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I 1
I IL 1 r jJ r 1 t > M ut
fU1 aDAY JULY 1 1879
Ans IuU
tIw Thti OlIlr
ll rl > Lr nuin I u I 111 L 1001
lLaqtr 11I1 11IIICotrl
ls4t qsI CJlurtll
w i iMrttnnri4l Altnlllin4 lUUa
I IflI Th Mra Xillrly Uilhit
1 li wlii Iliirrori
Advertisements for Tim WEEKLY SUN is
nifHjotnonoi tnoniMi inuit lit luiiuled i tliit
Ivnflg < before 1 oclock
Correcting lllsnpprohensloni
Tho pains whIch run SUN took ou Sunday
t contradict ajnavuluul scandal about JU1
Itoscoc CONKIINO ouo time uuxlous for
tho klUnupiiing and unjust ptmlshtncnt of
its editor la 0 specimen ot fulnicsa In Jour
tmllstu of which wo admit wo aro eoinoxx bat
Vio ni o at nil times ready to do tho ntnpleot
justlco to our oiiponcnts 1 ho othor day wo
advised that the mm din or of Mis HULL
should con Toss Lo did ho uot confess
Now If Mr HAYES would own up that ho
novcr was elected President wo would cheer
IlllhBlllll fully print Bitch a frank nod ciedltublu ad
Lot GHANT nay ho will not run for a third
term wo will spicad it to tho four winds
Wo Btuod ready generally t servo honest
penitents ot tho opposition t tho extent ot
our ability
The Record on the Army Bill
The question of all others upon which tho
Democrats and tho Hcptir > licnns have most
antagonized each othei during tho extra
cession is tho Army bill with clauses forbid
ding tho use of troops at elections After a
contest of nearly three months In which tho
VrnuduJciit President defied tho will of Con
gress the bill was finally passed wit a sec
tion in these words
SicrioxO That no money appropriated In this act 1
appropriated or Bttalt 1 pnld for tho iub litonce equip
ment transportation or compensation or any portion of
the army of the UniUil States to b t e utcil as a police force
to keep the peace at tht polls at any election lidd vtlthln
auy Slt
Tho Republican leaders in tho House had
bocomo alarmed at their position In favor of
bayonets at the ballot box and wero glad or
an opportunity to ictreat When this com
promise was offered ilr GAHFIELD Mr
HAWLEY Mr BAKER of Indiana and others
of Influence voluntarily accepted It and de
clared thoy never had advocated tho use of
troops that thero was no law authorizing
It and there ought to bo nouo In time of
peace The rote stood hs follows
Yui ITi Drmxratt Acklen Alken ArmfielJ Alhcr
tonAtklns BachuianBickncll Dlackburn llouca Bright
CaldwillCnrllilcClarkA A Clymer Cobb Covert Cra
vens Lulbersun Davidson lnvl J Jt Dnvls L 1 Dlb
ulI niam tills ivins Ewing Fclton Klnliy ore
Ocddes Qibsun Qoode Gunter Hammond N J Harris
J T Hatch Henry Herbert Hi rndoii Hill llosietur
Hull HuntonJohuston Kcnna Klrnmcl King 1 Fexrc
LeIsLoun > bcry Martin Iienj F Martin E LMcKen
tie McMahon xtcMillln Morrlion Mjcri New OCon
nor rheip IiItr rothler Iteniinn Richmond robert
son Itoss Ityon J W j SaV j er Scales Slmonton Slrclo
ton O R Sprinter Steele Stephens Taj lor Thompson
Tillnian Townshind R W j Upon Vance XXadJIII
XVelloorn XVeilsXVhlteakerXXhlUhorue 1 Ulu ins loos
a tnt wise
11 Wle xrrisht89
TTrxuUiniu Aldrlch K W Aldrlch W Anderson
Bailey Baker Barber Blnham Blaku Botvman Drew
o Brigham Burrows Butterworth Catkins Cannon
Carpenter damn Curler Crapo Crowley Davis 00
I Dicrlnz Duimell Errttt Fnrr Ferdon Field Ford
Frye GnrfUIJ Uulthnlk Hnmmorid J lamer
llasktll Hawk Hawley Hae Uazelton Ills
cock Itorr Hubbell Kctihsm Jlnrli Ma > un
McCorJ McCook McOowan McKinley ilitchel Mon
roe Morton Ncal Ntwberrr Norcro Osiner Oerton
1ound Price nice Itolinson rusMll I V X lyn
Thos Samford Shiitleubcriier 8herv < ln Smith A 1
Stone thomas Towusend A Tyler Xulentlne Voorhis
Wall Illon
Vultomi Do L Mntrr For the CllletU Jones Lowe
> lurch Stevenson Weaver Yocum D
Xirs 31DIDI > 9 ctnrdy Clark J flt t Cof
froth Cook Cox Dunn Frot HurJ Klutz knott Mon
nlng Mcholls Persons Itollmtll Slemuns Smith II U
Euiltb XV E Tunmr OIg
RaiMmni no llriczi Consul Dell Hall
Humphrey Joyca KtlfsrO cUl WarJ lwc C
All the conspicuous Republicans voted for
the bill nnd made a merit ol doll It Thor
nffBrcKato fell only fifteen I behind that of tlfo
Democrats The nays numbered nineteen
Democrats against twelve Ilepublicaiw
But the saute bill in the Senate ton days
later met with 1 very dlfTuiunt inception
Tho Btalvrart leaders there opposed It with
as much violence as they did tho orIginal
measure and contended that there was no
chango in ptlnclplo between tho two the
only dllTeiouco being that tho fltst was
permanent and tho latter tompoiary In ap
plication On tho tost vote ou passing tho
bill tho Senate stood as follows
You 12 nmirwii haLley BaynrJ nock Call
Cockrcll Coke Dixls ot Wt Mrtlnli toW Gar
ant OouI lnniptiinlliril I < Iliirlorl > rUroriU I
lluuiton Jinm Jtnes uf Murlda KerI UcDuimld
Maxox JUir iin IliiJIeton Itindolih ItniKom Sauls
bury Slurr Xiiict1 Vest Hacr Xallaci XXUhers 31
Nrs 111110 lllon Blair Booth Came
ron ol rmnit viinU Canivron uf XXIsioiikiu Chiudlcr
Cnnkliiu Daiien Ulli ul lornilii Iiuall KrllnjK
klrkMund IMIII Motlia oJJuoII11 Itolllui Saun
Jirs XXliiituin
It is thus feen that the IJepubllciins of tho
Houso otod almost solidly fur the IIU and
tilt Itcpubllcaiis of tho Scuato almost sol
idly nrfaliibt It And this too on the prin
cipal Issue of tho bosbion
Tho health of the Summer
The oppiesslx warm weather of which
wu had rxpotienco Kxst well 13 i a euro vhs
itant lit thfSv liilitudLH dtiilnj tho olf lu
IS oC Juno tho Iheinioinotor almost lu
nilnbly icavhlnc nloiij nbout tho pcilml < if
the fiummet wilbtlco us high li Hum OH ns It
iccotdi nt nny time during tie hot benson
A llttlu lancet ci nit I it ua uco of such heat
wl revIve tho drooping 8hlts of country
htmllordi who lutxii up to this tlmo be
wailed the Indisposition of city peuiilo to
foifaakn the tuxxn Jho caou lia > bwn ho
icmaikulili for Us fietiuint and abundant
IIUi t I that those fnmlltib who niu fort u on to
cuoutfli to bo able to enjoy I eliaiuo of air
dining the ruutttti haxo lot IJCIMI In linfto
t Icaxo tin1 city btiuils but to uch a mil
fall lins Klxen thd I llulils ali i ft est n fiobh
iien md luxuiiiiuci I 111 overt in June and
tho I fiiuu of imtuto t t wns never moio 11111g
than t It Is I now xvheii tho I oloslni of tho
BLiiuulb I and cii hige enables puiunts to
Kathcr tholf boyb tutU gltI Is together for a
Lvi It ill ainoinr I Iho I hills or bx thu I bonyldn
In iho COIIIMI of tliu next two xxeeliij xxo
tiliiill txtfln to jet facts on which to Imf an
Ostlmitu uf the pumpucts of the nutviliiir
piitio MMson which bo fur can liatdly bu
oild to h t vii oiunud
it hs l gratIfying to bIll no present Indica
tion of nn iixuiptloiiiilly uiilaxiuablo bell
von for health cither In I Nmv Yolk l or else
whero In the country No sii < mn iipldeinluf
aio IJ I I olalllig I and tho doath lato of tin
city 1 > inoiliinlo for HltlblittCi lint tho mobt
trying Li tin hits yet to come butxxren thu
midillu ot July and tin tiild > lloof bnptembei
old I dm ULf Ihoso IIds tho Ialtl lluntd t
will I 1 need tho I I nsnUtmiLu t of all I I piudunt cltl
Wit to htiy tho pi unless of thy stiiiiiner
mitlulles ninoii thichlldtun nf thu poor
So far itfa the btmots nro concoinvj thoy ate
iu a very fair condition us tocluuulluees tho
rains having done moro for them lhnn the
Hvmpcifi lirixxoxer and I I rry I heiltliy
tliuu li not I forxvitd I I I scti tit for the cropj tit
fui Ito anti xiviUlilii htH pioved u sanitary
advniittiKi for Iho Btipplles I In I tho maikots
alit ovprclally sound in ti lUnllty t I
Nothing hal mot conduced to tho 1m
proxeinent of tho city hygIenically than the
jleatel care now observed Iu the stipetvl
