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a lMIn Hqar I hcntr Tin TwoOrpinnl
nll rk ThIro gerry or Not to Urn
3 Wl < l r Thrasrr A CcMrl CUM
q Advertising Kate
Ulttr inn HCIDJIT 40 cents a line ordinary aihertlslngi
large type In Cvfltq nnd preferred positionsSuccutsto
USO according tocMnlflcatlon
WNLT V > ceiiti a llnei no extra charge for Uric
4 Ip Preferred positions from 73 cents to f2
XllUTll zo nu until iti3tijiiiiiirn
What he house of llepre ntttlltc Declared
1 Three Tern Ago
from 1M O tfm Vniar Jwrd 0 P Put JIT Vp222fl
JJo ofred fcy Me lIouu 01 Representatives o the
I ie lfHul fitr TJiM 1 1 t tue dul ort House to Ueclnrc
C fend thl HOUM doe hob solemnly declare Hint
femiulJ Tittten oj the Plate of New York rmUcdon
hundred and ninety ilx elector lotei ror the otc of
President of Uic United SUloa allot whIch rott were ceet
c 0 ADd 1m thereof ricncd ccrtlflrtl and trjOi mttd to the
lat o aoYcrnownl directed to the Preildent of the Sen
ite In conformity with the Constitution all Uwi of the
t Drilled fiUlci by electors If tally eligible And
luallfled A such an elector each of whom had been
duly appointed and elected In a manner directed b > tho
r Legislature if the Stite in and for which he cast his vote
Asaforetald ant thnt uU Samuel J Tithe tutting I the n
tticntlht rofsTtA1 naj > t fty ttf the ttcrtor ajyointid at n rfxif < I
i ft IM tltntfv Jy ffctfl JftJJrtif of tin Ctel Skitat of
JLmtrlfHfur a kim < I fvttr yai ir romtnfnriny on tht CIA day 0
Jr rh A D 1877 and this House further declare that
j 0 Thomas A HemlrlcLs having rccchcd the ame number of
electoral votes for the office Ylce1rcMJcnt of the United
states that vvera cast for StmuclJ Tilde for 1reslJcntas
i aforesaid the tald votes haying bun cast for him by the
I S tame persons who voted for the said Tildcn for President
3 as oboe id and At the came time and in the same man
ner U Is the opinion of this Ious tAuf tht MM Thota A
n HttvlHek vf tin St tt te qf IndvtHa iroi dy tlttted TV PrrnJtnt
fei f 1 Wilt Ueik4 Statn f term of four N cvtnmmHtyi the
j 11 thytMir A D 1877
4 The Question Again
ji Hero is another letter discussing tho poe
a Blblo repetition in 1880 ot tho Fraud of 1870
I fiiB Will the p opl of Uils country again submit to
S the rrouJuleUI UMirpnUon of the lreiultncj1 I believe
they will not Let the Pcmocrncy lot up 1U stronie
and fiurcit man who ittil tolidtrr au 11 element mid
1 carry BO IJ State tai there nll be n possibilIty of
hd uccesAtul frau B
Very good Wo oreo that tho method ol
our correspondent Is the best that can bo
F adopted but it will not do to feel certain
1 that the wholo development of fraudulent
politics can thus be terminated Tho Re
publicans now hold the Presidency through
2 a successful conspiracy of cheating and
L on tho othor hand tho Democracy hold tho
0 Returning Bards of tho Southern States
through which tho cheating was done and
i they also havo a majority in both Houses of
Congress by which tho electoral votes aro to
be counted
Suppose that tho election of 1830 should
t I be very close Would It not bo natural for
I tho Democratic politicians of tho baser sort
1 BrononTos UiuuLKr repeat for the
s beucllt of their party the successful Kepub
Z lican villainy of 1870
tt From whatever point of view wo regard
c tho futurn the prospects are tho reverse of
i r The Monroe Doctrine and tbo Ciiunl
r D Those Democrats who are clamoring for an
t affirmation of tho MONIIOI doctrine by Con
gress In regard to M vc LLsstrsH canal
project should consider tho logic ot tho po
eltlon they would have this country assume
I the commercial world has come t the
conclusion that a ship canal across the
r Ittthmus of Darien ia ncccssiiiy that canal
i niut sooner or later bo constructed I we
4 Bay to the world No canal shall bo con
etnictid which wo do not control will not
t 0 the gruat commercial nations reply Very
I troll then construct tho canal Wo want a
canal Tho comuicico of the world de
mands It our Interests demand It
progress demands it You cannot play
a the dot in tho mangor I you think that
you must control tho canal go right ahead I
and HIIt All wo ask Is t bo allowed 1 to
Bharo Its commercial advantages on equal
I terms All wo want Is to shot ten ocean
voyages and lessen their risks I you want
any advantage of a different sort we dont
know that we shall object But Iho canal
t ITO must have and you must either con
struct It or allow somebody else to do It
This Is Round common sense As tho
London Tinicn says I tho United States
wi not suffer French capitalists t open
the canal she must do It herself Tho
commercial Iiiteresla of Great Britain Ger
many and Franco In thin direction are
great and are growing rapidly Wo are
great and powerful No continental power
will wilfully and wantonly seek a quarrel
I with no France Germany and Great
Britain will cheerfully recognize our light
t guard our Intoiests on tho lethmus alit
I t will readily admit tho forco of our claims
consequent upon our pinxlmlty to the local
f ity hit thoy will not bulTiir us t stand in
I I tho way of commercial progtess
I I IfCewgress should act upon tho sugges
tion of Mr HtYnn ali formally behave as
a lot of greedy jobbery J insist upon Its do
claiing that a canal across tho Isthmus of
I JJarlou win bn onnati uctcd only uiuloi Amor
lean auspice then it I wi I 1 Impose I upon us
S f tlioconelatlvo obligation to construct tlio
canal oiinwlvos Jlils Is tho view taken by
thn Jtupubllean leaders In I Congress They
roixilio all that thoDemucrattu lends of tho
Intotoceanlc I canal sctiomo > > ay about the
i I i Mmmor doctrine but thoy just as emphat
i ti ically declare that It Is tho duty of LImo
J il I Unltid Stated Government to furnish tho
g4 credit or tho capital for constructing the
t I I citial Thoy say that tho United States
1 1 should not only I build time caiiil but that it
9 I should occupy tho Isthmus and all time tern
I 1 ory nm th of It
I tin DeMiiocrnlA commit thoinRolves to
l1 this application of tho Ill ON Jutr doctilno m i
t without I taking llio noxt I step which the Ho i
b I publicans favor nainoly the cotihti uctUni of
II I thin ana I by I the l atugi it tout what ro i tlioy
all ihoy oiiiiply ge far Diiotigh to mako
I I irolgn c implications posslhlo
I It IIH lo lrnl thiiifoii t assume that
time It ltt hmemmittmgom emociiits l are ready
I to commit timot imsol vest ton pulley wholly I at
1 vailaniu with the tluorlcH and traditions uf
t their patty t wK I tin undurUklui by the
Government of on enterprise which private
capital stands ready to curry through They
had better take time for reflection about this
The Good Mr Kcmblc Might Do
Mr WILLIAM I KEMULB could do the
public a much greater service by 0 full con
esslon than by serving I brief term of Im
prisonment Wo do not mean I moro ad
nlsslou that bo Is guilty of the attempt at
bribery for which ho Is now awaiting Ben
< uico but n confession of nil past briberies
In which ho has perforated a part or of
which ho has boon cognizant
What dos ho know of tho history of time
CAMMIONS 7 I ho would tell tho hold of
Mr DON CAMUIOX on tho delegation from
ennaylvnnla t the Ilepublleau National
Convention might bo speedily
Confessions among criminals have becomo
very common of late limo I exposure of tho
jKWiB will conspiracy by tho pretended
Mrs Lrwis is a notable Instance Hut oven
that atUatitcd little attention compaicd
with the commotion which would bo caused
by time long story Mr KEMULE could rolato
of fraud all bribery
Except In tho directIon of ft frank and full
confession Mr KCMIILKS public career
would seem t bo rapidly drawing to an
abrupt close Tho famous dispenser of
