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p V r V V V fV V c
w bt uu
run COLORED cAimrs sTonr DIS
The OMcei of Ilia Mllltnry Aendimy Decline
10 lslreu their Opinion but Krmit AVhlt
inker Demnnit for u Court of Inquiry
Vlml Uen UcLoHclil SulIu Congr i
Tho Rcuornl opinion among tho cntlota In
tho Military Academy nt West Point U thatllio
injuries which Whlttnker tho colored cadet
claims to have rocelvtdnt the hands ot secret
I enemies on Monday night woro inflicted by
himself Tho officer ot the post aro not out
< gpokon ns tho cadets are but no other Impres
1 slon cau bo gathered from whitt they any Whit
taker looks moro lk a white Cnnn a colored
person Ho la tall awkwardly built nnd hai a
email shapely head covered with short brown
hair which crows lu short wisps and retains
V nllttlo kinkiness lie has n pink complexion
and his fnco Is very much freckled Ho has a
high forehead clear dart eyes thin colorless
lips nnd only one African feature his prominent
lent chook bones He hus largo hands and
email feet
I was born a slave In Camden 80 Ausr
23 1833 ho said My mother was a slate
nnd mr father a freeman My mother eent mo
lo tho common schooland from there I went by
passing two competitive examinations to tho
South Carolina University In Columbia I re
mained In tho university from October 1871
Until May 187C I cot my appointment West
Point from Congressman hogs tho same Con
pressman who appointed Smith the first col
ored cadet Prof I T Greener the first colored
graduate from Harvard College procured my
appointment from tho ConcrosBraan
Sometime I find myself feellnc utterly
friendless and forlorn but I dont forgot what
a fine placu this Is for a man with no money
Ive only had one difficulty since I have been In
tho corps When I was a plob I had a difficulty
with Sir McDonald also 1 plob Ho struck me
thocymnaslum and again out of door I
did not strike back na I full that It would not be
right and boenuse I knew I could eet ju too
from the authorities I complained and ho was
court mortlaled and suspended for a year As
I was turned back a year wo came together
nculn and urn now In the same class Mr Mc
Donald tint since boon as courteous as any ono
I In the clnfs
I Whlttaker next reviewed his course In tho
Academy explaining that he had been deficient
in phllooph but durlnc tho second course
over tho some ground got on nicely Since I Ca
8 r ll Ilg Ifllfv s10i r nrlYleJTh d
dot Minnie quitted West Point ho had roomed
I alone and no one had had nuetit to do with htm
excfpt In an ofllclnl way None had nnnoyud
or threatened him until he received tho first
letter of warning last full
Wiry I did you not show thIs to tho authori
ties h I wns asked
tps Yoll said ho hesitating I thought It was
1 trick Ilkf or something to provoke mo I
torn It up
When lie was asked why ho did nothing when
be received the second evidently friendly note
1 of warning ho said he did show I to one Louis
I Slmpsol tho son of tho colored man who had
J I rhargo of tho bnth room and shoe blacking
NYhlttnUer said tbnt the Simpsons and tho whlto
mon In the engine house and the enlisted men
on duty were the onlj friendly persons ho over
I J law Simpson did not think the note amounted
U > nn > thlng so Whittakur laid that aside
Vhlttnktir again narrated the story ot Mon
I day nlclitB ixpsrlenco Ho said that his door
was provided wltb a latch but no lock Ho
t l beard a movement of the latch and soon after
I ward some one sprang upon him on the bed
I Yhlttnker attempted throw his assailant off
but the person said Strike and you are dead
man I The gas was lighted thoueh he had
turned I out There was a dim light like tho
light from a taper He saw three mentwo bit
men in dark clothing and I little man In gray
who stood oil and appeared not to wish to take
part in what was going on Their facet nnd
voices were disguised Ono struck him In the
facein the nose he supposes ashls nose bled
and ognln be was hit on tho head with
what micht have been 1 hard substance or
tnlcht have been I fst One Mid Lets
hao his head another f nld Lots mark
blm like they mark hogs down South The
two larger men then thrHw him on the floor end
tied his feet together le says ho did not dare
cry out because ho n Toll that 1 ho did he
would bx u dead man They snipped his
ears before they tied his bAnds Hn struggled
nnd wrts wounded In one hand He does not
I le
know whether they used scissors or a knife
Tho Injury to his richt ear pained very much
I setmcd to cut Into the quick bo said The
cut In the right our lid not hurt then and does
not but the doctor tells him
now bl tols a pIece was
out from It Then they rut his hnlr One of
his assailants then said Letsget I class and
let him i see himself Thy held thu all s
DgilnBt his nose and then broko It over his head
Tho vMtor suggested that this was a risky
thing to do at dead nf night In a building full of
men who slept with iloord ajar and fanlights
open Whlttnker replied ajr no noise was
mad Thn men were In their stocking feet or
else wore slippers
Bufom they left ho continued I naked
them tu put a pillow under my head My head
bled profusely One of the laru men put a pillow
low uiulf r my head The little ono asked leave
to his handkerchief under to
put untor my oar stop
s its blendincr 1hli was done The ImmlUnr
ohlef had the name cut out of It Why did they
niipeiir so MympatliLtlo VinH I suppose they
did injiiri not want to have me suffer any real bodily
tinker said Mint he called for help In a
mcderatu ton of voice us hit caution because
his eiicmieH threatened him with death If he
cave an ilnrui He tried to gnaw anay hale
r blndlnc but tld not succeed In the mornIng
ra ho waa missed from the breakfast table and
rescued Irnm his painful situation
Hu does not know whom to suspect Ho his
I no enemies auioim the citizens and he does not
think threo cltizenx could hafl passed tho
cilanl oulslde thu barracks Ho says that
iiinoni tho culrtB thiiro Is 1 a general feeling
rB against him because ho says I am a black
nlKUir rn they call me only they prellx an
ndjuctlso I uiu too decent and too modest to
S repent
I luun demanded nf han superintendent I
court of f IIHIIn I I liMcontlnued i a i to ImtstlLato i
1 thu afriir tSiiini of the olllcers have come to
en tin coniliiIiin that I did the thing myself I
D con llor that nil liifaiilt upon Insult added to
the nului Injury I laity r cul > edto suppose
that iiftui tour 1urA four long yeurn I woulil
u nnd cut invbilf up Hiiil mark mysiilf for life <
What foi hympMthv Why I would bo the
f createht foul I I that I eur lived in I tie world When
Jen hholl M sniit for mi and told HIM he had
corn to til i llluslol l tlmt rlllj a pu > I commit
ted itt Is Injun I to I ni I > Belr I told him that wt an
InI I I I I deem inv honor uentlemen just It i
dear to HID as tho honor of tills cornB which ID I
f I sir me Bliutuied by this outricu committed on
meWhlttnUers wounds nr trIflIng The lower
oiluo of thu lolieol Urn right ear i looks UK though
thii H kil I hnil i Iniii nfraLiiil from I vIne an
a eiuhili oT t nil Inch In 1 lenuth Thcro Is a deep I
at scratch I nhoto tu is l won nil Jlhih II ItIt I ear tins 1 two
dniip i ills hi HI by stile on the outer side of the
lobo Jneof thII Is 1 Hitlil to IniM suveriil tho
oar hut II in a bunch < ut Them are two cut on
lilb ri c lit ha it tat tIt MI III about t alpha woutictn us a
aH roo bush uuiilil Inlliit If iiui in thrust his hand
ncniiibt its Iliiirna hittakrr is taupe ami has
bnim uxeurted from drill dun but thu surgelilis
Hay Ihl I fund on hln I too lufeIHdI t 6Ur1O15 Plr >
liy an utstih itt ut who objwKMl to hl Is M rullies
is u IIBH nerioiiB Rorntch thim the others
Svolnl or tilt cailolH w io naked to give their
i opinion of the nlTalr nmoiiK them koine who
Fit lit IV from the taut They all i uahl a I thu Bima
thin a that t they t hud studiously avoided
Wliittnki r hut Unmv of no otte who bOO hint I
enmity Thuy saul that a < uVurytia I tag Is known
nmonu tli a culi ts and no throe iiitii
O of their niiinbur who wore willing to
cricauo in it could hero formed this plot
IDC without its hat L I tug out Ttmy Bind that I no thre t <
rj i men could I hau alkid h up nnd down the t jut
1 01 llniL a slur iilatig a late ut nlirht without t belnc
l heard No light could bo burned In a loom
without tilt guards HloliiL I anal men
