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t 1IIi r o 4 i I T r
1i i 1 srii
I sirs f ht 11YrIE I
iL1tuArTILB Lfl3IMtY
LHIlILJl 1HK 1VllllC 1J10
ItrqiieatlnK nrjnsre nn Ap l oirlultnn ftr
the Iliymrnt tf tnrthitt Frra ComiAa
KeHuliiK In Ont It Tho Kxtru Se lm
to be Inilcd Tol ny Cuniirei Not jobS
lCe Convuke l by lliiyra Na ws icpectiil
WASHINOTOX Jituo 30 Conffrcss will al I
jottrn tomorrow Tho joint resolution pasgd
by tho llousn lajt wook providing for ndjoun
mont nt 4 P M today was defeated by HopaJ
llcnn Sonatoru Tho Sonnto Committee on A3
Iiroprlntlons fnllod to report tho adjournment I
resolution to thu Senate hut Saturday Had It I
been so reported It would have conu over untl
today and Congress could lmo adjourned it
the time originally flied noon without dllllca
anllud thomsolvesot tie
ty Tho Republicans nvnloll o to
Cnminlttens blundur to offer a factious ODIX
Bltlon to adjournment Tho Commlttoo on AI
proprlatlons met this morning and nlthoucl
there was not a quorum present It was nuretl
that Mr Eaton shohld call up tho resolution In
tho Senate The Republican Senators were un
certain for a time whether to oppose tho resolu
tion or not Mr Conkllui Mr Logan M
Chandler and others advised opposition nW
at a prhnto caucus held In ono of tho clon
rooms they carried their point Mr Wlndoa
consideration of
was selected to object to consilornton
resolution and under tho rules I went over
until tomorrow Tho Senator from Minne
sota cave n tho reason for opposlnc adjourn
ment that he hoped the Democrats after night
of sweet repose would como Into tho Senate
find vote for nn unconditional appropriation t
nay marshals
About 2 P M laves and tho Fraudulent
Cabinet came to tho Capitol expect I ne Congress
to adjourn When Hayes was advised of the
I situation of affairs ho sent for AVIndom and re
I quested him to withdraw his objection to the
adjournment resolution Vrlndom consented
to do this I he could bo assured that no other
Senator would renew tho objection Ho was in
formed that If he complied with Hayess wishes
other Senators would insist upon the objection
Theroforo ho declined to reejint After further
consultation with Hayes It was decided to re
port a bill to tho Senate to make appropriations
for the pay of manuals without nny con
ditions The object of this manoeuvre n to
I Iturn whether thnre were any Democrats dig
rosed t back down from tho final stand taken
vetoed bill The Democrats
by the party in thu bi Domorals
waived their rights t refer tho bill or to post
pone its consideration By a party voto they
amended it by adding the restrictive clauses of
thu vetoed bill and then postponed consldora
tton of I Indefinitely The united action or I
tho Democratic Senators was intended aa a hint
t Hayes that he had nothing more to expect
from them In tho matter of appropriations for
The only feature of the Senate proceedings
I was a political speech by Zach Chandler which
for riotous silliness has never boon equalled in
The House remained in session until a late
hour expecting to adjourn sine die Hayes
eont the veto messaco of tho Marshals Appro
prlntion bill t the House about noon and after
the expiration ol nearly two hours it was rend
Tho bill failed to become a law tho necessary
twothirds not voting in the nfllrmntlve
Later In the nltcrnoon anothr message was
F received by tho Housu from Hayes and read
Hn advised the Kupresentatlvec OB the usca
In mnke appropriation I
year expired today to an nvprprlnton
lor the payment ot marshals Inn nmnnurwhlcl i
ho could approve The Democrat referred
this document to the Committee on Approprlit I
tlons whero it will b burled
Lntfl In the afternoon Gnrtlold informed sev
oral Democrats that tho Republicans wanted
another vote on the bill making aprroprln
tlons for the payment of marshals He sail
that If such n vote was given the Republican
would offer no objection to adjournment to
morrow Thn Democrats consented Mr Can
non moved that the rule 1 be suspended and a
bill appropriating JGOOOOO for payment 01
marshals without conditions b paused Tho
C Democrats to a man voted against the motion
and the Republicans and OreeubncLers votm
motion in favor of It There was 0 majority ntalnet the
moten understood that the resolution to adjourn
at some hour tomorrow afternoon will bo
passed In the morning hour in the SonatA and
l > > sent to the House for concurrence There
Viill be no extra session
To At Umat o Rrprnfnlitittt
I return to tho House of Representatives In
which It originated the bill entitled An act
makIng appropriations to pay fees of United
ttaics Marshals and their general deputes
I with law the following objections to Its becoming a
lawTho bill appropriates sum of 600000 for
the pntnent mirini th fiscal year endlnc Juno
811180 of United States Marshals and their
Kenernl deputies The offices thus provided for
nre tiencritlal t the faithful execution ot the
liw Thy were created and their oowrs and
duties diOncd by Conuress nt its I drat session
nltT the adoption of the Constitution In thu
judiciary net which was approved Sept 24
1TS9 Their general duties n defined In the
nit which originally established them were
MibKlnntlnll the seine ns thosu prescribed In
the Htatutes now in lorce Thn principal pro
as > l follows ion on the subject in the Revised Statutes U
SUTII 787 I > hall be the duty of the rnarihal of
ei 1 ctit in untti n I the Pitrlct and Circuit Court
when itnutf tlnrrln anJ toeiecut throughout the dis
trict 11Ou I pn Let 1 te dtrrcli > t to Mill aiul liiued uude
UieauthurlH ol the Initni Sutei and he < hal hire
power Inriimmand all tecery atililance in the cites
tlon ol hli duty
The original net was amended Feb 28 1795
and lie t amendment N I now found in tho R
Msd StatutiH In lie following form
hicrinnTvt lie marhal cud their deputtei hal
naieln eaeh SUtr I tie unie power In exeeutlnf tilt
liwoithr t United stale aUie ahrIff and t utn depu
tie in uch btat may have bv law I la ixecuUng the law
the reef
By subsequent statutes additional duties have
uenn from tiin to tlm s ImmHed upon the mar
tdinlH Hnd their ditiutliH the Iuo and regular
lirfornmnr of r which are required for the n
clHacy ill nlmiht very hrinih of f tlin t public sor
MCH S Itlmut then I officers Iher would L 110
tnentiH ol executing the wnrranm ilcreea or
rthur prw > K of the ioiirt and tli > > judicial eye
tijn of f tlii country would be t iHtaliy delectlvo
liiixriinuinl I J jurlkilkllon or tliocoiirtMof j the
Lulled Klaten II very uxt oitl e llm erimes
fiminlttnil wiihln tliH iniirltliiin rrIS
IIII1 wllin i lrhlul JrhII lon ol
the Inltid I IluM tire all ciiunlznma only I In I Ih o
coiirtB of tlm United htatn Crltn K against
l ubllc juktlci irl tns ngnlimt tlm t jsrnt iorae of
t in toviriiliienl such lie I forgi jig or eouiiter
Hlliiv tlm lunnny or surtive of the Cult
nl 1 MAUN enim < nifiiiijn the postal law
ijf nc < ii HUHIUM thu nlwtUn friinchl
It 1nlimt this cUil rights rif ditihile
i ulijfct the uxlM < nc > il f tlm Oovrnmriit
N nn 1 ajfultiKt HIM Interiml I rveiiim II l n s
t Mimonia lawn the iieinrHlitt 1wM I rrlnnn
niiitt 1 hews I for the prt ilion uf liidliuiKntiil
i q Im piiMIc iniidnull ol r llietM rrliiuH anil
I I I mi 7 iihT ouli IMI 1 MltilKlied Iy under
1 I < i ihtiiiikluwk 1 l n wiItiIitkiti l umellii
r mi i n i > < iy of jiirliiirudxiiiii lilh is l
1 i t IH HI Hi re ol tli < wliulu r ui try am
v Ii I it I en for1 I only liy IHHIII uf f Ihe
I riii e stub it I piny litars lisle of tie Ull1 i
I li I ii i DiMrit 01 < I iluinlilHill I I < if r the
I I ill the I eun ID I ije 11 Iff the ltieers
j n e 1 In klion tlm xiwutlrm of llm
IH i Ws if I tl Lu tiI 11110 nl
itl Ir 1 iee In 1 i ki C I I Wit 11 Iii < Ulllteil
S > l Itlt i Mfld tie lPUtH lit r the ret
we 11 I t 111111 t IHWH It lid MIHIIV MliT
lit tg llll I lthl Oil III MUlllt I
I q it limitUK C miiltiii Ird lull They 1
i U 1 I lli I < i it I iiiw ul lie I UnltJi
I i i tiint i nn is with PirrijeifiIIUU
> < iil iluiKk ntf IlUinl in t i t ry 1111Ir f
ii iinl 1 In vry ulrl wtilcli lies I
C li t 1 x wit 11 I II trurihr lit r Wo liinix
I tt C H imi n tai l ii < t > riiiiiiijtrit Ihe
w > vtt IM 1 1 ii n tr > jlH tl I eieIy U tl I
