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till SlintiH AND lilt CLY3IER IN A
itajrLu mnsoxAL cowTiormsr
Itf ember TooVtnE Tar it Flit Vlght Tbo Ilia
lute over it Trlvlitl ClrcumtlMsic 4 > thr >
f the 1eraunnt Wrauiitls ibis ReMlott
WAHIIINUTOK April 7The culmination of
n jorlcs of dlserucoful exhibitions of personal
111 temper was reached In tho House todrvy
when Consrcmtnan Sparks of Illinois called
Mr Clymor of Pennsylvania n liar Tho House
unuuestlonnblr would Imvoboon treated to n
free Oitht had It not boon for tho gentlemanly
manner In which Mr Clymer behaved under
ory trying circumstances The Domocratla
majority In the Hotiso cannot bo too severely
censuind for the manner In which certain of Its
members have conducted themselves since
Congress met Thuro has boon n succession ot
personal disputes characterized by exceeding
lad tamper imdtho uio of indecorous ianguzu
almost from tho day tho stssloii btuan It Is a
notorious fact that the majority N i bioken up Into
olluuiswhoso action upon certain louUlutlvo
Questions U crcuth Influenced by the personal
feelings with which the momburs having charge
of the legislation are regarded On moro than
ono occasion thn defeat of Important measures
nn bo traced to personal animosity against the
centlomon matmclnc the blllt The moet con
spicuous of the Democratic family quarrels
thla session are tho following
Mr Blackburn und Mr Coffroth nt the last
nleht session of the Hou a had n private dim
cultv which nsullcil In tlm ite baing given by
the Kentucklan to the P nnsylvanlan I
At n matIng of the Commute of Vnya nail
Means about two weeks nco Mr Morrison and
Mr Tuikur politely said thai Mr Fernando
Wood had uttered an untruth
At n recent ojeeutlvu session of thn Senate
Mr Thurmnn and Mr Pmckiiey V Vh > to had a
lively dlsputn about one anothers political
records Thn laniruaco umtd by tho two cen
tlemon is atd to have bonn severely sarcastlo
Yesterday Mr Stirlncer and Mr Manning
scttlnd In personal explanations on the Hour
the assertion that Mr Hprlncer had h I ° on Inllu
ncou bynn anonymous letter In voting on the
Donunllynshburn contestod 4l4I Inn cite
Mr KIng and MrAcklenof Louisiana are hoi
enemies because tin latter forced tho name of
the former to n report from the Committee on
brtrMlin Affulrii
The only snrloui dispute In which n Republi
can ConimRtnmn has been Involved this session
wns the GnrlloldTowneheml controversy when
the hitter cnllvd the former a wilful fnlslller
The customary xnfetf valve of political discus
sion has been closed this stsslnn nnd there Is
on Immense pressure of steam In tho Conures
eiounl boilers
Tlio disgraceful proceedlnir In the House
today grnv out of n trivial amendment to the
Army Appropriation bill Sir Clymer has
chareo of thin bill in the HOUH Mr Hparks
Chairman of the Committee nn Military Affairs
was instructed by his committee to move ns nil
amendment to the bill In Committee nf the
Whole a provision that contrail surgeons shall
not bo omplojed until I I nil I coin ni lstoied sur
geons shall be assigned to duty with troops and
then only on reiiuist of the commanding
officers approved b > the General of the trniy
Alter iicriatdnnl of wrangling thu aim ndm nt
was defeated in Committee nl thin Whole Mr
Sparks was considerably ecelted by the defuit
of his amendment and hu stepped down the
nlslu Immediate in front nf the Clerks desk
and announced that hn should demand nn tea
nnd nay viitri nil the amendment when the bill
was considered in the House
Cries of Iteuular order Regular orderl
Uo ahead from the Impatient members Liar
Itchy drowned the reply made bv Mr Clymer
that he had not agreed tn yield for a yen and
nay vote in I tho House and that he would not
prnmlsoln advance to permit such a vote
Mr Hnirks repealed thnt he had been In I
structed by tho Cmnmittto on Military Alfilrs
to give notlcn of tlielr Intention of moving a
yen and nay vote In the House Tlioonttto rilf
cusslon was out of order and the Chairman
pounded his gavel lncesautlv while the up
roar and tries for tlio regular order wore deaf
I di Biro to say that I have received no such
request Irom the Committee nn Military U
fulrc shouted Mr Cluner When the subject
comes up In tho House I will determine what
to do
Mr Sparks declare that it came from tho
Committee on Mllltnry Affairs and that I was
nuthorlz to mnUo the rtiItCt t He pointing
to Mr hitter knows It nnd cant dodgnit
Mr Clymer with consldernl indignation
replied I dont propose that hn shall I atneit
that I have tion riOt I lliJ hy the Committa on
Hllltary Affair Thorn ban been no rcQUest
made in Ine for he yn and nnvs
Mr HuarkB drmv lillntll up stepped out nf
the nlslu where he had boon standing I walked I
over to the aisle but nun adjoining Mr CI piers
teat and reaching over until his fUlwas within I
I few Inches nf that gentlemans Itoqe shnok It
lh rennd sereiimed In a tone of voice audible
nbovfl the Intend int rapping of the gavel and
Ihn shouts for order
Does the Biiitlemnn from Pennsylvania In
llmmte that thin dnsnt come from the Com
mittee on Military AITalrs It ho docs he Hub
k That Is I all I there IB h about It
Mr Civ mer was til inillng In front ot his dcek
with both hands tightly I cl njhud In the sliln
pockets nf hUhnk roat It would hav ben
tho work of an tn tint fnr him tn hay < glun
Mr Sparks a blow in the fatewii ichi t hat gerit iii
man from his position could not well hava
parried The bprxtnlnrit icriaiiih xpeetoil the
blow to come Mr hmhornw of limmfsei
alto was neati dlmmidlatul behind Mr Hpiuki
trrnsport his emit talk with loth bands and
S pulled the gent era ii n link Mr l IMhbrull of
Tennessee who was feated hhtnil and to the
C loft 01 Jlr Clymor unifped Mr Hparkhi nnn
and lnt rpoi d his burly tuna between the two
men The Chairman shnutid and rounded for
f order Mr 3lvmur > eeiii d to bo the eooIt
a man on tho floor end did nut Hit I I a linear but
S slightly turned his hand toward Mr Spirkn
nnd wKh nn accent of Inoffnblo scorn ex
You cannot menu mo sir you cannot In
t sult m
ii As soon as the members generally began to
comprehend the Character nf thn t lnniuagu
e used by Mr RDarksanlnstuiitsilomoprevalluil
r Every one was turlnus to know how the inatu
it would bo settled Mr Sparks walked rapidly
er to his seat In the body of the IVmncrntiu Bide
it nf the chamber Mr Cleitier sat down tfp > akr
Itmdall hurried intlio sltleot Mr Springer who
I was acting Chairman nf the immltteoof tho
tG Whole and rapidly I conferred with him I con
n rrning the rulliiLsto bu mud Mr MtLiine
01 Mr Atkins anti Mr Itlaikburn lriiMll il
I back ninl forth between Mr Spirks nnd Mr
b Clymnr Mr Hpnikx was uvlduitly sorry for
what hu had done Mr Clynn si nined to wish
the House to maintain t lie intiKrltj I nf Its pro
al ceedings HTordlnK to the rule A donn 01
sbf morn niimlxra lift their seats and cnnm down
ith lo tho front nf thn row of dsks to hear what
was Bald unil ulvn Dxuffnlon to their I feellncs I
nil If nppnrtunlty nfforUid Mr Conner as usual
eta came tn the front tlrrt and il manil > il that thn
icr unparliamentary I inuuiigH used ly Mi Sparks
the should h taken down and rend at tho t Clerk
but desk Oh I trust notsaid Mr Dinner with
out rising Lets go an with the deluite1
teil The ruteuogriiptors transcriliml the otlinalvo
Dlt linguage I and it was re id by tutu Clink Alter a
4 little parliamentary lmtlliitr about thin form In I
de which the Committee of the I Whole shnuld rise
oas It roan Spanker Itandall took the chair and
the hines began consideration of lbs nITeitce
Mr Hparks had auntie eon or two attrint to
a BHcurotlm floor while I tlm u linus was In I Cum
ulla mlttxo of thn Whole lie sneminl auxlniis to
npolncl in but was told to bldii his time t I V lien
eta HID H nker nsinmeil the reins thin indeu
sort orous language was read aicalnns wits alno
ib the rule u riiir wit lola thn I House was proceodllur
neat Mr Atklnsaskid that thu Lntitleinaii roin Il
jill linois I I bo viral h ltiei to inakn an HXplanatinn
eithl The ruesltta wait put nnd thin House uiinni
mnusly crantfil the ruiuit
ar o Mr Hparks by tills time had recovered Ills
e be temper Iln I ash ked that lh tIrk road the din
was IOLUX botvvuiii liiniB if and Mr fn mm just pru
tbung coiling thn use of the ttniiailiuin nt in lan
S ItS KUice The rerun st vvii iitiipliml I vviili and
Mr l Hpurks beciin lib imolnui Jin lai fd iIi
nrlttl Clymor vvhlln spiiakliiL and flu irintlnman
the Iiom Pennitylvnnia eyed him inlently as Im
C the spoki Mr Sparks said Hint lui had nnvnr 111
m tti ruled to any to the t liii use that t hu was
ha djrucpMl by vote of the Cninmllti I ti on Mill i I h
Is tiry AtTaIn to do more thin In nfT > r
tie thu iitin inlinnnt and prss It through t If I f pond
I 65 blu His I I hiii tumn in ig lit pits iiitps hnvn bm n
Busciij tlhlii ul a different construi lion IIu had