fill in of tho monts and vegotnblna iu thin
mii lel < i Though It I I is I ttlll I I I by no meaiib as I
thorough ns It ulioutd Im It IM systctiKitli
and IntolllRont and comparatively little
food unlit fur eating is allowed tube exposed
fur sale oxen in tho hucksters carts which
supply fruit vegetables and fish to People
of tho poorer class This is a groat advance
on tho days when bob veal and decayed veg
etables wero offered freely as n tempting
bait for Ignorant purchasers with light
Tho scare about tho cattlo epidemic tins
speedily blown over and tho cattle of tho I
generally in better condition
country are fleraly ti tolltol
of health because of it for their oxtnors lowe
boon driven to RIo moro onto to their sani
tary protection Iho price of milk on tho
dairy fatms vas never 10 low as noxv awl
the fanners in some cases too alllimlug I
that the business Is no longer profitable but
with pure milk so cheap there is less temp
tation to watoi it and the health of thu In
fants of tho city gains In consequence
Theiols nothing ut present which points
to a return of tho yellow leO epidemic
though n low cases nro reported In Lisbon
and Iu tho West Indies the disease his
shown Itself as it always docs in the aum
mer Reports from all tho chief cities of
thu Mississippi Valley up to tho 20th lust
are agi cod in i cprcseiitlng theli condition us
to health ns unusually favorable and gIve
the gratifying information that they nro
taking much moro thnu ordInary palus r
remove tho causes of disease There is
plenty for them to do in this direction for
tho neglect of sanitary laws in a largo part
of our interior towns and cities is simply
appalling No indications ot a return of
tInt fever havo yet appealed between Mem
phis and Shreveport tim lino along xxJilch It
worked so great disaster last year and
Now Orleans is freer from disease tan or
dinarily In Juno
No Work No Pay
Mr DinnELii of Tennessee has introduced
a bill In tho House of licpiesentatlxcs whIch
prohibits Senators and Roprcscntatlxos
from receiving pay for any absence unless
in cased of extreme illness of themselves or
their families Tho proper accounting of
ficers of Congress nro require to deduct
from the salary of each abscntco the per I
diem ho would have received if present
The Revised Statutes section 40 contain
substantially tho same conditions as Mr
DIBUELIS bill but thoy are evaded by ob I
tamIng leaves of absence and by other meth
ods In which both sides participate so that
the existing law is l practically n dead letter
I Is probable that no member of cither house
pays tho penalty of absenteeism bccaubo
each individual is Interested In liavtni tho
Ingest liberty and politics aro thrown
aside when personal couxonienco and profit
are IIolved
There wore ono hundred and twenty ab I
sentees on tho highest test vote in tho Houso
1 few days RIO or about txxoflfths of tho
wholo number The fact that many of them
were paired In no way relieves the tespon
slblllty of tho absentees bccauso neither
law nor tho rules authorize an abuse which
has taken largo proportions and at this
very tlmo leaves the House nt tho mercy of
the minority for a quorum to do biulncss
I Is not difllcult r find n remedy for this
scandalous system by which members of
Congress are paid for doing nothing or for
olougcd absences from Washington while
engaged in their own private business A
rnk requiring tho names of absentees to bo
real every morning as the first part ot tho
journal would soon attract the attention of
their constituents and put au end to I prac
tlco which has become I serious impedi
ment to the public business and Is a gross
wrong to faithful members who novel shIrk
duty nor resort to mIsrepresentation to
eecapo tho penalty of absenteeism without
Importance of I Chance in the Law of
Formerly man accused of crime was not
allowed to testify in his own behalf Being
interested in tho result ho could not bo a
witness on his own trial
1 this is changed now An accused per
son is I allowed r tell his own story under
oath I goes with tho jury for what it
Is worth Ills Interest the probabIlities or
impiobabllltiiis ot what ho states his piovl
ous reputation tho harmon 1 discrepancy
between his statements and tho other evl
detico Iu tho case all these are taken into
cousldciatlon or thoy should bo by tho
jury In making up their verdict
I is seldom since the entire change In tho
law in this respect which him taken place
that I cam jins arisen In which It seemed of
ui eater Importance than It Is likely to provo
Iu the case of Mr Bimi who killed his
coachman AiiMsntoxa
coachnln AWIgro o
Xo human being but tho slayer and the
blaln was present at tho homicide Thcio
inn bo no testimony by any other oyowlt
lelK than thohuixlxor to thu ex out
Mr BLAIH says ho shot ARUSTIIONQ
strIctly Iu selfdefence Ho bays AitMntosa
xxas making for a loaded pistol lying on 1
fholf la his loom AitMSTlioxa tutu already
mndo threats nnd ULAIII ically believed
hut I ho would liinifaelt bo shot nod killed If
ho did not lust shoot and kill AltusntoNa
Uhuieupon ho tIred two shots ono of which
took moitaltflect
If all this Is true and If IlrATlt8 fear
WItS such us n reasonable man under tho
cliemiiijtaiicc0 might cntcttaln then It
war I Case of justifiable homicide But It
all luSts ou Mr Uiuna OWl testimony
Will tho jury belloxo him or not f Thor
wIll ptobably bo largely inlluenced by his
Pluvious toputatloii which seems to have
been fair
Our lilshAmerican fellow citizens In
Montelnir haxo been unduly excited over
this ulTiilr Tho caso must bo tried Impar
tially and propei ly disposed of iyltM
bioNU sits alt Iiluhmnn BLAIH Is an Amer
ican The case must bo Heated preclsily
as It xxould bo If tho respective national
tlnbof the patties xiuo lexeieed No truo
Amcilean xvill object to this and no true
lilslinmn could ask for moio
Tho occurrence In every point of view Is
to bo deeply nvriettud by nil parties
UIess Intt Shot
Mr HAYES Is I becoming haute and moro in
solent toxvuid Coiitfiosb lit his voto of yes
tiinKy ho makes ImputatloiiB that would
not bo 1 tolonttcd by any Coiigrcs possessed
of cnuniKO nud a sense of duty Iho object
of ho buys CoiifMosa lu pisalm tho Mnisliuls bill II
liinnllestly I I to place lelure the Iiccullio tills at
lornntlie Ull vr toallnw incour luncllniiiil I tlm pub
lies rvkftol 1 Ie crlpplid ur susiellIlt Inr I n ant ut the ap
1 minimum r iul tu knp Hum lu uKiiiUuii ur lu
niprmi Irani 1 lion which In uDlclil Ciuin Illicit biull4 lu I
Ci ure ha hina I declared would be a xlulnliuu of hts
LOIUtttllUlrlUl ii bIte
I 1 not CVntf roes than which la rcspou
elblu for tlio ulmlniatinllonof tho Govern
net nnrl tho Inislnos of higIshatitn Jlr
HAVIJI l j Iho gimrdlnn of thi ptibllo hci x lo
dctui m tad Itoltiir to bo crippled nut coetecil i
by the Uwiiinklii POWt I
Mr hAVES enilrt hit veto thus
Tn ottulilitli the piliulplet of II hi 11 bill I 10 make a
railicnl do rrulol1 uticouitltutloiiBt cliiinite In tiro
clinnickr of our liHtllntlon
Tills Is tlio closing shot that Mr HAYES
flroa Into Congivs3 just fis It Is I njout to nil
Joni Ills limnknco nhAvd what ell lur
iiKemont uf ho hal found la the pusillanimity
Thoro Is every Indication that thin extra
session will end today After HAYESS veto of
the Marshall bill was road yesterday xrltli tile
supplemental message urging Congress to mnko
nppioprlatloni for the payment of Mnrslmln
fees I bill appropriating moo y for thus u fees
trite Introduced tn both Huutus In tho Suiinto
It wn Indelltiltuly POt OIIJ nnd la tlm llousu
It xvai dufeatud This action Benlod the dead