I I nnrin tetsetip itiiI ixillv
I t I I K ffi Hull I Wllld be tt I
j I > Ui ill 1 Ieites l uf thu rni In uXUt
I A i IH4I > 1 kli hutlinnty wiloli ru
1 Uc i ul irllfun I I lit la i w iilllii I
I tt i < f > I M jsid i Ihe 1 iuinl lNe4fj i lii
r i < e i imtH I ixww i 4i imj irmt 1 lie
I I NI I V III till J HHIt f VlOl
I i rif n < ntul fl Hint IUrt ul I lie Ill
111 11r I
n I 11 i ii ijr < isles niKiiwy fiirlh I
r iii iriiijil end dtrpulr iimnliiiU
I fIHtl <
ii 1 ii lwjti er it iier iirivl loii
I i 5 iii r im i i rf i fiili llm t
I t f < U I II J J 111 j AH 1
I I r 1 < u > I r I i u i Ilul 1 11 i l x
t w i I yil S I f I I 11 iniiiitli
I I ill i f I I I I I I iiiftu ilium I
f ll ll p UII tal f Illicit ii
I H j t 4 ia I Jow j
I e 1 1 t c ii iij jd dir I u
I C fi u i >
I U I i Iett the f1
S a ius Je I4 5SQ ilil W jk1 am w
or the Internment shall iSiirlnir inlit 1 rival 1 rear melts
t rO n rll mp
alu coniraet nr incur any lUbtllty Inr the future I nnv
lent ol inoncv unJer anitrihu irotinlonn ol 1 title 10
irntlnned In lection I if thlq I set until an appropriation
nniclPtit to meet etch t contract or pay inch liability ihall
ho nntbeen made by law
Upon I reconsideration In the house or Rep
OKintntlvcn of tho bill which contained theno
iriivMlonn It lacked a constitutional majority
and therefore faIled t become a law In order
to secure Hn enactment the same mensureR urn
iitnln presented for my approval cmtplbd
iii tho bill before me with appropriations tho
upportot r marshals end their deputies during
tie nott lineal year The objoot manifestly Is to
ilucu before tho Executive this nlternatlve
Either to allow necessary functions of the publlo
nrvlco to bo crippled or Suspended for want of
ho appropriations required to keep them In
operation or to lipprovu legislation which In
official communications t Congress hn linn iU >
cloned would b a violation of his constitutional
duty Thus in this bill the principle IB
clearly embodied that by virtue of the provision
or tho Constitution which requires that All
hills for raising revenue shall originate In tho
IOURO of Representatives 1 hare majority of
tho Housu of ReprosHntntlres has tho right to
withhold appropriations for the support of tho
Jrovornmnnt unless the Executive consents to
approve any legislation which maybe attached
10 appropriation bills
Ipproprlaton bils
I respectfully refer to tho communications on
his subject which I have sent to Congress dtir
ng Its present session for a statement of the
grounds of my conclusions and desire hero
merely to repent that In my judgment t estnh
Inh the principle of this bill Is t mnku a radi
cal dangerous and unconstitutional change in
ho character of our institutions
RuTithitKoitD n HATES
2 iAe Slitall c1 lice < if Itnmmami
The bill making appropriations for the pay
ment ol foes ol united States Marshals and
their general deputies which I have this day
returned to the House ol Representatives In
which It originated with my objections having
on Its reconsideration by that body failed to
become a law I respectfully cull your attention
to the Immediate necessity of making some
adequate provlatnn for the duo and efficient ex
ecution by thn marshals nail deputy marshals
of the United States of the constant and impor
tant duties enjoined upon thorn by existing
laws All the appropriations t provide for Ito
performance these indispensable duties ex
pire today
Under the laws prohibiting public officers
from involving the Government In contract li
abilities beyond tho actual approprlatlonlt Is
apparent that the means nt the disposal of thu
Executlvn Dopnrtmont for executing tho laws
through tho regular ministerial officers will
after today ha left Inadequate The suspension
of the necessary function In the ordinary ad
ministration of the first duties of the Govern
ment for the shortest period Is Inconsistent
with the public Interest Iud nt any moment
may prove Inconsistent with tho public safety
I is Imposlblu for me to look without grave
concern on a state 01 things which leaves the
public service thus unprovided for and the
public Interest thus unprotected and I earn
estly urgn on your attention tho necessity of
making Immediate appropriation for the main
tenance of the service ot the marshals and dep
uty marshals for the fiscal year which com
mences tomorrow scn R B HATES
JUNE 80 1879
The Ou Turned Off dd tie Mtht Wntehmam
AbHBt from hU lot
Policeman Mohr while patrolling about
10 oclock lost nl bt was surprised a ho
passed the Bank of the Metropolis at
15 Union Square t find the three gas
burners that are usually kept burning
extinguished An hour previous Mohr
passed tho bank and found it all right Sus
pecting that an attempt at burglary had been
made the officer examined the building and
found one of the windows near the en
trance to the bank partly drawn down
no was unabo t find tho banks watchman
whoso duty I is t stand outsldo
Ibo building all night and rapped for
assistance A moment later Policemen
from the adjoining streets and watchmen
from Tiffany t Cos whoso store Is oppo
site came running up A crowd of peo
tle coming from tho theatre nttraclt
bl the officers quickly surrounded the
lalldlng Just a Mohr was about climbing
through the open window Capt Williams ac
companied by Detective fancy Dunlip Price
find Schmlttborger cnmnup Capt Williams and
Mohr were tho first to enterthnbulldlng Both
vero nearly suffocated as they jumped In by a
flow of gas The officers nt onco threw down
tho windows and examined the building The
found seven gas burners turned on lull and
OHM which was turned down very low
The detectives thorouchly searched the bank
building but they could not find any trace or
bnk an attempt having been made t break Into the
The watchman could not b found and a
salesman was left In charge anl
Several minutes later the watchman ap
peared on the 8nl in nn Intoxicated condi
tion President Robert Schell nnd the paying
teller also arrived The watchman wits re
lieved from further duty and tho police took
charge of the bank
The JLot of tie Jltuvtr Girl who Eloped with
and JUarrled Negro
PrrrsDUBa June 30 Annio Mooro tho
young woman of Beaver this county who
caused a sensation last May by eloping
with and marrying a negro has been
found living quietly with her negro hus
band Frank Alexander In the small town
of Salem Ohio about seventylive miles fron
here Her husband is a rather coodlooklng
negro ol pleasant address The girl says
Ihs is contented and happy and the only
thing Sho seems anxious about now In her
pinnojghiehi her father tier
plnnolwhlch gave Home years
ago but which is still nt home Her father
who IS a brotherinlaw of exChief Justice
Agnew was terribly scandalized by her strnngi
conduct nndhia MInce tried though In nln
asvlunx tohnveAnnieurrostud and sent to an insane
For torn time previous to the elopement
Annlo hnd given hot parents A great tied I or
trouble by tier reckless wayward conduct but
being nn only daughter die was spoiled by in
dulgence She had n quarrel with her parents
on Wednesday night May 14 and early on the
following morning left her homn and met lhiu
negro hymen appointment which sItu had made
the night before Tho two went to Rochenter
about a mile from Denver to tlm house of II col
ored clergyman who married them In thin
presence of two white men whom they hiiti <
railed In to act ns witnesses Thin couple then
took this pext train back to Denver where the
negro hired a room In a houso which had three
roomonly two of which were already occu
rom pied by ooy families The reckless girl sent
home for her trunk piano nnd some of the or
naments from her room and this was thin first
Intimating her mother had of thin marriage
Tho mother tried to poreuado the girl to return
to her hnrBn hut site refused Her father who
Is Unltiil States Htorekoeporln Indiana County
Sttus Htorckfporn <
UII11 l eilthy wan not at home at the time
ward dlcappnarml threats
g000 i itrardthn couple cIMtlpnlrdlhreotl
having hu > in openly mad by I thu young men
of Dv < of tiurrlmrand I feathering the negro
Annie II tr old Mite ID n brunette with
lungs ei nxcendlnuly pretty face and fine
form Il I family is one of the best In tills
part of tl i State
