlBg
Ihnii il bad ever undergone b ' ire. rllvse put
Soli- Wele the HI HUTS. 1' 'of ll Hob ItlS,
Peer began life early a u miner.apsBt tvren-ty-aeveii
y. nra In the business In the Pacific
alopq, ami has redu I iniiung I isunll B seielltat
that he hellevea hs ittn nxtrant pyery particle of
ibepr ma met. iia from the most refractory
ore ami tailing. One day Roberts told lu
tiarlticr. Poor, who had just returned from Cali
fornia, nisiitt tiin gold mine in Bond strata, sad
of tha many washings ll im, l undergone, The
next ilny Peer iraa a Taping nboiil mid over
turning the retnnina of the Worked-out Hon. I
street gold mine, '1'lie txnnaequenee was n bar
gain with the OWflOfn ot the ruins, In which they
Bgrned to tiny them ton pot oent ol their Bel
A gold washer. coflewntrstorB, flume rtfllss.
and ii amnll engine wore qBiekly pul up, un. i
the nun. us aid to work with aa much energy na
if they had Blade a rtah Had in ins gold re
gions of tha weet None but a oloBs onserver
would "i. timt "... half do7.ii .in n-i work
men and nolBolesa I ui I" eoiilnelntna expava
Hon below were tin. operators ami naoninery
of n gold mine In full blast. The habit of
Secrecy ia so great with th" old mlin-r that but a
fewpeipj In lli" i'ity are awiiro of what n rich
Mini " the Hoiut street mine la.
Th.. last . ra. II. dull ..I th" .1.1. na wu rocking
in the Waaler yesterday, nml therefore th"
miii'-re hud nn ohle-tioti to telling bow mtioh
money tlmv hud made and the process of min
ing. Ia the first place, th debris lubmlttsd
to a thorough washing tn llainca. ThflBB are
long boxes, tsrelvn laches diiep.niurbiien wile.
nml any length Hint may bed. aired. There are
one hundred eel ol Bums used in the H. n l
treet mine. The water Used la pumped in by
the Bogies sad ili"n elevated to tha wssbnr.sftor
which the same wntnr is again conducted to the
Hum", thus momlr.ing it mid i-stehing the
smallest particle ..f the preeious metat
Forty 1 uie per day of the debris were srsshsd
In the flutm-. turning ,,ut one ton of eoBcen
trntiona. This in turn was submitted to the
g ild washer, and reduced tn basi Metal, turn
ing out 8(10 to S0O pounds to the ton. The Ebbs
metal waa thefl token to the refinery mi l re-
in I to nn.. bus, mo flue. From tha refioery
tin. bar gob. the mint, aid urn there turned
inn. bright gold pieces,
" now much nave yon mads In your iiv,
months of city milling ?" was naked.
We have g..i . ui nh.. ut f, ai. mm " Mr Hobert
aid. ''Here are tl Hit ib bright ISO gold plecoa
ti.it I nave just drawn, being ti.ei.r I-of
134 pOllml of the I,.," met l. bill" ,l
hand forty or II by sacks of tin- base metnltogoto
the refinery. Bach saek weighs fiai pounds.
II -aides there are eight or ten tons of t.-ulings
ad bits of rusted ir. -n with imrticies of precious
in tai aticklag tothem. These are to undergo
n pr s..i pickling. and th" proclou metiila
separated nun the baae, V7e exiiect to rosiutu
a coiisnb-rabl" amount from tints,"
Tha expense has not beenns Biuch as nnticl
pa tod, and the md pro.-, al in- hsndsotUu,
i im ii i v i ii i n.
m TBrtlllag AeetBaal nm Basllssl Vtnn.i
sn,, t'i-,,, lasaas,
r ... a- s,s yi.,, .. . aV teas
A couple of I'ltitdren, playing al tic corner
of I'm., and Kearney streets, yestorday. heanl
prmsieding from the sewer opening a faint and
ei nl- nt.v much nxauato l yob o tiling tor help,
Bon ne. apparently n child, had evident!)
fallen down the trap and was ui Imminent
danger ot -ulT-1 -anon. The news w i- l - n eom
muntcatisi to the tai-aer by. and in a few mo
menta Piola wre brought and the pavement was
boing rapidly torn up, In a abort turn ad nan
and oxcltud crowd bai oongregntcd, and tic
sand ftlld et-.nes il w Inn I'.-rf-'et ahowi'r. S'.
