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Tin ciinni I iuiws
tlerVJrIIfl win Ilu NUt t U1Ice 1iy WnrU
Hum Other lleil I IMBVrlnit Views
111 Hi I I t e I > f Wnlnif AKUhlntj Twis
Mlulitei it l H II3 It l AlMiiiiliuiblr
Tlio J llaptlsl wliiUtMri met for tim lust
t vosieidtylMiforothu summer vacation o
Hi MinWerV Cohroiie It was also tho last
II l liIUMc I > I 3 IniM In tho old MarIners jiiipIu
itOllverniil Henry Mrocti t They aro to incut
fir tlii illr ttlni onBiipt 8 next In llio rooms
of tlm Untitlst Iubllcutlon Society 0 Murray
TaotopluilUcimod yesterday wns Hints for
nVitailon t nnd Wit hRfilaunil to tlio llov Dr It
S JliAitlitir of f Calvary Haptlfll Church In
jwiMtythtnl j I ntieot t Th speaker bnirnn by
nUnsth luostlon whether ministers In Ilia
ciiroiiishttnlilon Hummnr vacation In talk
liij aliotit It he had In inlntl Im said a nilnlhtor
In trnoil henlth Of tourne It a man Is idck In
vicht to t stop working KO nwny nml not well
Hutu healthy minister cannot bo Hnlil to oed
nnnnnual Micatlon Ixcnuso ho worLa linrilvr
tlnn Dthcr professional men lln doi s work n <
hnril Few lmyerHlikfl lois thnn n aoatlon o
Fcural xvcUs Tim ntnniso business moo luii
ji lt utliiiiiht worry nnil work tlmn tho city
lin tor Till statement POIIIII of his huarors
mlirht doiitt Dr McArthut sild but ho oouM
fultrtnthiti > hU words Jlio fnrt IK mliilMurs
oUt tO bo hunust and not any V
f work o > much hnrdor than men
In other profusions that wn ouht to
lnxo n vacation Yet woro la I It for mlnlstcrn
to clnlin I n xaiathm for themselves ou llu
round tint In the Hummer months It In Impos
sible to get eoncrcKittlons This wad to bo Us
ninth summer In tho city and It Imd boon his
nxjHrlencn Ihnt tho xvorft Sundays for vonerti
cntlonii are the last two In June antI tho first In
July After thu middle of July conuniiattons
Incnnsrt In slz Through July antI August
they may even bo hi rue IiiiM suiiimnr ho could
ItVC gone nway from town ho had tho right ts
It nselvcn to him when lie accepted tim pas
tornto but Instead of lessoning hu Imd In
CTonDod his labor hu preached In cbunh and
hu preached In a tent Ou thu third Sunday
evunlui In last July oxtnx seats had to ba
Ukiii Into hli church In consider nt this
niioallou J It Iflut t ba remembered that tho
rnncnwitioni tlrfreifw very llttln In sum
t mer Unlv I I a small I number ot pooplo Iestvo t ho
I city oiiipniatlvely Hpiaklni I I i lou ttnud on
T the doks anil t HIO Um Uuropoau steamships
curry a vay thousands Imt I xvhen you no back
loliriiulxviiy ton dont miss theabmiuteus t Any
minister who remains at homo and kneps hU
A chiiieii i ntiii can havii htrgi o oniiKricatloiis In
AULU > t It I not Irmilito I cay 1 cviiil cit
hiieis In Auuiistl Tlvru Is nnoihcr blili
niinirsirii away bwausn It IH thu thine I thu
faxhiMi unit to itt HHUI that 110 has iiHtyllih
iluirili Jlispcws I I nro finpty thu 01 hoister >
Muaxix3 uoplti tn I tliink Uvrimo bin otinuti
111ell 1II1 alljnl to u 1 > imay hULL xond him on n
1elLtlfl Jnii bald th npiakor cuiirdudlr
S II I tu otini l reasons may uiit for n man 5
MIH lln may 10 l uxhaii lid 4titeldii Is
not a Christian cnf No nnin Is allied on
t IlniHh hlH Miik until God IntunOn
It Itn inlnlsttT flnds that hu Is burning tlio
candlii nt both ndn then hu ouubt to blow It
nut I nml lot It runt II hu fiils In I liliio I and
bonrh that ho iieodA rest UINI I iy Oo 1 < o
11W II ii 15 ii riihtt to say Stayl i ntsiuli u line
Inline should b < i tinrleotly honest and when wu
uiv rtimons or uolne let them bi > valid ones
tiKh tha command I ih I > jiKltfiiKnt and that thu
1J liiirt ionsentii to uiiUtiibrHmliliiioii I deitu
z vration bwloKini thieliuriluc Vnsay to tha
piiiplu Find u tdaeo to uorchlp God when
fr iuiieau Vouointllnd it heutl Ttiu church
ti i jild otMii to Morii Truu ns thu Obsrrrir
iald recently unouali Krinccllcnl churches
1 in ntunvh riiuii tn iin nintnnlatH whnitiRiir
miiycome but IM that tliu I I rio lluht I In I w hlchto
loot ntthn question lld Christ say Y nrA
tin liuht lit HID world excvptlug blx wouks In
uinni r r
Labtly how shalt thin vacation bo koct The
niiawer tu llnnulit depends largely on Indl I
< dual tastes SUMIO inluisturs like to llunround
In tlixKniti under tOo bliuduuf comu old tree
or to BAJHI In u liammouk Others like to
flh pnrniMl the speaker nhoinlnablu OKII
VI Intionl I If I dont in < t a bite then Im MiU r
iiili If i 1 do then Im morn nisrnblA < xtllll 1
lLuiulitrrl AH for thu Bpenkur he would riithur
prtiueii U i Ir lieulilii inlnlMurs I o irt tilo hualth
leht I men In Hii community Life In uranco
iiiiipanletiay hut I nunii I > ter8ariithi > bet risks
licet I Hn didnt iint lo bo 1 duuiiinlle but ho
nmilil i advise his brutbmn to uoand helpsomo
mal ciiuiil ry eli U Ii1 To hove it cit y mluUtur I
lrunch In I a hinall I I uhureh In nnoutoflhuwn
iiiti vinnlil I tin tltlttixli In Its lxlstLlli lllld
civil it a push whoso Impetus nilklil never stup
Tin Itnv J J llrouner bald hint for hhitytli ru
yeaiit IIIH church had not iKen clnsed In sum
mer or winter lUipliusel llawiis Inelliied to
fctay amluork this Huininer Thu onlydravv I
hflc Vii lhiiit just HB suou as the undertakers
fyiitid that ho wii to stay at home they enma
for him I lo I condu t funeral I servleea from llo
liuUun Ilarttiin Jlrooklynaud Jernuy City Iw
H18 Iroin a larun lurritory In his own and the
btirrimndinttwnrdb I i in tlieivity t
Mr Br lukrholT Iwlluvud with tim first
speaker that tho labors nl to Iii Ister aril not BO
p luili anoMtaud tieyouil thnsool other liusltHSS
inon Furtliurnioro ho hnd heard niinlstfira
nr uthat im ministers torciroopportunltleh for
Kuuuik wealth they should wnjuy privilcUHS
nut aCLiird il I to other profeu lonal men Hut I
I taken HB u whole ministers I laro lu I tin end I its
well Hi busmen men Out of 100 builnnss
men US dlo m poor or In moderate clrcum
bt illCliM
llruther Tootn Hild that ministers am guilty
of 1 a gpeckH of fraud In falling I attention so
eliiiuoroiisly to the exceasivn tntlKUo tlioyuu
r ilerLo Minlstern havo no right to ask nuns
theynr not harder ttorkd t lion otitr cliisiis of
men In fuel they I aro exempted from lie pur
t Plexttiea Um anxlnty and this strain at heart
Unit men of hiislutss IniVH toenduri
brother Oault lielieved In vacations Ho
Kluiliml and wurkid hard for eleven months
ami when ho caino back at tho end of n month
ut rest IIMWIH worth twice 115 much his con
Kruuntiou thoimhl so too UK didnt HuhIMi
I iim I wns an atinminuljlii I OCt11 pill iontI iii most
ahoimniihl i i occupation ever Invented I he never
ciiiiLhl atHi In IIIH life and ho didnt want to
Tinas tun roikoti you dont want tot sold
Dr Miller
Dr l iilitto i took u vacation when ho could get
4 rne I il I I ul nni every year llu didnt I nsk for
i his pcopln gut it Nothlni I hieUonid his
n > ul m ore than tosci a minl I I < tnr ii I tTiUK for
iy npathy altijctloii support VC Ho I had It all
nml nioru hula huilcnetved But ho dldn nslc
i r it
Mr flrinnell sold thnt for bodily recreation
n itntn did him I i HO much uood I as to uo out
b uullidiliitr It li urnud lull eatnclally when
lu Vii > i inn liicli
Mr lltddu IIWoil to fish oven If ho didnt
C > l i bte Ho could think I I I whllu I I Ihhlnir I even
w i en catching I no Jlah It is rctt nctlvt rest
itt furt loniiintalaiid moral natO ro U I diverted Into
a IIKU Ihmnel
iJr biilmi said that In three months n taints
I r los liar lur 1 oik i lliau I miy lawyer In I Now
0 i > rk eityiloiH In n year If luiwutirs Hhould
Mrltemiili I sunnous as iii I mm islets write It would
tirntrnle the lawitrs IJr Lodge thought thnt
n VVIH i uiiiortunato that such a decided stand
h d len taken In otiposillon to vacations
I Vmiiiiild lnliort reaillni Tliu KUN tomorrow
I iiirninij Im said will elmeklo and say
Dials jiHtwhiil 1 always thought ministers
< iuliiiostiy at honiD and read and iiiiuli till
I Miy 1 lIst t tlm paoior I 11 like I I on who dont
uu ed I a uicatmnr I Hut Ihero nni poor mlnls
t rn win luieil a vacation this minute I IJr Me
V Miur is siiisihhiin I BiiyluiiTakH yout choice
nny ui > o I shall KO i LriuuhtiTl
1r I MiilrtlhniLlit It uneensary touo I nto the
f uitrt the pioplei who May at homo will take
irit Unit thu cliuiili N kept open Ills chunli
J 1 ul n t lxen without a panorati In titer
J irv itih PpliiUHel AstuealllnK nilnla
> M iMlnnii muii hu olijncled No ono has
Ii i irit i euniptio ministers with till profeD
I t niinistrv is l above and oiiisldii of
lue pinifsiiis Tlmir anlity Is illltxrunt
s Jron iini i piorissional niiii Hit tns foinir
iiiul howis unlni tu tlsh Dr MeArtliur suIt I
h ti u iiii nit that ministers outlit not to uik
I r frM t utui hu should hn n man aiiionc
iiiiii luutf riilittrlidouo of the minis I
t i
II I i lii Mr Durii it xxlsltliii brother from
j1 J ii i i iisit suit thero la moro false liberal
I i t n i h nu > i aero In Unit State to contend
Ciiinltnnn nnyxxlieri nib Them In ab much
n 1 r u Iliunlv u inspel then ns aityxvlier
