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Advertisement for THE WrxiUiY SUN il
lurdliworrotoiiiornffi mini be handed in Mi
ttenina before six oclock
Icritonnl Journalism
A fow days OKO 1 Western Journalist tclo
graphed to this oflleo wlmt purported to bo
ornbout to
an account of proceedings bell or
bo Instltiitod In court Involving tho per
lonnl clinrnctor of two prominent persona
Tho World boasted that tho snino intelll
jrcnoo lout been offered to It and mndo n
virtue of not publishing tho now For tho
World to broi8t of not buying the news Is
Ilku n pnuocrbonsllnjr of not wearing broad
cloth and milking a Irtuo or his rugs
Hut tho Herald of Sunday copies and leads
tho Worldn article which contains I pitiful
and Impotent lUng at TIlE SUN which tho
Herald thereby endorses
Now If there bn ono paper on tho surface
of this broad earth that would not llllnKly
lay n burden to tho weight of 1 hair on tho
shoulders of any human being unjustly
that paper Is TIn VOKK Sox
TIe SUN Is also eminently I peace jour
nal but wo never wait for 1 second Invita
tion to I fight from I foeman worthy of our
In many respects tho present proprietor
of tho Herald has preserved ft commendable
dignity tho conduct of that journal I
his present pretensions could bo explained
on tho ground ot remorse at looking over
tho long whlto row of headstones which
mark tho graves of persona who havo boon
driven to suicide or havo been worried t
death by tho nbuso of the Jlcrald it would
Boom respectable but why should any jour
nal attempt to covor by an affectation of
sanctimony Its chagrin at defeat in obtain
ing tho earliest news
No journal is perfect Wo frankly confess
our own sins of omission and hopo to ho I
forgiven at least by tho editor of tho Her
ald Wo have printed accounts of victories
at polo received by telegraph while wo I
havo omitted accounts of tho escapades of
tho samo hero which would have Interested
1 thoy had not cdilled ono thousand times
a many renders Wo have no objection to
any man firing pistols into his own mirrors
and breaking them although they be of
French pinto and cost I thousand dollars
apiece But If any man throws stones at
us oven over othor mens shoulders wo
propose to investigate and find out whether
of his glass houso as well as his mirrors IB not made
Providing for Gen Grant
Two plans have recently been proposed
for keeping Gen CHANT out of politics and
providing him with an Income for tho re
mainder of his llfo Tho first is to make
him President of canal tho
n company sec
ond t create the ofllco of CaptainGeneral
of tho Army and put him Into It In the
latter case ho would rank HIIFJRMAN and
would b at tho head of tho military organ
ization of the United States
I GRANT wants to bo President of n canal
company and if the cnnnl company wants
him for President wo tin not know that any
body has n right to object I Is truo that
tho canal company is not yet In existence
perhaps it will crystallize nftcrOen GRANT
has become its President
Tho proposition to make Gen GRANT
CaptainGeneral of the Army is an old one
under I new form I is advanced by I
foolish contemporary which says that tho
idea has been quietly canvassed during the
recess of Congress among tho Senators anti
Representatives nt Saratoga Newport
Long Branch and Whlto Sulphur Springs
that it hRs been received with great favor I
specially by Sonthcin members and thnt I
it will tko shape at the next session in a
bill creating tho ofllco fixing bullublo pay
and allowances and tendering tho now rank
to Gen GHANT in recognition of his patriotic
otc services in behalf of tho Union ns well
as to afford him permanent occupation In 1
congenial employment tho remainder of
his llfo
There arc several reasons why this plan
will not work The army of tho United
States Is already only to well stocked with
Generals various descriptions Brigadier
Generals MajorGenerals LieutenantGen
orals AdjutantGenorals PaymasterGen
erals besides a plain General who hah
some inlluenco In the Military King and Is
said to bo uncommonly of his
Io Jealous posi
tion at the head of tho organization There
seems to bo no room for I CaplainGenet
Moreover who is prepared to say that tho
office of CnptnlnGenernl of tho Army
would afford congenial employment to Gen
t GUT Ho may havo left his military
0 tastes and habits in tho lied Sea whore
PHARAOHS hosts wero drowned His oh
Ecrvatlons of tho ruins of many ancient nn
ton most of which were drought to
destruction by martial ambition may
have given his mind n permanent bins
in favor of the arts of pence Ills inter
course with Prlnco KUNO at Pekin ont his I
0 btibscriucnt experience ns a unit of extra I
ofllclnl ambassador to effect n compromise
I of tho troubles between China and Japan
may have Inclined him to diplomacy Who
can confidently assert that Mr GRANT
t would not bo very unhappy n CaptainGen
eral of time Army
i I Gen GIIAcT must bo President of Rome
thing ami time canal company does not crys
talline ho might bo made President of the
obelisk which Is to bo Imported from Egypt
I ho must bo provided for at tho expense of
tho people Ito might bo cieated 1 Chairman
I with a liberal salary of n perpetual com
i mission to determine what claim he miiio
J than nny other citizen has for pcrmnncut
maintenance at tho public cost
Sioux antI Zulu
Civilization in Houllt Africa is resorting to
much the bnmo expedients as civilization In
North America In order to extend over bo
nlghtcd ravages its beneficent sway Strip
ped of etblnge Sir GAIINET WOLHKLCYH
strategy scorns to consist chlelly in pitting
black man against blnck precisely as our
rimiinanderH In tho far West have learned to
him ted men to kill ted
I In HID list hinges of tho war much was
Bnld of tho enormous slaughter of Zn ins bj
modern llroarnm Tho British publlo I was
I regaled with tidings of CKTYWAYOH warrlots
Bluln In wlnrows in heaps at ono battle It 1
was bellovid I or hoped that I thoiiaiK
blivcko wcio killed al another Unco t thou I
sand or five thousand and so on And for
oyory Uioueauu Eulus killed tit YU 1IK9
British loss was only a hundred or perhaps
n Acore
Ono would suppose that If there wore
really n great principle at etnko Blaughtor
ngat so cheap II I into would bo contlnuedi
1 f tho Zulus are guilty of n crime so great
In defending their land from Invasion their
ting from dethronement and t heir nation
from subjugation It I would seem as I I ono
liltlsh soldier would be willingly sacrificed
JltHh solrll wJ 1 ni eaerlcer
for the patriotic Ivllege of slaying fifty or
n hundred Zulus Hut not PO Sir GAUVITT
oUlEinv flcems to huvo been Instructed to
trI off his troops some of whom arc nl
cady on tho way homo while ten thousand
iwarlos are to ho tinned In against tim
Zulu tho Amatongns are to be stirred up
auth hired to go to war with CCTYWAYO amid
GUAM tho Kings own brother Is tempted
b iy tin1 offer of 6noO cattle and a chance oi
tilt succession to bring in Ills brothers
lend With these devices supplemented by i
tho chances of I dreadful famine in Zulu
land produced by < destroying tho seed and
iroventlng tho fields flout being sown It is
u > pcd to continue tho t slaughter of the Zulus
with tho strictest economy of life on tho
port or thiilUltlsh
This cntspaw policy of civilization in