Mo tindertool thn intleinau finm Pennsylvania l
tuMiy th it hn was not vvarrantud In dumandlni
T R yen and nay vntn by his Inmmlttcu Mr
ibeIl Kp irks hiilil that I hn was lid tin ng und it n urn it
aih at dial nf nxiltnnmnt at thin time llu tlimuht
ii4 that MiClvmir had in Hithstuicu clnrLril that
liven hu was nltemptiiii to diuilvx tutu llnusn alit
of Liii falsify din roiiiniitten Iln tlnniulit that he had
ci tii d line If f i zntlunutti Ilu always muint
scti to act In a eotirli niin and tiinlhinaul iminner
ir sn ami if lie had not tlonu b < > it w IH the fault nf this
ysidi mail not of HID In art Mr hpuk said that If
0ond Im had niiMiinliritonil the ullinan mm
it rich nmtylvaiiia hu wiHheil 10 recall Ills marks
iiiiil iUoloil7n to tutu HOIIHD and to Mr Clymer
itt1 If f hu had not mlsiiiidTHlniid him and lie had
I II5I Hid that t h I Mr hmirkh was lotnlvlnu thin
Il rol HnuHH and iiilnii priHuiitlni hula toinnillli no
ug ha pnwtr on earth ciuld eompl him i tn withdraw
te ipC vvhat hn Iml wild MrHnarks said that Mr t
jsdest Clymei hail IIHIII hU oHpuulal Iriund nail In n
in Iji I hg iiita liar ii it ropuuted nciilu his quasi
euli r fliiiiigtt
1f suiI Mr Clymer said that the lanwuniro used hy
tet lbS him had been tniriilly reported Norniuest
sbI hiiei I enmu lo him from thu Committee on Mill
a his 4 laiy A ffaliH I that liHijhniildiMirmltu voto on the
ainiiKltnont Intlm I llotim
eulder Mi ItiiHsull of Nnrlli Cirollnn sent to the
bsrg lli kbjilnsk n rcsolutlnn CimurlniMrHpnrkH
aL Mr Cnx moved that tho rumilullon bo laid
ulDil thu table A dlsaiBHlnn Hiisiind as In the
th5f rlulit to debate th rucolutlnn Mr bparks
I arosi anil with a profound obeIsance toward
halt Cui M Ch f uiier nhu1 that he unoomlulnnally
155th wlUidruw the jiffeiiHlvn remark Whereupon
hsal tir ItusBull wlthdtew his resolution and bur
luuuy ones more prevailed
uX crushlog down hIS Meonit wi
Apt > lalni Mud Is the New Y rk M th
edit CoMiVrenc Tcaterditrt
Tlio contestover the ProBldlna Eldership
changes In the Methodist Church was concluded
yesterday In thin New York Conference lu the
Hey Dr 3 F Nowmnni Central Church at
Seventh avenue and Fourteenth street otter K
tour days debate Tho Presiding Elders are
appointed by Bishops Out of a oonfor no com
nlttoo of five to iuitco tchance three commit
tee members reported that the ensuing Gomiral
Conference should recommend that Presiding
Ciders to appointed to pastoral charges
wherever practicable that such t change of
discipline ba made by the General Conforenco
as will give the annual Conforonccs the rluht to
determine the number and the boundaries of
ho several districts within their limits and
finally that the General Conference bo rocom
mended to make the office of Presiding Elder
elective by tho annual Conferences Tliu
minority report read yesterday In the Con
ference dissented from nil three propositions
The llov Dr G B Hare of Sing Slow offArod
the followIng amendment to tho minority re
port dlascttlni from the soeond clause of the
majority repoit after which with round of
applause thin minority report was adopted
thus defeating the maIn propositions of thin
majority report llesolvml that we recom
mend such constitutional chungos ot discipline
as will give to tho annual Conference the right
to ilHiernilne the number and boundaries of thin
several districts within such limits nnd to bUh
number nf Presiding Uhlmxhlpa ae the Guucral
Coiiferencn would reconimend
The moot Imporlnnt of tlin Conference church
statistics repnrted to and accepted by the Con
ference are as follows
Admitted on probation 4023 increase of 22
lu the last year bull cluuicii members H1CU
an Increase of 771 local prencheis 139 nn In
crease value of elnireh property 3 12S XKI a
deerenso of 109400 xalun of iiaisonaces
tS27KiO nn liureasn nf 10300 rnlWtlons for
biilldlnus and liniirovein tfflgjl a do
crease of 9G118i Indebtnlnoss of ehurches
und paroniiKCB f J9172 nib crease nf t7H HOO
money for siippoitlni ministers 177JM an
Inireaso ot 11707 missionary colhcloim
28 373 a decriaae nf tMD Womens Foreign
Missionary Society 22il an Increase of t5C5
Church Extension Hoclnly t2 HM Increase of
lri2 Freedmiuis Aid 4ncty S > deereasnof
2hl Hiimlny School UnIon fdl2 Inrreasnnf
ti3 Tract SocIety > 5il inereasn of 71 euiui
eatlnn to ministry tOlfi Inereaso of 112
American Ililile 8nikty 1360 increase of 217
ami support of Bishops 1192 decrease of
A rtsolutlnn was Intrnduccd by the Ilov D
W C 3 Van Oaaslxjek of Morrlsanla opposing
the bill ponding In the Legislature fiuorintr the
taxation nf church property but ll < diop Wilov
said Tlm resolution is 1 I Immature and It unit
butter be withdrawn It was withdrawn
Lain In the afternoon lllshop V > tley arose and
said Tho following ministers havo lien ro
reived from other eonfertnci Henry Jaokpon
J A M Chapman and Clark rlght Trans
ferred from this to other fonfurenies The Itiv
J F 3IeCIel lan to Cincinnati I I thu lluv John
Tnhns to New Ynrk East Conference and tho
lliv Ur O H Tiffany lo Philadelphia
Then ho road the following list tif appoint
Nrw VORK PISTBICT 8 Tern Presiding Kder
NiwVork A nurjJ V Illchmi nd Hit11oints Mission
ii s1 Hrotvn t Pnint i himh J VV Ac bert it VVaOiltutou
Square VV F HaUlrll He llord Strett II inn Aliyis
Pern Mreet J VI Hnrirnr lane Mreet A srliriur
ivmril I J P r l Nets hail Hjhtctnth l MnM n F Mro
Irldne bl Paul J A M l l hspman Ttcnti fourth
Mnet o Havllsnd t tiIil < i i hutch VV II I I KrrU pi
lnies M nc Crawford r I i third MreetVV II Mickl
Vriu I inert hlr il J I e Ii xmtlon Aienue II
H I I Ilirl Ins CL t JihnX I f tnn Eiziitye l mh Mreet
A I Vail t line I IlnnJrrl iiiil I 1 leientll Mnet I I 4
Nnrti 1 One 11 I I mil ml and litinti HUH htrtel U C If
dnms 0 rat VV p nniti st Jnm > I vi I Mm
Wnshlicun IlelihU ii Urilnr ixu lilith Flieel I
II Lnkwi nt t Iorrl nln It II ktHi Trillion I Hot
t mi Iorii 1 nnt to bt sn prlii d Si iieIciui to I e slp
pllid Wo II I wn to IK supplied 7 ilrt tlllll Mnet
A SteMens trnnklln 11 in i 4 I > Merrill pi
Narks R t Head PlilncM MisIon lo IH sum II d
Vi nkcrs Hrst tiorth ill 11 ll l enlrnl A McLtnti
TueKulioc r > Leiils I ll VV Tirtii h llart I < dnlc J A
IdmtinlsAN lu nix bite ll uuirimut I liurrli 1
Ituli Mimorlll CI I II I I i Insirv 1 Athlon A litl I
I bhs Frryt I II Itiwxliurst Irilnslon J II Umil
Titrritiinn Aoburt I hurrhO I 11 irk hi Paul il 1 II
Tony Sinn Mlik1 J V hOe North Kim Sin N U
Ijt nt Kenslen iuit I rmilick J Ki oaan I casttville
VV r Smith Ite Cc ill VV I Kclciim Crotim Lnk
A Coon Croion Lnndins I II Iuut 1TctuI rtnte
illle and FurnAce Winds T h HmiJ nrtlfrd Mutdlo
Patent nad ri > entnnt Kittle K M PobrrH K tnnsh I
Irtniixl Prrkkkill I south Mrcet I hurcll H H lirtli
bt Piiul n K Iruoltii CHiioi ns riitnam V allcv an t
dreifi n VI I M rurlls Shniti Oiks A M Osnon 1 Mount
7lon U Srmonds Iolden Hrldke nnd muu Liter
H KM nulls Lake Muhoiiac L VV VVnlswirth Piml
I nl V nil Mliiii 1 W knnpp t Cyrix H rn Irututuiit
ol Wi leimi Unlierslll intnibi r of Ht Piuts t itrtprtv
roniennceJ Mlliv Iron r In Drew TfeohtMenlsi m
Iniiri ineiniitnl Mlur Sin I tjiiarlerli t nlrretite t r r
Ucfabc ii s its it P irtl ri ol Hit llnrdl I rhunli I x
teiuli mi mber ot l M Ilul sQujrlcrli tonftrence VV
ll lintvnlw Al Ill of Mi uni I itutual As > tani btcl
ett I S Intl VII MoiiM ti Kutcnrlx
PotiiiiKrrnit PITKIIT A k Sand rd Trrsldlncl Mer
luiiii ii 01 lnvt I O S IIi re t Cannin
slnit W W Micr Ito 111CC Cii iircli h Lewis Ilidt
Iarkitnl itiiltbutLb s 1 p I ialouuv IlllUlde and Ill
C mot J 1 ntlm I Ihltil tik III I I i Onkliy Pel link I
VV II Linns ltrm intotin and Mndalln 11 PsnltU
Iln ton llr t liiirili F 1 VVllin rt J dm VV M
< lilpp shiv siiHkort 3 lurch rinverack ntid I hil i
mom P VV i Vim Unssbcck Wist Tuithkanic nut
lliMicna Mills U Facer I Itlthtm Vlllnsc S J 1 V c < inch
nn hKiiirrlixin nd Ilarh Hiilll Adre Vnll hut
hnlhiiin aid Ik d Itotk II H Townwn I fnaaan ciii I
Kichmulid II VV llrnr Wot Mckl ritlu Pied
I ridut snl I lllen Uli F lie ruuuu u 1iuux and l4ii I <
Fiirlmce hju VV I Clark Tirlniham IL 1 Eli
dill ltuunniuuuue W R Wlliin Jr HnmiHe
Oreal HirrlMLton J W Vlacuiiil Sortll Ijr nn nl end
Altn d I II Hois hbefll I ii I ITiui North tu mil nn end
AhNt > iill < W A Unckil 1 Norloll nut I liluOum I ii J Mil
kti VnllsVlllHee V J iiiuiuer I its lordmlllc IL Kin
WtiiK htittoit I lilKon llrewtlT i s V N Iruitr i 4r
mi 1 nnl Prtti ville II < 1 11 Mnith Nt w hMtrned und Ito
Hand Holo W HUki iuuo hug and Krinodllllr
II llunl Pmer 1lntns S 1ltcli Aminia 1 V Kuniti
tntniuutiItl I nit Vrth t Ine C iore 11 Inn 11 I II
f ielinan Fhnrriiaid lneolii I111 n 1 U tin < t UU
lertn J II MillMl iUetllle H t I Whin lill > laln
Allied Co n irlli IMNlnli mid West HlllMi1 O P
rrandill Copslie N II ll tus Ancmni H C Mi nr
Union I nnl Jackroni toruirs nnd iiei llrtlltlln II I I II
Men I N ito ii clot nnmsll I Aektrinno Plennnt Vul ej