i aiii lu j oouii pulpits time Vnd is and
I nw it Ouifiiiim am read xvllll hue
i 11 I Inn 1 pjvikiii triiiblo in that Suite ro
k eisiy i 11 tiueiiihiiusinor as IHJ Inturprotid
j t n 1111V nif Duil ole rillll 1 is na lfjod in illiolher
M I Irsi u IiitvMin iiniiriiiiieud that tho nun
i > n iv UM i in into I exeeulivu I Bttdlull It J win
I i > V i MI i ill HIM Ciiiifir > iico prueioillnws
i i HUM vsn tTiii I dil il xvhlsperlui IIH to
u ttie u 1111 Tlm Mnd rntur added that all
i u il niiiiilcrs vviult leaxii tile tiiom
I iw n riii tiiin lupTicrmi his ismuy nut
iar wu > in I ha I n tiiiiu iliuiisnini
t in 4 li Ji vvhellnT lulii i rn bhotlld Im ill
v l i ii I ti alel nnt > ear in lliu Betslons
11 LIII ilfliiu Jll f Ihu llllNIHlulH bllll
II ii nirl I limit tlnru had lnin a iixnly tiiiiu In
f I i I nit it ill i uoiiMriiiil that tlm question hail
1 n i uiiiniily spriiii in tho ininistniH unHunt
51111 iiiinihneil lioiunl them xvuru
l ti i iiii nnl > l mini inin No notlcn Imd
I 11 i XHII tlmt MV IIIIMII lmi n biihjuel xxouul IHJ
Li W < ii nu li xviuni film iii ah iintmw Ilut
ii I MAriniir iimibidiimlilxvau 31151 i nh ciHul
I iiiinv tu I sntiiii tlm iiueuihui Then too
II I i iir i i iiTilht i Hroth
Now 1 tk nn hiuionsun ol Now
I lr liT iis of Jlrnolchyn edit that
i it 1 LW kiiii iii repcirtiirslo Li iohieiI
iOb00 rupvrtura wd thtu outSide roper
tirs Tho Inildd rnportor worn nuptial minis
tirs VIic wrote for nmwsnatire tiult Of town or for
Itiiitlii I hut loti ti gliepta Porhnp tim e best way
V test tho itUHtlon would > he In inovo thnt Iho
iilulsterlal rot rtiri bo not allowed lo report
Mm I Itnv Di Siunsou mill that If hn hnd nny
g1vulliie < nunliitt niWMpapor f jports of what hu
htd paid It WHS iwiilnst ihono In rollulou nows
Iitit Hecular Iuntvipui pill had treated him I
wirl unllorm I fiilnien I Afli r a aIm a rp dobato
Ihtiiiiotlon was tabled Then Dr Miller I moved
to fcljourn ii lid thn I mwith j prtivallod by n
litrt ninjorlly Ilnally n lomproinlnn virn
efToiVd hy dceldlni I to tmstpoim further discus
S until thu noxt inuetlim In Seplumbor
The Jteiniillullon Nelieine Vole Down In the
CinilUtilloiiiil Coineotlou lo Co 80
NEW OIILBANS Juno tOThic Convention
huts cocsldnrvd time reports of tIme Committee on
the Statt Debt Tho majority room I mnkea time
dobt nslt oxlatod on Jan 11879 tS10331303
and nroiMuH for bonds payable In thirty years
boarlliul per cent Interest which sluillbocx
ohatiKod for consolidated bonds oa or bofore
Jan 1 m
Tho minority report provides that time princi
pal ot tho consolidated bonds Isnuoil by the
Htato Is clurod to bo n valid olilluatton nnd
ehall riimnli Invlolato that Interest shall bo
paid at till rrfii ot 3 percent for five yoara rom
Jan 1 IBSUnnil I per edit tliuntftir The
I i mm ii ii oil SUmllUixto I Iii y Inleret I IH ie < uiu > d lo
I 3 inlllH I Cdlliilis of IonhOlhlnted I bonds fulling I I
duo ou Jan li 1KSU nro roiiillled and nny In
terest taxes ositiHted to incut Hiild couponn are
tcilutrauHfcrrril to time > account ot the Kunoritl
fund to dofnvjtlio expenses of tho Htatti Oov
An nniendtut wns offered to extend tim
tim ri M tier cent latfirext to ten years In placu ot
live yiiiiB Liyene 41 nam 80 rite
minority rotiwL wits rejXlod yens 47 nays
Ha Flit tnajorlir rupoit wan ulbo rojuctud
yean 10 naitt 84
Tin volt hy wllcli tIm minority report was
roicetcd was ri < v < ldcred A substItute was
ullntid to Isstti new bonds of thu t dDiionilnation I
of fc ftP 20 M tlUO VIOl and 1000 for
wlilih at 75 cunt on tho dollar cousolliluted
IxnitU could bu tXlinntred with 4 nor tent
coupons attached 0 limo nuw iHindH An nnnnd
menl lo the subslltuu reduces lliu amount to 50
per cut Instoadof 5
An aineiidiiiunt ia offered to the origInal
oidliianii I ITiiuil I by too minority I It does not
toil urn thu ui Uieliul mIld Zulu kus thp Inturoat I
two tor coat for llvcyuaia tune per eunt for
ton years and four tior i cent therealtHr To
this amoiiiiiiiilit iuioJur was nccopted pro
tIding Iii It hollerrt ol Consul iduutetl lionils by
surtitudet log lttnimi RhnUld receive nuw bond
forsiuoiityllvo per cent of theIr faco vuluo
bvirliu 11 lour pvr 1oit Inteiest coupon ru
ci voile for all luxes lor thu I inlurest I fund
1endlni iitkU thu Lonxentlou adjouruud until
lleulala by Hoiiiltciu Mculicr of tt Cosubtna
lieu with Itevulillcuue
WASIIINQTON Juno 3gMt King Dom
Li risIng to n qitustion ol personal prlvlkco
denied that there had been any conspiracy as
nllcccil by the Cincinnati Lnnutrer between cer
tain Uoulliern Uoinocrats tout certain Hupubll
can niombors with n vIew to leouuipllshluc cur
tain legislative ends
Mr thIs Dew IM also rising to a question
of personal prlviltso had rcid at Ihu Clerks
desk an aiticlu in the Washlniton Eceniny i > tar
ot the 3th Instant lutlmalliu that a bargain
hnd boin entured Into I Uetweeneartaln Uopiiljli
UUI nienibis 1 Inclilillni I Mr t Uiirlluld of Ohio
and certain Ueinoerattc members from Georgia
Alabam i Louisiana nml South Carolina I that
ou ctTtaln eondltioim time Mart > lul4 bill should
bo uiisHii without restrktlons higtluz itttitchtd
toll Llfii tens too short ho sniJ tu kick at
every cur that Parked but on thin occasion ho
must notlco thin tuttemuiuhuto far motto pronouneu
It IIH iiiniiiallJiodly I deliliuraluly sad wilfully
fatso In every particular
Mr Kvlni Dem B O spontlnir for the
South Cirolinit dulrcatlou also denounced It
as unqutllllidly false
111 Vlltlll ll f tu A4UI tlUKUlob Vl lllllb Ik
would bo in order for Mr Jarlkld to rise to a
Question of personal prIvIlege
In response to this suggestIon Mr Garfield
C llip Onlo said I tint lie had beun nndlui I re
cently the old history of Xcuophou Ou ono
occasion when u panic had stricken the Oro
eliOt oanip and the I soldiers were fletme with
out appiUiit calico Clearuhus Quniral of thu
host ollend n ruward for the arrest ol the man
who had lot tho ass loom amonu limo armor
Tiiri had IKUII no ass Ihero but Iho Oreoks
had cone bak latiuhlni to their tents nod tIme
pmtuic mid bn stopped Now said Mr Gar
Held it was thought that a good many huilthern
uentleiuen wor koinu to Ui patriotIc etiotuth to
xoto to irct tlirotiKh sonic of thu appropriations
and for fear that that ill iglit hodouo this Rory
hail I been uotten up tbm iuuliter1
Mr llrlunt Uuiii Tennl hid the gmtf sian
from Ohio do any ot the tjrumi ILuuuhturl
j < t jiv ciiAitioT itjcixa
Exhibitions of rqiicniluu SUIt on HrlaHon
lleaili Fair Grounds
The first serIes ot exhibition races on the
Brighton Buach Fair Grounds xvas Introduced
nt 3i oclock yesterday afternoon by a BtanJ
hug I raw of half u mile B Johnson F Morgan
and L Whlltnkcr each stood astrldo on the
biiks of n pair of horsus Time loam laid over
thu sand was mado cry heavy by the dash of
run thnt fell at 2s oclockbut the horses strug
gled gallantly forward Time track was so
flow lhat ap time was taken Johnson won
luilivvuu uii > si > ny iiurKHU
III I tho ladles Iiiti tmn lIe race Mies llnud Os
wit < l von Miss Matllu Jackson WIIB bocond
ami Mlsq Mary Stuxvirt third
Tlu liurdlu men oxer six hurdles yli > lded at
nrst a dead I heat bitxvmin Ito t horses J F lid
xxurils and Mllo A second heat was necMiary
to ilecldi tho tie bvtxvoen Mllo and J F Ed
xvanls and to please tho spectators all tho
horses nero njaln put on the truck J F Ed
t ui rile won by half f a lenulh
To cit < them was a Homan chariot race
Mis Ella Grady xvearlnir a broad scarlet scurf
Iliflu ii hut a elided chariot draxvn hy four lino
bliik liorHux harnu ed abreast xxhll Miss
Slnry Watsou drove Sour grays and wad dls
tlnuiilshed by n bltio scurf TILt grays cot the
best nt tlm start by hIve or six leimths but only
whIt liT 11 sI tiohti jiumigthi Tho skill displayed by
Loth drivers was applauded
A Itiinnwiiy IIllKtiulul trreitei fur Ulgienzy
About four years ago Samuel E Gregory
Palchonuo L I tvi1 cut von Miss Delia Cahlll and
In ilu time they Mere niarrUd at lie > shoes Alter two
enrs a marrlei flue S mine deserted his yotlns WIle ant
a few vvrekijiio hhe applied to Miiouey A lloland of 112
broailvmy who ilutullcd one of tlulr detectives to find
the rccniiit Ii Ii test iraect to KCYIort K
S lie is Cu leueti iiirii 1 tliit lie ii ni iir nel this R
it ii ii oI liro iii lerelilali liirliiii tell per
hy lie lIe V il r ti4ii1ig t thu ict 1iiiptii
liii ci to 1 iii s I is iii eiii ruaiiit of the Ii rat tie
2 iiOk e I iiriie r i l irt ci a ii wsrrait her the
iru CO II iiiIue I t ii ifti iiut iiloriii1 lii l Ilie tetecU c
liCrhiatieii ly iitier II atiiit iiI hil51W wmit to
iiiiiliei litte nut I he t as Is k ii liur5
Jiuk ihlrLer 5 lid coiiiiiiited to itt sit the acuoli of his
Unuid 1ury
The Shiliig Elten
Cnpt Dcaken of the City of Now York made
yCittrtl liii omflciah retort of lii lute coliIlni to U
iLiited ilite Local liisuectorz 01 Steuii essohi lie
Neyl Ito acclleiit 17 ttiiiIi tile beet Eliemi tt as uiilt tic
emirred at to 1111101cc to I 1 en Saturlsy Iighit tush the
ucek Wn iii cIir1s ut A Jcliliui who riiiie lie utgliie