D who forinnd binh u plot would not
havo UHil Whlltakers belt but would
lIMit brought ropes One of the surgeons
cald that rlJS Vlilttaker shook the
colored mini lu > aiipeneil tu I bo unconscious
but when no iilnched I him I thtiu cutlet Bcnamed
I I Thn Biirkon Will also riiported to have nid
that wltun hn ntteniuud to rails one of Whit
tnkerH vol hits the colored man hold tliom
hut Wh1 the MirLeon suceeded I In I rllli I
a oiii 111 thu a fiilur oiiHiiml uniilded proufB
thi culiiB ultPI thn than cad a4 ails eli ujata
nlea minI inallv aim iaduta declared that Whlttn
lI ker was rnplilh loslnu crouiul In his studies
Ilb and had uvlilmitly hoped to tiet Into tho hips
lii1ZV pltnl eaunpu thai HudltH unit bo allowed to pisa
lbs examination upon thu mpnthy of tho clans
or or Oun Hulinllnhl Hiiiierlntiinilent of the Acad
unM niny tel kod frmily until IID Wil asked tOBXprcsH
icuU Ills I opinion upon thu jmBtlon whether or not
m or NVIiitfakiir his bivn 1Ilon
n hlllkr was hjs own iiAaujiimt
rboa t A court of f luijuiri I a a whleh will i bouln Its
ruse altti lug iiuxt Friday will bo a pointed by mo
rUOI hosulil TVTV i to look Into I tlm I nuttti tliorouithly
nlLor thorOllhlr
T8 It will tonflbtof three olliwis nnd a Judge Ad
f xocnte l will omit nothing that can
nlthlnl cln
possibly I throw llulit upon the euhjiict
T8E j I will not noees rlly bii I private I do not see
R why It Hhould bo In thin cite If there arta any
I orllnr
I cadets boron ho arc capable of committing an
I i Hit crufllUcff down l sruai WUBVIU
outrace like that the country should know
who thoy are Just so too I tho
cadets bad nothIng to do with I
that nUo should be rondo known
I am satisfied that non ot tho cadols know
anything about It Each ono lane been ques
tioned by thy comranmUnt Col Lnzollo and to
any one who knows tho corps as It Is or as It
ever has been that Is convincing Tie
evicts feel that although there Is no compul
sion thoy are on their honor Quite us much as
If they under oath In a Each
I wore court Eooh one
has said thnt ho knew nothing about it
Aro the colored mane injuries serious I
the General rna asked
Except tho wounds In his cars ho said
thoro era no Injuries HoBeimod to have on
Idea that hn had boon knocked down and badly
bruised Yes ono ot his Indian clubs was
found in his room wet with blood and
ho thought rooml his skull had been
crushed In but It had not Ho wont to
tho hospital ate breakfast there and returned
to tho barracks I ordered him sent back and
thoroughly examined This was done by Dr
Alexander surgeon and Dr Ltpptncott as
slBtant Riirceon I WR present part of thin
time No wounds or bruises were found
excopt ono on one toe In addition to tho
wounds on his cars These were trifling
Otis looks as though if f it was dono with
scissors tho under blade might have
failed to cu while the upper blade punc i
tured tho skin slightly A piece U I
actually cut from tho lobe of one oar but I Is
so I mal that It will not bo noticed when It heal
nnd I only bled a little as It was Altogether he
bled about 1 clll and tho peculiar thIng
is that although he thinks tho assault
occurred at 1 or 2 oclock In the morning the
blood was wot ind fresh when ho was dl cov
ered at 6 oclock In the mornlucr Ho It was
when I went to hIs room still later The eur
goons said that they thought It hod not boon
drawn over half an hour
Have you hnnrit of tho theory that ho did It
himself the General was asked He replied
that he had that this theory obtained among
the cadets and soma of the officers Ho was
asked whether there could have been any mo
tive for tho act
tv Yes there aro motives that would account
for it ho replied and added I he felt that
he would not be able to pisa the examination
ho might havo desired to plead an Interruption
of hIs studios and loss of time or ho might have
hoped to arouse sympathy and gain nn ap
pointment In tho army without passlnc the ex
amination hut I do not wish to offer you con
jectures the General said this nnrnestly REP
I can only speak of the facts That theory has
bOn mentioned to me but the Investigation
will probably settle all doubt
wil Suppose It worn found that ho worked this
malice upon himself was naked
Thn report would bo mndu to tho President
said Gen bcbofleld nnd ho would net upon it
as he deemed beet I muet toil you that
this theory has been mentioned to Vu Nhlttaker
himself and ho denies that ho did
I Indignantly and with apparent sincerity
He suspects no one Ho says that ho did not
know ho had an enemy In tho post He says
that ho has been completely ostracized
and I suspect that it is true Ho says
that only one cadet has spoken to him
within tho pat rear and that was while all
wero In camp mat summer I imagine
from what he says and from what I know that
ho was Icuored by all tho others He was not
annoyed or Insulted or notice taken of his ex
istence Ho messed with tho others and took
his place In tho ranks but ho says himself that
no ono annoyed hlniT saf
There may be a suspicion In the public
mind Ia suggested that somo of
the Southern cadets are concerned
in this assault either directly or Indirectly
have thought that replied Gen Scho
field I feel sure it is not BO No one class of
men ha acted differently from another There
may bo ono bad student In tho corps who would
plan this nnd carry I out oven to denying any
knowledge of it but thoro are not threat
who when put upon their honor would
lie out ot the scrape Yet Whlttaker
Is certain there wore three No ho does not
say they were cadets Hn does not have
any Idea who they were They wore black
masks he says nnd he did not recognize
nlza their voices A peculiar thing in this
connection Is that Whlttaker shows a letter
of warning that ho received last Sunday No
cadet acknowledges having written thla al
though one would Imaclno thnt whoever was
the author would consider it an honor and
would nnknnwladcft I now
The Go i niaratwssaskud l If the handwrItIng
was Identified Ho said that It was evIdently
disguised with painful care Tho General had
heard thnt VThutakora hands wore froo und
he could have untied the blndliia on his tinkle
Hn claimed to have been unconscious It was
said that he could have snapped the cords
without much exertion The stuff used to bind
him was cotton loin in strips from a waist belt
Hn had I room to himself on tho fourth
floor said the General There are four
rooms on each floor of the barracss two on
each side of each hallway His was opposite a
I room occupied by two cadets Thu fanlights
were open but they heard no notao that night
A yell would have brought the whole corps to
his room
Wns Whlttaker behind hand in his class 7
was asked
I do not know lutt how backward ho Is or
In whit 8Uidle he replied and added the
examination will deteruilna that But I know
he le fulllni buhlnd
It huts been not d that he did not do very
well alter Dipper the other colored cul 10 grail
uated Flipper und he worn companions
Whittaker wan set bacK again nnd tins now
been hero nearly four years He would natural
ly hay been ctadimttd this rear but having
lost n year must move with tho class that will
bnurnilimtcd in 1831
Gun bdhiitleld spoke regretfully of that Io l
biteil position of thii young man Ho Bald that
Whttaker sponds Saturday and bunday with
colored friends n the Pals below here hut I
the rust of the time ho is alone The
Oenoeral upok In praIse of the col
ored Mudonfa conduct ut tho Academy
Unsaid that the Cadet had encountered troubks
nt II rat particularly I t lie one for which Cadet
John H Mnedomild from Alabama
MIllonnIJ AlltJla was sus
pended In 1878 None of Biililiiont importance
for the General to hear of had occurred since
then The General said that ho was Bitlslled
that Maedouahd land nothing to do with the ru
cent outrage
In Went Point It Is said thnt the examination
by tlm Court of Inquiry will bu most searching
To convIct thai co lord ttudentof imlfmutllution
will require the testimony of tho truants In
Itoof that n < lights were seen In I Whittnkeru
room that night nnd that no BtrnngeiH entered
or quitted the barracks as well as the testimony
of tnnBUiceoiiH
fun examination of tho cadets was held by
thu Commandant Hu asked ouch ono wlmther
he know iiiotlilng about the assault upon Whit
taker nnd whether lie wJot the lttl of warn
ing which WhltlnLur roneived on Sunday The
linrfitkatlon elide 1 yesterilny nnnn