nnd vvn iliinitui Hill w T K Lnt irlnnk to Ia I sup
i Ind Pi i chiiuhi tl II HMIiSte Joliii Tlll T Oirlir
rllkill lilSLf nlnl llHihiin I F lions Xorlli Ilich
HnI VVllllnin Sfien Clii l I bprlnz l > L ill r 11 1 ma
ui U I II l lurk lurt l VIoi U imer > II Couiltl ijiat 1iuut
II I VVhentet filiklll oilln llnilin I A Onrmuler Si llt
1u1 id fl Ii r It > orth Nw i Itnmbiirch and arlhNcc
Lituliiiu M K lint Wnpl locer Knits A II itrcnin
A Klntk Pn 011 ot 11 Mini I I n Rio cm IiHtltule I iiienuer
ol Cm Irii rnik I Oui i > rli tuuuirilp
PmnviMk IJHTIIICT I 11 Klnir PmilInC l rider
Pratuiille 1 S llroitn Koxliirv J 1 Hurirtr fjllbon
iv K Hois Si rlli Hlrnhelni II It 1 Tnutlev i Llilulon
vllli h I Poiiill Uurhnm VI I Oucjiiiinn Oik I Itll 4
jiilonl i Inenitlle 1 I K iuul Salem Cap tiiAlis an I
IMIIIIII Hi Mil heml W hudwick Nio II iltnnon n 4
> Ii rclitint Ioriiuiivhile H F Niciiu1t rox ic lc T
Innini Allans lob nii Illicit HUIl IIIU 1 tnncll
f atKlll I K Wnrtle Liids uinl Poully Piaiio i VV H
VVmnns Calm and Itomd Top VV llreen Mnlitnti II
Ihikcr 1nlenillle anl Abnri K II Itut I VVIndiim
K Merciinnt hn > tJuuuli U Wouloo th VliUi J i
kctthi m 1 Hunter 11 1 VV tirrl L I MNton tnbsiu
l Uul Ilibnrt ll I I Pules Mainlirl P I S I HIM
Hloomvllle h I W lilti Mirgarmt hiP II I I I lluuiilirii I
UoVKillK U W vlnriln Ant J 1 II Phillips lie 111 I
ant un Crick T H VV Hirdeu Hinmlen to be sup
tfliit I lloilill L < 1 Ml AaltnVV A ItiadnlcK
HunKlln I I It rl niton 1 North Iraiiklin V U II cute
irolnr Qiacii Doviiurt K I Hunt 1rutuui uillKT i
Llll ill Jintrsni l 1 II Trnl iat Minium J VI linlli
I hnrli tu tile to beill phi d Finlnencc It Whili Nnr
Ion Hill J VV Uorrlvm twvmuin llnllon t II VV
Aekerli Kank I h I Wanlle ntrnl i Ivtrctary ot the
Viniii Slut ii I lunatic Asxiciuiloii at lochesttr trial
jcroti lkillyiurlerli Conlirence
KunsriLii LuSTRcrl P II Hanxhurst In riling PI
der MinvlU J I lnmli I t Ililllll si ort I N Itrinr
lllooniinlnrih W l > lur < 1ranfuril O Nan keinn
MllllitoinSl IaulXJ J h p hin 1 Uidieburj O ortt
I rrniitK llrulxiillli A H llajnea Moiillcflloil i
iliitIi I Hoiumii Vuiii m A H llirUr Pike I li ml O I
U llnmii milCMin W A dillrr Lniw Id Ir J It
Knur I qnlniinK Unll llnoj I II me ick r H Illnliup
PCIOMI i II I an Im 4iuiiuiiuipiuii F H Biker II ir
vnrd I P 1 Lore llniin Tillt J II lim ne aunt Vul
Iri all Doll a lrov W A HIHIIMIII IliKkllnd N U
Hern i MHIIIII VV U I Ililllnn Illerlv b Ashli
hliu iKillle r II 1iiriinttr hnllnbuiuh loht supi lud
llretiimiil I 1 Illnnr ilrniiiniisiltli O P Vlnttliins
Nspniock r A Iliniills I I Iv I rllll ion J Tttli Ac
cord 1 A flutt I lin Alllki rvllle a VV Hhnii Smile
Ilrlli J W lilmiii I illn Clark Wiltht Bhiikun
It l simrtir iilu md ikrn J 1 II WOK 1 WooJli ck 11
vi PI ttll Wim liitrln t I U Aliranis
Sunn 11 IhiiKitT J I lltriiinnie I Irrnilh I idtr
NrwbiNlilrlillv W > Puirlin M Jnhn F Ihiln
Im irn t llnrrli i S H Hi iiiiumi Norlh Snvl nr ii I
W W Imliir nirdiirtoiin out Illle I llrltilu 1 VV
Sailtl PlitiiSIII Vjlln uuiiil Hossvllli li Kur Vlur
biriiib I VV t Ill iil Vlltlin l r 1 Vllller Illshlunl <
it Kiinir Nii Pnlt I T lliiNnne f < tins VV II
Illii I inliillii J Jlillanl Poit hue II JICkOlii
ml t VV Millird M Janus V J lui I
nur i Imtiiii vnniie l 1 MtCurlni MntritsD II l
II in HIM h Ill nso J II hniiiplmi vtiKli na nnd
UinlniVi Mullm I O I Kern VSndin7 N Icnls hue
lllln lilll Vtiiunt Valki r A M oik Id vtunuii inelv II
C 1nrl ilnlnn J VV Mlluk lliistrr J Itus t t hiJi
Lonf I h i Illinti Kliirulil to h I ilppUfl Wnriiltk
W CCutiii ldtnlllli Dill Ni is Mlllild O I Wlxoll
Hilliali h 1 AilLVllie Hnmm < 1 lleiril Wiisliiiiir
inillo nnl Sallnri VIIlN p 1 p t Iliirrom Illul Ian I
llll W oirinJir si uU nriili N ii rutIc Si o Wind i
ar N s riiihiil Cu iiniinll J U hell > liitiiiulnlu
and InM Ilnlu kill T A klnney Mlun KlUito Ills
sluliur > la List >
Thens mom Hotel itoolili
Detectives King and Lyons yeetordny en
tered the 1iu x Market Police Court actompanled by
Mr nioriie ligilu of the Hruroorl House Mr lunmni
Hunt trim oicuplei roi ins and pallor Jo on the second
floor of the holt I and Mr E A nuircll of i tin Park Av
iniiellulel I I VMlh the itt tectlu pa was James Dumouillil
wtiiu tuua lee uu rrateii ci ii red pu veruit oceOlloils The
pri air u tiu 10 liii 0111 II illi exputiceuiuu a uluu
oiiIuI ui Ilitlu ii iou Prtiik Tilouiulus wcn uruit ii
II r ii uiU 1 it lti Iuiul J 111cc Siiuitl lu it buuuuuuii ii iuitl
iuiu rt the hr Curt IIulue Tuieuii > alit ruin sill
Cu iiii Ii lila i nu uric ilu C tIu ruiuuu lip n as hIlt Lu
l iUul It CII Ii liuitiltiuia itiulllqliotly Mr uriuii
It ii iii Iuuii S r it ciii tiufl it itt e hi aiuailCe liii rot
lund lusu iuturul siii ii 0 truuis tuurtit etc Friii
Iiir a qua iuiity iut vatliall Jun rIm > tuaC beeli ploleii
I In ri lunch tliui rilulemy Lu 141 ltyriuc LIII liii uit tile
time rrovct 1110 I tr > it r II uuut liriutittud liii
pro erlr Plc K A JIUSMII 01 tile Park Arriiiir iiinti
n ho nas robin on Iho name tU > No lilt itlited as hii
priinri some of the Jewelrv ncoicreij
Iiumousllu took his ni rut viry coolly lie admitted
huts ChIll and was held lor trial
Another Comrl Coming
WAHIIINOTON April 7Tile Hinltlnonlnn In
slllulion has rfci Ired from Ii l VV 1 Iliirrlnuloa of Am
Arbor Hie announcement ol Ihe dl > covi ry b > J M Hcln
Inrleoa at Ann Art or on Ihi lilt ol At ill at laoilink
P VI of a cum I Hllh a tall Li epa lain lies limit In 7
hounai mlnulc rlihta onlou HI dmrira2It minutes
north declination u ltu a il toIl > moilou ol minus an loin
utes in right ai t aoii a ml 4H ininutui south
Muajr Ioritii of Aerrou Debllltr
U MBlU14 U Carters Iron lIIILAJv
Im e Vnur CNtuuh or lung Cumplulnt
WillilllilTe Tasltt toil tiier lit Lltnc and Wild
Cherry bold huy < dri utlils Depot S 1 llomr jjt
Kow U thc tlmo to lucy > our cari els at a low price at
Cowperlhwalls 113 Iii lt7 Challiam st TI1CM have ai
Immense stock lurchancd helium the halo rlso Uas1
paymtuU ukco Lveriltluj hut bvuKkupiug AJt
Attn llrtiln Fond llnt nlenl rxlraet
strengthens the brain cures nero leiiitty and ireak
nun 4 at eeneratlre ortrans 10 hut 5 1 All druuzistsi
OIlMAN Ailnr House Allen a Pharmacy 315 tail
Send for circular
A Bitok on Liver Comulwlnla nnd irulnrln
Diseases sent lite Or NASUJKI loi Broadway tC T
Fine S1IML lint 8120 worth SA Yohhy
Derby s 1 uo Horih3 n New church SL up suln
Cnnsiimptlon lirta no terrora fur those who M
UK PUI uiis h lulllur ihilr couiihs and colds iu
Sprtnl Jloftcw
how IttilU li tl nr Hill llniiiUime t Tyre
By till HI till U tllllAll J > D
Fir l hill ifl
THI hTlt 1 I Ill M V IUI I
By HlUI t ll I lu U 1 AllUVIt l > D
MLind hill iuic >
1ST tiitLiES
717 The ttic I and Wort il l htist Hj finnlniham
< ii uli Ii 1 II I Iirl I luill J0c
717 The II I i < and Wi rds if ri mint Hi < iluuiuli till
ittku I ll 1 het nid liulf anc
711 Tin lli ol Ilinl tiC MidiiiL VV Ijrriulll I Ii
Conipiiii In out nuuilii 200
VW The viiiohn m t linaL lip IhnniM HnUiif
Alt i JUn i Pliiinlimaii Tnll Hi i II sinir
i > a H nh e mi let In nil liiiii Iir Ifle
lor put liy uin rs Ill iuiiiu II li I i r iiit hal I J
plltl nri ircrij t li I U iiin lor tncint nun liri iiliIA I
r < niit fttr JO1 < ul iiuitil 4 11 II t IllOliUr Ml Mill 171J7 4
uuttwuU r at t iV w rk
llavrd inion the rent play
Hi IIior I rawri u
proiluctd at tlui Union Miuiirt rheulre
uul m xt vi m tit in NI nj ni ihu
PihttphIlE COM IAP lily
Till IAV KTll I II h t IHINU
from the lalx tuilil
Ills stei d in i up 41 e n ill > ti uIt 1 1 Ine
111 bh in itll l hnill nikl u
If hue k ilthlol 1 I u Id lu Hun
Ouruid a iiomiin s uukil I
Ilul truth shIrt IHM huml hi nor thajne
Ai d ru1 1 u i ill n 11 il 1 1 n I
II hi nl li i In ni > tin ti I li Mm mine I
hhtMild lila di it nt u I nun I
1or male by all ncu Ieu lh m
HIII P 411 I 11fl4
oI iviis O1lhltilihu l4tNtihRWl Ut Ac t
brmn i l 1
I45 I JiIttlW4Y hitmen Ml nil Tlth st t < N Vl
t ii 111 vi rs 11 Ill ii s i4i < rA
Tliurniili I mil i ot thu llloiHl iiinn ni r > t rrni tn a or
Inlictloa Cure > Kri IIIIK Until Mhilu anlihiCon
iiuiitr orithtuaiaiUius 11 nit niilSinuiiil I iitnvtl
Chill here IIAII I I Jill llnin I ml Ninlurt
A il fliUTl it u I a II itlt K u tis
aiKiulure ol N V4N ul IL ur taboi ihiuot cd tua a
TUB iivnitr of ittiiucitT it stcvniir
Ann unit uAtt it Aiinacti
Conipnnlmi In tlirli 1ttod Pnrtnera In
lliislnci IlTlnsj In A i > Jiln1nir Hollars Hjln
the Hume Jlity nnil llns led Nlde by hide
rriio late Kobort II McCurdy nnd the Into
herman D Aldrich who were partners In the
dry cools business Tor forty yenrs and whoso
deaths nt advanced egos occurred oa Monday
within n few hours of each other wore hurled
from tho Calvary Episcopal Church on Fourth
avenue Rt Twentyfourth strerjt yesterday
morning Tho funeral procession reached tho
church nt 10 oclock and was met at tho en
trance by the night Knr RUhpp Totter tho