Two Nlii Hrporirl Cloed and IIOOO here
jmrmlttrm IliilllInK t urk
FALI ll i VEnt June 2dIhuls > 1 mornlnj most
of this nil linva Marte up Hlthougli many of
item with es i inachlniry In motion than at the
dos or luiwimk lurf < > Mill No I and To
cuuiith No I urn reported dined thin work or
two nillla lulng done In one In both I cones It Is
also rri > ord I that 3titjl operative cnmu out 01
the rchiinU Mill tItle inoriiliiit a reduction
in HIM aiiiiuiu of llllliiif Idling this cute C ruclou
I t mcdliii t I of f Ihn I Ill urs In I their lull IMUIII
sl t 1oVlock lute I lorenoon ti 1 omfclder th HIIHI
linn It Is I hlit With rliMd i tic ci crc IrtiluiiH
to III f oporiliit i of r thn moth tlC 1 ii II 01 heir 111r > i
wliihavn IWMIU cnuaged nt 1 Ihn mill i s lniiin 1
Mrlk s tfieim ink I tug lb s iilnitiif r the > innner
iii < firii il this Imll I mid tlgnid I ite l > okB of f tin
Ill I ten and will u < > In Ul niir oil that f IHK I
U Kildthn lidp from nliruiid 1 Mfilili tiai eoim
in co fir 01 111 iimiiurilHrer Is l nioatly In ihi
lvqjsnssJi j md M 1eeIisula mill l1esuttehe
IIMII itard hue nionilni It I t It I mid tire in t tin
etTixt tlml morn tmiii I < irn vnn bn had for KJIIIH o if
the I mliU PTlriiflhu vxpuimu ul iriumportj I I
UII mill em < llls l l any they Intend In bold mit
irnl run ill Ihn t machinery ihoy I VHII nnd j It I f they t I
icr II nail JT iluligeti lokhut down intlreyio I I ie
in lln I no until Ihotrlkcru uint In 111 ultun
IIKII ihli I iiiorulotr l 14 iilleil riiuni fnvorublH I Inr
tint t riiHuulMlur iniuiiiiieli nn tlm Hundnyn
oiiifirencMkluontfUiii Iertuiyue f lute nit m
C iilnil In I morfof I bin lenvlng lliniiilllt JIM
U I luit l tie illKlilrf chitnci uf Inc illfTerencei let
lug I MtM for many dity t < > IHIIIM mid ilixrn Is <
uiinJe Uonof Iroponmit chaiikeit at pruneut
AiR > NIe 1 runt cr i ssrvtu dilllilr ami rrttnrn
lot paO r > Djrtlrcular Ahiii lllr > tav Stsiut >
IIa Lit UsUi 7Ii I ii i54 isedws74J I
Cave ill I Mniiintn I r Alnt fAmllle uppUtd
l with iurt > JlnriJiau aced JJurtuuU wlue Ask fur elt
Iou M iiruea l a
1X1L0tUTh OF rnttf 11CrDIlArB
The New nnd Powcrrnl Ilmilodve that Aided
Greatly the Completion of llouauo Tunnel
< The Cunta or the JUxploalon a Myatvry
NOIITII ADAMS Mass Juno 80A deep
rather than 1 loud report a jar ol tho houses In
tho town and two miles away a black thick
columnot smoke rising up Into thosky warned
ho citizens ot Korth Adams that another disaster
had occurred Thu glycerine works have ex
ploded again I wits the involuntary exclamation
of everybody who hoard the report and like a
flash tho words went from Up to Up Every
available team was brought Into Immodlato
requisition and In a few minutes a long line of
carriages was winding up tho steep rocky and
Irregular road that leads from the town to tho
west shaft ol the Hoosaa Tunnel near which
tho glycerine works are located The worst
was known before the sceuo was reached Two
men had In an Instant without I moments
warning boon sent into eternity nnd their
bodies wore literally scattered to tho four wind
of heaven A large crowd had already
crowl Illl nlrealy assem
bled in the neighborhood of the ruins when
THE BUN reporter reached tho place and
curious men weru poking nbout tbu diibrls with
sticks alter pieces of the unfortunate men
The foreman of tho works Mr Sidney S Sim
mons pale and agitated was surrounded by
eager inquirers Ills story wan briefly told
In tho first place no one knew or could even
luiaglno tho cause of the explosion Thu two
men John Plerco nnd William Long were ex
perienced blasters and hail been In tho employ
of Prof Mowbrny the proprietor of the works
for years They were careful and trusted and
neither could UH guilty knowingly ul any care
indahgiir lives
leanness thit would Uulur their 1os They
lied just finished thulr dinner In lie engine
house and had begun their accustomed work ol
preparing cartridges of Prof Mmvurays new
giant powder ealicid 1879 compound one of tile
most powerful ever tmcnted The building
they weru at work In was called u the powder
house 1 lure wooden utructuru containing
Homo 150 pounds ol tow ur nnd ultuattd about
eight rods Iroin tho glyeirinu factory proper
Mr Simmons Pell I Gardner nnd thu engineer
George Marshall I I thn only men nniplnyid about
thu place besides the men killed had also just
eaten their I dinners and lund Marled in tho
direction of tlm powder houso when thu ex
plosion occurred with terrific report nnd nil
I Irrlfu 11
three men worn temporarily stunned though
nonu of them were struck by tlm shower ol tim
bers which fell llki rain around them Mar
shall wits less than 150 feet from the ponder
house and his escape trom death seems simply
miraculous He wns fairly surrounded with
hcioy timbers The glycerine factory I little
dIstance behind him was shattered by the
awful concussion antic part of lie bleeding
mangled trunk of ono of the workmen from
whom he hail parted a moment before was
hurled almost at hil fuel Mr Simmons his
only 1 vague remembrance 01 thn explosion
Ills first recollection alter thu report was of
standing at the end of the kljcorino factory and
looting daiMdly at the ruin before him Thu
powder housu wait levelled to the ground tho
mica housu was torn and riddled the warehouse
badly damnged anti the factory completely
< >
shattered on the west side Tim ground for 1
considerable distance watt strewn with broken
plank nud lengths of timber
Thescenoot the accident Is near the west
shaft ot Honeao Tunnel high up on the side or
the mountain far unough removed from < any
habitation to dispel fears ot danger except to
those employed As soon as men arriveda
search was Instituted for thu remains but little
could b found Thu largest piece recovered
was a part of tho trunk of Mr Longs body
Tho next largest piece tens n part of n foot still
uncased in I the blot Thn box containing tie t
rest of the remains was tilled with blackened
pieces of bone und llesli nearly all so small <
to make It impossible to tell to whit
part of thn body they belonged With
tbu exception of u part of Longs testy I and bits
of s < alp with hair attahed none of thu remains
could uufdontllled and they were all thrown
into one pile to receive common burial Burnt
and ragged pieces of clothing were found In
aul bushes rods away nnd bits of bone wore
raked from under tim debris hundreds of feet
Irom the factory Somo of the searchers oven
put fragments of skull and hone in their pock
et I to carry away ip ivllcs of the disaster The
search for the remains was kept up until dark
when perhaps a bushel ol pieces had been
gathered nud these vv ill bu decently burled
Mr 1011 the younger of the two victims
was 25 yr old uuinarrlud antI a native of
Vermont John Plurcu was I resident of North
Adams and thu father of I largo family Both
men tutu worked in thu tunnel for five years
They had tacit l > unitaired In similar work In
Canada and had hnudlud tons of nitroglycu
rinnaud oilier explunited
There IB I absolutely no theory n to tho cause
of the accident Every precaution possible Is
taken bOlt lie works to avoid chances of ex
plosion and this as vvull as all the other disas
ters which have occurred on this spot will
always remain it mvxiery It was not nitro
glycerine which exploded It must bu under
stood The compound which wilde the com
pletion of thu Hoosac Tunnel 1 possible and
which bus hen tIme cause of nil tlm other nnl
tietit at this famous spot Is I new kind of pow
der which has about twothirds the strength of
nitroglyeerlnn I Is exploded hy concussion
but no one enn conceive In what manner tho
men today caused the concussion Prof Mow
bray in In Winnipeg Canada vvhurn much of
lie explosive has been forvvirded lit I he has
with chnrnctutltttlc energy Instructed thu man
ager of his business Mr W B Hatighton
what to do nnd thu work of erecting new
buildings will bn IwtUn tomorrow morning
us large orders are to bo tilled
Six men bavu been killed llt these works since
they were started up Tlm lat accident oc
curred l on the inorningBf r Jan 2J 1M78 when
K J Wilson was blown Into pieces lie largest
plecu of his body found being 1 part ot bin
scalp lb 0 wan killed while thawing out some