111 to list tl tell ii Iilcii 511 ii1 iiiiii lliu
I 11 hi r ncliel tue pluot iiuei lie iiuuid Iii euliritic
airkhuig ii acic uiil ii tuliiou inttittihiut ihiit Ii wn
iuuici to ilort 05 hiUlliuit tO keel liii tilm sCud that
Liii weMtiii r i rleiir li lie liii rieiliIt hiIit at
U4 S I cii be itIt tue deck at ho I 11 liii tiiiti t eii
liiy it 5 ti ituiii i ii I I ucev tlieii lii rclied I ha deeL at
iii hiiiie il uli rouumsiiui tie liiapcturs Inhil btglmi their
till ctigiitloti iii aini I tell diii
Plmllnr his Employers Wile la ss IVell
One of the laborers on Adam HowblUors
farm near Quiuns Lotu Intiuid stopped to veer down
Inldlliij well as ho iran irolnir tii draw water oa SalurJiy
and vus am < zeil tu too the wilt of Ills cia 11115 i struMinc
lu tho bcttom ol the well wllli the water reaching nearly
to tier luck tIm vvctl is nenrly thin > fit feet deep
ftc nmn iU Rkly proetired a Imlder and ilrauueil lirs
How bluer vihn wan almost niifoniioiu out or the well
Sim Is Ill ie I iely brut od shout the iieiul i and arms anil
hud hUllcrid s seiliuis i Inlury to tlie spine Hhe 1 liusbteti
uiiiihlo to ill iil > lutellljiht accnut of i how hhe irot Into
Iho vvell It 14 supiioMd lhat lu atlcmpliiu tifiirnwa 1
huLketof aluwr stat lust tier buUncu and loll over tho
low curb
A Faimeia SillclUe
Mr Joel Bcuddur n wolltoilo farmer nnnr
llutitlnutoii I I blow ills brilus out whili a shotcun on
Sunday exciuii II had driven tu Xlest Hills In the
ulurnoon lo S tell a lahy let mid On Ills return he look
tea with his trottier alit sitter wiio lived with him and
then tiklnu his ilouhle recited eun he vreiil to lie
hsrn iiui SUIT the report ol the mm was heard and
hiuildir Lush was lou iii ullll the tuji ul tile lieud
blovvnoir I r in tin poiitlon 11 the unii It Deemed thai I
h hid used t u ritinrod li t pult tin tru er xir S < iii l <
her was a hurl lot ahoui 43 > ears ol I me The Oorouers 1
Jury je Hida > ilmldeil that Im was suffering Irom teue
poiary ln 4liit
Nllved from the lfutlerl v
Three Iaterson boys John 0 Shorrntt John
doldhopii ami Wlllliiin limy wiro carried out by the un
dtrtuvv at ItiKkjtway on huiidsy cud nearly drowned
They were all mieil by Hit skill and courage or leorue
llidi r the beacl patrolman ivho brotiiiht lu two I of them
mi ih lint trip mid tho riiuiiliiliu one ou the neeouit trip
Ihei 1 vvelusulu uone tllrtt t It look two hours to cc lust I
tllilllelll As Iiii as they were out ol diiluur one of
llirii uoi nil chit u ri il and nnelnliiiiil XVell tellers
iliHivvaii q ill a rakKet eauie lets t h ivo a eliOt Iho
crowd drunk at 1 in xpens of tht I thrmi wliuliad buuu
savsil irum ataiu
Tim rnttRXOTM iaTa riKir imr 4Y1
Filahtrned nt Flr l by this Thronj n he Comes
fVom the Court llniiieiheStihiivqiicnlly At
Veilss IMeuted nt hU Ou Couiiilciiotitncst
The Grand Jury entered the General Ses
sions nt noon yesterday led by 1oromnn And
don carrying In hla rIght hand n bulky Indict
ment Many ot the spectators who thronucd
the court room and Its entrances seemed to
dIvIne flint It was nn ludlctmont against Cling
tlno Cox the murderer of Mrs Hull The
Brand jurors filed slowly Into thin enclosure ro
tklnad for them outside of the bur and took
their scats Then Foreman Amldon rose and
handed tho Indictment to Clerk Hall The lat
ter turned and presented the Indictment to
Judcu Glldoreloovo
Your Honor Foreman Amldon said bow
ing to Judge Olldursleeve the Grand Jury ot
Junstorm hat completed Id work Mr
Foreman nnd gentlemen ot tha Grand Jury
JudKo Glldcraloovo replied before dlsclmrK
ins you It Is proper for mo to snythnt In tho
opinion of thu Court you hnvo dlschnrcrod hue
duties of your office with ability and energy
and nro entitled to tho thanks ot time poopln
Vou are dlschaiKod Judge llldorsloevo
boned anti tho crand jurors bowed amid whllo
thoy tiara bowing Assistant District Attorney
llolllnit who Blood near the clerks desk called
Chnstino COT to the bar
Instantly thoro was n hum ot voices and n
general rIsIng and craning of necks on tho part
of the spuctators HIt clown I Hllencol I shout
ud tho ofllcerB and order was partially restored
Then the click of n bolt shot back wan heard
tho heavy door ot the prisoners box swung
open nnd Chnstino Cox stepped Into tint central
aisle Ho did not appear to be nwnro of Ito In
tent gaze that will ilxed upon him from every
side There was n smile upon his face
and ho moved toward the bar with a slow
onsy step looking straight before him
Hu wnro n blun flannel nclitlnu milt ap
parently now In thu topmost bnttonholo
of Iii n left lapel was n fresh whltii pink
His linen was whIte and loesy and about Ills
htaudupcolltr was carefully nrranuud u nar
row black silk I tie An Imitation of n diamond
was upon his alt Irt front Ills faco was smooth
Hlnuon and lliu I t moustncho curled up at Ito I
onds probably from a St IITzml lug of wax His
himiirht IK almost as ft ItO and straight ax u whlto I
inutnewau parted inctly In I thu middle nnd
brushed down to ullstenlnc smoothnosa ou
Hither side In bin rlKht hand hu carelessly
Hwuncndrnb Derby hat As Cox ruached time
bar hue t smile loft his face and In I Its placu thorn
appeared n hard net expression nnd n cold
cruel look In his ejcs I dont SOil how Hiiy
ono could hay that Cox hail n cood faco said u
spectator who HIIW this Midden clianto of ex
priKAlon If tin hasnt thu face of u man who
ould top at nothing I Im mistaken Look
nt hi ju uyes tlieyru daimeroiis suld anolhiir
Cluistlnn Cox said Chief Chirk parks l
who has nlTolitd nt the nrrnlRtimont of prob1
bly every notu1 criminal I irtiA line appeared nt
thu bar I of thoGuneral Sukninim within the i last
thlrtvllvu I yeart the t Grand I Jury I has Indleted I
you for murder In I tin t llrnt deitruu for lIe I kill
nit of Mr Tnn L De 1orreKt Hull In tho houoa
at 140 West Fortysecond streeton tho mornliiu
of thu hIll lust t whlln unlaced In time commis
sion of n felony to wit n grand larceny Aru
you uullty or not utility V
I CUM that to my coiinHiil to pay answered
Cox intendlnc I his right hand ptlll I it rile p1 uumc
hli hat toward tlio lawver who will I defend him
As HID t prldonur leavi B lie matter of n plea
tomuthu luiteyer saId I will enter n plea ol
not guIlty I have no desire nor has mv
client to obstruct ih coursn of justice antI I
shall make no objection ton speedy trial lean
Indeed sea no reason for delay xcept pos
sibly the unavoidable detention of witnesses
tlmt may bo summoned from Vlrulnln
On thin pni t of the poopln said Mr Rollins
I move that tIle trlnl bu net down for tIle sea
ond Monday of tile July torin two weeks from
I would nt onco grant thn motion respond
ed JudtfK Glldersloivo I If I f It were my duty to
Hit her diirlntr tn July term hut Imiillcu Cow
hug will prcldu dtirlng tIle term and I do not
feel nt HUrty to make any arrancements for
him I will however set down thin trial for tho
day named tliu second Monday of the luly
term subject to nn objection from Judge Cow
Will your Honor not order that a special
panel of jurors bo drawn for the trial asked
COXH lawyer
I prefer replied Judeo Glldersleov to
lenvo limo issulmc ot such nu order to Juduu
Ther officers led Cox away from the bar Ho
wore nsmllo na his faeu until hu was taken
handculTed to nn officer on eIther shin
to thin court buildlci There ho saw a
great throne waltlni for his appearance
Hu drew back slichtly as Ihouuu hu
drnnded the descent Into the throne
but nu offlcer grasped either arm and hurrIed
him down thu Iron Btnlrivay Into Chambers
street As tho ofllcors and Cox rcaehed tha
sidewalk tho throne pressed so compictlv
about them thut thuy could not movu towan
Cstmtri street The ofllcers almobt ran with
Cox acroHH ChauilxTH street nnd unturod limo
American XOWH Corn tiutnys bulldlnc The
ilix > ro were closed and tho thromr was kept out
Thu ofllCTa took Cox out of a rear door open
liuzlnto Henilii street and crossed diagonally
to Um corner of Centre btreet Thoy wero near
tilt > City Prison Itoforo thu ruse was diseov
octal OiTlCKr Wllnon who luau chnrc of Cox
I said that Cox after his Instinctive dread of the
excited throntr was over seemed to enjoy his
unn iniiictinimi ncainsi uox was drawn bi
Mr llnlllns who represented limo District At
torneya ofllcu lu the Iniiucst It contains thlr
teen counts This first second third fourth
Illth Hint thirteenth I counts charcu that Cox
killed Mrs Hull while encsKOd in thin comnils
don of n felony the sixth buventh eIghth am
ninth counts refer to tIme minor lecal deurueu of
I imi cr1 inc nnil the tenth leonth and twolft
cnunts doilies time felony that Cox committed as
tha stualinir of property txdoncimr to Dr
Alonzo G Hull In the ludlotment Cox Is I
elmnroil with killing Mrs Hull by smothurlnu
her either wltn his hands articles of eloiiilnt n
Billow or Bomti other instrument unknown to
the Grnud Jury
Dr L M Fowler of the firm of Fowler A
Wells phrenologists of 737 Droadwav necom
punled by Dr K V Austin amid J II King a i
sculptor preBonteiyto Warden Finn of duo