iribos knows very well that we have dono
what lay In our power toward exposing
oino of the nefai ions schemes In which ho
laB bcon engaged but with his superior in
formation ho could write history of them
which would cast In tho shado all TIE
SUN has over piinted on tho subject
Common Sense
Tho House Committee on Agriculture has
recently boon occupied with Ln Dues absurd
bill for tho erection of time concern known
as tho Dcpat tment of Agriculture into an
actual I executive department with I Secre
tary who shall sit In tho Cabinet
Time Hon JAMES W Covnir member of
Congress front tim First Dlbtriot of Now
Ioik Is Chairman of tho House Commlttco
on AgrIculture In a mlnoilty roport on
LE Dues pioject signed by Mr COVIUIT
only he makes some remarks that exhibit
strong common sense
Mr CoviJtT cannot find in tho Constitu
tion any warrant for tho legislation pro
> o9cd by LE Due and ho does not be
hove In paternal government I do not
snow of any reason ho says why tho
bureau as ut pteseutorganlzo < l cannot bo
nado t moot all the possible real and legiti
mate needs of tho agriculturists of tho
country Tho elevation of tho bureau Into a
Cabinet department will enure It scorns to
lie to tho bcnelit perhaps of professional
wlltleians rather than t tho Interests of
nnctical farmers
That is so Tho farmers of tho United
States lcd about as little fostering caro of
tho kind class of citizens
paternal as any cltzeDs I
can need They are abundantly able to got I
along without any more of the peculiar sort
of advice which LE Duo dispenses through
his ridiculous publications and they want
no more turnip seeds and tea plants than
thor aro now getting from Washington
I Lr Duo all Ills proelmis concern woro
wiped out of existence tomorrow tho cotta
try would not bo tho worse off next autumn
by 0 single sheaf of wheat or a slnglo oar
of corn We should not lOBO one pound of
pork If tho Agricultural Building were
to sink into tile marsh on which it stands
But even I tho Commissioner of Agrl
culture happened to bo a competent and
experienced t person Instead of a fool there
would bo no earthly excuse for making a
Cabinet officer of him Our Government
was not designed to coddle tho industries
0 t give advice to workers who know their
own business as well as any man with a
tttio and a salary knows It Wo want n
Secretary of Agriculture Just exactly as
much as wo want 0 Secretary of Shoomak
leg or a Secretary of Coddshlng
Abolish tho bureau altogether I
Schnrzs Folly
Mr CART Scnunz his made arrangements
with some of tho Uto chiefs by which ho
hopes to gouge tho tribe out of their lands
Thoro is some scheme talked of by which
thn Utes are to hold land probably 16 acres
a head in soveiilty These tracts are to
by agricultural hinds
I U ptobuMe that tho eminent Gorman
warrior mid statesman who is the chief of
tho Intel ior Dopai tment not thoroughly
understanding the soil and clitnaU boat
stilted for time successful production of tho
cereal grains and being ignorant of Urn
modern methods of growing vegetables
cnlot on LE Due tho agriculturist fO ad
vice and assistance
I this supposition be correct and If the
advice of Lc Doe has guided tho course of
thin distinguished statesman of tho Interior
In this matter It satisfactorily explains tho
u udlt of setting apart for Iho uso of the
Utes agrlcultuial lands that havo a frosty
altitude of from 6000 t 8000 feet above tho
sea and carefully selecting lands for farm
Ing purposes for a people who are easily
discouraged in a region that Is often devas
tated by Rocky Mountain locusts
The Colored Cndet A Point Easily De
Two contradictory theories aro advanced
each with equal confidence In reference to
the assault on tho colored cadet WIIITTA
KER at West Point
Thu first Is that it was committed by porno
of tho white cndets Tho other is that tho
Injuiios were bclfiuiliclod
I seems to us that this point could
bo doterminod by those who found WIIITTA
KEII tied and who untied him The char
acter of the fastenings tho description of
time knots must havo Indicated whether
tlioy ware tho work of his own hands or of
the hands of others I is entirely Improba
ble that three enraged assailants would bind
him only in such a manner as It would bo
possible for hIm to bind himself
I WiirrrAKiius own account Is true tho
exclamation used by ono of tho assailants
would Indluatn that tlioy were from tho
South I Lets lark him like thoy do hogs
down South Llko they do is not a I
co I I
Northern expiessiou while time reference t I
tho way they mark hogs down South indi
cates that tho speaker was familiar with it
At tim samo time if WHITTAKKH invented
tho oxpiosslou attilbutcdto this assailant
this Is tho dialect hat I he being from South
Carolina I would employ
What fieimis ontlioly Improbable Is that
any inin should cut off n part of ono of Ids
own cats i and Mil i tho I other thus dlstlgiiilng
himself for life Icilmps hovevnr may
bo said In I icply that t any man who would
mako sueli a n assault upon himself must
havo eHH I BO long that he could afford to
spare I portion of them
Whoiiverimiy have committed i the assaut I
It Is dovoutly t I to bn hopod thn perpetrator or
porpetiatotb wllJ i I found out and that time
disgrace slid punishment will rout whoio I
they belong
Homo Senators were for punishing tho
Ulo some for foruhliur Iliom nud eomo for
Irving them as any whllo innn a < ii3od tif crime
mlkht bo triad Thoro wore thoao who advo
cated an ejtlro change of Indian policy on tho
inaUot oUIIIln the Indians and there woro
others who favored turnln them over to tho
War Department cooping them up putting
ham under guard and making convicts of I
hem Aftorlmalfaaooro of Senators
ti em ArlI laI aeooro or moro Bonator
hal oxonndod tholr plans tho Indlnn question
seemed no nearer solution than when the bill
which Is to ratify Mr HCUVKLB ncroomcnt with
ho Utos Q taken up Itvras agreed how
ever In n amendment adopted that no manor
should bo paid to time Utoa until tlio murderers
of TuoEUUUiwii UEEKCII and tho rest noro
surronJoroJ The IndIan dubato occuplod the
entire session of tho Senate
The house became excited over nnnlher dis
graceful personal controversy Of Into thoro
ina been many porsounl coutrovorBlca but
none sharper than this ono I bcirnn In a
trifle by Mr CrYMEna questioning Mr
BrxiiKfis authority to speak for a committee
but before it ended Mr SrAiiRS had callol
Mr CLVMCH a liar and Mr OLTMKB had Intl
natoJ that Mr SPAUKS was incapable of In
sultlnc him Apoloslos were In order after
ward Mr McCooKa proposal to Investigate tho
alleged outraco on tho West 1olnt colored
cadet met with prompt objection from tim
Southern member who represents tho cadets
district The Housn continued Its work on the
Army bill and Just before adjournment an
amendment was offered wh lob withholds money
for tho use of the army a a police force at the
1olslal of tho nixday walk ended at mid
night with tho scores etlll at nstonUhlncly
ilch level and pointing strongly toat least
> 50mllo record for somebody if no moans aro
used to purposely keep thescoro down Time
BtruirKlo between HAIIT and IOIILEII for first
continued all whllu How
place cntlnuod testerday ni day wblo
iliD stubby and stubborn did nnoUiblo third
days work With unpular iulcrest HO obviously
Croat In this match it becomes a certainty that
coming contests season will 0 clvon over to pedestrian
A legislation In Germany dos not go
quite in 1 way to suit him tho Imperial Chan
cellor resorts once moro to his wellworn threat
of resignation Hitherto this dire monaco has
proved effective Hut 1 Tnitiis was accus
omecl to uso the same device and at lost Franca