nllroLlyeerlne which had frozen In I drip bar
rels Irof Muwbriii was one ot the first chin
its toHtiecessfully manufacture and transport
this dnngeroUH explosive nnd It has been given
tlm preference by all large contractors 1 being
Limo purest strongest nud mist available for
prutleal purposes Ill ars no expunsn In
providing atralnst accident both In I Its manufac
ture cud traiiHixirtatioii and has constructed
cspccialli fur the latter purpose I refi igcrnlor
ear for hid conveyance of nitroglyeerine In a
congealed and consequently nnnuxplntm
suite An experienced messenger always rides
III I the IHV stateroom provided In I
it car act nun IIrIOI it mm
end with I thermometer eMendliig t I Into I tlm
stateroomso that he is constant nvvnrn of
t lit temperature uliere thu explosive Is kept
Irof Muwbray Is alwavs thoughtful for time
safety nf his employees and nn mm regrets BO
much ns he the sic llls which hnvu occurred
through the blunders or mishaps of his men
Edison Iectro < he ml nil Telephone Exblbl
ted Vrlcrdny
Borao twenty or tliltty frlonds of Mr
Thomas A Edison I nnd members of thu press
viR led Menlo Park Now Jersey yesterday af
ternoon and witnessed an exhibition of the
new ulectrochumfuil I telephone which ho Is
about putting on hut European market I Is
claimed that hue telephones nt present In USD do
not upenk loud ly enough or articulate distinctly
enough fur commercial adoption In ltm roll
owlnir to the elc tiicd peculiarities ol hue 11
wnrll and that KdlHon u nuw tulephonn nn
smors Ih ittcl
Srl Tit chief clmraelerlstln of It It I tluitlt dis
p ntes nnllrilv i with hut I innutiet which IB I covered
CI ullrI wlh
ered br mitt Bnll I nndcJray i i putents and 1 HUbhtl I I
lutes fur II th carbon button in I llm t transmitter t
amid a revolving cylinder nf moistened chalk lu
Ihe rneulvur both thn I Invention I of L I leon i
tl Thin tiilephoiin WitS exhibited yrttiinlay I
upeaLs loml ami strung MO thnt tlm iiiiuiagK is I
lm1 oMtH liirg room By 1 devlcu milled
during tlin IIIHI week tlm colt IH I even ningiil I
lied In pncsage so thit I IH I delivered to thu au
ditor louder than I It WHS mcilved by tlm In
uriini il 1 Is I also practicable throiiuh any
ci lUtnii ° thai enn Imeovered liyolhirtelMphoiHB
Tlm cheinlcnl used to molfcteii thin spool uf
chnlK u I caiiatlc > 111 which is I polirlicd nnd
In this llm its inngical power Tlm iiiii
ilinin In I ocnl only when the etlindei of ehilk
IH I turned nn IIH little slnUt by the IHTSIIII coli
versliiL til nieilrie curr lit emiiliig cup lliroiiutu
thn pedHrinl on winch II tunic and riiiiulliumit
on iiHteel iieiilln which rubs upon llm eyllnder
to u mall moilllipiece two ineheii t distant
Iruf IjIiiiMiii flute of Kdlsons ahlntnnts
gdiH to Kiiglnnd today I the Wisconsin cur
ium llftv nt llm new Mcphiiien 1 nil Hint havu
Jit t beill I lllllHllid I sill Hittllllll Up lii 1 1nu
dim nnd cMalihsli lelcptioiii exehuuguu hurt
nnd on thu Continent
Allaublclruaeily Fiilliiwul liyn Illvoree Hull
Thn suit of IMward 1 M Htiliiiiincher against
Aintlla I HUlniuacliir lor aim lute illvirci on tin
iruuul tf liiftdillly wuil rroi > Jutilce lijaiuan yeller
day on a ninllun her alimony tin ililfUilmitalliiiiiiK that
ir lllj bulMj OHrillril tie llnuiii at 11 HIH Illlll Btltft allit 1
Ili4llr inlirilliil aluiiil fJxKMrimi ut l liihiT a ti > M
flulu nmkir wtio tun I yea a mil I I rillciNtlni II I HI
Mlilili hi I iambi In I lili inn1 liiltiil klllnd ihpuuehr leer
cuUI411 lice irml limit 11 h iiltjouua Vile it bo Uie 4al tinlur Lied
Arranclno for Armstrong Funeral Trouble
Fenred nt the Inqnrat
Tho funeral sovvlcca for John Armstrong
tho coachman who was shot by his employer
Mr Joseph A Blair the paying toiler of the
Muchnnlcs National Bank In his stable nt
Montclalr N J on Thursday evening will be
hold nt 9 oclock tomorrow morning The
Roy Father Mendel tbo pastor of the Church
ot the Immaculate Conception in Montclair
will celebrate a requiem moss and tho remains
will b Interred in tho cemetery adjoining tho
church Hugh Gallagher and Richard Sheri
dan who were appointed by the laborer and
coachmen to solicit subscriptions to defray tho
funeral expenses said last evening that several
hundred persons would escort tho remains
t the church A large number of laborers
mechanics and sowing women viewed Arm
strongs body in Coroner Woodruffs morgue
in Newark yesterday and several
yesterlar anl gentlemen
volunteered to pay for u 1 burial lot I tho Mont
chair friends of Armstrong neglect to giro him
a decent burial An elderly gentleman who
saId that nt time Armstrong his coach
enll one tmo Ar1elron was hil cnch
man In this city expressed n wish to defrny tho
funeral expenses Ho did not alvo his name t
the reporter but ho said that Armstrong was a
sober peaceable nnd obedient man Charles
Wlgloy proprietor of I restaurant at 357 Mar
ket street Newark said that Armstrong worked
for him live months when ho Wlgler had n
restaurant iit333 Pearl street In this city anti
that Armstrong was n usulul goodnatured nnd
sober pistol man and was afraid of the sight ol a
James Cough who keeps n boarding house at
Roosevelt anti Chatham streets this city also
called nt Coroner Woodruffs morgue He snld
thnt Armstrong boarded with him for several
weeks last winter anti hut Armstrong would
not quarrel with anybody Hu hnd respectable
relatives In Ireland and was a fair scholar
When he was unable lo find employment hn
was trusted for his board nnd lodging nnd
snld Mr dough bo paid every cent when he
earned tho money 1 never saw him drunk or
QUarreltome He has n friend In this city who
la a private detective amid one of his relatives
owns n liquor store in Seventh aVenue
Oim lQuor BI ilrs counsel said yesterday thnt
Mr Blnlr would hear the expense of everything
that was donu for Armstrong Tlm Rev Fnther
Brennm lonu St PatrlcKs Cathedral Newark
nolllled Coroner Woodruff that a grave In one
of the Catholic cemeteries would bu given free
In order that Armstrong might L burled in
consecrated ground
The Blair cottugu In Montclalr was visited by
1 largu number ot persons yesterday and men
and women who came In carriages were anxious
to Inspect the barn In which the tragedy hap
pomid Mrs Blair and several her friends
visited her husband In tie Newark tail where
ho his comfortable quarters 111 the witness
room Ho has lot bein locked In a cull
This tho worklngmen maul another cnusn
ot complaint Judge Tltsworth one of
Mr Blairs counsel denies Ito report that Mr
lllalrs friends Induced the Bervantglrl Ophelia
Dyer to null Montcliiir On the contrary he
says Mr Blair did ovnrydilng In his power to
get her to remain nt hls louo until after the
Inquest JudLifcTltsKorth gave her full name
nnd directions to Coroner Woodruff who yes
terday went In search of her at 30 Atlantic
nvonue Brooklyn where her sister resided
He round that Ophelia had been there but that
the whole family had moved nu Saturday and
ho ruuld not find their new residence
Coroner Woodruff will begin the Inquest In
Jacobuss Hall In Montclalr at 4 oclock this
afternoon Prosecutor Abul has expressed hut
disapproval of holding tint Inquest In Ionl
chair because ot time excitement In the vlllngu
Unordered the Coroner to holt the Inquest In
Newark but the Coroner will not do so unless
demonstrations are mid by thu friends of
Armstrong may b trouble In Moutclair Many four that there
Ulacbarfflnr Two Hhnta Into juts Body After a
Fliml Good Muht nail Good Hy
ALLENTOWN PH Juuu 30 Anthony Sharpo
of Boycrtown lurks County n tinsmith aged
23 has for the last two > ears been paying atten
tions to Miss Amanda S Ettlngerof Emaus a
quiet little borough near this city Her father
was one of tho victims of the East Texas boiler
explosion on tho 21st Inst Miss Ettlngers re
lations were opposed to tho young man on ac
count of certain charges which had been pre
ferred against him and which had not been
cleared up to their satisfaction The girl how
ever disbelieved tho charges und clung to her
lover until I few dais alter the death of her
father Shnrpe hired a carriage and went to
the funeral nnd asked Miss Ettlngerto rIde
with him In tho procession Shut refused anti
he returned to bis homo in 1 dejected