South Africa recalls at the economical
HOlth Adcl rlcnll lt once teonollcnl
nethodH pursued In our own land Tho
titling of friendly Indians against hostile
Indians has now for ninny years been prac
ised with great success and thoto is 1
landing provision for tho employment of
Indian scouts In foot bitter experience has
shown that without Indians to engage
ndlans the surprise anti slaughter are apt
to bo among white troops lllzatlon In
ho mean time can chuckle like Ivoo r
Iccllng that whether tho nlly kills tho
enemy or tho enemy kills tho ally tho gain
IS friend in having one savage tho less as fo or
The Chinese and Russian In Central
According t tho latest despatches tho
dispute between Itussln and China which
threatened t culminate In war has been
averted by concessions on tho part of the
Russian Government For a time tho Czar
seemed disposed to retain tho province of
Kuldjn hit tho advice of Gen KAXIFMANN
and tho formidable military demonstration
of tho Chinese hnvo availed to change his
mind I is certaIn that tho collision thus
avoided or postponed would have entailed
graver consequences than any of tho con
lets recently waged In Central Asia
Gcti KAUFMANS it is said his lost popu
larity at St Petorsbuig by Ids earnest advo
cacy of the ictrocesslou of Kuldjn No
doubt tho wish to keep tho district occupied
since ISCJ found n pretext in tho prayers of
ho inhabitants to bo saved from Chinese
vengeance hit tho GovernorGeneral at
Tashkent probably understood the matter
both from tho point of view of equity and
expediency better than time unlace favorites
Die revolution which In 18C2S1 laid waste i
tho flourishing provInce of I or Kuldja
was n Mohammedan uprising and tho
hituy as tho Buddhist Chinese are called In
Turklstan wero everywhere ruthlessly
massacred According to ScHUYLEn this
movement engineered by tho mollahs was
entirely unjustified and It assuredly had
ho most untowaid results Tho rulo of tho
mandarins seems to have been lolorant
just and judicious to a degteo very seldom
BOOH in Central Asia and It hnd exerted n
potent stimulus on Industry anti trade
Twenty years ago tho districts of Kaslignr
and Kuldja under tho relatively mild
and sensible sway of Chinese officials
were dotted with thriving towns traMrsetl
by decent roads provided with efficient
means of irrigation and they maintained
In comfort n population front five to tel
times larger than that which now ekes out
I precarious subsistence Their chief cities
were places of resort for Itusslnn merchants
and it was the interruption of this old trade
Intercourse after the expulsion oi tho Chi
nese by tho saugulnnry feuds between tho
Tungan nnd Tarnntchl insurgents which
brought about tho Russian occupation of
tho northern section of tho country Thcro
was no pretence however of conquest at
tho time tho BUpiemnev of China over
Kuldja or I being distinctly iccognUed
and I pledge bell made of restoration
when tho troops of tho Middle Empire
should appear In sufficient force to main
tain order Seven years passed away
and tho Russians had coma t treat tho
province as 1 permanent possession when
In the autumn of 1876 tho news came that
large Chinese nt my recruited for time roost
part from tho stalwart soldiery known OH
the levies of tho Green Banner had begun
operations to the east of Tin fan Such as
thofo wero tho troops whole garrisons of
whom in the Tungan rebellion blew them
solves up or cut each others throat sooner
than surrender tho posts confided to them
aunt trio memory ot their former prowess
revived nt their ollmlnary successes north
of tho TlnnShnn Within I twelvemonth
YAcrnlieg on whom Mussulmans had bo I
slowed tho title of AthnlikUazi or cham I
pion father mil with whom tho Russians I
had not greatly cared to meddle was
broken like n reed by the Khllay ministers
of vengeance No doubt I iiithless chas I
tlsement was presently inflicted on tho In I
habitants ot tho revolted province but I
thoso who know IIthll nIolt tho Tungat
atrocities In Kashgar will not say it was
wholly undeserved
Now Gen KAUIMANN was perfectly ac
qualnted with these facts and If wo may
Judge from Ills own policy in Tutklstan ho
would be little disposed to sympathize will
tho Moslem population of Kuldja 111 their
dtoad of retribution at tho hands of the
Chinese Ho has governed his Ylceroyaltj
in niandatln fashion showing himself tol
ctrint and kindly enough to obedient sub
jects but hntfli ant implacable toward tho
itfinctory No ono knew boiler limn ho
who has so long shaped tho Russian diplo I
macy in Asia how equitable was tho Chinese
claim to Kuldja Ho know too that tho
province was not worth n war that wlm
Russia wants In Turklstan not more land
hit more husbandmen to till what land sho
line and more markets to encourage Ullage
It wi take fifty eaR of settled govern
mcnt and n great outlay of capital to
tiling up tho aMiiucHof trnnspoit ant tho
means of nrtlllclal Irtlgatlon I In I Khiva
Ilokhain and Khokand to tho efficiency nt
tallied In foimer times
Moreover Gen KAUFMANN was better
qualified than tho Czars advisors at St
Petersburg to measure tho difficulties of
coping with time Chinese Tho latter would <
bo nearer their base of supplies than would
tho Russians Time law maiounl fiom which
their troops may be recruited Is luoxhaust
Ible Tlioro Is no limit to tho quantity of Im
pi lived arms and ammunition attainable at
the treaty ports Nor would theio bo any
dearth of expel lenced comniandois lur
numbers of English officers would probably
volunteer to servo In tho Chinese army as
they Ill In tho Taeplng rebellion Undo
these clrcumstnnees It Is no wonder thn
time GovernorOuneral of Russian Turklstat
should have counselled tho surrender or
I Kuldja It is probably foitunalo that his
JudfilttCltwa8 nut OYWJUM At 8tJPCtM8
burl and that ho was not loft t bear tho
runt of I war whoso burdens nnd dangers
ho had foreshown
TrI truth In tho military power which
China has exerted In times past and scorns
still able to exert on her western frontier Is
strangely underrated in Europe I np
enrs thnt tho terror of her arms Is trndl
thermal In Central and Southern Asia that It
trctchcs far beyond the limits of her direct
authority and prompts demonstrations of
assalnge f apt to justify the pretensions of
time Celestial Empire Such was time report
irought back by tho FOHHYTH mission to
Eastern Turklstan and Col PIIEZWALHKIH
observations In Thibet wcio to the sauna
effect I Is well known too that In Bur
nmh tho Clilnaso influence Is ft far stronger
anti 1 moro active political forco tlinn is tho
British timid the Burmese King who treats
English envoys with crazy arrogance is I
submissive vassal to his feudal lord In
ekln Still moro significant is tho bet
dent lately reputed from Nepaul n State
contiguous to Hludostan and commonly
regarded as n satellite of tho AngloIndian
2mt > lro It seems that nn envoy was de
spatched some months ago from Nepaul or
as the Chinese call it tho Kingdom of tho
Goorklms with tribute t tho Celestial
Emperor and a letter from the Nopauloso
ruler humbly requesting that ids messen
ger might b once moro permitted to have
an audience Such an act on tho part of I
State which should have learned to measure
time military resources of tho Calcutta Gov
ernment attests the widereaching nnd