look between Congress nnd thu Fraudulent
President Thu lltpubllcans have decided not
to oppose ndiournniitnt today and htAtrs ole
spnlrlng ot securlmr nu npproprlatlon to pay
Iliu Marshals toes announces through his
Hpokumiien that ho I will not conxoku CunurubU
In nsucoud extra session
lllotln on Sunday excursion boato has
begun too noon thin season In two instances
t his bucomu serious nnd tlm vondcr Is that
somu ono wasnt Llllud There In I too much
pleasuro to bo derived from tho short 8 ills to
xnrlous plncBof resort near New York to sur
render tho bouts to rufllimg
HAYESS heart begIns to blood for tho sol
dier ns It did for tho poor African just before
tho organization of thu conspiracy to obtain by
forgery mid fraud the Irisldontlil chair
Iluretoforu HAYU has taken blight Intercut In
tho veteransi but now hu has suddenly come to
the conclusion that hint ouwhtto hnxu I chanco
nt tim litter carriurshlps and other equally re
muneiiitlxo oflleeH and ho his nutllled lat
mnster JAMES to that effort The fnct that
mlSIr JAlJ tuel Ihlt nom
inations for tho 1rosldoncy are In order may
perhup explain this uulookodfor maguuiilni
Ity on thu part of hAvE
To tako away tIm sting of Intolc HAN
LVN WESIOX and TALMAUC the Englishmen
now propose tobcud to this country tie strong
est cricket team that can bu tot mid In their
country The residents of the New World havu
not learned to play so good n gamo of cricket
ns have those of thu old one for thu reason that
the sport his not boeomo popular hero never
tholobs the Lngllslitnen will bu welcomed
tu LUllshton <
Tho Xlalno Ropubllcana liavo put up for
Governor n man who did till his figHting In the
ranks without shoulder straps Lit 1rlvato
DALZCLT take courngu I
Jons SHEIIMAX Is undoubtedly the strong
est wan In the Fraudulent Administration
CIIASTIXE Cox was arraigned nt tlio bar
of the General Sessions yesterday for the mur
der of Mrs HULL hesitated when nskcd to
plead nnd Dually left tho matter his cotiunol
who entered n plea of not lull Thu case
XTIS set down for trlli two xveeka from votei
ilny subject to npproxal by Judgu Cowiso xxio
Is to preside nud the dufenco uskud that nn
extra panel of onn thousand jurors be ordered
Apparently the object Is to obtain jurors who
haxu not formed somo decided opinion In regard
to tho case As Cox has freely acknowledged
himself guilty of tho murder to every person
who eared to listen tu his story anti UR lilt ru
hostel eonfeeslons hove been read by thu hun
dreds of thousand of f renders of TIIL bus and
of other papers It will probably bu difllcult to
procure twelve men who have not concluded
Cox to bo what ho has so frequently asserted
that ho Istho person who while engaged in
robbing Mrs HULL Inflicted Injuries upon leI
whIch caused hor death
Senators COKE and VET may condolo
with oach othor Tho former trlud to take the
WACNZH Silver bill from the Flnnnco Commit
tee and push it through tho Sonata before the
adjournment ot the ultra subslon but ho foiled
Tile latter tried to pans n resolution In favor of
tho complete rcrconcllzntlon of Mixer and its
to with but
rcMornttun perfect ciiuiillty wlh gold
the Senate docldod yesterday br lho close vote
of 23 to 22 to refer it to the Finance Committee
AsIde from the polltiinl legislation In lie ap
propriation bills these Iwo proposals haxu fur
nished the liveliest disputes of the extra ses
sions latter dam
Last Tuesday Capt JAMES F EDJIANDI of
Newton niichusutta xxas chitted among tho
solid and nourishing business men of the Buy
State Today ho Is n prisoner without n friend
to go on his bond It is tin old story told err
and over again In tho cases of WIXMIOW IONP
other once honored and prominent citizens of
Massachusetts now either conxirts in State
prison or fugltlxos In 1 firclsn land Clip
KoxiAXDsa word was regarded as good < 1 ns his
bond his bills and piper were always mt
promptly nnd his credit was of the best Ho
encountered troubles ho shrank from letting
tim world know the truth and In order that ho
might keep up a also nppenranco of wealth
and his expensive stylu of llxlng hu committed
forgeries to the amount of nearly iSUOOO
Tim extra session of Congress has lasted
threu months nnd 1 hal f Although UO few
bills hnxo been raised Ibo t found nlon Is laid
for an Immeuso amount of wurk In hIm regular
fMEslon that insets tn December no lobs than
twiiitvllvo bundled measures being already In
the Innds ot committees of the two Houses
Onefourth of them are for tinkering the
finance xxhil I tho rest Include I ito I bills that t
fulled last wlntur tho railroad snbbldks tho
tin vote schumcB anti public jobs and I great
muss of new and general legislation With
Fnsidcnt making added to Its icgular duties
Conuruss piomlheH to bo I n llxely tnidj
Unite LTiiKiitcc iful MUfclnn
rUIDellm Juno 23Tho day buforo Mr
A < ullh Uurlt Uil tilts city tJ oil nut cubit itliirUtnr t t
tho iurrMi uf acciiiiiniitiu him on hl > lrli thriruh
bib Club mJ JOIn lliu cx Stctrl iry liii 1 10 th i
catlU cif the limntu but k In thli cOy tilt t he mil I
Chill omit Drexel IoU tntkc I IIu niiUirnifr Ainlhiil 1
nil ronchwl tie ciinliitloii tlmt uniirr nuclrtiiiiiitiiii
ihonlt It lilt i i unit I hlb i iiamo tokolifuru the Nuiiijn
Coiixriuloii lor 1nrMiiit
Mr iliiric lurthcr tnlJ My 1 IIrln Il lro il lo
meet limit li I tu lout Ill uitnl I thi 111 Hun Ir riinmn
tie oll tIC rafcUtnt Hrnnt I hus Inut I tliii hoiur Unit
cnnl bcconiirml upon un Auorlonl rltlrrn unit win ii
I nih her tri aiietit iiiiil I till of an fttctluu 1 umtti In I
cuuntril out tO t the Drmncrutii Stnnln mil 1 HIIUM I he
nuulit lite in hlilor ni a dclrotoit iKnlrant lur n hurl
1 I nu ol tliu IrtBukiii ant i the Uinrnl ciiu > rtilii
mi 1 Wa uf Uliik a caiulUiti I slit luuii loll him
> or alit toll Mr Knrle hit Lien the commit com
pnnlun ol i ltn iramtt oil on llii Cit > ul hu I luiurn I 4
thlMit Mr 1 Iberia LI a Ii Irniitui iiM huMr itinuilhi I
vuhjictol i til 1rvkMi nr > to tm tiltnl Out i Ilulliiii I
hit liu I tin inmi 1 fur IlitWint ninl If tho luniilM tlui
U I forcij ulun > Mm ti I pubtlo iiucv Uy 10 Mill ui
I IMnctciI Hint Mr ChlMiaiul Sir prcx luoi > liUi eelir
fed their hut iuintni < iit c S r DI > hull liny to
tnlk Irani nut iflhe m tluu nt riiniinu lur ruMluil
auiln1 Ul nn tie i conlrirj till > npiinr I much tlHlul
01 ur tlulr rillurr lo get t ilr nit li n UK truck
Icitni uiilii Arxv ICvvenue lnxr
lflnslO tin JUI W AudltorOeiieraiaclioll
liHfdicl ltd 1 tiirtt I niuli r Iliu Hut Mctloiiot thu Uuvtnuu
net of Juno 7 Ih7U nil tiuliiuiliint t Cilia iui curponi
itniH hr Ilnl1 nrtiH rlit H Incuri r iitil nr o I
nr ilomir 1 1 lul tn tlii If < > itmiittcLUii I sIt i < i it t < l nt
lily All I IlllH Ilill I I I llB i III it a IKlllirnl I I 10 UlUl f Itlltll
luuiiy Mlhlll I Iliii I uttuat iIiy I UI tlio iA < ttiru or tliu act uiiJer u
0 v liai hot laI II ill
UOSTOV Junn DUhn nvsurtion Is mndo Hint
nil niiuo4iiciiiiuiit4 piirtinrtliij to iipru lIt ttint tilt
Tilbot hits tniliii tel souse lieu tu dceopt I u i iiiimlnnUmi
nro uiinuthorli ii 1 Utile hulrn tuli nru liulliuil lo ti i
Iai lull I ihu loviruor i jIll l u a iu iii > iiic iiicit ti
ililltoiho t nrvia uiiKit > 01 mm Ii hn aro unini >
llmllio ioiill nliuiv lila talus lo Iu iruo MUJ Iu his
cuuitun UuvubUv CuUvllMI
Jlxttnorillimty llilntr Hern liy nil iBlllllienl
OliivrTvr In I DiimiiHCiii
DAMASJOUB May 3DImt this most quaint
ninl ancient of Orluntnl cities thoro is h qunrtur
culled tliu Middnn I Btrtlchvt nxxny from tho
nlmo clrulnr tnwn in a long narrow suburb
to 111 oitilt lllcii tliu lumillu of a frying pan