state of mind On Saturday evening
tie iignin left his home to visit the girl arriving
there on Sunday morning Ho kept company
with her during the day nnd in tilt evening
they took a walk together Bhnrpn pressed his
suit but wan refused she telling him that they
had bettor part company Hu said All right
Good ulght mind good by When I short dis
tance away In 1 pulled n Bovenshootcr from his
pocket emit limed three shots nt himself two of
which took etlect I Ono Hall entered In lie re
gion of the heart passing clean through the
body the other entered thu left side above the
hip One mlBsi amid four enrtrldges remained
In the pistol when found The shooting attract
ed a largn crowd who found Shnrpu lying on
the ground weltering In blood Ho waR curried
to 1 hotel hum medical I aid was summoned
and his wounds attended to Hn hiS been con
scious all the time but Is rapidly sinking
bliarpc said that bn shot himself Lmcaubo hit
SInfc slot
girl rejected him He WAS sorry that It did not
uncivil fatal nt once unit said that he was per
fmtly sober when hu committed the deed Ho
delivered his money pistol and I prayer book
which 1m lad lu his pockets a friend to bu
Imnded to his panuts 1slrlu a clergyman
tIme Ituv Father Hlldermiiu ol tills city went to
see him and administered 1 thu rites ot tile
Catholic Church He docs not desire to see the
touiig lady on whoso account tie committed the
deed but t says that after Im Is dead shu may
eomHiind view hU corpse He hnd nutirked tile
ninetyninth corso II his praver honk Hn
snld thnt hn had Intended to kill Miss Kttinucr
also but at the last moment changed his mind
Seeking Hettnrntlnn from her llnibnnd After
Fifty Years of Wedded Life
Mrs Cntlmrlno GrIlling nf 210 Clinton
avenue Brooklyn applied for alimony yester
day mornlnc In her limited divorce suit which
she him begun against liar husband Frederick
Grilling She alleges cruel and Inhuman treat
ment and swears In her affidavit that her
husband had threatened to burn down the
house they live in which Is I her own property
nnd has mndu so mnny threats to do her
bodily harm that Rim IB I eimllneil to ono room
ol thl lions for fear of him I him wishes either
lor alimony Hint shu may live elsewhere or tint
house her husband may be compelled to leave the
Mr I JrlHlnr counsel 1 said that Mr GrlfTlng
had been mirrled llfly enrn nnd was once
rich thnt hn ceded
very no Ilt many jcnr ago
most of his property to bin wife giving her the
hnusn In which Im lived but owing to
n btroke of pit ru iyitft Im became I unabln
to intend tn tilt business nnd tlin hulk
id r his property slipped nut of his liaiulH so that
Im was loW without menus but 111 wl toni
four linuses A viarauolm went lo I Nevada In
Heel 1 business Illlll Whlln there Ito received IIi
ii I ttT frail his wife beseeching him not to re
turn until Im heard from bur ntMiii due next
communication wns thn summons anti com
plaint In thn divorce suit That wan tlm first In
timation hu had of icIly domestic trouble He
did not know hnvv hn had abused his wife or
why slit should bn In finr of him nnd could lie
count for her Full only on thn I ground thnt shu
wished his tn get decision rid i of him Justice Dykuiuu reserved
1J1f 11wml1 ALltE
The Deliberate NnUlili oflbe Scenes Wife or
Ilielniiieler 1euice
Hni8TOij U I Juno 3oA few weeks ago
Ihl wife of 1ostmaster IVarco of this place shot
her husband In the hUll whllo ho slept
Them was much mystery nbout the affair
its sham did not acknowledge tho act Iud
Ihe PiiBtinailer heslt ited to ncrtian her of It
Ho recovered Mrn I IVarcn afterward nttempt
ed 1 to oininlt suicide Her husband declared
that Rim wits Insane I but ald that t 1m would
uvdd Bending her In an asilum I possible
Today when Mr IVnrcti went tn dinner Im
1lIY dour of huts homo fastened Iln
forced an entrance t and going to it chamber
found Mrs 1eiiico I In bed vvripimd In I llames
It Sms Unit she hnd saturated tile bed cloth
Ila I with kerosene laid don n and set Ihl bed on
lire Tlm flru was extinguished but Mm
sunho Pinircn wax the so night badly burnud that she cannot
AT A unitten FAITh
Angry Vorda Follnwlns 1 Contest nf Votes
that were Cast for Twi > lining Iudlra la
Iereey Clty lleuiitinced from the Pulpit
The largo congregation of St Patricks
Church on Jersey Cltv Heights had Boniuthtug
unusual to talk about last Sunday when tho
Rev Father Hennnsay tbo pastor denounced
certain members of tho church from the pulpit
Thn trouble 1 Bald to have grown Indirectly
from a church fair hold last winter Father
Hennessy then put up a ban nor which was to
L credited to tho county of Ireland for which
the most votes wore cast nt II each ONeills I
glass factory is In the parish tho four brothers
ONeill nro ardent Far Downers and their
money carrlel tho day for Ulster alter n mo
mentous struggle out of which thu church got
2000 for tho banner Tho ONullls then pre
sented It to the church
When Father HonnesBys next festival in
Library Hall was announced 1 low weeks ago
It was soon found that Cork and Connnught
Melnster and Lelnster had not forgiven Ulster
for carrying oft that banner Tho church hnd
found voting no popular and profitable that the
buffraecs of the congregation were once more
invited A cameo ring was to b awarded to
that one ot the lady attendants upon the tables
who should secure most votes nt ten cents each
The dozen of faIr contestants va soon nar
rowed down t Miss Joslo ONeill and Miss
OMara Cork nnd Connnught Mclimter and
Lelnater were soon found to bn rallying around
the banner of 0 Mara while tho Far Downers
adhered gallantly In the fortunes ot ONeill
The contest was waged on three successive
evenings The OMara faction were much Ibo
moro numerous but tie ONeill ole tell r heavi
est It was about 200 ahead nt the beginning ol
the Inst nights voting TlieOMaras sent emis
saries from the bali Into the business street of
the city Many bouquets were sold nt ten cents
apiece and patriotic subscriptions flowed In
from Leinster nnd Melnster Cork and Con
nnught tn detent thin Far Downers But mile
sturdy ONellls stood by and iron welltilled
pocketbooks eked out by hank checks when
the pocketbooks ran dry they stemmed thu
Fnther Downs the curate stood with wntch In
hand to slgnnllze tIme closing of the polls which
by ngreumunt was to take place nt 11 oclock
Ho announced thnt there wits just one mlnutn
to spire There wall n lull for a moment Tho
ONullls confident In their majoritystood
Idly waiting But just III Father Downs was
seen to bn on tlm point of announcing the polls
closed Miss OMnraa brother n gardener who
was on thu platform asonoot the I judgi or elec
tion threw down 11 roll ot bank notes nnd
shouted Three hundred votes for Miss
Without stopping to ask the customary ques I
tion Hnvu nil voId Father Downs declared
the polls closed But almost In Ihe annie In
stant ot time Mr Hugh ONeill snouted Three
hundred and llfty better than you and thrust
forward his cheek
The OMnrns protested thnt the Far Downers
were too late nud appealed to the judges The
ONeills angrily retorted with n charge of sharp
practice Thin dispute waxed mono and more
violent Father Downs nt one time leaned tn
the opinion that both of the Inst votes cast
should be received nt another that both should
be thrown out Messrs Lane nnd Mcrrltty
two ot the judgiB Were willing to nccede lo this
proposal Mr OMara tlm third judge rejected
It with determination Fattier Downs sought
to avert the had blood which he saw gathering
and proposed to give one ring to each of the Mir
contestants but Mr Hugh ONeill Insisted that
hit Far Downers had won n victory and would
Imeatlslled with nothing short of the trophy
they had fought for This gentleman lost his
temper nnd charged Father Dow is who Is n
Munster man with unfairness In not making
the award You brought your old father
from Elizabeth lie is quoted its saying lo
vote against us for lie banner Wu care noth
ing for your ring nor you Wo can buy and
Bull the whole of you
Thn Indies present had mostly vanished
meanwhile fearing thnt the violent scene would
not end In mere words but no blows Irene
struck and Mr ONeill departed after warning
tie priest lint he would stop payment of the