took him at his word Perhaps DIBMAIICK may
also thr ° atun onco too often and ho taken at his
word then Germany will continue to exist as
rranco did after the resignation of TIE
Wo daro say Ohio will not bo Inconsolable
I over time fact that Indiana has ceased to bo an
October State
In Connecticut Republican State Con
vention yesterday Gen Jo HAWLETH partner
ViAitxri produced 1 resolution seWn forth
ho desire of tho party In Connecticut for a
Presidential nominee of tliu stamp of ID
MUNDS but ho was Induced to withdraw It anti
the Convention cushlncly pledcod tho support
of time Nutmeg Ilnpubllcans to time Chicago
nominee whoeror and whatsoever ho may 0
Time most noticeable timing about tho list of dole
gates Is the absence of the name of Gen Jo
llAWLCY Tho delegation is supposed to stand
at present 7 for KDUUNOT 2 for ULAINE 2 for
GBANT and 1 SiiKiiiiiN but several of tho
members are Apparently open to conviction
and may experience a change boforo the voting
begins Ht Cincinnati IIr BIAINFS friends
who rallied In great force and tried hard to
capture tho Convention claim 5 of tho dole
elites how accurately the event will show
There has boon a time whon many devout
minds would have boca disturbed tho
< IIu by spec
tacle of a Presbyterian minister standing In
time chancel of an Episcopal church side br
silo with an Episcopal Bishop and taking part
on eijual terms In a solemn public service
Thor has been time also whoa many orthodox
minds would havo been scandalized by the
Spectacle of Episcopal Iruebyterlnn Con
crecitlonnl Baptist l and Methodist preachers
Kiitherliic fraternally In a Unllnrlnn church to
do honor to tlio memory of n famous Unitarian
preacher In whom tholr ecclesiastical ances
tors stw one of tho moat dangerous of heretics
Those are sine of the times and another sign
of tho times is tho appearance In this curiously
Assorted company of a Jewish rabbi and the
welcome piteer accorded to him by the Christian pul
1 Tho end of canal reform triumphantly
exclaims nn antireform contemporary re
ferrlnc of course to the decision In the DCIDUN
DENNIRON case Dont bo too euro of thlt I
Tomorrow says the old Spanish proverb In a
now day
It Is reported that tho Massachusetts lie
publlcnns think of sendlncMrOEonaE WILLIAM
CuniiH to Chicago as one of tholr delegates
They could hardly do bettor lie Is I ccntloman
of clear convictions and very apt to speak his
mind IIo believes In tho rlcht of tnombnra ol
national Conventions t vote for Presidential
nominees according t the dictates of their
judgment He Illustrated this In a marked
manner at Cincinnati ID 1HTC where he voted
against Mr CONKIIKO although tho State Con
vention had Instructed tho tlelocatlon to sup
pelt him Mr COlITIs justIfied hid
10lt juslncd hil course by
saying that ho was practlcallr elected by his
own Congress district and that at tho State
Convention ho npoko and voted against
Conventn ttio In
structions nnd there rave notice that ho should
not be bound by them
I seems a little singular that a Rapabllcnn of
such longstandingo MrCunnn should have
to look to Mnssaohuaelts for an appointment to
n national Convention when New York can
find < 1 room for the lUnuKH tho PATTERSONS tho
ODttiENH the WiiEitiKnH and men of that size
Ilut Mr CUUTIH does not run with the machine
and porlmpetho ery reason why It cannot flni
space for him la I that It naturally crlnds out
such material us wo hare mentioned
1astor MILLEU bees no beauty In tho
MethodlHt system of appointments Ordered
by tho Bishop t leave the Do Knlb Avenue
Church where ho received 12000 a year nnd to
go to Southampton whero the salary la bu
1500 ho says flatly that be will not accept tho
appointment I Pastor MILLER will open his
Bible and turn to the twelfth chapter of Luko
hn may look at the mutter In 1 diffaront llsht
At t all events ho will sue la what llcht such
things were onco looked nt
How obliging it Is In tho heads of cxocu
the departments to uniformly ask for so much
moro money than they need or expect to get
that Congress can pass cxtiavaunnt approprla
ton bills anti still point with pride to tho tact
that I has cut down the estimates a million
lion or 101 I
The exposure of tho Crow Croolc frauds as
thoy wore called linn hitherto boon the boasted
feature of CAUL BOHUKH Indian
HOlunzH Imlnn mnnncement
Ho himself naked Congress to notice It and to t
observo that under this administration the
difference was nlwnyn detected between treed
subordinates nnd bad ones On Saturday at
mldnlifht a Ynukton jury after twontyfou
days trial acquitted IIMNOBTON the Crow
Creek ncent In time t tobacco case BCIIUKZ
strongest cano against him This result oimhy
repented that of Huvurid previous cases except
that once thin Government cot a jiuy voto or
1 guilty to 11 Innocent iimkini a dlsoereomoni
Thus altar months of Investigation and ox
ponso LIVINCSTON Is iiractlinllt acquitted all
what of his accusers HAMMOND and HAT
They havo disappeared from ofllco under 1
cloud wlillo ont of their wltuesHcnconfcgsci
on tho stand Hint ho had teen put Into an
Indian Iliirnnu clerkship so us to draw pay
whllo testifying at YarUton
The bill I I portod i yisterday tho I louse
Jlllltla Committee organizing militia of time >
several States Into I National Ouiird Is I II I
many respects good rnciiHiirunud pa ri iou him ri y
so Inivxinuch nsit will prove tho ulToUlvuiies
of our cltlMii soldiery and tho uselessness of time
roaular army ns now ortranled I Is to bo
roirrotted that tho bill bears limo ovldnn
finger marks of tho Ordnnnco Corps which
Ulrks Orlnanco his
dOC moro of late years t Influence leulslatloa
than to Improve American ordnance If the
bill bocomca a lav M I WAR reported there 1
Ikolro ho I row whoa the Chief of Ordnance
begins Issuing the clothing and the camp
luartormaatorOonoral equipage heretofore under the charge ot the
FrmIIl CULL Is to be hanged In Now
Jersey on the 21th J ho lives to BOO tho day
Ho committed n shocking murder his victim
bolnt > his own daughter and then quietly
walked tho ofllco of 1 Justice of the Peac
and lave himself up Ito had boon known for
years asnaueor man n little cracked lImo
neighbors enld Tho poor wretch I apparently
insane and lies nt deaths door in prison
Now that a lady has boon knocked down
and run over by a hack In llroadwar every
Now Yorker who has dally occasion to cross
that overcrowded worldstreet In business
bOlt ha said to some other Now Yorker
How ostonishtnir It Is that such accidents
dont happen oftencr I And I Is a wonder cs
ocially > when wo tako Into account time army of
aged persons cripples and strangers from
mall ruial towns or backcountry farms who
daily ndvonturo their bones and lives In that
perilous thoroughfare As for city people to
tbo manner born they cross Broadway as
thoughtlessly and safely Q tbo nntlvoa of the
Ilmnlayis cross time swayIng ropo bridges
which 10 sorely tried tho nerves of tho gallant
author of Tho Abodo of Snow
An Inl rTt < r with lb lon 8 JT Tlldea
A reporter of TIE BUN called on Mr Til
den yesterday moraine and Inquired whether
Mr Springer WM correct in hli belief that Mr
Inley had no authority torepreaent Mr Tiidan
la respect to tho Donnelly election case or t
make any communication In behalf of Mr Til
don respecting It to Mr Hurlnccr
Mr TILl Mr Springer was perfectly right
lr Flnlcy had no pretence of authority to rep
resent Mr Tllden in that matter or In anything
elM Mr Tlldon hiS la no flY whatever di
rectly or Indirectly Interfered with any election
ono boforo Ibo committee Ho has never ex
pressed any wish to any human being concern
lag the Donnelly election case He Is not and