niv Dr Wmdibttrn rector of thus church this
flay Dr George L Frontlas of the Union Theo
loBieil Seminary for many years Mr McCur
dys pastor the ROT Mr Walker and the Itcv
W W Attorhury of tho Jllblo Society The
coffins wore nllko Each was covered with
black velvet and boro silver trimming On a
liver pite on each was engraved the dead mans
name tho date ot his birth and death anti
on the top of each coffin rested a largo crown ot
white flowers u wreath ol whlto and colored
flower and a sheaf of wheat As tim coffins
were borne up tho oonlrnl aisle ot tIme church
pre dod by tin ofllclatluc clergymen and fol
lowed by the pallbearers end mourners the
organ Bounded a dirge This pallbearers who
worn bands of white and black cloth wore ex
Senator F T lYellnghuvsen of Now Jersey ox
Jtidgn Henry E DavIon Samilnl O Unhoock
President of thin Chamber of Commerce Oliver
irrlnian Juino C Atwntor George T Hope
Oeorgo S Coe President of this American Ex
ehiango flunk Austin ball William P Iddlngs
Twitrick h lnMon President nf the Mn
tu il Life Inin at men Company William E
Dodgo Chin Ins Butler W W Wright
Thomas J lluokloy Samuel Koysor St ii 1
Fdson nod Charles Collins The collln nl Mr
McCurdv was placed nt the right side nt tho
brail 01 tlm cnntro aisle and tho members of
thin MrCitrdy family took seats to tho right ot
the LlinncH rue ratlin of Mi Aldrich was
placed at thin loft of tho aisle anti tho members
of the AldrIch family took seats on thnt side
Among tho ielntles were Mr Hichnrd H Me
Curtly the VlcePrcBldent of limo Mutual Lifo
Insurance Cnmpanj Mr anti Mis Marsh Dr
Marsh anti Mrs Marsh of Paterson K T and
Mr and Mrs Gardner O Huhhnrd of Boston
Every pew In the church was filled Tlm Epls
copal burial service woe road Thn Calvary
Chiireh nunrlot wing Nearer my Gnd to
Thee Lord lit mo know mlno end I
heard n voice from henvan say und Itock of
The Urn Dr Wnshburn spoke of Iho life of
Mr Aldrich Hu mado notatIon of Ills exam
plary eharactor his honorable and suceoHdrul
eirecr as n merclnnt and bin limtlng friend
ship for ills par nni und friend Mr McCurdy
Ho said that tho fuirtl f was at once uncommon
arid oxtromelv touching
Vile PMV Dr Plenties spike of Mr MoCurdv
whom ho had kuowna third of n century Ha
said that hu was the soul of honor anti benev
olence nnd that such n strong nnd lasting at
tachimtit at existed betwn n him and his friend
was only possible to the highest and best
Among those present nt thin church were
Peter Cooper David Dtldlev Pleld Frodorlrk
A Conkllne Samml II Huggles 1 D I T
Marshall Thomas MeElrath lolin J Morris
loorgo H Anrtrors Ctmles AlVibnJy Abram
Wakpmnn Joint T Hradley Mr Lmgdoii Mr
Spnffonl Vrm s Cutting Henry A llurlhtirt
James M IlrownAdum > orrln Charles Hem
Inunny of Iom n Jamri F Ponrce Enoli I
Iaueln thin Ilev Dr ilnms Anton Clallln
Martin Hates Tnhn Ime E N Taj vlor I innlon
v lLama iiani1 Chiiirlcs IV van James WiiUnn
WebbTohiiKlmrwoodFhllo T Ilncglo Wil
son G Hurl James L I Hul tpad Marshall O
Hoboits Thmbvv Aced Hicliard M Hoe
1 homin C Aton Frederick I Tnppnii A W
Speer John T Agnew und Illlam Vt oocl rite
Union League Club nnd several banks and In
till rnoo corn huitlites with which Mr MiCurdy
was iiiitntllied scat delegations of officer and
The funeral nrjesalon moved out of thin
church In the fame order In which It entered
the ritlittivus of the two families walking
abreast Tho bodies wore buried In adjoining
pints nt Omen rood
Mr M < Cnrd > and Mr Aldrfch cam to this
city about tliu name time In tillS enrly part of
the century the former from his home and
lurthplacii ut Lymo Connecticut null 1 the lattor
from Orange County One was 14 years old
and the other IS They found emplinnent
with Mr Lockwood who knit a dry goods Morn
In Cidar street Ho iiveil over Ills More and
thoy boarded with him One of their VPiituris
wiiin quite young was to take charge of a lot
of goods which their omplover stint in a coast
ing vessel lo Petersburg Vn where they nina
aged the pni i of thu nierclinni1lo About 1H23
soon after attaining their majorlti they formeil a
pirtiiershlpas dri goods thahuiurs the firm b lnu
BtibieQiiuntly Lnown as McCurdy Aldrich t
hpfnoor lliuj dissolved partnership In ltJ7
ai d tue two ptiilor membors of the firm retIred
with a fnrlunoof Olin than a million dollars
each They llvtd In Warren ktrect for ninny
yours nnd on the marrlago of Mr Aldrlch to n
daughter of the Into baniuel Vi yman of Multi
moro they Imd built for them houses at Band
10 East Fourteenth btreet vrhero they lived nt
neighbors for a t Irdof a utiiry Tho growth
of buslnc in lUo street eneroiohed upon the
privacy of their homes nnd Mr McCurdy sold
his proper and made Ills homo with relative
Mr Aldrlch gave up his residence for buhlnccs
piirtiosts a pear ago nnd removed to Ihlrty
tilth street anti Madison avenue
Mr MtCurdy had married several years
before his pattner his wife being the daughter
of Jr Len of NVv irk nod niece of tho into
United bate Senator and Chinmllor Tiflling
hiivson thin Whig oaudldatu for VlcoPresident
Sir MtCurdy died on Monday uvcnlng at i
oVIok aced 80 mire His wish was thud ho
should be burled from tile home of his old part
ner Mr Aldrich died on Monday afternoon at
half pat > t 3 1 oclock aged TO Ho was kept ig
norant of Mr McCurdyB deiutii Both partners
died from affections of the heart
Au KxIrKonllnnry Scene In ilndce Knoppi
uuil In Jeitrr till Yclrnlny
There was nn extraordinary scene joster
day niornlnir In the Hudson County Circuit
Court In Jersey City The first case ou the cal
endar was n suit by the town of Harrison N J
to recover 17t85 23 from William blower Wll
ham Nicholas John Kalian Philip Mulllrnn
and Thomas Qlenson ns the bandsman ot Clms
Smith who while Treasurer of the township Is
alleced to bnvo embezzled that amount of the
publla money Smith was nUo Implcndod
When the case was called for trial none of the
defendants answered and Judge Kimpp ill
rooted that the case should CO on and said that
ho would see to It that tho bondsmen were pro
tected in I nil I their lecal rluhU After tho I jiuv
had linen suloctcd tho couiifet for the plnlntllT
ill nned his cash with an address to tlin jury
Sonoornr bad Hio lawyer concluded than the
twirl ii iu jiuor arosu In I his plain nnd nxeltedlv
said I dont Ihlnk this cns should coon any
further I think I thin defendant should havo n
chaiioH to bo hnird I nm ono of exTreasurer
Sinitiid boudemon stat I want ray counsel
her Alter Judge Knnpp had recovered from his
nson shment ho tuined to the juror and asked
his name
IMIam Mcholns was the reply
A yu onoof thodHfoudnnts In thIs ease 7
va MI
Thfi sir ion are ncn ed from further nt
timd men In I this con it nun juror j 31 r Clerk
Pull i may ii raw ii 101 hit r inror I
Nicholas rrtlred from ihiti jury boxnnd was
about to vvithdriw fiom the room win Judge
KnatP roenllo 1 him nail said that ns hn was
the nlv I dfindint In I court In had it rlcht I to
hi heird In his own behalf Nlcholaaivplnlnad
thnt iii KIIS unaliln to iiooouiit for his otiiieuils
al tonce iipd nnkod for an udjournmcnt which
vvas urnnted
Vluil Is < luliurit on n C9rent Invention
Three machines working on the canto tiin
cliii are In ilC motion at 10 ulion ito CI which Sue
tmtiitor ctilmv liar ai lin > ortAiit n reltina to
the duvcloplnial of tlio liiiful arts Ait tin Pie bti lug
nuclilno tlie circular mow or Hit power louia
One ft lif e iiincliineii deem ttie Cleat malting
routing and chavlnjill Koll llllcr ant other nieUU tlie
h eoaii work elatmrftte pnilerniu wood the third re
itucri a larK era I mil lilock ol rn urn granite ton ininotli
xirlirc fa I one livtir silt I tMltlf I to 5 do nil tlic uaunlor
naiuoiital work In mrnlcin iut I the tutu
Tlu I < tom u uittrl f R AicliiiiHiti lornirrh Torrninn
if lln Hi aUning ti IIIIK ul I ltiluuy llnvrlnnil A Ci > jtnrl
liri ot l Hi inn Tlip irlnclilf in mil in be aariiilrtlj
nivih 1 initliunkul innllon aim R lieu niilkull
of iiiwrr II IM ilecriiif t A A iiirpinliciilnr rr
ilnrKijlhiz rotary irniilrit mutlnn h > nhlrh n pur uf
tuol > li inmlf i nch Iuralilv la IHIM rlrolilnlly
ml rlM and lull torlltalli Mi IhU In Una la Ion
gicnt iSle it Si otis it IC the tliula while at work arc
actually lunuer iuit ol the tnnlirinl IliaC iii
II rlu T are of varlm hari aironUng tu
hue mutrrlAl to tic workril iiinn Hill I nrlkc
iciilllarcullliiz t turnlnc or vtlalllw hloHi dilvorrrl at
the rnlr I six tn li n llioiKnn 1 1 rainlilr It lit l cillinalo I
that thf ucirk it afcuuihlUlifd by Hit in irhtnt tic met iln In
thin > ill i S hour unnl 1 Ilk a Alllut ui iii 1 rs lit i 1 1 wi rkinai Ii
from IH tilM t hiilll In lillull wltli quit Mien u
ThoHiirkm Hit ivn it uul ntnnf niffhlin xhlliitciully
actoniilnnt iciult null the lattt r Ii i u Blinptd III its
01 1 ruth UN that oni nnin run inniniRe lour of Ilut I in I Hrni
or gins can ma I the inttil and 0 u Ill inaLlilat and liie