checks which he hnd given during time contest
and make them good when justice was done to
MlKsONuIII This threit hn made gnnd In I the
morning The checks amounted tnSJSot the
amount voted for the ring nearly f5UO
A few dnys nftervvnrd Mr ONeill took a
friend with him and called on Father Hennessy
Thu reverend gentleman refused to shake
bunds with them Mr ONeill then wrote com
plaining of the Injustice done him but re
ceived no answer Thn wholn ONeill family
Insisted upon maintaining their position
Ono Sunday Fithnr Hennossy referring to
tli atfTuuir said that them were certain vulgar
braggarts who had paraded their worthless
checks and Insulted thudercy who would not
be allowed to take part In clay 01 lie chureh fes
tivals In future nor would they bu forgiven un
til they came forward anti on their keeps
begged pardon of the clergy whom tlmy lund in
sulted amid of thu people of tlm parish
Time ONeills and thulr friends urn Indlgnnnt
and announce their purpose lo make their de
votloua lu some other parish in future
aiiss Luris VAIIIIIAOE
Why tt line Formed n Subject for Talk
Among Reeldenta oftJeraer City
There was much talk in Jersey City yes
terday over the marrlacuol Miss Sarah Levi I
the daughter ol one of the wealthiest resident
oftlmtcltytoMr Quo Mace a young DaneAbout
28 years of age Macs emigrated to this coun
try In 18C9 from HolsteIn and made his home
In Jersey City Ho said ho was a nobleman
was spoken of ns the Baron Maes and obtained
admission to tlm best local society Hn lived nt
first In a luxurious style After atime hontudled
pharmacy uml after passinkMhoi I uaexamlna
tionHoeured a position is clerk In thedrugstore
of Dr Crovel at First street amid Jersey nvnnuc
Hu remained thurn until Inst January when hn
opened a store on his own account in Oakland
avenue Bercen Heights Scum yearn ago Mr
Mnes IHCIIIIIU ncijunlnted with Miss Levi wliOMi
father Is in thn hnrdwaie business In I Yiwuy
street in this city It Is could that HIH wns then
Himuged ton Mr Cohen with whom Mr Mutes
became aequalned amid whom Mr Macs intro
duced In society as Miss Levis future husband
This cniMucment was broken oft
In January last It IB said Mr Macs anti n lady
to whom hn WIIB said to be i engaged brokiioff
their friendship and Mr Maes kept himself re
tired anil was imincr d In his business
In tile afternoon nf Wednesday lust a closed
carriage was driven to the Levi limit in Jersey
avenue Mr nud Mrs Levi lyre Imth In this
city nt thn time m I Miss fcarali LevI who Raid slim
wnssulTerlhgfnui u headache sent her little
sister tlm only other Inmate I of thn t intuit nt the
iunn I ton niIghbot Ing drug Moro for medicine
In the childs I nbsnnce Miss Lnv I dresmd hastily
nnd entered the carriage lu I which Mr l Macs
awaited her Her trunk was placed on
the box and thn cairlupn wait driven
tn tho residence of lie Itev Mr Stoddard In
Summit avenue where they vvern married
They then went to Mr MIUBS store over which
apartments hail been I prepared and hnudeome
ly furnished for thhublr reception
Mr and Mrs Lnvl wire Indlgnnnt nt their
daughters miirrlngo and refused to receive her
cud her husband
cEi1rm loS fJiLILTUJfLS
ThIs lime Il l1i > vrd l lift Hlnccre An Alarm
lu ihe liiltUU a tittup
LONDON June 30It seems certain that the
lilt isles cncrturea of Kin Col wayu me bonn Ole A
ipecnl dopatch tn tie 7ue from Gen UcoJi camp
Irtjs The meMcngeri of KIC Cettunyo lute Urn
rcfltnized Mimporittnt pernon b > nntht alit WithIn
thee note pitta rliu with Lnrt Ctflnurunl a report
I rIved tlmt lice > Zulu flnn > ta < nihanctir nil Utn
I t > < rifiiiip i i lie DM neiijtr rceiiir urn cit to If hut
ti tit rfpuri rhonlJ pro e tmn IViotu It MM HMerta iui
tlmt tlit rt Mirt cIa s uniouul the IIM Moeiui rs wire rt
cad I Lord ChHiiiftionl Sled nlimr thi tnItt ot
pcnet < lclnrnl thai I I Hmc tn atliiir tuthcr I I he Iv n I an
iced cnpturi 1 nl is iltiln nn < KHMC li > tHrr iium tm
Kit Cdl upTlie nn mnucrit ached Lnnl liehniluril tu
Rneu tnJinir nil MI WI r hut IIP re in Mil
A ihfpriuh icc the Itchy Vr i row Utrrclit t June 8
aiti i Vrdienlm 5 tout t ifZiiUiN ntlled a hi run within
n mil1 ii Lunt lrC < S imU tloiArliineiit BaUlM out fnnn
Ktnubi 01 but tliiillnt Lice Zulu In a iruit lilll puiition
Mr Veila ICraolulloa IMllioied Of
WABIIINQTOSJ Juno 30Time Senate todny
reiiiinoj ciiuilJimtlon nf Mr Yi rti revolution thnt Uie
complete remoiietlznt or chit en aiul lt rr toralion to a
perKct equality with uoM both sa can anJ hultlon are
itrniamlpd alike Icy lIe dictnlo ol h iitici > nn I wite taU
ntaiiHiilii Die peiitlinn oiii tioii hilnir on the motion ov
vir AllUnu to ri ir tin rii > i > unoii ii tic FlnamtfCniu
mlltee The cumuli it A aiiei J tn vein JJ iniv ujn
vote that 1 coii K1i riil at liontlli l < i the utii Tic invln
tore rvcuruvd tlieinkclvvs as bibs Iteimbllcan la
hc mMear Atlim Atlluuni Jlnvanl Hnl f funit
lice ttic 1 I flnj MT tlniHttn OtmtliHl Ltltull tetru
IM llul I AWou hiranil i Ktrll I ljnll ItJ
ilui ull ItUlm Kim Itit i VMi < uai l IlinlraJJ
Na > aSere Hick lluil r fall fuokrill Coke
tinh l < mild Ill m linrUnJ llnrn lien lent IfoiKlini
JMIIIS Joues Ha Id l it xe > Mnrvmi l IVmllitiHi Ccii l
bury blaur suc > Vest Tourucni Walker set M1
UauitU Hi1 it
To be flanged on Wednesday Atic OOM
ton fur n Htny Refused
ALDANT Juno 30It was almost Impos
stilt to gain an entrance to the City Hall this
afternoon so dense was the crowd desirous ol
being present when sentence was passed upon
HIlalroLntrlmoulllu convicted of the murder
ol Miss Dunsbnch The officers wore almost
powerless to control the crowd and prepara
tions were made to take Judge Wentbrooklnto
tho court room through one of the windows
Additional officers were procured however
and a passage way was forced
The Judge having taken his seat on the
bench Mr Stevens of counsel for the prisoner
moved for a further suspension ot sentence to
give him necessarytlmu to prepare papers fort
motion for a new trial Hu doclarrd that the
verdict rendered was n compromise meaning
less to thin Court but notio lie Jury It was an
error of lie Court in not ordering the jury buck
to their rooms to correct their verdict Ono of
thu Juror who had voted for murder In the sec
ond degree only yielded when hn was given to
understand by his fellow jurors that It thin jury
recommended the prisoner to mercy It was In
thu iscrctlou of the Court to sentence the pris
oner to Imprisonment for life
Judgo Wentbrook declined to grant n May
ant Mr Stevens then read un aflldavitot which
thu following Is a copy
ALlay OUR AUD TaKMiKm > Tfa JVoW aqt Hililn
bttnunmitlr liy n1 rWlfy > y AWrn v Wllllsm D A fr
ill It halide duly cnn ucyn that he hive Itl tile city of
AlliMiv at < 3 Ontario pIned that he knows Robert J
McAule one 01 the jurors who tried the above named
dtunitaatlor the crime or murder at the present term of
tic Aihccmuy 0 CF amid Terimuuuer thmat cn the dey or Ca
alter Pr aJratci Wa sworn cur mhdefrnce on said triO
hue hcJd S coumvercutln with 511 McAuiley who Sal
to dtuieiut tint lie liii uncle tupu ill clad I n cold cse
and inat the wlmto city ot Albany could not change him
tint on the eveiitmr ol the rtav when the verdict was ten
daredb to wit on Saturday Insl ho the deponent hail
another conversation wllli mid McAuky alter the ran
mmn in sam vcrllcl In which the sail McAuley statid
it dft otieiit In ihe prem > nce ot tour other iirrpons that
lie tMrAicie c I belietci the Mild Latrlmoulllo lllhoceill of
the mine charred In the ludktmvnt moan the evidence
but that tits MrAulets lather and a I r It nil of hh had
made lools of ihemxlres and that hti Irlend had bet
stjm that the jury would anire and what could he IVc
Auliyulo and that alter he IMcAulev had kept the Jury
unlit niter 1J oclock on Bnlurdtjr lie aitneil to the loro
ol Cue veritictreiiilend
Slaned VVlLLliK D AlSOTT
Sworn beiore me the 30th day of June isle 1
CbgiJ JOHN J Nests
CoinmtsMoner of Deeds Albany N Y
Juror McAulny emphatically denies tlm state
ments atlributed to him and says that Abbott Is
nn enemy of his Abbott does not bear a good
Jiidgn Weslbrook again declined to suspend
sentence Haying hint nn action of thu Court
could Interfere with Qov Hoblnson If he desired
to grant Executlvu clemency