his not been in communication with Mr Fin
er Mr Springer know perfectly wall that If
ilrTIlden timid any communication to make to
him ou that or any other subject ho would have
dono directly ho baa had plenty of
so dlrocty as oppor
unities to do Mr Tildcn has several times
recently hnd the ploasuroof seeing Mr Spring
er but on no occasion did Mr Tildcn lay 1
word about any election ease pending before
ho House of Representatives
A TlllltU TEItSI
A ICepnhllenn Ji Irnte Arraigning htl Leaders
er for Morut Coos trdice
tilled with the Hepuhllcan party almost from
ho time of its formation I am forced to an
tmo ormnton
aiowlodco hint I am greatly surprised that
thor IB not ono of the recognized loaders In
ho great organization that onco Included men
like Howard Oreoley Chose Fessenden Halo
Sumner Stevens and Wade that
11 possesses a
sunklent amount of moral counieo and
courageous manhood to publicly denounce its
I should bo denounced l that most dantoroua
fM to time partys future existence and weIoro
a third term I Is 1 fact that threefourths of
tho men whoso nfflllatlons are anti always
have been with the party are determinedly
opposed to the movement Inaugurated Ly
a few of tho more ambitious and unscrnpu
lemma leaders encouraged by a band of place
hnntore eager and arr Mi to clutch nt thp spell
of atTIre I was couniKH nml innnhnod of limo
moral U po that made Iho parly what 1 wns nod
cavil It I national e latinci Without this limo
hew formation could never hive survived the
obstacles Uirtibt In the way ly time old Wlilt
party Timidity ant cowardice wro none of
the chnrncterlstlcs of our aeknowl dipil lenders
n ijunrtwr of a century neo Thny eiun mate now
There Is not ono rogntzil l Ilepubllcan states
man ofcupylnu any position of to
day who nls ns though ho dare oppose a resto
ration of Grnntldin I so why not Mi > p boldly
to the front nnd aid In stamping out thn
effort to obtain another lease of powur
nckl anti licentious extrnvncnneo would bo
sure to follow time Incoming of another Ornnt
adminlftralon What laurel and dime rolclit
hn achieved by Dlalne Evarts Wnshburne
Kdmunds llBWley and Onrfleld I they would
rnlso tho standard Inscribed
In thn coming contest and plnnt themselves
tlrin boueath It They would do amazed nt time
numbers theIr followers The tienntor from
Maine has boforo him nn opportunIty to secure
time nomination nt Chicago I however re
quires tho kind of emirnue that ho does not
IMSBiips nnd nt In 1875 ho will look on to ton
llio prize fall Into tim hands of another Tho
event will be but a repetition of what hns oc
curred in the cast when men wore found want
ing In thn ono thing Inillspenfablo to enable
tliom to attain tho crownIng ambition of their
n i I ft
The Question of third torni was discussed In
the hummer and autumn of 1874 I rom > imbur
that sointtnf the enudiilatvs ot time Iteputilican
party for Governor In a number nt tho States
Hiid members of Congress wore called upon to
ilollne thilr position Among them Gay John
A Dlx of New York Oov Dix was rather tardy
and somewhat Inellncd to iA evasive In giving
BXprnsslon to his views His voto wits greatly
lc 8f uuil nml some wunt so tar a8 to attribute
his defeat to his not lioiuu moro pronounced
lurninotn third term
In 1874 our buMneeo depression did much to
reduce the strength of tho llepubllcnns In tho
legislative departments of tho gen ml Govern
lent but GrantUm did a great deal moro
If the Conkllngs the Lninerons and the L
gnns imagine 1 Grantlsm has been obliterated
from time minds ot the moro decent nnd re
HiHwtnUo element In their party let them forco
his nomination nt Chicago alit on the morning
ol the 3d of Noember they will b sure t Ind
spread out before thor food for reflection In
the verdict of tho legal voterb < Time onllro na
tion Is ngnlnst further corruption in high
places Tli ere are not untreqiieutly times In
limo affairs party organizations HB with In
dividuals when forlHjmtnco censes to tin rocog
iilrd its a butting nnrdinnl virtue MOBUAN
ruilADEiriiiA March 301880
Kcmhlnt Crime und the KxenM fUr I
1 Vom IMp ri Wall
Kemblo the Into State Treasurer of Pennsyl
TAnl havinr been con IcteU 01 bribery fftllttl to aiijtrar
for iKiitcnce and td bond were forKltcd The I
frost lurprlx exprrsiwtl bec Ub > ccorJlns to one ol
the report tic would hAve bee sure or orient treat
mol at the hand c > r the JuJcf nho vouM hav I lade
the trntcuco lieht on the cround that KcinMa did only
wtMt It tMil bee ii the iiuhion toilo In other mo eel brl
Ito ry lao become ho common that the ii unlteriaht ot the
crime would hao Ud the Iuurt to remit or lluhteti Ibo
l nalty And what It I the crimes Moh has tecume iu
intieh the fashion Merely polnonlni the i > rlius of one
orninent anti dOlro > lilt the conditions of public safety
antler our pnllUcal wsiem Nollilni more than that I
I mrrely boring hoUa In the ci I a bottom when hp 1 Is
underway ThAI hull 111 oTcnce compared vitli
which the onllniry crimes of thcttant cc iiulincart > In
lion nt Ilut howctcr ravhli nablu bnr urY or arm > n nia >
be the fashion U I nut ccncrally sUpltimtmi > l toextemiumaic the
olTcmoon the contrar Uii usually hold thai the more
IreqiiLiit the erlaio the Krratrr tliu nrccsilty of In I n
prcfidon Which Is I really the greeter cffintlcr the viuak
thIeF who prlki a coal rrolo lal or a hatidkcrchtc
from I tho pocket t or the plituMhU kcntleiuati e hl cor
riipts a Bialalure with bribe i i lime Inltor buititiei it
ueiiHinahly with some jKrnonaa faihloii an < l a o try
fieiieral one Hut vt hen It Lecomucq time Inkhloti of courts
to nililato or omit pillliihinMit lor ld li 10rlhr11 would
sovni to ho R favorable lime to tuke a rOLkotiing
Tho constitutional amendments adopted by
the I eoiilo ol laJlatm I tit the poll ta Momlit are eei
in number olIlO cf thtin have more than local lilti rest
lor ono thlnu Iiullan I iilltiuiWAr rrota ttt llto ietiie
Mate vornllld m henatter she o H do her otmog ln No
cntbor For another the wonl whim dlp > cur4 frou
that part rl the OIPMIIO law rciinUtnw time exrrusc of
tho cK torttl fro maim Ie Then o cr andabotnthe cut 1
tnonih lesUlf t nre in Ihe state heretofore required thu
iilnentled toilklltution exacts nf the would bo vuur obi >
ilnyn residence in I the ton nshlp thirty Ia > a roldenre
Hi hut elccllon precinct and rclilrnllon Anollier ol tIme
ainindntiiiU llxta two per tent of tho iMmd value uf
inxjiblc 1 properly I the limit licjond which towns shut
iniiiilcliHlltlos 111 not lawfully run InlodtkL These
new riiiiiiriinrnla ale ri > ccu < < l to more or luo ai > rc
chummy affect time result ol this foil cteeimumn but whcthe
10 limeS prnllt ol the KupiibtlcniM I or ol lime lit tmmucrumte t I H
point on which Iho ImlLiiut I i > entiaieriilo not ceummmt 10
b wholly iikiued
Tim Hunnysldo Iretn Is a wollprlntoil nnc
Ihcly wcclmiy 1 jiHirnalJuil stnrleil at Tnrrjlown mtti
Mr A O VMuelor uilia editor Hconlaliuuirrint uhiii
of local and other news with a variety ol orlslunl and
liutrrillux matter Thee In greet ohnco for an able
hulcpiti lunt antl sijimretied i new impcr In that parlo
WcsUheiur Wo lili ilr Uheeler sucmi
run ELECTRIC txanr I
Jt JTiiper Carbon aatd I1e XThnllr r
praetleuble The Inretrtor nisnMlf cold to
be Awssra of the rOd eoodt Beasrln
O SIok
OonufMdaitt if tA Ctltato Z
I had a long talk with Mr Edison 0 day
or two ago at his shop in Menlo Park Tho
electric light Is no tx upon his resources b
cause the money ho pars out for experiments is I
not his own Ill given to him for the purpose
by his company of Now York capitalists who
havo subscribed 1300000 to enable him to go
ahead with tho light ant who nro hoping that