Tombs yesttirday afternoOn nn order from DIe
trlct Attornoy 1helps aiithorlzinu Dr Austin
and Mr KIng to tako n rust ol thu facu and
head of Chnxtlnu Cox the murderer ot Mrs
Hull Dr Fowler arrived from England bu
Bnturday nttur nn nbsunceof 1C years and ho
personally superintended the tattIng of the cast
and the phrunoloclcnl examination of Coxi
head Ills nearly twenty years siucu thocat t of
a murdprerB head had been taken in tile
Tombs the lest onobtlnc thatcif Hicks thue
pirate and the Warden felt n delicacy subject
lug the prisoner to thin operation Ho naket
his visitors to bo seated and hastened lit thin
District Vttornoya office whore ho was briefly
told tha no order was correct Itoturnlni to t
thu prli Warden Finn hut his visitors to
Coxs ce Ko 3H
Cox1 a ilil Wnrdcn Finn Introduclnc the
prisoner olijs visitors tinso gentlemen are
iuitliurl7 lo tab n cast of your head nnd face
If lh ydtj howuver it will buof your own
fruu will and I want you to understand thu
thorn In no compulsion In this
ThunkJ Mr Finn replied Cor holdIng
Ills ntmu uowi Im much oullinU to you for
your kludnes to mo but I knew I had lu hnv
this done
Then Cox without waiting to pet hp hat or
coat quickly followed tIm Warden down btalrs
Ho was led Into time counsel room a large
strom chamber with Iron uratlnuB nt the doori
and windows iA stout wooden armchair u
brouuht n clean wlilto tnblucloth MIH spread on
tile hour and Cox was asked to tako a sen
Dr Fowler stood behind him whim fir Auitli
opened n phrendloclcal work with n chart Cox
did not move ivi muscle but permitted tile ox
animation of his head to procetid lib If ho were
n murumaohlBH Thn reporter who stood by Dr
Austin marked down Combatlveness very
lartrodestructlvoneH3lnri 8ocrotlvitnt > HHver
luirgim euttithon vet y ellrinneBs very 111mg
parental love very large oritRiilo nunlitloi
full and laruu niotlvptemperament Very ltttgo
grunt powortiof Phyilealuuduraneoicomlnull
large consclontlousness very Inruu Tliobac
umnIltlts are ciftsut by a riintnrkuttiln develop
lllihit of pimrontuil I mva ills hieaui atrougluix
lmlhiitic thin giintler nd kIndlier liolings ho
huts more than the ordinary range of intoll
goon is wonderfully Bitted with tho rentonln
faculties baa good perception la run muchai
lad IngenuIty nnd strong relIgious miiflca
and pathetlo oruaos Ills orirans of lanuuiie
aro great lila powers of friendship and nt
tachmunt IWO Binall Ho would not bo dispose
to mUcellauHous Intercourse and would bu In
cllnod to a solitary life Itlanlmad that 11111cc
good cli set till tits and mornl oil uctt lout has th
capacity for a large degree suceena Hue
weru time brief notes tnken Rt the dictation of
Dr Fowler who ran hli hands cuntly over
Coxs head meanwhile
Tliu nhruuoloulst hiivlnu retired Dr AustIn
cnvunulunnl to Mr Klnu who with an atslst
ant wan mlxlnu plaster ol Tarla Inn large
pail Mr Kltiu stepped up at once and atte
laklnir n long bteudy view of tho subject throw
tier his sliouldur a bug white waterproof coat
Tim oporator then quIckly covered tilt hack of
Coxs hand with n mixture thnt looked like soap
gilds and afterward by moans of iv mason s
trowel with a a thick layor of tho plaster liirls
Then Mr KIng took n soft brush amid palntec
COXH laeo nil over with the mixture hu hud pro
pared Thu eves were tlehtly clotted Horn
short woodon blocks ivan next put aualnst tile
cast nt tho bnok of the hand and Coxs facu wa
MHudlly covorod with plnitor ot 1arlt also
ii lIe piaster ijulokly dried and then Mr Kiumg
with ic wooden mullet ieiitlr tapped thu liloeks
nnd the two parts ol lIla cant icadlly lull ujuv
cud woru scoured
nectarine that tlirli ji > iplncr HIITB PaIls
lutcil theIr M mr
A mass mooting of tlio planomnkcrs now
on strike from the manufactory of Kranlch t
Inch was held In Toulonla Assniiilily Rooms
In Third avenue last evening Time Chairman
aid that time nicotine was called ortho purposo
Qf f protesting lUaliiBt time unjust and untruthful
tatoment ol tho firm published In tile press
that their employees Were paid such WIIKCS ns
would nnd did enable them to mako fJl per
reek K Hiieli n ntntuinnnt im allowed to at o
neontradleted then Iho I strikers Miuld bo
looknil upon his tint triiiln t ns having iiiloroprH
senled tliulr I urlmaiiivn rtliut his havlnc KOIIO
nto tho strlko I without n Hillllclent causo them
for The following resolutions weruthcn lead
That M the Una nr Ktnnlcli lloch linc nvrli1
fti irnluh this hips ilml their moll nru rorrlliitf trace s nt
mliii rntt tl f 23 rcr suck that uc tlie vorkliiincti
hire IIIS intilril tlu procrul to linmullutcly till loilitlie
lhuo matter hy e iuuini lug ili look ii l tlui 111111 MIO huo
iieli fmilinnl liy the flrni HIiouM tin remit iruMi
thiiut tho men Imvr iittt tnteil Ilidr ciii tin n lliiv flndl
TBlTB a oct C Cl iiii urti ninl lie ilit utel rio luin fir iii i
liUiifi tV Ilii trnitc On tlm HUT Imtnl nlmulil U a
leer llmt Kmnlcli A Ilnch hull mUitniiil Ilii1 etu IIFH
heir inibllrmliiii la lice tress ulinll Iw itiui > ril UK a lie
clii all iiliunc tn our poser he rdulcreil to Hie
In nccordnnce with this resolution n commit
teu of threo t wcro appointed to oNamlno I tho I
books During this investigation thu iiBHumbly
were nddnssaed by Messrs McMncLen lltrthol
ontnw and others
Tho Commltten reported thnt they had core
ully I I examined I forty books of the men now on
strike Iovuilm a period of one month pre
vious to tIme strike Tho urcntratnnniii ot tiny
truck dtirlnu that tlmu was J12IIO Tlm highest
veoks wiiLes was JH nnd the lowest fi i Only
oil man received 10 unit 14 three fill four
dl30 1 TIle others reunited front 5 to SI J
rIme above resolutions were then submitted
anti unnnlniodsly approved
A Veteinil of the lntn AVnr Convinces a
Jury Clint Ho IHilut Slant
Charles Stootlioff n bronzed vctornn of
ho Into war was on trial yesterday In the Gen
eral Hcaslons on tInt charge of dealing four
dollars from Michael Vauuhn In West Forty
second Btrcot on thu 21th lust Time evidence
for that proGocutlon was that Stootlioff enntchud
ho money from Vauuhus hund and inn lIe
wits overtaken and nrrcbted
Gentlemen of thu jury Stootlioff said
onrnently when ho testified In his own behalf
I did not rtenl this money I am not a thief
Im nn old Koldler 1 fought for mv country
iiui rt lug thu war and I HiilTeied for It not only I
on thu battlelleld but In I Uhbv IrlHOn In the
huller Dart of thin war litter I had servtid my
term I It time atiuiv I oullited I In I the navy and I
staled there until I got too instvin tlm joints
I Im nearly Hixty uentlemcii Sine thun IM
> cen tu nil tig my liaud to any odd job ot rail I
roadinu or statlnu I dont say that I didnt t
noud money on thu morn h hilt of thu 21th I for I
lid want It 1 had spent my last cent torn cup
ifcolTcunnd como cakes and I was ttlll I I hun
ury Hut I hnd work promised mo on hit Filth
uenuo state line nnd that kept mo up I
hi ielped tilt man that makes lIe I din rI to his
letiun had beeu ilfluklnir antI hu couldnt uet
UP aud thou went on I Imeter sow thu mans
money nor took otvi cent of It
Tho jury promptly acitulttml StootholT
How can you hIve StoctholTV asked Judge
Gllderrleuvc lou hau neither homo nor
Xovor mind nv Judco Ktoothoff answered
cheerily I am clear of thlscharco now and
thats t all I cant aUiut Im an old soldier
Iinlire and IM hind solon Wlty of gettIng iilonu
unlit 1 get work
l > nlly Becklna Her IIiiliiinil la the aiunriie
A 1 sadfaced woman wcnrini rusty black and
willi a start cl lovL abitit IUT plnclitit Kaiurm Inqulrcil
at this 1ullcc CtMitral Oillcu antI the Coroners ifllce > ee
terilaj whither Iho bo lv of tier liutbamt hint bern foulht
lii w tier or on laml lIe r nituie the saIl tie Kllzatetli
Uccbule end lln llrril at to lUln < lua itrttt Her Inn
baud t lie vns a tnilor linit tried In vithui for utinuthi to
iret i e irk When he riturnil ou TUCMI llii > lodi lilt
I ruii hl u eleiB que t itirir tlirte liuiurt cliiMn cum
lo I luau slut crlfil 1itjn lime you iTiuuht Us Imiil I
Wele tmrTltu Wllliiit irpljli Krrhilk tliJ Ireill I
Uie i > iert tnclcu Iota ui atoMliik liU 11111111011 ol
coniinlttlnic uleiie ware tic truil n > liuuer NUiitert hutS
chlldrll As he mil uttell ilutu m Klure Mr Kteliinu
thiiiillit little ol llu llirtnl I I but till cuutuiuttl au iine
hiuss chatucil h cr inliiil nml she now dully Mlu the
Muriuc lu Marcli ui bl dead holy
Alln Klin Misted irons Ilelna Hnnseil
3ttnaotti1a Juno 30AlvIn King aged 22
took a hors irinn the burn c rJaiuvi Varl in Suuth
Caliann Wa > nc County on Wcilnewlay He druro the
horK for ueltrah liouri suit returned It lo the barn at
llltt pvhnlltll Wrtrl tails aluuuii let tlii onplillv
Iuittizlcaied Ito eteeit luu 1aeel a lustier aruuuuid lit
lack suuh huthit S OLl ii UI 1151 hiuaei Kilt lu it loS Ill
it Irls il lie Ii ciii llio Ut uhuu eutllhu ii lii iuri cult
re U lv U scala II Cr l is tieiiuj ili1 1 C F C hue
thoir be Iii ciii i Ole h ill r h iii l ii 5110 ttiil tI