profound respect still entertained for China
Whcio tho European eye sees nothing but
slow decay and n foolish waste of moans
tho Aslastio mind is somehow Impressed I
with I sense of power I
A Possibility of Gen Smiths Resigna
tion I
Thero is a possibility that Gen WIMIAM
F Commissioner Sunn may resign his office as Police
But not yet
All at ouco tho bravo General looms up
like n rising sun as a Democratic candi
date for Governor
Should tie bo nominated ho would almost
certainly bo elected
In that event ho might feel obliged to re
sign as Police Commissioner for the two
offices would bo Incompatible In fact oven If
not In law Than however ho would go out
of the Commlsslouorshlp not with tho dis
honor which It has been meanly attempted
t impose upon him but In a blaze of glory
JOHN SHEIUTAN is an old fox and a sly
ono Hut foxes older and elror than ho have
brought UD In the trap nt last
Fraud Defender HISCOCK goes to tho State
Convention in bad company J J DELDCN tlic
load and front of tho Cnnnl Ring efforts him
10 Saratoga and Canal King Influence joins
with HAYEHS supporters in pualilni him for
the Governorship The counts liavo decided
that DCLDEN must ofund 337000 which ho
filched from tho State through Canal lUng
methods Tho people would very promptly de
cida that thoy wanted of
thlt no more HibcocE
DELDEN i Co woru HISCOCK nominated
I tho Lone Fisherman of Franklin County
liadnt boon n Fraudulent YlcoVruslilont ho
might have been utilized br the nnllConxEii
brethren in this exigency n a dark horse a
dark river horse so to speak
Now that TBICKETT has beaten LAYCOCK
In Australia tho eagerness for n match between
him nnd HANLAN will bo increased I has been
Butnested that the accident by which the
sUlIe8tod Ihlt necldelt hllh oars
man of time Pnrnmattn lost n par of the fIngers
of ono hand must so disqualify him ax to mnkn n
race between him miami II AN LAS onoslilnd Hut
Ills easy victory on Friday defeating LortxVK
by nIne lengths tolls a different story In the
aquatic world there should bo
aQunlo not to cham
pions each having so good n tllla to time su
prcmncy as Tmuczzrr and IIjmMv without I
trial between them Ono dinicultr has boon to
determine whether HANLAN should go to Aus
tralia or TBICKETT comn to Cnnntln probably
it would bo best for duo pecuniary Interests of
both those rival colonial onrsmcn to row on Ihu
neutral waters of the United States
I Is estimated that tho landlords of the
great hotels on Conor Island will realize
150000 net profit this season I II a clear
case or success deserved nnd moreover New
York will b all the richer for It Thousands
on thousands of dollars thnt have
dolor8 might boon
spent at Ibo distant watering places havo boon
kept hero by time commodious houses of enter
tainment that hare been erected IU ft wore
rIght nt our doors andbetter yet untold thou
sands hiuo not been required bo
rCIulrello spent by the
Hoards of Health of tho two uront cities from
which Coney Island is so easily reached be
cause so many of their inhabitants hao been
nblo to enjoy relaxation and invigorating sea
breezes at trivial cost of either time or money
By placing light Iron pans under tho road
beds nenr each stntlon the managers of the ole
voted rnllronls have Indicated n simple cheap
and thorough method of protecting pedestrians
entire from falling routes ashes oil and water along theIr
For ono who osptres 80 high Jon SHEK
MAN has been unfortunate In his political cam
pnlcnlnu Ho wont to Maine with a flourish 01
trumpets and a series of speeches which wero
oxpocted to work havoc among time Greenback
cohorts Hut things began to go wrong among
tho favorite banks of the
flvorllo syndicate and SHEH
MAN was telegraphed for whereupon ho let
his speeches unspoken and hurried nwny
The extension of Limo having been Granted to
tho First National Bank anti time four million
dollar check imavlng boon wlthdrnwn HnEinut
went to Ohio and begun again his speeches
Two ot them wero delivered when syndicate
troubles broke out nnow nnd honest JOHN
turned toward Washington abandoning bin at
tacks on grecnbacklsm to defend himself from
accusations of favoritism toward certain banks
and putting his relatives Into ofllco nccusa
lions after tho timid Ohio bid fair election to occupy his attention until
Oars will bend and tho light racing shells
will skim through the water with velocity mol
dom soon when HANLAN and COUHTNUT moo
on the S < of October for their long exported
contest HANIAN Is yet flushed with victories
In the Old World whore ho won tint champion
ship mooting no competitor worthy of his
musolo In fact COUHTNHY Is the only man who
hns pressed HANLAN in n race these two years
I tho brush with UIIEY In which HANLAN was
hindered by I foul Is I excepted IHNtANad
mils that COURTNEY Is tho finest oarsman ho
over DOt I Is ronsonnblo therefore to soy
that tho race will bo between the best rocol
nlrqd oarsmen In Ibo world Time place chosen
Is Chnutnuoua Lake nod the nurso Is to bo six
thousand dollars COURTNEY says thatho Is not
anxious for this struggle bat ho Is forced Into It I
by publlo domnnds for n meeting between him
and HANLAN Ho rests under tho
nnl IANLAN 10 Inder Imputation
of fraud in tho match ot a year ago and ho
thinks that tho result of this
rosul race whether ho
bo successful or not will clenr him from tho ac
cusntlons event of the Thin season race will bo tho chief aijuatl
The Lang Ilninrh Pier Company Sited
Tho company owning tho wrought Iron tubu i
lar ocenn 1lor > ot long Ilruncli lets lmi tiled hT Job
Johnson thf contractor who Itai atUchcd HID tents or
tlif company In the Ontrnl National Hank or tlili city
He clulrni 7WU nt Mi I ilur In mite other hnnil the
company declare thittleii thin Jtte U dun him set
lhe > hnvctxirnn lull K Unit him In Ih I sum or 1
for daflialet they Ihn to h I YO nuircrnt IIFCUUIC ol his
ij lajr 1 aultliint Hit n eik uoea hut tuutlum ii
Tin nxaiocitATto OUTLOOK
Do Oar Jloliln Friend Control the Blitlo
Committee aDd will They COD
trot the ConTentlon f
ALnA Sept 1lnco time Democratic
State Committee mot nt Niagara Falls to Hx tho
rOY and place of time Convention thorn has been
n good deal of whistling among the faction that
was beaten there to kelp Its courngoup Homo
lenders nro really lO Ilocllro in public that thoy
soo nothing In lint mooting but tho tvMonco of
n drawn bnttlo They say that Iloblnsons
rlcndH woro bent on having the Convention at
lanftocn nnd Unit when Hyrnsuso was nerocd
on It was a decided vlgtory 1 for time nntlltoblnson
men They reluctantly ndmlt that tho call Is
lot In jmmst the words that their would have em
ployed If thor had framed It but they add that
lint Is In however
an Insignificant matter private hOl
ever tlmestt same lonilrrs make nn pretence to
n Ing drawn tho battle nt Niagara Fails Thoy
know that time Tlldcnlloblnson faction called n
nucim and thnt eIghteen of tho thlrtythrco
members of time State Commlttoo entered that I
aliens participated in Its proceedings nnd
carried out Its procrnmmo to the letter Among
ho eighteen worn two who appeared ns subntl I
tuutes for members who hnd voted with tire ant I
Tfldon faction at time last mooting and ono who I
wont over to tho Tlldonllos In person without
ho convenient Intervention of substitute Tho