work done It 111 uriril 1 a > thoniih Ii1 hand t
Ilia Hue Hundredth lllrlliilnr
At Ilrnokslde Morris County N J lives
Billion Klnncy oo ho will celebrate hli one hundrnlll
ulrthdny on Sunday next lie tins hoin i In SIIHITM
loiinty N J and lit vhldly ricalli evcnu of iluhty
veara ago He rottd at tvtr rrotldeutlalitectiiili unll
1 St34 huflril Otto 11110 culal ice Juhu Adimii lie is liv
Inn III lh < laiuily of lilt ion la law Jacob Mcholl
The IXeenlt of the Voting for Totm OBIecn
In Klnn nod Queen Counties
The result of the elections In the Kings
County towns on Tuesday for the principal
offices wnsaa follows Now Lots Supervisor C
V Culver Town Clerk Louis Hlodormnn
Justice of the Poaco Email Bcholloln Tax Col
lector dooms W Palmer Highway Com
nilpsloiior Henrr H Adams Assessor Henry
Cldert Now Utrecht Supervisor Cornelius
Forcunnon Town Clork Jacob C Moore Jus
Lice of the Peace Johnson Hkldmore Assessor
David C Bennett Commissioner of Highways
George A Duryao Grnvosond Supervisor
John Y McKuno Town Clerk John L Voor
16C8 Assessor Cornelius B Btrykor i Collector
Peter If Iliimplo Justice of the Peace Edmund
Williams Conituiestumnor of Hlehwaysltlchnrd
DeuyHH riuthuah fiupervlsor 1eter L Wll
lamson JustIce the 1cnco Thos H Glass
Town Clerk Harry Vnndervoor Assepsor J
itt Vanderbilt Highway Commissioner
Henry llostorburp Uxclse Commissioner
William SerIes llatlands Snporvltor John
L Itydor Town Clork Jn oph u Mm roll Jus
lien of the Ieaae w H lloaers Collector
Hichnrd llalslo Commissioner of Illnhways
John J JIoLouuhlln
1 ho majority of tho officers elected are Dem
ocrats 1 here was n large number of Brooklyn
repeaters nt riatbush and thlrtyolelit persons
were arrested for Illegal voting They were
all admitted to ball for future examination
Them was much excitement nt blue rintbnsh
polls bocause of tile contest betwenn Ilueh Mc
Lniiehllns candidate William McMnhon and
Jtobert Forays candidate Peter L Williamson
Mr Furojs victory highly elated those who
eympathlzo with his nntiMcLnuKhlln fight
Thin vote polled In thoHOveral towns of Queens
County on Tuesday ovine to local differences
wits thu largest In ninny years In tlio town of
Oyster Duty nt rnrmlucdnlo Norwich Hicks
silts ant lien Cove the polls woro held In tile
principal hotels and at Southampton In tim
church n dinner being provided for tIm voters
Thin followlncnrn tho returns Jamaica Buper
visor John H DrlnokirhorfUom Justlco ot
tile IVnco George Mauinr Dem Town Clerk
J A Loici Dem Hoinpstond Hunnrvlsor
Charles Clements lt pl Town Clerk Thomas
llu hmore Dem North Hompstoad Snoer
visor John M Clark Imp Justice of thin IVneo
Bllah Brush Dem Town Clerk W U Noi
trand Hop Oyster IJay Huporvlsor George
8 Duwnlne Dem lustlco of tho 1onco Rich
nrd Collyer Hop FliislilnB Huporvlsor A K
P DenniS t Hon Nevvtown Supervisor John
E tan Nostrand lien llocelver of Taxes
Garret Furmau Porn Justlco of tim Peace
James Duffy
In Suffolk County thero was no special politi
cal significance attached to the election In any
of thIn towns Tho now Hoard of Huprvliorn
will be constituted much thin BalTic as that of
last year with n Democratic majority
Which lilt Ilepnlr HherlrT IHvicr and ova
Fired Kennj Say In SelfIlerence
John Kenny the bill poster who shot nail
wounded Deputy Sheriff Martin Dwyer In T J
Murphy t Cos bill posting establishment at
2sD Washington street Brooklyn on Tuesday
afternoon yesterday morning called at the
Washington street police station with James
Tigliui his couneol and surrendered himself to
Police Captain Campbell The pollco had
searched all night for Kenny but could learn
nuhine moro of him than that ho was scon
running down Tillnry street soon after the
nliootlDB Mecdlnc from n wound In his nose
Kinii had n cut on tho brldcn of his anita a
knife wound on his right thumb two cuts on
his bend and a contused wound on the rIght
sIde ol this abdomen which he said was lbs
rtfiilt ot n kick
Tho old bill posters feu J had boon settlsd nc
cordlncto the explanations made li > Mr Tlcho
In K > iiiis behalf and Kenny after his release
from the penltentlar > so far settled his differ
ences with Murphy as to nureo to co Into part
nership under their former contra which
does not expire until Jan 11881 Alderman
W llllam Dwior who was intnrstud l In the part
norflilp vvns willlm to admit Kenny If the con
tract could bo otindml for live vaunt but Kn
ny said hint It was time ououch to make n new
contrtct after thin present one extdrod Dwyer
and Kcnnr could not agree and It Is alleged
that the Aldermen threutnnod to hao Konny
put off tlm place If he went then and accord
Incly Instructed hihabrothier MartIn Iiv > nr who
Is also brother to tim extiugtlist John Dwyer
to see that Kenny did not como about the place
or ondnaxor to assume any control of the boil
nobs When Kenny entered Dwycr dlsplavcd
his thleld and ordered Kenny to leave As
K < nnv would not co Dw > er took hold of him
and nsiinio ensued Kenny sure that Dwyer
drew I n knlfo I I and attempted to stab him I anil
then drew his club and us ho approached
Kenny the latter fired
A chnrco of felonious assault with Intent to
kill wig tOad acnlntt Kenny by Police Captain
Ciimpbell beforo Justice Bloom Konnv said
that lie woo not guilty as charged that what
ever he did he did In selfdefence run Dis
trirt Attorney would not accept bail as Dwyer
bad not been pronounced out of duncer and
Kenny was committed to Itnymoud Street loll
A MaelcarOld Girl Aru ed of fltibway
Justice Scmler of Brooklyn was surprised
oeaterilay mnrniitK to TImid ftrrattftud before Mm ft nine
> ear oil Url on a chance of hlgtiuA riM > rry The girl
Sarah Donuell of 4t7 Ilopklii itreet WAS ccu > rtl nt
h vh c forcibly robbed Tcrosi MarOon of G3 llupklu
lImpet ami Miry nbcriartnt 7rt Hoiiln street of Uiolr
rarrlni witch ulie fiunct in Irf lt pnnn hop In I
OnIK imt TIe dt > trcti > f i who ffrre trd her mid thr
lutl fnun haul cue tint ki fii llir i iroccel i of the rut
tn tnlier i > anntt who lint mnJt tlirin rUei drunk
with the liquor liut itit with the motif The ctrl cm
tueiI to the crime She WAI nnt to Kx motid tuMt
jolt to await b nu ire
Commlaaloner nreen lit Work
Park Commissioner Andrew II Green took
liti neat at the metllnc of the Coiiiui9ioners jenterday
and lemon I has tiitiea b > ofTirln rcsolutlos railing for a
hut of the aprroprliitlmis for wet 11 it of the eni loieef
and lIner waken huh the nunt I nlricti lie in N
a lit leAn Uul hive hrenmade Unit I did that Ihore
In I mi nrtlcuhr t lnlficanciIn I liii niliui lilt I that hede
irrdl know what lie I iteiartment tunt doi 1 e Intlu pnt
five tears Potcril pent knr > rii su lm item Ii l1orrre
cenlli were rrstored jniiirtr VIcliht vuHdiirelrd
ii ii cults up i i tins I and tpielllcatlnna hr an Iron brl te
hcrr i the Harlem Hlr In I I litre of The old Central
Iirnlge and lor a iniieiiioti bn Ige ucar tutu llrlaf
Iilbor In Aeitnrlt
Fifty of tIm trunk makers In Farmer A Cos
factor art out on a strike They aik na advAnce of Zt
per cent In li eir wsguo The inatons laborers through
out the city are on a strike fur an advance from TI WMo
Cl 7i frtlax Thi fctoni masont and hrlckliver list < >
unit romlMd on an si sit nec of JS cents a day nukliii
Ihplr wagts ijl The mil earners will meet In Turn
Hall this C lu lIe to comlier the nut rislit of asking
lot an iii Ual cc in wauea A iiiiiiPr I of iin lot Ire i alnt
ers IIIIVK aned to tat their Juunielneu TJMaday
vvliiLh Is I satlstaiti ry to the men
Khot 1 > l ii Seem Trump
CINCINNATI April 7An unknown negro
tramp ycstenlaj ancrnonn shot and killer a rauwnecr
on the 1U e Lne Halluavs rt n miles is not ff Sit up
Milo Hit netro had luardd the train nt NI IIUM lilt I
hadiis no unouey UK i nt on nl llantln HMtinii vnthe
train started hi got on tie i atlorm 41 t fired through
tin window i rrsiitiinhh at the eniidticlnr tOt the lull I
alruik and kiltd Joseph VI t cbiiian of Houston The
negro cRcapod
II1CJEP Jill 770Y
The journej men honw painters ol Pntersnn K 1 have
recihLd an Iwmrc ot Jo i > ir ei nt la their 05 Silt 0
I he dollar fold pli ees vittli the ln lde metal eitrieled
I iii 11 nly IK iiith 11 i the surfjct left to stand iho lest of
acid art in circulation
Ailment Fd tv von the Fountiln dun Clubs gold true
nudnlIn the Hronklui Drlvlug Iark > cstcrila > by kill
Ing six out I tevtl i n Kions
The rninmlmiours ol ttip lukiic 1 Fun t e terd o v nn
thorlrid tho paMn nt Iroin the tnlti r luihlol II7S is
blcil Ijondii nhtih licoini dm In vtti 1
llenjnnilu O Welmoreuns vr ttrdi > mnde admfnllrn
tor il the vRlale of liio Irul I lieu IIu tule VVilltflinC i Vct
mori The ersolial e tlli Is valued alifJOiMNrtl
d rpi rntli a folium 1 Vliitucy tUUidt f Hinkiligf
ronniil slon viH rda IhaltliL dt > lal t oir lo Iran
tht > ulton Maikel ieiliry i nnd to stipulate In I the h no
llml I theinarkitluildlngbi rimotrd and ai ew structure
bi erect ii