reilehm tim hwalli I Ill iii tuillil aid It is iii tIm ly etuJ ii
ugliui Mn ii urd tried to toree luer huuluiudu tiuiuils
row this iiaiter tuutio I ii ill 21 iue cLued ccl lii that
ho iii at the ihe tO hi bar II suit cit thu 15111 r a Ithi it
hlui luiut lhs lulade Slit deitiihad giiut Irouuu her tiius
biuuol slid hriig5d huliui oil I luitu thu air lie suouu recuil
ered CouuiuttoUsecii uuid iuuuit uguolliiuviesiu
Iollccman Tully fuuimllletl
Justice riammcr rendered his decision CS
t rda > In the caw ot Ioheeinin Jumea Tully Mho tsas
accused by Kiiund nmn Orr of the Leonard sired volce
or clutibhu Idin Tlio Justice In ub tance expret ii
Ihi opinion that lnlhceuiuui uu Tutu was itraithy ac ravatul
cud tluist Tally lied tlrvt boll truck t > y Oir tout luly
Cunltiiwl Hint IK atftaulUU tier lilertl ly beiatle lie ou >
lie I Ii that Orr liaJ H ruvoher aOl wouki iiut linn
III llle inUrht liaio Ut u In Unluer hut heitM lot lul
auttlcient eiiaiiutf to truce i Hint Urr ttcn citrrKd a i U I
lol llul tilut lit liie > J lutlce llurilure lelt that It tu n nb
likattiry ou him hull u I C F treat tliu KutuiaUun lo hold
fullteiuaii Tilliy lur trial
IoUvneu by Cunuvd Veicelatilea
VAFUINK L I Juno 29 Kdward Smith
Henry Carter Jjunl Albin gill Smltli Hu nor or the
schooner Laconic elided In bunker tMuiii ulti reatiut
canneil corn and beans At dinner at C iu > y Island I iii
1 luoruohay l lat wire altackiil ulth tlnlent t oniitlni am
erainpi Al tiosichull I usa euuht U and he kae Iho opni
lou that the invn I II trv 101 ontMl iroin the lanneil iioutls
I lie nun Uirti rut on boirtl tin looi Mm lair alk
brought lloiue to liroul hal cii Julin Mnitli anotlier ci
the Laionica hands M JH i > rt trnud 1 in Hie rutne inunner
on halurday thu Mcond dey niter eutiurf thu ci Uee At
lcd t accounts the coudlUuli ol lu o ul lliu 111111 as critical
1litflUh Cricketer Coiulnir
At n meetIng of tIme lending professIonal
Ticleteri ol LhKlaiiil hail at tho rekUunee ol Dili li
London on tile e > ciilm ol June 17 It Ilums dtclJiil lo
start iiotn KnuUtuI > vith the strongest team that had
tier TilUil foreln llore It Mill be t known ai Ilalti m
Uiilil and I ull liteluile tin rtkbruteil tii lfr Knillielt
Oacrolt stud > ilt IK MiMl ai Allred Mmu aiul other
cit tirto rht Uain II ill silt iriin I Lii aChed 4n1 JH
Jiteel lur yuelne In one ol the Alhin lnu > ol tleiuiiirii
rilelr rlriit nultih uiH le at OUavwi Mlit I j t lure they
Hlllpla btloru ilio Uoiirnorbenvrul unit lue IllnceM
KlouUliua Dilutee lltt
JustIce Uikmnn In DrooUin yesterday
granted ahsolulu diNorces tn lliu lohowini niaeil hn
bands Gcrardludo Korist lirmnt from Anni ittli lit II l < 1
ivard V Koucm from K I II reueri and Hear K 1 Iliil
rom Mnry K 1 Hull JnU o Niilon uruntel aillirci to
ts lute > liikMiikfiinl irota I riitaii MuMiuaitt aiul to Mart
trances liuiitu It noin I i i KruntikA I limiuit i hiirloite M
II el Ilk olitaintil uUt rte la Iho Miiriine Court aiinullnu
her nisrrlutv to IrvuiM I i iliie oil tIe uiounj I ihaiil
had a ItUkbaiul Ill hit utivn khu niiirrlul No ilu abd did
uot know it as khw uliu id that hit iudiad
sh I sires hut SI tuihs
Three hiundtcd titiih mtIXlyiiix fithlurca vete
repormed Iii this tihl Ill the l uiiuiiiiiS a muhi uiu uiui 1 uiii uii
Ii lihilithi lie uUzit I cOlts ttiubliltiua aiuiuiuuuucii a m i
601 uil the itvtu we a vsiuieth ii t Oilcii iii uj rtit
I itlu tie curreiiiiihliid uuuuitii a ci ii 1 iV i II lii
shut a uigireu lrriuii 11 Icr iuuluulit tiliiit u tiire
I a CL thiiu I i u rlil t 4 11110 rca Is tii m va litbiiitits
iuOllliit Ui tUOiiilii Icnta Cl limdol2
Fnlllnar Truin n Vlniliiv It tulle A loiti
Andruw Itoucrs nglhil 2u lludlnir It too warm
to uterI In hu bed in thu iionJ kkn ol hli home at cuI
Korlh Hecoml strict llrooKlui I on outiiriiiiy hut ht wen
toi iieel hit the wlntoHt Milh hU In ad upon the sill niud
while iul ep lill out ol u the uliuhM lie struck ou hue
luoud uii the out S alL Ho dlid III Ml Cuthcilaut lliisiiiuul
Kllleil liy a Trulu
Tnccro Julio 30Joint laIilson nsodSO
niiluytd by the Kin Jersey Mill I aiut Iron Coaipaio
in atuiiiptin < hi lILt on nlondul vital car while It XMI lii
uiulloll here till lliu riiiiin Inul hula loot lalulil In tnir
t ito tracks uiul itS Ihrowu ihaui Ihe car pa > M < l dIr
biui and Injuied him no built that ho ilkd ii us tell
lice S urns run hit on a Iiunt ttuost
UticA Junu tiA Bwarm of bees settled on
a street lamp on Liberty sIres and iroLiideil to nr
raiike IhenipeUes tor thus nielli Ihu I nuu iml hiph
talhiriil auruil cTinl A tpi iMilmitu lehon boliili
SM arm to a eounlrmiin lor ti und he uulhiiett tlui
into a hack and lu ietl them off
A Kuiulll of luly hip
A Fourth of July pleasure trip will bo mad
tarouli tlie SullnJ by the unuuir Lha COy kturthio
Friday niornhii and turnlnn on bundav iiHrnlni the
sieiuner II Ill iiop at New llaeii I I Hlock Island Irov I
denie llocky roint lout Nuvtporu
Court Culiiutiiia IliU Hay
177 1MI lul I IU7 JIH Jll m i j 17 12 lJJIJli i iJ1 iH
aiVaill U17IH 1rkCllL ImiilNiM IIJI I lIla
MiiiisK CIIUIIT 1arl IlIou MM I4UU ulUO 3V71
5U7J Will SOil JJ11 OUI7 05Jl
> rvrr Sap llle
but Wtin IOu are tick tako a cluso of Quirks Irish Tea
Irlcv U cents al uhtugugIutuiul
Toobtnln refrr liliu clara lime luiir bc < litcnt lnu
kIted wttli tf1ui tall o45lur Vwr ads aiurdy ueSs
a U II hid ii ullit it44s
JI1fI1C3 Jloitcts
IlirxlntFur tinIVelli ii nil it avis I Ii
A fraurant liiMlthtul i ttl n > 1011 iii in nth vvith 1 > nl
Ol dru > lli and htYAeI Mlii ol Hiraiul ct New Vue
Mmiy per cii lIre Ituvlnullvi lied t lieiillli mouth
stmmli 01 tour live ly i > uliu 11 < iiri luiuul Tonic
Call and try It Irte I Veu Y at i lii l i libMs sill it
Nuif Ilolrl I flu I t lliiiil Ilriieh
Ocean and sUllii liar balbliix but brtcies wlUiout
CA aickucsA
lonUliintb 811111 lniirri 1 >
l II Cinnl at t > iW Yom June SH IH71I
The linilf rlnnvl rertllli that he lOutS tin hiuivr oi imp
Iliih oi nule niimlir tl kct t No 31 liLt thIs r h ir
Ihe extraordinary t eels lug of the loullitlm HtaU IxiO
tery I vvbteh ilrevv i the capital price of one Ii unit ri ct thou
sand illiiiKii iioiiarf on Tnexlar June 17 I hill mild
ticket havlnu cit the sum 01 tilt dollar at the oillce ol
M A Uniipliin hID llronilviiiv Nevr York ellvnud that
the Hinuilnt was promptlv palit In lull on orciiiilatlon 1 ol
the UcKCt al the olTlc ol lite ci > nianv In New llrleani h
r2 Walker it New York June 5 IB7H
The unliriUtied eeriltl thai he vvusihu holder ul one
lentil ol 1 sliuilu iiiiinlier ticket No 1t411i > Llui F In
tin extriiiirdln irv i it raIl i ut oi the l ml livnii Itate Lot
terr Mrlih dievv the cupltal prlxe t > f otift Itiindri il i thon >
sand it itt Iil Iii Uollarii n ruewlay Juno 17 1S7H cut
hick I liavtnir cot the aunt il > ne dullar al I the oak f
M A Pauphtu HlDlirondvvay New York cIte and that
the amount was promptly pull In lull < > a presentation oF
the ticket at Iht once of uia company In Nevr Orlfiuift
1 UO 111 U J IOWULllS
W Oranil ar llrnoklrn June S7 187t >
Th unilersUned rertifles that ho tvaiilie Imlilcr or one
tenth of ilnali nunilir lleket Nn IB577 tltis 1 r 1 In
tIle I struuirili harT drills 1111 of the IuUII lit Slatu
LottiTV vvhlch ilrow i the capltitl prIce or Lilly 1 lien
ami Dollara on Tueday Juno 1 17 IH7i salt ticket lute
11W lot tlm autiKiffl at the onieooi M A ihiitihihllii Jill
llroailvvay Nevr Vrt flit sill that thn nniiulit was
liniiniitlv paul In Cull mi pretvnutlciil ol thiS ticket at tin
olllctot the eoiupanyla Nevr Orleans
rids IIImillion was teirularlr Incorporated by tha
I of Iho State lot IMucatlonal and Charitable
purposes In I HIM hot the term of TwentvlUo year tu
which contract tile Invloliilile rout ol u the Plate Is I pledtied
with a eapllalol l HMfKI to which It han lnce a lilnl
a leKr > elillll or IJV1IWI ITS llltANU SINlIM NUM
llllt PISTHIIIIITIIIX has alwata taken place monthly
on the second Tuemlar ol each month It never scale or
postpones Look nt the Following distribution
Capital Prlie 3ijiro
1 Capital lrtze 1000
I Capital Irle suw
a lriisoiJvii ri > i
Alrlreaof 10ml rla
2 PrIzes ci UO tOil l
liuFrlzesof nil luun
JUirrtiesot vi iniiil
MKirrlzesof 2i o luui
0 Approximation Prtzoa of ino 2700
U Approximation Prizes o V9M lsiu
t Approxlniallon 1rlzci o < 1UO HUM
1X7 Prizes amountlnz to tlui x
Itcipouslble correipondiiu agents itetutad at all promi
nent polnti to whom a liberal con leliattmul will be paid
Application tin rates to clubs should only be made to
thi home onlce In I New Orleans
Write ctearlr statin lull address for further Informa
tion or send orders tu
P O Box 092 Now Orleans Louisiana
Or same at
310 nronqiray New York
Alt our itruinut nxtraonlinnry Dnwlnns are under tue
upem lin and management of OEXS U T 1IKAU1IK
inl Joticts
BT 1
No 30
ol the
Heady all over tile United Stale Monday July cvcnth
STOMACH DYalKlsU > and llllbU > lATl U are read
11 cured hj nliu
Do not lene homo this summer without provIdIng
yourself with a family toe bottle of
mNNi3 Mviiiu OIL