natural Inclination of thonntlItobineon men Is
o denounce these three ns traitors to the cause I
hut discretion In this Instance acts ns a restraint
lo anger
Time control of tho Committee nt Niagara Falls
was unimportant except so far ns It fore
shadowed Its control when I meets again Ono
cautious man himself 1 pronounced friend ot
Joy lloblnson remarked yesterday But
orhnpstho Committee will never moot again
Them was oversight limo last
nn orsllht nt mooting
which may lend to trouble I hns boon tho cue
tom heretofore to adopt a resolution which I it
md been drawn in the usual form this year
would have sot forth that tho Committee do now
adjourn to meet at the Vnndorbilt Houso In
Syracuse on the evening of Sept 9 Now that
resolution wad not adopted Mr Schcll simply I
novcd an adjournment and I was carried I I
have called It nn oversight but it may havo i
been a sharp trick by which tho minority ro I
solved to outwit tho majority Undor strict rui
ng the Committee can only meet again on tho
call of tho Chairman Mr Purcoll I ho saw nt
10 could wait till noon of tho 18th of September
call tho Convention to order nominate n torn
ornry Clialnunn rind declare him elected
Then that Chairman could name the Committee
on Credentials and time frIends of Oov Robin
son though they had the Convention In tho ba
ginning might find forty or fifty of their dole
gates ruled out and themselves reduced to a
minority I do not say that this is likely to
happen but U Is ono of tho possibilities that
ought bo considered
Another friend of tho Governor laughed this
succcntlon to scorn Ho said Mr Purcell la
n pretty strong partisan but ho is nn honorable
man and would never b n party to such 1
game Moreover lie Is not a politician by pro
fession but nn editor and ho knows from his
journalistic experience how quickly time public
would condemn nn unscrupulous trick hike
that Ito Is tho last man In limo party who would
abuse his trust In such a way Hut even If tho
chairmanship woro In tho hands of such n per
son as Lnnlue of Buffalo there would bo no
dnucor that time Committee would fall to meet
Tho majority would simply sign n call and
servo it on the Chairman and on tho ether mom
bore I they absented themselves I quorum
would still bo present and tho business would
bo transacted nil time same Tho undue hasto
In effecting an adjournment at Niagara Falls
was duo wholly to time fear of the minority that
time majority would crowd through a resolution
pledging every member to time support of the
candidate of limo Convention
The next meeting of time Committee assum
ing that It will bo held on tho 9th of September
Is looked forward to with ureat Interest Ono
man who Is usually Impartial In his political
observations The control of the Com
mltteo Is often equivalent to tho control of the
Convention Tho Committee name the tern
pornry Chairman rind I thoy select a strong
man who Is I lont 1 in carrying his points ho can
almost n > > < ° I For the time being 1 Ills
powr1 0 roeocnlzo whom ho
r N < < time opposing faction
hoo l tho Convention Is nil
one ty i > the committees In
which duty n y s orders ho can give
Ills friend n mom ikcided advantage I Is true
that In 1877 the HteclowFnlrchlld faction con
trolled the Committee and lost tbo Convention
Hut that result was duo less to the strength ol
limo opposition than to tins folly of tho managers
They choso mi lr11 ot Chpmunga temporary
Chairman anti before ho had hold tho place
half an hour It was clear to everybody that ho
lacked time nerve required carry out his part
of time prociamme Ho wavered nod tried to
conciliate tho opposition and was lost Thoy
took away from him time right to appoint tho
committees nnd ho surrendered without even I
show of fight On that occasion all tho ndvnn
tacoderhed from the possession of preliminary
power wont not to time Committee hut t time
faction that smashed time Committees slate
That however was an exception to time rule
Such a thing had not occurred before In years
and It Is not likely to occur again I may bo
accepted ns a general proposition that time Con
vention will follow where the Corcmlttoo lend
Tho opponents of Joy Robinson fully ap
preciate tho Importance of controlling limo Com
mittee and times are not yet willing to admit
that they liavo lost It Hald ono leader of the
Church movement Lafllnhnu probably gone
back on us sold out to limo other sldo but Mr
Ferguson who named Clark the Superintend
ent of Public Works ns Ids substitute simply
made n mistake Ho did not appreciate time
importance of tho meeting and gave n pro >
to tho first man who asked him for I Wo han
assurances from him that ho will b present nl
tho next meeting In person nnd will nIl will
us Ho says that his feelings toward Tllden
and Robinson have undergone no chance since
last year and everybody knows that ho was I
bitter against them at thnt tlmo As for Mr
Barnard the third member of the Committee
who Is charted with defection I think ho
II ehorlOt wih ducclon wont
into the opposing caucus to leo what wns going
on there lie will bo back In his
10 wi place nt time
next meeting In Syracuse Besides hero are
two or thrco members who nro counted on to
act with Robinson friends but who mire con
inced that his nomination would bo unwise
They refused to bo governed by time clique that
wanted time Convention hold nt Saratoga rind
they may break with tho caucus altogether at
When time attention of n strong Robinson man
a called to tho o prodlctlons ho promptly ro
piled That talk Is all nonsense Wo are moro
Ilkoly to hnvo twentytwo members of tho Com
mlttoo Syracuse than wo arc to lose nny of
time eighteen who acted with us at Niagara Falls
Mr Barnard of Oneida was always with us till
last fall Ho felt hurt because ho had boon
crowded thoCommlttco tho year before by
Gen McQumlo and that Is what mado him vote
for Mr Purcell for Chnlrmnn But when ho line
given this proof of his Independence ho roo
turned to us ant ho will not KO oft again Mr
Ferguson of Franklin
orlulon mnkln represent n district ttm
is overwhelmingly for Robinson but which was
temporarily sore last year over time defeat or
Judge Sawyer for time Court of Appeals Iu
that grievance no lonuor rankles nnll Mr For
guson will either act with us or ho will send I i
substitute In addition to these thorn are sev
eral others that wo ought to have Thoro is Mr
McOuno of Buffalo Ho Is tho manager of tho
Oitirfer which has boon steadfast in Its sup
port of the Governor Then there Is Mr
Hutphln tt f tho Firm UUtrletvlio In voting will
Tnmmnny Is Ignoring time wishes of his con
itltuonts and who may bo driven to not with us
by a deslro to maintain his Influence nnd popu
larity Then thoro Is Mr Fulton of Niagara
Falls at whoso hotel tho first mooting of time
Commlttoo was hold Tho delegates from his I
district who appointed him last year > In his ab
senco did so with time distinct understanding
that UQ fins a Dtouguuged blend ol day lab1
lon Thor will be apt to have something to say
I be disappoints thorn again But eighteen are
as good ns twentytwo so far as tho control of
the Committee goes nnd there is n posslbll
it ty thnt tho other sldo will recover their lost
Tho opinion seems to bo very concrally en
crtnlncd that the Robinson faction will con
tinuc to hold tho Committee But If n majority