WASHINGTON April 7Mr M Cook flop
N Y1 aHkeil leave to tifter In the Houso I reao
lutlon reeitlmt h tho nllegeil outing I pornetratwl
upon Cadet Whlttnker nnd eilllni on Mr Hiim
bet for rutty luformntlon whIch he may hlvo In
regard to tlm iillound outrage and also as to
thereto what pa1 any have been taken in iccard
Mr Cox Dora NY hoped thnt the resolu
tion IfII would bo adopted and tIm matter In
jlrl Alken nom S C objected sayIng that
he a rush rsaaaated the I ul iii net from which Whi
tnker collie and ho full fully eotnpiitent to see
thnt ho WIlS thoroughly prntuctnu Thu nu
thoritleBiit WuM t Point wore now I fivest icatl lug
the mutter nnd he thought I it better tnnwalt I a
lint I duaaiu I oil than tj jump I at conclusions based
on neuspipur reports cspuclnlly at the lutvbt
report was lint It wits a bogus outrage
Tlm only omclnl Information on the subject
recelxod wt the War Dopartinent todny wale a
telegram from Gen Schofleld suhBtantintlng
the rids eontaliiml In the cutieial I tIol alt
hpatch Mr I iniBey line instrimteil Gen Scho
field to employ dctectiuS If i lie tleoms It I ncees
finy Department nnd to render a full roport to tho War
Tbe AuBliry l > ruvn friim u riu h of IIIb
uhucIko Itultiin Misery
CommIssioner Thomas liicntmu at 3i
oclock yesterday nftornoon entered the City
Prison where as well as on DlnckwollH Inland
tho mot of tlio prUoimrB look upon him nHthnlr
special filend Ciiasilno Cox aunt Pletro llulho
Ire tiaiiiplncr out their t hours roormitlon In I
the linllwiy Cox firm In I step with dust
thrown out and 1 with bend erect hail iso w hilt
pall ugonliid feult U rca and faltorlnu unco and
muttering iinners Pletro Ilallio fell on his
knits ninl with tours Mowing fast clung to tile
plant OHomissionyrs Its nslf ho ooiild save
jlalt I While I llnlbo was In I thin position I I a Cox
casting n pItying dance upon him said to thu
What brought me hero I know would only
take ma nut I dead man The day I nan sen
tenced that waa u terrlhln Btorm AH 1 stood
listening to I the Judge n a Rtrolte nf lightning
Unshed across my fnen 1 Then I know that I
WIA to tile I nm ready to do Boat any moment
All I I I ask Is th lit I he not rxpo ed to the I a Ilhl1
Your wish will bo grnnted I Cox 11111 Mr
lirrutu n tan ntiliitly i Then turiilnc t I to 1ielro his ii in
ho Bald klull I I lialbo bn 1 man and ns hiiih
let mo nilvlan you to prepare loursolf foi the
worst I dont want you to elvu up nil hope
hut let me cOllsul you to prepare to meet your
fate An hn cenaed apnnklns hue wretched Italian
boy burst Into I flood of tears
Lawyer Klntzinu IK preparinflr n pelltlon
which hA illlillhtrlliutnnll over tlm oily lor Big
natures for a co In all aittit hon of lialbo B henteneo
nltlrR I
Both Cox and llnlho rare to bu arraigned In the
Court Mon
Geniiral Term of the Supremo on
day before Juntlecd Ilrndy llnrrilt unit Davis
that they may bo rauentuucod bu hnuuod
auju v us I n
Tonne Athtctet A tonl hln Tetcrnni of the
TrnckVlint Mr Vnnderbllt NaldAThnt
the Trainers flayIahulyuts of the Knee
Frank Hurt and John Uoblor tho prlmo
favorites In the treat race now In progress in
Madison Square Garden kept UP their unvarnl
holed contest yesterday as closely as on tho first
two days of the walk Hart was allowed to tako
two hours and a halt balmy sleep Dobler ex
tending his rest throo minutes longer
Hart undergoes thorough medical examina
tion each day of tho wnlk After his perform
ance of 2JS miles in fortyseven houn his pulse
made only two extra throbs to a minute abovo
his normal condition I never saw said i
Ilnrtn doctor a finer physical specimen ot 0
man In my life I
Hart was born In Haiti 1857 Ho Is I rot 7
Inches high and weighs about 145 pounds Ho
was first hoard of as 0 walker about a year ago
since which ho has engaged In several races
improvIng steadily In each lone contest
Happy Jack Smith Harts trainer said yes
terday when asked his opinion of the limit of a
slxdnyfl race Six hundred miles nnd Hart
is the lad that will do It
What do you feed him
Principally beet tea mutton tea and chicken
tea said Happy Jack He got high toned
yesterday continued Jack and ordered
quell on toast
An hour later Hart was soon crunching n big
piece ot pie tho crust of which shone wIth
crease Although travelling fast ho took a
mouthful about every threo Btepa wIth acorn
Incly groat relish His food Is kept outside of
his tent In a refrigerator and either Happy
Jack of his assistants hoops
or ono nssltants an arm over
it constantly
Mr OLeary slid that his man Doblor was In
firstclass condition his sprain troubling hint
very little Ho was tho most tractable man ho
over trained His nppottto was excellent and
thor allowed him to eat and drink anything he
fancied Ho Is tho only walker snldOLoary
that I over know who would not take advan
inure of such n privilege
Just then Happy JacK joined the group anal
OIenry said to him laughingly Call around
Saturday evening and well let you know how
our man won tho race
Jack You may hnvu to call on us replied Happy
JackHow much will your man make 1
J we hay good luck well go 551
You can put us down for 503 replied
O LiMiry
hell om up replied Happy Jack Our
man was never In better condition in his life
Doblor is I 21 yearn of ace Ho Is 5 feet 8
Inches and weigh about 143 pounds Ho was
a cltlc boy In the West and lies practised walk
ing about eighteen months and has won sev
eral races lila beat previous record was 34Ui
miles in boviiityllvo houra twelve hours a day
lie baa the broad bony face of agameMlleHlan
and appeared In good enough condition yesterday
day afternoon to accomplish what Olenry jok
ingly said he would
Hart and Dobler snld OLeory aro the
only men in this country who can beat howell
hegrttm the third man in the nice was tho
first to cut out tho work yesterday morning
appeared at IV his black fact shlnln In
strong contrast nboo his snowwhite suit from
head to heel Pogram wns followed by his
colored brother Willlame Then cam Dobler
and Hart all within a few minutes of each
other Each man was greeted with friendly
cheers by the several hundred spectators re
maining lu the Garden after the general exodus
nt midnight From this hour until the Garden
became filled In tho evening the attendance at
no time exceeded 2 000 and very little enthu
siasm was aroused by the splendid perform
ance of tho lenders pororm
That cash receipt for the twentyfour hours
ending nt 1 A3I yesterday were 12931a
falling off from tho previous days So far
20532 persons hnd paid to enter tho Garden
nmklnp tho toul I receipt tlO260
Thu manner in which Bart and Dobler shad
owed uacb other throughout Int day can be In
ferred from the score which Is kept ina more
satisfactory nnd careful manner than over be
fore No man is credited with 1 hip until it la 1
earned At tho start Hart had 225 miles to
his credit Doblere dial recording 221 Pae
ruin this third man was 23 miles behind Dob
liar half I dozen others ranging front 1 to 25
miles In the rear At 2 A M the record pltced
Hart and Dobier on nn oven footing 32t miles
G laps Another hour found Hart one milo In
the 11 < l1 Twontyflve minutes after sunrise 6
oclock Dobler hnd forged half a miD ahead of
Hart IVgrnm etlll leading tho squad 22 miles
In the rear By tlio time tho school bolls rang
at I the nlmbln Hurt hAl recovered thn half
mile and placed a further gap of nmllu and a
half between blniriolf and the cattle boy Ity
noon lie hunt stretched thu opening to two mllia
aIm hliekbonrd dhulajlug the llgiircs llnrt
270 Dobler H Hnrt btruck out like 1 racer
ut Intervals Doblera beat pace boini the jog
trot of n cart horse Ho evidently Buffered a
pressure cnr II Ills held which wns relieved by
oecnalonnl bleeding nt the nose Ills face how
ever gavo no sigh of tho tremendous strain
while Hart nppenrod ns cool as If he had just
turned out lor walk down llrondwny
I dont know what those tvo youngstors are
mid of rLII tlm vjtnrmi athlete W I Cur
lit Hmo they lmu been racIng threo days
with only BC hours Bleep I they are not
Hlvon a rest the > may drop dean on the track
Blower Brown lu las great ruco of 553 miles
rested nearly thirteen hours in the first throo
About 3 oclock when tho scorn stood 284
mih for Hart and 282 for Dobler Mr William
11 nlorblit stood ou the tuitaila lloor watciiine
thn walkers unit acorn A bystander imimrkod