..ne b. ld back. Kid gloved dandies to..k their
places best. I tturdt draymen, as fust ns one
man cams up uxhsusted another promptly
Stetiied into Ins ph
Uen. kfcttomb's Woll-kBOWB bum Ootlld be
seen In Uie midst of tin wot .-ra. while Auditor
Ifnynard deaperately lorn up lists cumpact soil
null hia bar.. Illlgnrs, At int. -rial- the faint
voieo from tic sewei could be heard, ga-ping:
" Help) Hurry upl" and He like Col, Unnu's
nine by. shouting a a ii -. -a raging words
down the hideous opening, nml flinging aalde
lue il. Salxed H just r"f(niiii-hc.l pn-k. Hy
lus aide, with 'lenehed teeth Budiiripplng lirovt . ,
In enemy of Hn- day before. Frank Hixcy.
worked a heavy crowbar.
At t hi inn a ure tic seen . i wa rendered mors
latensa i.y tic- nppearani i a poor woman
from a neighboring alley, Bhs had just miss.-d
bur little lajy, aud, with the unerring intuition
..f maternity, guixssed it was hr Johnny who
wna -lowly smothering down in that frightful i
hole. Wuh terrified shriek ahe alternately 1
wrung her hands ami covered her tnoe w ith in r
apron. The sight of the poor eruslmd eresilur"
brought t.-ais inbi the ijcsof iii.iny u elulwait
limn present.
" Would ti,,-y tai I,.., Intef'was thewhlsper
that passed from on pale bystiindi rtn atioti i
Jasper McDonald fell mil ot the ranks ol the
digger and lay upon tic sidewalk, Utterly Wont
out. mni liai'on Hill. th. n. t r. stopped mt , lua
place. Ma or llryaBt threw his "til -nil dignity
to thO Win it. and, though on i pp, I with noflnng
Ian n pi f nn can, did good nervine, The
brokers, coming up from lie ;u-t I'loood board.
lilt 'tied in With a Will. S ,,, ly An-tin itSnifl l,-lr
I ing submerged by the ixsvtug istrth aa the pit
deepened, and rurubull m n few minutes is ik
ed as th-. ugh bo bad boeu rcatltroi'tud lytic
last trump.
In ju-t twenty-two minutes from the nr-t
ahum lie sewer level was r u le d. Tic Inat
spadeful of ".nth waa thrown aside by Mr
Heott, of W'.-li- A Fargo, when. an. id the deafen
ing dicers of the llnliieli-" CMWd, th" little
nrfaonar emerged, dripping ami almoat dead
from hut crltiixtl position, ti wist a parrot thni
hnd l"lt ita p - r -h in front of a neighboring bird
store, and had fallen down tic trap.
The vtidi.xx mivsr'a lllairsss.
ptMidelptti 7i-..-
WasBIBOTiiN, Aug. a Mr-. Ollknr ha n,l
itrette. On- tntlewtni Fsiber Ineidierenl letter ibe
lii-lu. t I'eliitiilatllHlert in Uu- ctl. Itvt bSIUtS i, In, a
la not remsrissit nu isstbtltt)
"Sisesltas reu oa Ssnnatsi I nt ludneed tolay nu
rnninlstnl before . an na.i i-k ynin ju-ct ctiuii rtiruiiali
Hi limaeae or Bl Baahteratial sieinlart -i t-unaret I
obuinsd t potman in tnt I'-u. -.t untec, but wat dla
charged Aalanilhla4) sni I thi -.nt ttslnatllie
ll. ni kitsmi ttsiasriHi I tutesct tutne m- ). tntertared
and bst byes Hi esSta oi an dttiiuaiil - laueb iia
Usui tabt ma by s.r-.n, whn i""k.'-l innuinieatien
raiuneraUea u treni Ui t'snirren t wllj iheriiert.