It wIlt save in iris xiUerlnvf nit tidiness loss ol tlmo
ilolii tor a doctor lu this iniddlo of tho nUht and much
luader II you Iu o never tried thIs most valuatuti
n nied > and have au > Uoulitii i about Its Joint all vre claim
hoe It call slid vet a vii > Ut bottle fits of clisriie at
depot till Murrav SL
Yiti il II
One Morin I worth atout 45 tenti
Kver Holid liliil Pruvv a Irui as tile tU are
Nil HltNks
Ibid lioiulit toda > niilll il P I M are enlilled to thi
whole pi i mi inn Unit hay In dr inn u llu reoli today
1w llro idvviiv New Vork
lsTMHllliil i I I I I I IN IS74
KIiii lIhitmt
KiepNCtMnm > hiru mild to nu lilie Tin very eit l
III It tuii be I hr ii ii I it Uliv pro e N IX lor ti 1irleit
HiltUliu lion blhir linn d i Kti i I I ileut > Hrll > isle
PrinH shtrti tin VIM li l tli it tut IH piihliuid alauy
Mtui sIX tor i1 t liiu 111 i 1 hv inn into nrl
kllllsilSill IM rMllltlllCi
the ter l t Piti nt prntetiiil i rib nur ir cent
strolikir than iinv olhet inlnlli I I in ide fl each
MII kllliilul Ii I
for Oouii lln vi irs i > ol t pi uii or finiiiti 11 liiid I fl pair
KI > iMilliui itui is iui l iiilin I
Huniki iiini u ll ii i rv li i v > ut uoudh vvarranlyd
SHinpii ui 1 1 in tn ir niiili il in e
vi > h ivo iiinoii d i our ills av ture to I1r5 I llroidway I
hi I tui t ii n tt I nn I > alit
117 Hrii ivvni i S Vii i Jit tulioii t liriioilyn
1tt c s
IJWI Hrnil > vil I
tiiMMus V ltlh ii liisiiMiiirritiN LO
Ill hi Ml I i i K
Illl UvTI I II LIU Jl It l Ul
I imneih Iro flll 1 I mi yl ldollar
7VIIIII ellH l I Ill Ol flKI Jiiu HI Ill I
Mm fn lu i > niv I j IliUi I I fl Ihu I pUic MIVUI ir i
Ii i lu It
MAcViihvsViir I uni is 1 Tim CITY or ioi is
ilih 1 1 KY
flu i Flinol iVio H 1 UM toll I
fiR lIAISii lit lttYrt 1AMN 111 HI II
lillidli It
111114 llt1 Ali hi P ium lilt hllti119 iV
Vlln I J IIIVI III llltp s i rilmv l iil r I itT
ml I in hiiic lin villi ki ur f 1 tllitlilFuilhi O
Ill iiiuuio iii N 1 I Ip tjHIIIIUUtl II II rilKllll A
Ill IJ7 111 ildivai
v t UKIICIIIS run rriti IMI ti1l
orilii > l jilt u iioiv liiilnl < M u v > v nt lit hiiut > S
Im ul Hi ltj bv in in ilil I utit i I m > t i
u i il tv u n vv MII I i n in in li
llu u i lil < nellt w II ih u v u I > ii > I i
1 III u tllll II III l V I
Di 1I 1 leu I M n u i I
A VI und I I in I St I l > M I i x i n
Ill Suppu lliilll l tin v i i I I
piirs IMUVI > M > I IS c i ui i ti i i 1t
OUlkUlll 1MUIM I 1 Ill
uiouiuUirwuiii > inJ i i p
li a
ijerovn CltUtllKU fJFir CEXTS
A l V1KCK Will tilTllSO IS CllJIItH
Stories Tnlil liy llqtior llcnlm who were
TnUtn lii hIss Mllltirrry Siren Hlnllon
M Imt llrnnn Slit la Kny for lllmirll
Tho liquor ilculcra who wcro arrested on
Sunday In 1ollcu dipt UroKanV precinct relate
HlrimiMHtorliH of tlieli I 1 treatment In tho t Mill
burry truet Matlon fritz Jllllortliu bartiudur
Ill thiti rishuturant at 23 Wulkor street emts I
was arrested and locked up In a cull i WH
tnkun olTso suddenly that I did not hiuo time to
put any bOObY In my pocket When I cot to
time fctMtlou and had been locked up the door
in mi Drown Intimated that I could net outside
for n consideration Mind I did not otfur any
thing I Immcdliitoly put my hand in my
pocket and olTerud twoityflMi cunts all tIme
ItlollOY I haul with me This was refused nml
ility cents win demanded After n whllu n
rlond of nilno loniieil mo the amount reaulrod
and then I was taken from the cull and allowed
to sit on a ollntr In thaI corridor WillIe sItting
thicie suveral bthurs wore taken fromho calls
nutl guam chairs and othurx wcro rented before
ititirl tig thin cells All I undiTntood had paid
hun foo demnmled Hut I had not been In tIme
njdymuntol my chair mom than an hour bo
uro tile tlnornmn wlio had oeeupants for all I
Ills suitru chalru about twelve I thinkousted
nu aud another man and taking I our dial rui
rom us used them to I support n twulvufoct
plank to mako room for others to I sit I pro
hi i steilHiiylnK that I haiti paid for my chair but
lIt itttd wiiit clven to mo anti I had to worry
mt thu rent of this lout nlilit on n hard board
ilHiv well twelvo ehiiirs taken up to 1U oclock
md It WIIN understood that tIme doorman had
l > i I llbllllt Ifl i IIII to tllllt time
II Xumbrmvl who was also locked up said
tim Uii reporter that ho paid Doorman Brown
Uty cents for his vhalr nod was clad to gel Itat
hut irlce
Mr John H MahnVun of Grand and Ellzi
leth streeto who was also arrested mild that ho
md to pay lllly cullS before ho could cut out of
Three otlmr bartenders lu tho vicinity whoso
mployers would uot allow them to ulvo their
laniiH for fear an they sild of futuro porsccu
hi liui rom tlio lollcu paid lift y ecnta for n ehiiln
InoothurH who were visited said thatthuy had
leiiualntances aniom I thu polled and wuru fur
ilHiicdcliulrH free ol charuu They did not wish
heir names used
Mai tin Ilinhneurnf Kim and Howard streets
and 1red Knuuzul of llaMer street who wuru
both lock ii I up Hula that thoy paid fifty cents
md item tihluwud 10 sit on chairs in limo corn
lorSisrcennt Holbrook ol the Mulberry street po
len wliown nt time desk when nbUN reporter
called promptly called out Doorman Drown
How many Ilijuor I dealers had you In churco
Burday nluht 1 nuked the reporter
Drown 1 dont know
Twentytwo answered tho Sergeant turn
lug sit er lliolfiucH ot tilts blotter
It Ishiiin tloormau that you received a tee
of Illty cents per head from uonm of Uium for
clialrs In Urn corridor Is tlmt so
Drown Well tiiero was no harm In that was
them I Hasnt n man a right to do as ho pleases
with his moiiMV I
ItrwtaVih what are you going to do about
it You aint I gui ng to imbllsh all that stulT
iro you If you art I shall gIve you no fur
lier nuws nml moreover I shall deny now that
I I reeelutd any monuy Kjouwantto llud oat
niDtliliu co to thosu who paid tho monoy I
lout think they will havo thu hardihood to ad
mit It
I Dut iou have already admitted It
Xn I linvn not and Ill clvo you no moro
tInes1 And loormaii Drown retreated to the
jack room and out of sight
MarrIed III Ilcnven and Kullnff Iso Wedding
Iteisst In Icuvrnworllu
from It < l 7mi HfMint
LKAvrswouTiiIuno25 and those
who limn faith In I spirit uiti ntntm I festat lotis mire
ill uttrrig our HHiuico that was held In tins city
last Friday fvenlm that puts everything else
I In Itt lino I Completely In the shade To bo par
tleulnrand gut it lull account of these wonder
ful prowodlnus It must tlrst bu stated who the
tiuirIiw art
It Is n wellknown fact that Col Isaan Eaton
member of thu Democratic Natlopal Commit
tee and formerly Laud Commissioner of ho I
Hannibal I hi list bt Jo Itallroud is a Spiritualist
lu lacllt has holy bceoiiiii a imiuiii with him I
and all lila luck pond or bad two trotu thin
detmned dead Mrs h Kiton Ills estluiablu
wife Is also a ftnini believer and buy have
made reiiuent Hips to Memphis Mo to In
terview tIle famous Prof Molt to try nod
further their reseur liiH Col Katun Is ns firm
In his belief ot buyIng rtetIved Iumissutgts from
tile depirtcd nnd havlni seen and con
trsi d with tliemas ho is sure that tho sun
rises anil sets In several of his numerous
vhitolo Molt lie tins seen and conversed with
his dailhtor Katie who died at tho aco ol
thu ret weika who hns been a member of the
ntiKul band for thirty I years 1 u rIng his lust
slit slits 1011 ii I mum tiiut shuii was soon to bo mar
ried nnd that Denj Piereu a sou of > < zPrtBl
diiit Franklin 1iercu was to bo her husband
Shu stated that thii weddlni would takoplact
on tile Jutli of Jnnu in tho stunt land ami
asked that ln runt tIle necetoary nrmuRH
flltihs fur mt wedding i xupper and she and her
liiiHliand ould visit thoni diirlni the inenlnc
Th Colonel was only too glad to spare neIther
pitl us nor iiximnstito further the wndillninr I
raimeiiienN ami son clooet li I ru tho hoiihowaa
traiihformeil t Intoacablmt I for tIme aeeommoda
tionof I tin medium 1rot Molt and his nlfuo I
Memphis Dr Dooley of Kaiibiis City Col II D
Mrluiy laM President of the Alllniieo I I Ilfu In
C ii ruin iii Coum tan C and Mrs McKay of this city
and the iou titeti into mumbers ol Mr l Kntoivs
family wore th ii KUests at th whtl I nut supper
1rof Molt took his place In the cabinet tin
table was fproad tu covers buluu laid for
thu bridu and irnoin im decant boucin
beinu iilaccd beside tlioir plates After tin
ClientS wero heated the medium annouucoe
that the bridal party had nrrhed Thu quests
ono alter another arose from time tablu am
ttutit totlm cabinet thin Indyand her hubbam
tlieru being prebeuled to them Tliciy botl
aiipeared very distinct I I and llleliku ami both
entered heartily Into thu uenerul conversation
Alter lit hi uerumony was over lute brldu am
K mob walked out of tin t cabinet Thu bridu
woru a heavy white satin urea with llowlnu
Mill and ornnisu blo Aoms Tho Kroom was
attired In the customary black with a button
hole bomiuut
Atr riceivine numerous congratulations
tlie bridal party bailo their t I friends uoodby
and detmitid NO to speak for their culesttu