It would trouble n hotter to throw 300 tullua
behind him In three days
Thorn neviu Wa nor never will be n trotter
In tills world aulu to do it replied thu railroad
The greatest excitement through tho morn
Ing occurred jiibt before noon llnrt disap
peared In his tunt foi n few mlnutea On emurg
inc Krone wan striding pant with lVrnm trot
tingnt lilx hoelB Hurt linnimlbitil struck Into
a run and BOOH tool tim o i its hula pole It ro tie nnd
Iegrnm let I out u liulc and tried to head Hart off
Pooler jolnud thai pllek toil thiiy pi iced Krono
in a pocket Coming up behind Murntt who
vvns bwlnglng nrotind the track on his usual
onsy unit ho heard thin pattering cut behind
him Looking over lila shoulder ho fctarteit
Into n brIsk run keeping well ahead of tho pack
for thrco laps witch tbuy nil full buck into a
we I Ic
willi1h only wreck durIng the day VVIB Peter Mc
Intini than California champion A Ihtlu he
font B A M ho Bingcered around on bis 107th
mile Ills sinews nnd cords had Hlillonnd I 1 HO
that he COU hI Biareuly imvlc tto At I tliii I tlmu ho
Lit ralltii undor tin camis uf I ills to Lat lIull drop 1
peil nnilior oompletely miinel bond
Hurt nulshud 30U miles at U28 which unpio
cede iutd feat BtriuiKD to nay failed to t I aliCia It
cheer Dobler reeled off Ills SOJlh mllo at 717
Choirs nnd yells broke out as the 300 appeared
on tho blackboard
Itj 0 oclock the Garden bernruo well Illled
nialn nnd tho 61111 nIl I tireless men wore in
fused with now III I I fit under tike Btlniuliib I I of ox
cltoment ch acre tobacco ainoUu mill muale a a a
fhiiu score thou ca hal I ihtett this giont poifonn
lOad for hlitynlni houin still pinclng Hurt
ahead of I lllowor I lliowun big roeord llnrt I
iiJ Dolilnr S07 Pouram 2S7 Howard
278 Allen272 MeirlttZVJi WllllaniH Ar > r >
Kioline 254S and Km fostlvu Ja > bun 12ji
Ju > beu has dlscardul 1ls I Hut bymbollo hhlrt
and donnod unother a loin snl Balmoncolored
one Ho appeals and diuuipeai6 at such liiug
ulnr Intervals that his coming H nhvnm n 1 sur
prise and ovrtrsbody scoiers Included in
btinitlVHly exclaims r Hullo I burns Jayboo
when IIH hiinveu In Bight Hu has only uchluvud
up to this tIme 125 mills
Williams btlll races Itt for n pretnncoof nisn
and rtisolulloll IIB he pthbuti the bOlOS 81u1III
but on thn bnck btretch ho llmpu I I and fuvora his
wunk lull I k luau and foot n great deiil i Ho IIIIM
Iii routui n atoaa hat bulTerid moro In 11011 levi it g his
255 miles tItian either of his couiputitora have lu
covering n like dlhtanoo
Ktohno tho toil giunndlor continues his
long strum and jniky nioumont if his arnm
anil coveis tho arOIa nil with tuna ttrit able stcatll I
iium II tail rapidity I Hut fast lK ho may go n
dmk a bhaclott Pcgrnm follows close upon IB u
huuU Krohuoa tialncr stays that he him Just
got his nptietlto uropeily null thnt now he Is
cood for Indullnltu I a LImo to como If f tlmt is
thu cano ho may itt provo a ilangnious
competitor IVgrnm hns shown admir
able staying iimlllle In thu tiruo ho
lilts biifti In tile riuo since midnight of buiuluy
hiBt he hus roBtiul lib I D7m ft lH Tia lit is far
morn than I ti lthiir Dobli or Hint I yet Im IB I tint
18 miles bohlnil a I the founer nut U 21 behind I Ian t
hitler Hn Booms to hunts a uyBtem of titling 100
miles I In i ito day 0 aol then t Inking I n good Biitla
fylm f rtHlof about four hours Irom which ho
omen out rofieshed nnd vlcoiouh for nuw en
denvore If bo can htaaja thIs up miiBcular ox
hurt it flu ruui ho iii net Inuvltnluy I get thu better
of oven such II oil 0 0010 uantah eieaturu ns Hurt
trl u I o SIIIIR aim ply wound up logo I III ill n itiul y
Murrm has atuicuarti i rig to runortH from his
tPIII I jusl j got Into hit boot form for a race
whntnvnr lint I ninv hobut his backer foar thnt I
hu hues dOllo 100 too Into far he Is now till jone
uillea beliliid tho leading man I
Uunwakor looks aail lit uaa tortured 117 dark
suspicion ot the vlgllanoo of tho tlmo keeper
When ho passes tho scorers Btnnds ho watches
his dial sharply every tlmo until ho seen tho pegs
upon It changed to mark Ills lap Ho Is soy
ontysevon antics behind Hart yet ho keeps peg
Clng nwny with oarncatnees
Ton oclock A regular Peernm panIc pro
valid among the backers and trainers of that
other men holding prominent plices One of
Harts renrcsentativos has just sllld Ils
rough I We carno horn confident of our man
making ISM miles and ha can do It and hos
going to do it nod yet we are going to loso the
race That Pccram wo cant boat Im afraid
The same state of feeling exists nt Doblors
tent Among tho betting men although Hart Is
Btlll tho favorite at 3 to 2 for first place Pegram
Is now a strong favorite at oven for that posi
tion and In somo eases Blight odds have al
ready boon given on him
harts trainer havo boon for some tlmn do
bating whether they shall not take him off 5ho
track for n good long sleep Ho Is exceedingly
drowsy lhn only dun ho gives ot wonrlncea
for his step IB etlll na light springy and rapid
as over but hIs eyni are closing splto of tho
nolsn of the band tho thunders ot applause
nnd the closely haunting picsoncoot his chief
antagonist hn In I almost falling aolfnip as 1m
runs At 102720 he Is taken from the track
and in little morn than n mlnutn after ho enters
is sound asleep his last words before be drops
oil holnu If tbnt Irishman Dobler can go n
week without slncplng nil right I cant Up
to this tlmo ho Pius only been oIl that track in I
seventy and a half hours for rest and all other I
purpoif 3 7 hours 19 minutes seconds Dob
lor rms been off but B hours 45 minutes 53
seconds yet ho continues on the track and
oven increases his speed At five min
ute before 11 oclock the blackboard
Bhovs him even with Harts rcorc nt 315 miles
At 1055 Howard leaves the track for a rost
Up to this tlmo hn line only been oft 12 hours
SJ minutes and 37 seconds and now his score
stands at 234 miles
Tho chances of the leaders aro now very anx
iously dlsiusad
Eleven oclock Thn popular excitement con
tinues nnd crows as lap after lap Is added to
thu scores of Dobler and Pegintn who tracks
him like his shadow when Dobier reaches 318
miles there Is n tremendous burst of applause
lu recognition ot his nchluvumuutlln equalling
tho beat Bovontytvvo hour performance
of Blower Brown And still tho plucky
rnmper t keeps on MerrItt linda himself cold land
suddenly appears In a long black frock coat and
black cap These garments over his tights cave
him a very auoer appearance
At 113950 Doblor leaves tho track nod goes
to sleep Poitrnm hns preceded him by four
minutes having stuck faithfully to his system
and retired promptly upon tho completion of
hla took of 100 miles
At 12 oclock tho only pedestrians loft on tho
trick mo Krohnu and Mcrrltt The former Is
plunging alone in his accustomed gait be
tween n htrlde n scatter and a run tho latter Is
running quite nimbly
The bcoio at midnight stood
Mlialnt I illS > tip
Tumbler tIlt 4 Merrill 271
hurt V V ill ttiliiimi 3
Ic ram 3OO I Krcliur Jtl7
Him an 3H 7 lMnwnltr Uu
Allen 2M iJjJllf t 17 5
1 A M Krobnn loft the track at 12lfi Mor
rltt continued walking industriously Tho only
changes In tho score nt mldnlsht are the ad
van o of Moriitt to 274 miles and 6 laps of
Krohno to 2lJ8 miles nnd of Willlnras who has
just come on the track to 255 miles and 0 laps
Speeches und u Iur e 3CretInir la the Brook
ll n Acnderuj rAliiktc
In tho centennial celebration of tho birth
day of William Kllcry Chnnnlns eorvloes wore
hold in the Church of the Saviour In Brooklyn
yesterday morning at which tho Hov A P
Putnam pastor ot the church presided After
prayer by tho Ilev F W Holland Dr Putnam
road from William Henry Chanulng a nephew
of the great preacher and his biographer a
letter of regret at hula enforced absence Dr
Clmnulncs only surviving brother George G
Channlngot Milton Mne now In his ninety
second year sent n letter which was re
ceived with applause His daughter Eliza
both D Channing wrote that while
her father was in comparative good health ho
could not do more than sign his name Ad
dresses wars mndo by the Hov Dr Fanny the
lie Dr J D ThomnH of the FIrst Baptist
Chureli lan Kev Dr J vf r Hiiekloyof ho han
son Placn MethodIst I Church Oliver Johnson
the Itev Charles H Hall of I Iloly Trinity Koii
copal Church Brooklyn the Hey l A D Mayo of
hprlngfleld Mass the Kov 11 It Nye the HT
Dr Gotthoil of the Tenplo Emnnuel In this