Is tan mywh under mt prtuei-ttoti, -i,..iu.t tntiilna
ne, re . nr toiolurt aa- Mr i ,i run Lunula here
Mist ues iMiniai front in-nt,, an.. tive In'l 11 l"-t io
no Duuiina ...iii in I'snierpn I .i-i, to in-i,- itiitiui
.imn- na.l tn inskt an- livins here a not diaturtt i
no-1 riotlj iirlvslt I tyaluarta'al n. ...u -
SSBUStusu tv prottel tua. Vtr tvapei-tiittly,
"Mssy Ottvss '
i he Itnrtitl In I inotrellrnl.
It Itortns-d NtftnHs ll- .
Wcbsve a.sui it stated I'm' the town of Bom-
i'i I O I "ii tlasll Hi, reauiillall i.i 1. ..i -li l-.ti - u. still
tn Its innn,, ..iitinni res are la ll umtianeet at Uu
l--ls.ii I" I..-I. nu, . I Ki. li nil. I r, hats H0.1 I., a art
treat, ,! alike in Un- iiimiii'I . mi l Inr St S'Sinn bear-e,
.1-1 grave art awueil n. ati alike; -.. uii i- i iwviiii
ataraoi uiurt ,.,-!. I.urii u, in.' n... n t,.n la'tn Hi
toraiie t l. On- tea t ,Mt I "-I t" 1 1 , - -e M.- 1-. .
r..,. I, ,iu II, nil,-' lab-ill,,.
yyoti 'hi i ik -a.
w.. froni th" brtdfe't In'. I -n - i aded,
fiavlns vrute'ii and Ss'd the mm. i a ani tell.
Ami tin a. tbt -liaatii aiietiltia ti. cur view
I MHt uiasa . it im. et aarpi a-'.'. i itast
Tl.--n- n. in. -non I aste appearstl taisa netS
Sevcllteell In aeven l.nn tn -l leei in lengill,
ilarb i tuaket astlh ... 'tn mam I in kt .
Sea aaria-nt nn letiaru i lliani trspyssrsd
In u... dreaiu .i a ttarmt place orittiondi at.
itniiiatrfieailt, t.i. -in,a, -i n auaket, hoop tnsktl,
sunk,-- rinu'd, -i. xk ! and atrip d, rattlatnaki a
Hme itrnbli ..t' rsifbit tbtit a larintr heaaat
h. ,-r in ia- nit, kl-1 iy pat. li illtawi .-it.l.
rh 'i,. wert lullbiBi n, ...a nun. .ii, i them,
II i iiinnt lu-m. tin lit, a, ao tlrsSH in -haps
An-' ia I -. llmt ri'meiiihrancu in m. veiita
vet tlirinkattio vital current ni htraanus
b i lo las . turn a,, more, lai lieru wers
A UlinttSIld ailakl t o ,. -i , i nu nf ,.mi
M. I an-1 a.. Milium i, at t thai! US I
Ann I itu- b. .1.1 . guiaarsat ai a
a,, nasi' i -i mi- sinned . an I,..: rid li'BI
N. Ilia htil Itu . ..I in vi. .. In r. ta lil.le,
Iii, i rail n..'. ak. a i n.ov i habet,
Will, . a itinu .i Oi I, . . i ..I int.-. tuslv
II, in , loUll'l, rtl.-t In. I . lit th, Ir H k.-la'
Vfllli wriH'iiia Hi re tlii-lr liandt Ih-Iiiii'i llnuu i,,..ina,
Ai.t i,nv, -llni,. airitlllUII, llitallsj o 1,'llv
Bet .-a Uteh lutktd neaki '--i liuva tius
ASd I"' -at an'. A iir yotinit 1 rt ititrs
N.eii tio.nr aid, l ou d ail ail ley up.