Iulrlrk Ilvnn a truckman rr lit Wt Thirl ninth
StrIct utnt In mi drunk on Ihe ItCh ol 1Iriary I and 11 nt
llUuti to tlint aim dud He Iitliiit 1 vlllt In hi mil Iti
In the llistdikrii Kicnr ler Sinvlh p sttrua > S4llUncid
him toilitci I a > iars In I hull it iioa I
J l ti 1 iHur 1 Simmoni ilrjind Mursh i I of the rirnnH Mlpe
ot lianullu iill d tciisur alietiin Jtlori the members of
Unlit t t fariintir IJ i In the ii cUr liullliiu H
tfnion Fiiuue this veninc i ii a The hi t Irsl Tb etc Masonic
Divrcenan uui I lluir yiniiitc hnnlnuini u
itjrtr H Iheh all m Ilie ii kit r w do represented thai
lie In Iii Imiet Atliituv IhilpHs ruihtu na rtuntly
arrehttd loriorLlnt llu imine of man hu lnesinen iir
chi rkn ol siniill ntnounl lie plrailid l iiiilt la I Hie lien
t mud l4irtiln jciciJjj and step Mulenied lo iiYc > rk
iinirUonmnl I I
When Or Heorire U nrooksol Jurw v Citr who was
IndiLtul by tht llrand Jury ol llu loon oiimy lur mal
iriuiue van allid tor ammo lufluuliilil > e tit rday In I i the
Culurt I ol Ctiiiral hi HIOIIH he Itiiltd to ttiiear The
bon Is ol his I nun ties Vlnrt Jai o llnoki milttm tIcks I
In I llu nun ni SJun and fJ uuu Raped Ii ye ly were there
upon urchin d toOt lu d
On the abdication of nilllam n hawser nho sos
eomrnltlrd lor I fchuoiinc Pr r I Steele oil Monday lust
I uigi Lloiioii lie in suprt mt Court Uniinters > i u4cI ItS C
ninito an ordi r nuthorunitc llr Knnnit ituuiki Anixnm i
hmtton of Dr hti tlis Injnnes I and thIn therton 11 lr
hueli Ureporicdouloldaiitr tliui plltatioii so 111 In
made for haw wrs ielea on bail
John c Hchlniller n Just ee of he Ieace of Sullivan
Couiit M an con icu d la Itiw 11 lit 4 Matt s ircuil iiir
vesuidn I ol mUal iiropilntiu p < nslon niinejs lhat lit
tuut Heeled lor Pie llHchatl Illllricll The luri was
lorkid up I al I I M Monlayand d V tlut I n aril n Urdu
unlit Cal nly hihlmllir tuft > U liniirixonet I for Iwo
Man and llTied fl > io Ho uus eat lo Ludluw une
lull pclldllli sentence
colvrxiNrluN ron DLAINE
Time ResetS wnt Seven for F manrta Two for
Illalne Two for Grunt isnd On for Nhel
man The Utlcnutlon not Instructed
NEW HAVEN April 7The methods of cap
turing a Convention employed euccossfully In
other Hiatus such as monopolizing hotel ac
commodations and procuring the attendance of
n multitude of camp followers have novor boon
conspicuously reported to In Connecticut hut
ho Ulnlno campaign I seems to bo largely do
pendant upon tuch methods nnd they have
bean > applied to influence todays Convention
In the most offensive manner The Now Haven
louse the usual headquarters of tho Ilopubll
oana at State gatherings In this city was com
pletely under the control ot tho Blame men
who engaged long In advance all tim
rooms whtoh were large enough for pur
poses of consultation and most of tho
available sleeping apartments Dclocatoa
who had written for rooms and supposed they
were secured wore coolly Informed nt tho hntnl
office that no attention had been paid to thalr
renuents and much IndIgnation was expressed
nt this trontmnnt Tho crowd ntthls hotel thus
lunrterml embraced tho lending spIrIts nf thin
Illalnci interest t and the other hotels were filled
with representatives of the namo Interest In
vltid to KO there tn give aid to thin artificial son
ItniUtoreutcd on bohalf of this Mnlno Bonntor
md tn servo as BUtwtllutfS If wanted Novor
have tile public accommodations been so com
idetoly iihsorbod before The lilnlnn tnovemunt
was engineered chlolly by oxGnv Jnwoll
jnmunl ressendnn of Htanitord oxConcress
man Kellogg Iostmaslor Sperry Lynda horn
Roll and n few others but It did not capture the
invention with IU despornto efforts Proba
bly not moro than onnlllh of the delegates
worn conspleuonidy for Illalno and a Rood mn
iorlty worn for Ldmundn nlthnuirh thn district
mucus system of appointing delegates rnthor
than In full Convention cavo the limbo men a
chnnio to dofeat Edmund nun In some cases
and the claim U made that live of the twelvo
delegates are for Blalne but this Is only a bold
assertion The delegates are r
ATLiinc First DIstrict Henry C HoMn on of Hurl
foriti i Mcuiit PutrId John M Douglas of Mlddletimn
Third liutrlct Ancustui nrandrffee of New London
hourth Ditrict Hatnuet Festenden of Rlamford
CounTy DRLKOATFS Hartford Count Andrews Upson
of tarmlnuton New Haren II 11 Rlgclnw of New
Haven Middlenez VV U llouiih of KIMIX Fairfield
Idtar it Tweutj ol llanbury UtchfleldN Taylor Ilald
win ol Ilrmonih VV In Ihani Jeremiah Olner of Thomp
son Tolland vv in Corbtn of Uuluu New London Dan 1
Chad lck of lmr
Of these thin following are unquallflodly for
rMinmidi nn first cholco Itnblnsnn Ilrando
gee Up on Corbln Olney Baldwin and Chad
wick Fessnnden Is prnnounccd for Blnlno
though Is for Grant lilcelow Is classed as
nominally for Blalnn altlmuah within two
wnekshnlmR been quoted as favoring Idmundn
fIrst AVnihburno second and Blalno last
Uouclas in prnhnbly for Hheimnn first Blame
Roennd and Grant third Twocdy Is not for
Dlilmi nnd Is likely to bo fur Grunt but he Is u
very nnncnniniittnl man
Onn significant thing about thin delegation Is
that tile tmlr iintls In It are nntlBliino men
at least rlclit nf them A fair cinsolflcntlon Is
nsfnllnws For L I linunds decided first choice
7 Blalno dicided first cholcn Illalne mnd
oratiillrst choleo 1 Grant decided first choice
1 Grant moderate first choice 1 bbcrman
lint choice 1
Ou two or three ivcaalons In thin Convention
Iho nniiipp of the ei > dlni candidates worn man
tinned In specghS fiid each tlmu the name of
Llmumjt produced thin most hearty and pro
lotiLed apphiuit Pile Blalun cliques tried to
make a demonstration every time for their fn
vorlte but tim real sentiment ot the Conven
tion was unmistakably shown In the hearty
crcetlnir which welcomed tIm atone ot the
Maine tiHQntor
Immndlntelj after the organizatIon of the
Convention Charles Dudley Warner ot Hartford
Introduced n lesnlutton favorIng the noinlnu
lion of Homo man lIke lninndH or Wimhburnri
luiit i ouhHfiiiPntly withdrew it the temper of the
Sonxeutinn nppearlnc to bo opposed to niiy
thing like InBtrtietlonti to lKates Tho only
platform ndnptod was tim follow Ine
7VW That this Convention itedECs t lt clf and the
ci a > titut nci Os Mchlt n prefcentntu the hetrl vignrou
anl inset support if the nominees of tlio llepubllcan
National Coimmion at ChIcago
Lawyer JSnrtl IlUbnrred
T WIlbur Bond a lawyer received from n
Mr lleuif Itom 1 as his attorney lobe paid on a inort
raze Ilurd paid 70 fur six months Interest retaining
the flnun Mr Henier In a suit acalnt Kurd recov
ered judgment tar the amount with nn execution acalast
the person Upon proceedings to have Uurds natnn
stritken tram the roll of attorneys hIs defence was that
hpdid not receive the nunej as nn attorney and cojn
sellor 01 iho ciurL but M nn atlorne in I fact ol llcnzer I
The General Term of ttie Supreme Court > csUTda >
granted an ordtr diibarrinh Kurd sn > Im that hIs net
thnukh tot larceny In law jet In inornls the distinction
was too shadow lobe obseried for the court to over
loik such conduct In I its attorneys n out 1 be aderrltcllon
of duo iii tic part of the court nlitli nould end la Ihu
lelrucllon of all confldence In both altornei s Blot
courts II I Is I our dut > hue retire not only to tind tip
respondent nilli or She Iraud Hml deceit alletid against
ilm bul to hold that ne Is no lougcr viorlhi tobeauiiin
ber ot the bar
Stern llrothera lllsplny
The numbers ot rich and expensive imported
ant home made coolants exhibited at the opening of
Stern Itrothcrs Tntnty third siren delighted all who
were nus fortunate us to eel admittance there yesterday
A dinner ilremol heavj black saUn attracted much at
tcntioa It is I made with a bug court train has the from
and aldrich a black lalln skirt cut In large square seal
top around the bottom and lined throughout with car
dlual sutta embroidered all over 55 llh lurie palm leaves
in fine cut Jet each palm lear listIng a pendant pas e
menterie tassel The walloped front i f this toilrt Is worn
over a pliiin klrt whleh is finished aruund the bottom
ulth a ttiree iuch Seep knife ttsltlni of blink satin be
Ion nhlch lerts a tiny quilling 01 cardinal salln The
nrncoat of this cotume emtrolJeied dnnn caeli pile
nf tin tare ilrnied vi si with a ron of the jet palm pairs
extends ltsuil Into a lone court trnlnnt the back also
trimmed tilth jet anil eJ ed null tile red Mtln iiuitlinir
Am Iher black costume mode up tn the Mini so nrha
innlicctf the jet tnitnldcred lAbher a skirt ot block
irn ti 10i vinbroidertd In I gotI I Cli rend tn a moon
fthapid delui each colden moon lontaiainn a Soy war
let ru rlillln
it kettli drum urea of lutlaible wtrlped cream colored
t untln had a box l hittul uliorl skirt the tarts betueell
the plain lelni of rintid i nitliii In I rainbow colors A
Miirl drapery 1 embroidercil In ivy lenves of rolond