ml time delegates should happen to opposed to 1
the Governors ronomlnatlon his candidate for
temporary Chairman would bo ruthlessly set
aside mind a fierce fight would follow Judge
lurchs friends tho Convention
Chlrchs say Conventon must con
rol the Committee next week nnd that tho
Committee shall not control the Convention
An Explanation or the Vnrk that U GamE
an Xrnr Chnlhnm Itqunre
I What Is tho explanation of the apparent
chaos of donated railway things In amid about
Hintham square asked a BUN reporter ot Mr
Robert Stewart the now Superintendent of time
yesterday Eastern Division of tho Manhattan Railway
Tho explanation In very simple said Mr
Stewart Want Is being done there Is the I
arrangIng ot tho tracks and stations go that I
passengers cnn bo carried up town nnd down
town to all points on tho east side without I
crossing tracks When oven thing is finished
ho following will probably bo tho operation of
Starting from South Ferry nil through
trains will go up tIme now Second a von no line
now being constructed and soon to bo finished
Passengers who wish to co up the ThIrd ave
nue from South Ferry will hnvo to change cars
at Chatham square Passengers coming down
town on thn Third avenue If they drslro to co
o Ferry must change ears nt Chntlinm
qunru and go down by the Second avuuua line
Passengers down town by the Hocond nvmiue
line who wish In KO t City Hall will also
change cars at Chatham square Passengers
up town starting from City Hall squnrn will
keep their slats It the wish to RO UP Third
avenue but chnnco cars If thy wish toco up
Second avenue Thus limo City Hall station will 1
bo tho practical terminus ol all through trains
on tho Third avonuv
What is the moaning that olnvntod plat
form for cars at Chatham square station and
ojttondlng up tho flowery I
That Is wlmt wo call a pocket station W o
propose to keep trains wallfnc I there to nccnm
mandate RI rmssrnccrs who chnnl ears nt that
station 0 expect it wilt b on or the busiest
points on the road antI provision must be mndo
to carry any number of passengers lIkely to
accumulate TheM pocket stations hao solved
ha problem of accommodating travel at the
busiest hours ot tho day At nicht when the
stream of travel sets up town wo run trains
from Ninth anti Franklin
strnet nl Prlkln squnrn that
conic In after tile other trains which start from
South Ferry This gives nn opportunity for
those who get In the cars at tlio way
stations to lmo cols Thoro Is no necessity
for running trains time full loncth of the ronil
for passengers who onlY dslrn to go part of
time aver In Ilko manner In time mormtic wo
hay nockot stations nt Sixtynovcntli street
nnd other points So that tboso wii live In tho
central part of the city may come down town
without getting Into cars already crowd
When will the now plan of running trains nt
Cbnthnm squnro bo In operation
f That I rnnnot say In n month or so prob
ably at the furthest If the Second avenue line
is l not completed soon trains will be run from
City Hall to Chatham square to connect with
hn through tralim from tho South Ferry on tho
Third nnlnhod nenuo until the Second neuuo line Is
Why should your pocket station lit Chat
ham squaro and on limo Howery bo so much
llclmr thim the adjoining tracks 1
That Is benuso timers tl II down crado thoro
for the throuch trains wlilln town trains
run on I level grade so that timer may stop nnd
start easier I
To carry out time new arrangement part of the
track nt Chatham squAre has boon tnkon down
at thn point whore It joins the through track I
will be rebuilt stronger nnd wider A uiloo or
property hAs been bought nt tho junction of
Chntham pqiinrn nnd Cnlhnrfnu Stret si that
time Hocond avenue track will join tho Third
avniii with graceful swoop <
VicePresident Oullford 18110d a circular yes
terdny doslunntlni time Thlnl and Second eve
nun lines ns time Eastern Division with Mr
Robert Htownrt ns Superintendent Tho Sixth
nnd Ninth nvnnn Hues constitute thn Western
Division which Mr M Van Brooklln Is I nn
Polntfil Superintendent nnd T T Ondcrdouk
Assistant Superintendent
How Nomination arc Mnde In Philadelphia
PHILADELPHIA Auir stTho only officers to
I chon In the cltr 0 the next election are Sheriff
ulirr flSoon and pcriul > iltif72000 acar Reclotr
or VllIi talnry fiodoo sad prrnuKltddifflciiU to com
pute ant City Trcaiurer talarj IOUOO and rquliitcs
fIUO A yesr
Tire are nlcf pliimf end Irtho old system ftill existed
or the Republican Totem In each of the 750 election pre
cinct electing a delegate to a city contention called to
nominate the candidate I would Interfere with the
pUni b the hungry
In order to prevent any mmIakeo lialf a dozen leader
let together and flx upon the candidates most acceptable I
to them and then call a convention or a mew I delegates
from each want to confirm their election Tliew leaden
comely the lon Mlllam I Btoklcj Mayor ot our cly
David 11 Lane Recorder James McMnne IOI of the
Oai Trust and William R Leeds ex ShcrllT met list week
at the summer residence cf aor Stoklcy at Jon
Ilranch and nxed upon the follonlni ticket lor the NJ
l Ut Republican elector of Philadelphia to mpj nrt at the
November election Sheriff John U Illll Rceiitcr a
than Specter Treaemmrer Thomas I Keinble
I is I probably the moit dlstaitcCul ticket ever set
up In Philadelphia end will ha defeated by a majorlt or
15UU If tho Democrat stop quarrelling and pined
creditable candidates
Protest of nv Tammany llemocrnt
I To THE EDITOR or Tnr SUN Sirs Allow mo
n a Democrat to enter n protect against such men as E
p oal ansi Mnjor julnei iljnlns 1 a petition or addre >
to the Democracy of the State ncsliut the renomlnitlon
o Oov Rublnion for these reasons They do not rep
enl the city o low York o any pirticiilar dtstrlc
therein Mr came I a roldent 11 t Jnmalen L I omit
has no rlffht to claim a clttgenthlp of our iltv Aol l a for
Mojor Qulncj It IH I hard to tell w here to rtsMe AI one
time In imsmytirot street another time In a hotel In I
Kortvserun I ktreit then 1 nKalu In New Jirfei ninl now I
vrv mint him Picnlmr a cOtton m I no e a rrprescnutiu i rI tri
In to rcprpsent the Itcmncriiry of the Ts uiytli fri
llistrlct Lr I shoull I 1 lUiMnnik jmiif they nro til i 1 men to
rer rennt thu I Peinocmc oi this city
rH T 1 OID
I for one as n Tammany Democrat In faor of none
Matin some nisn W ho will Insure sutccM to the Detnoi
racy ul the Stilt hut opposed to iqunttcrs nnd jftlce
holder milking I 1heniiehe reiin ntntlti mon ant try
UK 1 to lniHi I e on the people of this State do heretic I ether
a protest aialnst I such men 0 81ti In soccer Ir
That no man carries In his puckrt
Nitv Yeas A tie 3
Our IVtKrr HnlII
To THE EDITOR of Tlc Svtt Stn Isootlm
the Commissioner of Iublic Work hav I submitted 10
Major Cooper a proportion to rim the city itlll lurlhc
Into debt to an estimated amount off IfSOuo In older 10
tapthe limits and o much moro lor the Iljrnm lilir
with another Hem ror a re > orolr at VUlliiimhrlde
Tho font Is t ire hau a plentiful mii > ply iloll1IIIJ
twenty years If It ikeconomletl Siam wo mind it tit
the vast amount of a o < uikc should be ttopixd the fine
cure men In Hint department dlKlinnntl nnd the nl
Income troni Croton crater not vrnktiM in lolliiciljib 1
berybut lined to tiny CIT our city debt I or elv < I 111ljob Oll