Ami whari iky Seek it on Uu aluiufdi'rt alsisil
fyanapiereed inn, Kar ninrc jitii kly Ibaii e'et itu
Mo. ,i nr I. ni utnrvit n J u k Ksbiiuau,
its kindled, Inn n i ami i b lined
fssgietaiii laittr'il uni upun lilt enrtli,
llki s hired giri dnuipiiis tlitui rrinu the i Ml icutili'.
Wnarc tlitrt diatolvan' in lay, tlie ,iua! aia
l'.,al'il ,tlilm-i.li, n.l lau tell tains
sou el A 'tin l teriMHll ui-ttnt itai,,,,,- I !
a a
tieii ni. nu. -at iisnsafut 'ii aweri t,
I Bor ht.e 1 laaaSISSSU aiuva.
tiik riKwn of a stAtanum
Ba-OaV, n... ..n . a.-, ,,,.,,- ttpinlna psn in
l.lilni Unrallem efll,,- liny.
flssi As AssM i!j
t'rit'A, Aug. f , Ymir oorrcaponib'til. vi.all I J
e,i Qov, Soymuor at hi (arm Ib Doorflold to
day. Afler admiring th" bnntitiea of th" loco Of
tloa and vluwlng rolioa ol Revolutionary iatar , 3i
"t. the conversation took a political turn, Bl l
foll.'W-i J
" Uovernor, what in yonr opinion u the mi I Jif
lltlcsl ooBdltloBottha oountry altbia 11 bh i" j K
' Th. re is cottfusloB in tin. rnnkl of Ml I S'J
pun -. literal dlatress makng gneral dig K
content. Tlteao givn birth to various Uiooriet I M
Blaiut goi. i ii'ii -nt. Iab.,r. nml llnat, .,. Mnny I
of them are wilds, still they ire ,.r lut-r-at I
they snow what thonghts nr.. In tho minds ol 1 B
Itten, aad What views nre held by large "las.. H
WhllS llcir Ii r.'-a mnv Ic false. nnn , .., J i
prove that i - wt htcrtnln t1, arc m I HI
Iroitbls, and they will bring out mnny fa is J ITHi
Which Will be of value, I'll" .Im -. iisat, , us of t, is H
y. -nr ui M," nnd will 1st ol great usn, iSaetinl 1 il
error they must be brought lo light, III iy I Wt
crude fancies purl!! when limn fck to bring J m
I cm ..ui ami la defend them, nml nothing em ' Iff
ill lit ao surely ns to let those who urn dls -I M
Siltlafled get up parties "lid try t. , orgBUHPI and It I
mniiagethem Ann rule such tsirtleafall inta a
ruin before they can lay brought Into the II al 1 10
"fan u. Thla year Will exploit, msny errors, v
Will sbniter mnny new narties, and, ll la in ii li.