city and tIme Itev Mr Foot ot Kings Chapel
Boston Tho Itov J W Chadnlck read a con
tennlnl ode
In the evening thnre was large gathering In
thai Brooklyn Aendemy of Music The Rev
Dr Kills of tho First Congregational Church of
Boiton spokn first of Chnunlugs lIfo and
clmrncler Thu Rev Robert Colher said
Through Chunnlngs gr > > it free soul vvoaie
nil freer today Iieid oba some tIn
III fonlt rtol stb
which wee written to show that there was no
sect In heaven nnd whllo It accounted for all
outer dvnonilnntlonii It paid nothing of thu
llnllnrinne 1 was aggravated and like tho
Yoikhhlro nnn who thought ho could Improve I
upon thu Lords Prayer by adding JIve us tills
dnj our dully bread and porno cheese I added
to that work II little poem Mr Collyer then
recited n number or verses about CUnuniug 411
torlng heaven which closed thus
Tlin rartcr t IIJ 1ic MnnoiM warn
WIIII li mini bo lend 1 lit to counsel lienvcn
Hut the Rceil iwrinoug 1 nut ton II like If nit
In the waters that tlovr between Utnu Eat > tea l
George William Curtis Raid tlmt he hnd been
asked to speak of dimming In his relation to
the antislavery movement Chnnulng was ono
of thren great atilrltual emancipators lloger
Willltims und Italph Waldo Emerson being the
other two His every breath wn Inspired by
love nf liberty aol whenever there was a
shacklu huHinolu It not 80 much with the blow
nf the trip hammer which Bhntterns of tile stun
benm which molts Inthls IImowhttlrtho I I oa hails
of men forecasted thn excitement of thus Irenl
dentlal campaign when passions ambitions
nnd hopes nro fiercely inllnmeil the
serene memory of a man like dimming falls
upon us lIke n benediction of manly coinage
and peace Ko long 119 men can stand with him
nnd Buy One with God Is n minority our be
loved country IB I truly Invlnclbln and becomes
truly free To him God was perfect love nnd
perfect freodoin His nmniier was as sweet ns
thu dow thnt falls 01 Hpirion but his convic
tions WITH ns uncompiomiMng ns the moun
tains which were bathed by Hiirmons dew
PIovIDE cc April 7Ilaaa dimming memo
its I e ra Ices In i New Duirl IHCHII nt loji I A M In i the a
nit ra llouox l h with Iho I Antlieni i by n Mlcct choir i I O I
Ihuu I Hunt lllt I Hit to 111 the Soni of MeulollHI1 t by
> cru lure rest I 1hZ sit 1imer nn 1 llio it u hiKiuiiu > ini
irm I V ili l tulbio i rae Kcv tar ililluwn I iltllMn l il i n
illntutirto nu VMIIinnt luuouy 1 ihnuuiiu 1 I hU Opinion I
11 itiiiu mU linructer I a hUh l a ri lullontd bv Hit
bjltlii I Wu btnn 1 MuM thi iPlie a Tuda ami ito
Inn licttcn A tiMcvram wnmecrUrrt rile IM Ke < Ir l
rntiinin in inrnt the hurrh l oMtir M ua llHMkba
tua ultima iiuratulannn ou n Miur LHI IIII i A
Cull iii man it f my si It t > > nl t friiti A Its ft UKJlcHiltnc I
Ix lo lln ill has hlsn M 111 tlVaWIV
la I the ulieiiiioii II rio crowl 1 OHM nilii1 aut ricrhj
hl 1II 11 Id
I Uic I whuu hue ciii tie r U > LIQ ul tlm Muaorlal Claut cia
lalub tutu
1 msir 11111111 Lf 11
now It h lrnposrd In Stoke u IVndonnl Ai my
nriho Clllaen fiolitlcry
WASHINGTON Apiil 7Ihe Militia Com
mltleu ot the house todny reported a very
comprchontilvn bill to regulate thn militia force
ot the povernl States Thn following aura brIefly
Its chief fenluroa Every nllcboilled malu citi
zen between the ages of 18 and 15 yenrs is to bo
unrolled na nnllablo for militia duty All of
thesu regularly organized under Stnto lawn In
military corps lire to Delong to tho National
Guaid I anil nil others enrolled am to belong to
thu t tl1 I tiact lye Militia I I Provided that thorn
nro70 tuu eiua lets to tho orccmtra touts ot eneh
Mnto and THI rltory that III thai orjmilratloiis
there mo not morn tlmn 7UO mOil to eaeh
Ituprtbuiitntlvu or Dulegntu In Congri
thnt ouch orgnnlTation or corps nerves
live dais In camp 0101 year and mills
Illicit n moLth a nil that t nt least one lillo I I
iniigii for luau prntlci of f thn I mllitln I I a is oatnli
llshiil I In I each State nnd Toriltory thu Soctn
tmy i of Wnr wlllthlOlIlI11 t thu I Cit hat f of f Ordnante
Iii itl bali to thu t militia I I I t I service u it I forms for uuh
man eullsled for tlll co recIte UllmLI eqal I lain lItN
small niiiiB II ltd IlIm IlIt a uti ill ii It it ho n for
rangn Juratli lea Than hill I I nlno provider thnt t
ceniiial liibpeLtions blinll bu held 111 each Stain
each jear I anil that t a rogular it rail t oUlcer shnll I
wltnoBs tho IIUMHM tlun nnd report the Hucru
tnry I of Win It t also inakis I It nil hI asItlah for
regular army umcolf to biiatsluiiednsadjidauts
nf reglmontB iihlorBof mull of hrigmltB or
divlxloiiH Tlui President IK I nlao authoilitl lo
jilTer an n unity n tIlm of ilhau for inarksmanshlp
in ouch Stain IIlIti floni for n tItIan piiyinncli
tenm of fifteen to bo uutIIiluh led from tlm t legal In ri y
tin I 11001 mllitln I I I of A Htnto or Territory I Tho I
Profliilent I 1 IB nun tOit roll tn I ease ot war to cull
out tile National Guard or any pait thereof
for u tItian not exceeding tweUn monlliB A
Hoard of I Olllcors IB to be it lila ii iutouh by till a I u
President ronslfctlmiot two reguliii nrinyofll
corn mid llvn 11 All 011111 guanlBinen nrilif this
boa rth is to make t ug ii littlui its mid iluoliln upon
thi BUI vlci tin Hot m to lie I issued by than Guv em I
inent Ilnally 1500000 In approiu intnd to can y
out hcBe prov Isiuns and all cuiilllLtlug lugisla
tlon Is lupnalod
The 101 ICuplil Cur at Trlflliiit Tnat
Aro nmilu br the Auimcsu Btar belt Cupiiilun All I
dl uUhUAiI
A unllonlnc rniiMiuuiiuni inij le t attlcil In ala tiini I
DM ul i lliU lion v ul Hurt hi tun diut I Itir ordiiicuihi I I
IiLts audI Srtuu liiei a ciiri in I tnm minute AIr lv
W llntn drupe1 Hrninlwiiy I stud Imc fit cnioi gout or
tteuuuUiin with Anliiiiiuporicluuauiciuouvi AJ
I Imil In tlinl acetty rule f DriiKKl YCB lUftJam Ir
linn Co > uU bjrujiUuuli 1 UOciitU SJr I
A Vlcloni AUk Appnrtnlly Without Mo
live Slrlklnv Down tin Old Comrade with
nn AXO Domeille Tronlile the CRUD
Many barges ladon with Ice discharge
their Iodine upon tho pier at Horatio street
Tho Ico dIscharged there Is mainly for tho Con
rumors Ice Company whose oflloa and stables
are at Thirteenth avenue and Horatio stroot
just across tho way from tho shore end of tho
plor and for tho New York Ico Company which
has an ofllco and extonslvo stablca In West
Twelfth etroot about two blocks away from tho
pier The employees ot both companies aro
almost steadily at work on the pier cither un
loading or preparing to unload tho loa barges
With the exception of an occasional scuffle
usually harmless for preoodenoo between driv
ers ot the wagons that aro loaded from tho
barges tile men of both companies work good
nnturodly sldo br sldo Timothy Madden
brother of tho keeper of tho stables of tho Con
sumers Company and Patrick Kuarnoy an
employee of the Now York Company howe al
ways been friendly They are nearly ot the
same ago about twentyeight Kearney is
married but has no children his homo being
In Went street near Perry street Madden la
uumarriad and has lived with his brother who
Is married nt 146 Horatio street
There was no barge awaiting discharge at the
pier yesterday morning and tho foreman ot
the Coueumurk Company directed Madden to
swoop the pier Maddan wont to work nt about
9 oclock trundling the sweepings that ha col
lected away In a wheelbarrow At about 11
oclock as ho was shovelling a heap of swoop
mire Into the wheelbarrow near tho middle of
the pier Kearney lounged up to him Konrney
held nn IcomiinB nxe an Implement that Is
half lee pick nnd half nut ono side of the stool
head beIng pointed and tim other n blado
around to decoding sharpness to enable the
icemen to cut tlae blocks of lee ovomalycitrehessly
In hIs right hand Ho frequently carried that
or a similar axe about on the pier and his pos
session of it then did not attract Maddcns at
hello Tlm Kearney said pleasantly
theyve cot you to cleaning up have they 1
Yes Pat Madden answered I suppose
Its b > caunu theres nothing elso for mntodo
thIs morning Them ho bent over to take up
another shovelful of sweepings As ho did so
Kearney without utterIng a aound swung till
axo In a wide sweep in blue air nnd brought Its
edge down upon Maddens head just behind
tlio right car Madden fell face downward
Kearnoy bent over him and Ptrtiek him agauln
with tho axe his trained hand directing tIm