In nils Slid nUed iiith ltar1 I ti Irlnve I The ivaiiteoit IH
trimmed with bend embroider and finished wIth a acart
of tIlt prinltd soIl
A hanilnomeevenlnii dress locoml I linlion of old cold
and creuin ciltred siiin brocme Inn tatter i coniHMied
i 11 Hi rn ira s ca and pink roibu Is and limit i and men rl bcsd
i ant menterlei and lice Blertl alt l i dItiys many
IcAiititnt mornllit dren > es ol latin and mull inu lln he
hi les chIll re no ettnini ant fclrcttdrt es lu ien tom
BlrUriiikin truing tu t5f ma A ut ret for a thtld 01 U
hits a irulcuat of mndarine blue mini shlrrxd Inilli
nunls fbi nnlded throiikhout The it cute i ui s or oils
co tumi are rt its i a ireailarnie blue satin nnd n tlnwcriul
satin bri ndo Mltli the iiruund ol blue matching tlie solid
piirts o the I eoHtume
Then H I a larze dlcplav of fine and costly opera cloaks
Tin iill lucy y and fanty departnunts are admirable la
their na >
MiKiirrns iLMifio rntt flay
him rises i H MHI ruts fl tiiMtKin mIMI 4 42
sandy llpok 0 J7 Ouv Illanl 7 17IIIcllQata 906
Arrlrrd VV Kntut > 4r April 7
84 ndes lerutiKn Jacmcl
ha I ltUr ot itmu Crt7 Via Sire Havana
HiAlbtmnrlL Unit hers Unta
SiMlrnlor ianklltr Haire
KiKmulltir P am Wilmington > C
81 t te ts ella Mitktt nbunr Anlntrr
hi 1 iltlltrt Kuhlntln llainburj March 24 and Harm
27 iii
hhlp Lord Strnthn lirn Morgan Calcutta
Hup Lin HI > Itull lltvana
lii irk liilimiii Slutiiv Dri men
Hark Kennaid IMininu larlinat
llriL 1 rnetini Norton Iliiiitnn
IlrU harsh It Hilton On nfuttos
AltlllTED Oily
St lelniul from Vt ork MjrtliM at Hatnturr
it l i State of Indlitnit I from Nt n York Martli J7 at
hs ills front Huston March J7 nt Qiteenstown on htr
nay to liit r ool
MTiinnrli Iiom Sen Yell March 2J Ins passed the
izird oa air na Iol on1on
so till of CliiUr from Queenilona Nsw York
inirt iitentlHr lists llnr
SurnrMr COUnT PiuMnrnB AwssniPnt
Pili lit irNns 2154 jt 2711 55i MU7 tieu SH nil 17
IM l2 1 iii iv i iau it ii inn joi 832 jui an in
iml U17 JvH luP i lillil I 1711 171 iTi 171 174 47t 1711
S7 J7H J71I JMii ilOl WJ SI I 1 IXI IM1 1H71MX
111 lairiili I I Nil II Jl siu4 HHI 12 1 i5 HU UU nil
181 1KI 1B1 I Jill JIN 1 i JJII 11i1 1uuu J17 2lS JJ1 t JjH
Jill 272 Jim fi 1tO 17 l > ii SteaL fin Adluirncil until
Vlondit next f > lKrltL SP his No IfJ fi4 JIP7 ilr
Mil fliT iou i 1 11 fillH Pii rttn f > H7 hH fiKI lieu 1M1
rio run fi14 MIT Mil 5117 auus LW IhNI tul MI2 1bL
tOit 610 furl I tiljonrmd until Airil II i tart II
in on No I8U1 Ilrt III Nil Mil Illlil 1117
1811 I CII I 11X4 IJI7 tHJ tituS Ul mill JILJ Ui7i
KI71 8I171 117 IIJtI WOO Hit 11JU gikil7tttIti18
Mill tuC
bViloiOe TOCIIT rrictii Tm Nos 5 0714 Part
I t ist iii So i4 run i II I I Niu 187 P31 m IKI 4 I
itn ill Hi ur > 111 I 14 iii I nj mi iui 1125 iiirt I
III Ns M7 147 IHII u IM uuj 111 7jj 74 4H 7jv
711 iva UJ1 lOll 77 74J 711 714 711 74 7111 7jH
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tills Mil III4U lOIS ISIS lllli IHtll IMT In hi toi
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1H78 18M tOil 1 18 18811 1887 IoNS 18811 lIsa loOt
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ll > kl IMI Ilp1
Mauls minPirt I I No 4117 VMS II inn W
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There was too1s a Revere decline In prices
on tlio Stock Exetiango begInnIng with this
coal ehnres itid oxtentiItu to henrI > the entire
list Thio Lievntiid roads Ciunitda Southern
atid Lahe Shots were tim btst slioportod but
sitoorod iveuikntss Thin sniahl offerings nnti
takIngs of Oovrrnmuont bonus and the stab of
ttTe nI000 > mnarkrt worn the chief causes of tue
decline rue latest dealings nuveaied tile lowest
prices of thin day but tile citio was rallier
steadier Tile more itnportnnt chauges for the
day wilma no follows AdvancedCanada South
ann DeclhnrdNorttiwestetnprurf 1 North
WeSturti cOltl ltsaihliig 1 smestnrn UnIon
sClios and Ohio 11 Dcl L and V2
1ii anti hftitisol 1 ChIcago tunti klton 1
Vnbash nail liitifit 2 Union Pacific 1 iii
ntriui 1 rIo coin Jirsisy Cenlral
lacihic Mali 1 C d c tunut hub 1 han
and St Jo cotu Han noib St Jo prof iN
OhIo lInt MIss corn Ohio ittiel Miss hirlif
3 Katlsas atiti Texas 2 lron MountaIn 1
Governments were dull end easier lbiiiroaui
bonds wore more active liut nt declIning priciw
for Erie aitsonuhs Iron Mountain incomes anti
Kansas and Terns Issues wild nearly uniform
weakness Money on call 0 V cent nail U
conimlBslan but tIm clooo was ut 5 V cent
nocnlpts from Internal revenue today 310
781 from customs 1000077
TIm offers of United States bonds for the sink
Inc fund amounted to 5250000 of which
tl 500 000 vvern accepted namely Cs of 1880 nt
10405 nnd 10412 Cs ot 1881 nt from 101 R < to
105 99 and Sc of 1881 at Irom 103 50 to 10371
The House Committee on Bnnklnc and Cur
rents nt Its tneotlnc today nulhorlrod Itepre
Bontatlvo 1rieo to report n bill to thin House ro
poallnc thin law requiring twocent stamps upon
bank checks
Insurant stocks sold nt nnrtlnn ns follows
Pneinf205 Stiiivcsnnt llJJa 1etorCooper
182 182S Franklin and Emporium 130 Ciil
WMisZOO Nassau of I5ronklvn 101 City 120
Mcrlinc 80 Jefferson 141 TrailcBinoneliank
stock troutlit 110 and 1aUllo Bulk 14C
Hlnson t CnmralncH cotton brokers 113
Water street notified thn Cotton Kxchanco to
day of their Inability to meet tlielr engage
meats the cause lnltik the fill I urn of cnstnrners
to respond to calls for margins The firm is
also eald to bo llablo on Its own account for dif
reroutes on about 5000 bales As no nettllm
flcures have bonn fixed or eontrnets closed tho
exact amount of the firms llnbllltlvs cannot be
A onethird Interest In the Aster House
Broadwny from Vesny street to Ilnrclny street
200xlGO was conveyed yesterday by tho trus
tees of Henry Astor to John J AMnrnnd Vm
Astor for the consldaratlon of 51J333
The earnings of the Now York Central Rail
mull for MIureli 1811 ro ciflicially rutionjd ut
2851831 agititist 2 474292 fuir 3lnrcii 1875
lilt liucreaso if 380442 lor tue six nmimithis
tOflSiflttfluilii7 let 1 189 ttte eariihtigs hiitvi
been 1 HJOin ncnuiM U2S5 2 M for thin six
months cimiinoiirlni Dot 1 1878 being a gaii
of 027020 Allowing 50 nt cent for run
nlni expenses this shows au Inertlino of net
onrnlnirs of about JlOHOtKllj or n littlo moro
than 1 V cent ou titus capital
An official statement of the opnrntlonsnf thn
New ork hnko rio anti Wehtirn Haliroad
for the iiuinth nf February contains th fol bloC
iniz figures Gross HiirufnKS 11252 217C1 nn
Increaso of 14482170 over those of Ihesninii
month ot 1879 nail not nines of 142I > 8I 75
nnlncreiiBoof h IbtJdi < 3 Tlm cross earnins I
fromu let 1 187 tn t Keli 29 18SO were 717fi
370 21 and JTlHiaill 1 ninri than during tho
coirc pondlnu I pi ilod nf lIe t pnvInns year nnd
the net rarnlncs wnro J2310 0877C also an In
crease of 414 iiirl
The ChIcago and Alton Ilillrond Comnnm
will i I tdmrtlr otTer to Its I stock ii tdioms flOOO I 000
ol iiuvv coiiimon stoCk at pur bilni about ono
share of new Mock foreveri tvvolvnof old com
moil and prfrrnuh f < JIm priillicu of sub
scribing will be worth about IV 1 Iunt on Urn
par of tlm present btotk and net 10 1 cent as
telegraphed from Chlcuco
Tho Presidency of Iho Inillannpolls nnd
Eva utsi ii Itallrond I I I otnnam has been tender
ed to Mr II J Jowutt and liu has lolixraphud
Ills acceptance
Tlm Chlcnjo 7riluiic says There Is consld
ernliliMliincur thattlm war In I piiHsiiiuei ratts
tti fhtern points will soon be ri suined It I I IF
but nf faw iseitis sluice the totes wero restored
huh an aureiinunt for their innlntviiancii en
lured Into Hut already complaints urn blnu
niailo that tlm auiKftncnt is belni vlnlatnd by
BilYol ill roads and threats I of retaliating tiyciil I
tiim the 111114 optinlv urn made bv hose t who i
claim lo I hivu thus far strittly muintalnod thin
At a iiuetlnnof I the directors i nnd large hold
51 nit of tliollrit I and HIVOIH hints gage ImndHnf I i
the Hclma Itome and Dnllon llallrnad held this
nftornonn In I t bin Ounth ilulmitit I 1111 ii Ii it was de
cided to oruanbo for thn t pintlinen nf nil I 11 huinios
of tho securities of tho I road Tho Ilinuerti
Ijonn nnd 1 rust Comtmns of New York city
was appointed tran fei aCtual fnr this Block
Ills iiutitlni agreed that nn npptal betiiktin
from tlm recent lit vvas claimed unjust decision
nf tho State Court of Alabama to thin United
States Sli prom n Cnurl and its opinion pro
nlludtliat I n reversal of that dncUlon If h f ob
tained would nmku lie I bond of this company a
very valuable security
Fur mot iMhan A week the nllrnad 1resldenfa
of leorKln have lieu ii In I session In I Atlanta con
gui It i ne with IreHldimt Nevveonib of lie I Lou is
vi lie nnii Niihlivila I rmul The confurenie wits
closed to day with the ttt I tlOIl emont that n
rInse alliance had been fortned buiwoen Jlr
fNuwcotiibiuid the Central Weslein and Atlan
tic nud Oiorcln roads bv whi loll the Cull re to