In.p d, will make ulear nnd i-aliinbali muny V
irfltba. j- n
Io you fear any tronble from the ComnNina ,
lata ot oth.-r .. -uiiistie pin Ic who seek lo dl- 1 il
vide property V ,
nil no; In una Bpuntry they nre the moat i'i
hamlusaiifmenand wilt du more good than "J
hurt. I h.-yintik" l-nr by their idleness and il
petr follies ths n loiaound soefaf nrganfcM-
li ui. When Ib'-y talk of giilitlng th"lr ends by '
f .rce and their desire to wnd , to their knees ,
in blood, they only teneh our elflBena the in "d
I good laws well nn forced, Their ImpotfOi'S I
her" show- the strength of oltr Oovornmerd be- i,"
yondtbatof utlicr. A madman may ahis.l a '
king and shake a state, but majorltiea cannot ;l
neassasKlunti.il. Ii la a blunilcr lo iBterferil v
with their paiad". with arm In tln-lr bamla. II .1 fl
would la. ng I thing if I hoy were obliged in '
show themselves with iill llcir weapons ami ,
Winners, ami mottoes, on frequent nslona. i
Not only arc 'he majority of ..ur people own. i
of property, bm not one poor maaoul ol n bun- i
dr-d ill this country would give Up hla nhsB n (
Of gaining wealth lor all thai tin- I' .mmunisia i ,
amid give him If they had full away, Btiohnar I jii
lea ai " only danger. ma in countries win rt .
soelaty Is so atratlfled thai tha laborer haa no 1
hope, t lumen to lift blins df above want, lue
less ho can overturn Iho social political condi
tion un I'T Which Ic lives."
" It ii t whs) will other H"W purtb-a do who holj
leas deatrnctlVB Idtuts than the CommuBlsbtr ,
"Tley may bIoo) Boms ..r tbelr BOmlBnea
tley may qualify tho action of ths old parties,
gel them out of their rut, bring up new tonus
for dlecuaelon, BBd in thsae way may Is of BBBt
The ex i-t.-no of these bw orgBBls ttiona proves
that tlcre t Iroui.leund distress in our conu
try. nml they will for".- the governing party tc
look Into their caueca. I do not thiBataesB or
ganisations will be long lived. As n rule, they
appeal t.i . laaao and not to the whol" lanly , I
Oltr MtlaeBS, The pas! history of our OOUBtTI
slews ii, ai outside organlnitlons pass nway
wiib il insea which guvs tloun birth."
Ypu think, then, thst Boms g l rnsy groJ
out of tin pri tent'-onfusl inn politl.'iilntliilrs T '
". As u Dnmoerat I believe that the ex-
traviignm ca of na t them tnak" "h-nr th
fallacies "f tic Rupubliean party. Thsckyat
inn n 1st is only n highly developsii luntT man,
w h.. bellevea that tic Government makes th
pr -I- rity "f n country nml sii.aii I intorferti t
with the I BalneSB "t ita eltlsens. Tley both be
lieve that th" property ..f one should ! given tc
snothcr to make Iii busiuesa prosper, Tin
.ii" say that ibis should be done by a division. f
Ti tier rcichee the same end by taxation. i,
They agr-'c in lie vital principles Of thou t
theories that Oovnmment must protoel t
Inborithal politlenl power, and n-.t ii'.in-" a j
nml pursuits sdnptedto th" condition ol our I
oountry, are tic tnn- aotireea of wealth inul I
prosperity. We hnrerains tit. hope thst Bon 1
at Comtuunlsls will seethat there Is the need -i
wnntnndd ttress to-day among factory opera I
lives who have beep protixeted into s.y. 1
erty by Qovertiment, when, if they had I
II I"'. Ill- II '. niOSl "f tie in Would I