their investment will rlvnl In value tho profit
ablo ono they made in the elevated railroads of
this city Edison being at no expense uo ac
count of tho electric light and having mot with
remarkable success with hU other Inventions
la fast becoming welltodo arid beyond all
dancer of want Prom what I know of tho
I nond I havo watched his course nar
rowly for a long timeI believe that Edl
sons prosperity Is making him indifferent to
tho outcome of his experiments with tho eloc
trla light He IB i going on with I because ha Is I
bound to do so by hla contract with his coin
pan But I bollovo that hohlmsolf regards his
i light either an 1 toy to kill Limo with or ns an
Inexpensive moans of affecting tho stock mar
ket from time to Lime amid settIng on foot a
speculation in gas and electric lighting shares
Ho certainly Is without any sense of responsi
bility to the public IIo makes tho wildest sort
of assertions without facts wherovvlth t sup
port them and ho exerts himself to tho utmost
to throw dust into tho ayes of all serious Inves
tigators who go to his shops to Inquire Into the
value of his light
I found on my visit to Menlo Park that tho
paper carbon lamps havo all worn themselves
out two only excepted About 200 In nil of
thrso InmpR woro made Out of tho vvlinlo num
her only about eighty over were nblntotmrn
any 1 lllh alut time and these eighty bnvu fol
lowed each other ono at a tlmo into the outer
darkness ot disaster two only uxcopted Their
destruction wits duo to two causes Tho plait
numconducting wires which latt l tIm rough tho
glass Into time globo would get hot expand and
cruck time llss Tho pressure of thu nt
mosphcro would make a bit of glass T OP II and
thin carbon would then burn up speedily In tIme
oxygen of the air An accident of thin sort hap
pened to one of tho lamps while Dlleou was
looking nt it closely Hu attributed tho trouble
to n bud contact between tho ends of the onlr
cnrbon nnd the platinum conducting wires
which CJIIISH n voltnlo arc to form at that point
In order to main n better contact he plated
hu ends of time earbons with coppur This
worked pn tty well hut did not snvn time lamps
lor time other cause then opirated That WIIS
Ihe I volitlllzatlnn of tho carhons Tho paper
llninonts would huvo some place in their
etuth which was miinller than th < < rest of time
nrhon Tho force of time electric current
vonld concentrate at tho point of snmllibt
dIameter nnd n rupture of tlio carbon would
omo lone Inevitably In n ehort time I exam
ned very closely one of the two surviving
amps of thin papercarbon species to ascertain
its condition The lump bore In very a perl thin
iiedlctlnn of Its early dissolution Tho In
hurter of the glass globe WHH covered with a
deposit of line black powder looking Ilko tho
nterlor of a smoky lamp chiinnuy only list
this deposit wns thickest in the Inner part In
his respect itminding ono of the dust nccumu
ntnl In nn unwashed globe on a Kimllght
This anmo phenomenon han mnilu Its appear
ance In every small Incandescent o rb > in lamp
evor Invented I have Sfon n largo number of
th < dlfTerent patents 01 tliinn and this duposlt
of fine black powder makes Its nppenrnnco in nil
of them alter burning n tow hundred hours
often In less limo lvr expert knows tho
cause Under tho Intense energy of the electrio
current Hie carton volatilise and In lima
bleaks in Its weakest part One ol these two
surviving lamps lull burnl 1700 hour so
Edlmin Bars Tun nvurngo of theotuorH vsnCOO
or 7110 hours which would be equal to four
months of ordinary usage
IMIson now has tho idea l that It In necessary
to nake n delientn carbon which shall bo nbso
ntely perfect thrniiclinut its wholn lencth A
rofrsoorln Howard University has nt Ills re
quest sent him fifty illfforunt vnrli ties of veg
tabln llbn some of them being of the grnsitta
liscovered during time expedition of mgasslz In
South America These fibres are Iwlng eaten
monteil with Billson has uolwted tho llbroof
immaniimt greas time same AS manila Corl1nle And
patter are made out of Manila In nstenneious
ns horun hull and nearly as line It la I re
mnrkiibly free from knots and weak
spots and la far more perfect thnn army flln
nent of paper made by humnn agency can
over he These fibres aro selected tested with
n enllpcr wolghed and sorted anti then car
Hinlod ami then used In the vacuum lamps
ho same ni the paper CArbons were Tho ends
nrocopporplnted BO ns to make n good contact
with tho clanip at the ends of the plnntlnum
conductlng wires I snw about dozen of Ihoso
lamps lighted At EUlpnnn hOPS during my
visit there Them was nothing specially note
worthy about them except that they wore
luller thnn tho pnpercnrbon lamps The mn
nili carbons being liner than those of tmp < r
heir rcslstnnen to nlectrlcity was greater anil
hn same current which Ian n nixteencnndlo
lIght in the pnperenrbon lamps gave only a
lull live or six cnnrtln light in tho runnlla lamps
This wn Impoitnnt however beciiis It
showed 1 thnt moro power will bo required to
maintain the new lights smut Um Cost of
Illumination I with them will imo great I y Increased I
1 think thnt tho exact nntureof tho problem ot
amnll Inenndescont I lights hni now come clearly
to VIeW Nature him auprllnil only two mntirl
nls I for thin class of lamps both of them defec
live IlHtlnum melts miami cnrbon voliitllls
The only nvnstloim art Can a platinum lamp
he regulated and how lone can ncnrbnn lana l
m mndiv to Inst sad then What will bn the
cost of Illumination by either method I A clear
statement of thn oxnct nature tho problem
tins never ctoro t boon possible non now we
hate it thnnks to Edisons oxporiinnnts Edi
son sops it himself nnd whllo hn still contin
ues to Issue bulletins and to mnko extraordi
nary assertions about the economy of his light
1 1 nm convinced he now considers time perfection
of Indistructlblo end economical Incnndus
cent light II matter ot very irrent doubt lie
merely hopes thnt by using the natural fibre of
some suitable grass for his carbon ho may yet
make lamp thnt will last from six months to a
year and thus bo fit for apartments whero
purity of time nlr Is nn Important consideration
Why ho permits his friends continue to make
such Innrodtllo claims la his behalf In tho
facoot all the facts surpasses comprehension
It was nttted at th IIml of the public exhibi
tion at Menlo 1nrk last Now Year eve that 0011
pnpercirbon lumps wore to bonindo and that
wires were to be run down to the vlllagn of
Hahway four mils ilfotnnt In order to tet time
efllcleneyol Mlson ccncratoip lIme bursting
of the lamps put ft stop lo thnt particular exper
iment No wires were run down to Knhway
anti tho 000 lamps have not yet been made
Iropnrntlous are still mnklng however for
some such experiment Twenty fonrlioreo
power generators are being mnnufnctured nnd
nn apartment in the brick shop adjoin
Kdlsonx engine houon Is being niranged
for their reception Time floor ia nlrendv
ptrewn with hugh magnets nnd nrmii
till Mr Emi itoh told me hint he could
ennih make 500 or 600 lamps III a few days
nml that when the inncnlnes mire In poMlion
ho should go to work nnd see how mnny lights
bn cna mnlntnlii with his tw > tity machines
Thin Is goltic to bo n coMly nml Impnrtnnt ex
periment It looks like business but I teir It
IB to bo nmdo tim basis l of n new speculation In
gas shares only If Ldisnu Illn innlntHln COO
slit cncandle lights with his imighitr Pierce I
powtr I engine and twenty mnclilnei I ho will un
ilouliteilly mako a certain succcw of his light I
Miming breakages of lamps IHI will bo ubln to
pell his light AS xneiinly nl lA I predict I