airline water rats l lowered J T In
Patrick Donnelly awL John Jcl
To THE EDITOR or TiE SUNSil How Is It 1
that the body eta member or a donut Hoclct cannot he l
Interred In Calvarr Cemeiervwhen one if the trustee
oi t the cemeter I lih Mr 1 John helh Is a nicmberoi the
secret society ol tho Columbian urderofTammaii 1 Hal 1
Tllden but not Ilendrlcka
To TiE EDITOR OF THE SUN Sir lam dait
to see so many of Tut SLMI reader In favor 01 Uncle
rrel Ulelo
8am Tllden for Ireitdcnt
But I don think that llendrlcks would be a good can
dldale his party inr Vlco IrtsMtnt I bccauio lie I A del tr iron
I shall sote for iitea with all my heart
A Dirornn DuoeoA
In Defence oflrlshtown
Sts of the SOtli cut I i mentioned the stealing of Mr Dab
rocki melons and the catching of the thieves 10 drill
horelsln InMitown Now as a resident Irlhtou
I wish to say that there U no building In which nhoid
be classed as a hovol The nearest approach to It is 1 a
lf = n
little shanty owned I by Mr Babcock I also wlli I to say
thnt the parents of Murphy and Maury or Murely do no
t iii irtaittowmi Z
Too Slow
To THE EDITOR or TiE SUN Sfr I wish 10 t
call mention to the lack ol proper speed In the ferry
boats running boon lirositway llrooblyn and ROOM
veil I street New York Since tin Introduction
iitrtitucuiouu I of steam
rtl l II J
on oar Imainsburtih I i Rroadnay this relate tins bccoue
very popular and I among many am compi licit locro
dally on my wav toand trill business thereby loslmtth
Urn llKuonru by this lorry AUK that Ji I gained 1 by the steam can j r jr
Tb Cuban Insnrc nta
ITAVANA Sept 1The Government has ro
celrcd Information from Jamaica that thu lniurti i
chiefs Maceo and Callito hunts still remain there
hence the rumor that Ihise chiefs are at tho head of the
InsiirrtcUnnirr movements In the Jurisdiction ol lio
sMilnnndhanilrigndoluba nre UltU JUIIlolol the 101 i I
Moo ma I at tile head of the Insnnlenls i In i Banlln n i Ie
Cuba Kho numbur a little our 100 men Tlio elm f 01
the iloirimn PUll I unknown It Is asset led that tlio
IlluI enl bands are ol small Important All uohtlca 1
i RUUICmL Qll 11 mUUll
Wire for the Urnokljn llsldtte mid I Float
for the OltelUk from IRJ pt
TnaoN N J Aim 26Fot n year past
lithe mils In this city have boon rll I 111 out
nil time anti number of hands hnvo been
ockltiu In from the lcs < t fortunate purls ol limo
thato Upward of 1800 nitn hnvo found cm
loyment anti thuir cnrnlncs linvit amountid
lo tCOO000 Thin Iron trade wan Introduced
into Trenton In 1845 by time venerable Pi tor
Cooper whose mill was nt that tlmo tIm largest
In the United States Thuttorkw which
Unllet Stnlll nro now
conducted by his finally under tho name or tho
Now Jersey Steel end Iron Company Mill rank
monc time foremost Iron cMaMlshmcntHof the
country Tlm works occupy twelve acres anti
are vnlued at 750000 The nlnll cnaely Is I
for 20000 tons of rails and 10000 tons of binras
for flooring end brldcos Amonc time products
or f tint mill 11 ont cUrt wrnuuht lion buunis anil
bars morohnnt Iron nnd Irnn nnd stool licnilid
rails This compiiuy his tlio XII In ollrol
In Iho United Hlttcn of the rlcht to miiknMiirtln
stool undnr I Frntieh tmtiiit Jim rollluu
mil I us It In usually child turn lls eta ploy
rim ont lo CSO moii mid bus iilways boon rn
lard 1 HH nn Important fnrtor In tin1 citys pro
purity When tlm rolllni mill Is runnlnc
I fnrBnolnii inireliant Bnldlhuotlu > rtliirliusl >
less cniinot fall hut whon tlm iitlll thuts down
v 1 mlulit IH well Hlitit I down too Tlio loii limit
for thu flnorliia in tho New York Post Ofllco
vor furnished by this company TIme works
are flmihelmlmg I contrnot fo mils nnd columtiH
for the New York Klmutcd Itnllronil
Thn Now Jiifliy Mmd anil Iron Cmnpnnv and
tho Trenton Iron Cnninnny wero formerly ono
corporal inmi Uotnn ycim ISO th it tot rI north itm
was illssolvid and tlio t Tiouton Iron < Ilny
rtiilnod time oriclrinl elmrtor dntod 1845 Tho
voiks of this cnmimuy are sltuiit on tlio
lulnwaro anti Hnrltnii Cinal nnd o < oiiiy u nn
rct of nbout nlno net on This roinpnnr Is
libfly onciiKed In innkliiu Iron and Mi al wire
lthouli It linsnlKon lulllnKnlll Tlniitiiiuiil
iipaclty of I Imsu rolllnc I I mill I is 120UO tons of wli rm
rout mmnd 0000 tOuts n f bar lion I Tlm 8 retell Y
of fthnwlro mill i I I Is l GOIK1 tomuS II year Tutu who
nncos 111 I nlro from IXKIOIloss t than I 1 I up i to No
Otho latter buiim llnur than hitlr Its mmctmmim I
nonsuroniiuit Is 00073 of nit Inulinnd limo iiiiin
her Indicated by 0000 measures 150 of nn Inch
In limo mill nro four trains of rolls two tjUnm
laminorn eight Inrun forge urea nnd nlmut see
wlro blocks Thocomimny niniitoyHRSOImniK
and is fllllnt out n Inruu wntnut for Nn33 wire
ortelephono Cal Tlmi Trmmlotm Iron Coinuany
is roprcsuntcd in Now York by tho lion Abram
S Hewitt
Time John A Hoobllnus Sons Company are
well known ns mnmifuciuiciH of wire rip and
I liolrworkH 1 are u its lmmrgtst of timu kind In I lie t
United Slates Tlio mills nro adjacont to time
Jolnwnro mini Uiiritnn Cnnil and < > oi > rnbout
ten acres here wlro of nil kinds Is produiwl
from time honviost wire ropo that I can ho nmdu
lonn tothiMmv MIIK wlrn thnt Is weave I Into
cloth Time JIis > rs BoIl log liiivonriMiii7 l a
company for maklim this wIre olotn As n
poclmon of honvy who thuy turned out bitchy
ono ploco 5870 foot long wnlihlnir C2 000
uounds and oostlnu 10540 Five liundrid
1010 ls art on tho pay roll and liio rapidly ln I
creasing buslnes will oon diinntid n still
larger numbor In irjnnoctlon with time wlm
nlll Is n rolllue mill with a capacity of 250
tons n wools There Itro thrum Pimlin8 uivlne
tn all 350borso power A lure bulldlni 2UU
hr 40 foet fins lioun cineted for gitlvimmiizirmc
purposes Lost winter tho works worn imbuing
night antI rum > nnd ncru llulil < d nt nlulit liv
olBctrleitv Tim imusints was fjlnrlnd In 1819
by > the Into John A lloehllni rime eiimss nf
worth don In I tills cstnblirhmolit Is Iqiial to nny
in the world us Is shown bv time Niagara Falls
and other siiRpon lon brldtos limey lino
also the conttact for supplying the wire ropo
or the East Itivor Ilrldco
The 1licctilx Iron Company althouch not the
arcodt Is rlinp9 tim moit ontft prlMni nf the
Trenton companies nnd In point of fact h is
ben supplyliu the oldor imllH with tmuhof
Heir work Tlio PlimnU lion Cnmiutny is l en
iaid lu the foundry uuxiiiHs nnd mue xtnrtoil
on its proBont biu > l In i 13G2livti lat ChnrliS
Carr ot tills city It Ia I now iondui led by I n Mok
omit pany of vlilch Nolhon U llnvoii I I la rrisl I
lontnnd TrojiBiiior Tlio foumlrv hns itrapa
uitvof fitly tons udiiy mm nut tn lnil b I miii nee
riprcsontt < an Invcstmrnt ol 1150000 Ono buii
Ired aunt BlMiIho hands un < muploroilmid
I hut foundry lie i ovirrun with orders Thli roin
pnny will supplv 1SJ ions of < nliiniiiaiind t itIt ins
for lIe t completion of tho I > > nhlnutnn I innnu
nont in I NViiKliinuton I city nnd n lrimiorl i of
wrouulit imd cast lion I to bu umd In trnnsiKirt
ing Irons j > jyptto Now York tin olitll k Ire
sontoil i to Hint city by i tho hat o Khedlo I Tnls
oliolisk is ° uoral feet longer than time ono on
tho Thumps
McKitizlDil Wilkes the American Saw Corn
pan and thu other iron companies mire nil run
tag on full tlmo