nail It 1 of nil I imrlrfof DninnqniiR tho moot thor
mtorlstle I Is hit road by which thin lIuIJ o
Iliurimnuo to Mucca leuxos Ii hiinsus antI It
It I tliu t rout by which lone IWIXIIIIB from tlio
llnuinn nail Bouthurn deserts outer tlio city
1 torinlnnU In Ilio lliiwnbet Allah or Clods
alto and Its mixed commercial nut snored
Iharncter tins attrvteil a curious floating popu
Inllnn of dorvlulnS nnd religious devotees and
of lludouliiH Kurds nail Druses who are In
Undine rotations with tlio Inurn or moro ills
tout oasis On the rluhtliand slilo nail not fur
from tho end of tliu street Is n small unpntnn
tiotn house Indued ninny of tho houses In
tliu Meldin ur title I bettor than hovels but Dili
cute house can boust n sniill courtyard nt the
further und of which Is I the usual room entirely
ellIott to the court on ono aid I while It opens
Into tlio rest of the IIOIIID and Is surroumlod by
dlvim on tho other SilLs In this court are two
1 three orange tries In lilrmom nnil It IB over
looked liy tlm flit rent of nilKhborlng ltoitin
whom rlnsvlr Vet liii xumien can haunt In roles
und take ltd In any ceremony of Interest
which tint oou rlyird limy bo tho scene
Tlila little hoiiTi contains I very remarkable
liorsonnRo not touch known owntliitf to Mea
lutim nnd not nltruroiliar nuttrovcd by sumo of
Ilium I hut ninonjMlni poorer elriHiei enjoying I un
I iii mouse reputation and nltoRvthor lioldlnun
position wit hehi It would not bu H ifu I tu rent t with
vonlcmut his muni Is Sheikh lluslnn Abou
ton and I discovered him with thu help or the
110IcI Inniysoureh utter 1lul curiosIties In
which I take IdOIer Interest theta In Cnylilc
coins or I tmiiMPunu blades ln wis tho bored
ituy tiraud BliDllvh of the Dervish Order of
tho Uvihiirl I founded about oX years ago by tIme
xvtfllkmnvn Moslem Saint Sheikh Bald Ahtnod
111 HH iwl II huso tomb IB fctlll a placo of nil
irlmni for his followers und la to bu found In
thu old Crusaders church uf Ttintuh In IXSTl
At tlm pnwont moment tho order numbers
about 10000 inoml rH siMltorud throughout
Irlani but they nil own allidimco to thu Sit e 1kb
lluulan Diiiiiinni xxho elnI ins to bo a llnual I
deBeoniljut of time iirent founder and to hom
haro beon tranimlltud the supernatural powers
with which his ancestor tells endowed Such
poxveiH hoxvoxor nro br no inuina mnflnoil to
Shaikh t Iiitlm and lilfl dlsiMplori but cxlbt ton
Kieuter or hess l otent In Ilirou other orders
Ilho Kllunl the lllfnl ind thn SuUI
Hut my friend thu IJlawl Uhcllli main
lathed that he hail certain alls which
hone of thorn po HifseJ xvhltn they hud
nono which ho could not icurclso At any
rat I xvni nnxlout to BOO hla powers put to
tin teqt nnil necotnpiulod by HOIIIO friends
Ktlmuhtcd by the simo curiosity wo made tin
txuuditloii to the Muidan ono afturnoon mill
found till lIttle coumird half full of people
and the nulKhborltiuhuU3 > tops thickly occupied
by entitle spectator Amoni thosu nasenibkd
In the court were two jir three wlldlooUInc
men stripped to the waUtuhllootlier clothcd
but apparently not altogether hf l their right
mind were nbont to tiki j in In the perform
ance Tho Shnllhd uUlest s n a partlculirly
haodiomu boy whit the ho 1 tt liiftrous eyes 01
the BUI 11oo was a contplcunus lliuro in thu
gro ito whllo I I lie Sheikh himself I was n Hum
whose coil 01510 1101 and benrlni slami tell him I
at once as not bliiK of tlio common herd His
face was somewhat of n Jmxlau tyt thu short
gray boml maid moustache pirtlally concealed
a mouth dudedly pluislmr in iu expression
tho eyes ueo bright and piercing and the nose
Taking n handful of ekowor sImilar I to time
used for cooking purposes tacit about a foot
lone ho called thu Illicit halfstripped 1 Jlsel
tile to him Chill otionltiL his mouth multerlni
the while will criit apparent Intensity of eon
cuntrntlon n priyer or linooitlon hn with n
siulderi jerk for end the point clean through the
cheek co that It could bo po n projecting on thu
oilier side lie repented tho process with tIlts
other chock tho man showing no sign of paIn
nnd not n drop of blood flowing from tho
wounil Ho then went to his son who calmly
cnznd nt him with his large tuvlmmlni eo
opened his mouth nail received n similar stab
through thy che k without tho quiver ot an eye
lid 1 I was watching him closely aunt could not
observe tho HiUhtcst musnilar contraction Thy
point wia clearly projoitliu through tile skin
and deception wits Imposslblo ns theN wit
cnn opportunity afforded for thin closent In
Bpictlon Invhiii the two victims whit their
months thus trussed ivs It werJ tho Sheikh
took II srlIlIro < bog whIch when It was opened
tells found Li cOlllnln lIur11 live scorpions of
unusual alze Taking i up oiu > of I Ii ese nil
large M nn n 111 I nary md 1 ertb ho handed all
rlggllngdartinu Itntall in Its efforts tottln
to n man who enno foiird and calmlr but
rapidly dropped It Into Ills mouth and JrullehlI
it with itappir ut rullshentlng complete
ly up Thon VoI saw n much I irger hex ion
lalnlng serpents ot various fllZH Thii > ho
tinned out ui > < 5n the floor dominating them
after the manner of Bernent charmers ami al
lowing them to twinu and curl round
him In this of course then was
nothing marvollous mr Indeed In what Im
mediately fillrmiul though It MU blckunlng I to
behnld Drawing lIve miiko about two out
long out of tho box ho held It up by tho till
when Baildmily a tall I I11l1n afflicted stunt remitl y
wllh SI t Vltuss lane with huh t dUhixellud
rushed fnrwird with a loud cry and tel llli loam
lug lips ueUnl I tliusnal0 with LoUt ltiiitlit tot
It v lolently asunder and plunged lla bloody and
iiti tiitnt I ag ii hit Into I his mouth Tills Beamed
tho signal fir n genera scinmble In a ino i
iiiunt throu or four 11I11 truce teiring tho
writhing I frngiiients with Ihelr I teUh nnd with
cagur ridlnisi duourud thum In large
niortltluls I untlillot I I pirtielo ot thuMiuL I ru
miinud Tliuy thundiuw biu wltli beomln
ruliRtauofl wiping their biojdy lips with thuir
Put tIm exoitnnint so ollo 1 loire produced
nt Ttof III In I thu man n ho had Ii ret sulrdthu I
bii lUe tout which thn bhuikh itbtoreI him by
clumping his head with both hands and pnbi
Ing I It xlolenth wit liii IM again concentrated
lilnihulf on Ine iiitations tho MMIH starting 0111
nn MX fnnihead with tho Intensity of hm efforts
In II few moments the ii rvlh Imd bmMiuueoni
Iiritlxeli ealm though for tli cot of the time t
I olw io IlhII I ho continue I totwiteh nnd jerk
eonvnUlvulv within his otis lolled wildly
Meantimu thu I man and boy who hail bucn
p reed watolied thu priKvodIngs I with thu ut
nm4 t nneoneern As It wns difllenlt t to beliei I t
Hint t to iiiiinln I I with nnua cheikn hlteri did
not at all muntu prodiico II fueling of dltitDni
fort and IIH tlhi must havu been ftamling fur
nt loutiiju 1 II irti of f an hour In thin unno mutt
InilK I tnld thuMiulkli to pull out tlm hiinert
This lie 111111 iiich ensu preceding tho sharp
pull with wlileh ho mtraetiul thom by an car
nest lino iition When thny weiu drawn out t tho I
pnlnls wro bloodlem whlli cxciii hag that
then was mi apparent IndnintUm of thu cheek
nl tho SpitS tlir uh which thu shutters had
pisso 1 there was no sIgn of what had Imp
11 I
A brazier full of live chnr < vnl wns now I
bioiuht In nnd fannid Into llann1 hen It
was glowing with it blue and lurid light the
tiheikli calling Middunly on AH ill biiMiial
lliuii pimped literally on thu 111It1I11 mais
with hU biio feet and Muudtlieit fur nearly u
nilimln Tinn gelling diwn Im ehaieoil wan