home bavlni that thuy would call often
This I matter IIIH been obtained from parties
present ami Is a verbatim account of tho pro
c > u mitts All I I purtie conciirned IDOMI In lie I
Inuhcot society circles and hoiicu Ole furor
tilts wedding has iiusud
Jtn Ncluillxi Terrible llrnlh
Mrs Jacob Schullz n younK marrlisd woman
5t ho hrl I in 1 Ill iiiiwteitli Street IliyuniH wu
burned toilontli on sittinlt uy while tou nut kpruxonu nih
tuiu tier 3tuu to uuku the llro lura LrUlitur blio lan u
Cot ol lIla room MTiawnir Slut then ililnKlns of her
rhiM Is hilulu II us HI t an iitji < liilii riioui nit im nut tha
tju JIOIIM I oiill IK burnil I ci lii riu iurk ti mnu u
Iiiuuuziic uhut iiuuicur Ii tie chill tus r lii7Iuu rule
luiiii ui tuTu l hack uiiut r iu Ii iii roill nuiii1i
Juicuit uuiu lcit sii us IS u uauilllic Ilihh tUt iiUt the
tile II lit I uiiiulu huluitie Lu the htiiiu Sirs
s uiultz duel Iu a cuorh iiiiie
Pest Tusk Stoch EcissssgeNnlqs Jino 110
coineD puueo 5T4Tu 55 CiTY lU1lliI lii ChLOAsl
III I S 1 1 r to I 4 ills 1415 87
ml t I a iui e ti id ltliiuiu Si tiC O lill i
11 1 5 4 iWO C hO I islull II ustr Ii
at I S cur Ii ci h11 74 iu Volusuui 410GjlP4
dli hi 8 cuw 1Jul51 ij
nAllltlMIl AD OTIII It IONPS til ItCKI I ci
nrh jt d i I M 11 IMII orintspiniir I
671 It N i 1 Cll ill UUtia hv I I11 t A I
Cui i it N Jtj cv is iiv Ijirn K II ljlj
17 O It N J mlj If 4 5 Lou A S UtllJallU I I
M i A u n 10 11 Met KI lt luu
Nllt IX II en is itfkis IJI I Ma K Al a il liiuii
isl P I 7 eoii 114 I tl 11 tK A T 1 Id ill aiKjUtu
a itt p IMI t M in I 11 NV riniriiuiX nrt 4
lllbt Ilull SI I IKI ci I Ill U So Ut i7u4
i N xx uuii e III I I I 4jv V ihs l > tIlik I t lliiU I I
i n A ll oi r ir II u A III den ui
l pill tohitic ii n Ln Pie 1st IU
4 Alb A M M 101 JJk I ISIINIUC 117J
ft Alb u Sun coil 1UJ < i K PUP I I r I Kim till
< nliill 1 1 1101st UWUI IJIT i Jtl t f Ioeer I 7U
rsi 1 cons ii tn ii OilXX All lt 5SaOV
HWU i K I Jl t XV Jl HMI t I ai IM7 UJ >
cii 7St17ui I I t VV st U
54 Llttl 1ih Ou lu4iV1 llxe DI1
I i xt S s fit iiiiJ lliTt inoii c 70
III 1 111 X Xlo Illv U 1l IM J I A1V 1 ill c Bu
iUuAlIii K lt 114
iuiluiui > ivn oriitit STOCKS
SSrnrelil N I liI11521 HI7XV U I Til 011991
Ml ihius A Ohio 7 MI hut ini ru SO
IHMhie 1 A All HI ion A Stir MI
47KHII 1 N VV nilViliV no N x in mi
7151111 t N ii lfUuit1Il S7liMlhtut Xllsl ill < I II
Inii It I VI Illl1 I 4I II v tlla I l iJtal
Illl III VU lIt Vl ll < lllll ShIll lllMIi
liLuu s I lIt IHII 5 I ui ril ia 1 M i S il JXHJ7
1111 M Piini i pr Htl i15 Illl Kill I t N I7 > MII14
itsi ii lev A Im ii711iil1 17HI K I A N lit IIIIIAII
2n irr i l iso l il uioiililc 7ll 4i7XJ
IKVH i h III I I It alt1 KII i Xillull SlS LI
Illill ll hI I t W MI lli sliisiiiio lunuul I 4 >
4V > lrie i J uiil5 1IJI111111 I I Mill il44 r
cal lrut pr most i U t X s K H
SUM llltl X Sl Jll Jll 1111 4i > IM 1 AriFl I hl3sihhli I
Ktllll AM Jop I 41 Vtfll I IKI st iihr I
fii HI I ii nt HMiJ > 5 lJ I it II l 2
TIIIII ivanii 1ilt 10 Ililiuinu 0 f sji
cm ttiho iii hI 1 ly4li14 HIM p I i t 1111 I i
Vvniui 5 sr Ill I > IM lit xdiiini ix ii4fioiv
cull ahuuuI till 7ul5j75i4 10 I IU I is litii i 1716017
311 Mor Ji bsu I hI 1111 1u5 11 I A ti Iii 11
1UIS si Ten l I Iuil i ixuxinuliiilluu u4 T
JiliiN J hiulli c thu K AT 1 IMWI
usillcl i 1 HliJ 4ii l74 47 Kent I i 51 j pu M
JIM A ifIU iU3ul1t TLal suite liw77u > chart
Cl iltIlil ruiltiti
rn wi I nn Adil L
tl H 01 HO r HlH IU4 Ilil 1 St P I pf tU ti
l m H ii isue lull lli7Mi K A Tex 14J is
1 c 0 HI r lui mliii thor A Lsicx IHVs lU
tiiikUlc lui lulMauliatuii HV 411
11 5 5 il 11311 IrtlIN JOntrnl M 52
U H 4It > III 1I I i ii I imt4 Nnrtliwixtvrn ii14 i i I5i
U H I 4 It i7r Wl ItU Nnrtliw > lllir til mi
I1 H 4i 11107 Blltlj lui t NYI A lluil 11 I hSt iir I I
U SiuriUvslJJ IlS N Y iu IM i
AH > ASUS SX tue llliliV Slim I li
1 lilt South 17 ti7 II A 1 itIw tire cu 87
O 1 O 1 A I C1 VJ iiinrlo xiliuiiK III iniJ
IIC I A I I i 7 stniid Mlnliu ill 1 t ail I
rule n g m tin il7 H7S
Illl A Alloll HI lIIillleIihe Mill It4 M
Pal K A XXest thi4 Koek lilniiiUiln Ml
Del A II Tun 44 45 M K KI II AN l 17 7I
Erie Raise 17V 14 st I KANlil fl 4il
Krlelt llvviiyir MiJ aJ4 inii n lsc 7oJ 7lS
KorlXVuviie PSI 1 I 1ii lliliiIu I liiu5
1111 A ft In III 1i Ct ut PiieTil 7f 87s
li AKt J pref 4IU I i ii sO VIm 1 > tin
linrleui IV1 ios hiuuuiua h 10 let l l
Illinnli Con HI lti4i AM hiirCs 4ili 47
ifiiii uui uhiiiut 1 U53u I K Kx
hit Inehlc Ml l vxelli IrtnroEx ly4 us
lke Shore 7HIJ lj OlllikMlxer 14 l4
louVe AN nM Ill Quickliver tiM thu
Mich Cm 74 77 sutro Tunnel iig 4
Mil AHL Paul ol > Slh
MoNnAY Juno SO
Thn stock mnrlct opcnnl with eonshlcrablo
activity In tho Ht runts Dulawarn Ijxcknwiinnn
nnd Western Hannibal I nnd SI Jrneph Kansas
City and Northern unit Iron Mountain but tlm
Hpooiihitlon iCihit eniiriilly dull Trkes xero
pictty linn hoxxuveinnd I yet South Irrcitularily I I
tliiisod bv tin ilocllno I In tho t h olexrtid I roitilh
and tn Hannllml and St Joseph and Ohio and
Mlsslssltitil Tho fnltoxx Im xxvro tint I moro Illl I
lortantchnnccn Advaneed Xew York Central
f I Iron Mountain 1ft I Kt 1nnl I prufericd a
hI t Iaul common 3 1 Wcsln Union Ut Cieve
lii hitt millit Iittshiurwhu andard I iul I iii mitt 1 3 I
liirrls nnd Ksmx A Union 1acilli ut i KIHISHH
iiflll i J t 11 nnd y 4 I Krlo preferred I
NIIW Jersov Central i < C ami Ind U
villinih ii lillned I oem liii ust preferred I
i Ixiulsvillonnd Nnshvlll 1 Lake Shore Ut
31 llchlian Central it Manhattan llalHvnv2K 1 I
Now York Ul vatod3 Iacllh Mall U Haniil
I iti anti Ht Joseph common Ui Hannibal and
itt Joseph preferred i Ohio utnit Mississippi
Kiinmon H Ohio und Mississippi preferred
Itnllrond bonds wcro generally moro active
nnul there was a very laruo Imslness In time new
Cries closlnit at an advance Governments
wore diti I except curroncy sixes Utntu bonds
ilso dull Money on call 486 por cent nd
auclni to the latter rntont thin clone Blerllnir
uxclmnuo 1S6IT ll8li > i for prime COday bills
Tho Stock Hxclmnco will bo closed from
riiiirsday July 3 at U 1 I1 M until Monday July
7 nt 11 AM t
Thu amount payable In this city In dividends
nnd Interest durlncJuly Is about lie follows
merest on ioxernment stocks tl5uOOOOtl
tank dividendSICIWOOO railroad dlvlilends
lllXXitH Interest on railroad bonds 15000
010 total 3l 5001101 > Homo estimates mako
ttuit amount tSO000000 hut as far UH wo can
udcu this Is an oncuorntlcjn
Thu Chlcauo SubTreasury U pnvlnc the July
nlereston Oovernment boiuli In local tendiin
cheeks on Xuw York and silver but rofuies to
nako payments In cold llondholders in Chl
coal thenturn who want cold liuve to git It
from New York at it cost ot 4 to 250 V f lUOO
The total toniuuo of anthracite coal from nil
ho regions for tho week ending Juno 21
imounted to DJ1410 tons nualiibt TJ31U7 tollS
Itt tilt corrcsponitltiK I week last year an In
crease of 108211 tons Tho total nmount of
nnthraclto mined for the year In 11113222
oils ncnlnst li4S5U10 tons for the HIIIIIU period
ast ienr nn liireaso of 4027312 tons lime
Dulawaru and Hiulson and Uulawarc Lncka
wanna and N extern Companies will advnncu
heir adiedulo prices tomorrow 10 cents per
By tho titirchnno of the Chlcnco nnd Lake
Huron aud tliu t Ulilonuoand fatatu Line Itnilromls
tlu < Grand Trunk lln 11 road has secured n lino
xi New York of the following mlleaKu Chlcwo
Ii o ValtmralHO45 miles to 1ort Huron tSlto
Buffalo 13 to Now York 422 maklnun total
mileage Iron Chicago to New York of 914 miles
Tho lines I I via tho Michigan Central and Lake
Khoro mire UCl and OO miles respectively
Tho recent nnrrmvlne of tho caucn of tho St
Louis anti lion Mountain Kallroad is l said to
IjitM been dono in thu Interest of the Ieimsyl
vnnln llallroad Company in order to secure
business for 1U rittsburcli Cincinnati nod bu
Ioiils linen
Thai monthly comparatlvo Ktntonientof cross
receIpts of I lit IhUadiilt > lila and lltuud I hug lail
rond nnd thu Coal and Iron I Company for May
shows an Ineruiirtonf ITddOO our the return
for the same period hut yeir
A moetlm of limo stokholdors of the Grand
Trunk Hallway of Canada In London today ap
proved tin sale of the HlviTO du Loup sivtlon
of the road to tim iMminlon dipt Tyler
President of the road said that th purefiasu
mono would Ui applied to thu acquirement ot
onuectlom with ht Iaul and extension to
Chlcnco Thu company has already taken the
first step to the northwest nud Intends to pos
sess Itself ot it valuable line coumiaudlnc the
truffle of north Michigan
United Stnten currency outstanding nt this
date Old demand notes tiilnt lecal tender
notes all IKHUIS 31GGSl01li ono year notes
of IhOJ i4UltS twojcar notes ot 18G3 tU I
000 twotear ooution Holes of 1SG3 t237UO
compound Interest noti 1200031 fractional
currency all Issues 13812151011 Total
sew Turk Slurketa
MosniT Juno 30 riourt AND Mnu With
out eluiue in anv artleiilar exr M host otreriiulsol low
extra wen rnlhermoru lll riL eiute Klour Super
Sne f3M 3fjt < i extra Mate ic JlilJi Weurn