edge almon to the contra of thin cut made by the
first blow Hut Madden Mrucclod to his feet
and grappled with Kearney The men strug
gled in a circle that wits market with Madden
blood Kearney making wild efforts to strike
Madden with the nsu Once ho succeeded
Mrtklng Madden ou the top of thue bond Mad
den cried for help
The men aboard sovornl lea barges caught up
belaying pins and whatever eiee was handy
and ran toward tha men Then Kearney re
leased Madden who fell exhausted upon tim
pier and Lacked brandishing the axe to the
shore ond of the pier About ndorwn men stood
thero but they scattered aa Kearney ap
proached them In the middle ot Thirteenth
avenue ho stopped and shouted
I said I would kill thin
Then ho bosun to dance laugh and yoll hike
n madman throwing the axe Inch up Into thud
nir and catching it by the hnndlo ns it fell
There were many spectators of this scene but
it does not appear that any of them attempted
to capture Konrnoy or to call a policeman to do
so When tho spectacle had lasted for several
minutes Koaruey suddenly became Quiet lie
walked to n trough for the watering of horses
before tho door of u barroom In Thirteenth
onue juet above Horatio street anti laying the
axe upon tho edge of the trough washed
Itu blade ami then removed the traces ot his
murderous deed from ills hands He entered
the barroom with thn ao under hH arm and
called for liquor When a decanter and H class
wrra Sitt before hint hn filled the glass und
drained it Then hn walked deliberately to the
ofllco of the Now York Company putting tim
axe into some as yet undiscovered hiding
placo on the way and without chine any inti
mation of what ho had dono asked the cashier
for some money saving tlmt ho land nn unex
pected call for It He took tlm money without
n word rind went to his home His wlfo was out
Ho made acomplottchanro in his clothing put
ting on his bent unit Hu then iitilttud the Louse
ant walked quIckly down West street
Madden was taken to fat Vincents Hospital
He nssurod Ills brother who saw him there
that iicotultl not assign any motive for liner
neys nttaek upon him Kouiney wan not un
der tbo Influence of llrjuor Houso Physician
Burke decided that Madden skull was frac
tured In two plneos on ibo right side and that
them wns hardly any possibility ot Lila re
Police Capt Hodioii raid Utah Kenrasy could
hardly have savagely atsnultel Mnddun nn old
friend without uoimi powerful motive possibly
of n domestic nature Kearney has lint among
his tllaw f vvorkuiri the reputation of a untie
goodnatured man aim ho iipponredto trnva n
great deal ot sympathy for any one of them
who was hurt Hut It la taid he Is excitable
when ho bus been tlrlnkin Cnpt llcddun
added that Kearney would probably bo arrested
within tvioutyfnur hours
Sending nn Vnlnlruclril Ilelrcittloa ta the
Clnclnniill Convention
UcnttiNflTON Iowa April 7The Dorno
eratlo Stnto Convention to select delegates to
Cincinnati mot hero this morning Thom were
fully COO delegates present Judge Edward
Johnston of Lou County presided On Inking
the chair Judge Johnston briefly referred to
thu electoral frauds ot 1S70 as an Issue that
would not down and salt that tho battle of
1860 must bo fought for an honest count thud
the Democracy must plodgn Itself to protect
Internal tinnsportntlon nnd InterStato corn
in eco ngniiibt the combinations I of gigantic
railroad monopolies nn 1 finally I tInt the man
nominated nt Cincinnati must IM I n man thnt
can defeat leu 1 Ornnt t ns anybody I of 1 Ketiho
could sen thnt the latter will bu the Republican
lilt resolutions inportod nnd adopted rolt
ctate faith I In lIla principles I of tlm Dcnnvnitlc
pmly nnd denounce tilu a iuuI itt of thn Hepubll I i
cau party 0 mud thn I continued usurpation I of
powei by the few ns tendlni a I ac to impel I lillvn I
lucy mtssrt that tho DOIIIOT of Iowa nro lu
favor of tlm othlrda rub in selecting n Pieai
The follow nu tvero ohobcn ns delegates to the
Cincinnati Convention
AT jAluuKVticol I JV toter Jolan I Iritu I IV
ltutt ii iuu 1 1 recu Ii
I alsTIcr I Ii t ul tTxlirt ittirlct luuiuieu I1 gi rnuutuu
11 It thu II ti iuuufl i lutrjuu J a luheluuurul
uuu uluut ai I 1 I hurt ilttt I t 101 i h tauavt it
iii I t i hI hit I ouurtlu iluiriVt luarilua lituu uuuh
iuluu I I lauthl tuiiruuV 1 1 tiuuuuiur null II a
In Li lx Ii laaoa nil hi It Cliii I I Mar 5y
Sea untIl IluOract ieurec tiuiruhuucr uuiuut 1 A TIuuuciu
hacuttai litiIiCtV ii Icucuu it cliii J Atutursi
ctnhui ltrtct a a lua auto auuul L P Iuiului
A TfBnlutlnn Instructing the delegntlon to vote
ns n null at Cincinnati I win laid on hue t table
ritiuuio April 7lhaai liibna opociil cave
Thn result of tIle ataiau luoeoiliniTA vvaa th it
n dulo ntlon strongly favoring Tllden I VVIIH
choHun ulthough thu Cjiucntioii refused to in
alruot for any one
jriiicu AKI A VANIC
Tlif limes fia liirnliie Ilolilijlli > r e Factory
AIuiiu M ui atttaera lu H liurcli
Kaily last oviiiiii u llio biolm out in tho
Ihrueatory building at 878J 91nnd 93 M angln
street occupied by Chas W P flat o as a hobby
hoiee nndcnrrlngn factor Thullmnea tyaro lInt
extinguished until the building with its contonta
wasdestioyud only tho wnllBiemnlnlng uncon
Biiinud Tliu laos ou stock and htiuituii 0 IB
estimated I ut JJOOOU u hit li K piullally 1 I I I eovetod
by Insurance Thooiigin of the hIre N unknown
Iho light from hint llin caused n report of u
conlhigratioii in tilt iieighboiliood to lui trIals
piued mound M t H < ss Homan Catholic
Chinch In I Cannon Ft I OCt vvheiu thu 1aulist I a
fatliura VVDID holding a n mission I MI
vkn A Hilly vvouimi edllud nail lire
mid liiBtnnlly the thousand people In tho build
ing I wurimi I nn upioiii A numliurof i a u f I baa umilc I
Btrieken ernwiled to the t door but Iho minority
soiling no Ihiiiieor hinoke kept hull seats mid
by Ill ia exertions ol 1 UIH I ilt Jails and thn t bunai I
blat pernoiiB In the audicnco n serious piililo
was piiivcnlcd Only u few f of thoi o who iioed
liBBly alai I I mist were injured I nnd thuy I notnerl
unsly nnd protuctud In ilia pu i bitico ot a biiuad
of police from tlio I Jail at ianay stun t station I tile
Boivleox worn Olui Li U tact without t luithcr I I die
tin hancc
No Choice nt OnTcrnnr t > y th PeoplcTb
Ll1etire Htpnblteno
PUOVflIENCZ April 7An election was
held In this State today to choose State officers
antI members of the General Assembly which
will elect n tuocoesor to Senator Durnstde Al
bert H Ltttloflold la the Itepubllcan candidate
for Governor and Albert 0 Howard the
Prohibitory candidate supported also
by disaffected Republicans and Horace
A KImball Is the Demoaratla candidate
The election has resulted In no choice for Gov
ernor and LieutenantGovernor Returns from
thirty towns including ono ward ol this
city gIve Littlefield 0250 Kimball 4290
and Howard 2814 The towns gener
ally exhibit IrreKlar and surprising ro
suIts Somo DemocratIc districts ehow
n Republican oticcos and strong Republican
towns divide their votes betveim this threo Chill
dldatoa Newport givucaa Lltllonuld 418 Howard
432 and Kimball 310 There Is probably
no choice for As inblymnn In this oity Tile
Itepubllunn candidates for Kfcrelnrrof State
AtloinoyOeuernl and General TrenBUior are
elected by about the usual majority there hav
ing been no third candidates for thoso offices
The General Assembly will be thrcociuarters
Itopubllcau Insuring that election of Little
lleld by that body the choice beIng
limited to the Republican and Domncirntlc can
didates they having received thin highest rotes
It is understood thnt n large majority of tim
Assembly elect favor the reelection ot Senator
The Hopubltcnns Anthiony factIon have had
a hard fight and today to help their cause
throw overboard Rowland Rosa Democratic
liquor dealer and the oxPostmaster Charles
R Urnyton whoso accounts arc short f 37000
These alan have been the lending
spirits of the campaign and vvorkoJ
like beavers for tha success of that party The
presence and action of lirajton In tho campaign
has been very icpiignnntto the respectable por
tion of the Republicans The outlook wns gloomy
yesterday although outwardly thus party boasted
of success and it ii thought that the kicking
out of the persons referred to was done as a
last report to help the ticket by giving it a sem
blance ot respectability
Little mote tlmu halt the vote of the Stats was