the HI a Is cleared nnd all hut bins oiiiliiinnl In
one HVBtem Mr Neweomb hiss made no Imim s
but has it IH said HHHiiraneiH that the alllanco
will I I be pnimanent lliroimh lines I i will I at ones
bi nrcnnlrid and nn onion opened In Nuw York
In aspoenh last nluht In I the Ca a itui inn house
of Comment Mr Iiuoimrd Tlllun Finanoo Mlu
inter said that In thin course of tho next two
Mir this QuverniiiHnt nould oxpond at leant
510100 OtlO per ttfltlhitfl In oponlni the atiadii
1aolllo Hallway from LjiLo Kuperlor to Wlnnl
puif end 800 mIles Uoyuud luoludlui the Brit
lab Columbia section This would make nn twr
wndltirrn of 20000000 nd nfror that no more
than 5000000 nor nnnum will bo expended
Including the British Columbia work Itwan
cnloulntea that while the cost ot the railway j
from Lake Superior to the Pacific Oowxn wonli y 7
bo no moro thnn ICO000000 the revenue drv
rIvet would pay all the interest on tlie ooil KM °
oven moro
fAdTertlscment 1 t l
1alkers and nrokeri
31 Pine st New York i
Oev rnni9iit annul Municipal anil nallroail curittML
bought and sold on coinmlulon
A limited amount of Atchison Colorado and Paclfl
Railroad Company First Mortiraira 0 per cent bond
guaranteed prtnelnal and Interest DT Central nraneli t p
union raclflc Railroad soil loaat asium < d by Union ray
cine Hallway Company for aalo
1 w Turk tlMrkBti
VEDNKIHUY April 7Fnoua AND Mni
Flour wits more actIve at some decline Meal nulet and
unchanged We ouotot Hour No 2 JNoarim in
pernne lJ1 f475 sitra Rtste ar tllioaua
Western hIrIng XX and XXX f1 Ji ta 7 tdu wmur
shlnplns extras f3i4t110i iio XX and XXX ITfta
fit 71 Minnesota D tents MWiafTSO city ihlpplnK t
xtras 5II3ttOl Boutaern baker and family brandiv
5t11U7 Bouthirn shlnplnr extras 52 > j 375 itis
flour superfine ilJulii5Kl < uo Coco meal Wtsurn AIL
i snflSJHSi Drandywine KI2O Wlnat reed V ten
ill I 5UOR350 rye teed 2P4f28
torroi Hpols declli cd > ic i inlddlinfi uplands l2ei
FOOl otItIniury it I It11V t nnles PI7 bales Futures de
clined Cioio points closing nt Ii4ie Inr April 1260ofor
lay U me for June U7ic for July 12 BOo for Au
But 124lc forSeileinher ll74e br October II SOC for
November anI 11 4to Spur Oofemiwr mates JI8OiX > bauim
Receipts tho ports tolar 0241 tialea The failure of
Illnson A ninniliitrfl tviiHiintii anted
rcoimoKS furk was dull and weak eli meal on thi
spot SI 11 I new giret I tom future delivery May new
HI 2 ll 40 June ytIoceit 431 July OI15e XJ
ii65 hid and nkid llacon quiet her at 7t37te for
fonit and short clear toethert sales In Chtcairo 3Ou his
ItO MM and 250 tot drip MKV nt04c clojlni aId 4Do
Cnt meats quiet sales 7V > pickled sliotllders 5c fi 000
His rib letilcil laibv 7e Lord was dull and toner
sales on the spot aisles primp city 74V tdo Wtstern
7 5Oc closlne nt 7 41c Mil clinic do 7 SSc I for futnre
dillrery 72JU Ira oil April 7 021137 47 > c tMay7S5 i
t7uiOui i lime 7ma712V nlr 7ft1ci seller year
7471Ji741c t Inner senr 7 l > ic t KW SKI refine to
the onllnent 7tui Dressed hog stead r at 0 S If
igiPc mom city anil flc lor plus Butter steodr new
Mats paIl unit tubs 2iiAgtlcl crosniirv J3043IW1
Western dslrv ItMUO laclorr INiailc Chess
nulet Silt rectory h2ist4T l skims O0tii1K5 l > Welt
em tint il < 314c i sVlins o > r411c Vet Hlulicr nearbr
i4ll34cl oilier loaujc dnaK 18JOc itecse
a loc
URAIN Wheat lower and rather dnlli sales 13001X1
bush liicludlaiNo2Hlilte i88i18l351 1 Na 2tlJlU
Ml J2 No 2 Illctna iprluz l271 Nu 3dof l2iu < i
tl 122 So 2 red winter 3rtafl 1 ioPi < and Vo a da
ft u > imnd forlutiire di HTI ry Mwnno biiti Inrluillnx
No I while FL I81gl J3U for April and It 3I8I 30
for MT and No 2 ml ivinler lit < HI C < I THI I tar Aprir
gIJ3Plltt3o 1 tir May alil I jitutc5i23t I 4 lor June ills
close was weak RT and lurlej niil t isis 010104 dulF
and towcrl pates 55100 lust at 4ial3 > iC br mIxed mu
43S7Jc for while Including Xu J mixed at 4a 3 < J t
white no at 4litfii4Cc cloning at Inside prices also So
2 mixed 41 > i84Jc lor April and iWc for Play Indian
com easier untei on the spot 153 ooo liunli Includini un
graded at 525l1ci ho 2 mixed r > 3V < H34c for newt
l1c for old iteatner mixed 51Jir t No T mixed S2 I
SSci roun 1 lellow lie whlto SSetuirn 10iC and tot
future ilollverr umxio bush No a mixed 520 for April
and 4 < silic lor May
11ROCKIUK8 Klo coffee was dull anT unebanRed at IIVc
for lair carmM s no sales here mild irmde In better do
nisnd otea gist buCs Maracnibo iillhln tho ranirp of IS
iti7c nice In I brisk demand and firm nt 0V a7 ic for
itrolnm Molssses was In fair demand anl steady at 31
431C for 50 ° u si alit 1 4IVJ5MC for New Orleans Haw
sniriir nas dull Shut unch tinned fair to good reflninir 7K
74c site 221 hints Inha ntu coTadn tit 7fre renned
in 5 lair demand and suadv bards 0 > 0 c and slanG
ard A ti5lblm
SC UKIKI Kimliis were weak and dull atM dlr > O fr
for strained to irood SpirIt tnrponilnn dtclined to and oi
was Iretly offered at ZiMc Ietroleutn WAS quiet nt The
for refine I In lid I t certlflcult loner sile at all Kx
rhaiires otJnulbls 1 openlnit Kli Pill 1 clnlniK3Ve
Tallow quiet at 0 liinc viilkoi CI ir 8fi la
Ocean Ireluhts were dull und luvrer Kratn toUverpnolby
ateium tUdOl Thatilo tollullbr steam Sit do to Cork
lor orders 5s W iir do by strain Irom UatUinoreto
Njplei o is Gd I I
Live stock Market
NEW YORK Wednosdnv April 7 Hoeolpto of
beef cattle 113O inaKtnK 3 40O Ir two ilaTit And a
number of car loads duo here today were held back
Martel dull at Sixtieth street with rather alow aalei at
Mondays tUntrca whllo sellers at Jersey Cilvvery rusS
Hi cleared the yards at an nilTance of fc H BI About
2 < il acre ptncliased for exportation inninly ottlJC
u Th t nl rets VI Bis ShlpmcnU today 417 live collie
and gg3lIse shop
Receipts ol slltep and lambs 1S80 liend ninklntca840 5
for ttie lust two day There was nolmprorement In
prices and sellers were glad to yet n < A7c H 4 A for ordi
nary to prime unthorn flieep 4tr4IVc for Rood ajid
prime clipped do and 7si4c tilt itnrlinci fbi the
ft1ijg ton ard the close 11111 H tuidu firmer 1
Heceipts of hogs 5720 mnklnc HKm inc two days
Vurket quiet ant nearli notnlnil for Hit hoifs with a
carload of liirhl Ohio hois lin lbs average told at 4Kc
T t H Prime Western corn ltd hogs iuugiit to bringfoU
31 A Hill Kll
nnLAFlFLDCVBHYOn Tuesilnr April 6 at St
MHTIS Ihurch htw Hriiraton Hiateii iKlunt by tiM
Kev u M hmke Itlehari Dtlafltld to Clara Carey
daiuhti If tho Isle Krc Itrick u toiler
KAUItTMICIIAHSOa Tncslnv April a by the I
Rer D K Lonrle innipiillT Kaurot of Iloboken to
Louisa A vtirtuieh ot Neil York
pOXALLKYOn Saturday evenlnn April 1 nt the
resMence or the brides pircnts liy lUe hey VVilllniaJ
Kcnhurr hi ll llonrj II Iox to lllaiicha F daughter tC
VVilllani D Alln
KlsTlnhlLPS Carrie Stern to Jullui Foster botH
of tht rln
JtHFIsONMETmAt Lnnnlnilhurir N Y April
1 1 hi tin Ocr lIp ron J Hall I t n ctor < I Trlnltv l hurch
Thomas Jefferson of the city of New z orb to Annie L B
Ueiercf Ixin > ln < linrir N Y
POLAKMOIUbhV On 7th lust Isaac 1olak to Illo
Mari Morlsc
taru ACKIRSON April 7 Martini Ackcnon jed 8 j
AtitttttiS April 0 at 221 Division st Joanna Allxn
sget I 44 tars
Kl PKM NAprll 7 at her residence 128 Bulllv n it
Sarah A II Jlei knifln need 31 itars
CIiIsTiltOIi t due din April 7 Ynlter Che Ur la
the 7bth le rof hlsnifi
COKNrLU At learsatl Corner L I William Cor
nell in the HHth yes ot hts ite
KlUEMANOn I TinHi in April 0 al 3 J West 30th St
VV tret man M V seed MS sear
OANNON April ii at 327 West 36th it llrWiret
not il ttApcil 0 Mary llouch aged 5 years u months
anl it lars
IIADI1Y On Wednesday April 7 Ullllain Ilnaley In
tin Hnili jenr of hh ace
IOlahs P 5 ant I frli nils of the fatnil > are resprclfullv In hi
S to attend the lund iii from dim htcond Street M R I
Church 2 1st betueen ATS C und D on t rl lay April O
at HVrlnrk 4
II 4YI KEtAtrit 0 Mrs txinlM tIes Icr nred 70 yean I I
IHHIAN Apriin at4JLlizabclhitKUzubtlh hogan
aifd 41 vears I
IlbTi April n flea E L Hyatt aged lit ream
MV > YOn Momlii April S John II ki nriT Jr
hnm la I alihikii n I u cldtsl son ol John II and
lniini i J 1 C l irteiH Ki nut
KIIIKWOOD I I I I siitdrnlT inTucsdnv April B at hi
reiluicc I MJ south 4ih ii Hrookli n i u 1 John Kirk
Hood in I tin fittth le tr ot hm uci
Notici i f funeral herenlti r
lAMIUUTdii VViduenlaT April 7 at 40 Grand at
Alt ert leorue LatntH rl avrd 7 month
McHKAlIt April n M A Mclirnlr seed 7Menr
IOPKOII vvt InciklaT April 7 ut 140 Klui ut Mary
1 o e ap40tar
riAMIhllsUN iill ll I Adtll Balldersoil sued 35
yma me
KM R1DAN On Ihe 7th lust at 01 Carmine at Mary u
biuril lin iktd 70 > tit M
TlIiiIOIAK Aprl U Win Thurinan nnl 10 years
shIN sfllOM On April U Jtsnti loll scliujl uk n siI
I lur 1 inontlis Out 1 25 tUj
v Arl Apillil i trnuiii 1 Wjatt scud 51 learm

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