Tlm prisoner trait then sworn and after giv
lag his name said hn wis 21 years of age born
In Canada n blacksmith by occupation and n
member of the Itomnn Catholic Church In
answer to thin usual question whether hn bad
nnvthlng to say why sentence should not be
pronounced hue culprit replied
Well the evldenco sworn to is false I am
not guilty of this crime I have nothing ulsu to
Judge YTosthrook then sentenced Lntrlmoullle
to bo bunged on AVednesdny Aug 30187S be
tween 10 A M and 3 P M Ihu prisoner
showed some signs of emotion but a few min
utes Inter was laughing as usual JuIgn Van
Alstynu and mnny members of the bar declared
they had never seen a man more Indifferent to
his fate On Ills way to the jail Latrlmoulllu
told thin ofllcer that It was Uti hot in tie
court room
The 1onni Soldier Deserted by hie JEawort
The rxTmpr Aculu Fulllnc
LoNDoN June 30The British troopship
Orontcs with the body ot the Prince Imperial
IB expected to reach England on the 9th of July
The troopers who were with the Prince lui
purlal when he was killed declare In contradic
tion to Lieut Careys statement that the sur
vivors galloped two or three miles without
stopping Tho Time correspondent sum
marizing thn various accounts of the death of
thn Prince says The QuartermasterGeneral
disobeyed Lord Chulmslords orders by send
lug thin Prince on a dangerous expedition the
wort of which deserted its duty In the whole
alfnlr there Is not onn redeeming feature
Despatches from Chiselhurst this morning
nay that thu temporary Improvement lu thai con
dition of the Empress Eugenic has given way
to a return of thu symptoms which caused ap
prehensions for her life n few dnys ago Vio
lent paroxysms still assail her and her condi
tion IB ngiitu regarded as one of tIme greatest
The Duke of Cnmhrldgo has approved the
proposal for a general army subscription to
rnibe a memorial for thn Into Prince Imperial
Tint subscription has already been opened
Reslrnntlon of CJerunn Bllnlelerev
BERLIN June 30 Ministers Falk Hobrecht
and FrUdcnthal hate ifnlmeJ and their resignations
hire been accepted Prince Bismarck has offered the
MlnUtry Agriculture to Count UdoStalbtru and the
Ministry of Finance to Daron becdeurtz Both or these
ceiitlcmen are ultra CuiitnatUo and they would be
ftatlrtitctorv to the coalition which now lornis Uie major
itt il ih nrllainent I > one has as i it beau annouucid
51 tile cmec er of jar Cult
The VinA Crnm Aifiir conltrmn the report that Herr
You llicrciht > lllit > ler ol llllalire has tendered his
rolknallin II U denied that lice lot a raaieut hasde
clnreil la lacer ol Hi rr You > rank uiitem a motion to clip
trlhute the surplus ol the revenue under the acow taxa
tion nmonic the separate States In proportion to their
O IllltiOtl
LOIDOM July 1The Mndirrr Berlin despatch says
the nuualloiu of Ministers Falk rrlcdentlial and
HiIn ml icon > Mn rendered po tIbia by Jrlncu bis
marcka cute rs to toni a lorced alllanee with the
ritratnuntam an 1 oilmenallies
Tlm Pci Wrlln ite > iutchM > slhat In consequence ol
the tahim t cruU tie Government hat suspended liege
U lliin with tie Lih ruuudmdtd tat
Ihe Hir a orrt ipoiidcnt 01 thi > Dally Av toy the re
tort m lie 1 n > liiiiiiioii ul 1 Minister lie tech t Is leulil em
cilh unnrmed but Uiat his resignation has not yet
been accepted
A Meeting or llouupnrtlsta
PAHIS June 30At n meeting ot Bonapnrtlsts
at the residence ol M Itouhir tda > the will ol the late
Iriuce Imperial was rend but no decision was arrived
at rcpcclinc the future course of the party depute
tlon of the meetlni commiimciited the will to Prince
Jerome Unua > arle ulm klmply acknowledged It U
Kouliur relUHiil lo participate w lOt the deiiutaUonnajrini
tlml neeiortli he was tleierniiiKa to take no active part
hAiti June 30 LOrln tic orean ol M neither makes
the eliot huiiu declnrHllHii 1ilnce i Jereine Napoleon ll
rerivnued on did Ci the Naptileiunc dynailt and con
niiiiditly dun ol lhi > llinai arll at pirtv lie caiiimt
fall to rtulvu the rcnotute and dtVouit support of all
talthlul to tho empire Ihlsdi rid licmu Is made b > the
advice ol M Itouhir but It ic l dinuttul whether all the
InUerinlMi ulll ruiiy aiound i 1rliKu Jerome who will
pronahlvioatlnue toiiiilntnln hlolknt aitliude
LOMIOX Jut 1 A 1iirt destinrcll to the Sbin4ltr states
th t 1rmce Jiromo Napolion wl I I ubIUh a manllesto
IT the luiifral ot the Trlnce Imperial urifhiR alt Bonn
I ni Cat iu iinlt to the l epub K and that he has already
uksurid lrclleict l tiuvy that he with not become a pre
under to tht Imperial throne
Coolness lletween Gerninny acid Itnvslsi
LONDON Juno 30The Times correspondent
st Merlin tin Inconiiectliiii tilth Die reported cool
nell between Ueriimii iiml lUu la U lucy be noted tint
Lieut Den Von livveliutz the Uernian Aiubas udor at
Si li ter hiirif arch iveitln Hcrlln on hnturday night cit
mul h ul n loin Cccdlid relict Alth IrhiLe lluiaarkk and
tilt lc ic dricIt the Knsiiiin AlnhnsiiHdnr at 1ail i
t Mud iiucicdd coccI Inltrv u d 1ilncu h Uorli Imkull
Trli tunili > lvitct triiin I Ceali uitintiple SM ak ol the
anitic vcr nn the mart ol Kus ia tn come lo all llmlerst illd
ito uitli Frilnci n Inllve liilhe Iii ii rn qurtl Ills
acil n Un hut l KUKS is eiiientuiiii in iniiillirite Turkey i
In iiHilliiiknii the bIlitiihl i iii 1 a uli u JMI ol Bosnia and
lieu letiuu bit iron Austrian tic uiiiiduitl jhi
French Opinion ut ilurnaldea Heaolullon
PAnts Juno 30 With reference to the resole
lion Introduced In Ihe United Mali t beiiaf by Senator
Uurnslde on the Uth Insl and relerred to the Cuinintt
tie on ForeUii Affairs the lliM < jai Viifipiiu comliats
the Idea that Ihe Itnlud Mates should viuw the construe
lion in lie llnrliii taniil undir Llirccmesml cult icee with
dlMUietude nnd poinli out that thu uaderukinii Is lade
leideniortinilal u d nuppnrt or cnnirol ihatiio lurcleaui
Uivirinnenl will cnnlrllUle a larlhtm or a man Ii his
cen > tinctlnii ul ihe canal and that the coca h City will
meiely act all the powers to cuiutder the canulabsolutely
neutral territory
IteaconsOelda Irish Unlreraltr Bchens
LONDON Juno 30Tile Lord Chancellor
Lord Culnil Ininiduteil In thu House ol Lords tuulay the
Governments lrlli Untveriiily scheme which proposes
thi dlsunltitltin of the enUtlnii Queens tJniversity and
tie alpiccatl n of Its luwnieat urnnts In a uew uiuver
Iill oil till IliiKli I el the UonIon Ulllvrrill
In Hie llutiKe ol Lnids lumnlit ihe Irish Iulveraltjr bill
lisa rend s Urst time
The Khedle Off far Naples
ALEXANDUIA June 30The exKhmllve his
sons llus > etn and llnsiall and Pushas chit and Itaiheti
have fctarli d lor Nhlei on beirut the Khedives yacht
The Inllli suit much minclnur saluted the Kbe
dives teasel
The Grand Vizier Hutprised
CoNSTANTlNorLK June 30 Mahinoud Nedlm
Pasha who was formerly clraud Virier dud tricudly lo
HiiRsIn has unexiectedly arrived her The present
liiml ViiUr vv us null aware that tun ultu bad seat icr
Ztsdiuu fasua
Th Women who la Condemned with Covert
llennelt la lie Hunted on July 2S IteeelTeel
Into the thiireh > eniiett Hirunte Conduct
The Rov Spencer M Bice of Graeo Church
Jersey City administered lie sacrament ot
baptism to Mrs Jcnnto It Smith in the Iludsoq
County Jail yesterday Forsomotlmo past Mrs
Smith had been receiving religious Instruction
from Dr Bice In propnrntlon forbnrtlsm Soon
after 4 oclock yesterday afternoon Dr lllco ar
rived at the jail and was ushered Into Jnller
Allens private parlor In the loft wing of the
building Jailer Alton hind rondo appropriate
arrnnKoroents for thu ceremony Iln ws at
tired In broadcloth and wore n white neektlu
Mrs Allen wns present wearing a black silk
town Mr and Mrs Purely nn l another lady
and gentleman friends of Mr Allen were also
In attendance Dr lllce drew email marble
topped table to the centrn of the room ana
plneed on It n small pitcher of water Mrs
binlth was then brought down from the cell
Mrs Smith wore a plain black crape dress with
a lan rono nt tlm thrnnt Her hair fell OVHI
her shoulders Silo leaned nn tlm arm ul
Deputy Sheriff Peel On entering the parlor
Mrs Smith shook hands warmly with Mrs
Allen nnd thIn other Indies
Dr Illco led hour In one side of the marble