nuonler and ICemlntInn In Ilnytl
HAYTI Auc 20Time country continues full
disorder and rctolutlon The LlbernU cnptured two
uraymfen mall Steamers iamod the Arnln and Ronlllonc
on Aim 17 Tliavrro > Ulonnl Ooternmeiv of Tort nu
Prince seat troops against the Liberals at Gonaies
After a Moody strupRle ronnhc4 took flre nnd two
tnlrdsnf the town h an dp lroud The remainder was
ptIUerd Alter hit drleat lit ilnmr llircr llnclal
ullh lil nilheronl i nil lrkct l tie J n ml I n tel I i
pronouncrd mills lnnr und where he tiei tim 0 to mike
a I lund Om Muu point aided bt Ole > iitlonil trooi C
from Iort Hirrincehu recaptured tin town ol taic
Hn > tien The Liberals hate thin been Coons ul ot their
two strongholds In tho north onntM > < slim tnic
llallen the toiimn Is I in a icnrlul condition nnd Unit
only will how how tho htruzclo 5 lll end A tiro broke
out rccxnUy at Jacmel w hlch cau > cd ImirenaC losses
lniinititrlun 1ollllc
VrcxxA Sept 1A caucus of tho German
ronstttuU inl party at Llnz at nhlch sixty Dcputleii
w ere present unatilinou l pi < cdn resolution oxpioM
Ins apprehensions tar the salct ol fie rnnstituuon omit
the Interests of the ilcrmtn u trHm In stow i ol the
tvollncnl nitiiallim create bv the pleillmn lbs rosemit
lion ndocate liit liiitenunrc of rolulmu llcrtx mo I
lnr > titutions and u reduction of txpuidituic C9Clall > In
tho army
The Willihull Gold Mint
Fncnrimucgsaunn Yn Sopt 1The fnmous
Whitehall cold mine on thin mrrow ciuzc rnllioid near
frederlckshurir formerl onneil hj fontrnlore Stock
ton has been purchased b Hostin irltallt and rpera
liotu 5t lll lv resumil mi Oct I llltu ars tu tlili
nil no ndJeJ fUVlii i Ktui inoirhv
lllockcil Mde iilk >
To TUB EDITOR or Tun Svy flr Cnn you
explain tons why It Is OttO the rlrll ileiilers on Catlia
non street are niloucd to obstruct trim I on thnt thor
ouchfare by hnpclni out their vmc4 I in such n niinniM
KlniblUe iKIonki the Ircet lot ot tin im 0 lui
iilklntfthcre 1 ntn ut the o Inlon tint mimic I n o liu
prohiblilnc such 1 inxs mimic a
Tnilll Lpinin or Till iitaF1c Could not tin Tom
fllitltor remiiM the i titrm linn nn lrnn l Curd and
1 Ishth aeniie 1tu i > sjibwilkt nn > lorketl I within u r
chindUe of nil iltoi in Hi IK Tim nn1 nUi n i tinibi I oh
deci > Pd nunlns IUMIS m c ill 1 sbcits allied liit i V at icIly liinc
Klvc way und berli tilj hurt dUliC pitiijii r be t
Teem nuur
The Mrcet Vcnilern
enoiish of misery and poeru in Now Vork nithoiit
tli rowmnc out ut wart men and women whose stand a ind
trade mire IOIIL been implicit < ll i inncllToil b the nil
thorlllis The epo amour ofklil > 5 title Uiij allow
en rydav irsperimilv pi > opl to he drlM n lulu iho sue t
miisi iieeilH show tl ur aiilhorlt neil ep Mi their hurt
he o tIe 1 lice ID linking loujnr i r ili to l umlic rut Inc
Mould be nlllhu to work lor an lio lot lliclllnol
A hi AllllZXll
A ChallcnKt Accepted
To THE rDnon OF Tnn Sus fir I no
coot the challuii ol John T allof Sen Vrk city to
walk one or two hour
M J 7 CjiirntL n title Athletic club
Modern Work iif Art
Fiom tlit AVip Oh ii Vb unit
Tb a elm irummo tlumit ciniios lih a imiknKeof ten
Isltssa nurk ul art than is 1 tmc > luiu iUd tii
The 1iilcli on the ImiU
Political chnnccs and chnn cs
Ilrlnj one Slit inothc i on lop
And sometime the npj cr tg i quickly
Ischnned to hue iiiidnmon I I pup
And one ol the crest niter < tionj
The forliine of polltlo rann
Is roadcloih I cnlorc lor m n Iclloiv
Miooncc tome a patch on hit pants
You hardly woul I think Hint the weighty
Could rlo to the surface so soon
Or that flesh tothcaurico mortal
Would be a benetlcent boon
lilt there In his pride on behold him
AtUMidlnit no tutu to ille wants
or tile brottum me lIt no IHMH nut uncles
An I titter and coiiiiiu nnd mints
Full many n rem siya the poet
The nses if tlio ocean know
Full miny a senator Until
The streets of New Vork can show
Pull miiij n Itnsclu iin lorii
InobscurlH I spouts nml ratitit
Full in in 5 it cult pnrtj l iris her
Has once nornn milieu on Ids pants
II this could be done ant I that other
II somithliu nllh iinlinuunil I mix
If oil could v > lth MiUr but iiiinutu
If honor could urou out ol tricks
I11 I tiotu d lire uhuuy that h one ot
mitt rortuni > most niuutitur eniut
Hint tutu nilklit lio 111 nlitt IIIIUMU in
lIuo slice noron pitch hum ii ii ilubluta
iso lear tha t llildwln the Clntiiei of C html ci ant
llroadnii l > nilnd to nlniiit itiillt in t tlure in Hu
truth Inr nini < stun bm u > ii 11 I IK u t iiniL Hu in li u
ci in mil loiuidi I Hint mt hitlamum Unli in I mimi chili
luii tudililt
Dr II I Ja flea nne MiMiiu t I I iihtea lie ill iii C hilt Ihnr
calmly Ktvr oJ Asut lutiruiltulit ana Uui Utuut Lu
A collection of coiitompornry portraits
of Catherine II Is bcliiK mnde at SL reter burit
A Chinaman is Limo cntiso of n tllvorco
suit between tt white hiHbnnd ant wlfo at 1eorln Ml
Tho repairs of StrnRsbutff Ciithnlril
neces ltntcd by tIe w ar are heal Ins their rnnclunit
Pilot time groat Oormnii hlstoilcal
painter lim Rnlshed a new picture Tlio lait Momi nu
ol the UlrondlsU
Vlm > unt TrnfnlRnr oliloat son of Eaij
loii i H lately ntsrried He U descended from the
rent Lords sl iior
Jnmcs Cameron who hns made somo ro
innrknlitojournes In enuumile Ill Cittis Isnbout I to Irani
o > erlnnd toCtnton Ironi 1nkhol
rime blx daughters of Peter Slplo of North
Ierrietuimruh Vt i0yrTe 217 pounds each alit hut0
tire lanilly of oUht wrkhs 1702 I pmindj
Cardlunl Hcijftiiiotlor his boon com
ml < < loiiLd by the liume f > submit a multI lor nrrniulnn tin
Vatican archives to nmKe thvm Inure ncces < tblr
Walter W Stowart who has neither
nrmsnorleiis tins Ins rmicul thcdniiuhtcr ct the maun
of a Ilostoii sldo show In which he Is on exhibition
Miss 1oiturof IMrolfnnld u hnckmnn
less lliui ho riemainled 511 lie aiwrllv struck her Sht
drew a reohi Irom her ratcliel and shot hi n dead
Sniiiuol Nusabuini munloiod ills wlfo nt
limit ruleCu hue attul wan stopped In nn nticnipt to kill
himself on the spot but he was tide ruiuineii me die niud
has Ittuubimy nccoinpllthul tin Iulirmoe by startntlon
Justin McCarthy tho now Homo llulo
membor Is rnrliamiiittry leader writer on tlie London
Dally Artth lIe wai born In 1SJO In Cork and btfin
nonspniier liio at a reporter on the Cork Cmmlutr tmltt
Mr Maeulre
A man was fatally hint by nn nrolilent
ntn North Cutroliti cuinup muucetilu end as licwnsnnln
Her the brethren sirrlul him Into a prayer mcclltvt la
bored realonMv tor his concr lon mInt mined a victory
Just belore lie died
flue expenses of a funeral of nn Englljh
soldier In Xuliiluul ito iduit host Cmii ems in iho
Inabis lily > ntal Is an txpensho plncc lor a prhita
to die In for b t tiio time rnrpintcr and extol luao
completed their I ibor < butt little remnlnii out of a S note
A writer In thn August Gentlemans Mag
riibi sas thnt It Is true of nations as of italic IIuai thst
sneer it ulmoht as tmpleasnnt t6 bear at n blow and that
he Is not cure that Dickens Anicrlcnn Letes dud not
do uiore In i strancc for a time tho twocountrlci than its
Alabama fllfllculty
Ilorr Isaac Llltcufcld a member of the
Jew hh community nt Oothn In Ucrnnno expressed
wlh In his vlll that Ills body Miould bo burnt alter
delhi Tho cremation wns i riveted st nonih In the
pri cncfl ot a largo niuibcr of persons of various re
tlglons denomlnitions