again fanind IIUD llame and the men who had
eaten tile seorplonn and HJI punts and who Imd
boeiiHkiiweiod thloiluli tile uneoks lushi fm
wird plungid their linndK Into thu luitnliig
mnbi tOll tosbiid tliu glow Ing eml IMS Into thnlr
monllm erunihlng Ihuri up with thu greatest
unconcern Meantime iho Hiuell of burneil
1Ih became unmibiake iblu whleh honuuluit
inllltutiH iuiilii t llui theory that their llesh Is
Impel vlouw to 1111 i tlmiiLh 111111 I bound to sa >
no one nhuwed ant Hignu of uling l pnln
A light cuUr > d mini hti > ppid to thu wnM
now eiimufii ward aimed with a cut Mid pointed i
knIts about eight lucUe long cud an inch
broad with n short woodon handle nnd WM
nbout to plnngo It Into his abdomen when ono
of tliegontlonrjn of our party bocnmo so faint
nail ono of Iho Indies so sick Hint thur begged
tlicHhuikh to omit this part of tho performance
In vnln hnnsaurod us Hint It would bo heat
tended with lie slightest paIn or danger In
iiln tho victim to bu operated upon manifested
the utmost unicnrnoan to bo allowed to stab him
elf tin civilized norxcg of my friends wero
unequal to Iho Knock Ho was by no means n
illcnMonklng man lilt t adopt In I the t mnglo
art but n calm liitclllguntlookluc person
whoso whlto skin gave him Quito nn all of
Wlillorn olvlllxntlou Ito showed us n wholo
row of scare extending completely round his
waist ench nbout nn Inch long some twenty
or thirty In number n > evidences that
ho wns accustomed to tho experiment and that
It was safe In every case vrhllo bearing a
very distinct Indurated mnrk tho skin hail
hualod beautifully and ho nssmod us that Ibo
cipuratlon was as bloodl 1111 nt the ono nu hud
ready I witnessed At least ho betraod It wo
would nut allow him to plunge A knife illx
Inelios long Into his stomach for our IIrIlIlDcII
lion to let bin nxhlblt tim minor spectacle
having n aLnwoi to which a large Iron ball wns
iiltncticd pissed through hla throit nt Ills wind
plpu and uomo out at tlio back of Ills neck Ho
shoftud us tin hard lumps nt tho lower part of
t Im throat III front and at each side of the spine
III thonnpiiof tho nick whoro former skewers
had pen tratud
Thu phulkh was so disgusted with tho wonk
nerves of our party that he treated ua with n
dliade ot contompt henceforth and scorned very
nearly determined to no on with tInt ceremony
whether wu Ilkud It or not
confess I regretted that It should have boon
brought to ncloao at lie momont when It was
becoming really Interesting but the testimony
of nn English medical mini ot high reputation
and experience who has been long resident In
the East and who has wltncu ed both tho
piercing of tim abdomen nnd thu nock will
Inuo moru weight than mine This Bontlemnn
him Informed mu that the operation In both
eases Is genulnu The knUo goes In about six
Inches I myself now that thoro was no possi I
bility ot its being slipped buck Into tho handle
As It Is drawn sharply out by the Sheikh ho
wets his forefinger with his tongue nnd In
stantly places It on tho wound which then
loSeS leaving only n scar but there Is no sign
of blood or Infl immatlon I was unable on
this occasion to remain buhtnd and satisfy my
sell on the subjuct but the Bholkh nnd his dis
ciples Ulcntly took umbrage at our refusal
bee all they weru prepared to show rind attrib
uted It probably to skepticism though In fact
1 i too UM bullet In lie reality of the per
formance on the port of some of our Drty was
what so abruptly terminated our visit
I nskud tho Sheikh lionuor to como and BOO
mo on tile follow ing day which ha did and I
had a long and Interesting conversation wllh
him Ho said that from early youth ho had
bonn tralnod to Intense concontrnt nnd
prayer anti repeated to mo the forms of lumen
tlon by which both Allah and tim SholUi
lledawl could 1 bo npproanhod Iartlnllr closing
his eyes nnd lowering his voice to n whisper
ho pronounced thcso formulas thu breath be
coming loncer nnd lower until It Wits almost
Imperceptible and tim whole frame being np
iruntly nt an extreme tension Tho sentences
wiru constantly nnd almost automatically ro
peatcd Housing himself after ho hllli shown
mu thu manner of invocation liu sold tlmt had
ho tone on lltllo longer ho would have fallen
into 1 trance that trances thus Induced were
common to him nnd that whllu ho wait In thorn
ho could hocomo conscious of Iho presence of
the Sholkh Ilodiixvi nnd converse with him
that lie ropeatudly did BO but Unit It wits
nexer permitted to him to dlvulgo what
passed nil said It was not absolutely neccs
> nry to bo n Mohammedan In order to
bo n nvimbcr ot tho order hut n profound and
entire belief In the Sheikh Uadnwl vs < the source
of their power was essential and na Ilcdnwl
hll on earth had been n devout Moslem
practically nono but Moslems Our sought to
belong to the order At thn same limo ho ad
mitted that ouch practices xvero not recognized
hI tho Koran und they nro Indoud opposed to
its spirit but hu claimed that Allah permitted
them for exceptional purposes nnd that tho
object ot the order was to proxa tho truth of the
miracle recorded of great prophets such ns
Abraham Mo oi nail Christ nil of whom could
perform similar wonderful works nnd persons
doubting time truth of this could bo convinced
that they wvro possible In old times by seeing
what wits posuiblii now If however they were
attempted wen by members of the order from
any other than a religious motive tho protec
tion of Bodawl would bu withdrawn nod they
would certainly prove fatal Nor could other
than holy nnd devout men though members if
thu order exercise thesu gifts with safety It
was nueeBsari also to bind oneself by oith to
liii sexeu iiimothutlciU precepts of Moham
medanism Wiiunnmnn decided to become n
mnoiberot time order and had taken tho vows
tlio powers of tho Uodnwl 1 WON imparted by tho
process of writing on n piece of sugar a form
ula hldi ho wrote for mo thus
flJ P fP pp
9 J 15 flJ
0CfJllf1TT1 t
Then dlsnolx tho sugar In water and drink
ing hemoforward thu saliva had n special
he illngx thi tile and could stay tim flow of blood
IIu wnB enabled to exorcIse a great power In
ninny ways oer the human organism anti
spent his tlmo curing people who cllmo 10 him I
At Ito siino tlmo he I was fully nllxo to the
VII 1111 of money ns I afterward dlHCoxerod and
both hu nnd his followers lived on what they
null obtain by tho exorcise of their art Ho
did nt profe to hnxrt any power ot telling tho
future but Ud that ho could do far moro won
leilul thlnus than wo had seen or than hn had
Intended I to thaw us lit itt thu special strength
of 1 thu Hod iwU IIIv 1 III their powor of dealing I
with 8Cnhllll and with lire and that I ho had n
furnace which when It was huated red hot was
entered by his disclpli who Buffered 1 no moru
than hhalrvh I Meschuh nnd Ahdncgo did
under similar clrcuuutanuas ttiouj mdj of
xoais ago
AHogeihor the Sheikh was a calm nnd earnest 1
mannppirmitlk bolniving profoumlly In all ho
s ild nnd with non of thu airs of an ImpuMnr I
When It Is I rumemhorud that xarloiu orders
liming to uxerclbu powers ot this divscrltitlon >
luxoiMsted In thu Iait 1 from all time that at
hit < hi reseat day the > number forty or fifty thou
sand In Iiliriiilone not counting Innumcrablu
duivUlied with vii rifle it pretensions whllu I nb
faklrx I mid il lwllloCK they swaim t both 111111 t I I I tube
nUll Hlmddlxt eonnlrls and when WI Had
thdli UIIIB liulliixeit In nnd thiilriiuw era accepted
by I tliu I I masses Iu I all I hi use eiimi ut rios It Is not to
bu wondered < at If thn I lenders bid lvo In I them
Kelxos or hnxe Homo ground for bo doing