himoMi lust ho vtlll I I I not maintain ninr tlnm
240 or 300 lights with this power his nelilm
ment BO tar being between three I nnd foe r lIghts
pr horse power U e nhnll as in dun time
Mr W lo Saw > crthe rival of 13dlson has
now vi rt mini ly uUinloned thoJ attempt to pro
duenan I mmuiist roetl hIm Ineindpseont I lamp IIo I
hoI n strong company nt the t bnek of him I while
In I partnership I with Albon I Man of llrooklyn
and ho hind money enough to nuikii extemlvo
experiments C Ho told me I privately thn t timer
day thnt his carbons continually vnlntlllfrd
nnd ho hid never exhibited one of f his lumps
lo n Iointiiuiy of spectators without being in
constant terror lest It should go out In their
presnnee JIU exhibitions iiovur lusted mom
luau I ten minutes I at n time Ho has now
Beimrnted from I his I former partner mid I ia
evlilbltlnu n new lamp which I It I virtually n
Herdernmnn light > xcor > t that It I III i nnelnsoil
in n sealed glass chlnuiny euntauilng nitro
gen gas A long blunder pencil of eniljon
eoiitliiimlly I I piiHuea 1 Its point upward
against a lock I of tha samn niatn
rial A mlmitu am Is funned nt th
junetlon ot tho pencil amid blnk ntid the
point nt tha former becomes brilliantly Incan
descent Tho pencil burns nvvay blovvly and
Iho current Is theii Mulled to n second neneil in
the snmo lamp TIm lamp will I I had iilinut iiit
im oil rs anti Is siillabln for factories nnd shoiw
Anew company has been formed to nm anti fmto
luro Iho patent A piilllo exhibition hub uien
given during the paM wenk Tho light waa
very ntlKfneorv and Mr Huvyer wns not com
pelled tn turn off tho current In tin mlniiteu for
fear his light I would ilzhi nut u of luolf On tha t
contrary It was allowed to burn ns long ns any
body wtwhcd o see It Tho lump In not a
specially handsoinn piece ol furnltiite but it Is
adapted forshotiH nml vvnrkrooniHllkn printing
olllai whoru tlio I men hnvo bee u torso many
yimmrmt iamm il Ii G for mm light that will I I not bent and
coiitiiinliintu time air anti rob tho workmen of
tludr vitality
llefnni closing let mo epotk btlellv of time
wondnrful siieceBfloTthollribh light imAinorl
calm Invention employing hum voltaic arc which
biilH fair I lo I throw time JablockhnlT candle and
nil other Luropiim CcItt r Ivan es into I I Ihn shade
It Is romnrknblu thnltho moro Euece < < sfui nn
electric light Is limo los public pnrndo It makes
anti time llrush lump has gone linousu snquiutlr
that very low are aware of the facts of the mat
for Abort lBOO of them are now la two A
large numhor of letters have boon received 6r
thowrlterlrom cotton mill and < factor owners
nthlipartof the counlryln reply private
inqulries as to their oxporlonco with Limo dcc
trio light Promo tlmcso roplleilt does not ap
pear thnt tile voltido nro Is always a cheaper
moans of lllumlnntlon than gas but sometImes
It Is remarkably so Tho Iottetown Iron Com
pnny report that thoy have been enabled to run
their nail factory nil night by means of this
light bninK the first concern which over
did this Thor never could not light
enough in their dingy shopo at any roneona
bio coat hut the vollnlo nro la ample for the
purpose Thoy do not know what the light costs
them nnd do not ears Mr John Wnnnemachor
haa just Invested about 13220 In engines
olcctrlo machines and Brush lamps and ha
reports that allowing 12 per cent Interest on
tho Investment anti 6 per cent for wear and
tear hn naves C9 per cent on his bills for light
ing I hnvo received onnntntoment from a Inrco
colton factory In Illode Island which hiss Imnn
UKlnc limo voftnlc are light share February 1879
whlcli In almost Incredible The concern lies
invested flGGUO Incnncrntors nndlnmpa using
eighty Inmps In pines of about 000 unsllghts
It finds that It now gets n vast Increase of Tight
at t a cost of only 18200 n yenr whereas It for
merly paid out over 28000 a year for gas
Title concern runs nil night and says that tho
mrm would not on any account go back to gaslIght
lIght because tho air of the mill Is i 10 much
A 81 rone and Mold Letter Iron timo lIsv Mr
Iockrood ttt Iateraofl
To THE EDITOB OF Tine SUN Sir Time ro
port in Tan Sums Visited by his Deacons Is 1
opt to place my church and perhaps myself In
a false position as its worst feature Is an exag
geration of that which la true The foundation
ot tho whole trouble hero is not in my ortho
doxy or unorthodoxy but In tIme fact ot my po
sition in regard to factory abuses In this city
The readers ot the report would Inforthatmy
church was antagonistic to me but neither my
church nor my deacons have either officially or
unofficially taken any action In reference to my
relation with them My deacons came U mo
two weeks ago with one exception ns personal
rlends Thoy do not claim to bo pulpit censors
or regulators of orthodoxy for their pastor Out
of pure friendship they merely suggestedIn nn
UDoQiclnl manner that their pastor was A little
too Iconoclastic for tho average hearer
Tn correct exaggerations allow me to my I
have never prnnehnd upon tile creation and Its
chronology but beyond nil question I do not
nelluvo In a literal Interpretation of time Mosaic
cosmogony there are few intelligent ministers
In tiny denomination who do
I hate never preached upon time sun anti
moon standing still but I regard time Incident
is n quotation from limo booK of Jashor see
Illble Joshua r 13 It any congregatIon bo
1ivos that ItiB sun moves about tile earth It had
jtter call the fnmoiiH colored premicimor former
Ir ol Richmond the Iluv Mr Jasper
As to Jonah I simply called it n prophetic
legend teaching tlmt the lesson was of moro
value limn the mlrnclo developing the narra
hits by calling attention to the nnnlogy between
Jonnhx threo days and three nights In the
fishs belly and the burial of Christ
As to Balaams ass I gave it In common with
liundreds of theologians axubjectlve Interpreta
tion cljlminc that It Is time habit ot Semitic
writers to throw nil Ideal things Into the con
crete nml allegorical It IB not so much n ques
tion of the Inspiration of the Old Testament wi
it Is mm question ot Its dogmatic Interpreters
It In truo thnt ono of the deacons Intimated
resignation but In his caso the matter npponrs
analogous tn the ttory of Hainan and Moruocnl
I have preached Christ from time day ot my
ordination up to this time Thero wns there
for m > call for unexceptional orthodoxy
On Tuesday evening following the deacons
visit I preached OR limo Hnrmonv of Genesis
with time Facts of Science and not a murmur
of dlsoont was heard
In closing let me say that I am a Baptist ot
the II ipliFtH and contend for soul liberty nnd
right of private interpretation that deacons
nor church nor nssoclntlons nor counsels nor
any kind of ncolcslnsticnl thumbscrews can rob
me of Time time Is near when men will cease
fighting over modes of Interpretation meta
physics and polemical abstractions and will
deal with living Issues the real wants and
needs of the people
I earn not If a man have nil knowledge and
nil wisdom If ho be orthodox of time orthodox
nnd have not charity ho Is not a true diacipio
of Christ No man hns nny right to make his
orthodoxy a reason or excuse for blaspheming
the doctrine of Christ who made love to God
and love to man limo sum of all time command
menu Moro love to man and less for dogma
sod prejudice will mako men happier nud bet
tor and utter for the kingdom of Ind
Pnstor Willis Street Baptist Church
PrnimsoN April 2
XSlrd Arrival In Chicago
TVmn tc LMnigo Tiilttnt
EVANSTOV 111 April 2The arrivals of
birds for tile spring ot 1630 present the most
extraordinary freaks of migration The alter
nntu dais ol high and low temperature hnvn