Eniabo said to Walsorfer In a barroom
at rrinieton Ind LetS tip glesee for tin U jour Ian
drInk otu earth Walserfer the ihut It wisa Joke il
thoiuh they hnd once bicn iiien me nles rnd iiuheil
n tho gia clinked together hut Kambe was In deadly
earnest and Initially killed him
The exEinpinsfi tuncnlo Sins just pur
rhn ed of Huron ScBkluplfcrzhucr the Castle of Hitter
lure Upper Klyrla The front contains IVJ vrh > ao i
stud the bulldinK Is over 441 J jcart old She satu baa
the tXKliedle ol Erfjpt as A neighbor It ho succeedtln
bujlni Moritz Von Durtmaim bU Cattle of Wink
Tho Widow Cohn of Rapid Creek Mo
received an offer of nmrriasc from a wealthy Let old Lad
ugly man She wrote back to him that within a week
ohio would choov between bccomlm his wife alum I anofitt
disposition cf hcrKll lhat she hnd In Mew A little liter
he heard thnt she hod attempted to commit suicide
Sir Glndstonos writings must yield a
comldcrablo sum ol money wheicai speechmakln
brinks nothtnc He has n very large lamlly alIt Is not
wealthiilioniih his wife has n large propcrt so tint
mone > doe not come nml to him Ills only marrleJ
daughter mn tviu ot thv Mister ol HnitonColeie 1
Two boys In Westphalia ajjed 10 and 13
Ion tlalr parents bj duathnnd wcruro aorras lit that
lucy concluded to die too Tlie wrote a will dhpoinj
ofthtlr momy nut pintiling Then the eider billet
his brother with a hntnnur alter which he swillowed
polon orcned a eln In his wrlU and shot himself
through the head
Time forest near Dillon Kan has an un
common In rmlt In the permit of a young nut tint utty
woman who lodci In a rude hut eats ccctables and
name of her own ccllini and nlll not say n word to per
cons w ho intrude upon her U Is conjectured that she Is
Inaic but aside from her loicly mode of life then U
ncthlns In her conduct tostintnln that belief
A Congregational church in n rural Ohio
ncialiborlioi l fet nlon o cry will without a pastor A
3 hUnt tahitI possessed of titus ilocutionar sklllreadll
report of ionic eminent clcreymnns Lirnion every Siirr
day ant the rest of the pastoral work Is done by des
com The annie plan has been adopted In several other
Western places but not with BO much camels for th
Ohio render has the ability to deliver the borrowed ser
mons soil nil time fervor clan original ctTurt
Tlio Dresden polite lately mado a de
scent on the house ol the lending Social Democriti
that city and Mlze a Crest quantity of forbUJen liter
lure which rotwlthstnndlni the viillance of tht police
Is I bclnc continuillv Kmnztfled tli ronjth the Oernisn Post
Oltlce The meat linportiunt uitcoui wasanumttr ot
loturs front Zurklt In which was dlsclond a schema
or Iho icor nnlzltlonofthe party ln yb ic cf the cliansrd
coiCitions under the Inw a for the suppression sxlillsm
Allan Dinner was waylaid lu Nevada by
a lithisn a mini who fnrcd the usual nltcnutlve nf
lu000Y cur iiie Dincer was mounted but jiunntJ and
the robber had a revolver coe to bums tisd evtrtlr >
less he wits neal and brave enough totn Mdoni be
Move < uM really eliot nie amid take the chance oflitn
iiii so Im orT and ho n uned I 15 horse say llcrii
that the rite sssa tuurdmv ctuJo able until lie gui oniol
Acre I but his rtnsouln hud tictn correct and the rob
ber did not fire
fnllota soap mamifnetuicrs tobacco
nlts and others ronnaonli biro the Saul tilde pet
lorniersin fie Uowtri to advertise them on tic lImit
Inn the practice does not extend to the dranittlc tlics
Ires of this City In Paris however Ills not uinxiiil fir
performers In imnortant IuIys to ml n > uito rrcrcvntile
I mills Dnlllj nut tiermnln lril in cto ibtiiuel 0
ouintttv ol flue linen Irom n i denier on con lition thai tti7
fhould ill the course of a pi i mention tils wire flvor
stity Tluey did the l uitlni fur one nlht onJ tltn
flip cd 1 hue dealer hits obtained iiiUimiit onlilmit t
them for thu value ff time goods on condition imut tIle
ild not keep the ntract
The funoril of IJorlljr a Socialist master
turner wns tiio scene cf 1 ui cat oiliih t iliiiiontrAtiii
at JJrcMen Suvcral miuiim tint snipiitliiiri > Ifuiti
the bouhy to the grave but the polkc bout nth intae 1 1
clJSnvm tune ixninit the fubllc cxhililtiou ol rtpn U
cnncmbkmitto lorbld tin we ii liT ol puhtictl in ui I
No lunrriil I oration was icrhmuitleut And a hen ft outfall
ttfpld I forvv rd and poke a mew word an riter IC4
clvon to nrrest her the executioiui wlncli Si i11
ever rendered impo slblo a tIle ilouu mot fir r h
evenl wreaths were thrown on tin tiln utu tu i
lore tim lice hid inlrol on tin nmovalof I tIC IC J
silk rilibons with which tluuiy VMM I 1
If Alsnco anti Loiiunc hinonoquliod nc
ether UnnUif bj their niiiiMtnii to iniiiianv U
itt lcat md their taxes lighter Tin arc now m
upon to rim 1 > about fjiiiiKiLiiJ Ics anmnill than in
lit lieu rule vvliUh makes a ItlTerencc ol oni mIl t l
lollirstoeviT umimily lUrlU < thl hat tiet i oir
liucn I continmd rnnih territi tln woud li v ul
pnv nlirc lilt CI ot the C Oh minImal hfa > scull S i
tnlUdupoii Truico bv tic w ir luils I Iv tie ucrli i i r I
Con In f trictid exiniiive ruitun1
tin roiiti iho i evv terrltuo vihuh liiutp wwi l t n
prlvntt ciillvl would hive coi lrnclnl I in ui SIll O Ii
tlio Flinch do > eminent vvuiild not nt UUI if i m Him
to chile hnvi < Icin fbi my I to iuuiul I
Awillor in time Utiolut > 1imlilCflIOiO to
show list Hie collier number ot the imbO niiii
KIIIIUI hiiihora luvc not bun K ut an imt l
aiitiul 1 urntcrant fonUncrn Thin in Hi s 1 Ii I
Kcvuitreiilh cinuir the mosl prominent nintfiu C
of the JtiHinn litirai I iii > viiiiiiit on si t I u
n Iolc Aitir him c line Irliui I Hi > 11111 11011 0 1
Tarlnr d < ccnt inoiu tIle touiitUM < l n I r v
literature Knrnndn wns ol I utnr i in l I n
lincazc The toot iirlbovedol crin in t 0 Fl II b
Iromn I Iollh incenor fuiiut Khv Ii > i S ai ft ll h
inlnnled in n Gcrin in mai rnvi Si 1 II i tu u ii
and llirntlntkl writ > utao of I < li > h d i I it ff
Lcimcnti I lather vns t Moti Inn in li ll I
Inrtir Imuly l vnd illi rntlltin e i it 1
w nn Grrmnn niiiiud Cidchi win i i l I
In the inlllUil I the tillIn m nib iIIIIID n i h > Ill ilit
vvn > dercindid multi 11 Alraiu ill Ci i
The discovery of two new intal t i ill
nouncid 1 nniiiid suinnrlum ml IHI m I I 1111 1 i I 01
cat at Itmn Mound to SIK jk ot tin ilnl I u
inxofa thimble lu iinknowii ni lii lit i n I
Claim or it in 11I i t hiich H tin iia w l i
hippciud In Im Intiiiino 11 fu IK I I
llrt bCI Ollll klloVV II to M IIIUC IS l III
nnnlrl4 nionu n tic inn It bu luool t I
citloniit tixi > tincc b the M i n I > i
ft How time > uni1 rufilcni j Lnii l u 1 I ml I
utlio mom eiiiili > iiin inliifril ki s i I I I I
oi MiitiniKiU nu iiuiIniiiit of mil in M I li
liriid tin iiwi the Nlitiiuii in Hi > < I Ii I
nu till t wlnili hi lint uni iilinlv iitn I
ill hue hubs now to info iii In mum I u ir i I
minis o fIb wlilih ItUntvitioiiilii II I I II I II I
In tndiiiif lor tile thur new mi til nih1 l ml I
oiknll > o imantit slier his lulu ilnn 11 I I > I I
Irot nilii IHhll ol tin tlmiu i I iii i N i II i hI I
nciil II111 i nn tillu i mi n I I i i
Illl Ilu < ll ll lunmu I II I 1 r
I rIles ci liii > m w nu til w I <
white slikhtl mil u i hit hi it we liaiiun
couucr nail luntk ut a JuU ihh tiu

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