polled today Rctuins from all towns in thin
State except lllock Island givnLlltleaeld 10014
Klmball G021 nndllcwnrd500
The General Assembly contains in the Senate
2G Republicans 7 Homocnts and 1 no choice
In tile House 47 Republicans 12 Democinta
and 2 no choice The veto for Governor last
mar was Republicans 9GOD Democrats iltiJ7
Protialily a Threat tn Get Additional Irii
alan Power tn the Teilera Council
LONDON AprIl 7Tile Berlin correspond
ent of tho Tunes telegraphs as follows It can
readily bo imagined that on the news of tho
Chancellors intended resIgnation spreading
through political circles hero the English elec
tions ceased to bo the subject of conversation
and from speculating on the woes likely to bo
fall the British omplro by the downfall of Lord
Beaconfluld men began to dilate on tho mis
fortunes certain to accrue to Germany with the
helm ot affairs no longer In the hands of Prince
Bismarck But though no small excitement
and even mild alarm was nt first produced by
the publication ot tIle momentous news these
feelings Boon Rave way on more sober reflection
to conviction that the incident must not be
looked at In its moat serious light No ono
eon possibly believe either that the Chancellor
earnestly desires to withdraw from oflloo
ho has confessedly too much Important un
finIshed work on hand for that or that
the Emperor even If convinced of the serious
Intentions of hIs illustrious servant would
readily grant the liberty ha demands The pres
ent crisis has therefore doubtless the very
samo mennlnc as nil previous incidents of the
kind and those who remember how Prince
Bismarck has on scinrul pant Decisions
nchluved his purpose bv appealing to the feel
ings of his patriotic couniiimun either by a
threat resIgn or by repairing to vnrzln will
have little dIMluultg In perceiving the drift ot
the announcement now made Tim Chancellor
probably does not earn a whit whether or not
the proposed Receipt Stamp fix is adopted but
in its rejection ho discovers n convenient op
portunity for altering a state of things in the
redxrnl Council which hns long annoyed him
Nor can it bo doubted thnt fundamental change
of tim Imperial Constitution affecting the
Hundesrnth is the real obje t he lots nt heart
Of thellltyelght votes distributed among has
twflntyflvc members of this body Prussia pos
sesses Bovcntnen that Is little less than a third
of thu legislative Influence upper lining to it
while her proportion of tho imperial popula
tion Is about llveoightliB of the whole What
has nov happened might very wt II occur again
mid Pi ussln might Und hcrsolr In the predica
ment of having boon outvotd on BOIIIO much
mor > momentous question than tlm prvsmitniiit
bv putty principalities I ii nil Ii U keatuns oven
when seconded by one or two kingdoms To
obvinto therefore such nn untoward con
tingency I la unquestionably ito t aim h of 1 thin
ClriiKullor anti It tail scarcely bo doubted thnt
rather than part with their altogether hulls
poninbln Pilncn thin blntes will rtndllr consent
to their being represented In the Federal Coun
cil more accurately in accordnnen with the
principle by vvhicn than popular Deputies ore
Bent up to the lluichetag to wit In pioportlon
to tho number of inhabitants in the respective
A Router despatch from Berlin says In
pnrllnmentnry iliclea It is considered certain
thnt tIle ItundcBrith will reconsider Ian bill
PHbHiMl by that body Imposing Imperial stamp
dutIes ninl agreo with thai lows ol Prince llla
martk Tho statement that Prlnco Bismarck
tendered his leslgnatlou I t it roe ul atys ago ntu ii
thnt I upon thn t Kmnerors refusal to accept It ho
tundered it iaguthli on llio ground ot 111 health Is
unfounded Prlnco Itlemai only tendered his
resign lout iesterdny auCuO lfl atui lag it wIt ha
t Ii 0 explanations heretofore tulogrmihed In
these despatches The decision of that Kuiperor
regarding thu resignation Is not jet madu
KrTcnljeliilit StnJ MI Hi tliuii far Over heron
cr atlie nutl iii ino Jiulera
LONDON April 7At the Purllamuntnry
olectlona today 40 mcmbora were chosen Of
these 22 wore Liberals 18 Cnuauivntlvia nnd 0
Homo Ituhra Tha Liberals gained 13 mum
bets at todn > s elections mnking their net
gain to duto 77 and the Conservatives cnlued
one Tho Homo Rulers gained five two
in Roacommon County electing Dr Com
mine nnd Mr OKolly In plnco of Thai
OConor Don nnd tho Ilon C 1reneh Liberals
who weru members ut the last Iirliamtnt him 1
total hUlt tbus u far hho atlio t diet I ui of tO
I 1 butrua hut 172 I Consei lath us nnd 41 U Homo
HulUt n Libtirnl IIIIIJKI ill of 78 ovnr nil
LoMKV April 1 b Tno M taitfiaua1 < f Inltsbnd I
nrtlehi tlils morning nssurtu that tlin real slg
Ii I Ilcan tie of tlm poll he IB tlmt t thou Liberals 1 will
bu able to ii iii pe lucia with I tile support of tlio t
llnmii Itulu vote Thu Llborul nut gain Is now
81 seats
Mr Hurl oit Gladstone Liberal aucaua of than
Right t Hon I I W FL I uthlu ill 11 who wns defeiteii
for Middiesuv will I I Hand nu a ealuall I into for
Lneiln his flat ha tar wlio was lelurnod lor Luuilb
mid a Midlothian having elected to accept
the latter
Mr GhitlBtonn writes to tho l > nilv AVios depie
llit I tIc thn I th ii uuItulStiVitt lot now pro liar I lu u bi I ho
Llbuinls In Ills honor on his rutnn to London
Lord llartlnglon speaking in Lincashlio
verterdny Biiid Hint I lao t llritiRli could I ota I y ru
tIre from fgluinlBtan after thus rcstorutlou of
order theie t
Quiiuii Victoria will leave linden Baden on the
lOih 1 lust un her return to Kmhmd
Km Intly 1ciiee
subEtecutlvo Committee of tho regular
ttcuuuuei nay met t In Ira iua llnll tat curiO 11 he coin
iiilltce Is compinett of John Iuux 1 Itu itMiilah Murphy Pan
It OTUItv IharlfS HUm Millinrl Norton Jnnai
llrjftn Ocorvo II I I Ill r r litnuril Ki nnf > Thnothr J
0 ibfi VVIIhmn > VfiKhtllJ J Iliriy tVil IMer
lliiM 1 thn tlitrK lolui lliT Ktltf rhniniiH oBtuull
Mainiif I Iouer llfiir Milirat llulu rt II Iho iipiin
It liii III 11 tlmllu V tVaalIiut A iluathur huh ii irutlul ta it
A iii a ut a a uiCli ii t uausl Iiuuuu J tiuutut
Iui ii tat t ic leul ua ui ruullau call Jul1 ii rruue a ii Itli
I ituiciutit aamu musIc Auraia ii
Itmoati uiuumauiul 11 lhumrt llaui uieuur II iar
err luluum IL I ltua u iialhutri ti shiul lulLi
Itu ii tl l Ii ut cuuaaatuubluuu Iu aru urn a roil a I
taur iItiuuueruutac uuamuau turuiuualmauil Lu uiuilui a UiulWul umue
gaatouu ii 1110 hIcIuiuCl sule tubule Cuuaa v mattel
Faeshilo Cir r Jiidraholla vaith Chtnrn
lititADFLiutuA April 7Omue of time moat ro
inarKuliltf cauii ua rrtuid I U that otliille II luau Krvin
who Id Miinniu Irom I Ii at ruuhuluiutui 1 llio i pi unlmc
In M Iriucnl mil hi u Inn HI ii I i < ronnl > nnii trlot la thIs I
till urutiiiit him ut the iiinc tiniuljiirkiiiii lute A tic Hit 1
pli Mitimu mac Ii I it n i cia hu t uu ht ilntetf it chlurnl
hit itluit in liuili him unjir Ha liillufiu lliiJtr till
liiilu imut the Im iiMla > uljtiwi mij huKs scat ciuei
Iiiar4 ci l naUlirf I luau aati
u 1it
O1Vf1t or THE LOAria AXT > risitxs ix
Lf RXiecrJD io JI8t1ThtJ1c u
A Ronree ofPronble tu KFiintiltcin Mnaiaarg
air Alvortf Altrcivt In Knrnicu Ibv
MulesThe Toil on ForeIgn Salt liUctiitct
AIDANT April 7Tluo nntlTnmnmny
politIcians who are loire arc inaklDR nn effort t
to prevent the Now York clmitor from hucom I
Inc a law but If ItM dofeplod it will not beon V
account of any Influence thnt nullTanimtlfly
can brine to boar Col Illtaa who mndu a
second argument before the Sonata Committee
on Cities ntlll retains his opinion that It Uln I
the books to forca It thioush both HOUSIB al
though ho la aware that thoro Is a nnibllenn 1
and limited Democratic eontlment natnst lu
The omendmonts which will appear when It la I
reported to tile Senate again llx thu appoInting 1
power In the Mayor Comptroller rind Presi
dent of the Board of Aldermen will lcao the
Excise Board ns it now it nnd also ut Gel
Blisss suggestion will make the pay ot the
firemen and policeman whnt It now U
Ills reguirdod by some ns ocjtnln that under
the charter oxfionntor Murphy and cxAidor V
man Roberts will bo Commissioners of Publla
Works There Is no doubt about Mr Murphy 4
but there are some Tammany men who claim
thnt ezAldorman Ptirroy and others that ox
County Clerk Gumhlotonwlll ho tIle other Com
missioner Mr Varuum tho Chairman of the
Cities Committnoot tho Assembly says that no