Tlio fiiiiiulatlon ot Ohristlanlty as of every
ither religion Is thu supi rmuural and those
hn deny the possibility of puwurH Ylstlng i III
the iue nt hut nl ntlial with tlniHu whieli they
point tn I In the 11111 t mldeneiH of the trnlli of
their own lelLlun place II w lapon In thu hands
nf r hkeiitien uf I wlikli the latter will not bo blow to
axiul tnuinailxiH t
Klltilill eu uvtflfluu
roNfiTNiiNoi > irJuno 30 1rinco Alexander
uiiiiiLiul v lio lut ttrn iit 11 tort Ito IKLII irclltid to
thi tMilan ulinitiM inl him lili tlii Irnt l i Iii will
lumuillit t IMIKI til lo I 11 lit Ii i tin nci to I Itti 1 tcliuk all 1
tin net until to I iuri 1 n in t win I n > In Nlll lie tiiktiiiini slii 1
tilt Hn mill i in i but lilt li I IIu Ciintilliitliin lhuii > lIllal l
a Inn uIr ilon nl i hue > inil > nlly list Uin vtttlblUluit
in I bull ii itt ii hu hi in ktlrLivU U4 his L4t > itaL
I tie flirtk 1luuller I lallollllll
OoM > TXNrNoi > u Junu 30lt Is iiHbnrted In
Um iniku ut intU Unit II ho Ministry will tiiLlluu to
nnni ltiiiititri t 11 ininl iniii I rri im hit imit I t ol I verity
lilt 1 n 1Ii Unit till lUlnnii in HI ui ilic ijrn J lk ruttier lo
tho pOll cftllllloo iou tiiut thin u ill hi iihublu I tu i UhfiD
I hi I IT litlliu JIlrMlun
CosT tiTricnmrg JUliO 30 Thn iltlshnnd
KiiMiiti I iii i Miut im list C prultktiU lunaiit thu I alinvu
noil of UK trek i 11 HII uhli h IIAII Ihf Klirdlip jioMir
u ciiicliiilf tslics t Mtii loiriuii OHM riiiiKiit Ihui iU >
in ui I ilmt ihv ail i 11114 it lIbel t xuinl irs i VloU tu tilt dvo
utlvu vl iiuiuil 1ailin Hull to iu iuUlu 4
JHOTllUlt oczfiIx sTalfSIlU
Thu Bhiuluad nr lieu l Mint IlncV Ieicilt
1 tutu uf hut Vriivcl
The now fled Star hunt steamship libya
land win thrown open for thi Inspoctlon of
guests nt the companys pier In Jrsey City
yodtorday nltornoon Thus hthiynluind Is an Iron
screw ntTtmslilu built nt Ilntroxv KnRlnnd of
4000 tons btirdnn and 2200 linllcatiul hnrxo
rower Him Is 416 ti set In loneth over nil 40
feet beam nnd 32 fed 8 Inches deep amidships
lint a sirutigimt ateiti anti elliptic stern xvlth tur
tiebacks forward nod aft nnd U prox Idud xvlth
elcRnnt and substantial Iron IIOUDOH on tho
maui I dock containing saloons ladles room
smokluc room chart room officers antI on
Klnoors quarters cnntrlca mcisrooms Ice
rooms Hiororoonifl ttc Thu iiniln niiloon
xvhlch IB Bltuiitnil just forward ofrainidshiips In
Ii mu sued in i i > ollslnil piinelllmr I I of Biitln wood
nod nialiouauy Tlio uphnlaterluu Is of trained
luathiT Tiieruiirntxxo fi mielt ptth bolted bulTulti
ucrnnil plimo nt Uimllnli niiiknninl nn shut
Nlvo llbrnry I I Tim toll of tlio falcon houait In ix
SDiiclnun hurrUitun tuck whore milnon JIIIBSCII
girt can prnniiinnlo wltlmut Inturfurimcn from
the crow On lie muno deck is the xvheul house
Iimrt lioui tVi1
Tlm utnturooins are In limo mIddle ot Ito ship
where thu bust motion Is felt anti are all of the
RI mi slz pinifloiiB xvoll i llulitid nnd xenti
latinl nnd coiuiilutulx ftirnlahud Vontllntliin
ivliitliir In I wirmor storm weather la Kicnrnl I
by limit lilt of a Npnolal nti > iuntiiH conniitlng
xxllh lulfHtoiiii I > li Btatvrnonithii h sunijly of air
lining rotc uihittd by tho oecuiumU Lii > li Btiitn
room U lonini tudxvith Ihu stewards oflluu by
an ulcitrlu bell t
The Ithynland lIke the other ptonmnra of tho
conipnny carrIes ilte royal ItulKmn mallH She
U I olllcurud nlnioHt ontlrnly by AiiKirlcanx
lierCiibtiiin huh hg n Now Voile sea Cniitnlii I of
twiinbonn yuarn HMWI lunce The ofnevr lift
IHIIS luUoMa Cit ptiut ii xVlt lit mititihl Uilof of
MCIT C J Jainlwsnn fumuiid udlior H i Fisher
thlid I illldir Jti titus Oriint littu till eiTher H
lUiualU I Cltlel End licur J thmi rsii all Swoiid
KiikInoiT II VnltM Iurser A Btoukhiun Chief
btuword It Polluok
The Jolly Old lliicktnlli
To HIE KniToit or TncSos Sin Jly father
has uften told me of tha respectnbilitr and size of the
Itucktail processions in former jcnrs Tliy alwayi took
place on the Fourth of July They comprised many of
the best people mtlm city Tin irracesiion was tnuilly
formed at the old Tamilian hail tho preiunt Suit hifiid
Inz and from thence with mimic nounillim and bunnr
flyIng marched to some church selected by the commit
tee otters prnjcr sent uflircd an oration delIvered
the Declaration Independence read ami tIle naUonal
hmns of llall Uulumllu and Ito Star Spanxlcd
Uanner tong by Iho entire conjrcciilon
The old Iluctullt were JifrVrsnnian Demooratt ami
they alwajsdresied nil this occasion In Hue dries coats
with brass buttons surmounted by a cockade upon tlm
lilt lapel and a bucklall fastened lo the tldo of their
black hats Hiali the Fcilirallsts the uppoRllu political
party al ajidonued their black eockadu and mnrihed
In tho Rime procession the i artisan hntchet belnc
buried for the occasion Old Gen Morton ur Knlcker
bocker fame who cuiuinandcd the mllltli In thoso dais
ulcer considered II too hot tu nnrch at the laud ol Iho
line The thermometer probably did not comics at Stilt
then as now or the country was not kept In such a
heated stnto of political excitement
It Wit a pleasant sluht also to too the Itattcry nob 1 the
City Hull lark covered tutu buuths decorated nlth lieu
ersoiitt covered with patriotic dcxlcts where dimirt
and refreshments were served out The filled ox was
killed and roasted by the market people and all xrho
chow to partike did u u without inoucj or price At
night lucre Mere bonfires abuse tn tlie iTk alit fire
works and tn this vay the day wnq cclebratid iuiti nn
J411 nnd happy rejoicing not wttntiSMtl now True there
was it little spread eagle oratory tiiduUed In but what
of that I
1ity tiu yet pity Its tis trna that thu div like
tVahhiuatuns Birthday ant Kxncuitlon hay jiiouit now
be nllerl Umrtd by the City Katlir Jf uuo nn toha c
no parade why cannot time city provIde br music and
llre orks at night on a Sew of the principal parki I inc
Cast that a subscription bo started for this purpose
J f 0
The Patriotic Alilernmu MuUo hla Appeur
the patriotic Aldirmnn called for ty oik of v our curry
spundints has made his pinrancu Last tuck ho of
lend a rinolutlon In the Ilaird lint the public oHlccnba
closed from Julj 3 tuT In order that the attncH mu
have a briif xnciUon Andthisls I nil th it 11 done by
our city authorities tn rceant to tho klurlous Kuuith
They make no pn psratlmu for lt cclrrallin wliateier
lfli > li Isuppo i it itt Hie oiuluuiui Ill icr Hint Hurt
I only one tiny Murih rotbrilln lircurntlnn fru
llas it cone tii this In the tic I yir ol our htttci rmti mi
Unit Alt Hit Rlortiui memurli whlcn cluster nrnuml tin
Mnirlh ut Julv shuuld be biirliilf In it tui > lalu xi t tor Im
nutliurltif tu i I tare a celt brntlon II nut lit tht ill
wli mu ujtthu ilaltl til lust 3tar alti gtto tu > e ii t irk
vtty such a ciUtirntlou bf our IiiJcpiiidenco hay Clot
> bf will ia I proud uf tim 1onama
Jc iu 30
The Condition nfMlilh Avenue
To THE KntTon or Tun SUN Mr I think It
is tieS tune for tho procr aiithorltl to take uteps to
tmntirou a the cindltlon of Mnth nicniiL The Eloxaled
Itallroad Cuiiitaiiy uppiar to halo lIeu imnpletc pus
wiloil of the attune nnd the conirquenco is I that a
irnat hart of the ftrietli I lull I of dteti hoitH and accumu
lations of earth r otiis and rubhlh emitting a frt litfiil
smell from ttu cuinbined exlmlatlous of sincrf zis
tlicI I and a sreat mass of fllth
Ii lit I suipore nviettary that tho railroad compiny
should have reasonable privileges for ttm rebuilding ol
heIr road hut I obwno that thev open hole on1 lt > nle
ttuin linnili hiMl lur Mintll I ititkii i Tile reiiult is that