te w ! owners ot farma living, not m I
eloae tenements, but ami I tic beBUtlea nnd I
abundillice of the opon. bride country. Hutiie I I
other hand, high tariff men whea they study I
I'ommuniam, may ienm that tley gut Iheli 1
wealth by taxing other-, which in principle ii 1
no lajtter tlian inking it by division, Oommu j
n -m. In it open form, can never do na much 1
nartn as it dons Ib its latent shape In our navl 1
gat..-., i iw-. nnine sblpl ml ling w ul hot allots1
air morehanta to buy vesaehi outside of .air 1
miry. A tin y ennnoi got litem here f..r
pri - at whi -h llli-y "'.'ill tn u," 1 1. ll, pay Ancri-
ehn oontmeriHi la iirlvi-n f rout the oceans of nm
world; and we cannot send srhnl wo mike ,.r
ntia . to mnny mnrUcts shere they wnut to buy
what w.. want to tull. Mill for Uu t.-i-t all I i
clnsans ..f isrmers, iBechanlca, nml laborera
would ut this time be pr. ispernua, It ,- n curious
fmd that tic wealthy miiniifitcturra ol N. w
BnglnndaBtl Peiiusylvnnbt have t n preaehlBg
the doctrine of CoitiintiUisui in urging thnta
In f Ancrt an bib r -t-s must be protested
end -up ' i ted by taxing Aim i n nu ultlaenS
tii i - tariff,"
What do yon think of tic greenback .pies
tlonl will not tlioWost demand an ludatiouol
tic currency t ' i
" I think not In tha end, although Inflation Is
popular with many nt this time, Tlcre , alao ,
aiirejlldice In the nuinla of the sOple of th I
gi. ivmg .ait of tic division nf .air coun
try Inb debtor and creditor Htatea, Tin i in
ereaa-ai bt the stupid aud selfhdi way in which,
the privilege o Issuing uational bank noteg ;
waad i -l -i. M -t -. it wa- given to ona e,,r-
ner of oountrr, whore eurreney was leas u I-
ed than elsewhere, I protuated agnlnal tula at
tic tun", an I refnscu to sign tic bill whcll
nuthorbted tho banks of this State t nc on-
del tl - law ! Congress, Th" excuse f..r Ibis
partially was tbnt nil State were offered an
coual chnn '.', tail tic woet was n .t In n '-'n-dit.-.ii
t tiik" Us share. Hut if tic rule had
boon made thai no state should reoafvs mora
than us share ,,f tic national bank our
. re. 1 1 y. Eastern capitalists Would have estab
lish",) bank- at tha W.st. for ui lint time tha
lull ilege was "i f great value, Nov It is not
much nired for. so timt most of the national
bank iwpltal Is held In I'eiitisrlinniii. New York,
ami Si'W Knglund, it i so i . . .- i mat tic , ..-t t
the country nave I nc Imliftercrit ..r nostila
Pi ii,.. lystem, Hut I do md think the West .-ait
afford to have nit Inflation of otir currnnoy, it
wul.! b" iii..! .' luii iicd by Una than any Othe
portion of our Union. Appeala are aow msto,
w.th -..nc eftect. t-. tbelr projitdloes Bgainsl
winit ar" rn Hod blonteil ciipilnllsta ..r boudhnld ' . a.
er- a -la of men who tin not e.xit In this
country. We have a une rich men. but they org
rich in hinds, tn tullroiids, fnetorloa, or kinds
uf pr .p. rly other llinti money. Th" Governs
nictit tauids ownml ui tins oountry are held bf
sai nigs liunksor instiruneu coiupnnieaiut trus
lue llillltity for lab -ring men --r peitaons ol
an rill fortlinsB, The whole amount of i.aukuigi
,'apitul is a small it un OUIUpared with otlcr
(..in s of prop. rtv.