had much If not nil to do with time depressing
and singular Influences exorcised Birds that
for years hnvo been known to appear simul
taneously hnvn arrived nt Intervals remote from
finch other rime month of March In fact wns
characterised in ornltholugicnl history by tho
almost ttihint approach one nt n time ot various
epiclc of migrators The result hiss been
howovnf that natnrallits hnvo enjoyed n most
fruitful season of Investigation ol the causes
nail theories of migrations of birds nn account
ot which so far ns tho writer Is concerned
would hardly have place here Tho following
table will show the arrivals
Rohm Tunltui rtV7rrfa > Feb 11
Dlurliird lSiini IKI I i KlfJ 6
Uriua spurrow < t wv < t yniimnfu Feb M
About this date Feb 2G a few species of
ducks appeared notabli the mallard and sad
KilMeerUrfuibKinrriul Marell 4
Trte sparrow ilpurtli wnnttcttta Xarch i
lilacS allies bird iJunat htemaltn March 4
These two latter species are wrongfully ro
cardecl by mnny ornlthologlHts ns winter reel
dents of a nonmlgrntory ehnrncter A care
ful notation by the rlter extending back somo
ten ears has failed to disSivcr these birds nt
any other time thnn oath spring with the ex
ception of the year of 1875 when a pair of each
were seen In midwinter
Rid vrlni hlackhlrd > < I March 17
Crow blackbird Q ninitujuipuriw t Ma ch 17
Mraitem lark I lurnellI WI MI II srch 17
Purple finch ilirjvt fnpvrtut Ma ch JH
Kux sparrow fu rffli lou Ma chO
1hurba ISuyornn fwwtu Ma ch a l
Kuhycrnwncd kinglet Hfyuiui nilnJuln Ma eh i 31
Urown creeper t Cent nirW March Cm
Yelluw hilled wocumIlockPr riitriuMii > Mittcit Jl
eJrouihl robin iIiib t rrvrAnv ruVm March 31
This closes time > record up to April 1 which Ia
notoil for time nbsciuu of niaur species usually
on hand find for mIme presence of some which
are usuiillr litter visitors rIme observations
ore for H strip amid lying six miles noithot
thn limits ol Chicago In tIme Into region amid
four miles west from tims Northwistern Univer
faiifcilillnir H CuuilcmQed Man
iomm 10 iwrnWi EtKfinrtr
Urrna > rtIfU11U Ohio April BuBiiuma
caiui ulie rim llniiiMi m i i at i 4it Hit cit this noniiiiff mill
the utot ol ilcliMriiu time i > rl omr4 tluir breaktH8tlt
httl > imi on irs Houston hU ci ilo Mtit the emm
jtrnnclutl tlie colliery cell wt It loi who u wnu need t
b iiuunecd muc u ito i 1 ml ic iim tmT remi him his ttte imUt
it relmlrmmeui it td hcr u tilt muiumemi c tom ioui to reprucltmceui
mu uriumm iildi mummiati tiuiliumi imir mimIc I uitut em tmomne
lim s mm ke yt u mu mmii iuumteOmm neil mu utt an t on imeti the
Simetjil rcmurnei I It u timumum 1mm a so tomullei ci the cur
C mum emenue Ito lmmmuum us ui tntmn il e rae illp smml
in imc iT mm nat mmmcui item ni u tmt to the ccli it it uiioiu
Iii cetm I ii t ltiu 14 eroluam Vum mm ttim tier mumut COimmuiimmtmieit
time uumomu tueit tmi armmue mInrumliu mime lieu iirmmiltmmi lie
ticelu hmammteummiri lmiimi umm mimnt toitmiut amutm emmtrrumt the
riii lie cmii tiot t itimum u1 itmu eiuiitmcmo mmci tttetu raoi imimmi
aiwimt tUmmS oem omm ttte bum niumm ttrliiiimm tue bmmwh
lmteoiry otruk imu i tact the Moo Ktirau otl tlonu mi
Urn HK to ti mind luiiiiu tin ljmu UUonnc tr
opened his month
Um conduit umnrd t Mrs t IdUtton I I It I uniccounlaMe
He ha > nottkin i Into H injtiiln to ill toda > III
ci unsi1 inv ir > ini to piocn himuiivM trial through the
bufrcm Court
llnrntlortnlnz Tlirnuth the South
III forclitn Ian Is we tr i > nllid Inr
To show our aiihtar iar
And he reiComiM m with np roliatioil
Itoiora hue urea or imumtmuy ttnatioa
Ilut now w hen tiU Is I eta > lug out
And wo SIC dovui In tho mouth
We Irit the tn al Orant show about
Uarnstorinuii tim rummmim limO South
In Northcin towns mine cut n hut
Hut diailhe id iiuuimCm Coot us cnkh
Anil an utfore tile sliuw WHS htlsled
Wu pulled Ui chilies smiul icit dunustcd
To Cuhn mid to Mexico
We wintthouhdoniiln Ihe mouth
And lioiiuuniii hrou ht mime en it II Irnnt show
Oariistorinlnj throuiili the fcuuih
Dan here the lit I l air tnniiKh
Hut t halls nud m otmif C mire rattier rou h
And nil time 141 lliit Hue the li I aiel
luciiabo Ihe sum of cur expense
Hut we niiml work tic liio Star fitate
Tim muUgIm we tire dow n In the iiioutl
Buhmltuni tuuekiy in our lute I
Iliirnlurnihi2 tim reitOim mime bouln
Tlionyli country folks are nurc you Know
To ttork tii any dindhenl show
Th y my uncurluusly hey anui
They do not like our Iorlohuiua
limit we mustila > altllollJ ite pout
And thoiiKh w u are ilou n in the mouth
And itill we trot our show ahoiit
liurmturmliiB throueh time Houih
TanecroiKA cold at this tenion Use nronchlne freely
LOU you avoid coniunirUvu limit iicuuoiua wUa
In the last llouso of Commons thorn
were only 103 men under 40 of whom elititeenwero
lome Hulert
Mr Gladstone says that having had a
aughlor for some > ears at Newnham Colltm Cam
bridge hli ijrmpathiee run strongly toward locating dg
greet to women
Tho lion Holster Clymor ol FonnsyN
ranla li about to marry a widow lady of Bt Loala
llrrner li an old bachelor havIng been born In 1837 II
has always been the beat dreineil man In Contross
Tho Tullcrlca chestnut tree which la l
nppoMd to put out III kane on the 20th or March U
hli year ten dayl In sdvnce of Its usual Urn and thai
In spite of the late almostunprecedentedlytevere winter
When PrInce Bismarck goes to Varzln
for rest be will not open any letter unless It bears tha
tW of ViceChancellor glolberf lIven the Prince Im
penal bad to accuro that fuuctlonarye mark when ha
wished to enter into correspondence with the Chancellor
It believed that no living Englishman
lisa talked to 10 many cctclmllei ol all natloni ns Lord
tounhton Since the day when be was Sydney Smiths
Cool of the Ercnlnz bit lore for a lion hai nevef
hated The late Mr Nassau Senior followed close In hli
wake In tills respect
During tho last ten years 233 miles ol
street car rails have been laid In England and Wales at
a cost or nearly tlSuxiuuo tiqluihe or the outlay on
iioreea engines am cars It cost one company In Lon
don 100Oneo to conslruct twenty and a quarter tnllciv
while another expended nearly double that on tlilrtjlwe
and a quarter tulles
The average coat of 954 buildings erected
by the Peabody fund In London wai tlSU > whIle those
reeled by the Fir Sidney VVatcrlow IndustruLDwclllnff
Company cost touliS or less Ihan one half Hence tht
ormer lay > but Iwo per cent and lbs latter Die percent
while the former are cccui led by it much better class oi
temimtntmi than they were dedcned for
Tucker a lunatic assailed Wood with a
iiilchcr kiilfu at Smmmu4uky Ohio Wood was unarmed
but he threw time madman on the floor and clutched htl
throat Tucker struck npaln aud asaln with the lone
lade and Wool choked with all hi mIght The light
asted half an hour and ended In the death or both moon
one from stabbing and the other from choking
A herd of 23800 cattle are beIng driven
from Oregon to Somitaiua 1 JO mounted men do the Jrir
inmt and thuS outot lucluJea protlalon waxona arms and
snmmutuluioo SIX horK and forty dots The Journey
nade alowly a days trael not exceeding nine mllet
and the apcid will lu leMiicd when hotweathcr comes
on In order not to sot time beasts Into bnd condition
When tho first portion of the Great
outhern and Western Itallroad of Ireland was opened by
be Lord Lieutenant Ireland It was round that the rail
read stattcti platform lund been laid eta wrong level ao
hat the doors of the carrlngec could not bo opened X
unntlly of naomi len muon gut beneath tIme carriages and
nied them hj sheer Htreimth to tho required leel
A curious and unprecedented fact In