Ninth uwnui i ln ntliirrniltilrnnilttiiin omit I n nuKincv
In all iti tim In Hint liiiktibnrhuud I 11 u u i rkit Liilritt
lipun lliu ultrriM Unit this tutu 11 milters shouttI I 11 I nl
ho itt tot ltiI iMCinlli at thU MIUMJII itnn IM are In
diicur Im I li linn UlKilt
Mi remli Ira 5 111 Silt niih ti to Ihe Hrortiihronuh ii hick
tllv luiitr iort i uf the Hfiaiett rail I runs Tin sIr its
are In Mn a us oceit cuuliuuii ttiun Mull uxinuc It
Aro Fills Xotlon fiT Rfllclon Kei nn lble
fur Mini of the Crluif < omntltlftt I
To TIIU EDITOR or Tim Sux Sir If Clnethio
ox 11 nil Uou tiiiijjtit that simI Ii i doath tliyt If he sinned
lie would ivuroly Ito se toonlTor mite cnn qtiencf nl sin
nha thatttioMcoiiDiquficcflitiroctod tliUhU that hut
sin onco coiiiinltiotl there vt no wn > of ilUnt the
caisWQuetic t tutnt mr as ha txMUd i > n tllscirtu h
> < ulit hits ti > nan tlio umltH ol tlic mil 1 tie aiss In
all iti 01 bmic tmuit liii hut im lii suit iilltlbaii
1111 lii hut that tmc hliuiiiimiti ti iiiltii I utiuiiIih
Ii tmmlrt tilt IrlililIlt cli tutuitte is ulmI t Cii
ltttiti ii I I mu lilt Ii 1 iimtcmemutmus 1 tie ltuurtr
I ma a OiL ttmti ii umtmiui tile isa I S ara triwstI iii ihie
iiuhc r teuuciutnuc uuuI ieei asu ii i if tue tatiti 1 dc taitit
Ittuc their iii rllllulucc tiltlilliiih liumti tmui ittl
tomitmitilttiI miutbire S Is aid ghtirumlinmmtu it Ill
uliltO 11110 t liii titurimliC I ii ic ilittr a lciilii ill
riitbmat cii ctiitthhliil lit iii id tict Iriiz tim hut Ito
ml it il otut rmmutimtit a ri iuhtiriuiti ci litit itttitiuu
15101 ii e ltd tike a hilui aid his iii ii itititlut liltl ir
ti St I us Ire ti ut ruin nit iutuit iuijeiiitima ii itt iriuuitcc
uimmI uuUtcu io hi br COilS it tuiocIuiti at Juisus Cl riO
00 it It rtmi hi Icolle 1 1
5si lw ittmw JO
lu THE Lmrim or Tint Srv lr ChaKtino Cnx Is I a re
101011 duiiotit nn I like iiiher uf hU stiiiip li cducntid
tiu lthve titat Iil tIer as itoh riimmus it uum itita
us hit ul II us utiltscuatiu thu In uu ic ii tirilir
muir it u uti ii si ii t iiiuit hilt it silttI
ii Ii flih us uatiet is is lie it lie s iii eu
i it itiil lii ru uro Ir iiettti ii lliii tiiitriii I
liriuiii Iml ieliutoiiiI hut lii ta osrstruiiti
ri mi us iitill till has ii ut urdur ii i ro huh il
Sio tolui tuitit Mi
A > ctv Vie Stir Aniliiiluiioee
To rum EIIIror or Tin JUN SV This oily
U hut hinliii irtt rs uf tin tithili t rtiuic Itt ol Ti M < XII tlni
linn from tuuriy mum till lili ut mrht I uurn ihtir
whis bUturs cuitliis nuJ iiiinu cnn to nn ilrliiu
riuitl I In tlm Is I iilllppid I nliiliulnmif inlkiil S iln
tkiitui i unrr itt N tOil I Slit ioiiiwp In ml i iiiiu lb iiv
itt < public nhiiuld be 11 tlitt lu pa lur all tin ruiimt iivil
mini thnn t mu Ulitiilitlit l l
Ol n uri nu mOuth I I l Intlm lllth Ihr 0 il i thcne
amtiiilahtiii Inr tiltbu muilmtIiIia i ur t rt but that It Is
an ubute any uno liiia bI i tin htaiiby i
lciitaatm I i ur otis OIl AstIr
SAN AMOMO Tins Jnnt i t
Iloiinr to tliu raltlisul Pexv
Ill thrie nnr Ml ftk 1lld nrlU I tit S
XX hi ii Iluii ii > lain tionld irmist pursuo
PIICI tis nu < taut nnl crnr Lid suaya
Th n > tlll u I in ilii nlnllhiulfiw I
Tujutlliu and lu bettor true
A fHilin ii t musk tn sat
TI u tot sul itml ilkhti I lo dny
Cl itn hi irs titI I r muHtirii lieur have
Tu briith hue lliiK 11 Mutts uun t >
imii I briak iho pioiii > oxinUn suay
The people voice the wiltol Iiiil
bint loiih nil uurhny to thu Hi 11
Tu lurio ill lit bio lint H I r I md
Culll rl till public rit to j Ii I
And Mli thor ii ii lulls Hut tin Meld
Tin chnmploiu the fui men meet
Out but to triumph ur to ilk
Thi > klnu le tue is art ill tctrrat m
And nil the h t ui li < M liter why
This tuith to 5 titter tiiulmt the lie
XX lint stri tilth in in I n btoti n throne
XVhat fnrii dm a nnni I Hi luliniiiilve t
limit mm ut mUht thin o > i rblnii n
hliiiii out tlnlriuuiiii i I i iii couch aslete
And otuiy bIk tIlt rwlil lolhu I
A lew Join not tho rearward rare
Nur mil ii trill e nur huta lu hide
iur hu d their llvt i by irniitulunt I trraee
Ilut atm ln lu stem tht ktrHrlulllu tl In I
Andbriiiilyoxiryunil biIc
Tutor fiitthrnl fviv are of the seed
lust tin dom suns fur uruu tin of men
Our iulIii I Mill it I comic thubried
And stall u sturdy rnit airaln
Strong Hllli Itis siioiJ uuAtumus aol ten
Ihya Jllmslmknxaxxongoo nn envoy
from Ilic Ktuir rMum nrrhcd In indnn t tout t month
Tim convicts in the Xoi tlmmpton Masts
piluin piihllh n ncckly acrl In iimnuwrlpt cnllud
tnnortnlt nl l Hum
Tlio tcmporanco people of Springfield
Maus Mtll umlcrtakp tn supply tree lenionmlB tall who
wnntlttn tlttht thy on tho Fuiirth itt hmmia The bcveraifo
li to lie JtirrniOl from ntrof sisal IMImatti widely
sryistii thin iiumilltv thnl wIlt be required 1
Jfilcngo has n lltld Mens Society A
rcilito lur iiicmhcrMilp U n luri spvl un tuD of the liend
lutlv than four Munru inches lit txUnt The object uf
the 0 iaiil7allonl Is dIscover n euro for boiditess The S
Irel L nt has not a hnlr on hit head and was elected for
that son
ho importation of crockery has do
cret 1 by about one half In the last ten years Gimllsh
imll nclurershavo concluded that the American mar
bet i railill cloilng to them and CiiKltsh ca lulls
htiii l iiii < loiitln the establlshruint of new factories In
thi chiT
nrgo bodies of troops are to bo nssom
bit d uliiil the present summer at the pnntlpal military
tatli it In Russia to be exorcised tn inameuvres on a
lam ical Alto < tlier tuilriyone campi are to be
tarot the aifurrKaui of the bred collect In them
fimoi tltit to 1JO hnttutlous or Infantry 210 spumiiiroii of
clot y and two jjnn Among the InlVnlry arc 42 of the
lieu irgnnlzcd rewnc bittaUniiff
ho Option Utah Vrcmmi says that
ilnrl taj Uoiitd4 recent trip In the West n bund of
mm lie trAln rohbcrs posted thetnvhe iihiiie i lie nn
gutr it lIitiis oil the Una of the Union IMclfla Railroad
taltit iilii Idea uf catching hint n < his Danced through to
0yl I Thn rtlibori proposed to tako him Into tiu p
Itril ii piwwMtoiia sail titer Keep 111 in until ho nhould
1113 it ImnuiiMj run HI tin Oould heard of the plot Hl
cra rcwnrdid liU Informant nnd ujidc hU escape
91 English physician rulules that on tho
ihui1i Kbru irv lilt M lender hluiyIibi Coil corn incnl fur
tenUM ttio fowl mIssed her feeiMIng rintf from hor
flner nnd niter a iruitinie I search KHe tt np for lost On
the fch r > tnt while rnjncfd r fit Inn att iru at brcfcfatt
rile irlt e tirtiFpoon grate acnlntt lomcthtiu hard At the
bott > m of Cia era below the yolk aol on further ImosU
KAt n loniid lliy bat rliirl firmly flrod by mcuibrflticoiu
adl sluJiitu tliu bottom of Ute egg Tha egg was of extra
iutr4t ohio and waylaid the duly licitiro
Piior to 1872 tho Ei to Railway paid annu
nttfor neat rallinnd repairs lo rail fJaijiniUc Since
thiii bite rond has In in loll it lilt sheet rntH and the re
pair thcnby so mine oil Hint the annual expense mi that
Account nmnunt now tu lint f JM per mile On ItO entire
ronl thin affords n tins of SlMOuuo Tho Wraut Co
ittt nil mate i that the jhitltuttcn of steel rail effects A
etcirfarlim to the rnllrruiNuthli country AfflufXiUUOQ
Thevxtoniro UHJO tit lit toxnn In JP7J ut vihkli
tlinr Marly uletcn rr tent of Ihe rails aura replaced
eiriy while In 1t 7t nnli V icr i > cent luau 1 lu bo nhiJ
TInt story front Queensland us toanl
mai btt D it mndc uncnitKiuus ti 1 > n newt discovered
ilriri und re tnrcd tocoiifclousncM weeks Inter proves to
It I n hoax An LnglUh roper points out thnt the story li
noililnc more limn n rWft of A piper lnCA mv