prtnr XX anlXXX24 MHilon Inter U4ppnz extras
14i1i414tiA no AX and XXX feu i Minneiota oaienu
CtSiK fHi city rhlppink extra 414 HK4W a Soiitnern
bakers anil tannlr iureuuItcSt0 28 Sultiirrfl shiptliiy
extra HWK < i3 Bje Hour iiiiierilne i zKtis Mi Corn
meal e tern Ic ishtsil5i O llraliilyutne fJVi
1 loS Wheatlecd V toiuil afH r > e heed El4tSEtS
toTTUM Apuu 1 Itk luulier ami lalrl > acute mil
dhn uplanil 12sC vales U71 bale Kuinren opined
hlktier bill elo etl lower at rJ4li tor Jiuly 123ic her
AliUt la 3ilr lur SKpleinber I147C I her Ot lober 1 Itouc 1
lor Soveml r lie hoC Hviember ami II iiiic lor Jjliu
an Sal < 811551 licks
ritotlom IorK quilt hut tlllt fteniiv on the spot
Mle LAS > bhl ollmexati4 u < NTll3linnil ntt nl I tit III
lor liiture illl > ir no > nli at Jul > JIU lif loai and
An2uit f III ISO 10 Jo llacon tlnn alut iiiilel loiu clear
V4c Cutininl < nrm sales auo I glut picKleit union la
D 1li lleernn beet hum niniL Iird ss as steadier
0 l ot ihlierie tiulit ciIs IIKI UM piimn city a ik1
ilo ittern 0 t7lL lorliiuire I diUvir > a lair untie was
ilolii Fille IMI u I u Juli It 5 J7V I ugust SI tic I p
uinlxT iivjijMiv mi Hie l iar IKIV ruhii Mult
at Ii u7Ie Im iuuninnlil lou Prewd hog lalrli IK
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cheexe itilet htfua niiLli iiniil at U lllc hut Ireili I
liUAlN Uhent noeltled lhl Ia leinuthe last il hay or the
corner on delis ra of No J uprtn hutch ursula
chvl iitlnh nominal > bltm < dull cili 5 iricoi hush
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ruh winter St l tltrCl l I No c nnilirr il l < ni I linnl
white tOu4ltih l ut i which No I at il Ulj8l h Ha
lor iiture ileaviT lOIUki iiuili iiicludinir ss I white
il ilucfIti ir ruly No 2 ruul lnnrl n f lllj
lor Julv Cl l u lur Aiuu l uuil I I isitiJmist l i l3 or
biptenibcr ant Not J prntf tU 1 > Ji lor lul > Ills lower i
w Illl calls at ltic lor Male mil Cimita tits ralhor
flnner enpecinll S mixed mien 4i 5 i huth at toa lc
hr IlilSeul Ii lii 37J5f e huT II liii t 5 2 uuuivI 37
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ciueui UI tiIliriY I il s lul I siilhia 173iliui hush iuatuuU
sun It Ii tuer it 4 Eli S u 2 h 4lUSl iu
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Uioriitiki Ihere SlitS n Itettrr ilemanit for roTee ant
thei cities III llldi1 JiJl liiil Km InMde 7u 5 his wllli
drawn t irom clock iitoi i 24 < n buir Milrieaibo at lull I
prtceic like and moln > 4 iiiiu t SIIJITS inoli active
s tUs ltoo hhiK at rtiWli tor moa H 4 uraitc atut n4c
roru < lriniilitz Mavotado uiliiij also In demind al
lIt sSc lor otiiiilard eriihed
SUMIKII Na al > tore h were quiet anit unrlnp eil
timi 1 liirHtitini J 7e Ioiniuon to tfonl otriiuiuul ruuu
a 1 tni l to iriiUtini tlrm and Ilulet lit ltd7u lor u I
Ii licit in lbK I Uow UIH staly with 411 i uu ifiv bolil it
tic or hirtliuc iVillit iiiI t tiiI qiuiit it I I Ii I III
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Live hIndu Market
NESt YOIIK Monday Juno llWilht the Inrco
ilKtlni ol h Ami IMIM lud ij uuhulul I lo Um I nMiri
cilMdlor the pr < tloti thriti tiurl < ll UK Inn < ilrppi
a fclroik 14e 1 fr and till murketi lim d luilv > with a
imiiibiroi iir louis onold A iiuiiilii ol roiuli itiu n
and lilliims Is lIlt down lo I 7l47te t 4 it luiUf 1 4iii
lWliV > tt l > ho dies 87 tbi Hut tinso IIIUM lt culktl
f itjUuml Mies ol eat t jtinn il ruutf item rallv the
Ta ii inr nniiii ir I > Ut elrt iitn AJI us iu0C t 4 Ill tn
it raw tuci ils I li C SiC I ccli I lii 111 lit 814
ei1 I i 11 fits ii iuuuc Cus liti 111 r
it ivul lur ilm t silIPluut lit i i > rtiM imtl 11151 In ul
tiuiluiuiiultl tur lIlt Islet wt n loiJ lisa tall titij 181 i
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tall is lull and ss cit Ht Viilit < il t tb tt > r uru tri
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5lti lur ittiiiit Vu kuu I 5 tain mat J I IM lou pintie aiul <
ixtra i
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iruh tt > lIlt I mil < wtr tlciu l < tir I utlt n i nr tnulu at
uiu iulu t > Iur N t irin siiiitht rn inn titn ttiit
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titI i j > nut Pail iina w s oi inutUii I ilk tiiuuia lotluy
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sill t III Itt Dlllttl til lut 1 U I I B II t I ILL III ft in tlltl
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MIJIIM iriiiitiixcK
C ls I syrn ole iacyuu a iT
Fun rises 4 J sun iOta 7 iMuon sets I SI
51111 it llOKThllt 101
randy lluuk 4 67iiiev Uulul i uillellUitu 7 IU
A ri l s eil MiiMiiir i June 80
S Vs lou trisl ulh I I ii lullui I
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lo I I hliiu 17
isl liiiuiiuru I ihhisuuu lu I
5 a t 11 lillY h 5
Silil I lii iiiliuuiii ihi u huiii Ire
ShIll I l dl toll Ih ii
tirk lhuut ii tOtu i Oui iiutilulL
Ii 1 fl iilIak Iruiiuiii lir ill II
l1iu I Itli iii I tI iiuruue St azAirs
llul Nil i r
link II v Ini lliiln
link I iUKilliiinl icti i iicteit
II irk in Her uti iiii n SILIII
llnli 1 Irol SIll siutitlui inn 1ilMilias
II irk Minini IlirhiMt II ti tutu
Uri Nellie Mil Muulvuv llivnul I
nUIIXSIDrFIEMIVOOnTuesil TJaiio24 it In >
ntiuel Church llellowa Fail VL by the Her C K I
Otiden Ueotve 1 lliirnldv of Hoston Ma s U Ilelcju
1U ilannhter of Hamliel I Httnlnff of llellowa Falls
OAltLETON SHKRMAN At Wanke > ha HK June
20 Iu3 the Mel c W Camp at lie First luplin Church
lleoriie W Curletonor thiitssuuki to Silt llattie U Sher
man of Wnuke ha The bride waaarra > eitlna hatiilsotim
crram coorvd ifros raln llk trlnuned ivimli bn ndft
fllk mill lace prlncciw slvle natural tlowcrs and dma
nioml lewelrv
IIISlllTNEVOn WMnrsdnr dune 25 at Ihe
re lilelue of Mrs Klitabelli I Whllnci IMiltnexl
loliit N Y by this Ret L 1 3 Lake Peloresl I thu rhiut
Uivln to Jiiinle Frances Whitney all of > hltneiw Iolnt
LANK WILLS At tin renldeliei ol Ilr Charles
lljlicht roiuhlte0pic N V June 20 he Friends cere
mony John o Lane to Khzabotli u Wills both ol Mill
brook N V
MDOItK ROnlNKON On the flub ft Tone by noeclal
lltun irom I hl iiruco the Archblnhop ol I Ill Ilue i hiurY at
SL ieurneX llauoer Muaru London by the Ucv T W
Uoiicher William Taylor a of tile Lite Cletnent 0
Moiri lo Kate Uiuhur of the late Henry Barclay Hob
liouu nil l New York
XlNNUllACIllilllAnnVMonilar June 18 St thuS
Me tmin ter llotelln I tlio city of New York bv the Kef
l II TiHiittv Jiuib Nunnemjchvr of Milwaukee Us
to lIce ltt hsu tarry or IliUadilphlA la
MKlllKVrtaTOliPAIlDOa snurday June 28 by
ill Her J K liehmot Mr Chnrln A Htepheniof
ttlltull N Y to Mm Eveline 1 iillv uklilcr of HlHUlll
II ami Ann stoildaril of New lurk
1 Illtltll IV S I patlTt pkMM CIpV
MOUPltDFISAVlTrIn Northampton Man Jun
en br the Her W H h Leavitt minister of the Hr t
IMrih his dautlitor Mnry O I Leas Itt to Dr John T
hlmliliiril rrolenor in I Smith ollrte Northampton
STHONll COOK In Chicago Ill June 24 at the rest
deiue ol the bride parents by the thee Dr E P tJood
win Episcopil llliu Ida only chlM of exAlderman
Aiinel 11 Cook 10 Dr Albert D Htron professor and
ileinonitrator In Hush Meillcal College The bride looked
lovely In a cream colored cru stilt prlncesie train ant
trimmed with point lace Trailing In the lonir veil were
white brcv ardla and tel rca buds Ornaments natural I
TRUl MOHItIR On Thnrnliy June 10 atlhorcl
ileliCi of the brtile inotlier by thu Kev A Stewart
WaUh D I U Franklin M Trlpp to Alma U Morris bulb
ol llrinkKn
ILLIifHOnARTIn South Bralntret Mat June
20 by tin Kev Mr Smith asited by the Rev Sir Sal
lIlac of Ilroekton Ueorne II lUUls to Ella 8 hobart
daughter of the lion > A llobart
HAIU At Lenmintlor SItu June 21 Sophia Bill
apd wi sears 7 monilK and injiin 4
H lliitowIn lrovMnce R I June29 AmoiChalee
only son of Amos C liar tow Jr and Grace Palrnel
liii riiule
llRlliksIn rhlladelnlila Pa June 33 EllzabeU
lUookfi aeed 1U > ears and 7 months
HUNKttt In boston lluulanils June 11 SIrs CUriul
Hunker iikej HM j ears 7 innuUis cot 7 davs
< ftil tu Huston Mail Juue2U Henry CaiilJy
COILldNllV At We tvvooil JJ J Juno 23 alter s
lout and elITe rlnK lUness Nicholas ColUmion In the sotk
e ir of hU aki
Finn rat service wa < heM In the Westwood Chapel on
Krldnv Juno 1 27 at l iiclnfk 1 M
iALLhtilILhtlun 1 2rt Ellen widow of Capt Gal
ItuhiT at her lato reldetue 05 atm
ielallca 5101 rrleiu are rernectlutly Iniiteil to atten1
IUT tuueral Irotu SL Itrliiiiet a Church Av H tout 8th st
where i uulciii mass will be nlehraUd at lo A 31 oa
Tuertai Julr I
IUlRYAt ICItterr Mr June 19 Harriet nradburr
llinerv haley aued 11 3 aCre 3 month and 3 day
IIAYIMJN Ct Marlboro Mass recently Deacon Isaac
tItus 1 > ii titeuh IIHI clues
M U II vlI In Newport R I June 27 Miss Marin
Mnrdirtll lu the Httl 7 ear of her era
rilKhlll At West FaniK N Y June 29 Matilda
wMow ot u Uioruo Teretfo nictd l M wars
Mineral on lilt 5111 July I at 4 ocloct from her late
riili nc
WIIIfK At BulTalo N V June 27 Patrick Whlto
aced livi jears

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