one hag any right to say whit his or his com
mittees action will ho and ho rnaards ns un
fair some of the criticism that huaaa hoan made
on his prospective course when no ono knows
whnt that course will bo The charter hats boon
the source of u great deal of trouble Tho Re
publican malingers havo not found It easy to
inaleiust such i cleat with Tammany Hall ns
will hfi satisfactory all around A prominent
Republican cald today that tho only charter
that would PUSH would bo ono that would give
thus Republicans control of everything
There wna n little excltotrjont In than Assembly
todnr when Mr Ahord suggested thrt tha act a
lug Speaker Mr Raker cntorco tIle rules ot
tho house br calling for tlm ScrgonntntArroa
to Bent Mubbra Rhodea and Bhnnley though
neither of the threatened gentlemen scented < I
crcatly filghtencd Mr Blinnlny had suggested
when a bill relating to thu charier ot tile city ot
Watertown came up tlmt thin Republicans had
thought that ouo Police Commissioner for
BrooUbn with hundreds of policemen niul halt 1
a million of people wns enough but now pro
posed to havo four Police Commissioners for n
clay of 12000 people and with five policemen a
and nlno fireman A similar hill out otto of
some length was pending in relation to tho
charter of han city of Rome Thin bill being
loncc the Clerk as IB customary icatl the title
a few sections and then the closing section iiI
skipping KOIUO eight pacts Mr Rhodes In
dlBted thoU tIle vrholo bill be rend Mr
linker ruled him out of order mind directed
thai Clerk to cull thin roll on tho final nsiace
Mr Rhodes appealed and Mr Alvord Insisted
tlmt ho couldnt nupcal There Irate no power In
time Aasuuibly to prevent the Clerk from calling
thou roll Mr Rhodes InslMed upon hIs rights
and asserted that he would not submit to nnr
grz law and Mr Hhnnley came to lila support
Mr Baker however would not hear them mid
adjudged thLin out of order Then it was that
Mr Alvord suggested that the Surccnntat
Arms Ito called upon This was not nncoasury
ns neither gentleman Insisted upon holding the
floor any longer It was the tlrst spat between V
tile majority and minority that lisa produced I
oven temporary Ill foolIng this session
Mr Travis today stated us ho niadon mo
tion based on the statement that the dine pro
vided for In the net granting permission to
build thin lallway brlil0 over tlio Hudson RIver
nt Pouch kotpSitl hnd nearly tax Iai mual rite
Stress ot hard times had innda It Imposolhh to
completo tile bridge within that time Now
however Lnglisli capitalists wore nvdy to
provide the money to complete thin bridge pro
vliled tho time was extended to 1S10 I
Thure trims crisp ilnbut In the Sonnto on the j a
canal toll sheet Mr MeCarthy of Syracuse lire
lug that it was wrong to fix a los rate of toll on a
foreign salt for thn reason tlmt It wits ruinous t
todomestlointereFls end Mr Wood In and Mr
William j UiU lug a contrary view Tho latter said
tlmt thIs toll on foreign snit vote driving its
trunsportntlon through the Br Liwroneo lu
stead of through thu Erie Canal than tolls jrtho I V
last year oh It nmoiintlug to SI 800 only whIle
thoso on iKimuitlcfeilt were 18000 Mr Mc
Carthy offered an amendment Making toll on
foreign salt 1U mills for 1000 pounds lair mile
nnd on doniftic suit i mill I Carried Tio
amendments made by the Astembly were
stricken out and the bill was ordered to a third V
reading t
A IrobBblllly tliit the Strike In Cohoais vvIS
Noun Fnd
CoitOE1 April 7Tlao striking spinners V
are monifcftly growing weaker Todny six of
their number rctuined tj uvork It teijuirosni
flank of policemen to escort thorn In safety to
nnd from tIm mills Ot hue 00000 pounds ot
tilling purchased in the East tile first install 1
mont was received by the Harmony Mills this
11101 nlng A communication from the Tall u
hirer Spinners Union says tint If It can bo
proved that the inline bite been bought from I
manufacturers of that city a stilko will in V
stantly follow The liitS5 meetIng called for Vt V
this afternoon wns n complete lizzie Not n cur
Puials gunid assembled It wale adjourned
until tomorrow night bo1lcltln coiiimittnes
nrucnnvaeslng tin city for support Kxpoctud
aid front nbioiil hi its tidied although it tluiS
claimed hunt I tl I0aO u week had boon promised
by thai Tall HiveropeiatUes union lithe cuiaaauna
great dlhsntiBfaetlon mid is slowly uniloi min
ing I thn a detei ruination I tn light evinced nt Ilia
oponlngof thin shrilegit Sutlering Is helm felt
mid in I four Inptanees i wluie delimit was mndo
In I pin monts on pianos pit rehi itseti under tho
Installment I I M stem the t Instruments I were for
feitetl Ilioso wlio are In thn greatest need mo
glum email cash orders for food At luau meet
ing tomorrow nn effort will bu mndu to adopt
ruasol tut limit nneeptliiK thu pioposillun of hue I
armony Mills and itturn to work Tho pro
pBtd Bettbment Ignores the quteutboa ot Uoan
Miirrai dhuiciaargo
Mr Fivdoilclc Nntlmn son of the Into Mr
It njnmiii itlinn wns ntirrUd jcstrnlav In tlie hhca
rilj Ir id S > nar > uic In I Nineteenth thu eel Ii tin t recoin
illM Mnttl ilfluclitor of Mr llolrt W Nottnn rhe
Shcirith laraol hiiiirn iie celotratiM 111 IOtli Aiiuiier
sir > Un Mituida 1 lu I llrst educe littvln I Uei n built In
nio I In whn V1I It I hiram kiinnn I m u Vill utreet I mr ale
IIinline tireu lit onifitutlion ii i Ill ulluly Loulluuell it
huuua tttuuttIut > JiVM iOu l tuuuliat t Ft VI lllO PllSH tit tllOCj
linn were c a Ullv noniiHrti i f the nPiiltick I I a Miv iai
Mai Hurni c Nui luuuu MoSc3 Mcinrni KuralMttlt
ttuttT nnt hIs uua lilies tiiinil i It I am i bate u oicthlto
fcullii uith auth in t nuance 11o oils Ihu I lirlIriiMi
bert the liVri M ittltla Jarloni Hiatrico Ii amiss
I culls i Nmiiiu uuil Muiiuln Mornnm AlKrward ihei
un us a It lulmi tllnner nt ltlintiiitii t
Invest tlfntllnr he loimultomle On I mar
WAMIIMIION ApiJl 7The house toJay
Ji i luicut j ft rtfcululion cilling upon Cit rt itch urc tsr all In
formation hi I tiU ii i > until roiaritnz tli lllocnllu at <
inontdl tin 1 JitvuitttHiitu liulurit b > a tilllt ol ct rritjil
intMiiiiirt it i vlinribbtl tin tn ol tn ir Inn U cmii t aiinu
llioi laIr liuur i iiiulitcuu Iiilun AH lire it iil lni sti > tatc
Ihociisf SHI uut if the w itiH 4 4 to the Illinium maul
ncthntHlUvil ho I Ut IniitiH tu lluir mcaiunal ttf
ContriiS ttio low In u o it liiJUtti
A lluuk tlikhlrii Mcntenc
LOUISVHIK AptllT J H Rhorer dotnult
ITU I tititliif r til tIn ltti riitrints liitnl ot LonikMlle fur cm
huethii fill u nun Crimi Hit tiinkhni bttn fiincncij to
tn ifinn nlurv tor uuao i 34VVrV Tile vcucritlitu prisonur
atloinlttil uu tit It lIlt II Uitlln > KiiUU mil thruvn
Inni5i ll on fiu iiicrc > cut 111 JlI3 Ai ttio vpnlittfliotn
tlio I hitflit st > im limu li > that the liiw > tutu a tal tltt
cIted lajull i4 u
Jko rls ui nt the Iulli
WznlNoroN April 7To tile Army bill Mr
Start iinili r Ulifctlon ul the Militnr Ceitirnitttt of V
lure J tin lollop iiu ni nn a 1 > 1itlotiU HI ctl in ruHitnmir
npprt > i > rUteJ in Dili a act it n > iiroiri ittit or shall tt lid
for Hit inbsialt mo ctiMinunl li mi iitiitloii I or cin
tc iiiatlon if nn iiurtion ot in nrni of hue llnlUJ
Mali to bu until at A iiolii i lorct to I iti I i Hit waL HI
the lull at aauyt eli ttlon ni > ll tvittiin eel Mite
IVIIIluiu 4 Vttvtl Nnmlutlted
WAtlllituTON April 7Mr llayea tent lo tIm
Sunlit tins itiitriuKia uiu lu in union ol 1 II in v I
terrItory Ntuill of Ncav Jat rae y tu bt lea eruuor tif ItUAfuiulvft tu1
Nlunnl llfficn Ilctllillua
lor I hun Middln I Atnntle I States wnrmor nlnnr
or hermit louj ttiiiliitr nortlnttnl wintu ttcklni l tg V
westerly UaliiK loliovttil ti tiling I b I no imvr
lllIS 211JItAINUtl Z1TJSZ 2v1ns
BtrtMtr iCAftlilrr wtlti lie huttuiclulili in Vienna fi
Jmt Intuit srI hid lur tIe cutlm itntiit ul tmi Iti V
li lilIes
Jo a I t 1111 II t mimrrias eI I ha ruimutm Ci iu ui I I niltprsiii
aIm a liii MI H leinniiiJii il i Lila Juuu Mom niit u riaU
a sluurt dUtinic kixjili ot 1 larrvltAii I lur 57aIeRI I I
I hi i Vwli I iillrtt nln lOLrtii lull 1 ortlir M non vcit r I
daj 1 aim l llrtiniltoii IutK h Nuuua ml at i auuVt I tj IIululllu1 tltoit
uiri mini I h > tltii utlnn the ttriusatr Iuuiiusi rmli it I Ii
> l II Iw4 lu < l i tlio WCu t4U UKCl UC iiutr 1
vitl U llt c in lit iu WuicoWr

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