otinectlon with gambling Is reported to have just taken
place at Monte Carla At one or the TrentectQuaranta
ahtes the red came out nineteen times In succession
Time bank wns broken twice and recourse had to be had
to time funds of the administration Prince Atnadeo
rothcr ol the Kin of Italy was present but took no
lArtln the gitne
A baby show Is to bo hold In Portland
Seine under tho auspices ot a Rwcdenbnrglan society
and the advertisement says Portraits or the lotelleit
tables of Portland lo be thrown on a mammoth screen
by means of a stcrcoptlcon and the Drurmnond Unlit
All sections or the city to bo represented Your baby
nummy be there The portraits have been obtalnsd from
the various photographers
Time comparative merits of wood as
phalt and granite pavements have been tested by Cot
eywood Engineer of the city oT London The number
01 1 horses falling dow n during the nrty days or test wai
21127 ot which S4J fell on wood 710 on granite and
OC6un asphalt With the Mine expenditure of forcelt
Ii estimated that a horse could travel 132 miles ou gran
Ito lilt miles on siphalt and 415 on wood
Time Inauguration of the statue to Queen
nultothe Einiicrori mother in the Kerlin Tliicrgnrten
loot month was a mnztilfccnt and Impressive ceremony
so one In Prussian history Is more rererencttl than tha
Qmueetm Her tomb In the garden nt Charlottcnburg near
nerliu and the exqt Mta monument by Ranch ares
sort of shrine to Germans The Queen saw the darkest
hours that the house of Ilohenzollern has known lit
nmtolern days
A Messina doctor states that anchy
raitamlasli the form of trichinosis from which the 8t
othard Tunnel iia vies arc fluttering exists In SIcily and
all parts of Italy chiefly hi the marshy districts He ad
Ises his patients to avoid drinking turbid water or put
Umtg their hands when soiled to their mouths the para
sites being generally Inlroduced In tills way but hell
old that In Brazil two drugs are popularly employed ai
n excellent specific
Time other day na time editor of tho Moo
cow Journal stood fixed In admiring contemplation ol limo
olo < sal elephant that Is the chief attraction oTWInklers
lenagorle he was somewhat atartled by the swift tit
sertlon of a prehensile pn boscls Into bis great coal
locket and by the removal thence or a manuscript novel
orwnrded to him for approval Era he could utter an
jaculalloii of protest the elephant had coinejed time
vhole story to Its ponderons Jaws and after masticating
It for a lew seconds with obvious relish swallowed It at
agulp No evil results accrued to the elephant from Its
romantic meal
An extraordinary seono has occurred
in the Angers Cathedral In France A Jesuit fattier
named Forbes the Lent preacher appointed by Ulthop
Frcpiel made a violent attack on modern society and
the Republican Go > eminent When he descended from
the pulpit tIme cure roe and addressing the conrega
Con said i I hate hitherto restrained myself but 1 can
not now refrain from protesting agalnnt the character or
Ihese sermons I con ni Uher approve the stint nor time
Intention of them SmIth m beg my parishioners toreseno
their donations fur time collection which I am about to
make m self for the chap4l ol the cemetery
A new miners lamp has been Invented
In England which If II bo adequately iumluueus ought
lobe absolutely safe The principle of the contrlanca
is the substitution of the light of phosphorcacence for
that of positive Ignitlcn and the apparatus Is described
as being something like a tiny meat screen The Interior
ol the screen Is cohered with a brightly luminous paint
and Ills et en proposed to fit U up with a shelf or two so >
that the pitman might carry In his lamp something to
eat whenever during the Intervals or work he felt hun
gry or courre It wilt be Impossible to use flit sort ol
lamb CI S pipeliehier so that it Is not at all likely if it
comes Into general adoption that Its Inventor will be
tTy popular among the coltlero
George III ot England built n royal
vault or tomb house and desired that ho himself
should be placed on a stone table In the centre with
Queen Charlotte b > his flJe amid that their children and
desceidantui should He on the shelves around Princess
Charlotte the Dukes or York nnd Kent and some other
members of the famll were accordingly placed oil the
shelves the King and Queen being In the centre but
some time before the death or George IV he ae uslnic t
hlmseirwlth all the mlnutio of tho family sepulchre and
declared to the Duke ol Wellington that hed be d d
If hed te on a rhelf among the juniors while his prede
cessor lay In the middle and Iclt very special dlrectionl
that he too should repose la the centre
A Nihilist trial lu Kloff has resulted In a
number of retelaUonH concerning the way the Kuxsiin
revolutionists go to work The accused who has teen
condemned to death one Ar aynce Ilogoslat sLy the sort
ol aclentfinin wis chnrceU with an allemi to rob a
mail van and touitproprlale the cash box ol a regiment
of Infantry with manufacturing cxplnsiie material
nlth murdirlng a fillow sccUIUt Kurlloff and nllli
dwelling In Kleff wllh a fete passport The muiiler of
Kurlloff one of their own was decided upon Iecau ito
was l > elieid to have beentxtraytng his Iriend I a lie wai
fallen upon m by the Inlter and shot end his bodj n as Hum
Into the Dnuiir According to one of the is itnwitn
exMhIllst the chief of ihtir at > soclillon I mimi CStimi witti
the right of life and deatti over the members Fur tin
first caso of disobedience corporal tummmtimmneumt i is tin
penalty for the second dinth Aeeonlnij to the CoinS
stit I another ex Mlilllt one oftlclr mellow nifnibirsinl
been the son of a prime The sum conlnbiilrd b t > time la
boring claim s for tIme support ol the association wai < <
percent of their wants
A sickening account of a duel In 5t o
roccolstl > Ctl Icy aeorrikrondintot limo MI > < trm
pito Two oung men of noble birth wen p01 i nuf much
attentions to the Intihler of a i elhl > orlii clntl i anlnl
she showed equal tut or to ench of them II was ml rummcti
tmy mutual cotiu nt thin they should mi a in Inkle I run
bat utmt I Unlit a duel to llio death The cniiditmiisif tn
duel were Hint titc3 should mretoii horsi him t mill ol
the combalnntsbeiiijnrmrd nuh a rifle a rnolur anf
a hiinlln knife Ihov wire ilmt a humlrtd yats
apart all I upon a simil gnen by one ol the sOd J
they set their liorus at lull gallop anlrliiludiitiiiiil
other ror a lew tmmmumu its tin sprctnlors Cumuli tcl
mitlikng but a cloud ni dnit iiom outot tvhleh wen In < rj
twiisuree < < ne rem itti if a rlltiand then n uimmJ dl
lee cit by time nvlhliic I of n hoi cc VMien tlie immt I iJ
cimarcul sammy i aim i cknig Uht tmmut time iae ol tic s IC >
tutors emme ol Die coinliiitant CdiirenUd bi hn 4 I his lit
horM was taking nun at his u attmi e rca ry who till ic >
maliuii In tlie ahlle The litter em urnd I ma mmrv nnJ
mnde It rear the nuhle beast iceeltiii In Ins t In i t I
IiiiiUI nieiiiit toi l < r mmii matter The rut r n < sttt IMIK e
wasillinioiintcd riiilied foiwnrd lo train P nun Iu m
veriart Mill second shot fracture I MMill I I > hm > her
Nesertime mess tic rttilnod null ienl stiuuth t > iim mmoto
twachambersof his re 5 eu e r loili cimnu i > tiki I > m Cdii l I
A hnnd to hand combat then ensue I lime Omit i Hi riii i >
neither of vshnin w 11 able to si in I tial luuj each > i < l
repealedly When time sucmmmmi Is ammi I spcililors ni li > i in
terfered the two were > trked up teimhoumc Is Ill his icftlv
firmly set In Ms heriaryieheik while Hie liuor ttttii
was tliruit Into u cat Inn iimuj iii the vlhti schttt

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