"There ,nii .1 be a mors ghastly entire upon
Wall droet than toaponk of Its bloated capital
I -Is, w : 1,-ii .t 1- ii ho li al liaise full of tic skele
tons .,1 doad crporntioii while those that ant
left nre shrunk t iskinund isut". a list ,,t its
i lililikrutd -ii- will -how thai tier" ia n n u sp.-t
on earth where tic llnnnclal epluBmln hua shun
aueh multitudes ui latnka'rs. brokers, andsp
Ulitlors. The fe hug at He West against credit
or ill tic K 1-1 W ill die ..lit. II every . til v shows
l luoreclearli ihatthcs. dm ir niostol all fronting
llunnclal eraah ol IBTH, W ben ilold. rs ail eyed
itnrs must go .town wuh lie in. Tic Kastaufa
fered most, for the heavbajit l..-aes were in r;ul-
r Is. Iii th,- luaill It held the bonds nm: I'm
stock which Wi re L.-t. and ilie W.st fill thg
louda .r other Improvements, wbiolt nre ut
jiiolhal. use by it. Ilie Wi i will r yt front
th nnnnelnl alio k Hill h aooner thnn lie Rsati
Population is pouring Into it- Kutfea, gmiig
.an,- t., ita landt lllld a great Incronso to its
production, rheweiilili nnd the jiowrol Ihu
eoiintry have nioviHl B'estwurdi It sells ntorg
ihnn it buys, it deals with nc markets f tlm
World, nml 't want.- Ilii stand ud uf value IIH""i
bi ilc tym liter Inl worhl, I n tt.it i ui euraeil thui
t est. for it nistle I -t i Iia routes for trie lej
thr.-b. -l wli.il ll. y ahould hay., boon, Thai
charge nu can i uu: their products kept thont
..ut ..f tic n.. irs. Is ol Kuiopo.
"Sin.-., tie coutrii lion of our currency aa
that ii has raised to the value ol i-oin tho Wea
basgl-wli lull flistur lllllll il ever did bet ,
and more ii p:. ily than ntiy other pari ql ouj
Tin an Tic va-t egairts of our cuin'rv f-r tlui
pi-i few years have I n drawn fr-.m IVistortl
fields, and ulthuugh tley have loaded down
every chnnuel ..f commoree, ita grain nud pro
1 1. -i..i s nai I ii taken lo 1 1,.- seal, .aid at lest
iIiiiii one-third ol tl -t which wimtujtud upon
it when our ctiryen 1 WB intltltcil, Ii li'i n-'i
.lily gained bv "lean transportation, but it has
-old in-! amounts which .- u 1 .1 not hnvu g"ic u
Europe or tie t.a-' iin.ler I rinir charges, Th,i
West has lii'ver before sobl so much It r pan!
prices no low for nil thai It has bought, flritiu has)
been curried front Chicago t-. New Y -rk at
seven . cuta a bushel, and other tblfUTSntthB
siuic rat,,. Formerly ticy pud nearly four
tines,-.- much, Inflation now would ruin tlm
West Tic win-in r.iitopo i ended, It must
compete with lie gran, ol the Black sea ant
with ih" lb . U ( Ian-ope f..r ih" niiirk"ts of.
Ureal tiritain, it unit do this u it holds t'O,
s. .ami currency, ami it wni soon control thg
wealth nl tho country, na it now dooa its polltlt
-al nowcr. I run satisfied, alter looklBg 0Ve
the llehl ..( politics. that what at llrst sight a ml
totbruuteu ooufuslon nnd disorder, in tho end
will gin. ua un -ic sound views ftb.ul lal -ir,
iveruutout, aud finances,"
Fie Tragi
ft .,i ita AietataA Nts t
Wa pnhllahoii n fow di sto that a Outhbart
.',.. utaii ba.1. wuh pariial aiuceit, Irltd c ojtrtnf nta
timl.a Wl.i, l I..-1. I: o in .a ' t nulil. tin! bin ctl-llili-ll.
t atv Hire i' in. i i iu a-ii aia tl tsPSrtSBtS
SKentltiuai uinsiisiio nllced a pint uf mmiatr
Hiuleral - wbaretltt anun ilt i.4 tecaiwraslt
ilrutt hitlu atakt an tscli B'tt, and ti.tn ttiten.
ll i ..imn,- pararin .ein.i pneuon over tats
ami Uf .-( il. a pine. Iln. neat, put te Hull IBtUSCIM
m k .- lai tvuii liana wl.lt, i.-nn in lump sisistt I8J
lisutr Slid to lfl !,.an lute Hi melaawo I' .0". tu'l'W
bey wr uusbltto eslretistt tstmativst rns isnssw
WSSBSttOtSSI Tli (lata a.alt UouuwU out.

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