7 < riif for Mrroh 41870 Tie Ltth jcnfuy say that a
mulical uentKmnn ut Sudbury near Derby frhos his
I fctcbluruorm Si lie iilie I runs short ot food Cur tlitin moist
tliu lin riualii uucuniliUji for ic rIots rjittilnn from a
seek tj tMida > t tttul ftritiitru to coy ci far Iron luting
ncthexlilbtta marked liiiproouicnt wjcn they recover
from the flttls 11 thn AiiaMthetlc
Tu tIlt Hall of tim Honorable Society t
tic Mid lit Tuni Ic In London Imtifi n celebrated picture
U KliuChitrlet I tuliited hy Vnmlro Tho other day
arecenllvndmUU tthtrntol tho Hw wai ililimuR emil
ccuntr coiuin throiuh tho as innleti of hts hni Inthf
course or tie cxcnr lon hr hnllid before the pnlnUim
nod inlarcd iloiiiuntly upou Iti lucitimibte Aluo
Sired UiUr admiration U ten litiuiiittr ritunii nnd
tncrcnnd the tonlhuunt tie infitnnliu them Hint thu
l > lciiiru seal ijrlnd nil I the more M the bcnchcrubccaueu
ithiii hi en presented to them In Queen KlUnbcth her
Mir The > oonn imm received hU education at a well
tcown tuttle school
A romun known among her acquaint
Lore nstliu IrlnrcNi of Zanzibar lately made a chart
In a Berlin court nanlnit liar servant her drutikviinnsi
oni dlfordcrlj condntt Shell a niece of thoPultiuof
Zanzibar ears uf age and learn no traces of African
Irth Uuml tier crisp block tiuir timid bhtck ejii 5
llnInfalUn In loic In earl > lIlt with Mr rcumte the
Dutch Consul nt Zanzibar etc becnmo A Chrlsilan anj
charnel hint Her family dUtwnrd her for the act end
ilie nccoiiirsnltd her hiikbjndto Berlin sabers be toot
dlod IrarJtij her lUthuut memi of support fiiis hoi
cube jMliuil a lUtllhnol it tlvln lc < otnln Arabic 14
dtj lonuitjti nnd cuniiilnr asplrmiU and others P
hero 1 ni o now living six marichalcs d <
rrniicc Mme la Mnrifhalc uchct ditclics dAlbnKra
the tir < rn of lit r cuts Stir has Kun a as ldovr tine
lejTuitd livtftlu a ninRntflctnt hotel next to the lUUUh
Einbat In thai KnuLuurBt Ilciiiore The irnrdcnuf htr
hotel which suit iil ttan licr by her uncle the Khuc U
Spain Iti 155 eros thrnuh to the Avenue flabrlellot
Mme IA Mitrtchnlc Ittcnault do PnlntJcnn dAnzCly
Mine la Murfclialo Itllkklcr Duclns dc MalakniT
Miuo li Mnrfchale Mel Mme la XurtduiU do Mac
ihoit Poetics de Ma entfl fitter uf the Duo de Cas
trio aOl fluilly Mine Ia Mnrtchnlo Cnnrobert who
tills a ilii ilncJoinld aid Is the uunui st M jrf chale uf
One of tho English Judges says Truth
has rrciM cd It hi omit snie rln from the tnlttd States
aceompimcJ bj a letter In whitli the tlonor sa title con
coitliu lila ml imut ixprttw his pratltuJe to the
Renllcmitti In rjM > tun ltnt > Cars that auto yeur ace V
the ntin 0 hi hail Item rlihtl > chnrcod with hiving
coinmliUila ltijer > i1l u iciiUN d onlntc ftulnlv to
the futrnbU M ininlinr up at hli trial Slice that tlmo
he hit Ihid 1 huiielh nnd H now huiiurfd nnd tep ctcd
bytli ti tewho knoir htm Cviipurliu hn rrcitiiit putt l
Hun nlih I uhnt he mUht IUVL bocn tat things cunc dif >
Tin nth he rUhth clue tht credit oftits Coot fortuno to
tht Jndp who prchUcd und ctitloics tho coutcnir In
Swarms of buttorlllcsnio roportcil from
fontticrii Slut rmtral Fruitci Tii y ilrtit n too reut tn
I ml emit Miti OnSiturJaj Juiu 14 tho Martinet
cikut un rotrvd is llh tin 11 Ac tim I of w tIle iindjtl
low bmterrl i pifftd tutu dnj tuur Mimtellnur otntlui
the r inn lifctlnir ri iitnutit uu tulle rajBlfir fullo ed
for nnoilur lull tutor the invrtslon hntitxtended 155 lir
at Allot At UccTii ttirru wi i i sujirnt c thnnUd nt
20110 which after iiss j mui over tlic iluluic j wnlkn truly
irnd 1 tliu Hut du Mull lit only aMl lit ilut ince abu tin
prom d Ninrthe turtstol tMitJiiuhlcnu tin j WCi e ice
inmpitit ci nUlim nf irrnuin nf u tlnrvn i > r JO each
tteatirli gults anl iii ciiotuil tlauiiUirltrim Ii Ove Cue
turnd tinutltii cmuty with Oils nniuiul plu mmiLnon
A Htatoiiient I iiuulo In I tlm unimul report
of Mr ationthi City Chiniberlrtln of OlMton un the
I lt tl Hlal < ind ct > iiimtc ttittmllii Sr that it > lor i tliw
lout < > inr whuh hula Jut lecn U > ti > il siiua < ihi Mllncy
nf ceil tin oiilnr iioii 01 ihr H I 1I I d Htlii ncnrdid
durfn tV itni in dtucm no Itwir than iittti uere
lit ni int nit titter Ihe unit nl ne Iu iuliiic j the
< imMlun Uhuiu HUM 0 lull InlunUU murlalll t Mr
Vat mi O I thnt mnro tin ii uio hnndrid > rurn ajo
uluii thi tat ion suit ill vvn < nm In < ltiMi anl a lila
tty 5 H u itluiiut unknown nmlwliin iili kuw uu S htt o
miiLtliina n uldi ruble a ilac thi iiirlciue t as tu
iiniiiuh uiiinlits ii ill iii Uunil illtim ur this fict
will le rutitd I with komo < U > 1 tiitn b > thou nhu
hoi 1 that tit int IlMii is n i nice a until olUhut Itu at 0
Unt worth tht Ir ntt nilon
tltxittiu let 51 lii hilt tihbltghit a suit for ill 9
S orii in Jt ilifnntnU0 tiul I oih 1 dnrinMt4 i nurem nn
nVr out taitii t lu Hi1 < climb irrilnhu lum miii di
Ill iiiic Mrn Situ t I I > M kmn iu Mhi la nih n ttcmcr l
i itmic IN ul it uouht IOM U tt < ii u > Sub it tutihil lin
e in ic I moud I icr n its uiitiiiiiiiu utah that HID Ira i
Ii 111144 i ui ru t nditl Ituludlu U v urikr nh > ut the prop
cr17 A ractl mr homo iimiul U tuct m n the hiiohmid Hill
5 Ucflcli I 1 liui to rl tlun Ii lrt itid I Mint out its
ullir SI h < wax on hur cbtrk nul he wu in n ILIit
wnnMi illume n It I two IIOUIH Tin JUliVK wiiHtiklit
intUs XIH MIDI lo C t tint d t ilviltl I UM r Iwnmlh hut
wit < tlun HiCM n 1 b Sir horn uhah aho nil ibilIbti le
luumt itn iKi I Mr Minlo ii so < lhir I in I hud tahiti
inHCiii of ilu lu it c win ii lu nrrl I iii 1 truth lu
liutti r hit piiniLD I but unt up tin uiiUit uiUr Uiiu
hint iliruuiua r tin dorurd ii l mi
1 ho Jlnnilitiiy M i > ml styli lint I
the di ith 11 I till I in i t iiirtuci m lus nn 1 timtM ri
boansM t > in llolliul i luurditu tin iiitt Muii to the
throiK Kn c ut ill till itt I id > tnri dd mil tilt only
nthii 111 tIll nit ml i ri ui Ua Dutih btamh it h tin Oran v
IHMHU nMh t tin thu Knu tinch 1 inn Sri irtk
lirotht illlaw il r lIe U nnnn Tinpror who Iat IK
boll nl I Inntf Cs umltrui lie S UurlinU I a uky
jimitj man il J i nummUd mil I ohid tohu in lli
mill itHuniti on jueount 11 t hi < Mitk liuilth Itthu
Khu atiltib 1 hii n i tire thiMn hut mniwcr ln < ii i r
ttut loii c ot SIHM vMll in nil iirutmUht IILHIM x
inu i mil tla ii row ii ci tin Nttln rUiils will hit t ntir 1 V
tho tit alii ul lilt liii nt Km i Liii tilt C Hut that ul 1iu
liriut t iHiki Vdilt hti 11 Nino ni vjo sri tUjriul 1 if
hUtlirunt in ltti I Vliiu unliy u < t it nut a umm MUII
cue tie I Adut bin whn hi 11 S Ira old IIIH MO l alto <
jn wlm lm tic ultre thintnthc M iu him itiutJi
nttiwilv nuinudtulhu mniU SultllK MII i Mtnn
hulk a ittmtimur ol thu iluitiutti liii > it Iliih in Ilu I i n II
Utility iii ihiMtMiniil ml n lull whui 1 lint I MI no
IntlniiUh coiuut ltd with Hie lutt r > MM I S itiii i thml
OitriiU Ilu pitt tI I MU > atil Si lilt bi hatt o Miiutlly
iiititrtb 11 ltd ti t Uii i Ubiult nt il Ihu tiuUuiub tuw 11
tho kouiitiv hiulis t ttua Uiu oituiniliit I mid ih <
imu ttiek Iris art wHh iulih Ill ID Ih I riteu I i r tliu
thrnnt t uliitJ < ii tie Iukt 4 ol Siaii MM the sot
til lTi > I vUun tin1 hutimiu wirinlv MII n ulicel 1 null
laiui tli M tins r t tt I am i t > m a tuIr ul
i > r n n us iu h u ittti i > IH m nu i iiJJ ntli nnil
Di in i ini 11 M liii ii b So nu ii blue II HU if till
N tliui i i liii i U is uli I in II w ii 1 itO I i I t mil hi
t di i n I Ot i hi till DC
I h > i 1111 i i a i it U C i list
th Hi ni i I L in iiitKt u liull bile tO i cii uiiivoi4 > tU huts it luUj
cuLuluiutl nun rviiard u UulUiud
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