table while he stood opposite to her Th
usual prayers prescribed In the ritual Were
rend hy the tmstor hind the formulated ques
tions anti answers followed thu auditors re
sponding with Amen to the end of a sup
Then the minister tank Mrs Smith by the
right hunt and grasped the pitcher of watei
with his left hand
Jennlnlt Smith he said I baptIze the
in the name of time Father nnd of the Son and
of tile Holy QboM Amen
Then making the sign nf the cross with wntei
on her forehead ho continued Wo recnlw
this person Into thin cnntigallon of Chrlfti
flock nnd do sign her with the sign of th eroei
111 token that herntiHer she shall not bo axlmmrd
In eonfeBH the faith CurlBt crucified and man
fully to light under Ills bnuniir against slu the
world and the devIl and iii continua Chrlsti
faithful soldier and servant unto her lifes end
Dr Illeo Mrs Smith and the witnesses then
knelt and repented the Lords prayer Teiirs
ran down Mrs Smiths cheekn an shut held up
her bands while thu prayer was being repeated
Tile wltnemes after the ceremonies sur
rounded Mrs Hmlth and congratulated her on
her admission to the church Shu uxchnngnd n
few words with them nnd wns ttmmt led buck to
her eell On IIT way up staIrs Mrs Smith hnd
to pass that Iron door Unit opens Into the cor
ridor In which Bennett U confined Bennett
heard hir approach nud catno out ot Ills room
As oho went by hn gnzed at her with an Intent
look Bhu looked stdown B nt him but city no
sign of recognition After Bennett heard the
bolt turn In Mrs Smiths roll door he became
furious and acted ns an eyewitness nld like
ft hyena Mrs Smith Is to bu confirmed ns
soon at possible and then the communion will
bo administered to her
How the Xenr Assembly District Association
lire to be Farmed
At their last mooting the Republican
Central Committee Instructed their Executive
Committee to reorgnnlzo Ito Assembly district
associations so that they shall conform to th
new apportionment the Assembly Districts
The Executive Committee met hut evening It
nepubllcnn Hall and after a lone discussion
adopted a plan of reorganization It provide
for the transfer of member of the association
in dlctriitH whosn boundaries have bein
changed to thin association in the new district
In which they reside Acting oftleors of the
nevonil associations In b I appointed by the
Exucutivn Committee nnd nfteivviird on a day
to be named primaries uin to be held In every
district for tho election of permanent olTleeni
Alter the organization of thu district nOia
tlons Is completed primaries will be held for
the electIon of delegates from each district to
thu Central Committee
Jacob M Patterson Jr Ciii > I Ocorre Biles
Michael Crecan Col1 Charles 114 Hpencor John
D Lnvvsoo Unbelt C lirown Morris 1rledf nin
Col Joel V Mason and John B Smith were
appointed to carry out tile details of the reor
DarIng ICobheryln Jtewurk
Chns VT Meyer foreman In Dawsona patent
leather factory Newark was robbed x over smvo at 6
oclock heat tenlne He wsa rctiirnlne iron the ofllce In
Ferry Street to the tannery at the loot of Maillion ilnet I
with tile wtrki sates oh Die emplojees ol the firm The
money Was In ihe mtiii ran books which lie carried In
a bundle under tilt rin dual ni lie rrliol it item
bridge over itt UnrrN Oiiiial nlniit lio lift inim th
tannerr it o men Ipre i na In iroutoi h him almie ol tide
men a llfll a iii null ul ol levier laid hi i ctanillihnlfii
him and the oilcan man kiu kril him Jiwn Ilirti the
Ihleveii nIz U the iao i hooks ci ntftlniui the nioner but
the tutidk burst ot > en flnil federal i l the book lell out
The thleies ta 0 Icy with o > orl I im i hum vu r lint UK
nlcmt Jtoa AllhcULh Miuth Mnrkit > tret nut the uii
Johiinic utreeti Mere crow Ic it with nun u a mil nomen re i
turning from woik the thleen cc n l Vj tnuicemen
nplieareil on lit CCiC until nil IrHCf of tho hiiei WI utica
Woe liiot The ineu who sitar oct Mr Meer were hourly 4
drenvd and they m re louiiutiii at th canal bridge for
tiatfun hour Ufure Mr Mier upprnred
A Rullrouil War fioiiititic la llraoklyn
The Brooklyn Elinted Railway Company
which W lonlatne Bruit li I rre > IJenu In order to obtain
the croAHhu at Myrtle nteiuie nnd Urant avenue In an
vance ol the Kliws County Coin > jny which obtalnul a
franclil coierine that mciiLe ctenlay ertcled sit
nights frame nrk of Umber mer the street at diraud cur
emio which nlll tie mntntalned an a part of the itriicluio 3
ot Mr Hrtin nut rceh nnlil 1 the iri > n nuvmtriicluru li
completed 1rcUlent unitY lnt unlit nut n Hiirilit r jf
men At work lu Water ttnet nt Fulton Ki rrri sktiiK ax
ca > fltlon < fur ltd irrntilu tniiiulitiini The Kii LI aunty
comr < ttn ha nUo n liitmiihilo in Hfr > tnc such tllO
ciMimcUnti tntfteU will pruimblv Uiultohnui Jiuc htl
KAtlnn A hriume Murk S It nNn trtctel ai dciltliitiui
edict Sanil Ort to preempt that cruliu lor the llrooX
lye Oouipanjr
Htilcldeofnn Army Iletitennnt
ATLANTA Gn Juno 30Liihlt Henry M
McCatnhey Ctmt pony I Ttilrlecthi i iftitr him
aIf titrouziu the head at 4 oclcti miii dctternn his
edt ml 5 ii eni ity i truth t car it lIce OcitirtI ctepii A lid
hatIiciz itu a cai liar put it P11l lid 11 iiaittiii suuh iidlr
Iii tn cc r tlic hutli cc diii out tic itd li i Id dl 11
Icralci iiac I iiiiic hiceitilcli cii h lice mttro Ii
ii diiclci lIe u u I lw rcwcccp
cldUlchilcr tdtd Ct Ci cii hi di h lii dicer
w 1111 Ii lctollilt h iiiii ctV ac lie t site Cria
tVMthlmcd hic C ddc it d ho art Will tuuioruiry 5tIBFIit
thou irunu uiutuuiclei uriclict
Another Illllo IIrl Killed li > Tlghlnlntr
HABTFOIID June 30A Beveru storm pnssed
over the low not oranbv in I Ihli count Mturday alter
noon and a beautiful Mule daughter or Lnintus o ens
ten > ears of age wus kllKd b > lUhtninz hhe va utand
ln In front of hue holie belnn hill ied tc etc the rain
b the thick Inlliice ol 1 a tru A bll i ed Iryck tin tree and
pasid on to the linum sit I win n the hni k wa C overlhe
trcldl of ti Hue ilrl went oil nml tonal her duul t
Tide null murk it di tier n is u liht striatIon of the
skill upou tliu back ol the luck
Quinine 1111 i he Trre llst
ViARIIINOTON June 30lit tIn House 5fr Co
verlUcin S Yimnved to siKpuil tie ml > mil pasa
the till orKlna Iv liitriHlurul bi Vlr Xt Kenz e o Kc > n
lucky iiutilntf > alt 01 ijiilnlne at d suipliau ni iimnlne nn
ue trie lit eltuic t Hint hi did ao ul the rcQuniof Mr
McKcnzlu Carriil U5tnU >
Thg Thermomelvr In > ew ork Teslerdny
At HudiiutH Phnrinneyntn A Mf5n fifi
97Jl 11 M lcu0 I VI sib 70 U7J U VI U6 1
The Slioal Office 1redlclliin
Rlslni bnrnmeter northwest to northeast
wind cooler clear loltoucd by warmer and partly
cloudy weather
Mr JohnH McLean cftht ClaciuiiiU Fcqler last lii
Ill ill As etude i
Tlm HrnoVIn Aldermen yntrnUy otfd to Khe ttit b
city tint lit > i e HII Hititiitfriiil mil Uv oil baturJay licit
The It if till tv al tile lIeu it quenUi inj1
The car iat i J liquor nib rt who wore nrrflltruM tn the
JetKraiiM Market Court > tntenla > won heM id i i S H I I < > bail
ascii bit Hit exception ul twn I MJO I wi re thee iisr4cd
AtM tHHt Jmdi lcd Htnte DUtrict Adorn Wlillun p
Fit ru rvciu < l tit vnt tturti I i iruitntiuiii tc > deliver Jmirth
tim J lily orrfilittiH lie tiCLt UJ lice uiie IK art ft huntu at
Oarnul rutimin County
rvnlinHlKl K pier me 1 K nf J irkooii Hue lrconllle
N J 1 MAS rriit < ccci t utilU Illmt > a t Li h d the i v
pnnri o h mic yhdini tup u Ml Itl tl llrmuikl
H ii Itll he atfmptul to M l oil I
John Oi MII n Icrniin cattier while MU I drutik tn
the Htrttt at iii oilutk M hulm iiutrniiK un rui
nir iv a h ir c i irit 1 ulton 11 mn I ur ni I ti nu
lliuoklvn MM injuilt art ihucijiit tit ce < < ut Jlii
Mullen tin ilriur mil ltini II Murcii Un MII
Uuotor teas anektttl ami rtitdnnl i > ii their cvi n rica
IdLe iliC p
In I the tltiitlfinoni tnviui Inrk tilate rice IMrry
Ti > cis bk H idct I Hit itch I ittitit rt < null d I IM Mm iu
ir hiitci a eiiriiel ccuitt UI iii ccitt u ti ut 5 IttiI
hiy tite htrel iteitl Ii iu Igil hi Il Ii ii 1110 C
aicuiih tint icy i iec t Ii 4U iiccc ll tic lit ci
teuicltlu ii u 411 Mtuci II tiii ictirli I 5 iCdililit
se1 Iihhud Cay te aitLi slid ilciiiiiiU iicst Lu ucj

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